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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 17, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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but this is reality for the people who are in those areas right now. horrific and still more to come. our breaking news coverage continues right now. hello, everyone. don lemon. top of the hour here on cnn. thank you for joining us. breaking news on cnn is tornado outbreak. tears across the upper midwest. >> our father in heaven, give us this diour daily bread and forgive us -- >> if you saw this out of your window, believe me. you would be praying as well. this is one of 11 confirmed tornados in illinois. as it hit the small town of washington near peoria. at least two deaths have been reported. this was the aftermath. nothing was left standing after the tornado was done. clean-up and recovery will take a very long time.
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>> look at that. this is st. louis as the storm hit. with at least 19 million people in the direct path of the worst parts of the storm. cnn has mobilized all of its resources to bring you the very latest information. jonathan monken is a director of the emergency management agency. we have him on the phone. we spoke to you about an hour ago. what is the latest information. you confirmed two deaths. what do you know now? >> caller: i can confirm we have a third death associated with the storm. this is in the town of washington. so somebody unable to get down to the basement in time and was pulled out of the home. and ultimately found in a field nearby. so we do have three confirmed fatalities for this outbreak of tornados? this, again, you said is in washington. you said there are 37 injuries.
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and would you say seven traumatic injuries. tell us about the injuries. do you have an update on that? >> we definitely know that injury number will climb significantly. we addhad a couple of significa requests for strike teams. they are needed to evacuate more people than they are able to did so. so we've add couple of those requests already. we know the numbers will climb significantly. we don't have the names of the patients who came into the hospital in peoria, but we expect the numbers to climb. >> jonathan monken is the director of the illinois emergency management agency. mr. monken is there in illinois right now. how are you holding up on resources? how are people dealing with all of a sudden becoming homeless in an instant? thz that's a significant problem, there's no doubt. there will definitely be hundreds of people looking for
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temporary shelter. the red cross is answering the needs with shelters in the area. three in washington alone. but we know that number will climb as well. that's one of the biggest challenges are things are getting dark out there. as nightfall webs it is more difficult to coordinate resources. more difficult to search through rubble. and as this system blows through and cold air comes in, the temperature drop is also going to be an issue to make sure that people can be kept warm, fed and sheltered as we get into the nightfall. >> on a human level, how are you holding up and folks there, especially emergency workers? >> well, certainly, we are doing bet are than many are today and we are grateful for that. but we want to make sure we are providing all of the services necessary for the people directly impacted by this. we will start working through shifts as we keep things open through the night. as we continue to bring additional asses to the bear to make sure people can be helped out. we actually just dispatched an additional 61 illinois guardsman in the area to help out there with search and rescue in a
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varieties of issues. we are doing okay but this will be a long hall. >> do you need federal help, you believe? >> we will have federal resources on the ground shortly. and they will help out just with the incident command. i think we have have had kwat resources for search and rescue but ultimately this will grow into a federal process as we look at overall damage assessment and it'll take a lot of folks and once we get around it day break tomorrow, as you mentioned earlier, we will have a clearer picture of how extensive the damage really is. i think that's where we will see federal assistance with the damage assessments. >> people want to help out. i'm sure many are. what do you need most? >> i think what people need most is requirement for water. people need to make sure they have water to drink. if it gets cold enough, they will need additional clothing. a lot of people lost everything inside of their homes.
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some will be provided through the salvation army and red cross and those helping out with efforts. but prayers are always appreciated no matter what the circumstance. >> thank you, jonathan monken. another death in this. we don't want that -- those death toll numbers to go up but they may as you heard him, it is getting dark there, getting cold. and they are still try to assess damage. they are bringing in resources. this line of storms really focused hard on the state of illinois. this is washington county where that death, third death confirmed, this is near peoria illinois. and it just saddens me every time we have to report something like this, because sometimes you can see a hurricane coming. severe weather. can you see it coming. it just happens in an instant and people are instant
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tanusually, in an instant they are homeless. all of their belongs gone, homes threatened, memories and let's not forget many times, often times, lives are taken away in the process. karen mcginns joining us. karen, this is terrible. >> this is devastating. we saw this weather shape up on thursday, last week. but we started this morning out with a high risk for damaging winds. large hail and possibility of isolated damaging tornadoes. and that's what we've seen this afternoon. now, we're looking at 76 reports of tornadoes. a lot of those from chicago to the east of st. louis into the western regions of kentucky and now spreading over towards ohio,
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into northwestern, kentucky and into parts of tennessee. some may be the same tornado touching down multiple times. i want to point out, we have a number of watches out, tornado watches. please listen to the weather radio. and if a warning is issued, take cover immediately. especially if you are in a mobile home. i want to point out what we have heard out of washington county, illinois. not the city of washington. where we just heard mr. monken speak. but there is about an hour outside of st. louis in washington county. an ef-4 tornado. that is the assessment of the damage that occurred there from a tornado earlier in the day. ef-4, the path, three miles long, estimated winds at 166 miles an hour. that's an estimate. but we look at overall damage. they will look at that damage, all the way from peak to suburbs
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of peoria. don, with you were talking to the gentleman there who said already three fatalities, homes flattened, destroyed. it has been a devastating afternoon. now we look across kentucky. still a number of tornado warnings out for this area. we have severe thunderstorm warnings out extending into ohio and eastern sections of indiana. also, extending into michigan. numerous reports of very high winds, heavy downpours, earlier we had some high wind reports coming out of grand rapids. also near purdue university, at the airport there. i will mention that cape gerardo, we haven't spoken much about that, but i'm sure the national weather service will look at damage there from what appear to be tornadoes that touched down in that boot hill area of missouri. we had three reports coming out of that area. also, earlier in chicago, they -- soldier field, they told folks to leave the stadium.
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the stands. they were under severe thunderstorm warning. not a tornado warning. a severe thunderstorm warning. but it was lightning, wind, rain, that was very problematic. other areas, peakin is rightpeo. it looks as if that traveled in a seen like this. moving off towards the northeast. a lot of these cells moved off towards the northeast between 50, 60, even 70 miles an hour. can you just imagine, if this happens in minutes, don, just a week ago we were talking about haiyan in the philippines being the strongest storm reported anywhere on earth. it has 195 mile-an-hour winds and gusts higher than that. if you can imagine something like this taking place just minutes, 166 miles an hour
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estimated with that washington county tornado, don, and everything flat yebed. it is horrific. and like you said, didn't really know what was coming. a lot of these tornadoes are rain-wrapped. now it is dark. so it has been especially traumatizing. as i mentioned, they will go out and assess the damage. and let us know, right now, 76 tornadoes reported. >> 76. and as jonathan monken said, they'll probably wake up tomorrow to more damage, more injuries and hopefully not more deaths. thank you, karen. we can confirm for you on cnn, a heavy heart, three people now dead in this line of storms making its way across the country. short break. update you on the other side. great. this is the last thing i need.) seriously? let's take this puppy over to midas and get you some of the good 'ol midas touch. hey you know what? i'll drive! i really didn't think this through. brakes, tires, oil, everything.
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and we can't wait to see where you'll take it next. introducing the thinner, lighter, more powerful ipad air. this is a quote. this is complete destruction. that's how one man describes the
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tornado going through his neighborhood in illinois. karen maginnis, 76 so far, our meteorologist, illinois has tak tak taken the brunt of the storm. homes flattened, debris, everywhere. at least three people are reported dead in illinois. 37 more are injured and there's new information coming in at every single moment here. i'm joined by my colleague, rosa flores. it is very important to monitor social media. we want people to be safe as they said in the i-reports, but i've been seeing pictures on social media as well. >> and can you see the fear and devastation you were talking about in the pictures. a lot of times you see the trees piercing through homes, piercing through cars. a lot of destruction, a lot of debris. and we are also learning more
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about the stories behind these pictures. i want to you focus on these four photos. you are looking at them now. these photos were taken in washington illinois. these were taken by jim ardis. he is the mayor of illinois. these are pictures of his mother-in-law's home. the home is pretty much destroyed. this is what we continue to see on social media, on-line. folks looking through the rubble, trying to figure out what's left. a lot of times, as you might imagine, momentos lost or completely damaged, completely destroyed. now we will move on and take you to st. louis. and we've got video here that you can take a look that shows, kind of the strength of this storm. and you can see that the winds and rain just ravish through tloo. so if we can listen to that for just a moment.tloo.
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so if we can listen to that for just a moment.htloo. so if we can listen to that for just a moment.ertloo. so if we can listen to that for just a moment.etloo. so if we can listen to that for just a moment.. so if we can listen to that for just a moment. even debris flying on there. we want to show you something interesting, don. as you know, we've had some tower cams up. and we created a time lapse out of indianapolis. and if we can roll that video, because you're going to be able to see really how the storms were moving. like you were saying, through the midwest. and you saw it right there. i don't know if you caught it, folks, but you can see the skyline and it well-defined and gray skies and all of a sudden it just turns dark. and then you see it over and over again as those clouds are moving through. so it's a scary sight, don. even if you just look at this time lapse, it really shows you the magnitude of mother nature. and when you see a lot of the pictures, it shows you how delicate and how powerless we are really when it comes to
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severe weather. >> yeah. and listen, can you forecast that you're in a path for severe storms but you don't know where a tornado is -- >> exactly. and that's the thing. we have heard about hurricanes. they usually have a cone of uncertainty. you know kind of where it can hit when it comes to a tornado. it can develop anywhere. >> thank you, rosa. rosa is gathering images from social media. rose why will get back to us. we want to go overseas. we are talking about severe weather. let's go overseas briefly. it is hard to imagine how the typhoon went across the philippines, killing more than 3600 people. that is, until you see the new video into cnn.
3:18 pm
incredible. along with the dead, 1100 people are still missing. hundreds of survivors in this predominantly catholic nation attended church services to pray for the loss. this woman is trying to find peace after her children and her sister's children were torn from their arms in the storm surge. can you imagine. their bodies still have not been found. there is some real signs of progress on the ground though. ten days after the typhoon stormed ashore. survivors in hard-hit tacloban got food today. for some, the first real meal in more than a week. the power of mother nature as our rosa flores said moments ago. i think the same person, producer said, is this the same person, the i-reporter in the home praying, that well speak to? so you saw the i-reporter, the tornado -- someone filming the tornado out of the window and right away started reciting the the lord's prayer and praying there.
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if you have persistent diarrhea, contact your doctor right away. other serious stomach conditions may exist. avoid if you take clopidogrel. for many, relief is at hand. ask your doctor about nexium. severe weather hitting the midwest. a tornado barrelled through neighborhood in washington illinois. let's listen to this video real quick. >> give us this day, our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive -- >> anthony corey, you are saying the lord's prayer there. >> yes. >> yeah. why? >> the obvious question, why are you praying there?
3:23 pm
>> i come from a -- i come from a very devout christian family and we just -- we trust in god that he protects us and he always gives us strength and courage. to help us endure all kinds of suffering is and threats. >> i imagine a more direct question is, you are praying becau because of the severity and intensity of the storm. and someone in your family thought they heard a helicopter -- >> yeah, my dad thought he heard a helicopter. and we look outside and just saw this huge tornado in our backyard destroying everything in its path and we all just ran downstairs and started praying. holding each other's hand and we believe that god would keep us safe.
3:24 pm
>> as we look at that video that someone is shooting out of the window, i believe that's you, how far way is this thing? >> like two streets away. it wasn't that far from us. >> are these your neighbors' homes? >> yes, all my neighbores. my street and the street next us to were the only ones that weren't in neighborhood that wasn't hit by the tornado. it was just a shock to all of us. it was very devastating. >> have you been able to go outside since? >> yes. after the tornado passed, my dad and i got in our car just to check out the damage and we just saw destruction everywhere. we saw people in the street. crying and families just -- families hurt and you know, our heart just goes out to all of the families.
3:25 pm
and you know, we just saw cars like flipped over and, you know, just -- just it was -- the whole land was flat, you know. i've never seen anything like this. >> how are your neighbors? >> can you repeat that? >> how are your neighbors doing? >> i haven't really -- i haven't contacted any of my neighbors. i haven't spoke to them. all of my family and friends heard about the catastrophe on the news. and we had no signal. so i just -- went to peoria to have signal. and reach all of my friends and family who are very worried about me. but my family is okay and my house is okay. no damage. we were blessed.
3:26 pm
>> anthony corey, thank you. washington, illinois. obviously praying because of the severity and intensity of this thing. we appreciate you joining us on cnn. we are glad that you are safe. our i-reporter, anthony corey. out of his window. thank you, our very best to your family. people in eight states under severe weather threat, outbreak of tornadoes moving across the midwest. we will show you who needs to ta take cover next. information you need to know. a,g what makes you different is what makes us different. we take the time to get to know you and your unique health needs. then we help create a personalized healthcare experience that works for you. and you. and you. with 50 years of know-how, and a dedicated network of doctors, health coaches, and wellness experts, we're a partner you can rely on -- today, and tomorrow. we're going beyond insurance to become your partner in health. humana.
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now on the severe weather hammering the midwest. an ef-4. this is a scene in give ordered, illinois. sadly this scene is reported over and over across the region. at least three peopleow confirmed dead and many more, dozens of others, have been hurt. nearly 80 tornado sightings have been reported. one illinois emergency official tells us the path of destruction, 350 miles wide. and some winds may have reached up to 200 miles an hour. illinois national guard has been helping with search and rescue. rose w rosa flores is here and she has been on top of the stream coming into the cnn. room.
3:31 pm
>> one that stands out is a picture of a family looking for their pets. like when you think about these things, you also have to remember a lot of people have pets that are like a loved one and so, we want to start off with a new picture. now take a lock at your screen. this is a very scary scene. i animal inthis, folks taking this photo, actually, very, very scared. i'm hoping we can show you this picture. but it is a very well-defined funnel cloud in pekin, illinois. there you have it. these images are scary for the people taking them. here you see two levels of clouds, of gray, and of course fear for the people actually taking this photo. we have go to the next photo. here, i'm -- there we go. this is very important, folks. we talk time and time again of
3:32 pm
how important visualizing this, taking pictures, but we want to be sure you are careful out there doing this. be very, very careful. this is why you should be careful. the next photo will show us destruction that we've seen in these line of storms. now we've seen a lot of tweets, a lot of information flowing into social media for a lot of these towns. garner, washington, peoria, give ordered just south and southwest of chicago. like i was saying, a lot of the times, some of the messages are family members, some messages are about the devastation and destruction that they are seeing in their communities. >> unbelievable. at first i want to get to something new we have and some new video into cnn. this is from our affiliate wthr. this is cocomo, indian. this is an emergency shelter, larry smith told us about the fire department, a partial roof collapse at the fire department.
3:33 pm
this is the fire department that he is talking about. these are live pictures. again, from our affiliate wthr in indiana. you see a fire truck, right in the middle of this. lots of flashing lights. lots of apparatus. but again, many of the towns hit hard. this is 50 miles due north of indianapolis. and again, these are chopper shots, helicopter shots from our affiliate. there are power outages in the area. we aren't just showing you a dark picture. we are showing you the dark picture because usually this area is lighted and there are people with homes with the leblg trisity on and everything is normal. this is power outage. you can see the emergency workers there on the scene. there is damage at mall. people in the mall got an early indication, early warning. they evacuated. he said there are no injuries initially early on to report there. and damage it a bank in the area. and damage to a fire station. the roof collapse. that's the pictures we were
3:34 pm
looking at moments ago. he said las car dealership has been damaged in the area. numerous homes had their roofs blown off. and homes, as he said, just blown up many of them by the storm. gas lines are out, we're told. in the area. some exposed gas that they are trying to get a handle on that. he said on the south end of cocomo, a shelter in place. an area where people could shelter in place but he said both hospitals in the area were up and running. the only light in many areas, you can see flash lights from emergency workers or flash lights from people who live there who are trying to assess damage from their homes as you can imagine. these towns, many of them devastated by this. 1600 people, as you can see on the bottom of your screen there without power in cocomo. 16,000 without power in cocomo, indiana. these pictures coming into cnn every moment. as soon as we get them, we will bring them to you here on cnn. this one is live and according
3:35 pm
to an emergency official in illinois, at least three people have died from this line of storms. tornadoes severe storms have destroyed at least 70 homes in illinois. dozens of people are hurt. three people are dead as i just said. illinois national guardsmen launched a search mission looking for people trapped in the damage. dangerous storms may threaten millions of people across this nation. we will get to our karen maginnis, cnn weather center in atlanta. karen, this is unbelievable. with every report that seems to get more and more devastating. >> don, the video that you showed us of the person shooting out of their window, saying the lord's prayer, during the wedge tornado that looks like it was touching down right in there backyard, it was chilling. why don't we listen. >> give us this diour daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those
3:36 pm
who trespass against us and lead us not into temptation. hail mary full of grace the lord is -- >> don, when you listen to that, you hear a certain desperation. and just chilling words. as this man is praying that nothing happens to him and his family, across the great lakes. this is the same scenario as we have had dozens and dozens of reports in tornadoes. right now, 65, what they refer to as filtered reports. meaning they have taken out the duplicate reports of tornadoes. but i want to show you, zoom in. what happened just to east of st. louis. this is along interstate 64. this tornado, this tornado, and this one. a tornado with a track that moved, not parallel to the
3:37 pm
interstate, but touchdown, left a path of damage. we have a report that an ef-4 tornado, 200 miles an hour, widespread damage, almost near destruction, this happened in washington county illinois. this is not in the city of washington. that's an area that started out in pekin, just to the southern suburbs of peoria. then off towards washington washington. look what is happening now. a smaller and smaller line of storms. right now severe thunderstorms warnings out, no warnings. we see one warning here just to southeast of cincinnati. if there's a tornado warning, that means you need to take cover immediately. looking up towards toledo, detroit and further north up into flint, this is where we are looking at pretty heavy downpours with the possibility of hail, high winds and localized flooding. but we could see an isolated
3:38 pm
tornado as we go throughout the evening. i hesitate to say that because i don't want anybody to think this is over and done with but we have certainly seen our fair share of 65 reports of tornadoes, extending from southern chicago to the east of st. louis. your cape gentlemen regardo, missouri and over to kentucky towards hup kins county. and as you just mentioned, don, right around cocomo with plenty of damage to report there. back to you. >> karen, very busy night for people in the midwest. lots of them won't get any sleep. we will be here for you on cnn as well. karen maginnis and i. as long as the worldwide resources of cnn. we won't go off storm. stay with cnn all evening. we want you to be safe. that's what we are here for. we take you live to chicago next.
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now are trying to assess the significant damage along the midwest. check out the incredible winds there. part of the weather system that spawned more than 60 tornadoes. majority of those in illinois. three people are dead. there are 37 others injured. the director of illinois emergency management tells me he expects the number of injured to climb significantly. want to get some live pictures now. check out these from kokomo interan int indiana. we are told the roof has been ripped off of a fire station. a local mall damaged as well. 16,000 people without power and you can see there, from the darkness, there is severe damage as well. can you see that there is no power. the streets are being lighted.
3:43 pm
or lit. however you would like to say it. by either cars or flash lights. at the moment. i want you to check this out. >> i hope no one -- our father who art in heaven -- >> is cnn i-reporter anthony corey in washington, illinois, where a storm, a tornado as a matter of fact, came within a few hundred a yards of his home. he witnessed it as it really destroyed his neighbor's home. can you see that. they broke into prayer. we spoke with him minutes good. i asked him why he said that and he said he is a religious man and his family believed it would save them in the storm. this tornado leveled the town in washington, illinois.
3:44 pm
a high rise in chicago, illinois, despite the ferociousness, the lights stayed on. fans were evacuated to safe areas inside soldier filed and play resumed after a two-hour delay. cnn's george howl is in chicago now. george, frightening scene for many people there. >> don, you showed the video. you see that damage. you see the strong winds that were associated with that storm system. can you understand the concern about this storm as it moved into the chicago land area. again, you mentioned the game with the bears and ravens, they are getting on the road. traffic a nightmare here, as it is typically after games like this. but when you consider the weather situation, it is even worse for people trying to get back home. also want to talk about the situation now. we're not out of the woods here. storms have passed through. we're still getting very strong gusts of wind that come through.
3:45 pm
we are under a high wind warning here in the chicago area. i want to show video that we took earlier just about 80 miles west of chicago. you hear one of the gusts coming through now. 80 miles west of chicago, you see where the semis were overturned because of the strong winds. so we're not out of the woods yet. still getting strong winds through the area and people are, you know, watching as the storm passes, don. >> george, you're getting that wind. has that been hitting you all day like that? off and on? we lost the shot. can we at least hear him? >> you got me? >> i got you. >> everything okay? >> yeah. >> you ask that question, we have been trying to do these live reports. we get out here, stand in front of the camera and get ready to go and things get knocked out.
3:46 pm
>> we have been trying to get to george throughout the hours here at cnn and we today have him on the phone. the wind is so severe in chicago, it is hard to get a signal up. either satellite signal or a bounce off a microwave bounce off of a building, it is hard to do were however you want to do it. the wind is hitting and it is probably harder to get a satellite shot than a microwave shot. a small feed for us but terrible for people who lost everything in the midst of all of the storms hitting the midwest. all of these tornado and storm system, i should say, hitting the midwest. we are keeping an eye on extremely dangerous weather for you. people in eight states are in their paths. an update on the storms, coming up. but first, this. coming up at 9:00 eastern, a day america will never forget. 50 years this month, an
3:47 pm
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an illinois man prayed as a massive twister roared near his family home. >> i hope no one's hurt. our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. >> that was i-reporter anthony khoury. he says he is a man of faith and he was praying that things wouldn't come any closer to his home. it tore up his neighbors' homes, cars. storms are threatening millions across the u.s. we will take you now live.
3:53 pm
this is kokomo -- actually, this is video of kokomo, indiana. it is from earlier. it is from our affiliate, wthr. we spoke to larry smith. this is what he is saying. no major reports of injuries. but there are injuries. most of the injuries took place near the mall. a mall that had to be evacuated as these storms came through. there is a state of emergency in place until 6:00 a.m. the red cross is now on the scene. and what you are looking at in those pictures, that was a fire department. one fire station, where the roof was ripped off. 16,000 people without power in kokomo, indian. it will be a long night and more, sadly, he said, they expect in illinois and indiana and many places in between for the injury numbers to go up. we are following severe weather across the midwest. more than 70 tornadoes may have been reported. we are going to -- up next, we will check in with karen
3:54 pm
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welcome back, everyone. our breaking news coverage. three people are dead. dozens are injured. after several tornadoes slammed the u.s. this is in st. louis. so severe weather erupted, threatening millions of people. tornadoes ripped apart homes in guilford, illinois. illinois national guard is doing search and rescue in some parts of the state to see if anyone may be trapped inside their
3:58 pm
homes. the pictures are just horrific. imagine what people are doing through. karen maginnis is watching it all, tracking it all for us. she has the big picture view of the line-up storms. is anyone in danger? what is going on now? >> what we are mostly seeing now are severe thunder storms. we have a couple of tornado warnings that have been issued. but the broad area from chicago to the east of st. louis near cape girardeau and in central indiana. let's show you some live pictures coming out of kokomo. they say a state of emergency. the mall has been damaged. and you can see just little bits -- all right, the shot was going in and out there. there you can see emergency vehicles that are in place because of a tornado, an apparent tornado that touched down. don, i'll mention that the national weather service, local national weather service will go out tomorrow. they will look at damage.
3:59 pm
assess it. see how strong a tornado or maybe a severe thunderstorm in the area may have been, but coming up at 8:00 eastern time, we will give you complete details on all of the damage and the situation across the midwest today. i'll send it back to you now. >> yeah, karen, and it is just unbelievable. really unbelievable to see all of those images coming in. as we speak to the emergency directors and emergency management and crews, each tell us the same thing. that sadly, they believe that number of injuries are going to go up and hopefully the death toll does not go up. we have confirmation by the emergency management. it was two people, now three people confirmed dead. and many, many more injuries. we will keep you updated on the situation throughout the evening here on cnn. as a matter of fact, our coverage. continue very shortly here at
4:00 pm
the top of the hour and then again at the top of our 8:00 hour. this is cnn breaking news. >> hello, everyone. in a moment, ted turner, the maverick, will continue. but for now i want to update you on the upper midwest. boy is it destructive. >> our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. >> this is one of 11 tornadoes as it hit the small town of washington near peoria. at least three people confirmed dead. this is the aftermath. nothing standing after the tornado was done. this is st. louis as that storm hit. and the storms are far from over. they are moving into ohio. into michigan and kentucky with at least 19 million people in the path. we are going to direct the worldwide resources to cnn


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