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tv   The Situation Room  CNN  November 8, 2013 2:00pm-3:31pm PST

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keilar, filling in for wolf blitzer in a place called "the situation room." happening now, top diplomats from the u.s. and other world powers urgently trying to seal a breakthrough deal with iran on its nuclear program. but would they let iran off the hook too easily? i'll be talking with a top israeli official. and a deadly and devastating monster storm, perhaps the strongest ever recorded, pounds the philippines and takes aim at a new target. and this space craft is now disintegrating and will soon come crashing to earth in pieces. we'll be telling you what you need to know. wolf blitzer is on assignment today. i'm brianna keilar and you're in "the situation room." the u.s. and other world powers are urgently trying to nail down what would be a breakthrough agreement with iran on its nuclear program. the international community says that program is aimed at
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developing nuclear weapons. israel is already warning that the tentative agreement would be very dangerous. i'll be speaking with a top israeli official but let's go first to cnn chief national security correspondent, jim sciutto. you have the latest developments and also if this happens, it's a very, very big deal. >> well, if it does happen. there is still a ways to go. it would be a truly remarkable deal and this after years, not just of no agreement, but really no substantive talks towards an agreement. so what made the difference here, really the election this summer of the new iranian president swept into office by exhaustion in iran with economic sanctions in response to its nuclear program. now, the u.s. and iran taking an enormous diplomatic risk on an issue that might have brought the two sides to war. they rushed to geneva nearly in lockstep. secretary of state john kerry joined by the british, french and german foreign ministers. positive signs of a brewing nuclear deal with iran, though secretary kerry said differences
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remain. >> we hope to try to narrow those differences, but i don't think anybody should mistake that there are some important gaps that have to be closed. >> reporter: a potential first step lasting some six months would require iran to suspend enriching uranium to 20%, keeping them from moving towards a nuclear weapon, and agree not to activate its highest powered centrifuges and the iraq heavy water reactor, a second path to a bomb. in exchange, the u.s. would free some iranian assets frozen overseas and ease some sanctions banning trade in gold and pet petrochemicals t two sides would then negotiate the issue of ensuring iran never builds a nuclear bomb. the potential deal already has a critic in israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, who lashed out in public. >> iran got the deal of the century and the international community got a bad deal.
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this is a very bad deal. israel utterly rejects it. >> reporter: crucially, the most crippling economic sanctions including those severely limiting iran's oil sales would remain in place and it is that economic pain, inflation above 50%, joblessness above 20%, that has helped drive iran to the bargaining table. nicholas burns took part in previous nuclear talks with iran. >> it essentially freezes their capacity to enrich uranium which is the critical dangerous element in their nuclear program. >> talks now stretching at least into saturday with the russian foreign minister, lavrov, also joining. this just in, we are learning from our white house troops which are you sometimes as well, that the president has called benjamin netanyahu to help ease some of the diplomatic crisis here. real opposition that we heard in that piece from netanyahu. he said that he was in that call trying to make the case for why this deal is the right thing to
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do at the right time. >> just ahead, we will hear more israeli concern. jim sciutto, thank you so much. i'm joined now by the spokesman for the israeli prime minister. mark, i first want to ask, do you think the u.s. is being foolish, do you have any hope that this could yield something positive? >> we would urge skepticism. we would urge caution. we are very concerned that the iranians want the sanction regime lifted and they want one little hole in if sanctions. when there's one hole in the sanctions, the whole wall will come tumbling down. then there will be no pressure on them whatsoever to give up their military nuclear program. that's our fear. >> some might say an imperfect deal would be better than none at all. what do you say to that? >> secretary kerry said exactly the opposite, that no deal is better than a bad deal. what the iranians are looking for is a bad deal which endangers the whole world.
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ultimately, they want the sanctions lifted and they want to keep being able to enrich uranium. they want to have breakout capacity so they can have a nuclear bomb at the time and place of their choosing in the future. we simply can't allow that. >> so what would it take, mark, for you, for israel, to trust iran? could you even? is there any possibility that there ever could be any trust? >> we would say distrust and verify and then verify again. to paraphrase former president reagan. look, the iranians are under a lot of pressure today, a lot of pressure. the sanctions are working and they want those sanctions lifted. what the international community should be saying to the iranians is okay, we don't want cosmetic changes, we don't want insignificant changes. if you actually close down your military nuclear program, then the sanctions can be lifted. anything less, you take the most powerful leverage the international community has and take it off the table. >> how do you want to verify that? is there a way to do that that you think iran could agree to that israel would be happy with?
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>> iran says it wants nuclear energy for peaceful purposes only. that's what they claim. that's their statement. now, we're of course skeptical because as you know, they have enough oil and gas for a hundred, 200 years, but they say they want nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. okay. so there are many countries on the planet who have peaceful nuclear programs. next to the united states, you have both mexico and canada have peaceful nuclear programs. but none of them, neither mexico or canada, have nuclear enrichment and neither mexico or canada have heavy water reactors that can produce plutonium. you don't need those aspects for a peaceful nuclear program. you do need them if you want a nuclear weapon, if you want nuclear bombs. >> if this does move forward, what does that do to your trust, to israel's trust in the relationship with president obama, with the united states? >> we're still hopeful that caution and skepticism will prevail. we don't think the iranians
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should be given a prize. we don't think the iranians should be given any sanction relief until they actually take the steps that they need to take. it's important to remember the iranians are putting on the table proposals that are just cosmetic. they don't mean anything. they say we will give up 20% enrichment. the iranians don't need 20% enrichment today to get a nuclear weapon. they have the technological capability to jump straight from 3.5% to 90%, to nuclear weapons grade enrichment. they can do that. so we're seeing cosmetic changes, meaningless concessions being put on the table that don't mean anything and we can't allow the iranians sell us a bad bag of goods. >> mark, the u.s. is pursuing that, if the u.s. is considering this at this point and it appears that a deal, a framework could be close, then let me ask you again, how do you not think that the u.s. is foolish if they go for this? >> well, this came up in the
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discussion between my prime minister and secretary kerry earlier today. we have been discussing this with the american side extensively obviously over the last months and years. we have a common goal and that is to prevent iran from getting nuclear weapons. we say it's important now, if you want a peaceful solution to the iranian nuclear crisis, it's important that the international community use the leverage that we've got. and that leverage is the sanctions. prematurely easing the sanctions, you remove that tool from your tool kit. it's a mistake of historic proportions. what the iranians want is they want sanctions lifted and have their nuclear military program intact. they want their yellow cake and eat it, too. we can't allow them to do it. >> high stakes discussions going on there in geneva. thank you so much for joining us from israel. >> my pleasure. now ahead, obama care suffers another blow, this time you won't believe the shockingly low enrollment figures from one state and from right here in the nation's capital. and next, a monster storm of
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nthat's why they deserve... aer anbrake dance. paying ourselves to do what we love? get 50% off new brake pads and shoes. it may go into the record books as the most powerful storm in history, a monster typhoon far stronger than katrina or sandy, covering vast stretches of territory. it has pounded the philippines with winds as strong as 235 miles an hour. this is what typhoon haiyan looked and sounded like when it hit. it's about to leave the philippines behind. we can still only guess at the
2:14 pm
toll at this point and the typhoon is eyeing a new target. let's bring in chad myers. where is this heading? >> well, right now it's heading to vietnam. this is the next stop. it's in very warm water again. i could get stronger as it gets into this water. and it will make landfall very close to probably denang. this has been one for i don't know if they will call it record books. it's certainly one that has moved over some bigger cities. this is all super typhoon as it just slammed right through this area. we believe now that every area through here in the white probably experienced 150 mile per hour winds or greater as it moved over and that is just a devastating look at what this storm did. sunday into monday, it will start to die off but when it dies off it will put down a lot of rainfall into vietnam. we're probably looking at 15 to 20 inches of rain, mudslides,
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flooding and the like. not so much of a wind event for vietnam but certainly a flooding event for vietnam. the wind event was right there through the philippines. at some spots, i now have one report of a gust to 175. it certainly could have been higher than that because it wasn't perfectly in the eye. we know that this storm at some point in time probably had the lowest pressure ever recorded, although there's nothing there to record it and if there was something there, it might not be left to even take a look at it because this storm really did so much damage as it moved over the islands here, south of manila, that's the great news because the major population centers here right through the philippines here, but the eye went south of that population center by about 100 miles. thankfully. because we would have lost 1,000 times more people than we are going to lose with this event because of the way it moved across the islands a little bit farther south than those millions of people that live in manila with no place to get out of the way. >> chad, how big is this?
2:16 pm
when you're looking at it from top to bottom? >> we looked at it, we superimposed it. it goes all the way from ontario to florida and the eye itself, we believe there were hurricane force winds at 60 miles from the center in the diameter as it rolled across. so a 60 mile wide bowling ball that rolled right across the islands and in the middle, you will see the winds at 150. it's going to be devastation. it's going to be like an ef-4 tornado that's ten miles wide, not just two city or five city blocks wide, and not sitting over a house for 30 seconds. these winds we're talking about, 140, 150, 160, they were over these areas for 20 or 30 minutes as the eye passed over. so the destruction -- we don't even have the worst pictures yet. we may not even get some of these pictures until early next week. areas are -- you can't get to them. you'll have to fly to them. there's no other way about it. the people there are suffering right now, it's neighbor helping
2:17 pm
neighbor because you can't get anything across these roads. all the trees are down, all of the power lines are down. there's no communication whatsoever in the hardest hit areas. >> it's unbelievable. we will be getting a better sense now as the day has dawned in the philippines. thank you so much. the terrifying force of that storm can be seen in these images. two cargo barges that took shelter in a port were just swamped by the waves and ferocious wind. there was an urgent rescue effort that was launched for crew members who were thrown into the water. 15 of them were saved. one at this point remains missing. while the federal government isn't giving enrollment numbers, we would like to see them, one state is releasing some stats about and the numbers aren't great, to say the least. here's our cnn investigations unit, chris fraetz. what are you learning here? >> all day we have been calling states. we called every state in the union and found out that north dakota has only had 30 people
2:18 pm
enroll in the exchanges between october 1st and last friday, and to give you some sense of what that means, more than 35,000 people will be getting cancellation letters later throughout the next year because their plans don't meet obama care. so this is certainly a concern for the administration and for folks in south dakota. we should point out, though, that the insurance commissioner is a republican, he's being critical of obama care, so certainly it is something that is still a nonpartisan number coming from his office. >> obviously, there are problems enrolling. you talk to administration officials, they will stay yes, there's a tremendous amount of interest, tens of millions of people have looked at the website and they will say 700,000 people have started the process. so there's this difference between trying to start the process and actually going through it right to purchase insurance. >> that's exactly right. we saw that in d.c. today. two republican senators, they told us that only five people
2:19 pm
have signed up for the washington, d.c. exchange, but when you talk to district health officials, they will tell you that more than 12,000 people have started that process. so they are enrolling and they have until december 15th to finish that enrollment so this is a rolling process and the administration will always point out that this is not over and they expect that people will do more at the end of the process than they will at the beginning. >> it's interesting, we heard this week from administration officials, it seemed like maybe the initial goal was to have about 800,000 people enrolled by the end of november. we're looking for numbers now in the middle of the month. do we have any idea what that enrollment, and i should say, we know the administration's really kind of back pedaling from that big number, right? >> that's absolutely right. we have seen from secretary sebelius back that up during her testimony earlier this week, and as you know, because you have been covering this as well, we have seen the administration say next week we'll have some
2:20 pm
numbers. they have certainly been downplaying those numbers, making sure that they can set the bar as low as possible, and i think everybody is watching to see what the enrollment numbers will be later this month. >> we are anxiously awaiting to see just what the interest is and how people have been able to move through the process. chris, thank you so much. now, coming up, wait until you hear this. joe biden tries to deliver some election congratulations and he dials the wrong number. secretary of state john kerry dropped bombshell remarks about the kennedy assassination. we have stunning details there for you. and you will hear obama's latest damage control effort. i have a 401k retirement plan. i started part-time, now i'm a manager. my employer matches my charitable giving. really. i get bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month.
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the bad news just keeps on coming for obama care and the president, and it's pitting his administration against congressional republicans who are demanding answers but not getting them. cnn senior white house correspondent jim acosta has the latest here. jim? >> reporter: republican staffers with the house ways and means committee tell cnn they do not expect the white house to comply with a subpoena to hand over
2:25 pm
obama care enrollment numbers by the end of today as requested. administration officials have said for days now those numbers will be released next week. meanwhile, all week long, white house officials have tried to downplay the expectations for those figures, saying they will be very low. the reason of course is the obama care website which is still not fixed. the man in charge of that project, jeffrey zients, said on a conference call with reporters today that the site will be ready for the vast majority of users by the end of the month but said quote, it remains a long way from where it needs to be. at an event in new orleans earlier today, the president said he remains frustrated with the site and joked he could fix it or he would fix it if he could. here's what he had to say. >> we've had this problem with the website. i'm not happy about that. but we're working overtime to make sure that it gets fixed because right now, we have put in place a system, a marketplace, where people can get affordable health care plans. i promise you, nobody has been
2:26 pm
more frustrated -- i wanted to go in and fix it myself but i don't write code. >> reporter: now, as for those enrollment numbers, administration officials have said they have been scrambling to put this information together for weeks now. part of the issue, because of the website, the insurance companies have been receiving a lot of bad enrollment files, and the companies have been having to go through those files, really sifting through the files one by one to sort the good data from the bad data. as one administration official described it to me, it is a painstaking task and is still not finished yet. >> it sounds like the numbers are in disarray. senior white house correspondent jim acosta, thank you. let's get more now with cnn chief political analyst, gloria borger, cnn chief national correspondent, john king, and cnn chief political correspondent, candy crowley, the anchor of quit state"state union." president obama is trying to fix this issue of folks who get booted off their plan, their
2:27 pm
option on the exchange is going to cost more. are there risks in trying to do this? >> yeah, it might not work. >> what leads you to believe that? >> you know, you promise something and if you don't deliver, it tends to kind of make you not look good. and it opens up for other fixes that other people have in mind say maybe on capitol hill. >> the question is do you fix it administratively which is what they would like to do, meaning not open the pandora's box of legislation so they would rather try and do it through their newest best friends, the insurance companies, whom they have to work with to get this done if you want to get the penalties delayed, all kinds of things, they've got to work with the insurance companies on. it's uncomfortable. >> in a different political environment, they might get away with saying give us four weeks, six weeks, we'll try to do this administratively and work it out internally but they don't have that environment. they have republicans who think there's yet another opening to go after the program and more
2:28 pm
importantly for the politics in washington, they have nervous democrats. he's in louisiana today, mary landri landrieu, the growing list of democrats have in common, they face re-election. if congress gets involved, the president wants small fixes, other people want more. >> that's right. they are very worried and told the president that this week at the white house. let's talk about the new book "double down." it reveals of course something pretty interesting which was that the re-election folks for president obama looked into swapping out joe biden for hillary clinton in the hopes that it might, you know, might do something. they at least checked into it. president obama was asked about this for the first time and responded. let's listen. >> if they had asked me, i would have said there is no way that i'm not running again with joe biden, because i genuinely believe that he has been one of the best vice presidents in our history. he also happens to be a friend.
2:29 pm
>> strong endorsement there, but what do you think? >> look, campaigns study everything. so some things, they are hedging and fudging about. had they come to the president with convincing polling data saying you will lose unless you swap out, his answer might have been different but it never got to that point. the president is loyal to joe biden. i think that's a fact. >> i have to say, he had a chance here to sort of really give a big push to joe biden. look, he's already been on "60 minutes" with hillary clinton and here it was like oh, he's been the best vice president in history and he's my friend. >> better than he gave to kathleen sebelius. >> exactly. >> this was a lot better. >> so texas governor rick perry was in iowa. he's clearly prepping for another run for the white house.
2:30 pm
let's listen to what he said. rather interesting. >> we're losing the country we love to a government that is too big, too arrogant, too controlling of our every day lives. our leaders have forgotten how to govern. believe me, i know a few things about forgetting. >> obviously during the key debate moment where he forgot -- >> the three agencies he would eliminate. >> exactly. >> should he have even brought this up? >> absolutely. >> because he's still battling this going into another cycle. >> surest way to get rid of something is to make fun of yourself. he has been joking about that now for how many years, right, since he first -- >> might voters forgive him? >> a lot of people think it's crazy for him to get back out there because his campaign was so disastrous. yes, voters do forgive people.
2:31 pm
often if you make fun, that kind of humor is great and is it a long shot for him to rehabilitate himself cycle to cycle, yes. but people are so disgusted with washington. help go he had good relations with the base. he's a better grassroots campaigner. something happened to him in the last campaign and he was just off. you're looking now at a race where a couple senators from washington, chris christie from new jersey, governors tend to win these things. he has good relationships with the base. why not test it. >> and he'll have time on his hands. >> what he was talking about today, though, was he was praising other governors so he praised terry branson of iowa, rick scott of florida, nicki haley. there are some he did not praise who happen to possibly be running against him although his staff said that was an oversight. >> so he failed the math test. he got the geography right this time. >> so another oops moment, joe biden trying to make a call of congratulations to boston's
2:32 pm
mayor-elect, huffington post caught this. let's listen. >> congratulations, marty. it's joe biden. nice to see you win and nice to see labor win. anything i can do to help you from the white house in terms of the boston, holler man. congratulations. enjoy the night. >> but it's to the wrong guy. how does it happen? >> it wasn't a guy. >> look, i don't -- >> how does it happen? how does that happen? >> i don't know how it happens but i know what happens is you get a call list when you're a politician, it's election night and you're congratulating people. your staff gives you a call list, not to say that joe biden doesn't have a wonderful staff, but he's going down the numbers, somebody's saying mr. vice president, we got marty walsh on the line for you. >> but how does his staff, how
2:33 pm
does that happen? >> how do you mess up a website that you tried three years to put together? stuff happens. this is pilot error somewhere along the line but he wasn't the pilot. not like he's calling 411. hey, give me the number -- >> no, he's not. he's not. but there's a degree to which -- i mean, it's a small moment but does it make -- does it play into this sort of hapless -- >> he has generally a very good staff but they made a mistake here. a good staff calls first. mr. mayor-elect, great, we got you, the vice president will call you in five minutes or i will walk into the room and hand the phone to the vice president. >> this happened not once but -- >> i happen to be from dorchester, massachusetts. i grew up -- i understand the problem. however, i could have given him the cell phone if he called me first >> however, he did leave a message. they didn't get anyone on the line. so he may just have said i'll leave a message. >> it's a nice message. >> it was a big win for walsh. >> it's such -- it's a terrible
2:34 pm
moment i think for him on the heels of the other moment in the book where that must have been such a tremendous embarrassment. >> it does unfortunately play into the caricature which is not exactly what you want to do if you're going to run for president. >> like rick perry, joe biden will make jokes about it in his speeches for a couple months. >> he may be calling -- he will probably call a lot of random people and leave messages on purpose, i would say. >> if i were joe biden, i would go appear somewhere with marty walsh. >> all of them. gloria, john, candy, thank you so much. next, a top obama administration official throws fuel on smoldering conspiracy theories. details of what john kerry says about who was behind the jfk assassination. plus, details of a disintegrating satellite expected to rain giant chunks of debris right here on earth. [ man ] look how beautiful it is.
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bombshell remarks by secretary of state john kerry about one of the darkest days in american history, and what he says, sure to reignite the many controversial theories about the assassination of president john f. kennedy. 50 years ago this month, cnn's brian todd is working on this story for us today. first off, tell us what kerry said. >> well, he was interviewed by nbc's tom brokaw for a series that the network did on the kennedy assassination, where people were at the time, et cetera. brokaw spoke to several well-known people about where they were at the time and other things. he also made it a point to ask some people where they came down on the conspiracy theories on the kennedy assassination, whether they thought lee harvey oswald acted alone. here is the exchange between john kerry and tom brokaw on nbc. >> i think he was inspired somewhere by something and i don't know what.
2:40 pm
again, i can't pin anything down on that. >> where do you come down on the conspiracy theorie? >> to this day, i have serious doubts that lee harvey oswald acted alone. >> really. >> i certainly have doubts that he was -- that he was motivated by himself. i'm not sure if anybody else was involved. i don't go down that road with respect to the grassy knoll theory and all of that. but i have serious questions about whether they got to the bottom of lee harvey oswald's time and influence from cuba and russia. >> and what about the cia? there are some who believe -- >> i have never gone there. no. i don't believe that. >> but you think the russians and cubans may have had something to do with it? >> i think he was inspired somewhere by something and i don't know what, again, i can't pin anything down on that, tom. i never spent a lot of time -- >> do you think it was more than -- >> i'm not going to speculate
2:41 pm
now. i'm just going to say to you that that's my belief. i'm not even into trying to document it or anything else. >> you will notice he was a little contradictory saying he has doubts that oswald acted alone but then saying he was not sure if anyone else was involved. we have tried but not been able to get any response from the state department to kerry's remarks. not that they would have to respond. it's his opinion. no big deal. but it was kind of surprising. >> it is amazing, though. you kind of get the sense that maybe he started talking about it, then realized whoa, i realize the road i'm going down here. >> he clearly pulled back a little bit. >> exactly. >> about the cia and things like that. >> that's what i noticed. so he wasn't the only person of note who was asked about this, right? >> that's right. brokaw interviewed several people. tom hanks was one. hanks kind of dismissed the conspiracy theories about the mafia doing it and about the cubans and russians. hanks kind of brushed that off and said the facts really state that oswald acted alone. steven spielberg also was interviewed. he also said he didn't really believe the conspiracy theories but he had a caveat, saying he's
2:42 pm
not sure how oswald could have fired several rounds with that crude rifle and pulled the bolt back and fired with such accuracy. spielberg maybe had a little doubt there. >> you know, it just speaks to how many questions there are still. >> absolutely. 50 years. >> 50 years later. brian todd, fascinating. thank you so much. now some other stories we are following in "the situation room." incredibly impressive, that's how one analyst describes october's job report. the labor department says the u.s. economy added 204,000 jobs last month, much more than expected. but the employment rate ticked up a notch to 7.3%, partly because of the hundreds of thousands of workers furloughed by the government shutdown. wall street welcomed the employment news. it helped send the dow to a record high, closing up more than 167 points at 15,761. the nasdaq and s&p also posted strong gains. and you know, a familiar name will be on george's ballot next year. jason carter, the grandson of
2:43 pm
former governor and president jimmy carter is running for governor himself. he's been a state senator now for three years. republicans have held the governor's office for the last decade. she's teething. she's crawling. and soon, she will be walking. yep, the national zoo says its hugely popular panda cub right on track. you know the kids need to hit the benchmarks, right? the 11 week old tops eight pounds and the zoo says her mother has carried her outside the den several times now. her name will be announced next month. you can help pick it at just ahead, chunks of a disintegrating satellite expected to plunge to earth in just a matter of days now. some of them could weigh 100 or maybe hundreds of pounds. plus a crisis at 60 minutes prompts an apology. and just give them the basics, you know. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired.
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2:48 pm
this space craft, a european satellite, is running on empty. it is about to fall apart and it will soon come crashing to earth in pieces. some very big pieces, we should add. cnn's brian todd is here once again to tell you what you need to know on this fascinating story. >> information you need to know, brianna, this satellite weighs about a ton and as you mentioned, it is about to re-enter earth's atmosphere this sunday or monday. when it does, it is going to disintegrate, it will break up into 25 to 45 fragments. some weighing possibly up to 200 pounds. now, a lot of the fragments will not survive reentry, they will burn up, but some will survive and could weigh up to 200 pounds. this satellite has already run out of fuel, running on empty, and it will re-enter on sunday or monday. going to stop the video and show you a map now of where this is in realtime. this is really kind of cool. this is from the website n2io showing you the latitude and longitude of this satellite right here. it's changing by the second.
2:49 pm
the altitude right now, it's about 110 miles above the surface of the earth and is crossing right over brazil heading south. it will arc back up north when it hits antarctica. this satellite was launched in march 2009. we have video of the launch here, play that for you. it was only supposed to be up for about 20 months and now of course has been up for more than four and a half years. so very impressive. this was launched to measure the gravitational pull of the earth and of course, the irony here is that the earth's gravity is now pulling it back. the chances of it hurting any of us, minuscule according to the european space agency. they say it's really almost a nonexistent chance that any of these fragments will injure anybody because of course, the likelihood is that any fragments that come into earth will probably hit water. the earth covered of course mostly by water. >> that said, you spoke to someone who the odds did not fall on this person's side.
2:50 pm
>> that's right. her name is lottie may williams, she lives in tulsa, oklahoma. in january of 1997, lottie may was hit by a piece of falling space junk that came -- that did brought up when it entered the earth's atmosphere. she said it was only about the weight of an empty cola can. i asked her how it felt when it hit her. take a listen. >> well, it was small, about 4 by 6, it fits in the palm of your hand. it's not heavy, but you can feel it, like if it hits you, i heard it rustling through the trees, and then it hit me. when it touched my shoulder, i actually thought that somebody was tapping me on my shoulder. you know, someone just getting your attention. that's what it felt like. >> tapped on the shoulder by a piece of falling space junk. she was not injured, brianna, but she of course, in keeping
2:51 pm
with american tradition saved that piece of junk as a souvenir. she's still got it. >> of course you save the space junk that taps you on the shoulder. brian todd, thank you so much. well, a five-year-old law that was rarely enforced. now the health department is putting new rules in place requires dries and insurance companies to treat mental illness the same as illness. dr. sanjay gupta has more. >> brianna, i would tell you, i think this has been a long time coming. the law was passed in 208, but the background on this is for decades the health care system has pretty openly i think discriminated against the mental health field. we so that in so many ways. mental health, substance abuse illnesses. insurance often wouldn't cover treatment, and it was often looked at as a taboo, compared to physical ilnecessary.
2:52 pm
as opposed to somebody who came in with chest pain, who would obviously get treatment right away. but today hhs that's going to change, because the new law -- this is specifics now, the new law requires health insurance companies to cover mental health and substance abuse just as it would physical illnesses like diabet diabetes. what does that mean? it means you can't limit how many visits to a therapist, for example, co-pays, out-of-pocket expenses. they have to provide the behavioral health coverage and make it on par, parity with physical health coverage. if you think about it broadly now, in the medical community, they're often thought of as in two separate categories. what the law today says is mental health will be in the same category, just as important as physical and surgical care. also the secretary of health kathleen sebelius also said today that all health care providers will have to follow these rules. this will be implemented across
2:53 pm
the board, and the passing of this law with specific regulations is estimated to help about 62 million americans who can benefit from this. remember, about 1 in 4 people have some episode of mental illness at any given time. many are underinsured or uninsured, or who are on group plans, for example, that may not adequately cover this behavioral care. this has been a long time coming, a lot of people talking about this, this struggle for mental health actually dates back to president kennedy, and now we're in 2013, with what a lot of people would agree is some substantial move. brianna, back to you. >> sanjay, thank you. coming up, the president says he's sorry for the obama care debacle, but the crises keep coming. and a papal picture worth 1,000 words.
2:54 pm
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2:58 pm
. shaking up his embattled church and winning wide admiration in the process. here's martin salve itch. >> reporter: melting hearts around the world, laying his hands on the disfigured man. yet already one of the most shared images on, ever. to many it symbolizes the new man in charge of the catholic church, compassionate, real, inspiring, pope of the people. this moment of hilarity. could this be the first pontiff cal selfie? pope francis lives a simple life declining the lavish apartment, driving around in something akin to the family trucks terr. why are we so moved? what is it about him? >> i think we see a lot of religious leaders who are reaching out to the poor and the
2:59 pm
marginalized, but we finally see a religious figure actually embracing these people physically. >> reporter: he's chastised the church with being too obsessed with gay marriage, when asked about his thoughts. >> reporter: just this week he announced he's taking a survey to find out what's on the minds of catholics the world over. he's bringing them out of the age of the bad pr on the other hand, this is a pope who likes to color outside the lines. when it comes to doctrine, that makes a lot of conservative bishops in particular very nervous. >> reporter: barely a month on the job, he washed the feet of juvenile delinquents, including a muslim girl, demonstrating another trait -- humility. he's winning over many,
3:00 pm
including arguably his toughest critics. -- i may be an atheist, but there's being about pope "friends" that makes me want to be. happens now, the president may have more reasons to be sorry about obama care today. there's eye-popping new evidence of the website's failures. and tiger woods opening up about his girlfriend remark that he's kind of dorky. a first look at that rare interview. wolf blitzer is on assignment today. eye brianna keilar, and you're in "the situation room." the president is trying to find new ways to show he reese
3:01 pm
greed no the debulk the some stunning new enrollment numbers are undermining his attempts at damage control. jim acosta has more on the laters drama. >> reporter: the numbers are not encouraging. president obama was down in new orleans earlier today where he mentioned the problems plaguing the website, but he did not touch on the apology he offered to americans, but administration official insist here searching for solutions. in another sign ointo mania care continues to be in critical condition. letters released from top insurance companies, indicating only five people signed up in washington, d.c. a d.c. official said those numbers don't hoe -- >> weiss this problem with the website. >> reporter: the main culprit, the bugs in the website. traveling in new orleans, the president joked he wished he could take care of them himself.
3:02 pm
>> i want to go in and fix them myse myself, but i don't write code. >> reporter: the man in charge of fixes the site told reportersi still in trouble. >> it remains a long way. as we put new fixes in, volume is increasing, exposing new storage, capacity and software application issue. >> reporter: the president did not address his historic apology to americans who are losing their insurance. >> i am sorry. we're going to do everything we can to deal with folks who find themselves in a tough position as a consequence to this. >> reporter: cnn has learned that white house officials met with white house democrats on potential fixes. >> there isn't any specific proposal at the table immediately. >> reporter: that means no comment on plans offered by vulnerable senate democrats like louisiana's mary landrieu, whose proposal would allow consumers
3:03 pm
to keep their plans even if they don't meet ointo mania care requirements. landrieu traveled with the parents to new orleans, but didn't stay for his event. >> she's traveling around the state today and doing unbelievable work on behalf of the people of louisiana. >> reporter: as for those obama care enrollment numbers, house republicans had issued a subpoena for that information but the end of today, but a house gop spokesperson says they now don't expect the administer to comply with the system system. the white house says those numbers will be released next week. >> and we will be waiting. jim, thank you. to a monster storm on the move. no one in our lifetime has ever seen a -- the bands are lashing the philippines, more than 24 hours after it hit land. vietnam bracing for a similar pounding as haiyan turns west. storm survivors are just beginning to get a handle on the death and destruction.
3:04 pm
at its worst, the storm may have been more powerful than any typhoon ever recorded parking wind gusts up to 235 miles an hour, the speed of an indy race car. paula hancocks joins us now from manila. paula, are we expecting to get any sense of just how bad the destruction is? >> reporter:, brianna, i think we are going to start seeing some pretty disturbing images from the area. the sun's been up about as hour and a half, this is the crucial time where the military can start the search-and-rescue operation. we know that the helicopters are 1257bding by. they'll be heading down to the area, basically seeing if they can land in the worst affected areas as well. there are expectations that many of the landing pads for the helicopters and landing strips could be under water as well. so it may be difficult to get the aid to the people who really need it. what the military wants to do is
3:05 pm
to get an aerial overview of just how extensive this damage is, because it's been very difficult, impossible almost to get an idea of how bad the damage is, because communications are down between manila, the capital, and the local authorities in those areas that have been badly hit. we also know that the aid agencies have started to move in now that it's light. the red cross is moving toward that area. it's driving a convoy down there, and we understand from the red cross it could take about 18 hours to get to one of the worst-hit areas. >> 18 hours. paula hancocks, we'll be following up with you. thank you. coming up, a vet rarnt adjournest apologizes for glaring mistake in a "60 minutes" report. what's true and what's not about the benghazi attack. and jonathan martin's lawyers describes new details including what he calls a,
3:06 pm
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one of the most popular news programs in history now apologizing for mistakes in a controversial report about the benghazi attack. the "60 minutes" piece added fuel to republican criticism of the obama administration. now the correspondent behind it is publicly admitting it was wrong. other pentagon correspondent chris lawrence is here. it's stunning. >> it's a tough day for cbs. after strongly defending this report, now cbs is bakley saying our source lied to us. it's raising some really serious questions about whether the
3:11 pm
producers ever double and triple-checked this man's story with the u.s. government. it's a stunning administration from a have the rant journalist. >> we were wrong. we made a mistake >> cbs' laira logan apologized for a "60 minutes" store which relied heavily on a contract -- >> i got hit with the -- >> speaking under the name morgan jones. he told cbs he climbed a wall to get into the compound where ambassador chris stevens died. he claims he took out an attacker and later saw stevens' body, the same story from the book. >> he told the fbi a different story. >> reporter: a u.s. officials says davies rand into roadblock and went home that night. that jibes with an incident report from davies' employer, blue mountain group, first revealed by worst woes and later
3:12 pm
obtained by cnn. it says daveius was never at the compound or hospital that night. cbs says they investigatored the story for a year, but didn't know this report existed. >> for them to retract the story, to apologize for get it wrong, is obviously an admission of the fact that they did not do their homework. >> paul far hi is "the washington post" media critic. what did this do to the overall narrative of ben ghazi, the investigation into what happened? >> for cbs and for "60 minutes" to get it wrong really does create, you know, a real question about the veracity of the story and the claims by conservatives about what actually happened in benghazi. >> reporter: "60 minutes" did raise legitimate questions about whether the government had enough security. >> we were misled and we were wrong. that's the important thing.
3:13 pm
>> reporter: just about every news organization, including ours, has made mistakes in the past. as for davies himself. he has not to anyone, cbs included, since this entire story started to fall apart, but brianna, the publishers of his book, the embassy house, is spaechbding publication. >> that's a big. harassing he made jonathan marting who left the dolphins last week as this controversy exploded. martin is in los angeles. it's not clear if that's why incognito may have gone there. let's bring in john zarrella outside the dolphins facility. we actually learned more about the bullying allegation today, john? >> reporter: that's absolutely true, brianna. in fact the new allegations
3:14 pm
indicate there may have been more than one player involved, and that martin befriended the players harassing him, in the hopes they would stop, and that the harassment lasted a season and a half. that's about the entirety of his time with the dolphins. jonathan martin's alleged bullies was not, his attorney says, one volley voice mailed laced with profanity and a racial slur, quote, by a teammate and daily vulgar comments. it does not specifically name richie incog anio or any other players and gives for details of the physical attacks, but it does meant, a quote that threatened sexually brutal harm to martin's sister. we reached on the to incog anio 'camp for a response, but have not -- dolphin players have maintained they had no idea. >> it's really surprising, kind
3:15 pm
of mind-blowing to me, to most of the guys on the team. >> reporter: most players paint a picture of a fun-loving guy. locker rm that suggest a d vastly different portrayed of incogni incognito. cnn has obtained this police report from may of 2012, in it a volunteer at a dolphins golf tournament accused incognito of touching her inappropriately with a golf club. the report says, quote, he finally finished his inappropriate behavior by emptying bottled water in her face. charges were not filed. in a new interview with "los angeles times", one-time teammate says of incognito, quote, i'm not afraid to say he was an immature, unrealistic scumbag. cleeland adds he was a locker room cancer. according to them he wanted to fight anyone all the time, to
3:16 pm
what is seen in a ft. lauderdale bar, calling for any takers. >> who want to [ bleep ] -- >> reporter: overnight martin's dad was asked about the controversy involving his son. >> i normally don't read newspapers, so anyway, have a good night. >> incognito has play kept a low profile, only said brieflyb hind the wheel of his new black ferrari. >> reporter: dolphins camp is closed today, so it was impossible to get any reaction from players or coaches. that's because they're playing monday night at tampa bay. >> that will be a big game. john zarrella. ahead, i will ask rachel nichols about alleged bullying in the nfl, and new details from jonathan martin's lawyers. she's standing by. rachel will also share some of hers rare interview with tiger woods. she asked him not only about his golf game, but his girlfriend. >> i get to ask you about your
3:17 pm
girlfriend lindsey vonn. when somebody asked to described you, she said he's funny and a little bit dorky. is that fair? (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you?
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3:21 pm
a check on some of the stories that we're following in "the situation room." officials at ft. mead say the fbi is investigating an alleged incident of child sexual abuse. it involves a civilian employee who used to work at a youth center on the army base in maryland. the military says it is cooperating. a moment of silence today at the los angeles international airport. tsa officers honoring one of their own. gerardo hernandez was killed exactly one week ago when a gunman opened fire in terminal 3. a full memorial service will be held for hernandez on tuesday. new fuel today for fears about gun violence. the texas company it's made the
3:22 pm
first metal gun using a 3-d printer. the company says the handgun was built from 33 mostly stainless steel -- and it was able to fire 50 rounds. now to big names and big controversy in the sports world. cnn's rachel nichols is here. she is the host of "rachel nichols unguarded" which airs tonight only here on cnn. so we're going to talk about your rare, very big interview with tiger woods in just a moment, but first i want to talk about the miami dolphins bullying scandal. we heard from jonathan martin's lawyers, he said that he suffered, quote, a malicious physical attack and vulgar comments aimed at him. his tamemates say they were friends. the real story here? >> it's a bit of both. jonathan martin's lawyer explained that in his statement
3:23 pm
of the he said, look, jonathan martin felt as if maybe he try to do play along with the jokes, if he went along with the, quote, hazing as it was presented, maybe he would pass whatever test it was these guys were trying to give him, or maybe if he became friendly, they would see him more as a real person and stop abusing him. that was his tactic. the reason why that gets more complicated is if that is what happened, you have these order dolphin players saying how were we supposed to know? there's all this criticism of what kind of locker room did you have? the others leaders should have stepped up and interfered, and the other players are saying to the outside, to us, it looked like they were buddies. this is where all the layers of this story come in. everybody can be right in this situation, but the situation can still end up being terribly wrong, this is what we're finding out here. >> certainly. rachel, you also have this big interview i talked about with
3:24 pm
tiger woods for your show airing tonight at 10:30 on cnn. let's play an interesting clip from that. >> as that stretch gets longer and longer without a major, what's that pressure like as it builds and builds? >> well t. for me i look at ittings as it takes a career. for jack it took him until he was 46. it takes a long time to win a lot of major championships. you're going to have your years where you play really well, you may clip two or three out of there, and then you'll have years where you don't win anything, but you're there. quite frankly since '08 i've been there with a chance to win about half of them, just haven't seem to have won one. >> i get to ask about your girlfriend lindsey vonn. i believe she is described you's funny and a bit dorky. is that fair? >> i guess so. my teammates used to call me
3:25 pm
ericle bag in college. yeah, i do have that nerdy side of me. that's probably why i got into stanford. i like to have fun, i enjoy life. i'm very competitive. i think that's one of the reasons we get along so well. >> that's interesting, rachel. he didn't get upset businesses hi girlfriend calling him. >> you recollectle woods, that's what we'll calling him from. i think that both of them will tell you it's been good for them to be with someone as ultra-competitive, somebody who's been at that elite level. and tiger also talked to me about the other big joys in his personal life, his two children. the fact that ten years ago he couldn't have imagined that anything would have been as important to him as being a professional golfer, but now being a dad is really the most important thing. >> it's changed him, matured
3:26 pm
him. i asked how he is sell soccer and t-ball game. have poor energy, he gives them a slice of watermelon. i like that idea.wh was a kid, oranges, but now i guess it's watermelon. >> it was orange when i was a kid ago well. obviously his father influenced him a lot. did he talk at all about that? or did you get the sense he was the relaxed dad giving out the snacks? >> tiger has had that reverse experience. when he was younger we saw his dad waiting for him at the end of tournaments, that great big bear hugs, really iconic, and you could see the relationship and how close they were. we talked in this interview about how this summer tiger's young son charlie, who is 4 years old finally watched his dad win a tournament for the first time in akron. there's in amazing image of
3:27 pm
charlie giving him this enormous bear hug. you can see him squeeze him tighter. it's so reminiscent of earl and tiger woods. to see that generational continuance is striking and something that he's experiencing. he told me he's not pressuring to play golf or his daughter sam. he just wants them to have fun. he noodles around with them. he has a mini course set up. it's just fun for him to share that part of the game. >> it's interesting from what he learned from having a rather intense father. when it comes to really brain damage stemming from so many concussions that these players have had. on thursday, wolf spoke with nfl hall of famer tony dorsett. he's been diagnosed with what we call cte, and he's suffering from a serious memory loss. >> the owners knew this for
3:28 pm
years, and they looked the other way. they kept putting the players in harm's way. that in itself was really, really heart for me to understand why one human being would do that to another human being. >> ratchle, today we're hearing reports that hall of fame quarterback terry bradshaw is now experiencing memory loss and depression. there's been this big settlement, but now we're starting to see they icons who have been affected. does the nfl need to do more? >> well, there's a lot of people who think so. when they did settle that concussion lawsuit, there was some talk of, hey, this is the end of this situation, but it's certainly not. there will be new players having new problems and you have time. as you say it is some of the icon, tony dorsett, terry bradshaw, these are guys near and dear to people's hearts. when you talk about identifying a person with a problem -- that's when fans start to get involved. when someone they love are
3:29 pm
suffering the way they are, people start to get angry. it's scary, too. the nfl has several former players who have sadly committed suicide. you hear a guy like tony do recall et talking about, yeah, i've thought about killing myself. that gets people's attention and wanting to ask more questions independents be sure to watch all of that, thank you so much, rachel. tonight at 10:30 eastern, only on cnn. this other programming note, the season finale of possibly possibly airs th"crossfire" stas right now. tonight on "crossfire", the president and his obama care
3:30 pm
team are on an apology tour. >> i want to go in and fix it myself, but i don't write code. >> why can some politicians admit they were wrong -- >> i take full responsibility for my own access. >> how profoundly sorry i am. >> while others can't. on the left, stephanie cutter. on the right kevin madden. in the crossfire, ruth marcus, and grover norquist, who opposes it. is apologizing shrewd politics? or just sorry? tonight on "crossfire." welcome to "crossfire." i'm kevin madden on the right itches i'm stephanie cutter on the left. we have two great guests in the crossfire tonight, gull first let's talk about the president's apology. he's sorry because som