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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 8, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PST

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there. i think he's holding on for dear life. >> rob ford, thank you so much. we'll be following this story and see how it goes. that is it for "around the world." have a great weekend. have a great weekend. "cnn newsroom" starts now. -- captions by vitac -- >> right now, millions of people are feeling the wrath of a monster typhoon, possibly the strongest storm ever to make landfall anywhere on earth. we'll show you remarkable images from space and the storm zone. also right now, we are just moments away from president obama, he's live in new orleans. will be in just a moment. he is scheduled to give a speech on the economy and infrastructure. but he may also have more to say on problems with the affordable care act. right now on wall street, the dow is up. today's jobs report shows an unexpected surge in hiring last month. still the official unemployment rose supply thely to 7.3%.
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hi there i'm pre and nakheelner for wolf blitzer. today it is likely the most powerful storm to hit anywhere in the world in recorded history. right now, super typhoon haiyan is bearing down on the philippines. it is so large, this is what it looks like from space. at one point the cloud cover blanketed two-thirds of the country there. its sustained winds are estimated to be 195 miles an hour, equivalent to an extremely strong category 5 hurricane. wind gusts are reaching an estimated 235 miles an hour. and that's sending debris flying through the air. buildings and homes are destroyed. there is widespread flooding. so far three people are reported dead. that number could rise dramatically after emergency crews are able to reach hard hit areas. people in the philippines are used to big typhoons, even they say the power of this storm is
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something they've never seen before. joining me the head of the red cross in the philippines, richard gordon. describe for us what this storm feels like as someone going through it. >> well, you know, there were storm surges at the heights of it when it hit landfall. it was running 15 kilometers per hour. a lot of tidal waves came in that swamped the people of tacloban and the island where macarthur's forces landed in world war ii to reclaim the file means. this had a wide swathe, by sected the philippines. passing through the middle of the philippines. maybe about 29 provinces. in the meantime, what is happening right now is we're trying to take care of about 600,000 people in the evacuation
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centers who are preemptively evacuated and, of course, there would be requirements for food and when they get back to their homes, assuming the homes are still standing, there would be demands for all kinds of things from land food items such as blankets, sleeping mats and the like. there will always be dislocation of their economic livelihood, their agricultural crops damaged and a lot of rallying back to where they were before is going to be a big challenge. >> it obviously is, richard, as we're watching some of the pictures here, you said some people had a chance to evacuate but some were clearly caught off guard and found themselves in very dangerous circumstances. we've seen photos, we're seeing pictures here of people in the water. were people en masse able to get to those evacuation centers and prepare for this? >> well, evidently, they should
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have gone to the evacuation centers. nobody anticipated the strength of the storm or sea surge. what happened was it went all the way inland, almost what happened in myanmar where you had storm surge going into the inland areas and swamping people who did not leave thinking they were far away from the ocean and their homes were sturdy enough to survive it the strength of the typhoon and the waves. that's what happened. our people in the red cross are probably -- rescuing many of the people out there or retrieving bodies of those who died in that episode. >> richard gordon with the red cross in the philippines, we'll be following up with you. we know that there is going to be a tremendous need as you said for a lot of nonfood items and obviously people looking at the damage here in the u.s. and around the world are going to want to know how they can help. richard, thank you so much for joining us. meantime, there are tens of
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millions of people affected by this monster storm. chad meyers is tracking this typhoon right now. it's unbelievable this storm could set a new world record for its intensity. are we expecting this to weaken at all? >> it is weakening now interacting with a few of the islands down from the 185 when it made land fall now down to 155. i don't think you can tell the difference. there be a widespread swathe that when we get aerials where there won't even be a tree left in the ground. if the free is still standing, all the leaves will be gone. every single building in a swathe, probably ten to 15 miles wide just to the north of the eye through there, that's where most of the damage is going to occur. now, we put a number to this for power. if you take 195 compared to where where katrina was at 125, this storm, get your mind around this, 3.7 times more powerful
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than katrina. so this is that will surge that katrina had. this is the surge that taco b-- tack chlo ban. we do know the airport is the last text they sent out was our airport is destroyed. that's the last thing they sent out. >> how will they be able to get goods and assistance in when they do need that, as well, chad. can you tell us where the storm will be heading next. >> many of the roads don't go between islands. you need to take a boat. it was 67,000 islands that make up the philippines. where does it go next? we can tell you exactly where it's going to go next. by later on today, we expect the storm to be down to 150. that's an still equal to a category 4 hurricane. i know we talked cyclone and
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typhoon and all that kind of stuff. here's the deal. cyclo cyclones, typhoons and hurricanes are the same storm just in different oceans. they get a different surname. by saturday, 1:40 and then making it landfall, that would be danang right there, 120 miles per hour and 100 as it interacs with vietna and turns over to the right and possibly even noon southern china. that's when it turns into a rainmaker. right now it's still a devastating bowling ball knocking everything down in its path with its wind speeds. >> yeah, it's just the force of it all. chad, we know you'll be following this. thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> now let's head to washington where apologies and obama care seem to be going hand in hand. now, the president has issued his i'm sorry to people who are losing their health care coverage. listen. >> and i am sorry that they, you know, are finding they will selves in the situation based on an assurances they got from me. we've got to work hard to make
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sure that they know we hear them and that we're going to do everything we can and to deal with folks who find themselves in a tough position as a consequence of this. >> now, joining me is cnn senior white house correspondent jim acosta. you hear i'm sorry from time to time. but when the president says it, it's a really big deal. >> he it's a huge deal, brianna. think how many times we've heard presidents say in the last generation or so. it doesn't happen that often. it is notable that the president said that. however, we should point out and i know you know this the president did not admit he was misleading people when he said if you like your plan, can keep it. he didn't apologize for saying anything that turned out to be untrue. ooze saying sorry for millions of people now losing insurance after the president told them if they like their plan they could keep it. one other thing we should point out is administration officials and you've been talking to them, as well, are saying that this white house and that folks over
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at hhs are working on administrative options for those people who find themselves in that position receiving cancellation letters after they were told if they liked their plan they can keep it. i talked with a senior administration official who said they are also not closing the door on legislative remedies if there are options up there on capitol hill that could perhaps cure some of this, they're willing to look at that, as well. one other thing that happened within the last ten, 15 minutes it, senators orrin hatch and chuck grassley just released letters provided to them by various insurance companies that provide coverage here in the washington, d.c. area. hatch and grassley asked insurers for their enrollment data for just the dc exchange. not every exchange around the country, just d.c. i have one of the letters from blue cross blue shield that says as of october 24th, blue cross blue shield care first here in washington has only received two enrollees for almost the entire
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month of october. other insurers said only the three and two other insurers that provided these letters to grassley and hatch said they were not able to provide any enrollment data. all of this comes as the white house is facing the subpoena from the house republicans saying we want this enrollment data by the end of today. at this point, as you know, the white house is sounding pretty cool to that idea. >> this was one of the interesting things we heard from president obama last night. clearly the white house is trying to find this fix for the people who like their plan, were not able to keep it, then they go onto the exchanges, they try to find a plan and it turns out that to get something comparable or that, would for them, they have to pay a whole lot more mobe. the white house, president obama, they want tonism fix this. yesterday we heard kathleen sebelius or just a short time ago today, she was in atlanta. did she give hints as to what they might be looking at or are
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they saying we're going to do this but don't know how yet? >> at this point they're not tipping their hand what they're going to be doing. sebelius only said to reporters in atlanta they didn't have a plan on the table at this point. they could have a plan in their drawer in their desk somewhere or floating around inside other offices inside hhs. they're not willing to talk about that at this point. there are various reports out there perhaps they're looking at expanding subsidies for people to obtain insurance on these exchanges. why would that happen? because if people are seeing their pols are being canceled and the only option that's available costs more money, then perhaps those expanded subsidies might be helpful. i have tried to ask a variety of officials over here at the white house as to whether or not that is the case. nobody is willing to confirm that, and of course, that may require some kind of legislation to expand those subsidies and can you imagine, brianna, that the white house and democrats on capitol hill trying to get that through the house of representatives right now under republican control, no the very
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likely at this point. the fact they're looking at options at this point is as far as they're willing to go in terms of what they can say right now. >> that does not seem likely. jim accuse ta, our senior white house correspondent. thank you so much. secretary sebelius did offer some specifics on another health care issue this morning. appearing with former first lady rosalynn carter, sebelius announced rules for doctors and insurance companies that will change the way that minutal illness is he treated. it will be considered the same as a physical illness and coverage cannot be limited as it has in the past. >> just think for a moment how different things would be if everyone felt like they could access treatment without the fear of being judged. imagine what it would mean if people felt as comfortable saying they were going for counseling as they do saying they're going for a flu shot or physical therapy. all of us here today have a role
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to play to make this happen. >> the mental health parity addiction and equity act was passed in 2008, didn't have a whole lot of teeth. today's announcement strengthens the law and serves notice it will be enforces. cbs is apologizing to viewers. after learning that a source behind the "60 minutes" report on the benghazi attack was now the credible. how they're saying they were misled next. across america people are taking charge
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we still run into problems. that's why liberty mutual insurance offers accident forgiveness if you qualify, and new car replacement, standard with our auto policies. so call liberty mutual at... today. and if you switch, you could save up to $423. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? apologizing to viewers for a report that cast doubt on whether the obama administration did enough in response to the attack on the u.s. consulate in
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benghazi. lar ral loaning says they now know their primary source for the report told them a different story than he did the fbi. >> the most important thing to every person at "60 minutes" is the truth. and today, the truth is that we made a mistake. and that's very disappointing for any journalist and very disappointing for me. >> jim sciutto joining me now on the story. jim, when you watch this account, i mean, it's dramatic. and this account is strew believable. tell us about this guy. >> of course. dylan davies goes by morgan jones for the purposes of the cbs report and the book. he was a security guard in the u.s. mission there. he trained the local security guards. and in addition to saying that he gave many warnings in the leadup to the attack about insufficient security at the compound, he also told this dramatic story of the night of the attack climbing the wall into the compound, knocking out one of the militants with the
10:18 am
butt of a rifle. >> amazing. >> a very hollywood story. the trouble came when at first, that story contradicted an incident report that was prepared by his security agency, and falls under more questions but it also contradicted the story he apparently told the fbi. that was the shoe to drop and that's when cbs backed off the story this morning. >> what is he now? dylan davies, morgan, what have you, what is he saying about the information he gave cbs? >> he is not cominting today. i was able to get in touch with him on wednesday. at the time he said his story as given to "60 minutes" and told in his book was consistent with the story that he told the fbi. he stood by his story. i talked to his co-author -- damian louis. he said in his encounters with davies, he kept his story the same, consistent. now, i reached the co-author today. he doesn't want to comment till dylan davies comments in light of the fbi report. the publisher gave us a
10:19 am
statement saying although we have not seen the fbi report, in light of revelations we'll review the book and take appropriate action regarding its publication. >> when that will aired, you had critics of the administration saying think is a game-changer. so now how does this new information change the debate? >> it clearly reignited the debate. senator lindsey graham saying wait a second, why can't we get acis esto witnesses like this and in fact, he even threatened till they get such access, he will hold up all of obama's nominations. these revelations quieted that firestorm. i've talked to a number of republicans who have criticized the administration's response including snorkelly ayotte. they say regardless of this story, our questions remain about the handling of security at the compound and the run-up to this. they still want questions answered. at least this immediate firestorm has no choice but to die down a bit as a result of this. >> jim, thank you so much. the government may have been partially shut down for half of
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jobs numbers out today show an unexpected surge in hiring last month. the 16-day partial shutdown of the government had economists predicting weak numbers, but 204,000 jobs were added. that was well above expectations. still the unemployment rate rose just slightly to 7.3%. alison kosik joining us from the new york stock exchange. how are the markets react to
10:24 am
this. >> what's funny is specially, wall street didn't like this report because strangely enough, because it saw it is an a strong number that employers added 204,000 jobs, better than the 194,000 that we've been averaging the past 12 months. what initially happened we saw stocks drop immediately after the report came out because the thinking is it will give reason for the fed to reduce its financial stimulus sooner rather than later. so that would be bad news at least some believe because it means less support for the economy. but then after a little more thought, wall street seemed to warm up to the report. we see the dow up 87 points because the thinking is hey, maybe the economy can stand on its own two feet and handle the fed's safety net going away. you see housing and manufacturing numbers getting better. gdp growth isn't great but picking up. wall street is seeing sort of the glass half full. >> wall street kind of fickle today i guess. let's turn to this proposal to raise the minimum wage. how big of a jump are we talking
10:25 am
about here? >> so the jump that's being proposed in this bill called the fair minimum age act is for $10 for a $10 minimum wage that would be incorporated slowly over a few years. now, the white house is telling several media outlets that the president is entiretying this. we're seeing this topic come back into the news now because democrats just had i an meeting focusing on minimum wage. there's still a big "but" to this because the bill was proposed back in march by democrats. the president even came out at the state of the union pushing for a $9 federal minimum wage. so far up in of this has gone anywhere. instead what we're seeing happen is states are stepping in and doing it on their own just to give you an idea. you look at new jersey this week, the state voted to raise minimum wage to $8.25 to take effect in january. new york's will be higher next year. going to $8 compared to $7.25 right now. most states do use the $7.25
10:26 am
minimum wage. those who want that to go higher are not waiting on the federal government to raise it first and saying we're going to step in and do it ourselves. >> maybe they're moving to washington. alison kosik at the on wall street for us, thank you so much. an apology from the president, but is that enough for people who are losing their health insurance? our gloria borger is up next with the strategy of saying "i'm sorry." ke you're growing old waiting for your wrinkle cream to work? clinically proven neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. it targets fine lines and wrinkles with the fastest retinol formula available. you'll see younger looking skin in just one week. one week? that's just my speed. rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots rapid tone repair. from neutrogena®. and for dark spots rapid tone repair.
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we still run into problems. that's why liberty mutual insurance offers accident forgiveness if you qualify, and new car replacement, standard with our auto policies. so call liberty mutual at... today. and if you switch, you could save up to $423. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? a glimpse of the radar tells you what you need to know about this typhoon we're watching. that is super typhoon heyian. its sustained winds with 195 miles an hour, that is as strong as a powerful category 55 hurricane. wind gusts are reaching 235 miles an hour.
10:30 am
two barges collided in the blinding weather. they threw several crew members overboard as you can see here, an extremely rough seas. fortunately they were all rescued but many buildings and homes are destroyed. a state news agency says about 20 people have drowned in the storm surge. that's just their number so far. we're thinking the death toll could grow obviously as emergency crews reach those hard hit areas. now, tens of millions of people are in the storm's path across the philippines. joining us from manila is our paula hancocks. paula, when you're finding out new information about the extent of destruction, are you able to fully grasp what it is at this point? >> no, not in any shape or form. we really don't know what the damage is. officials don't know. the government doesn't know and the military doesn't know. it's half two in the morning. it is dark. communications are down. electricity is down across the
10:31 am
vast area where the super typhoon has cut across the philippines. it is just impossible for them to be able to get in touch with some of the areas that have been affected. now, we know that the city of tacloban, a city of 200,000 people bore the initial brunt of this super typhoon. we understand that the city is filled with water. it's filled with debris. we don't know the how significant that damage is. we're certainly seeing footage of flooding in many areas. and there's no doubt that there is damage across the area, but until it becomes light, we don't know how bad it is. the military is waiting for a couple of hours more, when the run sizes here in the philippines and they will be straight up in the air in the helicopters to get that aerial view. so they can figure out where has been hardest hit, who needs the help, what do they need, probably food, water and medicine and the bakes. they say ahead of time, the more
10:32 am
remote areas they actually brought that basic material to them ahead of time to try and help them. of course, the hope is that most people heeded the warnings and most people if they were living by the coast or low-lying areas did evacuate and head to a shelter. brianna? >> paula hancocks for us in mani manila. we'll check in with you in the coming hours as we get more information about the damage in the philippines. we're waiting for president obama about to speak in new orleans. we are told that's going to happen any moment. first let's talk about what he said last night, if we have a chance that might be his introduction. last night he said, i'm sorry. those are words that many of us say every day. when a president says he's sorry, it tends to garner a lot more attention. that was the case when he apologized last night for problems with the affordable care act. it also made us think about some other past presidential
10:33 am
apologies. >> i'm sorry i let down my friends, i let down the country. i let down our system of government and the dreams of all those young people that ought to get into government but will think it's all too corrupt. >> i an few months ago i told the american people i did not trade arms for hostages. my heart and my best intentions still tell me that's true, but the facts and the evidence tell me it is not. >> indeed i did have a relationship with miss lewinsky that was not appropriate. in can the fig, it was wrong. i misled people, including even my wife. i deeply regret that. >> our chief political analyst, gloria borger joining me now. you hear that apology. we've heard other ones from the vice president was the highest one we heard before. how important was this.
10:34 am
>> i think a little bit of contrition goes a long way with the american people. i would argue it was a little late in coming because what we've seen is a real shift in the president's language here because at first, and you know, you covered this, he was trying to explain what he really meant during the campaign, and i think they realized in the white house that there was no way explaining away something that he had said what, 30 times? >> so many times. >> yeah, which is -- >> on camera. >> if you like your insurance, you keep your insurance. so it was hard to caveat it and explain it and say, well the regulations didn't work out quite the way we wanted it. >> the real issue for the white house it seems are people who like their insurance, now it's canceled. they try to find other insurance on the exchange and it's really much more expensive. what can they do? >> these are people who have
10:35 am
individual policies. it's 5% of the american public but it's millions of people. and my reporting last night on had was that they are looking for some kind of administrative fix because they'd rather not go the legislative route. what they might try and do is what happened in california, for example, where the state said, we want insurance companies to extend these policies through the new year. so they may try and do that state by state. what's interesting about that is that you find the administration now on the same side as its former enemy, the insurance companies, because they need the insurance companies to make the fix work and to make the marketplace work. >> strange bedfellows. that happens sometimes in washington. >> he had an opportunity to zing them in his interview yesterday, and he did not. he did not. >> let's talk about something the president said yesterday. we've all heard of this tidbit that came out of this nut book
10:36 am
"double down" where the president's re-election team did research to see if we switched out joe biden in 2012 for hillary clinton, would this increase his chances of re-election. and this was at a point when his chances of re-election weren't going so well. the president addressed this last night. let's listen. >> if they had asked me, i would have said there is no way that i'm not running again with joe biden because i genuinely believe that he has been one of the best vice presidents in our history. he also happens to be a friend. he also happens to be one of my most important advisors on domestic and foreign policy. i like him. when my back's up against the wall, he has my back. >> we're going to listen right now, take a turn and listen to president obama in new orleans talking about infrastructure improvements and the economy. >> and in so many ways in this port is representative of what
10:37 am
ports all around the country, they help to keep our economy going, moving products, moving people. making sure that businesses are working. you've got corn and wheat coming from my home state of illinois down the river, ending up here and going all around the world. it's part of the reason why we've been able to increase exports so rapidly is because we've got some of the best natural resources and waterways and facilities in the world. now, growing our economy, creating new jobs, helping middle class families regain a sense of stability and security so they can find good jobs and make sure that their kids are doing even better than they did, that's always been what america's about, but for too many people, that sense that you can make it here if you try, that sense has been slipping away. and my driving focus has been to restore that sense of security.
10:38 am
and it should be washington's focus regardless of party. that's what everybody in washington should be thinking about every day. so today, i want to just offer a couple ideas what we could do right now together that would help our economy. right now. the good news is over the past 44 months, our businesses have created 7.8 million new jobs since i took office. we've cut the deficits in half. that's right. by the way, you wouldn't know this sometimes listening tong folks on tv, but the deficits are going down. they're not going up. they've been cut in half. and they are -- they keep on going down. over the past three years, health care costs have risen at the slowest pace on record. exports are up, the housing market is up. the american auto industry is roaring back.
10:39 am
so we've got a lot of good things to by the on, but we've got a lot more work to do. and what we should start doing, the first thing we should do you su stop doing things that undermine our businesses and our economy over the past few years. this constant cycle of manufactured crises and self-inflicted wounds that have been coming out of washington. for example, we learned yesterday that over the summer, our economy grew at its fastest pace in a year. that's the good news. the bad news is that the very day the economic quarter ended, some folks in washington decided to shut down the government and threatened to default on america's obligations for first time in more than 200 years. it's like the gears of our economy every time they are just about to take off, suddenly somebody taps the brakes and says not so fast.
10:40 am
>> sell it. >> now, our businesses are resilient. we've got great workers. so as a consequence, we added about 00,000 new jobs last month, but there's no question that the shutdown harmed our jobs market. the unemployment rate still ticked up. and we don't yet know all the data for this final quarter of the year, but it could be down because of what happened. washington. now, that makes no sense. these self-inflicted wounds don't have to happen. they should not happen again. we should not be be injuring ourself every few months, we should be investing in ourselves, we should be building, not tearing things down. rather than refighting the same old battles again and again and again, we should be fighting to make sure everybody who war, hard in america and hard right here in new orleans, that they have a chance to get ahead. that's what we should be focused on.
10:41 am
[ applause ] which brings me to one of the reasons i'm here at this port. one of the things we should be focused on is helping more businesses sell more products to the rest of the world and the only way those products get out is through facilities like this. right now, exports are one of the brightest spots in our economy. thanks in part to new trade deals we signed with corrupts like panama and columbiaen an south korea. we now export more goods and services than ever before. that means jobs right here in the united states of america. last year, every $1 billion. >> all right, president obama is there in the port of new orleans talking about ports, roads, airports, u.s. exports, infrastructure spending. and really, gloria, our chief political analyst, it's kind of like anything but obama care. >> anything but obama care. he had some good jobs numbers today. >> we heard him tell those. >> he wants to get back to
10:42 am
talking about the economy being on an upward swing and infrastructure which he's trying to build. >> and dinging republicans for the shutdown on the way of it being even better. >> the budget and automatic spending cuts. he's gearing up for that fight. the one fight he's not talking about is the health care and the website and all the problems related to that. >> so a welcome break. >> which are a nightmare for him, by the way. >> for his whole administration. so a welcome breaking from obama care. i want to ask you about the endorsement of joe biden that we heard from president obama because there was this book that said his team looked into what it would do to replace biden with hillary clinton in 2012. the president a very strong endorsement of joe biden. >> i think these two men have a very good relationship. i think joe biden drives him a little crazy some of the time because he's got a big mouth as
10:43 am
you know. >> big personality. >> he drove him crazy when he got out front on the question of gay marriage before the president. i also heard in the answer to that question a real frustration from the president like they don't tell me anything. we've heard this. he didn't know about the website crashing. he didn't know they were polling on joe biden. nor should he know they were polling on joe biden but when he heard about it and when people talked about it and it appeared in a book, you can just imagine the conversation the president had he to have with joe biden because i'm sure joe biden was on the ceiling upset about it. and he had to kind of talk him down and say i didn't know, nor would i ever do that. i don't believe he would have, by the way. i think the president enjoys having joe biden around and considers him valuable. >> and they met the next morning i think after the book came out. so you can imagine that meeting to assuage his sort of concerns or upset. >> if turp joe biden and you
10:44 am
read that and you had had to talk to the press for six months about how that wasn't going to occur and it was not in the president's mind and he was never considering replacing you with hillary clinton and then suddenly you read in the book they belowed about it, would you be upset. >> and embarrassed obviously. thank you so much. we're going to be talking about the miami dolphins player who allegedlily was bullied by teammates. he's telling his story but only through his attorney and he says it was actually worse than reported. we'll go live to miami. e announu have sinus pressure and pain, you feel...squeezed. congested. beat down. crushed. as if the weight of the world is resting on your face. but sudafed gives you maximum strength sinus pressure and pain relief. so you feel free. liberated. released. decongested. open for business. [ inhales, exhales ] [ male announcer ] powerful sinus relief from the #1 pharmacist recommended brand.
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nthat's why they deserve... aer recanbrake dance.. get 50% off new brake pads and shoes.
10:47 am
jonathan martin, the miami
10:48 am
dolphins player who left the team over alleged but luing an is putting out his side of the story through his toerp. jonathan endured harassment that went far beyond the traditional be locker room hazing. he attempted to befriend the same teammates who centuried him to the abuse with the hope doing so would end the harassment. despite his love for football, jonathan left the dolphins. he will fully cooperate with the nfl investigation. >> you know, i'm just trying to weather the storm right now and this pass. you know. >> that is richie incognito an cues much being bandage martin's chief tormentor. he has been suspended. martin has not returned. john zarrella is with us from miami. john, tell us, is martin considering a lawsuit here? >> brianna, that i certainly a possibility anytime you hire an attorney and when you have the nfl investigating. but we haven't heard that that's actually in the works at this
10:49 am
point in time. now, of course, you know, wednesday out at dolphins training camp, the players were all very chatty with their i'm moims about the situation, about incognito and martin. the coaches have not been talkative at all as you might expect, but yesterday out the an training camp, the players really had had enough. they didn't want to talk anymore about anything but football. >> richie incognito's locker, his clothes hanging neatly, quite a contrast to the mess and how else do you put it, caused by the incognito, jonathan martin bullying scandal. thursday joe philbin was back in front of the microphones wanting to talk to tampa bay the opponent monday night, nothing else. >> any comments we would make at this time would be a disservice to the process about to take place. >> reporter: in the locker room, most players had had enough of it too. >> only time we have to deal with this is when the media asks us questions. >> when asked how does the
10:50 am
locker room stay together with distraction, people outside of the football world don't get it. okay, we get that. players who would talk were still trying to make sense of it all. >> it gets to the point where you you >> what's been most puzzling is the relationship between incognito and martin that has begun to emerge. can we really believe they were best friends, as some have said. martin, a stanford grad who talked of attending harvard law, and incognito, perhaps the polar opposite. a man who at least one time thought nothing of screaming racial slurs and using vulgar language publicly. >> who wants a [ bleep ] piece? >> the player voted twice by his peers one of the dirtiest guys in the game. >> what is perceived is richie is this psychopath racist
10:51 am
maniac, and the reality is richie was a pretty good teammate and richie and jonathan martin are friends. >> players even saying they hung out together off and field and on it. they played together on the left side of miami's offensive line, protecting the franchise quarterback's blind side. so were they friends, enemies? did martin hang with incog nato because he was afraid not to? in time, we'll know. just not right now. >> now, we're not going to get any response from the dolphin players today on the latest accusations coming out of the martin camp, and that's because they have an off day today. no coaches, no players available to the media. and that's because they will be playing on monday night in tampa. brianna. >> all right, john, thank you so much. we're going to head now back to new orleans where president obama has started talking about obama care. >> a decade ago, and we want those trends to continue.
10:52 am
now, we've had this problem on the website. i'm not happy about that. but we're working overtime to make sure that it gets fixed because right now, we've put in place a system, a marketplace, where people can get affordable health care plans. i promise you, nobody has been more frustrated. i wanted to go in and fix it myself, but i don't write code, so -- but every american with a pre-existing condition who has been waiting for the day they could be covered just like anybody else, for folks who couldn't afford to buy their own insurance because they don't get it on the job, we're going to fix the website because the insurance plans are there. they are good, and millions of americans are already finding they'll gain better coverage for less cost and it's the right thing to do. [ applause ] >> i know health care is controversial, so, you know,
10:53 am
there's only going to be so much support we get on that, on a bipartisan basis until it's working really well and then they're going to stop calling it obama care. they're going to call it something else. one thing, though, i was talking to your mayor and governor about rbl , though, is a separate issue. one thick the affordable care act does is allow states to expand medicaid to cover more citizens. here in louisiana, here in louisiana, that benefits about 265,000 people. and already, you have seen states, arkansas is covered, taken this up and they're covering almost 14% of their uninsured. republican governors in states like ohio, nevada, arizona, are doing it, too. oregon has already reduced -- has already reduced the number of uninsured by about 10%, and
10:54 am
you know, some of these folks oppose obama care. but they did support helping their citizens who can't get coverage. so we want to work with everybody, mayor, governor, insurance -- whoever it is that wants to work with us here in louisiana, to make sure that even if you don't support the overall plan, let's at least go ahead and make sure that the folks who don't have health insurance right now can get it through an expanded midca eed m let's mock sure we do that. it's the right thing to do. you know, one of the reasons to do it is i have said this before. sometimes people don't fully appreciate it. we already pay for the health care of people who don't have health insurance. we just pay for the most expensive version, which is when
10:55 am
they go to the emergency room. because what happens is the hospitals have to take sick folk. they're not just going to leave them on the streets, but people who are sick, they wait until the very last minute. it's much more expensive to treat them. hospitals have to figure out how to get their money back, which means they jack up costs for everybody who does have health insurance by about $1,000 per family, so as a consequence, what happens is you're already paying a hidden tax for a broken health care system. community hospitals struggle to care for the uninsured who can't pay their bills when they get sick. so it's the right thing to do for the health of our economies as a whole. it is a practical, pragmatic readsen to do it. has nothing to do with politics or ideology. the more states that are working together, democrats and republicans, the better off we're going to be. so bottom line is, new orleans, we can work together to do these
10:56 am
things. because we've done them before. we did not become the greatest nation on earth just by chance, just by accident. we had some advantages, really nice real estate here in the united states. but what we also had were people who despite their differences, and we come from everywhere and look different and have different traditions. we understand that this country works best when we're working together. and we decided to do what was necessary for our businesses and our families to succeed. if we did it in the past, we can do it again. let's make it easier for more businesses to expand and grow and sell more goods made in america and the rest of the world. let's make sure we have the best roads and ports and bridges and schools. let's make sure our young people are getting a great education. let's give everybody a chance to get ahead. not just a few of the top, but everybody. because if we do that, if we help our businesses grow and our
10:57 am
communities thrive and our children to reach a little higher, then the economy is going to grow faster. we'll rebuild our middle class stronger. the american dream will be real and achievable, not just for a few but for everybody, not just today but for decades to come. that's what we're fighting for. that's what you're all about here at this port and here in new orleans. and i'm looking forward to working with you to make sure we keep that up, all right? thank you. god bless you. god gless you. >> president obama there in new orleans. that is it for me. i will be back at 5:00 eastern on "the situation room." we're going to continue to watch this as he works the rope line here, but you heard president obama there, really trying to explain the need for obama care. really defending it. of course, as his administration is mired in this situation right now, where the website that is the main portal for a lot of
10:58 am
americans to get insurance isn't working. so as i said, we'll be right back here at 5:00 eastern in "the situation room." "newsroom" continues with kyra phillips after a quick break. i didn't want nicotine to give up nicotine. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. [ mike ] when i was taking the chantix, it reduced the urge to smoke. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these, stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these, stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have a history of heart or blood vessel problems, or if you develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. use caution when driving or operating machinery.
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current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. hello, every. i'm kyra phillips in for brooke baldwin. right now, we're tracking perhaps the most powerful storm ever to make landfall. super typhoon haiyan has made history and devoured parts of the philippines. it is stronger than a category 5 hurricane with wind gusts up to 235 miles per hour. and at this point, it's impossible to know how many people have even been killed. we confirm at least three deaths. seven people injured, but a state-run news agency is now reported around 20 people have drowned since the storm surge. this super typhoon is more than 300 miles