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tv   Around the World  CNN  October 10, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> well, laudable goals are rarely achieved without hard effort and perseverance. i am the perennial optimist. i was in college in alabama in the '60s when a diminutive preacher came to my campus and said, we shall overcome because the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice. i think that optimism was contagious. if someone had told me in the '60s, when i was a student in alabama, at the walls of segregation would come down and there would be an african-american chaplain of the united states senate, i would have responded, you did indeed inhale. but that was what happened because of optimism, because of persevering, there is an unstoppable law of sowing and
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reaping in the universe. if you persevere inevitably a productive harvest will come. >> i am going to put a picture of you up in my office and i want you to meet my children at some point and i just want to personally say, thank you for being you and joining us on the program today. chaplain, admiral barry black, god bless. >> thank you, ashleigh. >> thank you for watching. you should all put his photo up in your homes. "around the world" starts now with suzanne malveaux and michael holmes. watching cnn. i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm michael holmes. thanks for your company. breaking news to begin with. just a few minutes ago, john boehner announcing republican plans to offer a deal, indrecre in the debt limit for another six weeks. >> democrats would have to agree to negotiations on how to reduce
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the deficit. president obama signaled he would be open to that. >> the president is fond of say nothing one gets everything they want in a negotiation. frankly, i agree with that, nobody gets everything they want. but over the course of the last ten days we've been trying to have conversations with our democrat colleagues. they don't want to talk. the president doesn't want to talk. we tried to offer bills that would reopen parts of the government, only to have them rejected by our counterparts over the united states senate. so what we want to do is to offer the president today the ability to move, a temporary increase in the debt ceiling, in agreement to go to conference on the budget. >> so there is a lot that is happening today. we're waiting for today's white house briefing that is expected to start in any moment now. also waiting for house republicans, including speaker john boehner, going to go to the white house in the 4:00 hour to talk to the president, and the
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president invited the entire house republican caucus. boehner's office said only leadership will attend the meeting. >> the president invited senate democrats to meet with him at the white house, that meeting supposed to take place next hour. >> team coverage on the story. joining us from the white house, jim acosta, dana bash on capitol hill, also wolf policer in washington, christine romans in new york. want to start off with you, jim, here first of all, it sounds similar to what we heard from the president in his press conference, there would be a short-term deal when it came to raising the debt limit here but this doesn't mean there's not going to be a government shutdown during that six-week talks. the period in which they negotiate. is that correct? could we still be in this for the long term. >> reporter: that is question of the day. and i think we're seeing a lot of fast moving developments now. to separate this out, unpack this, i think it's very important what you just said there, suzanne. the president has said, and
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we're hearing from white house officials, that the president will sign a short-term debt ceiling increase. that really takes the dynamite out of the room in the view of the white house. it gets threat of default out of the room, off the table, moves it away from the current situation and then they can start working on how to get the government reopened again. i'm hearing from also some sources up on capitol hill that that is going to be amenable to house republicans, as well. so at this point, that is the question of the day. does the white house say, okay, let's do the debt ceiling deal now and we'll work on a continuing resolution to reopen the government later? at this point, what we're hearing from white house officials, suzanne and michael, the main requirement here is that it is a clean debt ceiling deal it doesn't have any other partisan strings attached, doesn't deal with obama care, doesn't try to bring in other issues, and once that is out of the way they can start hammering out some compromise on a continuing resolution to reopen the government. however, let's make this very clear, the white house wants a
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clean, continuing resolution to reopen the government as well. so that may be the sticking point as we move forward. you mentioned that the house republicans are going to be here later on this afternoon. my guess is and my sense is, from talking to various sources at white house and up on capitol hill, that is where the next i guess confrontation may lie. once they get the debt ceiling out of the way, it's really going to be an argument how to get the government reopened again. >> the president is meeting with senate democrats, also meeting with house republicans. what does he hope to accomplish from the meetings by the end of the day? >> reporter: well, what white house officials have been saying is that the president wants to meet with any and all congressional leaders and the main point, up until this point, suzanne, from the white house, was that they are very, very concerned about the country going into default, somewhere around october 17th. they don't want that to happen. they think it's a doomsday scenario. you heard the secretary of
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treasury jack lew on capitol hill saying interest rates could rise, mortgage ratesri 401(k)s could tumble. they want that out of the way to deal with the debate over how to reopen the government, what needs to be cut, what compromise worked out down the road. we'll get more clarity, we think, in a few minutes when jay carney goes to the podium at the white house briefing room but that's where things stand. the president will sign a short-term debt increase. what happens next, we don't know. >> thank you. dana, let's go to you now. i suppose it says a lot that this, a postponement if you like, is good news. but a postponement is not a solution, is it? >> happy thanksgiving, that's all i have to say. >> happy christmas, by the time it gets sorted. >> i want to clarify i'm getting from republican sources here in capitol hill is, when we say a clean increase in the debt ceiling for six weeks, it depends on your definition of
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clean. jim is absolutely right, there's nothing about obama care, there are no extraordinary partisan conditions except for this, this, who the white house republicans are proposing would be to increase the debt limit until november 22nd but take way the treasury secretary's ability to use extraordinary measures to kind of move things around. what does that mean in layman's terms, as one republican source said they can't monkey around, this is a hard date, november 22nd, a hard date for the congress, for the white house, for everybody to have an agreement on what they're looking for, which are ways to ultimately long term bring down the debt and the deficit, as republicans say, get away from the problems that got us where we are in the first place where we have to raise the debt ceiling to pay our bills. that is something that might be -- i'm not sure if it's a deal breaker but it's certainly raising eyebrows among democrats when they look at that because that is a condition.
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they also are going to say the president, that congress i should say, must appoint budget conferrees to work out a real budget and, as we've been report, the president does have to sit down and start talking about ways to deal with the budget, specifically the funding of the government and how to reopen the government. >> yeah. at least something's moving. dana, thanks. >> wolf, i want you to join in the conversation, if you will, here. talk about the new deadline that dana mentioned november 22nd, it's a little difficult not to be cynical, i think, for many people's point of view in believing there is anything that is a hard date or a drop dead when we've seen the ball move so many different ways, we've seen the can kicked forward so many different types here. do you think there is something that is really workable, manageable, that the two sides can come together on that the american people can believe? >> i think it's definitely doable. if there's a will, that remains to be seen. but definitely a deal there, if
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both sides are willing to make some serious concessions and both sides walking away not with 100% of what they've been demanding and willing to make compromises, there's definitely a deal. not necessarily a done deal, but kick the can down the road six weeks is reassuring to the markets out there, certainly reassuring to all of the recipients, social security recipients they're not going to have to worry for six weeks america will pay its debt, all of its obligations, so that is encouraging. talk a look at the dow jones, the markets are reacting very favorable to the indication of a short-term deal on raising the debt ceiling. i think the markets are up over 200 points so far today, which is encouraging to the markets. there was blinking on both sides going on, assuming the short-term deal is accepted by the white house. on the republican side, they've walked away, in terms of raising the nation's debt ceiling for many of the earlier demands about specific changes to obama
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care, anything along those lines, as far as the debt ceiling. the democratic side and the president's side if he accepts this, if harry reid accepts it, they have to do in order to continue the negotiations over reopening the government and ending the government shutdown, they have to do what dana told us about, this joint house senate conference committee appoint conferrees to talk about long-term debt and the other issues that they have to talk about, as far as a budget is concerned. harry reid had been reluctant to do it, though the democrats had been pushing it for months to have a house senate budget committee, republicans reluctant to do it. now the republicans in the face of the government shutdown said they want it harry reid said we'll do it, but after you reopen the government and end the government shutdown. if they accept this notion for a house senate conference committee, a deal with these issues, even while the government remains partially shutdown, that would be a concession on the part of harry reid and the democrats in the senate. so there might be a little blinking going on in both sides.
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i'm curious to see what jay carney says on this sensitive issue, if democrats are ready to make that specific concession in order to extend the debt ceiling. >> wolf blitzer, thank you very much. appreciate it. wolf will be taking over coverage at 1:00 to continue all of this. we want to talk about what wolf mentioned here, the democrats, potentially in a little -- in a small way blinking when it comes to the deal to negotiations. >> is that how they see it? bring in john llama from kentucky. what did you make about what john boehner might say about what might be on the table now? >> what we're seeing now is an interesting dance where the republicans met this morning to, decided to take the initiative it doing what the president said he will do, end the impasse on the debt ceiling on a temporary basis, if the president agrees to talk about budget issues. and so i think they're going to
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go to the white house this afternoon, and then the president will agree to negotiate with them, and then i think they will also make a deal on the government shutdown. i think we're seeing an elaborate dance, everybody's feeling like they take the initiative in getting things off of this impasse. but ultimately, i think this will be a good thing. i'm kind of astounded for them to ask for a budget conference now, the republicans, since we have been demanding that the speaker boehner appoint conferrees to a budget conference for several months now. but finally we're going to get to do what we should have been doing a long time ago and that's use regular order, the regular processes, of congress to reach a budget agreement. >> and congressman, are you worried at all here that this doesn't really adequately address the government shutdown issue, you could be in a period of talking back and forth, which is progress, but the american people still essentially waiting for essential services for six
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weeks? how do you move that forward. >> actually i think we'll see that in the next day or so. again, republicans said we'll take the initiative on the debt ceiling so we won't default on the debt, because that's the most sensitive and potentially catastrophic eventuality, and then they're going to meet this afternoon, and i think again, they'll say, okay, let's -- we'll reopen the government, we'll do a continuing resolution for six weeks, as well, match those two up, and tie them to the same agreement to do negotiations. the important thing -- >> why are you confident than going to take place? we didn't hear that from speaker boehner. >> a lot of posturing going on right now. i think he can't walk out and say, we're willing to give up on the shut down and give up on the debt limb it and we agreed to talk. he's going to -- i think he needs to go to the president today, the republican leadership, go to the president today, come back and say, we've got the president to agree to
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negotiate, which is what the president said he's willing to do but they need to do that to make it look like they get a win out of it. >> congressman, the big picture here if this is a delay, and we do this all over again in november, is there any conversation, to use the word of this crisis, happening about is this any way to run a government? any way to run an economy? we're going to be talking about this in november, and it's going to happen next year, next time around as well. is this any way to run a government? >> of course it's not. and again, we've been trying for a number of months now to get -- to use the regular process, budget conference procedure to get a budget so we would avoid these kind of craziness in this -- in this crisis mentality. i think there is a huge risk, if this deal materializes where we reopen the government for six
9:15 am
weeks and extend the debt limit for six weeks, for republicans to precipitate another crisis then i think would be absolutely fatal for them in the next election. so i don't think they'll, as the president said yesterday, i don't think speaker boehner will crawl up that tree again, six weeks from now, and i think he makes a very compelling case that there's so much going on now, when seeing the u.s. chamber of commerce, the koch brothers, retail federation, federation of independent businesses, corporate leaders in wall street coming down on this saying we can't continue this way, that's going to be somewhat of a safeguard that we're not going to end up here in the same way in six weeks. and i can see at six weeks' time saying we're making progress, we're in conference, and then we will -- we'll extend the debt ceiling six months or something. >> john yarmuth.
9:16 am
the world watching the potential economic -- >> one thing he has to do republicans are asking, they are asking for tax reform, asking for entitlement reform, serious issues that they're going to have to sit down and work through and see if there is any wiggle room between these two sides. >> can't keep doing this, you know? >> what it could mean for the economy, we'll deal with that after a quick break. waiting for the white house briefing that is going to happen live moments away. stay with us at cnn. [ male announcer ] this is claira. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for her, she's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. [ claira ] after the deliveries, i was okay. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again. more pills? seriously? seriously. [ groans ] all these stops to take more pills can be a pain. can i get my aleve back? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap.
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comfort individualized want to continue the conversation about developments in washington by going to christine romans in new york. christine, i'm right now looking live at the big board, it is up 1.6% on the day. there are people who are saying that the markets not helping give a sense of urgency to those in washington, because that's a big jump on any day of the week. why are they confident this is going to end in happiness and smiles? >> i think they're happy the can is being kicked and it's not just sitting there being argued about, right?
9:20 am
kicking the can down the road is enough for investors to say, they're not going to be as stupid as we worried about, they'll raise the debt ceiling. >> for six weeks anyway. >> for six weeks, right. there are plenty of people also -- they are enthusiastic, even the conversation about a budget, actually putting spending and expenditure and tax priorities on the table between these parties. we haven't had a budget in the country since 20009. the reason we're fighting over the debt ceiling they haven't had a budget. they need a serious discussion without hurting the country in the near term. everyone agrees except a few lone voices speaking for political reasons, everyone agrees if you don't raise the debt ceiling you can slam the economy into a recession which is not what anybody wants. everyone in washington wants to create jobs, they're arguing how to get there. this is also, i would say, fragile because if this collapses or falls apart, meaning the deal, stocks can
9:21 am
move as swiftly in the other direction. but just this week you started to hear people say, wow they might really take us to the brink here and that would not be good for business, it would not be good for main street. >> it's amazing the bar's so low at this point that we're celebrating this moment here. but nevertheless, what does the new deadline me for the state of the economy in the next six weeks? >> it means more volatility. if you have a shoutdown, more people filing for unemployment. if the shut down persists, at this point it looks this is about raising the debt ceiling and talking about, you know, some kind of budget deal or continuing resolution, it's not about ending the shutdown quite yet. you'll have more people, federal workers start to file for unemployment benefits, more of a kind of a, i would say, pullback in economic growth. i'm not calling for a recession because of the shutdown but you will see economic growth slow as people are spending less money,
9:22 am
hundreds of thousands of federal workers spending lo inin less me contractors who rely on the money, you'll see more lay-offs. the shutdown is hurt, let's not say this is unicorns and rainbows, this is not. this is kicking the can and that's worth a couple of hundred point on the dow. >> thanks so much. interesting europe, too, not just the u.s., europe stocks up a couple of percentage points on the major bourses there. i like the way you put it it's interesting, bar is so low, this is like hey. >> we'll see how the white house responds to all of this, a white house briefing. momentarily we'll bring it live. captured, then released. how armed men broke into a hotel, abducted libya's prime. >> as libya's government questions the u.s. treatment of the suspected terrorist al libi. if you're seeing spots before your eyes, it's time
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welcome back, everyone. a couple big things we're waiting for. the first one is the white house briefing, it's meant to get under way any time now. and it's going to be very interesting to hear what the white house has got to say about developments over at that place on right of your screen. >> of course, big news coming out of the capitol, capitol hill there, when the house republicans, leadership, announced a possible deal here, six-week extension raising the debt level in exchange for negotiations, talks regarding the budget deficit, tax reform, entitlement programs, all of these things they want to put on the table there in exchange for lifting the debt ceiling for six weeks. obviously very important developments we're following throughout the day in the afternoon and two very important meetings that will take place between the president, senate democrats and house republicans in the hours to come. a very tense morning in libya today. talking about the prime minister of the country grabbed by men with guns, held for several hours. >> that's right.
9:27 am
during that time, nobody knew if ali zeidan was alive or dead or a start of a new wave of terror or targeting of government officials. the militias and their role of the running of the country. mr. zeidan was let go, he's downplaying what happened, calling it internal politics. certainly is that, christiane amanpour in new york. the interesting thing is here, this militia is actually part of the ministry of the interior. you've got a rebel militia group within the government kidnapping or seizing the prime minister. i mean, this is not looking good in terms of governance in libya. >> well, it's not, it's part of an ongoing story and what americans need to know, this is really important because the united states, plus france and britain and other nato countries, helped liberate libya from the dictatorship. i spoke exclusively to the prime minister here in new york a couple of weeks ago and he told
9:28 am
me about the terrible situation with this, you know, militias run rampant and nobody really controlling them. and listen to what he told me about the state of his state right now. is libya a failing state? >> translator: libya is not a failing state. the state of libya doesn't exist yet. we are trying to create a state and we are not ashamed of that. >> outside world believes that libya's failing but libya was destroyed by gadhafi for 42 years and destroyed by a full year of civil war. and that's why we're trying to rebuild it. >> so there you had it from the prime minister's own mouth. this is not even a state yet. and we see it play out. this is the highest profile of these kidnappings but it's been going on for a long time and people are saying this happens, you know, to high connected people in libya as well. it's just happened to the prime minister. he went on national television, really to try to calm
9:29 am
international backers and say that this is not about targeting, you know, the uk or the u.s. or others, this is a domestic libyan political drama fight. but it really does point to how this had to be sorted out and of course the libyans continue to seek support from outside. we've had the secretary of state, john kerry, british foreign secretary all pledge support and condemn this kidnapping. but it shows how difficult the situation in libya remains. >> christiane, i'm curious, what is motive behind this? you've got a number of developments over last couple of days between the united states and libya, american troops captured the al qaeda terror suspect last week and also libya giving the u.s. tacit approval to hunt down the benghazi suspects. do you think this was retaliation in some way. >> it's interesting because there's a lot of conflicting claims inside libya. some postulating it might be that. some are saying that it was something specific against zeidan, these militias thought
9:30 am
that he might some sort of financial irregularities. they didn't have any arrest warrant. it was informal what happened. you know the idea about i'm going to ask the foreign minister, who i've got on my program in less than an hour from now, what happened and how can you ensure that this doesn't happen again and why did it happen. >> you know, the other thing, too, and for american audience, too, what we've got in libya is really a series of fiefdoms around the country run by militias, disparate groups who didn't like each other before ka government gadhafi. how do you bring that together? >> it's really difficult. he was telling me, the prime minister zeidan, they're trying to step by step to create a central security apparatus, to create a central army to try to bring in some of the officials to respond in a national way and not in a tribal way. but as you say, this is
9:31 am
happening, they held the whole sort of oil production hostage for a long time. that is a big problem because that is libya's lifeline and a lot of the west depends on libya for oil. there's an explosion of disintegration, if you like, and what it's also doing, not just this kind of internal mess, but also it's sort of a weigh station for different militias, some al qaeda connected, weapons, that's troubling to neighbors such as tunisia, for instance. and it's very difficult what's happening. but there might be support, they say, for trying to create a new security force that can take into account some of the militias and try to neutralize the others. >> international support, absolutely. christiane, as always, thanks so much. very, very worrying situation for libya, it really is a fractured, fragile place.
9:32 am
there's a lot of militias there. how you bring that together is problematic. >> very difficult situation. following a very important story, day ten of the partial government shutdown. live to denver. hear what some folks have to say about it. their message to washington, they are frustrated. (music plays throughout) hey guten morgen guess who? mr. mojito? ok it's got to be really fast, i've got one second hey no way wei hey, ca va? nudeq nuqdaq duch doch bolz stop calling me oh my god, no! how are they looking? we did it baby woohh oi ma yerp yerp moshi moshi, meow what?! ♪ ♪ hooking up the country whelping business run ♪ ♪ build! we're investing big to keep our country in the lead.
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9:36 am
democrat colleagues. they don't want to talk. the president doesn't want to talk. we've tried to offer bills that would reopen parts of the government, only to have them rejected by our counterparts over the united states senate. so what we want to do is offer the president today the ability to move, a temporary increase in the debt ceiling in agreement to go to conference on the budget. >> the republican leaders didn't say exactly what they want to propose during those talks. the president has said he would be willing to consider that temporary debt deal. one week from now is that deadline, october 17th, that's when the government hits the ceiling and will eventually be unable to get the money to pay the bills. they'll be able to pay the bills for a little while but not long. >> next hour the president will meet with senate democrats at the white house. at 4:30 eastern, he's meeting with the house republicans leadership as well. the house appears to have votes
9:37 am
to end the shutdown as well, but that is not going to happen. >> 200 democrats and 19 republicans have expressed willingness to vote for a continuing resolution to fund the government without any strings attached, and that is enough, that is majority. but the house speaker, john boehner, doesn't want to bring it for a vote and not enough republicans say they would vote to force him to hold it. that's the way the system works. >> since a partial government shutdown began ten days ago many have been telling us how you feel about this. it's a frustrating experience, a lot of people very angry and that is very evident in denver. that is where ana cabrera is there and getting a sense of people experiencing this and thinking, this could still go on for another six weeks. >> reporter: there is no end in sight, suzanne and michael. we've been talking to struggling parents, to concerned business owners, everybody we've spoken with says they are either
9:38 am
directly impacted or they know someone who is affected by the government shutdown. keep in mind, this is a state that is still trying to recover from the colorado flooding that did some estimated $2 billion in damage in the state, destroyed damaged 18,000 homes, affected 1,000-plus businesses in the state. this is like a double punch to some communities here in colorado that, again, are struggling right now. and people here are worried. here's their message to washington. >> there's people that served this country who is affected by it, you know? people that's retired that's getting aaffected by it. my parents, you know, they're getting afe ing ting affected . it's not making you feel comfortable, confident to be an american. >> quit playing the game. it's the american people are suffering from it. they need to wake up, start working together, do what they were hired and elected to do. and to solve this problem.
9:39 am
>> reporter: how does the shutdown make you feel. >> it's aggravating, frustrating. i'm a hairdresser and i listen to clients every day suffering from this. >> people look up to our congressmen, our senators, leaders and unfortunately what can they look up to now? they're thinking about themselves, not the general public. >> it make me wonder what's going on really with everybody, with the republicans, with the democrats and everybody, why we can't be on the same team. it makes us look bad, i think to everybody else. it doesn't look very professional to anybody, i don't think. >> reporter: now there are 54,000 coloradans who get the federal paychecks, the state department of labor says 40,000 of those employees ranging from park rangers to military personnel to researchers, they're now eligible for unemployment benefits. >> thank you so much. sorry for mispronouncing your name. one time pass for me. appreciate it. >> reporter: potato, potato.
9:40 am
>> i'll call her suzane. >> if you have a message for washington, post it on >> waiting for word from the white house. >> late as usual. >> scheduled for 12. they want to get their message right and out there. it is a war of messaging as well. a lot of spin going on in washington. >> exactly. we are talking about it being up and running for ten days but not without problems. first people could not sign on. how to there's confusion over the passwords. >> talking about obama care, the website troubles up next. so i can reach ally bank 24/7, but there are no branches? 24/7. i'm sorry, i'm just really reluctant to try new things. really? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat screech) you feel that in your muscles? i do... drink water.
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>> all week we've been taking a look at obama care enrollment
9:44 am
across the country. today we learned some people were told there were problems with the passwords, turns out that's not the case. elizabeth cohen, right, every day we'll have something until we get this right. >> i've been trying to up on, so has my team, we were able to create a log-in but not sign in. i called 800 number and said, what's up? they said, all of the passwords have been deleted and everyone has to call in and create a new password. i said, everyone? they said, yes, everyone. and i said my goodness. and so she tried to help me reset my password. at the department of health and human services they said, here's what happened, we were going to make a change to the website that was going to delete the password, we wrote a script and sent it when it shouldn't have gotten sent to them. so the rep was reading something
9:45 am
she received but she should never have had it it was a mistake. they never -- >> they never did reset? >> they never did delete the pass words but they written a script to read on the phone in case that happened. >> did you get? >> i still have not gotten in. >> still haven't? >> i keep trying. >> is that the volume? >> they tell you it's volume, when you call. they say -- by the way, they're lovely on the phone, people are so nice, they answer like that, i want to make that clear. they say lots of volume, we weren't anticipating this, there are glitches and please keep trying and recommended trying late at night, early in the morning. i tried from home 10:30 at night, didn't work, fridayed from my desk at 7:00, didn't work. maybe by late at night they mean like 1:00 in the morning? >> 3:00 a.m. >> a little commitment from you, cohen. >> sorry. >> a dozen states have their own
9:46 am
exchanges. do we know how they're faring with this. >> 16 states are doing it on their own. rest of us go on the ones on their own, some are working beautifully. reporting has been some work well, not all, but some do. folks are on there are getting their policies. you know we're hearing positive feedback from those folks. now some people are getting into health, the federal one. one woman tried and tried and got in at 2:00 in the morning. i haven't had insurance and now i do. and it was reading that e-mail, you can't but feel happy for this woman. she was so happy. >> takes a little determination. >> maybe takes getting up at 2:00 in the morning. >> it is striking, as we're saying, this has been coming for years, you'd think you would plan for the demand. >> you would think that. but i'm not a high-tech gal. i don't know what it takes to get a site like this ready. >> people that you've talked to,
9:47 am
do they give you a goal or deadline or say, we at least hope by this date we'll have all of this stuff worked out? >> they don't give a date. but they say we're working on it, we're working on it. they were working on it to the extent contemplating upgrade that was dramatic it would delete passwords. they're trying to hard. when i talked to federal officials they're frustrated as well. they want this to work. it's unclear why it isn't. >> good to see you. sorry you have to pull an all-nighter tonight. >> i'll call you first. >> call michael. it's breaking news. >> 2:00 a.m., that's the answer. elizabeth cohen, thanks so much. >> a potential scientific breakthrough that could lead to new treatment for people with alzheimer's. i spoke with a lead researcher. we'll bring that to you next on "around the world." i remember the day my doctor said i had diabetes.
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covered by most insurance plans, including medicare. find your co-pay cost at ask your health care provider about novolog® flexpen today. we are waiting to bring the white house briefing to you live here. reporters getting set up, ready to hear from the spokesman. what is the white house response to the latest republican offer from the leadership to allow the debt ceiling to be extended, to be increased by six weeks in exchange for negotiations with the white house on other matters republicans are concerned. a white house response, live as soon as it begins. >> now a british scientist reporting a breakthrough in the fight against alzheimer's and
9:51 am
other degenerative diseases. they have uncovered a chemical compound that they say can stop brain degeneration in mice. this is good news. earlier i spoke with a doctor, she is the lead scientist at the british medical research council. >> scientific step forward rather than a clinical treatment step forward. what it means is that we've been able to prove that the oral compound, you can prevent brain regeneration in mice. that's very encouraging piece of evidence in data that degenerative brain conditions can be stopped in their tracks. it's -- it has given us also a target that -- a pathway target for mow tensionally developing treatments in the future that might be relevant to a number of disorders that involve proteins and brain cell death. >> with any medical if we call
9:52 am
breakthrough, perhaps an overus overused word, but this a breakthrough and with anything like this, don't get too excited yet, probably a long road? >> this is a long road. it's not a treatment and it's not a cure. but what it is, it's an advance in our knowledge that we can stop brain degeneration. >> really is good news. the hope, obviously, probably realistically, years from now there will be a pill that can stop the degeneration of the brain for people withalzheimer's, maybe parkinson's. >> extraordinary development if it turns out to be true. thank you. waiting for the white house briefing. it's going to start momentarily. we bring that to you live, see what the white house response is to the republican leadership put on the table. the deal to temporarily raise the debt ceiling in exchange for talks with the white house and democrats on tax reform and other measures. ♪ [ male announcer ] let's go places.
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all right. as we await the white house briefing, we're going to end the hour with a quick look at the effects the shoutdown has had, hundreds of thousands of federal workers still on furlough, which means that not working, not getting pay, at least for now. >> the latest agency, the nuclear regulatory commission,
9:56 am
supposed to start conducting nonemergency reactor licensing and emergency preparedness exercises today. the agency announced 3,000 -- 3,600 workers going home. >> only 300 essential employees are going to remain on the job. you would have thought that testing's important. private companies that work with the federal government also affected. look at lockheed martin it say it's going to furlough about 2,400 workers tomorrow. >> and in addition, the federal agencies all national parks remain closed at a time when in the fall weather and everything, people want to get out, enjoy themselves, fresh air might include thousands of parks you might not realize are federally run. people have showed up at everglades national park in florida, grand canyon, they're protesting. they're upset, frustrated. >> park officials in the grand canyon have written dodds of citations for people trying to sneak into the park for a look
9:57 am
around. people are getting tickets for that. a guy arrested in georgia the other day for sneaking into a park and using his metal detector to look for civil war stuff and got nabbed. don't go in. >> don't go in. that's it for us. "cnn newsroom" with wolf blitzer starts right at the break. americans take care of business. they always have. they always will. that's why you take charge of your future. your retirement. ♪ ameriprise advisors can help you like they've helped millions of others. listening, planning, working one on one. to help you retire your way... with confidence. that's what ameriprise financial does. that's what they can do with you. ameriprise financial. more within reach. ♪ because an empty pan is a blank canvas.
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good afternoon. i'm wolf blitzer in washington. jay carney about to react to john boehner's pitch for a six-week extension of raising the debt ceiling. >> a visit to the white house to meet with the president tomorrow. tomorrow morning and we'll have a specific time for you later. beyond that, i don't have an announcement to make. i suspect i know at least some of the questions you'll ask, so i'll go straight to the associated press. >> thanks, jay. i think we all want to know the white house react is to the speaker's proposal this morning. >> the president is happy that cooler heads, at least, seem to be prevailing in the house, that there at least seems to be a recognition that default is not an option. now the president believes that it would be far better for the
10:00 am
congress, and in this case the house to raise the debt ceiling for an extended period of time. as senate democrats are working on, as we speak. you know, it would be far better for the economy if we stopped this episodic brinksmanship and, you know, mothballed the so-called nuclear weapon here, threat of default for a longer duration. but is it certainly, at least an encouraging sign that, based on today's statement by the speaker, they're not listening to the debt limit and default deniers who seem to suggest against all of the accumulated wisdom of financial experts that somehow it would be okay for the united states to enter territory it had never entered before and


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