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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 1, 2013 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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in. i'll have more later in "the situation room." 5:00 p.m. eastern. brooke baldwin continues our coverage right now on cnn. here we go, breaking news. i'm brooke baldwin and you're watching all of this unfolding as we're hear from eyewitnesses, the most terrifying ordeal of their lives. let's explain what has been happening at los angeles international airport for the better part of an hour and a half, really panic and bloodshed. a shooting at lax. a couple items i need to pass along to you. first and foremost, a ground stop that is now in place, according to the faa. this all happened right around terminal three. gunshots rang out early this morning, right around 9:30 local time. we're hearing reports, this is from sources from one of our correspondents, deborah feyerick, that a gunman with a
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high-powered rifle entered terminal three and opened fire. shooting a tsa security agent. it is unclear, this is one of many things we do not know at this hour. whether or not that gunman actually breached security. according to her sources, it does not appear that that individual did that, but also according to deb, the gunman is believed to have been shot and is now in police custody. we're hearing right now as this is still underway here, as you see a tremendous law enforcement presence at l.a.x., hearing from a number of eyewitnesses here and looking, as you can see a couple different boxes on your screen. aerial pictures, right side of the screen, a bunch of planes just sitting there around terminal three, and on the left-hand side of the screen, this is the passenger pickup and drop-off area which has become sort of this makeshift triage area as well. and in the last hour or sore so, we have seen people, as has been
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dubbed a multipatient incident. multiple people injured. we're working to get an update on the injuries, as we mentioned, one of whom is a tsa agent. sarah richardson is on the phone with me. she is at l.a.x. sarah, are you with me? >> yes. >> let me just ask you, first of all, how are you? are you okay? >> i'm okay. >> tell me -- i hear your voice. let me just begin, let's start at the beginning. and if you can, just tell me, i understand you weren't quite through airport security when you heard shots, is that right? >> we were about to go through the security. >> sarah, are you okay? >> yeah. >> i appreciate you calling in. we're just trying to get people
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information. and i'm so sorry. i cannot imagine how you must feel. how all these people must feel. many of them with kids, diving under seats, calling their loved ones. if you can hear me, just tell me what you saw. >> we heard a lot of loud gunshots. and my colleague pulled me to the ground. we hit the ground, and tried to scoot behind something. everyone was just scrambling along the ground. at which point, someone from security told us to sprint and make a run for it. so we all sprinted. all our stuff is back there. i got pulled into a hallway. my friend didn't get pulled into the hallway with me, so i started screaming her name, and we got pulled into a room that they pulled a copy machine in front of the door, and i was under a desk, at which point we weren't allowed to leave the room, but you could hear shouting and more gunshotses outside the room, at which point, someone told us to
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evacuate and they brought us to a terminal, but they were telling us to run different directions and people ran into a bathroom to hide. then they pulled us out to the sidewalk and said we were going to get bussed out, but then they pulled us back into the international terminal and we're told we're not allowed to leave. >> so at the moment, you are sitting somewhere, not quite sure what your next step is. are all of your friends okay? let me ask you that. >> my friend's okay. she's in another terminal. she said there's a bomb squad there. we're not really sure when we're going to get out of here. >> did you see the gunman? >> i didn't see him. some of the people in the group that i got locked in the room with saw him. >> and what dud they tell you about him? >> just that he basically came out of nowhere, but it was pretty jarring that someone just randomly pulled a gun right in the middle of nowhere. >> did they describe the gun? >> the sound of it was so loud
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that the first time someone thought a bomb had gone off. >> did they tell you, were they in the security line? had this -- according to our reporting, this individual had not quite gone through airport security. does that corroborate with what your friends or these other eyewitnesses had seen? >> the people who saw them said it was at where they check your id before you go through security. >> in those moments, sarah, when you hear these gunshots, how many shots did you hear? >> i would think there were at least eight shots. >> what was happening around you? >> pure and utter mayhem. people were tripping over each other on the floor, bags everywhere. crying. screaming. >> and once you run into this room and someone grabs a copy machine and shoves it up against the door, what's everyone saying around you? >> everyone said to turn cell phone ringers off.
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people were holding each other's hands. they didn't want to open the door when the security manager came because we didn't know who it was. >> and they were turning the cell phone ringers off because the fear was this person was roomi roaming around the airport and you didn't want to make a sound, is that right? >> yeah. >> have you called your loved ones to tell them you're okay? >> yeah. >> where are your bags? >> they're with security. i left my wallet. i don't know. i don't know how i'm going to get out of here. >> what are they telling you? other than to stay put? >> they're just telling us we can't leave. we don't know when they're going to be able to get out of here. >> sarah richardson, thank you so much for calling in. heart goes out to you and every single person who have suffered through something so horrendous. thank you so much.
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tim daley is now on the phone with me. he also was at l.a.x. he's being evacuated from the airport right now. tim, are you with me? >> can you hear me? >> i can, just barely. are you -- i just talked to someone who is stuck alt the airport right now. are you able to get out? tell me where you are. tim, it's brooke baldwin at cnn. i'm having a tough time hearing you. can you hear me? >> yes, i can hear you very well. >> now i'm hearing you. i'm hearing you. go ahead and tell me where you are. >> i'm in a tunnel on the way to baggage claims with about 300, 400 people up against a wall, clearing a big passageway. there's 30 or so lapd and s.w.a.t. people. on the other side of the wall, we're being held here, we were told they were going to question people, see if there were any
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witnesses, and sort of identify everybody, make sure everyone is who they say they are. >> are they allowing people to leave the airport or are they keeping all of you inside? >> i don't know what's going on outside, but right now, we are in this tunnel, and they're not letting us out. >> tim, where were you? did you hear the shots yourself? >> yes, i was in the first class lounge at virgin america, and i was actually in a very bad place. i was leaning against the wall, right outside where the shots were fired. i only found that out after we were evacuated and we were standing probably 20 feet from a high-powered rifle, an ar-15 rifle on the ground with three clips. nearby. and a pair of black shoes and people's shopping bags and other people's carry-on luggage strewn about, but a policeman was
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taking pictures of the rifle. i can only assume that was what was used by the shooter. as we were evacuating, we were told to be careful not to step in any blood or glass. because that would be evidence. we were evacuated in a different direction, so i didn't see any of that. and now we're in a tunnel, as i said, on the way to baggage claim. >> i got it. let me -- take me back to this high-powered rifle that you're describing that you saw about 20 feet from you. how close was this rifle, because we're all sort of trying to put the pieces together here. was it near the security checkpoint metal detector area? >> no, not at all. it was right in the middle of the gates. outside gate 35 and 36 at terminal three, so it's where people sit. i had been in the lounge. my flight to philadelphia was delayed so i went down to buy a magazine. i went back up into the lounge a couple minutes before the gun fire started. so it was right in the middle of
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where everyone waits to get on their planes. >> after you heard the gunshots, can you just describe for me, i'm hearing things like most terrifying experience of my life, mayhem, at that moment, i can't imagine just sheer panic. were people running? >> no, i mean, people were obviously nervous in the lounge. and what happens about, you know, less than a minute after the shots heard were some lapd burst into the lounge and that was terrifying. we didn't know who it was. they had weaponed drawn and were herding people together to make sure there was no bad guys, i guess, in the lounge. but, you know, having a gun pointed at you at any time is scary. that being said, i think the lapd has done an outstanding job of trying to keep people calm and organizing everybody. that was pretty frightening when
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they burst in. then we were sort of locked in there for probably almost an hour. then we were brought down, as i said, about 20 or 30 feet away from where the rifle was on the ground. in the middle of the waiting area. and now we remain in this tunnel. >> you are in a tunnel. you don't know what's next. sometimes to use your phrase, the bad guys, sometimes there's more than one. do you get the sense from the orderly lapd police department and the folks inside, airport security, et cetera, that at least it's contained, that the incident appears to be okver? >> absolutely. they seem very calm. i have no idea what's going on outside, but inside the terminal, people are very calm and confident that it's over. >> tim, thank you so much for calling in to us here at cnn as we're trying to understand what in the world has been happening for. incredibly frightening for all these people, the eyewitnesses, the people who have seen and heard the gunshots.
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deborah feyerick joins me now with more as far as what, deb, you heard happened. take me back, specifically to the gunman who according to you and your sources, didn't quite breach the security checkpoint, correct some. >> yeah. exactly, here's what happened. the gunman walked up to the security checkpoint, he pulled out a concealed assault rifle. he opened fire. he hit one tsa agent. and then as he walked through that checkpoint, just before getting to the other side, an officer opened fire, wounding and injured the gunman. we're told the gunman was removed and taken to a local hospital. there were other gunshot injuries. we're getting more information on that as well. about a dozen shots were fired between the gunman and the responding officer. a lot of people were injured during the stampede that occurred immediately after. i'm told also that police are now searching the parking lot, looking for the gunman's vehicle. clearly, they want to make sure that there are no, either
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weapons, or explosive devices in the vehicle. also, brooke, one of the reasons that people are sort of she sheltering in place and why everybody is being kept where they are, and that is because that's because they are actually -- when they began to run in the panic, during the pandemonium, areas that are normally secure essentially became insecure. so now everybody is teg to have to be screened again, everybody is going to have to be checked. that not only includes the people in the terminal, but it also includes people who were working there at the airport as well. there was a huge presence when the shooting took place, about 1 100 witnesses, all of them, we're now told, are being questioned. again, pandemonium when this hit. you have the fbi responding, lapd, police officers from lax as well. multiple shots. done by the assault rifle, brooke. >> okay, deborah feyerick, thank you very much. let me just read what we now
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have from the tsa. this is a tsa union leader responding to the shooting. i'm just going to quote david cox sr. quote, we're sickened by reports of today's shooting at the los angeles international airport. our sincerest thoughts and prayers go out to the passengers and transportation security officers killed or injured in the heinous act. thank you to all of our brave tsos who put their lives on the line every day to keep the flying public safe. afge, the american federation of government employees, is monitoring the situation along with the tsa management. so that is from the tsa, specifically. i can also tell you in just about 15 minutes from now, we should be getting a news conference from l.a. police, airport police as well. so that happening in 15 minutes to get some official word and some facts from the members of the law enforcement community. and with regard to that statement, as this individual here mentioned injuries and deaths, i do have to say, cnn
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has not independently confirmed any deaths at l.a.x. casey wian, let me go straight to you. you are standing outside of l.a.x. you have been reporting, as we're looking at aerial pictures from just outside the airport, i know traffic has been horrendous, which is an incredible challenge for law enforcement to try to get there. tell me what you're seeing. >> well, you can see it right behind me, brooke. some of the traffic that is backed up for miles at one of the roads approaching l.a.x. you can see where one of the runways behind all those cars are backed there, we have seen a few flights landing on that runway and a few flights taking off on the runway to the south side of the airport, but this traffic has been a major headache for the emergency responders trying to get here. about, i guess, 45 minutes or so ago, we saw the bomb squad, the lapd bomb squad trying to make its way to the airport. they could not get through this traffic for the longest period of time. now you can see one of those
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planes i was talking about just landing overhead, so it's clear that ground stop that was in effect earlier at l.a.x. does not apply to the entire airport. some flights are taking off. some flights are landing. here you can see a police officer trying to make his way through this horrific traffic jam that is just surrounding the airport. you cannot get in or out of l.a.x. right now. we have seen some people taking to foot. one woman went by us a little while ago. had a four-mile walk to her home in marina del rey, but there was no way to get out of the airport other than to walk. it's creating quite a situation outside the airport. even why things inside the airport seem to be at least for now mostly under control, brooke. >> casey, let me ask you quickly, we heard from deborah feyerick who is reporting what she learned about the gunman who didn't quite, according to sources, breach airport security. we've learned about this, what looked like according to an
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eyewitness, an assault rifle, possibly ar-15. we have not confirmed that, on the ground, do you have a at all yet? of this individual - >> the only description i have heard, brooke, of this individual was on knx radio here in los angeles. that was by a person who they said was an eyewitness to the shooting. that person described an individual as a white male, a white clean-cut male, but we do not have any independent verification of that description. that's just what's being reported on the radio here. >> okay, casey wian at l.a.x., stay close with me as you get more information, we'll put you back up on tv live. meantime, in case you are just joining us, horror inside the l.a. international airport this morning, again, we're awaiting a news conference that should be happening about 15 minutes from now. you're looking at aerial pictures from outside the airport. it's the terror that went on
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inside. according to our sources, and folks close to the investigation, there was a gunman who did not quite breach security who opened fire and shot a tsa agent. that tsa agent injured. within the shooting back and forth between law enforcement and the gunman, multiple rounds went off. we now know that the gunman who was hit has been taken to a hospital. and in just talking to people who were there, who heard the rapid succession of the gunshots, it's terrifying. it's been the most terrifying ordeal of many of these people's lives, as they described. i talked to actor tim daley just a while ago who was in the first-class lounge for virgin airlines. right around terminal three where this happened. he described hearing it, he also described seeing this gun. and his words, again, not confirmed by cnn but in his words, he saw a gun, a rifle that looked like an ar-15. actually not quite close to the security checkpoint, rather he
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told me, it was closer to the gates. right around gates 35, 36, at l.a.x. and that he said there were several clips on the ground, and there were also black shoes and blood. so he, like many of these people who are actually inside the airport, are stuck. they don't know how long they will be inside the airport. but deborah feyerick was telling us, because at least it seems contained, seems over, every single person, passengers, folks who work at the airport, they have to be rescreened in order to clear the area and let them leave. a lot is happening, and a rot of questions at this hour as we keep looking at pictures and talking to folks who have seen things and heard things. i've got some questions about tsa and about what happens specifically at these checkpoints. mary schiavo is a former inspector general for the department of transportation. mary, my first question to you is, since we know, according to our sources, this shooting
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happened before this gunman, but right around the security checkpoint area, the metal detector area, tell me how these tsa agents are trained to handle something like this. >> well, they are trained to handle a variety of ways, both defensive and somewhat offensive, but as people know, all the tsa agents at the checkpoint aren't armed and aren't able to exchange gunfire. however, there are, and there are at loss, because we know this from the 2002 shooting at los angeles airport, there are a number of armed and plain clothed police officers there as well. but to actually defend the checkpoint against rounds from an automatic or semiautomatic weapon, they aren't exactly equipped to do that. they don't have, you know, the shielding necessary to defend themselves, and the tsa agent that took the bullet was obviously shielding, you know, shielding the airport and shielding the country without a lot of defensive armament or
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defensive firepower. >> tell me just how much -- clearly, we as people who travel, can see the visible changes as far as, you know, maybe pat-downs or some of these detectors as we go through security. but what really, what are the sig sknt changes since, let's say, 9/11, at our nation's airports? >> the biggest changes are in the people doing the job themselves. they're now fully trained. they are educated. they have had the training necessary. they have actually been put through the schooling. for example, on september 11th, 2001, most of the persons didn't have training, didn't speak english. many weren't citizens or weren't legally here, or they didn't know how to operate the equipment. these tsa agents have been trained to dethat, and they're trained to look for so many things than they were on september 11th. not to mention, weapons. this past year in the united states, there were more guns taken off passengers, all be it,
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they had forgotten they had packed them, than in any time in history. there are a lot of guns at the airport, but usually, they're not pointed at the agents. they're trying to get them through or they have forgotten they're in the luggage. being on the other end of a gun is not the purpose of a tsa agent because most persons with guns want to sneak them by the tsa. >> and mary, as we're looking at pictures of l.a.x. and that is one of the busiest airports in the nation. a lot of parts, lots of different areas, huge, huge place, can you talk about the challenges one would face with an active shooter situation, as they had earlier today, the challenges facing airport security, airport police. you know, l.a. police to come in to clear and secure this massive space? >> we make a great point, because there are so many different agencies involved. i was living in l.a. at the 2002 shooting at l.a.x., and that shooti shooting, three people died, the gunman and two innocent bystanders.
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that was at the ticket counter. what was interesting there is we had not only the federal security, airport security personnel, the tsa, homeland security, et cetera, but also local police who have jurisdiction over anything local, but then technically, the investigation belongs to the federal bureau of investigation. so you have a number of police agencies or law enforcement i agencies that have to coordinate. l.a.x. is particularly unique because there's one way in to all the terminals and one way out. the road funnels down to a two to three lane highway and circles around the airport, and they're elevated. those are elevated highways. when those are blocked, there's really no way in or no way out for the vehicle traffic. you literally have to -- you can, of course, you know, move aside for the emergency vehicles, but because those are elevated roadways into the airport, you really have a gridlock at l.a.x. when it stops. there's just no other way there. >> we know there's gridlock
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outside of l.a.x. imagine the traffic that is now for miles as you have additional law enforcement units trying to respond. help their fellow officers and fellow first responders and they can't get there. then you have the people who were able to land, who are walking for miles and miles to try to get home in the l.a. area. let me ask you this. we heard from deborah feyerick who was reporting really the biggest variable is what happens now with all these people who are stuck. thas what they are, stuck inside this airport. and we were hearing from deborah that according to her sources, every single person has to be rescreened before they let them out. and that doesn't even include, like, the baggage. i imagine that's a whole other challenge. but how does an airport rescreen these masses of people? >> well, the airport has to rescreen everybody going back into the sterile area or the air operations area, meaning the terminal past security or the tarmac area where some people actually got out onto the tarmac trying to escape the gunman. first, that has to be emptied of
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people and then rescreened. now, the people have to be rescreened two ways. people leaving the airport have to be interviewed by law enforcement for any evidentiary evidence they might have, who saw the gunman. were they talking to someone else? is it possible someone else was involved, did he plant any bombs. and then the people going back into the airport have to be screened by the tsa. you can bet that screening will be very meticulous as it should be anyway. there's two-way screening. screening out for evidence, screening in for security. >> and then of course screening and ripping through as we have heard from the witnesses, the baggage as well. the people, their bags. mary, thank you so much for further explaining to us the multiple challenges thee folks face as again many of these people are stuck after enduring an incredibly harrowing experience inside l.a.x. mary, stand by for me, because i want to play some sound as we're getting bits and pieces from people who saw, who heard things this morning inside right around the terminal three area.
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i want to play something. this is an eyewitness who apparently saw the gunman. >> there was a guy downstairs, started shooting. and one guy fell down. panic erupted, and he was setting up through the security check. >> so you were standing in line, and you saw the man open fire? describe what happened. >> just three loud pops, and everybody started panicking. >> what did you do? >> i laid down on the ground. and luckily, he just went straight through the security check and into the terminal. >> so at that point, then you laid down on the ground. law enforcement came in. did they round up everybody to take them out? >> mostly everybody just ran on their own. and didn't take long for the law enforcement to come. >> you saw one shooter? >> yeah. one shooter. >> and you saw him shoot a tsa agent? >> he shot one guy downstairs, yeah. >> thank you. you're one of many tourists
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here. traveling on vaxz here, and you walked over here. you may be here for some time because the airport is -- >> don't let alex get away. let me ask him, can he describe what the shooter looked like? as you said, we've heard that he was wearing military fatigues. what -- how was he dressed? >> did you see him dressed in camo. we were hearing he was dressed in some type of camo or military garb? >> he had kind of grayish green clothing on. >> did you also get a look at the weapon? >> it was an assault weapon, i think. i don't know guns, but it was a rifle. >> did you see the law enforcement take down the suspect? >> no, i was outside of the terminal. >> thank you, alex. >> one of the eyewitnesses there describing the gunman. you heard him, wearing gray clothing with what appeared to be -- no expert, an assault rifle. that corroborates what we're
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hearing from sources and eyewitnesses we have spoken from. steve moore, you're a retired fbi agent. worked closures for suspected terrorist incidents at l.a.x. both as a terrorist supervisor and s.w.a.t. member. steve, my first question, just really pertained to here we have this massive airport. i suppose if you were to find a silver lining, it's the fact there have to be cameras everywhere. correct? >> yes, you're going to be able to trace them from the time he walked into the terminal all the way through to everything he did. right now, you have the big problem of clearing the entire airport. and the reason these people are being held is not just to make sure everything is clear, as you have already said, but it's very possible that the gunman didn't act alone. so you have to insure that he did. and the way you do that is to interview and identify everybody there. because maybe he had a partner, maybe he chickened out and is
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now trying to blend in to the crowd. maybe this is one of those attacks that is just designed to channel people from one area to another where something bigger happens. so there's so many, so many things you have to guard against here. that the cleanup, essentially, is going to take hours and hours. >> on that point, and we don't know, and again, we're awaiting this news conference thom lapd who may be able to clarify. when you talk about the fact this gunman may have had help and is part of the questioning of these masses of people here at this airport, how would an investigator know when they're questioning these people, many of whom are completely incident? what kind of questions are they asking to know whether or not someone is in on this? >> my guess here is everybody is going to be completely innocent, but what you're going to do is ask them a series of questions to find out if everything they're saying makes logical
11:30 am
sense. and you're going to compare it against the situation you had with the guy who's a shooter. did that guy have a ticket? did that guy drive here? did he get a cab, whatever. if you're -- if you know that this guy didn't have a ticket, if you know that this guy just showed up here, it's going to make things easier. but if he had a ticket, you're going to find anybody else who might have had a ticket at a similar time, on a similar flight. i don't want to use the word profiling as far as racially is concerned. but you are going to profile his actions. you are going to find out what he was doing. and find anybody who was acting or had a plan in a similar way. >> okay, so those are some of the questions, as you point out, a lot of those folks aren't going anywhere for hours at l.a.x. >> they're all going to be talked to. >> they're all going to be talked to. talk to me, steve, though about what we're not seeing. what is happening with members of law enforcement, with lapd,
11:31 am
with others, as far as backtracking? we know that the gunman is in a hospital. we know this gunman was shot. you mentioned, you know, finding the suspect's car. where do they go from there? >> right now, you're going to have probably the fbi taking the lead on at least doing a complete background check on this guy. right now, any information that have, including his fingerprints, i can guarantee you he's already been fingerprinted whether he's cautious or not, those are been uploaded into the system, and everything you can find out about him is going to be coming out within hours, minutes for most of the information. washington fbi is going to be the headquarters is going to be working on this. their data centers around the country are going to be working on it. and you're going to come up with a profile of who this guy is, what motivated him, as he ever been in law enforcement before?
11:32 am
you're going to know his favorite color and his favorite food within about an hour. >> incredible. steve moore, retired fbi, thank you so much. please stay with me. we're looking at these pictures. different live pictures, aerial pictures outside l.a.x. you see the tremendous crowds. that picture, the smaller picture in the middle of the screen, you see a bunch of microphones. we're awaiting a news conference from officials, potentially fbi, certainly l.a. police as they responded as did lax police and airport security officials. we're awaiting that news conference to get a little bit more information and so as we await that, let me just reset, for those of you who are just now joining us, a terrifying ordeal unfolding this morning inside one of the biggest and busiest airports in this country, according to folks close to this investigation, we can tell you that a gunman at some point, according to eye witnesses, wearing gray clothing and wielding some sort of rifle, assault rifle, walked into this
11:33 am
airport and just before breaching airport security at terminal three, opened fire and shot a tsa agent. so that tsa agent, we know, is wounded. don't know the status any more than that. in an exchange of gunfire between these gunman, this unidentified gunman and law enforcement, who quickly responded, the gunman was injured as well. is in police custody, and is now also at the hospital. so we know that there are many, many eye witnesses, and this is just -- just imagine this happening at one of the busiest airports. hundreds of people are stuck. they don't know where their bags are. they have to get rescreened. they're going to be questioned and investigated. you see the tarps outside the passenger drop off and pick up area on the right side of the screen. that was a pop-up triage area, as we have seen, gosh, by my count, some dozen ambulances responding as this has been a multiple injury incident here at l.a.x.
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stephanie elam is one of our correspondents who has responded to this shooting at l.a.x. stephanie, tell me where you are and what you know. >> brooke, i have been circumventing the airport on foot because i ditched my car far away to walk. i just made it to terminal one, and there are hundreds of people out here, just standing here, hoping to get back into the terminal. i did see on my walk one family that was walking. i asked them if they had just landing, and they said they did. i was like, what about their bags? they said they couldn't check, so they're lucky. the people who have checked luggage are not getting thec bam right nu. the authority thing, it's really hot out here today in southern california. i'm on the phone right now. so i was walking here, and looking at the people trying to hide underneath the palm trees. up against walls, just sitting there. and they're lugging their big suitcases. people who couldn't get out. they're waiting or some people are giving up and going home.
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there are a lot more people at terminal one than i thought i would see, brooke. there's a lot of people. hundreds of people standing out here right now that i'm walking by. >> stephanie, stay with me. as you sort of paint the scene outside, let me tell those of you watching, according to eyewitnesses i have talked to, a number of our anchors have talked to from the scene inside, after they saw the gunshots, many of these people hid in rest rooms, they ran into office areas, one young woman i talked to, spoke with me, incredibly emotional, spoke about pushing a copy machine up against the door and everyone whispering, speaking in hushed tones, turning off their cell phones, tharg ringers, for the fear this gunman could still be out there and walking about. palpable fear in the airport and around this terminal three area. stephanie, i think that i know the answer to my question as far as traffic being really, really bad. do you know if law enforcement, do you know if, you know,
11:36 am
ambulances are still trying to get to the airport? or do we know that those who have been injured are in fact en route to or at area hospitals? >> actually, as i was coming up here, there were ambulances that passed me. some were stuck in traffic and not able to get around. they were coagulated in the traffic, and they're now making their way up here, but century boulevard which is one of the main arteries to 405 is completely shut down. they have tape up, trucks up, making sure no one tries to get around it. i walked around to get here. they're still making sure that this environment is safe. it is not as if they're acting as if it's completely done at this point. defini definitely, as you probably heard, they're still asking to see my id every 20 feet even though i have gotten through so many clearances. they're not messing around. >> can you blame them? >> not at all.
11:37 am
>> walking around and around because traffic is so bad here, and understandably so, at l.a.x. thank you. don't go too far. leslie was an eyewitness this morning. she's at l.a.x. can you hear me? >> yes, i can. >> tell me, just take me back to the very beginning. where were you outside, inside the airport? when the shots rang out? >> i was actually right in the terminal, in virgin america. i was waiting for a flight to new york. and i was just walking around in the virgin america terminal. and suddenly, i just heard alarms and i heard very, very loud gunshots, and people started just running. and it sounded like 50 feet away from me. i ran the other way and got into a bathroom under a counter where people were just hiding, and you
11:38 am
heard nonstop gunshots going about ten minutes. or so. and it was very, very frightening. right now, we are in the international terminal where they walked us to safety, and they're going to be interviewing us to see if we witnessed anything. but it happened so fast, but it was terrifying. terrifying, to say the least. >> mayhem, worst ordeal of anyone's lives. these are things we're hearing from those of you who have seen it. stand by for me, leslie. deborah feyerick, i understand you're getting more information on the shooting. go ahead, tell me what you know. deborah feyerick? >> yeah, sorry, brooke. okay, what we're learning now, that is we have two sources now, myself, i have a source, and my colleague evan perez also has a source. we're now being told that one tsa agent was shot and killed. the gunman was also shot, as he
11:39 am
stepped through the security checkpoint, he was taken to a local hospital. we are now told that at least one security -- one tsa agent was indeed shot and killed during this. we're also being told that the operation is being scaled back somewhat in the sense that the heavy presence you see, they're now going to focus on the witnesses who may have been near the checkpoint when the shooting took place. they have to resecure the area, but they're looking at this as if this was one gunman, one incident in which he approached the checkpoint, brooke. >> do we know yet, deborah, do we have confirmation yet that this person was acting alone? >> they were looking for other people. and that's procedure. you've got to figure out exactly what is going on, but now they believe he did act alone. they did search the other terminals. terminal three is connected to terminal two by sort of a breezeway, a jetway, so they had to make sure that that entire area was secure. right now, what they're doing,
11:40 am
also, is pulling all security cameras, all the surveillance video from those terminals. you can imagine, there's a lot of them. and they're going to sort of re-create and piece together specifically what happened and i'm also being told the gunman was wearing camouflage gear. he was carrying an assault rifle. it was concealed when he walked up to that checkpoint. that's when he pulled it out and managed to get through after the shooting began, about ten shots, brooke, were fired. those were a combination of shots by the gunman, but also shots by responding officers. brooke. >> okay, deborah feyerick, thank you so much, with the latest information there. you just heard, now we can say this was a fatal shooting this morning inside l.a.x. leslie is still on the phone with me. she was inside this terminal, inside the virgin america terminal when she heard the shots. sorry to break away. let me come back toyou.
11:41 am
we have pictures you allowed us to show. let's put those back up until the news conference is officially under way. you say you went to try to find some safe place. you can others went to a bathroom. >> yeah, we basically ducked away from the gunshots to the bathroom. and there was probably, i want to say about 20, 25 people in the bathroom hiding. the scariest point for me, though, was we constantly heard these gunshots, and suddenly, you heard someone shouting, is there anyone in here? and you just saw the barrel of this machine gun pointing at us or pointing inside the bathroom, and i thought, this is it. i'm going to die. and then it happened to be the law -- a sniper, a police officer that was there to secure the area. but for that brief moment, you
11:42 am
had your life flash before you. >> we have heard that. >> and then we -- everyone was -- they didn't know if there was another shooter, so they had us stay in the bathroom, and everybody was hiding in the stalls because they thought it was another guy roaming around the airport, so we had to stay in the bathrooms for approximately another 40 minutes, i want to say. and then at that point, they just had us come outside, wait a little bit, then they started walking us en route to the international terminal. like i said, where we're being held right now for any kind of witness -- >> forgive nee for interrupting you. here we go, the news conferenceerse just started, lapd. take a listen. >> one more time. >> mayor gar settee. >> two-minute warning. >> los angeles airport chief police patrick gannon.
11:43 am
>> you heard that, two-minute warning. in the two minutes, elizabeth cohen, you're just joining me in the studio. what can you tell me? >> we just received a statement from ucla ronald reagan medical center. they say they have three patients there from the shooting. all three men. one is in critical condition. and two are in fair condition. so that's all we know. so critical condition means, of course, that this person is in imminent danger, possibly of dying. you know, this is a level one trauma center. terrific hospital. obviously, they can handle this and much more than that. but they do say that they have three men, three patients in their hospital from the shooting. >> here's a question i have had. when we were watching this makeshift triage area popping up right there along the drop-off, the passenger drop-off pick-up area, we saw the three different colored tarps. do they signify status of patient? >> they do. you see the green rectangle, yellow, and red. the green is for patients who are able to walk.
11:44 am
ambulatory patients. they're injured, but they're doing pretty well. the yellow ones are for folks who are injured and need help, but they're not at risk of dying imminently. you can wait a little bit of time. the yellow in the middle, those patients can wait. they're not going to die any minute. the red ones are for the patients who they're really worried might not make it. and that's how they do their triage. it's really a simple and standard operating procedure. simple and brilliant. this is how you separate patients. you can see the activity in the yellow, but it doesn't appear to necessarily be a patient. >> guys, tell me in my ear. are these live pictures? no. i have been trying to watch the screen and sync as well, but i think i saw they were wrapped them up, which would tell me that at least hopefully those who had been injured inside this terminal are taken safely away. would that be correct? >> i would think so. if they're wrapping it up, that would seem to be a logical conclusion. they go from the airport to this tarmac, to this area where they did that triaging, and as we can
11:45 am
see, quickly, you know, to a hospital. i mean, this sort of reminds me eerily of the marathon bombing in april where similar kind of activities, they drill for this, they know how to do this. >> as we are under 60 seconds away from the news conference here, dealing with gunshots. >> right. >> at a trauma one hospital. >> they deal with that all the time. they deal with that all the time, and they drior surges. so they drill for, you know, thank god it wasn't the case, but mass groups of people, if it had been dozens of people or hundreds of people shot. an urban hospital like this is accustomed to dealing with gunshots wounds. it's not a huge, huge deal for them and they made a note that they have enough blood to handle what they need to handle, although they welcome people to give blood if they want to. they're very much accustomed to doing this, as the paramedics who were going out to those three red, yellow, and green tarps are very accustomed to doing this.
11:46 am
this is what they drill for. >> okay, elizabeth cohen stay with me as we await the news conference. i'm keeping my eye on the screen, waiting for law enforcement officials, potentially the mayor of los angeles joining us. here's a question talking to elizabeth about the injuries, we heard from an eye witness who said they were specifically told in the airport as they were being moved to the tunnel and kept, not to step in blood and not to step in shattered glass. why would that be, steve? >> they're trying to protect a crime scene. it's -- one of these things you try to do if you can. obviously, that's going to be secondary to the safety of the people. but as long as you're not in imminent danger, there is no reason to destroy the crime scene, which may be valuable. you don't know what you're going to find in the shattered glass. certainly, there could be something in the blood or in the location of the blood that would be important. what you also don't want to do
11:47 am
is track blood into an area of the airport where the guy never was and cause yourself some issues about what happened here. >> okay, and as you have been watching our coverage, you've been watching and learning as we have now learned this tsa agent who was shot by the gunman at that security checkpoint, is dead. what questions, just from your law enforcement mind, what questions do you have about everything? >> well, right now, what you're trying to do is get an idea to gel as to what you're dealing with here. because really, you can call in 400 people and shut down this airport for two days if you think you have an imminent problem. you're trying to scale back, much like you just saw the green, red, and yellow triage areas. you as an investigator are trying to triage your investigation. how far do we have to go here with this investigation?
11:48 am
in 2002, when heshm hight came in and killed three people, it was what we call a lone wolf attack. it is a single person, possibly on their own, likely on their own. just deciding that whatever grievance they perceive, they're going to resolve themselves. and this, to me, kind of smacks of one of those lone-wolf attacks. the guy was not in any way, shape, or form part of a large group of people, which would be the sign of a terrorist attack. he seemed to be alone. i don't -- this doesn't strike me as a religiously motivated, at least as far as an organized religiously motivated attack. this guy, i would start to think about whether we had one deranged individual rather than
11:49 am
a statement of any political nature. >> again, on the gunman and this is the information we're getting here, that this gunman shot and killed or i should say the tsa agent has died, in and around that checkpoint area, but according to our sources, this gunman we are talking about was dressed in sort of grayish, almost camouflage clothing. did conceal his weapon up until those last moments when he pulled out what's been described as an assault rifle, and some ten shots were ultimately exchanged, not just from the gunman, but from law enforcement that responded as well. that gunman was hit and is now sitting in a hospital. we're talking to steve moore, retired fbi. elizabeth cohen, too, getting an update on the status of the folks who have been injured, and we're awaiting this news conference, running a little late. a lot of moving parts. understandably so, waiting for this news conference to begin,
11:50 am
to begin to fill in some of the blanks as far as what happened inside. steve moore, here's something else. as we we're looking at some of the people, i don't know if they're walking toward the microphones, there are masses of people right now sitting in the airport. these are the folks who had already gone through the security checkpoints. one eyewitness said she's sitting in the international terminal. another said he's just sitting in a tunnel. the purpose is to keep them in one spot and to ultimately rescreen them, but really, that's for investigative purposes, yes? >> yes, it is also for investigative purposes. again, like triage, like medical, you're going to go from one stage to another stage to another stage. initially, what you're trying to do is get them in an area where they're not vulnerable to gunshots or bombs. secondarily, you're going to try to keep them out of areas where there could be a secondary device or a secondary gunman. the third phase is the immediate investigation. do we have another suspect in the crowd who has blended in
11:51 am
with these passengers? that's number three. when you -- when and if you can say we've got the one guy, and when you can say it to a certainty that you're willing to bet lives on, then you say, and by the way, i always hated to be the person who had to make those decisions. you, at that point, say you know what? we can release these people. excuse me, you can release these people by identifying them, showing that they had a ticket, showing that they were in a place they were supposed to be, and release them at that point, once they have been interviewed to see if they were witnesses. so right now, i don't know. i can tell you they're not in phase one or two, but they're still deciding how far to go phase three and phase four. they have got -- meanwhile, you've got an entire another group, an investigative group, who is burning through the electrons, trying to find out who this guy was, and anything you can tell from the information you have.
11:52 am
and that's going to be tough. >> it looks like we have some officials walking toward the podium. i'm going to stop talking. we can listen to them. i do want to tell you as we watch them walk, cnn has now confirmed one tsa agent is dead, another has been wounded from this shooting incident earlier this morning in and around the termtle three area of l.a.x. once again, this gunman did not quite breach the security checkpoint, but many, many people just absolutely terrified, running into bathrooms, running into offices, turning off their cell phones for fear there could be someone else out there. they wanted to be quiet, fearing for their lives. let's take a listen. >> good morning. i'm mayor eric garcetti, here with representatives of law enforcement and public safety community as well as the administrators of this airport. at about 9:20 this morning, most
11:53 am
of us know now that an incident occurred here at the airport with a shooter who was actively involved in terminal three, i'll be having chief gannon give you a rundown of what occurred. gina marie lindsey who is our executive director, will inform the traveling public and their loved ones what the situation is here on the ground, let me say a couple things. first, i want to thank the law enforcement community for their excellent and coordinated response to this incident. we believe this to be a static situation now. a safe one for those that are in the airport, and one in which we are all confident we will be able to conduct the investigation necessary to get all the facts out that no doubt you and the public want to know. second, we're working very hard in the operations of the airport. if you haven't been able to be in touch with a loved one who was already through security in
11:54 am
one of the terminals other than terminal three, flights have continued to take off at a slower pace. especially on the south side, which is terminals four threw 8, and those folks may be in the air right now. so do not worry about that. we have flights that are continuing to land, and gina marie lindsey will walk through that as well. again, this is a situation we're being proactive. if you have a flight this afternoon, we're encouraging you at this point to stay away from the airport, not because of the safety situation because the ongoing investigation makes it a very difficult place to come to and travel to. those folks that are here right now, we're encouraging folks to go to, if you're already in the te terminal, the terminals besides three are open and available, the uso and hotels that are close by. this will be a series of hours until we have the other terminals open, and for terminal three, an indefinite amount of time. with that, i would like to turn it over to our chief on the ground here from the police,
11:55 am
chief gannon, to give you a rundown of the incident this morning. >> thank you, mayor. patrick gannon, g-a-n.-n.-o.n.n. >> 9:30, an individual came to terminal three of this airport. pulled an assault rifle out of a bag, and began to open fire in the terminal. he preceded into the screening area where tsa screeners are and continued shooting and went past the screeners back into the airport itself. personnel officers from airport police, los angeles airport police responded immediately to the calls. they tracked the individual
11:56 am
through the airport and engaged him in gunfire in terminal three. and were able to successfully take him into custody. we had an officer-involved shooting that took place. as you can imagine, a large amount of chaos took place during this entire incident. we believe at this point that there was a lone shooter, that he acted at least right now with the only person that was armed in this incident. there's a tremendous amount of investigative work that will need to be done, and i will turn that over to the fbi in just a second, and in a little bit, but nonetheless, we have done security sweeps through the entire airport. we feel confident that this particular incident is tied to terminal three and terminal three only. and that's all we have right now. there's a tremendous amount of
11:57 am
investigative work that will need to be accomplished. we have multiple victims that have been shot. and have been transported. and we've had some other injuries as well. in addition to the suspect himself. so i don't have much more information than that. i don't want to give out information that may not be consistent later on. and so i appreciate your cooperation and just getting this little bit of information out now. >> next we're going to hear from gina marie lindsay, the executive director of lawa, and let folks know in terms of what is happening with the airport, with the flights, with the traffic around the airport right now. hold on one second, please. we'll take kwekzs after, sir. >> thank you, mr. mayor. i want to let everyone know that technically, l.a.x. is still accepting incoming flights, but
11:58 am
we're doing that at less than our half of our normal arrival rate. we are only accepting those flights on the south air field. we're not accepting any flights on the north air field. passengers that were ready to leave at the time this incident happened have either left on their aircraft or they are holding in the terminal. all of the amenities are available in the terminals. we have aircraft that are also situated on the west remote pads. they have not been unloaded yet. there are one or two diverses we're making to ontario airport. i want to encourage any of you who expect to have flights out of this airport this afternoon, please check with your airline. the best, very best up to date information that you can get would be on our twitter line, which is lax underscore official. again, lax underscore official, and that is going to be the most
11:59 am
real time information you can get. we understand there are many people that were not quite in the airport yet when this happened. we encourage you to find a place at some of the hotels along century boulevard. and we will, as soon as possible, we will let you know when we will try to get back to full operation. but understand that will take quite a deal of time. it's going to be a logistics, carefully orchestrated logistical ballet to am sure we can get people reprocessed and back on their flights. i think it's fair to say that almost every flight out of l.a.x. today will be significantly late. >> next, we have jim featherstone who is our fire chief. today is his first day as the interim fire chief. he also runned the emergency management department and we'll speak to both the fire and emergency operations center activities.
12:00 pm
>> good morning. jim featherstone. at this time, the lafd has treated seven patients, trance porms six to area hospitals. we have approximately 100 firefighters committed to this incident. as chief gannon said, the incident initially started somewhere around 9:20, 9:28, the first lafd resources were on scene. in terms of a more heightened awareness and coordinated effort city wide, the city's emergency operations center has been act vatded at level one. it has been for well over two hour said now. so the city is standing tall and leaning forward to deal with any associated issues that happen outside of the actual l.a.x. property. >> next here, the chief of the los angeles police department who is involved in this and some of the other operations as well. chief charlie beck. >> very briefly, i want to command the men and women of the lapd and their response.
12:01 pm
we have created a unified command with not only lawapd, the los angeles police department, fbi, laso, and other agencies. we will treat this incident with the unified command. many, many details, as you are interested, will not be given out at this point. we will not speak about the nature of injuries, we will not speak about the identity of the suspect, the investigate is being handled by the fbi. with the cooperation of the los angeles police department. again, tremendous unified response. i know that this region worries about its airport because of the complex issues involving with various jurisdictions, it was handled very well today. >> hold on one second. we'll next hear from the fbi special agent in charge, special agent bowich to talk about the investigation. >> hi, david bowditch, special agent in charge of the fbi.
12:02 pm
bowditch. first off, we're working hand in hand with our partners here to include the los angeles police department, the l.a. airport police, in respect to this investigation. this investigation is ongoing. i'm going to give you very little facts today, very few facts. we're working with the u.s. attorney's office as well as all our partners. i'm not going to talk about the victims today. we still have people we have to be in contact with in the meantime. we're going to bring our resources to bear in conjunction with our partners here, which would include our evidence response team and any other necessary resources. at this point, we do not see any additional threats here at the airport. >> finally, our last speaker will be council member mike bonnen, and then we're going to take questions after that. we want to thank you for the help with the traffic and the traveling public. one other note, i want to thank
12:03 pm
those officers from the los angeles world airports department, the police department here, whose rogue acts saved lives here today, and we thank them for that. >> thank you. good morning. i just want to reiterate something the mayor said and thank the first responders here today. lapd, the los angeles world airport police, fire department, tsa, fbi. there's a natural human instinct when you hear gunfire, to flee or to duck. and the folks who are hear today coordinating are folks who when they hear these gunshots, run towards them and save lives. to watch the unified command here today work together professionally and seamlessly is awe inspiring. the people of los angeles are in very good hands. also want to thank the public for their patience and their cooperation so far and ask for that to continue throughout the day. thank you. >> i'll have chief gannon to come forward for any questions. >> we have two fatalities and
12:04 pm
one critical. can you tell us the number of known fatalities? >> no, because i'm not sure to be honest with you what we have yet as far as that goes. the fire department is rectifying all that information. >> can you explain why the fbi is the lead agency? the this is an airport that has federal jurisdiction. we have fbi assets here onboard, and it's a unified command involving everybody, but the investigative lead has been decided to take by the fbi. >> is the shooter a federal employee? >> i don't know. >> was he ever? >> don't know. >> does the fbi know? >> did he indicate why he was doing this? >> not that i'm aware of. >> earlier, there were reports of multiple suspects. we saw a man in handcuffs, can you explain what we're seeing here? >> in a dynamic situation where things unfold so rapidly, and many people come in, there is always chaos in any type of event like this. and there's always the --
12:05 pm
everybody is always thinking forward as to whether or not there's additional suspects. as we stand here right now, there is only one individual that is responsible for this, as we know, as the active shooter that was in our terminal. and i want to follow up a little bit on what mayor said regarding the officers that went in after this individual. this individual was shooting as he went into the terminal. the officers didn't -- i repeat, they didn't hesitate. they went after this individual, and they confronted this individual in our airport. and unfortunately, it involved an officer-involved shooting, but that's what needed to be done in that particular situation, and that was heroic. we practice this. not more than three weeks ago, we took every one of our officers, our patrol officers, and a couple hundred officers from the los angeles police department, and we practiced the exact scenario that played out today.
12:06 pm
we played out today, and i was talking to the officers involved in this particular incident a few minutes ago. and they said that that training was critical to how they responded to this. so they're well-trained officers. and all of the agencies that came in, whether it's from los angeles county sheriff's department, lapd is here on campus with us every day and works hand in hand. hawthorne, the sheriffs. everybody in inglewood, everybody came in to help us get through this particular incident and we appreciate their help. >> why are you not addressing that? why are you not -- you must have that information. >> that's not true. and one, i don't know that information at all. we have obviously trying to develop information on the suspect, that's the fbi's responsibility, as with the help of the los angeles police department and their follow-up investigation. and that will be determined.
12:07 pm
but if you're asking me whether or not that information is clear right at that point, i'm telling you it's not, and that's the official word, and that's the truth. >> i'm sorry? >> are you saying you don't know who the shooter is? >> chief, how far was he targ -- did he get? >> he got back very far into a terminal. there's a burger king that is quite a ways away from the screening station, and he was able to get back there. i appreciate all the questions. we'll have more information here shortly. thank you. >> i know a lot of people want other questions. i'm going to say something briefly for the spanish press here. other questions, folks can go off line. we'll give you as much information as we can release as soon as we have that. >> will there be another briefing? >> okay, so he's speaking in spanish. we're going to pull away. you just heard a number of people from fire to l.a. airport police to l.a. p.d. that was
12:08 pm
chief charlie beck, but at the top, it was eric garcetti. he said it is a static situation now inside l.a.x. it is safe for those in the airport. but what we heard, what i heard that is new, at least, is a little more of a tick talk, a chronologist, if you will, as far as this shooter is concerned. so this is from the chief of airport police. this is what he just announced. that this gunman pulled an assault rifle out of his bag and began to open fire. he proceeded then, after opening fire, into the security screening area, got past screeners. got back into the airport itself. we heard that from one of the eye witnesses, because some shoes potentially from the shooter were found near a gate. you heard chief beck saying this guy was able to get deep enough into a burger king, which is presumably pretty deep beyand
12:09 pm
airport security. l.a. airport police were able to track the shooter through the airport, they shot at him, they took him into custody. he's at a hospital in that shootout, there was an officer-involved shooting, according to the airport police chief. and this is huge. they do believe that it was a lone shooter. they believe this individual, who is now being treated at a hospital, was the only person armed, and so the security sweeps that have been happening throughout this entire massive airport today, and they feel confident this is isolated to terminal three. so we're going to get into the victims and some of the injuries in a moment, but deborah feyerick, let me go to you, because a couple things i want to talk about. first and foremost, we're not gelling a lot. not getting a lot as far as injuries from the officials, but you have this through your sources that this has been a fatal shooting. >> yes, we got it from actually two sources that in fact, one of the tsa agents was indeed killed during this shooting. apparently, according to the chief, the gunman pulled an
12:10 pm
assault rifle from his bag, and then walked towards the area, the security checkpoint and opened fire on the tsa screeners. now, interestingly, the chief suggests this was a targeted shooting because he says that it was isolated to terminal three and terminal three only. or that it was tied to terminal three and terminal three only. he was able to get through that checkpoint. he continued firing, and at that point, we are told that as he approached a gate, that's when an lapd officer opened fire. we're told by a source that the gunman was shot multiple times in the chest. he was wounded. he's at a hospital now being treated, but he was able to breach that security area and was able to make it into the terminal. so clearly now police are pulling all their surveillance video to see how this played out. they were in the parking lot, looking for his car. there was a fear that perhaps there might have been explosives or other devices in the car. they were checking for that. we're told that the tsa agent,
12:11 pm
at least one was shot fatally. we're also told another was shot in the leg. a lot of the injuries occurred as people began to run. they were panicked. there was a stampede that occurred in that terminal. so right now, they're looking, but we understand that three people were shot. one fatally, one of them, the gunman, and another injured in the leg. >> thank you, and also we heard from the interim fire chief. he said l.a. fire treated seven patients and transported six. tom fuentes is joining me. he's a cnn law enforcement analyst, former fbi. tom, you heard multiple people speaking just then at the news conference. what jumped out to you? >> hi, brooke. i think the fact that so far it appears to be one lone shooter, not multiple people involved. not a huge conspiracy. you know, that is hopeful that that's the case, and not other people out there with guns potentially threatening other people. so that pretty much is a big
12:12 pm
story here. the second thing is whether or not the confirmation is true about it being a tsa officer that had been killed in that. but as mentioned earlier, those officers are unarmed as they operate the magtometers and the other screening equipment at airport checkpoints. so someone with an assault rifle would have no problem shooting at them, overwhelming them, and getting past them, if you will, and penetrating airport security. even just one person, much less if it was multiple. and by the time they get to that checkpoint at the machines, there is no security earlier in the process. they get out of their vehicle, or take a bus or taxi to the airport. they go in, they go to the ticket counters. they get boarding passes, if they do move on toward the security checkpoint. that would be the first time anybody would try to see if they were armed with either explosives or knives, guns, any
12:13 pm
other dangerous equipment. apparently, that's what happened. this person got to that checkpoint, pulled a weapon out of the bag, and opened fire. >> here's my other quick question for you. the fact that the fbi, the fbi is taking the lead on this investigation. why is that? >> well, in addition to the fact that it's an airport, it's also unknown if this is an act of either domestic terrorism or an act of international terrorism. if it's later learned they're part of an organization, and the shooting of the tsa officer in and of itself gives the fbi jurisdiction because whether it's a shooting, a killing, or attempted killing of a federal officer. that would give the fbi the primary jurisdiction in this case. >> tom, stay with me. mary, let me bring you in. former inspector general for the u.s. department of transportation, and mary, you can talk us through, as tom was discussing, and now we have this new information that this gunman, i don't know how quickly
12:14 pm
within the airport, within those airport doors, began to open fire, pull into this bag, pull out, as the lapd is describing, this assault rifle, and open fire. but i think about not just people who are obviously in line and waiting for ticketing and things of that nature, but just airport personnel, folks working thecounters, these tsa agents, one of whom we know has been shot and killed. what kind of training do they have for incidents like this? >> well, the persons who work in law enforcement at the airport have very detailed training and training exactly on these kinds of incidents. and the tsa personnel, they're trained to try to diffuse nents and it's interesting that just a week ago, one of the major newspapers, they were talking about the tsa trying to make checkpoints less stressful. trying to take the stress point back away from the stress areas and to keep people from snapping, if you will. so they're trained to diffuse at the checkpoint, although
12:15 pm
obviously, there are other law enforcement officers at the airport who are trained to react to a lethal situation, including with lethal force if necessary. and also the fbi should add that they do have jurisdiction over this because endangering flight, crimes against aviation, are federal crimes. when you endanger a flight, it's a federal crime, so you get federal agents. >> what about, mary, the people sitting behind those ticketing count counters? where the kiosks are, where you walk in, there's no security, at least tangible security as you walk in. in a situation like this, are those people trained? is there a button to press? >> they have to call security. and they have to call, for example, they call lapd, they call airport police if someone at the ticket counter is a danger. they have to call police just like the rest of us do. they're supposed to be trained by their airline, of course, it's airline personnel, to
12:16 pm
diffuse a situation, try to be calm, but as everybody knows, tempers flare in the airport, it's not always a calm situation. here, they would have had to call for law inforcement just like anyone else would have. >> we know police, law enforcement, they were on the scene within mndz. rapid response. coordinated response. mary schiavo, thank you so much. as we're learning a little more as far as what happened inside of l.a.x. now, just about three ho hours, more than three hours ago, let's talk about the scene outside currently. kascasey wian joins me from oute the airport. casey, set the scene for me. >> well, brooke, the script, the scene has been absolutely flipped in just the past hour. i think you'll remember that we showed you this road a little while ago. traffic on that empty side was completely bumper to bumper, just absolute gridlock. that has now all been cleared out, and traffic is actually very light and moving there. now you can see a fire truck that's going to go into the picture, leaving los angeles international airport.
12:17 pm
what you can see all along the side here, along this road, is people have now parked their personal vehicles, waiting to pick up people from l.a.x., people who can't get cabs at the airport. we've seen people with luggage all morning walking toward l.a.x. and leaving l.a.x. it's kind of a makeshift parking lot, if you will, waiting to pick up passengers. we have cabb es out here as wel because they're clearly not allowed to go in and out of l.a.x. as they usually do. as you heard in the news conference, airport officials saying take-offs and landings are still going on at some runways here. about half their normal level. we have not heard any takeoffs or landings in perhaps the past 10, 15 minutes or so. it's been a lot quieter. right after the shooting, there still were planes landing on this runway. over here, that you're looking at, right now, though, they have it shut down. we can see some of the passengers who are being forced to walk to l.a.x. because they cannot get into the airport with
12:18 pm
their vehicles. so very chaotic situation still unfoedi unfolding outside the airport. >> casey, thank you so much. as part of the news conference, we heard from the executive director of l.a.x. if you're planning to head out of that airport at all today, check with your airline or go to twitter, lax underscore official. expect massive delays. we're going to get a break, as we have been covering this breaking news for three hours or so. this active shooter inside one of the busiest airports in the country. we're talking to those who heard and saw this gunman open fire. terrifying ordeal for hundreds and hundreds of passengers. we'll hear from one man who is a world trade center survivor who endured this horror earlier. also talking to actor tim daley, who is inside as well. be right back.
12:19 pm
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welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin. breaking news here at cnn as we have been following this breaking situation out of los angeles international airport for just about three-plus hours ago. these are pictures from outside on the left-hand side of the screen, as many, many people here are still waiting to see how much longer they have to stay at the airport after a gunman walked into -- this is according to the l.a.x. police chief, walked inside of this airport right around 9:20 this morning, local time. opened fire.
12:23 pm
proceeded then into the airport screening area. past the screeners. and then got deep enough into the airport itself, according to different eye witnesses, and l.a.p.d. specifically, they're describing the gunman as wearing grayish camouflage. according to lapd, had this assault rifle which he pulled out of a bag and began shooting. this became an officer-volved shooting. seven people were hurt, six taken to the hospital, including the gunman who was taken down by law enforcement. according to sources, one tsa agent in and around the screening area was shot and killed. another has been wounded. s so that is more or less the latest we have. we heard from the mayor of los angeles, from fire, from police, saying this is a safe situation. isolated inside the terminal three area. we have also heard now some word from this, from the white house. let me take you to that. this is jay carney speaking just
12:24 pm
a short time ago. >> the president has been briefed on the incident at los angeles international airport. by alyssa mast romonica, deputy chief of staff, and he will be regularly updated on unfolding events there. at this point, the lead is the lapd. but we're obviously at the federal level in touch with law enforcement officials on the ground and will -- the president will be updated as the afternoon progresses. >> the lead, as we have now heard from the news conference, is the fbi, with lapd assisting there. and also according to the mayor, they believe, this is according to police as well, a lone shooter, it was a lone-shooter situation. feel confident that was isolated to that particular terminal in the airport. but as we continue to hear from people who happened to be inside, happened to hear some of the gunshots, absolutely ori
12:25 pm
horrifying ordeal. i want to go to chuck who joins me on the phone. can you hear me? >> yes, i can. can you hear me? >> i can, yes, sir. let's just begin with, how are you sdm are you okay? >> i'm fine. pretty calm at this point. sort of overcoming the initial adrenaline rush of having sort of felt such personal danger. but yeah, at this point, things are much less dramatic. much less of a visible police presence outside, and they keep telling us we just have to wait now until things are clear. >> take me back to this morning. did you hear the shots? where were you? >> i was standing around gate 30, sort of walking from gate 30 to the food court. gate 30, i think, is the gate that's closest to where the security barriers are. and i just heard two loud pops behind me. and i don't know. it didn't -- it didn't strike me
12:26 pm
as gunfire at the time. i thought there were loud sounds, something had fallen. then i heard this mad rush of people. and there was a stampede of people coming from that direction, drying to get away. and then other people seeing the stampede started to panic. and nobody really knew what was going on. i didn't understand there were gunshots. people were saying, what was that, what was that? people were yelling to their friends, get in the bathrooms. get around the corner. hide behind something. i started to run away from -- in the same direction as the general flow of people, and there's an escalator that goes down to the corridor that leads to the baggage claim area, and i just figured that was a good way to get away from whatever was happening up at that level. a number of people were running down that way, anyway. we ran down the stairs, with all of our luggage and carry-ons and everything in hand. ran down a very long corridor, which was kind of a -- it's a
12:27 pm
very long way to run when you feel like there might be cro crosshairs on your back or something, but when we got to the exit from the secure area, before baggage claim, the security guard there really didn't know what was going on. she was a little flabbergasted by all the people who came rushing. she was trying to speak on a walkie-talkie but really couldn't get much information. she kept saying, if you go out, you're not going to be able to come back in. then all of a sudden, police appeared and yelled for all of us to hit the ground. that's what we did. everyone was don on the floor. we ran the other way, up the corridor, and eventually, additional police showed up and said, everybody up. out of the building as fast as you can. and we proceed ed to go out of the building and directly across the street, straight as possible to the structure over there, and sort of hunkered down. figuring i was relatively safe,
12:28 pm
surrounded by the concrete. and eventually, the police kind of ushered us, herded us, to this international terminal. which, you know, somebody told me it was terminal two. somebody else said it's a different terminal, the international terminal, a different name. and since then, we have been hur hur hunkered down here. >> here you are rushing with your bags, in your words, feeling the crosshairs on your back. you hear the pops. at what point did you realize those weren't just pops, they were gunshots? >> when the mepolice came and td us to hit the ground, i didn't mention, there were four additional pops. and i think somebody said to me, and i really didn't perceive the hit the ground, the policeman said something before that. somebody said shooter hit the ground. so at this point, people were asking each other what was going
12:29 pm
on. the general consensus was there was some gunfire. and it made sense because i had heard the popping sounds. >> chuck -- >> i didn't expect to hear a gun going off. so it didn't make sense to me at the time. >> i have talked to a number of people who heard and saw what you're describing, and they have said to me, you know, brooke, this has been the most horrifying ordeal of my life. you, sir, endured, survived 9/11. you were at the world trade center. did this just bring that back for you? >> it did in a number of different ways. i mean, it's a very different experience in some ways, but that sense of being, you know, a person in peril, a sense of, you know, chaos, you know, the scale of it doesn't really compare to, you know, seeing your office building go down.
12:30 pm
but in the moment where you're essentially running for your life, it's much the same. [ inaudible ] it brought back a lot of bad feelings. >> chuck, many people this morning who had the feeling of running for their lives. thank you so much. we're glad you're okay. once again, seven people hurt from this shooting situation at terminal three at l.a.x. six taken to the hospital and also at the hospital, the gunman. dib raw ferric has been breaking information on the story from her sources. i understand you have new information right now. what can you tell me? >> we can tell you that the gunman who was able to breach the security checkpoint and get close to a gate was indeed shot multiple times in the chest, right center mass, an lapd officer responding to the incident was the one who wounded him and essentially stopped this rampage from continuing. we're told that he is at a
12:31 pm
hospital where he was taken into custody and brought to a hospital. where he is being treated. again, he was shot multiple times in the chest. center mass, and he was stopped essentially by an lapd officer who was responding to the shooting. about a dozen shots were fired between the gunman and also those officers who were on scene handling this incident, brooke. >> deborah feyerick for us. thank you so much. as we continue to hear the stories coming in from eyewitnesses, i am about to talk to a woman, a young woman who ran. she hid inside of a room, shoved this copy machine up against the door and turned her phone off for fear that the gunman could hear her. also, you'll hear from actor tim dal daley. saw the whole thing unfold. he joins me. we continue our breaking news coverage out of l.a.x., next. so what can i get you?
12:32 pm
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welcome back. i'm brooke baldwin. we continue our breaking news coverage of what has gone on, really, at l.a.x., one of the biggest airports in the country over the past couple hours. we heard from a number of airport personnel, we heard from the mayor, from fire chief, lapd. we can tellia as we look at the live pictures, look at the presence, ambulance after apblance after ambulance. fire truck, tremendous work in rapid response from everyone responding to an active shooting situation. i want to walk you through, if you're not familiar with l.a.x., this is what it looks like. okay, so these are all the different terminals. you have seven terminals. when we heard in that news conference from the l.a.x.
12:36 pm
police chief, who specifically we heard it was tied to terminal three, right here. this round terminal right here. so let's skip ahead, because according to this police chief, here we go. let me erase that for you and i will show you this gunman walked into the airport, reaches into this bag, grabs, as they're describing, lapd is describing this assault rifle. opens fire, and you see here, this is the tsa passenger screening area. this guy with this assault rifle walks through somewhere around here is when the tsa agent who we now know is dead is shot, and another has been wounded. this gunman, according to what we heard from police, presumably, is running. down this corridor, at some point, we heard he was somewhere near a burger king. and ultimately, here we have gates 35 and 36. i don't know specifically where this gunman ended up before he was taken down by police, but in talking to multiple eye
12:37 pm
witnesses over the course of the last two hours we know and have seen pictures of the assault rifle and the gunman's shoes right around here. imagine if you're waiting for a plane, seating around here, the masses of people earlier this morning trying to get out of there, and they were stuck, and they were terrified for their lives. we have heard from these people who say absolutely, the most horrendous, most frightening incident of their lives, including this young woman by the name of sarah richardson. here's what she saw. >> we heard a lot of loud gunsho gunshots. and my colleague pulled me to the ground. we hit the ground, and tried to scoot behind something. everyone was just scrambling along the ground. at which point, someone from security told us to sprint and make a run for it. so we all sprinted. all our stuff is back there. i got pulled into a hallway. my friend didn't get pulled into the hallway with me.
12:38 pm
i started screaming her name and we got pulled into a room, they pulled a copy machine in front of the door, and i was under a desk. at which point we weren't allowed the leave the room, but you could hear more shouting and gunshots outside the room, at which point, someone told us to evacuate and brought us to a terminal, but then they told us to run in different directions. someone pulled us in a bathroom, and then put us on the sidewalk and said we would get bussed out, and then we were pulled into the international terminal and we're told we're not allowed to leave. >> at the moment, you're sitting somewhere, not sure what your next step is. are all your friends okay? >> my friend is okay. she's in anotherterminal. she said there's a bomb squad there. we're not really sure when we're going to get out of here. i didn't see him. some of the people in the group i got locked in the room with saw him. >> what did they tell you about him?
12:39 pm
>> just that he basically came out of nowhere, that it was pretty jarring that someone just randomly pulled a gun right in the middle of nowhere. >> did they describe the gun? >> the sound of it was so loud that the first time, someone thought a bomb had gone off. i would think there were at least eight shots. >> what was happening around you? >> just pure and utter mayhem. people were tripping over each other on the floor, bags everywhere. crying, screaming. >> and once you run into this room and someone grabs a copy machine and shoves it up against the door, what's everyone saying around you? >> everyone said to turn cell phone ringers off. people were holding each other's hands. they didn't want to open the door when the security manager came because we didn't know who it was. >> and they were turning these cell phone ringers off because
12:40 pm
the fear was this person was roaming around the airport and you didn't want to make a sound, is that right? >> yeah. >> have you called your loved ones to tell them you're okay? >> yeah. >> where are your bags? >> they're with security. i left my wallet. i don't know. i don't know how i'm going to get out of here. >> what are they telling you, other than to stay put? >> they're just telling us we can't leave. we don't know when we're going to be able to get out of here. >> sarah richardson, who joined me, who was one of many waiting to be rescreened and for investigative purposes, questioned before they can finally leave l.a.x. coming up, you'll hear from a young man who was cuffed by police in the midst of this melee, they might have thought he was a suspect. he joins me live, next.
12:41 pm
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12:44 pm
we're on the ready, we have plenty of staff, plenty of personnel, and plenty of blood to take care of the patients we received. currently, one of those patients is in critical condition. two of those patients are in fair condition. we have been in contact with the families of the victims. and at this time, that's all we have to say. thank you very much. >> is the person in critical -- >> it's not clear at this time. >> was he the gunman? >> it's not clear at this time. you could speak with the police about that. they would have the most up to date details of exactly who we got. when they come to us, they don't have identification. >> what kind of gun shot wounds? >> multiple areas, multiple areas. >> multiple areas. >> all three of the patients? >> multiple injuries. gun shot and other injuries as well.
12:45 pm
>> is there anything -- >> can you clarify. the one critical is a gun shot patient. the other two -- >> one is a gunshot, one is not. >> is there anything you can tell us about the victims taken to other hospitals? >> i'm sorry, i can't at this time. >> you don't know the conditions? >> i don't, i'm sorry. >> could you go through exactly what you're saying in terms of the people who have been brought here to ucla, their conditions, and any kind of description you can give us? >> it's so limited due to privacy concerns, so there's three male victims. two have suffered gunshot wounds. another has suffered other injuries. but i can't characterize further. >> are they speaking? have you spoken to them? >> one is in critical condition, two are in fair. >> have you spoken to them. >> >> fair patients you can speak, critical you cannot. >> did someone have a question? >> are fbi agents on site visiting with the victims --
12:46 pm
>> i can't comment to that. i'm sorry, i don't know. >> the person who is in critical condition, is that a gunshot wound victim? >> yes, sir. >> can you talk about being in trauma, why they were brought here? >> sure, yeah. well, in an event like this occurs, we prepare for as many as 50 victims. so we clear out rooms and get ready. we get all of our personnel, and this is something we are well prepared to do. as it turned out, very thankfully, we received only three. >> did you receive any patients who have died? >> no. >> three patients. one critical, two fair. that's it. >> i'm sorry, i don't know that right now. >> could you tell us more about the description, their ages, perhaps? >> unfortunately, i can't, due to privacy concerns, and actually, they're details i don't have. like i said, they come with very little information and we take care of the injuries and move to the next patient. >> have you been able to talk to
12:47 pm
them? >> excuse me one second. >> another ucla facility -- >> no, sir, i'm not sure about that. >> are these people residents of los angeles? >> it's unclear to me. i don't know anything except they came in, they were injured and we took care of them. i really can't. i mean -- >> adults, children? >> adults, no children. >> three male. >> what is the range of their ain ages? >> i don't want to estimate, dear, i'm sorry. i don't want to misstate it. >> when would you expect the two victims in fair condition to be releas released? >> it's unclear, but generally patients in fair condition after such traumatic injury situation would maybe be in the hospital for one to two days. >> would it be fair to characterize their injuries as nonlife threatening. >> i would say at this time, they appear to be not life threatening. >> how about the critical person? >> could be life threatening,
12:48 pm
hence the critical status. i'm so sorry, i have to go back in and take care of other patients. >> one last, with the critical patient, can you say where the majority of the gun shot wounds were? >> they were in a variety of areas and i don't want to provide any more detail just for patient privacy. i'm all done. thank you, have a great day. >> okay. so as you can tell, very preliminary information there from that doctor from ucla med center. just briefly, to recap, she said they're treating three adult male patients. and so one is in critical condition, two in fair condition. we heard from the fire chief earlier saying seven people in total had been hurt. six taken to area hospitals. and we also know from our own sources that one tsa agent who was shot has died. and another tsa agent is wounded. as we continue to follow the story, some of the facts, the filling in some of the blanks as far as what happened this morning at l.a.x., we're
12:49 pm
starting to hear more and more from the people who witnesses and heard not just the shots, but saw the gunman himself, including nick pugh who joins me on the phone. nick, take me back. take me back to this morning, and tell me where you were when -- you not only heard this, you saw the guy. >> i didn't actually see inshth shooter, but i saw flashes. >> got it. >> and smoke, whatever, commotion. i had just gone through the tsa area, the first checkpoint where they check your i.d. and your boarding pass. and i went up the escalator and i was at the very back of a big line for the second check-in area, and i basically just was standing there, and then that's when the shots started. and you know, i would say linear distance, probably 20 feet away from me, but i couldn't see him because he was sort of down below floor level, and i was up on the upper level. so everybody just pretty much immediately just dropped down to
12:50 pm
the ground and start ed squirmig along the ground to try to get and then they all started pushing toward the main security check-in area. i saw like an emergency exit down to the runway or whatever, so i just went out that door. i just thought i'm not going to be caught in a huge crowd or whatever. i just thought it would be better to try to get out from what was going on and ran out on to the runway and ran past, you know, then the police, whatever, i saw the first line of police coming and they put me down on the ground and handcuffed me, thought i was a potential suspect or whatever. >> let me stop you there. did they explain to you why you, why did they do that to you? >> there was no reason for this. they were really basically get down, get down, hands above your head, get down, drop your bag. then they pushed me down on the ground and handcuffed me and
12:51 pm
basically to secure the area. i knew that, i mean, obviously you're running across the tarmac under the airplanes, you look pretty suspicious fundamentally. whatever, i just, they were just doing their job. i was basically just glad to be, you know, whatever. then they came back and checked me over and did a whole thing, you know. then uncuffed me and released or put all the ground crew and myself and a few other passengers i guess had run down the same exit, they put us up in another terminal, secured that and moved us all over to this terminal, where we're all waiting now. >> so you continue to wait. tell me what you're being told right now. tell me how many people are waiting along with you. >> i mean, it's two or three terminals' worth of people in this one terminal so it's pretty crowded. i don't know what else is going on.
12:52 pm
nobody's really said anything. i've just been listening to news and stuff, sounds like one person passed away. terrible. >> i can tell you because you've been on the inside, i don't know how much you've been able to get, the mayor said the airport is safe, this appeared to be isolated to terminal three and he said this does appear to be a lone gunman so you may have a bit of a wait ahead of you, nick pugh, but at least you are a-okay in addition to everyone who is sitting and waiting with you. thank you so much for calling in. we're glad you're all right. deborah feyerick now joining me with just a little bit more information here on this investigation. what are you learning? >> reporter: we are learning that as you mentioned, the gunman was carrying an assault rifle. we are also told that he did have multiple clips when he breached through that security. he was shot multiple times in the chest, center mass, and he's currently being treated and we believe that he is the patient
12:53 pm
that is in critical condition right now at that hospital, brooke. >> what about when we heard from different officials earlier briefing the media, we heard in the back and forth with the gunman this was an officer involved shooting. do we have an update on the officer? >> reporter: well, we don't. it doesn't appear that he was one of the ones that was injured. what we're hearing is that there were actually three people who were shot. one of them was the gunman. another was the tsa agent. a second tsa agent was shot in the leg. we're also being told actually the head of the tsa has indeed confirmed that one of his agents was shot and killed. i'm going to pull up that statement for you right now. basically, he says that indeed, one of his officers was shot and killed today, and that there were other agents who were also wounded. so now tsa is confirming that. but once that gunman stepped through, he was confronted as he
12:54 pm
made his way towards a gate, he was confronted by responding police officers. they were called to stop this man and that lapd officer was able to shoot him and stop this from getting any worse than it already was. >> incredible job by l.a.x. police, lapd, fire, just incredible rapid response within a matter of minutes. thank you very much. what a harrowing morning for hundreds of people inside what is one of the busiest airports in this entire country. we have folks obviously making phone calls and trying to get more information. we also have crews outside of l.a.x. you heard from the eyewitness, many people stuck inside, many people outside as well telling their stories. that is coming up next. are you flo? yes. is this the thing you gave my husband? well, yeah, yes. the "name your price" tool. you tell us the price you want to pay, and we give you a range of options to choose from.
12:55 pm
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people inside of l.a.x. early this morning, calls came in right around 9:20 local time. a gunman, an active shooting situation. what we can now tell you, that gunman has been taken down. he's now at the hospital. according to lapd, he was wielding this assault rifle that he pulled out of this bag, opened fire as he walked into the airport, got through security. a tsa agent has been shot and killed. another tsa agent wounded. seven people in total, according to fire, seven people hurt, six taken to area hospitals. so as the investigation is now under way, fbi taking the lead with lapd working alongside of them. we are now hearing more and more from what these people, these people who thought they were just waking up to get on a plane, what they saw and heard. take a listen. >> just describe where you were at the time that this incident was taking place. >> we were in line as everything is happening. i think we were probably like -- we were ten men down from the
12:59 pm
front to get everything on our plane as we heard one shot and we were like all right, cool, we heard the second one and that's when we all ducked. but the first shot, just like caught us off guard. second shots went in and i just started making walls and walls out of luggages. i could see that guy walking towards the escalator just pointing down past us. >> the guy with the gun? >> yeah, the guy with the gun was pointing down the escalator. as i'm looking toward that person, that's when i grabbed my wife. when he's not looking at us, that's when we ran. next thing you know there's six other people holding my wife's hand and we ran. >> what did that guy look like? did you see him well enough for a description? >> he was wearing all -- description, like one of those people working here. you couldn't even tell. >> he may have been a security person? >> not sure. he played it off pretty cool like camo, if i'm going to do something, blend in.
1:00 pm
>> one of many stories beginning to come in after this harrowing ordeal this morning at l.a.x. obviously our hearts, prayers going out to people in los angeles right now. we will continue covering this breaking news of course with my colleague, jake tapper. thank you so much for being with me on this friday. "the lead" starts right now. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." we're continuing cnn's breaking news coverage of the shooting at los angeles international airport at roughly 9:20 a.m. pacific time, 12:20 here on the east coast. air traffic at l.a.x., one of the biggest airports in the nation, is at a crawl this hour after a gunman opened fire in terminal three. he unleashed chaos inside. the transportation security administration confirms that one of its agents was killed in the shooting. another tsa employees were injured. police list a total of seven people wounded. it's unclear exactly how that breaks down. the gunman is believed to have acted alone according to lapd. according to