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tv   Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown  CNN  November 1, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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the story. the story. good night. -- captions by vitac -- this is cnn breaking news. >> good evening, everybody. i'm erin burnett. outfront tonight, the breaking news, murder at l.a.x. a deadly shooting at one of the busiest airports in the united states. tonight at this hour, one tsa officer is dead. lost his life in the line of duty. the first ever tsa officer to be killed in the line of duty. at least three others wounded at this hour. the fbi has identified the
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gunman as 23-year-old paul anthony ciancia, a resident of the los angeles area. an tonight we can now show you this, a photo of the suspect. now, this was first obtained by cbs news. a federal law enforcement source confirms to us that the photo is indeed of ciancia. it's unclear when it was taken or the exact circumstances, but of course as i told you our understanding is of course that he's 23 years old. tonight of course wounded by officers, police officers who rushed to the scene. but right now wounded, not killed. we have dramatic new video we also want to show you that shows you how this went, the chaos and pandemonium happened inside that terminal at l.a.x. this is video that was first obtained by the web site tmz right after the shots were first fired. >> on the floor now. on the floor!
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>> 2, 2, 2. >> hold on you guys. >> go go go! >> [ mute ] this is crazy, dawg. >> it's amazing from that you see people yelling to get down. you hear the popping of the shots. and yet people even though they're running seemed in some senses so calm. hundreds of passengers were run for cover in a state of panic. >> this guy downstairs started shooting. and the one guy fell down. panic erupted and he was setting up the security check. >> my husband just grabbed me and put me on the floor. and i was really scared and
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crying. i was panicked. >> the only thing i could do is cope my eye down the hallway to make sure he wasn't coming down, try to keep calm. but everybody was just going crazy. >> the fbi says the investigation is ongoing and the shooter appears to have acted alone. >> this is a very large-scale investigation. the crime scene is extensive. we are currently applying a tremendous number of resources in conjunction with our partners from lapd and los angeles airport, the airport police. today we are going to confirm the identity of the subject. it is paul anthony ciancia. he's 23 years old. he's a u.s. citizen. formerly a resident of new jersey. we are currently investigating his background and more about him. >> and we have much more on his motive in a moment with a special report. i want to show you first some of the dramatic images taken by
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passengers inside the airport. this is where police confronted the shooter on the ground there in front of that officer you can see his weapon lying on the floor. an assault weapon as people have told us. as this was all unfolding people were hiding everywhere they could, many of them in large groups in places like this. the bathroom. and the security checkpoint was completely abandoned. as you can see people ran and abandoned everything. their luggage and everything in the boxes and on the floor. we have latest details from the experts and reporters covering this from all the angles. casey wian is outside l.a.x. casey, what are you being told right now? >> reporter: erin, terror and chaos inside of l.a.x. today and gridlock and confusion outside of l.a.x. here's what police officials and investigators are saying about their inquiry into this morning's deadly shooting at l.a.x. >> this morning a gunman opened fire in l.a.x.'s terminal 3,
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killing a tsa agent. the first die in the line of duty. and shooting two other people, at least one of which was a tsa agent. additional individuals have had minor injuries have been treated. airport police officers engaged the suspect, opened fire, wounded him and took him into custody. the suspect has been identified as paul anthony ciancia, 23, a resident of los angeles. >> 9:22 is about the time that we became aware that this incident had occurred. airport police officers were on scene immediately. and began to move after that particular individual. the suspect as he proceeded through terminal 3. they eventually caught up with him near the rear of the terminal. and that is where an officer-involved shooting occurred. >> at this point we have one
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terminal shut down and we will have that shut down for awhile while we continue the investigation. forensics teams are in there from both the fbi as well as lapd. their work is long and methodical. and they will take their time on this to be complete in their investigation. >> reporter: and the impact of this shooting much more widespread than just inside of l.a.x. 746 different flights were impacted by the shooting. and erin, you could look down the street here. we're about a mile away from the terminal at l.a.x. and still you've got people being forced to walk, dragging their luggage over a mile to get to the airport and get away from the airport to go home, erin. >> thank you very much, casey wian. as casey said, the impact of this was felt so widely. more than 60 million people go through l.a.x. every year. that's where kyung lah is right now with hundreds of passengers still affected by the gridlock
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of the shooting. kyung, you've been there all days. there were times i saw you literally with hundreds of people around you sitting on the ground with their bags. the scale of the disruption is huge. >> reporter: absolutely huge. we just saw a small sliver of it, erin. at one point this entire street behind me was clogged with luggage and with people. you see these people still coming by with their carts? this is not typical. you don't see people going up and down this particular street or sidewalk outside of l.a.x. this just does not happen. they usually take taxis or buses trying to get to different places. where you saw casey wian a mile away of people walking, wheeling their luggage. this scene is being repeated here exponentially because this is the goal. what's happening now inside the airport, you have thousands of people who have been sitting outside the airport on the side streets and are now trying to catch flights out. it is going to be gridlocked throughout the night. it's going to be a mess tomorrow as well, erin. >> and kyung, this is affecting
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travel around the world in many cases, but certainly on the east coast of the united states as well, right? it's not just an l.a. story. >> reporter: oh, absolutely not. because if you think about it, if you're flying from chicago to somewhere the plane may come from the west coast. planes are completely affected across the country. plenty of international people cannot get out tonight who don't have planes to get on or will not be able to find a plane to get to their destination. and one other thing we should add, erin, people did remarkably stay calm. they tried to collectively stay calm. but frustrations certainly we're hearing it now now that the investigation is sort of wrapping up, people are very angry they had to wait five to six hours on the planes in some cases. >> kyung lah, thank you very much. now what exactly happened this morning? tom freeman was standing 25 feet away from the gunman when the shooting began. i've talked to him on the phone,
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asked him exactly what he saw, how it unfolded. and here he is. >> we were just literally walking in i was handing my i.d. over. we heard five loud shots right behind us. we all hid behind the ticketing conveyor belt. we heard more shots. we all ran into a nearby office, locked ourselves in. closed up the lights and watched and waited for about 20 minutes until the police came and told us it was safe to go outside. then we were in the international terminal. released just now. >> how many shots did you hear? >> maybe 12 to 20. maybe 12 to 15. >> 12 to 15 or 20. how afraid were you? you never anticipated it happening. you don't know how you're going to react until it happens to you. what was your reaction?
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>> we were freaked out but more like in shock and more like in survival mode at that point in time. maybe when we have time to reflect on it we'll be a little more afraid. it was a pretty scary situation. and kind of surreal. >> and as you mentioned, todd, you've been there now for many hours. obviously i know you were going to go away for the weekend. and we're looking now at a live picture of, i don't know, 50 people maybe but you're looking at overpasses that would be full of cars with people walking. did you mention they're just now allowing you to leave the airport? >> yes. just now. they're still interviewing some people who were actual eyewitnesses to the incident. but we're trying to get out of here and go home. >> and the reason they're trying to talk to those eyewitnesses, obviously trying to get as much information as they can about this shooter that we have confirmed is 23 years old. but to really understand more about him and his motivations, we're going to have more on that in a moment. i want to go to brian todd right now who is actually looking at the shooter's path through
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l.a.x. brian what's so amazing about this you're looking at one of the most fortified, secure airports in the united states. it's incredible this could have happened. walk us through how he did this. >> this is what we're told by patrick gannon, the police chief of l.a.x. about the shooter's path when this began about 9:20 in the morning pacific time. according to the police chief, the shooter came in through the main entrance of terminal 3. this is a diagram of terminal 3 only at l.a.x. comes in through the main entrance. could have come through this part, the drop off area here. also could have come in through one of the exits. not clear which part he came in in any event, he comes in here, opens up a bag, takes out an assault rifle, starts shooting in this area. then he shoots his way past tsa passenger screening presumably this is where the t sa officers were shot. not clear but presumably since so many of them are around here. and fewer of them are down in this area. but what's incredible here is that he shoots his way through
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here. then goes all the way down the terminal to this area here. hundreds of feet to a food court where he is finally disabled, shot, wounded, taken into custody. there's a burger king right about here where according to police chief patrick gannon he was finally shot and disabled. we went through all of this with our law enforcement contributor tom fuentes,s with a member of fine s.w.a.t. teams who dealt with airport security. i asked him when you've got a shooter with an assault rifle moving through an area like this with presumably hundreds of passengers all over the place, what do you do? do you fire to take him down with all these people, all these civilians, bystanders all over the place here, risking hitting one of them? essentially his answer was yes. you've got to take the shot. you've got to try to disable him. you've got to stop that situation. normally in these situations they're told obviously do not involve anybody who's an innocent bystander. but in that situation where he's moving, he's an active shooter,
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even in a crowded airport terminal, erin, tom fuentes says they've got to take the shot. they took the shot here, they disabled him here. and the situation ended. when you think of that, it is fortunate that many more people who were in this terminal at 9:20 local time were not hit. >> it truly is when you put it that way. i'm thinking, brian, at the security line, obviously depends on the time of day. but there could have been hundreds of people there. >> right. >> then once he got through there and had committed the horrific act, killed that tsa agent, wounded others, he's then in that terminal. as you said hundreds and hundreds of people are there at that time. where else did he have access to? as you point out, this could have been so much worse, right? >> it could have been much worse. tom fuentes made this point. here's where he gets disabled. food court here, burger king somewhere around here. look what's behind him. you've got gates all over the place here. people in all these gates. you've got jetways.
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and we don't know how many planes might have been sitting there. according to tom fuentes, if he gets past here and gets into the gate area, again could have shot many people in here, could have gone onto a jetway, possibly onto a sitting plane. and tom says that planes that are sitting at these gates often you're able to walk in and the cockpit doors we know that they're secured during flight, closed. but when they're sitting in these areas the cockpit doors are open sometimes with pilots sitting in them. tom laid out a scenario where he could have gotten into one of these planes and possibly even hijacked it with a pilot sitting in there. a lot of caveat es to that of course. there could be service vehicles attached to a plane. a flight crew maybe not there. but tom says when you get in there and you pull a gun on a pilot, pilot's told to pull out he can conceivably do that. so that's a scenario that could have played out if he just gets past this point here, erin. >> and they stopped him right at that point. brian todd, thank you very much. and i want to bring in tim cl
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clemente, a former fbi counterterrorism unit. this unit running the investigation into the shooting at l.a.x. tim picking up on what brian todd just said, you get through the security point and then really you think about horrible things could have happened. so many people walking around. planes and you could hijack a plane. does that concern you sort of that he was able to get as far as he did? >> well, erin, there's the tsa officers, my prayers go out to the family of the individual who died and the wounded people. but the t sa officers are not armed so they have no way realistically to deal with a threat like this. and there's very limited los angeles airport officers that are spread out only in specific areas throughout the airport. usually at at security checkpoints, i flew through this
8:16 pm
terminal 3 just last night flew from l.a.x. to washington, d.c. last night on a red eye. my daughter flew out of that terminal earlier this morning. but the security there the tsa at those security checkpoints usually have an armed l.a. officer, l.a. airports facility officer right nearby. if there's any issues they usually respond. this individual may have just by happenstance gotten there when there wasn't an armed officer right there and/or got past that officer before he started shooting and then was pursued by the officer. so it's a terrible situation for the people that are there. but there's no way that we could prevent somebody bringing a weapon in without having to extend that perimeter further outside that airport and having people screened out in the parking lot or in the street. and i believe it israel that's common with the screening process much further away from the terminal. >> they do. then when you get in they put you through security before you
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check in honestly. we're going to learn more in a few moment. we have a special report on the motive here. the motive appears to be from the limited information that we have tonight, linked to anti-government, anti-tsa feelings, all right? that's the latest that we have. but what if it weren't that? this could have been a mass, mass shooting. >> yeah, absolutely. this could be a disgruntled individual or a typical injustice collector like james holmes in aurora, colorado. but we're lucky in that he wasn't as effective as he could have been. if he had a semiautomatic weapon whether a handgun or a long gun, unfortunately a very target rich environment for him where you have people all unarmed. everyone else has gone through a metal detector and is not armed in that building except for the few police officers that are spread very thin throughout that terminal. so it could have been tragic. and another part of this is, those passengers are literally
8:18 pm
trapped in the terminal. they can't immediately egress. there's no emergency exit out onto the tarmac, which i understand was a major problem with some of the people hiding at gate doors waiting to go finally be freed to run jot onto the tarmac. it could have been a terrible terrible tragedy. as bad as it was, i think we're lucky that it was contained so quickly by law enforcement personnel. >> tim, thank you very much. always appreciate your time and analysis. still to come more of our breaking news coverage of the deadly shooting at l.a.x. what we're just learning about the suspect and his motivation and what police say was an assault weapon. and this question. is there something deeply wrong with the security at america's airports? we're going to talk about this very specific issue about the tsa, where it's located in the airport with an expert. how could this happen at one of if not the most fortified airport in america? 56 [ susan ] though he had never left.
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new details on the identity of the shooter who attacked los angeles international airport today. crucial question why did he do this? deborah feyerick has been
8:23 pm
working her sources. >> we know that law enforcement is looking at his facebook page to see if there's any indication as to why or motive as well. law enforcement officials taking very seriously comments that he apparently made to several people, several passengers who were on their way to their planes. as he was walking down the terminal he allegedly asked them, hey, are you tsa. then when they responded no he kept on walking. also we are learning through cnn's evan perez he had some sort of material or information on him that suggests he was specifically targeting both tsa but possibly also police officers. right now they're looking into that. the note that was apparently found was in a bag that he was carrying. and it's that bag that he had his concealed assault rifle in when he walked into the airport, went straight up to the tsa security checkpoint and then opened fire, killing one of the agents. from there we know he ran down the terminal to the gates. that's when he himself was shot
8:24 pm
three times or multiple times i should say in the chest by officers from lapd and l.a.x., the airport police there. we've tried to find out his condition. so far nobody is talking on what his status is at all, although he was taken to a local hspital, erin. >> we have one eyewitness, one person's memory saying 12 to 15 or 20 shots. we don't know really how that broke down suspect versus law enforcement. but to your point, as evan perez was reporting he had anti-government documents on him. >> correct. >> what do you know about his weapon? >> it was an assault rifle. we know he had three magazines. one magazine he had in the actual firearm. but interestingly he also had two other magazines as well. this happened in a very short amount of time. so by the time he sort of started running through the terminal, down towards the gates, what it does seem to suggest is that he was not able to reload. not sure how many bullets he himself fired. but because there were two up used magazines, we know it does
8:25 pm
not appear that he had time to reload before he himself was shot. >> deborah feyerick, thank you very much. crucial questions and a lot of questions of course as we get more specifics we'll share them with you about that weapon and what we know about it whether it was legal. authorities believe the gunman was target perhaps police and certainly tsa officers. jim sciutto is in washington with more on that part of the story. jim we've been talking about through the day, the tsa is the frontline, right? they are not allowed to carry weapons. it seems to me they were completely defenseless. were they prepared for anything like this? >> reporter: this is one of the most protected airports in the world, partly because it's been a target of terror threats before in 2000 there was an al qaeda threat, a shooting in 2002 at the ellal desk there. more than 2,000 police officers, the tsa officers are not armed. i spoke to the head of their union today and he said that's
8:26 pm
by choice. they prefer to leave the shooting to the officers who are trained for the shooting. that's the l.a. airport police. there are other armed officers that are patrolling airports. air marshalls that as we know often on flights but also in the airports. the department of homeland security also has armed agents in the airports. so up to this point the t sa hasn't seen the need or requested to arm its agents. i was getting twitter messages from some tsa officers who disagree with their union. one quoted to people said they feel like unarmed sitting ducks and they would like to be armed. there's some disagreement there. as you mentioned, they are the frontline. it's a fair question as to whether some of them at least might need arms going forward. >> jim sciutto, thank you very much. i want to bring in lou palumbo who provides security for big events including the golden globes. great to have you with us. jim is talking about this
8:27 pm
crucial issue front and center, as we talk about this horrible act that happened today. an act of domestic terrorism i think it is fair to say. should tsa officers have guns? >> absolutely. they're at a vital point of airport security. they should be trained and armed at that point so they're not sitting ducks there. the whole notion or concept that you're screening for weapons and you could encounter one by someone of ill intent and not be able to respond to him is somewhat ludicrous. but it's unfortunately the climate that prevails. >> the other thing as jim is reporting, this is one of the most for thefied and defended airports in the united states because it is so big and important and has been the target of terrorism before. but when you think about it, you walk into an airport, l.a.x. or anywhere else, until you hit security it is a complete free for all. you could carry whatever you want. you could have a gun or anything. you get halfway through the harmt before you even hit that security point. so is security in the right place?
8:28 pm
should we move it to the front door? >> that's correct. there's an inherent flaw. i spoke to this about ten years ago. i said basically you kiss your loved ones goodbye at the sidewalk. before you enter the terminal they should be screening you for weapons. why allow someone to traverse hundreds of feet of an air terminal that is densely populated with the target. >> thousands of people, right? >> but the whole notion of the way we do this. unfortunately we're a reactive culture. sometimes you need an incident like this for us to revisit the proper way to secure a terminal. whenever you do an event or any venue it's done in layers. you do it in the outer most perimeter. why allow a problem in your house when you could prevent it from coming into your house? but they're just not of that mindset yet. >> maybe this will change it. but as you said, the true tragedy that would require this to actually have them change how they do things. lou, thank you very much. still more of our breaking news coverage of the shooting. how passengers at l.a.x. are coping after the deadly assault. we'll be right back. rts, powerful screening tools,
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welcome back to "outfront" i want to update you on the breaking news tonight. a deadly shooting at los angeles international airport. one tsa officer killed, at least three others wounded. the fbi tonight identifying the gunman as 23-year-old paul anthony ciancia. cbs news obtained a photo of the suspect on a federal law enforcement source confirms to us this photo is of ciancia. it's unclear when it was taken or the exact circumstances.
8:33 pm
but of course as we said he's 23 years old. so this looks like obviously it could be relatively recent. actor tim daly worked on the sitcom "wings" he was inside the airplane when the shooting entered this morning. i spoke to him over the phone. >> tim, i've got a picture you took following the shooting that you put on twitter. so where were you and what exactly did you hear? >> i was in the first class lounge at virgin america, probably about 20 yards from where the shooting took place but one floor up. and i had just come up from downstairs by the newsstand which was maybe 30 feet from where the shooter was killed, i guess. and i was standing talking to people at the desk. there were these loud sounds, which our reaction was is that gunfire? and then about another 10, 15 rounds later it was obvious it was gunfire. so we stayed in there.
8:34 pm
and the police started banging on the door. of course we didn't know it was the police. so there was a few minutes of confusion and fear not knowing who was banging on the door. the virgin employees were very smart in asking the police to show their i.d.s. they came in. they were amped up, fully ready to find somebody in there. but they were very professional and quickly realized that there was no criminal element in the lounge. so we were locked in there for about an hour. and then finally led down right next to where the law enforcement people killed the shooter. by gate 35. in terminal 3. >> all right. and i just am only going to correct you in case any viewers are joining us, the shooter our understanding is alive at this time. >> oh. >> not saying that's incorrect. only in case the viewers joining now, tim. let me ask you the question. when you say you heard shots, we're trying to understand how
8:35 pm
many shots there were. we know tsa agents aren't allowed to carry guns. but the shooter obviously had an assault weapon and there were law enforcement who came in and shot him. do you have any recollection of how many shots you heard? >> i would say between 10 and 15, although i didn't keep count. though there were quite a few shots. >> that sounds like what other people are saying, too. >> they moved. because the lounge is as i said on the second floor. and the first two or three shots were sounded like they were coming down the hallway into the wide open round place where the waiting area is for the boarding gates. and then there was a flurry of shots that took place right where the boarding area is. that's where the majority of the shots they heard were fired. >> all right. well, tim, thank you very much. we appreciate your taking the time. i know it's been an incredibly long and stressful day. so thank you for talking to us. i want to bring jeff beede in
8:36 pm
now, former counterterrorism officer. he helped design the security we use at airports. jeff i believe you've been dealing with l.a.x. and dealt with l.a.x. personally. so let me just ask you this question. because we were talking about this earlier. when you look at where the line is, right, where you go through security, before that point there's no security at all, right? you could have anything you want. anybody could carry anything. then there's this point and theoretically you don't have anything. is that a problem in the setup of the airports? >> you know, erin, you're absolutely right. >> the only thing different behind it you have airplanes. so currently we're set up to protect airplanes, not people for the whole time that they're in the airport. and so what we need to consider, and when administrator pistol goes out there and i'm sure he will be considering it, moving the security checkpoints as far forward as you can. to the curb or even spot checks
8:37 pm
forward to that. once you do that three or four other quick things. you said something earlier about right after the shooting started the security checkpoint got vacated. and al qaeda terrorists, sophisticated terrorists constantly use that tactic where the first person comes in and destroys the wall or the entry point and then other people flow through and exploit the access they now have to the protected space. we've got to do something about that. some of the things you can do is provide hard cover. there you have people that are out there behind plywood podiums. and in not every case are there armed officers overwatching them. you need armed officers overwatching each checkpoint. people need hard cover they can get down behind to save their own zblooifs what about what happened today? in this particular case the shooter got through the checkpoint before being stopped by police. he was stopped at a gate obviously. so they were effective. but did the system work because he was able to get all the way
8:38 pm
to a gate or not? >> no, erin, it didn't work. the element was the concept of operation, was the design. anytime someone can shoot their way through a checkpoint and 00 plus feet down a concourse, i know tsa will tell you that's not the system working. so we've got some work to do. sadly that we lost somebody here. but let us learn from this and look at how do we improve the situation? how do we make sure this doesn't happen again? perhaps this will be the base, the cause, for us to take that hard look and to make some necessary changes. >> it is amazing how you don't realize certain things until something happens then you just completely rethink everything all together. thanks very much, jeff. still to come, the other news we are watching, shocking revelations about the 2012 presidential election. we'll be talking about -- let's just say we'll talk about the relationship between these two and why barack obama and bill clinton just don't seem to like each other. and martin mcneal, former
8:39 pm
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shocking revelations about the 2012 presidential campaign. among them, president obama's advisers secretly considered replacing vice president joe biden on the ticket with secretary of state at the time hillary rodham clinton because she was so popular in the polls. this is according to double down, soon-to-be released book
8:43 pm
by journalist mark halpern and john hyalman. the book also details the long strained relationship between president obama and former president clinton. the "new york times" obtained a copy of the book and summarizes it this way "when the two of them golfed together in september 2011, an effort aides hoped would bring them closer, they didn't even finish 18 holes. mr. obama succinctly expressed his view of mr. clinton to an aide after coming off the course at andrews air force base. obama grim massed and replied "i like him in doses." the author is right. paul begala counselor to president clinton in the white house. alice stewart a surrogate for the romney campaign. she was quoted in the book. in the age of twitter i'm impressed these guys can have this stuff and have it new and hold it. kudos to the authors. paul the book also said bill
8:44 pm
clinton referred to barack obama as luckier than a dog with two of something i'm not going to say on national television. how strained is this relationship? >> i was wondering how you were going to get that quote in. >> you think she's going there? no. >> family program. look, i speak southern so let me translate. president obama is indeed fortunate to have a compare atively happiless opponent in mr. romney. it's not an insult at all, it's a compliment. i got to say, the authors are two great reporters. >> that's interesting you spun that into a compliment. >> it says you're really lucky. i'm a dog lover, a southerner. that's a compliment. for president obama to say i like him in doses. as a former aide, these people, especially presidents, they ought to have at least a second or two where they can blow off some steam without aides leaking it to a book.
8:45 pm
i don't fault the reporters. i'm sure it's accurate. these are like the best in the business. do i trust them. they're good journalists. but as an aide, i think aides like me, i bet alice agrees, we owe our clients a higher standard, frankly, of discretion than blabbing every frustrated or tired or angry or emotional remark that we hear when we work for them. don't you think, alice? >> i agree completely. and loyalty goes a long way when you're this business. it's a very small world. and you're going to continue to work for people. if you're going around telling deep dark secrets for your boss the candidate or elected official it's going to get around. i agree with you 100%, mark and john are tremendous journalists. they did meticulous work in interviewing people and finding this information as erin said holding these deep dark secrets as long as they did. i asked mark about some of the stuff today. he said alice pay attention to the nondenials denials in this. basically he said all this is true. if someone nondenies it they're not really denying it. there's truth to it. >> there is truth to it.
8:46 pm
alice, when you talk about what president clinton said about president obama during the 2008 campaign, he told a radio show, this was not even secret, right? i think they played the race card on me. then there was the time he was talking about president obama's stance on the iraq war. he said give me a break. this whole thing is the biggest fairytale i've ever seen. then of course he turned. he became an advocate of president obama's policies. no question he helped him during the 2012 election. then there were moments like this press conference. >> here's what i'll say, i've been keeping the first lady waiting for about half an hour. so i'm going to take off. >> i don't want to make her mad. please go. >> you're good hands. and dibs will call last question. >> thank you. >> i mean, alice, is this just a case of, you know, every president's used to being the top dog. it's got to be maybe hard for bill clinton to be there in that room and president obama wants to prove i'm the top guy. it's not you anymore even though
8:47 pm
everybody loves you, right? maybe they're just too similar. >> that was a classic news conference where the president clinton came in and dominated the room and president obama was standing back saying, i'm the president now. but that's classic. you should have learned that remember from the democratic convention when bill clinton didn't understand what the red light blinking was. but that's just how it goes. i'm sure if you ask bill:ton how much he can take of barack obama he'd probably say in doses as well. >> i'm sure he would. what about the romney campaign, alice? the book obviously focuses on the romney campaign which as you just heard your colleague call hapless. the book describes the hunt for the vice president for mitt romney, goldfish. the names were hardly mysterious and frankly offensive perhaps to some. new jersey governor was called puffer fish, senator marco rubio pescado. and paul ryan of wisconsin
8:48 pm
fishconsin. romney crossed chris christie off the short list. he was apparently bothered by chris christie's lateness showing up to things and also his physical fitness. they quote in the book romney modelled chris christie's girth, difficulty making his way down the aisle of the campaign bus, alice, true? >> well, as we said, i think there's a lot of truth to a lot of the information that's in this book as mark alluded to. and here's the thing with the v.p. selection. this was something that there's always talk about how this process goes through. one of the best kept secrets in individual politics to avoid being attacked by the other side. the key to this is it's no secret mitt romney is very organized, very fit, very on time. at the end of the day when it comes to chris christie, he's getting ready to be re-elected by a landslide come next tuesday. so there's something to be said for being fat and tardy. >> that's true. paul what about what chris christie said today when he heard about all this stuff in
8:49 pm
the book? i love it. let me just play it. >> anybody who wants to sell a book puts my name in it. so that's fine. i have a great relationship with the romneys and the campaign. and it's all just trying to make sure they sell as many books as possible. >> paul, you got to love it. you got to love it. >> first off if you want to sell books you don't put chris christie in there. he's got an inflated ego. you put kardashian in there if you want to sell books. but that'sal his's example. these nondenial nidenials. saying the stuff in there is true but they're trying to sell books. so it sounds like a confirmation to me if you decode the language. >> i give him credit for saying look spell my name right. call me puffer fish if you want. thanks to both of you. we appreciate your time. still to come martin macneill on crime for the murder of his wife. we've been covering his story. today a special report when prosecutors called on their
8:50 pm
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you're history. selsun blue itchy dry scalp. gets to the root of dandruff and hydrates the scalp. selsun blue itchy dry scalp. drugs and drowning how forensic experts say martin mcneil's wife dies. he claims heart problems led to
8:54 pm
his wife's death. today witnesses appeared to put that story into question. >> prosecutors say there is no question how michelle macneill died and that it was at the hands of her husband martin. >> michelle died as a result of drowning. >> it is your opinion well beyond a medical degree of certainty that michelle mcneil drowned? is that correct? >> within a reasonable degree of reasonable certainty and beyond. >> on the day of her death, dr. macneill called 911 after his young daughter ada found michelle in the tub. >> my wife has fallen in the bathtub. >> who's in the bathtub? >> my wife. >> next witness for the state? >> the prosecution's forensic medical expert said it is likely michelle suffered as she slowly drowned in a bathtub. >> the person both after the period when is dropped in water initially really doesn't want
8:55 pm
toin hail water. but then because he feels the need to breathe, eventually he is both inhaling water and swallowing water. >> prosecutors say martin macneill forced his wife to have cosmetic surgery as a ruse. using his medical expertise to ply her with a mix of post-surgery medications so he could drown her. the defense says she had a long-term heart condition and that was the cause of her death. >> i did not find any evidence of that. >> cardiologist dr. david kragen said from his analysis she was in relatively good health and there was no natural reason she should have been found unconscious in her bathtub in april 2007. >> no chest pains, no shortness of breath. no symptoms to suggest she had significant disease. >> are doctors unique in their ability to commit homicide? >> objection. >> prosecutors dropped that bombshell but were prevented
8:56 pm
from questioning dr. joshua perper about his book. "when doctors kill" who, why and how. but that did not prevent him from giving his medical opinion. >> so your examination of the lungs and the microscopic slides of the lungs -- yes. >> -- support a finding of drowning. >> yes. >> and on cross-examination, the defense got dr. perper to admit that possibly michelle macneill died of naturally occurring heart disease. erin, very important week next week. we expect closing arguments, deliberation and maybe even a verdict. >> thanks so much, jean casares. she'll be on that case for us this week in the meantime piers morgan tonight starts after this. ♪ protect your mouth, with fixodent. the adhesive helps create a food seal defense for a clean mouth
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and kills bacteria for fresh breath. ♪ fixodent, and forget it.
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this is "piers morgan live." welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. tonight, breaking news on the deadly shooting at lax. chaos at airport when a gunman opens fire, the suspect paul anthony ciancia. he shot one tsa officer and wounded several others. the airport is open again and details tonight emerging. we have more from the airport and chris lawrence outside the suspect's home in new jersey.


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