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tv   Early Start  CNN  November 6, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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slightly more welcoming committee today, detailed progress to has been made to get up and running again normally. governor chris christie revealed on cnn tuesday that mitt romney apologized for leaked information that made its way into a tell-all book about the 2012 campaign. christie slammed the romney team for a complete violation of trust, much like someone leaving their cell phone on. >> i'm terribly sorry! >> the book "double down" reveals romney's team didn't pick him as running mate because his background was littered with political land mines. >> i have to till why phone is on silent. "early start" continues right now. landslide victories in new jersey and new york. nail biting finish in a swing
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state. president obama's approval rating is nearing an all-time low. what is behind this 52-week plunge and can he recover? and new jersey largest mall will reopen its doors after a gunman opened fire monday night. new details on a note authorities say the gunman left behind. good morning to you. welcome to "early start." we're very happy you're with us. i'm zoraida sambolin. >> i'm miguel marquez in for the lovely and talented john berman. it's 5:00 a.m. on the east coast. welcome to a special election day edition of "early start." one very tight race in a critical swing state topping the headlin headlines. terry mcauliffe is the next governor surviving a stiff
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challenge from conservative republican ken cuccinelli and the bloomberg era is over in new york. for the first time in 20 years, amazingly enough, a democrat in charge. liberal dill de blasio easily becoming the city's 109th mayor. let's bring in political director mark preston. what's your take on last night's results? >> you know, miguel, there are a lot of winners, individual winners. chris christie, a big winner. he won by 60% in a blue state, he never should have done so, but he has done so. in many ways we look towards chris christie, what is his knicks step, is it washington, d.c. where i sit right now? for the republican establishment, they won an election down in mobile, alabama, that will push back the tea party a little bit on its heels. but there's still infighting in the republican party. and in virginia, we've seen democrats take back a governorship that has been in republican hands in a state that is trending blue. so a lot to portend in this
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hurdle of 2013 as we move into the midterm elections and certainly 2016 presidential election, miguel. >> moderates basically to have seem to have won the day yesterday. is that the big theme? >> let's use the word centrist. he's a centrist in the way that christie can reach out to voters. and the same were mccauliffe, with a victory that helped you him, a squeaker as you have said in virginia. however, new york city, i don't know if we can use the word "cent arris "centrist." amazing nice overall.
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i was interested by the alabama race. what does that say, the tea party favor losing there, an intraparty fight within the republican party to have their sort of, you know, mainstream republican candidate win? >> westerll, certainly a lot of money in. taking a job outside of congress opened up a seat for a republican to basically carry on the flag. what we saw was the tea party put up a candidate who actually almost won. and this was a candidate, miguel who was a birther. who thought that president obama was not board in the united states. this would have been very embarrassing for the republican party. however, they have put enough money into the race, the republican establishment candidate won. he will go on in december to face a democrat. but look, this is a republican state. >> is this a pattern we're likely to see in the midterms coming up with the republican establishment trying to squelch
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or smother the tea party? >> you know, we're seeing it already, miguel. there's no question about that. there is a big fight within the republican party. does the tea party take control of it, do the republican establishment, are they able to maintain control of it? and right now, we're starting to see primaries all across the country against establishment republicans. very conservative republicans in many cases but we are seeing that happen in 2014 it be certainly framed as the heart and soul of the republican party. >> may we live in interesting times, mark preston, washington, d.c., get some sleep, please. we'll get the official enrollment figures of the obama care website next week. the republican chairman. house ways and means committee has subpoenaed the figures and wants them by friday. the official in charge of the obama care website told the senate committee is improving, and that it will
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be fixed by the end of november as promised. >> everything riding on that, isn't it? >> meanwhile, president obama's approval ratings are taking a nosedive. just 39% of americans approve of the job he's doing, according to the latest gallup poll. 53% now say they disapprove of the president's job performance. those numbers weren't expected to take much of a hit after the government shutdown. republicans reserving much of the blame for that debacle. but that was before the disastrous rollout of the website. words of advice from new jersey governor chris christie in an interview with jake taerp, christie suggested a difference ponce to the offer that obama gave for americans to keep their health insurance. >> here's my suggestion, don't be so cute. and when you make a mistake, admit it. listen if it was a mistake in
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2009, if he was mistaken in 2009, 2010 on his understanding of how the law would operate, then just admit it to people. say you know what, i said it, i was wrong. i'm sorry, and we're going to try to fix this and make it better. i think people would give any leader in that circumstance a lot of credit for just, you know, owning up to it. instead of now trying to -- don't lawyer it. people don't like lawyers. i'm a lawyer. they don't like them. >> all right. so christie went on to say that americans are forgiving people. and if the president would just admit that he was wrong, americans say, okay, just fix it now. >> maybe. maybe. >> maybe. police in new jersey say that 20-year-old gunman who opened fire monday night in the paramus mall didn't intend to hurt anybody but himself. authorities tell us richard shoop left behind a note and used a firearm that was legally registered to his brother. prosecutors say he had a long history of drug abuse. shoop was found dead early tuesday morning from a
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self-inflicted gunshot wound after firing several shots into the air inside the mall. >> he did a lot of psychological damage to a lot of people, though. embattled toronto mayor rob ford admitting that he smoked crack cocaine, he's also saying he will not step down. in fact, he said he will run for re-election next year. after months of dodging all the allegations ford admitted his drug abuse was a year ago during what he called a drunken stupor. it comes days after investigators recovered a video that shows him smoking a crack pipe. and the oldest woman to run in sunday's north city marathon has died sadly enough. 86-year-old joy johnson passed away in her sleep, the day after crossing the finish line. sad, sweet. she was up there. but she had stumbled and hit her head around the 20 mile marker but managed to finish the race. amazing. >> wow. >> it was johnson's 25th time
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that she completed the marathon. >> amazing. there's evidence that syria could still have a secret cache the chemical weapons even after the government's promised destruction effort is now carried out pentagon correspondent barbara starr has all the details. >> cnn has learned there is new classified intelligence showing that bashar al assad might not be willing to declare and destroy his entire chemical weapons stockpile, something he has promised to do. several u.s. officials telling cnn there have been some recent pieces of intelligence that are raising concerns. one official is saying to me, quote, there are various threats of information that would shake our confidence. he goes on to say they've done things recently that suggest syria is not ready to get rid of their chemical weapons. why would syria be doing this even though it's made the promise to get rid of it all? well, the u.s. believes israel might be one reason with israeli
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nuclear wednesday next door, al assad feels he needs a hedge against a potential israeli threat. and he may just hold onto some of what he has. the u.s. is not saying specifically what the intelligence is, but it's well-known that u.s. satellites fly over syria routinely, gathering information and taking a look at whatever they can see. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. >> all right, thank you, barbara. it's been a rough six weeks for a north carolina family that lost everything in a house fire. the toards home was destroyed by a fire late september. the two family dogs were killed as well. 8-year-old zane pollard turned out to be a hero that day waking up his mop when he smelled smoker. now, he's being rewarded for his heroism. local police officers surprising the pollards with a new pet. a full-blooded american bulldog. we're told zane and thumper hit
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it off immediately. now as you can see there, they are inseparable. >> a sweet spot in a terrible story for that family. how nice. coming up, an nfl star suspended for bullying a teammate, now, for the first time we're hearing from dolphins lineman richie incognito. and the latest from two inmates who made a daring jailbreak from an oklahoma prison last month. plus, folks, it's times for your morning rhyme. tweet us about anything. #earlysta #earlystart. #morningrhyme. we're going to read the best ones in the next half hour. go . it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you?
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♪ ...carefully planned, coordinated and synchronized. ♪ performing together with a single, united purpose. ♪ that's what makes the world's leading airline... flyer friendly. ♪ welcome back to "early start." it happened again this week. a disturbed gunman opening fire in public. we're seeing it in airports. we're seeing it in malls. school halls. and it's leaving a lot of americans feeling uneasy. as brian todd reports, there's no solution in sight. >> reporter: panic and terror
2:15 am
inside a new jersey shopping mall. bullets fly, but no one accept the shooter is hurt. >> we heard four gunshots, and everybody was scared, everybody was panicked. >> reporter: authorities now believe the gunman only intended to kill himself. days earlier, a man wielding an assault rifle kills a tsa officer at the los angeles international airport. every time we turn on our tvs, it seems there's more breaking news coverage of a high-profile shooting. is this the new normal in america, this people wanting to go out in a blaze of glory? >> it's not the new normal. since the 1980s we have seen crimes like this, angry, psychotic, depressed young men, mentally ill, haven't been treated. with a triggering event that causes them to want to go out in a blaze of glory. >> reporter: criminal psychologist alan litman says often at the peak of that rage, those people have about kes to the deadliest weapons. collectively, it's put america on edge. in connecticut a student's
2:16 am
halloween costume put a school campus on lockdown for hours. and a sheriff's deputy shot and killed a teenager. >> we're jumping because the expression has been created by interest groups that any mentally ill person might jump out around the corner and harm someone. that is false. >> reporter: why can't our laws better address mental illness and gun violence? >> even democrats don't want to do this. you have democrats who are representing rural areas. where the right to have the gun is sank ta mctimonious, and you certainly don't have a recommendation where you have a ban on weapons. >> reporter: even regulations like closing loopholes in gun
2:17 am
shows and more stringent unlikely to pass soon. brian todd, cnn, washington. >> thanks, brian todd. we're hearing from the parents of a nevada boy who wounded two students and killed a teacher. jose and liliana reyes said they had no idea their son was so angry about his life at school. >> we wish this had never happened. and we are hopeful that everybody involved can heal and go forward as best as can with their lives. >> reyes also says his son had been teased and was working on a speech problem. and the search for a missing family sadly ends in tragedy after three bodies are discovered in a wooded area in mississippi. the victims reportedly died of gunshot wounds. that family was last season friday night in their car, later found on fire, bloody clothes
2:18 am
were discovered nearby as well. now, police say a suspect is in custody. he's held on suspicion of arson. a 7-year-old boy, as you saw in those pictures was among the dead. two inmates who made a daring jailbreak last month are back in custody in oklahoma this morning. james mendonca and cheetham. and coming up japer jay z is in hot water. why major league baseball is investigating the entertainer turned sports agent. goin' on ♪ ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪ [ male announcer ] the beautifully practical and practically beautiful cadillac srx. get the best offers of the season now.
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for the first time since being suspended by the miami dolphins for allegedly bullying a teammate, richie incognito addressed the scandal. the very public andy scholes has more in this morning's "bleacher report," andy. >> good morning, incognito, he remains away from the dolphins while the nfl investigating accusations of harassment and misconduct toward teammate jonathan martin but yesterday, wsb in california caught up with incognito in a parking lot and they got his first comments on the scandal. >> richie, how are you? >> doing fine. i'm just trying to weather the storm right now and this will
2:23 am
pass. >> many are wondering why incognito has not been cut by the dolphins. according to the sun-sentinel, incognito was asked by the dolphins coach to toughen up martin. the dolphins have not commented to cnn regarding that claim at this time. one of the top stories in the lineup sec on today, jay z may be in hot water with major league baseball for being a little too generous. they're investigating whether jay z violated the rule by giving robinson cano a $34,000 gold watch for his birthday. cano posted a pic of his watch. they're only allowed to give gifts up to $500. they say embracing a fan say good thing. not for swimmer ryan lochte. lochte suffered a torn mcl and
2:24 am
sprained a krchcacl tried to ju his arms. he's expected to take time off and make a full recovery. >> andy, it is your job to find that girl and talk to her about what happened there. i have a really dumb question, do you know if incognito is richie incognito's real name? >> i believe it is. it might be richard incognito. >> incognito. i'm going to change my name to miguel incognito. it's a great name. i love that name. >> all right. thank you, andy. coming up, chris christie winning a landslide re-election in new jersey is it a prelude to a white house bid in 2016 ? and michelle knight on the torture she endured at the hands of her kidnapper.
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♪ election 2013 results are in in. landslide wins, nail biting finishes and unexpecting upsets. sounds drama mat ping. >> it was dramatic. stay tuned for that. now that chris christie has secure a second term as governor of new jersey will his focus shift to the white house? and michelle knight speaking out about that horrible torture she endured for more than a decade by hands of ariel castro. welcome back to "early start." we're very glad you're with us. i'm zoraida sambolin. >> and i'm miguel marquez in for
2:29 am
the lovely and talented john berman. 28 minutes past the hour. election day 2013 is history now. here's a look at results of pivotal races and initiatives across the nation. martin walsh nearly edged out democrat john conley to become boston new mayor, he takes over for outgoing mayor thomas menino. voters in six of 11 colorado counties voting down a proposal to secede from the state. results are being tallied in the remaining five counties. in maine portland voters gave a thumbs up for legalalized marijuana. for more nationwide results here's cnn's political director mark preston live in washington. mark, we're not going to let you sleep for now. what's interesting out of last night's elections with the ballot initiatives? >> you know, miguel, we've been
2:30 am
talking all morning about chris christie and terry mcauliffe winning the election respectively. but it's the ballot issues that are interesting. we've seen in houston, for instance, that money that would go towards converting the astrodome into a convention center failed. it did not go down. the houston astrodome, an iconic sports arena, which, miguel, i'm sure you remember, was a key venue for the bad news bears when they went to play. back then, but then really, in ways and in a more serious note, we saw out in california, some valid initiatives that were very important. you mentioned one of them in regards to secession. when we saw 11 counties in colorado who decided to secede from the state. it's fool hardlhardy. it's never going to happen. it will not be the 51st state.
2:31 am
it goes to show you the anger that we see across the country. we also a marijuana tax being implemented in colorado, 25%. marijuana certainly going into the mainstream. >> marijuana on the ballots in a lot of places these days. the colorado thing was interesting. it got a lot of press attention. it was never really a serious, you know, undertaking on their part. because it never would have -- even if it had passed, it wouldn't have gone forward. but what does it say about colorado and whether or not it's becoming more and more blue, as we know it is? but is it bluer than we thought it was? >> it certainly is. we saw president obama win it back in 2008 which was a big victory for him and key to going on and winning the general election. colorado is a state that certain parts are very liberal and many parts conservative. it's indicative of the divide in the country.
2:32 am
and when you see certain county trying to secede or put measures on the ballot to allow them to secede, it goes to show you how frustrated people. are. certainly in colorado, they were over gun rights and the cost of energy. a very local issue. those folks were upset by the cost of having to use renewable energy. they thought it was more expensive. >> i'm surprised this one didn't pass. another interesting one, washington state, voters are faced with genetically modified foods. this going to pass? >> ballots are still counted if postmarked on the 5th. but as of late last night, into early this morning, it was losing this was tens of millions of dollars spent by opponents and proponents of having to put these labels on food. i will tell you opponents didn't like the idea because they said it would drive up food prices. they put a lot of money into
2:33 am
this. this is the same initiative that failed in california, in your home state, just last year, but expected to continue to move forward over the battle over food safety continues. >> they've been pushing this. it's an interesting issue. it surprises me it has failed again. i would have suspected that might have gone forward. mark preston, thank you. >> when you think of the expense of that label over genetically modified foods. >> very passionate on that as well. 33 minutes past the hour. chris christie is going back to the governor's re-election after romping through the election. win sends him to the front of the pack of contenders with republicans in 2016. according to the polls, christie nabbed some typically democrat voters like women, hispanics and the young. which could put him in a prime spot with gop leaders. >> maybe. interesting. celebrations in illinois
2:34 am
this morning after an historic vote by lawmakers giving the green light for gay marriage. after a year of intense lobbying by both sides, the state is now the 15th in the nation to legalize same-sex marriage. president obama applauded the move in his home state saying our journey as a nation is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under lot for if we are truly created equal then surely the love we commit to one another must equal as well. mcginnis is joins us live. what are you tracking this morning? >> i'm tracking the fact that in the northeast, you're going to see the rain start to move on in. things are going to be a little more tricky as far as travel on the i-95 corridor. this morning, temperatures in the 40s. monday, you may remember, only in the 20s and 30s across the northeast. then we saw 30s yesterday.
2:35 am
now we've got 40s this morning. here's the problem, very vigorous but fast-moving weather system ejects across the great plains and into the midwest. we'll expect heavy rain ahead of it. most of that across the ohio river valley and into the eastern great lakes. temperaturewise, you're not even going to be average. for this afternoon, yes. new york city, temperatures right around 63 degrees. but you go in towards the end of the work week, temperatures only in the 50s. and for chicago, temperatures below normal there. also for boston, what are we looking at? rainwise? well, between 1 and 2 inches up and down that frontal system from the great lakes to the gulf coast. but in new york city, you could see on the order of about half an hour, maybe an inch of wet weather. >> looking for a personal forecast, miguel is heading out at 6:00 p.m. to los angeles. >> what may i get? >> today? you're leaving today? >> i am.
2:36 am
>> take care. michelle knight, one of the so-called cleveland three is reveal for the first time the horrors inside of airal castro's home. more on the shocking details from the interview. >> reporter: the interview is so powerful it's uncomfortable. michelle knight's words don't just tell us, they take us inside the torture rooms of a cleveland home. knight is the first victim to talk in detail in the aftermath of a multiple kidnapping case that has horrified and spell bound a nation. talking to tv psychologist dr. phil. >> he already had a setup to where he could tie me to i think it's like a clothesline. >> reporter: knight was kidnapped by ariel castro in 2002 and wouldn't go free for 11 years. >> he tied me up to a pole with
2:37 am
chains wrapped around it. the chains are so big, he wraps it around my neck. he sits me down on the floor, and he says, is this where you're going to stay until i can trust you. now if i do it too tight and you don't make it, that means you wasn't meant to stay here. that means god wants to take you. >> reporter: she was chained, starved and left naked in a frigid, dark basement for days. then same the sexual abuse. when she eventually became pregnant, knight described how castro beat her into a miscarriage. >> i was standing up and he punched me with a barbell. he took the round part and he went like this, and he made it go up so it hit the lower area of my stomach. i fell to the floor. >> reporter: knight said castro would show leniency once giving her a puppy.
2:38 am
and it ended when the dog snapped at him and he killed him before her very eyes. >> he picked him up, grabbed his neck, all i heard was a yelp and he was gone. >> reporter: the torture went on and on. one day, knight realized he was no longer gone. meeting a girl she realize had gone missing. >> sometimes, she would cry. i'd tell her everything would be okay. and we weren't able to get home. we'd just have to wait it out. >> reporter: it was just the beginning. martin savidge, cnn, atlanta. >> oh, dear, dear, dear. coming up, after nearly a decade behind bars, a missouri man finds out his murder conviction has been overturned. and over 1,000 priceless works of the art looted by the nazis turning up in a man's apartment in germany. avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive"
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welcome back to "early start." 41 manipulainutes past the hour. it's a stunning find that has rocked the article word. one of thousands of piece of looted by the nazis have turned up in germany. cnn's jim bittermann is polling that story. >> reporter: the treasure trove was found in an apartment building in a quiet munich apartment building in the apartment of corneliius gurlitt, investigators found 1400 pieces of art by marc chagall, max liebermann and many others. many were what the nazis branded degenerative art and confiscated from jewish owners. others may have been sold by a fraction from families fleeing the nazi regime.
2:43 am
gurlitt's father may have worked for the nats dis. and his son is said to have taken over the collection in '50s. a prosecutor said it was a stunning discovery. >> translator: the accused was searched by officials. here 121 framed and 1,285 unframed pictures were confiscated. some of them by max liebermann and others. because of the immense idealistic value of the paintings, we have found clues that this find could be called degenerative art. >> reporter: authorities assisted by art historians have been working for more than a year trying to find the origins of the art. they say gurlitt was being investigated after carrying large amounts of cash back. the case is highly complicated and all the questions of ownership are not answered. >> reporter: after an investigative report by a german
2:44 am
news magazine, prosecutors finally went public with the story. reporters say it was impossible to talk with gurlitt. and little is known about it. >> i think he's a curious man, totally isolated. >> totally reclusive? >> totally reclusive, living with his pictures and perhaps these pictures, i think, dominated his whole life. >> reporter: cornelius gurlitt's name is still on the buzzer here where he kept the fabulous art collection. he's virtually unknown to his neighbors. he hasn't been seen for months. unknown for the authorities. and anot on any tax rolls. no charges have been filed against gurlitt. he's not under arrest and prosecutors say it's not clear what laws if any have been violated. but the discovery in the fifth floor apartment almost undoubtedly answer the question who owns those.
2:45 am
cnn, jim bittermann. >> 1400. incredible. >> just the amount of security that goes into art. unreal. the history. secrets of the past. three federal prison inmates taking the stand in the trial of the utah doctor charged with killing his wife so he could continue an extramarital affair. all three of them served timed with dr. martin macneill. one of them testifying that the doctor said nobody could prove he committed murder. the trial could go to the jury as soon as tomorrow. an appeals committee has overturned the conviction of ryan ferguson. he's served ten years for the 41-year prison term for the death of a sports editor kent hite holt. ferguson has denied committing that crime. an alleged accomplice and eyewitness both recanting their testimony now.
2:46 am
the state must decide whether to retry ferguson. and it's that time in the morning that we absolutely adore. let's take a look at what's happening over at "new day." chris cuomo and kate bolduan. good morning, guys. >> how are you? first things first. the elections last night. it's still early -- no, it isn't. new jersey was a huge win for chris christie. i know he was expected to win but we show you which categories and how and what he said in the speech and how it. pros forward. virginia, there was a grudge match won by the narrowest of margins. a democrat won that has tie to the clintons john king, candy crowley, jake tapper to break it down. and we're finding out more about that 20-year-old who opened fire in a new jersey mall, his brother, and best friend are speaking out about what happened the day before this happened. we're going to bring that to you on "new day" coming up.
2:47 am
>> sound goods. thank you very much, guy guys, a good show. a trip to hooters cost a coach his job. some parents complained and he lost his part-time gig. he's taking the boys there regardless. hooters is now saying it will take up the bill and make a $1,000 donation to the school's booster club. it's a happy ending. >> parents how do you feel about that? chime in. the tweet of the day coming from mary elizabeth. >> wow. >> she said it's great to see miguel in the seat again as berman deserves a break now and then. well done. well done. >> he does not deserve a break. well done. much better. we're loving it. he has to work harder, i think -- >> do we have another one? >> no, we don't. >> no. but you can come up with your own and tweet us with
2:48 am
the #morningrhyme and #earlystart. coming up, 24 hours and counting until twitter's big debut as a publicly traded company, if you're looking to get a piece of the action. christine romans will join us to tell you what it might just cost you. ♪ [ acoustic guitar: upbeat ] [ dog ] we found it together. on a walk, walk, walk. love to walk. yeah, we found that wonderful thing. and you smiled. and threw it.
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♪ oh, i think we should have that conversation. welcome back to "early start." christine romans is here. >> i was talking about in the break, that a guy came up and said what are you watching? i said twitter. he said what's twitter? i said social media. i get it's going public. he said going public with what? thinking public with some kind of news. make i take it for granted.
2:52 am
twitter is going public. twitter is a social media site that a few hundred million people use. it's going public. it's going to offer shares to the public. you can buy them on a stock exchange and become an investor in this company. that's what twitter going public means. will it be pop and drop for the stock? we will know soon enough the biggest debut of the year. twitter selling shares to the public. going to raise money basically from you and investors. the initial stock price is set for tonight. don't be priced if it moves above $25 per share. twitter will offer 70 million shares to the public. it will be divvied by the company's investment banks handling the orders. the shares will be allocated to big investors like pension funds. and insiders and last but maybe in this case least to you. individual small group of investors. this is a good time.
2:53 am
the s&p 500 is near an all-time high. facebook and linkedin have almost doubled this year. it's losing money by the point, twitter is. >> and a lot of money. >> but this business model, this idea that people think down the road this will be a solid investment. who gets rich? founders and very early investors will get rich. the co-founder, ed williams likely to get 1.4 billion, with a "b." another co-founder, jack dorsey, $586 million. biz stone, we put a question mark on here. he was absent from the list of the shareholders. we'll leave a question mark here. dick costolo gets $190 million. peter fenton likely to get $789 million. and union square ventures one of
2:54 am
twitter's early investor will get $696 million. and then celebrities. able to burnish their own reputations by using twitter. also some of them were celebrity-tech invests. the airlines, richard branson, one of the early investors joined by ashton kutcher who besides his acting jobs, he's an active twitter and venture capitalist. and prince bin tal ali, he's enjoying twitter's success. al gore, the former vice president apparently tried to buy twitter back in the day but the twitter guys wouldn't sell it. interesting right? >> is there a concern that we're looking the a tech bubble? >> it's been a great year for tech ipos. it's been a great year.
2:55 am
>> investments are enormous in some of these companies? >> they really are. when you think about how some of these companies are changing the world, right? if they can figure out how to get advertising revenue from the eyeballs addicted to twitter and other social media sites, they can make money. once you go public, the company's job is to make money for investors. that's what they have to do, they still have to be popular. >> they change so quickly, they're almost a victim of their own success because others come along. >> and young people. young people want the new thing. >> thank you very much. lovely day. coming up, toronto's mayor coming clean, finally admitting he did smoke crack in a drunken stupor, of course, does that mean rob ford is bowing out? the day we rescued riley was a truly amazing day. he was a matted mess in a small cage. so that was our first task, was getting him to wellness. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley.
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♪ all right, miguel, so, question, he smoked crack. >> story of the day. >> we know he will not resign. >> story of the day. that in a nutshell describes toronto mayor rob ford's bizarre day yesterday. he finally fessed up after months of denials. he said he's sorry. >> i embarrassed everyone in the city. and i will be forever sorry. >> seems contrite. ford says he plans to run for re-election next fall. >> amazing. probably win. that's it for "early start." thanks for joining us. >> "new day" starts right now. >> right now. ♪
3:00 am
the big winner, chris christie who gives a speech to the message to the entire country. you'll hear from him in an exclusive interview. this as the tea party loses two key races. are the moderates on the rise? we break down the dramatic electoral shifts and what they could mean. stunning admission. the mayor of toronto, north america's fourth largest city bluntly admits he smoked crack and this bizarre press conference where he vows to stay on. the question is, can he? your "new day" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. good morning. welcome to "new day," it's wednesday, november 6th, 6:00 in the east. kate is


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