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tv   Early Start  CNN  November 15, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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that's it for us here this morning. we will be back later this evening for another edition of "360" live from the philippines. thanks for joining us. "early start" begins right now. i am not a perfect man and i will not be a perfect president. >> he says the fumbled the health care rollout and now he says he wants to fix it but this morning new questions about whether the new proposal from president obama will even work. a week since typhoon haiyan devastated the philippines. residents are still striving to survive. why the federal government is being blamed and the new threat facing the people there. i want to apologize for my graphic remarks. >> graphic, yes. a huge development in the most
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political circus you will ever see. toronto's mayor, now his brother says he should step away from office. >> did you see his wife standing by him? her face spoke volumes! >> i think the world's face was making that same suppression. good morning. welcome to "early start." i'm zoraida sambolin. >> i'm john berman. it is friday, november 15th, 5:00 a.m. in the east. let's begin with the big administration from the president over obama care. he is saying the health care rollout has been rocky, that the administration fumbled, and that he is the one to blame. but he is vowing that he is not giving up on his significant achievement and make ago policy change meaning if you like your plan, you may be able to keep it at least for the short term. >> possibly. >> yeah. here is senior white house correspondent jim acosta. >> reporter: president obama's new message is he likes his health care plan for the nation
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and he is going to fight to keep it. >> there's no question the rollout on the affordable care act was much tougher than we expected but i want everybody here to understand, i am going to see this through. >> reporter: the new obama fix leaves it up to insurance companies and states to decide whether to let consumers keep plans not in compliance with the law and it forces carriers to advise americans of the choices available under obama care. but the insurance industry worries the changes undermine the system. one industry source called the white house fix a total mess. washington state insurance commissioner balked altogether saying we are staying the course and not allow insurance companies to extend their policies. >> that's on me. i mean, we fumbled the rollout on this. >> reporter: over at the white house, it was an unusually contrite president acknowledging he had let the country down. >> i am not a perfect man and i will not be a perfect president. >> reporter: and admitting to other fumbles as in the fact
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nobody told him the obama care website was not working when it launched. >> had i been informed, i wouldn't be going out saying, boy, this is going to be great. >> reporter: but he says it's getting better. >> the website will work much better on november 30th, december 1st, than it worked certainly on october 1st. that's pretty low bar. >> reporter: republicans are vowing to move forward with their own fix for obama care until it can be repealed. >> this bill will hopefully, begin to ease the pain that working families are receiving because of president obama's health care law. >> reporter: while white house officials got an earful with their own proposal. >> we may still have to fashion some legislation and we will continue to work in that regard. >> reporter: the president said any other fixes to the law have to meet one test. >> we are not going to gut this law. >> reporter: jim acosta, cnn, washington. today what happens is that the heads of some of these insurance companies will be meeting at the white house.
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now they do not have to imply with what the president wants to do. >> not only that, not only do they not have to imply, but state-by-state. insurance is regulate by states. each state can decide not to accept the president's rem recommendations and washington state is run by democrats and said they are not doing what the president has asked them to do and i think washington, d.c. as well. it's a patch work system and unclear how it falls into place and a big political vote where the house will vote on that for suggested fixes. it will be interesting to see how many democrats go along or whether this new pitch from the president -- >> they have been threatening too but in light of what the president said yesterday. >> maybe 20, 25, then the president has got some serious political parties even within his owner own party still. >> not necessarily a fix? >> we will see. now to the latest in the philippines where it has been a week since typhoon haiyan slammed into the island nation bringing intense destruction and
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so much death. that death toll shot up overnight and standing at more than 3,600. the government there is still facing tough criticism that it is is not doing enough to help. hundreds are living inside tacloban's convention center unable to find shelter elsewhere and mass burials on the way for hundreds and hundreds of victims and doctors are worried disease will race through that country because of the lack of sanitation and clean drinking water. there are, however, some signs the relief effort is starting to pick up. the "uss george washington" and aircraft carrier have arrived with supplies and most importantly helicopters can help deliver aid to most of the parts of the philippines. i've seen these troops in action before giving relief. an amazing sight and they love doing it. many countries have dounated to help with the recovery. one that has not was china but
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protests from international groups and internal ones have led to a change. the country is promising more than a million dollars in relief supplies. if you'd like to help in that way go to we have a list of terrific resour resources where you can get involved. >> did you see the e-mail that companies will match the donations that all employees make. i hope other companies will do same. we have another example of the blurred lines between foreign and domestic intelligence. your personal information and your money. "the wall street journal" says the cia is building a massive database of international money transfers which includes millions of americans personal and financial data. the agency has said to be building the database under the same provision of the patriot act that enables the nsa to collect americans' phone records and authorized by the secret national court. we know the name of four
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marines killed in an explosion at camp pendleton earlier this week. they were all working to remove unexploded ordnance from a bombing range on wednesday when this accident happened. president obama's pick to lead the federal reserve is defending the central bank's policies. amid questions from senators at her confirmation hearing, calling the economic situation unprecedented. yellen said unemployment remains her top concern and she wouldn't give any kags whindications whe fed program is expected to end. she is expected to be easily confirmed as federal reserve chair. that despite house speaker john boehner's insistence that no action will be taken in between. nancy pelosi said thursday she found boehner's comment
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outrageous and would continue to work to pass something. iran may be taking steps to slow its nuclear program. international inspectors say the nation has stopped expanding its uranium enrichment capacity under new president rouhani. that could be a sign iran is truly serious will reaching a nuclear deal with the west. in the meantime president obama is urging patience on international negotiations with iran calling on congress to not pass new sanctions so that the administration has time to try to work out a deal. egypt's ousted president morsi is in solitary confinement. he was moved from a hospital room where he spent ten days complaining of high blood pressure. he had been disclosed at a secret location and he is facing charges in connection with deadly protests outside the presidential palace. take a look at this. a massive inferno. a gas pipeline exploding. this is a small village in
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poland. two firefighters were killed and 13 others injured. the fire engulfed a row of homes and burnt for hours. a fire official says an existing pipeline may have been damaged while a new pipeline was being installed right next to it. >> a pretty scary picture there. a lot of people asking is he now completely over the edge? toronto's crack smoking, swearing mayor facing new allegations of sex, drugs, and lies. >> i can't put up with it any more so i've named the names. litigation will be starting shortly. i've had enough. >> there is a new twist. yet another new twist that could keep him in the spotlight for a very long time. plus. >> you say you had a passenger fell who fell out of your plane? >> this is so bizarre. mid air mystery. a man suddenly falling out of a plane and into the ocean. >> we are asking how that can happen too. and it is time for your
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are still high in acidic content. if your enamel is exposed to acid and you brush it away, you know, then it's gone. i would recommend that they brush with pronamel. they don't need to cut out those foods but you can make some smart choices. we did not think it was possible but it is getting even most bizarre for the toronto mayor rob ford. the later debacle. now a source tells cnn that ford's brother who serves on the city council with him is now joining in the chorus of people urging the mayor to take a leave of absence. paula newton hat latest. >> reporter: rob ford defiant and angry to get his wife
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through a chaotic crush of journalists. the back story? ford came out swinging on thursday morning announcing the fresh allegations of him using cocaine and driving drunk and being with prostitutes are all lies and he is suing his former staff members. >> that is outright lies. that is is not true. you know what? when they are calling a friend of mine a prostitute, atlanta is not a prostitute. she's a friend and it makes me sick how people are saying this. >> reporter: the mayor said he was seeing red at this point and went on in the most vulgar of ways about allegations he wanted to have oral sex with a former staffer. >> olivia gondeck says i want [ bleep ]. i've never said that in my life to her and i would never do that. i'm happily married. ladies and gentlemen, i want to apologize for my graphic remarks this morning.
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>> reporter: and so just hours later, planked by his wife and his lawyer, he apologized. >> i have been under tremendous, tremendous stress. the stress is largely of my own making. i have apologized and i have tried to move forward. this has proven to be almost impossible. the revelations yesterday of cocaine, escorts, prostitution, has pushed me over the line. and i used unforgivable language. again, i apologize. >> reporter: over the line? or over the edge? >> [ bleep ]. >> reporter: but he is stepping down? not a chance. the mayor is doubling down, announcing he and his brother doug will be hosting a tv show
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beginning next week. paula newton, cnn, toronto. >> you know what? i mean. >> i watched some of the reporting from yesterday. there was a reporter that followed the wife out of that moment they had and asked her, should he step down? she said, no, that is why we have elections. so it was interesting because when you watch her during the press conference, the look on her face, she is standing by him but her facial expression speaks volume about her being a little disappointed in her husband. >> crazy. >> it is crazy. 16 minutes past the hour here. it is life in prison for james "whitey" bulger. at his sentencing the judge saying the scope, the callousness of your crimes is unfathomable. he was convicted of playing a
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role in 11 murders and drug trafficking and extortion and other crimes. a russian punk band convicted of protest against the government and missing for weeks serving out our sentence in prison and went on a hunger strike and she seemed to disappear. now they say she has been moved to another camp in the central part of the country. after a week full of theatrics, genevieve sabourin was sentenced to a maximum of six months. the judge said she waged relentless of stalking alec baldwin. she said she had a romantic with the actor.
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jonathan martin left the dolphins last month claiming he was hazed and harassed by teammates including fellow lineman richie incognito. other than a statement from his lawyer, martin had not addressed his reasons for leaving the team. a man fell out of a plane flying 1800 feet over the ocean in miami. it happened early thursday afternoon. the pilot of the piper aircraft called air traffic controllers to tell them what happened. listen to this. >> may day, may day, may day. i have a door ajar. >> you said you had a passenger fell out of your plane? >> that is correct, sir. he opened the back door and he just fell out of the plane. >> we have no indication of how he fell out of the plane. >> authorities searched the water for hours looking for a body but they found absolutely nothing. they plan to be back on the water today. the pilot is said to be cooperating. police are not releasing his
2:19 am
name or the name of the passenger or publicly speculating about what may have happened. how do you open the door of a plane? >> doesn't seem like it's something that can happen by accident. >> exactly. >> but i don't know. i suppose. >> bizarre. >> indeed. check this out. it was seven score and ten years ago that -- that is 150 years, by the way. that abraham lincoln gave one of the most important speeches in u.s. history and we are talking about thetysburg address. one newspaper that had a really negative opinion is finally fessing up and distracting its dismissive review of the speech published on november 24, 1863. they say the following.
2:20 am
better late than never, 150 years. corrections oftentimes newspapers do it right away but 150 years, it was an excellent speech and kudos to that newspaper finally recognizing it. a big comeback for the colts as one player plays dirty on the field. andy scholes is going to join us with "the bleacher report" that is coming up next. you've come to realize...annou, [ starter ] ready! [ starting gun goes off ] [ male announcer ] it's less of a race... yeah! [ male announcer ] and more of a journey. keep going strong. and as you look for a medicare supplement insurance plan... expect the same kind of commitment you demand of yourself. aarp medicare supplement insurance plans insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. go long.
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impressive comeback beating the tennessee titans on "thursday night football." a diry plty play on the field t everyone talking. andy shoals joins us now with more. i've never been head-butted before and i bet it sure and even more if the person doing it has a helmet on. check it out. eric walden rips or delanie walker's helmet and walker says what is that about? and walden head-butts him in the face. he did not get ejected from the game. indy wins 27-21. in march dario franchitti was involved in this horrific crash in the houston grand prix. he suffered a concussion and injuries. he was forced to resign yesterday. he said doctors advised him that
2:25 am
continuing to race would be detrimental to his long-term well-being. we wish him well. at check out this crazy finish in the nba. thunder down and comeback and russell west brook hits this shot but the warriors win with this shot from iguodala. after suffering a gruesome injury on national tv, louisville kevin ware is back on the court. kobe bryant needs to make his way to louisville after losing a bet. >> you know, kobe is a competitive guy. that was basically whoever came back first, the other person had to come to their game, so i got to get in touch with kobe because kobe has to come to the game. >> you can watch the full interview on "unguarded" with rachel nichols tonight at 10:30
2:26 am
eastern on cnn. >> that is a great story but not that head-butt you showed at the beginning. that was crazy. >> how did he not get ejected from the game for that? >> how he didn't walk away with a broken nose is beyond me. >> you say you've never been head-butted and we will rectify that situation as soon as we can. >> as soon as i can get a helmet on my head, i'm coming over. >> i'm going to go hide under my desk. >> thanks, andy. appreciate it. coming up next, the death toll is rising in the philippines. survivors of typhoon haiyan saying the government that is supposed to be helping them is hurting them. our ivan watson is live there with the latest after the break.
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disaster in the philippines. one week after typhoon haiyan ravaged that country. why residents are furious at their government and the new threat that is facing survivors. we are live with that. a sinkhole swallowing homes in florida. why one victim is now saying that this tragedy, he thinks it could have been prevented. this pip squeak with a 20 dollar mail order rifle would bring down the most powerful and glamorous man in the world in a millisecond it doesn't make sense. >> murders nearly 50 years. the murder and conspiracy still surrounding the death of john f. kennedy nearly 50 years ago. >> welcome back to "early
2:31 am
start." you could call it the great obama care apology. the president announcing a policy shift amid furor over millions of americans finding out their health care plans have been canceled largely as a result of the affordable care act. the president took the blame what he called the rocky rollout of the health care law. the president had said if you like your plan, you can keep it. now with the change announced thursday you may be able to keep it for a year if your state lets you. president obama was contrite saying this is his fault. >> that's on me. i mean, we fumbled the rollout on this health care plan. i completely get how upsetting this can be for a lot of americans particularly after ainsurances they heard from me that if they had a plan they liked, that they could keep it. and to those americans, i hear you loud and clear. >> as for what is changing, policies that were to be canceled can be extended up to a
2:32 am
year at the discretion of state insurance officials. but there are states that have already said they will not let that happen because it would undercut their state insurance markets and actually hurt the obama care exchanges. it is a policy fix that does not require congressional action but house republicans still plan a vote today on a different type of plan that would allow insurance companies to sell to new companies health care insurance that does not imply with the law. the white house says that would affectly gut the affordable care act. now to the lait in the typhoon ravaged philippines. the death toll shot up overnight to more than 3,600 now. hundreds of thousands remain without places to stay and many of them are sick and cannot find food or clean water. the u.n. says some areas have not received any aid at all. the "uss george washington" has arrived and they are bringing food and supplies and a
2:33 am
helicopter that is critical to get help where help is needed. ivan watson is live in tacloban this morning. ivan, what can you tell us? >> reporter: that's right. the grim death toll has jumped up and part of that may be because in cities like tacloban, with the highest death toll, here there have been government crews have arrived and guttens the hard work of clearing the debris and the rubble and collecting some of the bodies that have been laying out for a week now. one agency i talked to said the last 48 hours they had collected 260 bodies in all. the airport here opened up, allowing flights in. one just passed, c-130. around the clock now. the philippine government has pulled ships coming in with equipment to clean up with aid and even with national
2:34 am
broadcasters who have set up point in the middle of the city where people can come in and watch the news on a screen at night. this city still doesn't have electricity and people have been cut off from news from the outside world. a big challenge, of course, is fanning deeper into less populated, smaller villages that probably haven't gotten this help and don't have the cars or means to try to come into a city like this to start collecting some of the food that is being distributed now. >> ivan, we were watching some of the reports coming out of there with anderson cooper and there was one in particular that was very gripping. it was a man on a gurney and ed this man had died overnight. do you find that the death toll is increasing as well that people are not getting the aid they need, the medical aid they need? >> it could be a possibility and a contributing factor. certainly the evacuations have
2:35 am
increased dramatically. a navy ship brought 200 people out here to one of the biggest ports in the region. the flights are coming out and bringing out people. you see them arriving in wheelchairs and met by ambulances on the tarmac of cities that have not been affected but you're putting enormous strain on hundreds of thousands of people and the most vulnerable are going to be even more vulnerable when the hospitals aren't working there isn't the same access to medicine. there is no electricity. it's putting immense strain on a population so that is likely to drive up mortality rates, of course. >> ivan watson reporting live for us, thank you. i want to remind all of our viewers who really want to help in some way. go to a whole list of information is on there. organizations that are providing help and your money will mean a great deal to them. 35 minutes after the hour. a florida man whose home fell into a massive sinkhole
2:36 am
near tampa yesterday is pointing fingers at a long delayed repair. he noticed cracks two year ago and sent a claim with his insurance company. the engineer disagreed on the scope what needed to be done and they were locked in a fight earlier this year when they come to an agreement and the work began two days ago. >> i thought it would be all good. as i said, we already looking at companies and for putting a pool in the backyard after it's fixed and make it all nice. that is not going to be happening. >> no pool in the yard now. the insurance company said it followed the law and people who have early signs of sinkhole damage to have repairs done quickly and part of a second home next door is falling into the sinkhole as well. the family is waiting at a hotel to see if they can get their
2:37 am
belongings out before the home is completely destroyed. >> they are very fortunate because they were inside of that house when all of that work began. very lucky folks. tense moments at children's hospital of wisconsin in milwaukee. a man shot after police say he came to the newborn unit with a gun. hendricks was at the hospital visiting his baby when police say they tried to arrest him on gun charges. he has a history of drug and weapons convictions but they say he pointed a gun at them, so they shot him. >> we will find out if charges today will be filed against a suburban detroit homeowner who shot and killed 19-year-old mcbride. police believe mcbride got into a car accident the morning of november 2nd and approached a house in dearborn heights looking for help. autopsy reveals she had alcohol and drug in her system but the family says that should have no bearing on the case. if you were old enough you probably remembers where you
2:38 am
were when you heard that john f. kennedy had been assassinated. for many, the wounds still remain open because 50 years later, there are still so many questions, so many conspiracy theories with dots that simply cannot be connected. here is randi kaye. >> several enthusiastic texans are on hand. >> reporter: 50 years later, we are still asking did lee harvey oswald act alone? the author of "a cruel and shocking act." a new and revealing book that questions to many remain unanswered. >> they used to call oswald the pip squeak. this pip squeak with a 20 dollar mail order rifle could bring down the most powerful and glamorous man in the world in a millisecond. it didn't make sense. it made more sense men behind evil closed doors did this.
2:39 am
>> reporter: evil men like fidel castro fidel castro whose name is mentioned with defend's sensation. the book details oswald's trip to mexico city seven weeks before the assassination. there sheenan says oswald met with cuban spies and castro sympathizers who wanted president contend dead. how likely do you think oswald was working with the cuban government? >> he made the statement i'm going to kill president kennedy. it seems someone whispered in his here he should do it if he got a chance. >> reporter: not just castro. some people think the man opening and closing his umbrellas were to blame suggesting he was signaling the shooter or shooting a poison dart at the president.
2:40 am
it's been suggested by some that kennedy's vice president lyndon johnson ordered the hit on his boss. in fact, johnson who set up the warrant commission in part to put an end to the chatter that he was responsible for the assassination. but the chatter continues. especially since sheenan found so much evidence was destroyed. >> president kennedy dies on friday. on saturday night, his original autopsy report and all of the notes from the autopsy room are pushed into one of the doctor's fireplaces where it turned to ash. the next day, you have fbi agents in dallas shredding a note that oswald had left for them a few weeks earlier. a handwritten note and we never know what is in that note and flushed down the toilet. over time more and more evidence would disappear from government files. >> which only feeds the conspiracy? >> absolutely. so many of the conspiracy theories are created by the government that was supposedly trying to combat it.
2:41 am
>> reporter: randy kaye, cnn, new york. >> people still talking. theory at the airport. a blind man kicked off a plane because his seeing eye dog would not go under a seat. >> as i'm walking to the front, i'm like, wait a second, why am i the only one getting off? >> you will not believe what the other passengers on the plane did after this to show their support. stay with us. [ female announcer ] we eased your back pain... ♪ ready or not. [ female announcer ] you can be up there. here i come! [ female announcer ] ...down there, around there... and under there for him. tylenol® provides strong pain relief and won't irritate your stomach the way aleve® or even advil® can. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more.
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and you smiled. and threw it. and i decided i would never, ever leave it anywhere. because that wonderful, bouncy, roll-around thing... had made you play. and that... had made you smile. [ announcer ] beneful. play. it's good for you. welcome back. a real controversy is brewing involving a man, his guide dog and us air ways. he was driving on wednesday with his guide dog. he is legally blind and needs a dog to get around. after getting on the flight his flight attendant said his dog needed to get under the seat. the problem he was sitting in a row no seat for the dog to get under and the dog is trained to
2:45 am
stay at his feet. since he couldn't imply, he was kicked off the plane. >> i said, look. i don't understand what you want me to do. i mean, he's as best as he can, he is where he needs to be. and she is like, we are not going take off unless you get that dog under a seat. and i said to her, i really don't understand why, you know -- she was like, sir, i can't do anything. >> i don't have a seat under here. >> us air says the dog was not being kept in plone place and t dog was being disruptive. passengers backed up his event and many protested and saying rizzi should be left back on the flight and the flight was canceled and the passengers had to take a bus the rest of the way home. the pilot and the flight attendants wouldn't take off. >> it's weird they wouldn't let
2:46 am
him change seat. >> he was trying to get him under the seat when there was no seat there. >> that's why i say move him around and put him somewhere where the dog could be under the seat. very odd. let's see what is coming up on "new day." kate and chris, good morning to you. >> the story about the airplane, we will talk about that as well. it just gets you, where is the love? a question you could also ask down in washington maybe more than ever. so ugly down there. we know obama care the roll jo is having its problems but, wow the fight is all about the blame game maybe more than ever. the president comes out and says it's on me. . he apologizes and takes the blame. the problem is what is the solution to these problems? we will talk about the the political impact but more importantly the impact on you on what is going on with obama care. >> we are keeping a close watch on the philippines. the philippine government is defending its actions that
2:47 am
people concerned about little or no help to get aid out. we will talk to anderson cooper who is live on the ground in manila and been there all week. the desperate situation continues to unfold there. >> you hope the people there get the help they need. see you in a bit. it is time for our morning rhyme. best tweets of the day. today it's from laura holloway who is talking about rob ford, the mayor of toronto. she writes, crack mayor, tv show, kind of obscene. maybe he co-hosts with charlie sheen. >> well done, well done. >> that was a fantastic rhyme for the end of the week. kudos for you and thank you for participating. you can come up with your own rhymes. tweet us at early start or morning rhyme those are the hash tags. that's all i'm going to say. coming up, how much are you planning to spend this holiday season? a little less? you're not alone. christine romans will have the numbers in "money time." that's next. today's challenging environment.
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welcome back to "early start" everyone. it is "money time" which means christine romans is here. >> breaking news. it is friday. it is friday. as your grandfather might have said the dow is spitting range of 16,000. it's friday. the rally doesn't show any signs of slowing down. another record on the dow yesterday. nasdaq is 1% away from 4,000 and dow up 21% so far this year and the nasdaq up 32% and s&p 500 up 26%. one of the drivers yesterday was janet yellen's soothing comments there would be dangers in ending the fed stimulus program too soon. she was quizzed in her senate
2:52 am
confirmation hearing as she becomes the first woman to run the reserve if confirmed. investors got news that warren buffett is betting big on exxon mobile. carl icahn documents revealing he has a 2 billion stake in apple. he has been pressuring the company to return cash to shareholders. we talk about wealthy investors. art might come to mind. i have a feeling both of those might have some art and pumping cash into the art market this weekend and caused the "b" word in art, that's right, bubble. this painting sold for 14 million and highest price ever sold at auction for art. your jeff kuhn is worth a lot now, john. >> great news. >> here is a tale of two cities. the rest of us probably won't be buying master pieces this holiday season, in fact, spending less money.
2:53 am
gallup says shelling out 700 on gifts and down from last year. stocks may be rallying to consumer highs but they are feeling a strain than in october. i was on a conference call with the walmart ceo yesterday. they are talking about pressures on their core customer. number one pressure jobs and job security ooven even though gas prices have been going their way. mcdonald's its quest to build a fatter bottom line from taking a cue from smash burger who has premium offerings like toppings and cooked to order formaformat. they are growing fast. mcdonald's would change in test restaurants in illinois and california. those mcdonald's you can build your own burger with more than 20 toppings and sauces and find employees wearing chef aprons and using ipads.
2:54 am
a different mcdonald's experience. you should check out smash burger. they are growing quickly. >> premium quality meat? >> everything is premium quality. sea salt french fries and different fast food experience and they are growing quickly and making money. >> i'm willing to try anything with the word burger in it. christine romans, thank you. coming up for us next, she was stuck in the water unable to get out until a guardian angel came to her rescue. we are going to tell you this amazing story coming up next. nt. those dreams, there's just no way we're going to let them die. ♪ like they helped millions of others. by listening. planning. working one on one. that's what ameriprise financial does. that's what they can do with you. that's how ameriprise puts more within reach. ♪ that's how ameriprise puts more within reach. ♪
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welcome back to "early
2:58 am
start." 57 minutes past the hour. we are ending our week on the story of a good samaritan who saved a life with the help of his flatbed truck. this happened near orlando. cynthia garza was driving alongside a pond when she says her steering wheel locked up. the car, look at it, it went into the water. she called 911 pleading for help. luckily brad rupert was driving past. >> i don't know if i should try to open the door but water is coming in the car. >> by the time i jumped the curb, i already had tunnel vision in my head i knew what i had to do. >> by the grace of god, they came right at the perfect moment and goat gott me out before the car completely submerged. >> it went all the way under. you couldn't even tell the car was there. >> garza says her young daughters were supposed to be in the car but luckily she left hem at home! she calls rupert and the others who helped her angels! look at that! >> that is fantastic. i like brad rupert, man, with his tunnel vision. he seems like a cool guy. >> a great way to end the week,
2:59 am
don't you think? >> a fantastic way to end the week. >> have a great weekend, folks. >> but before you start, have a great day on "new day" which starts right now. that's on me. we fumbled the rollout on this health care law. >> that is on me. president obama takes the blame and agrees to allow those who have been dropped by their insurance to keep it but is the fix worse than the problem and is there political will on either side to find a solution? >> a florida sinkhole has quadruple in size in 24 hours. two homes are condemned and more in danger but if the homeowner's insurance company new about this two years ago, why didn't they prevent the obama care.
3:00 am
>> if question is like a disease with no cure. the president has taken the blame but the solution could be the real problem here. today the house prepares to vote on a bill that republicans like and democrats think would cut a part of the health care plan. jim acosta is joining us live from the white house. conflict inevitable. fair statement, jim? >> absolutely. i think that's right, chris. republicans in the house are expected to pass their own fix to obama care later today. late last night the white house issued a presidential veto threat to the bill calling it an act of sabotage. that's a sign of a president desperately trying to get back on offense. president obama's new messa


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