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tv   New Day  CNN  November 11, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PST

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unloading cargo planes full of supplies. the airport has become truly a relief center. dozens are lining up to try to get their share of food and water and also to get out. but flights, pretty understandable. few and farp between. there is a frantic effort to get residents what they need. there are simply too many people and not enough supplies to go around. right now, it's weakened to a tropical storm. it's deadly there as well. we are covering the area with correspondent all over the area like nobody can. >> what we know of what has been lost physical and human. good morning, andrew, what do we know? >> reporter: good morning, chris. it's been just a weekend of devastation and destruction h e here. let's try to put it in per fekt
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spective for you. overnight, winds carrying more than 40 miles an hour. battering the coast of southern vietnam and china. days after the typhoon struck the phillipines with apocalyptic force thes massive storm smashed through cities and close to 200-mile-an-hour winds and storm surge shifted these ships on to land. a half a mile from the shore the surge was waist drooep deep. >> get international help to come here now. not tomorrow, now.
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rescue workers began finding the dead in the rubble. in the city, the roof was ripped from a building where many people were sheltering. >> i have not spoken to anyone who hasn't lost someone, a relative, most of them. >> reporter: officials say most of the island was damaged or destroyed. the u.n. is flying in shelters and supplies for thousands. >> we will help them in their need. >> reporter: storm victims with no shelter or water rushed to the somali airport desperate for supplies. if city in cebru delivered supplies sunday. delivering aid to the remote community is a huge challenge. communications are severe d. the only functioning medical
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facility can't receive any more patients. thousands breaking into hardware and stores desperate for food and water. an entire said is on edge. the president of the stilly pines told me we need to focus on the living, not the dead. it is an eformous task. help is needed from just about everywhere. kate. >> help seems to be on the way, but is it enough? american marines are now in the philipines bringing aid to one of the area's hardest hit by this typhoon, cnn's paula hancock has that part of the story for us this morning. good morning, paula. >> reporter: tell hello, kate, u.s. marines came and they said they are coming with a tremendous amount of hardware. they will be coming in with c-1230s, four of them with helicopters, with truck, with fork lifts, everything you need
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to get the supplies into this airport and try to clear bottleneck and get it to those who desperately need it. what crucial thing is they will be making this a 24 hour-hour operation d. marines will be lighting the runway and putting in radar. so basically, the operation could continue through the night. whereas at the moment the helicopters stop when it gets dark, so this is very good news for those who are still desperately waiting for food and water. chris, back to you. >> thank you very much for the reporting from the ground. we will continue with what made it the big storm. the anatomy of the storm. what made it powerful and different? >> we are talking winds 195 miles per hour. if you were talking about tornado, we're talking about an ef-5 about 145 miles an hour. it didn't last ten or 15 minutes. this is like a storm that lasted for an hour, ef-5 strength.
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you combine that with a 15 storm surge on top of it, truly unbelievab unbelievable. howling winds and pounding rain, super tie moon haiyan hit early in the morning. gusts up to 235 miles per hour. >> during the height of this storm, you know, the scream of the wind was deafening. we could hear thunderous crashes of debris flying through the air. >> reporter: what set this tropical storm enough, it did not weaken at land fall. violent wind laid a path across the central philipines that covered an area the size of montana. take a look at these satellite images. for a time, they stretched 1,120
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miles, roughly the distance between florida and canada. a wall of water reached second story houses, an estimated height of 16 feet, leaving people frantically searching for higher ground. many predict haiyan was the strongest cyclone to make landfall anywhere in the world in recorded history. it was 3.5 times more forceful than hurricane katrina, superstorm sandy's storm stretched a further distance but were half as powerful. in fact the wind gusts were stronger tan hurricane katrina and sandy. take a look at the system right now, we are talking 75-mile-per-hour winds. it is continuing to weaken into the mountainous region of china. we are talking about heavy amounts of rain as much as 6 inches w. that the flash flooding concerns will be high,
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especially in hunan province. i want to mention there is another system building out there. still high chances of development. with that, they are looking at more hard hit areas, heavier rain tuesday night in through wednesday. >> all right. thanks, so much. >> especially when they're so vulnerable. that's why this next storm we have to track carefully. it will help those who survive. it may change that situation for the worst. anderson cooper specifically headed to the philipines. we will report from there tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. you can go to slash impact your world. we will keep up with the objections that need your help to help the people there. making news, two navied a michelles suspended in connection with a bribery scandal in asia involving prostitutes and payoffs. ted branch, director of naval
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intelligence and bruce lovelace were put on leave. three other navy officials have been arrested after the investigation into illegal and improper relations with a singapore navy based contractor. this morning, investigators are searching for two gunmen allegedly involved in a deadly shooting at a house party in texas. two teens were killed, dozens more injured during what officials described as a birthday party gone wild. gunshots rang out saturday night in cypress, a town 30 miles northwest of houston. . federal investigators are looking into what caused the metal covering of a spirit enjen to fly off. it happened saturday after the chicago to fort lauderdale took off t. plane successfully returned to o'hare and no injuries have been reported. miley cyrus controversies seem to go hand-in-hand t. 20-year-old singer appeared on the mtv awards show in amsterdam on sunday and lit up what
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appeared to be a joint during her acceptance speech for the best video award. cypress was a two-time performer at the show. we should note marijuana is not illegal in the netherlands. on this veteran's day, a glimpse of a very special painting, a mural depicting two military servicemen in uniform neiling before jesus. it had been covered for some 60 years. church-goers in new york city finally got to see it sunday. see, back in 1954 the congregation decided to cover it up because of its military theme. now it is available for all to see in time for veteran's day. >> it is, perfect timing. it's aulgss better to let people judge for themselves. we will continue to track the storm? southeast asia and let's get back to a look at the international forecast. >> a pretty good change. actually, a lot of strong winds picking up from the mid-west and
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north atlantic today. the reason, cold air macing its way in. looking at 20 to 40 miles expected today. so if you have flights, you definitely want to be watching for delays with that. it's the jet stream that will be dipping down, bringing a lot of cool air in from canada. you can see light dusting in the region. you can see it's expansive. it will go to ohio valley, then off shore in the northeast tonight. so with that, remember, it is a cold system. it's usually pretty dry. moisture starved. so with that,light rain around the ohio valley. but think about the lakes. of course, off the lakes worry talking about the moisture source. we have the lake effect snow 3 to 5 around erie, 1 to 3 around the great lakes out there. overall the big story we will be talking about is the cooled air behind the frontal system. unbelievable how cold we will be seeing these temperatures. minneapolis today, justs into the 20s. let's take a look chachlt, highs just into the 30s.
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that's 16 degrees below normal. all of this will be spreading east. by the time we make it to wednesday, notice, new york city, your highs expected to be in the low 40s. that's a good 15 degrees below normal. definitely, this kld chill is making its way across the region. that's all relative, i mean, really mild weather compared to what we are doing. >> absolutely right. still, when it reaches to atlanta. that's the real chill. >> thank you. we will take a quick break. we come back on "new day," the dolphins locker room has been reported as a crucible of hate and hazing, a miami dolphins player claims we have it all wrong and, in fact, he was harassed, too, if you want to define it the way the media is. you will hear from richie incognito coming up. it is sorry the on air apology that has everyone talking about the attack in benghazi, we'll have that ahead. . [ sniffles ]
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haya . >> welcome back to "new day." richie incognito answers questions in a new interview and gives food for thought. michelle turner is here with the story of the miami dolphins locker room gone wild. >> we heard that term a lot in this interview yesterday. you know, the dl fins take the field tonight for monday night football. but on sunday, richie incognito went on the offensive and gave us all a play by play of his version of the truth. >> it sounds like i'm a racist pig. it sound like i'm a meathead. it sounds a lot of things that it's not. i want to clear the air by saying i am a good person. >> reporter: miami lineman
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richie incognito defending himself about allegations that he bullied his teammate jonathan martin. >> i've taken stuff too far and i didn't know it was hurting him. >> reporter: incognito explains the threatened voice major which reportedly said, hey, what's up, you half inward piece of plank. i'm going to slap your real mother across the face. laughter, you're still a rookie, i'll kill you. >> i'm embarrassed by it. i'm embarrassed by my actions. what i want people to know is the way jonathan and we communicate, it's vulgar. it's not right. when the words are put in the context, i understand why a lot of eyebrows get raised. but people don't know how john and i communicate to one another. >> reporter: incognito talked up his use of the n-word to locker room rapport. >> i'm not a racist. to judge me by that one word is wrong. there is a lot of colorful words thrown around the locker room
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that we don't use in every day life t. fact of the matter remains, though, that that voice mail was left on a private voice mail for my friend and it was a joke. >> reporter: incognito says he and martin have exchanged 1,142 text messages in the past year and continue to communicate as the scandal plays out. >> he texted me and said, i don't blame you guys. i blame some stuff in the locker room. i blame the culture. i blame what was going on around me and when all this stuff got going, swirling and bullying got attached to it and my name got attached to him. i texted him as a friend, what's up with this, man? he said, it's not coming from me. i haven't said anything to anybody. i'm like, okay. as his best friend on the team, that's what had me miffed, how i missed this. and i never saw it. i never saw it coming. >> now, we should say cnn did reach out to the miami dolphins for their response for the richie incognito interview.
3:18 am
they had no comment about this. there are still some questions to this first of all, were they friends? did they have a friendship? absolutely. they had proof back and forth. pictures of them hanging out, cutting up. they were friends, definitely. he did not answered that question, was he ordered or encouraged by the organization to quote/unquote toughen up jonathan martin. >> that is something he didn't want to get into for legal reasons. those are two things, one thing we did learn. one thing we didn't. >> you know, it's interesting, when i have been listening to all of this i was curious, is part of the problem here that he breek code, jonathan martin broke the code and went public with all of what happened in this locker room. you talk about this locker room culture. that's a part of the backlash, we do this, we handle our own, why did you have to go out and tell everybody what we do and say? >> i feel there is a lot of players current and former who feel he crossed the line and he
3:19 am
pulled back the veil of something they hold private and hold dear to them. >> that is the locker room culture. >> the more you hear about it. the text messages you see back and forth, the more folks wonder why is the season become an issue? it's become an issue because martin has legal action. >> there are racial implication, too. >> jonathan martin was the one that brought it to light. >> that does not resonate with me. >> he's using the n-word, everybody goes, whoa, there are texts and context. i think the more we got into this story. my initial fact was don't throw the word bullying around. you can't slap it everywhere because pc likes it. adults don't bully. adult harass. . there is a lot of things in place, it's not the same for kids. text and context. i think this story, yes, we need to hear from mr. martin, himself. if the language was as offensive as it would be to us here at
3:20 am
this table then why was it allowed to continue by these huge powerful alma males. >> african-americans in large part. i agree with that. it's appalling to me. we're on that same wave length there. i think it's very interesting about this whole culture and how accepted it is. >> i was surprised by this guy in the interview, also. he was much more articulate and thoughtful and raised a lot more issues than i expected. >> i had a player tell me yesterday, i felt like i was watching richie runningham, not richie incognito. it wasn't the person they felt they knew. >> a little of that also. >> so, interesting discussion. don't you think? why don't you tweet us with hashtag "new day." we will keep the conversation going. coming up on "new day," secretary of state john kerry says iran is fought ready to accept it yet, so how close are they to an agreement? john king will be here with our
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political gut check coming up. >> we will have the latest from the philipines throughout the morning. the aid effort is just beginning after typhoon haiyan flattened entire towns. can you go to your world and find out how to help. anna, your hotels have wondrous waffle bars. ryan, your hotels' robes are fabulous. i have twelve of them. twelve? shhhh, i'm worth it& what i'm trying to say is, it's so hard to pick just one of you, so i'm choosing all of you with a loyalty program that requires no loyalty. plus members can win a free night every day only at
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. >> welcome back to "new day,"
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everyone. time for our political gut check. negotiations on iran's negotiations are not unraced. secretary of state kerry saying the major powers are unified but iran was not able to accept yet. while critics including the israeli prime minister have said the terms do not go far enough. what does this all mean in cnn's national correspondent is here to break it down for us. good morning, john. >> good morning, happy monday. >> happy monday. there is quite a lot of hope going into these weekend negotiations to hammer out a deal. clearly, they did not get there yet. none of it, though, playing well at home. what has been the reaction here with new threats of further sanctions? >> well, you have conservatives saying since this first round did not have in place, their heap is several weeks. lindsey graham and conservatives are saying let's wrap up the sanctions. last week, they thought they
3:26 am
were close to the deal. the president, himself, said he was hoping to easing sanctions in the short term, a lot of people didn't like that, they didn't like putting the carrots out there. so now you have whether it's the prime minister of israel or a lot of conservatives and some democrats in congress who generally are alined israel. saying, wait a minute. are you in too much of a hurry, secretary kerry says all the powers are united. it was interesting. the french foreign minister said he thought the proposal was too advantageous to iran. they are seized on fought only by critics at home and prime minister netanyahu. >> what is the other push to move the israeli-palestinian peace talks forward. do these talks with iran complicate that? . >> well, certainly, anything that complicates the relationship with prime minister
3:27 am
netanyahu, whether he thinks he has the political standings back home. whether he is willing to be open minded to a proposal that might come from secretary kerry or the palestinians, you would hope there would be two separate issues. on the one hand, they have nothing to do with each other. look at how important these issues are for the prime minister. okay. they're connected. >> was this oversold by the u.s. administration in terms of the possibilities? because was what it seems from israeli is they're never going to give everything they want to give. no matter what you say. was this overhyped? >> it's so hard to say, chris, because there is so much talk about this. you know, if you listen just to the israeli position. their position is we will never trust them. if you talk to secretary kerry or people in the white house, well, you can't go into a negotiation saying we will never trust you. they insist the way secretary kerry puts this, i have been at
3:28 am
this a long time. worry fought blind and we're not stupid. he says they want to have a very detailed deal that puts a very tough test on iran to dismantle some things and yes, it gives them some short-term sanctions relief to deal with tear local politics. remember, this isn't just a tough political situation for the president of the united states or the prime minister of israel. iran has some very interesting domestic politics as well. so was it oversold? i think publicly the sense of a deal got out there probably ahead of the administration having to taken the time to sell it to the co-players back here that it needs to. >> before you go, i want to get your quick take on more domestic politics, chris christie, after his big win made the rounds on the sunday talk shows. the one question he got at every turn was, conservatives or moderate? pick one, prove it. my question is why does he have to prove it either way right now? >> he has to decide how he wants to run. he says he is a conservative.
3:29 am
he is often described as a moderate. the biggest challenge for chris christie, he is the biggest dog in the republican party. he is an ascendant after his victory. he has to decide how often will he be out will? some people said he was overexposed after this election. then he has to decide what he wants to focus on. he wouldn't be specific in a national immigration reform bill. he will have to be if he wants to be the next president. some question his gun control. he will get asked questions about. that first and foremost, he has to study what john mccain did. study what mitt romney did to kiter to the business and decide who am i going to do, who am i going to be? there is a long way to go before 2016. he's going to be in the spotlight every day because of that big win. the next few decisions are his to make. >> that's a big decision to be in. >> key words position, i think. he did get totally right.
3:30 am
he got the questions about the labels. when i hear what somebody is, it forms your opinion. hopefully he will not throw a label on because it won't be helpful to him. >> there is so much fighting within the republican party. he has become a symbol of sort of what direction are we going? let's get back to our top stories. >> it's the situation in the philipines. survivors are going to desperate lengths to stay alive, breaking no grocery stores and cash reason. much needed aid is finally starting to get to the hard hit areas. we are live with the latest on release efforts. >> reporter: yeah, a short time ago, a c-130 hercules aircraft landed with a plane load of people. they are survivors to some of
3:31 am
these disaster sites. they are the worst hit areas from the super tiefr haiyan. we spoke to some of them. they are shell shocked. they lost everything, their families, their friends, her to homes. we are at the air strip. this is a standing point if you like. this massive military operation that is now under way. the planes that are behind me, they're not only steering people out of the disaster verone, they are turning around, packed with supplies with food with bottles of water. with medical supplies and taken down to visit some of those devastated areas. can you not access them t. runways have been washed out t. roads have been washed out. so at this stage, troying to get to these areas, you need to do it by chopper. you have to remember, the
3:32 am
phillipines is an archipelago made up of to yous of islands. the central phillipines is washed out. so much of these island, up to 90% of these areas are devastated. mikaela, just before i go, we got word from the weather bureau that rain is forecasted to be coming down. it's not another typhoon. this is the last thing the people of philipines needs. >> utter devastation there. a louisiana family takes justice into their own hands, ending a two-day search. a man reportedly finding then killing his abducted cousin's kidnapper. >> that shooting is b.c. ruled justified by the sheriff's department t. unidentified cousin says he heard screams coming from an abandoned house, an open fire when the exe began to stap her. we now know the identity of a woman captured in portland,
3:33 am
oregon. she says that she had been their head coper for eight years now and was a certified veterinary technician. they say they believe she was alone in the sanctuary and alone in the enclosure when that cat attacked. it is veteran's day, there will be an event to honor our heroic men and women. president obama will honor military service men and women this morning. first with a breakfast for the heros and their families. then he will go to the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national ceremony for wreath laying and speech. the olympic torch back on solid ground a. trio of astronauts from russia, italy and the u.s. return from the international space station sunday notice with the torch in hand. it had arrived on the iss thursday and for the first time ever, two russian crew members took it often a space walk for a cosmic relay and photo op, all a part of the lead-up to the 2014 winter olympic games in sochi,
3:34 am
russia. how about that. going to the international space station and doing a cosmic space walk. wow! so cool. >> it makes almost the olympics seem like a step down. >> it kind of does, doesn't it. after that. >> coming up on "new day," the source "60 minutes" says they were duped and apologized. is that enough? how bad is this for "60 minutes." >> also ahead, do you want your amazon packages faster? sunday delivery is on the way via the post office. could it be the solution for the so-called money woes. working at your enamel, once it's gone, you can't get it back. .
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>> welcome back to "new day," everyone, happy monday. let's get a quick check of the weather. indra. >> definitely, big changes in the air. we will talk about wind picking up today, gusts from 20 to 40 miles per hour from the mid-west into the northeast. down to the mid-atlantic. if you have flights today, you definitely want to be watching for delays. what is going on? look at this huge bulls eye of arctic air spreading across the country. >> that means a chill is headed this way. now today we are seeing a little bit of a dusting of snow out there. typically, when you have a cold system, you are really talking about degree air. you will see that system making its way across ohio valley, exiting the northeast overnight tonight. solet take a look at what's expected. it's cold. not releasing precip or rain out
3:39 am
of this. very moisture starved. accept over the lakes. we could be three to five inches over erie, one to three inches of light snow. then we talk about something pretty and unusual. all that cold air dipping and diving down all the way south. snow flurries are possible around even kentucky, around tennessee. unusual this time of year. then there's the temperatures. omaha, looking at temperatures 13 degrees below normal. chicago, 14 today, tomorrow, you are going down to 35 degrees for your high tomorrow, yes, this cold air, remember that bulls eye, it spread farther to the east. so by the northeast on wednesday, we are talking about 41 degrees as your high. so get used to it. cool, windy air, that will be the new story. >> thank you, we will be coming back to you all morning, obviously. it was an on-air attraction we want to talk to you about right now, though, it was "60 minutes." they say they were duped by the source they relie on very
3:40 am
heavily. the mistake involves security officer dillan davies who said he was at the compound the night of the attack. >> that may not have been the case. take a liss i listen. >> on thursday notice, when we discovered the account he gave the fbi was different than he told us, we realize we had been misled, it was a mistake to include him in our polls. for that, we are very sorry. >> all right. joining us now is new york times new media reporter brian stelter. thank you very much. this is unusual. a lot of things came up. you have accountability and journalism, how they dovetail on this. what do you make of the mistake and how they handled it so far? >> it's rare to see "60 minutes" to make a correction or an apology in the journalism world. on the other hand, it took two weeks to have that apology on "60 minutes."
3:41 am
the piece aired at the end of october. there are questions raised almost medley. the question now that media writers will be writing about this week is what took so long and what is "60 minutes" doing to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> what do you think, what do you think has been the viewer reaction? we are reading some media corrects seem to think the apology has been inadequate. it wasn't enough. they should do more. you no toad explain how they got from point a to point z more. how do you think viewers are reacting? >> media critics are critics for a reason, right? i did see hostile reaction from random viewers. you don't want to take twitter reaction entirely seriously. i do think people already skeptical of cbs. were predisposed to be critical, are probably likely to be more critical. most people casually watch "60 minutes" after football. it's hard to know if there have been long-term damage. >> let's be clear, upset they
3:42 am
made a mistake. we talked about they can go sideways, or how they handled the whole thing, the apology, et cetera. >> that becomes the issue now. why did it take so long? so far, cbs resisted having aen internal investigation where someone in the newsroom found out where they went wrong. in 2004 the "60 minutes" story about then president bush's national guard time was worse. >> is this in some ways worse? >> it may be worse. on the one hand, that was all about liberal bias. there are lots of people that had questions about dan rather and whether he was biassed or not. i don't know if they're those same kind of questions this time. i'm not sure if cries are as resonance as those were. >> is that enough? lara logan said, lock, there is first, the media talking about this, everybody say there but for the grace. anybody who says this would never happen to me. you den know that, investigative
3:43 am
reporting. i have been in it 15 yoerkts it can get very ticky. one of the things the fbi reports, that isn't new the question is, why didn't they go to the fbi sooner and develop a question of isn't it because you wanted this guy to be telling the truth, you had an angle you were promoting, maybe you didn't bet this guy the way otherwise? >> that could be the original sin in journalism. if we start out and the story changes on us, reporters can be wary of changing her to whole story. that's maybe the original sin in journalism. >> i think locking at the reaction or the proceedback or the fallout. i think it is interesting. as a reporter caught in the middle of the fallout of an accurate reporting after the supreme court decision myself. we corrected it within minutes. but there was blowback for weeks and months. i'm not judging the blowback the fall jut. it's interesting to see the different levels of reaction to inaccurate reports when you come
3:44 am
out and you say, you made a mistake. >> the ripple can be enormous. this wasn't breaking noudz, this was a story they worked on for a 84. that's why people wondered, did they come in with an agenda? >> you know what, at the end of the day, it's still "60 minutes." they have wered their rep tapings for a reason. >> they have a great name. >> that is not going away. it did take a hit. >> thank you very much. >> we appreciate respect. coming up on "new day." we know the postal service is pleading money. it doesn't want to deliver on saturdays anymore. could sunday delivery of be the answer? >> on this veteran's day, we all know, nobody would argue with the fact those guys are heros. we will show you in our must see moment coming up. ♪ don't disguise bad odors in your trash.
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. >> i wear, they pick the best music. welcome back to "new day." we know the postal service is struggling for a while. could it come from and the two reached a deal to have postal workers deliver your amazon packages on sunday. christine romans is here to talk about it. what is jeff besos doing here? is he trying to get his product to customers or save another institution? >> he wants amazon to be a part of your life. this is a partnership with the u.s. postal service to deliver on sunday a package for you, if you are an amazon prime member, that means you can order a backpack for your kids on friday and packing it sunday night for school on monday for free.
3:49 am
so this is a big, big move t. good news the postal service is leak, look, they can make more money delivering packages and delivering mail. they lost a lot of money last year. so this is a good move for them to try to become relevant again. >> what does it mean for the postal service? could people be viewing it as the savior of the postal service? >> this is a part of the transformation, they're talking dropping saturday delivery of mail. but packages. this means the postal service is now really, really competing with the ups and the fedex and amazon, that's a lot of packages that they're delivering. >> i'm confused. shock t. postal service is a government entity, yes? >> it is a quasi-government entity. >> when did the profit mode become the identity of how you can exist? how much does this matter if you are losing money? >> because, they are losing money. they have been told that they have been told that they have to turn around.
3:50 am
>> congress wants them to turn things around. for me the big story here is what this means for consumers, chris. this means, why you ever have to go to a brick and mortar store again. you can get something on sunday for free. >> if you are an amazon prime member. >> you can get a six month trial period, all of that stuff, what it really shows is a sort of transformation of the online shopping experience, right. >> how do people keep up with amazon? isn't that what every business is asking, how do you keep up with this bo he moth. >> trying to to be relevant. >> it's a lot of package delivery companies. >> anything good for the consumer, this race to be able to deliver cheapest, the most stuff, it's got to be different. >> this is all good. we're talking about losing money. >> i'm wondering what it means for santa. it will put santa out of business. >> zip it roman. >> the spirit of giving, when you have a red blouse on? how dare you? >> this is new york, los
3:51 am
angeles, they think it will move to dallas, new york, phoenix next year. with le see how it works and whether, you, too, can order something on friday and have it on sunday. >> i wonder what it will be. >> our must see moment today in honor of vet an's day. show them the skills? they go beyond heros on the battlefield. this was a celebration of the u.s. marine corps 238th birthday saturday. can you hear billy jeans, michael jackson in the background, in a word, spectacular. the guy in the white pants feels a fancy drop, shuffling on the dance floor. if you watch long enough, there is talent. one of the other goes, oh, no, i'm not letting you go out this way. >> this way. >> music. >> waiting for the video. >> oh my good ness. so we thought we'd show you showing them having a moment. >> thankfully, no cameras were
3:52 am
on. >> guess the back move. >> you should see christine's move. >> it's crazy on a monday. >> i'm going for the slide step. just when you to the they couldn't be more impressive. >> even in those stiff uniforms. coming up next on "new day," he's accused of bullying a teammate. richie incognito says it was locker room culture to blame. we will get the perspective in a bit. . i'll set the scene, 4th quarter, one chance to save the game. in our back yard. a hail mary. maybe. whole let you know when we come back. see you after the break .
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>> oh, president obama's approval rating down to 39% to which congress said how do you keep it so high? you are a genius, what are you doing? how do we make that happen? hey, you have been following me, the toronto mayor rob ford, well, what a piece of work this guy is. ferls he admits to smoking crack in a drunken stupor, now another video has been released he's in a drunken rage, he is threatening to kill a guy. many people now asking what does the future hold for mayor ford? really, just one thing "dancing with the stars." that's all. what else is he supposed to do? >> hmm, a comic reminder we always believe in second cansings if deserved. >> there you go.
3:57 am
big upsets and finishes. saints-cowboys a saintless game. let's bring in the bleacher report. a familiar face. reveal the mystery, my brother. >> yeah, that's right, chris. defensive coordinator rob ryan is fired by the cowboys after last season. i am sure he had this served on the kallon daer for a little revenge. the cowboyings, they had more penalties in this game than 1st downs. saints meanwhile set an nfl record, new orleans dominated dallas 49-17. after the game, gary jones says maybe they made a mistake by firing ryan? peyton manning threw 330 yards and four touchdowns, the broncos meet the chargers. bad news is peyton got hurt late in the game. afterwards, he said his ankle was sore, he is scheduled to have an mri later today.
3:58 am
today you can see the craziest play from this weekend. down 7. no time left on the clock. the bengals go for the hail mary andy damen's pass, tipped onings twice, right into the arms of a.j. green. the bengals go nuts. they are able to send the game into overtime. they win by a field goal. definitely a rough day for bengals' fans. kate, a rough day for your colts. oops, they lost by 30. the rams. >> that was something i hoped we could avoid. that's okay. we won't talk about it. i'll still smiling. thank you, andy, you are hired. >> i'm no andy schultz. >> you can tell. is he being nice or mean? >> no joy. >> here's joy for you, though. right at the top of the hour, which means it's time for top
3:59 am
news. >> i have not spoken to anyone who hasn't lost someone, a relative or someone close to them ask happening now the vase on to save the helpless in the philipines, the u.s. marines arrive this morning with too many dead to count. power, water and shelter unraible in many areas. another storm is now bearing down. >> fighting back, rick richie incognito, accused of bullying, saying he is not racist and friendly with martin. what's the story? found guilty in a utah courtroom. now the victim's sister is speaking out to us. she has been pushing for this conviction for years. >> your "new day" starts right now. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate baldwin. >> good morning, welcome to "new day," it is veteran's day,
4:00 am
monday, november 11th. it is 7:00 in the east right now. we are still trying to get a hand him on the scope of damage in the philipines. people there sending for help into the sky t. message is simple t. tasks obviously anything but. as many as 10,000 or feared dead, to be accurate, you can't know at this time. there are too many dead to count. countless remains missing. more than 1 million have been displaced. 2 million need food and other aid. super typhoon haiyan spared no structure in its path. businesses, homes, livelihoods all washed away. >> there is one glimmer of hope. the pect of a baby born amid the madness, if you could imagine, in a make-shift hospital at the airport. and american manners have arrived with aid to the damaged areas. they are unloaded cargo planes. haiyan has since weakened to a tropical storm. it's battered parts of vietnam before moving on to chosen.
4:01 am
we will be covering the storm and the recovery for you all this morning. so let's begin with cnn's ivan watson in manilla with a look ahead at the recovery, the huge recovery effort facing so many people there. good morning, adam. >> reporter: good morning, kate. the president of the philipines just declared a state of national calamity authorizing the army to work with law enforcement to try to restore law and order in the affected areas. he says the super typhoon has caused widespread death, destruction and incalculable damage. following the destructive path of the storm, the shattered city could be described as ground zero, a surge of ocean water broke lou the sea wall washing away the airplane as itted intoed the city, leaving death in its path.
4:02 am
>> one had eight or nine carried in a bag. most of them are drowning. >> reporter: next to the ruins of the departure terminal, desperate people lean up for water. some residents warn of looting after the storm. >> is this just people trying to get food? >> well, no, i saw them, two people, three people are carrying brand if you refrigerators, brand-new washing machines, motor seekles, brand-new, you know, ameans. >> from the ka tags trophy, we fly west, following the trail of the super typhoon. we had company officials from the civil aviation authority. they're trying to assess damage to other fillipino islands. >> i was 37 years in the air force. i have flown all over the country and i helped in the storms before. but not to the extent of this one put us into.
4:03 am
>> record wind damaged the other towns we saw. but fortunately, they did not face the devastating tsunami type effects. the typhoon 20th swept through here days atwo. the rebuilding has just begun. all of this damage was done in just a matter of hours. nobody here really knows how long it will take to truly recover. but even in these less damaged regions, locals are still reeling. >> it's not like no other and most body would have lost life, no boat coming here. so we have for the food. >> in a country accustomed to typhoon, one man described it as a mon sfer. >> and it's so difficult here, chris. the philipines red cross saying they can't reach some of these remote isolated storm struck
4:04 am
regions. they're sending individual representatives on motor bikes to get over damaged roads to try to reach them. the government has sent two battalions of troops to one of these cities to try to help bolster the relief effort and they're also even going to send a navy ship to help evacuate some of the people from that devastated city, the people desperate to get out from that shattered city. >> one of the reasons, probably the biggest region in a place they're having such difficulty is this is like something they have never seen before. let's go to indra peterson. what do we know? >> exactly. you take a look at these pictures. it's unbelievable. it's hard to imagine what could cause this devastation. we will put this in the perspective at home. we are talking winds 195 miles an hour, close to an ef-5 tornado t. difference there, it
4:05 am
only lasts 15 minutes at that strength. we are talking at winds this high and then you add in a storm surge that would affect over 15 feet, unbelievable devastation. howling wind and pounding rain, super typhoon haiyan ravaged several islands in the philipines, huge winds swept ashore with gusts up to 235 miles per hour. >> during the height of the storm, you know, the scream of the wind was deafenning. we could hear thunderous crashes of debris flying through the air. >> reporter: what set this tropical cyclone apart is that it did not weaken much once it made landfall. the area consumed by the storm was massive. violent winds laid a path across the central philipines that covered an area the size of montana take a look at these satellite images, for a time, storm clouds covered the entire
4:06 am
phillipine, stretching a thousand, 120 miles, roughly the distance between florida and canada. but what caused most of the damage was a mammoth storm surge. a wall of water rushed into low lying areas, reaching the second story of houses. an estimated high of 16 feet leading people frantically searching for higher ground many predict haiyan was the strongest tropical cyclone to make landfall anywhere in the world in recorded history. it was 3.5 times more forceful than hurricane katrina. super storm sandy's tropical storm stretched a further distance, but were only half as powerful. in fact the wind gusts in this typhoon were stronger than those in hurricane katrina and sandy. well, this morning, it still had tropical storm force winds, it is expected to continue to weaken as it goes to the mountainous terrain of china. it will weaken by tomorrow
4:07 am
morning their time. it is expected to bring heavy rainfall, a good amount of 6 inches of rain possible. flash flooding as that heavy amount of rain can go down those mountain sides. unfortunately, behind it, another system is currently developing to another tropical system wind chill that. regardless of whether rain develops or not. more avenue rain tonight the heaviest expected in the same devastated regions tuesday through wednesday. >> my goodness, thank you so much. we will continue covering this throughout the morning, obviously. we are sending one of our best. anderson cooper is going to be there inside the situation for you. he is on his way to the philipines right now. we are hoping he gets a report from there tonight starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern on ac 360. obviously, we are showing you this coverage in the hopes you get to identify with it, if you want to help the victims of the typhoon, go to all right. we are following this other news as well. what do we know?
4:08 am
>> we are looking at headlines, one out of the caribbean, four people all believed to be american were killed in a small plane crash in the waters of the grand bahama island. this single engine plane went down right after takeoff sunday. they reported engine problems. the names of the victims have not been released. murder charges after a scary shooting at a new york city skating rink. two people were wounded in the bryant park area. there are reports the suspect bragged about the shooting on facebook. police believe it may have been all over a winter jacket the suspect wanted to have. two seniors are facing expulsion for using a gun to scare away an intruder. they were at their apartment last month. a six-time felon knocked on the door and tried to force his way in. mcintosh grabbed a gun. he has an apartment. the apartment is owned by the
4:09 am
university which has a strict no weapons policy. the gun has been confiscated. the pair should learn their fate this week. a man in massachusetts is lucky to be alive after taking a frosty dive. fire officials say the man and three friends went for a swim near the beach sunday morning. >> that man ended up treading water for about an hour before he was rescued. he is kourn currently being treated at the hospital for hypothermia. the u.s. marine score separating its 238th birthday this weekend. some marines got creative to mark the occasion. it's a pair of the brave marines taking part in a 238 mile run near miramar, california. it took the manners nearly a full day to make that run. 238 million. wow. that's dedication and a great way to honor the manner core. >> thanks so much, indra. all right. let's get back to indra, tracking the full weather across
4:10 am
the u.s. this morning. >> i don't know if i could walk down. now thinking of walking. no way. yes, look at this bulls eye, look at this cold, arctic air. very easy to see where it is, now, watch it as i go forward in time. we will be talking about this guy spreading to the east. so, yes, we are talking about this layer going into the mid-atlantic and the northeast as we make our way in time. what are we talking about? a frontal system and exiting off to the northeast in through tomorrow. with that, we are talking about really moisture-starved system. light rain will be possible out there. more importantly, heavier snow around the lakes. when it's a cold system, we are not talking a lot around there. some of the lakes putting one to three into the snow. we will be talking about this cold air diving so far south for this time of year. this is very atypical. so ba are we talking about? a little bit a. dusting of snow, so early. portions of west virginia, kentucky, even into the clones.
4:11 am
most likely it will melt the second it hits. definitely something you want to talk about tomorrow morning. if not the temperatures, we are talking temperatures, 15 to 20 degrees below normal. take a look at pittsburgh. your high, boston 39. then by wednesday, it is still here, highs into the 40s. your high 41 degrees. so cold and windy. a lot of gusty conditions out there could delay a lot of flights. >> those gusts, they got me friday on the plane. talk about turbulence, thanks, indra. coming up on "new day," richie incognito, now in his own words. let's see if you feel differently after you hear what he has to say. he says he has other texts that show a different reality than what's been in the media. also ahead, utah dr. mcneill found guilty of drugging his wife michelle. we will hear from her daughter and talk to her sister about the verdict.
4:12 am
4:13 am
4:14 am
4:15 am
. >> welcome back to "new day." we are hearing now from a miami dolphins center of this scandal. richie incognito was suspended
4:16 am
over comments he made towards his teammate jonathan martin. now, he is insisting he is not racist and he is not a bully. look. >> this isn't an issue of bullying. this is an issue of my and john's relationship, where i had taken stuff too far and i didn't know it was hurting him. my actions were coming from a place of love. no matter how bad and how vulgar it sounds, that's how we communicate. that how our friendship was and those are the facts and that's what i'm accountable for. >> so let's talk about this. great to see both of you. mike, incognito, a wrong interview, he says he's embarrassed of what he says, he says, clearly, i am fought racist. he says this is locker room culture. what do you think? >> i think things he has been saying in an attempt to get
4:17 am
themselves off the hook or explain their behavior in a way dams them a little bit more. i think the whole idea of jonathan martin seemed like our friend, seemed to take it t. guy doesn't snap because the people who are harassing him, allegedly harassing him, think he's about the snap. he snaps because they push him too far, they don't realize it. this discussion has happened as if we have never known anything about psychology, work place harass. bullying or social issues. all these guys are saying, wow, this is such a surprise. we seem like friends, that's a common dynamic in bullying. no one seems to be saying this. >> what do you think? has this become overblown or is this a real problem we are just learning about? >> it's a problem particularly in the locker room. this is rampant in the nfl. other than the voice mails we
4:18 am
have seen so far from richie to jonathan martin. it's not the first. i've never heard that in the locker room before. but it's rampant. everyone is doing it all the time. it's pretty vulgar. you have to have thick skin. >> todd, when you say rampant, i think one of the things we node to be careful about in this story is dealing with culture as like a criminal environment. is the type of stuff we were hearing from incognito? hey, we make weird threats or use inappropriate language. is that just a kind of a super sized boys being boys mentality or is this something that you've never really see? >> a little bit of both. as far as kill you and things like that, obviously, the intent wasn't that he was actually going to kill the person or do something like that. so we know that was just taken out of context but also racial slurs and things like that.
4:19 am
but in an nfl locker room. it is definitely not a place for the pc police. there are certainly vulgar things that are always said, but it's the norm. you have 63 guys on a team. when you have a break, there is a lot of teams, the mundane things in the middle of the season. guys are tired, you know, training camp, you've had a couple months under your belt. you are looking for any type of entertainment, usually at another teammate's ex'ens. >> it's how women handle things. we don't always have the best tact either. we commune indicate openly and talk about things to death. i will admit to that. is this guy, jonathan martin is he allowed to say i'm at my breaking point, i'm done, even if nobody, his professed friend incognito didn't know his comments were hurting him. >> that's a great question. i think underpinning this whole thing is the assumption you are
4:20 am
not allowed to be a certain way. let's get jonathan martin out of his shell. maybe his shell is his personality. right? you know, when a quarterback doesn't have a strong arm, you design short ethrows for him. when a linebacker can't go up the middle. what about a guy whose personality is i don't like to pay for you going to strip clubs and being fined for it. my job is to block terrell suggs. does this make me better at blocking terrell suggs. maybe the nfl is wasting assets on jonathan martin if you drive him out of the league based on making him conform to this ideal of masculinity of some people. >> we were talking about the teammates that have spoken out on the miami dolphins have all spoken out if support of richie incognito, these guys were seen as best friends. richie was a best friend of his. what support for jonathan
4:21 am
martin? >> first of all, there are some that are quiet and don't want to say it. jonathan martin left if cause, left the team. he transgressed in that way. richie incognito got thrown off the team. he's a better player. incognito was a guy they all like. in this dynamic, one person accuses the team, that's your business, of course, you are going to feel agrieved by that person. there is also another thingia deviant overconformity. they would say, what are you doing? >> are you one of the most confrontational violent things that doesn't involve warfare we have in civilized society. todd, i come back to you on this, the next idea on this story is what should they do about it? are you in favor of sweeping reforms where decorum is put in place the same rules we live with in the work place are now in the locker room? down that should happen?
4:22 am
do you think it will happen? >> well, at cnn, you aren't walking around in flip-flops and gym shorts. i think that's the difference between comparing the work places and how you say that. it's certainly a professional work place and there's no room for any type of racial slur intent or not. since you are little, you know you are not supposed to say certain things. and i'm sure richie indocknity wishes he could take that back and use a better choice of words to get under a teammate's skin. but, you know, overregulating it, i don't know what the nfl can do. you can't have 53 guys on a team with a lot of testosterone and extra time on their hand, within that i have free time, are you with guys, a close knit group. naturally, you kind of take jabs at each other. now,a, the dolphins wanting them
4:23 am
to kind of light a fire under him and martin and get him playing a little more aggressively and things like that. that's natural things like that do happen. but i don't think, i couldn't imagine they would want him to leave or be a damaged asset. now you have two assets for that business that are gone. that were starters and no longer there. >> we'll see. we will see about that. thank you so much. great to see you both. thank you. >> absolutely. >> good to see you. thank you very much. >> of course. we are talking about it. you obviously are as well. tweet us, use the hashtag new day. >> coming up, a utah doctor convicted this weekend of killing his wife. there was quite a reaction from his. we will hear from one of martin mcneill's daughters in an exclusive interview in a few minutes. the devstakes is unimaginable t. recovery only beginning.
4:24 am
we willb heading back to the philipines, late details coming into us. no, i'm good. ♪ .
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4:27 am
>> welcome back to "new day," everyone, we are going into the chaos in the philipines, estimates say up to 10,000 are still feared dead. cnn's andrew stevens was on the ground when the storm hit and has more.
4:28 am
>> reporter: this is what the inside of a typhoon looks like, 250 kilometre an hour winds slamming into the city, a white haze of screaming noise, smashing windows, tearing metal, water and flying dobbie. just minutes after we finished our live shots telling headquarters we were headed to higher ground the cameraman shot this in the place we just left. >> okay. guys, look at that. as the destruction there continued, the terrified residents huddled altogether, finding protection against the flying spray and mind numbing noise, some pray for their safet safety. in the corridor, it's a relatively scour area i think
4:29 am
where we are is a substantial hotel list and we are away from windows. all around us, you hear the sound of windows breaking, large objects falling, crashing on the floor and under foot, it is now just a deluge, if you look behind me the staircase is basically a water fall. then a torrent of black water began pouring into the hole the storm surge had begun. within a few minutes, it was a there wasn't a ground floor window left a. panicked family trapped in their room, smashed the window and screamed for help. we managed to get the mother across to safety and it immediately became clear the cause of the pan ec, their daughter was severely disabled. storm chaser josh and i went back across to get the ter philadelphia to girl to safety and cnn producer kim schwartz
4:30 am
rescued the rest of the family. the tomorrow rose higher. the height of the storm, in fact, had passed. two hours later the winds had lost their lethal strength. our live position was a ruined shell but as we walked outside, it was immediately clear that so much of the city had suffered so much more than we had. andrew stevens, cnn, central philipines. >> wow, thank you, andrew, for that amazing report. when you see what happened when the storm was happening, you now know why the big problem they are dealing with now, they don't have a handle on the scope of the devastation they are dealing with, roads in, roads out, blocked. >> it's interesting what he was saying, they reacted so quickly because they had to get to safety. you don't know where safety will be. thankfully the water rose further. you don't know in the case of what's happening. you have to make the best decision you can, you know.
4:31 am
>> many of the hardest hit areas, one of the things is of particular sensitivity in the relief effort, there had been a relief effort. people were vulnerable and exposed already. they're having difficulty accounting in those areas. so you will start hearing more stories as it goes forward. that's why doing what you can to help is so important. go to if you want to help in the relief effort. >> making news at this hour, a mea culpa, lara logan reporting and apologizing saying producers misled on the u.s. conflict in benghazi. a kuehrt officer told him he was at the compound that night and described seeing the dead body of chris stevens, it was later discovered his story did not match what he told the fbi. another 22 paintings believe stolen by the nazis were stolen in germany, turned in by the brother-in-law by the man who
4:32 am
had 1,400 pieces. >> that collection is believed to be worth about $1.3 billion. the german government sent legal government in to help government issues. a book has been band "i am malala." it was britain by the teen, which limits the girl's access to education. pakistani officials claim it doesn't show enough respect for islam and calls malala a tool of the west. back home, a florida couple are compared to modern day bonnie and clyde, facing charges for an alleged bank robbing spree, accused of robbing a dozen banks in alabama and florida. they used disgrieses and notes to demand money. if convicted, they could face up to 20 years in prison. quite a special surprise for an extraordinary veteran at 107
4:33 am
years young, believed to be the nation's oldest veteran, today, he will be celebrating veteran's day at the white house. he says he got the surprise when he received a call inviting him to take part in today's festivities t. world war ii veteran says his secret is quote saying out of trouble. i will follow his advice. >> one more indication of being the greatest generation. >> 107 years young, thank you for your service. >> let's talk now about that sensational murder trial, guilty is the verdict for the utah doctor martin mcneill, convicted of drugging and drowning his wife. michelle, it took a jury 11 hours to reach a verdict. we walk through that decision. >> reporter: the verdict triggered an outburst of emotion and tearful celebration for the daughters and sisters of michelle macneil. >> i'm so happy he can't hurt anyone else. we miss our mom. >> reporter: the saga, an
4:34 am
ultimate verdict with more than six years in the making. the jury deliberated 11 hours and in the end was convinced the doctor drugged and drowned his wife in a bathtub so he could be with his mistress. the verdict was only possible because of the women in michelle's life, her sisters and daughters and relentless push for investigation. >> i'm glad that we can do this for you. i felt her with us in there. >> when it happened, we were kind of like, did we hear that right? because it's so surreal. we have been waiting for this for so long. >> reporter: macneil who mane tained his innocence had no reaction, the defense attorney spent the last four weeks trying to convention jurors macneil was not guilty. >> of course, i'm disappointed, i don't have any comments. >> reporter: macneil, who is 47, will likely spend the rest of his life if prison, expected to be sentenced early next year. >> so ends the trial. you have to remember that the
4:35 am
prosecutor, this was all about painting this man as a horrible man they want to follow that experience. she spoke exklausively to one of her daughters who wound up being the co-in the case. >> i just know the truth. i know, i now my father killed my mother and so i was fighting for justice. the defense tried in anyway to discredit me and, you know, i was telling the truth. >> take us back to that moment the jury files in, they were silent, they were stoic. they sat in the jury box. what was going through you before that verdict was read? >> i was just shaking. i was trembling. i was so scared and nervous. we knew the verdict was going to
4:36 am
be coming in at any moment and the culmination of so many years, fighting for this. >> your father's reaction when the verdict was read, he was non-emotional, just stood there, there seemed to be an acknowledgment at the end. you know him better than all of us, what does that say to you? >> i thought i knew him. now we've really come to understand who he really is and he's a cal can you lalculated c murder. he had no reaction. >> when you came into the courtroom to testify. you came in the door. you stood there. they had to call you up. what was it like to know that this was the moment that you were to testify in front of a jury against your father? >> well, i mean, that was a little surreal as well. i really didn't think we'd ever
4:37 am
get to that point. we continued to fight and hope, but to actually be there in trial, it was very difficult and i wanted to just make sure i was honest and told the truth and it's just hard being so many years later, if you have so little inaccuracies, i didn't want to do anything that would hurt the case at all? >> did you ever look at him? >> i did. i have been to dozens and dozens of hearings in court proceedings regarding my father over the last several years and i every once in a while, i do glance at him. >> does he look back? >> a few times, yeah. >> what do you see in his eyes? >> i just see, i just see a
4:38 am
shell of a man and i see evil. >> if you could ask him one question right now that you could get an answer on, what would that be? >> i would just ask him, i don't know, maybe why? why would you take her away from us? but i know why. he didn't care. he had a plan. he didn't care about my mom. >> you just had twins, what will you tell them about their grandma? >> i will tell them the story, the story that my mom loved us
4:39 am
and she loved all of her children. >> if you could say something to your mother, talk with her, what would you want her to know mou? >> she knows. she knows everything that i want her to know. she knows that, that i love her. >> our thanks, to gene jean for that. you request hear more tonight on "nancy grace" on hln. coming up next on "new day," a new study looking at guns and pg-13 and r-rated movies and the impact on kids. the details on that ahead. how about this, two feuding exs, one lottery ticket there are 338 million at stake. this is a debate for to you weigh in on. should a former long-term girlfriend get a share? we will weigh in on that when we get back. twins. i didn't see them coming.
4:40 am
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4:43 am
>> welcome back to "new day." . >> a shooting at an ice rink, just an architect. meanwhile, there is a startling new study about gun violence in movies. it's tripled. pg-13 films are now more violent than those rated "r."
4:44 am
so is there a connection? let's bring in two doctors who know a lot. dr. chuck williams and dr. michael wellner chairman of the forensic panel. thank you for both being here. let's start with the general supposition. is there a correlation? do you see a connection between the violence in media culture and in reality? >> what's interesting about this, chris, is almost 20 years ago to the day, president clinton signed the brady handgun violence prevention act. actually november 20th, 1993. obvious that occasion he said something i think is sort of very apro poe for this discussion. he said when people of common sense and good will come together, then we can make progress on these issues. 20 years later, i'm not sure that's happened, i'm not sure people of common sense and good will have gotten together to look at how to address this issue of violence, if sandy hook didn't change things, what is? we can't get them to agree on
4:45 am
criminal background checks and screenings on those who can get their hands on a weapon. to me, it's a culture of violence and to look at the core larry so that light violent move, we will get to. >> what do you think? it's a common age old question, does violence in media lead to actual violence? >> you have to drill down on the violence, itself. if you want to talk about bryant park, when you drill down, you've got a teenager who carries himself with gang imagery. he posts himself on facebook. there is something. i think we have to hold specifically segments of hip-hop culture, responsible, responsible for the idea that guns are an accessory of manhood. they're not. and until those people who influence children mobilize and say, you are gutting your community, people can't go to school. that's your homeland security
4:46 am
issue. people can't go to school. people can't be in neighborhoods because people have to have a gun. if they don't, if they're not armed, then if it's not their manhood in question, it's an issue of safety. so i think the culture, entertainment is important. but it has a very specific relationship. lastly, i would point out two things, one is the idea of iconography, the violent person, the person's ability to destroy is somewhat that men and male images are formed around and, secondly, it's the sopranos/breaking bad phenomenon, the idea that people making violent choices locate you and me, we can relate to. that that's a toxic development in entertaining programing. >> i heard from people, parents, people on the street the coffee shop. these kids don't team e seem to value life. they seem to have lost the respect for the fragility of humanity.
4:47 am
is that something that goes to being desensitized? i remember in the ''80s, hour parents tried to keep all those images from us. is there something to this? >> i want to go back to what my colleague said about your point. i'm going to call him out. he's talking about hip-hop. jay zee can say a lot more about staying away from guns and violence. between that and in the previous segment, you talk about the nfl, as my colleague mentioned, there is this saturation, particularly in male culture and forget the hip-hop culture attached to it. it is dominated by male culture. >> you are in the nfl, do you have to prove you are a man by having a gun at this point? >> also the other side of the argument, it's not another side of the argument, another element of the argument, this question, is there a correlation between violence and media and actual violence. ch this was an issue before the supreme court a year or two ago the entertainment violated video games. this is where parents need to
4:48 am
show their kids, should they be allowed to play these violent video games? you shouldn't be censoring us. we should be able to have freedom of speech. the cycle of creativity. >> you are right. there is no reason why the parents who watch this program should not set down rules saying we will not pay for you to go to violent movies anymore. we will not pay for violent video games. if you take the economy out of violence, it extinguishes it. there is an entrepreneurship that feeds the boast. there are two ways to do it. either if parents take control of their children and what they pay for their children to do. secondly, we use taxation on alcohol, on cigarettes. for these kind of studies that chart violence, how would one not benefit societally from taxing violent incidents? you say, okay, fine, you want to make a violent movie, fine. we'll take that money, pay for crime fighting.
4:49 am
we will pay for community better. for education. there are ways in which you can legislate discipline because, clearly, you have an unregulated feeding of the boast. >> it has to start in the moment. all the conversation wes have about parents beg for labels. they wanted ratings. we gave it to them in 1985. now they're not paying attention, research shows believe it or not, it's parents who are buying and purchasing these tickets for the movies, these violent video games, they think it's okay. the research is overwhelming, it's not okay. when they consume this violent media, they can become more aggressive and some can lead to gun violence. it's up to parents as we said earlier as a child of the ''80s, my mom and dad decided what i watched, when i watched it. nowaday, some parents advocated that responsibility to tv, to
4:50 am
movies. we want to get a hand him. parents, it is your job. it is your job. >> exactly. great to see you. always coming up next, how generous would you be if you won $338 million? should you even have to ask that zbhe one new jersey man isn't sharing with his girlfriend and she's suing, why she thinks she deserves a cut of the winning and he doesn't, that's coming up. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the subaru forester. (girl) what? (announcer) motor trend's two thousand fourteen sport utility of the year. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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♪ welcome back to "new day." it is a heated battle over a lottery ticket, a $338 million
4:54 am
winning power ball ticket. new jersey man pedro cazada open that last spring and his ex-girlfriend wants her chair but his attorneys say she has no legal claim because they were no married, even though they were together ten years, have a child together and owned a store together. folks are going to say she's a money grabbing woman trying to get this man's goods. the fact is they had a history together. she had no legal claim to this? >> that's the terrible thing. i say pedro do the right thing, be honorable and decent about this. >> you're a lawyer. >> how dare me. at the end of the day here is the problem. if you're married, then it's subject to equitable distribution, right, and that means that you split the proceeds and here's the other problem. new jersey is not a common law marriage jurisdiction. >> i was just going to bring up common law. >> there are states where if you
4:55 am
live with someone for a special amount of time, cohabitating, holding that person out to be your wife the law says you're married. new jersey is not one of them. there's an equitable argument, the argument of equity but courts are in the business of enforcing what is law. >> i know, mickey says they had a child together, since when does that create a bond between people in this society. >> as you said that it just occurred to me they had a child together so is there child custody? >> let's just say this, there will be very large child support checks that are furnished on a regular basis. >> the formula for that is on their lifestyle on as it was and what this kid needs. >> the problem is that you have a child so equitable that child has a right and some type of claim to a few standard of living so the child won't be cut out and of course the child will be subject to the dad's living which will be pretty good, too. >> didn't i read he's shipped off most of the money to the dominican republic already? >> here's the bigger problem, a
4:56 am
lot of times a person will dissipate assets, what does that mean? they expose of the assets quickly and they went before the judge to get a preliminary injunction, judge, freeze the money. and they're not able to show that and here is the further problem, palimony -- alimony if you're married you give a chunk to the spouse. pa palimony we live together, we're just pals, but new jersey says you need a written agreement. >> something to remember with the lottery stuff you better have a writing involved among you otherwise you may have problems. >> co-workers or -- >> you could be basing it on morality as opposed to legality. before we put too much stink on this guy we have to know more about why they're not together anymore which may be motivating to look at that time legally >> because he got rich. >> if i bought the ticket --
4:57 am
>> apparently that's the rumor that there's some domestic violence claim but they owned a bodega together, live together, have a child together, do the right thing and share some of the money. >> joey jackson. >> learneur. >> speaker of the truth. >> hon, i'd share everything with you. >> you have to. >> whether or not i had to, i'd share it all. >> we'll be back.
4:58 am
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it's our job to make sure that it does. using natural gas this power plant can produce enough energy for about 600,000 homes. generating electricity that's cleaner and reliable, with fewer emissions-- it matters. ♪ -- captions by vitac -- it's -- i don't have the words for it. it's really horrific. >> the devastation is near complete, as many as 10,000 dead from the super typhoon that
5:01 am
lashed the philippines. tens of thousands more desperately in need of aid. and another storm on the way. the rush to help, u.s. marines arriving in the philippines this morning, ready to launch a massive relief effort. cities and towns completely cut off, no food, no water. we're tracking it all like no other network can. collapsed talks between the u.s. and iran fell apart over the weekend, the fallout severe, with allies now angry at the u.s., cristiane amanpour joins us live. >> your "new day" continues right now. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. >> good morning, welcome to "new day." it is veteran's day, monday, november 11th and on this day we thank the men, women and families of our armed forces. thank you for your service. we want to talk to you this morning about what's going on in the philippines. there's obviously a really long road of recovery ahead. the super typhoon has scattered
5:02 am
businesses, homes and livelihoods in the streets and all of it has been flushed into the ocean. too many dead to count, maybe even more missing, more than 1 million displaced in need of help, more than 2 million need food, people looking everywhere for help, whenever and wherever they can get it. take a look at these folks trying in vain to flag down helicopters, if only for the basic essentials. >> amid the chaos one moment of peace, a glimmer of hope, a baby was born in a makeshift hospital at the tacloban airport while the region was getting flooded. american marines have touched down with cargo planes full of aid, more help coming from the pope, sending in $150,000 to local churches in the philippines to distribute to victims and help there. e typhoon haiyan weakened to a tropical storm, now over china after hitting vietnam. we're covering the storm and the
5:03 am
recovery from all angles this morning. andrew stevens is in one of the hardest-hit areas, let's alook at the damage and the human toll of this tragedy. what do we know at this point? >> reporter: chris, it has been just purely devastating. i came through this airport, we're at the airport now, just hours ahead of the storm. i've just got back today. take a look behind me, this is just part of the debris you can see, to the right of me, to the left of me, just piles and piles of debris, the whole airport itself all the walls blown out, the roof is just hanging off. it's been a devastating weekend from that friday storm. take a look at what's been happening. overnight a weakened haiyan still carrying winds of more than 90 miles an hour battered the coasts of northern vietnam and southern china. just days after the typhoon struck the philippines with apocalyptic force. the massive storm stretching 300 miles wide smashed through cities and its close to 200 mile
5:04 am
an hour winds and storm surge swept these gigantic ships onto land, early estimates as many as 10,000 people may have died and over a quarter million people left homeless. half mile from the shoreline where our cnn crew were sheltering the surge was waste deep as we helped rescue a family from their hotel room. >> get international happen now, we need help now. this is really bad, worse than hell. >> reporter: the aftermath a humanitarian crisis of enormous scope. rescue workers began the grim task of finding the dead in the rubble. >> it's really horrific, it's a great human tragedy. >> reporter: in the city of coron the winds ripped the roof off the building. officials estimate most of the housing on leyte island was
5:05 am
damaged or destroyed. the u.s. is flying in emergency shelters and supplies for thousands. >> we will help them in their need. >> reporter: in tacloban storm victims have w no food, shelter or water rushed to the demolished airport desperate for supplies. >> it has to be the food. >> reporter: cebu delivered water and rice sunday. in tacloban key roads are impossible and communications are severed. >> help, help! >> reporter: the only functioning medical facility can't admit more patients, thousands breaking into grocery and hardware stores increasingly desperate or food and water, haiyan livih haiyan leaving an entire city on edge. there's no much more we don't know about the damage further along the coast. this is going to take a long time to get the information out and it looks at this stage, chris, like it can only be more
5:06 am
and more bad news. >> all right, obviously we have to follow this, so early in the process even though the storm is gone. we know the u.s. military is sending food, water, generators, also sending manpower, so needed in a situation like this, a group of marines flying in with more help behind them, they'll try rebuild the airport, that's important so more help can come in. paula hancocks has that part of the story. >> reporter: chris, the u.s. marines arrived here at the airport just this afternoon, an advanced team came to see the situation, what the needs were here, and then they came in with a c-130, and basically what they're going to be doing, supplying these c-130s, four of them supplying helicopters and also some forklifts and pallets and trucks, the infrastructure you need to get the supplies into the airport and also get them out to the people who need them, which is really crucial, as we saw today, many people
5:07 am
still don't have food and water and the most important thing they are doing, they are going to make this a 24-hour operation, they're going to light up the runway and make sure that it's filled with radars to make sure there's no dangers with sharing air space, so that this can continue through the night. at the moment the helicopters stop when it gets dark but it will be crucial to be able to keep going 24 hours. kate, back to you. >> exactly right, paula, first and foremost getting a handle on the scope of the devastation. paula hancocks thank you. let's bring in the u.n. humanitarian affairs office, orla, thank you for joining us. i know this is the last thing you need to be doing right now is talking to the media but it's great to get this message out, you're joining us via skype from manila. first off, how bad is it? what are you seeing? >> it's devastating, the whole place is devastated. the teams that we have on the ground are still coming back
5:08 am
with reports that can't get anywhere, can't get past the amount of rubble, everything, it's all over the streets, they can't move past this stuff. it's still the same. the government are saying now the figures are 9.8 million people affected by this typhoon. that's a massive amount of people. there is over 600,000, they say, are homeless, but that's only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this. >> and of course, when you say the tip of the iceberg, we don't even have a full handle of some of the areas in the outskirts, the harder to reach areas because they've been a complete shutdown of communications, many of these areas completely cut off. what do you see as the most immediate need right now? >> to save lives so that involves the logistics of getting this aid in and that's really what is vitally important at this stage. the logistics to get the roads clear, to get the aid moving,
5:09 am
you know, thankfully that plane has come in today from the u.s., the government have provided the c-130s, they also have the helicopters there, and it's literally getting the aid in so people can survive. we can look after the rest as soon as we get to them but getting to them in the first instance is top of our priority now. >> how big of an operation do you think this will be for your organization? how long do you foresee being on the ground with this? >> six months initially, but i would think it would be a lot longer than that. this requires massive input. it's going to be really, really big. everybody is gearing up. it's all kind of cranking up at the moment, and it will be a massive operation to get to people, to get them shelter, to get them food, to get them water, to deal with the trauma as well. you got to remember that you've got a lot of people out there that are very, very traumatized. you've got a lot of people who
5:10 am
are, would be concerned about their health risks because of waterborne diseases, so there's just -- it's everything. they need everything at the moment. >> from soup to nuts, they need so much help and people when you see those images of just how devastating this typhoon has been and people are just trying to survive at this moment, orlafagan, spokeswoman for the u.n. office of humanitarian affairs thank you for your work and thank you for talking to us this morning. >> okay, good morning. >> good morning, thank you. if you'd like to help go to, we have all the information there for you, how you can help and also programming note for you, anderson cooper is on his way to the philippines, will be reporting on the situation from the ground tonight starting at 8:00 p.m. eastern on "ac 360." watching this of course but a lot of other headlines, michaela. two senior military intelligence officers classified access now suspended, navy investigators look into a growing bribery and prostitution scandal, at least three navy officials have been charged in a
5:11 am
case accusing them of accepts prostitutes and other services from a singapore-based defense contractor. more than 180,000 pounds of salad products being recalled over e. coli concerns. california-based glass onion catering recalling ready-to-eat salads and chicken wraps wiand ham. if you'd like a full list of recalled items go to the fda's website. will he or won't he? new jersey's chris christie made the rounds on sunday morning news, shows trying to side-step questions of a white house run. the newly reelected governor says his focus is on his home state and the recovery from superstorm sandy. he did acknowledge he could prematurely leave the governor's mansion to pursue his presidential ambitions. heartless thieves in washington state stole a fishing boat for injured veterans. the owner jeff mason had gotten
5:12 am
final approval from military officials to provide fishing trips for vets. he was prepared to lead two trips a week free of charge through the wounded warriors program. leave it to lady gaga to make us go gaga, check out the applause, some folks are calling the world's first flying dress. she twhoer as a launch party literally for her new album art pop and lifted off inside the brooklyn navy yard, she called it a big time step for her, her ultimate goal is to stage the first mudical performance from space. i don't think she'll take that. >> the applause was pretty underwhelming. all i here are the fans, wrong kind of fans. >> one of her songs. >> lucky for her. >> let's get over to indra, covering the huge weather story in the philippines and a lot of local forecast concerns as well. what do we know about the board?
5:13 am
>> big chill. look at this huge bull's eye, arctic air coming in from canada. watch as i make it go forward in time, so easy to see this guy spread into the northeast and the mid-atlantic, these temperatures are going to be chilly out there. we'll watch the cold front make its way through the ohio valley today and eventually into the northeast overnight tonight. it's cold, from canada, moisture starved lane there. we'll see lake-effect snow, three to five inches around lake erie and one to three around the other great lakes. let's talk about this chill, this cold air diving so far south, it's going to be flurries out there, in west virginia and in through just east of nashville talking about a dusting of snow, so light it won't stick to the ground, should melt probably on impact but a good month ergly for them to see this weather. temperatures the other story,
5:14 am
cold arctic air temperatures going way down, highs in the 30s tomorrow for pittsburgh, even chicago, no, these are not your lows, it is a good 15, 20 degrees below normal even on wednesday. the arctic high spreading east? there you go, new york city your high tomorrow, wednesday 41 degrees if that's not bad enough we'll be adding some winds in there, watch for delays anywhere from the midwest to the northeast and mid-atlantic, gusts from 20 to 40 miles an hour. lot to be talking about when it comes to the chill and it's staying here for a while so get used to it. >> hello winter. coming up next on "new day" trying to bridge the gap with the talk with iran over its nuclear program. the talks are revealing tensions between the u.s. and israel. is an interim deal on iran worse than no deal at all? chief international correspondent cristiane amanpour will be weighing in. and richie incog kcognito ga
5:15 am
big interview and raises new issues. see if they change how you see the situation? uestion: how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed much is the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪
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plus, for a limited time, members can win a free night every day. only at welcome back to "new day." richie incognito is firing back insisting the bullying allegations against him are not what they seem. he insists they were friends and the whole thing was just part of locker room culture.
5:19 am
nischelle turner is here with much more of what was a very interesting interview. >> interesting, very revealing. >> still raising more questions than answers. >> we don't have a lot of answers, we still have a lot of questions. the phrase "locker room culture" was front and center in this interview. we heard from a seeming contrite and thoughtful richie incognito a man who said he was also hurt by someone he considered a good friend. >> sounds like i'm a racist pig, sounds like i'm a meat head, sounds a lot of things that it's not and i wanted to clear the air just by saying i'm a good person. >> reporter: miami dolphins lineman richie incognito defending himself against allegations he bullied his teammate jonathan martin. >> i've taken stuff too far, and i didn't know it was hurting him. >> reporter: incognito explained the threatening voice message he left for martin which reportedly said in part "hey wassup you half -- bees of blank, i'm gonna
5:20 am
slap your real mother across the, blank, you're still a rookie." >> the rest of how we communicate it's vulgar, it's not right, when the words are put in the context, i understand why a lot of eyebrows get raised, people don't know how john and i communicate to one another. >> reporter: incognito talked of his use of the "n" word to locker room rapport. >> i'm not a racist and to judge me by that one word is wrong. there's a lot of words thrown around the locker room that we don't use in everyday life. the fact of the matter remains, though, that that voice mail was left on a private voice mail for my friend, and it was a joke. >> reporter: incognito says he and martin exchanged 1,142 text messages in the past year, and continue to communicate as the scandal plays out. >> he text me and said i don't
5:21 am
blame you guys, i blame stuff in the locker room, i blame the culture, i blame what was going on around me, and when all this stuff got going and swirling and bullying got attached to it and my name got attached to t i texted him as a friend and it's like what's up with this, man, it's not coming from me. i haven't said anything to anybody. i'm like, okay, as his best friend on the team, that's what has me miffed, how i missed this, and i never saw it. i never saw it coming. >> the dolphins play monday night football tonight, we did reach out to the organization to see if they had any comment on the incognito interview, they did not. interesting the incognito interview was done in los angeles, that's also reportedly where jonathan martin is right now. we haven't heard from him. that's kind of the next phase in this, kate. what we do know that the nfl network is reporting that league investigators are in los angeles and they will probably meet with jonathan martin later on this week. >> right now it sounds like we have two completely different
5:22 am
stories being told so we'll have to see. >> you've only heard from jonathan martin's attorney so it would be nice to hear his words. >> great to see you. >> incognito saying jonathan martin texted him saying this wasn't coming from him. what a provocative discussion. coming back on "new day" no deal in the nuclear talks with iran, that left the future of talks uncertain and our allies angry. we'll tell you what may come next. and the jury has spoken, martin macneill killed his wife. later this hour, the victim's sister and niece give us their reaction, now that this long legal battle is finally over. the secret is out. hydration is in. [ female announcer ] only aveeno daily moisturizing lotion has an active naturals oat formula that creates a moisture reserve so skin can replenish itself. aveeno® naturally beautiful results.
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welcome back to "new day." there was apparently almost a deal for iran to suspend its nuclear program in exchange for lighter sanctions. talks went into overdrive this weekend with secretary of state john kerry saying the west was willing but iran balked. now the administration is on the defensive, allies including israel very angry. let's bring in chief international correspondent for cnn cristiane amanpour. great to have you with us this morning. >> good morning, chris. >> let's start with the news segment of this discussion. you so ek to iran's foreign minister late last week. what did he say to you about the possibility of a deal and what that would require? >> well, without going into the details, he said that he felt that there was the possibility for an understanding or an agreement this weekend. now, there are many who believe
5:27 am
that that was maybe an overly optimistic assessment, believed even as he was saying it, hoping that this would create momentum to having a deal. on the other hand, as you could see, over the weekend, secretary kerry came to geneva, the british and the german and the french foreign ministers came, the russian foreign minister came and so did the deputy chinese foreign minister. they must have thought something was close. they are coming back november 20th to go at it again. >> all right now, the fundamental tension seems to be whether or not this deal is too sweet for iran, because when you talk about those collective powers, certainly is real, the majority opinion seems to be they need to move first. will that happen? >> well, here's the thing. the united states was telling senior u.s. officials on thursday and friday that if iran makes certain steps, then the u.s. has put reversible, reversible lifting of sanctions in certain areas on the table.
5:28 am
and they did say that, yes, we require iran to move quickly and we require them to make a first step. that was already a known going in. what's happened apparently is everybody now is doing like this, blaming each other, the whole echo chamber is alight with all sorts of chatter about why it didn't happen, was it the eiranians who couldn't accept i, the french held out beyond the others, or the israelis even before knowing what the deal was prime minister netanyahu said this say bad deal, his quote was "this would be the deal of the century for iran" so a huge amount of opposition and difficulty amongst israel and also the u.s. congress. so we're not quite sure what it is, but certainly there are issues that the u.s. and the others want. they want to see for instance the iraq plutonium facility, which has not yet come online, possibly not come online, or be
5:29 am
suspended. they want a certain amount of suspension of the program for a period of several months and iran wants to have its right to nuclear enrichment enshrined. there may be a problem there with having its right to enrichment enshrined although the u.s. said that is something that they would go for. >> cristiane, help me here, the weeds are too tall, too deep. i can't see through this anymore. rouhani supposed to be a moderate, potential change agent, he's tweeting, supposed to be good, kerry has optimism, netanyahu says you're crazy, this will never happen and now there's enshrining. break it down for us, where are we really in this process? is there anything going on that measures as progress? >> i think there is. certainly everybody will say that. here's what you need to know. remember the years of ahmadinejad, awful, horrible, hostile, belligerent, no progress over several years or very spotty nuclear talks? now it has changed.
5:30 am
the face has changed, the tone has changed, and the progress has changed, even the united states negotiators said in geneva they had never seen iran act so seriously, be so meticulous and specific and be so rapid in coming back with proposals, so yes, things have changed and even now the foreign mainsters are saying that we may be able to do it in a few weeks. we'll see. we'll see. it is incredibly difficult but here is the thing, israel and the u.s. congress certain members of the u.s. congress wants to see iran completely eradicate its nuclear program, no enrichment, no nothing, just if they want to have a civilian program, then we'll guy from abroad and be heavily monitored. iran has said look, 19 years of sanctions have not made us say no to our nuclear program. that is our right under international law and we're willing to do what you need for transparency and to prove what we're saying is we're not going after a nuclear weapon.
5:31 am
so what you have here is still a massive wall of mistrust between all sides, plus the fact that the israelis do not want to see any deal certainly the government of prime minister netanyahu don't want to see any deal other than iran basically bending over and crying uncle and capitulating. most people think if that's not happened yet it's not going to happen in the future. here's the other thing you need to know, as one former george bush official quoted recently, the only thing, the only feeling the u.s. congress has greater than their love of israel is their aversion to a military conflict, so what we have here is a choice between a negotiated deal or military conflict, and i think that's the thing that people have to focus on. >> that's not a choice at all especially for americans right now. the last thing there is, is an appetite for more conflict. cristiane, as intelligent and insightful as you are and much
5:32 am
as i need to hear this they're forcing me to move on with the show. thank you. i appreciate the perspective, be well. time for the five things you need to know for your new day and number one, classified access revoked for two senior naval intelligence officers, part of an investigation into a defense contractor accused of giving prostitutes and bribes to military officers. an apology from "60 minutes" after the program was misled by a security officer's account of benghazi. it didn't match what he told the fbi. the woman who was fatally mauled by a cougar at a wildcat sanctuary in oregon may have violated rules. they believe she was alone in the enclosure, there should have been two other workers in the pen at the time. just in time for the holidays, u.s. postal service struck a deal with amazon to deliver the company's packages on sundays in los angeles and new york. the deal goes into effect
5:33 am
immediately. and on this veterans day events across the nation will honor the service of military men and women. president obama will have breakfast for veterans and their families and will lay a wreath at arlington national cemetery. we always update the five things to know, visit for the latest. kate? >> thanks, michaela. let's get back to the growing crisis in the philippines now. many saying they've never seen anything like it before. cnn's anna coren got a unique look at the area from the air. >> reporter: a rescue mission is under way. we're traveling with the military to a remote group of islands devastated by super typhoon haiyan, yet to be reached by authorities. from the air, we can see the carna carnage, home after home, village after village, nowhere has been spared. on the ground lie the injured, with broken bones and internal
5:34 am
bleeding, they've been waiting for days for a medical evacuation. >> i haven't seen anything like this before. i thought i'd only see this an television. >> reporter: there is a real sense of desperation here on the ground while the focus is obviously on the sick and the injured and getting them to safety, the people of this hard-hit island need food and freshwater. they've been without it for days and despite assurances from the government, it has yet to arrive. the problem facing authorities is logistics, getting these supplies to these hard-hit and remote areas, and to the people who need it. this air field in cebu has become the staging ground for the biggest relief operation in the country. c-130 hercules fly in survivors, all shell shocked from what they've just lived through. >> i cannot say anything yet. i'm still in shock, i'm so sorry. >> a lot of people are dead, our friends are dead, some of our
5:35 am
family members are dead. so it's really devastating. >> reporter: as the death toll grows by the day, families here desperately wait for news of their loved ones. >> i am the only survivor of the family and i want to know if they are still alive. >> reporter: having had no contact since the typhoon hit, many say hope is all they can hold onto. anna coren, cnn, cebu, the philippines. >> anna, thank you for that report. come up next on "new day," utah doctor martin macneill found guilty of drugging and drowning his wife michele. we'll talk with her sister and niece about that verdict. it's not the "getting blindsided by limits" card. it's the no-game-playing, no-earning-limit-having, deep-bomb-throwing, give-me-the-ball-and-i'll-take- it-to-the-house, cash back card. this is the quicksilver cash card from capital one.
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5:39 am
welcome back to "new day." dr. martin macneill has been convicted of killing his wife. his own daughters were huge for prosecutors in making their case. his wife's sister and niece were there as well. they're going to join us now from provo, utah. linda cluff is michele macneill's sister, jill haar per smith, michele's niece. thank you for joining us this morning. >> you're welcome. >> you're welcome. >> linda, starting with you, can you, please, tell us about who your sister was, up until now, she's just been the function of this murder case, but who was lost? we know she was beautiful. we know her daughters felt she was so devoted to them and a great mother. how did you know her? >> she was a wonderful sister as well. growing up with her, she was such an achiever.
5:40 am
she was great in school. she was fun-loving, had many friends, one that would always go for any activity, cheerleading, drama, just had so much potential that we all looked up to her in administration, and she just had so much potential, and just had a funny sense of humor as well. she could make anybody laugh. she was one that had so many dreams and the ability to achieve them, and just a wonderful sister. opened her heart to many people. >> jill? this has been many years in the making from the time that you lost your aunt until this
5:41 am
prosecution. you kind of grew up with this. as you got into this actually being the trial, did you have concerns that as horrible a man as the prosecutors were painting martin macneill that they may not make the case? were you worried? >> i was worried, to be honest with you. part of that worry comes from the fact that there is so much more to martin than even anybody out there that's been following the trial knows, just that we know as family, and so you know, if somebody had all the information we had, would there be worry, no, but the fact that not all of that could be brought out in a trial did cause worry, no matter how bad martin is, nobody really knows besides those that were around him like we were. >> it's interesting you say that, because we did get hints of that through this trial that boy, this guy has a lot in his background that makes him so terrible. will it amount to the making of a murder case, we weren't sure. now we know the answer to that. linda, a little bit of insight
5:42 am
on that point, there were adopted kids in this family, that was very important to your sister. martin macneill wanted one of them given back and you rescued her. tell us about this. >> yes. the way that came about actually is my daughter, jill, went over to visit, and she just wasn't at the home, and we ended up being able to contact her about ten months later, and get in touch with her, and my daughter flew over and found her, and brought her back and she lived with us. >> i mean, look, it's -- thankfully it ended that way but when we heard this story it gave insight into the character of somebody that started to piece together who would take their wife's life, you know, who would do it for these types of motives but obviously it all came down to your cousin, your nieces and their powerful testimony on the stand. yes, forensic testimony mattered also but for daughters to
5:43 am
testify against their father, tell us, jill, your cousins, what motivated them to have to do this, as difficult as it was? >> it boils down to it's the right thing to do. they lost their mom, and even if it meant losing their dad, too, you have to just do, you know, what you know is right, and they knew within their hearts, and you know, with all that evidence as well that their dad did do this and so it sacrificed both parents for them but they also lost a brother because of all of this, my cousin, damian, and it was the right thing to do as a whole, you know, to get justice for their mom and for their brother, who have lost their lives because of this and because of their dad. >> is there any doubt that martin macneill intentionally administered drugs, intentionally did things when they found your aunt, your sister in that bathtub, to cause
5:44 am
her death? >> zero doubt in my mind. there's no doubt at all. >> how will the family move forward from this now? how do you help these women heal? how do you all heal? >> i don't know, we just bond together as family and be a support for each other, that's what my sister would have wanted. she was the most important thing to her was her family, and has always been family, and so you just move forward by bonding together as family, and being a constant support for each other. >> it's the right point to end on here, linda, because from the beginning what has been so intriguing about this case, as an observer, was what was going on in the family dynamic behind, and even though now the mother is gone, the father is going to be put away, but there are still kids, still a family that needs love and support and good to know that they have those around
5:45 am
them who love them. linda cluff, jill harper smith, thank you very much for opening up about this this morning on "new day." good luck to you going forward. >> thanks, chris. >> thank you. >> kate? >> thanks, chris. coming up next, it is veterans day and we are talking with a distinguished veteran, recipient of the purple heart, j.r. martinez, also of "dancing with the stars" fame. what does veterans day mean to him? that's next. my name is mike and i quit smoking.
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welcome back to "new day." is he an actor. he is a purple heart recipient, and a retired army veteran. he's also an author of the book "full of heart: my story of survival, strength and spirit." no title could be more true. there is no better person to talk on this veterans day perhaps than mr. j.r. martinez. j.r. always a pleasure. >> great to see you. >> we all say we support the troops but is it the truth there are a lot of needs back home that the families have and returning service members have that are not met? >> absolutely, there's a lot of gaps. that's unfortunate talking about individuals willing to make that sacrifice, now as vets we need opportunities, we need jobs. we need employment. we need small businesses. we need big businesses. if you're suit store, provide a suit at a discount, tailor it for a veteran.
5:50 am
>> you sacrificed, tell us about your injury? >> i joined the army right after high school in 2002 and i deployed seven months after i joined and on the 5th of april of 2003, 11 bravo infantrymen we were providing security in car ba rah l.a. and my friend ran over a roadside bomb and literally exploded, i was trapped inside for five minutes and as you can see there was burns throughout 34% myself body. i had no idea what i was going to do with my life. let alone a career, i was never going to be able to go baaing to the military, that was taken away from me. what really helped me is i got an opportunity, as i got a chance, and as a vet i'm representing all the vets that exist in this country and that i'm saying listen, all we want is an opportunity. give us a chance to do something. >> it started off you wanted to be an actor, obviously. you're on "all my children" and we're watching you, this is amazing! i can't believe j.r. did it. >> you watched it, too.
5:51 am
>> of course i did. we wanted to follow this dream. will he be accepted and now you have the book, and you have safe. tell me about the show we'll finish with the book. >> i have "safe" from the creator of "baywatch" an action series and takes place in malibu and what "safe" is about an elite division of the malibu fire department and it's a team of individuals that are experts at what they do, and they create this team called safe and they go out and save lives. my character in the first episode is injured, burned saving a young girl and you follow his story of trying to get back to being a part of the team again. it's great to get back into acting and work on that craft, because i did fall in love with it. >> can anyone be a champion of "dancing with the stars"? >> no. could i do it in. >> no, we would have to have a couple secret lessons. i'll hook you up. >> it bothers me. >> if you do it i'll hook you up. i got some mean footwork. the great things i loved about the show and the opportunity they gave me is to show the world yes i have scars, yes, i was in the military, i was
5:52 am
injured, yes i spent a long time recovering but that's a part of my journey. i am this whole other person, i have a personality, i can persevere, i can dance, and those are things that you wouldn't necessarily associate with someone that was in the military and has gone through what i've gone through. >> look, you're living the dream, there's no question about it. the book has a message, that is you've got to believe. what do you want people to take from the book? >> that life is always about adapting, you know, nothing really happens the way we want it to. they tell us in school write down your five-year plan, your ten-year plan, your 40-year plan, and it's great to have those goals and dreams but things change because life is life and things happen. >> let's end on what today is really about, what do you want everyone in america to remember today? >> well, i want people to know that there are men and women that are still serving this country, and they're still sacrificing and putting their life on the line and leaving their kids behind. let's remember they don't just
5:53 am
work on veterans day. they don't work just on 11/11, they work 365 days out of the year so just give us an opportunity, listen to us, believe in us, and if do you those things, you'd be surprised what you'll get out of every single veteran. >> on veterans day i thank you for your service, for the great work you're doing acting and for showing that a man can dance. j.r. martinez. kate, over to you. >> all right, chris. coming up on this veterans day, what does a shave, a haircut and a new suit really mean, for one veteran down on his luck, it means everything, the extraordinary video straight ahead and also how you can help. i have low testosterone. there, i said it. see, i knew testosterone could affect sex drive,
5:54 am
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welcome back to "new day." let's give you a quick look at our top story. so much devastation and hardship
5:57 am
in the philippines after typhoon haiyan's deadly blow. more than 10,000 people are feared dead. u.s. marines are delivering food, water and supplies now to that nation. pope francis sending $150,000 to help victims. richie incognito says he's not the man he's being portrayed as. he admits he went too far dealing with jonathan martin and says they were friends and's aknow bully. secretary of john kerry says the west was ready to make a deal but the iranians would not go along and negotiations feel part over the weekend. those are your headlines at this hour. chris? >> all right, guys, time for the good stuff. are you ready? we have a veterans day edition. before it let's head over to the couch, shall we? that's mine. >> that's mine. >> that's mine. >> come on, carl. >> it's mine. kyle.
5:58 am
>> revenge is best served with 272 horses. get the best offers of the season now. lease the 2014 ats for $299 a month for premium care included. fix the cuffs, fix the jacket, look at the camera, and away we go. time for the good stuff veterans day edition. we all say we support the troops and far too many are homeless, struggling, like jim wolf, he's battled alcoholism and poverty for decades but thanks to a michigan filmmaker and stylists who worked for free, jim is getting a new lease on life. this youtube video has been viewed by more than 10 million. in it, jim gets a haircut as you can see, color, shave, all the stuff, new clothes, the end result is simply stunning, take a look at the process. ♪
5:59 am
>> amazing. >> yep. appearance and perspective are not always different. change of course is about the inside more than the outside. we know that but it did help jim see his potential and since that video, jim has secured housing, attending aa meetings for the first time, and he's trying to turn his life around. so what's the message for us, here? good stuff on these people for helping this one veteran but on this day especially november 11th we are supposed to be remembering the family, the men and the women. consider giving to charities that help our veterans, no one who has served or serves this country should be homeless. >> or forgotten, they give the ultimate sacrifice, never forgott forgotten. >> it's a great example of the little things you can do. >> got a chance to see himself differe differently. >> the foil is tough, the worst hopefully is behind you. good luck going forward and let us know how we can help.
6:00 am
>> we'll keep cleaning him up and time for "cnn newsroom" with carol costello. >> hi everyone. have a great day. thanks so much. happening now in "the newsroom" -- >> the united states government first of all is going to respond to this crisis. >> marines on the ground and on the front lines in the philippines. typhoon transforming the country into a place called worse than hell. plus this -- it sounds like i'm a racist pig, it sounds like i'm a meathead. it sounds a lot of things that it's not. and i wanted to clear the air just by saying i'm a good person, my actions were coming from a place of love. >> suspended miami dolphin richie incognito coming as clean as he can saying his racist and vulgar language to teammate jonathan martin was just how their friendship was, the interview everyone is talking about straight ahead. just in time for the holiday shopping rush, big news for this morning


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