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tv   Legal View With Ashleigh Banfield  CNN  November 12, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PST

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this happy ending even happier for her. she wishes the real steve martin would reach out to her. maybe they could turn this into a children's story. the deer tha got the shaft. >> he became such a big part of my life for a week and a day. >> reporter: cnn, new york. >> that does it for me today. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts now. >> thousands of aid workers and troops on the ground, many more on the way. and millions of dollars pouring in to help storm victims. but is any relief effort big enough? miles of devastation. so many dead. and the battle for survival for countless others is only just beginning. also ahead, the big city
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mayor's first big public appearance since admitting to smoking crack in a drunken stupor. and guess how his constituents greeted him? and alley-oops. this harlem globetrotters nickname is bull. this story behind this incredible video coming up this hour on cnn. yikes. hello. i'm ashleigh banfield. it is tuesday, november the 12th. welcome to "legal view." it is midnight wednesday in the philippines where a unicef worker tells the plight of the survivors, and i'm going to quote, is hideous. by official count, 1,774 people in the philippines did not survive the typhoon. they estimate the final count will be closer to 2,000 than
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10,000 if there is any silver lining here. mother than 2,000 people hurt. 800,000 or more have nowhere to live today. 2 million people need help just finding food and -- and what no one there needs is more rain at this point. but that is exactly what they're getting today from yet another tropical storm wet weather system. this one is nothing like haiyan. but more floods and landslides are possible through tomorrow. they also didn't need an earthquake. that's right. an earthquake in the middle of all of this devastation. another silver lining, it was not powerful. but it certainly did not help an already impossible situation. united states marines are on the ground and in the air. and 5,000 sailors are on their way now. the aircraft carrier george washington cut short a port call in hong kong yesterday and it due to reach the philippines along with escort ships and
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80plus aircraft. they expect to be reaching their destination there either tomorrow or possibly thursday. countless people are depending, depending to live on that relief because they just have nothing left and they have been waiting now for days. we followed a military aid flight into a remote peninsula where relief has been long overdue and the pictures from the air, they just speak volumes. >> reporter: as the disaster relief operation shoots into overdrive, the roar of engines from c-130 fills the air. we've been given permission to board this military cargo plane carrying vital aid and dozens of soldiers and police to one of the worst hit areas in the philippines. as we fly over the township in this province, all we can see is utter devastation.
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this community was the first to be hit by haiyan and since then there has been no communication. while the plan is to conduct a search and rescue mission, these men know all too well they're likely facing a recovery operation. the police and military on this flight have an enormous job ahead. we have just landened and as you can see, all around us these enormous palm trees have been snapped like twigs. you can see that the local people over here standing under a shelter that the roof has been completely ripped off. they've been without supplies now for days. this typhoon hit this point first. this was the first town really that was devastated. and these soldiers, they have no idea what they're about to face. as the troops unload bags of rice and boxes of bottled water,
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the locals desperately watch on. >> they showed us some food, tents, everything, everything is gone. we need help. >> of the 50,000 people in this town, almost everyone is homeless. dozens of people have lost their lives and many more are still missing. >> i didn't know where to start. if if will take a look, 100% daniel. >> reporter: with the aid off, the sick and injured are carried onboard. some suffering spinal cord injuries. in less than 20 minutes the engines start up again ferrying these survivors to safety. >> aid group, governments, corporations, they're all stepping up. and you can too. impact your world at a great site to go to.
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browse a lot of different places where you can reach out and help those people who so desperately need anything they can get. another big story we're watching right now. the cold air is moving in. the highs are dropping ten to 20 degrees below average. there are frost advisories and freeze warnings out from texas to gurge for this morning and tomorrow morning too. here is a shot from columbus circle here in new york. we just had our first snowfall here. it doesn't stay long on the ground. but there you go. snowing earlier in new york. other news making headlines today. lawyers for boston marathon bombing suspect tar knife are in court today. they're asking a judge to ease his restrictions in prison as he waits for his trial. his attorneys say that, quote, special administrative measures, end quote, that restrict his access to mail, to the media, to
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telephone and visitors are making it hard for them to do their jobs and defend him. this is a battle that we've been watching carefully. you may not think it's a big deal. but to some, it's a tall deal indeed. the battle of the towers. look at those pictures. can you tell which one is taller? new york's new world trade center has been basically bragging that that is its new status, tallest building in the country. but it is chicago's willis tower, the former series tower on the right? a team of architects had to convene to get together and figure out which one is taller. and they have just announced the results of their findings. and there it is, new york world strayed center. for a lot of people in new york that's going to be a big deal. clearly, you'll remember that
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building is a result of 9/11 and the twin towers going down. the spire counts. that's what it means after all of this. chicago had said it's the last floor that's habitable that counts. new determined that the spire counts and new york wins. the owner of the miami dolphins is speaking out and saying no bullying or hazing will happen in his locker room. but honestly, is that really possible? we're going to talk to a player who spent a decade in the nfl. teak ki basher joins me live next. la's known definitely for its traffic, congestion, for the smog. but there are a lot of people that do ride the bus. and now that the buses are running on natural gas, they don't throw out as much pollution into the air. so i feel good. i feel like i'm doing my part to help out the environment.
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view." i'm ashleigh banfield. the miami dolphins bullying scandal has more twists and turns than a roller coaster. the latest twist, the team owner, stephen ross, says that he was not even aware that richie incognito had bullied jonathan martin before he left the team. and that's an allegation at this point. ross says he plans to meet privately with martin in an undisclosed location tomorrow. we have more now on this story from joe carter. >> reporter: as the saga around the miami dolphins continues to unfold, the team's owner stephen ross is the latest to speak out. the billionaire owner appeared embarrassed by the allegation surrounding his team. >> what's going on is really something couldn't have been our worst nightmare. >> reporter: before martin abruptly left the team, ross
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says he was uni wear of any bullying inside the organization. >> i never heard that. >> reporter: and when he finally saw the vulgar and threatening messages from incognito to martin, it raised immediate concern. >> i was appalled. i didn't realize people would talk, text or speak that way. >> reporter: in the team's first game without either player, they furtherth an already embarrassing week by losing to the last place tampa bay buccaneers. >> you've got to be able to handle it. life is full of adversity. >> we're here to play football. the distractions are outside. it was external not internal. >> reporter: while everyone involved is still trying to figure out exactly what really happened between the two players, the team's owner made it very clear that change is coming. >> there won't be any racial slurs or harassing or bullying in that workplace, in that locker room and outside the
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locker room. >> reporter: joe carter, cnn tampa. >> here with me now is someone who has vast experience in pro football locker rooms. you know him well, he's tiki barber. he was selected to play in the pro bowl three times. and if you don't know this, he and his brother have also written ten children's books. adorable. by the way, his brother used to play for the buccaneers. just retired a couple of months ago. it's great that you're here today, in particular, tiki, because the dolphins played the bucs last night. >> it would have been an otherwise meaningless game except for the drama surrounding both of these teams. so the bucs were winless. but obvious what's going on in miami. >> do you think that matters in. >> it matters a lot.
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>> to the game result? >> no. i don't think so. i think the dolphins have issues that are beyond what's happening off the field. >> when i heard that the opener of that club is only now weeks later just about to meet with martin, i thought he hasn't talked to them yet? >> he disappeared. no one new what happened. i know he talked to coach philbin briefly after he left. he's been locked up in a rehab facility. he's only communicating through his lawyers or families. a lot of people have passed judgment without having all the facts. but we don't know what happened yet. >> i'm shaking my head at this and i've never been inside a locker room, that's not true, i've been in cowboys locker room once. you know this game, you know the culture and players, are you surprised by this story? >> i'm surprised by the depth of this story. they happen in basketball locker rooms and colleges and -- >> no they don't. nobody says i've been bullied
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and i'm quitting. >> and you get hazed. taped to a goal post. asked to buy dinner. those type of things go on all the time. to this extent with the racial slurs and feeling that you are in despair that jonathan martin felt doesn't necessarily happen all the time. >> can a white teammate call the a black teammate the "n" word ever? >> no. >> it is a very difficult thing to explain. >> listen to jay-z and kanye. >> maybe we'll continue to talk on this story. i still smell a rat. i think there's a missing puzzle piece. >> we'll know soon. >> another head shaker. toronto's crack smoking mayor. he is just refusing flat out to step down. this week his city council members are saying we're going to try to do this for you, force
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the mayor of toronto who is in the middle of a crack cocaine scandal did not get a very warm welcome at an event for toronto veterans. >> i would like to invite to the podium, his mayor, rob ford. >> you probably heard that. rob ford was booed.
8:21 am
some people clapped. some people booed. and at least one veteran refused to shake his hand according to the news. this week is not going to get a lot better for him either. tomorrow, toronto city's council is going to take up a motion calling on him to take a leave of absence. and as early as today a judge could release more documents detailing ford's relationship with a reputted drug dealer. reactions in toronto are all over the map. >> reporter: you know, it's hard to find politicians who are unintentional funnier than the comedians who mock them. >> where are you getting this. >> reporter: but then, rob ford is unlike any politician anywhere. >> i was very, very inebriated. >> and it's all the more vivid because this is canada. a place so friendly, one assumes
8:22 am
that up here crack is just a sound made in hockey. >> is ka in additionian crack maple flavored? how is it different? >> i'm the wrong guy to ask. >> and you see more proof walking into the city hall. there are no metal detectors, no security. stroll right in. and join these scandal scrum. and just a few feet away. they are giving away free health care. even to pesky americans. >> do i get a locally pop? >> yes, you do. >> how much would you pay to go to your own doctor for a flu shot. >> $75. >> while we're shocked by their mayor, this guy is shocked that we have to pay for flu shots. >> well, and you got yours free. >> canadiens are far superior human beings. have you heard that today? >> well -- >> reporter: so how did a guy like him get elected in a place like this? well, in the late '90s, after a
8:23 am
decade of liberal rule, rob ford ran as a good old canuck, a fiscal who who show those downtown a thing or two. but while he stayed on message, it was a messy campaign. >> our candidate had been caught on tape having a conversation with a drug attack where he was prepared to go buy him oxi con tin. >> and even she was stunned when after every scandal his poll numbers went up. >> people were tired. the suburbs wanted in, and that was rob ford. >> and he's the guy you want to have a beer with. >> or a few. >> and while the mayor turned city hall into a punch line, imagine what it's like to be his
8:24 am
runner up. his name is george smitherman. and in 2010, everyone new him as the very liberal, opening gay deputy premiere. he presided over the plan to modernize the national health care system. sound familiar? yeah. they use the same contractor, cgi, that brought us >> the right wing would probably tell you there's a conspiracy. none of that is true. >> reporter: now, here's the ironic part. when smitherman admitted an addiction to unspecified party drugs in the '90s, ford's supporters pounced. >> they stood in line and asked me about my fitness for office. >> reporter: but for some of the proud citizens much ford nation these days, fitness for office is a relative term. would you vote for him again? >> i this so. >> he's done what he said he would do. >> reporter: though some would
8:25 am
support their vote anonymously. >> would you real estate have someone taking our money and lying to the people? or just somebody smoking crack. >> reporter: but back in the big city, they run the gamut. >> he should say no, good-bye, i'm sorry, and go home. >> reporter: and tears from the federal finance minister. >> he'll have to -- the mayor -- at the end the day, he has to make his own decision. >> reporter: he's only leaving office on a stretcher and in handcuffs? >> i think so. >> reporter: they can soon release more damaging video or wiretaps. and then there are the men in the photo. two were shot in march. one killed. another about to go on trial. >> they were suls inspected members of a gang called the dixon city bloods that operates in and around these high rise,
8:26 am
low income apartment towers. home to a lot of somali and pakistani immigrants. and when you meet the kids who live here, the easy crack jokes stick in your throat. so he came cam penguining here? >> yeah. >> reporter: organizer said mayor ford asked in his vote in the hours before the last election but he didn't give it. because he has to scrounge for donated computers just to keep the kids away from gangs and the crack pipe. >> i never see bad help or good help. i never see that at all. >> thank you, bill. that's my country. more on that story coming up. also, a father forced to travel across continents, thousands of miles, just to have a visit with those two little girls. they're his. this, after his ex-wife abducted
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for a parent, knowing where your children are but then not being able to get to them is excruciating. and it is a reality for one father whose children were taken to argentina more than three years ago even though he was grant the legal custody of those girls. now he's locked in a legal battlement and he sat down exclusively with anna krar to tell his story. >> reporter: for dennis burns, the faces of his daughters bring him both joy and heart break. >> this is sophia's first trip to ocean beach ever. >> reporter: he spent the last three years missing out on the everyday activities that most parents take for grants. three years of no christmases or special occasions.
8:32 am
>> yea. there's times when i want to think about them, but it hurts too much to think about them. and there's things that i need to do to survive in this -- this marathon of a situation that i'm in. >> reporter: burns was once happily married to the girl's mother who is originally from argentina. but after five years, the relationship sourd. they went through a contentious divorce and a custody battle. she alleged abuse. she wanted to move to argentina with the children. those allegations were unfounded and a colorado judge granted burns the primary parent and urging them to live here in colorado. >> it was one of the happiest days of my life. and i was like, i'm going to be able to spend time with my daughters finally and live with them. and be able to teach them things and show them things and raise my -- my kids here in colorado.
8:33 am
that's all i ever wanted. sophia. >> but just three weeks later in september 2013, his girls were gone. taken by their mom to buenos air reese. and they've been there since. there are current thousands of international custody cases where a parent has abducted their own children. the state department reseechz about 1200 new cases each year. now, to see his daughters, burns must travel to buenos aires at his own expense. >> describe for me what it was like for you to see your daughters after that 17 months of separation. >> that was a beautiful day. i saw -- first saw victoria get out of the car. and she saw me and she screamed, papa, papa. she came running across the
8:34 am
parking lot and jumped into my arms. it was just -- it was wonderful. i hugged her so much. and it was -- it was a beautiful moment. >> reporter: argentina is one of more than 80 countries to sign a treaty that was meant to resolve these cases in as little as six weeks. that rarely happens. >> when a child is ripped from their home environment, from their friends, family, they begin to idea with their abductor. so now the psyche logical trauma to the children starts on that slippery slope where it's difficult now to pull them back from being so aligned with the abductor. >> reporter: burns invited cnn to go with him on a recent visit with his daughters but asked that we stay in the car. here you can see the girls excitedly opening the gifts that he brought them. a few minutes later lawyers interrupt and serving burnss and
8:35 am
attorneys. it's a known tactic it cases like this to create more legal barriers of the result, the visit cut short. and when they saw our crew. >> no. no. >> reporter: his lawyers swatted away our camera. we left quickly catching a glimpse of his daughters in tier tears. >> my visit was a total of about five minutes and all of the sudden the ambush came out. >> reporter: her side incident want to talk. instead we got a statement in spanish that translates that she does not wish to make a comment with respect to the case. they burns remains in legal limbo. the courts in the u.s. and argentina have confirmed that the girls were abducted. but the girl's mover has appealed the latest ruling. >> i haven't been able to see my daughters again in over a month.
8:36 am
you know, it's just -- it's cruel. it's just cruel and -- and just not fair. it's not fair to them or my family. it's just not fair at all. >> reporter: the financial strain forced him into bankruptcy. now living in a small one bedroom apartment will every corner provides priceless memories. even their tiny coats left hanging by the door. >> it just makes me feel their presence. >> reporter: burns does have support. he's working with david goldman who has been in his shoes. you may remember his story that drew international attention. it took him five and a half years to get his son returned from brazil. he has since you started a foundation and made it its mission to help other parents going through this. his life with shawn today gives burns hope. >> he's tliefging.
8:37 am
he's playing basketball. he's 5'9". >> for now there are still no school pictures or days of being a soccer dad for burns. until the court hears his case, all he can do is wait. >> offthe opportunity with them to get them out of bed in the morning, make them beck fast, take them to school, help them with their homework, help them tie their shoes and brush their teeth. i just want to be able to know that they're there every day and be able to hug and love them. >> and thank you ana cabrera for that exclusive report. i want to bring inialen dershowitz. it's great to have you on this. i don't get it. if we have a hag abduction treaty and both countries greet that that mother abducted those children, how is it that while the process plays out they're
8:38 am
not with the father who is not suspected of doing something? >> well, i'm not even sure they'll ever be returned to their father. in my book, i explain how the law really always fails when it comes to family conflict. that family dynamics often trump over treaties. here you have a situation where the argentine government clearly would prefer for the child, the children to be brought up in argentina. they think it's a better place than america. also, the law in south america generally favors mothers over fathers. so, sure, everybody signs the treaty. but then they drag their feet. when it comes to disgorging children from what they believe are a loving mother, we describe the mother as an abductor. the law and certainly the children don't think of their mother as an abductor. they think of her as a loving mother who took great steps to be with her children. and the law plays a very, very small role in actually bringing
8:39 am
about the desired result here. >> would we in america do the same thing if the rules were reversed and a father took off with his two girls from that country and brought them here and he was accuseds of abducting them? >> yeah. we would probably be a little more efficient. because the rule of law operates more stringently in america than it does in argentina. but we have cases too where we've been reluctant to return children to foreign countries. in the gonzalez case, we did that and that became an outcry. so the law, politics, emotions, family life, all play an important role. and when you're dealing in transnational cases, and we live in one world now, it's very easy to get on a plane with your childrenened fly them anywhere in the world, we see these cases happening a lot in muslim countries and in riz ral, we see it happening in france. there's a famous case involving
8:40 am
an actress where this is going on today in france and germany. and it's an international problem. and treaties have not solved the problem. they've made it a little better. and maybe in the end this will work out. but it takes forever and the law plays a relatively small role when it comes to family dynamics of this kind. >> very distress to watch it in realtime. nice to see you. thank you, sir. >> thank you. and i want to update you on some of the news that we broke to you at the top of this hour. take a look at your screen. a team of architects has now made a decision that new york's one world trade center is the tallest tower in the country and it is, indeed, taller than chicago's willis tower. you may remember it as the series tower. it's official. new york has the at all left building. well deserved new york, you've been through a lot. kids this comes under the
8:41 am
banner of don't try this at school or at home. that's a harlem globetrotter nicknamed bull, very lucky he didn't suffer any serious injuries when he dumped that ball. he had been hanging on to the rim with his feet on the backboard and it gave way. but look at that, just a band-a band-aid. he came oust it. other than that, shocking when you see the result. ouch. bang. he's okay. otherwise he's okay. all right. so moving on with our top stories of the day. back in the philippines, there are so many people who have lost so much. in fact everything. and now they are begging for food, for water and for shelter. and they're sending personal messages to their loved ones everywhere around the world. the first-hand accounts of this tragedy. and it's really something you just have to see. [ male announcer ] pepcid® presents: the burns family dinner. why would i take one pepcid® when i could take tums® throughout the day when my heartburn comes back? 'cause you only have to take one...
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companies, banks and nba are joining a growing list of donors who have pledged millions of dollars for support and relief in the philippines. global banking groups hsbc and samsung have each offered $1 million. the ikea foundation has donated $2.6 million. and nba and nba player's union has given a total of $500,000. i wouldn't normally ask this of you. but if you're just listening, i would like you to come to the
8:46 am
television and read what's happening. the survivors of the tie moon are taking the only opportunity they have to communicate of their loved ones and that's through the lens of the video came camera. >> [ speaking foreign language ]. >> [ speaking foreign language ]. >> [ speaking foreign language ].
8:47 am
>> [ speaking foreign language ]. [ speaking foreign language ] >> [ speaking foreign language ]. >> [ speaking foreign language ].
8:48 am
>> that is very difficult to watch that and not want to help out in some way. cnn's impact your world has a list of organizations that are providing relief to tt philippines. you can log on to and choose any array of how you can help out. president bill clinton says that president obama should honor his commitment in making sure that people have the health care plan that they need. going to take you live to the white house next. i remember the day my doctor said i had diabetes.
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8:52 am
on that. this is making big headlines because even the former president is saying if the law needs to be changed so be it. what's happening at the white house? >> we haven't gotten official white house reaction yet, but jay carney is scheduled to have a briefing within the hour or so, ashleig. he is going to get asked this question, you can guarantee that. at the same time, we should point out, you know, this is just the latest example of a top democrat within the party basically saying that the president, you made this pledge, this promise to the american people. if you like your plan, you can keep it. you have to keep that pledge. it's from former president bill clinton. he gave an interview to a new website called which the best i can gather was started just recently by a former democratic party operative, carlos watson. as a matter of fact, carlos watson does the interview with clinton. let's put the quote up on screen. it says "i personally believe even if it takes a change in the law, the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people
8:53 am
and let them keep what they've got." just to the give you context, the president just didn't start this interview and fire off at the president. he talked about the various things going on with the implementation of obama care, why it's not going so well. he talked about the fact that the website has been down, that's gotten in the way of a lot of people signing up for coverage. he compared that to the roll out of medicare part d, the prescription drug bill signed by president bush. that program had similar implementation problems. he also talks about some of the medicaid issues in states that have not adopted the expansion of medicaid under obama care. at the very end of this chunk of video which we hope to bring to you soon, the president does talk about the fact that he believes people who are now losing their insurance plan and in some cases we're seeing millions of people reporting this, that those people should be able to keep those plans. a very similar position we should add, ashleigh, to what a lot of other democrats are saying right now, vulnerable senate democrats running for
8:54 am
re-election next year, mary landrieu being one, they're saying the law should be changed to allow people to keep their plan if they like them. >> thankyou. we're going to talk to one of those democrats up for re-election next year. the majority whip in the senate. there are a lot of lawmakers calling for a systemwide fix to the man directly to the right of me, dick durbin is going to join me live in 60 seconds.
8:55 am
people in charge of obama care are promising to give us some real numbers of the actual enrollments in the online insurance marketplaces by the middle of the month. but if you check your calendar, today is the 12th. and the media estimates so far are not very encouraging. just 50,000. 50,000 new policies by one count. it's based on data from insurance companies. it is not data that's confirmed by the government. cnn is estimating it another 60,000 signed up on the exchanges run by the 14 states
8:56 am
and the district of columbia. the administration's target was 800,000 overall by november 30th. that said, we should point out that medicaid signups appear to be going through the roof. private market research firm estimates that more than 400,000, 400,000 low income americans signed up for government-run health care in ten states. again, official numbers are not yet available but should be soon. clearly, it's been a rough six weeks for obama care defenders in washington and beyond. just ask dick durbin, the second ranking democrat in the u.s. senate. he's the majority whip and my guest live this hour in the cnn center in atlanta. thank you so much for joining us. let's talk about this president clinton news for the president to say he personally believes even if it takes a change in the law, president obama needs to honor the promise that you get to keep your health care. is this going to cause problems, or are most democrats going to start saying that? >> ashleigh, i think we need to
8:57 am
look at the political reality. we need to be open to constructive changes to make this law work better, but there are those, frankly, who don't want it to work at all. if those on the other side are willing to sit down in a constructive fashion, move us toward our goal making health insurance available to more and more americans and reducing costs, that's a good positive thing to do. i would say to to president clinton, if we can bringing that bipartisan group together, we can start to solve some of the problems we're facing >> so there's a gop house vote later this week on a proposal that's going to authorize insurance companies to for one year continue to offer the plans they're currently canceling for people. a lot of democrats in the senate have the suggested that they'd like to after you similar proposals. how do you stand on that? would you like to see that happen, legislation to continue allowing pooh ep to keep their policies at least for a year? >> some of those proposals are not friendly proposals. they're designed to derail this effort. keep in mind what we're putting
8:58 am
in insurance policies that they cannot be canceled if you or someone in your family have a pre-existing condition, no lifetime limits on the payouts for cancer victims and people facing enormous medical bills. these are things which should be part of insurance policy. if we start taking them away, then frankly, it's going to be difficult for the insurance industry to produce a product that really is going to serve our needs and that they can adequately tell us what it costs. >> you know, senator durbin, we traffic a lot of comments that come in and out of our news channel daily. so many critics have said president obama lied. i mean they're using the "l" word liberally to say he lied this whole idea that you can keep your health insurance if you like it. did he lie, or was this a colossal mistake? how did that happen? >> a couple more sentences added would clarify it. the president apologized. he said very clearly he was sorry if he misled people. here's the bottom line. the bottom line is in my state
8:59 am
of illinois, 1al 8 million people have no health insurance. across our nation, 40 million without health insurance. if we are going to move beyond this sorry state and give people the peace of mind. >> i agree. i want to know how it happened though. if we're going to move beyond it, we need to know what the mistake was. how did this happen, senator? >> it should have been added in this private insurance market every two years, two out of three policies are canceled and changed. this happens frequently in this niche of the market. it should have been clarified from the start but there home run ways to resolve this. >> who wrote those speeches? >> i certainly wasn't in on that decision. we've got to keep our eye on the goal. >> you also said it, sir. senator, you also said it over and over again, if you like your policy, you can keep it. >> well, i said it because i believed it. now i know i should have added for 98% of american people, that is exactly true. for the other 2% in the
9:00 am
individual market, there is frequent changes in policies. people are used to increases in premiums and changes in their policies. that is something that's a reality. it should have been clarified. >> senator durbin, i do appreciate you taking the time especially with your trip to atlanta. thank you. >> thanks for watching everybody. good to have you with us. "around the world" starts right now with suzanne malveaux and now with suzanne malveaux and michael holmes. -- captions by vitac -- >> fighting to survive, people in the philippines are desperate for help and things might get just worse. >> all i hear many cry, many people crying. many people say help him. >> horrific stories of families torn apart by this storm. this mother was able to save her baby, but lost her husband. >> welcome to around the world".


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