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tv   Early Start  CNN  November 12, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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that's it for our coverage from the philippines early this morning. i hope you join you later tonight on ac 360 at 8:00 and 10:00 eastern time for the latest on the situation here on the ground. "early start" begins right now. have a great day. they have never, ever seen that kind of storm surge come in. or else they have been elsewhere. they didn't know what beast was coming into town. >> the death toll from typhoon haiyan braces for a new tropical threat. thousands of survivors try to make their way to safety and we have liar. the racial slurs are harassing or bullying and that workplace, in that locker room, and outside the locker room. >> overnight as the team hits the field for the first time since the locker room bullying
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scandal, the dolphins owner finally breaks his silence. he claims he is appalled by allegations of hazing and harassment. tired of tossing out shampoos and cologne at the airport? the carry-on liquid ban could be a thing of the past. >> you could bring your axe with you. your body spray. >> please don't bring that pup you're back! so excited you're back here. >> it's great to be back. i mean it. nice to be here this morning. we start with the news. so much of the world is focused on the heart breaking the ining the philippines. days sis supertyphoon haiyan has hit. the damage and devastation is immense and tragic. the death toll stands under 2000 but the red cross estimates the numbers will increased, maybe 10,000, even higher and no way to know right now.
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the focus is on the frantic effort to get help to survivors. u.s. marines are on the ground and bringing aid and the "uss george washington" is on its way. can the help get there fast enough for the millions of people who need it? andrew stevens is live in taclob tacloban. give us a situation of what it is like on the ground right now. >> reporter: the lights on the runway has gone up right now. a big problem in the past over the past five days, operation had to close down when night falls. if there is more aid coming in around the clock that will make a big, big difference. walking around the city today, it's a lot quieter. i've seen food being distributed but it is really, to me, looking quite haphazard. there is not big relief staging centers and not an abundance of
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people on the street handing things out yet but i do speak to a few people who did get back and say this food will last us for a week and then we don't know. a lot of people are scrambling to get out of this town and people cueing up from the early hours and sleeping overnight in what i can describe as appalling conditions and we have been with them all night. they line up to get a flight out. i just spoke to a woman who got here at 6:00 in the morning and being patient. the gates open and no plan and they got the plane out so they had to come back and stay here tonight. a lot of people trying to get out and a lot of people still looking for food and i've been around the city a lot. water. people are talking about water but everywhere we go, we were driverg with the mayor of the city who who had an incredible escape, please help us, have you got food or water? the key point to remember this is a city, an important city, the key city where 200,000 people live here.
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there is a runway. there is aid nearby. go down the coast a few miles, you don't have to go that far. there is still a lot of towns down that coast and up that coast where we don't know what is happening there and we don't know what the situation is. we can only assume it's as bad as we have seen here because a lot of people, a lot of the poorer people who live on the shore in the shanty places if they didn't get out they might not have been able to get out at all so that is where the aid also needs to go. the u.s. -- we -- coming in and critical but get the aid out is what we are waiting for. disburse it outside tacloban city. >> the unknown in some cases it is so frightening because people simply have not been to these villages, these coastal communities that could have been devastated. imagine what it's like in the outlying areas. what is the status to get to
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these areas? the groups who are going to get down there or an effort right now to reach these places? >> there is certainly an effort to reach these places. a lot of roads are now being opened up. remember, this was cut off by fallen trees. all of the major arterial roads in and out were closed but both roads are now open. aid can start spanning out, if you like. everything you mentioned there, the offspray, the local authorities here it has to happen to get relief going. i was talking to a mayor who was in a town 30 kilometers from where i am standing now to the south. it's a small town. he managed to get most people away from the waterfront because he said i will arrest anyone who is here after midnight. he said we only got three dead. as he came up towards this city, he said he saw scores of bodies lying on the shore and lying
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close to the -- so we don't know the full extent of this. the numbers are meaningless still until we get much more complete information and it is going to take a long time. >> andrew stevens for us in tacloban, let's hope for miracles as people get there on the ground to help out. thank you for being there at the airport in tacloban this morning. >> it would be great to have miracles there. we are hearing more amazing stories of survival. jim was in tacloban when haiyan hit and spent 48 hours there at the height of the storm and in the early hours of the aftermath. >> the last report i had said 195 miles an hour wind. i knew it was coming. a lot of low lying areas. and, yeah, i knew exactly what was coming. they didn't. but i sure did. they get typhoons in the philippines all the time, but my estimation is they say, okay, another typhoon? it's the same drill, whether it's a one or a five, they go to
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their usual place and get their provisions and they ride it out. they never, ever seen that kind of storm surge come in or else they would have been elsewhere. they didn't know what beast was coming into town. they just weren't prepared for that. >> you see the power of that certainly is something if you have any hope of surviving, you do have to be well prepared. >> you were hearing from storm chaser jim edds who was in the midst of it as things were happening. >> a sense of more rain is on the rain in the philippines. our indra petersons is tracking that for us. >> they have not named a system just yet a high risk in the area. in the philippines they have their own government agency named this tropical dressings zi rye d zoraida. it wouldn't be a big story other than the fact everyone is trying to recover right now. closer you'll see the heaviest
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rain is currently within the region. really talking about right now anywhere from 6 to another 10 inches of rain in the region and winds strong at 35 miles per hour. but definitely not what they need at this point in time. the heaviest rain bands will change. things will improve for them. this shows you where you have the moisture and dry air and you can see live dry air will be filling in. giving you a quick look here at the forecast. talking about heavy rain through the evening and turning into scattered showers and a break in through wednesday and the time they can really start to recover and get these winds to die down and the rain to back off. >> thanks so much, indra. other news now moving to back to the states. official numbers set to come back this week but we are getting an image of how many americans signed up for obama care. the numbers are not high at all. "the wall street journal" says
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fewer than 50,000 people signed up through the federal site as of last week. cnn estimates another 60,000 signed up through state-run exchanges. together that is still a fraction of the 500,000 people the administration was expecting and hoping would be signed up by now. problems with the health cacarev may also be a problem people are not signing up. the controversy swirling around the miami dolphins amid accusations of player hazed and harassed teammate. the dolphins played monday night and lost against the buccaneers. the team is reeling against jonathan martin and richie incognito's absence from the team. the owner stephen ross speaking ot saying he is not jumping to
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conclusions yet. >> we want to get to the bottom of it and hear what the real facts are. so much has been said and done to date that i don't think anybody really knows what has happened because no one has really spoken with jonathan martin directly. >> ross said he has been trading text messages with martin and martin is expected to speak this week with the lawyer hired by the nfl to look into all of these allegations. as for incognito, he claims the violent and racist text messages and voice mails he sent are being plmisinterpreted and partf the locker room culture. the bucs had not won yet this season but they beat the dolphins last night on "monday night football." coming up, some big news for flyers. >> the eu is testing liquid explosive scanners very similar to what the tsa is doing, but it comes back to the technology. is the technology ready for
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prime time? >> one less headache at the airport. carry-on travel restrictions are being lifted across the globe, but will it happen here? >> i was looking three these display cases and it had jewelry and there was a purple heart sitting there. >> you want to come back for this story. a veterans mission to find the rifle owner of a lost world war ii purple heart. it is that time. the morning rhyme! tweet us with your own original verse. it can be about anything. the #earlystart and #morningrhyme. we will read the best ones the next half hour on the air. avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive"
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it found out the doctor we needed was at st. anne's. wiggle your toes. [ driver ] and it got his okay on treatment from miles away. it even pulled strings with the stoplights. my ambulance talks with smoke alarms and pilots and stadiums. but, of course, it's a good listener too. [ female announcer ] today cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everything works like never before. [ female announcer ] today cisco is connecting the internet of everything. wout of landfills each year? plastic waste to cover mt. rainier by using one less trash bag each month, we can. and glad forceflex bags stretch until they're full.* so you can take them out less often. welcome back to "early start." this could be a big change in the way you fly. thanks to new scanning technologies, some european airports are lifting their ban on carry-on liquids. the tsa says it is also looking into easing restrictions at home. experts say liquid explosives do
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pose a serious threat to airplanes but the new techniques could fight that threat while making air travel a whole heck of a lot more convenient. here is ray marsh. >> reporter: the power of a liquid bomb on display. it was the devious weapon of choice in the chilling 2006 plan to blow up as many as ten u.s.-bound flights from the united kingdom. the plot was foiled but since then the past seven years, flyers have been restricted to no more than 3.4 ounces of liquid or on gels allowed in carry-ons in the u.s. and europe. now new technology could allow airports around the country to ease the rule. london is taking the first step towards the goal of lifting restrictions on liquids by 2016 by installing new liquid scanning technology at heathrow airport. the ohio-based company which developed the machine says it
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sta scans containers in less than ten seconds and using radio frequency and technology and the company didn't specify the margin of error only saying it was very low and very nonfactors such as the type of container. all european airports have been mandated to have technology capable of scanning for liquid explosives by 2014. but what about the u.s.? the tsa tells cnn developing liquid scanners that would allow them to lift restrictions, quote, remains a long-term goal. but chad woverlf, a former tsa assistant commissionadministrat that change won't come any time soon. >> the eu is testing explosive scanners like the tsa is doing but it comes back to the teg
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knowled technology. is it ready for prime time and i think as of today, they are not. >> reporter: the tsa wants to lift the restrictions and in 2008 went as far saying the restrictions would be gone by the end of 2010 because they believe the equipment would be in place but that didn't happen. as for these airports in the uk they will start using the in scanners in january but flyers should still plan to pack light on the lotion, liquids and gels simply because in the first phase of this, they will only be scanning duty-free items, as well as liquid medications. if everything goes well, then they will lift the ban to other liquids. rene marsh, cnn, reagan international. >> our thanks to rene. slowly, but surely. a new bride accused of pushing her husband off a cliff days after their wedding may have baseline folded him first. 22-year-old jordan graham had pled not guilty and now her attorneys are claim prosecutorial misconduct saying
2:18 am
the interrogators twisted her words. the trial is set for next month. show no mercy is what prosecutors are asking a judge that will sentence whitey bulger. a two day sentence hearing will begin on wednesday and family of the victims will address the court. bulger was convict on a slew of counts including roles in the murder of some 11 people. the judge is expected to send the 84-year-old to prison for the rest of his life. police say mob boss is not cooperating and saying it happened in a pharmacy parking lot. the new york daily news say it happened when he was braeaking fight. gotti was once the boss of the crime family junior as he is known served five years in prison and tried multiple times
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on mob-related charges. a man is facing federal terrorism charges after authorities satisfy i tried to joy a fighting army in siberia. he is from raleigh, new york carolina and allegedly spent months expressing support for jihadi fighters. he tried to join that fight last year but said to have backed out at the last minute. the amazing return of a purple heart and it happened on veterans day. it was found in a flea market in arizona in january. the cost? 40 bucks. no guidance who it belonged to or other than a soldier's name engraved on the back of it and two letters. one address to stillwell, oklahoma. matt carlson began his search. it took nine months and a whole lot of help but he ooerveeventu found the private who had died on a ship in world war ii. carlson brought that medal back to marriott's hometown in
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oklahoma yesterday. >> it's closure. it's closure for both me and for clarence because though his body is not here, today, i feel his spirit in that room. >> what an incredible gift. so the family has donated the medal and the letters to the town museum in stillwell where they will be on display to everyone is ksee this. it is a great story. >> what an amazing story. tim tebow luck may be turning around with a big career move. andy scholes will explain what the former nfl quarterback has up his sleeve. that is coming up in "the bleacher report" next. giving. . i get bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month. i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist.
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we're constantly innovating to advance the front line in the cyber battle, wherever it takes us. that's the value of performance. northrop grumman. welcome back. amid the bullying scandal there was still a game to play and the dolphins chhit the field last night against the tampa bay bucbucs who had not won a single game all season until last night. >> it's a rough couple of weeks for the dolphins as they deal with the jonathan martin departure and richie incognito bullying scandal. everyone wanted to find out how the firestorm around the team would affect them. miami came out sluggish and bucs scored first to an offensive lineman, 6'5", 345 donald penn with a td catch and slam dunk and celebrated. without martin and incognito,
2:25 am
the dolphins line struggled. daniel thomas gets taken down for the safety. the bucs go on to get their first win of the season beating the dolphins 22-19. good news for the denver broncos. peyton manning's mri on his injured ankle showed no signs of new damage and interim head coach jack del rio says he is definitely going to play this weekend and that is huge for the broncos because they are hosting the 9-0 kansas city chiefs on "sunday night football." trending right now on bleacher former broncos quarterback tim tebow may be back in football soon but it won't be on the field. according to, the former heisman trophy winner has hired prominent broadcast agents caa nick kahn to represent him. if the nfl does not come calling soon we could see tebow on a college football broadcast team by the end of the season. two notables on the past year is kevin ware's his injury during the ncaa tournament and
2:26 am
kobe bryant tore an achilles the end of last season. to motivate each other they made a bet who would make it back on the court first. loser has to attend the winner's game. looks like kobe is going to louisville. it is awesome. ware won the bet by playing in an exhibition game last week. kobe is trying to get back to the court but he will fill this into his schedule. >> both guys working hard to get back on the court. >> i was worried about kevin ware. he is doing amazingly well. thank you very much, andy. the bug news of tig news of coming up. so much tragedy. >> the tornado lasted four hours. >> devastation in the philippines as survivors of typhoon haiyan and they search for missing loved ones. we will have the latest developments on the ground as the death toll rises and rises and a new storm seems to be moving in. waffle bars... fancy robes...
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this is really, really like bad, bad. worse than hell. worse than hell. >> survivors desperate for help but for so many of them, relief nowhere in sight. the death toll from typhoon haiyan rising and get this. there is a new storm barreling into the philippines. it was like what do i do? who is this lady? this isn't anybody that my parents have mentioned or i've seen. >> survival instincts kicking in. how a 14-year-old girl managed
2:31 am
to protect hearses when an intruder came into her home. one of the best craigslist story you will not believe. you will not believe what was in this desk when this person bought it and what the person did with it. >> i don't understand how you forget that you put that amount of cash inside a desk. so stay tuned for that. amazing. welcome back to "early start." glad you're with us. i'm zoraida sambolin. >> i'm john berman. we start in the philippines. the misery is growing by the day in the wake of super typhoon haiyan. 4.2 million affected by the storm' millions left with no water or food. the official death toll is under 2,000. but that is expected to climb much higher, they say. the red cross estimates some 10,000 people were killed. anna koren took a ride above the
2:32 am
damage and it is just devastation. >> reporter: across huge expanses of the philippines nothing is left but rubble and desperation. can you see it from the air and feel it and smell it on the ground. survivors walk past the ruins of their homes and lives. focus on one thing, finding food. the water is crunching beneath their feet as they scrounge for scraps. get international help to come here now. >> not tomorrow. now. this is really, really like bad, bad. worse than hell. worse than hell. >> reporter: u.s. marines are on the ground. relief operations are under way. the food, clean water, and medical supplies can't come fast enough. this air field in cebu is the staging ground for the country's biggest relief operation. is there a real sense of desperation here on the ground while the focus is, obviously, on the sick and the injured and
2:33 am
getting them to safety. the people of this hard-hit island need food and fresh water. they have been without it for days and despite assurances from the government, it is yet to arrive. the problem facing authorities is logisticlogistics. get the supplies to the hard-hit and remote areas he and the people who need it. so many roads are impassible, clogged with debris and littered with bodies. the stench is terrible. for many, the pain is unbearable. >> a lot of people are dead. our friends are dead. some of our family members are dead. it's really devastating. >> i am the only survivor of the family and i want to know them, if they are still alive. >> reporter: as the death toll grows by the day, families are desperately searching for loved ones who may be lost forever. swept away by one of the most powerful storms ever to strike the planet. >> a tornado just passed us and a tornado lasted for four hours.
2:34 am
at first, it was the ceiling that went off and then the roof just started flying in all directions. >> there was 15 to 25-foot wave came across entire villages so everything is wiped out. >> reporter: in the midst of all this death and destruction, a baby girl was born at a make-shift clinic at the tech low b -- tacloban airport. the mother delivered a new life and a glimmer of hope. anna corin, cnn, philippines. imagine a tornado that lasted four hours. those who lived through this storm describe a scene of just horror and death and destruction everywhere. at the height of haiyan, there was certainly so much fear about what might happen. shirley limb lives in the area. >> the wind is so strong. like growling, like swoosh.
2:35 am
i can't imagine myself. it's like the movie "twister" you know? i feel like i'm in it. i am going to die. the local government here, the help of our mayor, mayor sams and our governor, also provide water, shelter operations. most of the houses here were made of light materials like bamboo. that's why most of the houses were were ruined. you guys can visit. maybe, you know, when you land is a warning sign that we have to protect area conserve our natural resources. >> the beauty is still there, she says. the forecast today for much of the philippines is, unfortunately, rain and adding to the devastation from more than a million people that were
2:36 am
displaced there. meteorologist indra petersons is here with this really sad pictures. >> it really is. we were talking who calls it similar to being a tornado? that is what it was like an ef-5 tornado and it's over your house for seconds and continues to move on. >> they said it was four hours long. >> this stays in place and exactly what it is. another system in the area today. from the morning center it is a high risk. the philippines have their own governmental agency and named this tropical depression zoraida. we are talking about from 6 to 10 inches of additional rains. winds about 35 miles an hour and perspective this wouldn't typically be a big deal. they are used to heavy systems in this region. they are trying to recover and any additional rain at this point in time is extremely difficult. we are still looking at the heaviest portion of rain currently tapering off for them tonight and drying out as we get through wednesday. easiest way to see that is the water vapor satellite.
2:37 am
here is where the moisture is and behind it some dry air will be filling in where you see that yellow. one piece of good news we have. tuesday and wednesday, things -- wednesday and thursday, i should say, things will look better for them. heaviest showers tapering off and high wind in the region and things get better but 48 hours from now, another system heading their way as well. >> they need things to get better. so many people want to help. if you want to help in the recovery efforts in the philippines, go to a list of charities you can donate to and a great resource to get help to people who need it. >> one of the headlines was 10,000 body bags have been ordered i was reading this morning. if you're so inclined a great place to go and get more information. toronto's mayor insists that he is not going anywhere despite e enormous pressure to resign. a defiant rob ford declared on monday he will not step down even after admitting to smoking
2:38 am
crack cocaine. he was booed at a veterans function and one vet refused to shake his hand. toronto is to vote tomorrow in unprecedent motion to force the mayor out. ford says he plans to run for re-election. 52-year-old perry inhofe was piloting the small plane when it crashed outside of tulsa. no word on what caused that crash but the top of plane he was in which is a mitsubishi 2b-25 is has under investigation later after a slew of accidents. >> a public memorial service today for a tsa officer shot at l.a.x. service will be for gerardo hernandez who was gunned down on november 1st when authorities say paul ciancia pulled a
2:39 am
semiautomatic from a duffel bag and began firing. hernandez was the first tsa officer killed in the line of duty. he was just 39 years old. a judge is set to decide this week whether a lawsuit against spike lee will be heard in state or federal court. a tweet by the oscar nominated director misidentified an elderly couple's address as the home of george zimmerman. the couple encouraged the dangerous mob mentality and say they continued to get death threats and say they have been unable to sell their house. disturbing images from michigan of a moment when a state trooper and a suspect fell off an overpass. it was all captured on the dash cam. it happened on november 1st when the trooper tried to stop a driver knee snear saginaw. hide speed chase and when the driver tried to stop he climbed over the guardrail to get away. that is when the trooper reached out and both went tumbling over
2:40 am
the edge 30 feet down. both are said to be recovering and neither have been identified. >> crazy. very special veterans day for one south carolina boy and his father. eighth grader josh carroll thought he was going to an awards program at school. little did he know that someone special was going to be there as well. take a look at this. the look on that boy's face doesn't get more priceless than that. the joy. his father lieutenant bob carroll spent six months with the army in afghanistan. he was is not supposed to be home three more weeks but he and his wife thought a great way to say hello to their kids again was at a school assembly. the two other sons had no idea
2:41 am
he was back either. i guess they were just as surprised when they saw their father home on veterans day. what a happy veterans day for that family. >> unbelievable story. it when an untrudier entered their home, one girl did the only thing she could think of. she grabbed a bow and arrow! >> what? >> we will tell you how it turned out after the break. notd by a heart valve problem. that puts jim at a greater risk of stroke. for years, jim's medicine tied him to a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but now, with once-a-day xarelto®, jim's on the move. jim's doctor recommended xarelto®. like warfarin, xarelto® is proven effective to reduce afib-related stroke risk. but xarelto® is the first and only once-a-day prescription blood thinner for patients with afib not caused by a heart valve problem. that doesn't require routine blood monitoring.
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2:45 am
>> it was like what do i do? who is this lady? this isn't anybody that my parents had mentioned or i had seen. i panicked a little and got the bow out of my closet. he was just panicking saying, oh, my god, are you going to shoot me with that? i said, get out of my house. what are you doing in my house? get out. >> that's why people keep bow and arrows in their bedroom closet. reed hit in her room and called 911. the woman was arrested and charged with trespassing and still not clear why she went to the house but reed says the woman appeared to be very, very confused. >> the moral of the story here. do not unlock the door and simply walk away! my goodness! that could have ended very badly. let's see what is coming up on "new day." indicate and chris are joining us. >> good morning, guys. >> we always say it's the gun, it's the gun. in the last week, we have seen a bow and arrow and an ax while you were on vacation, j.b. somebody had a pick ax next to
2:46 am
the bed. people have lots of ways to defend themselves. >> they do. the big story this morning is what is going on in the philippines and here is why. it's not over. you think the storm has passed. another storm is coming and another storm of a different kind. the worst time during these situations is in the first weeks afterwards. why? secondary wave of death and disease that can happen if help doesn't get there. right on now it can't. it's very slow. we are lucky enough to have anderson cooper on the ground to monitor the situation for us and we will let you know what is going on there and what is developing and how you can help. you can go to our website at any time, and help the relief organizations that are trying to get going there. we are following new developments in the miami dolphins locker room scandal. the team's owner finally speaking out for the first time about claims that player jonathan martin was bullied by another team may richie
2:47 am
incognito. what the owner says he plans to do this week to get to the bottom of the accusations and a pretty tough game for the dolphins. we will talk about it and much more. >> see you soon. thank you. >> thanks, guys. if you have not noticed it's cold for the eastern part of the country and that means snow! can you believe it? this was the scene near chicago where just under an inch fell. it was more of a nuisance than anything else. this is my favorite. my two nephews out in the snow. that is a suburb of chicago. they couldn't wait to get out there and play! >> they are making mud angels. >> they are. it feels like for most of the country. where is all of this snow falling? >> you can see the satellite right now. talking about a few flurries and also around state college and the story today. this region here mid-atlantic and trying to creep into the south has a chance. i say a chance. >> new york? >> minimal, yes, new york, the next couple of hours. we are seeing a frontal band
2:48 am
make its way through. the arctic high is bringing the temperatures way down below normal today. a front is passing through. this is this morning. the showers are behind "the new york times" and once this front makes it is way through throughout the morning and commute hours we could see a dusting. the key is, you guys, a chance. this is the first little flurry for most people. >> i say i want it to be really hot or lots of snow so bring it on. >> you got neither really. you get neither. >> thank you, indra. >> it is time for our morning rhyme. we have a great one. these are the best tweets of the day and from jason who sends us this. the haiyan typhoon caused so much damage and loss, let's open our hearts and give to the red cross. >> nicely done, jason. >> a terrific sentiment. you can come up with your own morning rhyme and tweet us. that was a great one. we really appreciate it. >> we will be right back. . angie's list saves me a lot of time. after reading all the reviews i know i'm making the right choice. online or on the phone,
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welcome back to "early start." it is "money time." christine romans is here. >> good morning. dow industrials cord the 35th record close for the year yesterday. a decent day for the major averages. stock futures lower this morning but that is what it looked like yesterday. 20% major gain for the dows to today. nasdaq up 30%. when you gone, berman, the numbers went up. you can check your 401(k) and make sure you have the right balances there. do you know this guy? uh-huh. william shatner. that's right. the pitch man for that stock yesterday warped speed. it is the highest price stock in the s&p. all time high above 1,100 a share and for the year it is up nearly 80%.
2:53 am
charts like that have some people looking at nasdaq and going bubble, maybe, bubble. we hear people talking a lot. the housing markets are there bubbles forming in the housing market? yesterday i sat down with the chief economist of circumstances . he pointed to san jose, los angeles and san diego. listen. >> when rates go back up to 5% to 6%, people in san jose spend half of their incomes on a mortgage which is way they ever have historically and if history is any guide when that happens prices go flat or fall again. >> international flash fire coming into those markets and buying lots of property for on cash and one of the reasons you're seeing the prices go up. here is another little piece of housing news for you. rich people are getting mortgages that are cheaper than yours. in an unusual twist, lenders are offering rates on jumbo loans that are a quarter of a percentage point lower than
2:54 am
those on conforming loans backed by fannie mae and freddie mac. what? one big reason the jumbo rates are so low the lenders want to attract wealthy clients and hang on them and cross sale to the wealthy borrowers. so shop around. i'm hopeful the low mortgage rates will be available to more people. sillow chief economist told me it will not be a normal housing market until more first-time home buyers get in. right now not as many as historically are in the market and we need to fix that to really get a normal housing market again. >> christine, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. a rabbi found a huge surprise inside a desk. what he did with it will warm your heart or make you scratch your head. that is coming up next. avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive" sales event is back. which means it's never been easier to get a new 2014 jetta.
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2:58 am
it was supposed to be a simple kracraigslist purchase f 150 bucks but they found a shopping bag inside with $98,000 in cash. >> what? >> yep. so the rabbi and his family returned the money the very next day. it seems the woman who told them the desk had stashed the cash there but forgot about it. >> what? >> the rabbi said it had to return the cash. it's about being honest. he took his kids with him to return the cash. such a sweet story. >> good he returned the cash but no one fetings putting $89,000 cash in their desk! that is all for "early start."
2:59 am
go check your desk for hundreds of thousands of dollars. "new day" starts right now. >> i'm going to do that. i am the only survivor of the family and i want to know them, if they are still alive. >> medical emergency. the typhoon has left thousands of dead and posing risk to the living. bodies piling up in the streets and food and water in short supply. news that decease could hill many more. a deep freeze sweeps east this morning. the first snow of the season in store for parts of the northeast. how much is on the way? i was appalled, that was the reaction to the owner of the miami dolphins to the bullying conference surrounding his team. why is he shocked by the allegations and why the dolphins week just got a little more embarrassing. your "new day" starts right now.
3:00 am
>> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. good morning. welcome to "new day." it's tuesday, november 12th, 6:00 in the east. the situation is not over, in fact, it could get worse. a new storm, no food or water, risk of disease. the philippines are in crisis. take a look at these faces, the survivors, many of them children looking for families, all of them desperately in need of food and water. aid is arriving from around the world. a huge aircraft, a ship we have, has been dispatched to provide relief. here's the problem. it's taking a long time to get there. the airports aren't functioning, there's no real infrastructure there. every hour, the every day that passes, the situation gets worse. another storm is coming. the situation is desperate on the ground. we'll show it to you. >> and communication is pretty much cut off. on top of that, a


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