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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 19, 2013 12:00pm-1:31pm PDT

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and right now, here in virginia, is one of those times. i don't have to tell you, i hope, that the whole court is watching this election. watching to see whether the voters of virginia lead the way of turning from divisive politics, getting back to commonsense and common ground. also -- [ applause ] -- watching to see if it's possible to move toward a new economy that works for everyone. and also provides good jobs with good benefits for everyone and where equal work really does mean equal pay for everyone.
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the whole country is watching to see if the rights of women and girls will be respected, especially over our own bodies and our health care. so even if i had never met terry and dorothy, even if i didn't know him to be a man of uncommon generosity and goodness, i would still be supporting him for your governor because i believe that terry has what it takes to lead virginia forward in this rapidly changing world. now, i've spent four years traveling across the world in great honor and privilege and i have learned -- i have learned
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what it takes to make good decisions, what it takes to bring people together, to build the kind of future that we all want for our children and grandchildren. i've seen leaders who are divisive and i've seen leaders who are unifiers. i've seen leaders who are exclusive and i've seen leaders who are inclusive. now, recently in washington, unfortunately, we have seen examples of the wrong kind of leadership. when politicians choose scorched earth over common ground, when they operate in what i call the evidence-free zone --
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[ applause ] -- with ideology trumping everything else, we've seen families in virginia and across the country have felt the consequences. workers furloughed, businesses suffering, children thrown out of head start, poor mothers worried whether they would get the help they need to buy food and formula. that is not the kind that we need to virginia and america today. [ applause ] virginia has a history of getting it right, solving governors that rolled up their sleeves. you know so well that both mark and tim reached across the
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aisle, focused on getting answers to the questions that virginians had. that is the kind of leader terry is and how he will be. for example, when governor mcdonnell worked with the legislature to make historic changes to transportation that are vital to our future, terry was there supporting him and the legislature every step of the way. now, some would say, well, why did you do that? he's a republican governor, it's a republican legislature. real simple answer. it was the right thing to do and terry mccauliffe did it. [ applause ] and terry has focused his campaign on policies that will make virginia the most welcoming place in america for people who want to live, work, and raise a family. not just for some but for all. for women, for immigrants, for
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people of every race, religion, and sexual orientation. terry will work to extend pre-k for our kids because early learning will help them succeed in school and in life. and by the way, let's give another hand to our teachers like kelly who works so hard every day because they believe in our kids. now, terry has visited all 23 community colleges in virginia because he knows that our young people and our not so young people need skills and jobs that allow them to compete in the global economy. he has a vision for the commonwealth. he understands how to create jobs, how to grow the economy,
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and how to make people feel good about the future. and you can be sure of this, terry will do what is right for the women of virginia. he will stand up against attempts to restrict women's health choices and to ban common forms of birth control. you will not have to worry about that with terry mcauliffe in the governor's office. terry mcauliffe does not have a discriminatory bone in his body. he will work to stop efforts to discriminate those they love. it is not only the smart thing to do but the right thing to do. because if virginia wants to attract the best minds and businesses from across the
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world, openness and tolerance are essential. they are the building blocks for a creative, dynamic, and diverse economy. so i guess you would expect me to say this, but i believe it with all my heart. terry is running for governor for the right reasons. to help all our kids have the same opportunities to succeed that he had. when you think about why people run for office in these times, if it's only about yourself, if it's only about you wanting to get a job and get the perks that go with it and, you know, have people stand up when you come into a room, that's not enough anymore. because it's hard. politics is hard, as the lieutenant governor and attorney
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general candidates know, because people are wary. they are wondering, can i give this person my vote and will he then remember me? if i vote for him or her, will they do what i heard them say they will do? will they get diverted by big money or ideology or will they remember who put them into office? i can tell you, you don't have to worry about that with terry mcauliffe. he wants to give every person, especially every boy and girl in this commonwealth the chance to grow up and fulfill his or her god given potential. he will work around the clock. you will never find a more energetic chief executive. there isn't anyone who will
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bring more enthusiasm to the task of helping you have the kind of life you are fighting for every single day for yourself and for your family. he will be a 24/7 governor for virginia. so we're coming down to the home stretch. i've been in a lot of elections. [ applause ] and i know -- i know that at the end of the day it all comes down to who takes the trouble to show up and vote. now, there was an article today in "the washington post" which quoted a young woman who was asked about this election and basically her answer was, well, i only vote in the presidential
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elections. well, that's just not enough anymore. when you think about all of the damage that can be done in a state, i hope -- i hope each and every one of you will take it on as a personal admission that for the people that you go to work with, go next door to, you go in the supermarket, wherever you are, encourage people to vote. and recognize what is at stake in this upcoming election. now, terry held up this card, the get out to vote card and dorothy told me that many of you filled it out three or four times. but fill it out again and those of you who haven't, fill it out
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so you can be part of these final days, this push to make sure that everybody who should vote for terry, for terry's values, for terry's plans for the commonwealth will do so. now, i love saying commonwealth because, you know, that's an old world. and it is rooted in the idea that the common good should come before our personal or political interests. an old fashion idea but a really important value. it's what our founder that so many of you right here in virginia believe is the soul of the american experiment. you know, when alexis visited our country 200 years ago, he marvelled the way that americans came together, how we volunteer, how we help one another. he called it in a memorable phrase our habits of the heart.
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i don't think there's any other people in all of history or anyone on the globe today who have those habits. but habits are no good if you don't exercise them. habits are no good if they atrophy because of cynicism about what we can do together. i have great confidence in what is a veilable for each of us to contribute to the commonwealth and to the country that we love. every one of us has benefited by being give ep the fruits of the labors of so many people who came before. we cannot let those who do not believe in america's progress hijack this great experiment. and substitute for the habits of the heart suspicion, hatred,
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anger, anxiety, that's not as a people who we are. terry mcauliffe has some of the finest habits of the heart of anyone that i've ever met. it's what makes terry the man he is and with your hard work and your help t. is what will make him a great governor. supporting and voting for terry mcauliffe will make you proud of yourselves, of this commonwealth, and, yes, of this country because we will have confidence, optimism back in lead for all the values and ideas that could be generated to create the kind of future that the children, that we love and cherish, deserve. so everybody, please, let's get out and get that vote on
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november the 5th. thank you all very much! [ cheers and applause ]. >> front and center there former secretary of state hillary clinton throwing a huge endorsement to the man right there, terry mcauliffe in his run for race of governor of virginia there and she framed him, you know, as a man who can lead virginia in helping to bring less divisiveness, more common ground, providing help to the needy, being an advocate for equal work, equal pay and watching the rights of women and girls and hoping that they would be respected, those rights. words very applicable to the state of virginia and perhaps even on a national stage. good friend hillary clinton endorsing terry mcauliffe. terry is not in this race alone for the seat of virginia. his republican opponent, ken
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cuccinelli earlier today gave the gop web address and he spoke out against obama care. let's listen. >> this gross government overreach is best exemplified in the so-called affordable care act. obama care represents one of the most reckless and expansions of government in the more 200-year history of our nation. i believe obama care is unconstitutional. i believe it's an affront. i'm proud to say that many of those heroes were virginians, including thomas jefferson and george washington and patrick henry. i stood up, i was the first attorney general in america to challenge the law in federal court. and today i continue to search for avenues to minimize obama care's hurtful impact on virginians. during the debate over this -- >> republican contender the
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gubernatorial seat in virginia, ken cuccinelli. it's safe to say that if not for that gop web address, he may not be getting the same national attention that his opponent is able to get there at a falls church, virginia, in large part because of that appearance of the former secretary of state hillary clinton. so let's talk more about this. maria cardona is with us and will cane, also a cnn political commentator and conservative columnist at good to see both of you. this was very interesting. yes, hillary clinton was talking about the state politics with her good friend terry mcauliffe running for the democratic seat. is it hard, maria, to listen to hillary clinton and not think about the national picture, how presidential she may or may not have looked, in your view? >> of course it's hard, fred. especially after that fabulous haircut that she's sporting.
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but look, clearly hillary is somebody that she whispers and then we all try to figure out whether she will be running in 2016 because of that whisper. so no matter what she does and what she says in the next year and a half or in the next two years, at least until she decides to run for president, we're going to be slicing and dicing it to see what it means. but i do think today she underscored several themes. and you touched upon these, fred, that i think are really relevant to national politics and i think will actually positioned her, if she does run, as somebody who will be important in bringing americans together. because given what we just went through, that is what americans are clamoring for and at the end of the day if she does run for president, that is clearly going to help her. >> will, clearly post government shutdown, there was interesting word choices that hillary clinton used. she was talking about common ground. she talked about an evidence-free zone.
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you know, she says it's something that's hard to find because she said in so many arguments people are following ideology and not necessarily delivering the goods. she talked about the openness and tolerance that are essential. how do you dissect, how do you evaluate her positioning today, how she was framing her support for terry mcauliffe but at the same time very much emanating, very much emanating her own personal views on so many topics? >> well, most of it i chalk up to cliches that people spout on the campaign trail. things like coming together, who doesn't say, let's come together? who doesn't say, hey, let's all work together towards a common goal. there may have been a shutdown in the past two months but the point of the shutdown wasn't, we should all separate, go our separate ways. it was a technique in persuation, one that didn't work very well. but that's all a platitude, let's come together.
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many of the themes you heard hillary clinton espouse on that stage in virginia will be similar themes we'll hear three years from now. the reason i know this is because i heard them one year ago. does the war on women mean it's the protection of women's rights? it remains abstract. i assume she's talking about some of the abortion bills that have come up in virginia. you know, it's funny how every four years there's a war on women and then in the intervening years, not so much. >> maria? >> well, we'll see in 2014 if a lot of those issues come up. i think that will probably hopes that they won't because they were very damaging to republican candidates in 2012 and the war on women and all of these women issues may be obscure for will but for a lot of women in this country it did hit home and it's one of the big reasons that obama was re-elected and one of the big reasons why republican candidates were vastly defeated
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and so, yes, it will be an issue as long as republicans try to keep women from making the decisions that they need to make about their bodies, plain and simple. >> you know, i wonder, will, if this is a testing of the waters for hillary clinton or perhaps not. can she be too much oversaturating, you know, the airwaves or public appearances or endorsements before even articulating whether she is, indeed, running? >> she could be, yes. that could happen to her. but i don't think she's doing it. this is kind of a rare appearance for hillary clinton. we don't see that much of her right now. look, we're three years out. does that mean -- do we need to be reminded of this? it's 2013. we're talking about a 2016 election. >> we were doing that last year. everybody was. >> hillary clinton is very aware of the fact that she doesn't need to be overexposed for the next three years.
12:21 pm
any lessons we should take from today, will the shutdowns have any impact on the republicans involved in this or shine favorably on hillary clinton, can you name for me the number one news issue three years ago today? >> will cain, maria card don't n cardona, everyone knows that the next race begins after the last one ends. thank you very much. >> you, too. trying to solve a mystery in greece. police find a young girl living with a couple who claim to be her parents but testing reveals that they are not actually related. we'll have the latest on that story straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the new twin turbo xts from cadillac. 410 available horses. ♪
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greek authorities are asking for help in finding the parents of a little girl. they have evidence that a man and woman are of no relation to this little girl. atika shubert is joining us. how are they going to find out where her biological family may be? >> well, they've put out an appeal and distributed her photo hoping that someone will recognize this little girl but it's going to be tough because they suspect she may have been abducted as a baby. obviously recognizing her now will be tough and, of course, she can't give them any information about her biological
12:25 pm
parents, anything about where she may have been born or to what family. they are hoping that someone will call in. she's being taken care of by a greek charity there. one of the reasons they suspect she may have been abducted is because this couple, that claimed to be her parents, had 14 other children, six of whom they claimed were born in a ten-month span. clearly the numbers are just not adding up for this couple. >> and then atika, what do we know about the condition of this little girl? earlier i spoke to a representative of that smile of a child and he said that physical hee and psychologically the girl was in a bad way.
12:26 pm
>> they said that they didn't seem to be in the best condition, that she seemed sort of disshelved, living in poor conditions and seemed to be very flight tended but shell shock was the term that they used. so she's in the use of a charity now and she has a police psychologist that is helping her to feel more settled. obviously all of this is going to be very traumatizing for a little 4-year-old girl. >> atika shubert, thank you. two convicted killers who walked away from a florida prison are still on the loose. we'll tell you what happened and what's being done to try to get them back in jail. but first, we're shining a spotlight on the top ten cnn heroes of 2013 and you can vote for the one who inspires you the most at this week's honoring spent 13 years delivering babies until a back injury forced her to stop. now she's found a new way to
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bring mothers and babies safely through child birth and she calls it the solar suitcase. >> there's a traditional african saying that when you become pregnant, you have one foot in the grave. pregnancy is feared. >> in the last month recorded four women actually died of pregnancy complications. >> when i went to africa, i saw these women, one after another, coming in with complications and we didn't even have adequate light to treat them. >> the lights just went out. >> a lot of the clinics don't have any electricity. midwives use kerosene lanterns and their cell phones to deliver babies. once i witnessed the things that i saw, i had to do something about it. my name is dr. laura stachel. i'm helping provide a simple and
12:28 pm
reliable power source so mothers and babies can be saved during child birth. hospitals and clinics received the solar suitcase for free. >> so the charge controller is very important. solar suitcase provides medical quality lighting. it charges cell phones and has a small battery charger for head lamps and the fetal doppler that we include. >> perfect. that's it. >> mothers are easier to come to the clinics. it's shifted the morale of the health care worker. >> this light is going to bring good changes. it keeps me going. >> there you go. >> thank you so much. >> i really want a world where women and their families get to celebrate birth and i would love to be part of making that happen. (dad) just feather it out. that's right. (son) ok. feather it out. (dad) all right. that's ok. (dad) put it in second, put it in second.
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just last hour, the families of two escaped killers spoke out. charles walker and joseph jenkins walked away from a florida prison with forged documents. they are still on the loose and officials are offering a $10,000 reward each for their arrests. they have been free for a while but authorities only learned of their escape this week. nick is joining me from florida. nick, what more could be said about the investigation and how the families of these inmates -- how they are feeling, what they are saying? >> reporter: well, they made it a point to say that they had nothing to do with the escape of either one of these inmates. we heard from the families. first was the mother of walker who said she did not conceal her son's whereabouts from the
12:33 pm
authorities. she begged for her son to turn himself in. take a listen. >> we love you, we believe in you, we just want you to surrender yourself to someone who you trust who will bring you back in safely. we don't want any harm to come to you. i know you are a man of faith. you have a strong family bond and strong family values and i know who you are. you know who you are. i just want you home safely, son. please come home. >> we also heard from the self-described father figure of joseph jenkins and he said that he picked up jenkins right here from this correctional facility on september 27th when he got out, drove him back to the orlando area where they took him to his grandmother's house, his mother's house and eventually back to their own home. they had a birthday party set up for him on october 1st but he was a no-show and that's the last time they heard from him.
12:34 pm
we heard from sheriff deputies who still believe that they are still in the florida area and perhaps specifically in the orlando, orange county area. fred? >> nick, thank you so much. in utah, did a wealthy doctor kill his beauty queen wife to live happily ever after with his mistress or did heart problems cause her death? the trial of martin macneill started this week. we'll breakdown exactly what happened in court next. we got adt because i walked in on a burglary once.
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a former doctor is on trial right now in provo, utah, accused of drugging and drowning his wife so he could be with his mistress. yesterday neighbors described what they heard and saw after michele macneill's lifeless body was found in the bathtub. here's jean casarez. >> reporter: prosecutors on friday took the jury into the master bathroom of the macneill home. what they actually did was bring a tub and put it in the center of the courtroom and then neighbor after neighbor testified on how they saw an unresponsive michele macneill in that bathtub and what it was actually like to be right next to the frantic now defendant dr. martin macneill neighbor kristi daniels described the tragic moments after michele macneill was found in the bathtub. she had been summoned to the
12:38 pm
home by the daughter ada. >> i started running and went into the house and followed martin's voice and when i came in to the bathroom, i could tell that we needed to call 911 so i said i'll call 911 and he said i've already called 911. >> we have here in front of us the bathtub. >> reporter: prosecutors brought in a bathtub, similar to the one found in the macneill home so they could demonstrate how michele was found. daniels said she was lying face up, her head at the faucet, feet inside the tub with her husband draped over her head. she said there wasn't any water in the tub. neighbor angie aguilar will testified and did not appear to see any actual attention to revive his wife. prosecutors say macneill forced his wife to have a facelift, supplying her with several different drugs all so he could be with his mistress.
12:39 pm
macneill is charged with murder and obstruction of justice. the defense says she died of natural causes. for months leading up to his wife's death, martin macneill was telling friends and neighbors that he had a life-threatening disease and didn't have long to live. at the church of latter day saints where he was a sunday school teacher, he told the congregation. >> he had cancer and that he was preparing michele to take over the financials, that -- and it was a very heartfelt, tearful lesson. >> just days after michele died, she ran into him in the driveway. >> he told me that she died of some kind of heart problem. the doctor called, they had a conference call with the family and to make sure that it was nobody's fault, it was just all natural. and i asked him -- well -- yeah.
12:40 pm
i asked him so martin, how are you doing? because i heard that you only have like six months to live? and he said something to the effect of, you know, don't write me off yet. >> reporter: in fact, macneill was already introducing his mistress around town saying that she was the new nanny. >> at first it was very vague and then we learned that she was the nancy and so we just had conversations both with joey and martin about how the kids were doing and then eventually as everybody could tell that their relationship was more than that as to whether or not they were getting married. >> reporter: the next witnesses to take the stand, an officer from the pleasant grove utah police department, the fire chief, and also paramedics, all trying to save the life of michele macneill. fred, back to you. >> all right. thanks so much, jean. the macneill trial is just one of the stories don lemon will look at in a cnn special called "making the case" tonight at 8:00. don and a group of legal
12:41 pm
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we're learning that a website that's supposed to make it easier to apply to college is actually making it harder. it's called common a perfopp. hundreds of students are reporting problems with the application website. we'll talk to elena to find out what is being done to fix it. >> this is perhaps the most stressful time for college hopefuls as they wrap up their college applications and now there is add anxiety thanks to issues with a popular website designed to facilitate the process. every time she's tried to log on to common app this week -- >> i enter my e-mail and it says there's no account with this e-mail. >> reporter: she's gotten an
12:45 pm
error message keeping her off the site. >> what did you think? >> i was in a panic mode. i couldn't go on. >> reporter: common app is supposed to simplify the college application website by allowing you to use the same form, harvard, the california institute of technology, and georgia tech are among the more than 500 colleges and universities that use the nonprofit service. just last year, common app says it processed hundreds of thousands of applications. this year the site has been plagued with technical glitches that are leaving some high school seniors desperate for answers. >> there should be struggle when it comes to putting four years on a paper but to struggle with technical issues is somewhat difficult to explain to them. >> reporter: comments about the technical problems has flooded common app's facebook page.
12:46 pm
one person tweeted, i'm never going to be able to apply to college and included this image of the common app site. several universities are trying to ease anxiety. in atlanta, georgia tech moved its early action deadline from october 15th to october 21st ever being flooded with calls from concerned students. >> we are not going to let technology punish a student for something that's outside of their control. if that means extending a deadline, we're going to do that. >> reporter: common app attributed some of the issues in, quote, a spike in activity. the organization says it's working to fix the glitches and offers suggestions for users having trouble. >> it just worked. oh. i guess you guys are good luck. >> reporter: back in atlanta, she was eventually able to logon in front of us getting her closer to submitting her applications. >> what do you think that moment
12:47 pm
is going to be like? >> reporter: relief. >> they have had instances where names are mismatched with essays as well as applications that have multiple names on them but the school says they are double-checking the applications. they are also working with common app to fix these problems. fredricka? >> fingers crossed for that. alina, thanks so much. an asteroid just passed by earth but it's expected to return in 19 years. what could happen then? could it strike? how much protein does your dog food have? 18 percent? 20? new purina one true instinct has 30. active dogs crave nutrient-dense food.
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nasa scientists are always on the watch for asteroids and one just brushed past the earth 11 days ago. the space rock about a quarter of a mile in diameter missed by about 4 million miles, but nasa says it will make another pass in 2013. the move vy "gravity" pictures a more real danger that threatens things like the international space station, so the key is to keep a close watch on space and i talked to a meteorite expert about that. >> we meaning nasa-funded researchers are building telescopes in hawaii that will actually be able to give us some notice of objects of this size and we have a mandate, astronomers, meteorite, people
12:51 pm
thatmeteorites have a mandate to find in space all of the objects that are greater than 140 meters in diameter which would include this particular object. luckily the ukrainian astronomers were on watch and saw this object and were able to see it coming. >> abel says the real danger is from the ones that are too small to see like the meteor that crashed in russia back in february. all right, back in the spring scientists were predicting it would be a busy hurricane season and after superstorm sandy last year some fear this could be a devastating season, so what happened to those predictions? karen maginnis takes a look the science behind the hurricane season. >> reporter: from the air the damage continues to leave many in awe and from the ground the personal stories of struggle are a constant. >> this is heartbreaking. i've lived here my whole life,
12:52 pm
i'm, like, a fourth generation here and this was devastating. >> reporter: that was a year ago after superstorm sandy slammed into the northeastern united states. today the atlantic hurricane season has been a dud. take a look at the numbers. only two hurricanes had formed in the atlantic this year and neither one has been a major hurricane. a category 3 or greater. so, what's the science behind the lack of hurricanes this year? >> it's going to be the question of the season and i think there are a couple of culprits. there's been quite a bit of wind shear in the upper atmosphere. hurricanes don't like wind shears. >> reporter: experts also say a combination of dry air and dust from western africa could also suppress hurricane development. >> it's a bit odd to have a lack of activity relatively speaking in both pacific and the atlantic, and so many people think there may be some type of atmospheric mode like the el nino or the arctic oscillation. similar our methods for projecting seasonal forecasts may not handle those very well.
12:53 pm
>> reporter: but with six weeks remaining in hurricane season, there's still plenty of time for storms to develop. and the factors that could have inhibited development earlier in the season may weaken or even disappear. it only takes one storm to make it a devastating season. two of the strongest hurricanes ever recorded in the atlantic basin, hurricane wilma and mitch, occurred in mid to late october. >> i remind viewers that superstorm sandy or hurricane sandy happened on october 29th or so, we're not even to that yet. so, we do have to keep our guard up. >> wow. thanks so much, to karen maginnis for that. all right, a shark gets a little too close for comfort. check it out. >> checking me out. whoo. oh, my god, right under the board. >> whoa. this is just one of many close encounters on the california coast this week. more scary fish stories straight
12:54 pm
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12:57 pm
something fishy is happening on the california coast. cnn's casey wian has the story of close encounters with some strange creatures. >> reporter: it started when a snorkeler came across this 18-foot creature that's likely an example of what ancient mariners called sea serpents. >> they seem kind of sea monster-ish and so it catches a lot of attention and it's exciting for the scientists, too. >> reporter: normally only found in the deep ocean, this fish was in 15 feet of water off catalina island. two days later this mammal washed ashore on venice beach. it's thought to be a beaked whale and it's almost unheard of in southern california. >> they're never seen around here and to have something this unique wash up which is a once in a lifetime so far experience
12:58 pm
for me was a real treat. >> reporter: manhattan beach surfers are used to seeing great white sharks but not this many. >> well, i've been seeing an abnormally high quantity of great white sharks out here lately, so i figured i'd take a stand-up paddleboard out and take my go pro camera on my head and see if i could get some footage. >> reporter: did he ever. >> [ bleep ] he's checking me out. whoo. oh, my god, right under the board. oh, my god, look at that [ bleep ] shaking like a leaf. >> reporter: so, what's going on here? >> i'd say something along the lines of a global climate change. the temperature of the ocean currents are definitely changing up a bit. >> i don't know. it sounds scary, though, especially with the great whites. i have four little kids out here and i tell them not to go in the water. >> reporter: scarier for southern californians than any shark sighting is a theory about the orr fish. japanese legend holds that orr fish actually beach themselves to warn of an impending
12:59 pm
earthquake. and, in fact, dozens of them did just that in japan about a year before the devastating fukushima quake and tsunami in 2011. >> usually there is some truth behind every legend and that particular instance, i don't know, it seems a little farfetched. >> reporter: scientists don't know why it is all happening. for now the orr fish has been i dissected and cut into pieces and frozen so its skeleton can be reconstructed and mounted. i wonder if that will keep the earthquakes away. casey wian. >> thank you so much, casey. we'll have much more ahead in the newsroom, no freaky stuff coming up, with don lemon, though. >> oh, you don't know me, my dear. >> oh, please. yes, i do. >> how are you, miss whitfield? >> being ining facetious. >> you are getting younger by the minute. how would one do that?
1:00 pm
>> i don't know. is that true? okay. i'll take it. that's nice, thank you. >> always a pleasure to see you, fredricka. >> good to see you, too. hello, everyone, thank you so much for joining us. top of the hour. i'm don lemon. of course, you are here in the "cnn newsroom", i'm in new york. bizarre twist, the hunt for two florida killers freed by mistake. we joe charles walker and joseph jenkins spent time with their families going to church. apparently they were not hiding at all for days or even a couple weeks. now a manhunt is under way to put the killers back behind bars. a short time ago walker's mother stood before cameras pleading with her son to turn himself in. >> charles, is there anything too hard for god? god knows who you are. i know who you are.
1:01 pm
your family knows who you are. and we want you to return home safely. >> well, both men were serving life sentences for murder. forged paperwork duped prison officials in to thinks the men's sentences had been reduced. nick valencia tracking this story in florida. >> reporter: at a press conference we heard from both family members of the two escaped convicts currently on the run. first at the microphone was the mother of charles walker who first learned about her son's release earlier the day that he was released on october 8th. she said he showed up in her hometown on a bus and that she made no attempt at concealing his whereabouts to authorities or to the public. they even attended a church service together. take a listen to her plea, her beg, to ask her son to turn himself in to authorities. >> we love you. we believe in you. we want you to surrend yourself
1:02 pm
to someone who you trust who will bring you back in safely. we don't want any harm to come to you. i know you are a man of faith. you have a strong family bond and strong family values. and i know who you are. you know who you are. and i just want you home safely, son, please come home. >> reporter: also at the press conference we heard from a father figure of joseph jenkins, they said they picked him up here at this correctional facility behind me and took him back to the orlando area taking him to his grandmother's house and his mother's house and also back to their house. they set up a birthday party for him. evidently his birthday was on october 1st and they had a party for him. but he was a no-show, they say that was the last time they saw him. also at this press conference was the sheriff's department, they spoke saying they still have reason to believe that both men are in the florida area, perhaps even still there in orlando, in orange county.
1:03 pm
don? >> all right, nick, mystery. thank you so much. we appreciate that. make sure you join us tonight at 8:00 eastern when we look at the big crime stories of the week from the florida men who were accidentally released and to the florida teen to the utah doctor accused of murdering his wife in the bathtub. "making the case" at 8:00 eastern right here on cnn. and just like that, the united states government reopened and sputtered back to life this week. federal workers poured out of the metro stations in washington again. many workers really sarcastically called their 16-day vacation. of course, it was no vacation. it was a federal furlough that kept hundreds of thousands of workers, employees, home. >> good morning, ladies and gentlemen. >> good morning. >> this was a very welcome sight
1:04 pm
to crowds of d.c. visitors. the city's world famous museums, monuments reopened their doors this week. chris lawrence is at the world war ii memorial for us today. chris? >> reporter: well, don, d.c. as a whole is just as bitter and as ever, but the mood is more upbeat at the memorial. you'll remember this was the scene of so many showdowns during the shutdown. massive protests, barricades put up, politicians grandstanding. now it has returned to what it has always been. and we are seeing hundreds of veterans and tourists coming back to the memorial from all over the country to pay their respects and see the memorial. i spoke with one world war ii veteran who is flat-out zigu disgusted at the behavior of his elected representatives in washington. >> they should be able to sit down like sensible people and settle these things and not doing this kind of stuff. how can they say this is the way
1:05 pm
we settle it, block people from going to see the memorial, that's foolish. >> reporter: that's certainly one way to describe it. now the pressure is on to come up with a deal. all the last deal was really just set a new deadline to come up with a more permanent agreement. that's going to have to happen by the end of the year if congress wants to meet that deadline because otherwise, the government could face another shutdown in the middle of january and come right up against that debt limit again in early february. don? >> all right, chris lawrence, thank you very much for that, chris. breaking news to tell you about on cnn. cnn has confirmed that jpmorgan chase has tentatively reached a $13 billion deal with the justice department to resolve several investigations of its mortgage business. a u.s. official te tells cnn this -- jpmorgan chase would pay $9 billion in fines and penalties plus $4 billion in consumer relief that includes loan modifications. apparently jpmorgan executives
1:06 pm
and workers could still face charges in the future. the official tells cnn the tentative deal does not include a nonprosecution agreement that jpmorgan chase had pushed hard to include. we'll talk about what this might mean for you and for me in the next hour of the "cnn newsroom," so make sure you stay tuned for that. in the meantime, a popular college application website said most of its glitches are fixed. common app lets students apply to multiple schools at once. more than 500 colleges and universities accept it. but just within the last few months it had issues that caused some college hopefuls to panic. students couldn't submit forms and were charged twice for the same application. the site even deleted parts of the student's essays. the statement on the company's website claims it has fixed most issues and today the early application deadline for lots of colleges, but some big schools like north carolina and georgia tech extended their deadlines because of these problems. we'll keep you updated.
1:07 pm
hillary clinton back in the spotlight. she is stumping for a political ally terry mcauliffe in west virginia, but is it a ramp-up for a 2016 presidential run? and the latest on this boy's search just ahead on cnn. we mao the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger.
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for many, relief is at hand. ask your doctor about nexium. welcome back, everyone. like my new big l.e.d. wall back there? i certainly like it. kind of nice, right? let's talk about politics now, hillary clinton jumping right in the middle of one of the hottest political battles in the country, the virginia governor's race, she's headlining a women for terry mcauliffe today helping out a fellow democrat and could she be getting in practice just for a run for the presidential race in 20 scpan? peter hamby is in falls church. peter, are we getting a preview of 2016 here? it seems like we just -- well, we really did just finish the last one. >> reporter: yeah, don, this is interesting. like you said, this is practice for her. she hasn't been in the political spotlight doing a purely political event in public since she ran for office in 2008.
1:11 pm
she's been, you know, doing high stakes diplomacy around the world. she spent this year giving paid speeches to interest groups and charities. and this is the first time we got to see her actually, you know, you know, kicked some dust off the tires and see what she had. take a listen to what she was saying earlier today. this event just finished. for this campaign event in virginia for democratic gubernatorial nominee terry mcauliffe, listen to this -- >> he will be a 24-7 governor for virginia. so we're coming down to the homestretch. i've been in a lot of elections. >> reporter: you saw her flash a little bit of a clever smile there, a knowing smile. look, she knows the political spotlight is on her. this speech was mostly about terry mcauliffe who has a sturdy
1:12 pm
lead here in virginia. terry mcauliffe is actually a close friend of the clintons, so this was sort of a low-risk event for her. she knew the spotlight was going to be on her. she stepped into it for a good 20 minutes and this is an event by hillary clinton who is a political superstar is guaranteed to get tons of media attention this week in virginia and that's exactly what democrats want, don. >> hey, pete, obviously, she was well received, correct me if i'm wrong. he needs, mcauliffe needs women, right? and hillary clinton's presence is probably going to add to that. how important is her endorsement today? >> reporter: i mean, it's -- it's a huge -- it's a huge deal for terry mcauliffe. look, he already has more than a 20-point load among women if you look at some polls. this is what is keeping him afloat. it's the same playbook that democrats ran in swing state after swing state in the presidential election in 2012, the attorney general worked as a
1:13 pm
state legislature and attorney general to curtail abortion rights. the democrats are framing this as he's an out of the mainstream conservative who is going to take away your birth control and terry mcauliffe has a 20-point lead among women, so this was a perfect event for hillary clinton it was billed as a women for terry event and she stepped in and spoke fluently about the issues she cares about, about women's issues, about girls, about women's health, this is only going to keep terry's lead among women afloat, don. >> all right, pete hamby, appreciate it, thank you, sir. five heart attacks, five past surgeries, an artificial pump, finally a transplant. dick cheney's health history is pretty well known, but i bet you don't know what our sanjay goop gupta uncovered. >> i resigned the vice presidency in 2001. >> there was a letter of resignation sitting there.
1:14 pm
>> pending. >> pending. >> how did president bush react when you told him about it? >> he seemed a little bit surprised but he thought it was a good idea. >> the full interview airs sunday on "60 minutes" and tuesday on "ac360." lost, an autistic boy missing on the streets of new york. we'll have the latest on the frantic search. also found, a 4-year-old girl in greece. the people who say they are her parents are not her parents. who is she? that mystery just ahead. ♪ ♪ kutch nellie. ♪ ♪ more adventures await
1:15 pm
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for a store near you go to got a lot to get on "sg md" today and one of the things we'll be talking about is the new study that said you could be addicted to oreo cookies, i'll explain that, and also what could be happening in the brain. that and much more "sg md" 4:30 eastern. parents with a missing teen with autism are trying to recruit more people to search
1:18 pm
for their son. it has been more than two weeks and there are no signs of avonte oquendo. the 14-year-old was last seen october 4th on this surveillance video running away from his school in queens. it was really the last anyone's seen of him. he doesn't communicate well or verbally and has trouble feeding himself. alexandria field is following the story for us. you spoke with the parents today. how are they holding up? i spoke with them on thursday evening and it was tough but they were holding up. as each day goes, what -- >> you can see it in their eyes, don, they are in a profound amount of pain as all of us might imagine, you can see the pain reflected in the eyes of everyone surrounding them right now, but they are holding up and they are trying to put the message forward that they need help finding their son. the gut wrenching part of the story is we are talking about a boy who cannot ask for help himself, and so his parents are speaking out today asking for help finding him. >> it's terrible. it's just like a nightmare i
1:19 pm
can't wake up from, you know? every day waiting to see my son come home, praying that someone has found him. i don't wish this on anyone. >> everybody, you know, take the time out to look, five minutes, come out your house, walk around the block. be aware of your surroundings. when you're going to work, walking to the train, just keep your eyes open. >> hundreds of volunteers have already joined in the search for avonte, more than 100 police officers are also involved in this search, but the parents are making it clear today that they want people to come out. they want people to actually sign up to do really another exhaustive search of new york city. it's been 15 days. they need a lead to find their son. >> yeah. and, you know, it's his picture is everywhere. you go into a taxi and you see it on the taxi tv. you hear it in the subway systems. we went along for a ride in the search van where the mom's
1:20 pm
voice, are they still doing the voice, hi, mom, this is avonte, come to the flashing lights. >> they are trying to get the message out that he's missing and needs to be found, it is a, again, been 15 days, don, they are trying to get the picture out there. they are trying to make sure that this story reaches everyone that it can reach. >> there's that van. they recorded that mom, alexandria, let's listen to that. >> it's mom, avonte. >> yeah. it's mom, avonte, come to the flashing lights, come to the flashing lights. she would say to him, hi, it's mom, when he would get home from school because she wants a response hi, mom, back from him. because he's autistic, right? so she was trying to set up some sort of pattern. the marshy area, you said there's a new focus now and why the new focus? >> the last couple of days we've been told that police have been searching a train depot in long
1:21 pm
island city not far from the school where he disappeared. earlier on in the investigation bloodhounds had gotten his scent in the marshy area and soon after that they picked up his scent in a subway station and after that they lost his scent. they've searched every station in the city. >> what's this new thing that i don't know about that you know about is the shirt. what is that? >> basically you cannot cast the net any wider right now they so are utilizing every resource that they have, the technology is fairly advanced, it's similar to facial recognition technology, what they have done is taken the image of the shirt that avonte was wearing and they are putting it into a database and it could lead them to where avonte went after he left the school and it's just another step in the exhaughtive effort. >> photo imaging technology, very interesting. thank you, alexandria field, and
1:22 pm
welcome, it's good to have you here. >> thanks, don. a pail blond blue-eyed girl was found in the search of central greece and officers became suspicious of the couple she was with because she looked nothing like them and a dna test proved it. greek authorities hope the releasing of the gir's picture will help them find her parents and they arrested the people posing as her parents on abducting for a minor. as relations between iran and the u.s. seemed to be warming up, has the rally cry turned to a whisper? that's next. avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive" sales event is back. which means it's never been easier to get a new passat, awarded j.d. power's most appealing midsize car, two years in a row. and right now you can drive one home for practically just your signature. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's
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1:26 pm
and he shot down the idea that edward snowden is trying to get rich. >> his intention if it was to profit, he would be in a much different circumstance now. if his desire was to profit from this, he would have already signed a book deal. he's not interested in doing that at this point in time. >> he could have gone on television programs and probably been paid by television programs around the world and done stuff and he hasn't done any of that. >> absolutely. >> it sounds like the information your son has given to glen greenwal and others there's a lot more still to come. >> glen has that, you know, my understanding "the new york times" has information, "pro publica," "the guardian" my understanding there's much, much more to come. >> edward snowden was a contractor for the national security agency. russia granted him asylum in august after he leaked details of some classified u.s. surveillance programs. the u.s. is considering easing sanctions on iran but only if it takes major steps to
1:27 pm
curb its nuclear program. iran and six world powers including the u.s. met in geneva this week to discuss their nuclear future. republican senators have vowed to oppose a lifting of any sanctions in the near future. for years chants of death to america have been a staple for anti-u.s. protesters in iran, but that doesn't exactly fit in with the new charm offensive from the new iranian president and reza sayah took to the streets of iran to see if the chants are dying down. >> reporter: midmorning in tehran. thousands head to friday prayers, a weekly gathering of iran's ultraconservatives and die hard regime loyalists. we are here for one thing to see if we hear chants of death to america, a staple of the islamic republic of iran since the 1979 revolution. in recent weeks key iranian moderates have suggested dropping the slogan to show solidarity with president
1:28 pm
rouhani's push to improve relations with washington and reach a settlement on iran's nuclear program. but within minutes of our arrival -- they came. chants of death to america. perhaps not as forceful as in the past. even so, they signal a split in iran between factions who want to improve relations with washington and those who warn that washington should never be trusted. shortly after friday prayers familiar anti-american rituals designed for television cameras and a call for a march that draws a small but spirited crowd. now, this crowd is not very large, a few hundred people and the chants aren't very loud, even so when americans see these images and they hear these chants, it can be a little disconcerting, but these
1:29 pm
iranians will tell you don't mean that they want to attack america or that they're against american people. they just don't trust the american government. "death to america means 64 years of the american government meddling in iran's affairs and countless crimes against humanity" says this man. "death to america means america wants to colonize us and serve its own interests," says this cleric." if that continues we'll chant death to america to the day we die." "we shouldn't come to terms with them, they are the enemy of the people, the enemy of islam" says this woman. for now the hard line anti-american factions seem to be in the minority due in large part to the landslide election of moderate president rouhani. but friday prayers showed they're still here, still chanting "death to america." reza sayah, cnn, tehran. >> reza, thank you very much.
1:30 pm
we'll be back at the top of the hour with live coverage including interesting stories including the two inmates in florida who are now missing and also our dana bash sits down with senator ted cruz now that the government's back open, what does he have to say. right now we'll go to "sanjay gupta, m.d. "". good medicine or tmi, the genetic test some parents should do before they have kids. a new study concludes that oreos are actually addictive? really? plus, dick cheney opens up in his new book called "heart, an american medical odyssey." but, first -- obama care. you know, even the president has been frustrated by this. he says some of the problems on the sign-up website are just unacceptable. the federal government says techs are working around the clock to try to fix all this, and they say it's getting better but my friend