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tv   The Next List  CNN  October 12, 2013 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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until monday night. the senate is also in recess. that could change, but right now at least as a body, it doesn't look like they're working very hard. very, very high stakes. athena jones, thank you very much. >> thanks. for those of you just joining us, senate democrats justhood a news conference on the negotiations and the shutdown on the debt ceiling. senate majority leader reid said there is a long way to go with fiscal talks with rep leader mitch mcconnell. he also said the government must be able to pay its bills. let's bring you up to speed with what's happening today. the senate defeated a procedure move by majority democrats to bring up a clean debt limit bill. the vote was 53-45. the white house responded with this statement -- congress must do its job and raise the debt
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limit to pay the bills we have incurred. it is unfortunate that the common-sense debt clean bill was refused a yes or no vote today. meanwhile, in the house, not much is getting done today. that's because members have left. they have got back to the home districts leaving only the gop leadership in town. now, congress must do its job and raise the debt limb to pay bills that we have incurred, and, we want to bring in brianna keilar, who is at the white house monitoring all of this for us. brianna what did you make of the senate press conference? >> reporter: miguel, very much what athena said, which at this point is that it's really uncertain where things go from here. the discussions were kind of back to the brauing board.
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president obama has said all along he will not negotiate on the debt korean. a there obviously had been talk about the this idea of make striking a deal, but it appears in retrospect that was more of a messaging, i gill, more of just like a message that the without was putting out, because the president had been accused of being obstinate. it was an argument that the republicans those was taking hold. it appears the without is standing very firm after rejecting the house proposal, which was just a six-week debt ceiling increase that would have taken us before the holiday spending season and would have been a mess. can you imagine this fight all over again in six weeks? the senate democrats have now rejected a plan that was being
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spearheaded by susan collins, who may be the most mod real republican in all of the senate. they are not on board with that plan, so we are back to the drawing board. the clock is ticking and ticking very loudly, miguel. the markets are not open today. if they were open today, i think you would see them being rocked by this news. >> both size very defensive clearly. both holding their cards close to their vest. both incremental moves here half railroad reid today say he agrees with opening the government, but everything else seem to be out. i think we have athena jones back on capitol hill. athena, do you have any better sense of where we go. can we get out of this incrementalism and defensive posture and get to something more positive? >> well, as folks were leaving town, some of our cameras caught
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up with them, miguel and people said we're disappointed at the way things stand right now, but i guess encouraged was the word one senator used about the facts that talks are still going on. both sides understand -- most people, i should say, understand what it would mean not to raise the debt licht for instance. some don't believe it would have a huge impact, but treasury secretary jack lew was up here last week testifying, and making very clear it's just not an option, and the closer we get, damage is being done each step of the way. sure the markets aren't open today, but they will be in a couple more days. what people need to understand is what this will mean, not just to furloughed workers, but if this debt limit isn't raised, what will happen to seniors who rely on their social security checks? what about troops waiting to be paid? you have your bondholders, but
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then all these other obligations. i think people understand that. it's just not fun to watch this go down to the wire. miguel? >> all right. athena jones, thank you very much. my guess is or day is not done yet. hang in there. >> thanks. much more on the talks to end the partial government shutdown later in the show, but for now let's check on some of the other stories making headlines today. storm preps are being tested right now in india. trop cyclone before it hits. i talked with alonzo cook about conditions along the coast. >> the wind has picked up again. there was a lull, but a lot of the coastal districts have had their power cut deliberately as a precautionary measure to
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prevent death from electric roe cougs or fires. tropical storm force winds been being felt for 27 on miles across india, about the distance between boston and philadelphia. authorities in new mexico are looking for this man, scott chandler is the director of a ranch for troubled kids. an amber alert was issued for nine teenagers, who police say were abducted. authorities say one of the teens has returned home and is okay. his lawyer says all the teens are safe, but an amber alert remains in effect. a top general in charge of ballistic missiles has hired. the air force says he's due to a loss of trust and can. he's been under investigation over reports of misbehavior. also this week, the deputy chief at u.s. strategic command was demoted reportedly over gambling allegations. an orange county,
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california, man is facing a terrorism charge. a federal grand jury indict ed n one count of attempting to provide material support to al qaeda. the fbi says he was arrested while boarding a bus to mexico. kenneth bay was sentenced to 15 years in a labor camp. he's in the hospital, said to be suffering serious health problems, bus his mother says her son's health doesn't look that bad, according to a report from kyoto's news agency. we've hit a brick wall. that's what a gop members tells cnn, so now what? our chief political candy crowley joins us after the break. when you're merging onto u.s. cover your ears...
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political correspond and anchor of "state of the union." candy they rejected a proposal while fulloed workers have to worry about paying the bills, basically. in in the world is going on there. >> i'm not sure i can make sense of it. i think you heard very clearly from the majority leader in the senate harry reid that they haven't backed down an inch. they want a bill to put the government back at work, and then a clean raising of the debt ceiling. they wanted them for extended period of times, not six weeks, none of that. it really right now, i think you're looking at two men and a couple close surrogates.
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that's harry reid and the republican leader mitch mcconnell. so it's up to those two guys, if there is anything to be done. but when you have a news conference, as we just did where the majority leader of the senate says i don't want the american people to be despondent or whatever, because there is good news here, we're talking, so think about it. i mean, the good news is that two men who work in the same place on all the same subjects are talking about this particular subject. so it's what passes for progress right now. the truth is on the policy there's been no progress made for two weeks. >> it's very, very incremental. i don't think that's going to, you know, assuage a lot of concerns. >> you know, the market seemed all happy that the president was talking to republicans.
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harry leigh looked deflated in that press conference. there any way forward? can they take a couple days off and come back it on tuesday? >> they'll have to come back at it. it's unsustainable for a long period of time. harry reid is not the most animated guy. i think actually what i heard from him was complete defiance and absolute complete determination that all he wants is a clean bill on spending and on borrowing. that's it and nothing else. will that hold? i don't know. somebody has to blink at some point. right now we don't see it. so these are two smart men, mcconnell and reid. they have worked together before on different things. they have able surrogates. we'll see what happens. but right now, i honestly don't think we have made any progress
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in the weeks since the progress began. we're going into week 3, right? >> 12 days. the pressure is still on boehner, though, right? if he blinks everything falls into place? >> yes, but i don't think he will. i think this has clearly shifted to the senate. boehner now says to the senate, have at it. it becomes -- obviously the house has to pass it, too, so then the pressure goes back to the speaker, what the caucus will and will not go for. but for now, the sense you get is the house has said the president said he was willing to talk to us, and come up with our list, he we did and he rejected it. they felt it was a bait-and-switch. so the house to me seems to have stepped back from the line and said to the senate, have at it.
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>> all right. candy crowley, thanks very much. fascinating stuff. thanks, miguel. we want to reminute you candy will have one of the top players tomorrow morning. here's the lineup. rand paul, susan collins and amy chloroboucher. they jon her sunday morning. it's open to great reviews, and based on a true story. actor tom hanks talk being thinks latest film "captain phillips." >> the primary motive was to get the guys off the ship. he would never use the word "hero" he said i was waiting for the heroes to show up.
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the coast of africa is known
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for big z having pirates. that changed in 2009 when a freighter, an american freighter was held hostage. tom hanks is playing the captain of that ship who offers himself up as a hostage to help save the ship. the movie is called "captain phillips." christiane amanpour had a change to speak to tom hanks. he portrays a guy who had a pretty big act of bravery. >> he did, but he's very clear in his book he didn't volunteer to be a hostage, nonetheless he doesn't think himself a hero, but he really did save his ship and the rest of his crew. i talked to tom about all of this, and it is extraordinary, because it is the most thrilling movie that i have seen in a long time, and i covered a lot of what was going on in somalia, you know, 20 years ago, black hawk down time, you remember all of that. and he was amazing about what it
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took to do this film particularly acted with somalis who were not actors, and they had never before. it. >> what was important for you to achieve in terms of how these pirates were portrayed. >> ultimately the best nonfiction is a record of human behavior that is always checkered, always a very complex motivation, and almost always come from some place. they do not hugh to the protag nan/antagonist story line. that, the interaction between richard phillips and all four of the somalis, saying, for example, in the lifeboat, in reality there were laughs, there were jokes, there was a type of banter that went by, all at the same time richard phillips was
11:51 am
convinced that big guy particularly was going to shoot him in the head for no reason whatsoever. that is a type of tension that brings out the most flinty sharp-edged nature of human nature. that's my job, i've got to hold the mirror up to nature. >> pretty cool interview. did he talk ought all about the liberties that hollywood took with the story? >> well, yeah, this is a true story of course there are liberties, i suppose -- think weren't able to tell the whole story, but the -- i'm not going to give anything away, but it involves american special forces and how they rescued captain phillips. it is gripping. here's the thing. even though we know the ending, because this was a real story, we know about it, we read about it in the news, even then i was on the edge of my seat. i must say it's full of tension,
11:52 am
full of foreboding, and again the sort of acting relationship between this hollywood superstar tom hanks, and this somali and his buddies, who came from the somali-american community in minneapolis, have never acted before, much less with a bona fide superstar, really is incredible. it's just incredible. >> very, very cool story. christia christiane, thank you very much. you can see the full interview tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern right here on cnn. they call him houdini. >> no one has ever gotten through the door into the rest of the shelter before. this is new for us. >> talking about dog tricks. that wasn't the only amazing feat this doggy pulled off. that story ahead. waffle bars... fancy robes... seems every hotel has something to love... so join the loyalty program that lets you earn free nights in any of them. plus, for a limited time, members
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the fishing industry, with crabbing season just days away, a shutdown means for fishing licenses. >> on behalf of all fishermen, i'm asking congress to end the shutdown now. i'm a small businessman in a big ocean with big bells. i need to go fishes. >> that was keith colburn from the show "deadliest catch." jake tapper asked what the shutdown could do to him and the competitors. >> the season is supposed to start tuesday. urchlts we're basically locked down. the fisheries are all closed. well, i guess they're deemed unessential staff, kind of essential to us. right now we're looking at a
11:57 am
three to four-day delay. right now that i'm back in d.c., i see no effort being made, a push being made to get the government back on track. >> how narrow is crab season? >> it's time specific, especially the red king crab, about half of that goes to japan, the other half comes to the domestic market. a good percentage of that goes to the holiday market, new year's in particular. so if we don't have our crab delivered frozen and shipped by about the first or second week of november, then it's not going to make the holiday markets and we're not going to see the premium price we would normally see. >> we're really talking a few weeks. >> not just a few weeks, but a few days. if the government doesn't get their act together by the middle of next week, it will impact the price of the dock. that will spiral down to coastal communities. it's not just 80 fishes boats in
11:58 am
the bering sea. >> a massachusetts couple traveling on board a luxury cruise ship is being credited with saving the lives of three americans stranded at sea, roy and ken dread seen on the right had gone to bed for the night. kendra got up to open the sliding glass door, and that's when they heard cries for help. >> we started to go back to sleep. vite away that, we heard voices out in the water. we heard some guy yelling hey, hey, hey. we thought about it for a minute, and we said, someone is out there and we've got to make a call. >> good thinking. >> after that, the couple alerted the captain who turned the ship around and began searching. after an hour, she spotted something. >> when it finally hit on something, an object that was clearly sticking out of the water a bit, that was a rush. he saw the guy waving.
11:59 am
that's when we really got goosebumps. >> the rescued americans had been in the water more than ten hours after the speedboat capsized. time now for the upbeat stories that will make you feel good. how about a dog trick? a 5-year-old australian shepherd proves to be an eye scape artist, all caught on tape. now named houdini, he figured out how to open his kennel and two doors at the humane society. a woman found the dog a short time later, and brought the facility's first had ever escapee back. >> no one has ever gotten through the door into the rest of the shelter before. this was new for us. >> well, not exactly doggy prison, but, you know. the best news howard or affiliate in colorado says the woman who brought houdini to the humane society is expected to adopt him today. see it's a happy ending.
12:00 pm
fantastic. a right in a card westbound a scary thing. for tommy, he's only at ease when his owner holds his paw. you can see him frantically paws, only calming down when he clutches his paw to reassure him. nothing worse than a needy dog. it is 3:00 p.m. on the east coast. \s. going nowhere fast, quickly approaches, a compromise deal is now off the table, and a house vote seasonal expected until monday night at the soonest.


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