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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 14, 2013 11:00am-1:01pm PST

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hello, everyone. i'm john berman alongside zoraida sambolin. we're live from new york and we begin with breaking news. the milwaukee children's hospital currently on lockdown after reports coming from there of a shooting. a tweet from the hospital confirms the lockdown. let's listen in to the press conference and learn what we can. >> protecting the investigation, we still believe that the community has a need to know early on some of the things that transpired here this afternoon. we have primary jurisdiction here. police jurisdiction here at the medical complex. this is a joint investigation with the milwaukee police department right now. about 11:59 a.m., a call came into our dispatch of an active shooter at children's hospital. squads arrived and what we learned was that milwaukee police officers were here
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conducting a warrant pick-up, a guy who they got information, the guy was wanted on a warrant, felon in possession of a fi firearm, that he was here at the hospital. they proceeded to the neonatal progressive care unit on the seventh floor of children's hospital, where children who are sick and infants that need extreme care are taken care of. the officers identified the individual who was holding his baby or holding a baby at the time. a baby at the time. they informed him after identifying he was under arrest, he put the baby down and appeared to want to cooperate being taken into custody. he then fled down a hallway. while fleeing, produced a handgun, and the officers were in pursuit. he turned around several times with that handgun in his hand, and the officers fired several shots, striking the suspect.
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the suspect is being treated at freighter right now as we speak. the baby's fine. the mother who was here as well is fine. no hospital personnel have been injured in this incident. and later on, as we learn more and the milwaukee police department will probably do the follow-up interviews and release what they want to release about the officers and maybe more about the suspect. >> any thoughts on the appropriateness of trying to get a guy wanted on a warrant in a neo natal unit. the potential here could have been much, much worse? >> it's too early now to be second guessing that sort of thing. these are dynamic situations. we just talked this morning about our warrant operation, operation manhunt, the same type of thing, so i'm not going to get into second guessing until i know more, and i just don't know that at this time.
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>> we have been listening to what seems to be a sergeant with the milwaukee police department talking about a shooting at the children's hospital there. apparently, police got a phone call at 11:59 of an active shootout happening there. police were going there to serve a warrant. there was a man holding his baby in the nee onative intensive care unit. he stepped out, he had a gun. shots were fired by the police officers to the man carrying the gun. no injuries to report except for the shooter. he is being treated, we understand. the mom is fine, the baby is fine. and we're going to gather more information and bring that to you as soon as we have it. >> the important thing to know is that the mother is fine, the baby is fine. the only injury is to the man with the gun. the only shots fired, we believe, are by police. we'll keep you up to date on this. >> other big news today and we hope you heard it on cnn, the president offering up a plan to try to resolve his broken promise that if you like your health care plan, you can keep it, period. >> with his poll numbers sliding, he said he has heard the message loud and clear.
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he conceded that he fumbled the obama care rollout with both the failure to keep his promise and the deeply flawed health care website. >> that's on me. i mean, we fumbled the rollout on this health care plan. i am very frustrated, but i'm also somebody who if i fumble the ball, i'm going to wait until i get the next play and try to run as hard as i can and do right by the team. so ultimately, i'm the head of this team. we did fumble the ball on it. and what i'm going to do is make sure that we get it fixed. >> he said fumbled repeatedly in the first fix he offered for these repeated fumbles, potential relief for some of the millions of americans who have lost their insurance because either their plans expired or their new policies did not meet
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obama care's minimum standards. he said he would allow insurers to extend those noncompliant policies for a year, but they would have to alert their customers to better plans under the exchanges. this applies to people who have those paolicies now, they would have to have the right to override the administrative changes. the political context here is that some of the president's fellow democrats, democrats, members of his own party, have been threatening to vote tomorrow for a republican plan they say they don't even like because it would restore those canceled insurance policies. joining us now from capitol hill is senator mark begich of alaska. he's a democrat and he's up for re-election. it could be a tough fight. thank you for joining us. you have been supportive of a democratic plan or a plan offed by democrats in the senate to put in place legislative fixes to this problem of people losing their insurance. will you support tabling that now? is the president's administra administrative list of changes
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enough for you? >> let me first say, since the plan passed, i have always said this plan wasn't perfect and we needed to continue to work to make fixes, as i have done already in the past few years. i will say the plan that president udall and shaheen, i'm a sponsor on it. i think we need to go forward with the legislative fix. i understand basic parts of the administrative fix. i want to see more details, at the end of the day, we have to do a legislative fix. this insures people who had a plan before october 1st can keep the plan as well as insure the benefits we made sure passed, for example, women treated equally with their insurance premiums, children get coverage with pre-existing conditions. and as well as staying on the plan until the age of 26. i think we have to move forward on the legislative plan. i recognize the president is trying to fix a piece of it. that's only administratively and we want to make sure it's clear to the american people and the
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alaskans, the 4,000 that have had cancellation notices that they can fix the plan. >> to be clear, you're saying what the president is suggesting is not enough. you would like more. go ahead. >> his plan, as you know, is only as far as i can see, only a year long. i think, again, i think it's not enough, but it's a step. >> you want it forever. let's talk about the website now, there's been a lot of problems there. the president acknowledged it's been a rough rollout to say the least. that's one of the fumbles he talked about. he was asked directly whether he had been informed in advance there would be problems with the site. let's listen to what he said. >> i was not informed directly that the website would not be working. the way it was supposed to. had i been informed, i wouldn't be going out saying, boy, this is going to be great. >> this seems like a pretty big failure of communication for a white house. so is just saying sorry, i didn't know, enough now? or do you think there have to be
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consequences? in other words, do heads have to roll? >> it's interesting, like that movie with paul newman, "a failure to communicate." it's an amazing problem they had with the rollout. i went on on october 1st because i knew, i felt it was not going to roll out. i had been on the site twice a day, trying to get information, being an applicant, going through the ross. the last week, as you may know, i got on the site. i have applied. i have enrolled in alaska. i don't take a government subsidy for my enrollment, but people have to be held accountable. it was disappointing and poorly rolled out. i went on it every couple days, sending notices to the white house of what i considered significant problems with the website. i was kind of like the beta tester senator. >> do the heads need to roll? >> as we get through this, the president has to look at his team of folks and determine how he's going to hold people accountable for what i don't think is a very good rollout.
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i'll leave that to the administration because my goal right now is to make sure alaskans can access the website as efficiently as possible. i got on it on monday, yesterday, one of our big providers -- not providers but people selling plans on the marketplace have now re-entered because many of the glij glitc have been volved for their ability to get people onto the marketplace. keep in mind, the only place you want to get on the marketplace for folks who want the subsidy, you can still get insurance from your broker, that's not a problem, but someone should be held accountable. i'll leave it to the president. i enrolled. i'm paying 100% of my premium, i'm with alaskans and frustrated like the rest of them. >> a lot of people deal with health insurance every day, and this affects millions and millions of americans very directly. there are also political implications. you are running for re-election in alaska. may not be an easy race. the president discussed the implications for members of g z
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congress like you and acknowledged he's made things more difficult. let's listen to what he said. >> there is no doubt that our failure to roll out the aca smoothly has put a burden on democrats, whether they're running or not. because they stood up and supported this -- this effort through thick and thin. >> how big a burden has he put on you, sir? are you willing to say right now, apology accepted? >> i wouldn't say everything i work on here, alaskans at the end of the day, as every race i have ever run on, will judge me on the broader picture. they'll look at health care, me saving the air force base and the f -16s there, what i did to open up the arctic for oil and gas development. but my goal is i have a lot of alaskans who want to get health care. let me give you one statistic. before this policy came into place, individual market
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insurers, 34% of the alaskans who applied to the individual market were denied health care. today that number is zero. but we need to make it smooth, get them through the process, make sure they have affordable and competitive insurance pool they can draw from. that's my goal. the public will judge that a year from now in the election and i'll stand on the record of many issues i worked on for alaskans. >> if the president offered to come do alaska to campaign for you, would you accept the offer? >> he's been to alaska a couple times as he passed through to asia. people at the end of the day will elect me based on what i have been doing. i was born and raised in alaska. people know me, no matter where i go, they want to know what mark begich is doing to focus on the tough iessue. >> is he helpful to your re-election and would his presence be helpful to you? >> anyone who banks on a politician coming to the state is not focused on what they need
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to do. they're looking at what i'm doing. if the president wants to come up, that's his decision, but i'm going to take him to the arctic, tell him why we need to drill in an waw. change his mind on that if i can. bang him over the heads a few times with it. if he wants to come and see what i want to show him to change his position on, i'm happy to do it. >> seems like a dream trip to the president. not sure nis is going to happen. >> maybe i'll take him up in the winter time and maybe he'll have a different opinion. we need to drill and do it right. >> all right, senator mark begich of alaska, we really appreciate your time. thank you so much. >> thank you. have a great day. >> did he really say bang him on the head? >> bang him on the head on several issues. >> coming up, more reaction to the president's announcement from both sides of the debate. >> next, passengers on a southwest airline flight say their pilot told them, we're in trouble. we're going down. you're going to hear a chilling account from one passenger. and the response from southwest.
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plus, the crack smoking mayor of the fourth largest city in north america. somehow manages to take his circus to a whole new level. >> whole new level. >> people are against the waiter who said i was doing lines at the beer market. those are outright lies. that is not true. >> oh, rob ford did not stop there. things got profane and very, very personal. life could be hectic. as a working mom of two young boys angie's list saves me a lot of time. after reading all the reviews i know i'm making the right choice. online or on the phone, we help you hire right the first time. with honest reviews on over 720 local services. keeping up with these two is more than a full time job, and i don't have time for unreliable companies.
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toronto's rob ford took to the cameras saying a new batch of allegations are wrong and he plans to sue. those allegations came from 500 pages worth of just released police reports. >> among the accusations, ford guzzled vodka and then drove his car. he had a woman who appeared to be a prostitute visit his office, and he made lewd suggestions to one of the women on his staff. >> i can't put up with it anymore. so i have named the names. litigation will be starting shortly. i have had enough. i warned you yesterday, be careful what you wrote. i took legal action against the man who said i was doing lined at the beer market. that was not true. it hurts my wife when they're calling a friend of mine a prostitute. she's not a prostitute. she's a friend and it makes me sick how people are saying this. olivia says that i wanted to eat
11:18 am
her [ bleep ]. i never said that in my life to her. i am happily married. >> that is again, the mayor of the fourth largest city in north america, an elected official. but ford was not finished, even with that. hours after that rant, he went before the cameras again. >> i want to apologize for my graphic remarks this morning. yesterday, i mentioned it was the second worst day of my life except for the death of my father. for the past six months, i have been under tremendous, tremendous stress. the stress is largely of my own making. i have apologized and i have tried to move forward. this has proven to be almost impossible.
11:19 am
the revelations yesterday of cocaine, escorts and prostitution, has pushed me over the line. and i used unforgivable language. when you attack my integrity as a father and as a husband, i see red. >> so joining us now, anchor of cnn's legal view, ashleigh banfield. it seems he is trying to kind of divert the attention, right, and say perhaps now he's going to sue so we don't focus so much on him. >> i think in vegas, they call it doubling down or maybe this is quadrupling down. there's so many multiples, i don't know what to call it anymore guys, honestly. if it hadn't been for president obama on the television today in america, this would have been wall to wall. it was absolutely jaw-dropping. first of all, to hear some of the most profane language i have ever heard on television, not just from a public official, but ever. and that forced him to have to make that apology, but again, it was an apology with blame.
11:20 am
everyone else was to blame for causing stress that used him to use that unbearable, profane language, which by the way, went live all over canada. that was live on the news all over canada. >> no one forced him to walk in front of people to talk today. he doesn't seem to be able to stay away from the cameras. >> it was actually very strange. after that unusual press conference apologizing for using lewd language and blaming the situation that everyone has caused for him for using that language, he then used a door that he did not have to use. he had a door that he could have gone out with his wife privately and gone to the parkade and left for two hours before council started back up, but he went through a door of dozens of cameras and reporters, and he physically pushed his way through. the of the reporters reported afterward, they had bun hurt by rob ford barreling through the throng of reporters that he didn't have to go near. >> yesterday, we talked about once he admitted to smoking
11:21 am
cocaine, his approval rating actually went up. are we going to see his approval rating plummet? >> it has plummeted. we had this conversation yesterday. it's going down. there are about 25% of the people who say he really shouldn't be in office. that's give or take. i think what's criticahereit started as a funny story. it became a very sad story. it's now an unbelievable story and i think it's a dangerous story because there's an investigation ongoing. we're so caught up with the antics and the frenetic nature of this. there's a murder out there among the drug dealers he was photographed with. there are potential extortion charges, so many criminal charges swirling around now in an investigation, that may be, and i say may be because the police are not talking, but many people ask why hasn't he been charged by now. sometimes it takes a long time to get a lot of information on an even bigger issue. that's what most of the talk is among the reporters in canada. by the way, the toronto argonauts, the jersey he was
11:22 am
wearing, the team came out to say they were offended. >> that's what it's come to. >> he war wearing their jersey while saying that language, and the santa claus parade asked him not to partake. >> we'll see you tomorrow. awful story. >> it's happening again. a huge sinkhole threatens an entire neighborhood in florida. look at this. one house is pretty much gone, and more could be swallowed up. i'll talk with a man who lives in that neighborhood coming up next. wow. waiting for your wrinkle cream to work? neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair has the fastest retinol formula. to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just one week. neutrogena®.
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well, talk about living on thej. a sinkhole is growing in in
11:26 am
order. it's already caused the collapse of one family's home. this is what the dupres had to face in the early morning hours. can you believe that? get this, engineering crews were already at the house. they were trying to address sinkhole activity from two years ago. it was happening in the town of done aden. it's forced the evacuation of seven homes so far. it was ivy dupree who alerted her family their home was falling into the ground. >> i heard really loud banging. and so i went to my parents and i just got them, and then my dad went to look. and yeah, the whole screen room was tilting in. >> cnn's john zarrella is joining us no. you are with the fire chief, jeff parks. i have a question. i am surprised. i was reading reports that the family was inside the house when this happened?
11:27 am
>> yeah, that's right, zoraida and john. the family was inside. early this morning, 5:30, 5:40 this morning when all of this happened. they went outside, they noticed the sinkhole, and immediately got out as quickly as they could. before it started expanding. as you mentioned, it certainly has engulfed the back section of their house and another house. you know they had been working for the last two years with their insurance company and an engineering firm had been out here the last couple of days doing work to try to stabilize the house. they knew they had a sinkhole under there, but before the work could be done, it opened up and it's not only begun -- swallowed up most of their house. one of the houses next door and a third is also in danger as well. and i do have the fire chief here with me, jeff parks. and chief, the hole is still expanding, correct? >> yes, at this time. it slowed down, but it's still expanding. >> what do you have it now at? >> about 70, 75 feet wide and
11:28 am
about 50 feet deep. >> you're saying it's moving to the northwest. >> northwest, yes. >> if we look back, that would be in that direction, right? sort of away from us. where moving away from us. houses on this side probably less effected at this time. >> at this time. >> any idea if any of these homeowners have a shot of getting back in? >> we're still waiting on our engineering firm to give us an idea. a couple probably will not be home today. we have a shelter. red cross has set up a shelter for them. >> what is the plan going forward now? what are you going to try to do, at least initially? >> we're going to fence off the area, obviously, to keep people out tonight. we'll keep crews here. the plan with the city engineer, we're going to try to fill the hole in tomorrow before rain is expected this weekend to make it worse than what it is already. >> once you get rain in there, if you have these sinkholes, it can further erode the ground underneath. >> correct. >> at this point, everybody was out safe, which is the good news. and you believe that at least at this point, the area that you
11:29 am
have cordoned off is the vulnerabvulner able area? >> that's correct. there may be behind the house, houses behind that may be in danger as well, but we're watching that as well. >> there's some cracking on one of the houses on the other street, correct? >> not on the other street. loose ground there, further to the west, there's a house with cracking in it. >> all things you're going to have to keep an eye on. chief, thanks so much for spending time with us. again, continues b s to be, as say, a fluid situation. of course, the good news is everyone was able to get out. and i did talk to another homeowner whose house is right back here. and matt was telling me that, you know, as soon as they knocked on his door this morning and said, hey, there's a sinkhole get out, of course, the first thing that came to his mind was the sefner collapse where the man fell in the hole and died. so he got out as quickly as he could. with his wife and his 11-year-old son. >> we are very happy that everybody is out saefrl. looking at those pictures, it's
11:30 am
just remarkable. thank you, john zarrella. >> amazing pictures. >> what's weird, they were working on the house to repair the sinkhole, and people were inside the house. i find that remarkable. coming up, more on our breaking news today. president obama offering a fix to the promise that was broken, that if you like your insurance plan, you can keep it. one insurance company source says this fix is a total mess. we're going to have the debate. stay right here. (dad) just feather it out. that's right. (son) ok. feather it out. (dad) all right. that's ok. (dad) put it in second, put it in second. (dad) slow it down. put the clutch in, break it, break it. (dad) just like i showed you. dad, you didn't show me, you showed him. dad, he's gonna wreck the car! (dad) he's not gonna wreck the car. (dad) no fighting in the road, please. (dad) put your blinker on. (son) you didn't even give me a chance! (dad) ok. (mom vo) we got the new subaru because nothing could break our old one. (dad) ok. (son) what the heck? let go of my seat!
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that will be here for you now -- and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. alongside john berman in new york. just a short time ago, president obama addressed the millions of americans who are furious with his affordable care act. the president offered a plan that could allow americans to keep their individual insurance plans for one more year. insurers had canceled policies that do not meet obama care requirements. president obama admitted he is not a perfect man or president. but said he will do all that he can on behalf of americans. >> joining me now from washington to talk about all this is kiki maclaine and rich gaylon. kiki, i'm going to start with you, put you on the hot seat because a lot of action has been happening on the democratic side of the aisle. the president acknowledges he
11:35 am
now has to work to restore his credibility, to win back his credibility on the health care issue and other issues as well. with democrats in congress who have been very frustrated, both publicly and privately, did today's press conference do anything to begin winning back any of the credibility? >> look, the only thing that truly wins back credibility is when the site is up and working well and all those people are able to enroll. that's what has to happen every day. all the time we spend talking about what kind of an apology, was it enough of an apology? republican committee chairs hauling people up to grill them. let's focus on getting this done. everybody knows it didn't work well. everybody knows there are things that are messed up that have to be fixed. let's focus on getting that done so we can see how the policies and the plan and the affordable care plan really works, because the reality is this is really big change. big change doesn't come easy. and we've got to work on it to make it work as opposed to sitting around in circles pointing fingers and asking
11:36 am
people to get whacked around in press conferences. let's get to the work because the real credibility builder will be more people covered by insurance. we know between enrollment in medicaid and even what people are calling the low numbers of enrollment in the marketplace, we already have more americans covered this week, and that's a good thing. >> rich, what are republicans willing to do -- >> hold it. you can't let that go. millions, kiki, of people, have been told that their insurance is going to be canceled. >> and the president addressed that. >> thousands have gotten through the system. so for you to say that more people are covered today than they were yesterday, effectively, is simply not correct. now, here's the question i think we need to answer. i agree with you on the whole website thing. that will get fixed. that's a technical thing. my big question is the website was a big, gigantic blinding light in our eyes. is there something besides that that is so structurally wrong
11:37 am
that really what the president proposed today is the right answer, whether he can do it administratively or not, somebody else has to figure out, or is there something struckuraly wrong with the way the aca is proposed that it really does need to go through major surgery. >> kiki. >> what's really interesting here, and this is something the president has said from the very beginning of the debates on the proposal, the mere idea of aca, is that where there needs to be work done, he's willing to work on it and willing to work with both sides. again, i go back to this concept of major change. major change does not happen without hiccups. rich and i are in agreement. the debacle of the website is just that, a debacle being fixed, being worked on. but the idea and the reform as a whole for our country is leading us on a path to ultimately a stronger economy, a healthier country, and a better place for everybody. we've got -- >> i don't know -- >> we've got to be willing to look for those places.
11:38 am
rich, let me finish. you have to look for those places -- >> go ahead, rich. >> we've got to look for those places where we may be willing to do the tinkering and do it. >> this is the wealthiest country in the history of the world. for us to have people who have to go on bending knee for health care, whether it's prescription drugs or actual treatment, is a sin. i absolutely agree with you. to come up with this unbelievably complex and top-down top-heavy system, i think is wrong. i agree with you that we need to have health care. this is just the wrong way to go about it. >> hang on, rich. that was the debate from 2010 and the plan passed. now it's about implementing this plan. good or bad, at this point. there have been a lot of liberals, and they're all over my twitter feed, all the editorial pages, saying one of the big problems over the last several months has been the republicans have been standing in the way of implementing this all in the right way. state governor s won't set up te medicaid money, won't set up the state exchanges.
11:39 am
the question now is are republicans or should they be willing to make changes to make the system better rather than just voting time and time again to do away with it completely? >> i haven't seen any proposals from the democratic side, for the democrats over the last, i don't know, three and a half years. this has been perfect. they had plenty of time to fix this. the president had plenty of time to fix this. the hhs had plenty of time to say we probably need to do these things. nobody did it until october 1st. that is a collapse of responsibility in the administration. >> the question is, we can sit here and spend hours and days and weeks and more months and years talking about what didn't work in the last six weeks, or we can focus on what we need to fix, get it fixed, learn the lessons from this, and move forward. and i think that's the difference in how people are looking at this. you know, it's kind of like, i'm reminded occasionally when my 11-year-old son does something wrong and i'm furious with him
11:40 am
and he keeps apologizing, and at a certain point, in fairness to him, he can only apologize so much, but he's got to change his behavior. that's how he wins my confidence back. that's how the president will win the confidence of the american people back. >> i would like to see him change his behavior. >> i would like to hear more apologies from my kids, but that's a completely different story. rich, kiki, thank you. >> i have to ulpaw apologize to kid. >> that's a different story. appreciate it. >> some 50 years after the death of president kennedy, did lee harvey oswald really act alone? you're going to hear from the "time" article writer that he had help. plus, never before seen pictures are revealed. >> and they're amazing. fancy robes... seems every hotel has something to love... so join the loyalty program that lets you earn free nights in any of them. plus, for a limited time, members can win a free night every day. only at
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>> john f. kennedy died at approximately 1:00 central standard time. today, here in dallas. he died of a gunshot wound in the brain. i have no other details regarding the assassination of the president. >> so hard to watch, right? that announcement and so many indelible moments are part of our riveting special, the assassination of president kennedy tonight at 9:00 eastern and pacific. in case you haven't noticed the major news networks are offering special coverage of the kennedy assassination.
11:45 am
"time" magazine is calling it the moment that changed america. we'll talk with the writer of "time's" cover story. first, "time" is allowing us to show you some of the last photographs ever taken of president kennedy. come over to your screen. these pictures sat in a trunk for nearly half a century and were found only recently in that trunk in new zealand. here is a moment where the president passes the lens of h. warner king whose daughter only recently found these photos. >> and i'm struck looking at these by something reporters said at the time. when you saw the president, you could see his tan bursting through, the vibrance and colors are so vivid. joining us is david, "time" magazine's editor-at-large. you like so many others called this the moment that changed america. a real pivot point. how did it change? >> well, you know, we had always
11:46 am
had doubts and suspicion and conspiratorial thoughts running through the country as long as we have been a nation. but this assassination was such a shock, such an incredibly sudden moment where the president of the united states goes from that youthful tan, that happy individual in those photographs, to he's dead in a matter of seconds. it's such a traumatic event, such a shocking event, that it really brought the conspiratorial, suspicious, you know, tendency in the american psyche out of the shadows and made it really a mainstream trait, i think, that we have never left behind since then. >> can you tell us more about these amazing pictures that we're seeing? >> yeah, they're really something. warner king was a jeweler in
11:47 am
dallas who had previously been a photographer in new zealand. and when the president was coming to visit dallas, he took out his trusty camera and went down to the motorcade route. you can see how close people were able to get to the president. you see him and the first lady in their raised back-seat of that open-air limousine. and so they went right past him. he was so traumatized, mr. king, by the event that he took these images and put them in a box and never looked at them again. and it was only when his daughter was going through his things after his death that she came across them and realized that he had once said his life's goal was to have his photos published in "time" magazine. he admired the magazine, and we've been able to make that come true. >> david of "time" magazine,
11:48 am
thank you so much for bringing them to us. i encourage everybody to take a look at these pictures in the magazine, and tune in for our special tonight "the assassination of president kennedy." it's remarkable and riveting. >> imagine being offered $3 billion. that's billions with a "b" and saying yeah, no thank you. >> no way. >> up next, we'll tell you which social media site just said no to facebook's $3 billion deal. [ male announcer ] this is brad. his day of coaching begins with knee pain, when... [ man ] hey, brad, want to trade the all-day relief of two aleve for six tylenol? what's the catch? there's no catch. you want me to give up my two aleve for six tylenol? no. for my knee pain, nothing beats my aleve.
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11:52 am
he was rejected. it's an understatement to say snap chat is popular among teens. can you explain this snap chat phenomenon? >> in theory, it's all quite simple. you take a photo or video with your phone and send it over snap chat to a friend and it disappears after ten seconds. once you share something online, it doesn't always disappear. so at least you can say this is a teenager's attempt to have some type of semblance of privacy in their lives, sending a photo that disappears after ten seconds instead of sharing it with a wider group of fends on facebook or twitter, and 350 million messages are sent each day on snap chat, and that gives you an idea of why facebook might have shelled out so much cash or offered to shell out so much for this free application. >> how do you monetize all of this? when facebook bought instrugram, they offered $1 billion. they want control of the social apps teenagers are into, but the
11:53 am
question is, how do you make money here? >> a lot of people thought facebook was crazy when they offered almost a billion dollars for instagram. now looking back, they said what a smart investment from facebook. they took the talent and made their mobile application so much better, and now that's where they're having a lot of success. facebook has been struggling in the demographic of young teens. for the teens they lost there, they made up for it with instagram. they want to do well with teens. snap chat is so popular with teens. they're going after that demo, trying to keep them on some of their platforms. that's what they would do if they acquired snapchat. >> i'm still shocked. i would not advise my child to turn down $3 billion, but who knows? maybe he's brilliant. thank you so much for joining us today. >> i like you pretending you're not an avid snapchat user. >> i joined tee just to see what it's all about. >> up next, passengers on a southwest airlines flight say their pilot told them, we're in
11:54 am
trouble. we're going down. you'll hear a chilling account from one passenger and the response from southwest coming up. [ sniffles, coughs ] shhhh! i have a cold with this annoying runny nose. [ sniffles ] i better take something. [ male announcer ] dayquil cold and flu doesn't treat that. it doesn't? [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast-acting antihistamine. oh what a relief it is!
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11:57 am
welcome back, every. so imagine this, imagine being onboard a plane and hearing a panicked kamecaptain saying ove loud-speaker, we're in trouble. we're going down. those are the horrible words
11:58 am
passengers on a southwest airlines flight say they heard during their flight to nort carolina this week. seconds after that announcement, the plane went into a nose dive before it leveled out and made an emergency landing at the raleigh airport. >> a passenger told our carol costello today, she thought she was about to die. >> but what i heard is, what i heard was what sounded like static, and then this loud shooting sound on the plane, and right behind it, the same thing. two sort of loud sounds. the lady next to me heard it, too. we both looked at each other with that, you know, kind of look. then seconds later, i heard what sounded like a panicked captain. he could have just been deliberate, saying we're in trouble. we're going down. and i was very clear about that. and then the flight attendants, of course, started taking action. and you know, they appeared
11:59 am
somewhat panicked to me, but you know, when you think your plane is going down, and they heard the same message, they're just humans, but they did their jobs as far as securing every. we thought the masks were coming down and the masks didn't come down. and one flight attendant said, captain, the masks aren't coming down. deploy the masks, or something like that. and then, you know, of course, i'm sure everybody went through their private moments of what, you know, of their experiences. and my moment was that, you know, okay, this is how i'm going to die. and at least it will be quick. >> oh, my gosh. all right, so southwest released a statement saying there was a maintenance issue. and quote, as part of the procedure to resolve the issue, the captain notified the crew using the public address system that he was going down to a lower altitude just before an unplanned but controlled descent. the maintenance issue was resolved before the flight
12:00 pm
safely landed. the faa is investigating this incident. >> glad they were all okay. >> unbelievable. >> i'm john berman alongside zoraida sambolin. we're live in new york. you may have heard it right here on cnn. it was a very, very interesting moment. president obama offering up a plan to try to resolve his broken promise that if you like your health care plan, you can keep it. >> we have seen his poll numbers sliding. we're seeing democrats plead with the white house to halt the political fallout. the president says he fumbled, plain and simple. >> that's on me. i mean, we fumbled the rollout on this health care reform. i am very frustrated, but i'm also somebody who, if i fumble the ball, i'm going to wait until i get the next play and then i'm going to try to run as hard as i can and do right by the team. so ultimately, i'm the head of this team. we did fumble the ball on it.
12:01 pm
and what i'm going to do is make sure that we get it fixed. >> the first fix he offered, potential relief for some of the millions of americans who have lost their insurance plans either because their expired or they didn't meet obama care's minimum standards. he said he would allow insurers to extend those noncompliant policies for one year, but they would have to alert their customers to potentially better options under obama care and people who the those policies before, they would have the right to override these administrative changes. >> we know you have a lot of questions. with us now, elizabeth cohen. the insures are being asked to play a large role. will they have to play ball? will they, for example, reestablish policies they have already canceled? are they obligated to do so? >> they're not obligated to do so. they can uncancel the canceled policies, if you can follow along with that, but they don't actually have to. i was actually speaking with an
12:02 pm
expert who has consulted with the insurance industry in the past. he says he doesn't think they will unkanlsal them. heiciz says, look, they made mo money off the new policies, he doesn't think they'll go back and uncancel the ones they have canceled. >> that's troubling. what does it do to obama care's complex financial structure? and will we as customers find health care more expensive strictly as a result of the president's fix here? >> i want to be really clear who we are. if we is you and me, zoraida, chances are no, we're not going to see fallout because we're insured through our employer. however, people who are on the exchanges which is tens of millions of people, there's likelihood they're going to see higher premiums because of what the president did and because of the fumbled rollout in general. here's the way it works. the premiums for 2014, those are set. those are set in stone. they're done. however, the group, the insurance industry has come out today and said, look, we may see
12:03 pm
higher premiums in the future. they said it, we may be seeing higher premiums. in 2015, folks on the exchanges may indeed be paying more money for their insurance than they were expecting. >> so the idea then here is you take another year and you continue shopping around. you take your time trying to figure out which plan is going to be best for you? >> you do, but people are -- you know, the people who were disappointed with obama care, the people who said i liked my old policy. i don't want to pay more money for this new policy, even if it is better, i don't want to pay for it. they're now facing that in 2015. they're sort of delaying the inevable. at some point, people who don't like this at all are still not going to like it in 2015. >> that's what john and i were talking about. that's exactly what happens. you postpone exactly what is going to happen. thank you for joining us. >> during his news conference, president obama acknowledged his own failed promise is giving heart burn to fellow democrats. they're all hearing complaints from constituents about some of
12:04 pm
these canceled insurance policies and many of those democrats are now looking for a way out. with us now is senate democrat bill nelson of florida. senator nelson, i'm wondering what your reaction is to the obama announcement today? >> well, the affordable care act is supposed to be about getting health insurance to people, not about taking it away. so i think what the president did today was the right thing. he had previously said, if you liked your existing policy, even though it might be a subpar policy, which a lot of them are very subpar policies, i call them dog policies, as the former insurance commissioner of florida. but he said, if you like it and you want to keep it, you can keep it. and that's what hie affirmed today. >> he said a lot of things that caught people's attention. one was he said, who knew it was going to be so hard to buy insurance? on the other part of that broken
12:05 pm
promise to people, saying if you like your insurance. you'll get to keep it, he said he assumed the physicians they had in place would skofrb those people and he didn't know there would be those problems. isn't it his job to know these things. aren't these the things he should have known going into something this big? >> well, insurance is a very complicated subject. that's the toughest job i've ever had in public office. i was the insurance commissioner for six years. and what the affordable care act is doing is giving insurance at an affordable price to some people, but those people who had a subpar policy, now they can get a policy that's a lot more comprehensive. that's what this issue is about, whether or not if you like your insurance, you can keep it. that's one issue. there are a lot of other issues, as you know.
12:06 pm
>> the president talked a lot about his own personal role in this, and his credibility. i want to listen to part of what he said. >> i'm just going to keep on working as hard as i can around the priorities that the american people care about. and i think it's legitimate for them to expect me to have to win back some credibility on this el health care law in particular and on a whole range of these issues in general. and, you know, that's on me. >> how much do you think his credibility has been hurt with voters? and also with congressional democrats? >> well, first with the voters. i think it has been hurt, but this has been a series of stories over time with the rollout being so flawed on the actual website. but you know, when this thing is up and working and i believe it will be, and i think in the course of the next year, you
12:07 pm
will see that it's working. all of this will be forgotten. now, with fellow democrats, you know, there have been communications problems back and forth. but we're all a part of the same family, and so we're going to see that this succeeds, and we're going to support the president for that. >> all right, senator bill nelson of florida, we appreciate you joining us and your expertise as a former insurance commissioner. >> coming up in the philippines, the devastation from super typhoon haiyan is just beginning to be uncovered. anderson cooper visited a makeshift hospital where the sick cannot even get water. >> plus, james "whitey" bulger learning his fate today. we'll speak to the brother of one of bulger's victims who says he wants to strangle bulger. >> and toronto mayor rob ford. well, let's just say the hits keep coming. you'll hear his shocking new comments. shocking is an understatement.
12:08 pm
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12:12 pm
piphonosurvivors before it's too late. tacloban is one of the hardest hit areas. crews are still removing corpses that have been in the streets since the typhoon hit. that was six days ago. look at the little boy standing on a pile of debris that is tacloban. kids there are struggling to handle the images of horrific carnage. we spoke to a woman and her two girls who fled the area. >> it's a relief, it's very relieving to be out of tacloban city. >> tell me what have you seen? >> i have seen dead people on the streets and the sidewalks. >> me too. >> how did that make you feel? >> it made me feel scared. >> me too. >> what did it smell like? can you tell me about that? >> it smells like dead rats. >> tell me about what happened when the storm hit on friday? >> everyone kept on stealing from stores. and they kept on stealing food. and furniture, like something
12:13 pm
like that. then some of the houses were just destroyed and some are no more now. >> it's so difficult for everyone there. relief workers worry about disease and infections. pools of standing water and a breakdown in sanitation can trigger outbreaks. anderson cooper visited an overwhelmed health clinic jammed with patients in tacloban. >> it's like this every day now in this overcrowded clinic at tacloban airport, there are too many people, not enough supplies. >> it's a little bit chaotic. >> it looks very chaotic. >> as you can see, we don't have any medicines. we don't have any supplies. we have ivs, but it's running out. most of the people here don't have water and food. that's why they come here. most of the kids are suffering from diarrhea and vomiting. >> this doctor has been here for three days.
12:14 pm
it feels much longer. what do you need here? >> we mostly need food and water. that's the most important supplies that we need for all of the people. >> you don't even have enough food and water for the sick people coming in? >> yeah. >> more people just keep coming in. captain lowe stitches up a man injured in the typhoon. used bandages lie in a pile on the floor. nearby, a member of the philippine military reads names off a list of those who get to be evacuated today. who get to be evacuated right away? what makes someone eligible? >> well, like the elderly, the children. the very sick. >> for some, the wait is too long. this man died last night. he lies on a gurney at the end of the hall. they have no place else to put him. a mother plays with her child,
12:15 pm
and in a tiny side room, three babies have been born in the last three days. >> very beautiful baby. >> it's a boy. >> i know, very beautiful. >> a healthy baby boy named haiyan, named for a storm he will know nothing about.
12:16 pm
12:17 pm
12:18 pm
his admissions to buying drugs and smoking crack have turned his city hall into a protest zone. but today, the mayor of the fourth largest city in north america was all about denials.
12:19 pm
toronto's rob ford took to the cameras saying a new batch of allegations are wrong and that he is actually planning to sue now. those allegations came from 500 pages of just released police reports. among the accusations, ford guzzled vodka and then drove his car. he had a whum who appears to be a prostitute visit his office. and he made lewd suggestions to one of the women on his staff. >> i can't -- i can't put up with it anymore. so i've named the names. litigation will be starting shortly. i had enough. that's why i warned you yesterday, be careful what you wrote. i took action against the waiter who said i was doing lines at the outdoor beer market. those are outright lies. it hurts my wife when they're calling a friend of mine a prostitute. she's not a prostitute. she's a friend and it makes me sick how people are saying this. olivia says that i wanted to eat her [ bleep ].
12:20 pm
i have never said that in my life to her. i would never do that. i'm happily married. i have more than enough to eat at home. thank you very much. >> all right, so let's go to cnn's paula newton in toronto. paula, the mayor held a news conference apologizing. after that, a bit more craziness, we understand. can you tell us what happened? >> i don't even know where to pick it up. i was there when rob ford uttered those comments. he then came out in a press -- suddenly, we're right outside his office right now. he made those comments this morning. i had to pick up my jaw off the floor and then it just got more crazy after that. zoraida, i want you to look at video we're going to look at. this is him emerging from yet another press conference where he apologized for those vulgar remarks. i mean, look at the scene. it's absolutely chaotic. he's flanked by his wife and his lawyer. he is trying to get his wife out of this entire mess, which at one point became very dangerous.
12:21 pm
he's pushing. he is shoving. he is yelling. he's a man who came out swinging today. i have to say, zoraida, at so many times during the day today, he appeared totally unhinged. he said it himself. he's basically, he says he's gone over the line. is he over the edge at this point? this story just continues to rumble on. we have no idea where it's going to end. zoraida, the most fascinating thing, his brother, doug ford, confirmed to cnn that they will launch a new tv show next week. the two brothers. this is not a man despite anything that is going to be stepping down. >> he loves attention, no doubt. we were talking to ashleigh banfield earlier, and she said they actually had the option to go through a door where there were no reporters, and he actually chose to go through the reporters. just tell me about how -- what the reaction has been to the words that he used. >> it just -- it hit like a
12:22 pm
bombshell in the city. it was on live tv. no doubt, his wife, if she hadn't heard it at home, who she's home with the kids, trying to put them on a school bus, that if she hadn't, you know, if she hadn't heard it live, she heard it from certain people which is wi a few hours later, she was by his side at city hall. absolutely revolting and offensive to his wife. and i think that's why people are so incredulous. a lot of people were shaking heads. these are the kind of things, zoraida, even more than the drugs and everything else, it will start to erode his popularity. that is not something that the people here in toronto would in any way or shape condone. it has this sort of look about it that is just not sitting well with people, even people who support his politics. >> no, i suspect not. apparently, there is more to come. paula newton, thank you so much. appreciate your time. >> including a new tv show. >> that's insane. >> coming up, just hours after admitting the rollout of his health care law has been a failure, president obama is
12:23 pm
scheduled to speak live about the economy. stay here for that. plus -- >> as a notorious mobster, whitey bulger, learned his fate, one of the people in the court joins us live. he said he killed his sister, and now he's got a message. that's coming up next. rango. she's got it all. including 25 em-puh-guh's highway. what? muh-puh-guh's? me-me, em-puh-guh's? em-puh-guh's? i don't know what that stands... i mean, you don't need 25 of anything. unless it's a euphemism for babes. [ laughs ] then...then it's not enough. ♪
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12:27 pm
mystery. >> it's entitled "the assassination of president kennedy" and chronicles the political and social impact of his death. >> tom hanks co-produced the film. he spoke with christiane amanpour about documenting what happened that fateful day in dallas. >> i remembered thinking that this doesn't happen in the real world. a president doesn't get shot in front of everybody the way john f. kennedy was. at 7 years old, i'm barely even a socially conscious being, but the overpowering sadness of every adult i came across was rattling. >> what will the film show us? >> well, the stuff we're doing for cnn is really taking how television covered these great moments, both of history and sort of like society. >> it is really remarkable. cnn's ed lavendera traveled to dallas to explore how conspiracy
12:28 pm
theories about the assassination still resonate with the residents there. >> 50 years later, people still come every day. point to the sixth floor window, stand on the grassy knoll, imagining what that day was like. president john f. kennedy and first lady jacqueline kennedy driving by, smiling. they looked down from the school bu book depository building, imagining what lee harvey oswald saw. the echoes through dealey plaza. >> the flash apparently official. president kennedy died at 1:00 p.m. central standard time. >> does it amaze me that people come to dealey plaza 24/7 scratching their heads and pointing and walking around? no, not at all. the kennedy assassination story is modern folklore now. people just aren't satisfied with the official story that one man did all that damage, not only to a person but to a country. and to the world.
12:29 pm
>> the official story, of course, is that lee harvey oswald acted alone. >> could he have survived his first wound? >> johnled jones was one of the emergency room doctors who tried to save president kennedy and vividly remembers the chaotic moments in the packed operating room of parkland hospital. >> we knew we were working on the president. we were anxious. we were excited. we were doing what we would do in the care of a normal trauma patient. and yet, here was the president of the united states. nobody knew he was dead. >> dr. jones says the first thing he noticed was a wound on the president's neck. >> initial impression was this is an entrance wound and this is an exit wound up here. we had no information as to how he was shot, with what he was shot, who shot him. we had no information whatsoever. we had not seen the film. >> later on, the warren commission report would determine that neck wound was where the so-called magic bullet exited kennedy's body before
12:30 pm
striking texas governor john connelly. >> this could have been an entrance wountd or an exit wound. i don't know if anything will ever come up. it's been 50 years and nothing has surfaced yet that would indicate there was a second shooter. certainly, that possibility exists, but right now, i would accept the warren commission report. >> it's a fairy tale. it didn't happen. no bullet went through both men. >> to conspiracy theorists, the single-bullet theory is one of many problems with the official story. >> so the x in the middle of the road? you put that down there? >> yeah. i put that down there 19 years ago. >> robert grew up in new york and moved to dallas almost 20 years ago, proving the kennedy assassination conspiracy is his life's mission. you can find him on the grassy knoll every weekend arguing his case. >> do people come out here and say, man, you're just crazy? >> nobody says that. >> nobody?
12:31 pm
>> nobody. i believe there's this -- i guess an amalgamation between the mob and elements within the cia. >> so the cia and the mob working together is the theory that somehow -- >> most people that really know the case are somewhere in that ballpark. >> that is the legacy that still hangs over dealey plaza, one of the most tragic events of the 20th century. still shrouded for many in mystery. ed lavendera, cnn, dallas. the architect of a violent new england criminal enterprise will spend the rest of his life in prison. convicted mobster james "whitey" bulger was sentenced to two life terms plus five years. was sentenced today in a federal court room. he's never getting out of jail. >> the judge admonished the gangster for terrorizing boston
12:32 pm
and called his actions depraved and callous. he refused to speak during his hearing. after the sentencing, stephen davis, the brother of one of the alleged victims, had this to say. >> speak up, spit out what you have to say. i'm sitting inside, what more punishment are they going to give you than two life sentences plus five? say something, there has to be something, whether you didn't like the prosecutor said, your lawyers, me. you know he hates me. say something. be a man. >> stephen davis, author of the book "impact statement" joins us now. how do you feel about the sentence? do you think it's just? >> it's good enough because of his age. but if the man was 25, 35 years old, he would have had the chance of getting out some day because they didn't give him a sentence of life without parole.
12:33 pm
so i'm glad he's 84 and deserves what he got. >> you know, he is clearly never getting out. you expressed, i think, some frustration he was not willing to speak in the courtroom. a lot of frustration yesterday when you spoke during sentencing, giving a victim impact statement. he wouldn't even look at you in the courtroom. how did that feel to be in there with him talking and having him not even look? >> well, i wanted to get him to look at me. you know, same way he wanted me to look at him back in '82. and i gave him that much respect. and i thought he was kind of a coward. he didn't look at anybody in the courtroom that was, you know, giving off their statement, their impact statement. i thought -- i thought he owed it to myself and the other families. i would have expected him, in
12:34 pm
all the fame and glory he got of getting the motorcade from plymouth to the federal courthouse, i would have expected him to want to go out with some kind of a bang, speaking up the glorified gangster rat he is, he should have said something. it probably would have made people look at him in a slightly different way. not with any kind of respect, but i mean, if you're going that high on yourself, go out with a bang. say something. you know, he had nothing to lose. he had two life sentences plus five. >> you have said you will see bulger. you have said you will see bulger on the other side. if and when that happens, sir, what will you say to him? >> i won't say anything. i'll have to -- i'll meet him on the other side after that one. i think a lot of families feel the same way. if there is the other side,
12:35 pm
we're going to have to meet him, see who gets there first. that's life. >> well, steven daivis, we're glad there's some closure in this. we're so sorry for this decades-long ordeal you and your family have been through. thank you so much for joining us. >> you can still see the anguish in his face, right? >> up next for us, the big admission and the big new offer from the white house. president obama today saying he fumbled the launch of obama care. he's offered a fix. question is, is it all too late? our panel will debate this as the president gets ready to speak live in cleveland. stay ready for all that right here.
12:36 pm
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just about 20 minutes away from the closing bell. markets are inching up slightly up today. the dow up slightly as federal reserve chairman nominee janet yellen testified at her confirmation hearing on capitol hill. she indicated she intends to keep the stimulus money flowing into the economy because unemployment is still too high. >> the president speaking live in cleeveland just hours after his big health care reveal. we'll dip in when he's done with all his welcomes. he's trying to resolve his broken promise that under obama care, if you like your health insurance, you could keep it. as we know, that has not been the case for several millions americans. appearing today, he said he will allow insurers to extend
12:40 pm
noncompliant insurance policies for one year, but they also would have to alert their customers to potentially better options under obama care. they can't offer the noncompliant to new customers, just those who had them before. worth noting, state insurance commissioners will have the right to override these administrative changes. >> yeah, and i should note that washington state says they have not going to accept these changes. that's news we're just getting now. not every state is going to comply with this. with us from washington, d.c., maria cardona, cnn political commentator, and here in new york, sherry jacobus, columnist for the hill. i want to start with you from the news from washington state that they will not do this. this is an administrative fix the president is offering to try to get insurance back to people who lost it. do you think this is going to work, especially with states saying they're not going to c comply? >> we'll see. i hope other states will take a
12:41 pm
look at this and realize the constituents in their states who are upset this happened actually want this and hope they will work with this new fix to actually get their constituents the kind of fix they need. i mean, at the end of the day, john, the whole focus of this was for folks who could not get insurance, for them to be able to go on to the insurance marketplaces and get affordable insurance. for those who had it but did not have plans that were up to snuff, if you will, who did not have the kind of coverage and protections under the obama care that they needed to have, they would also be able to go onto the marketplace and get better plans for either the same money or sometimes even less. and so i hope that insurance commissioners will work with us, will work with this administration to get this fix done. and if not, then hopefully they will tell their constituents to go onto the marketplaces and find plans that frankly will be better than the ones that have been canceled.
12:42 pm
>> jerry, a lot of people are saying this is the beginning of what could be a death spiral for obama care. what could happen is that healthy people who would be signing up for the exchanges will stay on these health care plans that may be extended in some places, not in washington state, though. do you think republicans will be worki willing to work with democrats now to keep obama care afloat, to implement it, to get it in place so it can help people who right now are losing their insurance? >> what republicans want to do is make sure all of the millions of people who were promised they could keep their health insurance if they liked it, 80% liked it, and keep their doctors, do indeed get to do so. you have howard adean and other questioning whether what the president is saying can be done. this is the president's problem and it wasn't a mistake. he lied and he got caught in a lie, and now there's questions on both sides whether this fix is really a fix. i think it's a political fix, saying he's going to allow us to keep our health care. the insurance companies might
12:43 pm
not be able to, so a lot of this is a band-aid until we can figure out what to do. we have democrats up for midterm elections who are desperate now, trying to run from this president on this issue. they know he's been caught. they backed him. they're all tied up in it. some of them reportedly knew that this was a lie, regarding being able to keep your health care and your doctors. that's the real scandal. as long as everybody is talking about the messy rollout and the people who can't get on the website, believe it or not, the president is actually in pretty good shape because the minute they really start focusing on the fact that he lied, that he knew we wouldn't be able to keep our insurance, he has a real problem. now to make it seem like the onus is on the republicans to, quote, work with us to make it work, he shoved it through without any republican vote. we tried to warn the country. he's been caught. we're interested in what he has to say, but my question is, i think everyone republican should sit back and do what's best for their constituents and the
12:44 pm
country. they seem to be two different things. >> can i clarify just a little bit of hyperbole from the republicans and the insurance companies. there are more than twice as many insured in the market today who are over 45. so the young people, the young invincibles are not the majority of those who hold the policies today. to call this a death spiral on behalf of the insurance companies is huge hyperbole. >> i didn't call it, by the way. >> i'm saying the insurance companies. on behalf of the republican, let's be very clear, they have tried to sabotage this law every step of the way. so their option, their alternative is to repeal obama care. if you think millions of people will be mad by receiving cancellation notices now, let's look at the over 100 million people who will receive cancellation notices if the affordable care act gets
12:45 pm
repealed. that's exactly what republicans want. they want to go waback to the e where people would get kicked off their insurance plans, where you did not cover pre-existing plans, and that's what they wanted. as a result, that is going to hurt americans. >> all right. jere and maria, guys, i thank you both for being with us. i think one thing is for certain, the obama care debate will not end today. we'll have you both back soon to speak about this again. >> thanks so much, john. mine was earned orbiting the moon in 1971. afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve current and former military members and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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we have breaking news out of florida. rescue crews are searching for a person who fell from a plane in the florida keys. we're just getting this information into the newsroom. the coast guard and miami-dade rescue is searching by boat and helicopter for a person who fell into the water from an airplane. apparently at an altitude of 1800 feet. this happened at about 1:30 p.m.
12:49 pm
today. >> and the pilot just reported he fell out of the plane. we don't know how that happened. it sounds incredibly pukuehlural. >> we don't know if they were skydiving or what was happening, but they're in the middle right now of the search and rescue. the pilot, again, was the one who reported that the person fell from the plane. it happened around 11:30 today. not sure exactly what's happening there. iticid said right near the flor keys, the pilot was piloting a piper pa-46 characteaircraft and air traffic control that a passenger fell from the aircraft about eight miles southeast of the airport at about 1:30 today. >> the airport is in miami. i think they're looking in the range of the keys, seven miles south or so. that is the range. no word yet on if they have spotted him. no word on how he may have fallen out of this plane. obviously, we will keep following this. if we learn any news about
12:50 pm
perhaps spotting this man in the water, we'll let you know. >> the only thing i have here also is that the miami-dade fire is sending out a tweet that air rescue is returning to the airport to refuel before resuming the as john said, we will continue to follow this developing story for you and bring you information as soon as we have it. we have other news from florida this afternoon. a florida family wakes to the sound of their home collapsing. that's amazing. now that sinkhole that is swallowing their house is just getting bigger. at this point, seven homes have been evacuated. thankfully, the sinkhole appears to be slowing down. >> it turns out there were warning signs more than a year ago that the ground could actually give way. this is happening in the town of duneden, where john zarrella is. how big is this sinkhole now? i know we said it wasn't growing but when you talked to the fire
12:51 pm
chief earlier, it sounds like it is expanding. >> reporter: it is expanding not quite as rapidly as it had been earlier. but right now it's about 70 feet in diameter and more than 50 feet deep, expanding to the north and west of us. so away from our position and two homes of the seven condemned. they are going to be total losses. there are a couple other homes that appear to be in some danger at this point. but bottom line is, the best news, no one was hurt in this incident. that's the good news in all of this. now, i want you to take a look at this video shot by our cameraman, jerry simonson, a couple hours ago. that is behind michael dupree's home, he's the homeowner who lost his home. you can actually see in this video a portion of the back of his home collapsing as the hole continues to open up wider and the structure continues to fall into that hole, along with the neighbor's house next door which is continuing to collapse into the sinkhole. now, we did talk to michael
12:52 pm
dupree also a little bit ago and he told us what happened early this morning when he first heard the noise of the sinkhole. >> i saw our screen room already going down into that sinkhole and at that point i just turned around and said everybody out, grab some clothes and try to get out of the house, and called 911. >> reporter: dupree said he and his family will stay at a local hotel for the next couple nights. hotel has donated those rooms to him. he doesn't know when, if he will be able to get any of his belongings out of the house. they basically got out with just the clothes on their backs. some of the other neighbors of course in pretty much the same boat. here is one really cool story. the fire department went into the house because he told them he had left his wedding band in his office. and they put harnesses around one of the firefighters, went into the house, saw the ring sitting on a table in his office and they managed to retrieve dupree's wedding band.
12:53 pm
pretty cool story. >> fire department risking their lives to get his wedding band. that is very cool. thank you. >> probably won't take that off again. thank you so much. up next, senator john mccain calls a member of president obama's cabinet a human wrecking ball. he calls him a human wrecking ball. find out who he's talking about and why, next.
12:54 pm
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12:57 pm
you work at a company with a strong union that gives you good health benefits, but you know friends and family members who don't have it and you know what it's like when they get sick. you know what -- how scary it is for them when they get sick, or some of them have health insurance, they think they do, and they get sick and suddenly the insurance company says i'm sorry, you owe $50,000. that's not covered. or they jack up your premium so you can't afford it because you had some sort of pre-existing condition. that happens every day. so we're not going to let that happen. we're not going to let folks who pay their premiums on time get jerked around and we're not going to walk away from the 40 million americans without health insurance. we are not going to gut this law. we will fix what needs to be fixed, but we're going to make the affordable care act work, and those who say they are opposed to it and can't offer a solution will push back.
12:58 pm
i got to give your governor a little bit of credit. john kasich, along with a lot of state legislators who are here today, they expanded medicaid under the affordable care act and think about that, just that one step means as many as 275,000 ohioans are going to have health insurance and it doesn't depend on a website. that's already happening because of the affordable care act. i think it's fair to say that the governor didn't do it because he just loves me so much. we don't agree on much, but he saw this makes sense, why wouldn't we do this, why wouldn't we make sure that hundreds of thousands of people right here in ohio have some security. it was the right thing to do. and by the way, if every republican governor did what
12:59 pm
kasich did here rather than play politics about it, you would have another 5.4 million americans who could get access to health care next year regardless of what happens with the website. that's their decision not to do it and it's the wrong decision. they've got to go ahead and sign folks up. so bottom line is sometimes we just have to set aside the politics and focus on what's good for people. what's good to grow our middle class. what's going to help keep plants like this growing. what's going to make sure we're putting more people back to work. what's going to really make a difference in terms of our kids getting a great education. and you know, look, we've done it before. that's the good news. >> all right. you can continue watching this on if you like. that is all for us this afternoon. there will be much more coverage
1:00 pm
on the president's fixes for health care coming up on "the lead" with jake tapper which begins right now. mr. president, as long as you're bringing back things that were canceled, can you also maybe bring back the tv show "freex and geeks"? it was gone way too soon. i'm jake tapper. this is "the lead." the national lead. were you told your insurance would be canceled due to changes from obama care? well now president obama says he's changing the rules to allow, allow, not require, your plan to be extended for another year. will that satisfy our guest? west virginia senator john manchin, the democrat who wanted to delay the individual mandate for a full year. the buried lead. it happened 50 years ago this month. an assassin's bullet claimed the life of our 35th president in dallas. newly discovered tapes are filling in the blanks from that day and you will hear them right here. and the pop culture lead. andy, did you hear about this one?