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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 10, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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in this country. i'm grateful to her and i wish her the best. she has a sense of justice. >> david mckenzie cnn beijing. >> we asked ck-mart's parent company and they said they found no evidence that it was subject to a labor campp. they refused to comment on the story and those allegations. no one really knows how many labor camp products have made it to the u.s. if any. one group told congress in 2008 there could be hundreds of camp producing goods for export. we have a lot more straight ahead here in the news room and it all starts right now.
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p. hello again. these stories are topping our news this hour. unspeakable stories. survivors who need help are asking their government what is taking so long. and this simp tent could save lives in the zone. and nfl lineman richy incognito goes on the offensive. he responds to ago gation alle bullies. hear his side of the scandal comes up. 10,000 people are feared dead communities are leveled and there is little food or water
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and medical supplies are running out. the president toured some of the hardest hit areas today. he is facing growing outrage over the slow response to the disaster. our cnn crew ap tacaptured the terrifying moments when the storm hilt and people prayed as the winds howled outside. >> reporter: tim schwartz and andrew stephens helped rescue people in hotel rooms. they used mattresses to push them to safety in that high water. reaching some areas hard hit by the typhoon is extremely difficult, communication lines are down. roads are blocks. ivan watson is in the capitol of manila.
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>> one of the biggest challenges fating the government is getting an assessment of how bad the damage has been of areas made up of remote islands. we traveled by air today following the path of the super typhoon starting with the capitol the devastated city. approach to a shattered city. tyc tycloban the first major city to be struck. amid the ruins of the airport here, desperate people waiting for food and clean water. some hoping for a flight out of the storm zone. >> something i don't know. >> we have to see. we will have to wait here, it is a waiting game as with any situation like this. >> it is catastrophic. some residents say they are terrified of lawlessness and
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looting. >> we are forming groups. since last night we are whistles. we were awake all night. if somebody coming we have our firearms we will shoot you know. retain our property. >> you are afraid of being robbed? >> yes. >> from the misery and fear we fly west. following the path of the storm, to rohas, kalibo and busuango. like other government agencies they are trying to assess damage to other islands in the philippines. >> i was 37 years in the air force i have phone call over the country and have experiences storms before. but not to the extent of this one. it put us into. >> in the other towns that we
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saw. the typhoon shattered windows and ripped off roofs. the communities did not suffer the ocean water is swept through here. and now the long, hard, work of rebuilding has started. all this damage was done in a matter of hours and nobody here knows how long it will take to truly recover. >> they said no water and most badly we have no flags, no boat coming here so we have no food. >> it has shocked a nation not accustomed to fi foun. everyone has said they have never seen a storm this howerful before. some have said they have never seen a storm surge before and
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fear that this is part of changing weather patterns bringing stronger more powerful storms they are afraid that this may be part of the new normal for the pihilippines and have t start preparing for the greater environmental risks in the future. >> ordinary citizens are working around the clock trying to help as many storm victims as possible. there is plenty of need where thousands of people are without shoul t shelter food and water. >> as the disaster grows by the day. people are volunteering their time to make sure that those have everything as a result of super typhoon have the basic necessities. i'm here where hundreds of
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volunteers have gathered to put together food and aid parcels. i want to introduce you to richard. why do so many people come? >> they are here to express their concern to the ones who are apected with the typhoon and they want to offer their help as well. they are individuals, they help work and are private individuals as well. they are students even and come here to offer themselves. >> are you overwhelmed by the generosity. overwhelmed and i'm very happy. deeply touched there are foreigners here that are germ ans and they come here to vacation and when they hear about the typhoon they came here to pack relief goods for those who are not stricken. we congratulate you and the volunteers are going to be back
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here tomorrow in the coming weeks as we make sure that those who desperately need food and water get it. the philippines. >> thank you so much. to find out how you can help, the victims go to nfl player says the player he is acused to bullying was his best friend. he opened up about his relationship with martin. inc o incognito. i want to say i would give him a big hug. dude, what is going on? >> if he were to say you took it way too far. he hurt me. i would explain to him, what i explained to you. i would apologize that they took
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it as malicious. but i never meant it that way. >> well we will look at the interview later on and look at what he says the real problem is. police look at a shoot out at a house party. about 100 people were at that party. witnesses say people were running for their lives. the sheriff is searching for two suspects. diplomates are heading home. u.s. secretary of state said iran and the west are inching closer to a deal and any agreement will have to wait until the next meeting. senator lindsey gram says congress won't wait that long and will begin working on new sanctions this week. seeing the damage after a huge
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as many as 10,000 people are feared dead in the philippines by a too founthat crushed the island. what kind of response did you see? >> well, i managed to escape from the city via an air force 130 aircraft. and these were bringing in aid supplies, drinking water and
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what looked like sacks of rice and fuel. it looked like it wasn't a huge concerted effort. what did you see in terms of the need and condition of the survivors that you saw? >> well, the local population was in a total sense of shock. the ferocious winds and storm surge causing devastating damage and as soon as a total shell
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shock. you look at cities and people but how does this compare to people that you are seen before? >> what makes this different is i was there first hand as opposed to returning from the aftermath. i was witnessing the city being torn apart and drowning and to be able to get out in the mediate after math and document what was unfolding was a unique situation for me to be there in such an immediate fashion. >> there was so much desperate need unfolding as well. tell me there was a man who was
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injured who was assisted on a mattress. how were you able to help him and others? >> as the winds and rain were battering us the storm surge rose. they were trapped in their hotel room. it was a case of putting down the cameras and basically trying to help these people goat oet o that hotel room. we found some mattresses. james reynolds thank you so much from hong kong.
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the typhoon moves to vietnam where it is expected to make land fall tomorrow. it is losing steam but has the potential to do a lot of damage. >> hi, fred, well certainly this typhoon not nearly the monster that it was. with sustained winds of 190 miles per hour. shadow of that now. gusts to 105. moving north, northwest, it will make land fall this evening which is monday morning local time. and when it does so, it may even be a tropical storm at that point with winds only 40 miles per hour. and then it heads towards tuesday.
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8 to 10 inches of rain. damaging winds coast al storm surge with the problems of it. >> we will be watching closely. no deal yet but lawmakers are planning to push this week. we'll talk about that with candy crowley. you tell us what you want to pay, and we give you a range of coverages to choose from. who is she? that's flobot. she's this new robot we're trying out, mostly for, like, small stuff. wow! look at her go! she's pretty good. she's pretty good. hey, flobot, great job. oops. [ powers down ]
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a lot going on in the world of politics this week. is there optimism in congress that iran is striking a deal to freeze it's nuclear program?
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he described what he wanted pretty much anything that might get rid of a weapons program. you might see more sanctions on iran. graham insists that is the only reason why they are at the table now. >> so basically, he is saying what they want is a major plan to end it not freeze the program in place in that respect, it is aligned with some of the governments in the middle east and in some of the front lines of this is israel.
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>> will all of this be punishing for the president or was it already on this past election day? >> well there are a lot of folks who look at the loss of the republican and virginia as a sign that obama care is not popular the sex exit polls showt they don't like it. he lost the race to a democrat but by a smaller margin. when you looked at the last couple of weeks it was about obama care. he started talking about it and his numbers began to get none the less, i talked to both party chairs today.
12:25 pm
he said we are going to tattoo obama care on the heads of the democrats. >> obama care did not have anything to do with tuesday's outcome. i think actually candy that democrat candidates will be able to run on obama care as an advantage leading into the 2014 election. it will be great to run on or a bad thing to defend. interesting week too it will be interesting to see if the nomination will be held up since lindsey graham has said that he wants to hold them up. thank you so much. thank you fred. >> and for people still reeling in the after math in the
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she told us after the verdict that she thought she knew her father. >> i thought i knew him. he is a calculated, cold, murderer. >> what will you tell your children about their grand father? >> i don't know. i don't want to tell them about him he doesn't deserve to be a person in their lives. >> he opens up to allegations that he bullied martin out of the league. he insisted that they were friends and they never meant to hurt him. i'll have more on this controversy. and a tragedy of epic proportions is unfolding.
12:31 pm
storm ripped through the area a few days ago. one charity helps people called shelter box and helps people with the most basic of needs. >> many of you looking at the most devastated images are asking how can you help? we thought we would introduce you to an organization that is on the ground right now. this is wayne robinson from shelter box. tell us about what shelter box is. >> it is a disaster relief organization that responds to disasters such as tsunamis and
12:32 pm
hurricanes and typhoons around the world. you bring what do you bring along with you? >> what is one of the major components of it? >> this tent is 14 feet in diameter. this comes everywhere you go. this is a standard sized tent or specific to each disaster? gentlem >> no, this is our standard sized tent. you can fit about ten people in here at least. >> you can fit ten people in these tents. it is going to give them shelter, warmth and dignity until they get back on their feet. >> do you provide them the tools to set it up? >> we show them how to set it up. we provide volunteers to make it
12:33 pm
happen. >> you have something else, right? >> this is all included in one box. and thousands go to each disaster zone at a time? >> we'll send from 200 to 28,000 or more when we did in the haiti earthquake in 2010. many other things you can imagine if you have lost everything you have nothing left, one of the main things is blankets and ground sheets, you will need those for warmth. we have moss key toe nets and pots and plans andflats. >> you are helping people start from scratch. they are going to need something to start rebuilding. that is something they are going to need tool to do that with. water purification as well. >> it is a big component and
12:34 pm
this is a family sized kit and a water container for carrying that. >> what is the most difficult part about getting into these areas. what is the most difficult part? >> we have that worked out pretty well. we have the training in the uk and we work with folks on the ground. we don't go in and tell them how to do it. we help them get things into the country and we make it happen. the most important question is how can they help? we have a great was it is you can go on and text right now to shelter to the number 20222 and that will give a $10 donation. >> we should mention that this
12:35 pm
organization was founded by c nxt nnn hero in 2008. it has been around for a long time. thank you very much for your time at cnn. >> that is fantastic. many aid agencies are mobilizing for victims of the typhoon. get a link at cnn/impact. more talk of richy incognito. he is telling his side of the story. insisting that the man he is accused of bullying is actually his best friend on the team. ge. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts, that's why we have ink. we like being in business because we like being creative, we like interacting with people.
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trust the midas touch. for brakes, tires, oil, everything. (whistling) this week the nfl's richy incognito has beenp the faeen t
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the nfl. he is being blamed for a problem that is be iing blamed for the culture of the lockerroom. martin doesn't blame him for what happened. >> he texted me and said i don't blame you guys. i blame the culture. i blame what was going on around me. and when this stuff got going and swirling and my name got attached to it a texed him and he said it is not coming from me. >> that conversation taking place via text. could he be right? is the problem bigger than one player? i'm joined by a cnn commentator and writer for espn. he coming to us from wisconsin
12:40 pm
and good to see you as well, wade, let me begin with you. you know the locker rooms, is he painting the right picture? is this a leaguewide issue? kind of what everybody does in the lockerroom? >> i had the privilege of being on five different teams and i have never experienced anything like that. i do believe that the locker room is a place that a lot of things happen that wouldn't be viewed as something that is okay. there was never anything that happened to this extent. >> not even as a rookie, you weren't talked to more harshly or to toughen up. >> i carried shoulder pads. i had to sing for the rookie
12:41 pm
talent show. i never felt forced. jeff fisher did an amazing job and steve mcnair made sure that everyone felt happy. >> so incognito got a lot of criticism for juicie i using th in the alleged texts. he talks about that let's listen. >> it is a word that i have heard john use a lot. it is not right for when i did it in the voice mail. there are colorful words in the locker room that we don't use in every day life. the fact of the matter remains that was left on a private voice mail for my friend and it was a joke. >> does that change the argument of what is appropriate and what is going too far and what is really going on here?
12:42 pm
>> you know, i'm trying not to laugh because that rationale he shared with us is so freaking bogus i can't believe he was coached to say that. we saw him use that word outside of the locker room in a public space. he was thumbping around and yelling the n word. for him to suggest this was something that he said only in the locker room or something that he heard a black person say so it is okay to say it. that is ridiculous. he was well coached to try to sound as sensible as possible. we have seen too much. >> so what now? he is suspended and there are these texts now. if these texts demonstrate that martin doesn't blame him, but in
12:43 pm
stayed he blames the culture of the sport, might we see a legal fight from either one of these athletes we are talking about a suspension and the other one walking off the team for the loss of either of these team members? >> i don't think you will see a lawsuit. i think he wants to play football again. >> will he play again? will another team pick him up even if the details are true or not? >> there was a poll. there were 72 players that were polled and 47 players said they would not have a problem playing with jonathan martin. there is a culture of septemb acceptance. >> i think he will play again. >> you get the last word on that. there are a lot of former players and people who are saying you know what this is simply the way that it is and
12:44 pm
some believe he would be untouchable. martin. not incognito. >> a few months ago we heard video of bradley cooper screaming the n word at a country concert and i think he is on the field right now. so i think this notion of you know someone has done something and you can't come back from it, it is over blown. there are things in that interview. that would be the answer. we don't know who told incognito to be tougher. we don't know what he said about the other players who have said that he has bullied them. he has been ausecused by other players. >> so many unanswered questions. so i don't know what is going to come of this but i know that the notion that a player can't come
12:45 pm
back from something has been proven time and time again. >> thank you so much. good to see you. appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> we'll talk about unmanned drones flai s flying into the a space. find out what the faa is doing about that. so ally bank has a raise your rate cd that won't trap me in a rate. that's correct. cause i'm really nervous about getting trapped. why's that? uh, mark? go get help! i have my reasons. look, you don't have to feel trapped with our raise your rate cd. if our rate on this cd goes up, yours can too. oh that sounds nice. don't feel trapped with the ally raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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three days of talks over iran's nuclear program end with no deal but there remains hope an agreement is possible. significant progress was made in geneva and he will meet again ten days from now. iran has been under crippling sanctions since 2006. unmans drones have been widely used to target terrorists particularly in pakistan and yemen. but what you may not realize is that the government flies drones right here in the u.s. cnn's renee marsh has more on what the faa is doing about it. april 2006 unmanned aircraft loses contact with pilots and
12:50 pm
goes on joy right flying 30 miles when it crashes with an arizona home. it is that made air >> as it looks to open air space to thousands of drones. >> we must ensure that safety and efficiency of the entire air space, including all aircraft, all people and property. >> in the next five years, drone use by businesses and governments is expected to soar. the faa estimates as many as 7500 drones could be flying in the u.s. air space at any given time. thursday, the agency released a blue print of steps necessary to make it happen. requiring drones have sensors enabling it to avoid crashing into another aircraft. standardized training for operators and identifying safe distances drones should keep from other planes.
12:51 pm
the faa is working on rules for small drones like this one to even larger ones with a wingspan of a 737 capable of flying up to 60,000 feet. but some commercial pie lots fear sharing the skies could mean disaster. >> i think that most pilots across the country are deep lll troubled with number of accident rates. that's three times the amount of any aircraft category. >> well, right now, the faa approves unmanned aircraft on a case-by-case basis, usually for reasons like law enforcement, border security or scientific research. next, the agency will pick six sites throughout the country to test the ability of man and unmanned systems to safefully fly in the sky.
12:52 pm
detroit may be in bankruptcy, but don't count the city out just yet. some folks are coming up with new ideas that could help turn things around. new brakes help you stop faster and safer.
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that's why they deserve... a brake dance. get 50% off new brake pads and shoes.
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>> are we videoing in. >> yes. >> okay, so that moment right there, a wisconsin man could look at a six-year prison sentence because he zapped his wife with a stun gun. it was all part of a wager that he had with his wife. could he really go to prison? our experts will be weighing in on this story and more in the next hour. economically depressed and
12:56 pm
plagued with crime, detroit filed for bankruptcy. george howell has more on how politicians and start-ups are preparing for the future. >> it is a crucial time for america's most storing but troubled cities. even the largest municipal bankruptcy. >> when you think about detroit, what do people think about first? >> of course they think motown. we need to know that we have a city that's now changing. >> most believe the change that's coming about in detroit is for the better. it's the getting there that they say is tough. you see it in the headlines. ochb t
12:57 pm
on the streetins of detroit, t separate triple murders. >> you just have to be strong and having faith and just hoping. hoping, even though hope is really not there. but we still have to keep hoping. >> then there's the issue of bankruptcy. the city is applying for a process that could dra matically cut the value of hard-earned pensions for thousands of retirees. even precious pieces of detroit's institute of arts could be put up for sale for the highest bidder. >> as an elected official, you represent this city, you grew up here. how do you cope with, how do you deal with all of the fegtive headlines? >> it's hard sometimes. this probably had to happen. this was 43 years in the making. what will we look like this time next year? there's great hope in opt michl. we have people all over this world that are buying parcels of this city preparing for the
12:58 pm
rebirth and renaissance of our city. >> renaissance comes in the most unlikely places, where moegs see a skyline of abandoned buildings, businesses are seizing opportunity. this company makes all sorts of global apps. had some fun with it, too. >> there are dozens and dozens of start-ups. there are lots of business reasons to be here. but it's also great that the entrepreneurial activity taking place right downtown. >> detroit lab social security one of many new start-ups backed by a private equity group called detroit venture partners. a firm run by dan gilbert, the founder and ceo of quicken loans. in addition to the venture that is he's supporting, he's moved all of his employees back down to te troit. >> as they're looking down here,
12:59 pm
every time they see an empty building like that, they shoud look at it as an opportunity to come in and make the company they want. it's the hope this city is counting on. their one and only job is to turn nings around. fred? >> . >> thanks so much. george howell in detroit. also, in detroit, the season finale of "parts unknown." and then, after anthony's visit to detroit, he'll host a live, one-hour post-season show called "last bite" from las vegas at 10:00 p.m. tonight.
1:00 pm
we have much more in "the newsroom" and it all begins right now. >> looking at the top stories we're following this hour, see the horrible conditions on the ground and find out why the government response hasn't been faster. the lineman accused of bullying, hear what rich incog knee tee has to say. and a bizarre bet between husband and wife. the loser gets shocked by stun gun. the winner? goes to jail. around this breaking news right now concerning that typhoon,