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tv   The Next List  CNN  October 19, 2013 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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been told that you're too aggressive at work. please raise your hand if your male colleagues have been told that they are too aggressive. that's what we are trying to change. >> interesting. something to think about. we'll be back tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. eastern. see you back then. hello, everyone. i'm fredricka whitfield. a couple of mysteries topping the news today. we begin with an international search of the identity of a little girl. she was discovered in greece where a man and woman claimed to be her parents but the couple was part of the roma or gypsy community out of athens and they were suspicious that they would have a blond-haired, blue-eyed child. dna testing revealed that the girl is not related to either of the parents and so now authorities are trying to figure out who this child really is.
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finding the girl's family could be a big challenge for investigators. cnn law enforcement analyst tom fuentes is joining me to talk about that. tell me how they go about this. a, the little girl is in the custody of a child advocacy group. they did the dna testing of the people claiming to be the child's parents. is it going to be as simple as reaching out to parents who have reported their child missing somewhere like 2009 i understand is when they believed this child may have come into the custody of those in greece? >> hi, fredricka. well, in this case, if that's true that she went missing four years ago and she's 4 years old, then being only an infant at the time probably obama the parents wou only the parents would realize the characteristics, the shape
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of her nose, her eyes, her chin, things like that. but very few people would be able to recognize the child. what they'll be trying to do in this case is try and examine all of the reports, which are tens and thousands worldwide but then focusing mainly in europe of reports of children that went missing at that age three or four years ago or all during the last four years. if a parent comes forward or if a law enforcement agency recalling the report of a child going missing comes forward, then they'll locate the parents and try to take dna samples from them, compare them to the dna samples to the greek authorities have take zen clearly this seems like a needle in a haystack. this just seems like such a difficult task trying to locate this child's biological family. >> it will a difficult task, especially if -- and this is the real concern -- the mother of
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that child sold her on purpose or gave her up on purpose because either she didn't want the child or couldn't afford it or, you know, any number of reasons. but if the mother purposefully gave it up and is not going to come forward even if she knows that's her child, then there's going to be very little the authorities can do. as i said, there are many organized crime groups throughout the world, particularly in europe and eastern europe, that specialize abducting people of all ages and there's a market to sell little babies as an unofficial or black market adoption service. in some cases to sell these kids to be beggers on the street or factory workers or sex slaves. this is a worldwide problem. when i ran the organized crime problem with the fbi in the late '90s, early 2000s, we had a number of issues with interpoll and police agencies around the world to deal with human trafficking which was very
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prolific worldwide. >> presumably a lot of questioning will be carried out with the two people who claimed to be the parents and then dna testing showed that they are not the parents because maybe they do have information that may be the tip of the iceberg for any kind of crime spree that you mentioned. tom fuentes, thank you so much. all right. also here in the u.s., an investigation of a very different sort. the parents of a missing autistic teen are desperately asking for help to find a teen who ran out of his school on october 4th and he hasn't been seen since. police have pulled out all stops. today they are working for him in a rail yard. apparently he has a real fascination for trains and for the first time they are using cadaver dogs as well in their overall search. moments ago, charles walker and joseph jenkins walked away
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from a florida prison with forged documents. they are still on the loose. they are offering $10,000 each for their arrest. they have been free for a while now but authorities only learned of their escape this week. nick valencia is joining me live from florida. nick, what more was said in that press conference? >> reporter: hey, fred, at a press conference that wrapped up moments ago in the orlando area, we heard from both families of escaped convicts. they pleaded to each individual to turn themselves in. we heard from the mother of charles walker. lilly said on october 8th charles walker showed up in the hometown, he took a bus there, and that she made no attempt to conceal his whereabouts, even went to a church service which he attended publicly in the open. here's what she told her son, pleading with him to turn himself in. >> we love you, we believe in
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you, we just want you to surrender yourself to someone who you trust who will bring you back in safely. we don't want any harm to come to you. i know you are a man of faith. you have a strong family bond and strong family values and i know who you are. you know who you are. and i just want you home safely, son. please come home. >> we also heard from a man who was described as the father figure of joseph jenkins. he's the escaped inmate that got out a little earlier on september 27th. they said he was picked up here at the franklin correctional institution. they brought him clothes, drove him home, took him to his grandmother's house and mother's house and then took him back to his mother's house. they threw him a birthday and he didn't show up. we also heard from the sheriff deputies who say they have reason to believe that both men are still in the state of
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florida, perhaps even more specifically in the orange county area. fred? >> and so nick, are authorities saying anything about whether the two may be together? i mean, they were released on separate dates but is there a belief that they may be -- whether it be in florida or beyond -- together? >> well, that's a great question. that's a question that was posed to the sheriff's department at that press conference and they said that's part of their investigation whether or not these two men worked in conjunction or it was independent, forged documents that got them out. we do know that the common denominator is that they were both here at the correctional institution behind me. we don't know what the relationship is beyond that. that's part of the very complicated investigation. this is a very embarrassing moment for all agencies involved, including the florida department of corrections, which we talked to. we asked them why they allowed something like this to happen, why they allowed this order to
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go through. they don't have the legal stature to push back against the court systems and those were officials documents, the forged documents made to look official and they were asking for the release of the early inmates. >> thank you so much. keep us abreast of any new developments. >> you bet. so the search for the two escapees in florida is one of the stories that don lemon will be looking at in a special called "making the case" and a group of legal analysts will breakdown the top crime stories of the week. there has been another arrest in that biker attack on that suv in new york last month. police say kaleek douglas was part of the group that chased down the suv and beat the driver whose wife and toddler were in the car. former secretary of state hillary clinton now on the campaign trail. not for herself but for someone else. who is that person?
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all right. look closely here. that's former secretary of state hillary clinton. she's campaigning on behalf of a man who's at the podium there, who is terry mccauliffe. he's running for governor.
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campaigning on behalf of terry mccauliffe and she'll be taking to the stage there momentarily and we'll take some of her comments or at least listen to some of them. we're keeping a close watch on this in falls church, virginia. so is our own peter hamby. a lot of attention is being focused on hillary clinton. it's difficult, you know, for that not to be the case. this is kind of difficult, then, for terry, isn't it, mccauliffe? >> reporter: well, it's actually -- he's not going to get a lot of attention today but hillary clinton is going to get a ton of media coverage. and terry has much mormon than cuccinelli does. it keeps him off tv. even though mike huckabee has something for him in a different part of the state, hillary clinton is just a superstar. terry mccauliffe is playing one
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of his biggest cars. we could probably expect to see bill clinton campaigning here in the coming weeks to maintain mccauliffe's solid but very sturdy lead that he's had in this race in the last few weeks. >> we haven't heard hillary clinton speak yet, but she will be speaking on behalf of a long-time friend, leaving the democratic national party as well. you help to notice that she looks very refreshed, she has a new haircut there as well. you can see a number of people there who are applauding and speaking to her while she took to the podium there. so there's a lot of excitement surrounding the appearance of hillary clinton, regardless of what she actually says. >> reporter: that's right. every single thing she says and does today will be scrutinized. she just arrived here a few minutes ago before taking the stage in a secret service enter
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rouj. this is her first political appearance in public. so we're going to be looking for clues as to how she might have changed on the stump since she was last on the campaign trail in 2008 when she unsuccessfully ran for president. we'll be watching closely for that. >> thank you very much, peter hamby in falls church, virginia. terry mccauliffe talking to his supporters there. we're going to take a short break. when hillary clinton takes to the podium, we'll allow you to hear some of what she says because she, too, is a woman of the hour on the potential campaign trail. so we're going to take a short break for now in the "newsroom" and then we'll be right back. >> by accepting the federal expansion of medicaid --
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all right. welcome back. we're watching live pictures right now out of falls church, virginia. that's terry mccauliffe who is running for governor of virginia. beside him is a recognizable face in red, hillary clinton. she's not there, as far as we know, to announce that she's joining in any sort of race but instead she's there to endorse her long-time friend, terry mccauliffe. and we understand that she will be taking to the podium. we're going to try to monitor her remarks and maybe try to read between any lines. if she says anything about her political aspirations. we'll keep a close watch out of false church, virginia. in the meantime, the shutdown, maybe in the president's rear-view mirror, the government shutdown, but the white house may be facing the problem with
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getting the homeland committee confirmed by washington. let's go to joe johns who has a profile of jay johnson, a man president obama wants in charge of keeping the homeland safe. >> he wasn't on everybody's short list of candidates for the job but probably should have been. jay johnson has been front and center on some of the toughest national security issues. has the pentagon top lawyer, jeh johnson played a key role in the reasoning for using u.s. drones over al qaeda overseas. johnson laid out his views in the speech last year at the oxford union. >> how will this conflict end? it's an unconventional conflict against an unconventional end. >> his role may be controversial to some on the left.
11:50 am
>> the only way they use unmanned vehicles is for surveillance purposes and the rules are very different and they ought to be very different. >> reporter: an issue that senator rand paul filibustered over. the surveillance programs and criticism of military detention of terror suspects could also come up. he's already being challenged as untested in some areas. >> there are gaps in terms of immigration, first responders, the other parties of dhs, you know, the component operating parts. >> reporter: congressional reaction to the nomination has been favorable on the left but republican texas senator john cornyn said he had grave concerns and questioned his qualifications. rather than selecting someone who knows the unique dynamics of our southern border, president obama has tapped one of his former new york fund-raisers. >> they label him a bundler in
11:51 am
fundraising for president obama meaning he helped president obama raise big money by calling on friends to help. fred? >> joe johns in washington, thanks. demanding answers about the obama care enrollment websites, and other websites have been rid ddled wi issues. among other things, the problems may delay lunch of the spanish language version of the website. a shark gets a little too close for comfort. take a look. >> [ bleep ]. >> he's checking me out. whoo! oh, my god. right under the board. oh, my god. i'm shaking like a leaf. >> he had the wherewithall to be videotaping that? are you kidding? this is just one of many close encounters on the california coast this week. scary fish stories straight ahead. this summer, we got the ball rolling.
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all right. to falls church, virginia right now, who is running for office here? it's actually the man to the right of your screen, terry mccauliffe is running for governor of virginia but he's introducing a good friend and perhaps one of the most popular political and nonpolitical figures out there, hillary clinton, former secretary of state. she's not running for herself but she's helping terry mccauliffe in the state of virginia, which is traditionally a red state. so let's listen in. >> thank you. i am -- i am so happy to be here, so pleased as i look out in the audience to see a lot of familiar faces. but also to be here to enthusiastically endorse my
11:56 am
friend, terry mccauliffe, to be your next governor. [ cheers and applause ]. >> i thought hard about what i wanted to say to virginians today. i've been out of politics for a few years now. and i've had a chance to think a lot about what makes our court so great, what kind of leadership is required to keep it great. so i want -- i want to start by sharing a little bit with you about terry and dorothy, because bill and i have been fortunate to call them our friends, our
11:57 am
very close friends for many years now. we've been in so many different situations together. we have watched terry and dorothy build and raise a family with five extraordinary children. we've gotten to know those children. dory and jack and mary and sally and peter. we have vacationed with them. they have been in and out of our lives as long as they've been alive. it says a lot about a person, about the values that they pass on to the next generation. terry's family is both his first love and his greatest accomplishment. nothing is more important, and that's just the kind of man he is. now, it's also because he's married to an exceptional woman.
11:58 am
she is a champion not only for her five children but for all children. and she will bring both passion and compassion back to richmond. and so you ask yourself when you come to a political event like this and you see people standing up on the stage, what really brought them to this point? well, i've also known terry's parents and his brothers and i've seen the values that he was raised with. he grew up in a middle class family. he was taught about the dignity of work and the importance of looking out for each other. he started his first business at the age of 14 because he knew he was going to have to put himself through school.
11:59 am
he's lived those values. and boy does he love people. you know, he's not one of these public personas that is great when the lights are on and then different when they are off. what you see is truly what he is all the time. and he cares deeply about not only what happens to his own family and friends but to everyone. he has maybe the biggest heart and the most open mind of anyone you'll ever meet. terry has always been there for me and i'm pleased to be here for him. [ applause ] there are times when none of us can sit on the sidelines.
12:00 pm
and right now, here in virginia, is one of those times. i don't have to tell you, i hope, that the whole court is watching this election. watching to see whether the voters of virginia lead the way of turning from divisive politics, getting back to commonsense and common ground. also -- [ applause ] -- watching to see if it's possible to move toward a new economy that works for everyone. and also provides good jobs with good benefits for everyone and where equal work really does mean equal pay for everyone.


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