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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 10, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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besides driving his own car, he smokes 12 cigars everyday and spends time hanging out with his 90-year-old girlfriend. thank you. you are in the cnn newsroom, i'm martin savidge, thank you for joining us. for thousands of typhoon victims, there is no food, no clean water to drink. phone communication is down so they cannot call for help. in too many situations the roads have been swept away. at this moment, there is no way to get help or for help to get there. straight to the philippines live. cnn's paula hancock, paula, what do people need right now, and i guess the big question, are they getting it? >> reporter: martin, what they need is food. they need water. clean water. and many of them need medication and they all need shelter.
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very few people have a home left standing. hundreds of people have arrived overnight. same happened the night before. they want to get out. they do not want to be in the area. they don't have a home. many lost residents and they don't have food and water. they just want to get on one of the military planes that's landing ever so often here at the airport and they want to go to manila. many don't have a place to stay. they just want it get out of the disaster zone. it is turning into a mass humanitarian air lift. every single plane leaving from here is jam-packed filled with survivors who are too trau traumatizez to stay and have nothing to stay here. >> in the next few weeks, are they even looking that far ahead and still trying to find people who died. >> not publicly. and i don't imagine privately.
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it is a disaster relief effort. they are trying to find survivors. trying to take away bodies. because many bodies are just lying by the side of the road. because they haven't had the manpower to now to move them more, just because of the sheer scale of this disaster. this is day three after the storm and have you health concerns coming up. you have health concerns of decomposing bodies of animals, that are trapped under the rubble, of stagnant water that's in different areas. and also of course, people don't have shelter. this is coming up to the rainy season. it is november in the philippines. and of course, there will be more heavy rain. there will be more heavy wind. it is very important to try and get the necessities, bare necessities for these people. any further fuel, i don't think they have started thinking about yet. >> one of the hardest hit air yes, sir of the philippines. we will continue to check back
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with you. thanks. >> shredding the hotel they thought was going to shelter them in the storm, but far from it. >> winds so powerful they stripped door frames out of the wall throughout the world people are seeing images of devastation in the philippines. and for many philippinos living in the u.s., the pictures are too much to bear since they can't reach their loved ones. >> red 18 go! >> good job right there. >> for more than three decades now, don horton's life has been mostly football. >> vision one, vision two, three, all very positive experiences. >> don became one of the thousands diagnosed every year with parkinson's disease. perhaps the worst day came in 2009. that's when don found himself unable to button his own shirt.
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russell wilson, now quarterback with the seattle seahawks, helped don with his buttons so their team could get back on the road. >> a humbling experience. you got to do something. you have seen it there. seems easy for everybody else. >> there are so many challenges he was going through that i couldn't help with. but this is one change i thought i could do. >> calling on her own experience as children's clothing designer, don's wife, mora, got to work creating a line of magnetic clothing. free of buttons and zippers that would help her husband and others regaun their end pentens. >> so it is as simple as lining it up. >> i wasn't sure what to think. but as it grew, you have people, the e-mails you got were incredible. helping many people across the nation. >> the ma dp na ready magnets are strong enough to keep the shirts closed but not so strong that shirts are difficult to open. >> and you're dressed. >> dr. sanjay gupta, cnn.
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>> that's not the report we expected. thank you. typhoon haiyan made land fall in northestern vietnam about an hour ago. emergency officials evacuated about a hundred thousand people. the storm is 75 miles an sure and is expected to bring 8 to 12 inches of rain fall possibly causing flooding and landslides there. eight agencies helping mobilize victims of that typhoon. to find out how can you help, go to governor chris christie. he is celebrating his gubernatorial win or planning a race for the white house? then later, a new twist in new york city's legal fight over its controversial stop and frisk policy. the city asked the judge to step in. that is just ahead.
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just days after winning reelection, chris christie played i could about his future on the sunday talk show circuit today. sound like christie is laying ground work for a possible presidential bid instead of taking a victory lap in new jersey. >> it is simple. people want the folks they elect to get the jobs done. i'm the governor of new jersey. that's my job and that's what i asked for for four more years and that's what i intend to do. >> four more years. >> listen, who knows. i don't know. there are obvious problems that need to be fix and people in washington, both parties are are not fixing the problems. and neither is the president. they look at new jersey as, we are not using divided government as an excuse ton act. >> let's bring in cnn political commentaty maria car don'to, joining us from washington, and cnn commentator ben furgason.
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he is joining us from dallas. ben, i will start with you. do you think christie is conservative enough to win over tea party. >> i do. there are some issues that there will be conservatives that have problems with him, issued with limb. but you look at mitt romney and john mccain and they were not even close to the conservatives and both of those won the primaries. and with a dynamic guy like chris christie, i think he will be able to give a really, really, really tough run for other candidates that will be in there because he is so dynamic. when he talks, he commands people's attention. they believe him. he seems genuine. which you can't say for a lot of politicians. so i do think he's got a very good shot at it. and a lot of people wheb you get in a room and watch and speak, people are inspired by him. that's what you've got have during the primary. people have to like you as a human being and he obviously has that x factor. >> maria, something that makes
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him appealing towards conservatives is something that can make him appealing to staunch democrats. what do you think? >> well, it is really difficult to tell which chris christie is going to show up for the primary process, if decides to run, which clearly i think he is planning a run. here is what i mean by that, martin. he already started walking away and wishy-washi on one of the most important issues of 2016 and that's immigration reform. he seems to proud to have won the latino vote if new jersey and now today he could not answer with a straight face whether he would support a path to citizenship foreign documented immigrants on immigration reform when he had already done so in new jersey. so he is already starting to run to the right because he knows he can't make it through the primary process. that that is going to be kryptonite for him if he doesn't make it through the primary
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process. >> if you look at what he says today, he ran against all -- he ran away from all major issues dealing with the presidency, including what he would do with sir why, iran and other places like that. there's smart because there is nothing to gain right now. just a week after winning reelection handedly as governor of new jersey and a much more liberal state and seeing that h hispanics came out for him web won overwhelmingly. >> he was smart to walk away and say, i just won governorship. i'm not going to spout off o about these issues. look, there are people out there, and you are a prime example of it, that would love for him to get into the early scene and start beating him down from the democratic side. he is not going to play that game with you. he is not going to give you the chance to do that. >> i have one question. >> sure. >> and let's try to move on. "time" magazine puts out this
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very controversial cover and it features christie there. the editor claims this is not about christie's weight. do you believe him, maria, go ahead. >> no, look. "time" always likes to put these kinds of covers because it starts conversations like the ones we're having. so of course it pushes people to look at cover and it go read "time" magazine, which is great for them. but i think at the end of the day, it is about having a conversation about christie, about his issues, and frankly about his weight and whether that will an issue. but going back to the earlier conversation, p t is about whether he can attract the same in nuew jersey for the win, and he will have to in 2016. reform is not just a national issue, it is an issue that every single republican candidate that wants it talk about for president has the position on. and he embraced comprehensive
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immigration reform. he embraced pathway to citizenship. so him to walk away from it now is glaring. and the latino vote will not support him if he does that in 2016. >> what is glaring is how testifyfide you are as a democrat are is of chris christie. and i love that. you're terrified of that guy. >> no, it is not glaring. absolutely. not terrified. i hope he does run. >> ben, let me just ask you to comment on this. that is, there are a lot of people overweight in this country. and they look at chris christie a as man who exemplifies a lot of them. is it wrong to worry about what the weight impact is going to be for him. >> i think it is just that an incredibly pathetic magazine cover by "time" magazine. it would be as distasteful as putting barack obama on the front and saying the donkey in the room under his name. it would be unacceptable and people would be angry. and they obviously are trying to hit on him, saying, is the guy
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too fat. i think "time" magazine knew exactly what they were doing. this went a mistake. and they are trying to make his weight an issue. and i think it may back fire. he obviously is a guy that's been candid about his weight. he had surgery, recently. he says i'm 50% of the way where i want to be losing weight. that should be commended. i think he is real and raw guy and there is nothing wrong with not having a six pack if you're a politician. he is not an olympic athlete. he is trying to get in bet are shape. but again, for "time" magazine to go this low this far in advance kind of goes to what i was saying earlier. they are terrified of chris christie as well. >> i want to move to benghazi before we run out of time. he spoke to cnn's candy crowley on state of the union. take a listen. >> only reason is i've been trying for a year to get interviews without holes.
3:16 pm
and you just can't allow something this bad and this big of national security failure, for the administration to investigate itself. i don't want to hold anybody. all i want to do is talk to the survivors. >> let me ask you this, marimar is this a proper tactic for graham to take? >> i feel it is a tactic he feels he needs to take because he is facing a primary at home in south carolina. i don't think it is smart for him to do this because he is cutting off his nose to spite his face. if when a really wants is to make sure that what happened in benghazi doesn't happen again. that to me wreaks of politics and does not go to actually trying to resolve what happened and more importantly, making sure that it doesn't happen again. >> i was going to say, go ahead. >> politics has started the day that the white house coordinated
3:17 pm
an effort to go out to the american people, with susan rice, and make up and fabricate an absolute and utter lie, telling us this attack was a spontaneous protest, which we now know emphatically was a lie. and then to keep going with that lie, saying it was a protest because after youtube video that the people in the middle east that surround this cons late didn't even know it existed. for lindsay graham to come out and say, i don't trust this administration because they went out and lied to everyone about what happened is not partisan politics when you have an ambassador that dies and no one to answer questiones about it. and the only people talking are the white house and you know their story from day one was a total fabrication of american ak bat ambassador dying on 9/11. >> what underscores politics, martin, is that he said this
3:18 pm
after the cbs 60 minutes report, which has been debunked because they used a source which is not reliable and they retracted it. >> i'm so sorry we couldn't find anything to talk about today. well work on it. >> no kidding. >> thanks so much. >> new york city asked a judge to step into the battle over his controversial stop and frisk program. that's next. just by talking to a helmet. it grabbed the patient's record before we even picked him up. it found out the doctor we needed was at st. anne's. wiggle your toes. [ driver ] and it got his okay on treatment from miles away. it even pulled strings with the stoplights. my ambulance talks with smoke alarms and pilots and stadiums. but, of course, it's a good listener too.
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a birthday party turned into a crime scene late last night. two high school student were shot and killed at a party outside of cyprus texas, that's just outside of houston. 19 people were wounded after someone fired into that crowd. many of those people were wounded as a result of gunshots. this afternoon, the sheriff gave more details about what happened. >> out of no apparent provocation, someone discharged a firearm in apparent celebration of music. someone else who thinks it's important to carry a pistol to a birthday party decides to pull theirs. and recklessly reacted to the gunfire and shoots into the crowd. >> sheriff said the invitation of the party was posted on social media and over 100 people were there. deputies are looking for two
3:23 pm
suspects and are trying to determine motive. the legal fight on the controversial stop and frisk policy in new york city is heating up. this time the city of new york is asking a federal court to overturn a decision to require the city to change its stop and frisk policy. rosa flores joins me from new york. rosa, hello. this is policy that generated heated conversation on both sides, hasn't it. >> it's been pretty explosive and the timing of this is very interesting. given that mayor bill deblasio just claimed city hall. and may we add with a very wide margin. and he is openly against the stop and frisk policy and openly said he would drop the city's appeal when he gets into city hall. so what do we have here, folks? in a filing, city of new york attorneys are asking a federal appeals judge to avoid the order issued in august by a lower court that required the nypd to change its stop and frisk policy. here eat back story. in august, a court found that
3:24 pm
stop and frisk practice used by the city of new york, they were unlawful, unconstitutional, targeted tens of thousands of blacks and hispanics and ordered city of new york to make changes. while the city appealed and in october, the new york police department was given the green light to resume the stop and frisk program by that appeals court. who said the residing judge jeopardizesed the appearance of partiality by public statements. subsequently a randomly selected judge would be assigned it that case. now the city of new york is saying, we want that lower court, that august decision, to be completely annulled all together. and we have been trying to get in contact with boom the bloomberg and incoming de blasio administrationes about this new filing. but we haven't been able to reach them. like i said, martin, mayor bloomberg has but a few weeks left at city hall and when de blasio takes over, he has been
3:25 pm
very, very clear that he does not support stop and frisk. so that heated debate is for sure going to continue. >> rosa, when can we expect a decision? >> that's very interesting because of course in this case, they are at the mercy of the courts. so they really don't know when that would come about. but it's really interesting because not only is new york, you know, waiting about what's going to happen regarding stop and frisk. but really the rest of the country is too because of the precedent that would be set here. martin? >> rosa flores, thanks very much for the update. anthony bourdain traveled to detroit tonight for" parts unknown." he visits with a man who built a home with left over parts from the city's glory days. >> maybe it started to turn here. packard automotive plant opening
3:26 pm
in 1903, considered the most advanced facility of its kind, anywhere in the world. huge, epically proportioned. i mean, 3.5 million square feet. now, one man lives here. al hill. >> my name is alan hill. welcome to my home. this room right here is a former packard motor car company. i started living here about seven years ago. at that time, semi apprehensive about the place and goings on around here. but it turns out it is about as peaceful as the north woods. and not having a credit card or mortgage payment or car payment is a real blessing. these two nails here, so -- >> yeah. >> what happened here in detroit is unfortunate but a sign of the times. we find out a dollar doesn't take an individual, it takes an entire world to support one city. one city or community is
3:27 pm
suffering, the entire world should pitch in and help elevate it instead of sit there and stare at it. >> you can watch more of anthony's trip to detroit tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. and just a few minutes from now, we go live to sin city it talk about the motor city. that's where don lemon is. he will be joined by anthony bourdain, who as you see, well, he will be rehearsing inside. they'll talk about the "parts unknown" season finale from las vegas. the typhoon in the philippines is one of the worst recorded. we will go inside the typhoon where cameras were rolling as the storm hit. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts, that's why we have ink.
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number of people who died. some food and emergency supplies are already getting to people who desperately need it but that process is slow. and there are enormous parts of the country still cut off from communications. or any way to get to a safer place. the typhoon that pounded the philippines was as big as germany and triple the strength of hurricane katrina. and you're about to see what this massive storm looked like on the inside. one cnn reporter team kept their cameras rolling when the typhoon hit. >> this is what the inside of a typhoon looks like. 250 kilometer an hour plus winds slamming into the city. a white haze of screaming noise. smashing windows, tearing metal, water and flying debris. just minutes after he finished
3:32 pm
our live shots telling headquarters we were moving to safer ground, cameraman brad el son shot this on the place we just left. >> okay, guys, i think we can wrap it up.just left. >> okay, guys, i think we can wrap it up. >> as the destruction there continued, a floor below, terrified residents huddled together finding protection against the fly is spray and to mind-numbing noise. some pray for their safety. >> children in the corridor. a relatively secure area, i think, where we are. very substantial hotel, and we are away from windows. but all around us, you hear the sounds of windows breaking. you hear the sounds of large objects falling and crashing to the floor and under foot, it is now just a deluge.
3:33 pm
i don't know if you can see it, but the stair case behind me is now basically a water fall. >> then a torrent of blackwater began pouring into the hotel. the storm surge had begun. within a few minutes it was at ground floor window. the panicked family now trapped in their room smashed the window and screamed for help. we managed to get the mother across to safety using a foam mattress and it immediately became clear that the cause of her panic, the daughter was severely disableed. storm chaser, josh and i went back across to get the terrified girl to safety. producer tim schwartz helped rescue the rest of the family. waters only rose a little higher. the height of the storm in fact passed. two hours later, wind lost their lethal strength. our position was a ruined shell.
3:34 pm
but as we walked outside, it was immediately clear that so much of the city suffered so much more than we had. andrew stevens, cnn, central philippines. >> just incredible to watch. now for the relief effort. among the many trying to help is a group giving free housing to victims of devastation in an instant. how? by box. nick valencia organized an organizer of the charity apply called shelter box. >> many of you looking at devastated images coming out of the philippines after that typhoon are how can you help? how can you make a difference? we thought we would introduce to you a disaster program on the ground. they are making a difference. this is wayne robinson, one of the members from shelter box. tell me about what shelter box is. >> sure, nick. shelter box is a disaster relief organization that responds to
3:35 pm
earthquake, hurricane, typhoons, wherever they hit all over the world. >> what do you bring along with you? what are the major components of what is in one of these shelter boxes? ? >> the major component of our kit is this large disaster relief tent. 14 feet in diameter. >> let's go inside. this comes everywhere you guys go. this is -- this is standard sized tent or is it specific to each disaster? >> no, this is our standard sized tent. this is a great product to have out there on the marketplace when folks have lost everything. >> and you can fit about ten people in here at least. >> can you easily fit ten people in these tents. it is going to give them shelter, warmth and dignity until they can get back on their feet. >> how does it work? you set this up for them or do you provide the tools to set it up? >> we show them how to set the tent up. we train the trainers. when we get in country, we beg, borrow, steal trucks and
3:36 pm
volunteers to help as many people as we can. >> this is not the only component. let's see what else you brought. this is all included in one box here. and thousands go over to each disaster zone at a time, is that right? >> we send anywhere from 2 00 of these kits to 28,000 or more, which we did in the haiti earthquake in 2010. >> so you have the tent but also, tell me what we are looking at here. >> many other things that come with our kit. if you can imagine you lost everything in the disaster. have you nothing left. one of the main things is blankets and ground sheets. you need those for warmth. and situations where malaria is prevalent, we have mosquito nets that come with it. great pots and pans and plates. knives, forks, spoons. to help feed themselves. >> you are helping people rebuild from scratch. >> absolutely. they scrounge around in the rubble and start rebuilding their house. that is something they need tools to do that with.
3:37 pm
>> water fewer purification. >> this is a family-sized water purification kit and water container for carrying that. >> what's the most difficult part about getting into the hard to hit areas? politics, people, recession. what's the most difficult part. >> we have that worked out pretty well. we have a training academy in the uk. we work with folks on the ground. we work with volunteers to tell us where the afaaffected folks are. learn how to get into the country without taxation and duty. >> and for folks at home, how can they get involved with shelter box. >> we have a great website. you can go in there and denate. or text shelter to 20222 and that will give a $10 to shelter box. that will be used immediately in disaster areas. >> we should mention that this organization is founded by hero,
3:38 pm
cnn hero in 2008. this has been around since 2000. this is a legitimate organization. been around a long time. thank you for being here with cnn. >> thank you, nick. >> veteran dolphin richie incognito has a lot to say about his suspension for the alleged bullying after teammate. and what goes on in the locker room. we have those details next. my mantra? family first. but with less energy, moodiness, and a low sex drive, i saw my doctor. a blood test showed it was low testosterone, not age.
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woo hoo! [ male announcer ] prilosec otc. the number one doctor recommended frequent heartburn medicine for 8 straight years. [ larry ] you can't beat zero heartburn. and best of all, it means i can enjoy all the foods i love. oh, zero heartburn is awesome. just like zero cutlery. ♪ [ male announcer ] prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. some dramatic elements in the nfl. richie incognito, number 68 in that photo, is speaking out about bullying his teammate, number 71, jonathan martin. we speak to sports contributor, terrence, richie incognito spoke to fox sports. he says he considers martin his friend. >> yes. >> this is the part i just can't
3:42 pm
comprehend. he says that using the "n" word and talking that way wasn't in a negative way. let's listen. >> it is a word that i've heard john use a lot. not saying it's right for what i did in the voice mail. but there is a lot of call for words thrown around in the locker room that we don't use in everyday life. the fact of the matter remains, though, that that voice mail was left on a private voice mail for my friend and it was a joke. >> so i mean, you get the gist of what he is saying here is that, you know, use of the "n" word is part of the conversation and part of the casual way they speak to each other in the locker room in the nfl. i find that so impossible to believe from the way i was brought up. you cover all this. what did you think? >> i have covered the national football league for over 35 years. and we are in a totally different place. okay? >> what is it? >> let's put this in perspective. in the early 1980s i worked at
3:43 pm
the "san francisco examiner." i covered the raiders. that team was insane. you never heard anything like that in the locker room back then. and certainly not the "n" word. in cincinnati, legendary paul brown who founded the cleveland browns in your native cleveland. >> that's right. >> he outlawed hazing. what we have now is this culture where you have athletes who want to be hip-hop guys. hip-hop guys who want to be athletes. they invented this vulgar environment where anything goes. that's essentially in a nutshell what is going on here. >> have they no concept of what the word means? >> they don't care. it is a whole different society. and that's why you've got the situation when you have a lot of people coming to richie incognito's defense. because in addition to that culture, you have the culture where the nfl is like a gang. the individual teams are like gangs. if you go outside the beginning and say something to the public,
3:44 pm
then you're a snitch. they lock at jonathan martin as being a snitch. snitches get whchake whacked. he is not getting whacked physically, he is getting whacked verbally. >> so there were supporters who came out for incognito. what is up with that. >> i mentioned the oakland raiders earlier. they had a guy named al davis. al davis's famous line is just win, baby. you got understand, look at miami dolphins, offensive line has been bad for years. they decided the players on the dolphins that this krcrazy guy, richie incognito, not so pleasant, gives them a better chance of winning that riching cunningham, tough guy, and jonathan martin. it is all about winning or losing in their minds. >> but that's a terrible
3:45 pm
indictment of the nfl today. >> it is. and terrible against the miami dolphins. nobody is bringing this up. but the people really at fult here is the coaching staff of the miami dolphins and also the general manager and owner. i talked to an nfl executive this week who is very well known, been around for a billion years. he substantiated what i thought before. he said there is no way in the world all this cot have taken place in that locker room without those entities knowing about it. they know everything there is to know about these guys before they draft them. right here in atlanta, georgia, the owner of the falcons, arthur blank, his secure guy is former secret service guy. what does that tell you? they had to know this was kbing on. >> terrence, thank you. >> thank you. >> next, we're going to las vegas, baby. don lemon, hanging withoanthony bourdain for tonight's "parts unknown." don't go anywhere. .
3:46 pm
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with your weekly five, i'm rosa flores. we honor america's war heros as the nation marks veteran's day on monday. the holiday originated at the end of world war i. president obama will participate in a wreath-laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknowns. a big reveal for the washington
3:50 pm
monument. scaffolding that enclosed the marble earlier this year is beginning to be removed. the monument was damaged by an earthquake in 2011. the national parks service is expected to reopen it this spring. james whitey bulger is sentenced on wednesday in boston. the convicted mob boss found guilty of 11 murders could spend the rest his life in prison. he's 84 years old. family members of victims may speak at the hearing. stay classy america. thursday, the museum opens anchor man, the exhibit. it will include props and costumes from the hit comedy anchorman. the legend of ron burgundy. you'll be able to see the iconic burgundy business suit, plus his mustache brush and of course, the. friday is the day many gamers are waiting for. play station 4 goes on sale. ps 4 users will have access to
3:51 pm
netflix, hulu, amazon instant video and red box instant streaming. according to sony, the ps 4 will have have an option that would help nonpleasing family members. players can untether the ps 4 and stream their games to the hand-held play station vita. and that's your weekly five. >> i'm don lemon in lagges having a. this may or may not be a martini. it may or may not be water. but you're going to find out later. hey, we're here at atomic liquors. there's a good reason we're here in downtown las vegas. in is the old strip. the new strip where all of the lighted buildings and big casinos and hotels, this is the original strip. this sign is from the 19 a 50s.
3:52 pm
when downtown las vegas went away for a while, this bar with stood the test of time and they kept the bar open.for a while, d the test of time and they kept the bar open.when downtown las away for a while, this bar with stood the test of time and they kept the bar open. thee guyses are here, i'm here, because anthony bourdain in "parts unknown." make a trend on twitter. at 10:00 p.m. eastern, we are coming here, live with anthony bourdain. he was rehearsing a little bit earlier. oh -- anthony. anthony! we're live on cnn. can you talk to me after the break. i know you're rehearsing and you're busy. want to talk. >> yeah. >> we will let you put your make-up on. you and i will get a shot on. >> a shot, definitely. >> we will talk to anthony bourdain and asked him why he picked this particular place, atomic liquor, to do this. >> why not, right. >> we will talk to him after the break. don't go anywhere.
3:53 pm
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welcome back, everyone, to cnn. not often i see a mushroom cloud on cnn. the reason you are seeing that, is because we are here at atomic liquors in downtown las vegas. and we're here for none other than the iconic, intrepid, mr. anthony bourdain. season finale is tonight. season finale is in detroit. but we are here in las vegas because you think this represents america. >> look, there's high roller vegas and then for me, the real vegas. and this is the real vegas. this is the vegas i love. this side of town. >> this is vegas you love. and there is what you love to do. rosey, come here. what does anthony have here? >> a local brewery pale ale. this is the unfiltered wheat
3:57 pm
beer. >> this one is not local. so you're mr. hopps the table. >> i eat local, drink local. >> seriously, why do you love this place so much? why do you love las vegas and atomic? >> they used to dance on the roof here when they would explode, the a-bomb, during nuclear tests. and you know, i think this is one of the oldest establishments in vegas. locals drink here and eat here. this is, you know, it is not that faceless corporate feel, anonymous feel of a casino. it surprise you not at all that i feel right at home in places like this. >> i agree. i'm having much more fun here than in my fancy hotel which is on the famous strip. this is more fun. this is more authentic to me. we will talk more about this and talk about why it is called atomic. they would test the bombs and people would come and watch. i want to talk to you about
3:58 pm
"parts unknown." detroit, you love detroit. >> i love detroit. is a great american city. almost everything great arguably, truly american, came out of detroit. it was the automobile, highway, credit card, the dream of upper mobility. it is an iconic city. it is still, to my mind, a beautiful city. i greatly admire all of the troubles they've had. the sort of fierce and very black humored spirit of the people who have chosen to remain and see it through. it was sort of love at first sight for me. a place i felt great loyalty to from way back. and a place i wanted to portray on television. >> tony, you went places this season that you have not gone. and previous season on cnn and your other shows. >> tokyo was, shall we say, different. >> i think that's an example
3:59 pm
after show, that's a destination i've been to many times. i've made a lot of television there. the challenge is to go some place that we have done before, other people have done before, and show a side to it, an important side, but one that most people for obvious reasons, haven't chosen to put on television. it is some pretty dark disturbing stuff. but you know, along with all of the things you are comfortable with and love about japan, there is that too. and it is something i wanted to look at for a while. and didn't frankly think i could get away with. >> you talk about sex bondage, masochism. and you know, i asked you earlier when i saw you, what does all of this have to do with food. it is part of the experience when you go it that country. >> it is part of japanese pop culture. those sorts of images, that fantasy life. and look, it is pretty lurid stuff. how many copies has "50 shades
4:00 pm
of gray" sold in the states? so nobody is too smug about japan being too perverted. we are at least as disturbed. they do things in velour id -- very visual ways, let's put it that way. >> we go to tokyo. to copenhagen. israel. detroit. spain. sicily. a number of -- all of the episodes are amazing and we will go through them at 10:00 eastern. but before you take your last bite on 10:00 p.m. eastern, watch season finale, on cnn. we will see you live here at 10:00 p.m. eastern right after that. next hour of cnn starts right now. >> you're in the cnn newsroom, i'm martin savidge, i'm don lemon. thank you for joining us. don is far away on special assignment, as you may haveus