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tv   Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown  CNN  November 17, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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impressed. and he was a hard guy to impress. good evening, everyone. i'm don lemon. we're going to begin with breaking news tonight. there is untold loss and heartache across the midwest right now after an outbreak of powerful tornados, cocomo, indiana, has declared a state of emergency after severe weather hit the city. both a fire station and a shopping mall are reported to be damaged. you're looking at the video right now. at least five people are confirmed dead from today's outbreaks of tornados. peeken, illinois, was one of
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many communities in the path of today's storms. the national weather service says it's received more than 70 reports of tornados. at least one was a monster ef-4 tornado. millions of people are on edge, waiting to see where tornados might strike next. i want to bring in meteorologist karen maginnis in the cnn severe weather center. what's happening now in ohio and kentucky and tennessee, the bigger danger zones right now? >> yes, it certainly is. we still have tornado watches in effect. one that encompasses much of the eastern half of ohio. and we have 65 reports of tornados for the day. some almost 80 unfiltered reports, meaning there were duplicates, so they narrowed down what are suspected to be the duplicates. we may have 66 in ohio. i'll tell you about that in just one second. here's a view across tennessee. live pictures coming out of nashville. want to show you this right now. you may be able to see some of the lightning in the distance.
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in nashville, you might expect a line of storms to move through as we are looking at severe thunderstorms moving across the region. gusty winds are expected. let's go back and show you what's happening in ohio right now. there is a tornado warning out. this is in fairfield county. that is just to the north of cincinnati. to the southeast of columbus. and there is an amateur weather spotter, or radio spotter who says he saw a tornado on the ground. now, it is dark there. and perhaps he was within the vicinity and could see something like that. but most of these are rain-wrapped. we saw all day long that heavy downpours with these storms, these super cells, that did spawn tornados were wrapped in rain, so they were not easily visible at all. fred and i were on the air and an image came out of indianapolis, our affiliate wifh there, and we could see some of
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the light, and then within a minute, it got dark, don. and this has been a very evolving situation. the worst is over the ohio river valley. but still expecting heavy downs across michigan, on the backside of this, still picking up some strong storms. but we'll be back in just about 40 minutes and update you on what is happening now. back to you. >> karen, humor me here for just a second. it's mid november. is this pretty late in the year? isn't this late in the year for tornados? what triggered today's storms? >> the primary time for tornados, as we well know, is springtime. then we see a second high that comes in the fall. is this late? it is rather late because the temperatures have been very warm. st. louis today was 80 degrees. that was a record. they are going to be in the 50s for tomorrow. very vigorous area of low pressure is moving across the great lakes. on the backside of that, temperatures are dramatically cooler. so that cold air is filtering in behind it. warm air out ahead of it. and we get some twisting motion
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in the atmosphere. and that's why we see this tornadic activity tonight. >> all right. that is an overview of everything that's happening, tracking the storms. appreciate it. want to get you back now to the pictures and the stories. small town of washington, illinois, was nearly wiped off the map today as a tornado bore down. >> i hope no one's hurt. our father in heaven, hallowed be thy name. >> anthony prayed as a tornado hit his town. one resident described what happened. >> i was watching the news and they said tornado down near peeken. it's like a loud train. i said this isn't right. i said it's not thunder. it just kept coming. getting louder. and so then i went in the basement and about ten seconds later, i felt the house shaking and waited about probably a minute and then i came back up and saw what you're seeing here. >> here's what was left after
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the storm moved on. it was just one of 11 tornados confirmed in illinois. i want to get now to cnn's ted rowlands. he is in washington, illinois. we have seen so much damage there. ted joins us by phone. ted, what do you know? >> well, don, the images are absolutely astounding. washington is a small town, about 10,000 residents. only a small portion of this town was hit. one neighborhood. but it was absolutely annihilated. home after home just reduced to absolutely nothing. in fact, when you look at what happened here, it is amazing that only one person has died here in washington. there are several people in critical condition at st. francis nearby here. but this was a massive, massive storm. we got ourselves inside this neighborhood that was annihilated and talked to some of the residents. one of them, michelle, was out of town. she came back and she found that her house was completely gone.
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>> our house was just beyond the deck. and this was my business. and we had -- above the car here were our bedrooms. yeah. a lot of people have a pile of rubble still. i don't have anything. it's gone. i don't know where it went. >> reporter: right now, don, the rescue crews are going through this rubble with flashlights. it's completely black here because the power is out. they're going through just making sure, marking each home, each area, making sure that there is nobody still trapped. but what a scene. and when the sun comes up in the morning, there's going to be a lot of heartbreak in this town. >> absolutely. ted rowlands there in washington tonight. ted, stay safe. we'll get back to you later on in the broadcast. in the meantime, let's talk
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about the director of the illinois emergency management agency. he joins me now by phone with the latest information. earlier you told us it was three people. now we understand five people have died. what's the latest? >> unfortunately, obviously this has exacted a terrible toll on the people of illinois. each time we talk now -- and there's only been an hour in between our conversations, the death toll continues to rise. at this point, we can confirm two additional fatalities in the far southern tip. so right now our total count across the state is five fatalities. >> oh, my goodness. and sadly, you said earlier -- each hour we talk it appears that the situation gets worse. you said that you believe the number of injuries will go up as well. >> absolutely. right now the hard part is getting accurate numbers of the injuries. in many instances they're happening in small towns that don't have hospitals that are in
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close proximity so they need to be transported. so we've been providing a lot of additional balance support. so i think those injury numbers are definitely going to increase and i think a lot of people are just trying to balance out the needs. there's a lot of things that need to be done in accounting for those injured folks. >> you said you're utilizing a lot of resources. i would imagine that neighboring towns and municipalities, you're all working together. >> there's no question. this is a statewide effort. we have a lot of folks engaged in this, from everything from search and rescue to security. we even had people calling in offering bedroom space for people whose homes were destroyed. so this is certainly an all-community involvement to get this done and that's really what it takes. >> oh, my goodness. and you're going to need some federal help, i'm sure? >> yeah, definitely. so we do have some federal liaisons that are on the ground, making sure that they keep a close eye on how things are progressing and doing those longer-term assessments to make sure that we have what we need
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in the days to come. you can imagine the recovery from something of this magnitude is going to take a significant amount of time and there are certain things that can never be replaced that were lost today. >> jonathon monken, thank you, sir. we appreciate you. good luck to you guys. >> absolutely. keep the good prayers coming. >> we certainly will. we're going to move on from illinois now and go to indiana, where an eerie scene began to develop over the skies of indianapolis. dark clouds and heavy rain quickly swept across the city skyline. the city has been under a flood advisory since the storms rolled through. meanwhile, cars were tossed like toys outside a starbucks in lebanon, indiana. storm chasers followed the path of the damage across the state. high wind warnings are still in place for much of indiana. and we have been getting a lot of images from social media. and we are going to get some of those images for you on the air tonight. our rosa flores is standing by with those stories.
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more than 60 tornados clawed into the central u.s. today. powerful twisters wiped out entire neighborhoods. five people were killed today in illinois and dozens are injured. i want you to look at this video from brookport, illinois. you can see the power lines dangling. there are stunt people walking around. this is a very southern part of illinois. a ban of severe storms extended
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far north. here's damaged homes in allenton, wisconsin. about 500 miles from brookport, illinois. hail the size of quarters today fell during torrential rains and floods. in the meantime, you are looking now live at pictures -- this is nashville, tennessee, you're looking at. you can see lightning in the distance every couple of seconds there in nashville, along with parts of central kentucky and southern illinois. now in the bull's eye of this severe weather system. if you live in those parts, if you live in those parts, be aware and be safe. the best advice we can give you right now. cnn affiliate stations are all over the storm zone, but our eye reporters have given us some of the most amazing pictures, most amazing images and video close to the tornados as they get. russell flores watching all of them for us. >> these people online describe
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zero visibility. the tornado psirens. let's show you some of these images. we're going to start in washington, illinois. we're going to see two pictures of washington. debris and devastation. you see it all there. homes flattened. wood splintered, trees snapped. one of those five people died in washington, so in this very county. now we're seeing peeken, illinois. you're going to be able to see -- there we have it. you can see that funnel cloud, very well-defined there. now we move on to garner, illinois. here we see two areas of clouds. gray area divided there. if you look at the end of that funnel cloud, you can see that there are homes down there. you can only imagine what those people were thinking and what was going through their minds. let me take you back to washington. i want you to take a listen for
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just a moment. this is video from washington, illinois, from one of our cnn eye reporters, who says the weather warning alarms went off. he went inside his house, and from the corner of his eye, this is what he was seeing and he was listening to. we always hear, does it sound like a freight train? he said it sounded like a slow-moving freight train. i want to end on a positive note, because i received a tweet from someone -- and my computer just went -- >> it's kirk miller, right? >> yes. so from kurt miller. he tells me his 102-year-old grandma survived the storm. i'm working to try to get the photo of her. cutest thing. you can see right here, don.
5:16 pm
but there's stories of death and destruction, obviously. but then there's also the silver lining here that a lot of people like this woman who were right in the path of that destruction survived. >> we're glad that she's okay, but there's so many more injuries that are homeless tonight. we're all thinking about them and they are absolutely in our prayers. this is just in to cnn. i am told this is from the white house. the president has been briefed about the severe weather by assistant to the president for homeland security and counterterrorism lisa manako and will continue to receive regular updates. the white house will continue to stay in touch with our federal partners including fema as well as the state and local partners. we urge citizens to continue to follow directions from their local officials. again, the president of the united states briefed on the situation happening in the midwest, the severe weather system that pounded a big part of this country today. in the meantime, an eye reporter anthony corey watched from his
5:17 pm
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unbelievable. complete destruction. this is how people are describing their homes and neighborhoods after they were destroyed by a swath of tornados. a town north of indianapolis has declared a state of emergency after storms damaged a mall, a bank, and a fire station. the city's twitter account states schools will be closed tomorrow. some of the hardest hit towns are in neighboring illinois. this is a town of washington, what's left of it, we should say. entire neighborhoods obliterated. cars completely smashed. as we told you earlier, anthony corey got down and prayed as he saw a monster tornado approach his home in washington, illinois. he took this video. i want to bring in anthony corey now, he joins us by phone. tell us, what did this sound
5:22 pm
like as it was coming through? >> it was an obnoxious sound. my candidate thaubt he -- my dad thought he heard a helicopter. we just ran downstairs and prayed. >> this is you shooting this video out of the window? >> yes. that was my basement and i was just recording as we were praying. >> yeah. and as we're looking at this, we see this tornado come through. it appears -- are those homes on the other side? is that a farm? what are we looking at? >> yeah, that was about 150 feet away. it was just -- it was in my neighborhood.
5:23 pm
it was in my backyard, just destroying every single house in its way. >> and these homes are gone now? >> most of them are gone, yes. everything collapsed on the ground and flipped. families just lost their homes. there's rubbish everywhere. >> unbelievable. and have you been able to go back and talk to your neighbors or go in that area and speak to any of your neighbors? >> i haven't been able to. all the phone lines are out and they blocked all the roads in washington, and they wouldn't let us come back. i evacuated the town as soon as i could. so i can get a hold of all of my family and friends who are worried about it. >> and anthony, this had been reported that there would be a very damaging or severe storm system coming through.
5:24 pm
do you think you got enough warning? >> not really. we weren't really paying attention. we just heard a noise. we freaked out. >> yeah. >> well, i'm glad that you guys are safe. i hope that your neighbors are safe as well. >> thank you very much. >> he's a cnn ireporter. that video shot out of his basement window. unbelievable there. in the meantime, the town of pekin, illinois, some 30 minutes away from washington, suffered substantial tornado damage as well. jack lance took some uncredible photos in the aftermath and spoke with cnn about what he saw.incredible photos in the aftermath and spoke with cnn about what he saw. >> i came down from a separate neighborhood and i saw sirens and the lights. me and a couple friends ran down there and we saw a lot of wreckage, we saw a tree down. we saw houses with their roofs
5:25 pm
completely torn off. power lines down. there's huge storm clouds. i'm sure there's more trees down. the winds are very strong right now. it's not very safe right now. but what i saw was a lot of people in distress like with their homes destroyed, car windows were shattered. it wasn't a pretty sight. i haven't heard of any injuries. i think people heard the sirens and they got to safe spots. but it was mostly just heads down and people really worried about each other. everyone was asking each other if they were okay. neighbors were outside helping clean up. i saw people with chain saws trying to cut branches off their roofs. everyone was really helping each other. i'm staying at my house right
5:26 pm
now. i have a storm shelter, but they're really loud. like a boat flipped over in my yard. nearby towns got hit as well. like washington, illinois, which is right by us. their town got completely levelled. >> that was jack lance on cnn earlier. if you want to help victims impacted by the tornados, log on to our special impact your world website. you can go to we've taken you to illinois. we've shown you the damage in indiana. and we're going to take you now to south central kentucky, maybe facing some of the worst weather in the nation right now. we're going to talk to kentucky's emergency management for an update right after this. man: [ laughs ] those look like baby steps now. but they were some pretty good moves. and the best move of all? having the right partner at my side. it's so much better that way.
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illinois suffered massive losses when a string of tornados hammered the stayed. five people were killed and dozens of people were injured. a suspected tornado in washington, illinois. more than 60 tornados were reported throughout the region
5:31 pm
today and the threat not over yet. the damage is shocking in washington. look at this tree. it appears to be a mattress and maybe tattered sheets caught in its broken limbs. people in kentucky may be facing some of the worst weather in the nation. earlier a tornado was spotted near paduca, kentucky. i want to bring in buddy rogers from kentucky's emergency management. he's joining me by phone from frankfurt. what are you hearing about possible damage and is everyone there okay? >> we know that there was some damage reported, three homes reported being destroyed and one church has some heavy structural damage. but we've had several counties reporting having tornados pass through and creating some damage and some homes destroyed. right now, i'm aware of eight different counties that have reported possible tornados. >> eight counties with possible tornados. >> yeah.
5:32 pm
and the good thing to focus on right now is, unfortunately like our neighbors in illinois, the good thing for kentucky and our residents, we've not had any reports of injuries or deaths. so we're very fortunate in that regard. >> the video we've gotten from kentucky, we see an accident with a fire truck. do you know anything about that? >> no, don, i'm afraid i don't. i've not actually heard that yet. >> yeah. >> you have to understand, we're getting reports from one end of the state to the other. we had activated the emergency operations center. we actually activated to a heightened level as early as 1:00 this afternoon. things seem to be slowing down here in kentucky as this storm exits the state and we're hoping to continue that way. >> yeah. and i'm sure you're glad that it appears to be slowing down. that fire truck apparently was responding to the situation.
5:33 pm
there are two deaths right across the state line from you in illinois. very close to where you are. >> yeah. you always hope for the best and prepare for the worst. fortunately, kentucky -- as i said earlier, we've not received any reports of injuries, let alone deaths within our state. and i know our sympathies and thoughts go out to our neighbors and the losses that they've suffered. but, you know, you can never be prepared enough. and we try to preach that over and over again, when we have these warnings and alerts, residents and citizens need to be prepared to take action immediately. if their radios go off, don't hesitate. take immediate protective action. so far in kentucky, those warnings and alerts have paid off. we've kind of dodged a bullet,
5:34 pm
so to speak. >> buddy rogers, thank you, sir. best of luck to you. we'll be thinking about you. >> thank you. same here. thank you. >> severe weather is to blame for two serious accidents in the section of interstate 64 in kentucky earlier today. one accident involving a fire truck that we just showed you just a second ago. more now from scott adkins with cnn affiliate wabe. >> reporter: traffic was at a standstill for hours. just as firefighters finished responding to a rollover, another car slammed into a fire truck. >> the second accident occurred when the vehicle struck the rear of the fire unit. >> reporter: sending five people to area hospital, including three firefighters. >> they were transsported to baptist east for precautionary measures. >> reporter: the two men inside the car suffered critical injuries and were rushed to university hospital. >> we had a very long
5:35 pm
extrication on the two victims in the car. >> reporter: a scene that shut down i-64 east, causing standstill traffic just before simpsonville's exit. >> that was scott adkins with cnn affiliate wave. the storm hit chicago just in time for today's nfl game at soldier field. it made for some tense moments at our george howell explains now. >> reporter: we watched here in chicago as the storm cells brought with it the heavy rain, the strong winds. and that's what we're left with right now. in fact, the winds were strong enough at one point to delay the football game between the bears and the ravens. we're talking about a packed house. some 60,000 people in soldier field all told to take shelter, to get out of the way of the storm. that is exactly what they did, until about two hours later when the game resumed. just outside of chicago in those
5:36 pm
outer suburbs, that's where we saw those strong winds. in fact, just on interstate 80 west of chicago, we saw the winds strong enough to tip over semis. that is the concern tonight as the winds persist. the storm has passed, but the concern is the wind. until this system passes through, don. >> george howell. thank you very much. our meteorologist karen maginnis will join us after a very quick break to update us on the storm's path, and who might be in danger right now.
5:37 pm
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karen maginnis watching it
5:40 pm
from the cnn weather center. the big question right now, where is the danger zone? >> we have watching over the next 12 hours an area pretty much from a portion of the eastern great lakes into the upper ohio river valley. where you see this orange shaded area all the way from buffalo to pittsburgh to columbus. that's where we've got a moderate risk for severe storms. this goes until 8:00 in the morning. we started the day out with a high risk right across the area extending from chicago all the way down towards st. louis and then extending it to kentucky. those predictions have actually materialized in the form of widespread damage from numerous reports of tornados. now some 66 reports of tornados that have touched down just to the south of chicago, just to the east of st. louis, towards
5:41 pm
paduca and into kokomo. as a result, already five fatalities reported with that. this is interstate 64, where we had a report in washington county, several fatalities, widespread damage. then we move up a little further towards the north, and this is the severe storm that spawned the tornado that moved from pekin to washington. widespread damage reported there. when they look at the damage, they will give it an ef number. the higher the number, the worse the damage. ef-5 would mean total destruction. we have already seen one report of a tornado that was estimated to be an ef-4, meaning the winds would be between 166 and 200 miles an hour. it has already turned deadly
5:42 pm
tonight. as we go into the future, there is still a tornado watch. it goes until this evening across a good portion of ohio. then we have the severe thunderstorm watches. behind this, we're looking at some pretty gusty winds. in nashville, watch out for the potential for 50-mile-an-hour winds. you are seeing that line move across your region right now. ohio, don, the eastern sections of ohio look to be the most imminent but long-range. going throughout the night, it looks to be a portion of the eastern great lakes. >> i want to give you this bit of information. i'm just being told by my producers, the journal star reporting the mail address -- found some 100 miles southwest. that traveled a big distance. those winds were unbelievable, karen. >> it was. and one of the reports that we saw, there was a tornado track
5:43 pm
that was three miles long. it doesn't really surprise me. what you will find really far away from these tornados is staggering. and in recorded history, you can see numerous reports of people's homes lifted off and moved, you know, blocks away. >> yeah. goodness. karen, thank you very much. appreciate that. i want to go to the phones know. tony laubach is in pekin. he's a storm chaser. he's on the road in central illinois. where are you right now? tell me what you see. >> i'm just outside of tarahoga, illinois. we followed storms from bloomington all the way to lebanon, where we witnessed one, maybe two tornados, including
5:44 pm
one that did damage to a starbucks and flipped a car in a shopping center on the south side of lebanon. it's been a very active day. but happy to have it behind me. >> i'm not sure if you heard of meteorologist karen maginnis saying almost upwards of 67, 70 tornados that may have touched down. what did you witness as you were along the way here? >> well, every storm seemed to have potential to produce tornados. and we knew it was going to be an active day. we know that that count probably go down. a lot of multiple reports probably came in. a lot of people not only chasers, but public, law enforcement, and i imagine that count will go down a little bit as they start to confirm some of the damage. but i think out of the five storms we intercepted, i would say that four of them probably produced tornados at one point or another. >> tony laubach is a storm
5:45 pm
chaser. we appreciate it. stay safe out there, sir. i mentioned pekin a little bit ago. i got a little bit ahead of myself. there are no major injuries being reported in northern parts of pekin, illinois. but the town is heavily damaged. eugene daniel from wmbd reports 46 homes are a total loss. >> reporter: the scene near pekin's lakeside cemetery is troubling. trees and power lines are down. homes severely damaged. some structures completely gone. >> the garage is sitting there with the truck, it's gone. it's laying there. >> reporter: one resident said his neighborhood looked like a war zone across the northern parts of pekin, damage is widespread. >> the house is damaged all the way from second and sheridan to sheridan and parkway and then north. homes with some broken windows. the roof's gone. to some total devastation. >> reporter: homeowners have their work cut out for them.
5:46 pm
picking up the pieces behind the tornado. and you can see some of the devastation. in fact, where i'm standing right now was a garage. authorities are going door to door, checking on residents. crews are working on power outages and multiple gas leaks. jim and diane bruin are busy on the phones, figuring out what to do with their damage. >> i walked in, i said what the heck? and say that it was just all that stuff on the floor and the ceiling came down. >> reporter: down the street, jeff lehman's hands are full, but this won't keep him down. >> we're going to be all right. these folks are dealing with what they're dealing with, but we'll make it through it. we're just so grateful that the lord preserved so many lives here. >> eugene daniel from our affiliate wmbd. sharing their stories online, and also cnn ireports, many of our viewers are.
5:47 pm
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happy birthday, ted turner. the cnn founder turns 75. you can honor the occasion by watching "ted turner: the maverick man" tonight at 7:00 eastern right here on cnn. some big names visit the white house wednesday when president obama awards the presidential medal of freedom. ernie banks, loretta lynn, bill clinton, and oprah winfrey. also on wednesday, illinois becomes the 15th state to legalize same-sex marriage. governor pat quinn says he's looking forward to signing the bill and celebrating a big step forward for that state. nba star michael jordan's mansion hit the auction block on friday. the home is being offered for $21 million. at 56,000 square feet, it has nine bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, and of course, an nba quality basketball court.
5:52 pm
and that's "your weekly five." we want to get an update from cnn's ted rowlands. he's in washington, illinois, tonight. you were talking about the devastating scenes that you were witnessing there. >> reporter: yeah, don. tonight it is pitch black here because there's no power here, so you can see out in the distance flashlights and emergency vehicle lights where they are going through the rubble to make sure that there is no one else trapped, and this is going to go on throughout the evening. we're talking about dozens and dozens of homes in this city of washington. it's a small community about 10,000 people in all, and not the entire community was hit. only a few neighborhoods. but those neighborhoods that were hit, and we don't know what kind of a tornado this was in terms of its size, but it was absolutely destructing. it was so intense that these homes -- and you see the video and the pictures coming out of here. it's just astounding what this
5:53 pm
storm did to these homes. we talked to some of the people that came back to find everything gone. one fatality so far. only one miraculously out of washington. it's amazing that more people were not hurt because of the intensity of this tornado. >> ted, you said you were able to speak to some of the people there? can we hear any of that? do we have any of that? >> our house was just beyond the deck. and this was my business. and we had bedrooms above the garage. the car here were our bedrooms. yeah. a lot of people have a pile of rubble still. i mean, i don't have anything. my whole -- it's gone.
5:54 pm
i don't know where it went. >> the winds were so strong, ted, she said her house is gone. she can't even find it. >> reporter: yeah. you talk to -- michelle is her name. she had a very good attitude about this. but by the same token, within five, ten minutes we talked to her, she broke down a few times as well. she's missing a dog right now. watching these people come to grips with their new reality and that is what are we going to do next, where are we going to stay tonight, and how are we going to replace all the things that are simply irreplaceable. >> very sad. ted rowlands in washington, illinois. we'll see you throughout the day here tomorrow on cnn. i want to get back to rosa flores as welch she's be well. she's been collecting photos and videos. they've been sending those images in. what are you getting? >> we're seeing a lot of
5:55 pm
thoughts and prayers being sent through cyber space and a lot of people reuniting, letting folks know that they're safe. we're also learning a lot of stories of loss and destruction. take a look at these photos. these were taken in washington, illinois. we've been talking about washington. one person died in this area. this was taken by jim ardyce. the pictures are of his mother-in-law's house. the home is completely destroyed. you see it there. you can imagine this is just one story of the many stories that we're going to hear about. now, i want to go to lebanon, indiana, now, where you're seeing these pictures now. it's a starbucks, and you see the window and the walls. part of those walls blown out. a car on its side. people assessing the mess and trying to figure out exactly how that happened. i want to take you to indianapolis now. this is a time lapse of a tower camera. you've got to get close to your tv screen to see this, folks. you see those gray skies.
5:56 pm
you see the outline of the skyline. and then you're going to see it go dark. you saw it right there. you can only imagine what these folks were going through and the power of these storms. we're talking about this earlier. the power of mother nature, you're seeing it unfold right now on your television screen. like i was saying, there's a lot of prayers floating out on social media right now, including for this one woman. 102 years old, loretta. we were talking about her earlier in this newscast. her grandson sent us a tweet saying that she survived the tornado. an ef-4, what he was saying. literally in front of her doorstep and she was rushed to the basement and survived. and we're hearing a lot of these good stories, but we're also hearing a lot of stories of devastation. i can only imagine that as the sunrises tomorrow morning, we're going to hear more of these stories. and unfortunately, based on what we've been able to see, a lot of
5:57 pm
destruction. >> it's so random. >> oh, i know. it just makes no sense. >> thank you, rosa. appreciate it. back to our meteorologist as well. karen maginnis in the cnn severe weather center. tell us where the threat is now and what we can expect when we wake up tomorrow morning. >> we are watching the eastern great lakes. there's a severe thunderstorm watch until 1:00 a.m., pretty much from buffalo all the way down towards pittsburgh. a portion of the tornado watch across ohio has been cancelled. there's still a sliver across eastern ohio. mostly severe thunderstorm watches for a portion of kentucky, down towards tennessee. let's take a live look at what's happening in nashville right now. you can see visibility has gone down. we're looking at some misty conditions and i think we could see some flashes of lightning here as a line of storms moves across this area. nashville right now looks to be at the tail end of their tornado watch right now. but i dare say right at the top of the hour it looks like that is going to be cancelled.
5:58 pm
but much of the rest of tennessee is under this severe thunderstorm watch as we continue throughout the early overnight hours. then going into your monday, looks like those delays could still continue across that i-95 corridor. newark, laguardia, also to jfk, extending towards some of the airports down across the ohio river valley, and we see the biggest threat now, a moderate threat extending from erie down through pittsburgh towards columbus. that goes until 8:00 in the morning. don, if i had to say anything, it's that we don't have any tornado warnings out right now. tornado warnings. that is that localized alert. we don't have any of those right now. >> and that is good news. karen maginnis. thank you, appreciate it. so the headlines from this story tonight -- untold loss and heartache all across the u.s.
5:59 pm
kokomo, indiana, has declared a state of emergency. both a fire station and a shopping mall reported to have damage there. at least five people are confirmed dead from today's outbreak of tornados, all of them in illinois, the people who died. pekin, illinois, was just one of many communities in the path of these storms. national weather service says it has received more than 60 reports of tornados, at least one was a monster ef-4. the indiana governor i'm being told plans to head to kokomo tomorrow, mike pence, the governor, to tour the damage there. we will be on top of it for you. folks are going to wake up to more damage as we have been hearing from officials. we will be here reporting it for you. if you'd like to help the victims, make sure you log on to our special "impact your world"
6:00 pm
website, i'm don lemon. thank you so much for watching. our hearts and prayers go out to the people who have been really hit with this. our coverage on "new day" tomorrow morning with chris cuomo. in the meantime, our cnn special presentation. in the average man's life, there are two or three emotional experiences burned into his heart and brain, and no matter what happens to me, i'll remember the 22nd as long as i live. >> there has been an attempt on the life of president kennedy. >> they are combing the floors of the texas depository building to find the assassin. [ gunshots ]. >> oswald has been shot at point blank range fired into the


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