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tv   Your Money  CNN  November 17, 2013 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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the cnn weather sen trcenter. those images make it look like a tornado touched down. >> yes, and i know that is just the protocol that takes place. they will have a spotter or someone on the ground law enforcement train spotters and they observe ed damage but they have the local national weather service go out and evaluate that damage there. have new pictures coming out of peoria. probably one of the suburbs. look at the damage here. it is widespread and devastating. now peoria is unof the areas across the north central sections of illinois and to the southwest of chicago. very devastating tornado being reported here.
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this was about 11:00 in the morning. in pecan that is one of the suburbs of peoria. this is google earth. this is peoria and here is pecan and this is washington. traveling to the northeast towards washington. typically they come back down again. already today we have had 31 reports of tornados and we are going to send it back to you. do we have something going on? >> okay all right well when we talk about this system are we talking about one system or more than one? >> it simpacting the area around the midwest or great lakes.
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along that fondal boundary we have seen these storms. moving into the boot hill of missouri we have had a number of reports something reported by law enforcement and some by train spotters. i think they may have new images coming up against from that peoria tornado. we will let you know and show it to you in this newscast. >> the last report talking about how soldier field in chicago was evacuated earlier. everyone in the stadium was told to get out of the bleacher area. they have all gone bark i back
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that the game can resume. let's check in at the chicago airport. traveler karen pride. maybe you are not the traveler. karen pride is with us. she is the head of media relations for the airport. karen, what flight activity is or is not happening at those two airports. at of right now actually there are flights going in and out of both airports. we are going to get flight operations back on track. >> what are you telling people,
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folks who plan to travel through chicago or midway, folks who are getting on the trains and people getting in the airport. what we tell people every day of the year is to check your airlines through the website that is the best way to get flight status and if you are driving and get there at least two hours in advance it is volatile right now and i'm sure traffic on the kennedy expressway is kind of tied up right now. give yourself time to get to the airport. big weather system. thank you so much. chicago not out of the woods as
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of yet. she is head of media relations thank you so much. we talked about soldier field that was evacuated in the middle of that bears ravens game. we understand folks were allowed back in after the threat of tornado activity. jim arnold has been at the game and is with us now on the phone. give me an idea of what your experience is at the field? >> i'm here with my 11-year-old daughter ohphia and it has been crazy. >> in what way. you were evacuated? >> yes. we got here at noon, it was perfect. the skies looked good. 55 degrees and 20 minutes later the rain started coming, the skies got black, the wind was in
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sane and we ran under the concrete concourse. >> were you scared? >> my daughter was terrified i was concerned about her but we were safe the whole time. >> when they evacuated you, and the others did you know where you were being directed? >> we had never been involved in anything like this. we've been through 15 degrees below weather and winds but never anything like this. the winds gusted at 70 miles per hour. and the winds and rain why horizontal and everybody was running. it was just crazy. an hour ago >> okay and jim now we are looking at pictures of people who were inside the safe areas wherever i one was evacuated.
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folks were sitting on the concrete waiting patiently. you have all kinds of patrons there. >> are you back in your seat ready for the game to resume? >> we are not in our seats yet. we are looking at the field it looks like the sun is about to come out. we are here for the duration. we will be here until the game starts up again. you are a die hard routing there for the bears i presume. >> at soldier field and we understand that game time will resume in 20 minutes from now. all right pretty frightening moments there. glad to be able to report that things are art. >> george howell also there in chicago. so george, last we spoke you were there in soldier field,
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where are you now? >> we can get a live signal now. again, just about an hour ago, the storm clouds were so thick we weren't able to do that. you can see the skyline again and that is good news. during the storm you couldn't even see that. as far as the game we know that the bears and ravens will be back on the field in minutes. the fans were told to go to lower ground. you have so many people who come into town for tailgating. everyone got out of the way of the storm system fred as it moved here into the chicago land area. >> thank you so much. george howell, keep us posted there. we heard from the one patron who talked about how dark and ominous it was. hopefully things will clear up
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soon. we are going to return to our coverage of the severe weather impacting 26 states across this country. in the meantime you know about the typhoon in the pill fehilip. now video of the storm surge. here is some of that right now. >> all right incredible images there. that storm surge, those waves pushing things aside as if it were nothing. you see the remnants of those buildings crushed to nothing. destroying everything in it's
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path. aid worker getting incredible shots. new details coming right now about the health of former south african president, nelson mandella. his former wife saying he is not able to talk anymore due to tubes in his mouth that are helping him to breathe. she said that he is still quite ill but not in critical condition and not on life support. the 95-year-old civil virights icon is under 24 hour critical care in his home. >> we have a programming note. later on this hour you will hear from tom hanks, the film's producer as he chair's his
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israel's rereaction action nuclear deal. >> fred, i asked defense secretary straight up how worried is he if there is a u.s. led nuclear agreement with iran that it would react with military force and possibly bomb the nuclear sigtesites?
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>> we understand that. i think the iranians understand that. >> he insisted that the u.s. won't go for what he called a bad agreement just to have an agreement. there was plenty of scepticism about an agreement with iran and a lot of that was led by key democrats including his predecessor former defense secretary leon pannetta. >> there are a lot of concerns what is going to happen with the fuel that was developed. what is going to happen with this heavy water react tore and how is all of this going to be specified? >> the powerful chairman of the senate armed services says no. >> i love the slogan trust and
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verify but i don't trust the iranians. [ applause ] by the way, they don't trust us. >> the message here was many democrats joining with pro defense republicans in being skeptical of any agreement with iran. >> thank you so much. barbara starr. hillary clinton while she may not be ready to announce anything official. but she is certainly staying in the public eye. ♪
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they work together on a single mission: saving lives. discover how we are advancing medicine at join us, and thrive. this is new. new images right now coming in from the upper midwest area. suspected tornado activity and threats of it. a huge severe weather system. i misunderstand where are these pictures from? from a storm chaser tony lava, on the road there in central illinois. these images you can see the ominous sky. we reported earlier that at least one twister had touched
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the ground hitting an area called pecan which is south of illinois. these images of how ominous of the sky. and there were images of some of the damage on the ground in illinois. many houses being crushed by trees that have come down and we sauw debris from our structures as well. we'll keep a watch on the severe weather center. let's talk about politics and the rotead ahead. hillary clinton is staying in the public eye and making sure that people don't forget one of her key causes. >> here is elise, hey fred.
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hillary clinton is speaking out about women's empowerment. with three speeches in the past week. at the time she is coy about her political ambitions but she is able to reach a key voting block. >> hillary clinton has always had one campaign. >> we are going to be about the business of making sure that those ceilings crack for every women and girl around the globe. >> we have to stand firmly for women's rights. >> but hillary clinton and the sisterhood have a history. she came of age as the women's movement was gaining full steam. remember this from 1992, i supposed i could have stayed home and baked cookies and made tea bull i decided to go to
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work. >> but in the third year of his administration she stamped her name on a cause in beijing. >> women's rights are human rights once and more call. >> her push for girl power stirred a global movement. one of the reasons she failed to attract young women in large number. >> she did not emphasize that she was a woman running for president. >>. >> she shied away from that subject. there was polling data that she needed to emphasize her credentials and being tough. as secretary of state she could do both. while advancing women's rights and helping female entrepreneurs in india. >> i want to bring to public awareness what you are do iing.
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>> today the mission and the mantra remain the same. >> the great unfinished business of the 21st century is helping women and girls break through these ceilings. >> hillary, hillary. >> or using these time to build a base for 2016. a confident for 25 years sugg t suggests it works either way. >> it is how you get things done and beyond that. politics is a way to get things done, but it isn't to be divorced from what you are about. >> women are not a monolythic force. there remains plenty of opposition. some don't like her views on abortion and others say she
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doesn't like her vision of family values. >> clinton must prove that she is the woman to make that history. >> thank you so much. if hillary clinton runs again in 2016 will she or any other democrat be able to create some distance between the campaigns and the troubled obama care roll out? i'm joined now by hillary rosen and republican strategist rich gallen. >> i was geared up to call you rickey. >> hillary, you first. what do you think? how long will obama care haunt the democrats? >> that was quite a segue from hillary clinton's political future to obama care.
12:26 pm
i think that the issues are going to be long gone and by the time democrats are running for president. i think and i believe the opposite actually. it is going to end up being a fairly good signature program for democrats. after all when you look at polls for the last 20 years of people running for president, concerns about health care were always number one, two or three in terms of people's top concerns. the fact that president obama delivered that despite it's bumps, by the time we get to 2016, that is going to be an accomplishment. you agree just give it time? >> it might, it could well be. let's see if we are going to talk about polling, they asked
12:27 pm
in one question who do you trust more the president or the gop in congress on four issue areas and on health it was the president 42 and republicans 43 and economics 41 and 45 budget 40, 45. there is not an issue area that the president is trusted more than republicans in congress. that flies in the face of democrats that say this is going to be great you will see. sharp contrast where the president was able to gloat on how much americans trust in him and how little trust there was in the gop. >> hillary, it is a tough transition to make. but the whole point is democrats, there has been a defession in the past couple of days, 39 democrats who broke
12:28 pm
siding with the gop house plan and many have side that is to better position themselves for mid term elections. you buy that? >> well look, democrats that are up right now are concerned about things like primaries. i still believe that is plenty of time to recover here. we have over blown in the week the downfall of the presidency. we started this year with a
12:29 pm
budget problem that we couldn't get through. we are going to have another big budget battle in the next come of months. and i think that you know, by the time we get to 2014, we'll have more thing to talk about in an election than just obama care. >> just months away. >> but the president by st stretching this out keeps it on the front burner. no matter what the house and senate do. so i think it may well be there. >> how many people today have health insurance before. thank you so much. millions of people in dozens of states right now facing a severe weather threat. we'll continue to watch the system sweep ago cross one third
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all right bottom of the hour now. right now extremely dangerous weather threatening people across 26 states. tornados are moving across illinois. look at the damage on the ground outside of illinois. cars, homes intense tornados are possible throughout the storm zone along with large hail and strong damaging wind gusts. about a third of the country could be hit by this nasty weather system.
12:34 pm
michigan and ohio. chicago and indianapolis. meteorologist karen mcginnis is tracking the system. >> we heard reports in kentucky as well? >> yes. to the north of paduka. i'm going to take you through the radar here. most of michigan and indiana into kentucky and portions of missouri. this is further towards the east. numerous reports of possible tornados.
12:35 pm
here is evansville. both of these areas have tornado warnings in effect. to the north an area called brookport. they have an area indeed they are drawing out the tornado warning moving to the east northeast between 50 and 60 miles per hour. pecan it is a suburb of peoria, illinois. about 11:00 in the morning they had a tornado touch down. al also suburbs south of cape girardo. this is peoria and pecan and to the south towards washington a tornado looks like it may be
12:36 pm
hopped, skipped and jumped across this area. numerous reports of widespread damage across the region. i don't know if we have the reports here. when you see these pictures there, there was no doubt that this was a tornado. it will take the national weather service looking at the damage. evaluating the intensity of what happened. we talked about this broad area that is going to affected. it is shifting toward the east. where you see this purple shaded area. 19 plus million people in the high risk zone. we haven't seen anything like this evaluated as a high risk probabili probability. damaging winds and severe winds and the possibility of a tornado
12:37 pm
outbreak. fred, we probably received hundreds of reports of cited but so far we have reports of 38 reports of tornados. they will get boots on the ground and look at this. it is moving towards the east. if you are viewing this in indiana, kentucky, ohio into tennessee watch out for the foengs f potential for severe weather. to give you an idea in chicago they told people in the stadium to leave the satadium during th chicago bears there. they were looking at the potential for damaging storms. there were severe thunderstorm warnings out. it is the tornado warnings that
12:38 pm
we are looking at and right now from michigan through indiana and through ohio and kentucky and that south eastern corner of mississip missouri we are looking at the potential for tornado activity. a watch means you have the potential. there are the conditions right for tornado activity. a warning means that something is iminept. it has been spotted by storm spotters or national weather service folks or by the public or law enforcement and you need to take cover. i don't know how many reports i've seen today of trailers tips over. here you can see what looks to be the storm chasing videos. you are talking about mobil home trailers. i'll send it back to you now.
12:39 pm
>> tho images are riveting there. let's talk about how chicago has been impact ed. as karen was outlining there. so chicago they had a football game going on there, at soldier field the bears against the ravens it was stemporarily suspended. we understand they have been able to go back into the stands where the game has resumed. we talked last hour gary, you talked about while it appears as though the sky is bluer now and it doesn't seem as dangerous or threatening, you are asking people to be careful because the severe weather system is still
12:40 pm
turning up potentially dangerous weather. >> we have seen the weather extremes now over the last several months. so we cannot take anything for granted. we have to keep our guard up. what is the message that you are conveying to chicagoians? >> we run drills constantly, we put up messages on preparedness. we have a webpage that tells people how to prepare for emergency plans for contact information and communicating with each other and we have a supportive mayor who encourages us here with the fire and police here. we constantly run drills and coordinate at soldier field also. we try and be as prepared as we
12:41 pm
can but we never take anything for granted. we understand the bears and vey vens game has just resumed. we are looking at this live shot right now of a busy chicago street and it looks like everyone is doing their thing. traffic has resumed and people are on the sidewalks do you feel like folks should be letting their guard down? >> i think they shouldn't let the weather scare them away. our operation center runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week. we are a pretty resilient city and we get back to normal as quickly as we can. >> thank you so much. we are going to take a short break and we are looking at live
12:42 pm
pictures right now of a storm chaser. indiana in the cross hairs of this dangerous weather system. we will be right back. tires scr] ♪ [ male announcer ] 1.21 gigawatts. today, that's easy. ge is revolutionizing power. supercharging turbines with advanced hardware and innovative software. using data predictively to help power entire cities. so the turbines of today... will power us all... into the future. ♪
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all right welcome back. we are keeping a close watch on a dangerous weather system threatening the med west and parts of the south are getting hit right now. reports of tornados in missouri, indiana and kentucky. these are images of some of the damage in the town of washington, illinois near peoria. homes, cars, destroyed and some people reportedly injured. let's speak to the mayor of peoria joining us by phone. mr. mayor, how is your community holding up?
12:46 pm
>> we were blessed that the tornado part didn't touch down in our town. we had some areas with wind and water damage, but nothing like our friends across the river in washington. >> in what way will you be able help out the folks across the river. cars crushed and presumably what used to be buildings? >> we have all right mobilized a good number of our first responders. and they were dispatched right after the tornado hit. we are sending over backhoes and bull dozers and dump trucks to help them move debris so they can get to places that they need to get to and get the streets opened up. >> do you have sirens or warning systems for folks to take cover
12:47 pm
to let folks know that this weather is eminent or in their path? >> absolutely. we had the sirens going off. everybody that i've talked to certainly knew that this storm was coming, but it hit so fast, that the area of washington that it went through is a very densely populated neighborhood. you can see the pictures, it is unbelievable. >> it is devastating, you said you are going to be assisting the city of washington, what about shelters? >> yeah, we are, working in coordination with their emergency response people over there and getting resources not just the shelters but the food and clothing and water and that type of thing there. >> thank you mayor jim ardis. these images now coming from
12:48 pm
washington, illinois. hard hit by what appears to have been a tornado. thank you so much for the mayor of peoria, a neighbor to washington for joining us. we'll have much more from the newsroom right after this. [ male announcer ] if you have a dream of owning a business,
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and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting and increase in psa. ask your doctor about axiron. >> i remembered november 22nd as long as i'll live. >> president ken dip is dead. >> who would want to shoot the president? >>
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a dangerous weather system
12:52 pm
is sweeping across 26 u.s. states right now. and, in the cross hairs of some tar nay doeic activity, cities right around big cities like chicago and indianapolis and even destroit. right now, you're looking at some storm chaser images, live images, not far from indianapolis. this is just outside of advanced indiana, which is not too far away from indianapolis. we've got a storm chaser with us right now who's in that vehicle. tony wabach. give us an idea ofl what you're seeing, what you're experiencing. >> we actually have a tornado on the ground just outside of lebanon, indiana. we've got a tornado on the ground for about three or four minutes.
12:53 pm
it's kind of been periodically touching in on it. these storms have been moving so fast today, it's been hard to keep up. this one just touched down outside of advanced. it's moved very quickly just to the south of lebanon. >> and as you've been traveling, what areas have you been passing through? you literally are looking at the sky and seeing the formation of these clouds and you're heading right toward danger. bup along the way, want have you been seeing? >> werp near bloomington, illinois. we intercepted another tornadoic store. you catch them and let them go and actually yielded our first tornado we've seen.
12:54 pm
>> so there's been a lot of hail. a lot of rain. in this shot, we don't even see a structure. how remote of an area is this? >>. >> this is a pretty remote area. fortunately, this tornado looks to have passed in a pretty open area. it looks like it has not hit any structures yet. >> and some of areas where you traveled, did it seem as those people were going about their business or taking these warnings serious? going into storm shelters, what? >> a lot of people were out and about. we saw them in pomulated areas. a lot of people should not be
12:55 pm
using the overpass for shelters. we stress that overpasses are not the place to hide. all you do is block traffic and leave a lot of people out in the open. >> all good add viesz. thanks so much. tony wabeck, storm chaser. i think we're going to take a short break and you're going to stick with us? all right, we're going to check back with you and get another perspective right after this. ow. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. whether you're just starting your 401(k)
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hello, everyone. i'm fredericka whit field. we're watching a severe weather
12:59 pm
system that is threatening one-third of the u.s. we understand right now that this system is bringing hail in some places, high winds, lots of rain, ominous clouds and, in some occasions, some tornadoic activity. we understand a tornado may have already touched down in illinois in pecan. and now we're also getting reports from a storm chaser as well as a confirmation from our weather sources that a tornado may be on the ground in lebanon, indiana. these are some of the images from a storm chaser that we continue to watch. our karen mcguinness on the storm center. and that's when we spoke with him just a few minutes ago. this has been a very dynamic, very serious weather system. it's advancing to the east very
1:00 pm
raptly and numerous, num rougs reports of possible tornadoes. tornadoes touched down in lebanon, indiana. it's not very densely populated. but, nonetheless, this is such a broad system and its impact has been great. we started out earlier in the day. and chicago, where at the chicago bear's game, soldier field, they were letting people evacuate the stadium until the seve severe weather was over. now we've got reports of confirmed, large tornadoes in morganfield, kentucky, scholls, indiana. those coming from the storm chasers that you spoke with just a few minutes ago, fredericka. also, pecan in missouri.


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