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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 22, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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they'll find some financial folks treat the parent with respect but also making her face the who will talk to them about preparing early for retirement consequences. >> she didn't just let her go. and be able to focus on other things, like each other, >> no, no. >> she bought them groceries. which isn't rocket science. >> yeah. >> paying it forward. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. that's good. good stuff. that's it for us, which means it's time for carol costello. good morning, carol. >> good morning. thanks so much. have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. >> and good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for being with me. we do begin with breaking news. a new measure of the economy and more proof that we are still bogged down in a sluggish good morning. i'm carol costello. economy. minutes ago, feds released a thank you so much for joining me. september jobs report. checking our top sorries this unemployment dipped slightly to morning, 30 minutes past the hour. police in sparks, nevada, say 7.2%, about 148,000 jobs were they don't know if a middle created. school student was specifically that's fewer jobs than expected targeting anyone when he opened and just another wrinkle in a fire before school yesterday. disappointing snapshot. one teacher was killed and two chief business correspondent christine romans is in new york 12-year-old students wounded to tell us all what it means. before the young shooter good morning. committed suicide. >> good morning, carol. when you look at the average a federal law enforcement source
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here, you have about 185,000 says the boy had brought his parents' gun to the school. jobs created, on average, each a mixed bag in the new jobs month before the shutdown. this was a report that was report. delayed because of the unemployment fell to 7.2% last government shutdown. we know now in september, 7.2% month, the lowest level in five unemployment rate, the best years. employers added 148,000 jobs, since november 2008. so that shows you the slow, not as many jobs as expected. steady improvement in the labor there were still more than 11 market and, again, 185,000 jobs million people unemployed in the created on average for the year. united states. the opening bell about to ring. will that pace hold up, though? so, what will the markets show that is the big question because after this jobs report? of the shutdown and because of let's head straight to wall the budget woes we've had. street and alison kosik at the and the sharp pullback in confidence we've seen. want to break out for you the new york stock exchange. >> good morning, carol. overall private sector, 126,000 stocks starting off slowly. jobs created there. and 22,000 jobs created there, you can expect to see that the september jobs, an important number change next month when we read on the economy. one of the most economic reports finally get that report again we get. interesting to see how stocks because of the furloughs and probably the related layoffs in reacted, though, holding steady before the report came out. industries around government then there was this pop -- not contracting. we'll be closely watching that. necessarily because this report we had a couple of bright spots, is being regarded as something extremely positive. manufacturing. couple of thousand jobs created it's because there is an expectation that the the fed is there. we also saw warehousing and going to keep pumping stimulus money into the economy. transportation, 23,000 jobs you look at the unemployment
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created there. rate even at 7.2%. look within retail jobs, 20,800 that's still historically high. jobs created there. some were in auto dealers, showing signs of confidence 138,000 job revisions wasn't as again in september in the good as everybody expected. economy. some of those were in garden it was weaker but not centers and home improvement necessarily far off from what type stores again, showing some we've been seeing the past year. robust activity in the housing you're still seeing this slow market. all of this, carol, preshutdown. and steady job growth. if you average out the job gauge a big reminder that the economy you see since the beginning of was slowly healing. this year we've been adding jobs should be front and center. 185,000 jobs per month so far this year. the single focus in washington. it's enough to keep the market going and that's why you're these are preshutdown. seeing the market a bit higher. the numbers after could tell a the reality is that this report different story, carol. isn't strong enough to move the >> we won't know the numbers fed to wind down its stimulus program. so, it is expected to keep until the end of october. propping up the economy with its is that right? >> that's right. in fact, we won't know until november 8th. stimulus and that supports it will be delayed because of the shutdown, showing you how stocks, which why you're seeing it's a fly in the ointment for investors buy into the market. all of us who are trying to sort there goes my voice. >> no worries. of read the tea leaves of the i'll let you go get a glass of economy, because leader and lack water. alison kosik, thank you very of leadership in washington. we know, carol, as well, we just much. the white house sent out its saw the cnn/orc polling showing best salesperson. that would be the president that americans confidence in the economy is falling and i think himself to push back on sharp the shutdown is no big -- is the criticism facing the site and
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big reason. it really is. his signature legislation. lack of leadership in washington at a time when you need to be >> we are doing everything we growing jobs. very concerning. can possibly do to get the this is a rear view mirror look, delayed report because of the websites working better, faster shutdown, carol. >> christine romans, reporting live from new york. sooner. we've got people working let's turn to another financial expert for realities behind this overtime, 24/7, to boost capacity and address the morning's numbers. problems. monica mehta, frequent columnist experts from some of america's and the author of top private sector tech companies who, by the way, have entrepreneurial instinct. good morning, monica. seen things like this happen >> good morning, carol. >> can we find any comfort at before r they want it to work. all in these numbers? >> well, i think you're seeing they're reaching out. more of the same with these they're offering to send help. >> gary lauer is the ceo of an numbers. i'll remind you in the summer we were creating about 148,000 jobs on average from may through august and so this new reading online brokerage firm. shows a little bit of a decline. good morning. >> good morning. >> jim acosta just told us but really what you have to bear something. in mind is that even though the he sent me some stuff. unemployment number keeps coming former member of president down, we are shedding about obama's technology team, clay johnson. he served as a presidential 300,000 people from the workforce all together. that's the number that we shed innovation fellow. he writes on a blog post, the in august. and so even though this contractors who made this unemployment number is coming website were, at best, sloppy.
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down, the real thing that you and, at worst, unqualified for need to look at is people are the job. dropping out of the workforce. that just seems impossible to they're just not seeing the opportunities. while all of this information believe, that something this gives you a little bit of a important they would hire temperature of the economy, most unqualified people to put of the financial community is looking to the fed. they're looking to see what will together. >> well, you know, i wasn't part this data do to impact the easing of bond buying, the of the hiring process and i'm not privy to it. unprecedented easing of bond they obviously have some really buying that the fed has pumped significant problems and they'll in almost $3 trillion into our need to be solved soon of the one of the good things they have economic system over the past done in the 36 states that the couple of years. and removing that money from the system is going to have an federal government is operating an exchange in has contracted impact to the markets. it's going to have an impact to with us and a few others to help with subsidy eligible the everyday system for the rate individuals. ware not ready to do that yet they pay to the mortgage and all eyes are on the fed and what this information means to the because we're still dependent. easing of the bond buying. >> that decision will come in a month or two or a matter of at least reaching out to the weeks. private sector, a company like going back to those 300,000 mine. we've done this for a long time, people and all of those people still looking for work. to help with lower-income people. now the question is, what's what, we have 11 million people going to happen in these 14 states that are trying to unemployed in this country? operate their own exchanges? so, disability payments are at some point i think the rising because of that, too. spotlight will turn to them and
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explain that for us. >> it's a really interesting they're going to need similar help as well. >> you recently talked to some phenomen phenomenon. member of the obama over the last ten years, we've administration about helping? actually seen a number of people on disability double. it becomes this secret crutch >> well, not helping right with the problems they're having for the economy. what's very interesting is that if you actually start scratching currently. rather with being a resource in at the trend numbers, the number these 36 states that are not of people who are filing for setting up their own exchanges disability actually mirrors the for low-income subsidy unemployment number, when people individuals to be able to use are falling out of the their subsidy. workforce. no, we have not had kfrgs with some of them are just deciding to not go back into the the administration currently workforce and are filing for about helping with the issues disability. and problems that they have. now, remind you, disability what i'm concerned about is enrollment overall. payments are not much. if these exchanges don't get to maybe it's $1200. people who are close to a point where they're much more retirement age who really aren't operative and effective, if we finding the opportunities and don't get a lot of people are just deciding that it's enrolled in a very diverse base, better to just wait it out, wait that's when this legislation till retirement, wait till social security kicks in. really is at risk. because obama care success and and they're trying to subside on failure is based on one thing, this very small amount. >> monica mehta, managing enrollment. people who are enrolling now, principal of seventh capital who are somehow getting through investment, thank you for on these exchanges that aren't joining me this morning. working well, more likely than >> thank you. not, are people who have not been able to enroll because they
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the disastrous rollout of weren't healthy. now they can. the obama care website isn't one of the great things about obama care is that somebody who just having an impact on people had a pre-existing condition can now get coverage. we need younger, healthier people in the pool as well. trying to enroll. >> let me ask you this. nearly half of the country, 56%, these aren't just glitches. say problems with we're talking about real are signs of a bigger issue with problems, problems with the architecture of the system, the the law itself. that's according to the architecture of the website. washington post and abc, which now the president says they've found that 40% think that called in tech experts from all over the -- we don't know who they are. problems with the obama care but it's not an easy fix to fix website are just an isolated the architecture of a website, incident. jim acosta joins us with more. is it? >> no, it's not. it's not. good morning, jim. frankly, in the world i live in, >> reporter: good morning, in the e-commerce world, you carol. the white house is not revealing can't launch something that doesn't work. said another way, you have to who is coming in to fix those put something out there that problems and when they'll works and works very well. actually be fixed. they are upfront about one it's a competitive environment. thing. they've got a big problem on i don't know about the their hands. architecture -- >> should they shut it down and the way administration officials describe it, the so-called text start over? >> i think it's a little bit surge to fix the obama care late to do that. website sounds like a top-secret they have to stabilize this mission with an all-star team of thing and get it working somehow, some way. i.t. specialists parachuting in i would assume -- i would hope they're able to do that. from across the country.
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>> nobody's madder than me about frankly, at worst case -- could the fact that the website isn't be a really good case -- we can working as well as it should. do a lot of this for the federal which means it's going to get government. we've been doing this for years. fixed. >> reporter: one question is 20 million americans came to whether warning signs were e-health long before the missed. washington post reports the site affordable care act was in this crashed days before it was implementation stage. there are ways to do this. launched during a simulation look, carol, i believe they're test involving hundreds of going to get this stabilized. users. once it's stabilized and despite a pew research poll working, how well does it work and how effective is it? finding only a small percentage of americans say the exchanges how many people can get through? are working well. can they get through it in a way white house officials don't want to delay the mandate, requiring that they understand what's americans to have insurance. happening? that's critical here. >> we're way still early in the bidding an e-commerce operation is not easy. it's very complex. process. you're talking about a february 15th and march 31st deadline. what you're trying to do here is it is october 21st today. replicate an or let's be clear about that. >> welcome to the health insurance marketplace. >> reporter: until the site is fixed, frustrated consumers are e-health. being urged to call a toll free which is why i have felt so strongly for so long that number to shop for insurance. that's an option administration government has got to utilize officials don't like, because it some of the very best parts of could be a big turn-off to the public sector to help in this credible effort to get younger, healthier buyers who do people coverage. one of the mistakes that's being everything online and are made, especially in many of the critical to obama care success. states is that they're trying to
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do this on their own. consumer reports warned if the >> gary lauer, e-health ceo, glitches are too much to absorb, stay away from thank you so much for joining us this morning. for at least another month. >> thanks, care. they've posted an update saying still to come in the that the website's problems do "newsroom," celebrity scandal, not negate the benefits. ceelo green accused of slipping a woman a drug and taking her back to her hotel roochlt when a support standing behind him, karmel allison, nearly details for you ahead. this was the hardest decision i've ever had to make. fainted. >> i've got you. no, no, you're okay. jim, i adore the pool at your hotel. this happens when i talk too anna, your hotels have wondrous waffle bars. long. >> reporter: a diabetic nearly her entire life, she later told cnn's piers morgan she's a big ryan, your hotels' robes are fabulous. i have twelve of them. obama care backer because it twelve? shhhh, i'm worth it& will always cover her what i'm trying to say is, pre-existing conditions. >> i've been lucky enough to be it's so hard to pick just one of you, covered. i was covered before i was so i'm choosing all of you with diagnosed but have never been able to switch coverage and have always lived with the fear -- a loyalty program that requires no loyalty. >> reporter: and earlier this plus members can win a free night every day morning, carol, we just got off the phone with a former only at innovation fellow, who used to work here at the white house, you feel...congested. who says that the contractors beat down. crushed. who set up health were, but sudafed gives you quote, a sloppy and, at worst, maximum strength sinus pressure and pain relief.
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so you feel free. unqualified. i had a long conversation with powerful sinus relief. this innovation fellow over the sudafed. open up. telephone. and he said that part of the problem here is that the government's procurement process for hiring these contractors is really just gotten to the point where so few contractors are brought in that the process is not competitive enough and that these contractors have gotten lazy as a result. there's more on about powerful sinus relief. this, carol. at a ford dealer with a little q and a for fiona. but those contractors are going to be under heavy scrutiny this tell me fiona, who's having a big tire event? week. they're scheduled to testify at your ford dealer. a hearing up on capitol hill on who has 11 major brands to choose from? thursday. health and human services your ford dealer. who's offering a rebate? your ford dealer. secretary kathleen sebelius is who has the low price tire guarantee, expected to be on the hill next affording peace of mind to anyone week. >> does this innovation fellow who might be in the market for a new set of tires? your ford dealer. tell you how it can all be i'm beginning to sense a pattern. fixed? get up to $140 in mail-in rebates when you buy is there a solution? >> reporter: he did mention that he thinks they should bring in four select tires with the ford service credit card. new vendors and break this website apart into smaller where'd you get that sweater vest? your ford dealer. pieces and go through each part and build it maybe not from scratch but work through some of those problems in the smaller parts and then reassemble it. he was explaining to me -- i'm not the biggest geek in the world, carol, but he was saying some of the coding that went
6:10 am
into developing this website has a lot of problems in it, and that that coding needs to be fixed. so not to get too wonky with you, carol, he says a lot of this really needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. it sounds like it will be a long, painstaking process. >> jim acosta, reporting live from the white house. thanks. coming up in the "newsroom." >> active shooter. two down in the playground. one victim in the cafeteria. >> reporter: another school shooting and a beloved teacher dead. why he is being called an american hero. my mantra?
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can possibly expect. axiron. let me get right to it. first of all, new fifth generation ipad. a lot of people excited about this. thinner and lighter, also a bit speedier. also the new ipad mini with the retina screen, clear display screen and updated macbook pros, faster than the previous ones. we heard before about os mavericks back in june. we might get the release date and price for that. a lot of people looking for that. you mentioned ipods, carol. people are very -- they're not as much -- they don't sell as well as they used to. a confident retirement. but people still love to buy the those dreams, there's just no way we're going to let them die. ipods. people are saying maybe we could expect some ipod this is go ♪ around. people will be interested to see if the new ipads have that fingerprinting technology that like they helped millions of others. we saw with the new 5s. by listening. planning. working one on one. people will be excited about it. you mentioned the apple smart that's what ameriprise financial does. watch. i don't -- i'm sorry to say, i that's what they can do with you. that's how ameriprise puts more within reach. don't know if we'll hear more about that. i'm dying to hear if we'll hear anything about the apple
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♪ television, but our sources say not likely. carol? >> really? that would be exciting. other tablets are coming out this week. tell us about them, too. >> everyone loves a good tablet war. this is a big week. microsoft's new surface 2 and surface pro coming out this week. this is the next generation smoke? microsoft tablet. nah, i'm good. people are really keeping an eye out for this to see if it can go [ male announcer ] celebrate every win with nicoderm cq, head to head with the mu ipad. the unique patch with time release smartcontrol technology they say the new ipads are that helps prevent the urge to smoke all day long. supposed to be still a little thinner and lighter. help prevent your cravings with nicoderm cq. also a dark horse, everyone is wondering what nokia's new tablet will look like. when you talk about the tablet war, about a year ago, carol, apple had about -- i want to say something like 60% of the market share and they dominated the b tablet market. now they're at 32%. they've got these competitors and also have competitors like google's nexus 7, samsung galaxy. checking our top stories at right now it's really anyone's 13 minutes past the hour, game. we'll keep an eye out for you. >> competition is good. it brings the price down and
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reports from two rights groups makes a better product. say some u.s. drone type could right? >> absolutely. >> the american way. laurie segall, thank you very be classified as war crimes. much. ceelo green is fighting to it calls for, among other measures, compensating for remain free after prosecutors decided not to charge him with victims families in pakistan. rape. and several suspected al qaeda the singer and "voice" coach is targets in yemen. line of wildfires nearly accused of slipping a woman 1,000 miles long is burning ecstasy before he took her back across australia's most to her hotel. nischelle turner is live in new populated state, destroying more york with more on this story. than 200 homes since thursday good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and scorched an area the size of ceelo has talked about this los angeles. case, saying the clachls are at least one death has been baseless and untrue. he main tans that everything reported. officials fear tomorrow's that happened was consensual. the woman, though, tells a much conditions will be as bad as it can get with more lives and different story. now ceelo green is having his homes lost. apple is expected to unveil day in court. new ipads today with faster a few hours before "the voice" processors on the ipad and ipad hit airwaves monday night, one mini, with a high resolution of its celebrity coaches appeared before a real-life retina display. microsoft and ikea are also judge in a los angeles courtroom on a felo in. expected to announce new y charge. >> the preliminary hearing would products as tech firms gear up be within 30 calendar days of for the holiday shopping season. november 20th. this morning, so many whys >> reporter: ceelo green pled
6:15 am
not guilty to one felony account amid heartbreak and another american town dealing with a of a controlled substance to a school shooting. 33-year-old woman last year. marine turned math teacher lost the woman claims the 38-year-old his life at the hands of a middle school student who then grammy-winning singer slipped her ecstasy while they dined in turned the gun on himself. stephanie elam join us from an l.a. restaurant and then took her to her hotel room. sparks, nevada. fwm, stephanie. >> reporter: good morning, carol. officers did not get off one a move that seemed encouraging shot, but it didn't matter, to the entertainer as he walked before all of this tragedy into the courthouse monday. >> are you relieved? happened here at the middle are you still a little scared, school in sparks. trying to make sense of a though? >> i don't know. senseless killing. >> blair berk issued a statement the small desert community of saying mr. green encouraged a sparks, nevada, came together in full and complete investigation of those claims and he was prayer last night. this, after chaos and tragedy at confident once conducted, he a local middle school. would be cleared of having any >> active shooter, sparks middle wrongful intent. school. two down in the playground. and it would be established that one victim in the cafeteria, one any relations were consensual. in the hall. >> reporter: students were waiting for the morning bell to ring and then shots fired. but as "the voice" enters the >> people started running and battle round for its screaming. i started running and then we contestants, ceelo still faces a heard another gunshot. battle for his freedom. >> the kid started getting mad if convicted on the drug charge, and he pulls out a gun and he faces up to four years in
6:16 am
shoots my friend. >> reporter: the shooter, a prison. for now, he is free on $30,000 13-year-old student allegedly using his parents' gun wounded bail. ceelo is scheduled to be back in two fellow students, one in the court november 20th. there has been no immediate word shoulder, the other in the abdomen. a teacher rushed to their aid. from nbc about his future with "the voice" in light of this case. the show was on last night, >> a teacher and says back up. carol. the teacher started backing up. ceelo was on the show, but this he pulled the trigger. show was taped months ago. >> teacher was trying to make him put it down, but he took the the live shows don't begin for a shot right then and there. couple of weeks. >> reporter: a shot that killed back to you. >> nischelle turner reporting 45-year-old michael landsberry, live from new york. thanks so much. a popular eighth grade teacher. >> here's what's all new in the he was a former marine, who next hour of "newsroom." served several tours in afghanistan. he is now being called a hero. a new twist on the littstory of >> he was a very well-liked teacher by the students and other teachers. it's very unfortunate that someone like that, that little girl found living with a protected our country over there gypsy family. >> i dream about her all the and came back alive had to -- time. and this is what i see in my his life had to be taken. dreams. >> he loved teaching at sparks >> the family that thinks maria could actually be their middle school. he loved the kids. daughter. plus the video has gotten he loved coaching them. he loved teaching them. more than 4 million hits on he was just a good, all-around youtube. these men have gotten themselves individual. booted from the boy scouts for >> reporter: students are pouring out their grief on toppling an ancient rock social media. formation. now new questions about the guy >> i had the chills when i heard
6:17 am
who did the pushing from someone mr. landsberry died. he is suing. having him for math was the >> somebody with a bad back who best. it's too hard to believe. is disabled, who can't enjoy no teacher will take his place. nothing is going to be the same life, to me, doesn't step up and push a rock that big. anymore. you are a hero and you will always be missed at sparks >> that's all new in the next middle school. >> reporter: as for the student hour of cnn "newsroom." suspect, police say he took his play close. own life with that gun. >> i knew the person with the gun. he was really a nice kid. he would make you smile when you're having a bad day. i saw him getting bullied a couple of times and i think he took out his bullying on it. >> reporter: but it's still unclear what drove this child to resort to violence and whether or not he was targeting the students or the beloved math teacher who survived war only to die what should have been in the safe haven of an american middle good and close. school. discover the new way to help keep teeth clean school is canceled the rest of and breath fresh. new beneful healthy smile food and snacks. the week. as of the two wounded students, last check, they were both in he'll love the crunch of the healthy smile kibbles. stable condition, one in serious condition and one in fair
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♪ switch me on ♪ i want to touch you ♪ you're just made for love ♪ i need ooh la la la la la the september jobs report is finally out after more than a two-week delay because of the partial government shutdown. employers added 148,000 jobs last month lower than expected. unemployment rate, though, dropped to 7. % as more people reported getting jobs and joining the workforce. still, millions of americans are looking for work. some are even going on disability. and young people, only 22% of them are even bothering to look for a job. lei labor secretary tom perez joins me live from washington. good morning, secretary. >> good morning. pleasure to be with you. >> thank you for being here. i know what you're going to say,
6:21 am
though. this jobs report should be better. but it's not and people are getting tired of excuses. i'll ask you point blank, where are the jobs? >> you look at the report and see that the economy is slowly and steadily growing. this is 33 consecutive months of private sether growth. 7.6 million during and so we're moving in the right direction. we're not moving fast enough. the sequester and uncertainty that surrounded the shutdown, those are not ways that you grow jobs. i talk to a lot of businesses day in and day out. and they tell me uncertainty is a huge drag on the economy. and so, we're making progress. two jumbo jets carrying hundreds of passengers came but we should have our foot on the accelerator. and the uncertainty and the within seconds of colliding in shutdown, that's putting your foot on the praek. >> according to your labor scotland. it happened in late june. department, through july the
6:22 am
now details are coming out. number of people working they are disturbing. part-time grew 4.5 times the cnn's rene marsh has more on number of full-time workers. 8 million people are now this story. >> reporter: those two planes involuntary part-time workers. were about to cross the atlantic republicans blame in part obama ocean. this morning, investigators say care for that. this near collision in the sky is obama care to blame? was due to pilot error. >> that's flat wrong. but what we still do not know if you look at the data, 90% of this morning is why these pilots got it so wrong. the jobs that were created have mid air over scotland, two 747 been full-time jobs. you look at this recovery, you jumbo jets, carrying up to 1,000 compare it with past recoveries, passengers are on a path to and the fix of pull time and collide. british investigators say it's the instructions from air because the pilots didn't follow part-time jobs have has been traffic control. >> this is very hard to explain because it appears that two indistinguishable. airplanes with two pilots in the affordable care act has had impact on that area. each airplane, everybody got it and you look at job creation wrong initially. over the last year, more and >> reporter: the problem started more employers are hiring people when one plane, jet two, asked to work full-time. >> and you know where it gets the control tower for clearance to climb in altitude. confusing for people, because we it was cleared. but that put it at the same know companies like trader joe's altitude as another plane, jet and home depot have cut hours one. the two planes were now on a for many employees so they can
6:23 am
converging path and moving closer by the second. participate in obama care. the controller, realizing that, so how can you say it isn't in part to blame for more stepped in to prevent a collision. >> gave instructions to the part-timers? >> you look at the data. pilot on the right to go to the and you see since the package of left and on the left to go to the left. the affordable care act, 90% of the conclusion of the british the jobs that have been created investigators was that each have been full-time jobs. you luke at the data over the pilot did what the other was last year, and you see again instructed to do and they turned that the number of hours worked toward each other. >> reporter: they were about is going up. three mile as apart horizontally when we hear anecdotes, we respond to that. and 100 feet vertically. but when you look at the >> we have several layers of aggregate data, it protection and we got down to some of the last ones here. pilot saw the other airplane and said so and the collision overwhelmingly demonstrates that it's a nice talking but, but avoidance system activated it's not accurate. >> but it can't be great news properly. >> reporter: the alarms alerted for you that the launch of these the pilots and they corrected their paths. former faa accident investigator isn't going smoothly. because obama care was supposed steven wallace says it's rare to bring the deficit down and four pilots get the instructions according to the cbo, it will. so wrong. but the safety nets kicked in. but all of the problems are and that, he says, should give cropping up. >> as the president said comfort to airline passengers. yesterday, the challenges are he adds, there hasn't been a unacceptable. there's a remarkable team of people working on it.
6:24 am
collision between u.s. airliners since 1978. we've already seen that 500,000 well, investigators remain at a people, roughly, have put in an loss for answers as to why four application. the demand is remarkable. pilots, two in each plane, misheard or misinterpreted the and this is a long-term process. control tower's instructions. it's a marathon, not a sprint. that's despite at least one of and i'm quite confident, as is the crews repeating the the president that -- instructions correctly. >> is should be a sprint, right? investigators ruled out the possibility of call sign because you have to enroll a confusion because the call signs certain number of people for the of the two planes were so thing to fund itself for the different. carol? >> rene marsh, reporting live thing to work and before people start getting fined for not from washington for us. thank you. two of the cleveland kidnapping survivors are ready having health insurance. to tell their story. >> actually there's a six-month attorney for amanda berry and enrollment period ends in the gina dejesus says the two women end of march. and again, the president and the team of people working on this will write a book. has been working 24/7 to address berry, dejesus and michelle knight were held captive for these issues. the affordable care act is more nearly a decade in ariel than simply a website. people can call in, people can castro's house of horror. -- we have increased the number of people on telephones. so there's a number of ways in
6:25 am
which people can -- can enroll. they were recovered in may. and that's one of the things that we're making sure people parton and her driver were are well aware of. i'm quite confident that these taken to a nearby hospital. problems will resolve they say none of the injuries themselves. i know for certain that people are serious. still to come in the newsroom, white house calling in have already benefitted from the a team of tech experts to solve affordable care act. people like the millions of kids problems with the obama care website. but should they maybe check with who are 23 and 24 who are on private firms first, who have their parents' plans. already been successful in the the 85% of people who have effort? i'll talk with the man who runs a private health care exchange health insurance and are seeing next. now that they get access to [ male announcer ] this is jim, preventive care and other a man who doesn't stand still. services. the affordable care act has had but jim has afib, atrial fibrillation -- an important impact already. >> i've got to leave it there. an irregular heartbeat, not caused by a heart valve problem. >> and these current challenges that puts jim at a greater risk of stroke. i'm sure we will address. >> thank you secretary perez for for years, jim's medicine tied him to a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. joining me this morning. still it come, no turnovers but now, with once-a-day xarelto®, jim's on the move. for eli manning. and the new york giants finally get a win. jim's doctor recommended xarelto®. he rings. i can feel them looking at my thick, flaky red skin. like warfarin, xarelto® is proven effective to reduce afib-related stroke risk. do i tell them it's psoriasis?
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the giants get their first win. andrew is here with "bleacher report." >> they pick the big games usually for monday night football. recordwise for last night's game was the worst ever in history of monday night football. in this game, it was pretty ugly. the one bright spot was this awesome sack. but he's still able to bull eli manning down. and he would go down there. but this would be the first game this season he did not throw an interception. and the giants go on to end their worst start in nearly 30
6:30 am
years with a win. this maybe the coolest thing a band has ever done. the ohio state band paid tribute to michael jackson. check them out. they're moon walking across the field. we sped up this video. but still pretty awesome. at the end, the splits. i don't think that will ever be topped. >> not by anyone. >> one of the top stories in the lineup section today is about the amazing accomplishment of a 6-year-old boy. he became the youngest person ever to run a half marathon, that's 13.1 miles. she not only completed the race, but she cross the finish line in 2 hours, 46 minutes. she was doing it to raise charity. good for her. two wins away from getting to the world series, but now tigers manager jim leyland is
6:31 am
leaving for good. most people describe him as the grumbly guy. but not yesterday during his retirement press conference, he showed his softer side. >> i can't ever imagine the thrills that i've had in the last eight years. when it's time, it's time. and it's time. it's time to step down from the managerial position of the detroit tigers. >> sad to see him go. but he's saying the grind of every day, 162 games is getting too much for him at 68 years old. >> next hour of cnn "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the news room, two mysteries unfolding worlds apart maybe coming together. an american coupling things this little girl is their missing daughter. plus, two convicted killers who forged their way out of
6:32 am
prison is back behind bars in florida. >> obviously they recognize holes in our system. >> and later, did she have any idea what she signed up for? her smiemg face now the household symbol of the dysfunction of the obama care website. who is this mystery woman? the second hour of cnn "newsroom" starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. obama care condition critical. after the disastrous rollout of its website, americans are quickly losing confident. 56% now believe the widespread problems with the website indicate broader problems with the health system overhaul. only 40% believe the problems are merely isolated. president obama is becoming the defender in chief of his
6:33 am
signature priority. >> nobody is madder than me about the fact that the website isn't working as well as it should. which means, it's going to get fixed. experts from some of america's top private tech companies, who, by the way, have seen things like this happen before, they're reaching out and offering to send help. we've had some of the best i.t. talent join the team and we're well into a tech surge to fix the problem. >> a growing consensus that the website was doomed from the start because it was rushed to meet the october 1st launch. cnn's casey wian. >> glitches. >>s? rockier? kinks? by now it's clear that stronger
6:34 am
words need to be used to describe obama care. >> do you know whether the website was beta tested? >> terms of the types of testing and -- i just don't want to pretend to be an expert. what i can say is that the -- the system has not worked as effectively and efficiently as we wanted it to. >> reporter: the second of health and human services, kathleen sebelius, says they needed five years of construction. in realty, she said, quote, we had two years and almost no testing. and this woman is a executive of and a half gat consulting. >> it's not so much of a surprise initially. i think the fact that there seems to be ongoing problems is more of a surprise. >> the largest of the obama care contractors is cgi group. in a statement, cgi said it and
6:35 am
other contractors, quote, are working around the clock toward the improvement of health a system that is complex and unprecedented. we remain confident in our ability to improve it and a more positive user critics. >> accepted air force one out to load it up with smart people and bring them back to washington and fix this problem. >> reporter: this man is one of those smart people from silicon valley who founded wordpress. >> software they say you can have it fast, cheap, or good. pick two out of three. and it sounds like they went for the fast and cheaper. the launch date was probably picked politically. and the software and everything else was backed into that. >> reporter: we may find out if that's truly what happened beginning thursday. a congressional committee is holding hearings. and several of contractors
6:36 am
involved in the website are scheduled to appear. and secretary sebelius is expected to testify before that committee next week. >> thanks so much. and at a with us. in just about ten minutes we'll talk to republican congresswoman renee almers. just out this morning, a new snapshot of the economy and disappointment over how the jobs' picture is developing. it shows unemployment dropping to 7.2%. that's the lowest level in nearly five years. it also shows 145,000 jobs added last month. not as many as had been expected. seems people's expectations about the economy are dipping lower. alison kosik is with us with that side of the story. >> it looks like pessimism is running rampant among americans. there's a new poll that came out this morning, and it shows that
6:37 am
only 29% of americans think the economy is in good shape. that's the lowest level we've seen all year. that was taken right after the government re-opened last week. you know, lawmakers, yeah, they came to a deal, but they're only kicking the can down the road to 2014. the economists are saying that the pessimistic feeling is going to keep rippling through. that's making americans nervous too. look at this. 59% of americans who were surveyed say the economy is going to be in poor shape a year from now. this is a problem. because if people are nervous, they're going to pull back on spending. that hits the economy. it become a self-fulfilling prophecy. >> yet oddly the s&p opened higher today at record levels. >> you're not seeing investors excited about this report.
6:38 am
they're kind of looking at it as it was just okay, it wasn't great. you're seeing them buy into the s&p 500 because the thinking is the fed is going to continue pouring stimulus money into the financial system. it's the dow that gets all the love. but you look at the s&p 500 and it's at record levels now for the fourth day in a row. and you're seeing this go up once again because of the fed. we like to look at the s&p 500. the s&p 500 is more representative of the stock market and it's also what you're retirement funds track. did you know it's up 23% so far this year. the normal gain is 8%. i guess if you want to look at the glass half full, your retirement fund is probably doing pretty well. >> thanks for that little bit of bright sunshine there. in prison for murder. a few thousand dollars can give you a chance of freedom.
6:39 am
seriously. in an exclusive report, it's nothing new for convicts to buy papers to walk right off the prison like over the weekend. cnn is in florida. >> reporter: they're not cooperating with authorities but even still, they have discovered that this kind of fraud is not isolated for the two escaped murderers. days after two convicted murderers were mistakenly released from prison, new revelations about how they obtained the documents to set them free. >> we have a confident source that advised us there was a cottage field where an individual was able to construct these documents for,000. >> reporter: in an exclusive
6:40 am
interview, they said they've tried this before. five of them were from the same prison with charles walker and joseph jenkins escaped. >> are you looking at this perhaps being an inside job? >> that was a consideration. they had help inside the prison or inside the clerk's office. >> reporter: they had been investigating the issue for about a year. the inmates presented documents with a fake signatures of a judge and assistant state attorney hoping to secure their release. prison officials will now be retired to check with the judge to insure that the release order is legitimate. >> they recognized holes in our system. but holes have been recognized and they're doing i think a very good job of patching those holes before an action like this is taken. >> reporter: a manhunt led cops to the capture of the two men at
6:41 am
this motel. they're looking for those who helped the killers. even testing dna on the forged documents. >> we do not have the arrest warrant for them, but the suspects have been pinpointed. >> reporter: we are standing by for a noon press conference at the florida department of law enforcement where officials are expected to say that this case is moving quickly. >> checking our top stories at ten minutes past. classes canceled at a nevada school. a marine veteran lost his handed at the hands of a 13-year-old student who then committed suicide. michael landsberry was rushing to help too injured students. >> he walked up to the teacher and he said back up. teacher started backing up and he pulled the trigger.
6:42 am
>> it was a very well liked teacher by the students and other teachers. it's unfortunate that someone like that that protected our country over there and came back alive, his life had to be taken. >> he loved teaching he loved the kids. he was just a good all around individual. >> some describe the shooter as a nice kid who was bullied. it is not clear if that's what prompted the shooting. ceelo green accused of slipping ecstasy to a woman in july. he pleaded not guilty to a drug charge. the woman also claims he raped her. and nbc hasn't said how or if the drug charge will affect green's future with the sing pg competition. two of the women rescued from the house of horrors are ready to write a book about it.
6:43 am
amanda berry and dween in a dejesus were rescued in may after ten years in captivity. sleepwalking. look at this video. a woman says she was asleep and walked off a subway platform. other than an injury to her arm, the woman is said to be okay. still to come, kathleen sebelius is under krut any. i'll talk to a congresswoman about that subject next.
6:44 am
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frustration and fatigue for millions of uninsured americans. but for some states, the rollout has been smooth. 17 of those states, including the district of columbia, have set up their own ex-changes with fewer website issues. and in an interview this morning, the governor of one of those states of kentucky, had this to say with the new law's implementation. >> we hit the ground running on october 1. i think everybody in the country now feels like that the kentucky health care exchange is sort of the gold standard because it's working. we are signing up people at roughly a thousand a day. it's a great rate and great success so far. it was an easy decision for me. both from a morale standpoint, because we've got 640,000 uninsured kentuckyians and i
6:48 am
want to make sure that every single person has access to health care. it was also the best economic decision. i had outside experts telling me that it's going to create about 17,000 new jobs over the next eight years and infuse about $15 billion into our economy. it's a win-win for us. >> and when it comes to the scrutiny over the website's technical failures, he had this to say. >> let me give a piece of unsolicited advice to the critics and honestly to the news media. take a deep breath. in system is going to work. the only thing that really isn't working right now on the federal level is the website. i guarantee you that whether it's a week from now two months from now, they'll get it up and they'll get it working. people will be signing up. the last time we did a major transformational change in health care in america was back in 1965, i think it was, when they passed medicare. well, history shows us that it took two or three years to work
6:49 am
through all of the bumps in the road and all of the kinks to get it up and running and making sure that everybody joined up. so this is going to work. and everybody just needs to chill out a little bit. >> joining me now is republican congresswoman. good morning. >> good to be with you. >> you just heard the kentucky governor a man in the middle of implementing this law saying it can work. your response? >> what we see right now is a stark and fatal flaw. this is a failure at the greatest level and should be a great embarrassment to the president and his administration. and someone needs to take responsibility for it. that's why we're going to work so hard on the energy and commerce committee to get answers. >> do you believe it can work, if the glitches, but if everything is fixed at the 23er8 level, do you think that obama care can work as far as the health care exchanges go?
6:50 am
>> let's look at it from a grand view. we're talking about americans going on a website that isn't wa time line. this has -- this has that come up and working over a period of time between now and about december 15th. it's just flawed. it's completely failed. and now we're asking americans to buy health care coverage that the premiums are outrageous. i have constituents back home whose health care coverage is going up 400%. they're receiving letters from their insurance companies that are saying that as a result of the affordable care act the plan that they're on is no longer available. >> why isn't this happening in kentucky? >> i know you had the clip of the governor and god bless him. he's talking about a situation that he supports. american people cannot wait for this. there are hard working taxpayers --
6:51 am
>> was the governor joshing us? is he not telling the truth? >> i'm not exactly sure it is working in kentucky. you know, i have some of my colleagues that serve on the energy and commerce committee and they're not as thrilled with obama care in kentucky as the governor is. >> so the governor when he says he's signing up 1,000 people a day and wants to get the 640,000 people in kentucky insure, he's just saying that for political purposes? >> well, you know, let's look at again the grand scheme of things. it is a failure at monumental levels. and hey, if kentucky is working, that's a bright spot? all of this. but let's be honest, this is a administration needs thousands more to sign up forthis. and it's simply not going to happen. and let's put a system in place that really will work. i support the health care reform
6:52 am
act that i worked on to put forward a plan of affordable health care coverage for americans. not let's go with a system that's broken right from the start. i know the governor mentioned medicare, you know what? i'm going to be 50 next february. i was born in 1964. if we're talking about years later, is that really where we want to go for america? ge care.wou're in favor of but the gernor also sed the ongoing fight by some in your party to get rid of the law. here is what he had to say about tveeaved this web of miss information that's been out there for months now. now that the exchanges are open the people in kentuck a in o there finding out fo themselves. i told them, you don't have to like the president or me, this is not about the president or about me. it's about you, it's been your
6:53 am
families and children. go on there and check it out and you're going to like what you find. and that's what's happening. they are finding that they can get affordable health coverage for the first time in their lives. and i'll guarantee you about a year from now, they're going to look back at these critics, including a lot of the senators and representatives, and they're going to say, you misled us. >> so he laid out the scenario. let's say that -- that the effort to fire kathleen sebelius is successful and she is fired. but obama care is still there and it will be there. so will kept cans at some point say, wow, this is working in kept ken. maybe we should examine what's happening here and fix what's wrong with the other health care exchanges across the country. >> let's look at another state that obama care was modeled after like tennessee. a monumental failure. i think it lasted about 12 years
6:54 am
before they were able to erase the whole entire thing. and it put tennessee in an economic disastrous situation. but fact of the matter is, i'm looking at results. the results are right now that the obama care exchange rollout is a complete failure. >> but you're discounting everything that the kentucky governor is saying. instead of sitting down with him and saying, governor, let's talk and figure this out together. let's figure out what's political in what you're saying. you're discounting what he has to say outright. >> i'm looking out for north claire line yass first and foremost. i appreciate his remarks. i respect it. >> but you don't. >> but the fact of the matter is, we have to look at results. we can't just look at criticisms. >> we are just looking at criticismed. you're just looking at criticismed. you're discounting what he has to say.
6:55 am
>> you're getting awfully angry about this situation. i hate that you're in this position. but the fact of the matter is, we have had subcommittee hearing after subcommittee hearing, and each one of those agencies has including kathleen sebelius told us we were right on track. that they were going to go forward october 1st. and every american was going to have the chance to go on the website and see what would be available to them. there are mothers and fathers across this country right now that are still trying to get on that website. and oh, by by the way, if you do get on it -- >> i'm not disagreeing with any of that. i'm just saying why don't we find a way to fix it? >> if there's firing in the future, that's up to debate. the problem is, let's put affordable health care forward for all americans. let's put something together that really will work. not something that's dead on arrival already. >> congresswoman renee elmmers,
6:56 am
thanks so much for joining me. still to come in the "newsroom" -- [ laughter ] >> the men who recorded themselves knocking over an ancient boulder have gotten the boot from the boy scouts. and one could face serious legal trouble now. (vo) you are a business pro. maestro of project management. baron of the build-out. you need a permit... to be this awesome. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. (aaron) purrrfect. (vo) meee-ow, business pro. meee-ow. go national. go like a pro. and better is so easy withrning you cabenefiber.o something better for yourself.
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6:58 am
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6:59 am
the mep who recorded themselves knocking over that ancient boulder in a utah state park had in big trouble.
7:00 am
not only did they get the boot from the boy scouts. >> but because glen taylor, the man seeing doing the pushing, filed a lawsuit last month to say, quote, debilitating injuries from a car crash. does he look injured to you. >> wiggle it just a little bit. >> reporter: the wiggle and the topple, echoing across the world wide web. the man doing the pushing is glen taylor. >> it's just highly offended to see that somebody would act that way. >> reporter: not just he toppled what's known as a goblin, the unusual looking nearly 200 million-year-old rock formation in a utah state park, but because taylor is suing for a car accident four years ago. according to the personal injury lawsuit, he claims that after the accident he has serious permanent and debilitating injuries and has endured great
7:01 am
pain and suffering, loss of joys of life and impairment. he filed this lawsuit last month. this is taylor last week. >> somebody with a bad back who is disabled and can't enjoy life to me doesn't step up and push a rock that big right off its base. >> muscles over here pushed it off. >> reporter: taylor's lawyer did not return our calls for comment. but taylor did say this about the lawsuit. >> you don't look very debilitated in that video. >> you didn't see how hardy pushed. >> reporter: why would a plaintiff in a personal initial lawsuit post his own video pushing a rock over? people do the darnedest things with cell phones. >> it's a strange thing that people will file the claims. they don't think anyone will ever see it or repercussions will ever come of it. >> reporter: or hear their excuses. >> some little kid was about ready to walk down here and die
7:02 am
and glen saved his life by getting the boulder out of the way. >> reporter: the boy scouts not buying it, booting these two leader for irresponsible behavior. >> still to come, could a baby who vanished from here moment several years ago really be the little girl rescued from a gypsy camp in greece? you'll hear from the mom wondering if it's her missing child. t attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor i save time, money,st, and i avoid frustration. you'll find reviews on home repair to healthcare, written by people just like you. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
7:03 am
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a little girl rescued from a gypsy champ in greece has parents in several nations wondering if they should be their child. she's known asthma riah. her picture has been skirgting after the arrest of a couple who say they adopted her. but a kansas city family wants to know if she is their kidnapped daughter. cnn is live in kansas city this morning. >> reporter: good morning. we went over and knocked on the door here at the family's home. either they're not home or choosing not no speak. we confirmed through their attorney that the fbi has reached out to officials in greece to compare similarities between their missing daughter and a girl known asthma riah. this morning, there are new questions and prachs new
7:07 am
possibilities. could this young girl, found in greece, actually be from kansas city? >> i feel like she's okay. >> reporter: the parents of lisa irwin, the missing kansas city toddler who vanished from her bed in 2011, they reached out to the fbi who contacted greek authorityize. because they believe this blond haired blue eyed girled could be lisa. >> there is no such thing as a tip too small. >> reporter: the second anniversary of lisa's disappearance was two weeks ago. and a new photo was released as to what she might look like today. >> i dream about her all the time. this is what i see in my dreams. >> reporter: some things don't add up. lisa would be three years old. and medical tests indicate that maria is five or six. but all possibilities must be
7:08 am
ruled out. >> the claiming that we never abduct this child. >> reporter: the couple claiming to be maria's parents were arrested on suspicious of abducting a minor. dna results confirm that they are not her biological mom and dad. but greek authorities are getting calls from around the world offering leads on the possible identifitive the mystery girl. so far, they're taking about ten of those leads seriously, including some cases from the u.s. one of them, baby lisa. carol, so at this point, it's important to point this out. according to the group smiles of a child, maria would be five or six years old, lisa just three years old next month. just seeing someone pull up here. after this live shot i'm going to go over and speak with them and see if they want to talk. we'll get back to you after that. >> how heartbreaking for that
7:09 am
family. unbelievab unbelievable. checking other top stories. probably the most memorable moment during the health care speech yesterday. watch. >> the one illness -- you're okay. i'm right here. i got you. you're okay. this happens when i talk too long. >> embarrassing. the woman's name is carmel alison. she's a type one diabetic from san diego who is also 20 weeks pregnant. she opened up to piers morgan about her headline making moment. >> the whole world was watching. what was going through your mind? >> mostly, oh, no, don't faint. and then the next thing i knew i was being caught by the president and thinking, wow, that just happened. so, you know -- it was an incredible hop to be there and i'm happy to have been there today to support the president as we, you know, takes the stand
7:10 am
and reinforces the importance of the aca and the act and how important health care is for all of us. i'm extremely embarrassed that i fainted but honored still to have been there. >> type one diabetic, which means she dependent on insulin and she has a preexisting condition which is why she's for obama care. supporters of daisy coleman plan to hold a demonstration in missouri tonight. she says a teenager boy raped her when she was 14 years old. now a special prosecutor is taking up her case and promising a thorough review. it is a dream come true and an incredible story. this star high school basketball player from georgia was born missing the lower left half of his left arm. now he's getting a chance to play ncaa basketball. he's got a verbal commitment
7:11 am
from the university of florida as a preferred walk on. and they said he's going to be treated just like every other player. still to come, the countdown is on. will apple up veil a new batch of ipads today. ? a look at what to expect next. life with crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis is a daily game of "what if's". what if my abdominal pain and cramps come back? what if the plane gets delayed? what if i can't hide my symptoms?
7:12 am
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at less than three hours, apple is expected to unveil a whole bunch of new ipads. and rumors are swirling of bigger surprises like an apple smartwatch or even a new ipod. >> thanks. happy to be here. >> so have you expected any incredible features on this new ipad?
7:15 am
>> i'm a big fan of things getting smaller and lighter. for me that's a big deal. it's going to be smaller and a little thinner. it will look look a lot like the ipad mini. it should have the same beautiful screen. and we should see a new ipad mini also. >> i read an article saying what more can you possibly add to the ipad? wings? how much better could it possibly get? >> that's an interesting question. when you're looking at a tablet, you sort of want it to disappear. you want it to be a beautiful object that focuses right on the screen. getting the bezing really smaller is key for apple. >> which is getting harder and harder because it has competition now. microsoft and nokia are expected to announce new tablets this week. >> and bigger competition, we have at android tablets
7:16 am
everybody from a bunch of different manufacturers that are gaining a lot of attraction. they're a lot less expensive. you can get the nexus 7 for, you know, almost half the price and it's a beautiful machine. >> and that brings up -- let's talk about cost. apple's thing, if you will, has been to provide the best products and they don't want to drop the price too much because that will tell consumers that maybe it's not as good. >> apple has occupied the sort of premium gadget space. and the new ipad, when it came out, was $500. and for the lower level wi-fi and lowest number of gigabytes of storage. and this new ipad will also likely just be $500. they've kept the price pretty consistent. >> 500 bucks is still a lot of money. thank you so much for joining me
7:17 am
this morning. >> thanks for having me. in health news a team of british and american scientists claiming to be closer to a cure for baldness after growing human hair from tissue samples taken from seven people. the group says more research is needed but the procedure could, in their words, transform the medical dream of hair lose. still to come, dick cheney and the terror threat that is not nearly as outlandish as it sounded. cyberattackers targeting the heart device that keeps cheney alive. it's possible. we'll explain. waffle bars... fancy robes... seems every hotel has something to love... so join the loyalty program that lets you earn free nights in any of them. plus, for a limited time, members can win a free night every day. only at
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7:20 am
thanks. what? i just wanted to clarify something i reported earlier today on obama care. companies like trader joe's and home depot have not reduced hours for their employees. instead they're eliminating
7:21 am
insurance for the part-time workers suggesting that they get it through the obama care exchanges. but almost all accounts, the 9/11 attacks -- and now we know that he feared becoming a target himself in a most unusual way. terrorists would turn his lifesaving heart device into a weapon. the cloak and dagger scenario became an iconic tv scene made even more disturbing because the threat is very real. >> reporter: new concerns about a so-called body hack. a cyberterror noit mayor. they end a signal to the heart device of the american's vice president triggering cardiac arrest. it's a legendary scene in the fictional drama "homeland." dick cheney says he wauns thought it could happen to him. here is what he tells us. >> i was a wear of the danger,
7:22 am
if you will, that existed. but i found it credible because i knew from the experience that we had and the necessity for adjusting my own device, that it was an accurate portrayal of what was possible. >> reporter: while in office, cheney had an im plachbted defibrillator a device in his chest that would shock his heart into rhythm. when it came time to replace it, the doctor ordered them to disable the wireless feature out of concern. >> this was the device that was inside dick cheney's chest. i'm with dr. susan owe donahue. eas a doctor here at the med start hospital in washington. >> the wireless capability allows mop toring of the device from home. the transmitter can check the device at night and transmit information to be sure the device is working properly, no
7:23 am
serious rhythm problems and no fractures of the lead and that the bat remember is working. >> reporter: she says there's only a slim chance to access those controls remotely. to trigger a shock, you have to hold a wand right over the defibrillator. but those are all in the hospital. so to hack, you would have to be just a few feet away from the patient. >> once you've initiated contact with this wand, you can be in the same room but wireless. >> reporter: but other medical devices can be hacked into remotely from a distance. one experts recently demonstrated how an insulin pump can be -- >> and a postscript, brian tells us the food & drug administration is stressing its concern that these devices can be hacked. in fact just this past june they
7:24 am
called on health care professionals and equipment ma manufacturers to tighten their security. >> and still investigating the case of a male new york jets fan caught on video hitting a female new england patriots fan. he spent three years in prison for -- the mother of the jets' fan was at the gamt and said the female fan attacked him. there's a shroud of flame and smoke from the wildfires in -- the conditions tomorrow are expected to be about as bad as it gets. still to come in the news room, who is that woman on the obama care website? we solve the mystery, next. [ paper rustles, outdoor sounds ]
7:25 am
♪ [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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7:28 am
the obama care software fiasco. why cry, when you can laugh? >> having a rough day today. a friend of mine was given six months by his doctor. not to live, to sign up for obama re. they're saying that if you are in need of health care. you can wait for them to get the site fix or enroll in medical school, graduate and then take care of yourself. >> obama is urge urging americans to call a 1- 7800 number. the number is 1-800, we didn't think this through. >> i told you it was funny. let's talk about a young woman whose face was become synonymous with the obama care website. >> reporter: have you seen the mystery girl?
7:29 am
she's not missing, but she is almost impossible to miss. >> the trouble -- >> the rollout of health care has -- >> reporter: she's been floating across our tv screens smiling at us from our computers, online at least. this isn't the face of obama care. this is. and critics are having a field day tweeting congrats rapidly smiling photo girl. you're now the most despiced face on the planet earth. how would you like having your face associated with phrases like, problem plague. watch your back. >> takes the heat for the obama website glitches. >> reporter: screen right. >> the problem -- >> when we ask about her identity, the company didn't call us back. nor did health and human
7:30 am
services. a small company that originally worked on the home page stole toeld us she was part of the mockup from the design folks. we checked stock photo files but couldn't find her. her face is even being defaced. does she have obama care, someone tweeted. obama care girl isn't getting the love the original obama girl got back in 2008. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: some are crushing obama care girl by comparing her to joey on friends. >> i'm actor/model. >> reporter: but joey's job became a nightmare when he saw his photo plattered all over new york in a poster warning vd, you never know who might have it. >> you know how laughter can be infectious. >> reporter: but obama care is the treatment, now the disease.
7:31 am
and while the original obama care sang of health care reforms -- ♪ ♪ ♪ >> reporter: -- poor obama care girl gets the cold shoulder. and all she does is smile. cnn. in this is you, call me. new york. call me. >> i really enjoyed that. i 40e7 you did too. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello "legal view" starts now. >> an illegal aadoption or abduction? a couple now under arrest in greece charged with kidnapping a little girl. could she be lisa irwin, a kansas city toddler who disappeared two years ago? and all of this as news breaks
7:32 am
today of another little girl being removed
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