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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  November 11, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PST

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month, president obama and many others are honoring america's war dead with a ceremony at the arlington cemetery. as the bell toll, let's listen in live. [ bells tolling ] [ bells tolling ]
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>> colors, halt. present, present arms. [ national anthem being played ] ♪
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♪ ♪
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>> present, present arms. [ drum roll ]
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> right shoulder, arms.
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as as the president and the rest of the guests of interest in the platform party head in for the ceremony, the garrs remain at the tomb of the unknowns. an in case you're wondering, they've been guarded every single hour of every single day since april 6th, 1948. jim acosta joins me now live. and jim, the president started off this day commemorating soldiers and ended up here. give me a bit of the feel for the morning. >> reporter: that's right. and in about half an hour from now we're going to hear from president obama after laying the wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. his rifle was aannounced by a 21
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gun cannon salute. we heard taps followed by a 30-second moment of silence. in case you're watching at home, the president is joined by the vice president and defense secretary chuck hagel. earlier this morning, the president hosted a group of veterans here for a breakfast. in that roud was richard overton. at 107 years old, he is the nation's oldest living veteran. having served in world war ii. and many of them are over at the ceremony now. the ceremony actually comes at a critical time for the nation's veteran. many have returned home with devastating wounds. many of the veterans the president pays visits to on a regular basis up at walter reed and other facilities around the country. many of them suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder.
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and right now, the department of veterans affairs has an enormous backlog has been scrambling to clear. that's another issue that veterans have been dealing with. now president obama has pledged to officially wind down the war in afghanistan by the end of 2014. braug to a close one of the longest stretches of military conflict in this nation's history. awful that starting with september 11th. >> live for us at the white house. and the ceremony continues at the tomb of the unknowns. and also inside the amp theater, that ceremony will last for about an hour as well. and president obama will be making the comments and you'll hear them live on cnn. also making big news today, one of the most powerful storms ever recorded slamming into the philippines. and now survivors are left with pretty much nothing. trying to figure out how to get
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the basics, like food and water. to remain survivors. cnn reporter stuck in the middle of the typhoon is going to describe his experience, next.
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countless survivors of the typhoon that slammed the philippines are desperately searching for loved ones right now. as many as 10,000 people could be dead. that's at least the estimate according to the international committee of the red cross. the president has declared a state of national calamity. the storm moved on towards vietnam and china, united states marines were leading the charge today on the ground in the philippines to help in the recovery there. cnn national anchor andrew stevens was in the philippines when it hit. he's got a close-up look of what it was like inside a super typhoon. [ winds howling ]
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>> reporter: this is what the inside of a super typhoon looks like. 250 kilometer per hour winds slamming into a city. a white haze of screaming noise, snatching windows, tearing metal. just minutes after we finished our shots telling the headquarters that we were moving to safer ground, our camera man shot this. as the destruction there continued, a floor below, terrified residents huddled together finding protection against the flying spray and mind-numbing noise. some pray for their safety. [ winds howling ]
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>> it's a relatively secure area, i think where we are. and we are away from windows. but all around us you hear the sounds of windows breaking, you hear the sounds of large objects falling and crashing to the floor. and under foot, it is now just a delug deluge. and if you look behind me, the staircase is now basically a waterfall. and then a torrent of black water began pouring into the hotel. the storm surge has begun. within a few minutes, it was ground floor window level. a panicked family now trapped in their room smashed the window and screamed for help. we managed to get the mother across to safety using a foam mattress. and it immediately became clear the cause of her panic. their daughter is severely disabled. storm chaser and i went back across to get the terrified girl
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to safety and cnn producer tim schwartz helped rescue the rest the family. the waters only rose a little higher. the height of the storm in fact had passed. two hours later, the winds lost their lethal strength. as we walked outside, it was meetly clear that so much of the city had suffered so much more than we had. >> and andrew stephens joins me live now from tacloban. what kind of response are you seeing in the heart of it there where there is some of the worst damage? can you see the response yet, andrew? >> reporter: ashleigh, the respns is indeed underway. but it is just a drop in the bucket if you like given the needs, enormous needs of so many people here. we've talked about it time and again that they are running out of food and there is a severe
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lack of clean water. there is no power. we're standing here with our own generator here. this is just a fraction of the debris here at the airport. there's got to be quite a lot of work done to get that airport rolling. at the moment, people are forgeaging to get food to their families. in the hardest hit areas, they're looking to rebuild what they can. they're taking what remains of their home, and they are making their own make-shift homes. it's obviously not enough. there has to be so much more aid brought into this country. the u.s. military arrived today. what is needed and what the philippines' president told me yesterday is they need to see and they've got the all-clear, they're going to get a lot of
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u.s. helicopters coming in. and that's what you need. went lift. we need to get more supplies into -- not just here. this is a city of 200,000 people. but outside the city. remember, this is a long, low-lying coastal strip. several hundred miles if you like. there are so many other towns here which haven't had any help at all. so that is also a critical issue. so really, we are at an absolutely critical point now in the rescue, the recovery, the relief process. >> and that was my question when we looked at these pictures. it looked so much like the japanese tsunami aftermath. and it's amazing to hear that the airport at tacloban is even open at all. have you seen evidence of -- have you seen the marines out in the streets and are they going to be able to do what you said, spider out into the communities and find those people and bodies? there's just such a massive
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effort that lays ahead. >> reporter: well, those sort of operations are going to be handled by the filipino military and police. the u.s. will be -- it will be all about logistics for the u.s. they will be bringing choppers in with much needed relief supplies. they will be ferying it out to where it's needed the most. this is a four-engine plane, but they've only got three of them so they've got to do round trips and that takes a long time. an hour, hour and a half by air from the capital where we are at the moment. so the u.s. brings muscles as far as getting out to all of those places which need help as well. what we have been seeing over the past couple of days has been more and more people looking for food, stores are being broken into. i would not call it looting, because they need food and water.
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there has been clear looting, televisions, air conditioners, things like that. we've seen hundreds of people carting off just objects, if you like. but the underlying need is all about food and water. >> there's a differences when you're talking about crim looting and looting out of desperation and muir survival. excellent work. from all of us, thank you for what you did in the middle of that storm helping those people and getting them to safety. that's remarkable stuff and it's good that you're okay. you just saw his report and you saw the what looks like toothpicks. and that is real devastating damage. neighborhooded that are just reduced to splinters. look at the images. you can help. go to cnn impact your world. also just ahead, cnn is going to travel to the filipino
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if you can think back for a moment to the aftermath of hurricane katrina, we saw images like this and people on the rooftops of their homes waving to news helicopters and begging for someone to rescue them. now think about the most remote people in the philippines where people are on their rooftops and there are no helicopters and people may not even know their
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there. >> reporter: above the vast blue sea that separates the thousands of islands that make up the philippines, a rescue mission is underway. we're traveling with the military to a remote group of islands devastate by super typhoon haiyan yet to be reached by authorities. from the air we can see the carnage, home after home and village after village. nowhere has been spared. on the ground lie the injured with broken bones and internal bleeding. they've been waiting for days for medical evacuation. >> i haven't seen anything like this before. i thought that i had only see this on television. >> reporter: there's a real sense of desperation here on the ground while the focus is on the sick and injuried and getting them to safety. the people of this hard-hit island need food and fresh water. they've been without it for days. and despite the assurances from the government, it has yet to
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arrive. the problem facing authorities is l getting it to the hard-hit areas and to the people who most need it. and while they say they received the storm warnings from the government and took what they thought was appropriate action, no one here anticipated that mother nature would unleash such fury. >> at my age of 35, i ex-interned a lot of typhoon. but this is the worst thing. >> reporter: this air field has become the staging ground for the country's biggest relief operation. c-130 flying survivors all shell shocked from what they just lived through. >> i cannot say anything yet. i'm still in shock. i'm so sorry. >> a lot of people who are dead, our friends are dead. some of our family members are dead. so it's really devastating. >> reporter: as the death toll
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grows by the day, families desperately wait for news of their loved ones. >> i am the only survivor of the family and i want to know if they are still alive. >> reporter: having had no contact since the typhoon hit, many say hope is all they can hold on to. >> and tune in tonight as anderson cooper will be arrive from the philippines with stories of courage and bravery. thoot tonight at 8:00 and 10 only eastern time. back here in the united states is veterans day and the annual ceremony at arlington national cemetery is underway. palm is about to speak shortly in fact. we're going to take a quick break and bring you his live remarks after this break. did ♪ prefer the taste of gevalia house blend over the taste of starbucks house blend? not that we like tooting our own horn but...
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>> and just to keep you updated, we're watching with our live eye on arlington national cemetery. that's the secretary of veterans affairs who is making some brief comments just in advance of the president who is about to speak. we're going to continue to watch and bring you those live comments in just a moment. but back to the very breaking situation in the philippines. it is getting desperate for the survivors of typhoon haiyan. the areas that are getting demolished are getting help from better places in that country. one city in the philippines getting ready to deploy to the worst hit towns. here is more on the aid that's
8:33 am
come in from the city from the capital city of manila. >> reporter: it is mid united here. but u.s. marines are on the ground and they are out to change. earlier they arrived in hard-hit tacloban city. they are there with c-130 planes and aid. they have sent in special forces on the ground to deliver aid as well as a bid to restore law and order there. the situation on ground is very desperate. we're close to four days since the storm maid landfall and the skur viefrs are increasingly frustrated and angry. they're telling us that what we're going through is worst than hell. doctors telling cnn that they can't go on because they lack much needed supplies. aid is trickling in but only just barely. cnn, manila. >> and our thank you to her. if you would like to help
8:34 am
the super typhoon survivors, you can do that. you can go to impact your you'll find an array of different services that cnn has put together for you. we highly encourage you to do your part if you can. today, back to the live event unfolding right now at arlington national cemetery. and back inside live at the amp theater. on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11ed month, this happens every day at this time to commemorate the ending of world war ii. the secretary of veteran affairs is at the microphone in advance of the president who is about to make remarks to those in attendance. the number of living veterans among us here in the united states today, can you guess? 21 million.
8:35 am
if that's surprising to you, this might come as even more surprising. the number of world war ii vets among us who are living today, 1town 245 million plus. that's pretty incredible. let's listen in to the secretary as he makes his remarks. >> backlogged by over 211,000 planes in the last 230 planes. reduced veterans' homelessness and rolled into the gi bill education program. veterans couldn't ask for a stronger advocate than our president. it's migrate personal and professional honor, to present to you our commander in chief, the president of the united states of america, president obama.
8:36 am
applause. >> good morning, everyone. thank you. thank you secretary for your lifetime of service to our nation and for being a tireless advocate on behalf of america's veterans. to vice president biden and dr. jill biden, secretary hagel and perez, admiral, major buchanan, most of all to our outstanding veterans service organizations, men and women in uniform, and to the proud veterans and family members joining us in this sacred place. mi michelle and i are honored to be with you today again. to the gold star families and brothers and sisters in arms who have walked the paths of these
8:37 am
hallowed grounds and the cemeteries around the world, we join you as you remember your loved ones who wore america's uniform 6789 and here at arlington in section 60, we've ensured that you can continue to bring the small mementos to your loved ones to the final resting place of these american harri h -- heroes. those who fought for our freedom and stood century for our security. on this hillside of solemn remembrance and in veterans halls and proud parades across america, we join as one people to honor a debt we can never fully repay. and the life of our nation, across every generation, there are those who stand apart.
8:38 am
they step up, they raise their hands, they take that oath, they put on the uniform and they put their lives on the line. they do this so that the rest of us might live in a country and a world that is safer, freer, and more just. this is the gift they've given us. this is the debt that we owe them. they fought on the green at lexington so that we could make independent the country that they imagined. they fought on the fields of gettysburg so we could make whole a nation torn asundayer. they thought on the beaches of europe and across pacific islands. and from their sacrifice we emerng the strongest and most prosperous nation in the history of the world. this year as we mark the 60th appear various to the end of the
8:39 am
fight in korea, we pay streshl tribute to them. they have answered america's call. and since america was attacked on that clear september morning, millions more have assumed that mantle, defining one of the greatest generations of military service this country has of produced. on tour after tour after tour in iraq and afghanistan. this generation, the 9/11 generation has met every mission we have asked of themmen and today we can say because of their service, the core of al qaeda is on the path of defeat, our nation is more secure, and our homeland is safer. there are men and women like the soldier soon to be veteran i met a few months ago, jakari hogan.
8:40 am
she deployed to iraq twice and survived not one but two -- excuse me, three separate iad explosions. and when she was well enough, she deployed again. this time to afghanistan where she was often the only woman in our forward operating bases. she proudly wears the combat action badge. and today she's committed to helping other wounded veterans from the trials of war. helping the troops, she says, is what i'm all about. my fellow americans, that's what we should be all about. our work is more urgent than ever. because this chapter of war is coming to an end. soon one of the first marines to arrive in afghanistan 12 years ago, bring dear general will
8:41 am
lead his troops as they become one of the last troops to delouis in this war. and in the coming months more of our troops will come home. this winter, our troop level will be down to 34,000. and this time next year it will be nearly complete. the longest war in american history will end. [ applause ] as it true after every conflict, there's a risk that the devoted service of our veterans could fade from the forefront of our minds, that we might turn to other things. but part of the reason we're here today is to pledge that we will never forget the profound sacrifices that are made in our
8:42 am
name. today reminds us of our sacred obligations. for even though this time of war is coming to a close, our time of service to our newest veterans has only just begun. think about it. our troops wear the uniform for a time, yet they wear another proud title, the title of veteran, for decades. for the rest of the their lives. as a nation, we make sure we have the best led, best trained, best equipped military in the world. we have to devote just as much energy and passion to make sure we have the best cared for and treated and respected veterans in the world. [ applause ] so when we talk about fulfilling our promises to our
8:43 am
veterans, we don't just mean for a few years. we mean now, tomorrow and forever. and not just for generations past, but for this generation of veterans and all who will follow. and that's why as commander in chief, i'm going to keep making sure we're providing unprecedented support to our veterans. even as we make -- [ applause ] -- even as we make difficult fiscal choices as a nation, we're going to keep making vital improvement improvements to our veteran. we're making sure that veterans not covered by the v.a. can afford quality affordable health insurance. weaver going to keep reducing the claims bag log. we're going to keep at it so you can get the benefits that you
8:44 am
have earned and that you need when you need them. [ applause ] we're going to keep helping our newest veterans and their families pursue their education under the post 9/11 gi bill. we are going to keep demanding that the rights and dignity of every veteran are upheld including for push are for the disabilities treaties so our disabled veterans have the same opportunity to travel and study around the world has r as everybody else. and with the help of michelle and dr. jill biden and joining forces, we're going to keep fighting to give every veteran who has fought for america to pursue the american dream. a fair shot at the jobs and opportunity you need to help us rebuild and grow here at home.
8:45 am
because you're bringing home the skills and work ethic and leadership necessary to start companies and serve your communities and take care of your fellow veterans. that's our promise to you and all who have served. to be there and support you when you come home, every step of the way. and as a nation, we will striev to the worsty of the sacrificed that you've made. that's what we owe all of our veterans. that's what we owe veterans like richard overton who served in the army in world war ii. he was there at -- [ applause ] [ cheers and applause ]
8:46 am
now, everybody, i want you to know a little something about mr. overton here. he was there at pearl harbor when the battleships were still smoldering. he was there at:00 na with a. he was there at ewoe jet stream ma where he said i only got out of there by the grace of god. when the war ended, richard headed home to texas to a nation bitterly twieded by race. and his service on the battlefield was not always matched by the respect that he deserved at home. but this veteran held his head high. he carried on and lived his life with honor an dignity. he built his wife a house with his own two hands. he went back to work in the furniture business. in time, he served as a courier
8:47 am
in the texas state capitol where he worked for four governsers and made more friends than most us do in a lifetime. he still lives in the house that he built, and every sunday he hops in his 1971 ford truck and drives one of the nice ladies in his neighborhood to church. [ applause ] this is the life of one american veteran living proud and strong in the land he helped keep free. and earlier this year, the great folks at honor flight austin brought richard to washington, d.c. for the first time. and he and his fellow veterans paid their respects to the world war ii memorial. and then they visited the memorial to martin luther king jr. as richard sat in a wheelchair beneath that great marble
8:48 am
statute, he wept. and the crowd who gathered around him wept too. richard overton, this american veteran, is 107ier's old. and we are honored that he is here with us today. let's ask richard to stand again, because he can stand. [ applause ] [ applause ] and this is how we'll be judged. not just by how well we care for our troops in battle but how we
8:49 am
treat them when they come home and by the america we build together. by what we do with the security and peace that they have helped grant us. by the progress that allows citizens from richard overton to hogan to play their part in the american story. today, our message to all of those who have ever worn the uniform of this nation is this, we will stand by your side, whether you're seven-days out or, like richard, 70 years out. because here in america we take care of our own. we honor the sacrifices that have been made in our name for the nation that we love. and we commit ourselves to standing by these veterans and their families for as long as we're blessed to walk this earth. blood bless you all, our veterans, blood bless our men and women in uniform. and god bless the united states of america. thank you.
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ladies and gentlemen, please stand and join the united states air force band in singing "god bless america." ♪ god bless america land that i love ♪ ♪ stand beside her and guide her ♪ ♪ through the night
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miami dolphins guard richie incognito is speaking out for the first time about allegations an he bullied his teammate jonathan martin. the latest revelation? he says martin enthim a threatening text message about his own family as an parent joke. here's what he told fox sports. >> a week before this went down, jonathan martin texted me on my phone. i will murder your whole f'ing family. now, did i think jonathan martin was going to murder my family? not one bit. >> by the way, incognito goes on to say martin tests and the ones he sent martin were not racist but were part of everyday
8:57 am
language from the locker room. joining me now with their expert take on this case because you know what, it could end up as a case, paul callan and danny cevallos. paul, now na there's a guy on tape saying i'm sorry, does that change the game at all in any legal way? >> i think it changes the game completely. this is so ridiculous. when you look at the context of what goes on in professional football locker rooms, this is just typical behavioren an it's gotten blown up because it's publicized. a famous philosophy thomas hobbs once said life is nasty, broodish and short in an uncivilized society. >> danny, when i heard the interview the first time and this threat that incognito said he received, i was astounded. i couldn't imagine actually typing the words i'm going to kill your whole family until i realized he sent a meme, a photograph. take a look at it again.
8:58 am
this is a photograph of a smiling woman with her dog and the embedded joke which is text that's on the photograph itself is i will murder your whole family. does that make any difference? again, when it comes down to whether there's a harassment case or something actionable, does that make any difference? >> it makes a huge difference. paul, did nobody grow up in a neighborhood? was nobody on a sports team ever? clearly we need to go back to joke writing 101. the reason the meme is because the woman and the dog are on it. it's ridiculous. even if martin wanted to bring a lawsuit, he would have to prove outrageous behavior, extreme behavior to prove emotional distress. look, this appears to have been between consenting adults. the supreme court said consenting adults can be sodomize each other. it stands to reason they should it be able to joke back
8:59 am
sodomizing and hurting each other if it's clearly a joke. >> maybe the dog's got a cause of action here. i don't think anybody else does. he looks like a nice dog. >> do you have to in that moment though? because one person can assess a circumstance and think it's all fun and games and the other one could be devastated. what does a jury say? >> first of all, no prosecutor would take a case like this. if it involved children, a talker, if the context clearly showed criminality, yes. but something coming out of a locker room relationship between a rookie and seasoned player, no prosecutor would seriously look at this. >> i still think there's missing pieces here. i smell a rat. that's the journalist in me. >> male and female humor. male humor is cruel and biting. >> ruthless. >> and my wife is constantly saying grow up. why do you say something like that. >> i wish we had more time. we've been very busy with
9:00 am
armistice day. it commemorates the end of world war i. i call my children by the wrong names all the time, as well. paul callan, an danny, nice to have you both. it's been great to have you with us. suzanne malveaux along with michael holmes will take over the reins right now with "around the world." >> this is really, really like bad, worse than hell. worse than hell. >> the desperate calls for help after one of the strongest storms in history wipes with away entire towns. >> as many as 10,000 people are feared dead. survivors now desperately searching through the wreckage looking for their loved ones. >> plus the danger continues. another storm is heading to the philippines. how it will impact the recovery ahead. welcome to around the world. i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm michael holmes. thanks for your company. we'd like to


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