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tv   New Day  CNN  October 16, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> announcer: >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. good morning and welcome to "new day," everyone. it is wednesday, october 16th, 6:00 in the east. i am here as you can see, just outside the u.s. capitol where another round of late-night dealmaking ended without an agreement. but they will be back at it today and we will be standing by. >> take a look at the clock. it is ticking, 18 hours until the debt ceiling deadline. when it strikes midnight, no one really knows. depending on whom you listen to, the results could be catastrophic for our financial markets and economic health or something far less severe could happen. here's what we do know. many angry and upset that we reached this point at all. that morning, we'll lay out the dominos that could fall and on whom, the implications for you and your wallet and we're going to press members of congress for answers.
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>> but first let's bring you up to date on what we know right now. just yesterday, late yesterday, just past 10:00 the senate quit for the night, close to a deal but no deal yet. at 9:30 this morning, the financial markets will open. many wondering if congressional leaders will try to signal a deal is imminent before that to talk investors. the house returns at 10:00 and the sna the is back at noon. honestly, beyond that we do not know a whole lot about how this will play out today. the hardest to convince remain conservative republicans, especially in the house. it is not known what their next move is quite yet. we have every angle covered for you this morning, the politics and the possible economic fallout. what it means for you, let's begin with jim acosta at the white house this morning. good morning, jim. >> good morning, kate. less than 24 hours to go before the nation hits the debt ceiling. washington is basically where it was one day ago after the house
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tried but failed to work out a deal. it's up to senate leaders once again to craft an agreement that could make it to the president's desk. we expect to hear from them later this morning. but at this point we're still in the dark. time is running out. the debt ceiling is within sight and the last best hope once again rests with harry reid and mitch mcconnell who are back to working on a last-minute deal. >> john boehner will likely be in a position where he will have to essentially pass the bill that is negotiated between senators mcconnell and reed. i believe the house would pass it and send it to the senate. >> president obama called for quick action. >> we don't have a lot of time. what i'm suggesting to the congressional leaders is, let's not do any posturing. let's not try to save face. >> reporter: the president appeared to put the blame on house speaker john boehner's inability to coral tea party backed republicans. >> there have been repeated situations where we have agreements and he goes back and
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it turns out he can't control his caucus. >> reporter: that caucus is once again up in arms despite boehner's tough talk. >> i have made clear for months and months that the idea of default is wrong. we shouldn't get anywhere close to it. >> reporter: the speaker failed to convince house conservatives to line up behind republican proposals to lift the debt ceiling and end the shutdown. it didn't matter anyway as reed said, the gop's plans were dead on arrival in the senate. >> extremist republicans in the house of representatives are attempting to torpedo the senate's bipartisan progress with a bill that can't pass the senate. >> reporter: that portrait of washington dysfunction was all the respected fitch ratings agency needed to see. fitch issued a warning it may downgrade the nation's aaa credit rating, a potential repeat of what standard & poors did after the last debt ceiling debate of 2011 although fitch continues to believe that the debt ceiling will be raised soon, the agency said, the political brinkmannship could increase the risk the of a u.s.
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default. >> i think most folks understand october 17th is not the drop dead date. there are no payments due for a couple weeks. >> reporter: but white house officials are hinting that the treasury department will have to make hard decisions after tomorrow. that means that the nation will have to potentially start picking and choosing what bills to pay. there is a term for that here in washington. it's called p eed prioritizatio. but washington basically says it means default. we may be hearing more of that as the president visits with jack lu this morning. >> those warnings sure haven't worked yet. we'll see if they have a different impact on capitol hill this time around. jim, thank you so much. we'll talk with you so much more. let's talk about where things stand and where things could possibly go from here with john king joining me. great to see you. >> welcome back. wish the circumstances were better. remember the home of dysfunction. >> it's the home of dysfunction.
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beautiful view. what goes on inside we can't say for sure. things completely unraveled yesterday. i think we can easily say that. is a deal assured in the senate? >> a deal is only a deal when you see somebody holding it in their hands and they file it in the senate. there was talk it might come last night. it didn't come last night. there's two things they're working on, number one to put it on paper finally and number two, to try to issue a join the statement between leaders reed and mcconnell before the markets open, some sort of statement from the leadership saying we have something, we're prepared to move forward to keep the jitters in the market down. >> let's assume things -- there's a done deal in the senate. this does need to pass in the house. does the house go first, does the house go second? that can be up for interpretation. how does it make it through in boehner didn't want this deal. conservatives have vaulted every proposal that's come before them
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that didn't completely get rid of obama care. >> there are ways to break every single one of the rules if the leaders agree. >> yes. >> you have a scenario if they could get ted cruz, mike lee, rand paul to say we don't like the bill but we won't get in the way, they could pass it quickly, 24 to 48 hours. the republican leadership is trying to convince senator cruz we'll give you time to protest, we'll give you time on the floor for a speech but please don't hold this up. it could take potentially seven days or potentially more, three, five, up to seven days to get it through the senate. then it has to go back over to the house. there's zero guarantee the house will pass what the senate passes. everyone said the pressure would be on the speaker to bring it to the floor. would you bring up any senate version? the answer was one word. uncertain. >> what is certain, there's street cleaning going on behind
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us. at least they are cleaning the streets here in washington. >> essential government service. >> that's an essential employee. you talk about ted cruz. if you think back to how this began, we were coming up on funding issues and budgetary issues with ted cruz and the prolonged protest in the senate. that riled up conservatives. what's ted cruz's next move, do you think? >> we don't know at the moment. >> he has created a mini movement for himself here. mote of his colleagues in washington are furious at him, some are using words i would say get closer to despise him. if you look at the grass roots, he's a hero. we do know he's raising a ton of money. his popularity at the grass the rouxes level is high. the organizations he's worked with, the heritage foundation,, tea party-like groups, they were sending out words reject the senate and house proposal they saw outlined so far. all the indication are that ted cruz is still in camp no.
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we know he has defied leadership in the past. when leader mcconnell says can i do this on a fast track? every expectation last night was that he says no. he has friends and colleagues who are trying to lean on him saying we will give you a platform, just don't be a road block. >> if this goes five days, three days, that could be catastrophic. >> if you don't see signs of progress by noon that the senate has a deal, even that's still a huge question mark. >> right. >> if you don't see the first question mark, the financial markets start to shake and noette abouts. >> chris, back to you. much more on the debt ceiling and everything unfolding from our side in a little bit. we take a look at what may actually happen when this deadline arrives tonight. we'll bring in rona foroohar.
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the rating agency said be careful. we're supposed to be afraid of them. why? >> on the one hand it's not science. they're talking about political dysfunction. they're saying we're going to downgrade you, you're not behaving well. a lot of mutual funds look at the ratings for the stocks they hold. they're not allowed to hold treasuries and stocks that have been downgraded. so if that happens, if there is a downgrade, that could actually trigger a sell-off in mutual funds and that could have more implications across the market. it starts that snow balling cycle and you never know where these things will end. >> the rating agency is relevant because they do set the standard of whether or not this is a good investment. >> that's right. >> it's all about risk. we get that. then we take a look at what happens if they downgrade us? didn't they downgrade us and it was a big deal? people like me were getting red faced? we have the lowest borrowing rates in 40 years. what does it mean?
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>> you're talking about back in august of 2011. >> yes. >> when we were at this point again. the markets did fall 13%. people took a hit. you're right. everyone went back into treasuries afterwards. there were a few different things happening in the world at that point. europe was in a credit crisis, a debt crisis, the emerging markets were slowing down. the u.s. looked like the prettiest house on an ugly block. things have changed since then. europe is recovering, many of the emerging markets are in better shape. there's a feeling that if the u.s. keeps pushing it, keeps getting back into this situation again and again, eventually investors will call our bluff and say we're going to start going into euros or start spreading our money out into different areas. that would eventually push our borrowing costs up. one of the reasons we're allowed to have such low rates on our "t" bills is because everyone wants them. if that changes, the whole thing
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will change. >> if they are uncertain about these men and women in washington, that creates fear, risk and they start asking for more money in order to len you money? >> that's right. that's right. if you look at emerging markets, places that are considered riskier in the world, their borrowing costs are much, much higher than ours. that impacts everything. it impacts the amount you'll pay for a mortgage on car loan, everything, student loans. >> if we were to look at what the indicators are right now, the futures market for the stock market is up right now. however, the bond market has been trading down. they're asking for higher yields, more money to len money. >> that's right. that's what we should keep watching. probably not catastrophe tomorrow from what we're seeing. >> what the markets are really concerned about is the idea that we would not pay the interest on our sovereign debt, we wouldn't pay back say the chinese who own the majority of our "t" bills, the largest portion of our treasury bills. if that were to happen, i think
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you'd see acatastrophe. >> with the markets, not to criticize the market but what they care about most is least likely to happen. the government is going to find a way to pay its debts, its bond holders in all likelihood but what they're not focusing on may be the greatest pain, the people who need the disability payments and prioritized payments that the government may not make going forward. >> it's interesting. there's a lot of fretting about can we pay the chinese? there are ways i think that can get done. there's a subtler effect here, though not so subtle if you're the person getting the social security check. there starts to be more and more pain. people don't get the money they're owed. the government may have to cut back its budget further in order to stay under the debt ceiling. that starts to cut into growth, unemployment growth and then you start to get a cycle that takes us back possibly toward recession. >> that fear goes from the market into the heads of the regular person. they stop buying. >> which they have by the way. consumer confidence is way down.
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business confidence is down. >> they think they're playing with their own football but the all the rest of us is watching. we'll be affected. >> yes. >> rana foroohar, thank you. let's go to michaela. let's take a look at the headlines, guarded optimism in geneva this morning as iran's foreign minister outlines a plan to regulate his country's nuclear program and allow it to enrich uranium. the u.s. state department official telling cnn they've had detailed technical discussions. iran is trying to convince six world powers, including the u.s., that its nuclear ambitions are peaceful. president obama has expressed his disappointment with the flaws that has stifled the obama care website. more than two weeks after the launch. the president told affiliate kcci in des moines there are people, quote, working around the clock to fix the glitches. a high volume of visitors to the health insurance exchange portal contributed to the technical
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problems which made it difficult for people to begin the enrollment process. two arrests in florida in a cyberbullying case that led to the suicide of a 12-year-old girl. the suspects, 14 and 12 years old themselves, both girls. they are now charged with felony aggravated stalking police say the 14-year-old suspect admitted online she harassed the victim, and didn't care that she had died. the girl's lawyer says she's not behind the post. sedgwick climbed a tower at an abandoned concrete plant five weeks ago and jumped to her death. the man who allegedly tried to car jack the mother of cal ripken is in custody this morning. the armed suspect approached violet ripken and demanded her car. she smartly pushed the panic button on her key ring, setting off the car alarm and scared him away. mrs. ripken was taken from her home last year at gunpoint and held for 24 hours. some frightening moments for
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passengers on a spirits airline jet. it was forced to make an emergency landing after an engine exploded and caught fire, filling the cabin with smoke. passengers say they felt the plane start to shake. one passenger, a man in fact texted his wife saying we're on fire. love you. how chilling. the dallas to atlanta flight was able to land safely backality the dallas-ft. worth airport. the wounded warrior project stepping in to help nearly 40,000 veterans. the group tells cnn it is going to send veterans wounded on or after the 9/11 attack $500 if the government can't provide their benefits next month. the secretary of veterans affairs warned that the v.a. might not be able to pay 4 million veterans and their families if the shutdown continues. so the wounded warriors are stepping in to help their fellows. this makes me happy. it's sad they have to do it but it's into is -- nice to know man
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is helping fellow man. >> can you believe that it's necessary? can you believe they've become a political football in all of this? forget about the markets, they may or may not recover. but these guys have already paid a price. can't believe it. let's get over to indra petersons. >> hello. hello michaela and chris, you too, i guess. we're still watching the same cold front making its way across the country today. a slow mover. still talking about cool air with it as well. not a huge rainmaker. i just want to point out, there are two fronts. once this system makes its way across we'll have another one to deal with behind it. an inch of rain as it makes its way into the ohio valley. it's the tail end of the system where we continue to get the heavy rain again. all weekend long, anywhere from 8 to 12 inches of rain through texas. we're still dealing with the remnants of what was octave, the tropical storm in the pacific.
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all that tropical moisture is mixing in with the tail end of that cold front. we're still talking about anywhere from 4 to 5 inches of isolated higher amounts of rain. of course all of that does mean flooding concerns as we go forward. to the rest of you what matters? cold front, cold air, right? we're talking about that cold pool of air shifting farther east today. it is, again, slow moving. it will take some time. notice your temperatures if you're on the eastern seaboard, you're still in the 70s. d.c. still in the 70s. by tomorrow, cold air does make its way to the ohio valley. still talking about, 70s out towards philly and d.c. it's not until the start of your weekend that you see the temperatures go down into the 60s. remember, there's another cold front behind it. bundle up. >> it's too cold to go fishing. >> i don't know. >> he hasn't asked about the temperatures. >> getting a cold shoulder. >> that's two in one show. >> only love here. >> a drop in the bucket for what happens when we're not on camera, i'll tell you that right now. coming up next on "new day,"
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an arrest in the dry ice bombings at los angeles international airport. how police say the suspect entered restricted areas in order to plant those explosives. today is election day in a high stakes, new jersey senate race. will a rising star find a new home in the nation's capital? boy is timing not so great. we tell you about when we come back. (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities.
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welcome back to "new day." breaking overnight, an employee is responsible for the dry ice explosions at los angeles international airport and has been arrested. cnn's casey wian is in los angeles. good morning, casey. what do we know about the suspect? >> reporter: good morning, chris. the suspect, according to the los angeles police department, was arrested last night, 28-year-old decarlo bennett, an employee reportedly of a ground
3:22 am
services company here at los angeles international airport. a global company by the name of service air. we are still trying to confirm with that company whether he was a current employee or a recent employee, according to a facebook page attributed to this decarlo bennett. he listed himself as a former employee of service air. we're still trying to straighten that out. he was taken into custody last night in the city of paramount, california, about 15 miles east of los angeles international airport. he was booked in the metropolitan detention facility in downtown los angeles. what's very significant here, bail was set at $1 million. now, this is a case where these dry ice bombs didn't injury anyone or cause damage. bail set at such a high amount, really shows how significant and how important law enforcement is taking this case, chris. >> also, a little bit of a window, casey, into how much they don't know yet. they want to make sure they have
3:23 am
this man available to them. what do we know about motive here and whether he was part of an organization or alone? >> reporter: we don't know if he operated alone. police aren't saying that. what they are saying is what they've been saying all along, the most likely motive here is some sort of a disgruntled employee-type situation. they've said all along, no nexus to terrorism. they doubt it was a prank. nothing in the arrest that indicates any different theory about what may have been behind this motive, chris. >> casey, thank you for the reporting. appreciate it this morning. in new jersey, voters are going to the polls for a special election to fill a u.s. senate seat held by the late frank lautenberg. new york mayor corey booker, is favored to win over republican rival steve lonegan. cnn's jason carroll sat down with corey booker. great to have you on "new day." >> i think his head is in the game. when you think of mayor booker, a lot of people think about the
3:24 am
man who rescued his neighbor from a burning house or rescue a dog as well. one political analyst said most new jerseyians don't know that much about corey booker. they know the image of the super mayor but not the man itself. during my interview, no subject was off limits. he talked about his record, his personal life and political future. are you satisfied with your record in terms of violent crime? the numbers are not where they should be. >> we have 500 less police officers than my predecessor, a third less police. we were forced to make difficult decisions. there always more you could have done. >> i think there was one quote that said he's made an art of having a presence without being present in terms of how many times you were physically in the city versus going out giving a speech. >> the modern mayor is not going to be able to sit behind their desk and wait for opportunity to come. >> why do you think that question still keeps coming up about your personal life, about your sexuality? >> for me at the end of the day,
3:25 am
i believe we should be electing people on the content of their character, quality of their ideas, the dedication to their cause, not on who they're dating. >> booker says new jerseyians have an opportunity to send a message to washington that they don't support the government shutdown by sending him rather than his opponent. his republican challenger, steve lonegan, who supports the shutdown, polling shows mayor booker ahead of lonegan from anywhere from 10 to 22 points. >> the lead is pretty good going into election day. >> right. >> it's interesting. one of the reasons he gets personal questions because there's so much hype around him, right? >> of course. >> did you talk about who he's going to be if he wins? he can't just talk. he'll have to do. >> the question becomes whether he or she will be a workhorse, a show horse. it's a legitimate question. i did ask him about that. as soon as he gets to the senate, for him it's going to be about getting down to work.
3:26 am
he said he's not going to be afraid to get in there, be rebellious, maybe break something of the rules pr. he says for him it's a little bit of breaking the rules. >> been there, done that. >> we'll see when he gets there. if he gets there. we take a quick break on "new day." when we come back, remember the florida woman left dangling from that draw bridge? the area was marked off limits. now we know why she might have missed that warning. we'll tell you. and is there any chance a deal could reach the president's december. [ before the deadline? much more, ahead. new brakes help you stop faster and safer.
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welcome back to "new day." it's wednesday, october 16th. i'm coming, as you can see, coming to you live from the nation's capitol where we have a lot of work to do, it seems. it's time for our political gut check of the morning. we're less than 18 hours away from hitting the deadline to raise the nation's debt limit. all eyes on the senate this morning as harry reid and republican leader mitch mcconnell are trying to come to a deal that would increase the debt ceiling and open the government before midnight. where do we stand right now? joining me to talk more about it, political analyst and editorial of "the wall street journal," ron brownstein. it's like you have to look forward to figure out how we got here. we started with a fight to delay or defund or dismantle obama
3:31 am
care and we are here today. how did we get here? >> this feels at once irrational. we've been getting here since the 2010 election. these republicans who were swept in in 2010 believe they were sent here with a mandate to resist obama care and his agenda by any means necessary. what we're seeing is this extraordinary escalation of political conflict first using the government shutdown and then the debt ceiling, not to even debate issues about the budget but this other question about the obama health care plan. that has kind of taken us step by step through all these plate glass windows people thought we'd never break. >> time is a real issue. is there enough time do you think to strike a deal at this point? >> there can be a deal. it's hard to imagine how the deal would cross all the procedural hurdles before we hit the announced debt ceiling limit. i think a lot of the discussion today will be asking the white house, asking the treasury, is there any wiggle room?
3:32 am
when you look at the time line, even under the best case scenario, it's hard to see this getting done before friday or saturday. >> yesterday there were a lot of proposals, conversations, a lot of meetings, conservatives being pulled into john boehner's office and things fell apart. they were going to have a vote and they ended up pulling the vote. they didn't have it. leaving many people to wonder this morning, what does this mean for john boehner? >> a lot of people from the outside have had two impressions of what john boehner is trying to do. protecting unity rather than putting something forward that could pass. the other point of view is there's a method to his madness. that he was giving conservatives enough leash, enough vote to get this out of their system. >> he did not want to be here. >> exactly. that strategy of allowing them to repeatedly vote on provisions
3:33 am
that had no chance of passing the senate or being signed by the president has seemed to backfire. the best example of that yesterday were the conservative groups coming out against this proposal saying it was inadequate because it didn't go far enough when it already went too far to have any chance in the senate much less presidential approval. >> what is the role of these conservative groups? these are not just conservative groups. these are conservative groups with deep pockets who can't get involved in primaries. we're talking heritage action. >> the flip side, the republicans have essentially through redistricting and general distribution of the population, the republicans are the vast majority that are essentially barricaded into very conservative districts. in which the politics often may be positive about pursuing a confrontation. and it does strengthen their hold on the house, makes it harder for the democrats to take
3:34 am
it back even if there was a national wave of backlash against their behavior in this episode. the flip side of that is that because these districts are reliably republican, there's enormous leverage for any group that can mobilize the base. you get the saying that is widely believed. that many of the house republicans are more concerned about a primary than the general election. that does give leverage to groups like heritage action. >> you need to get re-elected if you're in politics. that's for sure. it's one thing to be looking to a primary but another thing to be in the middle of this mess. >> true of the speaker as well. what is the point of being speak if you cannot exert your will on something as important as avoiding the first ever default? >> regardless, john boehner in a tough spot this morning. we'll see if he can get them out of it today. ron, great to see you. thanks so much for being here. we'll be covering the angles from washington, michaela but first back to you. >> great conversation with ron brownstein. more devastation this morning as the death toll
3:35 am
continues to rise following that massive earthquake that hit the central philippines, nearly 130 people are dead, many more injured. millions are still recovering. officials say more than 20 people are reported missing and fear some people may still be trapped in collapsed buildings. that 7.1 earthquake was centered around 400 mights southeast of manila. abu anas al libi has pled not guilty to terrorism charges brought against him in a federal court. he is currently being held without bail after posing as a flight risk and danger to the community. he was seized earlier this month by u.s. army delta forces in libya. 63 cleveland police officers will be suspended for their role in this high-speed chase that left two unarmed suspects dead last november. 13 other officers are still facing disciplinary action for collectively firing 137 shots at timothy russell and melissa williams near an east cleveland
3:36 am
middle school. the city's police chief says all the officers violated protocol, merely by participating in that chase. missouri's lieutenant governor calling for a grand jury to revisit a rape case involving a teenage girl that was dropped last year. 14-year-old daisy coleman reported being raped by an oler boy, charges were filed and dropped weeks later, reportedly for lack of evidence. the lieutenant governor says the facts of the case are appalling and cry out for another look. much more on this later on in our show. a picture of a wounded army salute. it is inspiring millions. he was seriously injured some ten days ago in an ied attack in afghanistan. four soldiers were killed, 14 others. he was saluting his commander who just placed the purple heart on his blanket. his wife posted the picture online. his commander called it the
3:37 am
single greatest event he had witnessed in the army. >> bravery knows no bounds. obviously thoughts and prayers to him and his family for a quick recovery. >> very moving picture. had to share it with you today. >> it is. one more family that's given way too much. >> way too much for all of us. >> important for us to remember. >> yes. >> coming up on "new day," the debt limit deadline. you're going to be hearing a lot. there will be a lot of fear in the air. we're going to tell you what may happen, what may not happen. there is a chance that already you're starting to experience what this type of distraction can do. we'll take you through it. if you were with us yesterday on "new day," we told you the story of this woman, stuck in a precarious position on a draw bridge for a horrifying 20 minutes. we may know how she ended up there. >> would you save me if i were on a bridge like that? data breaches can happen that easily.
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♪ every time i close my eyes welcome back to "new day." it is money time. the debt ceiling deadline. we don't know what it will mean for the markets yet but guess what, it could already be having an effect on your spending right now. alison kosik is here to explain what is going on, what else we could see ahead. take us through it. >> it's interesting when you think about it. the deadline is not even here yet, hours away, of course but we are feeling the impact before the deadline hits. consumer confidence, how people are feeling about the economy dropped sharply, the worst drop since the period right off lehman brothers collapsed in 2011. you know what that means?
3:42 am
people are spending less on cars, tv sets, appliances, they're just not charging as much as they did on credit cards because they're not feeling good about the economy. there are things that could possibly happen ahead. home sales could drop because real estate buyers and sellers would be afraid of quickly rising mortgage rates. it is possible that banks could severely slow down lending including to small businesses. that's not a good thing for the economy. keep in mind this could happen even if we reached that last-minute deal. because they're kind of kicking the can down the road, the next deadline could be in january. the wild card, the wild card is america's credit rating. what happened two years ago, a ratings agency, standard & poors downgraded the u.s. after that debt ceiling battle in august 2011. fitch and moody's, they say not going to to downgrade us just yet but we have been put on notice. fitch even spoke out to say they're keeping an eye on us and they're ready to downgrade if necessary. if downgraded it would cost more
3:43 am
for the u.s. to borrow money from other countries which could ultimately affect you and me. it could raise your borrowing costs long term. that's not a good thing. if you have a mortgage, a car payment, you've got a student loan, those interest rates could rise. chris? >> a lot of bad what ifs there. >> yes. >> it's important to go through. thank you very much, alison. >> you don't want to be caught by surprise. >> you don't. you want to prepare. unfortunately the politicians put us in this position. you have to protect yourself. >> no wonder folks are angry. let's talk weather. maybe there's more togetherness? >> can we all be in this together weatherwise? or is there division even in the weather? >> yes, if we all want rain and cold, on the money, right there. see how she did that? there you go. thank michaela, guys. look at this storm system, you can see it making its way across the entire country. it is slow moving, hanging around today. more rain spreads into the ohio
3:44 am
valley, still watching the same tail in through texas. light rain for most of us. not really big system. very dry as it came out of canada. about an inch of rain on the northern side of it, ohio valley, through the midwest. go down to the southern portion of it, though, there's a difference solely because of the remnants of octave, that storm, that tropical storm that was in the pacific. all that moisture is streaming in through texas. today it's going into arkansas and louisiana. heavier rains in your region today, isolated amounts could go up to 5 inches of rain. the other big story, yes, the cold air. temperatures 5 to 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. yesterday was cold enough. that is into the midwest and great lakes today. you want to see the temperatures across the country. not too bad. chicago 57. i take that back. that's bad. we're talking about 70s d.c., philly. not too bad here. according to berman he thought 68 was hot. >> hot for october, question mark? >> i have a lot of question
3:45 am
marks. >> as soon as you say berman i pot down. >> what does he know. >> that's what i said. >> enjoy it all. enjoy it all. that's the only way to get through it. >> it's been a nice autumn so far. >> it has. >> wait till the leaves really pop. >> i can't wait. we'll take a break as we wait for the leaves to pop. coming up on "new day," new insight into this drama we watched on a florida draw bridge. when you hear the 911 calls you'll realize how terrifying this actually was. we'll take you through it. and a vicious no-holds-bar tie -- ti kwan do match. your ford dealer. who has the low price tire guarantee, affording peace of mind to anyone
3:46 am
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3:49 am
welcome back to "new day." dramatic 911 calls from that really unusual and bizarre draw bridge incident we showed you in florida where a 55-year-old woman was suspended 22 feet in the air. new emergency calls are giving us a clearer picture of what happened here. cnn's pamela brown joined us with the latest. too quick to judge perhaps. >> perhaps. you listen to these calls. a seemingly life or death drama playing out in front of these terrified onlookers. the 911 calls show how frightening the situation was as they watched a woman dangling from a raised drawbridge for some 20 minutes.
3:50 am
days after dangling dangerously, we are hearing the frantic 911 calls made from terrified onlookers. >> she's on the bridge. it's open. >> the bridge is open and she's on there? >> she's on it. she couldn't get off. >> reporter: 55-year-old wanda mcgowan had been walking on the bridge after completing a breast cancer awareness walk saturday morning. it suddenly raised and she became trapped. she found herself clinging for life more than 20 feet in the air. witnesses capturing these frightening images, fearing she might fall. >> we need a big ladder or something like that so you can get her down. i don't know how long she's going to last. >> she's holding on tight, on to the beam. we need to get something out here. >> we're getting them over. >> somebody should contact them and say bring the bridge down now. >> hold on. >> reporter: for about 20 heart-stopping minutes she could move until firefighters hoisted a ladder to bring her down safely rather than risking time to lower the bridge.
3:51 am
>> we'll climb down the ladder together. i have you. don't worry about it. she turned around and we proceeded down the ladder together. >> this railroad bridge is marked with no trespassing signs. gowin claims she didn't see the signs. her friends tell authorities she is legally blind. it's up to the railroad company to decide whether or not to press charges against her. >> a spokesperson for the railroad company told us there is another person believed to be her friend who ran across the bridge as well but did not get stuck. as soon as they interview them, they will determine whether they charges will be filed. we'll keep on eye on this story for you. >> all right. pamela brown with the latest on that story. thank you so much for that. tweet us with the #newday. ready for the must-see moment today? >> please. >> he said please. then i must comply. here we go. it's a clip that's been around for some time now but you need
3:52 am
to see it again. adorable pair of taiwanese toddlers face off in their tae kwon do match. check out the fancy footwork, the kick, the jab. at the end of the day, they're all smiles. >> the body jab. if only our members of congress could emerge as competitive as these warriors. >> look at the giggle. they're so cute. >> ball up their hands into fists and punch themselves in the face. >> let's see if we can get somewhere in the gentle way and maybe we'll send you in. >> it should have never gotten to that point. but i love those kids having fun. >> good for exercise also. coming up on "new day," an arrest in the dry ice bomb case at lax. we'll have the latest from los angeles. who did it, what do we know about why. plus, we are talking to a republican congressman who is not backing down on the
3:53 am
government shutdown or the debt ceiling fight. where do things go from here? we'll talk to one key person in this negotiation, congressman steve king. in a small cage. so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. from contractors and doctors to dog sitters and landscapers, you can find it all on angie's list. we found riley at the shelter, and found everything he needed at angie's list. join today at ♪
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introducing cardioviva: [ female announcer ] today, cisco is connecting the internet of everything. the first probiotic to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels without a prescription. cardioviva. nice day here in new york city. 71 and bright.\ nice day here in new york city. 71 and bright.s nice day here in new york city. 71 and bright. unlike every member in congress. yesterday, president obama helped make sandwiches at a soup kitchen by the homeless. and by homeless i mean people who work for the federal government. because of the government shutdown, the white house is under attack by squirrels! before the shutdown it was a lovely vegetable garden. michelle obama planted the
3:57 am
garden to show how easy it is to grow your own food, all you need is water, sunlight and 50 federal employees. can't respect the process, let them make their jokes. they are funny. sports, something we can feel good about. >> a uniter. >> st. louis cardinals, one win away from a trip to the world series. andy scholes, andy looking dandy. >> 24 hours ago we were talking about how the dodgers had a big win. it took one game for all of that to change. the cardinals slugger matt holliday silenced the l.a. crowd with a two-run shot in the third inning. the dodgers had a great chance to get back in this game in the ninth inning but the rookie sensation grounds that a double play. cardinals lead three games to one. in the alcs, justin verlander
3:58 am
was pitching lights out in game three when the lights actually went out. when they started playing ago, one swing by napoli would decide this game. miguel cabrera and prince fielder both struck out. red sox take a 2-1 lead in the series. trending right now,, will ferrell, at usc, he was leading the banned in a charity performance. posing for the crowd, wielding a sword. ferrell got decked out in trojan gear for a really good cause. the event was to raise money for kids with cancer. they might need to keep him around for a little while. the football team not doing so well in socal. >> they're struggling. andy scholes, thank you, my
3:59 am
friend, as always. we're at the top of the hour. >> what does that mean? >> it's time for top news. >> okay. >> extremist republicans and the house of representatives are attempting to torpedo the senate's bipartisan progress. final countdown, congress left with just hours to strike a deal before the debt ceiling deadline. the senate may be close but will ted cruz or house republicans try to stop it? bracing for impact. all eyes on the financial markets. will they take a hit this morning? and what really happens if no deal is made by midnight. breaking overnight, an lax baggage handler arrested, accused of planting the dry ice bombs at los angeles's airport. why police believe he did it. your "new day" starts right now. >> what you need to know -- >> isn't it time we help to phone a way out of this? the only people that are losing right now are the people of this
4:00 am
country. >> announcer: what you just have to see. >> we can almost name "all is lost" with what's been going on in washington. >> don't get me started on that. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. good morning and welcome back to "new day," everyone. wednesday, october 16th. 7:00 in the east. i am live in the nation's capitol this morning. just in front of the u.s. capitol building. we are less than 17 hours way now from hitting the midnight deadline to avoid a potential debt ceiling disaster, chris. >> we know that lawmakers are scrambling to make a deal but it's not clear they can reach a compromise before -- well, what? again, not clear what's going to happen when the clock strikes 12. here's what we do know. the government is still in partial shutdown. families suffering, the treasury is at risk of running out of borrowing power. what will happen then? we lay out the dominos for you
4:01 am
and show what could fall and on whom. what it could mean for the economy and what not paying obligations could mean to you and people like you. we'll also talk about what every day americans are doing to deal with the situation right now and we will do our best to hold feet to the fire and ask the questions we have to do. that will be kate's job down there in washington, d.c. >> that's right, chris. this morning we'll be joined by several lawmakers to talk through where they stand on this and where we're going to go from here. you see them right there on the screen. we'll get to that. much more in just a second. the senate called it a night just after 10:00 with no deal in place. though there are glimmers, promises of hope this morning. this morning, markets open at 9:30 eastern. we'll see if lawmakers make an effort to calm investors before then. the house is back in at 10:00 and the senate returns at noon where they will be picking up efforts to hammer out a deal. it remains unclear, quite
4:02 am
honestly. no one knows how any plan that comes from the senate could be received by more conservative members of the senate and in the house, by the republican-controlled house. we have every angle covered for you this morning. let's start with senior white house correspondent jim acosta at the white house. good morning, jim. >> reporter: senate leaders harry reid and mitch mcconnell are busy working on a deal to prevent the government from going into default. here is what the deal looks like right now. just got this from a senate gop source. let's put this up on screen. the government would be re-opened and funded through january 15th. the debt ceiling would be raised until february 7th, a new budget commission would be created presumably to work through this breyer patch. also, income verification requirements for the new health care law and sequester flexibility, giving agencies
4:03 am
some flexibility to manage those forced budget cuts in the sequester. i talked to a senate gop source earlier this morning who said they believe there's still some time to avert a government default in the next several hours. in the words of that source, fear not. time is running out, the debt ceiling is within sight and the last best hope of avoiding a potential default once again rests with senate leaders harry reid and mitch mcconnell. who are back to working on a last-minute deal. >> john boehner will likely be in a position where he will have to, essentially pat the bill that is negotiated between senators mcconnell and reed. i think the house would first pass it and send it to the senate. >> reporter: president obama called for quick action. >> we don't have a lot of time. what i'm suggesting to the congressional leaders is let's not do any posturing or save face. >> reporter: the president appeared to put the blame on house speaker john boehner's
4:04 am
inability -- >> it turns out he can't control his caucus. >> reporter: that caucus is once again up in arms. despite boehner's tough talk. >> i have made clear for months and months that the idea of default is wrong. we shouldn't get anywhere close to it. >> reporter: the speaker failed to convince house conservatives to line up behind republican proposals to lift the debt ceiling and end the shutdown. it didn't matter anyway. as reed said, the gops plans were dead on arrival in the senate. >> the extremist republicans and house of representatives are attempting to torpedo the senate's bipartisan progress with a bill that can't pass the senate. >> reporter: that portrait of washington dysfunction was all the respected fitch ratings agency needed to see. it issued a warning it may downgrade the nation's aaa credit reporting, a potential repeat of what standard & poors did in 2011. although the agency says the
4:05 am
political brinkmannship. >> october 17th is not the drop dead date. there are no payments due for a couple weeks. >> now, the white house has a different view on that. and we may be hear something of that from president obama and treasury secretary jack lew who are scheduled to meet later today. while the white house has been inhad thing that the treasury department may go into a process they call here in washington a prioritization, picking and choosing which bills to pay. a senior administration official did tell cnn last night they are hopeful if a senate deal starts to come into shape and it appears that the house will take a loaning at it and pass it, get it to the president or if that happens in the reverse order, that perhaps they won't have to go into that process and they're hoping that the markets will remain calm during all of that unfolding. but of course, kate, there is a long way to go. we started out with a lot of hope yesterday and it didn't end
4:06 am
as the evening fell here in washington. who knows if we'll see that all over again, kate. >> who knows. that's the only thing we know at this point. jim, great to see you. thank you so much for laying that out for us. >> sure. >> let's talk more about this, the potential economic impact, where negotiations are with a key republican in the house. congressman steve king, republican of iowa. congressman, it's great to see you. thank you so much for joining me this morning. as jim acosta was laying out the potential, the threat of what will happen if the nation hits the debt ceiling, what are you concerned about? are you concerned about the potential economic crisis that could be caused if we pass this deadline on thursday? because we are in the 11th hour now. >> i'm not worried about this thing they term default. we are going to service our debt. we'll pay the interest first and roll the principal over. it takes 8% of our revenue stream on average to pay the interest on our debt. i am concerned about all the rhetoric around this, about the
4:07 am
weeks and months building up to this point and the utilization of that term default. i'm scared it will scare the markets, i'm concerned that the president's remarks will scare the markets. i don't know what happens when we get to tomorrow, midnight tomorrow, as to whether there will be a dramatic reaction or not. >> what do you make of when the credit ratings companies, fitch is threatening to downgrade the credit rating. you're not worried about that? >> of course i'm concerned about that. the last time there was a threat, we raised the debt ceiling. our credit rating was downgraded after we raised the debt ceiling, not before. >> what about all the other things we need to be focusing on? paying the interest on our debt is very important. you know the list. we've talked about this. we have a big social security payment coming up. we have medicare, medicaid.
4:08 am
veterans benefits. all of these things are being threatened. how do you prioritize. >> all of those thing s you mentioned we'd have the revenue stream to pay. >> you believe that? >> i do. it gets tough in a relevant testifily short period of time. it isn't something that happens at midnight tomorrow night. it's something incrementally where we are bringing in 60% of the money we're spending. over time it could squeeze these accounts down. >> over time could be days. >> weeks is how i estimate it. >> american people want to understand right now. this is go time. where do you stand? >> my stand is there's two things i would put on the table, and say let's go down one path or another. the first one is a balanced budget amendment to our constitution. >> not going to happen right now. you know that. >> not today. if that passed out of the house and the senate, it takes a two-thirds majority.
4:09 am
they came within one vote of getting that done in 1959. >> very different make-up of congress right now. you know that. >> it is. i think we have a lot of prune the conservatives there. >> may be an admirable goal. we're hours out from a deadline. >> setting that aside. >> is there anything that can come over from the senate you're going to pass? >> yes. >> you know the contours of what's being negotiated. be honest with me here. >> let's take a good, serious look at the entitlement spending and put a plan in place to get that under control. if we fail to do that and the expression kick the can down the road, kick it down the road, at a certain point our children are having their children and they're still in a greater and greater debt. if we're not willing to take a stand now, then when will we take this stand? we watched this thing move ahead and watched our debt go up a trillion dollars a year an average each year of this presidency. >> you're saying there pretty much isn't anything that's going to come out of the senate or the house that you'll vote for.
4:10 am
>> not in the next 36 hours i don't expect will be the case. that means then if the senate, put this in quotes, jams the house and sends a bill over that rolls in the cr and into the debt ceiling together, then the speaker has to make a decision on whether he will take that up or refuse to take that up. >> i want to ask you about speaker boehner. this has unraveled in spectacular fashion in a very public way and people have been watching this closely. do you support speaker john boehner and how he's handled this? do you support him still today? >> generally, yes. i've made those remarks on almost a daily basis. >> yesterday seemed to change some things for some folks. >> he's in a box now. one of the things that have happened is they put an offer on the table, the house republican, speaker boehner and then harry reid rejected it. another offer, another offer, another offer. actually four offers out there. and the president and harry reid have refused to negotiate it each step of the way and so we
4:11 am
should have really done, this is what i argued for, don't give a second offer. just say my offer is on the table. until you come with a counteroffer we're done talking. >> conservatives didn't give him anything. moderates started falling off the boat. he's got nothing. >> this is the 12th or 13th propose all altogether. he is in a place where he narrowed it up to where there's nothing left except a tiny difference between the house's offer and harry reid's position which was my way or the highway. >> this is reminding me of a line i hear a lot covering capitol hill, don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. it seems that's what you're doing here. >> we're so far away from what's perfect. i think the american public lost track of that. >> what is the american people getting out this, congressmen? they see the government still shut down, they're threatening to hit the debt ceiling and what they're get is a two or three-month patch and we'll be right back here.
4:12 am
>> perpetual debt, increasing deficits is what they get of this. do you think the american people, this is worthy of discussion, are the american people more interested in getting rid of the argument here and accepting whatever comes after that or do they want to see fiscal responsibility? >> i think they want to see fiscal responsibility, of course they do but not -- >> there's a price to be paid for that, though. you have to hold your ground at some point. harry reid is not interested in fiscal responsibility. barack obama surely is not. he's interested in borrowing more money. >> the price being paid isn't being paid by you or anyone in that building. it's paid by everyone outside of that building. >> if this is conservative republican plan had been implemented five years ago, say at the inception of what is now the obama presidency we would have far less debt and deficit. we wouldn't be in this situation today and the american people would say, good, glad you took a
4:13 am
sacrifice in the short term so we'll be better off in the long term. we're at historically interest rates. 8% of our revenue stream it takes to pay the interest on the debt, that could double, go 2 1/2 times in a matter of months. then where are we? we revisit this conversation. they'll say republicans why didn't you stand stronger and longer. >> i need to talk strategy. i want to know where things go today. do you have any indication the house will vote today. >> i don't know if john boehner wakes up with another new idea. i don't have a new idea i can offer to him this morning. if harry reid decides to move and jam us, speaker boehner has to decide am i going to bring it to the house. >> one key factor is senator ted cruz. i believe you were at that meeting that everyone talked about. >> the secret meeting. >> or not so secret. what are you hearing? where is he? what's he going to do? >> i think he would speak to the
4:14 am
press if he wanted a strategy to be discussed. i'll say this, he made some strong, good points. he's taken a leadership position on this from a fiscally responsible and constitutional perspective. i will say something that concerns me is that just -- i'm not speaking of ted cruz but i speak to a lot of conservatives, the discussion that's going on about the question, would the president refuse to pay the interest on our debt if we get past midnight tomorrow night? that one is chilling to me to think we're having discussions on whether the president would essentially willfully default on our debt? >> the only thing -- >> that's how that would happen. >> i don't think the president would ever willfully default on the debt. i think you know that. are there any measures left, tricks in the toolbox, something we don't know? one thing for sure people are concerned about, we're in unchartered territory. we don't know what will happen
4:15 am
if we walk off the cliff. i don't know if we want to be there. >> say we get to tomorrow and they declare they're out of means to borrow money. >> i don't believe it's a hard break tomorrow. it's just a date they picked on the calendar. we expected this to come maybe as far back as last may. >> the congreif only the congre been working to this point. >> we are where we are today. i'm more concerned about market reaction than i am default itself. smart money always adjusts in the right direction. >> smart money would also like congress to do its job. we'll talk more about this later. congressman, great to see you. thanks for coming in. thanks for having me back on the hill. >> it is a beautiful morning. >> it is actually a beautiful morning. chris, back to you first. >> you are right. one thing is for sure. the men and women in congress are not the ones paying the price for the shutdown.
4:16 am
one of the things he said, this not very important to him right now. is he correct, the recollection of what happened to last time when we took the rating hit in 2011, what happened to the markets afterward. >> the markets did not react favorably. the dow tanked 600 points despite the fact the debt ceiling was raised. the problem is the way the markets perceived it, you have political brinkmanship was right down to the wire, to the minute. the market doesn't like that, politicians playing with things. that uncertainty made the dow tank. how did that affect americans? the s&p fell as well. they felt it in their 401(k)s. they're playing around here. it's hitting america's pocketbooks, at least it did in the last political brinkmanship. >> you heard the congressman say
4:17 am
he would reject a plan that comes the next 36 hours. we look at that, especially when we look at prioritization of payments. is he right? can you have enough money to pay everything that's coming up? >> how does he know what's going to happen? we've never been here, we're in unchartered territory. we've never been to the point where we don't raise the debt ceiling. how does he know what's going to happen? what many people are assuming you'll have to have a choice, do you not pay those getting social security checks? what about receipt vans benef benefits? who gets priority? why would the folks getting social security benefits get their checks but the veterans won't? that's down to pocketbook issues. that's where it hurts. >> have you seen a model yet that says we'll have enough revenue to pay everything if we don't raise the debt ceiling? >> no one knows. everybody is talking theory. >> alison kosik, thank you very much.
4:18 am
we'll take a break. an "new day" when we come back, an arrest in the dry iceple boings at los angeles airport. how the suspect was able to enter restricted areas. we calm your congestion and pain. [ man ] thank you. thank you. [ female announcer ] you rally the team. you guys were awesome. [ female announcer ] we give you relief from your cough. you give them a case of the giggles. tylenol cold® helps relieve even your worst cold and flu symptoms, so you can carry on with your day. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol cold®.
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4:21 am
welcome back to "new day." breaking overnight, an arrest has been made in connection with the dry ice explosions at los angeles international airport. cnn's casey wian is in l.a. with the latest. good morning, casey. what do we know about who did this and why? >> reporter: good morning. well, chris, los angeles police department last night said it arrested a 28-year-old man by the name of decarlo bennett. he's an employee of a gra grounds services company here at los angeles international airport. he was arrested in the city of
4:22 am
paramount about 15 miles to the east of here. he is being held on a charge of possessing or exploding an explosive, destructive device near an aircraft. where some of those bombs were left right behind me on the tarmac at the tom bradley international terminal. just to show you how seriously law enforcement authorities are saying this situation, even though no one was hurt, no damage was done, his bail has been set at $1 million. chris and michaela? >> thank you very much. appreciate the latest from you this morning. let's take a look at the headlines this morning. starting with iran. back at the table in geneva to convince world powers its income program is for peace, not war. been hoping for a break from economic sanctions. a senior state department official telling cnn that for the first time, the nuclear discussions have been technical and detailed. israel raising caution about this optimism saying don't be too quick to relax sanctions. the tokyo area pounded
4:23 am
overnight by typhoon whipa. 14 people are dead. more than 500 flights have been canceled. along with bullet train rail service in central and northern japan. a pennsylvania teen is in custody, two others are being sought after a disturbing videotape beating on a school bus was posted on facebook. the victim was taunted and punched in the face. the video showing blood pouring from his mouth. that student asked the driver to stop but the driver refused and in fact did not report the incident. that driver could now face charges. a suspect who attempted a car jack of cal ripken jr.'s mother is in custody. she was approached by a man brandishing a gun. she set off her car alarm.
4:24 am
mrs. ripken last year was kidnapped and held for 24 hours. okay, mr. angler. a giant creature from the deep washes up off the shores of southern california. look at this. this is 18 feet long. it's called an oarfish. they parentally live thousands of feet below the surface and almost are never seen. for this reason scientists are going to study this one which apparently died of natural causes. they're going to preserve it and mound it the because this is something most of us never get a chance to see. why the face? >> i don't want to see it. >> you don't want to see it. >> sometimes we hear that these draggers end up dumping fish because they're not part of the catch. >> it's been so rarely seen. >> what do you think, indra petersons? >> i don't know. >> no comment? >> i have a lot to say.
4:25 am
i'm just going to go like this. totally zipping it for like 30 seconds, then it all changes. a cold front, slow moving, bringing light rain with it. heavy rain down through texas. we have remnants of octave in the pacific. 4 to 5 inches of rain. possible through texas and spreading through arkansas and louisiana. that's the trouble spot. the bigger story will be the cold pocket of air making its way across the country affecting the midwest and ohio valley. look at the temperatures and you'll notice where you see the blue and green, that's where the cool air is. by the weekend we see the cool air moving into the northeast. this is where i stop zipping it. 62 degrees, a magic number for mr. cuomo, right? 62.4 is holding him back. no game at that point. everyone tweet chris, let him now that 0.4 degrees should be holding back his game. a little bit farther north -- >> what's that? >> we can start to see a little
4:26 am
bit of game. >> what's that? >> so many pictures of him fishing. >> what's that? >> that's the size of cape cod, according to your map. >> 0.4, should that be holding him back. >> that's a young chris cuomo there. >> no, not really. >> that's a striped bass. you're not taking the air out of the balloon. that was a great moment. >> good eating? >> i think that the smaller ones are better eating. we do catch and release. those bigger ones sometimes don't make it. >> very nice photo, chris. >> 62.4, ocean temperature is right. you'll love it when i bring back the fish for you. >> can't wait. coming up on "new day," a sheriff takes a stand against cyberbullying, brings down the hammer on two girls a s accused
4:27 am
driving a girl to her death. we get the latest on the potential deal making its way here on capitol hill as we are covering from all angles in washington. we'll also talk about how it will affect your wallet. much more, coming up. yeah, we found that wonderful thing. and you smiled. and threw it. and i decided i would never, ever leave it anywhere. because that wonderful, bouncy, roll-around thing... had made you play. and that... had made you smile. [ announcer ] beneful. play. it's good for you.
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4:30 am
welcome back to "new day," everyone. wednesday, october 16th. i'm coming to you live from capitol hill in washington. as you well know at this point, in less than 17 hours, the united states hits the debt ceiling deadline. senate leaders, they say they are optimistic that they can finalize a deal today that would re-open the government and keep
4:31 am
it funded into next year. we're told the senate deal would fund the government through january 15th and raise the debt ceiling through february 7th. if they do, of course, all eyes go right back to the house. where republicans have been so busy fighting among themselves they've had to scrap plans yesterday to offer their own plan on how to get out of this entire mess. senate majority leader harry reid and the republican leader mitch mcconnell are planning to continue talking. they'll continue talking this morning to hopefully finalize a deal. maybe we get an answer, chris, later this morning, maybe around noon. maybe we could hear something of a deal coming out of the senate. can it pass? when will it pass? and what does it mean in the house? all the questions still. >> the answers getting more and more daunting. what does happen at midnight? what does a deadline mean for the markets, politics? joining us now, the host of "quest means business," mr. richard quest.
4:32 am
and cnn chief national correspondent john king joins us as well. thank you, gentlemen. richard, i'll start with you because you're sitting next to me. we hear about bond rating agencies and the ratings and the concerns of fear. why is it so important. >> the united states is at the core of the global economy and the bond market is at the core of the core. u.s. treasuries, u.s. debt is in every portfolio, pension fund, used by the banks to trade between each other. you are literally talking about the glue that is holding the financial world together. and when that glue starts to become unstuck, the prospect of a default, the ratings agencies that grade these things, they're the ones that say we're in trouble. >> steve king says, i'll get to john in a second, he says i'm not okaying any deal in the next 36 hours. i don't see it happening. we have plenty of money. we're not going to default. we have money to pay our bills.
4:33 am
we'll be fine for a while. this is false panic. >> my words so mr. king are simple. why would you want to risk it? that's the point here. yes, treasury is bringing in tens of billions of dollars a day but another bill comes in for veterans, social security, for medicare, for a bridge somewhere that has to be paid out and at some point the ability of treasury to rob peter to pay paul will run out. nobody thinks that they're going to completely default on the entire whack of treasury debt. but a simple delay on paying one bond will have ripple effects. it's those ripple effects that will be so damaging. again, you come back to this question, why would you want to risk it. >> the answer right now seems to be for political gain down the road. let's bring in john king. john, we're listening to representative king. kate bolduan rightly says to him, you people aren't paying the price everyone else is. his response, i'm not saying yes to a deal in the next 36 hours.
4:34 am
36 hours? how does that change the game? >> chris, it's actually interesting this morning. again, believe it when you see it. i'll say that one more time. believe it when you see it. there is fresh optimism this morning. i'm told they're working on the legislative language of the senate deal and hope to announce that before noon. then they also are hearing they may get a message from the house, legislative goobl didbbl. i was having an e-mail exchange with a top senate aide and said a vote, he believes will come no later than friday. the house representatives, steve king among them, would not let boehner go forward with his plan. they said they would have felt obligated to vote yes if it was a republican proposal in the house. now they are saying they expect senate boehner to bring it to the floor. that's this morning. the fresh optimism that perhaps
4:35 am
this could all be resolved by the weekend. we've had an interesting couple of weeks that's what they're saying this morning. >> you're making my head hurt, john. you make it clear but it's hurting my head. >> it's hard to follow. >> the headline was boehner is trying to herd cats. we get the impression that in the house, a powerful minority is controlling the majority. steve king said i'm not okaying a deal in the next 36 hours. is he counting wrong? or is there something coming that boehner and the rest of us don't expect? >> he'll vote no. that's what you can count on with steve king and the 30 or 40 or so and even a greater number if it's clear the democrats will carry the day in the house, you'll have a great number of republicans, perhaps a majority of the republicans vote no. they don't like the deal. they don't want to raise the debt ceiling to begin with, at least without getting spending cuts up front. many of them want to fight over obama care. if you get a scenario where speaker boehner, he has not publicly committed to this but if you get a scenario where the
4:36 am
senate sends over a plan and speaker boehner brings it to the floor and lets the full majority, 435 members of the house rule, most of the house republicans can vote no. steve king included and it would still pass. that is the scenario people think will happen. again, let's take this one minute at a time. never mind one hour at a time. >> we had a senator on the show who said they prefer a managed catastrophe now than an even worse one later. if they do make a deal, the way john is outlining, what does that mean? >> that's an important point there. john makes a very important point. it depends if there's a deal on the table that's working through that's likely to get passed, the markets will sleep easy and you won't notice big problems tomorrow, tonight or into the weekend. the danger time comes if we get through thursday and into friday, the weekend, and there's no deal on the table that's workable that's likely to be passed. if we go into the weekend with a huge unknown, then you're
4:37 am
looking at the very different ball game. because frankly, you're in unchartered territory. we've no rule book to follow on this. >> the confidence that we see coming out of lawmakers who are saying we'll be fine, do you think they know what they're dealing with? >> every time they pass dana bash, they say we're confident of a deal, every time harry reid opens his mouth, they're confident of a deal. let's see what the deal is. the markets want to see what the deal is. before they will basically say, go ahead and do it. >> i want to thank john king and richard quest. i do want to remind you, remember that phrase, managed catastrophe. we had a u.s. senator say they'd prefer a managed catastrophe now, words that just don't make sense together. we'll see what happens. we'll take a break on "new day." when we come back, a young girl allegedly bull lid to death. now harsh charges for the girls involved. we'll bring you the latest in the case. plus, actor robert redford
4:38 am
in "all is lost." a performance that could get him an oscar, that's what we're told. he's also talking politics. you'll want to hear what he has to say. it's hard to see opportunity in today's challenging environment. unless you have the right perspective. bny mellon wealth management has the vision and experience to look beyond the obvious. we'll uncover opportunities, find hidden risk, and make success a reality.
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welcome back to "new day." an extraordinary measure by a florida sheriff cracking down on bullies. two girls ages 14 and 12 arrested for allegedly stalking a 12-year-old girl who killed herself last month. now, the sheriff is issuing a challenge to parents everywhere. our experts are standing by to weigh in. first, here's cnn's john zarrella. >> reporter: rebecca sedgwick would have been 13 this saturday. last month after authorities say was a year after being bullied, the middle school student jumped to her death from the top of an abandoned concrete plan in the lakeland, florida. now her mom says there is some
4:42 am
peace for rebecca. >> justice is finally being served. something is being done about these girl who were bullying her. that's all she ever wanted, was somebody to listen and do something about it. >> reporter: what the sherr vif's department in polk county did about it was arrest two girls, one 12, the other 14. both have been charged with felony aggravated stalking. the 12-year-old has been released to her parent's custody. the older one is being held. they were picked up hours after authorities say the 14-year-old posted on facebook, quote, yes, i bullied rebecca and she killed herself but idgaf. i don't give a blank. the attorney representing the 14-year-old says her client didn't even have access to facebook at the time. >> she denies them. she says that this is not as clear cut as it seems. that these things that were posted on facebook recently were not by her. >> it all started, authorities say, over a boy. the 14-year-old they say didn't
4:43 am
like that rebecca once dated a boy she was now dating. it escalated from there. mch of it on social media. police found messages to rebecca, quote, you should die and why don't you go kill yourself. rebecca's mom transferred her to another school but the taunting continued. >> i remember telling them, don't listen to them, you're beautiful. they're just jealous of you. she would say you're my mom. you have to say that. >> reporter: experts say social media allowed bullying to become 24/7. kids can't escape it. as they did in this case, authorities are now arresting juveniles more frequently to try and curb the problem. >> i can tell you we're all devastated by this, when a 12-year-old baby jumps off the top of a cement plan the for any reason, that's terrible event. that's a tragic event. and i can tell you all of us that worked that case and worked around that case, we've lost sleep over that child dying, needlessly.
4:44 am
and we want to see things change. we want to never, ever, ever have to investigate a case like that again. not only here but any place. >> reporter: rebecca's memorial facebook page with hearts reads, quote, stop bullying. no one deserves to feel worthless. john zarrella, cnn, miami. for more on this story let's bring in sunny hostin and cnn digital correspondent kelly wallace. we start with you, strong, strong words and much needed words from the sheriff. a lot of people are wondering why aren't the parents involved? why weren't the parents involved and why wasn't the school district or the school itself involved? >> they all failed miserably. where were the parents? why didn't school do anything about it and legally, you know, there really isn't a place for this. i think there should be. i think people have to legislate criminal responsibility for
4:45 am
parents. yes, you can hit them in their pockets. i think this family can sue them civilly, intentional affliction of emotional distress but you have to have parental criminal responsibility. >> some places have that? >> very, very limited. very, very limited. we have to get there. i really was so surprised when i heard about this case. i think we're living in that post-tyler clemente anti-bullying type place, that zero tolerance. you see the psas about bullying but this is still happening. where were the parents here? >> one of the big concerns, kelly, we know parents are being better about monitoring what kids are doing online, facebook, twitter, but there are new sites that our kids are always ahead of us. >> exactly. >> there are new sites they're using. >> that was the takeaway here. this mom felt she did everything she could, going to the school, taking her out of the school, closing down her facebook page but her daughter was on xfm and
4:46 am
kick. the key here is you can be anonymous. you can have the cyberbullying coming in and law enforcement officials want to try and track these people down but they can't. that's the issue. parents don't know about these sites. they have to keep up on what's going on and keep the conversation going with their kids about what they're doing and learning on these sites. >> that's another angle to hit, too. i'm curious about if the websites are taggiking a stand doing anything. >> it's a third party platform situation. >> it's hard. >> it's really difficult. i think that at least this case, this sheriff is sending a message to the children saying you're going to be charged with cyberstalking. the exposure is up to five years in prison. that's significant. i'm sort of coming from the perspective of these still are children. as parents we need to teach them how to relate to other children. how to treat people like human beings. i'm surprised that there isn't
4:47 am
more legislation. i'm surprised there aren't more laws holding parents responsible. we hold parents responsible when their kids don't go to school, right, criminally? >> you get a big amen for the points you're both making right now. i just can't believe we're living this again. >> yes. >> i mean, how many of these do you have to cover before there's a change and let's look at why there isn't a change. if it's so common sense, why isn't there a change? here's why. your schools are laurd wyered u anything happens. there's a pc culture and protecting kids and everybody's privacy rights. you have to find a way to bust down on the schools. there is almost zero chance the school on some level wasn't aware of this behavior. >> i agree. >> there's almost zero chance that these parents on some level weren't aware of the behavior. >> or should have been aware. >> it happens. this kid's face becomes the face of the problem only to be replaced by the next face unless something is done. >> we have a case in massachusetts. >> usually the cops are part of
4:48 am
the problem. not this time. not this sheriff. he is doing the right thing. it's harsh to punish a child criminally but what do you do to send the message that it is not tolerated? >> i thought the sheriff was powerful, hey, parents, you don't have to be a best friend with your kid. >> telling them is not enough. >> also, maybe they shouldn't have the smartphone at age 12. maybe they could have a flip phone. have the discipline, put the standards in place. >> that kind of behavior is noticeable. >> exactly. >> early on. >> it is criminal behavior. i have two small children and i had a situation with my son. i specifically called the parents and said i'm not going to speak to a child unless you can't. >> right. >> you need to shut this down. i'll tell you, it got shut down. that's parenting. those are parents being responsible. >> but you have a culture in place. kids will be kids, sunny. tell your kids to toughen up. that's what you hear. >> we have to tell our kids that is not the way you treat people. if you see this, quote, gang
4:49 am
mentality online, we have to teach our kids to be strong enough and courageous enough to step up and say that's not okay. >> these conversations are really important. there's passion about this because it was a 12-year-old baby who wanted to continue online. please follow us on twitter, #newday. get more information on kelly wallace. and sunny hostin, we spesh yapp you joining us for this topic. >> an important one. >> there's no story i'd rather never report on again when this happens. so senseless. thank you for this. one-on-one with a man named robert redford. why the acclaimed actor believes the gridlock in washington is all about race. customer erin swenson ordered shoes from us online
4:50 am
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♪ welcome back to "new day." hope the morning's going well for you so far. robert redford staring in the critically acclaimed new movie "all is lost," a title many say could apply to the situation in washington right now. why that segue? the actor has a lot to say about what's going on down there. he sat down with "entertainment" correspondent ms. nischelle turner who joins us live. >> the last time i spoke with robert redford was when president obama was reelected. i wondered how he thought the president was doing in his second term. when i sat down to talk with him about his movie i asked him how he thought things were going and he did not hold back. >> this is an s.o.s. call, over. >> reporter: robert redford calls "all is lost" pure cinema.
4:54 am
>> no dialogue, no barriers between you and the viewing audience. i like that. >> reporter: this movie is a journey and all redford, but we don't know his character's name, his back story, and we almost never hear him speak. mere three lines of dialogue in almost two hours of film. >> it was more like a silent movie, and i liked that. i liked the idea of can you tell a story without having any dialogue? you should be able to do that and this gave you the chance. >> reporter: one topic the acclaimed actor and director can't stay silent on the real life political drama playing out in d.c. it's funny we can name "all is lost" with what's going on in washington. >> don't get me started on that. >> the last time we spoke, president obama had just been reelected, and we were talking about what you wanted to see for his second term. what do you see right now and
4:55 am
what do you think so far? >> well, what i wanted to see was, is turning out to be a dream that never came true. i don't envy his position. i think he's a good man. i think he's an intelligent man, a compassionate man who can't function in that environment. it is so decrepit, it is so paralyzed and the worst of it is that it's paralyzed by intention. there's a body of congressional people that want to par lies pe system. i think what's unfortunately underneath it is racism involved. >> is that the elephant in the room nobody wants to talk about? >> i think, i don't know whether it's an elephant, it's some kind of animal. >> the snake? >> whatever it is, i think it's in the room but there are other issues. it's not just racism. i think it's a group of people that are so afraid of change and they're so narrow-minded that when you see some people when
4:56 am
they see change coming get so threatened by change they get angry and terrorized and they get vicious. >> is that change universal health care? is that change having a, someone that doesn't look like the norm as the leader of the free world? >> doesn't look like the norm, in their mind, but i think just the idea of giving credit to this president, giving him credit for anything is abhorrent to them, so they'll go against it, nevermind it's the better good of the people, nevermind that they're supposed to be in office representing the interests of the public. they're representing their own self-interests, which are very narrow and in some cases just bigoted. >> i'm going to bring you part two in the next hour, where i ask him that despite all this government, despite all of this, that government still has to function, so i asked him what do do you and he's got some very clear ideas about that, too, and that is up next in our next hour. >> plenty to talk about with what's going on in d.c., so let's get back down to d.c. itself, kate, what's going on
4:57 am
there right now? >> reporter: if i knew exactly what was going on this whole thing would have been solved by now. we're going to be covering this story unfolding from all angles, congress racing against the clock to get a debt deal done, can they beat the midnight deadline, what are the contours of a deal? what would it look like? we'll ask one of the people who would know, republican senator kelly ayotte, joining me at the top of the hour. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. (knochello? hey, i notice your car is not in the driveway. yeah. it's in the shop.
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tell your doctor about any conditions such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. xarelto® is not for patients with artificial heart valves. jim changed his routine. ask your doctor about xarelto®. once a day xarelto® means no regular blood monitoring -- no known dietary restrictions. for more information and savings options, call 1-888-xarelto or visit -- captions by vitac -- for more information and savings options, the idea of default is wrong, and we shouldn't get anywhere close to it. >> the 11th hour, we are in it, hours away from the debt ceiling
5:01 am
deadline, the senate may be set to strike a deal but no one knows if conservative republicans will try to stop it. so what happens next? no one knows for sure. the financial markets may get shaky but the pain will come for sure if government delays upcoming payments to those who need help the most. we will break it down for you this morning. outrage, a national uproar after a missouri teen is allegedly raped by a football star, and is he not prosecuted. now state officials are stepping in, and we have the latest. your "new day" continues right now. >> announcer: what you need to know -- >> st >> the tea-party driven part of the republican party doesn't follow logic. >> announcer: what you just have to see. >> this is "virginia jean," an s.o.s. call, over. >> announcer: this is "new day"
5:02 am
with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. >> good morning and welcome back to "new day," everyone. it is wednesday, october 16th, 8:00 in the east, a beautiful day outside the u.s. capitol here in washington, but not so pretty inside the capitol building. lawmakers will be back for another round of last-minute dealmaking to try and avoid hitting the debt ceiling limit, and that we've got to count down the hours, it seems at this point, chris. >> less than 16 hours right now, and the people in d.c. are at least working on a deal, we know that. the fear is that bad things will happen when the clock strikes midnight. we don't really know what will happen but it is that doubt itself that may be the danger for the markets, depending on whom you listen to, that doubt could trigger severe financial market flux and the overall economic health could suffer so we're going to get into all the possibilities, we'll lay out the domino's so to speak and show which way they could fall and whom they would land on, especially what it means for you
5:03 am
and your wallet. plus we'll talk with a senator involved in high stakes negotiations and see what she feels needs to happen next. first up to date on where things stand right now. this morning markets open at 9:30 eastern, that's important every day but especially today. we'll see how investors react to the seemingly endless gridlock here on capitol hill, the house is back in session at 10:00, the senate will be returning at noon but you can be sure negotiations and talks are picking up well before then, we'll get an update on if they can work out a deal, but any agreement as you will know has to go through the house even if it passes the senate where attempts at a compromise seem to completely blow up yesterday leaving republican leaders with what seems like very few options left. we're covering all the angles of this critical deadline. let's start with senior white house correspondent jim as coca. >> reporter: senator majority
5:04 am
leader harry reid and mitch mcconnell are hoping to get a deal done. here's what the deal looks like now according to a top democrat and republican senate source. the government would be reopened and funded until january 15th, the debt ceiling would be raised until february 7th, a budget conference of democrats and republican lawmakers would be convened, start working through some of these budget issues and income verification requirements would be beefed up in the president's health care law. the question is whether or not they can get all of this done in time before the nation hits the debt ceiling at midnight tonight but in the words of one senate republican source, fear not. time is running out. the debt ceiling is within sight and the last hope of dashing a default rests with harry reid and mitch mcconnell, working on a last-minute deal. >> john boehner will likely be in a position where he will have
5:05 am
to essentially pass the bill that is negotiated between senators mcconnell and reid, and i believe that the house would first pass it and send it to the senate. >> reporter: president obama called for quick action. >> we don't have a lot of time and so what i'm suggesting to the congressional leaders is let's not do any posturing, let's not try to save face. >> reporter: the president appeared to put the blame on house speaker john boehner's inability to car roll tea party-backed republicans. >> there have been repeated situations where we have agreements and he goes back and it turns out that he can't control his caucus. >> reporter: that caucus is once again up in arms, despite boehner's tough talk. >> i have made clear for months and months that the idea of default is wrong, and we shouldn't be anywhere close to it. >> reporter: the speaker failed to convince house conservatives to line up behind republican proposals to lift the debt ceiling and end the shutdown. it didn't matter anyway, as reid said the gop's plans were dead on arrival in the senate. >> extremist republicans in the house of representatives are attempting to torpedo the
5:06 am
senate's bipartisan progress with a bill that can't pass the senate. >> reporter: that portrait of washington dysfunction was all the respected fitch ratings agency needed to see, it issued a warning it may downgrade the nation's aaa credit rating. fitch continues to believe that the debt ceiling will be raised soon, the agency said, the political brinksmanship could increase the risk of a u.s. default. some house conservatives were brushing off talk of dire consequences to come. >> most folks understand october 17th is not the drop dead date, there nor payments due for a couple weeks. >> there is a different view over here at the white house, they do believe if the government wants to get in the business of picking and choosing which bills today also known as prioritization in washington, that is technically a default but a senior administration official told cnn last night that they don't believe that thursday, tomorrow, is a drop dead date, that if the markets
5:07 am
see the senate and the house working on a deal that they're hopeful wall street will respond accordingly and not go into a panic, but of course we have to see if the markets believe that one. kate? chris? >> jim, thank you. doubt in d.c. is kind of business as usual, right, but doubt in the markets could mean something unusually negative for you. business correspondent alison kosik joins us now to explain. risk, doubt, it all goes together for the markets. >> if we go through the debt ceiling if there's no solution you can bet the parkmarkets are going to tank. wall street is a voting booth and they're going to vote their displeasure by selling off. one thing to keep in mind as midnight, the sky is not going to fall because the debt ceiling didn't get raised. the debt ceil is really just a date, the so-called x date of october 17th, it's the day secretary lew announced he'd run out of magic tricks to manipulate the fresh require's ability to pay debt. there's leeway, the treasury has $30 billion in cash on hand
5:08 am
tomorrow plus tax receipts that will be rolling in. the crunch time, the crunch time that could really come at the end of october, the government has got to make some choices t has billions of dollars in payments to make to social security, medicare recipients, the military. big question, how does it decide who gets paid? it's a nightmare scenario when you think about there are real people involved. the people depend on the payments to pay their bills so they're real americans' lives involved here. >> let's put those questions to the people in power, alison kosik, thank you very much. let's get down to kate. >> reporter: chris thanks so much. joining us is a member of the bipartisan group of members to try to get through this seemingly endless gridlock, republican senator kelly ayotte of new hampshire. >> great to see you, kate. >> reporter: everyone is looking for answers. yesterday everything was thrown
5:09 am
in flux. in the senate where do things stand now, when do you think we'll see a vote and where are you going to stand on that? >> i think right now that leader mitch mcconnell, along with harry reid, the majority leader of the senate, are trying to resolve this, and get a resolution and agreement. that can be brought up in the senate and then voted on, on the house of representatives, because yesterday it fell apart in the house and we've got to get this resolved. i've been part of a bipartisan group because we're just frustrated that nothing's been happening and the country deserves better. >> reporter: what do you think of some of the contours of the deal, we have no deal until we have a deal. >> that's true. >> reporter: nothing's been announced but the contours -- >> we've come close, think about it several times, exactly. >> reporter: are you confident at this point more than in past days that this is going to get done in the senate? >> i am confident because we cannot obviously default. we have to make sure that we open up the government, and it's time to get this resolved on behalf of the american people
5:10 am
and i think there's a recognition right now in the senate as demonstrated by the fact, part of this bipartisan group led by susan collins and seven democrats, seven republicans, we were prepared to sign onto a plan i think there's a growing sense of frustration that this has to get resolved right away. >> reporter: who is going to go first, the house or the senate? >> i think right now it's going to be the senate because last night it fell apart in the house so i think the most likely scenario is that something passes out of the senate and then it's vote the on in the house of representatives. >> reporter: you think ma pushes us past the thursday deadline? >> if they get past thursday deadline which isn't acceptable, we need to have a clear agreement in place and a path forward to get this done, to open up the government, to address the debt ceiling issue, and then obviously with what i'm seeing for an agreement we'll be back at this in january. >> reporter: what happens then? i mean, we're going to be pushed -- this is going to be pushed a couple months so are we going to be back in the middle of this crisis again in just a few months? >> here's my hope.
5:11 am
i think people are so sick of governing by crisis. >> yes. >> i hope if we're going to do a budget conference that we resolve this on behalf of the nation, a larger fiscal agreement. if not, i think that we can't have this happen again, so there has to be a resolution up front on what the funding for the government is going to be, so that we're not ever in a position where we shut the government down again. i think we've proven this is not good for the country and again i never signed on to this defunding strategy because i didn't think it was a winning strategy. >> reporter: one of your good friends said the same thing, john mccain quoted in the "no, times" it's a great quote "it's very, very serious. republicans have to understand that we have lost this battle, as he predicted weeks ago that we would not be able to win because we were demanding something that was not achievable." >> he's absolutely right and as evidenced by the fact that the government's been shut down, but the obama care exchanges have opened, so even getting it done
5:12 am
with the government shutdown was not possible. >> reporter: conservatives brought this defunding fight forward. >> right. >> reporter: it's not going to happen. >> yes, it was an ill-conceived strategy from the beginning, not a winning strategy. >> reporter: is it worth it for the republican brand? is this tarnishing the brand? >> i don't think it was worth it, that's why i didn't support it and i think the american people want us to resolve this now and not go down this road again. we can oppose obama care, and i do, and i think we've already seen some of the problems and the flaws coming forward. >> reporter: glitches for sure. >> of course, absolutely, but that said, we can't shut down the government. we have to fund the government. obviously deal with the $17 trillion in debt. i think we're losing the forest through the trees on some of the bigger picture issues for the country. >> reporter: one person who put himself squarely in the center of the fight is senator ted cruz. do you think he'll hold this up? >> it's up to him. i would hope he wouldn't. in the senate obviously in terms of certain time frames, senators
5:13 am
can cause to you run out the clock, but what's he trying to gain at this point? i would hope that whatever comes forward that we would allow a vote on it as soon as possible because we are coming up against this deadline. it's not acceptable for the american people and even if you're going to vote against it, let's get the agreement resolved. let's move forward and i think the people of this country want people to solve problems. >> reporter: what is your message then, if it gets done in the senate, what is your message for house speaker john bainer? >> my message would be, i don't envy the position speaker boehner has been in but to allow it to come up for a vote and to get it resolved on behalf of the nation. >> reporter: even if it's majority democrats? >> i know he's been in a difficult position but we're at the time when we have to get it done, so i believe that he needs to bring it up for a vote and obviously -- >> reporter: counted to move forward. >> he's in a difficult position and in part because of the
5:14 am
defunding strategy there's been certain groups pushing that in the house and has put him in a difficult position. >> reporter: senator, you're, i don't know if we say you're at groundzero, you're at the strt of it everyone will be watching you do it. >> thanks, kate, great to see you. appreciate it. >> reporter: a little bit of optimism it seems we could be getting here, the senator says they will likely get something done in the senate but what does that mean? we don't have a deal until we have a deal, that's the one thing that we know after this seemingly endless gridlock in washington. we'll have more on that ahead. first let's talk about the headlines making news at this hour, straight back to michaela. cautious optimism during a second day of talks on iran's nuclear program in gentlemevgen. in exchange for scaling back nuclear activities, state department officials detailed technical discussions with high-ranking iranians including the deputy foreign minister.
5:15 am
a tense standoff in memphis ends with two officers shot, a home in flames and a suspect dead inside. police say aaron dumas wanted for allegedly shooting his ex-girlfriend and her brother, fired at police as they tried to arrest him. he then barricaded himself and could not be talked out of it. short time later, the home was engulfed, the officers injuries for their part are not life-threatening. frightening flights from dallas to atlanta, an engine on the spirit airlines jet bursting into flames moments after jake it off. passengers say it was so bright it looked like the inside of the plane was on fire. the plane returned to dallas and passengers were moved to another jet for the trip to atlanta. spirit airlines says the passengers weren't in any danger and the crew followed procedure by returning to the airport. the college basketball player suing her former school ashley cooper played at the college the holy cross in massachusetts for two seasons, she claims head coach bill gibbons abused players
5:16 am
physically and verbally and that the school ignored complaints. gibbons for his part did not comment. the school says he's looking into the allegations. bears gone wild in lake tahoe, california. officials in trekkie say there have been a rash of bear break-ins, said to be searching for food in people's cars. recently a bear got locked in a vehicle and authorities had to break the windows to get the bear out. recent dry winters and summers led to a lack of food for the bears so they go searching elsewhere. like your center console. >> hmm. by letter of the law, the entering of the vehicle makes it grand theft auto, and that is a felony in most states, so. >> hey, indra, how's that weather? >> great, michaela, two against one, 100%. looks beautiful. cold front stretching across the country, we're talking about light rain and cool temperatures. generally speaking only about an inch of rain.
5:17 am
even more cold air will follow up behind it. light rain today, looking about an inch starting to spread in through new york and going all the way down through texas again, where we are still looking at the heavier amounts so tropical stormctaveoctave, moisture is mixing in with the cold front and continuing to see heavier amounts of rain and spreading through arkansas and louisiana. flooding concerns in those regions. four to five inches of rain, the flooding concern i was talking about, cool air being the second story, continues to make its way to the east and remember there were two cold fronts out there, so even though it's slow moving we'll talk about temperatures staying cold for a while. still warm, d.c. still in the 70s, even as we go through tomorrow, the cold air makes its way to the ohio valley and as we start the weekend, the cold air spreads to the northeast and it's staying because you have another cold front behind it that's going to back it up. we're getting ready for the chill that is here, guys.
5:18 am
i'm going to smile about it. >> you're going to enjoy it. it's beautiful. the chill is beautiful. >> yes. >> right? >> yes, it is. coming up on "new day," police say they have their man in those dry ice explosions at lax. you will not believe who they say is responsible. we'll give you a live report with all the details. also calls to revisit a missouri rape case involving a 14-year-old girl where the charges were thrown out. why the state's attorney general says what transpired is appalling. it's a growing trend in business: do more with less with less energy. hp is helping ups do just that. soon, the world's most intelligent servers, designed by hp, will give ups over twice the performance, using forty percent less energy. multiply that across over a thousand locations, and they'll provide the same benefit to the environment as over 60,000 trees. that's a trend we can all get behind.
5:19 am
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paying ourselves to do what we love? welcome back to "new day."
5:22 am
casey wian is live on the scene with the latest, good morning, casey, what do we know? >> reporter: well we know, chris that, the los angeles police department late last night said they arrested 2-year-old decarlo bennett, as you mentioned he is employed by a ground services firm here at los angeles international airport. he is being held on a charge of possessing or exploding a destructive device near an aircraft. two of those bombs made of dry ice and soda bottles were found on the tarmac right behind me here at the international at tom bradley international terminal at lax, and if a dry ice bomb sounds like some sort of prank, let me tell you how the bail has been set and just how seriously authorities are taking this case. his bail despite the fact that no one was injured, no property was damaged set at $1 million. kate? >> all right, casey, thank you so much for that.
5:23 am
missouri's lieutenant governor is calling for a grand jury to review a controversial rape case of a 14-year-old girl accused a high school football player of sexual assault but the prosecutor dropped the case, that decision has drawn widespread criticism. ana cabrera is there with more. where do things stand today? >> reporter: there is growing pressure for the prosecuting attorney to further explain his ruling as the small town in maryville, missouri, has been thrown into the center of controversy. people from all around the country are planning to come here to protest next week calling for justice for daisy caldman who says she was raped and bullied. even the state of missouri is now demanding answers. the highest levels of the missouri state government are now stepping in after a prosecutor mysteriously dropped sexual assault charges against a maryville high school football
5:24 am
star, even after he admitted to having sexual relations with daisy coleman, a then 14-year-old at his school. lieutenant governor peter kinder says he's appalled by the facts that have come out and is calling for a grand jury to review all the evidence. >> is daisy coleman a victim, absolutely. did daisy coleman deserve justice? absolutely. >> reporter: the sheriff's office arrest'd the then 17-year-old high school senior, matthew barnett, and two of his friends in january, 2012, for allegedly sexually assaulting daisy and her friend, paige boorland. prosecuting attorney robert rice dropped the charges against barnett citing insufficient evidence. he says the victims refused to cooperate and wouldn't agree to testify. >> that's a lie. why would he say that? >> i don't know. we thought we had done anything.
5:25 am
nobody ever asked us for anything else. >> reporter: daisy's mother says it was rice who wanted them to plead the fifth and leave town. >> we did not refuse to testify with the felony case. we absolutely did not. >> reporter: daisy's family believes the prosecutor was pressured into dropping the charges because of the suspect's political and social status. barnett's lawyer released a statement saying while his client admits the sexual encounter with daisy coleman the legal issue was whether a crime was committed and daisy's mother freely admitted her daughter does not always tell the truth. the family felt forced to move to another community after she was buttied. two years later she's doing much better, the family hoping this call for an investigation means justice is on the horizon. >> i feel great, once i found out, we were all standing in the hallway and jumped up and we were excited and hugged, and we were all happy about it.
5:26 am
>> reporter: important to note that the lieutenant governor really does not have the authority to convene a grand jury. his call to action is meant to be a political statement that adds pressure to the state attorney general and the prosecuting attorney, robert rice, to ask for the circuit court to convene that grand jury, so we'll have to wait and see if that indeed happens, but prosecutor rice in the past couple of days as we've tried to talk to him numerous times continues to decline to comment. kate? >> we'll have to see what happens with that building pressure. ana, thank you for bringing us up to tadate this morning. the question today can lawmakers turn chaos into compromise and can they do it in time to beat the midnight debt ceiling deadline. two of the hosts of cnn's "crossfire" will weigh in. chris, back to you. plus a "new day" exclusive for you, a promising young man just looking for help after a car crash blown away by police.
5:27 am
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welcome back to "new day." it is wednesday, october 16th and i am live in the nation's capital, a beautiful day here but a lot of work to be done, they are racing against the clock and the clock now seems to be winning, less than 16 hours until the u.s. goes up against the debt ceiling. the house failed to vote on a debt deal last night, putting the pressure squarely back on the senate. the senate's leaders, harry
5:31 am
reid, mitch mcconnell, they are trying to revive a bipartisan compromise and they are optimistic, we're hearing some optimism this morning they will have a deal today. we're told the senate deal would possibly fund the government through january 15th, raise the debt ceiling through february 7th. once a compromise is struck in the senate, then of course it will be up to the house to get a bill to the president's desk on time. it appears if that is even possible. all of this governing by crisis has put the u.s. aaa credit rating in jeopardy, much more on that ahead. chris, throwing it back to you. >> all right, kate. so look, we don't know if they're going to make a deal down there so we don't want to burden it as a question. we do need to understand how we got where we are to understand how this may end. let's bring in "crossfire" host van jones to the left, s.e. cupp for the right. thank you both for being here. s.e., why are we are where we
5:32 am
are? we heard king say i know we are being hurt, that is the price of freedom, this is because of all that was done before we got here, we are here to fight to make it stop. >> yep. exactly. people like steve king, people like ted cruz, rand paul, marco rubio, mike lee, they didn't manifest out of thin air, they won elections based on these promises to end obama care, promises to fight over the debt ceiling, promises to cut spending and lower the deficit, and they really do believe, they are true believers they could believe they are merely fulfilling those promises. call them grand standers, you can discuss whether the strategy is smart or not, but they really do believe they're doing what they promised to voters and when they go home to their districts, when they go home to their states they are rewarded at town halls and at their offices by voters who say thank you for standing up for us.
5:33 am
so there's really no political price for them to pay for doing what they're doing. there might be a political price for republicans at large, but not for them. >> so van jones how do you make the case they are going to pay a price because that's what will move the ball forward here, right? >> i think that's true, first of all, this is a very, very sad and difficult period for people. i got a cousin furloughed doesn't know how he'll pay his friend, best friend a single mom has been furloughed. this is real deal stuff and it could get a lot worse. i don't think that it's just a tea party on trial here or just president obama on trial here. i think democracy and the governing ability of the united states is on trial here. we made tweaks to our system that have now it seems to be causing some chaos. we got rid of earmarks, seemed like a good idea but it means the power of the purse strings inside the house no longer rests with the speaker. then citizens united, a flood of cash on the outside. the speaker has very little control on the inside, a lot of
5:34 am
money on the outside, that seems to be causing chaos. we've got to get beyond the blame game and figure out whoo wha is wrong wi what is wrong with the system how they can cause this much chaos. there's something off in our system. >> let's deal with something, van, for a second. this equivalency narrative the left keeps pushing, don't say the two sides are equally to blame here. this is about republicans, fine, let's move past that point. what should the democrats be doing right now that they're not doing well enough to get a deal that is acceptable? >> well i think the democrats have been smart to just stand their ground, i think the president has been smart to say i'm not going to negotiate with this republican party because it's dysfunctional and hijacked by this small group of crazy folks and i think that's the right thing to do. i thing long-term the democrats have to nationalize the 2014 election. the republicans over obama care
5:35 am
and the democrats nationalize over this kind of behavior. if you had a neighborhood association and some guy came in with legitimate concerns but said i'm going to burn down the neighborhood if i don't get my way, you can't deal with his concerns, you have to deal with the behavior. >> s.e., we turn to the republicans. it seems that boehner, they used the headline in one of the newspapers herding cats. he's not being listened to, his leadership is being overwhelmed by the strength of the minority that is seeming to power things there. what can be done to control, to create a situation where a vote can be had where you can pass it. >> if i knew that answer -- >> you must know. you have glasses on that makes you intelligent. >> i was in the basement of the tortilla coast having wateredma meeting. van is absolutely right but president obama and democrats know that this has been good for business.
5:36 am
bad for the country, good for business, good for the democratic brand to let republicans take responsibility for this shutdown, this fight, these maneuvers has been good for democrats and republicans were wrong not to predict that, not to anticipate that. where he might not be calculating right, is on the debt ceiling. he does not want to be the president of a country that defaults. so he has some caution there. republicans still have some leverage on the debt ceiling, whether that's negotiated today or in january, republicans have a little leverage, and where van is right is that in november of 2014, republicans are going to be banking on the fact that the country is reeling under the weight of a cumbersome obama care that is failing them, a government that is inefficient, not remembering the shutdown, not remembering this time in history, and so nationalizing as van said that obama care disaster, and democrats are going to have to deal with that very real reality next year.
5:37 am
>> i think a big reality check is coming from both. s.e. cupp, van jones, continued success on "crossfire." over to michaela, a lot of news going on. the five things you need to know for your new day. >> police arrested an employee at los angeles international airport in connection with multiple dry ice explosions, 28-year-old decarlo ben set being held on $1 million bail. the death toll continuing to rise following the massive.1 quake that struck the central philippines. 144 people reported dead, hundreds more injured, dozens still reported missing. a florida sheriff has charged two girls ages 14 and 12 with aggravated stalking, they both are accused of viciously bullying a 12-year-old girl who killed herself last month. it's currently we should point out bullying awareness month. the 9-year-old boy who snuck onto a flight in las vegas is back in minnesota for a court
5:38 am
hearing, a family spokesperson says his parents are likely to make statements afterwards. number five, new jersey voters are going to the polls to elect a new u.s. senator in a special election. cory booker led steve lonegan by ten points in the later polls. we always update the five things to go, go to for the latest. coming up here on "new day" a "new day" exclusive, he was just looking for help. instead, police killed him. as simple as that. his fiance speaks out for the first time and she's speaking to us. listen to your story and decide what you think should come next. a new catalytic converter when all you got is a loose gas cap. what? it is that simple sometimes. thanks. now let's take this puppy over to midas and get you some of the good 'ol midas touch. hey you know what? i'll drive! and i have no feet... i really didn't think this through.
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5:41 am
welcome back to "new day." we have an exclusive for you, an update on a former college football player shot and killed last month by north carolina police. 24-year-old jonathan farrell
5:42 am
crashed his car late at night and went looking for help. woman at a nearby home called 911, fearing he was trying to break in. when police arrived a misunderstanding turned into tragedy. we're going to talk with farrell's fiance in a moment speaking out for the first time but first a look at the story. >> i need help. >> where are you at? >> there's a guy at my front door. >> yes, he's trying to kick it down. >> charlotte police believed jonathan farrell a former football player for florida a&m university came to this house looking for help after crashing his car nearby but the woman inside alone with her 1-year-old son called 911 thinking he was an intruder. >> he's in the front yard yelling. oh my god, please. >> reporter: three officers responded to the call, when farrell approached, one used his taser to try to subdue him but failed. then officer randall kerik began firing, 12 shots, hitting
5:43 am
farrell ten times, killing him instantly. police soon learned he was a motorist in distress, finding his smashed car less than a block away. >> at the time of the shooting, he was not armed. we did not detect any weapons. we are still in the early stages of the investigation. the. >> reporter: the charlotte police department called the shooting excessive and charged kerik with manslaughter 24 hours later. he was released on $50,000 bond and is awaiting trial. >> we're confident it will be found the officer's actions were justified on the night in question. >> reporter: forrer if ral's friends and family there are many unanswered questions, what role if any race may have played in his death. despite her grief ferrell's mother says she forgives the officer who killed her son. >> i pray for him each and every day but i do want justice.
5:44 am
>> thank you to both of you for being here. i know this isn't easy especially for you, but as we look at this situation, it's all become about what happened. tell me about your fiance, what do you want people to know about this young man? >> for me, he was the sweetest person that i have ever met. in fact, i, my pet name for him was sweets, so i called him sweets and he always liked to joke, to goof around, make other people smile, always a joy to be around. he cared so much for other people more so than doing that ? >> he had went out that night, he had made really good friends with some of his co-workers at best buy, he went out that night to just hang out with them. >> your understanding of your fiance, was there anything about his disposition that would ever
5:45 am
put him in conflict with people in a situation like that? that's the speculation, he must have gotten angry at the police, he must have done something wrong, when you heard the story how the woman reacted and why she called 911, what she said, what did that mean to you? >> i completely understand her situation. you know, she's at home by herself, 2:00 in the morning with a baby, so i completely understand why she was frightened. >> unfortunately we're dealing with a situation where if not legal but public perception will be lined up against this young man. what did he do to bring on himself. that's why i ask the questions to make clear that each step along the way it's obvious from everything you know so far that this wasn't about john ferrell, anybody brought up to you what john ferrell might have been doing that was suspicious? >> he had a car accident lucky to have survived, looking for help, someone calls 911. there's unconscience bias here.
5:46 am
>> what does has mean? >> unconscience bias he's knocking on the door asking for. . there's no judgment on a lady alarmed and called 911. had she taken the time to speak through the door and find out what's going on rather than say he's trying to rob me or beat down the door she would have had a different understanding what she eventually came to learn he was not threatening her, he was not trying to rob her. he was trying to get help after a car accident. >> he was knocking on the door, there's no evidence to suggest it was the window or he had gone around the back? >> absolutely not. he's knocking on the door. she initially opened the door so if it was a home invasion he would have kicked the door in and run in but the onus is really here on the officer, not the homeowner. it's the officer's job. he's a trained professional. she's a citizen. she can panic. an officer cannot. >> good point. you got to see the video. >> i did. >> do you see what the source of confidence is that this tape will exonerate officerer can
5:47 am
ick? >> i think the tape is the reason the officer was arrested. i think once his superiors saw the play tant not only negligence but this was cold blooded murder it's unprecedented for an officer to be arrested this quickly. i think the tape confirms that and frankly the facts his attorneys are alleging are wholly consistent with what's on the video. the public should see the video. >> why? >> because it tells the story better than anyone. you see them approaching jonathan who is walking down the sidewalk and walks briskly, finally someone here to save me. he thinks they're reacting to what he's asking for, by is help. even if they suspected he was robbing the house most robbers run the other way when law enforcement comes towards them. >> proceeds to them this way. what happens? >> you see two lasers dead in his chest. >> into words. >> no words no nothing. >> no hit the ground, get done? >> nothing. you see him raise his hands like wait and starts walking faster, wait, wait, wait, and then he goes off the camera and you hear
5:48 am
shots. it's one, two, three, four, pause, one, two, three, four, five, six, pause, one, two. that's not a scared officer. that's someone who is intending to kill. >> charges were brought against the officer who does the shooting. is that enough? >> for now i guess it is. i mean i guess nothing really matters until he's actually convicted. >> in death do you think he may serve as an example that may wind up changing things going forward? is that a hope you have? >> yes, that is the hope i have. that his death will resound for a country that prides itself on being diverse and inclusive and accepting everyone for who they are. >> we know two things, first thing we know is about you. you had plans with john. you were engaged to be married, you're very young, and now you're going to have to live those dreams for both of you. you know that and we know something else, this is the kind of story that you can't just leave alone. you can't even just leave it to the system, can you?
5:49 am
>> we can't at all, that's why we'll bring a civil suit to conduct our own discovery and investigation to ensure that all of the truth is in the public domain. especially this dash cam video. america deserves to see the video, we deserve to have the video, the 911 call and it answers questions and will lead to training. there are other police departments, officers, people who can learn from this video especially in the day of stand your ground. >> we will stay on this story, cache, sorry i had to meet you this way but glad i got to me you. thank you for taking the opportunity. mr. cles nhestnut to you as wel. coming up next on "new day," robert redford talking politics, why he thinks more women should be in charge, when we come back. la's known definitely for its traffic,
5:50 am
congestion, for the smog. but there are a lot of people that do ride the bus. and now that the buses are running on natural gas,
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♪ welcome back to "new day." robert redford is virtually silent in his new film entitled "all is lost" but when it comes to politics the 77-year-old certainly has plenty to say. our nischelle turner found that out when she had the opportunity, what an opportunity to sit down with this film legend and joins us for the second part of your conversation. >> he doesn't do a lot of interviews but says what he means and means what he says. in part one of the conversation robert redford believes the ongoing battle in washington is
5:54 am
partially precipitated by race. that's his opinion. the question now, how does the country move forward? robert redford's new film "all is lost" takes you on one man's harrowing journal i journey of survival his fight to overcome all odds a fight he likens to the ongoing battle in washington and president obama's contentious relationship with some republicans, but we still have a government to run. he still has to lead a nation. you work with big crews, people you may not love or may not get along with, how do you do it? how do they start talking and get something done together, even if you don't like each other? >> well, i think whatever idea i would have had to make things work just wouldn't have been accepted by this minority faction. i think that no matter what you would propose they would go against it because their determination was to destroy this person. they wanted, if it meant destroying the government,
5:55 am
anything to keep him from succeeding. >> reporter: redford's hope for change a new generation, and gender, crediting female senators like susan collins for putting politics aside to get a deal done. >> i think the future should belong more to women. and young people. >> reporter: i won't argue that. >> no, i guess not and young people, the young people today coming into age are, give them the reins. i think they can do better than we have. >> reporter: why did it take these women coming in to get these guys talking and to possibly get a deal done to avoid default? >> because a lot of the men that were in control were behaving stup stupidly. i mean sometimes you say can we be this dumb or am i hearing from i'm hearing from some of these people? are they really, is that really happening? it's sad. >> reporter: now you said you'd like to see more women in charge. are you supporting a hillary run in 2016?
5:56 am
>> no. >> reporter: no? >> i'm not supporting anything now. i think by and large i wouldn't single one woman out over another. i think it's time to give more women a chance and maybe it's happening. i think more women are coming into congress but young people as well, give them a chance. >> reporter: robert redford really applauded susan collins and her bipartisan efforts in this whole partial shutdown and debt ceiling battle and whatnot and he thought with her reaching out and saying i've had enough of this, let's try to get something done, he really applauded that and loved the way she approached the situation. >> it's interesting, we did crunch the numbers, 19% of women in both chambers of commerce but it's interesting to think we have come a long way. still more room. >> a couple of drops of women into the situation. >> it's interesting, kate, you've been covering politics for so long, what do you think? are you seeing the change?
5:57 am
are you seeing more women coming in and getting more involved and more involved? >> i think what you see right now especially right now in the middle of this fight is the growing power of women in congress. you've got 20 women senators right now, 20 out of the 100 senators but they make up i think about half of the bipartisan group that we're trying to work out a deal when it seemed no one was talking to each other otherwise so you've got susan collins as you mentioned, i talked to kelly ayotte today, lisa murkowski and democrats on the other side trying to work toward a crow miz. i'm not saying all of the women are in lock step with each other, they all represent different districts but you're seeing a growing power of women in congress and i don't think anyone can tell you that isn't a great thing. i think more of that it broadens the conversation and off camera, kelly ayotte and i were talking about how do you balance the kids and everything, just like everything else. do you it as best you can and i thought that was a refreshing comment.
5:58 am
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