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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 3, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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mother have now been charged with murder. a man faces charges for accidentally setting his wife on fire at a gas station. the surveillance camera reported the whole thing as the couple was standing next to the truck. look at that. while pumping gas, the husband started a cigarette lighter that caused vapor fire. his wife received third degree burns. her husband faces reckless conduct charge. >> hello, everyone. i'm don lemon. it is 6:00 here in the east in the cnn newsroom. thank you for joining us. we will have grizzly new details on the los angeles airport shooting. the shooter fired at point blank range at tsa officer hernandez who crumbled to the floor.
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the suspect walked away, turned around, and saw hernandez squirming on the floor. the suspect came back, shooting hernandez again, killing him. five people were shooting with including the suspected gunman, paul ciancia who is in critical condition. two others were treated at hospitals and released. 29-year-old high school teacher is in fair condition. he was shot in the leg. now to cnn stephanie elim outside l.a.x. stephanie, you spoke with a passenger who witnessed a shooting. >> reporter: don, it was crazy to hear his story. he said everyone hit the ground. he was up above the escalator, in he curity, wh when everything happened. there was a pause and he looked back down and that's when he saw everything else. take a listen. >> we were at security. we heard the initial gunshots.
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and everybody in security hit the ground. a lot of folks were scrambling forward. so there was a pause. i look down the escalator and i saw the gunman. he had his gun trained on the wall there and he shot him twice. so i knelt down and i saw him run up the escalator and yell something. of that, i hit the ground. he hit the ground and ehaven'tly made his way to the tarmac, don. his wife and son went out past the tsa agent that had been shot. it took them hours before they were reunited. they walked blocks from here to their car. that's the story a lot of people had. i talked to him on the phone and he said he actually did see him shooting down at the tsa agent. he couldn't see the body but could see him firing the shots. >> that brought up a lot of security concerns. l.a.x., are they going to make
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more changes now that airport is fully back open? >> the airport says they are monitoring how they handle this. they say the window of opportunity here for things to go badly is from the curb to when you get to that first checkpoint. from what we understand, is that under hernandez, tsa agent that lost his life, that he was that first check point making sure you have your documents before you go up through the security screening. so they want to make sure that's the safest area. earlier this year, they move security, police officers from behind that security line to in front of it. so now they look at how all this will play in along with other security that they hire within the airport. i'm sure it is something that a lot of airports are doing, looking what the they can do to keep their area safe for their passengers. >> stephanie, thank you very much for that. airport security is raising fresh questions about security practices.
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officers were rerepositioned the last year. gannon moved officers from behind the security checkpoint to in front of it where they monitor arrival and departure floors of the terminal. gannon says, in friday's attack, the nearest police officer to the initial shooting quote, was just moved to the front part of the airport. >> i made a decision over this last year to make a move of those individuals. and instead of being behind security, where people have been screened and we assume they have been unarmed, we move them out to the front and gave them greater responsibilities. and so, the threat here at the airport does not exist behind security that podium. the threat exists from the curb line on. and so, as a part of that, we have our people stationed throughout the airport. >> i want to bring in now l.a. city councilman parks who served as los angeles police chief.
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he joins us now by phone. mr. parks, thank you for joining us. you doing okay? >> caller: fine, don. how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. good to talk to you again. . i wish it was about a better story. this one is horrific. >> caller: you're right. >> you heard what gannon said. the danger was in front of the security checkpoint. do you agree with that? >> caller: i think what you have to look at is there's not ever going to be a perfect security plan. there is literally tens of millions of people that come to the airport. out of that hay stake one of them could go awry. i think chief gannon, former lapd deputy chief, made a wise decision realizing that walking through the operational part of the airport, that the real danger is not after a person has gone through the monitoring and search area, it's those who are getting to that point. because once you go through the
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screening, there's probably little, very little chance, of a person acting out once they're behind the monitoring system. so moving them up front is for them to monitor people both leaving and coming, when they're not under a secure control. >> okay. so you think that it's a good idea to move offices from behind the checkpoints to and front, correct? >> once you go through the screening, you've pretty well minimized or eliminated the danger. it's those people that are dropping people off, those people that are making the decision of where they're going to go to what terminal, that's the group that needs as much attention as possible. >> here's what prosecutors say. they say the shooter fired at point blank range of tsa officer hernandez. he road an escalator up. road back down. fired a kill shot. that's a long time. why hadn't airport police arrived on the scene yet?
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>> caller: that's something chief gannon can assess, where those officers are deployed, how quickly they responded. because my assumption is that after the first shot, you will have a lot of emotion and people running and a variety things and officers trying to assist. exactly where it is occurring and what the level of danger. and you can find literally hundreds of spots in the airport where there's not a police officer with eyes on that particular incident. it takes a second for officers to assess, insure they know what's going on, where it's going on. and also we have to be concerned with the danger to not only the public, but to them. so it takes a little bit of time to do that evaluation. and then to be able to take action. but those officers at lax and ll l.a.x. and lapd are some of the
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best can you find. they go through training. they work in concert with each other. it is not a lack of effort. but it is a target-rich environment. and one of a million passengers can act out and you have to respond to it. >> chief parks, who exactly do airport police report to? are they part of the lapd? you said they had separate training. >> caller: by charter, they are the responsibility for the l.a. airport commission. so within the organization of the l.a. airport, you have -- in fact their homeland security was just recently selected to go into a very high level job within lapd. we just came from lapd as deputy chief. they work specifically for the airport. >> are you aware of any kind of
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tension between tsa officer and airport police at l.a.x.? >> caller: the tsa officer? i'm not aware of that. my understanding is there are thousands of employees and millions of passengers. i'm sure there's a conflict here or there. but i don't have a sense that there's not a very good working relationship amongst the public safety and homeland security people. >> law enforcement source tells cnn before the repositioning, airport police officers complained to the union about being board with the assignment of being stationed behind the tsa checkpoint. do you think that could have prompted a switch? >> i don't know why they were board. i issue is, i think over time, i think that whole issue of airport security has evolved. i think initially when it was set up, they thought the primary point of danger was at the checkpoint when people were going to be searched. when they are going through the
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system at the particular point and you needed law enforcement there to protect the tsa officers and to take people into custody if they should show up at the screening with weapons or items that they shouldn't have. again, it was always where they were positioned after they went through the screening point. the key is, they wanted to move up front because you can see and determine a great deal of what may be occurring or what is about to occur, if you have eyes upon the arrival of people showing up at the airport, watching people leaving. these are things that are very helpful to direct the law enforcement personnel. >> former lapd chief and now chief parks. thank you, have a good evening. >> caller: thank you, don. i watch you all the time. >> thank you, very much. i appreciate it. two governor's races will be determined on tuesday. what do the results of two state elections matter to the entire
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the back and forth over obama care overshadowed the usual washington debates. but there is a brat el brewing over some key out who nominees. plus some governor races look like they will end up with some very different results. this is one of my favorite parts of the weekend. lz, you're in chicago? oh, that's right. that's right. >> i'm back in chicago. >> i was thinking atlanta. i've live sewed many places, i forget. he is a commentator. anna is a consultant and sit-in
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cnn commentator. good to see both of you. the president made sure to link mcauliffe's opponents with the recent government shutdown. >> here in the virginia you felt the pain of the first government shutdown in 17 years. there aren't a lot of states that felt more of the pain than folks here in virginia. paychecks were delayed. families were forced to go without the services that they depended on. business owners took it on the chin when customers cut back on their own spending. and as terry mentioned, his opponent says he's perfectly happy with it. >> all right. well, anna, are there wider lessons for republicans in virginia. why are the democrats running such a strong race there? >> well, i think if you compare
3:16 pm
and contrast the two candidates for governor, chris christie and new jersey, and in virginia, the wider lesson for republicans are frankly, a political 101 lesson. you've got to nominate and run candidates that are tailored for those specific states, for the specific races they're running and that can get elegislatived. not just out of a primary but also in a general election. it's two very different animals. you've got virginia, which is a purple state. a battle ground state. and it's a very big state. very important state in presidential politics. new jersey is a blue state. and you will see a republican win there handily. so the lesson, simple, nominate the right candidate. nominate the right candidates. >> ken cuccinelli may be able to -- i don't know, anna, did you see that? >> yeah. i've seen polls all over the
3:17 pm
place. i'm sure that the government shutdown issue hurt cuccinelli. i'm also sure what's happening with obama care is at some point hurting mcauliffe as well. so yes, i have seen polls as tight as seven points, five points. and others that have it as broad as 12 points and so, we're yet to see, look, you never know until election day and until you figure out what voters came out. if the democrat voters get overconfident, it could be very bad for them. >> go ahead, lz. >> i was going to say, it is important to note that virginia is a very special case. there is a very volatile civil war happening within the gop in that particular state. ken cuccinelli kind of did some shady stuff. they didn't didn't have a primary there, they add convention. the tea party and conservative christians took the tea party instead of a natural democratic
3:18 pm
process. what you mentioned before, anna, they are purple. in the primary process, it doesn't matter which party you're in, you can vote in the primary. ken cuccinelli's folks didn't want that. that's part of the reason you are seeing a civil war. they are giving the opportunity to vote for him. he was hand-picked. the governor he served under is going through some controversy and scandal himself. those two things, i think, obama care discussion, more than i think the government shutdown really impacted how this is shaking down in virginia right now. >> okay. so guys, let's turn now to new jersey. republican chris christie. running away with his race for reelection. that's a very democratic state and they're about to re-elect a republican governor and lz, what's your take away from this campaign? >> moderate. don't be an idiot. be someone who looks like you're a bipartisan.
3:19 pm
actually be bipartisan. and let's remember, images of chris christie and president obama are still very fresh in a lot of peoples' mind. when you look at the grid like this in washington and chris christie in the heart after general election, chose to do the right thing for his fate versus the best thing for his party, that sent a very strong message. if i was a votener new jersey, i would consider him to be someone very electable regardless of what party i wanted to be part of because he looked like someone willing to do the best thing for the state and people versus his own party. >> and that is, when you're a broken record, and the other side never does -- when your particular side never does anything wrong, it is so boring. i think people see through that. it is so disingenuous. but anna and lz, i want to hear from you about the latest gridlock in congress. obama's positions held up by republican senator playing hard ball offer the benghazi
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ all right. this is just in. it is coming from the birmingham. a terminal at the airport in alabama has been evacuated. the airport said on its twitter account that airport and law
3:24 pm
enforcement officials are responding to a threat received around 4:00 p.m. local time. they're on central time. and so far, no details of anyone being injured. it is just one terminal we're being told. we will continue watching this and keep you posted on the developments as we get them here on cnn. we are getting back to politics now. we are talking with politics with ana navarro and lz. they are both cnn commentators. american survivors of that attack are allowed to testify before congress and he insists he really doesn't have a choice. >> i shouldn't have to do this. i shouldn't have to make these kind of threats. they should provide in a responsible way, those who live through benghazi to be interviewed separate and apart
3:25 pm
from the obama administration to find out what hped before, during and after. >> so graham's actions would affect the new fed chair nominee. the nominee to leave the department of homeland security. and is lindsay gram making smart use to hold up the political nomination or is this grand standing? >> it is not political grand standing. i know lindhy graham very well, and it is not his profile to do this kind of political grand standing. he was a member of the 8 on immigration. he refused to be part of the back-up choir for ted cruz on the government shutdown. along with john mccain pushed a member of his own party, george w. bush, very hard on guantanamo. you consider seen consistency when it comes to oversight issues and military abuses. i think what he is asking for is not that unreasonable.
3:26 pm
and he's been asking for this for over a year. give us access to the people who were there. who are the survivors. give oversight committees, the appropriate committees, access to these folks. they've been denied access and there's very little, senator and minority can do, frankly, to assert leverage and pressure. these type of holds is one of the tools that is available. maybe the only tool that is actually available. >> so lz, why shouldn't everyone who was in the benghazi attacks be allowed to testify? what is wrong with lindsay graham's argument? >> okay, first of all, let's be clear. there is no politician, regardless of party, that is immune it using these opportunities to grand stand. i'm sure there have been plenty of times in which lindsay graham hasn't, but this to me is one of the time which he is grand standing. because there is no reason, none, to hold up these two particular nominees that we're talking about in order to talk
3:27 pm
about benghazi at this particular point. in addition to the fact he is introducing an anti-abortion bill in the senate, what you see is someone just trying to position themselves once again to look to be the hardest person going up against president obama. not necessarily someone looking to get answers about something that is affecting the american people. if you want to hold a congressional hearing, i would like to see you bring in the insurance companies and ask them while they are price gouging, the american people in light of obama care. i want to know why it cost so much money for aspirin in hospitals. those things impact more people than what he is trying to do. i'm not trying to say that down play what happened in benghazi. but if he is so upset about things that hurt american people, i can give him about ten things he can bring in front of congress and talk about. more so than the same talking upon the of what happened in benghazi. to me this is something -- >> let me till you this. lindhy graham is not part of the committees that have oversight
3:28 pm
over health and human services. he is in foreign relations. he is a military guy, senate armed services guy. that's what he has jurisdiction over. he's not the one that can subpoena somebody like kathleen sebelius. >> lindsay graham, too, is facing a -- going up against -- hang on -- going up against the tea party and maybe trying to position himself. >> exactly. >> thank you. see you next week. >> thank you. >> next, a mayor and video that reportedly shows him smoking a crack pipe. this afternoon he addresses his city about the controversy swirling around him. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts, that's why we have ink. we like being in business because we like being creative, we like interacting with people. so you have time to focus on the things you love.
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3:32 pm
no details after specific threat or of anyone being injured. we will continue to watch this story and we'll keep you posted on the new developments as we get them here on cnn. mayor of toronto, facing shocking allegations he smoked crack cocaine goes on the record now. just hours ago mayor rob ford took to the airways to respond to the first time to allegations he was capture owned video smoking crack cocaine. it is what he doesn't say that is adding more foul to the fire. >> reporter: every week toronto's mayor, rob ford, cohostes a two-hour radio show. after months of bomb shell headlines alleging crack cocaine abuse and erratic behavior -- >> there's no one to blame but pli self and i take full responsibility for it. >> it was what he today say this weekend that had everyone listening. >> friend, i'm the first one to admit, i am not perfect. i have made mistakes.
3:33 pm
i have made mistakes and all i can do right now is apologize for the mistakes. >> the mayor used his show on sunday to take full responsibility for his access, unwilling, however, to say specifically what he was apologizing for. >> i want it move forward. but, i also know, to move forward, i have to make changes in my life. which i can assure you, that i will do. i love the work i do. and i'm going to keep doing it. >> as these allegations swirl, the mayor has also been connected to a police investigation into gang activity. the 460-page report, important as much for what it says about the mayor as what it doesn't say. page after page about ford's alleged drug abuse, redacted. but law enforcement did release photos of what police say is
3:34 pm
ford in front after crack house with three alleged gang members. there is also surveillance video released in the report showing questionable behavior. the mayor seen with his one-time driver, who is now arrested on drug charges. ford continued to dig in on the accusations and alleged actions caught on tape. >> whatever this video shows, folks, toronto residents deserve to see it, and people need to judge for themselves what they say on this video. >> nick valencia joins us in atlanta. nick, if you listen between the lines, there is an admission of sorts. he is not admitting to using crack cocaine but he is admitteding to having problems. that doesn't necessarily translate into plummeting poll numbers, does it? >> no, it doesn't. in fact he addressed also witness accounts that he's been
3:35 pm
caught out in public intoks kited several times. as you can see, he was very emotional. as you mentioned, don, he's got a lot of supporters and since police announced they have this video, his approval ratings have gone up 5%. >> interesting. nick la vevalencia in atlanta. nick, thank you. the paralympic, she has now won every area she has compete
3:36 pm
3:37 pm
3:38 pm
. security above, below the streets of new york city is a big priority for the return of the world famous marathon. >> on your marks. [ gunshot ] >> crowds cheer as 47,000 runners race through five burroughs to the finish line if central park.
3:39 pm
kenyans took first place in mon men's and women's division. last year's race cancelled due to hurricane sandy. remember that? they set everything up then had to tear it all back down. history was made at today's marathon by an incredible young woman. her name is tatyana mcfadden. she completed her marathon grand slam by coming in first in the wheelchair division and three other marathons this year. as i found out, her success didn't come easy. at 24, tatyana mcfadden is no longer a stranger to adversity, taking on challenges most of her young adult life. born with spina bifida that paralyzed her from the waist down, unwanted by her mother, she was put into an orphanage that couldn't afford a wheel claire. >> i walked on my hands in the orphanage. no wheelchair. i just had a lot of hope. >> and this is not only an
3:40 pm
incredible personal achievement but a long journey in the making. mcfadden tweeting out after the race, i can't believe it. her nyc marathon win puts mcfadden in a category all to herself, becoming the first person to win a wheelchair grand slam in the same year, winning four marathons, boston, chicago, london and now new york. in fact, mcfadden in boston crossed the finish line just hours before the bombing. so after claiming her next victory in london, the paralympic athlete went back to do what she could for those in need. >> i faced many challenges in, you know, in the past. and probably many more challenges in the future. and i wanted to go back to boston and really -- and really visit those who were injured and saying, you know, there's hope and there's light in the future. and if you're missing limbs, you're still not missing out on
3:41 pm
life. >> today when she is not winning gold, she is on track to graduate from university of illinois. her training is rigorous, hours of strength training, then back on road. a venue where she continues to defy the odds and win the hearts and minds of her fans. >> she is amazing! congratulations, tatyana mcfadden. have you inspired me to get in better shape. right? with nothing to complain about. rosa is sitting next to me. we were just saying, nothing to complain about. >> i'm so inspired. let's go for a run, don. >> yeah. you are here, you will talk about the futuristic, cute, moving. we just heard about the inspirational. you have other news around the world. >> this first story, we will start in china. if we ever see this in our lifetime, don, check this out. an unmanned car competition. three-day smart car challenge where 18 unmanned vehicles drive
3:42 pm
through an 18 kilometers of circuit. they have recognition, construction detours. i would fail that one. obstacle avoidance and the end stop. now some of the participants are from chinese and foreign universities. now, don, you've got to prepare it say, ahhhhh. >> not about the car, right? >> no, not about the car. about the next story. you've got to meet the 26-month-old female panda cub. are you ready to say awwwweee. the cub will be released into the while after more than two years of wildlife training in southwest china to minimize human intervention. here is the crux of the story, don. with that cub, researchers put on panda costumes while interacting with her in the environment. would you do this, don? >> no. because they look cute but they will bite your heads. they will claw you. >> when they are small and nice and cuddly.
3:43 pm
the cub is learning basic skills like finding food, water, defining enemies. all getting ready for her release next week. now, don -- >> yes. >> this story is about another animal. that maybe have you seen since you're from louisiana. >> is this the animal story? >> this one is not in its natural habitat. take a look. >> what! >> no way. >> oh, an alligator, folks, at owe higher airport. the woman you just heard from called for help and dispatchers, on the other end, couldn't believe what she was talking about. couldn't believe what he was hearing. of course the alligator was hanging out in terminal three by the escalators. the aviation workers caught the alligators using a dust pan and broom. how the alligators got there is still under investigation. the plan plan is to give it away it a reptile park. >> we switch gears for this story. i assure you it will pull at
3:44 pm
your heart strings. take a close look at your screen and also listen closely. >> apparently going through the -- there was water slick -- [ inaudible ] >> just in case you missed it, folks, that was a pilot of a flight from atlanta to los angeles letting passengers know that the fire trucks outside their window were giving the plane a water salute for the warrior on board. now the plane was transporting a fallen soldier. the plane had a full police escort which included the family after soldier, other passengers also say that no one got out of their seats. everyone watched that flag-draped kass get descend from the plane. one told the passengers, everyone was an escort at heart. one other passenger mentioned,
3:45 pm
we hope this is the last plane that brings back a soldier. >> totally been in that situation before. it is always very heart-wrenching and also quite a heart warming at the same time when you see how people react to our heros. who sadly lost their lives overseas. >> so sad. and for all of the veterans and families watching, thank you so much for your service. >> absolutely. thank you. thank you, rosa. coach of denver broncos sidelined by a heart problem. what it could mean for the team, straight ahead. ♪ [ male announcer ] staying warm and dry has never been our priority. our priority is, was and always will be serving you, the american people. so we improved priority mail flat rate to give you a more reliable way to ship. now with tracking up to eleven scans, specified delivery dates, and free insurance up to $50 all for the same low rate. [ woman ] we are the united states postal service. [ man ] we are the united states postal service. [ male announcer ] and our priority is you. go to® and try it today.
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some folks along the east coast were lucky flu enough to part of a solar eclipse. it lasted less than two minutes at sun rise. the east coast could only see a partial eclipse but the moon cast an eclipse from could be seen from the atlantic ocean to africa. isn't that cool? it was a rare event that started as a ring of fire and turned into a total eclipse of the sun. no bonnie hart right now. broncos enjoying a stellar 7-1 season. coach fox became sick yesterday. he is now in a charlotte hospital awaiting to have a
3:50 pm
defective heart valve replaced. i asked what he will likely face in the operating room. >> that's the aortic valve. blood is being ejected through the rest of the body through that valve. when it is stinosed, it can become partially blocked. >> do they put a stint in. >> they will probably replace the valve. one of the blood vessel get blocked, that's three or four hours -- >> so when they replace the valve, it should -- >> when they replace the valve, the, what i guess, is an aortic stenosis should go away. >> he believes coach fox could be back to work in january in time for the super bowl. we will see if they make it that far. is david ortiz finding a way to, shall we say, boost his
3:51 pm
performance? that's what some skeptics are saying. we will talk about that and everything else, a sports know-it-all next. but first, this -- >> some day soon anyone can be like tony stark in "iron man", manipulating 3-d images in thin air. a silicone valley start-up is augmenting reality glasses that will allow you to work with virtual objects in the real world. >> can you literally just place holograms on the real world. reach out and touch them with your hand. >> 28-year-old founded the company in 2012. he lives and works with a team of 25 employees in a mansion to create what he calls the next generation of wearable computers. >> this fundamental game-change are allows you to take your phone, tablet and soon, personal computer, and project them in 3-d in your environment when
3:52 pm
they are not actually there. >> how would it work? >> 3-d output allows you to see the holograms in 3-d. the scanner scans your environment and tells the computer where to place the 3-d graphics relative to the user and the world. >> as this video pro invited by metashows, the glasses could be used to sculpt a virtual vase with your fingers or play laser tag with your friends. unlike google glass, which has a smaller screen, controlled mostly by your voice, meta glasses could one day have an infinite screen controlled by your hand. >> it really represents a huge shift from 2-d computing. >> the company says will first version will be available in december for about $700. within two years, he says the glasses will be as sleek as a pair of ray bans.
3:53 pm
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denver broncos head coach fox is in the hospital, awaiting a heart valve replacement. terrence, john fox's health is of concern of course. we wish him the best. but as a sports story, it is a big deal for the broncos as well. they are 7-1 and having a great season. how will this affect the team? >> i don't hear anybody talking about this. this has happened before the in t the national football league. here in atlanta, georgia.
3:57 pm
falcons were off to 12-2 start. their head coach was dan reeves. he needed open heart surgery. missed three weeks, just three weeks, comes back for the championship game. it was a thriller. his heart held out. they go to super bowl, and here is the rest of the story. he coached another five years in the national football league. he was 54 at the time. fox is 58. very similar scenario here. >> who is going to fill in for fox? any idea? >> to continue the falcons theme here, back then the defensive coordinator took over for dan reeves. right now they are talking about the defensive coordinate forfor denver, jack del rio, who is also head coach at jacksonville back in the day. not a very good one, i might add. but at this point, you have peyton manning as your quarterback, you just need someone who can fog up the maror so fox can get back --
3:58 pm
>> i like that. fog up the mirror. keep them warm. right. so let's stay with the nfl here. dolphins jonathan martin, this week, he left the team after an parent prank in the cafeteria. there were reports he was bullied by teammates. today the team issued a statement saying in part our primary concern for jonathan is his overall health and well-being. as an organization we take any accusations of player misconduct seriously. the notion of bullying is based on speculation that hasn't been presented to us as a concern for jonathan or anyone else internally. what do you make of this story? >> let's put this in perspective. i've done reporting on this over the last couple of days. let's start with this. this is more so emotional and mental bullying than physical. but it is still bullying nonetheless. and jonathan martin, let's put this in perspective of what this guy is like. this guy is from stanford. very cerebral guy. he is also a guy who, let's put
3:59 pm
it delicately, is not very outgoing as a matter of fact, in some circles in that locker room, his nickname is the big weirdo. you put all of this together, there is an incident that took place earlier this week that nobody's talking about, but enough to make him a mental mess. which is why he walked way from the team. and speaking of a mess, this entire thing is a mess. >> all right. terrence, i'm running short on time. but i really want to ask you about this. i want to talk about the world series. david ortiz batted .688, .688 in the series. he is now a folk hereoff new england. but some skeptics are wondering if he had help in 2003. new york times reporting he tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. >> a lot of people thought his career was over last year because of an achilles injury.
4:00 pm
he is 38. normally when guys retire. there were times he was running around the bases, i thought he was carl lewis in his prime. this might be unfair to say, but he is also from the dominican republic. a lot of players from the dominican republic has tested positive for steroids. so you add that to, what did you say about the new york times report, where they said that he is tested positive. you've got to suspect he wasn't just eating all of his vegetables to do this. the suspicions are justified. >> so you're a hall of fame voter, yes or no, would you vote for him for the hall of fame? >> it says character and integrity, i'm not voting for any steroid guys with anything close it a good hint that they used steroids. so the answer to that question is no. >> thank you. >> appreciate it, terrence. >> thank you. >>