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tv   New Day  CNN  November 12, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PST

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with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. good morning. welcome to "new day." it's tuesday, november 12th, 6:00 in the east. the situation is not over, in fact, it could get worse. a new storm, no food or water, risk of disease. the philippines are in crisis. take a look at these faces, the survivors, many of them children looking for families, all of them desperately in need of food and water. aid is arriving from around the world. a huge aircraft, a ship we have, has been dispatched to provide relief. here's the problem. it's taking a long time to get there. the airports aren't functioning, there's no real infrastructure there. every hour, the every day that passes, the situation gets worse. another storm is coming. the situation is desperate on the ground. we'll show it to you. >> and communication is pretty much cut off. on top of that, a 4.8 magnitude
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earthquake hit today near one of the affected areas, just for perspective on all of this, take a look at this, this is the size of haiyan before it made landfall. had it been near the u.s. it would have covered a huge part of the east coast. here's another look, comparing to the size of hurricane katrina. there have been glimmers of hope. we told you about a baby born in the middle of the storm. we'll hear from the doctor, next hour who brought her into the world. >> here's what we want to do now. cameras are getting to the hardest hit areas. we have team coverage on the ground in full effect. andrew stevens is one of the hardest-hit areas, tacloban. what is the status now? >> got news, chris, i'll start with that, the runway lights have come on. that means this can now be a
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24-hour relief staging post. aircraft can fly in all day and all night. we've been seeing that as well. as far as the cleanup and the misery and the work piling up for the rescue teams and the relief teams, it's an enormous task. the debris here, there's an overturned baggage trolley. overturned cars, the place is in complete darkness. it is squalored. meanwhile, chris, the task of finding and bearing the dead continues. more misery on the ground, as some relief efforts are are halted overnight when another storm hit the city of tacloban. the strongest typhoon on record struck days ago, leaving behind a humanitarian crisis of unprecedented scope. >> i am the only survivor of the family. i want to know if they are still alive. >> reporter: from the sky, miles of destruction as far as the eye can see. while on the ground rows of lifeless bodies.
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>> only ones missing is my eldest daughter. i hope she's alive. >> reporter: pews of a church chapel. >> i've experienced a lot of typhoon but this is the worst. >> reporter: the living cover their noses and mouths because the stench is unbearable as they search for their loved ones, a young student cries for her mother. i'm still here in tacloban, she says, and i'm still alive. hundreds of thousands are now fighting for survival. >> i must go out of this city. >> reporter: the few hospitals still functioning are overwhelmed, leaving the injured with nowhere to go. >> the president of the philippines has declared a state of national calamity. >> reporter: in need of food and water, residents write signs of
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inspiration in hope that someone will see. >> we don't have enough water, even though we are not sure it is clean and safe, we still drink it because we need to survive. >> reporter: the warden of this local city jail says they ran out of food. the inmates threatened a mass breakout as one stands on the roof of the prison ready to jump. haiyan victims dangerously take gas as transportation out of the destruction is vital for their survival. thousands uncertain of when aid will reach them. and so many people are now trying to leave this devastation zone. the cues are getting bigger here at the airport for people trying to get on any sort of transport out of this area. it can be a chaotic scene, kate, when the gates open, people trying to keep in order but that order 0 often breaks down. people want to get away. there is no reason to stay here. but it's really the lucky few who can get away.
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most people qun afford to, don't know how to get away. relief is at least coming here. what is going on further down the coast? those towns and villages we still haven't heard anything about. >> we still don't know the extent of all the devastation. andrew, thank you for being there and thank you for your great reporting in such horrible conditions in such an unfolding disaster. thank you so much. the early aid package as andrew talked about are being distributed. getting it to people who need it has proved challenging, especially in the more remote areas hit by the storm. anna korn is joining us. >> we are at the field here in shabu, which is the staging ground for the disaster in the philippines. a dozen aircraft, a c-130 hercules, there's also the
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largest aircraft in the world that has flown in from china, packed with aid. this is what the people on the ground so desperately need, food, bottled water and medical supplies and shelter. we know this storm system is coming through, it's been raining throughout the day and there's talk it could develop into a typhoon. this is what the people here are facing. we went out on one of those c-130 hercules with the military today to one of the hardest hit areas, the first hit that was hit by super typhoon haiyan. flying over it, it was absolutely devastated. nothing was standing. we hit the ground. we were on the ground for 20 minutes as the military dispatched that aid, gave it to local authorities. we got to catch up with the mayor and this is what he had to say. 100% damage? >> 100%. >> any buildings left standing?
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>> it was all dead, collapsed. all of our buildings. all of our evacuation centers collapsed. >> now, in this particular town, kate, dozens are dead and many, many more are missing. this is the reality that these people are facing. but you know, the police and the soldiers that we traveled in to this remote area with, their focus is very much on the survivors. it's looking after them. it's making sure that they get these basic necessities, they are racing against time. this disaster has now entered its fifth day. many of these people, kate, have gone without food and water for that many days. >> just helping to paint just a devastating picture of what they're dealing with, anna. as that man said, all of their evacuation centers have collapsed, just showing what they're up against now. thank you, so much, anna coren. >> a lot of ground to cover.
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it could take up to ten days before they have any idea what areas need what. it's a developing story. anderson cooper has been fighting his way over to tacloban. you're seeing footage when he arrived on the scene. moving around is not easy. is he there and he'll join us later in the show. he'll be in the thick of the destruction. we'll get his perspective. we want to take a look at the other news making headlines at this hour. fewer than 50,000 people were able to successfully navigate in october, less than a tenth of the 500,000 people the administration projected. a cnn analysis of public data from states with obama care exchanges came up with a similar result. just over 59,000 signing up as of last week. a public memorial service is planned for later today for the first tsa officer killed in the line of duty. 39-year-old gerardo hernandez was shot to death at l.a.x. on november 1st. he was checking i.d.s when paul
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ciancia shot him at pointblank range. attorney general eric holder is expected to speak today at his service. a florida man faces charges for allegedly trying to join al qaeda. he reportedly told an fbi informant he would be joining an al qaeda-linked militant group fighting against the assad regime in syria. toronto mayor bob ford refusing to back down, telling a supporter, quote, i'm not going anywhere. guaranteed. toronto city council members have introduced a motion urging ford to step down after he admitted to smoking crack cocaine. in the meantime, during a ceremony for veterans day or remembrance day as it is called in canada, he was booed by at least one person as he took the stage. it was his first public appearance since his admission.
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nine months ago, vietnam vet matt carlson found a purple heart for sale at an arizona flea market. etched on it, the name clarence marriott. he died in world war ii but carlson found distant relatives who asked that that medal be returned to marriott's hometown of stillwell. and on veterans day, the purple heart came home. it will remain on display at a local museum. how about that tale? isn't that wonderful? >> got to respect taking the extra steps. >> absolutely. meant a lot for him to do it and it means a lot to the people to se it in its rightful place. >> perfect day for that to happen. let's get over to indra petersons. >> big changes. this is the day we're waiting for, the first dusting that changes the season. we're still seeing snow around scranton and state college. chicago, they had under half an edge.
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remember, it's just a chance, we're not talking about real accumulation here. pretty much anywhere in the mid-atlantic and it's trying to even creep into the south. definite i a wide swath of a region here dealing with the cold air and just a little bit of flurries, especially in the morning hours as the cold front is passing through. dome of high pressure, this arctic high is the source for all of the cold air. we have a frontal system, a cold front make is its way across. tuesday, 6:00 in the morning, still snow behind. pittsburgh, you're seeing a couple flurries already this morning. the morning hours, we start to see the flurries into the mid-atlantic and overnight tonight, it looks like the system will make its way offshore. behind it, of course, we are left with chilly temperatures. look at this. all this cold arctic air diving so far south that nashville, their high 20 degrees below normal at 4 today. check out dallas, their highs just into the 40s. there to about 20 degrees below normal.
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chicago, into tomorrow, we're still talking about this mild air. boston tomorrow, your high expected to be about 38 degrees. remember we did talk about this cold air going all the way into the south. the frost advisories in that region as well. anywhere from texas stretching even in through georgia. that's the big story. it goes to that dumb and dumber line, so you're saying there's a chance? we're not talking about a lot. little guys here. >> there's a chance. thanks, indra. the u.s. and iran pointing the finger at each other after nuclear negotiations broke down over the weekend. can a new offer from tehran get the talks back on track? plus, the miami dolphins, the game last night left no doubt the team is in crisis. new information on problems off the field and a look at the scandal that was the game last night. la's known definitely for its traffic,
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iran has agreed to new u.n. nuclear inspections after failing to reach a broader deal with the west this past weekend. secretary of state john kerry largely blames tehran for the breakdown in those talks. back here in the u.s., he's facing criticism from some in congress over those negotiations. cnn's jim sciutto is in washington with more on this. what are you hearing, jim? >> good morning, kate. secretary kerry is back in washington, due on capitol hill tomorrow to brief senators on the talks with the iranians over its nuclear program. how those talks fell apart but also how he needs more time before congress imposes new sanctions to allow time for a deal. secretary kerry says an interim deal on iran's nuclear program was extremely close but in the end, the iranians walked away. >> there was unity.
3:17 am
but iran couldn't take it at that particular moment, they weren't able to accept that particular agreement. >> reporter: that didn't sit well with his iranian counterpart, foreign minister zarif where he appoints the finger firmly at the west. mr. secretary was it iran that gutted over half of the u.s. draft thursday night, he tweeted and publicly commented against it friday morning? signs this weekend of a split between the french and everyone else. the french insisting on more concessions from iran. this is just the latest attempt by iran and the west to forge an agreement to get iran to abandon its effort to build a nuclear bomb, something the iranians have never admitted they're doing while allowing tehran a peaceful nuclear program. for their part, the iranians are motivated by desire to get out from under economic sanctions that cripple their economy. if there's no agreement, iran and the west may be facing the prospect of war. >> if you drift even with
3:18 am
sanctions in an effort to diplomatically over the next several months you'll lead to one basic conclusion which is some sort of military strike. >> reporter: talks resume later this month but this latest delay gives opponents such as israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu time to mobilize against any deal with iran. >> there are opponents on the hill here as well. some in congress who want to impose tougher sanctions on iran when kerry meets behind closed doors with senators tomorrow, he'll be urging them to hold off on efforts to he can keep those talks alive. it might be some time before they sign something. >> all right, jim, thank you for watching it for us. we'll stick with you. we want to talk about the locker room woes for the miami dolphins. it was all too clear when they took the clear monday without jonathan martin and richie incognito that they have
3:19 am
trouble. hours earlier, steven ross said he's appalled by martin's accusations and plans to meet with him this week. he would get no relief from the game last night. let's bring in cnn's joe carter. he's in tampa with the latest. joe, what do we know about the drama on and off the field? >> i can tell you this, chris, you said it. steven ross, the owner of the miami dolphins is appalled. he's embarrassed by everything that's gone down and says he plans to get to the bottom of this but said he's not going to rush to judgment before he hears all the facts. the first step in getting those facts is a face-to-face meeting with jonathan martin. that will take place tomorrow. steven ross is not an owner you would typically classify has a hands-on owner. but he felt this situation is so big, so polarizing, he held a press conference before "monday night football" at the other team's stadium. >> and a touchdown.
3:20 am
>> reporter: as the saga around the miami dolphins continues to unfold, the team's owner, steven ross, is the latest to speak out. the billionaire owner appeared embarrassed by the allegations surrounding his team. >> what's gone on is really something, you know, couldn't have been a worst nightmare. >> reporter: before jonathan martin abruptly left the team on october 28th ross said he was unaware of any bullying inside the dolphins organization. >> i didn't hear that, coach didn't hear that, nobody heard that. >> reporter: when he saw the messages from richie incognito to martin, it raised immediate concern. >> i was appalled. i think anybody would be appalled. >> reporter: in the team's first game without incognito and martin, the dolphins furthered an already embarrassing week losing by the tampa bay buccaneers on "monday night football." >> you have to step up and face it and be able to handle it.
3:21 am
life is full of adversity. >> we're here to play fobl. >> reporter: while everyone involved is still trying to figure out exactly what really happened between martin and the dolphins, the team's owner made it very clear that change is coming. >> there will be no racial slurs or harassing or bullying in that workplace, in that locker room and outside the locker room. >> reporter: now, ross says he plans changing the culture within the organization by forming two committees, one inte internal, one external. he says he wants to create a code of conduct that suits the 21st century. he wants more checks and balances so something like this never happens again. >> good point. maybe that will help. >> the question is certainly who knows. this is becoming an odd story. treat us with the #newday. at the same time we keep saying we don't know what really happened.
3:22 am
let us know what you think. coming up next on "new day," the white house preparing to release the official obama care enrollment numbers so far this week as new reports suggest they will be extremely low. but how bad are they? much more ahead. gas, back down to 3 bucks a gallon in some places. that may be coming to you soon. it may even go lower. we'll tell you what to look out for. ♪ if you're going my way i want to drive it all night long ♪ neutralize them and freshen. with glad odorshield with febreze. no, i'm good. ♪ [ male announcer ] every time you say no to a cigarette, you celebrate a little win. nicorette mini delivers fast craving relief in just 3 minutes. double your chances of quitting with nicorette mini.
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time now for a political gut check of the morning. obama care enrollment front and center this morning, with new reports showing less than 50,000 people have signed up so far through the federal exchanges. cnn's national correspondent john king is here. >> mama said there would be better days than this. they're having another tough day or few days here. they've been saying all along the numbers will be low. they won't officially confirm this 40,000 to 50,000 number. first reported by "the wall street journal" yesterday but they're not disputing it or pushing back at all. they say they'll have their first official numbers for the federal signup later this week. what does it tell you?
3:27 am
it tells you in what the administration is saying because of the website problems and communications and technical issues, enrollment is way, way, way below what they wanted it to be and needed to be. what they're also saying is, look, this is part of the problem. we know it's a problem. we're embarrassed. by the time we get to the march deadline, things will be fixed. republicans are saying this is proof of technical problems but of how unpopular this is. it's more evidence for the critics of the program. i'm sounding like a broken record. i'd watch how the democrats are reacting more than anything. >> i don't get why it's causing a panic, because of what you just said, the site's busted up, they haven't fixed it yet. they know they'll get small numbers historically in massachusetts you saw small numbers. you have a lot of time until the deadline. i wonder if we're like -- is this negative momentum we're seeing here. >> you've been around politics
3:28 am
in your life, mr. cuomo. the facts or being prepared sometimes don't make sense. the republicans know the 10, 12, 15, senate democrats are in tough races. they are not only waging a national argument but pouring resources into those specific ads to drive to drive the unpopularity of the program up even more, blame the specific democratic senators, senator landrieu of louisiana is partly responsible. senator shaheen of new hampshire is causing this problem with the president. they're looking for the biggest political opening to keep the pressure on the administration from within his own party. it's part of politics. welcome to the beast. >> you're hearing more and more democrats even talking about delaying the deadline. do you think the administration will go along with it? >> we're not at the tip of it but we might get dangerously
3:29 am
close. what the administration has said we'll try to do everything we can administratively to fix it. what they've also said, several more weeks we'll prove to you that we've gotten the website over the hump, that we made the corrections and things can pick up. their hope is the enrollment numbers accelerate. the numbers aren't we're using them today in the context largely of the political conversation. the numbers are necessary for the policy underpinning, the architectu architecture, the foundation of the program. you need all those people to sign up to give the program the resources it needs and the depth it needs. they're get there in time. that's what they say. the one thing that is likely to happen if they don't get there is waving the penalty or extending the deadline. that's an easy one. the administration wants to wait as long as it can to do any significant changes. once it opens the dow are to some changes, critics are going to demand more. >> not the time to play politics with that. if we're doing a bolo, be on the lookout, of course you're going to extend the deadlines. they have to make sure the young
3:30 am
and healthy are signing up. the members of congress will have to take the choice of whether or not they'll sign up, wave their preference. what do you think they'll see? >> democrats will step forward to do it, saying this is the right thing to do. you'll see this debate, again, play out there. watch them complain if they have problems signing up. one of the things the administration needs to do is give them personal concierge service to make sure they get through the process as quickly as possible. >> one idea there. maybe even job creation there. >> concierge. >> talking about politic politi programming note, jake tapper will be interviewing about obama care, that will definitely be one topic. good morning to you at home. let's bring you up to date. desperation setting in for
3:31 am
people stuck in damaged parts of the philippines. people trying to get through the day searching and waiting for deliveries of food and water. help is on the way but it's being slowed by bad weather. years of cleanup is ahead. the death toll is expected to reach 10,000. egypt's curfew and state of emergency expected to expire as scheduled on thursday. it's been in place for the last three months as authorities crack down on protesters who support ousted president mohamed morsi. the country's interior minister saying security forces will be beefed up along main streets, just in case to it tooen control and instill a sense of confidence and security. a new bombshell theory this morning, did montana newlywed jordan linn graham blindfold her husband before pushing him off a cliff? prosecutors are saying they are testing dna on a piece of cloth found near the body. graham's attorney wants the trial postponed saying he was blindsided and is unprepared to defend his client if the trial
3:32 am
starts next month. we'll have more on this story later in our show. officials at sea world challenging a federal ban that forbids its employees from making contact with killer whales during performances. this was implemented after the death of a traynor 2010. sea world for its part arguing that human contact with killer whales is educational and essential to their care. a florida teen armed with a bow and arrow confronts an intruder who refused to leave the home. 14-year-old mariah reed says the doorbell rang. thinking it was her mom, she unlocked the door and went back to bed. later she heard a voice she did not recognize, she confronted the intruder with a bow and arrow. reed wouldn't leave, she called the police.
3:33 am
t 14 years old. >> something weird in that situation. >> not just the mug shot? >> we'll find out more. coming up on "new day," are you tired of the sad news? gas prices going down. that's good news. dropping to $3 a gallon. we'll tell you why that $3, even that may look high just a few months from now. yes, sustain your disbelief. >> we'll also tell you ahead why hundreds of people attended the funeral for a world war ii veteran they didn't even know. that's coming up. neutralize them and freshen. with glad odorshield with febreze.
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welcome back. let's go around the world now starting in china where security
3:37 am
is extremely tight for a critical meeting of government leaders there. david mckenzie is in beijing. >> it's the final day of a crucial and secretive communist party meeting here in beijing behind closed doors, leaders have been getting together to hash out possible economic reforms. that could have major implications for the chinese economy and the way that china does business with the rest of the world. one thing we believe is not on the agenda of this meeting is political reform. there's been a sense there's been a broad-based crackdown on activists here in china for the past year. kate, back to you. >> david, thank you so much. now to saudi arabia where a morbidly obese man was ordered to be hospitalized by the king. it's been almost three months since cnn international correspondent mohammed jamjoom has reported on his progress. >> he's lost 330 pounds.
3:38 am
the man couldn't even move himself this past august when saudi arabian king abdullah ordered him transferred to a hospital in riyadh. he's been observed by a team 261 medical specialists. the head of the team says although he has heart and lung problems he's been responding to well to treatment. back to you, kate. >> thank you. in england, a gathering of strangers who answered the call for a fallen hero. aaron mclaughlin is in london with more on that. >> hundreds attended the funeral of a met van they never met. 99-year-old harold jericho percival died with no friends, no family. it look like he would be buried alone and forgotten until his funeral home posted an ad in a local paper asking military personnel to attend. the ad made its way to the internet and the response was overwhelming. some traveled hundreds of miles to be able to give harold a
3:39 am
funeral fit for a veteran of the second world war. back to you, kate. >> thank you so much for that. heartbreaking but heartwarming at the very same time. it's money time. talk unemployment, gdp, gnp but perhaps nothing matters month are than gas prices. here's the good news, the national average of gas, the price, $3.18. according to aaa, the price is $3.18. price has been on the decline for almost a month and are now at a two-year low. the question is why. christine romans is here with the answers. great to have you. why is it low? where is it low? >> to say a national average, it's like a national temperature. there's no one national gas price all over the country, it's very different. we're seeing a high number of towns that are below $3, getting to $3 and below $3. here's why. we did not have a major hurricane to disrupt refineries. we did not have the worst case
3:40 am
scenario in the middle east. we did not have -- we have all the supply coming out of north dakota and canada and other places. we have a very good situation, a fundamental situation right now. 71% of the price from a gallon of gas comes from crude oil. it's down to $94 a barrel right now. the biggest factor going into your gas price is a commodity that is still decleaning and it will keep declining. >> is this a blip? >> a trend. it's a trend. you'll see it into christmas. by the end of the year, most prognosticators say it's going to keep going down. maybe $3 for the national average which will be different wherever you are. >> i feel like right around thanksgiving when everybody goes to see mema, they will jack is up again. >> the big key is don't spend it all in one place. the retailers are ramping up to get you to reach out that your pocket and pull out the money and spend, spend, spend into the
3:41 am
end of the year. this is a good tail wind for consumers. this is your personal economic indicator, very good for you. you've got a job market that still needs to keep going. don't spend it all in one place. >> a whisper of conspiracy coming from romans there. i like that. none of this has to do with demand, we're not using less? isn't that what we're supposed to be hearing here. >> we're driving a little bit less. i'm not sure if the miles driven are less. a strong economy, you tend to see gas prices start to rise because the demand for the gasoline is going up. the industrial demand, too. remember, you've heard people talk about saudi america. we are producing more oil than we have in years. and that is one of the things you're seeing in price of oil and oil spills into the gas market. >> still i'm going to watch my prices. >> you're a skeptic. >> around thanksgiving i bet it will go up.
3:42 am
>> until then, fill up. >> prices usually do go up if demand goes up. >> just enjoy it. don't ask questions. >> enjoy your gas. >> thanks, christine. coming up next on "new day," the very tip, tiptop of one world trade center makes it the hallest building in the united states or does it? we'll tell you about the controversy surrounding two skyscrape skyscrapers. a little proof for you, some folks will not let anything stop them from rocking on. it is our "must see moment." so ally bank has a raise your rate cd that won't trap me in a rate. that's correct. cause i'm really nervous about getting trapped. why's that? uh, mark?
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all righty. let's get straight back to indra. does it feel cold in your home? that's because you might be feeling some snow outside. what are you looking at, indra? >> you may be talking about snow. this is chaw. check this out. just under half an inch of snow yesterday in the same system will be making its way to new york city. actually can see in detroit, also about a half inch of snow. definitely icy roads causing collisions there. this is a system that's still bringing flurries across the mid-atlantic and northeast today. you can see right around state college, scranton, we're seeing some of the flurries. over the next few hours, more of the rain we're seeing this morning. switch to snow as a cold front makes its way through. we're talking about minimal chances here. that first flurry really for many of you. the mid-atlantic and even trying to stretch into the south. that's how atypical this system is for this time of year. why? we have a huge dome of high pressure, very cold arctic air
3:47 am
making its way in. it's spreading farther to the east so the chill will be with a lot more of us. take a look at the temperatures this morning and notice where the cold front is. new york city, 42 degrees currently. seeing rain out there. this cold front will slowly start to make its way through. that will switch over to a dusting of snow. pittsburgh, notice your temperatures will only be looks like around 30 as we go to bed tonight. we are talking about these temperatures dipping down. we're talking way low. not just below normal but way south. your high, 48 degrees. yes, that is a chill. 19, 20 degrees below normal. it will stay that way even in through tomorrow. with that as we wake up and go to work tomorrow morning, check these temperatures out. it's quite mild. tomorrow morning, d.c., 29 degrees, raleigh, 24, this chill will be lasting. >> brrr, brrrr. >> it is cuddle time.
3:48 am
do not let her chill you. >> we'll cuddle at the desk. see this building today? we'll find out if new york city's one world trade center is the tallest building in the u.s. or if the record still belongs to the willis tower in chicago. the new york building stands at 1,176 feet but critics say the spire atop it shouldn't count. the council for tall buildings and urban habitat has been examining the evidence and will release the decision today. this is a big piece of real estate we're talking about. why is there controversy over this spire? is it spire versus antenna? >> exactly. it's whether it's a spire which means it's part of the architectural integrity of the building, part of the design or an antenna, a piece of technical equipment. >> lake an afterthought. >> something that can be removed
3:49 am
easily and didn't at effect the way a building looks. >> this is a loaded question. why is this important? which one is taller than the other? is it bragging rights or is there an actual increase in property value if you're the tallest building in the country? >> i think he's both. the height of the world trade center is important. it has a symbolic number. it's an important piece of real estate for a lot of people. i think it does have an extra piece of significance to it. but i think also there are a marketing aspect. you know, obviously the older -- the original world trade center they had trouble leasing it. if you can see you're the tallest building it gives you a nice tag line. it could have a marketing effect. >> are you a little surprised about i this? you have to remember, this isn't just the building. there was a whole commission set up to think about its significance and what it would mean. how did they not make it the tallest by such a clear mission? look what they do in dubai. that tower is like the tallest mountain in the universe. how did this happen?
3:50 am
>> honestly, they had no idea this was going to be a controversy. i think they decided to -- all they did was remove the cladding which was an architectural piece to it because they said it was hard to maintain and saved them $20 million in construction costs. i thought it would be very hard to maintain. they did take it out. >> if the cladding had been there we wouldn't be having this discussion. >> the architect of the building has called it an antenna. >> that's unusual. >> that's his client. >> if the spire wasn't included, it would make it the third. the first and second honors would both belong to chicago. that has got to stick in the craw of new yorkers. >> it's not about new york versus chicago. chicago is supposed to be part of this.
3:51 am
this is about all of us, this place. it was supposed to be a testament to our resiliency and that we're bigger and better than ever. >> but will it not be that without being the tallest? >> we still have rebuilt it. >> we'll find out today. >> yes. >> how do you think they're going to rule? >> if they stick with what they've said previously, it will not be the tallest tower. >> wow. >> if they change the ruling somewhat -- you know, the developers argue of the trade center it does have l.e.d. lights attached to it and there is an architectural piece, it could have implications for other building heights. >> we will watch this, thank you, julie satow. let's go to our "must see moment." he's taking the addage marching to the beat of one's drum to new
3:52 am
levels. this is a tfoo fighters song. listen. born without forearms and leg deformity, raised in an orphanage, eventually adopted by a british cull, received a whole new lease on life. he's oxford educated and rocks out with the rocking drum covers. you can see them online. he has a foundation. >> talk about rocking out. >> we're not seeing the best part of this. most of the beat is a double high hat beat. >> on the high hat symbol. where the drummer is going like this which is the hardest beat to do. he owns it. the guy is amazing on so many levels. the song is four or five minutes long and the whole video -- >> you pointed that out, made it our must see. >> he owns it. he's not trying, he's succeeding. >> ridiculous.
3:53 am
>> talk about you are not your limitations. >> absolutely. >> thanks for that one, michaela. coming up on "new day," sink holes. you know about them. we show them to you but in the middle of a major city? yes. wait until you see this. we'll get right back to the philippines for the latest on the search and recovery efforts there. anderson cooper is there and he'll be joining us at the top of the hour to give us the latest. waffle ryan, your hotels' robes are fabulous. i have twelve of them. twelve? shhhh, i'm worth it& what i'm trying to say is, it's so hard to pick just one of you, so i'm choosing all of you with a loyalty program that requires no loyalty. plus members can win a free night every day only at where their electricity comes from. they flip the switch-- and the light comes on. it's our job to make sure that it does. using natural gas this power plant can produce enough energy for about 600,000 homes.
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3:57 am
train to delaware and ended up sitting next to whoopi goldberg. isn't that crazy? biden said what it's like making millions of americans laugh every day? whoopi said i was going to ask you the very same question. >> good old joe. t. was good. we need the comedy. listen to this, talk about motivation. you remember kevin ware, he had a horrible injury to his leg, thought he wasn't going to come back. he came back so fast. how did he do? nothing fuels a jock by competition. turns out lakers star kobe bryant, he blew out his achilles, they made a beat to help motivate each other. andy scholes with the bleacher report, tell us about it my friend. >> they were the two most notable injuries on a basketball over the past year. kobe reached out to kevin and they made a bet to see who would make it back on the court first. the loser had to attend one of the winners games and looks like
3:58 am
kobe's going to head to louisville sometime this year. ware won the bet by playing in the cardinals exhibition game last week. good news for the denver broncos. peyton manning's mri show nod signs of new damage. jack del rio said he's going to be on the field this weekend and that's huge for the broncos. because they've got a big game on sunday. they're going to take on the 9-0 kansas city chiefs that will be on sunday night football. former broncos quarterback tim tebow may be back in football soon but it won't be on the field. according to, the former heisman trophy winner has hired prominent broadcast agent nick kahn. we could see tebow on a college football broadcast team by the end of the season. hey, guys, he's won a heisman, two national titles. who knows more about college football than tim tebow. it would be great to see him on a broadcast weaking down some games. >> that's a good move.
3:59 am
i like that. thanks, andy. we're near the top of the hour, everyone, which means it is time for the top news. my oldest daughter, i hope she's alive. >> fighting to survive. thousands dead and serious risks to the living, now a new storm wreaks havoc on the philippines, holding up desperately needed aid to the sick and starving. our own anderson cooper joins us live. first know snow, antarctic blast moving east this morning. january temperatures in november. get this, major cities in the northeast may see their first snowfall of the season. we're tracking it all. a republican rung for a local position in texas. the area he wanted to represent is mainly african-americans. so he let voters think he was black. he joins us live to explain. your "new day" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan
4:00 am
and michaela pereira. >> good morning. welcome back to "new day," tuesday, november 12th, 7:00 in the east. they're calling it a living hell. that's what they're saying is unfolding in the philippines. take a look. this is the destruction, one of the hardest hit towns. cameras haven't reached many of the areas that they say are the hardest hit. bodies are said to be everywhere, nothing left standing. now a second potential disaster in the making. a massive health crisis with little food, water or medicine. the president declared a state of national calamity. making matters worse, heavy rain and a 4.8 magnitude earthquake overnight. all of that is going on at the same time. >> but there are glimmers of hope with help on the way. the "uss george washington" ordered to leave hong kong to assist with recovery efforts, that could be a huge help. but to give you an idea of how large super typhoon haiyan was, look at this enhanced infrared
4:01 am
satellite image. if that typhoon had hit here, it could have hit most of the east coast. look at the size of haiyan in comparison to hurricane katrina. that's wild. >> we'll tap the global resources of cnn to bring you the most comprehensive coverage of the crisis in the philippines. we start off with anderson cooper. he's in tacloban. anderson, hoping you can hear us. what strikes you on the ground? we're being told this is unprecedented. >> it's truly a desperate situation on the ground. i was out just walking in some of the neighborhoods today. i mean, you don't see -- there's not really an organized relief effort here. there's efforts being made at the airport, there's people trying to get out, people trying to fly out. there are supplies coming in. but in terms of, you know, on day four, day five, you might expect to see more of an organized outreach into the communities. there are -- we saw one squad of
4:02 am
firefighters from another town, local philippine firefighters who were here putting bodies into body bags. but you go down another street and there are family members waiting by the bodies of their children and they have nowhere to put them. they don't know what to do with them. at this point, i mean, the emphasis really is on the living and the living are in desperate need of food and water. there's really nothing in this town. as you mentioned, chris, we don't know the situation in some of the outlying towns that are even more difficult to get to. the situation in tacloban here, though, is as bad as i've seen in a number of disasters over the years. >> we're hearing that access to the area obviously a big issue. that is slowing down relief. in your experience, how difficult is travel to get to the area, how difficult is it once you get there? >> well, it's tough.
4:03 am
the weather was certainly not cooperative today. it had been raining a lot on tuesday. it's raining a little bit right now as we speak. that sort of hampered more flights from landing. it will be a big boone once. this airport here, the tacloban airport which has basically been destroyed, there's not much of an airport left. once it's able to get up and running on a 24-hour basis, the marines are hoping to do that. there's a small contingent of marines here. there's not planes coming in right now. it's night time here. we haven't seen planes landing at night. there are still basically coming in during daylight hours. that's all we're seen so far. even once things get to the airport, the question is how does it get distributed out into the people in town. people are coming to the airport
4:04 am
in order to get fed, good food and water. at some point there's a lot of people who can't even make it this far to get to the airport. as you can see, another driving rain has now picked up, which is the last thing people here need. people are sleeping out. people don't have shelters. they're not -- they're sleeping under corrugated tin, what they can salvage from the wreckage. some of it they've already used, what little tin they had to cover the body of their husband, churn or wives which have been left out. you can smell in a lot of the neighborhoods you go in, you can smell where people have died. because they're not being collected. they're just left to lay out. >> anderson, i don't want to leave you out in the weather there. thank you for the reporting. obviously we'll watch you tonight and throughout the day. good luck with the reporting on the ground there. certainly the mess hajj has to get out. thank you for joining us this morning. anderson's show is "ac 360" airing live from the philippines
4:05 am
at 8:00 p.m. eastern. >> the images are unbelievable. when you hear the stories from the ground, anderson's been in a lot of it, you've been in a lot of the disaster areas. it is hard to believe. the mayor of tacloban said there are 300 policemen. less than 30 showed up because they couldn't get there or they don't know where they are. >> i think we're dealing with something unique here. i keep hearing reports there's an unusual number of children displaced here, that they're wandering around. that's always very troubling, especially in like a week or so afterwards. it's a very tough situation on the ground. for those of you at home, i know it sounds like you've heard this before but this one seems different. that's why there's so much energy put into covering it. >> it's hard to imagine how anyone in the philippines could celebrate anything at this point. but there were cheers at the tacloban city airport when a
4:06 am
21-year-old woman gave birth, you see right there, to a baby girl in the middle of all of this. paula hancocks is live from tacloban city with much more. amazing story, paula. >> reporter: absolutely. it's a story that was desperately needed here. there has just been horrific news after horrific news and finally, there is something that has given hope to the members of the triage here, the makeshift hospital who are working under desperate conditions, finally they had something to smile about. 11-month-old antoni is blissfully unaware of how lucky he is to be alive. during the storm, this woman sat her son on her head to keep him above the water level while she shell held off to the roof rafters. >> i hear many people crying. >> she lost her husband and many other relatives. >> now i don't know where we'll
4:07 am
go. we have to survive now. it's way too much. it's very hard. >> thousands are trying to take their children away from the devastation and the worsening security situation. this woman had twin boys three weeks ago. she's too terrified to stay. >> we wake up and there's people inside our house, looters. they could harm my children and us as well. >> reporter: but in the midst of all this pain, there was one ray of hope in this makeshift hospital. a baby girl was born monday in the most challenging of circumstances. her mother, emily, was brought in by neighbors, pregnant women are currently evacuated to give birth but she was too close. >> the baby came out and cried right away. there wasn't any problems. and there was no bleeding.
4:08 am
it was a perfect delivery in a very imperfect environment. >> reporter: once the baby was born, the entire hospital appla applauded, a baby bringing relief in the midst of such intense human suffering. now, the doctor did try and convince the mother to be evacuated to a city that's not affected so she can have post natal care but she preferred to go back to her neighbor's house. back to you, chris. >> all right. thank you for the reporting there on the ground. bright moments are few and more will not come without help. remember, is where you cab find out where to help the relief effort. on a national level, troops are heading in from overseas, some on aircraft carrier "uss george washington" which left hong kong several hours ago. the carrier is accompanied by a destroyer and several cruisers. this isn't about military but manpower. they'll join a group of marines already on the ground that's
4:09 am
assessing the damage and the need. we'll start the second phase of bringing in the required relief. >> let's check in on the weather back here at home, though, the calendar says winter is still a month away. we're just hearing reports of central park getting a couple flurries. i guess we'll have to go outside after this since we're in the studio and verify that. i'll nominate somebody in the studio here. this video is pittsburgh. overnight, a dusting making its way into the mid-atlantic and northeast. let's take a look at the satellite right now. you can see that line, that cold front making its way across. just approaching boston, new york city starting to get a couple flurries and even as far souths akentucky, dealing with the light flurries, the first dusting of the season. here's the region we're expecting to see a chance. we're not talking about accumulation. just enough, you'll see the white stuff, mid-atlantic and,
4:10 am
again, stretching all the way down even trying to get into the south today. that is how cold this arctic air is. there will be places with heavier amounts. that's right around the great lakes. we know there's flurries. we also know it is cold. arctic air really spreading even farther into the east today. these temperatures are going way down. you can see the front as it makes its way across. starting with rain behind the cold front is where we get the mix of snow. that cold front makes its way offshore. as far as the showers for most of us, that's tapering off by late morning. behind it we're left with chilly air, in through texas, temperatures highs today, in the 40s. nashville, 42 as your high. that's 20 degrees below normal. new york city by wednesday, still talking about the chill. your high just about 40 degrees. i don't know, first snow of the year, do you celebrate, curse it? do you care that it's the first snow of the year. >> i'm celebrating it and i can
4:11 am
tell -- >> i'm celebrating the first one, kate. it's after that i don't know. >> it looks like a very big rain. >> you're not taking a picture of me, michaela? >> she makes the picture better. >> one of you can volunteer and go outside and check it out. >> i'll go. >> live in a place where you get all four seasons. enjoy it. >> when i'm bundled i will. let's go down south to the ongoing scandal hitting the nfl. steven ross will meet with jonathan martin tomorrow. martin's lawyer says he left the team because of hazing and harassment. allegedly by lineman richie incognito. but ross says he's not drawing any conclusions and wants to know for himself. listen here. >> i want to get to the bottom of it. we want to hear what the real facts are. there's been so much said and done to date that, you know, i don't think anybody knows it's happened because no one has
4:12 am
spoken with jonathan martin directly. >> that's the big question. in a recent interview, richie incognito admits that he may have gone too far but says the tough talk was accepted in the locker room and he considered martin one of his best friends. >> a scary scene for residents in a chicago neighborhood. a massive sink hole swallowed up part of a street in west pullman. the hole opened up sunday night as a result of a water main break and it became progressively larger. some of the residents have had their water shut off while crews work to fix it. that hole measures 30 feet deep, 14 feet wide. officials believe it could take days to patch up. we want to show you video that could have ended worse than it did. the alley-oop slam, sending the entire backboard crashing down on top of him. a terrifying moment. bullard's forehad was badly
4:13 am
lacerated. fortunately he was able to walk off the court under his own power. a scary moment to be sure. >> he missed something much worse by just a couple inches there. >> absolutely. >> we'll take a break. within we come back on "new day," a lot is being made of the fact that 50,000 people have signed up for health care online. is this a surprise? or is this more about the politics at play? we'll take you through it. talks over iran's nuclear program broke down over the weekend. why does secretary of state john kerry say things are moving right along, in the right direction? we'll explain. you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you?
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ask your doctor about xarelto®. once a day xarelto® means no regular blood monitoring -- no known dietary restrictions. for more information and savings options, call 1-888-xarelto or visit the troubled obama care rollout appears to be taking its toll, according to the "wall street journal," fewer than 50,000 americans have successfully enrolled through the federally run website. noting that doesn't include those who enrolled in state exchanges. the number is still well short of the administration's goal. cnn's jim acosta is at the white house with the very latest. so what are they saying over there this morning, jim? >> kate, senior administration officials said as of this morning they're not ready to release enrollment numbers for the obama care program. so they're not in a position, they say, to confirm the numbers
4:18 am
reported in "the wall street journal." but what they are saying openly and repeatedly is that these enrollment numbers will be very low. it's the number that has all of washington on the edge of their seats. just how many americans have signed is up for obama care in october? the first month of enrollment. >> take it from me. they'll be low in october. >> administration officials have cautioned don't get too excited. >> i can tell you, our early enrollment numbers are going to be very low. >> reporter: in the insurance marketplaces run by the federal government, "the wall street journal" reports roughly 50,000 people signed is up in october. cnn estimates another 60,000 have enrolled in the marketplaces run by states which means the troubled program has a lot of catching up to do to meet the administration's target of 800,000 by the end of november. a health and human services spokeswoman says the department cannot confirm these numbers. we've always anticipated that initial enrollment numbers would be low and increase over time. the main culprit, the bug-riddled obama care website,
4:19 am
a problem the president has said he would take care of himself if he could. >> i want to go in and fix it myself but i don't write code. >> reporter: besides the technical problems there were security concerns with before its launch. this internal obama care mem row -- mem row says administration officials were worried about the possibility that the website security controls were ineffective but that problem was never shared with henry chow, a top official. you are being exexcluded from finding out about significant problems with security, chao replied, it is disturbing. gop leaders vow to make all of obama care's mishaps a key issue in next year's elections. >> this issue is going to be toxic for the democrats. and believe me, we will tattoo it to their foreheads in 2014. >> as for those obama care enrollment numbers, administration officials say they still plan to release the
4:20 am
figures in the coming days. expect those numbers in the next few days. meanwhile, those administration officials are pointing to the prototype for obama care, the massachusetts health care plan created by mitt romney. in that first month, roughly 100 people signed up. they say this is not a new experience when you start a health care program, chris. >> the perception is bad. thank you for the reporting. >> you're right. another situation where perception is everything. secretary of state john kerry says even though nuclear talks with iran broke down, there has been progress, like tehran agreeing to new inspections by the u.n. a bigger picture deal is off the table. the question, what happens next? cnn's jim sciutto is in washington with the latest. what do we know, jim? good morning. >> good morning, chris. if john kerry thought he had a bat until geneva, he has a tougher one here in washington. he's due on capitol hill tomorrow to brief senators on the talks with the ironi irania.
4:21 am
secretary kerry says an interim deal on iran's nuclear program was extremely close. but in the end, the iranians walked away. >> there was unity. but iran couldn't take it at that particular moment, they weren't able to accept that particular agreement. >> that didn't sit well with his iranian counterpart, foreign minister zarif who fired back a different version of events via twitter where he pointed the finger firmly at the west. mr. secretary, was it iran that gutted over half of the u.s. draft thursday night, he tweeted? and publicly commented against it friday morning? there were signs this weekend of a split between the french and everyone else. the french insisting on more concessions from iran. this is the latest attempt by iran in the west to forge an agreement to get iran to abandon
4:22 am
its effort to build a nuclear bomb. while allowing tehran, a peaceful nuclear program. for their part, the iranians are motivated by desire to get out from economic sanctions that have crippled their economy. if there's no agreement, iran in the west may be facing the prospect of war. >> if you drift with sanctions over the next several months you'll lead to one basic conclusion, which is some sort of military strike. >> talks resume later this month but this latest delay gives opponents such as israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu time to mobilize against any deal with iran. >> some opponents mobilizing on the hill, too. there's some in congress who want to impose tougher sanctions on iran. when kerry meets behind closed doors with senators, he'll be urging them to hold off for now on tougher measures to give the administration time to negotiate. the next round, kate and chris, november 20th in geneva.
4:23 am
they're still talking. coming up next on "new day," are you flaying today? the liquid ban is set to be lifted at london's heathrow airport. could we be seeing it happen here in the u.s. anytime soon? we've been following toronto's infamous mayor, rob ford. what's going to happen next there? we'll show you. you can decide for yourself. max. [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] because we're trying to make the school bell. corner booth beats corner office any day. ♪ we make the most of our time... sorry. [ male announcer ] ...and our money. [ baby cries ] introducing the new, fuel-efficient 2014 malibu, the car for the richest guys on earth. ♪
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♪ just give me a reason ♪ just a little bit's enough welcome back to "new day." it is tuesday, november 12th.
4:27 am
coming up in the show, it could be a big change in the way you fly. if you're tired of tossing out champagne, cologne, things of that sort, the liquid ban may be a thing of the past. we'll tell you about it. and dave wilson, he's a white republican that ran in a mostly black community in houston and won. but was it a bait and switch, all a big trick or political genius? let's see how he stands up to scrutiny on "new day" this morning. let's take a look at the headlines. the official death toll topping 1,700 hundred in the philippines. efforts to find the dead and the missing and feed and shelter the living being hampered overnight by a 4.8 magnitude earthquake and driving rains. help is on the way as hunger and disease spreads, the pentagon dispatching the "uss george washington" from hong kong. the carrier has 5,000 sailors on
4:28 am
board as well as over 80 aircraft. we're now learning more about the man who brooklyn police say killed three members of two popular iranian rock bands and then turned the gun on himself. they identified the gunman as 20-year-old aliakbar mohammedi rafti. a fourth person and iranian was also injured. they weren't awear of the rule banning firearms in university owned buildings. security officials at the school confiscated their handgun and another weapon after the incident. the students want them returned. for now, gonzaga says it is reviewing a weapons policy. a michigan state trooper certainly lucky to be alive. he went over a guardrail while
4:29 am
chasing a suspect. he suspect makes a run for it. he goes over the edge. when the trooper gets close, he goes over as well. they both fell about 30 feet. the trooper is okay. he's recovering at home. the suspect is in prison for violating his probation. retailers kicking up the competition this holiday shopping season. walmart stores set to offer its holiday blockbuster deals starting at 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving day, two hours earlier than last year. macy's and jcp opening you up for the first time on thanksgiving evening. is this an effort to get out of washing dishes? >> it. >> a seenious one at that. >> another genius move in the airline industry. making headlines with the liquid ban which is set to be lifted in europe. london's heathrow airport will start using a screening device to test the liquids carried by passengers. the question is will we see this technology in the u.s. any time soon? for more on this, let's talk to
4:30 am
fran townsend and travel industry mark murphy, also the although of "travel unscripted." good morning. fran, what is the deal? we're seeing loosening of restrictions on our electronics here. >> yes. >> less restrictions on liquids over there. what is going on. >> it's about time. the ban on what we call the 3 ounce rule in the security screen world is it was a result of the liquid bomb plot that emanated out of london. so it's pretty ironic that all of a sudden we see the first easing of this restriction coming from london by the way, a u.s.-based company. >> this was developed in ohio. why are they trying it in london? >> good question, chris. you hope it puts a good deal of pressure on tsa to catch up. >> is there no longer a security concern with liquids. >> there's a big concern. liquid explosives is one of of the things al qaeda was
4:31 am
developing to get around a traditional explosive screening. the answer is in 2007 during that plot, i working with mike chertoff, the secretary of homeland security bput the ban n place never thinking it would last forever. in the security world, once you put a rule in place and getting people to back off and getting the industry to work on technologies that allow you to get off of it -- >> the threat is not gone. >> think about this. the threat emanated overseas. everything we do in terms of bans here in the u.s. has no impact on somebody coming into the united states. same with the shoe bomber. everyone is taking off their shoes in the u.s. that originated out of europe. the underwear bomber, originated out of europe. that was that back scatter technology. when you think about where the threat is coming from, it's coming from overseas where the ban has absolutely no bearing. i think that's interesting. here in the u.s., one of the things i suggest people do, tsa
4:32 am
precheck. >> it's changed my life. >> yes. one minute and you're through. >> what is it? >> you apply and you get a five-year opportunity with a background check and fingerprinting to go through this expedited security screening where you don't have to take out your liquids. keep your jacket on, everything else. you can do it for global entry or now anybody can apply to tsa precheck. it's 85 bucks to apply last five years. >> are there any people that just won't make it through? i mean -- >> yes. >> talk about that. >> i'd say maybe you but i'm not sure. >> you saw me looking sideways at you. i saw that. we can rest assured that the people do get screened really are not a concern? >> correct. i fly every week. why should i go through the same rigmarole that the guy who flaz once every two or three years on a one-way ticket with no luggage. >> i'm in precheck. do you get it every single time? no. they scan your boarding pass and you may not get it one time and
4:33 am
be sent over to the regular line. >> mark, you bring up luggage. let's talk about baggage fees. pe have a graphic of the baggage fees from the airline companies just for the first half of 201. $409 million from delta. these are huge -- they're making a lot of fees on baggage fees. profits are up for them anyway. is this just the trajectory of how airline companies are running their business. >> yes, they've lost billions of dollars over the years and oil prices spiked and could send them into bankruptcy in the next two years. it's a la carte pricing. if chris wants to have a big seat with extra leg room, he'll pay for it. everyone else will get squeezed in the back of the plane. >> if passengers revolt, will that change your mind. >> you have a monopoly in a lot of markets. you have four major carriers controlling 85% of airline traffic. >> thank goodness for southwest.
4:34 am
>> except. >> oh, don't. >> they're talking about imposing some of the fees themselves. >> it's easy money. of course they are. they don't have to change their business model or add additional service to make more revenue. >> we keep flying no matter what. >> what are you going to do? there is competition but as more comes online, capitalism, people will look and say i'm going to put an airline into that market, compete on those roots. it's going to run in cycles. we want a healthy airline system. >> sure we do. >> it's big for the economy but at some point in time, people get frustrated and mad. >> really? >> a little angry. >> mark, fran, great to see you. thank you so much. what concerns you more, baggage fees or the fact we may be relaxing security measures? tweet us with the #newday. keep the conversation going. we'll give you a break to do it right now. when we come back, rob ford, the infamous mayor of toronto, he admitted smoking crack, tried to excuse it by saying i was
4:35 am
really drunk at the time. should he be mayor or should he be in rehab? we'll take you through it. the way this man got elected may be raising -- is definitely raise something eyebrows. we'll talk to him live about the controversial campaign strategy, ahead. [ male announcer ] this store knows how to handle a saturday crowd.
4:36 am
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4:39 am
♪ see me and julio down by the school yard ♪ welcome back to "new day," everyone. let's get straight to indra petersons -- what is that, rain or snow? what are we looking at now? >> we're talking about snow outside. look at central park, seeing a couple flurries out there. they are not the only ones. look at chicago, what they saw yesterday. a lot of delays out toward chicago. they were talking about snow and gusting winds and then we have pittsburgh early this morning they were talking about, yes, even more snow. you know what, take a look at ohio. i just got this picture from debby on twitter. she showed us the first snow of the season. i am loving this. you can see the frontal band making its way across. all of this is so light. we're not expecting much of it to stick around, if at all. here's where we have a chance. this is trying to creep into the south, very early for them, almost a month early to be seeing this kind of action. heavier snow around the great
4:40 am
lakes where they are used to it this time of year. 7 inches could be possible out there there. for the rest of us, just talking about the cold air. that ill, the huge story here as this dome of arctic air spreads farther to the east. we'll be dealing this chill. yes, we'll see flurries as we continue to watch this band, especially from the morning commute today into the northeast. but once it passes, which it will, pretty much by late morning we'll be left with that stagnant, chilly, dry air. with that temperatures way down. you're talking about highs today, even at nashville, 42. check out dallas, 47 is your high. this is not just hanging out for one day. it will be lingering. new york city, still looking at temperatures there at 40 degrees. we are talking about all this hanging out and lasting towards the middle of the week, chris and kate. >> thanks so much for the update. toronto's infamous crack-smoking, binge-drinking mayor rob ford. what an introduction, right? he gave his first public address since becoming an international spectacle. ford spoke at a remembrance day
4:41 am
ceremony. take a listen. >> i would like to invite to the podium mayor rob ford. >> i don't know what you make of that, it wasn't rousing applause. some are calling for his resignation. ford himself saying i'm not going anywhere, guaranteed. that's his quote. we sent one of our best up to find out what's going on. mr. bill weir. great to have you. >> this is cnn. >> welcome to not only cnn but "new day." >> talk about a guy that needs new ideas. what did you see? >> what a story, right? i only smoke crack when i'm hammered is going to be studied in political science courses for years. what this guy has pulled off, how he got into office, it was so fascinating to me and scandal after scandal, we went back, we
4:42 am
want to understand how he got there. he was scandal prone during the campaign and every time something came out, his numbers went up. and he has so much support now, despite all thesed amissions and fresh suspicions that more videos could be coming out. we just is had to understand why. this is a good example of why. let me take you inside the mind of the rob ford supporter. we were up there on thursday when this video came out, courtesy of the "toronto star." they paid five grand for this. he is incoherently ranting about stripping down to his underwear, killing some guy and ripping his eye balls out. detractors say this is further proof we need to throw a net over this guy and get him to rehab. he doesn't say anything that's incriminating. he could be talking about a guy who beat him in cards or a rival football coach. a lot of people think you know what, that's what my buddies sound like when they've had a couple of moosehead laggers. if one of my buddies took secret
4:43 am
video of me while goating me on and sold it to a newspaper for $5,000, even some of the detractors think that crossed the line. he gets sympathy out of something like that. just a little sampling of the rob ford support up north. would you vote for him again if this all blew over. >> i think so. >> he's done what he said he would do. >> reporter: though some wish to voice their support anonymously. >> would you rather have somebody taking our money and lying to the people or just having somebody smoking crack? >> reporter: back in the big city, flavors of ford frustration run the gamut. >> he should say now good-bye, i'm sorry and go home. >> just smoking crack. that's when you know politics has ebbed. >> that's your choice. >> there's a divide. it's sort of the platform he ran on was representing the suburban voter as opposed to the
4:44 am
downtown, the hip toronto attorney or money guy. there's a divide between those two people. i think that shows the difference between the support network that he's enjoying from the suburban voter. >> he is a progressive conservative which sounds like an oxymoron down here. he's a conservative, the kind of guy who says i'm going to go downtown and teach those tax and spend liberals a thing or two. he attacks the 5 cent tax on plastic bags or promises we'll end the war on cars and gets subways back to the cities, let you drive your truck. if you want to drive your truck downtown, you can do that. it struck a cord. there are parallels. there are parallels between the party in 2010 with a simple message that washington is broken. this guy ran on the message that toronto is broken. it struck a chord. he was the right guy at the right time. they had over 100 debates and town halls when he ran for
4:45 am
mayor. >> he got 47% in a three-way race. he did well. >> do you think he is going to weather the storm? what's your sense? >> it all comes down to what the police have next. they have been surveiling his drive enand best buddies for six months. there's really suspicious activity. the day that ford came out and addressed the crack allegations for the first time he called this guy 19 times. he called him over 700 times in the six months. he's convicted of threatening his girlfriend but he's now indicted on trafficking marijuana, threatening people to try to get that video back. maybe even bribing them with drugs. he's messed up with some really sketchy characters. if they pull him into a conviction, that's really the only legal way they have to get him out thereof. >> otherwise he'd have to step down. even if they support him, if the guy has a problem, they should
4:46 am
want him to get help. >> now his brother said he needs a vacation and a little counseling. but everyone is saying you go to rehab for 30 days and come back, you'll be fine. because they all think he's doing an amazing job as mayor. >> what a story. >> isn't it? >> bill, great to see you. >> thanks, kate. >> welcome. >> his "new day" debut. >> coming up next on "new day," a bombshell accusation, what prosecutors say a newly wed bride did before she allegedly shoved her new husband off a cliff. an a lot of people voted for dave wilson and a lot of people were shocked to learn that he's white. why? is it a case of false advertising or the work of a political mastermind or probably something in between? we'll talk to him and find out. ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪
4:47 am
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4:49 am
4:50 am
all right. it's time for you to put your cap of judgment on. came up with an unorthodoxed strategy to appeal to a mostly black democratic voting district. he simply implied that he was black as well. that's what the criticism is. dave wilson left his photo on flyers for his campaign for houston community college board of trustees. that's a fact. why did he do? why did he opt for -- >> killing the hopes and treems of our children, setting them up for failure. girl, please, i bet he had relatives. so what are we going to do? >> i'm voting for dave wilson. >> all right.
4:51 am
the play worked. wilson beat out a 24-year incumbent. the question is why, was it done the right way? who better to speak than dave wilson himself? why did you do this? >> i wanted to run this campaign on the issues, not my skin color. and that was mainly the whole strategy. and because it was an african-american district, i didn't feel like putting my picture on any of those brochures would get me any votes. so i stuck with the issues and i brought them up. and that's what i considered important in this race, the issues. not my skin color. >> all right. that's a good high road answer. let's look a little bit at the low road, though. your quote is every time a politician talks, he is deceiving. do you admit that you, too, were
4:52 am
being deceptive here? >> i would rather put it in the context of target marketing. you have to speak to the audience. you can't sell maternity clothes to a bunch of men. so i had to work in that district and try to -- it's a sales job. i'm trying to get votes and trying to get people to support me and i wanted to focus on the issues. >> i know, but isn't one of the issues who the person is that they're voting for? shouldn't the voter know who you really are? isn't there a little bit of a come on here? >> well, i also -- in the last two years, i spoke the a breakfast meeting four times, the largest african-american group in texas at that. i also had spoke before the houston community college before many times. and on their youtube, you can see my face. and my opponent, quite frankly, he put out a flyer with my
4:53 am
picture on it and some inflammatory, racist kind of comments about me. so, my picture was out there. and the fact, too, that in the early vote i was behind. and after he put my picture out, i picked up 275 votes. and i pulled ahead by a margin of 26. >> that's kind of the point here, though, right? isn't that the ultimate judgment about the tactic? didn't you kind of stain your own victory here? you wind up winning the race anyway. don't you wish you had just done it in a way that wouldn't call into the legitimacy? >> i think people in that district are not getting enough credit of their intelligence and who they're voting for. the fact of the matter is, it was about issues. it was a 24-year incumbent who squandered $24 million building a college in qatar and failed to
4:54 am
vote for $6 million worth of scholarships for indigent students in the district. >> why did you need to say ron wilson supports me and then you have an asterisk to say, by the way, this is the ron wilson who is my cousin? come on. that's a ploy. own up to it. >> it is a ploy. i agree with that. the fact of the matter is that the ploy didn't come out until he sent out the racist piece that said i was a right-wing hate monger and i had advocated the return of chain gangs to clean the streets. i don't know where he got all that. he sent that out and i felt like i had to neutralize that issue. and i wanted to -- not confuse, but i wanted to refocus the issue back on -- refocus the race back on the issues, not the color of my skin.
4:55 am
>> all right. but will you also admit now that you've won the race that you also at least wanted to cloud the judgment on whether or not you were black or white? >> no, i don't admit to that. clouding the judgment isn't true. i wanted to focus that race on issues. >> but you used a fake ron wilson. >> not skin color. >> you have all the voices in the affect of he's one of us. he's in the neighborhood. you don't put your picture anywhere. doesn't it all add up to a bit of a campaign evasion? you won the race. you might as well be honest about it now. >> i live in that district. i don't know what you mean by that. but i live in that district. there's not been one voter who has come up to me and said they felt deceived because of the flyers that i put out. the people who say they're deceived is my opponent, bruce austin and the liberal news
4:56 am
media. >> i say this last thing. first of all, thank you for coming on the show. half joking i ask you, how can the voter come up to you and complain when they don't know what you look like? that's part of the problem here, right? >> they know what i look like. thank you, chris. >> there are other issues, other incumbents had trouble and you're one of the men who wound up coming in and winning the election. good luck to you going forward. >> come and talk to me in a year and see how i represent that district compared to the person that preceded me. >> done. that is a true reflection of who you are. live team coverage on the massive international recovery effort just ahead. moking. chantix... it's a non-nicotine pill. i didn't want nicotine to give up nicotine. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. [ mike ] when i was taking the chantix,
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a lot of people are dead. our friends are dead. some of our family members are dead. in crisis. the typhoon that's left thousands dead now poses serious risks to the living. bodies are in the streets, food is scarce and a new storm is delaying aid. and new fears that disease and starvation will kill many more. breaking his silence, the owner of the miami dolphins is the latest to speak out on the controversy gripping his team. what it was that appalled him most and why the dolphins' week just got even worse. jimmy kimmel, despite his apology and from abc, a lot of
5:01 am
chinese-americans are calling for action. your "new day" starts right now. >> good morning and welcome back to "new day," everyone. it's 8:00 in the east. it seems that it is going to get worse before it gets better in the philippines. millions need food, water, shelter and medical help. all of it scarce. help is on the way, though. it is being slowed by more rain, if you can believe it. while people who survived typhoon haiyan are going to extreme measures to get their very basic essentials. >> an american carrier battle group son the way to the region. for people looking for a way out, options are very limited. communications are also largely cut off. officials are trying right now in vain to control looting. people are just desperate for supplies. on top of that, more bad weather. 4.8 magnitude earthquake hit today near one of the affected areas. we all know how powerful
5:02 am
hurricane katrina was. typhoon haiyan is even larger. some help is already on the way. u.s. marines helping survivors off the military plane that took them into manila. some of our best were there already, but there's so much to be done. >> we have reporters and researchers in the region to bring you full coverage of this disaster. andrew stevens is in one of the hardest hit areas. he will start off our coverage. andrew? >> reporter: kate, certainly as you say, it may get worse before it gets better. if you look around the city today, there are still very few signs of any organized response to relief supplies, getting those relief supplies out into the community, into the people who so desperately need them. to give you an idea how slowly things are moving out here at the airport, behind me you see the overturned luggage trolley and the debris from trees. and basically very, very little
5:03 am
has changed here in the past three days. the only thing that's changed is that there are now airport lights on here, which allows the relief operations to continue into the night. in the streets, though, the people of this city continue to recover their dead. more misery on the ground. some relief halted overnight when yet another storm hit the devastated city of tacloban. the strongest typhoon on record struck days ago, leaving heend a humanitarian crisis of unprecedented scope. >> i am the only survivor of the family and i want to know if they are still alive. >> from the sky, miles of destruction as far as the eye can see. while on the ground, rows of lifeless bodies. >> only one missing is my eldest daughter. i hope she's alive. >> reporter: pews of a church
5:04 am
chapel now filled with the dead. >> experienced a lot of typhoon, but this is the worst thing. >> reporter: the living cover their noses and mouths, because the stench is unbearable. as they search for their loved ones, a young student cries for her mother. >> translator: i'll still here in tacloban, she says, and i'm still alive. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands are fighting for survival. >> i must go out of this city. >> reporter: few hospitals still functioning are overwhelmed. leaving the injured with nowhere to go. >> the president of the philippines has declared a state of national calamity. >> reporter: in need of food and water, residents write signs of inspiration in hope that someone will see. >> we don't have enough water. even though we are not sure that it is clean and safe, we still drink for it, because we need to survive. >> reporter: the warden of this
5:05 am
local city jail said they ran out of food. inmates threatened a mass breakout as one stands on the roof of the prison, ready to jump. victims dangerously take gas as transportation is vital for their survival. thousands uncertain of when aid will reach them. chris, i was in downtown tacloban today. there are still piles, mountains of now rottingtory and garbage filling the streets. but there is more of a military presence down there. i counted a number of uniforms. they are heavily armed as well. i didn't get a sense of lawlessness, like i had before. and no doubt the desperation is there on the faces of the people down there, wondering just how long whatever meager food supplies they have will last and when the water will be coming. there is a military presence down there, which many of people i spoke to do find reassuring.
5:06 am
>> excellent point, make people know there is stability in place, especially in these coming days. thank you for pointing that out. appreciate the reporting on the ground. members of the military have been providing any ounce of relief they can. even rescuing people along the way to damaged areas. anna koran road along the way. >> reporter: as the disaster relief operation shifts into overdrive, the roar of engines from c-130 hercules fills the air. we've been given permission to board this military cargo plane, carrying vital aid and dozens of soldiers and police to one of the worst-hit areas in the philippines. as we fly over the township, all we can see is utter devastation. this community was the first to be hit by super typhoon haiyan. since then, there has been no
5:07 am
communication. the plan is to conduct a search and rescue mission, these men know all too well they're likely facing a recovery operation. the police and military on this flight have enormous job ahead. we have just landed at the air field. as you can see, all around us, these enormous palm trees have been snapped like twigs. everything has been flattened. you can see that the local people over here, standing under a shelter that its roof has been completely ripped off. they have been without supplies now for days. the typhoon hit this point first. this was the first town, really, that was devastated. and these soldiers, they have no idea what they're about to face. as the troops unload bags of rice and boxes of bottled water, the locals desperately watch on.
5:08 am
>> some food, tents, everything. everything's gone, so we need help. >> reporter: of the 50,000 people in this town, almost everyone is homeless. dozens of people have lost their lives and many more are still missing. >> i don't know where to start. if you take a look, total damage, 100% damage. >> reporter: with the aid off, the sick and injured are carried on board, some suffering spinal cord injuries. in less than 20 minutes, the engines start up again, ferrying these traumatized survivors to safety. those aid flights, they are conducted all throughout the day, pretty much from dawn to dusk. they are working around the clock, making sure that those supplies, basic necessities get to the people who need it most. as you can see, we were on the
5:09 am
ground only for 20 minutes. the frustration from the people, the locals there, they need more. it really is just a drop in the ocean. there are so many communities that haven't been accessed as of yet. they haven't been reached. the people we spoke to on the ground, they need water, food, medical supplies and they need it now. back to you. >> anna coren, thank you. thank you so much, yan. >> looking there in the situation where anna was and where everyone has been, it's the first time i've seen more structures down than there are up in these communities. >> i can't even see where the road -- where the homes begin and the road ends. >> let's take a look at our other headlines right now. the official number of how
5:10 am
many americans enrolled through health care benefits this week, early estimates not good. as many as 50,000 people signed up through the site last week. another 60,000 signed up through state-run agencies. that's a fraction of what the obama administration expected. honored in a public memorial in los angeles today. 39-year-old geraldo hernandez was shot to death at l.a.x. november 1st. he was checking i.d.s when gunman came up and shot him at point blank range. dr. perry inhoff died in a plane crash in northeast oklahoma sunday. secretary of defense chuck hagel release released condolences, but there
5:11 am
is no confirmation of death. the witness told tulsa newspaper that the propeller gave out before the small plane spiraled out of control. architects set to end the debate on the tallest building in the u.s. one world trade center is considered taller. the committee has been weighing whether the needle on top one world trade center is the top of the building or just an antenna? if it's not, it would be smaller. >> the situation bothers me. >> it's getting under your skin. >> there's so much thought as to what went in, all the metaphorical and symbolic references and they didn't think about this, whether it was going to be the tallest when that was such a formidable thing? it doesn't have to be, as you pointed out. >> that building is there. >> but that was part of the
5:12 am
things seen as it being important. silly. just silly. >> we'll get a determination some point today. >> the east coast, including new york, is seeing its first major blast of winter this morning. let's get a check in with indra peterson. >> these flakes getting bigger out there. this is new york city. yes, we are in on the action. we are not the only ones. some of us were jealous. take a look what they saw in chicago, half an inch fell through chicago. even in through detroit, they saw just about half an inch yesterday. of course, there's the downside of this. that is the icy roads on the interstate. where is the storm now? the bands are making their way through new york and even new england. you can also see the lake-effect snow starting to fire up right now. that's where we'll see the heavier amounts. everyone here in this region, we're talking about the light stuff. very, very much -- kind of a bit of a dusting. new england all the way down, trying to get into the south. that is so atippical for this time of year to see snow that
5:13 am
far south. heavy amounts, lake-effect snow, seeing seven inches of that, carrying over the lakes. this frontal system is making its way through. that's where we're seeing rain over to snow. behind it, we know the chill will be here. 20 degrees below normal for the next several days. that's kind of pretty for now, right? >> wait until you see how much fun you have when you get your first mound of snow and throw it and het me in the face. >> guaranteed. i won't be the only one either. i promise you that. >> changing everything. >> three-in-one. >> believe me, i know how it's going to go. we've been talking to you about the super typhoon. we're going to continue to. why? the answers are obvious. one of the main ones is the advocacy here. throughout the day, if you want to, you can go to and find there the resources to help all the multiple, different facets of aid that will happen now and in the days ahead.
5:14 am
please, go there and see if there's something you want to participate in. coming up next on "new day" hope turns to frustration after the iran nuclear talks fall apart over the weekend. what does secretary of state john kerry need to do to keep congress from getting in his way of sealing a deal? and the miami dolphins just can't seem to get out of their own way. on the field they have trouble. last night off as well. the owner is breaking his silence, stepping into the alleged hazing scandal and talking about what he's going to do about it. the secret is out. hydration is in.
5:15 am
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5:19 am
what's your take? >> remember, this was always going to be held. there haven't been talks since 1979. there hasn't been any new teal on the nuclear program for ten years. it seems to me they almost got too close too quickly. there was a sense in which it seemed like the deal was going to happen and then a number of countries that have problems, israel started lobbying from the outside without even knowing what was in the deal, that this was a bad deal. and most centrally, france decided to break ranks. very strange move, very publicly breaking ranks and the french probably have a number of motives. it's always fun for the french to be anti-american and to distance themselves from the americans. they're also trying to signal to saudi arabia and the emirates, the gulf states that don't like iran, that they are the tough guys here. because, by the way, france has a lot of commercial business, particularly arms business with saudi arabia. so, there's a whole bunch of motives there. i think it was largely because we got so close faster than
5:20 am
anyone thought we would. >> it's interesting you put it that way. i was wondering, did secretary of state kerry and allies, did they go too far too soon is what i was wondering. don't you want to sit down at the negotiating table with complete unity from your side before you even start talking to iran? is that part of it? >> i think that this may have been -- the french wanted to send a signal, as i say, to saudi arabia and the emirates, that they were the tough guys. i think they would have found a way to object, no matter what. remember, this is a good example of personality and all that stuff doesn't make that much difference. john kerry loves the french. they love him. he speaks french fluently. this is cold and calculating. >> he wants more negotiations to happen before anyone considers more sanctions, crippling sanctions. there's general agreement these sanctions have worked at this
5:21 am
point against iran. bob menendez is pushing for more sanctions. he is thinking they would work and actually serve as an incentive, he wrote in an op-ed, saying that we cannot substitute wide-eyed hope given iran's past experience of deception. >> he has a tough job. a few republican voices at the end of the day. it's not clear it will pass in the senate. the way to think about it, we have been telling the iranians, don't create facts on the ground, new facts on the ground that make these negotiations more difficult. don't complicate our lives by doing things that would suggest that you don't have goodwill. we often forget it works both ways. we also shouldn't create facts on the ground and create complications for the negotiation. both sides have to show that during this process of negotiation, you have goodwill and why your not trying to add further obstacles to the process. >> just looking at it from the
5:22 am
outside, the big view, you have the main players sitting down over the weekend to try to hammer this out. it didn't happen. it's debatable who is at fault that it didn't happen. when they go back to the negotiating table it's one notch down in terms of who will be sitting down at that table. does that mean that chances for a deal november 20th when they head back to geneva, are slim? >> it's not clear. most importantly, the iranians are going back to tehran to get clearance, i think, on some of these thorny issues. >> do you think that would help or hurt? >> it would help in the sense that probably the thorn minister didn't have the authority to make a decision on a few crucial issues. if he goes back and gets that authority, he comes back renewed. on our side, it allows the french and the americans to get on the same page. but here is the fundamental problem, which is no deal is one where worry going to get the full loaf. what you're listening to in congress is a little worrisome. at the end of the day in any
5:23 am
negotiation, have you to make concessions. the position of john mccain and lindsey graham and bob menendez seems to be, we shouldn't make any concessions. that's not negotiation, that's asking the other guy to surrend surrender. we have to move from our position. yes, we have an initial position. they have an initial position. the only agreement is going to be one where they move a bunch, probably more than we do, but we're going to have to move as well. >> critical time in these negotiations. if there's a chance, it seems like this is it, right here. >> pretty much. >> fareed, thank you very much. chris, back to you. >> thank you, kate. miami dolphins owner is finally speaking out about the alleged hazing scandal. what he plans to do this week to get to the bottom of the allegations. and that 22-year-old accused of pushing her new husband off a cliff -- you remember that story? she has some accusations of her own. we'll tell them to you, straight ahead. twins. i didn't see them coming.
5:24 am
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good to have you with us on "new day." five things to know. long, long road ahead in the philippines. millions of folks need food, water, medicine. help is being delayed by more rain in the region. numbers for obama care expected to be released this week. wall street journal reports it will be less than 50,000, not even a tenth of the administration's projection of half a million people. a public memorial service is planned later today in los angeles for the first tsa agent killed in the line of duty.
5:28 am
gerardo hernandez was killed at lncht a.x. november 1st. after an orca drowned a trainer during a show in 2012. >> repairs to the washington monument set to be coming to a close. we always update those five things to know. go to newday calling for a new code of conduct and is speaking out about his team's hazing controver controversy. ross says he plans to meet with jonathan martin this week and says he is appalled at the accusations against richie incognito. neither player took the field during the dolphins loss. talk about appalling. they lost to what is supposed to be the worst team in the league. they now both face uncertain
5:29 am
futures in the league. as confusing as this situation is, now we're starting to hear what's going to be done about it. what's going on? >> you know, you hit the nail on the head there by saying confusing. we still don't have all the facts yet. we still don't know both sides of the story, chris. we did hear from richie incognito. we have gotten the dolphins' perspective but haven't heard from jonathan martin. that's why tomorrow is so huge. stephen ross, owner of the dolphins, said he will meet face to face with jonathan martin tomorrow and that is when he will decide the fate of the dolphins future. as the saga around the miami dolphins continues to unfold, the team's owner, stephen ross, is the latest to speak out. the billionaire owner appeared embarrassed by the allegations surrounding his team. >> what's going on is really something -- couldn't have been a worse nightmare. >> reporter: before jonathan martin abruptly left the team
5:30 am
october 28th, ross says he was unaware of any bullying inside the dolphins' organization. >> i never heard that. coach didn't hear that. nobody heard it. >> when he finally saw the vulgar and threatening messages from incognito to martin, it raised concern. >> i was appalled. anybody would be appalled. i had no idea that people would talk, text or speak that way. >> reporter: the dolphins furthered an already embarrassing week by losing to the last-place tampa bay buccaneers on monday night football. >> the more adversity hits you in the face, you have to step up and face it and be able to handle it. life full of adversity. not everyone deals with the situation like this. >> we have to deal with football. it was external, not internal. >> reporter: while everyone involved is still trying to figure out what exactly happened between martin and the dolphins, the team's owner made it very clear that change is coming. >> no racial slurs, harassing or bullying in that workplace, in
5:31 am
that locker room and outside the locker room. >> reporter: now part of that change, kate, is that ross says he will form two leadership committees, one internally and one externally. he says that he will institute a, quote, code of conduct ta suits the 21st century so that he has more checks and balances in place so something like this never happens again. except we don't know exactly what happened in that locker room. obviously, more details will continue to come out as the story progresses. >> joe, thank you for that. thanks for the update. >> time now for a disturbing update on a murder case we've been following really closely. a 22-year-old montana newlywed accused of killing her husband by pushing him off a cliff just days after their wedding. new court documents suggest that she may have blindfolded him first. and now she's firing back at prosecutors. cnn's miguel marquez is in los angeles. what is going on? >> the blindfold piece of this is just a small piece of what the defense is now claiming. they are making some very serious claims about this
5:32 am
investigation. >> jordan, did you kill cody? did you mean to push your husband off a cliff, jordan? >> jordan linn graham, accused of murdering her husband a week after their wedding day, now fiercely fighting the charges even before the trial begins, her lawyers fighting a motion to throw out a first-degree murder charge, claiming prosecutorial misconduct. they claim investigators used interrogation techniques meant to confuse graham and distorted her words to make it appear as if she pushed her husband, cody johnson, to his death in glacier national park. also, that investigators touched graham inappropriately and failed to record the entire interview. wanting graham to stay out of trial pending trial. >> we're happy with the outcome.
5:33 am
>> reporter: now a claim that prosecutors poisoned the jury pool in calling graham a sociopath. now telling graham's attorney they have a new possible theory for the case, claiming jordan may have blindfolded cody before pushing him off the cliff. the defense argues prosecution is overreaching and wants the trial date pushed back and some charges dismissed. friends say the marriage didn't seem right from the start. >> when they were exchanging vows, jordan was looking down and wasn't looking at cody. >> jordan graham says she doubted the wedding, but didn't kill her husband. big questions now on when and how this case moves forward. >> this is a federal case because the alleged crime happened on federal property. it would be extraordinary if some of those charges were thrown out. both sides now asking for this trial to be pushed back a bit so they can prepare their cases. kate, back to you. >> miguel, thank you so much. we'll take a break on "new
5:34 am
day." when we come back, one of the worst custody battles. a father in colorado, they're in a custody fight over their kids. his ex-wife takes them and leaves. he knows where they are, but he can't get them back. we'll talk to you about it. a cnn exclusive. also ahead, protests over comments made by late-night host jimmy kimmel. what was said that sparked the outrage? it's such a peaceful place. it's so full of life. a place where the artisic beat of the big city, but the flavor of a traditional mexican town. ♪ imagine being on the green in the middle of the sea. some things can't be explained, you have to experience them. vallarta-nayarit, live it to believe it. mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants,
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imagine knowing where your children are, but not being able to bring them home. dennis burns knows that too well. his two daughters were take toen argentina by his ex-wife and that was the last time he has seen them. he has battled since then to get them back. joining us live from denver this morning, good morning, anna. >> reporter: good morning, kate.
5:38 am
if you are a parent, you can relate to the pain dennis burns has endured, able to hug and hold his daughters only a handful of times in the past three years. he was given primary custody of his daughters here in the u.s., but finds himself fighting an international legal battle to bring them home. it's a fight he believes could set a precedent for hundreds of other american parents in a similar situation. for dennis burns, the faces of his daughters bring him both joy and heartbreak. >> and this is our first trip. >> reporter: missing out on everyday activities that most parents take for granted. sophia now 4 and victoria, who just turned 7. >> yea! >> there's times when i want to think about them, but it hurts too much to think about them.
5:39 am
and there's things that i need to do to survive in this marathon of a situation that i'm in. >> reporter: burns was once happily married to the girls' mother, originally from argentina. after five years, the relationship soured. they went through a contentious divorce and a 13-month custody battle. she alleged abuse and wanted to move to argentina with the children. those allegations were unfounded and a colorado judge declared burns the primary residential parent, ordering the children to live here in colorado. it must have felt victorious to you to get that judge's ruling. >> it was one of the happiest days in my life. and i was like -- to be able to spend time with my daughters finally and live with them and be able to teach them things and show them things and raise my kids here in colorado. that's all i ever wanted. >> sophia, victoria.
5:40 am
>> reporter: but just three weeks later in september 2010, his girls were gone, taken by their mom to buenos aires. there are currently thousands of similar unresolved international custody cases where a parent has abducted their own children. the state department receives about 1,200 new cases each year. children from the u.s. taken to countries all around the world. now, to see his daughters, burns must travel to buenos aires at his own expense. when the girls were first taken it was 17 months before his ex-wife allowed him to visit. describe for me what it was like to see your daughters after that 17 months of separation. >> that was a beautiful day. i saw -- first saw victoria get out of the car and she saw me and she just screamed, papa, papa. she came running across the parking lot, jumped into my arms. it was just -- it was wonderful, you know. i just hugged her so much.
5:41 am
and it was -- it was a beautiful moment. >> reporter: argentina is one of the countries that has signed the hague custody agreement to resolve these cases. >> when a child is rip friday their homes, their friends, their families, they begin to identify with their abductor. it starts on that slippery slope where it's difficult to pull them back from being so aligned with their abductor. >> reporter: burns invited cnn to go with him on a recent visit to his daughters but asked that we stay in the car. here, can you see victoria and sophia excitedly opening the gifts he brought them. serving burns and his attorney with charges of violence against women and children withou providing specifics. it's a known tactic in cases like this, to create more legal barriers. the result?
5:42 am
the visit cut short. and when they saw our crew -- >> no, no, no. >> don't touch. >> no, no. >> reporter: her lawyers swatted away our camera. we left quickly, catching a glimpse of victoria and sophia in tears. >> my visit with my girls now was a total of about maybe five minutes, ten minutes. and all of a sudden the ambush came out. >> reporter: cnn reached out to his ex-wife and her attorney to hear their side of the story. they didn't want to talk. instead we got a state in spanish that says she does not wish to make a comment with respect to the case. now burns remains in legal limbo. there's no question the children were abducted. courts in the u.s. and argentina have confirmed that. the girl's mother has delayed the latest ruling and now buenos aires has to weigh in. >> i haven't been able to see my daughters again in over a month. it's cruel.
5:43 am
it's cruel and just not fair. ta's not fair to them or my family. it's just not fair at all. >> reporter: the financial strain forced him into bankruptcy. his home foreclosed. now living in a small one-bedroom apartment where every corner provides priceless memories of burns' daughters to help fuel his fight. even their tiny coats left hanging by the door. >> it just makes me feel their presence. >> reporter: burns does have support. he's working with david goldman, who has been in burns' shoes. you may remember goldman's story that drew international attention. it took him 5 1/2 years to get his son, sean, return friday brazil. he has since started a foundation and has made it his mission to help other parents going through this. his life with sean today gives burns hope. >> he's thriving, playing lacrosse, basketball on the travel team. he's 5'9". he just turned 13. he's 5'9". >> for now there are still no
5:44 am
school pictures or days of being a soccer dad for burns. until the buenos aires supreme court hears his case, all he can do is wait. >> i don't have the opportunity with them to get them out of bed in the morning, make them breakfast, take them to school, help them with their homework. help them tie their shoes, help them brush their teeth. i just want to be able to know that they're there every day and to be able to just hug them and love them. >> so a big issue in cases like this is that there's a huge disconnect, a gap in the different country's legal systems. u.s. law doesn't apply in argentina. a u.s. judge, for example, can't order for the girls to be returned. all burns can do is wait out the appeallate process, kate. >> is there any timetable on when the buenos aires court will hear his case? >> unfortunately, no, there is no timetable. one of the reasons this is taking so long is because
5:45 am
there's a huge backlog of cases. really, burns has to wait his turn. david goldman is trying to get a bill passed in congress right now to apply more pressure on countries like argentina that are part of this hague abduction treaty to really follow through on their end of the deal in a timely fashion. kate? >> thank you for your report in bringing us this story. we'll definitely follow it as it continues. it seems obvious but there's got to be a better way to deal with something like this when there are young kids involved. >> every time one of these stories comes up, it renews the passion for it just seems so long. it really is how it is. the big issue is sovereignty, that these foreign countries, once someone is there, who is a national -- you have to remember, they're almost always a citizen of that country as well. they want them there and say the child can stay here. we have our own laws and we don't listen to the u.s. that was goldman's problem. it gets very complicated. i cover this had story in egypt. i've covered this story in italy. they're both ongoing.
5:46 am
it's very hard to get them back. this man, here is the hope. he has rulings in both countries in his favor. she's just appealing a ruling in her country. that's very unusual. so, there is some hope for him, especially with the help of someone like david goldman. >> right. >> we'll take a little break here. when we come back on "new day," jimmy kimmel is in a rough situation. he made a joke that many people don't find funny. they find it so offensive that they think he should be fired. we'll tell you what he said and let you decide. this is the quicksilver cash back card from capital one.
5:47 am
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more than 1,000 people decided to protest outside burbank studios over the weekend. their target? jimmy kimmel. they were protesting comments made in a skit last month. >> america owes china a lot of money, $1.3 trillion. how should we pay them back? >> kill everyone in china. >> kill everyone in china? >> yeah. >> that's an interesting idea. should we allow the chinese to live? >> yes. >> no! >> well, since then, both kimmel and abc have apologized for the skit but calls for kimmel to be fired continue. we have a professor at pace university, attended rallies in new york over the weekend. good to have you here, professor. let's start with you. we understand there's been massive protests, some people
5:51 am
even likening kimmel to hitler, calling for him to be fired. but the apologies have come, too. yet there's still sentiment, very strong sentiment here. >> like you mentioned, this happened, actually, on october 16th. so almost a month ago. protests have still continued. some people are asking what can he do? he has apologized. abc has apologized. he actually apologized in person to protesters tha that were outside his studio as well as apologizing on the air. what his show also did was make sure that the clips were not available online and they also said they will never be rebroadcast. jimmy also came out and said at the time i didn't think it was funny but what was i supposed to do? a lot of issues that protesters have is that that follow-up question came, does everyone want the chinese -- they thought that was really disrespectful. >> professor, let's bring you into this. you have a strong reaction to this. you were at some of the
5:52 am
protests? >> yes. as an educator, i'm more concerned than offended, because i'm concerned about the impact of this discussed on open air. especially after mr. kimmel's second sentence, should we allow the chinese to live? abc has never acknowledged that part. in the open air apology, so-called apology that mr. kimmel said, he said on the 28th, the night of the first rally, he said today is a weird day. i said something. if i offended anyone, i apologize. i'm sorry. if i offended you. we do not think that is a true apology. i have since asked many people. so that is how our anger has been escalating. >> how do you think -- what do you think should happen now? what are asian-americans saying should be the next step forward? because he made the statement. it aired. there was an apology. it was deemed inadequate by some. what do you think should happen?
5:53 am
>> i think first we want to let the public know -- not we. i am only a mother and teacher. i want to let people know that our anger is not toward the 6-year-old. and then the next step would be to establish a communication channel like what we are having now. i really appreciate this opportunity to express our concern as a minority group. whenever we hear about these racial comments, we are starting to feel fearful because we come from the background of racial discrimination, chinese exclusion act, hate crime against vincent chen in the '80s and, to be honest, japanese internment has come up in our conversation. so we are really concerned. people think oh, this is blown out of proportion, but if you are in our shoes, we are really concerned. but aside of the race issue as an educator, we are saying what are the messages we are sending
5:54 am
our kids? >> you get a lot of this, though, professor. there's a lot of racial discrimination in the country, a lot of picking on groups. this is not new. >> that's not new. >> many ethnic groups deal with it, whether yuri talian, irish. what is it about what jimmy kimmel did with these kids that was obviously planned as satire hitting such a button? >> i would think a lot of our discussion would be, why is he picking on the chinese? so there's assumption on our part that maybe we're too nice. my son's friend said he wanted to put on a poster, don't take advantage of us. i didn't understand what he meant so i asked. he said do not take advantage of us because we are nice. that broke our heart. so that is truly what we felt. maybe because we are too nice. if he had picked on other credit holders, would it have been so
5:55 am
funny. >> disney, too, is really taking this serious. that's because there's such an interest in china, in hollywood and movies and it's the faste fastest-growing movie market in america. the last thing disney wants to do is alienate that $2.5 billion market right now. we want to thank the professor for joining us and nischelle. a topic, discussion that needs to be had. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. a guy in connecticut buys a desk on craigslist, another story we'll tell you about here. it's a very interesting accessory. do you know why? came with $98,000 in cash. this is a tease, people. what did he do with the money? you need to stick around and find out. >> i'm going to look in my desk. ? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough.
5:56 am
who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. whether you're just starting your 401(k) or you are ready for retirement, we'll help you get there.
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think sugar, say splenda™ pennies from heaven, dollars in a desk. time for the good stuff. recently purchased it on craigslist for $100. the desk wouldn't fit through the door. he and his wife had to take it apart. that's terrible, right? wrong. there was $98,000 inside. do they keep the money? of course not. this is a man of god, after all. the rabbi and his wife called the original owner and it turns out she stuffed her entire inheritance inside the desk. then she forgot she put it there. she gave them a thank you note with the money that he paid for
6:00 am
the desk inside. >> oh, how nice. sweet. >> what a great find. bet she's relive evrelieved. >> good man. good rabbi. >> good morning. thanks so much. "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom," marines on the ground. a country in crisis. >> even though we are not sure that it is clean and safe, we still drink for it, because we need to survive. >> cnn on the ground like no other network, with americans providing critical, vital aid. also, boo'ing the mayor. >> i would like to invite to the podium, his worship, mayor rob ford. >> toronto's rob ford hearing from his


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