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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 17, 2013 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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17 days later, moore fired her gun at the president, but a bystander grabbed her arm and she missed him. he is the only american president to be shot at by a woman. thank you for watching my program this week. i will see you next week. >> hello everyone. welcome to the cnn newsroom where we are watching severe storms threatening one third of the nation. that is more than 120 million people in 126 states. a dangerous tornado is ripping through illinois and major cities are in the strike zone. we have correspondents on the ground. let's start with you karen, what is the latest on the information
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that you are get sng. >> as you mentioned, this is an extremely situation it affects millions of people. tornado watches are extending down toward mississipouri. these are the areas that have erupted. the most recent one was a report coming out of illinois. they had reports of structural damage there and minor injuries. earlier in the day, 11:55 local time we had damage recorded in pecan, illinois. the reruption of these tornados is still owe curing as we go throughout the afternoon hours. we are looking at illinois now.
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chicago is way up here. to the south of chicago we are looking at a tornado warning. a dangerous situation which is across this region. here is interstate 57, much of these storms or many of these storms are moving towards the east as 55 and 65 miles per hour. if a warning is issued in your area you need to take shelter. let's show you what is happening in missouri. there is peers to be quite a bit of activity here right now. the storm predition sction cent just about ready to issue a watch. friday, fred we will keep you updated on this dangerous situation. >> one more time can you give
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the distinction between the warnings and the watch? >> watch means conditions are favorab favorable. when a warning is issued it means there has been a report of a tornado on the ground. there is a doppler radar indicated possibility of a tornado. warning is more dangerous. but if there is a watch you can see a tornado at any time. we have had reports of hail and high winds. these tornado warnings have been issued time and time again every hour. i want to show you the area that we do have right across from chicago to indianapolis, this is encompasses the 19 million people. it is onliy lthe sixth time in e
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month of november that they have seen this high of an area ever. >> gary sprinkle is there, he is joining us by phone. i understand that soldier field was evacuated but now soon the ravens and bears will be resuming their game. are you saying that the perceived threat is over in chicago from your vantage point? >> for right now the mediate threat is over. we don't take anything for granted. i'm watching the field right now. it looks like the folks are starting to filter back to the field. everything is under control right now. everyone is doing a good safe place for now. we duck the more severe weather but we are continuing to monitor all around us. >> when that evacuation order was in place where did you
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direct people? you mentioned folks were coming back from the concession stand. where was the safe place? >> great advantage and the fact that we have been able to practice these plans multiple times. we have a positive relationship with the nfl and the city works well together. we have the chicago five and police personnel on the scene and work directly with soldier field and we are all here monitoring as well and coordinating. the mayor has been very, very supportive on this. we stand at a 24/7 watch every day. >> and so farrin general, what
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you advising them to do? >> pay attention to those in charge that have the where with all to give the right direction. we have a very strong proactive approach to prepare this year in the city. we tell people what to do and have a plan for themselves and continually emphasize that. we have a good working relationship with all of our first responders and our city services. >> gary schenkel from the office of emergency management in chicago thank you very much. >> let's check out more about what people are doing in the chicago area. let's check in with george howell who is there. from where in chicago are you coming. >> reporter: we are on the
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ground here south of soldier field. we were trying to get a live signal. the cloud is too thick. we are not able to get that life picture to you. that is how intense the storm is. here in this location we are seeing the storm edge into the chicago land area. we are feeling the heavy rain come down. up north we can see the globe of soldier field. the fans have been told to leave the stadium. when big games happen here tailgating is a big thing. that is a concern. but we do understand that people are taking shelter. i'm looking at a live picture from one of our affiliates right now. people are waiting and watching as the storm is passes through. >> george howell thank you as
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people are taking he'd. chicago right now in the bull's eye according to the weather radar as well as detroit and indianapolis and many cities in between. >> all right, now, let's talk about some nasty weather and nasty results overseas. brand new video showing the storm surge hitting the philippines. incredible storm surge you heard from victims there who said they thought it was a tsunami. that video shows why many people thought that. an aid worker who was on the coast got this video. we'll have more stories from survivors coming up later on
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this hour. and new details coming with teie health of former south african president nelson mandela. his wife saying that he is not able to talk anymore due to tubes in his mouth that help him to breathe. mandela is still quite ill, her words, but he is not in critical condition and not on life support. the 95-year-old civil rights icon is under 24 hour medical care, in his home in johan johanesburg. later on this hour you will hear from tom hanks, the film's producer as he shares his h
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welcome back we are keeping a close watch on a weather system that could impact 26 states in the upper midwest. cities like chicago, and detroit soon to be under warnings and watching. even in chicago at soldier field there was an evacuation there. the game between the vey vraven the bears is set to resume. we'll keep a close watch for you and update you throughout the afternoon. let's go to washington with the
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clock ticking. the president is facing more an more criticism. the president is facing for a gop plan that guts obama's health care law. more from you. are we expecting more blow back from the white house this week? >> we sure are and that is because we are learning more about what is going to happen. a new washington post report out this morning, it will still only about able to service 80% of users. an official told cnn that they would be happy with that 80% officialo eefficiency. most users would be able to plan selection. but fred, that official warned
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that this website is no different than any other major site. they expect more glitches to pop up after december 1st. because of that, republicans doubt the obama administration will be able to roll this out. the member of the republican leadership went further on cnn state of the union. >> it is time to start over. this health care law is broken and has failed the american people because they are losing their insurance and doctor and i think there is going to be a massive tax pay or bail out needed to deal with the impact of this health care law. >> and of course, the fix that the president offed, well brasso
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said that is really just a band-aid and one that the administration has said that they will extend policies for one year. he is going to be holding a conference call today with supporters to try to get more support on this. all right so with the health care debate sucking up so much air, joining me now from new york to talk about it. bernard whitman, buck, you first is this making it difficult? will it make it nearly impossible for the president to get anything else done in his second term and even federal appointments? >> well, i hope so. but the truth is this. it has shifted the ground of a
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broader discussion which has been should you pass very large bills? that now seems to be something in dispute. it seems that there is a better argument to be made. part of the problem with obama care is that it is so large that it wasn't possible to meet their own deadlines. so when you look at some of the other issues on president obama's agenda, one i think it gives the republicans an opening to slow down the legislative mechanism and i think they want as much as possible it to be about the roll out of this disastrous law. it is only going to get worse >> you are saying there is an advocacy to not get things done? >> yes. >> that doesn't sound productive no matter what side of the aisle
11:18 am
you are on. if you think it is bad legislation and you don't want it to go through. the one thing that both sides always agree on is that they want border security. gop republicans in the house said yes, let's do these. >> all right. >> the notion of passing everything at once i think that is going to be a harder sell. >> how do you see the landscape bernard? >> buck outlined the republican strategy which is to not pass anything at all. all of these things are connected. tax reform, immigration reform the best thing is to pass comprehensive immigration reform why? we have 11 million undocumented workers in this country. that would add $1.5 trillion and
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cut the deficit by $1 trillion and what john boehner has decided is i'm going to sit this out and the american people will suffer. here is the rub, we actually can point to a recent time in 2011 when the two parties did come together to pass a mixture of tax increases and spending cuts. what has happened? the deficit has been cut in half. when the parties do come together we can get things done. the speaker has made it clear he has no interest in doing so. >> we'll have to leave it there. we are getting another look into that devastating typhoon and what it did to the philippines. the storm surge alone was so powerful and we have new images that we want to share with you right after this.
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tornados are moving through central illinois at this hour. you are looking at a live feed of a storm chaser in that area.
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we understand an hour ago a tornado touched down in pevan, illinois. you are looking at images of a funnel cloud. one person who lives in that area is on the phone right now. jack is joining me. so jack, what did you see? were you looking out the window did you happen to be outside? >> i came down from a separate neighborhood and i saw sirens and lights and me and a friend went down and we see wreckage and trees get torn off. there were huge storm clouds. when i was there it wasn't the worst of what happened. i'm sure there were more trees
11:25 am
down. the winds are very strong and it is not safe right now. what i saw was a lot of people the stress with their homes destroyed. car windows were shattered. it wasn't a pretty sight. >> some of those trees are down on houses. what about the people who live there? does it appear as though there were any injuries? >> i haven't heard of any injuries. i think people heard the sirens and they got to safe spots. but it was mostly just heads down and like people really worried about each other. everyone was asking each other if they were okay. i saw people with chain saws trying to cut branchs off the
11:26 am
roofs and that was good to see the neighbors helping people meet. >> incredible. what are you doing to stay safe? how is the weather looking in your view? >> i'm staying at my house right now. i can see the winds. they are really loud. like a boat flipped over in my yard and nearby towns got hit as well like washington, illinois, their town got completely leveled. and i'm staying inside and i'll probably go help people tomorrow clean up. i'm going to go check and see if they need help. >> all right jack lance, thank you and we wish everyone in that community well. there in pecan, illinois. severe weather still in the area of chicago, detroit and
11:27 am
indianapolis. our meteorologist reporting earlier that there were tornado watches and warnings still in effect and will be for parts of the afternoon. you can see the weather map as this system continues to cross the area. you are seeing the upper midwest states that are appearing to be in that bull's eye. we will have more from the newsroom after this.
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and won't irritate your stomach the way aleve® or even advil® can. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol®. all right we continue to keep a close watch on millions of people dealing with severe weather. several big cities including chicago and indianapolis in the bull's eye of this dangerous weather. so we suspect or no that a
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tornado has touched down in the p pecan area. what more do we know? >> we know that about 11:00 am local time. that there was a tornado that was recorded on the ground near pecan which is right near peoria. don't know how long that tornado was on the ground. wide-spread damage there. they have sent emergency crews to that area. this is still a volatile situation there fred. that is where a tornado warning has been issued. if a tornado warning has not been issued along this line. then a severe thunderstorm warning. here is champagne and it is sandwiched in between. very fast moving supercells.
11:32 am
you can see heavy downpours and winds. one of the suburbs of chicago and in chicago itself we had a wind gust reported of 51. you may have heard that at soldier field they had asked people to leave the stadium because severe weather was in the area. we go down towards the south. couple of tornado warnings issued. that is near this boot hill region they are under a tornado watch, a watch means the broader area. the tornado warning means a smaller area. perhaps a storm spotter or law enforcement means they have seen the tornado or it will occur. the high risk area issued this
11:33 am
only happened six times since 1980, in the month of november, it is a dangerous and fluid situation and we are staying on top of it. typically it would happen more springtime? >> it is the peak season and we see a secondary peak and that is during the fall months. but this late in november is a little unwus iusualnusual. temperatures will be in the 60s. but if a warning is issued in your area you need to take cover immediately. and it is moving very fast. wow. >> we are talking about 26 states and they are impacted by some type of severe weather. thank you so much. appreciate that. >> all right, we are going to get back to severe weather in this nation.
11:34 am
first a disturbing story coming out of north carolina. police in the city of monroe were responding to a complaint of a hog. an 11-year-old boy handcuffed to a porch with a dead chicken tied around his neck. four more kids found living in filth, their adoptive parents were arrested. what more can you tell us about the conditions of these children were living in. >> reporter: gauging by what we saw outside it was miserable. piles and piles of garbage. farm animals running wild. the smell of urine and feces coming from the property. officials say it was much worse
11:35 am
inside the home. >> it was filthy. you know feces on the floor, holes in the wall, the bathroom you could see from the outside in the hall into the bathroom the sink was trashed no running water appeared to be. just an environment that wouldn't want to walk through much less live in. >> the sheriff tells us that it was a regular thing for this 11-year-old to be handcuffed. there was a room inside where the four boys were sleeping on the four on blankets in the room and that 11 year old was regularly handcuffed to railroad ties. during the investigation officials talked to the children and they say that this
11:36 am
11-year-old had a tendency of run ago way and this was how his adoptive parents disciplined him. >> reportedly is it that one of the parents is actually a social workker? >> the woman in the home was a supervisor at social services very well known in this county. deputies in the county worked with her on a regular basis. neighbors say they would see them come and go and often times they would see the children left at home by themselves. i spoke with steve mills the next door neighbor. listen to this. >> this past summer the littlest one was running up the street crying and hollering and panicking saying mister can i
11:37 am
come ins please i'm s ttarving. we figured he's new, he is getting used to the area. and being with a new family and new siblings so we thought nothing of it. >> and wanda sue larson and dorean lee harper are supposed to make their first court appearance tomorrow. >> november 22nd, 1963 changed america. actor tom hanks tells us what president kennedy's assassination means to him. out. you sat out most of our game yesterday! asthma doesn't affect my job... you were out sick last week. my asthma doesn't bother my family...
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we continue to watch severe weather sweeping across 26 states. threatening tornado activity we'll keep a close watch on it for you. we know a tornado reportedly touched down in pecan which is outside peoria. this friday marks the anniversary of john f. kennedy's assassination. post toe photos were discovered after the death of an amateur photographer. tom hanks sat down to talk about the film he produced.
11:42 am
>> i remembered thinking that this doesn't happen in the real world. a president doesn't get shot in front of everybody. the way john f. kennedy did. at 7 years old, but the over powering sadness of every adult i came across was rattling quite frankly. everybody can remember where they were and what they were doing. i was in the second grade and my teacher started crying. i hadn't seen grown ups cry ever and it was a time of confusion we are still reeling from. >> what will the film show us? >> the stuff we are doing for cnn is taking how television covered these great moments in
11:43 am
history everything from news repo reports. it was how this medium which was coming into it's first great muscles and how it now looks so primitive that we almost wonder how we hung so much importance on the truth that television told us when it was dictated by copper wire and innuendo almost. you might notice despite all the toys and cameras and projections, it might not be governed by optic fiber, you can go back over and rejig it, let's take walter chronkite on the
11:44 am
phone saying yes, yes all right well it's been confirmed, the president is dead. it ends up being this window that if it hasn't united us all television has empowered us to be able to have some vision beyond your teacher breaking down for reasons that you don't understand. >> watch tonight for the assassination of president kennedy. much more in the newsroom right after this. honestly, i'm a little old fashioned.
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the mayor of toronto, rob ford, could lose more powers these week. tomorrow a television show starring the mayor and his brother stars airing. his brother doug, is also a member of city kocouncil. it is pretaped it will not be live. c n cnn has an interview. it will be on "ac 360". all right after hitting more record highs last week wall
11:49 am
treat street is shifting to what they are up to. >> it is all about retailers this week. best buy, home depot and gap. they are going to give insight on consumer spending. analysts aren't optimistic. another interesting one, jc penney. after pushing out it's ceo and watching it's stock plunge 50% this year it surprised them in october with a small increase in sales. as for the economy, existing home sales, that is the biggest report out for the week. as bier's rushed in. interest rates rose.
11:50 am
prices are rising, so that could mean another drop in existing home sales. that is what is coming up this week on waug street. >> ted turner set out to change the world. you will get a preview next.
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ted turner changed the way we all get our news. he watched much of his world collapse around him. as wolf blitzer shows us. his passion for the environment keeps him thriving today. >> who thought the world needed 2 24/7 news. >> i did. >> most of my colleagues thought ted was nuts. >> sailing, media, environment, the united nations. >> you changed the world.
11:56 am
>> yeah, i know. >> they called him captain outrageous and the mouth of the south. >> there is no cut off between the brain and the mouth with ted. >> he was a little unpredictable. >> he built a media empire. he won the america's cup. >> you have to go as fast as you can. > world series. >> he put the atlanta braves organization on the map. >> and the heart of jane fonda. >> i will never love anyone like i love him. >> before his world came crashing down. >> it has been a painful experience obviously. >> the fact that he was taken off that focus allowed him to go to the next important phase of his life. the third act. >> wow.
11:57 am
wor wolf blitzer joining me now. you have been able to get to know him as your boss here. that third act. what is in it and does it bring him as much gratification as birthing this network? >> i don't think anything will give him that his great passion he loved cnn so so much. but he is passionate right now about his dealing with eliminating nuclear weapons and trying to improve the environment. he is one of the largest land owners in the world. he raises bison. he was out in montana with him. he has these restaurants that he is doing. he has a lot going on. i don't think anything is going to excite him as much as cnn
11:58 am
did. >> does it seem like he is trying to best that phase of his life? >> he is very content but he still loves cnn. he only lives a block or two away from the cnn center in atlanta. he has a beautiful apartment. he is proud of what cnn has created and local, national and international and he was the first one to come up with that concept. i like to say he did for television news what bill gates or stove jobs did for the internet and computers. >> he did. >> thank you so much. >> and of course tonight you can see ted turner the mavrick man. you don't want to miss this
11:59 am
extraordinary profile. we have so much more ahead in the newsroom and it all begins right now. >> hello again everyone. you are in the cnn news room right now. massive storm system threatening one third of the u.s. here is what it looks like from space. more than 120 million people are now in the strike zone. the midwest, and tornados are moving through. you are looking through brand new images from washington. it looks like everything in something's past. a tornado presumably was crushed. wide-spread damage across the state and major cities are in the high risk area including chicago, and indianapolis. it is tracking the storm from
12:00 pm
the cnn weather sen trcenter. those images make it look like a tornado touched down. >> yes, and i know that is just the protocol that takes place. they will have a spotter or someone on the ground law enforcement train spotters and they observe ed damage but they have the local national weather service go out and evaluate that damage there. have new pictures coming out of peoria. probably one of the suburbs. look at the damage here. it is widespread and devastating. now peoria is unof the areas across the north central sections of illinois and to the southwest of chicago. very devastating tornado being reported here.