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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  November 7, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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45% say no. >> the debate continues online at. we want to congratulate newt gingrich on his latest book, "breakout." >> join us tomorrow for another edition of "crossfire." erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" next. obama on offense. >> that will be good for business. >> the president says settle down. obama care will be good in the end. trust me. plus, another mascot controversy. >> this is the way it is. we're proud of being arabs. what if smoking crack was the least of your problems? >> [ bleep ]. >> the most infamous mayor in the world caught over videotape again. let's go "outfront."
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>> good evening. "outfront," news. the president apologizing forly repeat promise that everyone could keep their health care plans. it is a stung reversal as now you, us, everybody has heard him give insuranassurance after ass for years. moments tag president spoke to chuck todd for msnbc and responded to the anger that some americans feel about that promise right now. >> i regret very much that what we intended to do, which is to make sure that everybody is moving into better plans because they want them, as opposed to because they're forced into it. that we weren't as clear as we need to be in terms of the
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changes taking place. i wanted to do everything to make sure people are identifieding themselves in a good position, a better position than they were before this law happened. and i am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me. we have to work hard to make sure that they know we hear them. and that we're going to do everything we can to deal with folks who find themselves in a tough position as a consequence of this. >> john king, gloria borger are here. you heard the words, i am sorry but you heard a lot of things before. i regret we might have misled. we were not as clear as we need to be. he did not run into the i'm sorry part. >> no. this president has been very reluctant to really take reins of accountability when it comes to this colossal screw-up. now questions about where wasn't telling the truth to the american people on all those
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campaign stumps. there is an old saying in humble pie. when you're eating humble buy, don't nibble. this is an attempt to try to own make it better. this was his chance to say i'm sorry, i was wrong. >> you hear that he just doesn't want to do that. even when he said he's sorry, it is within the context of, hold on, guys, your plan will still be better. he wants to keep making that point. ? was it ronald reagan who said facts are stubborn things. the time line is very important. the darrel of health and human services, his administration knew in the summer of 2010 that as many as two-thirds in that individual marketplace would be impacted. that their plans might change. as many as two-thirds of them in july of 2010. the president went through an entire reelection campaign two
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years later telling the american people. you won't have to change your plan if you like it. that is the ditch he is trying to dig out of. that might be a beginning but it is a very modest beginning. >> what was interesting to me, the way the president was policing himself. given the way he sold health care reform. they've always been the enemy. he cannot blame the insurance companies now. they're in the market place fet and they need each other to make this work. they're collaborators now. so he can't say those bad insurance policy that's canceled your policies. >> with friends like these. >> part of the frustration he is clearly feeling, on the one hand he doesn't want to apologize for political purposes because republicans have been railing against this fore. look, this may be the cost of good intentions.
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the second part is that one of the reasons these plans are a little more expensive. his sub par and on that malplan is because when the legislation was pushed through, that the insurance companies didn't want catastrophic plans because they wouldn't have gotten the money they needed. so as part of the deal to get it through, they set up this problem. that's part of the frustration. >> sorry, john king? >> in saying sorry the president did something else. he open the door to something that will be very unpredictable. he said me and my team are debating the change to make in this lawful he open the door to changes. guess, what he is not the only one who gets to suggest changes. he has a republican house who would love to repeal it, defunneled it or seriously derailett. now you have a growing number of democrats in the senate up for re-election who want to delay the penalty. some want to delay the mandate. once you open to changes we go on a magical mystery tour.
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>> if you think about delaying enrollment, the problem with the cost of the policies will increase. the president doesn't want to be responsible for an increase in policy costs as a result of delay because the website was skroot up. it is a domino if he can. >> and you have senator manchin already putting out the legislation cnn reported o. he wants to 38 the penalty for a year. you're going to see people want the delay more than the penalty. the demand itself. when no matter how lukewarm it was, how enthusiastic was. it open the tar to me is who takes the fall for this if someone is going to. and chuck todd condition the president about kathleen sebelius. i wanted to play that exchange will.
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>> i think kathleen sebelius under tremendously difficult circumstances in the last four and a half years has done a great job in setting up the insurance markets so that there is a good product for people to get. she doesn't ride code. i think she would be the first to admit that if we had to do it all over again, that there would have been a whole lot more questions that were asked in terms of how this thing is working. but my priority right now is to get it fixed. and you know, ultimately -- >> is she still the right person to do it? >> ultimately the buck stops with me. i'm the president. this is my team. if it is not working, it is my job to get it fixed. the buck stops with him. he is not running for re-election. that doesn't answer the question. is he going on stand behind her? >> nothing starts conspiracy theiries in washington more than a nonanswer. he did not just say of course
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she's my secretary. i have full confidence in her. we all make mistakes. the president said the right thing the buck stops with him, but the american people give you a lot of grace when you i is a i'm sorry, i messed up. did he leave some wiggle room. i suspect he didn't mean to but when you're the president, you get limited time. i'm sure he was thinking, i want to come back to this. the president did leave a little wiggle room. ? he is in the middle of a mess so firing her would create more of a mess for him. he has to think about who will replace her. would it be admitting that republicans were right all along. he doesn't want to create another set of problems. it sounds like for now she's here. >> the white house is in damage control mode. they're trying to contain it.
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their best case scenarios. they' >> he's hoping once it starts working, the sign-ups are great, the math is working and in six months he's a here dlofl that's what he's betting on. >> that's right. he is trying to put the focus on fixing it realizing there are so many others that want to take this tunnel to derail it once and for all. >> i'm so excited that we're going on a magical mystery tour to talk about all these changes in obama care. >> you and john make a great case at the end. patience and politics have never met. >> i love it. he is full of the witicisms tonight. up nell, will a carter return to the governor's mansion in georgia? then a mascot controversy is actually, i may not this makes the redskins look time. should a school be allowed to
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our second story "outfront." is the carter name an asset or a liability? jason carter running for governor in georgia. democrats say he is one of the party's strongest candidates in 2014. some argue he could win in a state known for being republican to the core. will the carter name help? "outfront," david mattingly. >> reporter: he has the family name and the unmistakable carter smile. but for democrat jason carter, grandson of form he president jimmy carter, it is a tough road to becoming georgia's next governor. >> i never hear anybody who thinks my grandfather isn't a good man. >> how are you different from your grandfather? >> it is a different time, a different era and we've certainly got policy differences and we don't agree on every issue. i love him and he is my grand
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father. he lives me advice and sometime i take it. >> and he'll probably need all the advice he can get. georgia voters haven't elected a democrat governor. >> statewide candidates in, for the democratic party in georgia have a hard time getting more than 20 to 25% of the white vote. jason carter's challenge is to really increase the share of the white vote in georgia. at the same time, really mobilizing large number of minorities to come out and vote for him. >> and carter may have to distance himself from his family's legacy to reach conservative voters. the carter legacy is labeled a failure. jack carter lost a bid for senate in 2006. jason's cousin james carter enraged republicans by leak noug infamous vehicle of mitt romney's 47% comment in 2012.
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>> is that going to help you or hurt you going forward? >> at the end of the day, this race is going to be about me and my ideas and whether the people of georgia trust me to lead the state. >> carter knows he will need more than a famous grandfather to win in his home state. he says the carter name is just a reference point for voters. the hard work come in filling the rest in. >> investing in education, supporting the middle class are early themes in his campaign and fundraising is underway. for "outfront," david mattingly, cnn. and high school in the california desert. this has nothing to do with american indians. it is not redskins. it is arabs. casey wian is "outfront." >> reporter: at this american high school, a belly dancer performs at halftime of football games. there is a sneering turbined mascot with an oversize nose.
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this is the way it is. we're proud of being arabs. coachella valley high school teams have been known as the arabs since the 1930s. the mascot's appearance has evolved but the american arab anti-discrimination committee says it is offensive. >> it is portraying these images. with the hook nose and the growling face coupled with the belly dancers and the murals on the wall really portrays stereotypical image that's are adverse. >> they promise to work to address the group's concerns. >> i understand what they're talking about. being raised in the deep south, i understand how thing can be taken as stereotypical. i definitely look forward to meeting with him to address his concerns. >> reporter: at the coachella valley history museum, there is an exhibit dedicated to the link
4:18 pm
between this community andlet he middle east. it began when they were brought there in the early 1900s. >> it produces 95% of the dates grown in the united states. so it is a multimillion-dollar industry today and it is all from those date offshoots that were originally brought over from the middle east around the turn of the 20th century. >> reporter: every year this communal hosts a world renowned festival celebrating the date where they crown the queen. it is health at the local fairgrounds which look like a movie set themselves even hold camel races. coachella valley says their mascot about s about celebration, not discrimination. >> it wasn't to discriminate. it was to say, hey, thank you, middle east. iraq, algeria, all those areas, we bought it from them, the date shoots. now the date industry. >> reporter: one of the closest towns to coachella high is named
4:19 pm
mecca. both sides say they want to work together to solve the controversy over the mascot. the school board is scheduled to meet later this month to discuss the concerns of the american arab ann discrimination committee. >> thank you very much. a fascinating story. i love that story. still "outfront," twitter explodes as it goes public on wall street. how much did they make today and should you buy it? and it would be hard to believe a mayor smoking crack would have a worse day but we have video. and a big change on health care and whether the website is working. we have that. we'll be back. my customers can shop around-- see who does good work and compare costs. it doesn't usually work that way with health care. but with unitedhealthcare,
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money and power tonight. twitter's huge day. the to know made a drama day was on on the new york stock exchange. i haven't seen a crowd like the one that was around a trading post in years. i spent years reporting from that trading floor. there were so many people there crazy about twitter. and while twitter's stock was priced way above original expectations at $26 a share, it closed up here? ly 73% in a day. after the ipo valued at about $24 billion which makes it worth more than companies including kellogg, delta and mattel. how did twitter get here? it was a hot day for a hot company on wall street for a reason. twitter is young and growing fast. the powerful and the hip rely on it. katy perry released her new album prism last month, she
4:24 pm
instantaneously received more than 46 million followers. 46 million people. the site is now a must have for celebrities, politicians and journalists. if you're not on twitter you're not connecting with people. >> i think that is really, it exemplifies what is happening with twitter and how it gives the people like the katy perries of the world the control they need. >> when the co-founder and ceo sent the first tweet in 2006 saying, just setting up my twitter. twttr. it was hard to imagine the successful dorsey teamed with noah glass, evan williams and christopher stone to make twitter what it is tonight. a site that generates 500 million tweets a day in more than 35 languages. >> twitter started as an accident. it was an idea to be able to share what you are doing, to connect with friends. >> how did twitter go from being a fun thing for four friends, an
4:25 pm
accident, into something so powerful? well, twitter has done thing like this. providing the first images of the u.s. airways emergency landing in the hudson river. and giving the world real-time updates from a closed country showing thousands demonstrating in the streets of tehran. the instantaneous nature of twitter is a double edged sword. a bogus tweet sent the dow plunging 145 points earlier this year. and the power of the tweet is strong enough to ruin a career. but success is about growing and making money. and twitter so far has fail to turn a profit. >> we have a situation where investors are paying for profits that they hope will come in the future. >> is it too soon to down twitter as a failure on making money? ad revenue is on track to double. bob tracks the research. >> the commercial for the super bowl ad was fantastic themselves
4:26 pm
sent out a tweet an oreo covered half in darkness, half in light, and said you can still dunk in the dark. that went viral and went to 16 million people almost instably over the course of a day or so. >> the key to whether it is a insure on the web or a real deal may come down to the youngest users. they have passed facebook in popularity among teens. while many of the tweets from teens and every one reckless mundane and meaningless, twitter proves you can do everything from flirt to topple dictatorships in 140 characters or less. >> the way we interact with people it has changed the way we do politics, religion, business. >> whether you're the leader of the free world, a reperson with ten followers or the most followed person on the planet. twitter has changed your world. >> would you buy it in let us know. you can reach me on twitter@erin
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welcome back. we're going to know focusing on obama care. the president saying for the first time, i am sorry, but only under extreme pressure. in an interview with chuck todd on msnbc, he refused to fully back his health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius and made some news on when that website will be again. possibly opening the door, republicans in washington if you're watching, opening the door to changes in the health care law itself. we have all that coming up. first i want to get through the other key news we're following at this hour. i begin the toronto mayor. a new video of the mayor rob ford has surfaced. this time he is seen moving around threatening to kill that guy. what guy we don't know, nor do
4:32 pm
we know the full context. we want to play it for you. >> two days after admitting he had smoked crack cocaine, ford yet again faced the media. this time he was a man of few words. >> i just wanted to come out and tell you that i saw a video. it is extremely embarrassing. obviously i was extremely, extremely inebriated. >> beyond that all he could say he made mistakes. he is standing by his job and says he will run again. cnn has run 911 tapes that shows when richard shoop opened fire. some were so scared they went into bathroom stalls. one woman frantically whispering
4:33 pm
in fear to the 911 operator. >> i don't hear any sirens here. please hurry. >> someone is shooting up garden state plaza right now. i'm in the bathroom. >> all right. stay on the phone. how many people in the bathroom with you? >> three. >> are they in your store? >> yes. i work here. i'm inside the store in the office with the door long by myself. i'm scared and i want to get out of the mall. >> shoop later shot himself in the head. his family has said the only life he intended to take was his own. >> and one of the largest storms in record human history, a super typhoon with the strength of an extreme category 5 hurricane making landfall in the philippines at this instant. wind gusts, you've never heard of this in the united states. 245 miles an hour. the storm so large in diameter, clouds are spanning at least two-thirds of the country. that is the equivalent of a storm in new york reaching all the way to chicago.
4:34 pm
president obama spoke tonight to chuck todd on a range of issues. the primary one was obama care. he went on the offense about the fiasco the government has experienced with the website. health responding to charges the white house considered dumping president joe biden for hillary clinton in the 2012 election. here's what the president said when he was asked what would happen if the obama care website is not ready on november 30th? >> i'm confident that it will be even better by november 30th. and that the majority of people will be able to get on there. having said that, given that i've been burned already with a website -- well, more importantly, the american people have been burned by a website that has been dysfunctional, what we've also been doing is creating a whole other set of tracks. making sure people can apply by phone effectively, making sure people can apply in person effectively. so what i'm confident about is that anybody who wants to buy
4:35 pm
health insurance through marketplace, they will be able to buy the. sandy want to bring in john king. jim acosta who covers it. what do you take away when you hear that? they have put this hard and fast deadline and said look, it is glitches. bumps in the road. stop using words like fiasco and debacle. you hear that. what do you think now? >> you heard the president say he's not quite sure he trusts what people are telling him. that he thinks it will be better but he's been burned before and more importantly, the american people have been burned before. even the president now is not positive that this is going to get fixed in time. you can understand his legitimate understandable skepticism. what does that mean? the president is dead right. the enrollment period is in march. let's use the word problems. other people use stronger language, that it can be resolved and we have time to get through it. it is not just what is happening, i think when it is happening that makes it so important.
4:36 pm
the other problems as well. the president's competence, the administration's competence. the president's credibility is at issue because of what he said, if you like your plan you can keep it, period. and he said that two years after he realized that was not the case. so his credibility is in question. where are we? we're just after the 2013 elections. the president's approval rating is somewhere in the low to mid 40s. a lot on the ballot next year who are very nervous and republicans are gearing up not just for 2014 but 2016. this is dangerous for the president in a second term. if he starts to lose his own party and the american people doubt his own confidence and credibility, he is heading into some quick sand. >> another question he was asked. something we've talked so much about. right? there's a growing perception, i'll quoting chuck todd here. that you're not always on top of some things. the idea you don't know certain things. he's referring to the website, he's referring to the nsa, to snowden, he's referring to
4:37 pm
angela merkel's cell phone being tapped, the president doesn't really answer that question. he doesn't say i know all of these things. i guess partly because he doesn't want to say he knew it if he knew it. >> he takes out a bit of a wandering answer. understandably so in some cases. this stuff is very sensitive and there's some stuff the president doesn't want to say publicly and sometime he hurts himself by keeping it private. i'll give you a moment for comparison. remember when george w. bush look out from air force one during katrina? president bush did not land that plane because at that sensitive moment, he didn't want to take the police and firefighters away from the first responders doing their job. however what did that picture come to depict? because of other mistakes made in washington and louisiana. it came to depict a president who did not care. sometime perception overwhelms reality. that's one of president obama's problems at this moment in time.
4:38 pm
when that happened for president bush, the katrina problems happened. at the same time the american people gave up on his ability to confidently execute the iraq war. not just opposition to the policy. they gave up on hoist competence to administer the policy in iraq. and the second material for president bush disappeared at that point. there was nothing else he could get done. we reached a pivot. president obama is not there but he is dangerously at that point. if you talk to democrats, i ran into a very, very loyal friend of this president. someone who served very high in the administration earlier today who said this president better get and it get it quick because he is at a dangerous moment. >> then he is asked the revelations in double down, right? which we've been talking about. that rahm emanuel had been involved in looking into focus groups of whether to replace joe biden as the vice president with hillary clinton. and he is asked, how could you have not known about that? that is pretty darn significant, right?
4:39 pm
let me just play how he responded. >> did you really not know your campaign was researching this idea of swapping joe biden for hillary clinton? >> anymore charge of 2 million people in the federal government. that was true, by the way, even when i was running for president. so people do all kinds of stuff. some of it they clear with me. sometimes they're trying to figure something out. particularly on the political side. and i'm not somebody who delves into polling and all that data. here's the one thing i can say for certain. that if they had asked me, i would have said there is no way that i'm not running again with joe biden i genuinely believe that he has been one of the best vice presidents in our history. >> i mean, obviously defending joe biden. he is okayly employee number one, right? he's like i watch over 2 million people.
4:40 pm
i might not know about this kind of thing. maybe true but it come off a little funny. >> let me split that one in two. tonight make another bush comparison but george w. bush used to say i never read the polls. sorry. that's like saying i don't like beer. they both studied the polls and they're deemly involve in politics. his answer on joe biden, i believe 1,000%. it would have been campaign malpractice for the obama team not to research everything. that's what they. do remember when the reelection campaign started, wee still at a very, very sluggish period of the recovery. the republican polling number were pretty good. his history told you with unemployment so high, it would be very hard for the president to win re-election so of course they started everything. did they share all that with the president? he seemed to indicate they did not. this president has been very loyal to joe biden and i take him at his word. if they had come to him with that idea, they would have had to have some pretty overwhelming date. a he does believe joe biden has had his back and they have developed a very good relationship. >> as you say, that appeared
4:41 pm
very genuine. jim, i want to ask you how hard it was for the president to apologize and to do that. we keep showing the president saying i am sorry. it didn't come out quite that cleanly so let me play what he said on that. he kind of, he talk around it a little bit. we regret, here are some other issues. here's that sound bite. >> i regret very much that what we intended to do, which is to make sure that everybody is moving into better plans because they want them as opposed because they're forced into it. that we were not as clear as we needed to be in term of the changes taking place. i want to make sure that people are finding themselves in a good
4:42 pm
position. that we're in a better position than before this law happened. and i am sorry that they are identifying themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me. we have to work hard to make sure they know we hear them. that we're going to do everything we can to deal with folks who find themselves in a tough position as a consequence of this. >> you sit every day in a room with the president. you see him interact with people work journalists like yourself. he did not want to go there but he did eventually say he was sorry. >> yeah. it is not difficult to imagine how this would have been very, very hard for this president to get to this point. presidents don't apologize every day. to hear that on national television, that is a big moment in the history of this presidency, in the presidency of barack obama. but having said all of that, a couple thing to point out. one, the president did not apologize for misleading the country. he did not acknowledge that he misled the country when he said,
4:43 pm
if you like your plan, you can keep it. he basically apologized to those people getting those letters of cancellation in the mail saying you won't get on keep the insurance whether you like it or not. the other thing is that this is the apology that launch ad thousand bills on capitol hill. house speaker john boehner just put out a house release saying okay, fine, you've apologized. you've said you are sorry there are people who cannot keep their health care plans. how about you keep your promise and allow them to keep their health care plans as they stand now? and he said there will be a bill that will be voted on in the house next week. that is another thing. and then i think the third thing. the president will be talking about jobs in the economy. they may have want to get this out of the way, get this interview over with so the president can move on and do these other things. that will be very difficult they want everybody rollment numbers by the end of the day tomorrow.
4:44 pm
darrell issa's company wants the officer to testify next week. the white house has said no, you're not going to get them. and now they're saying we may subpoena you. so this is be over and this is a mess that is going to continue to be a problem for this white house. >> what about the legislation that we're going to see? because as jim is saying, as john said earlier, the door has been open to modifying obama care which historically the president has been open to. he was not in the context of the government shutdown. how much modifying of obama care? just delaying how long you have to sign up or real significant changes in what obama care means? >> as much as the republicans get and as little as the president has to give. somewhere in there it will be changed. here's what makes the difference is the democrats that are saying we have to delay this penalty. west virginia's joe manchin now co-sponsoring a bill that would delay the penalty for those that
4:45 pm
did not get insurance. so something is going to happen. the president is not going on want to give up. . remember, this is health care and policy but this is his baby. and so to disrupt it in any way, it is something that he doesn't want to do. i think that explains some of the reluctance of the apologies. you will see a lot of bills. the question is, where will they meet with as little as the president can give and as much as the president, as the republicans and some democrats can take. >> and john king when you hear the president give that apology, as luke warm as it is, a meeting at the white house yesterday with democrats who are up for re-election who are worried this will hurt them, how much is he willing to say eventually, if he does get more isolated on it, time will prove me right. if it doesn't prove me right before the next election, i don't care if you lose. is he going to be able to do
4:46 pm
that in. >> now you're asking a difficult question. >> at one point they were saying do we have a remote possibility of taking back the house? most democrats who are smart about politics think it is insane. history says the republican there's make some gains, like keep the house and possibly get senate back soifl this president, number one personal survival dictates a lot of people's politics. number two, candy hit it on the nail. once he opens to changes, how much does he have to give? and go back and read the state of the union address. nothing he asked for. nothing has been done. and so if we're going to spend another two, three, four, six months on health care when we're also just a month away from an alleged budget agreement that has to be made and then a couple weeks from then we're back into debt ceiling mode again. and then we're into the mid material elections and people will start throwing around lame duck. if you're the president of the united states and you hope after a huge reelection win would be at least a moderately productive
4:47 pm
second term, you have almost nothing so far. >> and jim acosta, that has to eat him alive. >> right. >> absolutely. the president had john mccain at the white house earlier today to talk about immigration reform. where is that going to go right now with all these problems with obama care in how can they possibly have time to push that through congress when there are all these hearings going on over the state of health so this is going to consume this white house right through the holidays, and can you imagine what will happen to this town if that website is not working on december 1st? i can guarantee you that you, me, and every else on the show. everybody else in washington will be on that website on november 30th or december 1st to see whether or not you can create an account. if you cannot create an account, this white house has a major problem. they had by december 15th people to have sign up to have coverage starting january 1st. yes, they have three months in 2014 to avoid a penalty but you
4:48 pm
have to think that if this continues to go on, they'll to have delay all these deadlines. from a practical standpoint, it is not going to work. >> which they haven't wanted to acknowledge to this point. i want to ask you one other thing themselves did talk about iran. when you think about the president, you talk about the issues he's having saying that syria could not have chemical weapon or else. now barbara starr from the president is reporting they're keeping the chemical women's. tonight saying, i'll quote him here whaefl just said in this interview. there is the possibility of a phased agreement in which the first phase would be us halting any advances on the nuclear program. rolling some back and putting in mesa way we can provide them modest relief by keeping the sanctions architecture in place. keeping the core sanctions in place. that to me, john, is big news. because that's not saying i'm not going to up the sanctions. that's saying we're going to give them some sanctions relief. maybe without them making
4:49 pm
changes in the program. >> rule number one of negotiations on something so sensitive. that you normally have to give to get. the problem is that the president has a very weak relationship with the israeli prime minister and that sentence you just read is going to drive bibi netanyahu crazy. he does not want carrots going to iran. we want to see if they can get to the finishing point themselves believe they're on the verge of a landmark agreement that will get iran to give up its nuclear weapons program. if that's the case, that is a game changer in world affairs. not just middle eastern affairs. however, at the moment, netanyahu has been saying give them nothing. i'm skeptical they would do this any way and what he thinks they will do, give you a dale on paper so that you ease up the sanctions and then they won't follow through. and the president seems to be opening the door to some easing of the sanctions. he does say we can dial them back up if they don't keep their end of the deal. you can bet in tel aviv and jerusalem, they are reading this interview and they are not
4:50 pm
happy. >> thank you to all three of you. next, of course, the president, will he be proven right if obama care works? will he get last word and what will that mean for 2016? people don't have to think about
4:51 pm
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4:54 pm
here is what he said about it. >> i've been very clear what i'm trying to do, and i think most people know that even if they disagree with me on certain issues, i'm every day working hard to try to make life a little bit better for middle class families and folks trying to get in the middle class doing the riepg thing and trying to be responsible. i hope what most people recognize is when you try to do something big like make our health care system better, that there are going to be problems along the way. even if ultimately, what you're doing is going to make a whole lot of people better off and i hope that people will look at the end product and they will be able to look back and say, you know what? we now have protections that we didn't have before. >> all right. joe joins me now. so look, he does believe in this and believes he's going to be proven right. so here is the question. let's just say he is proven
4:55 pm
right, and let's -- doesn't even have to happen before midterm. let say he doesn't and the democrats get slaughtered but he does get proven right and people end up being happy, does that -- what does that mean for the white house? >> that's a big stretch you're saying. given the first five weeks -- >> exactly that may not even happen. if it does does that mean you have a democratic white house? >> absolutely but living in reality, being prague mat tick, what you're witnessing here and i don't like to go into hyperbole but i'll do it. this is the end of the obama presidency. democrats have a hard time winning back the white house. now this story will live this year, next year, higher premiums, higher deductibles, all these horror stories about losing your doctor because the press, media likes to focus on that.
4:56 pm
2014 can't get through big ticket agenda item laughed out of the room it didn't fly. she's going to have to support obama care and if she doesn't, then she's going against her own party. in order, she's going to own this as well and that's good news for somebody like a chris christie or ted cruz or whoever is the republican nominee. >> that's a whole another conversation i would like to have with you. >> absolutely. >> this is the beginning of a lame duck presidency, let us know whether you think that's going too far or far. thanks for watching, "ac 360" starts right after this. why's that?
4:57 pm
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♪ norfolk southern how's that function? ♪ -- captions by vitac -- good evening. president obama's apology, will it be enough to heal the program and satisfy people to say their old insurance is being cancelled and new info rans is unaffordable. >> fresh evidence in the death of kendrick johnson, a document casting more doubt on the official conclusion that his death was an accident. also, tonight, mayors gone wild, toronto's rob ford surfaces in a drunken maybe more pro famed radio rant. what the tape reveals. we begin with three words from president obama, i am sorry. the president a