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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 13, 2013 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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i'm zorida, alongside john berman. brooke baldwin is off today. the city of toronto has it first council since mayor rob ford's admission he smoked crack. >> it turned into part inquisition, part confessional, and part campaign stump speech in all one.
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>> mr. mayor, have you purchased illegal drugs in the last two years? >> yes, i have. i have saved more taxpayers money than any mayor in toronto's history. i was elected to come down here and clean up the mess. and i know i have done that. have i made mistakes, counselor thompson? you're absolutely right i made mistakes. >> now, mayor rob ford cannot be recalled, but his colleagues have been pressuring him to step down on his own. this meeting, it just resumed moments ago. the mayor there, rob ford. you're seeing him. he said he will not leave, but he did tell the 44 counsel members he won't talk to police. he now says he is clean and he has come clean to the people of toronto. he said there's nothing left to
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hide. >> have you admitted all your problems? >> i can't come -- i don't know what else -- i don't know? i don't know. there might be like a coat hanger left in my closet, i don't. i don't know what's left. counselor, i made mistakes and that's it. i don't know what else i can say, counselor. i have not missed a day down here and i have one of the best attendance records ever. i'll put my record against anyone else's so i'm not going anywhere, counselor. that's all i can say. i answered your question. i can't get into what's before the courts now, but on the advice of my counsel, if you want to talk to dennis morris, you're more than happy to talk to him. he has said do not talk to the police. >> no, no, can i answer the question? >> allow counselor thompson to ask if question. >> i get to ask the questions, thank you. you get to answer. >> i'm answer, but you don't want to listen. >> you're not being truthful.
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>> i'm being truthful. have you been to that house? i have no interest in being in that house. i'm not a crack user. >> so a 78-year-old mother is a crack user in that house? >> you have stated on numerous occasions to use your words that you were inebriateinebriated. every commotion that has occurred has occurred because you say you were inebriated, but you fail to appreciate perhaps there's a problem for. >> counselor, i admitted to my mistakes and i said it will not happen again, and it has not happened again at the air canada centre. i can assure you i am not an alcoholic. i am not a drug addict. have i drank? have i done drugs? yes, i have. but it's self-inflicted, and i hope, counselman, i hope that nobody but nobody goes through what i have gone through in the
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last few months. >> do you understand that there are some people on this counsel floor that really want to give you an opportunity? and with addictions, possible addictions, points to particular behavior. mr. mayor, do you recognize there are fewer of us really do want to help you? >> counselor, it was not the reason i drank or did drugs was not because of stress. it was out of sheer ststupidity. i'm not going to blame something, use an excuse or a cop-out. i take full responsibility for my mistakes. i don't know what else i can say. >> all right, but wait, there is more. the mayor's brother -- yes, there is. the mayor's brother stepped in, going after the counsel member who introduced the bill to request that mayor step down. >> question is, have you ever smoked marijuana? have you ever smoked marijuana?
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have you ever smoked marijuana? it's a question. it's simple. a yes or a no. have you smoked marijuana? the answer, i guess, is yes. the answer is yes, i guess. >> counselor ford. >> i would like everybody else to step up who tried smoking marijuana. the whole council would stand up. don't come across -- >> all right, we're going to speak with doug ford, who was on the counsel in toronto. he's the brother of rob ford. we'll speak to doug ford in just a moment. >> meantime, we're getting some breaking news. it is involving californians. and just how many of them are getting health care cancellation letters as a result of obama care. joining me now is our investigations correspondent chris. what is happening in california? >> we just learned that about a million people in the state of california got cancellation letters. california is a big state with
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38 million resident, but still, this is getting a lot of attention. who are these 1 million? these are people who had private health insurance. here's why they had to be canceled. under obama care, all insurance policies must include ten essential benefits like maternity care and primgz drug coverage. if it doesn't meet the criteria, they send cancellation notices. for some people, they could increase premiums. for other people who might qualify for a subsidy under obama care, it could be cheaper. >> so what are these people supposed to do? >> that's the big dilemma. the reason they're doing this is because the obama administration wanted to get rid of what they called junk plans and make sure everyone had quality coverage. fortunately for californians they have a state exchange. it's working better than health care dot guv, but there's been a lot of reports of problems there, too. >> so this 1 million number is really big. is this happening across the
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country as well? >> absolutely, but the administration and the insurance industry knew this was going to happen. the estimates vary widely, from 7 million to 12 million people nationwide who could be canceled, and the obama administration has repeatedly said many of these people are trading up to better plans. >> chris live for us in california, thank you for that. bad timing on this, huh? >> incredible timing. really tough timing for the president because this comes as his poll numbers are plummeting. his health care website is still broken, and now we are getting word that house democrats just had a heating meeting with the white house. they're angry, demanding the administration come up with a plan to fix all this. we will talk about this huge political and policy mess for the president. that's coming up next. plus, as children go hungry in the philippines, new reports that people are being crushed to death during a stampede to get food. we'll take you there coming up. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ]
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nthat's why they deserve... aer anbrake dance. get 50% off new brake pads and shoes. everyone. i'm john berman along with zoraida sambolin. we're filling in for brooke baldwin and we have been walking remarkable footage of part politics, part intervention, part really confession going on in toronto. >> a bit of a circus as well. >> the mayor there, rob ford, is speaking with the city council. the city council is really confronting him about his admission that he smoked crack. rob ford says he will not quit. the city council there has no means to remove him, but they have asked him to step down. he says he will not. now, to increase the soap opera feel of this, his brother doug ford, is also on the city
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council. and as you might imagine, he has been defending his brother today. let's listen to what he said. >> question is, have you ever smoked marijuana? have you ever smoked marijuana? hold it, have you ever smoked marijuana? it's a question. it's simple. a yes or a no. have you smoked marijuana? >> okay. >> the answer, i guess, is yes. the answer is yes, i guess. >> counselor ford. >> i would like everyone else to stand up who tried smoking marijuana. >> you saw doug ford there on the floor of the city council in toronto. we're now joined by doug ford, a city councillor in toronto. the mayor of brother rob ford. doug, i want to ask you about what you said in a little bit. first, set scene for us. what was it like to be in that room? how hard was it for you and your
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brother to listen to the severe criticism by really the rest of the city council about his behavior? >> well, when it comes to the city councillors here in toronto, there's a lot of politics being played, john. the person that is loading the charge is running for mayor against my brother. but he doesn't want to be honest with the people of toronto. i think there's a double standard here. i think rob has been very honest. very apologetic. and unfortunately when i ask the question, there's a double standard. i guess actions speak louder than words, and i guess his silence says everything. >> well, you say your brother has been forthcoming. he's been forthcoming lately, admitting he smokes crack after i guess sort of denying it for a while. there's a lot going on here. so he did deny it. at first, he was lying. now he's admitted to it. he also admitted to being severely drunk on some occasions but says he doesn't have a drinking problem. how concerned are you for your brother, sir? >> well, i'm confident my
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brother is taking the right steps moving forward. he's on a proper diet plan. he's getting some -- if you want to call it counseling, you can say that. >> is it counseling? is he getting counseling? >> he's working out every day. he just actually went downstairs on his break. so rob's taking the right steps to move forward in his life. we as a city, we have the strongest fiscal record in north america. our city is booming, unemployment has dropped 4% under his administration, and you know, we're absolutely booming as a city. saved the taxpayers, the only administration in north america that has saved the taxpayers over a billion dollars. >> as everybody is watching this unfold, it seems to everyone that there is a problem here. perhaps it is a person problem. why wouldn't he just decide to
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step down and take care of his problem and then return to office once that's resolved? >> well, i just want to, you know, again, that's what the media is reporting. rob does not come into work drunk. he said he's tried illicit drugs under a drunken stupor. and he's not doing drugs. and he's not drinking. so he's moving in the right direction, in my opinion, but the public flogging, never seen anything like it. this man has apologized profusely. he's asked for forgiveness, and the rest is sheerly politics down here. a lot of these politicians here, they don't care about rob. they care about going out there, collecting their paycheck on the backs of the hard working taxpayers. we wanted to cut the council in half. we don't need as many
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politicians. it was like asking the politicians -- like asking the turkeys to vote for thanksgiving. they aren't going to vote for reducing the size of council. and rob hasn't made a lot of friends when you hold the unions accountable, the special interest groups accountable and held them to task and saved the taxpayers a billion dollars. our city is ranked number one in the world to work in. number two to live in. and before this administration, i think we were ranked number 22 or 23. in my opinion, if there was an election held tomorrow, rob ford would have an extremely, extremely good chance of winning. and that's what they're worried about. >> sir, you called this a public flogging. but is there really any legal ground here in order to remove him from office? can you talk to us about that? >> sure. there is no legal ground whatsoever to remove him from office. he hasn't been charged for
11:17 am
anything. and we want to move on and continue running the city. like we have. it would be a great thing for the taxpayers. >> there's a video, though, that the police have of your brother, the mayor of toronto, smoking crack. he has now admitted to being in a drunken stupor, a fair amount, i guess. i don't understand the frequency of it. how embarrassing is this for your city, sir, which you so clearly love? >> we do love it. it is embarrassing. no doubt about it. but in saying that, our busin s businesses going to stop coming to the city? no, they're coming in droves because we have the lowest residential tax rate in north america for a city our size, and we watch every single bit of taxpayers' money. we stopped the back room deals. we held the unions accountable. we have done a tremendous amount of positive work in the city and people recognize it. we broke a record in tourism
11:18 am
last year. we had over 9 million hotel rooms sold and we plan to break another record. we have one of the greatest cities in the world. it's a great place to work and live. >> if you could just please stand by for us, we would like to continue this conversation, including the criticism against you. so we'll talk to you again right after this break. welcome back. how is everything? there's nothing like being your own boss! and my customers are really liking your flat rate shipping. fedex one rate. really makes my life easier. maybe a promotion is in order.
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certified. international. and the mail man picks it up. i don't leave the shop anymore. [ male announcer ] get a 4 week trial plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again. right before the break, we were talking to councilman doug ford. he's the brother of embattled mayor rob ford. thank you for staying with us. we want to talk about family history. we saw an interview with your
11:22 am
mom where she talked about her daughter also having a drug problem. and she insists her son does not have a problem, does not have a drinking problem. but is there -- are you concerned or is she concerned about a potential problem otherwise? we have seen the tapes. and i guess that is what stays on our minds. as we see this rant, this rage, unclear whether it was brought on by cocaine or whether it was a drunken rage. how does the family feel about this? >> well, again, it's embarrassing. and rob has admitted it's embarrassing. we have come out publicly and said that numerous times, again, apologized numerous times. i don't know what more we can do outside of moving forward. and get the work done that the people elected us to do. we have an election coming up. in less than a year, and we look forward to going to the people. letting the people decide if
11:23 am
they want a mayor that has the best fiscal record in north america or they want something else. that's going to be their choice. >> how much did you know while this was going on? was he completely honest with you? had he told you that he hadn't smoked crack? had you been aware of this occasional -- aware of the drinking? how much did you know, sir? >> no. >> no, so this was all news to you? >> no, never told me. that's right. when he announced it, i was speaking in front of some university students. and i was as floored as anyone else. but in saying that, i honestly believe, and rob hasn't been honest on his personal issues and he's admitted that, but he's the most honest politician in the entire country when it comes to making sure he saves taxpayers' money, and again, stopping all the back room deals that have happened. our previous administration down here had tax increases of 27.5% compounded year after year after year.
11:24 am
rob ford's administration was the only administration, the only government in north america, and i include the united states of america in this, that has actually spent less one year than they did the previous year. he's putting money back into taxpayers pockets. reducing taxes and holding people accountable. >> were you surprised when your brother admitted to buying illegal drugs? >> yes, i was surprised. >> so you had never known that that had happened before. even though, allegedly, the way this started was the his driver was the one under investigation for narcotics. you had no idea that was happening? >> no, it wasn't his driver. so that's -- that's what the media is reporting. rob never had a driver. he drove himself. he did go out and he's hired a driver now. and we're going to move forward. answering your question, it's a tough one on the family. it's definitely tough on the family right now. we have been getting death threats. my daughters, i have four young
11:25 am
girls. they were threatened to be sodomized and raped. it's just gone overboard right now. >> well, no question that is over the line in every level, sir, and we're sorry your family is going through that. when he admitted, as zoraida was afging, when he admitted he has bought drugs in the last two years, was that news today? it seems the revelations keep on coming despite the fact he's said he's come clean. come clean as of today, yesterday? is there more in the next few days? >> well, you know something. i just wish the rest of the politicians in the city came clean like rob has come clean. i think you heard my question to some other politicians. and i guess actions speak louder than words. when they don't want to answer the same question they ask the mayor, i have an issue with it. i think everyone should stand up, anyone who has tried marijuana, tried illicit drugs,
11:26 am
should stand up and admit it. unfortunately, they're deciding not to do that. they would rather flog the mayor and not be truthful to the people of toronto. >> councilman doug ford, we really appreciate your time today. thank you for joining us, and we wish you a lot of luck with your family. it was horrible to hear they're getting threats. thank you. >> thank you. i encourage everyone to come to the greatest city in the world, toronto. >> we do love toronto. >> getting a plug in for canada and toronto. coming up for us next, not a good day for president obama. political mess here, his poll numbers taking a beating. the health care website still very much with serious problems. and now there's word that democrats just had a very heated meeting with the white house over obama care. we will talk about this huge mess coming up next. and i quit . chantix... it's a non-nicotine pill. i didn't want nicotine to give up nicotine. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking.
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11:31 am
people who have lost it after the president promised they would not lose it. so largely, as a result of that broken promise, barack obama's approval rating has hit an all-time low, 39%. look at this. a majority of americans, 52%, believe the president is not honest and trustworthy. >> and we just got word that the obama care enrollment numbers are coming today. we've had hints of what they will be, not high, those hinlts. joining us now to talk about it, democratic strategist chris kofinis, and buck sexton, the national security editor for glenn beck's channel, the blaze. chris, we're hearing from a lot of democrats. i have been talking to democratic officials. dana bash was talking to democrats, saying they're very concerned with what's going on here. put a number on this for me. on a scale of 1 to 10, how big of a political problem is this for congressional democrats? >> i mean, right now, it's probably in the 7 to 8 range.
11:32 am
i mean, if we're talking about this a year from now, it's going to be over 10. this is a long ways away before the midterm elections, but people project forward. i think the difficult part, especially if you're a member of congress and you're hearing from your constituents to chemoin mind is you had similar problems when the prescription drug plan was rolled out under the bush administration, similar problems in the past with any rollout of any major problem. it's not an excuse. it's just an understanding that any time you're going to have a significant initiative, you're going to have hiccups and problems. the unfortunate thing here is these have been major problems. until they get fixed, people aren't really going to focus on the key positives that are there that people are benefitting from. >> it's unclear whether these are hiccups. i'm not sure there's a gastrointestinal word to drive the hiccups going on now. we're hearing from some republicans on capitol hill,
11:33 am
fred upton proposal a bill to help insure people who have lost their insurance, whose plans have dropped them in the last few months. isrrs a new concern, seemingly, for republicans, insuring people who lost insurance. how far are they willing to go? will they support a bill that mandate these insurance plans keep people on the rolls? >> part of the problem is that's not even possible. if there was the political will, and it seems there might be because democrats are hitting their panic button, as they should be. the fact is if you try to grandfather the plans now after the fact, it would throw the whole insurance industry into disarray. they have to do projections, going out into the future, they have to calculate what the subsidies are based upon the old regulations. this has been years in the making. the notion that now a grandfathering fix is even possible, i think, is a fantasy. i'm not even sure the obama administration would go for it, would allow it, despite the fact they are absolutely embattled.
11:34 am
i would put this at a 9.5 on your scale, and it's only going to get worse. this is just about the website, which by the way, is not going to be fixed by november 30th. it will be a little better but still terrible. and they need to convince young, healthy people to get involved in the process, which is insure in terms of the data. there's no way. this is a catastrophe in stages. >> i would like to say this is at a moment of bipartisan agreement. you put it at a 9 and chris put it at a 7 or 8. there's not much difference on that. i want to ask you about the poll numbers here for the white house. you're seeing numbers that frankly we haven't seen before. an all-time low on the president's approval rating. for the first time, the majority of americans say they do not trust him. that's always been one of the president's strongest traits. he's under water with women. there's a real problem for a president in his second term that people decide that the president is almost irrelevant
11:35 am
or ineffective. history tells us people typically don't come back to the second-term presidents. >> it's difficult in the second term. this has been a historical pattern, i don't know what it is with second terms, but presidents continuously have problems with them. in this case, it all has trance fixed and focused around the website, the rollout of obama care, what the president said, how people interpreted that. that has created, i think, real schisms amongst the public, they have questions that aren't being answered and addressed. this is -- i think the answer here is really simple. if things get fixed, if the website gets fixed and people are able to enroll, the republicans who clearly do not care about the 47 million people who were uninsured before obama care, and i haven't seen initiatives since then in order to fix obama care, but putting that aside, if it gets fixed, the websites get fixed and people start enrolling, we can start focusing on the positive.
11:36 am
if it doesn't, this will be a serious problem. the republicans are going to use this as a 2 x 4 to hit us over the head with. it doesn't make up for the fact they don't have a simple answer to what is your solution to this c complex problem? the notion of going back to what we had, that didn't solve the problem. that created the problem. >> it's an interesting point. in the quinnipiac poll, there was one number that jumped out at me. the voters still say they trust democrats in the white house more than they trust republicans when it comes to health care. despite all the problems and there have been myriad problems, voters still don't think your party would do any better? >> look, president obama has managed to do the impossible in some respect, which is make health care a toss-up issue now. it's pretty close between republicans and democrats. it had been the established wisdom for a long time that democrats owned health care as an issue. what we have seen was entirely
11:37 am
predictable. it was predicted by a vast majority of republicans paying attention, and this is a failure of central plaining. your guest was talking about the website. the website is not going to function at even the white house's own specifications by november 30th, but that's just part of the issue. the people having their plans canceled, that's working the way it's supposed to work. that's why president obama had to lie to get this through. the whole notion is you're going to have one side subsidizing the other. you have people who are older and sicker having their health care subsidized by the young and healthy. it's the only way it functions. everyone getting their plans canceled, yes, they'll have an option for another plan with a lot of options they don't want and they probably can't afford, and they don't have the subsidies to push them into the, i guess i can afford it. and we're not talking about the employer mandate, which is going to be a huge drag on businesses and economic growth. the white house has no good
11:38 am
answers, but they recognize that to accept the other side has been right all along, as we're seeing in the polling, the american people are figuring it out, to accept that would mean a massive and dramatic reversal. nothing pushes a congress's mind than the prospect of losing their job. >> so much of this has to unfold, as you said. one of the things we will know, probably within the hour, is exactly how many people had signed up in the first mukt of this. we'll start seeing the facts of this present themselves. that will happen, as i said, within the hour. stay with us for that. buck and chris, thank you so much. loved this discussion. really appreciate it. >> thanks. still ahead for us, new information on that wildcat attack that left a sanctuary worker dead. we will hear the frantic 911 call. plus, we'll find out what may have led to this awful mauling. e is the better choice for her, she's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. [ claira ] after the deliveries, i was okay.
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welcome back, everyone. we're learning more about what happened innight that a worker was mauled and killed inside an oregon wildcat sanctuary. >> the deadly attack happened last saturday night. cnn affiliate kgw reports rene chapman was killed by a cougar inside one of the cages and she may have been in there alone, which goes against the sanctuary's policies. so the 911 tapes of the tragic accident have just been released. correspondent stephanie elam
11:43 am
just reviewed them. she's joining us live from our l.a. bureau. this is always so difficult because you know the family is going to be listening to the 911 tapes also. what are we hearing in them? >> it's really tough to listen to, zoraida and john, when you hear it, before the harrowing 911 call starts, you can hear the caller is breathing hard. he's an owner of wildcat haven, and he's the one who discovered 36-year-old rene's body inside the enclosure. the sanctuary is described as a last-hope resort for captive-born wildcats. on the 911 call, the owner sounds hysterical as he works to recover chapman. take a listen. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. oh, my god, rene. oh, my god. oh, my god. oh, my god. >> sir, are you in a safe position to go in by yourself? >> i'm here. >> we don't want you to get injured.
11:44 am
i don't want you to get hurt. >> i hear what you're saying. get out of here! get! go! go! go! oh, my god, rene. oh, my god, rene. oh, my god! >> as you hear that, he sounds like he's actually shooing away some of the cats that are there as well. the call goes on. dispatchers trying to assess the situation. you hear the caller realize he's just too late to save chapman. >> do you think she's beyond help? >> [ bleep ], but yes, i do. >> okay. is there someone we can call for you to talk to? ahaai or someone. can i call somebody for y 't know. >> so upset.
11:45 am
upsetting to hear him talking like that. the sanctuary has said that it was gust protocol for any keeper to be in the closure alone, and they found the lock-out gates where they could lock out a cat and work in an enclosure in any area, those were working properly. >> do we know if that sanctuary is still operating now? >> yes, it's still operating and they have hired an outside expert to investigate the incident and review its safety protocols. the sanctuary also said it's cooperating with the state's investigation into the incident and it's preparing for the department of agriculture's investigation. this is something that happened annually. it's coming up and they're preparing for that as well. >> such a tragedy. an important part of the investigation, the 911 calls, but so difficult to hear. i want to point out the woman who was killed here, has a 5-month-old baby as home. just a tragedy. >> a newborn. >> yes, thank you. appreciate it. >> chilling audio. just ahead for us, a man is
11:46 am
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11:49 am
welcome back. a florida woman who has spent over 1,000 days behind bars in a controversy stand your ground case will find out today if she can walk free, at least temporarily. >> this is my life i'm fighting for. this is my life. >> that is marissa alexander. she was sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing a gun to scare off her allegedly abusive husband. she was granted a retrial last month after an appellate court ruled that the previous jury had incorrect directions. a bond hearing will be held later on this afternoon in jacksonville to decide if the mother of three can get out of prison while she waits for a new
11:50 am
trial. >> another case that so many people are talking about today. have you ever met a 29-year-old who has never sent a text, never posted a facebook update, never used a smartphone. there is one man, ryan ferguson, who hasn't been able to do any of that. why? he's been locked in prison for almost a decade. as of last night, he is free. well, he's free, period, and he can do all of these things. >> so ferguson, as you can see there, walked out of prison to a cheering crowd after a missouri appeals court overturned his 2005 murder conviction. he was only 19 years old when he was convicted of murdering a newspaper sports editor. during that trial, ferguson was implicated by two key witnesses, but last year, the same witnesses admitted they had lied. all the while, ferguson and his family maintained his innocence. he spoke to cnn earlier today about what his future holds.
11:51 am
>> they have taken my 20s. and i'll never have that back. nothing in this world can give that back to me. and those are amazing years, obviously. that's when you're an adult. so i'm proin, but i literally have never really lived as an adult in the free world. it's going to take some time to adjust to it and to grow into it, but i have been preparing for this past decade mentally and physically. like i said, with an amazing support group, amazing family, amazing attorneys. i feel like the transition is definitely doable. >> hln's jane velez-mitchell is going to join us. this is a remarkable young man. i mean, he is not bitter, he's not angry. so composed, so poised. i would want to get revenge. seemingly, he doesn't hold any grudges. so what they said, the appeals court ruled the prosecutors withheld evidence in his original trial. so does he have a case against
11:52 am
them? >> he has a lott or two or three. this was total and absolute garbage. two witnesses who recanted and admitted they lied. no physician evidence him. this is what happened when the criminal justice system becomes morally corrupt. when they forget justice is a search for a truth and it becomes a cynical game where it becomes win that prosecution at all costs. this is a precautionary tale that should send a chill down the spine of every detective and prosecutor out there. much better to lose and be right. >> we have seen this type of thing before, and does it really send the chill? do we see changes made in the system after a case like this, which is so horrible? >> i don't think so. i think we do have a prison industrial complex. more people behind bars than any country in the world, and a lot are locked up for nonviolent drug offenses when we have serious criminals out there running free, rapist, all the
11:53 am
rape kits that aren't tested. our criminal justice system is messed up. this is the penultimate example. i hope this guy sues, i hope he gets a lot of money. it's a crazy back story of manipulation, twisting the truth, planting ideas in the minds of a very troubled teenager. >> you know, again, i go back to the fact that he just seems to harbor absolutely no bitterness. one of the questions i walked away with after watching him is how do you get closure on this. they have released you, but are you proclaimed innocent? >> they have to find out who did this. none of the physical evidence matches ryan, or according to what we have learned, charles, either. charles eriksson, his high school buddy who testified against him. apparently, there was somebody else at the scene, according to some publish eed reports, who w not investigated. there's bloody footprints. who do they belong to? the hair, who does the hair belong to? the dna, the forensics.
11:54 am
this case was botched from the get-go. essentially, what happened was a kid was drunk and had a black-out and didn't remember what happened that night. a couple years laterer, he's reading a story about an unsolved murder. he said, i was in the area. halloween, i wonder in er if it be me. he tells someone, they tell the cops, then he implicated ryan. he knew nothing about it, according to critics who studied the tapes, he knew nothing about the crime, and the cops fed him the information, the details of the crime so he would be able to testify against his former friend. >> just a remarkable story. remarkable. thank you so much for joining us today. >> ryan ferguson, remarkable guy to keep his spirits up for that long. >> some of the most bizarre political moments you will ever see. the mayor who admits to smoking crack. still, he confronts the city
11:55 am
council looking to take him down. >> apologize for following the rules and asking the other members of council to follow the rules? that's what i'm apologizing for? no, i don't think there's an apology necessary. i'm beth... and i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink. we didn't get into business to spend time managing receipts, that's why we have ink. we like being in business because we like being creative,
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what does an apron have to do with car insurance? an apron is hard work. an apron is pride in what you do. an apron is not quitting until you've made something a little better. what does an apron have to do with car insurance? for us, everything. so, it's silicon valley, it seems like everything has a high-tech twist, even ice cream. david mattingly has the inside
11:59 am
scoop, yes, i just said inside scoop, in this technovations. >> at the smitten ice cream shop in san francisco, they call it new old fashioned ice cream. it's still the sweet treat many of us love. >> so good. >> but these cool creations come from some serious science. >> so here at smitten, we make every single batch of ice cream to order. nothing is frozen until you order it. and we make everything from scratch that morning. >> the tasty technology behind it all, the aptly named burma sheen. an inventor of the founder and chief barista robin sue fisher. >> the gist behind is it used liquid nitrogen because it's super cold. actually negative 321 degrees fahrenheit, and a super cold freezing process has the ability to make a smaller ice crystal. a smaller ice crystal means a really, really smooth product. you can't buy a burr off the shelf. it took five years of
12:00 pm
engineering and development, sixty-seven e seven engineers and three patents to build these machines. each order takes about 90 seconds to make, and apparently, plenty of customers are smitten with the taste. >> this summer, we served over 20,000 people a month. that's a pretty good number for us. >> thanks so much. have a great day. >> you know, even the video, which we have not seen -- >> i'm zoraida along with john. we're live from new york. brooke baldwin is off today. the city of toronto is holding its first council meeting since mayor rob ford's admission he smoked crack. >> he repeatedly said he would not take a leave of absence during the forum, which has been one part inquisition, one part forum, one part campeaign speec all in one. >> mr. mayor, have you purchased illegal drugs in the last two years?
12:01 pm
>> yes, i have. i have saved more taxpayers' money than any mayor in toronto's history. i was elected to come down here and clean up the mess. and i know i have done that. have i made mistakes, counselor thompson? you're absolutely right i made mistakes. >> yet you fail to appreciate that perhaps there is a problem there. >> counselor, i have admitted to my mistakes and i said it would not happen again, and it has never happened again at the air canada centre. i can assure you i am not an alcoholic. i am not a drug addict. have i drank? have i done drugs? yes, i have. it's self-inflicted, and i hope -- councilman, i hope that nobody but nobody goes through
12:02 pm
what i have gone through in the last few months. >> mr. mayor, do you understand there are some people on this council floor that really want to give you an opportunity and with addictions, possible addictions, points to particular behavior. mr. mayor, do you recognize there are a few of us who really do want to help you? >> counselor, it was not the reason i drank or did drugs was not because of stress. it was out of sheer stupidity, all it was. i'm not going to blame something, use an excuse or a cop-out. i take full responsibility for my mistakes. i don't know what else i can say. >> so with us now is our ashleigh banfield and senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin. if this were happening in the united states, would a city council have any problem removing a mayor like this? >> almost certainly not.
12:03 pm
almost every city council i'm aware of has some sort of provision like impeachment where you can remove people who have behaved in such a way that makes it impossible for them to serve. the toronto city council, for some bizarre reason, does not have any such provision, so he can only be removed if he's criminally convicted, and he hasn't even been charged yet. as far as i can tell, he can just stay there indefinitely as long as he's not charged. >> we spoke to the mayor's brurt, who is also on the city council, doug ford. doug ford said his brother's not going anywhere. he really turned around. he was speaking on the floor of the city council and said the same thing to us. he turned around and went after the other city council members. let's listen to what he said. >> i think anyone should stand up, who has tried marijuana, illicit drugs, should stand up and admit it. unfortunately, they're deciding not to do that. >> he's calling on the city
12:04 pm
council members in toronto to admit past transgressions. ashleigh banfield, you are from cana canada. >> is that why you asked me here today? >> just some translations maybe. his approval rating has not slipped. he's fine in the polls. is his brother -- is this just a divargz. is he trying to thak the focus off the issue? will that sell? >> the approval ratings aren't very current, about a week or so ago. there's a development in the story every five minutes or so. about two thirds of the people actually don't like what they're seeing. there's a very weird thing playing out. the city of toronto was small until it incorporates all of the big suburbs. they felt they had been left out a lot. then along comes rob and it's the man. they like what he did for them. he took away the liberal, central downtown politics and gave it back to them. i'm not so sure they're waillin
12:05 pm
to part with that. you can't have a guy standing up combative saying yes, i purchased illee drugs, i smoked crack cocaine, but i was loaded, for very long before it starts to bleed through the community and maybe it's not appropriate that i have to explain to my child what crack cocaine is. >> what about the circus happening there? to us, we're looking and we're shocked. is this common? >> we drink a lot of beer up there, but come on. this is such a shock. i'm not going to speak for all of canada. there's a good 30 plus million people who have their own minds, and people are astounded and embarrassed that cnn covers the story on a regular basis and it besmirched their character. >> part of what makes this so appealing in the united states is it seems so out of character, given our stereotypes about c cana canada, the that it's law abiding, and you have this wacky mayor.
12:06 pm
>> we have a script for this in the united states. we had politicians that had transgressions of one or another, including with substances. they go to rehab. they go, they come out -- >> and then oprah and dr. phil. you have to follow -- >> right. >> and the john berman and zoraida show. >> no, but that's not what's happening in canada. this guy is saying, sure, i did it. i'm staying. >> you can see in a kind of perverse way, the appeal of a guy who is, as you say, representing not the downtown, not the elite, not the canadian yuppies but the more blue collar parts of toronto. saying to hell with all the rest of you. i don't think that lasts a long time. i think ultimately, cooler heads prevail, especially in such a cold place. but it's just -- it can't last forever. you can't have -- >> you can't have him stand up today after all these words and say these words, and i will quote directly.
12:07 pm
i'm a positive role model for down and out kids. by this point, people are going to start getting mad. before, it was a diversion, before it was funny. >> and he's the supervisor of the police. and he says he's not cooperating with the police in this investigation. that can't be good. >> he's the chief magistrate. >> i was surprised early on when his approval ratings went up after he admitted to smoking crack. i thought that was really bizarre. you're saying that was long removed and that should change. >> as this ridiculously quick soggy that has unfolded over a course of months but very intensely in two weeks, yeah, that poll, so to speak, was right afterwards, and maybe not that many people knew the extent or the intransigence of the mayor to face reality and suggest perhaps i need help. and you know, he's got two kids. even if you don't care about your constituents, your kids are going through this every day. a lot of people are going to see
12:08 pm
that. >> can you say about again? >> what is this all about, anyway? >> jeffrey toobin and ashleigh banfie banfield, thank you. >> we have breaking news here coming into cnn. secretary of state john kerry asking congress to hold off on any new sanctions against iran. this has the u.s. and other countries continue negotiations with tehran over its nuclear program. kerry said, quote, our hope is now new sanctions be put in place for the simple reason if they are, it could be viewed as bad faith by the people we are negotiating with. he says it could destroy the ability to be able to get an agreement, setting us back in dialogue that has taken 30 years to be able to achieve. kerry is of course fresh off a sort of failed round of negotiations. at least one that did not succeed in reaching a deal. he's now reaching with senators behind closed doors on the status of the iran negotiations, calling on the u.s. congress to
12:09 pm
pass no new sanctions because he wants to keep on negotiating. we'll have more on the breaking news coming up. meantime, in just minutes, the numbers everyone has been waiting for. the white house will be releasing enrollment numbers for obama care. this as we learn just how many californians are getting health care cancellation letters as a result of obama care. joining me now is our investigation's correspondent, chris kriets. what's happening in california. you have big numbers to report. >> that's right, zoraida. we lurnded about a million people in the state of california got cancellation letters. california is a big state with 38 million residents, but this is getting a lot of attention. who are these one million people? these are people who had private health insurance. here's why they had obama care canceled under obama care, all insurance policies must include ten essential benefits, things like maternity care and prescription drug coverage. if your plan doesn't meet the criteria, your insurance sends a
12:10 pm
cancellation letter. some will fix that, for others, it could increase premiums. >> what are the options for all of these people? >> well, that's the big dilemma here, zoraida. the reason they're doing this is because the obama administration want to get rid of what they call junk plans. they wanted to make sure everyone has quality coverage. fortunately for people in california, they have a state exchange. it's working better than, but there's still been reports of problems there. >> all right, so this one million number is really big. but is this happening across the country as well? >> absolutely. and remember, the administration and the insurance industry knew this was going to happen. there's been estimates from 7 million to 12 million people nationwide who would be canceled. but the obama administration has repeatedly said that many of these people are trading up to better plans. sgll all right, chris. thank you very much for that. appreciate it. >> this news for the white house could be troubling.
12:11 pm
coming at a tough, tough time for president obama. his new poll numbers are plummeting. the health care website still very much broken. now we're getting word that house democrats just went to the white house and had some heated words for white house officials, demanding that the administration fix all this. we'll talk about this political mess coming up next. the was a truly amazing day. without angie's list, i don't know if we could have found all the services we needed for our riley. for over 18 years we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today at
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nthat's why they deserve... aer anbrake dance. get 50% off new brake pads and shoes. so you would have a tough time selecting the worst piece of news the president got today. you might start here, his approval rating. today, it sunk to an all-time personal low, 39%. the poll is by quinnipiac university. more than half of americans,
12:15 pm
52%, to be exact, think president obama is not being trustworthy. >> it's long been one of this president's strongest suits. now the president's fellow democrats, they seem to be getting the message from this poll, and they're getting increasingly worried, even angry, about the rollout. i'm joined now by gloria borger, cnn's chief political analyst. we heard from dana bash, house democrats were at the white house expressing their frustration, really demanding something be done about this. it does seem actually they have gone beyond frustration to almost an active split from the white house. they made it clear they will vote for action. >> you know, they're on the line. their credibility is on the line as well as the white house's credibility. you see what's happened to the president. i mean, his honesty ratings have dropped ten points just since earlier this fall. that's due clearly to the rollout of obama care and the promise you could keep your health care plan if you like
12:16 pm
your health care plan. so they're talking to the white house and saying, you folks don't seem to understand how bad this is. in our districts, and in our states. and we need to fix this. what the white house is saying up until recently, and we'll see what they say later today is, look, we would rather do this administratively because if we do it through legislation, we open a whole pandora's box. by the way, i was speaking to somebody in the insurance industry earlier today who pointed out to me if you actually delay enrollment legislatively, what's going to happen is premiums are going to go up for 2015 and guess when those increases in insurance premiums will be announced? right around the 2014 midterm electi elections. guess who will get blamed for that? democrats. they're kind of facing a lose-lose situation right now. >> of course, the secretary of explaining things, bill clinton stepped out yesterday and said the president should do something to make sure people can keep their insurance.
12:17 pm
as you said, what that something would be is difficult. there are people who speculated on the show, one of the reasons bill clinton may have said what he said is to create political cover for hillary clinton, to make it possible for her to create some space separate from the president on health care. why am i bringing this up? because there's a new poll out today from quinnipiac university, showing a number we haven't seen before. show hillary clinton losing in a matchup for president, this time against chris christie. down one point. statistically insignificant, but in the last few months, we have seen tests of what the race might look like. this seems to be even affecting her? >> that poll is interesting. first of all, the caveat is of course we have a long way to go before the next election. but if you dig deeper into that poll, what i was interested in was the question about how the independent voters broke down. in that poll, independent voters
12:18 pm
favored chris christie by 16 points as opposed to hillary clinton. i think what you're going to see is hillary clinton moving, you know, to the middle. that seems to by where the independent voters are, as you know. so i don't know whether bill clinton was trying to give her political cover or not. i presume he's a really smart guy, and he's always working on behalf of his spouse, but i also think he probably thinks it's the right thing to do, if you can do it in a way that doesn't make all the dominos fall. and don't forget, one thing depends on another depends on another. you can't crash this risk pool here, or the whole paradigm collapses for the affordable care act. so it's very complicated. seems very simple, okay, let's just delay the enrollment deadline, but these things have consequences, and people could see their premiums go up right around the midterms. >> difficult times for the president. they could continue today when we are expecting to get the enrollment numbers for the month
12:19 pm
of october. >> they love all this for us, and we're going to see if they were low-balling it enough. >> we'll wait and cover that live. thank you so much. there was angry, emotional testimony today at the federal sentencing for the mob boss james "whitey" bulger. about a dozen of the victims' family spoke directly, calling him a rat and satan. he had a chance to address the court and families, but he declined without even looking at hip. >> i think he was scared, afraid to turn around and see that mass of people and all those families he affected. i think he was scared. he was scared to face up. >> bulger will be sentenced for conspiracy and racketeering tomorrow morning. he faces life in prison. >> coming up for ux next, the disaster in the philippines from super typhoon haiyan.
12:20 pm
rescuers and relief have begin the painstaking process. they're sorting through the rubble. armed guards patrolling the streets. now, though, people getting crushed to death in stampedes for food. we'll tell you everything that's happening there. back in just a moment. my mantra? family first. but with less energy, moodiness, and a low sex drive, i saw my doctor. a blood test showed it was low testosterone, not age. we talked about axiron. the only underarm low t treatment that can restore t levels to normal in about 2 weeks in most men.
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welcome back, everyone. in the philippines, eight peer were crushed to death in a stampede trying to get food. police just stood by as the crowd mobbed a government warehouse yesterday and took about 100,000 sacks of rice. grief and shock linger for typhoon survivors and young children grappling with the
12:24 pm
scenes of carnage there. listen to this little girl. >> i have seen dead people on the streets and the sidewalk. >> terrible. so many evacuees have lived through really horrific days. millions of dollars in aid have been pledged to help all the people there, but there appears to be a bottleneck. a u.n. official says typhoon relief efforts are far too slow. i would like to bring in correspondent ana in the town of cebu for us. we're seeing all these images of hungry, very desperate people. what is taking so long for food and aid to reach them? >> well, zoraida, to be quite frank, it's a lack of planes, a lack of helicopters, a lack of resources. we are here at the cebu air base, which is the staging ground for this massive relief operation. this is the first night that it's been running 24 hours. it's coming up to 4:30 a.m., and there's a lot more activity here
12:25 pm
than we have seen in the last six days, which really is frightening considering the people on the ground so desperately need their aid. certainly in the last 12 hours, we have seen planes fly in from the united states, from australia, from taiwan, bringing in much needed aid. they need food, medical supplies, they need clean drinking water. you know, these people are homeless. they have lost absolutely everything. so basically, now that the international community is here on the ground, it's hoped that this aid, which is here, stacked up along the tarmac, will get to these people who so desperately need it. >> we certainly hope so. we have seen all these incredible images. one mother who had covered her two children, two dead children, with some tarp and was looking for three that were still missing. how are they coping with this overwhelming grief and loss? >> these people are traumatized. you know, they come off these
12:26 pm
planes. they're evacuated out of these hard-hit centers, and they are the walking wounded. we came across one woman yesterday, a 53-year-old woman, zoraida, who had been in the typhoon with her 16-year-old daughter and her elderly father. they were holding on to each other, and then the storm surge hit. this is obviously what claimed so many lives. she said she couldn't hold on to them any longer. i think we have the sound for you we would like to play. let's take a listen. >> i lost my daughter. my 16-year-old daughter. i told her during the evacuation, go, go. li live. but my daughter said, no, mama, i can't leave you. no, i can't leave you. >> absolutely heartbreaking. and she is one of so many with similar stories. it is a dire situation, but
12:27 pm
zoraida, it is hoped if the aid gets there, you know, very soon, that it may help ease some of the suffering. >> well, it is certainly tragic and sad, but we're very grateful to have you there, anna. appreciate it. >> you can go to to see how you can help those affected by super typhoon haiyan. there is a lot of information on there if you're so inclined to give. >> a great resource. so many people want to reach out and help. we encourage you to visit that site. >> up next for us here, jake tapper anchoring special coverage as the white house gets ready to release the official obama care enrollment numbers. these are the numbers everyone has been waiting for, and it is coming up next. stay right here.
12:28 pm
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12:31 pm
good afternoon. welcome to this special expanded edition of "the lead." i'm jake tapper and i breaking news. 106,185. 106,185. that's the number of how many americans picked health plans through both the federal and the state obama care market places during the first reporting period from october 1st through november 2nd, according to the obama administration. now, let me break that number down for you. of that 106,185, 79,391
12:32 pm
individuals purchased their plans, enrollled in these plans through the state exchanges. kentucky has its own exchange, maryland, new york, they have thane or exchanges. but most states do not, 36 do not. they use the federal site, through that number, the number is 26,799. that's how many individuals were able to enroll in the health care through, the troubled website we have been covering for so long now. 26,794. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius is releasing these numbers right now in a conference call with reporters and telling reporters that nearly 400,000 people have been determined to be eligible for medicaid or the children's health insurance program. medicaid was expanded as part of obama care. these numbers have been a closely guarded secret by the administration. they have struggled in the last few weeks to explain the severe technical difficulties that
12:33 pm
users have found on and we see with only 26,794 individuals being enrolled, those numbers affected by the disastrous rollout of this website. we're bringing you complete coverage as the administration finally releases these numbers. here with me, our chief political analyst, gloria borger, dana bash, and jim acosta is outside the white house. gloria, let's start with you. what do you make of these numbers? about 27 million visitors to the health care exchanges. and over 100,000 enrolled in both the federal and state exchanges. but still, only 26,794 able to enroll through >> it's been a complete disaster for the administration. it's clear they have been low-balling what to expect. and i'm not quite sure they low-balled it enough. it's clear that the state exchanges are having, you know, a better time of it than the federal government exchange.
12:34 pm
there seems to be a great deal of interest out there, however, in sort of the health care plan. and in people shopping. but i think what you're going to hear a lot of talk about is what's the difference between enrolled or logged on? i mean, i have a little bit of experience with online shopping, as i'm sure dana and you do, too. there's a difference between putting something in your cart and checking out. and that's the big question here. how many people will finally check out and pay? >> let's go to jim acosta at the white house. jim, the white house had told you this morning to expect these number as soon as today. it was unclear if they would wait until the end of the week. do you have any sense of why they released these numbers today? >> no sense yet, but the pressure has been ramping up, as you know. to gloria's point a few moments ago, what does enrolled mean? i have guidance from a spokesperson for health and human services who says that enrollment does not necessarily mean that these people have made payments. some of these people have
12:35 pm
selected plans but they have not made payments. i just want to caution our viewers, i talked to a spokesperson for a blue cross blue shield association earlier today who said in their minds enrolled means making payments. so there is a difference of opinion here, i think jake, between what the administration is putting out in terms of what enrolled means and what the industry thinks. the other thing we should point out is as you said, jake, there's been an incredible demand to get on these websites. 27 million unique visitors to the federal and state online exchanges. those are unique visitors according to hhs. 19.5 million to the federal marketplaces, and 7 million to the state-based marketplaces. that's a lot of people getting on these sites and trying to get this information. but out of that whopping number of people, to only have 106,000 or so people enrolled both federal and state, that's a very, very low number. and it's a number that frankly
12:36 pm
the administration and the president on down, they have been trying to prepare the american people for for the last several days. i that's right, jim, and as the graphic notes it was projected 1.16 million individuals would have enrolled through the month of november. they need, 7 million, i think, to enroll by next spring in order for this to operate as they need to. i want to go to dana bash. what is your reaction? >> i told you so. the reaction from republicans. >> i thought you were telling me you told me so. >> no, in all seriousness, republicans are saying i told you so. we just got a statement from the house ways and means chairman, who has oversight of the issues and he says that people in michigan, his home state, are having more cancellation in their policies than anywhere else, and even in terms of the
12:37 pm
data, if it was accurate, the administration would need to enroll 68,000 people perday to meet its year end goal, which cleary it is not going to meet based on this. i do think that the difference that you talked about at the very beginning of this between the state exchanges and the federal exchanges is important. obviously, these state exchanges were the ones that the administration really wanted everybody to go into. that was part of the original law. >> they wanted each state to set up their own. >> they wanted it to be state-run, not federal. because you had a lot of republican governors and legislatures who weren't interested in this, that's why it was going to the federal government. maybe not so much of a surprise that the states are doing better than the federal government. >> hold that thought. dana, gloria, jim, stick around. we'll get in a quick break. i'll talk to one of the key advisers for the creation of the affordable care act or obama care. how does he explain the numbers? and later, he's warned the white house against cooking the books on obama care. so wha does eric cantor make of
12:38 pm
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12:42 pm
extended edition of "the lead." we're taking a closer look at the newly released numbers from the obama administration on how many americans have been able to sign up for obama care through the state and federal websites. the magical number, 106,185. those are the people who went through the process of filling out their applications and filling out the plans on either the federal website or a state website. there are 14 states that have their own websites. now, let's break down this 106,185 number because this is important. the number of americans who have been able to enroll in obama care through the state exchanges is 79,391. i'm told that roughly a third of those are in california alone. less successful is the federal website. only 26,794 have been able to sign up and enroll through the website. this is significant, of course,
12:43 pm
because most states are using the website. 36 states plus the district of columbia. i want to bring in the cohost of cnn's "crossfire," former republican speaker of the house, newt gingrich. speaker gingrich, what's your take? this is obviously not a great number, 26,000, and the 106,000, while relatively good, is not anywhere near the 1.6 million they needed to have to be on schedule. >> everybody recognizes this has been an embarrassment and maybe a disaster. when you have a country of 315 million people and the federal portion is 26,794, and the gap between the country and the number sign-up was astonishing. somebody pointed out and i thought it was an amazing number. they have had since the passage of the bill one month longer than the entire american participation in world war ii. that is from the time they signed the bill is about the
12:44 pm
time it took us to go from pearl harbor to defeating germany, italy, and japan, and they haven't been able to get the website to work. what this says at a deeper level is why are you going to trust people this incompetent with your health? why are you going to trust a bureaucracy this incompetent with life and death decision de? i think this is going to be a very major debate over the next two or three years because i don't think they can fix the impression they're giving that they can't run this. it's too big, too complicated and the bure aaucracry is too obsolete. >> you think this is going to give renewed energy to republicans trying to defund or end or overturn obama care some. >> the big story, and you cover it more than i have, the big story is you have senate democrats, including people not up for election and you have most of the democrats in the house, you don't have some pretty good answer by friday morning, don't tell us to vote no. >> there isn't any good answer,
12:45 pm
right? if you extend the open enrollment, the insurance companies are going to have to adjust their premiums which were geared to this. premiums are going to start going up. >> these are two different things. >> but my point is, the fred upton bill in the house on friday, the bill is being introduced in the senate by democrats. this thing is starting to unravel in a way which isn't just partisan. but it's people going back home and running into angry people saying what are you doing to me? and in the long run, the great thing about a free society is survival of the politicians to rethink things because they haven't got a good answer. >> but the thing to keep in mind, though, is that all of those democrats that i have talked to who are really frustrated with the way the white house has handled not just the website but as you were talking about the idea that the president couldn't or didn't keep his promise if you have your plan -- >> if you like your health care, you can keep your health care. that's the thing about friday. >> that's the thing about friday. they are two issues. but they feed into a broader concern. every democrat i have talked to
12:46 pm
who says that also says we have to fix this. one is because i think they fundamentally believe in the idea of having this kind of health coverage, but also politically, because most or many of them voting for it, so they can't afford to have their credibility on the line. >> let's go to jim acosta at the white house. how is the white house responding to the feedback and blowback they're getting from the release of these numbers? >> well, you know, they have been saying all along they knew they were going to be low, very low in the words of kathleen sebelius at the hearing. you were talking about the plan and what to do about the people getting the notices from their insurance companies despite the president's pledge if you like your plan, you can keep it. white house press secretary jay carney said earlier today the white house is going to have a plan for those folks sooner rather than later. he was also asked about a potential meeting with harry loo reed and other senate democrats and officials. he said he couldn't confirm a
12:47 pm
meeting but basically went back to the notion that he said, look, we'll have a plan sooner rather than later. one other thing i want to point out you avlged me earlier, why did they come out today? the white house, the administration has always said they were going to have the numbers in mid-november. if you go through the tally, jake, there are some places like the district of columbia, they have not reported numbers yet. hawaii has not reported numbers yet, according to this longer break-out that's been provided by hhs. what i have been told by the people at hhs is they're still going through the numbers to make sure they're accurate. for example, when it comes to the enrollment number, they say the reason why they're not counting payment is because payment would result in a reporting lag time, so information would need to be verified with the issuers, the insurance companies. so this is just a big, huge mess, jake, quite frankly, to get all of these numbers together. it is sort of amazing that hhs and the white house have been
12:48 pm
able to boil it down and put numbers on paper, because quite frankly, they probably don't have a firm grasp on what the exact numbers are at this point because they are so fluid. >> jim acosta at the white house. you heard the numbers, next, i'll heask one of the architect of the obama care plan for his thoughts? we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the subaru forester. (girl) what? (announcer) motor trend's two thousand fourteen sport utility of the year. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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welcome back to a special expanded edition of "the lead." talking about the breaking news the latest enrollment numbers released from the obama administration indicating 186,000 have enrolled in obama care through a state exchange or healthcare.g the number on the federal level use that. very, very low. 26,794. let's get reaction to the numbers from someone who was an adviser involved, jonathan gruber, an economics professor at the massachusetts institute
12:52 pm
of technology and behind the massachusetts health care plan, romney care as you may know. so mr. gruber, professor gruber, these numbers are rather disappointing, i would think. do you think that the administration is going to be able to get the website up and running enough to make the 7 million enrollee projection needed by the spring? >> you know, i don't agree with the characterization it's disappointing. i think they're meaningless. look, when we open our system in massachusetts the first month the people could pay premiums and enroll, 123 people enrolled. by the end of the year, it was 36,000. that meant we got .3% of the people the first month. by that state the federal government did great, 1.3% of the people the first month. it's too early to say anything useful. the real deadline we have to focus on is march of next year. that's when the individual mandate kicks in. that's when people need to be signed up and what we saw in massachusetts was a large rush before the mandate kicked in. >> good context to us.
12:53 pm
i was saying disappointing because that's what many individuals in the white house called that number, disappointing. you dispute that. that's fine. house republicans are saying, i told you so. i understand that you disagree, but do you think if you compare what happened in massachusetts with what's happening right now with obama care on a national level, is the website and enrollment the opportunity to enroll on the federal level or state level with obama care, where romney care was at this point? was the problem back then with the website with the ability to enroll or was something else going on with the disappointing numbers initially in the state of massachusetts? commonwealth rather of massachusetts? >> you know, once again, not to pick bones but i think we didn't think of it as disappointing at the time. we have a year to get this going and worry about it at the end of the year. i don't think it's big website problems. we had low numbers not because the website didn't work, but because people said look, the deadline to sign up is december
12:54 pm
31st, i'll sign up before then. here people are saying the deadline is march 31st, i'll sign up then. we all wish the website worked better, the numbers would be higher but no need to panic. it's the nature of our political system to make too big a deal out of these numbers. >> professor gruber there are millions of individuals whose plans are being canceled right now because they don't meet the standard, what obama care mandates these health care plans offer in terms of mental health coverage, in terms of lab tests, in terms of maternity care, et cetera, i understand the argument to make these plans better, but millions of americans are having their plans canceled and they're worried about their ability to get health insurance. doesn't that add and explain some of the panic some americans might be feeling? >> absolutely. and i don't want to diminish the panic they're feeling and i think if the website is not working as the government says by the end of november these people can't get in plans by
12:55 pm
january there will have to be some effort by the administration and inscheuers to give them an extension for a month or two before their plans are canceled to get new plans. we don't want to cancel plans on people before the website is available to get new ones. talk about the website being available means. it doesn't necessarily mean people can do everything they need to on the website. they can shop effectively. the important thing for the website is for people to comparison shop across their options. they can get on the phone and enroll. so i think the main thing by the end of november, early december, people need to effectively comparison shop on this website. otherwise those cancellations for january they will have to find some way to extend them until the website can be made to work better. >> professor gruber, one of the people who helped form the affordable care act. we appreciate your time. >> my pleasure. good to be here. >> coming up, it tons of food has arrived in the philippines, but thousands are hungry and homeless serving for loved ones. the latest news from a desperate
12:56 pm
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12:59 pm
>> welcome back to the lead. we're back with gloria, dana and newt. we are talking about these numbers, 106,000 people enrolled in health care plans through
1:00 pm
obama's federal -- obama care federal and state marketplaces. you can fit every one of them into the michigan wolverine stadium and it still wouldn't be a sellout. in terms of breaking down these numbers, 106,185, 26,794 are through very small. 79,391 through the state exchanges in 14 states. what are your -- >> it's embarrassing for the administration. they clearly need more, wanted more. they were lowballing had this. let me take you back, the congressional budget office, which is the nonpartisan budget office, early on, estimated that 7 million people would need to be enrolled by march 31 to make this work. >> mr. gingrich? >> i think three numbers that put gruber's comments in perspective. he said at the end of the first year, 36,000 signed up in massachusetts. we've had 37,000 sign up in california already. and the fact is, yesay