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tv   Early Start  CNN  October 29, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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catch and would be the end of the story unless a sneaky sea lion is lurking off camera. you see that? he or she stole the show, as well as the fish. the cameras were filming the cooking show "chef on the water." >> thanks. that does it for this edition of "ac360." thanks for watching. "early start" begins right now. spying on america's friends. what did the president nen what is he going to do about it? the new plans this morning that could dramatically change u.s. intelligence operations.the new could dramatically change u.s. intelligence operationis he goi? the new plans this morning that could dramatically change u.s. intelligence operations. a frantic manhunt. two inmates who broke out of a oklahoma jail back behind bars but two more on the loose this morning as we learn more how they made their daring escape. >> that is a community very concerned. a major milestone of
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recovery nearly one year after superstorm sandy. >> what a year. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm zoraida sambolin. it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. so many people perplexed this morning is it really possible the u.s. was eavesdropping on ally world leaders for years and president obama didn't know? no one told him? phone conversations from u.s. friends like german chancellor angela merkel. the administration insists the president did not know. now he is ordering a full review of the nsa surveillance operations and the foreign relations fallout. here is more from our chief national security correspondent jim sciutto. >> reporter: president obama would not confirm the nsa was spying on the phone calls of u.s. allies like germany's chancellor angela merkel.
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>> the national security operations generally have one purpose and that is to make sure that the american people are safe. i'm making a review to make sure what they are able to do doesn't necessarily mean what they should be doing. >> reporter: senior administration officials tell cnn president obama did not know about the nsa surveillance of merkel and other allies until earlier this year. when he found out he ordered a stop to some of the programs. the democratic chairman of the senate intelligence community dianne feinstein usually an ally of the white house says that is not good enough and wants a total review of all u.s. intelligence programs.
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here is one explanation former vice president cheney gave cnn's jake tapper. >> we are vulnerable as was shown on 9/11. you never know what you're going to need when you need it. the fact we do collect a lot of intelligence. that intelligence capability is enormously important to the united states to the foreign policy to defense matters and economic matters and i'm a strong supporter of it. >> reporter: jim sciutto, cnn, washington. our thanks to jim. is apparently off life support this morning. the obama care website back online after suffering a nationwide network outage over the weekend. later this morning, testifying at the congressional hearing will be an administration for the medicare and medicaid
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services. 325,000 people have now been able to sign up for private insurance through obama care state-run marketplaces. cnn has learned health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius missed an extended deadline set by house committee to turn over documents about the website and could trigger a congressional subpoena from republicans. lindsey graham is trying to hold up all nominations for federal positions until the outpost in benghazi appear in congress. they say they sent someone there on the night of the attack. the white house is accusing republicans of playing politics with the issue. secretary of state john kerry may travel to egypt in the coming weeks we hear. it would be his first trip there since president mohammed morsi was ousted by the military last summer.
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ties between washington and cairo have been strained since then. the u.s. recently withholding $260 million in cash aid and military weapons pending egypt's progress on democracy and on human rights. they are picking up the pieces this morning after one of the most powerful storms in years, which has battered great britain and western europe. at least 13 people were killed. pretty amazing pictures here. hundreds of thousands left without power. paralyzing storm forced the cancellation of trains, planes, ferries on monday because of winds reaching hurricane force. >> look at that! >> crazy, right? >> you don't usually see this type of thing in western europe. they get it once every 20 years or so. gusts of 99 miles per hour were reported south of england this is in belgium here. clearly the people there not used to it and not sure what to do but you can see the power of the storm. >> great everybody was helping each other. you can't get across the street. it was throwing people all over
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the place. >> probably not a good day to be out on a bike ride. >> or holding an umbrella. there is cause for celebration here on the east coast. one year after superstorm sandy. ellis island is back and pope. ameri -- open. >> yes, we are shy a little bit on exhibits and artifacts, but we are not shy on character at all. >> that guy david lusinger is retiring to congratulations to your retirement. it happened on the statue of liberty birthday. >> happy birthday. >> i forget to say happy birthday. for more is indra petersons in. it was devastated by the superstorm and then scorched by a fire last month.
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>> reporter: it is already hard to believe it's been a storm since this devastating storm. this storm affected a hundred million people. i brought up a satellite view to remind you how large this storm was. we are talking about extending from maine down through florida and even extending all the way back through michigan. that is the massive size of this storm to remind you about 5 million people lost power. hundreds of thousands of homes were impacted and, of course, superstorm fashion it was about the timing. it had a nine-foot storm surge and it combined with high tide so we talked about a record breaking 13.88 storm surge really when the two came in and enundated the area with water. this morning, i'm standing in front of the jet star roller coaster used to be and it was torn down in may. no longer do we see that symbol of this iconic pier here this morning. to my right they are rebuilding and it's going to take some time. the good news the boardwalk is up this morning. the bottom level of casino pier was open the summer to slow,
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slow business this summer. you can tell they will continue to rebuild and try to build another roller coaster and it looks like next summer hoping to have it open but may take another year. the good news 90% of the businesses are open. i want to talk about the impact, what it was. sandy came and completely perpendicular to the coast and that is the reason that storm surge was so high. i want to take you into some maps across the country. we have another system that is important to talk about. big system bringing heavy snow today from wyoming and in through colorado and portions of nevada. you're looking at the storm system makingity way through. about 10 inches of snow possible. good news for ski resorts. a good 10 inches possible there and good news for opening season here for a lot of our local resorts. the system, unfortunately, is going to clash. the cold air with the warm air in the south so we have a severe weather threat today in through portions of texas. that same system will make its way to the east so anywhere from the ohio valley into the northeast it looks like we will be looking at heavy rain for halloween. tough to say. >> yikes.
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bummer there. amazing pictures behind you of just one year ago. today, so much devastation. thanks so much. coming up next, manhunt. two inmates who escaped an oklahoma jail captured and two more on the loose. chris brown set free from jail after getting a big break in court. >> i'll say. plus, it is time for the morning rhyme. tweet us with your own original verse. it can be about anything. the #early start and #early rhyme and we will read the best ones on the air in the next half hour. [ male announcer ] scope outlast gives you a long-lasting fresh breath feeling. so you have the courage to jump in... go in for the hug... or make sparks fly. for a fresh breath feeling that lasts up to 5x longer, get scope outlast. a confident retirement. those dreams, there's just no way we're going to let them die.
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welcome back to "early start." two ust four oklahoma inmates who broke out of jail by busting through a shower ceiling are back behind bars this morning. the other two men are still on the loose leaving a lot of locals on edge this morning. also this morning we are getting
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a clearer picture of exactly how the convicts managed to pull off their daring escape. those are the two that were caught. here is george howell. >> reporter: police searched throughout the night looking for two remaining caddo county jail inmates who have been on the run since thont. anthony mendonca and terroriston cheadle remain at large. should people be worried that they are on the streets? >> sure. everybody should be more cautionen area secure of your vounds. >> reporter: the two escaped with two other inmates who ended up back where they started from inside the walls that failed to confine them. dylan irons and prime brown were
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found and arrest. >> it just makes me nervous to think it's not built better. >> elevate there vidently, a de the shower. >> that is how it went down. >> reporter: according to officials the men busted through a maintenance hatch in the shower in the jail and crawled through a pipe space beneath the roof where the air-conditioning and plumbing sit and knocked out a cement block to get to another room and that took them directly to unlocked side door which they simply pushed open to freedom. >> i don't think it was a design flaw, no. i mean, it's something we will have to investigate, but the jail was wiell ble. >> reporter: camera caught contractors back on the jail to prevent this jail break again. >> let's lots of way that people escape jails. i can't say it won't happen again. we hope it don't happen again. >> george howell, cnn.
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>> i think a lot of people hope it doesn't happen again out there. 14 minutes after the hour. not a reprieve but another day of freedom for jesse jackie, jr. a paper work snagged has delayed his 30-month prison term for misusing $750,000 in campaign funds. his sentence was supposed to begin monday at a federal correctional facility. his wife was ordered to report to prison 30 days after her husband. that was to lessen the impact on their two children. a big break for singer chris brown in his recent assault case. a felony charge has been roofed -- reduce to do a misdemeanor and brown was relieved without bail. >> we are confident that mr. brown will be exonerated of any wrong doing. >> brown was arrested sunday morning after an altercation outside a washington, d.c. hotel. singer is required to stay 100 yards away from the victim
2:16 am
identified as 20-year-old isaac parker. >> this story is nuts. the chef guy was testifying in a case against his stolen lamborghini and attempted murder. he took the stand in the case against 19-year-old max wade. prosecutors accuse wade of stealing his lamborghini in 2011 in order to impress a girl who he later attempted to murder along with her boyfriend! follow it. wade was arrested in a storage where police also found the stolen lamborghini. >> i was in chicago shooting the show. when the phone was ringing i thought somebody is messing with me. this is a bad joke but it wasn't a bad joke and it was very surprising, you know, that it went down the way it went down. >> he managed to get a plug-in for his show.
2:17 am
wade is on trial for auto theft and faces two counts of attempted murder. jury deliberations begin later today. >> a cookie story. hi to read it twice to understand. it was insane. insane. i'm going to let you talk about the red sox. >> so it turns out the red sox won last night. they beat the cardinals. i'm not going to jinx anything to say how close they may or may not be to winning the whole thing but it was an impressive game last night and andy scholes joins us now with "the bleacher report." >> congratulations, john. i'm so happy for you. there was in wacky ending in game five last night. it was just an old-fashioned pitcher's duel between the red sox jon lester and the cardinals adam wainwright. big papi who is absolutely on fire got things going in boston's first inning. he doubles in dustin pedroia and make it 1-0. the game would be tied at 11 until the seventh inning when david ross doubles in a run. that would be enough for lester and koji uehara who combine to
2:18 am
give up only one run on four hits and the red sox win game five 3-1. they now will look to close out their first world series title at fenway park since 1918. less than a mile away from where the world series is being played last night, the rams were hosting the seattle seahawks on "monday night football." st. louis, it's a baseball town. you can imagine this wasn't a full house. the big play in the game became the third quarter. russell wilson hooks up with golden tate. he waves good-bye to the cornerbacks as he goes in for the 80-yard penalty and he received -- touchdown and he received a taunting penalty for that. seahawks win 14-9 over the rams. wonder how lebron is training this season? check out his exercise routine and full ad for nike. a full ad from his home in miami
2:19 am
to south beach to the arena. it looks like the whole city of miami. lebron and the heat tip off tonight with a big double-header and miami and chicago get things started at 8:00 eastern on tnt. i know you're excited for the return of derrick rose tonight, zoraida. >> he is looking good. >> he is. let's see what he has in store for lebron and the heat tonight and that game is followed by the clippers and lakers at 10:30. the kansas city chiefs are off to a great 8-0 start and meet baby andy reid. his dad came up with the idea for him to be baby ained reid. the mustache like a stuffed walrus. >> the baby is clock management so there is a little bit of a
2:20 am
difference. >> he is not doing too bad this year, right? >> that costume is awesome, andy. great to see you. aem investors on are worried this morning. what is going so wrong with that computer giant? "money time" is next. g to get ad of his insurance agent. maxwell is not. he's on setting up an appointment with an adjuster. ted is now on hold with his insurance company. maxwell is not and just confirmed a 5:30 time for tuesday. ted, is still waiting. yes! maxwell is out and about... with ted's now ex-girlfriend. wheeeee! whoo! later ted! online claims appointments. just a click away on ido more with less with buless energy. hp is helping ups do just that. soon, the world's most intelligent servers, designed by hp, will give ups over twice the performance,
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and experience to look beyond the obvious. we'll uncover opportunities, find hidden risk, and make success a reality. bny mellon wealth management. welcome back. 23 minutes past the hour. it is "money time." christine romans is here. >> good morning, you guys. it is world's most valuable
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company is apple and something for people not to like is its latest earnings report. look at that after hours dip. the mixed feelings could be seen after the close with apple saying and rebounding when the cfo said on the conference call that margins would have been better if not for an accounting change. stock down just a little bit. we will watch this and see what happens when the opening bell rings this morning. the upbeat takeaway from the earnings ipo sales were up sharply thanks to the new models last month. cook expects a strong holiday season and apple sold more than 34 million iphones in the fourth quarter. revenues rose 17% from a year ago. it was more than half of apple's quarterly sales but the average price of an iphone declined 6.6% from a year ago. mac sails showed a 7% decline from a year ago.
2:25 am
it was the third consecutive decline for apple. another record day on the s&p. it wasn't very much but a little bit. the s&p 500 gained two points to put it over friday's all-time high. the s&p has been up for eight of the last nine sessions. the nasdaq and dow closed lower. the dow up 19% for the year. this is unbelievable. the nasdaq up 30% and s&p 500 up 24%. 24%. fu [ male announcer ] if you can clear a crowd but not your nasal congestion, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec-d®. powerful relief of nasal congestion and other allergy symptoms -- all in one pill. zyrtec-d®. at the pharmacy counter.
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spy game fallout. america's closest allies so angry over eavesdropping. this morning, the white house set to announce major changes to the controversial nsa surveillance. the red lines, old barriers are all gone. >> the new rise of terror. more attacks killing more people. we will tell you the places being targeted and who is behind all of the killing. he is a mental case and they are going to put him here in a community full of kids. >> you can hear the outrage. the judge orders a serial rapist relieved and the neighbors are experienciing the shocking news there is more fallout from those stunning nsa leaks. the u.s. looking to putting and end to spying on ally leaders.
2:29 am
a final decision has not been made yet. in an interview on fusion tv, president obama said an internal review is under way. >> but i'm not here to talk about classified information. what i am confirming is the fact that the word undergoing a complete review of how our intelligence operates outside of the country. >> this move comes after nsa leaker edward snowden indicated the u.s. was eavesdropping on german chancellor angela merkel and 34 other foreign leaders. dozens of pages of top secret u.s. documents were declassified on monday. in an parent bid to show the nsa was acting legally when it gathered millions of americans phone record. the obama administration is granting a six-week extension to americans who want to sign. for obama care coverage. the new deadline is march 13st and extended because the website has a number of problems.
2:30 am
we are told the website is back up and running now. when it comes to terrorism the future looks frightening. cnn obtaining a sobering new report that reveals casualty and attacks are on the rise. as chris lawrence reports, there is no end in sight to that troubling trend. >> reporter: it's not your imagination. terrorists are launching more attacks like this deadly assault on a nairobi mall. and it's likely the world will see even more violence next year. cnn obtained exclusive access to an upcoming report from stark, a group that tracks terrorism around the world. it found there were 69% more terrorist attacks in 2012 than the year before. there was an 89% jump in deaths and with well over 5,000 attacks through june of this year, the future looks even deadlier. >> i expect we will see that
2:31 am
reflected in even more violence in 2013 and each higher numbers. >> reporter: dan benjamin was the terrorism coordinator at the state department. he says many of too today's militant groups judge success by the number of people killed, including civilians. >> the old red lines, the old barriers are all gone. >> reporter: six of the deadliest groups are affiliated with al qaeda including afghanistan and going after christian targets. the target of other religions is driving the casualty rate higher. >> it is much more like war fare and it's war fare using the tools of terrorism. >> reporter: the violence is more concentrated than you might think. three countries, iraq, pakistan, and afghanistan suffer more than half the attacks and the casualties. and that really points out the flip side of some of those
2:32 am
numbers. the danger to civilians in the united states and western europe and even parts of eastern asia isn't nearly as high and may actually be declining. chris lawrence, cnn, washington. now there are some of the buildings that are still showing signs of damage and the repairs are ongoing. but on the one-year anniversary of hurricane sandy ellis island is opening one against and welcoming visitors. what an important place this is. >> take your children. some of the displays are great. it's a remarkable place to visit. >> the gateway where millions of people came to this country, it was badly battered by superstorm sandy and a new electrical system should be operational by may and new heating and air-conditioning condition to withstand future possible flooding still being built at this time. >> it's in the basement. they are really working feverishly to make sure everything is up and functioning
2:33 am
so everybody is comfortable as they walk through there. one of the hardest hit from superstorm sandy was seaside heights, new jersey. >> we find indra petersons there this morning. >> really hard to believe it's a year since superstorm sandy really hit this area. i want to show you a map from space to remind you how large the system was. we are talking about from maine through florida and extending all the way back toward michigan. a thousand miles wide. the largest ever that we saw gale force winds or tropical storm force winds. unbelievable the magnitude of the storm. i'm standing in front of where we used to see the jet star roller coaster that was torn down in may and we no longer seeing this. what we are left is construction. they are trying to rebuild in this region. you can see the pier was open
2:34 am
for the summer. the boardwalk, 90% of the businesses are open and still building -- hoping to have a roller coaster by the summer but it may take another year or so. i have maps to explain what the differences were and why so many people didn't take sandy as seriously as irene. arenee came parallel to the shore and sandy came in way more perpendicular. the reason this matters, take a look at these animations. when it comes in perpendicular to the shore a concentrated storm shore and why the storm shore was more high and you saw the storm surge spread out and why we had the superstorm was all of these things came together the timing of the hide tied and direction and angle it came in and the magnitude of the storm. a huge storm is exiting out of montana and 10 inches possible through wyoming and portions of colorado so if you're in vail, look for snow in that region and
2:35 am
telluride. this system will clash the cool air into the south and brings a severe weather threat through the panhandle of texas today and something we will be monitoring closely. >> thanks, indra. appreciate it. a serial rapist release putting a community on edge. residents fear what happened last time when the pillow case rapist was set free. you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec-d®. powerful relief of nasal congestion and other allergy symptoms -- all in one pill. zyrtec-d®. at the pharmacy counter.
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2:39 am
more women in a two-year period before heading back to jail. >> he does not belong in a community with children where he will once again commit these types of crimes. >> the bus stop is in front of my house with all of the kids so i don't know what the heck is going on with that. >> he is a mental sick case and they are going to put him here in a community full of kids. >> you can hear how angry people are. lake los angeles residents have started a website page to keep him out of their neighborhood. hundreds of mourners are expected to return a funeral in santa rosa, california, tonight for andy lopez who was shot to death last week by a sheriff's deputy who thought he was carrying an assault rifle. so it turned out to be a plastic pellet gun. the community is outraged by this killing. the sonoma county sheriff is standing by the deputy eric gilhouse, the officer who pulled the trigger.
2:40 am
>> a tragedy for all involved. >> the fact he's been employed with the sheriff's office for 24 years suggests you have a lot of confidence in him. >> eric is a solid employee and the fact he trains new people for us does show the level of respect that we have for eric and his position here. >> this was such a tragedy. sheriff's deputies claim they ordered lopez to on drop his weapon and opened fire when he turned toward them with his toy gun. i have to go online and take a look at his tois gun versus what the actual assault rifle looks like because i have a boy who walks around shooting. i let him do the water guns, the big ones, because they don't look like regular rifles. in this case, berman, it looked like the assault rifle. what do you do in a situation like that? that's a tough call. it's a tough call. let's take a look what is coming up on "new day." chris and kate are joining us. good morning. >> good morning, guys. >> we are talking about the person involved in that story. there are protocols that are supposed to be in plaes and you
2:41 am
have to examine the facts carefully in these situations to make sure everything was done the right way to rule out pre , prejudice and lack of protocol. the community feels it wasn't done right. we will take a look at an important anniversary. superstorm sandy. one year ago today. many of us were standing in the way of what turned out to be one of the most devastating storms to ever hit the east coast. here is the truth. a lot of areas haven't recovered. families are displaced. money has been slow. rebuilding has become a big problem. a lot of people just been not back in their homes and nowhere still. we will take a look at it and talk about vulnerability going forward. >> here is also a very interesting idea to consider. put a little box in your car and pay taxes only on how many miles you drive, not on how much gas you pump or how much gas you use. the people behind this idea say it would mean the end of the gas tax and that you would be rewarded for driving less, but
2:42 am
could it also mean an invasion of privacy? who is up? who is down some swho a winner if this actually takes place but one idea that one state is testing out and we will talk about it. >> look forward to hearing about it. >> of course. it is time for your morning rhyme. our tweet of the day comes from? >> rich chosen one. that is his name. rich chosen one. he writes halloween's frights kept me up all the time but it's all right because i have "early start" in my sight. multiple use of the rhyme there. you can come up with your own any time you want. tweet us with the addresses and we appreciate it. coming up next, a remarkable story. >> right now, more than ever, there seems to be a lot of hope and optimism. >> the american trying to lead iran to glory on a soccer field. we are live in tehran with the view of life there like we have never seen before. this is after the break. [ male announcer ] if you can clear a crowd but not your nasal congestion,
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incredibly unique view of life in iran. he is part of the coaching staff for the iranian national soccer team that is now preparing for the world cup. cnn's resa is live with this remarkable story. great to see you this morning. >> reporter: good morning, john. not too many americans over the past 34 years have visited iran but not only did dan gasper come to iran, he decided to move here and live here and work here. when we found out about his story, we just had to track him down and asked him why he made the decision and what it's like to live here in iran. june 18th.
2:47 am
iran's national football team scores a 1-0 win against south korea. for only the fourth time, iran qualifies for the world cup. the win sparks frenzied celebrations on the field. in the streets of tehran, and among those celebrating. >> there was a lot of hugging and there was a lot of jumping. >> reporter: american citizen dan gasper, the iranian's team assistant coach. >> it was a bottle of emotions and after 90 minutes, that cork was relieved aever everything just posteriorured out. >> reporter: it was vindication of his decision nearly three years to coach the national team of the islamic republic of iran and country then locked in a bitter feud of washington and one u.s. politicians describe as rogue nation secretly building a nuclear bomb. at some point, you have to go to you your honey, i'm going to
2:48 am
iran. what did she say to that? >> she was shocked. she was concerned, as most of my friend and family members were. >> reporter: but the portuguese american wanted to work with long time friend and colleague head coach carlos kerosh. he want a crack at the cup and get to know iran for himself. >> my personality is one of adventure and curiosity. i want to experience a culture in a part of the world that i've never been. >> reporter: when coach gasper got to iran in 2011 he knits he was a little nervous, a little weary so didn't go out and socialize much. now that he knows iran more, he says what you see on tv doesn't exactly match reality. >> when you listen to the news and you read the news, sometimes during commercials, i step away from my couch and i look out the balcony and it's not what i'm seeing and it's not what i'm reading and not what i'm hearing. >> reporter: he says meeting the
2:49 am
former president mahmoud ahmadinejad was like anyone else. they are people that love their football team and their country. one of his biggest thrills is iran's qualifications for the world cup finals next year comes amid optimism that tehran will improve relations with washington as moderate president rouhani tries to settle iran's nuclear dispute with the west. >> right now, more than ever, there seems to be a lot of hope and optimism and a sense of energy that things will get better. >> reporter: for now, gasper's focus remains the 2014 world cup in brazil, a final destination in a remarkable journey. >> if i listen to the experts and listen to my friends and family, i probably would have never been here in iran. it's been part of my life for the last three years and during those three years, have been some wonderful experiences and perms
2:50 am
memories that are going to last a lifetime. >> reporter: gasper says one of his biggest challenges has been being away from his wife and family. he really misses them but his goal is to bring the world cup back to iran. after that, he says he is coming back to america after a pretty cool journey. >> what an amazing adventure, indeed. the iranians, they love that soccer team which has had some success over the years in world cup. reza sayah, thank you for that wonderful piece. >> loved it. great. thank you. penn state paying up. we now know how many engineer sandusky crimes have cost the school. we will share that number with you when we come back. today's challenging environment. unless you have the right perspective. bny mellon wealth management has the vision and experience to look beyond the obvious. we'll uncover opportunities, find hidden risk, and make success a reality.
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welcome back. a murder in massachusetts high school teacher was inspired and being there for anybody who needed her. bus loads of students turning out for the funeral of colleen ritzer. many of them wearing her favorite color which was pink. all of them trying to find something good in every day. >> she saw the goodness in other people. she had a very -- she had a gift for doing that. >> just extreme loss. like it's just going to be a avoid forever in our hearts. i don't know that anything can ever fill that. >> she made such a difference in so many people's lives. ritzer was found dead behind her school last week. one of her students 14-year-old philip chism has been charged with her murder and he has pleaded not guilty. penn state looking to close the book on child sex abuse case and claims in the jerry sandusky
2:55 am
case and they are paying $60 million to do so. they have reached settlements with 26 victims of the former assistant football coach. sandusky is in prison likely the rest of his life and serving a minimum of 30 years. chris brown left a washington court to cheers from supporters after a day and a half in custody. prosecutors reduced a felony assault charge to a misdemeanor. brown and his bodyguard are accused of punching a man who tried to pose in a photo with the singer sunday morning. the 24-year-old is still on probation for beating up former girlfriend rihanna in 2009. that is all for "early start" this morning. so glad you were here with us. it is time for "new day." it's all ours. >> thanks, guys. see you later. a lot of news to tell you about this morning so let's start the show.
2:56 am
spying is ubiquitous. it's done by every country. >> under fire. president obama is talking about the u.s. spying on its allies. what did he know? how could he not know? now that he has to know, will he stop the practice? after the storm. one year since sandy, there is resilience and hope but still so much more work to be done. all amid new fears it could happen again. indra petersons is on the new jersey shore with the latest. mile after mile. new laws may do away with taxes on gas but get this. instead, you'll be taxed on the mileage you drive. drivers are revved up this morning. your "new day" starts right now. this is "new day" with quoiquoi chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. 6:00 in the east. a new strike coming up against obama care. the president has said all along if you like your health insurance coverage, you like
2:57 am
your doctor you get to keep them under the affordable care act. that may not be true for some people. who could lose their current coverage? we'll explain, coming up. >> four inmates made a daring escape from an oklahoma jail. two of them are recaptured and have been put back behind bars. the hunt is still on the for the other two fugitives on the loose. they're considered armed and dangerous. a live report coming up. >> take a look at this photo. most of us get really mad when this phone is smashed. his phone took a bullet for him literally. it saved his life. the dramatic story coming up. the obama care administration rethinking its approach to the nsa spying scandal. the president ordering a full review of intelligence operations, specifically where foreign leaders are concerned. let's bring in jim sciutto who's following developments live in
2:58 am
washington. >> reporter: the white house taking a hard look at the benefits and costs of this surveillance. this is part of a review that


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