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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 17, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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make sure you stay put and watch. a lot of news to cover chblgt it's big, weather-breaking news in the upper midwest. powerful storms in just the past few hours. take a look at some amateur video of the twister hammering washington. illinois, look at this. washington, illinois, a small town of about 10,000 people. and as you can see, nothing was left standing. at least 26 states are now in the path of the system. >> so that is what it looked like blowing through st. louis. even without it, the storm was packing winds and hail.
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at least 19 people in the direct path. cnn has mobilized all of its resour resources to bring you the very latest information. i want you to stick with me throughout the hours here on cnn. most of the amazing imagings have come to us from the people living right in the middle of them. rosa, what have you been finding out? >> we're seeing a lot of funnel clouds, a lot of dark clouds. let's start with some of the destruction. this is south of chicago. you're going to see a lot of debris only the ground. i'm not sure if we can get some of the audio, but you're going to start hearing not only the winlds, but people talking. you'll see trees that are snapped, branchs all over the place, downed power lines,
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people walking on the streets and, quite frajly, some of them are everyone starting to clean upright there. >> now we're going to take you to chicago. hopefully, we'll be able to listen to this for a little bit. take a listen to this. >> so this was one of our ireporters. you can tell that it's bad, but it's not too bad. it's intense, and this ireporter described it as intensive. it was windy and raining. it felt more like strong winlds.
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now, in that video, like i had mentioned, you could see some of the cars erlgier. the leekts were still fupgsing. and now we move onto this other imgage. this is garder in, illinois. >> we have another picture if you can go to that one. here it is, folks. this photo is so important. i know that don was mentioning it earlier. we said something in this business. no picture or video is worth a life. we love to see them, but we have to be extremely careful. here's why, folks. let's take a look at some of the destruction. we have pictures of that destruction. take a look.
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now, this taken by elizabeth in central, illinois. oh, i'm so far ri, that was the one prior to that. in this photo, you can see some of the people walking around. you can see want appear to be splint irs. and a lot of that debris just turned to nothing. the big thing, when we monitor soeshl media, be extremely careful when you're out there. we love to see the pictures, but we just can't say that enough. just to tell you a little bit about what you're looking at. it gives you an idea.
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to the right of your screen, right there. to the left, you see the two round buildings. this is probably about 30, 40 floors up. i want to get the new ireport video coming to us from washington, illinois. let's listen and watch.
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>> you can hear the people in that video praying as you can see what appears to be, not confirmed, at least some very high winds and a possible tornado rolling through in that ireport video. they were saying the lord's prayer there. bring us up sto date, breng our viewers up to dalt. how bad is it? do you need federal help at this point? >> well, it obviously is a significant storm chasers system here. at this point, we have at least 11 confirmed touchdowns tlout the state. it really cut a swath and a range of about 350 miles across the state. so from running north and south, it's dozens of counsils. >> and these are con con firnled
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tornadoes, correct? >> that's right. we have 11 confirmed touchdowns. it's such a wide-spread area. >> let me ask you about injuries? fatal days? >> right now, we have two confirmed fatalities in washington county. so we have two confirmed sfaalties there. a 10-year-old is missing which is far southern all the way at the southern tim. and then injury information is a little bit spotty.
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>> an area of brickport had the last confirmed touchdown in the state. >> at last confirmed, we had one fatality. but there are actually two? >> that's kpaktsly right. those are both in washington county. >> mr. muliken, don't go anywhere, just stay on the phone. i want to update our viewers. some people may just be tuning in. we we're following extremely severe weather. there are two people who died in the state of illinois and there are at least 37 injuries and seven tramas. he also said there's a missing persons report of a 10-year-old.
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your advice to the people who are in the path of this storm? >> yeah, absolutely. this is what wi want to remind people. it's not entirely over, we want to make sure that everybody stay safe. the most important thing is to remind people to stay in-doors. stay away from windows chlts and, at this point, just make sure that you're paying close attention to the news, you're watching thewet ere and you're staying aware of what can happen. >> how are your resources? >> at this point, we have 70 homes that are completely destroyed in two different communities. that's total destruction of the home. that doesn't include significant
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damage of how people are still standing. we're really in the hundreds now. as you mentioned, we will have to do some shelterring operations. there are at least four red cross shelters open in the area. so solvely, that's going to become a significant police station for us. we have a lot of assets that are out there right now. we have three tech kalg rescue teams that were sent to two different communityinies to mak sure that we could extract people from their homes. and then i just got handed this right now. >> oh, thank you very much. first, one confirmed fatality.
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now two we're getting from the director of the agency there. and then also, a 10-year-old missing, found as we are speaking to him on the air right now. we're going to check back in with him very shortly. if you're in the path of this storm, you need to hunker down. you need to be safe. karen, you heard the emergency manage. director there. where are the most dangerous storm right now and what should people there be doing about it? >> we have tornado watches extending across much of pioria michigan. extending into ohio and missouri. tornado warning means that a tornado has been spotted or
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doppler ray sdar identified funnel clouds that are on the ground. we had two tornado warnings in effect. if you are in a mobile home andlying in north central kentucky, be aware of potential severe weather over the next several hours. this is just spanning about the last five hours. also, the southern suburbs of pioria. and washington, don, you were speaking with the jerntle man. it looked like deplete destruction around that washington, ilg noi area.
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>> we have storm reports algsz also extending into michigan. there was a report of a wind gust there of 69 miles per hour. they'll send out the national weather service and go in and assess with the damage is. we've seen it. we're going to know that that was a tornado. they will evaluate how strong that was just based on a scale. so what i can see, a number of people injured. it's marching rapidly towards the east. it is a very dynamic system. >> that board there, i mean, it's so busy, i can barely read it. a lot is going on.
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you can see the intensity of the wind. that camera, boy, oh, boy, is shakingaround there. it appears to be just about dusk time. 26 states in the severe storm zone. we're not overhyping this. we're telling you what is going onment it is very dangerous. so far, two people confirmed dead right there on the air just moments ago. they just found a missing 10-year-old child. >> we're not going to go far away. the watches are popping up regularly. so stay with us here. we're also covering other big news toirs, including this
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today. a shocking case of child abuse. >> the child had a dead chicken hung around his neck. >> the horrifying discovery police in north carolina happened to make. that story and the weather next. my asthma's under control. i don't miss out... you sat out most of our game yesterday! asthma doesn't affect my job... you were out sick last week. my asthma doesn't bother my family... you coughed all through our date night! i hardly use my rescue inhaler at all. what did you say? how about - every day? coping with asthma isn't controlling it. test your level of control at, then talk to your doctor. there may be more you could do for your asthma.
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realize they can save hundreds of dollars. cvs/pharmacy wants to help you save on medicare expenses. talk to your cvs pharmacist, call, or go to to get your free, personalized plan comparison today. call, go online, or visit your local store today. we're following breaking weather news out of the upper midwest. nearly 50 tornadoes have been reported throughout the region today. the storm charged into chicago just in time for today's nfl game between the bears and the ravens. the storm overtook soldier feel with blanketings of pounding rain. we should also say two people confirmed dead. george howell is in chicago.
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george, take it away. >> don, so, look, a few hours ago, we saw that strong line of storms push through shif can goe. people got out of the way of the storm. play has resumed, as you see. the winds are very strong out here. in fact, we're under a high-wind warning. and that's the thing. we're just not out of the clear yet. these winds continue to push through. earlier today, interstate 80, just about 80 miles west of chicago. you could see these big semis that were tipped over. you get a sents of how strong they are coming through the chicago area.
2:20 pm
that continues to happen and people are certainly continuing to be cautious. >> george, we are able sto see those big riggings. there we are just looking at live pictures. and we also saw the traffic there in chicago. traffic backed up as they tried to deal with the damage and deal with the repercussions of the very high winds that have hit the upper midwest. we have just been listening to our george howell who is in s chicago reporting as a big football game had to be postponed. >> this is breaking news happening. you're looking at chicago at the magnificent mile. this is michigan avenue noochlt
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following breakings news. there's the possibility of more tornadoes. a tornado touched down near lebanon, indiana. that was earlier today. i want to read you a tweet. this is from the national weather service saying the worst sd decision you can make today is ignoring a severe tornado warning.these storms will be na. if you don't believe me, take a look at that video and fake a look at thradar. these are warning boxes that you're seeing right there. these are extreme, extreme weather conditions. we're talking about kentuy, ohio, indiana.
2:26 pm
look at those warnings. pin rod, central city, morgans town, all in that area. this is all the way to the upper peninsula of north michigan. these are the watches. just out of chicago now. cleveland, cincinnati, indianapolis, this is severe stuff, guys chlts if you're anywhere in this storm's path or near the path, you need to get to a safe place. we want you to be safe. we're not going to go far away from this breaking news. we'll bring them to you right here on cnn. we want to update you on a disturbing story from yesterday. two foster parents are to go before a judge in north carolina tomorrow morning.
2:27 pm
the couple was locked up friday after their foster child was spotted outside, handcuffed with a dead chicken around his neck. i kid you not. >> nick, bring us up to speed on this horrible case. j courthouse, those five children that were taken from the home. they're now in the custody of social services. they've been taken out of this county because of a conflict of interest. the adoptive mother in this case, the woman was a soup vuper at social services. there was a smell of urine and feces permeating the property.
2:28 pm
for as bad as it was outside, if boys in the family were made to sleep on the floor on blankets. now, during their investigation, sheriff's deputies were taken from the home and they say that the 11-year-old had a tendency of running away which is why they pun irked him like that. >> five children, they range in ange fromle years old. they've been taken out of this county to social services. there was one neighbor i spoke
2:29 pm
to named steve mills. he talked to me earlier this summer. take a listen. >> there was a kid unthe street, crying, hollering, he was panicking. mr., can i have spg to eat? i'm starved. >> i was making a sandwich to be hungry. so we didn't think nothing of it. the other two come up and said he's new. he's just getting used to the area and being with a new family and new siblings. and so we thought nothing of it. >> i think the most troubling thing out of this all, don, is the fact that the adopted mother, she worked for social services. this is somebody who's supposed to protect children like this. >> not that there's any excuse, nick, but she should know better. >> we're watching a se vooer
2:30 pm
weather line. maybe severe, we need a better word. this has been deadly. two people have died. 37 people have been injured. we've been speaking to the emergency corrector in illinois. look at this, it's not over yet. we'll follow it for you here on cnn. there is major damage in kokomo. make sure you stay with us, we'll be right back.
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take us through it.
2:34 pm
i understand that you are in a command scenter and there is some very severe damage in kokomo? >> we'vead some damage done to one of our malls on u.s. 31. some glass is blown out of it.a major damage. also have a fire station with a roof clapsz on part of the fire station. we've had some damage to to a chevrolet dealer. basically, on the south end of kokomo, both the hospitals are there. have a shelter in place on 31
2:35 pm
that woe eve opened up stlu the red cross. >> and you said you have some homes that have damage to them? >> yeah, we've got some houses that have been blown up. it was r it was more like a straight-line wind, but it really wasn't. we believe it was like a tornado on the ground moving somewhere between 65 and 70 mile an hour. at the plal, there was lots of people there. but no one was told to leave. >> just minor injuries so far that's been told to us and that's it. >> we hear the phones ringing. you've got to get back to it. that was larry smith.
2:36 pm
they have gotten some severe damage from the storm. the roof partially clapgsed there. numerous homes, gas lines and he said on the south end, though, of kokomo, there is shelter in place. we will keep you updated on that. not going far away from this weather. we'll keep an eye on that. i want to tell you about this. so, we've been hearing a lot about stand-your-ground, right? emotions tend to run high. that hasn't stopped a georgia coalition from keeping it in the coalition: one of the cases high lighted in the georgia lawsuit is the 2012 death of chris johnson. there he is, shot to death after
2:37 pm
a confrontation of our noonen georgia. a jury acquitted adam lee ed monoson who used georgia stand your ground law. >> pace close aid attention to the men in this video. one of them will be dead. this man, the victim's best friend who was there and called 9-1-1. >> my friends got shot. and killed. >> do you think it was murder? >> yes, i think it was. >> wpss say the shooter, asdam edmonson had argued the night before at the same bar. the next night, when edmonton realized johnson was in the bar,
2:38 pm
prosecutors say he went to his truck, got a gun and carried it illegally back into the bar. the bar's security camera video shows johnson approaching edmonson and hitting him. they appear to be separated. edmonson fired a fatal shot. >> before he shot him, he helded him there? >> he put it light on his chest. >> edmonson's attorney siz his client was justified. >> he mu that adam had a gun and was coming towards him.
2:39 pm
>> i think the jury believed that he had no other option. >> prosecutors say it was excessive force and the law was being misinterpreted. >> so if i slap you, you can't shoot me? >> right, exactly. i can slap you back, you know. when you use excessive zefl defense, you become the aggressor. >> the case has caught the attention of national civil rights organization, the rain bow push coalition, to challenge georgia's stand your ground law. in this case, the victim is black, the shooter is white, the jury, all white, too. you had a white man killing a black man who had already asaumted the white man in a bar.
2:40 pm
i have to think they don't just ignore that point. >> do you think race played into this? >> yes, i do. >> why? >> just the matter of personal opinion with the jury being all white and we're in the south and my buddy being black. >> in the end, even with a video tape and eyewitnesss, adam edmonson, if shooter was exonerated. stand your ground stood. >> we're examining this case. and others around the country. i'm going to be joined right avenue this break by cnn legal analyst mark o'mara. as well as severe weather throughout the country. we'll be right back after this break. . it's in the shop. it's going to cost me an arm and a leg. you shoulda taken it to midas. they tell you what stuff needs fixing, and what stuff can wait. high-five! arg! brakes, tires, oil, everything.
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on the table by not choosing the right medicare d plan. no one could have left this much money here. whoo-hoo-hoo! yet many seniors who compare medicare d plans realize they can save hundreds of dollars. cvs/pharmacy wants to help you save on medicare expenses. talk to your cvs pharmacist, call, or go to to get your free, personalized plan comparison today. call, go online, or visit your local store today. following breaking weather news, trees splinterred by a possible tornado. this is washington imnoi that
2:44 pm
you're looking at right now. nearly lly tosh tornadoes have within reported throughout the region. if you don't believe me, look at the pictures on your screen right there. look at this tree, it appears that a mattress and tattered sheets are caught up? broken limbs there. 37 others injured in that. we're not going far from this story. i want to bring in now d top two florida attorneys. they join me now from orlando. thank you, guys, so much, for joining us. how are you doing? >> very well. good to see you. >> hi, don, always good to see you. >> good to see you. >> we have some breaking news, i may have to get to it. i want to reiterate, he was found not guilty in the shooting
2:45 pm
death of mr. omanson. do you think the jury came to the right verdict? certainly you wonder if he had an opportunity to do something else other than shoot. it eegts a way to make that your decision of last resort, not first resort. it seems like the jury listened to the statute thavs in place and came to the right vergt. we have to trust them. bud i always thought that stand your ground can be polished a bit. >> they're saying no law is perfect and no chance that any of this legislation to try to overturn stand your ground is going to happen. but you think that stand your
2:46 pm
ground can be tweaked and i guess more importantly, do you think that it's discriminatory against people of color? >> i think it can be tweaked in this way. i think think eve gotten the misinterpretation of it. i believe it should be modified to say though you can stand your ground, if you can move away, if you can retreat without increasing the danger to yours or others,then you should try and take that opportunity. again, it's a very thin slice. but i think if we say that is a change in the law, people will realize you still can protect yourself. >> okay. mr. knee jay, the shooter here, had martial arts training.
2:47 pm
he also went back to his truck, went out to his truck to get a gun, brought it back into the bar illegally. it's still a stand-your-ground case? >> stand your ground is tied up in so many ambiguities, there really is no way to make strict sense and apply the law to every an ration. what everybody needs to remember is that the majority of states have been a big nra lobbying effort. if there's an intruder in there, you don't have to retreat. you can take care of your blochgingings and yourself without ri treating.
2:48 pm
>> when you have that tremendous amount of leeway, then you're going to have these aberrations and lots of injustices carried out. with that said, i see very little chance of changing the law. i think the nra has too many politics. there have been all sorts of arguments. >> you e've answered my next question, but do you think that there's any chance of any of these laws being overturned around the country? >> i think they're missing the battleground. if they're trying to overturn stand your ground or self defense, it's not going to happen in any of the statings and it's not going to foubd to be unconstitutional law. but if the true battleground is the way the system is treating
2:49 pm
certain demographic, then let's take on that battle. unless your only internet is to keep the troops rallying. >> was justice carried out here? >> are you talking to me, don? >> it depends on whose side you're rooting officer. but, you know, in every cay case, there's always going to be a typical winner and a loser. when you have laws that are knee jerk reaction laws and you ooir going to see injus tigss taking place on a daily basis throughout america. people don't have the courage to do the right thing and what makes sense and is understandable >> i'm going to have you guys back. we appreciate both of you and i wanted to talk a little bit more, bud we have breaking news here on cnn. we're getting new information coming from the midwest right now on that severe line of
2:50 pm
storms that's pummelling that part of the country and moving east.
2:51 pm
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2:53 pm
legalo,ern efrn /* /- hello, everyone. already our severe break-out in the ohio river valley, 78 reports of tornadoes. we will evaluate but some confirmed tornadoes, one out of washington county illinois. i distinguish that from washington illinois. but in washington county, a report of a tornado ef-4, winds are estimated about 166 miles an hour. there are reports if michigan through indiana, ohio, through kentucky. kentucky right now, seeing a number of severe weather
2:54 pm
reports. the latest that we have, nort nortonville, hopkins county, kentucky. reports of damage from a tornado. just within the last half hour to 45 minutes. also a number of tornado warnings issued across central sections of kentucky as well. we move further north, a number of severe thunderstorm warnings issued. there is reduced visibility, large size hail and strong and gusty wind. we had a wind report out of chicago out of oak lawn. wind gusts of 186 miles an hour. soldiers field was evacuated due to severe weather. the weather improved but now we are watching heavy downpours across section of michigan. coming up, we'll have more details, coming up on the breaking weather situation across the midwestern u.s. right after this.
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all right, breaking weather news. we want to give you new video just into cnn. this is give ordered, illinois you are about to take a look at. it is 122 miles south of chicago, just north of champagne, illinois. and there it is. there's the destruction on the ground. and people assessing the damage. we are getting these sorts of
2:59 pm
pictures from many towns, cities, municipalities, throughout the midwest. it appears, though, that this storm set its sights particularly on the state of illinois where so far two people have been confirmed dead and there are many more injuries. this storm barreling through the midwest. winds as high as 80 miles an hour, if not higher. hitting 6 states, we are told, in its path. 50 confirmed tornadoes from the weather service so far have touched down in these areas. again, this is give ordered, illinois, south of chicago, 132 miles. these are the images. it is getting dark now, if not already in the midwest. this is what folks will wake up to tomorrow. more pictures, more injuries, more damage on your -- this will be on your television screen.
3:00 pm
but this is reality for the people who are in those areas right now. horrific and still more to come. our breaking news coverage continues right now. hello, everyone. don lemon. top of the hour here on cnn. thank you for joining us. breaking news on cnn is tornado outbreak. tears across the upper midwest. >> our father in heaven, give us this diour daily bread and forgive us -- >> if you saw this out of your window, believe me. you would be praying as well. this is one of 11 confirmed tornados in illinois. as it hit the small town of washington near peoria. at least two deaths have been reported. this was the aftermath. nothing was left standing after the tornado was done. clean-up and recovery will take a very long time.