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tv   Early Start  CNN  November 18, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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the garage was sitting there with a truck. it's gone. laying there. >> a lot of people have a pile of rubble still. i don't have anything. my whole -- it's gone. >> it's gone. dozens and dozens of tornadoes ripping through the midwest. look at that. homes destroyed. neighborhoods leveled. six people dead so far. we are live in the hardest hit areas. those pictures really tell the whole story. good morning, everyone. welcome to "early start." i'm john ber math. >> i'm zoraida sambolin. >> the cleanup is just beginning
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and the death toll is rising this morning after a series of powerful tornadoes slammed through the midwest yesterday. >> the hardest state hit by far is illinois. this was captured in suburb of washington where ef-4 tornado touched town and packing winds 165 miles an hour. can you hear the sheer terror as one tornado passes by this home. do you hear that? they are praying as a massive stormed passed by their home. rescuers have been out since yesterday looking for anyone alive in all of the wreckage. >> that is one of the most terrifying things you could ever see. the damage in illinois is staggering. six people confirmed dead and many more injured and cars and houses smashed. the ground littered with furniture and debris. you can see people in the streets there crying for all they lost. one resident of washington told us what he was thinking as the storm approached.
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>> i was watching the news and they said a tornado down mere peekon. i go outside and i heard -- it's like a loud train. i said, this isn't right. i said it's not thunder. it just kept coming. kept coming and getting louder. so then i went into the basement and about ten seconds later, i heard -- i felt the house shaking and we waited probably a minute and came back up and saw what you're seeing here. >> peekon, peoria, washington. the damage was not confined to illinois. in missouri high winds damaged homes and uprooted trees in the st. louis area. more than 37,000 people were without power at one with point. look how strong those winds are. moving the car forward a little bit. >> damage was widespread in indiana. two schools took a direct hit and walls and roofs ripped away from the gym on one of them. a state of imagine has been declared there. >> in wisconsin, thousands are without power. that is in the milwaukee area.
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strong winds damaged buildings and sent trees tumbling to the ground. power outages are for the thousands. also being reported in ohio and in michigan. >> millions and millions of people were in the path of these storms and dozens and dozens touched down. >> you know what the good news was? was that there was a warning. there was a warning on early saying, look if you wear in these areas that is bright pink, take cover because it could be serious. >> our indra petersons is getting a firsthand look at the destruction. >> she joins us from the ravaged community of washington, illinois, this morning. it looks terrible behind you, indra. >> it really is unbelievable. those warnings are so key you what were just machinientioning. the systems were moving so fast and little reaction time. behind me is gillman avenue. very hard to even tell. this is a residential community. very hard to see what is even left here. really all of the trees are
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really stripped of their bark here. power lines are down. and you can only see really interior walls left here of the homes that used to be here. so what is going on? today, the national weather service is going to come out and survey the damage. it is preliminary reports are thinking an ef-4 but they have to survey the damage and see what the structural integrity was of those homes. once they look at that they will be able to determine what wind damage could take down that strul integrity and find out whether or not this is an ef-3 or ef-4. you have to talk about the fact there are strong winds that were out there, in addition to the tornado. we were talking yesterday about winds as strong as 70, even 80 miles per hour before we even saw those tornadoes pop up. so that was really the big problem there. temperatures were above normal. november, you don't typically this kind of a system makingity way across the country but temperatures above normal each if they weren't as strong as you see in the springtime the strong
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winds that made up the difference there. that accounted for the rotation that allowed these devastating tornadoes to rip through the area yesterday. so, yes, they are going to go out and survey the damage today. but from what we can tell here, you're looking at a trailer overturned. if you're able to see the trees behind me the bark is literally ripped off of these trees here. you notice way back in the distance it's hard to even say what this was prior. just interior walls. i know you can't see to my left but we are in an auto parts building that included brick foundations within it and that was ripped to shreds. you're seeing that interior bathroom wall why we always say you want to go in the lowest level to the interior walls that have that strongest structural integrity. i also want to talk what is left of the system. leach are concerned, rightly so. this system yesterday had 500 strong wind report. so, yes, as the system is making its way now east' exiting from the d.c. area and rain in the mid-atlantic and lingering into
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new england today and not looking for a lot of rain and most likely an inch. we are looking for the risk of severe weather today but strong enough winds and 30 to 40 miles per hour and continue to see flight delays. that will be for the most part, in the mid-atlantic over the great lakes we could see some stronger winds. maybe even 50, 60-mile-per-hour winds out there so we could be talking about lake-effect snow. in the region today you have to remember this is a cold front that moved through the area. it was a clash. really cold air from this cold front making its way across the country now producing rain in your area and combined with the warm temperatures. today we are behind that warm air. today is a lot cooler where the temperatures should be so as we go in through rever today we are talking about temperatures highs in the 40s and making their way back to the 50s and where we should be this time of the year. keep in mind we are starting the morning off here with temperatures in the 20s and 30s and definitely a little bit difficult to recover the morning hours as people don't have the
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shelter they are used to. . good news it will stay try today and tomorrow and wednesday a storm system producing some heavy snow around washington and idaho and mountain and make its way here by wednesday and dumping heavy rain in this region about wednesday or thursday. really impressive and devastating what we are seeing, especially this late in the season taking a lot of people by surprise. >> it is, but thank goodness that they sought shelter. it could have been far worse. i wanted to update this. we are getting from peoria, illinois, from the hospital over 50 storm injuries taken to that particular hospital and they are saying the injuries were rib, femur, pelvic breaks and eye injury cuts and abrasions. >> we could find out more today. our thanks to indra. you can hear the winds still ripping where she is in washington, illinois. move on now to obama care. the administration reportedly would consider the federal marketplace a success if 80% of users are able to buy health care online. that is the target the government and industry
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officials provided to "the washington post." if you're good at math you know this means 1 in 5 people who try to sign up on that site will fail. still the goal does put pressure on government workers to fix and the website there and technical issues with the call center. edward snowden is making a spike if the people want to know if the government is spying you on. the nsa report and increase in open records within the last year and close to ten times what is normal there. anyone asking is getting a standard prewritten letter saying the nsa can neither confirm nor deny any information about them has been gathered. the nsa also says it has declassified some information and is working on releasing even more. our fighting men and women could be facing painful cuts. top u.s. military commanders agreeing on a plan to reduce payroll and benefits for housing
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and education and health in the face of a shrinking pentagon budget and could be a curb in the growth of these benefits. officials are not releasing the details of these plans. we may not see the numbers until february. the plan would have to be approved still by the defense secretary, congress, and the president before being implemented. a potential showdown on capitol hill this week over a military sexual assault bill. gillibrand is pushing a proposal outside of that chain of command to prosecute aattackers. opponents say commanders should be the ones to deliver justice, not a military lawyer. two sailors recovering from minor burns this morning after a malfunctioning drone crashed into their ship off the coast of southern california. the navy spokesman says two ships were tracking the unmanned drone as part of a training exercise on saturday when it slammed into their guided missile cruiser the "uss chancellor." about 00 people on board at the time. an investigation is under way.
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israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu warning the u.s. not to ease sanctions against iran and in fact, he wants them rat cheeded up. he says the only way to force the iranians to abandon their nucle nuclear weapons is to put up the pressure. turning in that region now to syria. there is a plan in place for a moving huge stockpiles of chemical weapons in the coming weeks and raising concerns in washington because the weapons have to be transported through active battle zones with security being provided entirely by the syrian army. pentagon ofgs believe whoever transports these weapons are vulnerable to attacks and right now western nations are hesitant to commit troops to the mission. musharraf declared a state
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of emergency in pakistan in 2007 and suspended the institution. he is being tried for detaining senior judges and even the chief justice of the supreme court appearing they would challenge his re-election as president. still no word by a boeing 737 crashed while attempting to land in central russia on sunday. the flight had 50 people on board including the son of the republican. phil black is live from moscow this morning. any word on anything involving this investigation, phil? >> reporter: authorities here are kind of saying the obvious. they are looking at mechanic failure or pilot error. the weather was not extreme or treacherous at the time. it is clear the pilot was in some trouble the moments before the crash and having difficulty getting the aircraft safely on the ground. he aborted his first attempt to land the aircraft and making his
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second attempt when things went wrong. the nose of the aircraft struck the runway. an explosion. and a fire which then killed everyone on board. 44 passengers, six crew members as well, john. as you mentioned this is a semiautonomous republic that has its own president and son of the president was on that plane. >> you have the olympics in sochi coming up. a lot of people are very concerned about transportation within russia. the air traffic system there does not have the best reputation, phil. >> reporter: indeed. russia has long been known as a very dangerous place to fly. the air space here has a very, very poor record statistically. but most of the accidents involve old soviet era aircraft flying in small domestic airlines. the authorities have long acknowledged problems with aircraft maintenance and pilot
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health and talked about alcoholism among pilots an issue here and tried to force out airlines that don't imply with them. this is the first crash of this scale for about two years. but the really strinthive thing about this crash is wasn't an soviet aircraft. it was a u.s.-made boeing 737 and 23 years old and one had flown in numerous airline fleets around the world before leased by this airline and boeing is sending a team of people to the city to work with russian investigators to find out what went wrong here. >> a different case than what we normally see in russia. phil black, thank you very much. this week, the nation marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of john f. kennedy. on wednesday, president obama and former president clinton and former secretary of state hillary clinton will attend a wreath laying ceremony. first lady will also be there. later in the day, president
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obama will hand out the medal of freedom to mr. clinton, oprah winfrey, and others, an award created by president kennedy. >> if you have not seen the special on president kennedy, it is worth seeing. i'm sure it will be arlg over the next few days so take a look at that. next, we go back to the deadly storms that tore through the midwest. >> i seen the rain and took off running. next thing know, stuff flying next to me. i ran to the bathroom and stuff flying everywhere. >> ahead we will hear more amazing stories from the survivors. plus. >> i don't know what to do right now. my daughter is in there and i have to save them first. >> devastation mounting in the philippines. typhoon survivors struggling to get food and get out of the hardest hit areas. we do want to put a smile on your face despite the tough
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meetings start at 11, cindy. [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one. choose 2% cash back or double miles on every purchase, every day. what's in your wallet? i need your timesheets, larry! welcome back to "early start." i want to get back to the deadly weather that caused so much damage across the midwest. the pictures here really say it all. look at that. this funnel cloud in central illinois just south of peoria. stung. >> a large section of brookport, illinois, was also ripped apart. officials say two mobile home parks got a direct hit from a tornado. you know that's bad. one person was killed there. search and rescue crews are still combing through all of the rubble. >> in indiana parts of a large auto parts factor torn apart by 80-mile-an-hour winds. the buildings metal frame and twisting with ribbon there out of the force. >> looks like tires on the roof.
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>> isn't that crazy? the good news, no employees were injured. we will update you on this all morning. indra petersons will join us from hard-hit washington illinois that got pounded there. 18 minutes after the hour. ten days since typhoon haiyan tore apart the philippines and only now is aid reaching the hardest hit areas. survivors are trying to come to grips with the worse national disaster to ever hit their country. many of them desperately looking for a way to get out of there. we are going to get more from cnn's anna corin. >> reporter: on the dark loomy skies, another c-130 comes into land of the worst natural disaster to hit the philippines. the they are dropping off another load of supplies and u humanitarian workers in tacloban one of the dozens of countries that have come to help. on the tarmac, piles of aid
2:20 am
stack up as more aircraft come in. >> it's chaotic and every day we are improving and the logistical systems are more refined so things aren't sitting here, they are going out to affected communities. >> reporter: while in the terminal, thousands converge desperate to jump on any flight to escape this living hell. >> i just don't know what to do now. i think about my daughters in there and i have to save them first. >> reporter: but not everyone is leaving. as we travel along the road from the airport, life continues moopti amongst the debris and devastation. lining up for their rations of water and food, their resilience shines through. >> happy, i'm happy. other countries come to help us. we very much thankful, thankful to you helping us. thank you very, very much. >> reporter: as you can see, there is virtually nothing left here in the tacloban city. the people decided to stay here
2:21 am
are relying on the aid and donations of international organizations. just look at this line. these people have been cueing for rice and sardines that have to last their families for several days. as to how long these people will have to do this, nobody really knows. we come across 36-year-old gary carnell who shows us where he used to live. >> my house and my neighbor and my sister and here my sister house is done. >> reporter: nothing left? >> no, nothing left. >> reporter: his uncle who never expected his family to survive is far more optimistic. >> we love tacloban. i love tacloban. i was born here in tacloban and i want to die in this place. >> reporter: back at the airport, another day draws to an end. but nothing stops on the tarmac. this is an operation of endurance and a commitment to the long road ahead.
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anna coreen, cnn, tacloban, the philippines. >> our thanks to the great reporting anna is doing. coming up, the kansas city chiefs losing their first game of the season and leaving no nfl team unbeaten. how did the broncos pull off the big win? >> andy shoals gives us all of the secrets coming up next in "the bleacher report." waffle bars... fancy robes... seems every hotel has something to love... so join the loyalty program that lets you earn free nights in any of them. plus, for a limited time, members can win a free night every day. only at see who does good work and compare costs. it doesn't usually work that way with health care.
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coming out of the philippines. pro golfer jason day confirmed he lost eight family members in that deadly typhoon. >> andy scholes joins us now in this morning's bleacher report. what a tragedy for him. >> this is just a tragic story. the deadly typhoon, jason day says he lost his grandmother and six of his cousins. day is a native of australia but his mother is from the philippines and his family lived in one of the hardest hit areas. they say one of the toughest parts for his family they haven't been able to communicate with anyone over there. they thanked everyone for their thoughts and prayers and asked for everyone to continue to pray for all of those affected by the tragedy. with no longer have any undefeated teams in the nfl. the 9-owe kansas city chiefs taking on the broncos. peyton manning only threw one touchdown in this one but the broncos never trailed and won the game 27-17. that means 72 dolphins can rest easy for another year.
2:27 am
the thunderstorms that wreaked havoc on the midwest yesterday afternoon caused nearly a two hour delay in the bears/ravens game. during the first quarter fans were evacuated from the seats. after the bad part of the storm passed through, they resumed play and this game went into overtime. the bears would win on a field goal. definitely a long, wet day for the fans there in chicago. but all of the fans did get to go home happy. >> i was happy to hear that they, you know, suggested that the fans take cover just in case because you never know. also happy to hear that they won. >> they did. a lot of strange clock management in game for both teams. just saying the bears were lucky to comuf othe out of there with victory. andy scholes, thank you so much. next, we get back to the deadly tornadoes that tore through the midwest. look at that. we will show you more from the terrifying scene as the tornadoes hit the ground. residents are waking up this morning with nothing. indra petersons is live there.
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it's on the ground! it's on the ground! [ bleep ]. >> deadly storms wreak havoc on the midwest. tornadoes turning towns into rubble. we are live as people try to pick up the pieces this morning. >> the pictures we are seeing are simply stunning. welcome back to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm zoraida sambolin.
2:32 am
up first is the tornado terror in the midwest. dozens of devastating twisters touching down sunday killing six people in illinois. rescuers with flashlights going street-by-street overnight and looking for victims. one woman who hid in a bathroom with pillows over her head until the storm passed opened her door to find the rest of her home was gone! let's get to cnn's indra petersons. she is live in the devastated town of washington, illinois. as the sun comes up, it is a devastating sight. >> reporter: truly unbelievable when you think about the fact this is november. we typically see these kind of storm systems in the springtime. but we look behind me. exactly what you're talking about. we are talking about the bark literally stripped off of these trees. you're seeing power lines down right now and seeing some trailers flipped here. it's so hard to tell but this is actually a residential area. you can't even see when you compare this to the google map
2:33 am
what it looked like before. you're just seeing some of these interior walls left. the roofs completely gone. to my left even though you can't see it right now, we have an auto parts store which each has parts of the instructor with brick on it. that thing is basically leveled. you have the interior walls where we always say that bathroom on the lowest level currently remaining so we know strong winds ripped through the area. a lot of people are saying how did this happen and how did it happen in november? the temperatures here were a good 20 degrees above normal yesterday. still not as warm as what you would see in the springtime but there were these strong winds coming out of the south. i mean, even 70, 80-mile-per-hour winds were reported in the area. so really stronger winds made up for the difference in the temperatures you would typical see in the springtime. on top of it, you had the jet stream right in place and you had a system making its way across the country. so you had all of those elements combined perfectly together to
2:34 am
bring us what is a springtime outbreak. 81 reports of tornadoes. that is preliminary and likely to see the numbers come down but even 500 reports or so of storm damage from just wind. that is the key. the national weather service is going to have to come out here and they are going to have to measure the damage. that's how they decide whether this is an ef-3 or ef-4 or even ef-2 and they look at every piece of damage and say how strong would the winds be to productive this kind of damage? then back to a chart and chart it all out and decide how strong this tornado actually was. the little caveat here we have the 80-mile-per-hour winds already out there. so they have to isolate whart of this damage came from the strong straight line winds and what came from rotation of the tornadoes and a tricky job they have for them today. regardless the residents here devastated as they are left with nothing. let's talk about what is going on across the country. so much concern when we saw the storm move across yesterday. the same storm system hanging out on the east coast and made
2:35 am
its way out of the d.c. area and hanging out in the mid-atlantic. there is a slight risk the good news. maybe an inch of rain, however. the store is the winds again. we have that system that has the strong winds out there. good 30, 40-mile-per-hour winds hanging out in the atlanta and look for flight delays there and 50, 60-mile-per-hour winds in the great lakes so we will monitor that and lake-effect snow. as far as here in this region, keep in mind it was a cold front that is partially the reason we had this outbreak so today we are left with temperatures 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. the bite is out here. you can hear the wind ripping out here this morning. temperatures are feeling like they are pretty much freezing this morning. the one piece of good news i have, it will remain dry for at least two days or so. there is a system that will bring some heavy rain by the middle of the week. but at least for this initial stage of cleanup right now, we have about a good 48 hours. guys? >> that is excellent news. thank you, indra, for that. appreciate having you there this
2:36 am
morning. i want to mention we talked about the six dead in illinois. a hospital in the area in peoria, illinois sent out a tweet. osf st. francis hospital. injuries are rib, femur, pelvic breaks and eye injury and cuts and abrasions. >> it's from the debris. >> flying around is what they said. smart for a lot of those people to take cover and i think it saved a lot of lives. 36 minutes past the hour. this morning two north carolina foster parents behind bars after police make what is an absolutely shocking discovery at their home. doorian lee harper and wanda sue was handcuffed to a dead chicken around a boy's neck. >> our deputy was shocked and when we talked to him and realized what had happened, we were very proud that he went the
2:37 am
extra step and just a small animal case he was investigating and discovered this child sitting there on the porch. just pitiful. >> crazy. the officer was respond to go a call elsewhere. larson the woman here is a social service supervisor. four other children who lived in the home were placed in the custody of social services. >> that is crazy. a colorado mine two workers were killed and others injured on sunday. the operator of the mine say no cave-in or collapse and blame the deaths on a release of carbon monoxide. two of the 20 workers taken to the hospital have been relieved. authorities are trying to determine whether a small explosion on saturday maybe relieved the poison gas. take a look at this dash cam video of a dangerous traffic stop. you're going to see that again in new mexico. involving a van filled with a mom and five children.
2:38 am
arianna ferrell was pulled over for speeding last month. she and her son tried to fight with the officer and she pulled over and surrendered after a chase. she is charged and her son is charged with battery against an officer. this is really a crazy story when she was stopped she got back into her car and pulled away and what incited police to chase her and have to pull her over again. you really wonder -- it's -- >> it looks like a chaotic, awful, dangerous situation with all of the kids in that car. >> yes, it was, it was. but i just say why did you pull off in the first place? because then they have to go chasing you. >> right. another wild story continuing with toronto mayor rob ford going head-to-head today with city council members seeking to strip him of most of his remaining powers.
2:39 am
councilmembers will delegate powers to reoperate the budget. ford would in effect become a mayor in name only. >> doesn't his tv show launch today too? >> yes, the panel show begins tonight. >> must see tv. >> it's not live is what the producers told us last week. >> probably very, very smart. a breakout of a deadly disease at one u.s. university. why doctors are turning for help overseas to keep the students safe. that's coming up next.
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2:42 am
welcome back to "early start." 42 minutes past the hour. come over to your tv and look at this. deadly tornadoes, more than six dozen of them touching down in the midwest sunday. that man, do you hear him? he is praying. in washington, illinois, homes are flattened and trees and power lines are down. six people in illinois were
2:43 am
killed. dozens more were injured. for many survivors, there is simply nothing left to go home to. >> our house was just beyond the deck. this was my business. and we had -- we had bedrooms above the garage, so the car here, here are our bedrooms. a lot of people have a pile of rubble still and i don't have anything! my whole -- it's gone! i don't know where it went! >> it's gone. a lot of people saying that this morning. in gifford, illinois, confirmed three tornadoes touched down at the same time sunday afternoon and damaging or destroying more than 200 homes. six people treated for injuries there. the water system in that village has been knocked out. more than 60,000 homes are without power in indiana this morning. cocoa and lafayette hit the hardest and two people hit in
2:44 am
lebanon ferocious winds and -- >> looks like armageddon. >> it threw their semi truck from a parking lot on to nearby i-65. cnn is tracking the latest developments on the storm. keep it here all morning no in-depth coverage as the sun rises on this horrific devastation. >> a horrific story out of fear spreading this morning on the campus of princeton. there has been another confirmed case of meningitis b. now the ivy league school is looking overseas for help. here is alexander field. >> reporter: princeton university officials are meeting to discuss possible vaccination efforts on campus to on combat outbreak of meningitis b which can cause life-threatening illness. the new jersey department of health says the first case in march after a student returned from spring break and additional cases were reported, an outbreak
2:45 am
of the disease declared in may and six students and one visitor to princeton are linked to the outbreak. the latest case was diagnosed last week. that student is still hospitalized. >> i remember she went from feeling almost fine to next minute, 103 fever. >> reporter: bacterial meningitis is rare and the strain causing this outbreak is rare in the united states and not included in currently available vaccines. it can cause infection of the lining of the brain and spinal cord and symptoms include feature fever, headache, rash and fever and stiff neck. even those who recover can have serious complications such as limb loss and hearing loss and brain damage. >> the quicker you put someone on antibiotics the more likely they are to recover. >> reporter: to combat the disease the cdc has fda approval
2:46 am
to bring in this drug. if yuvert and health officials agree to offer the vaccine, it's available on a voluntary basis and something the students will likely consider. >> i think a lot of people are concerned for the fact it didn't go away over the summer after everybody left. >> reporter: alexander field, cnn, princeton, new jersey. so the vaccine in question is said to be safe. it has not yet been approved in britain and the u.s. because of its cost and effectiveness. the vaccine does not work for about 10% of the people who take it. i went to college and sanitary conditions are not one of the things that pop to mind. >> i talked to a doctor over the weekend. he highly recommends that they do look at vaccinating all of the kids there. i'm always skeptical if it doesn't have approval. let's take a look what is coming up on "new day." chris cuomo and kate bolduan are
2:47 am
joining us this morning. >> i'm out in illinois. we're in washington county this morning. 15,000 people. about 150 miles south of chicago. this is one of the hardest hit areas from this string of tornadoes. they had the most tornadoes here late season in the last 20 years. and what you're looking at behind me is a sample of the kind of devastation here. we will show you later on. these are well groomed lawns and a beautiful suburban community and strong homers and torn down to nothing. the mayor is walking around right now with a hand-held radio and going home-to-home. this is bad here. one man said it was like the wind had hands the way this tornado selectively destroyed here. it's much worse than other areas which is why we are waiting for the national weather service before we give numbers on the intensity. we will talk to people who lived
2:48 am
through it and thank god they had basements here and thank god it was a sun and a lot of people were in church and a lot at home so they were able to heed the warning sirens that came here. we will take you through everything that happened. a hundred million people who were threatened by these storms in 26 states. we will take you through it and we will tell you a lot of what happened in washington county because it's so bad, guys. >> we are also going to be talking about that mayor in canada, guys. rob ford refufg sing to back do in toronto. he is well-known for his admission to smoking crack. he is set to appear before the city council that they will try to strip him of whatever he has left as the mayor of toronto. do you have a question? he says he wants to run for prime minister of canada and how not worried he is. that is a cnn exclusive you want to miss. an interview with rob ford ahead on "new day." something else to put a smile on your face? time for our morning rhyme.
2:49 am
why don't you do this one. >> really? okay. jason says zoraida has been anchoring a lot without fussing. maybe john berman can do the same without cussing. here is what happened. i went to atlanta on friday. i hopped on a plane so i couldn't anchor an afternoon show with you. i leave you alone and what do you do? >> i may have sworn on the television. >> on live television! >> which i am deeply sorry and your fault for not being with me. >> it's viral. i'm going to tweet it out. >> okay with you? >> not at all. please come up with your own morning rhyme. tweet us with #morningrhyme and anterior early start. we probably will be right back. both maxwell and ted have hail damage to their cars. ted is trying to get a hold of his insurance agent. maxwell is not. he's on setting up an appointment with an adjuster. ted is now on hold with his insurance company. maxwell is not and just confirmed a 5:30 time for tuesday.
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start" great to see you this morning. it is "money time" and christine romans is here.
2:53 am
>> good morning. i got a number for you. the most important number of the day. 38.3. that is the magic number. if the dow industrials can gain that much today and hold on to 4:00 p.m. it will be another major record and a milestone. dow 16,000. only 38 points away. last week's rallies put stocks within striking distance of these milestones. dow up last week and also the nasdaq and you can see it there for the year for the s&p. dow up 22% and nasdaq up 32%. investors have poured billions into the stock the past few weeks. now time to take money off the table and what everyone is asking me. i asked one of the biggest investors in the world. >> at some point, you need to get off this wave because this wave cannot last forever. no one can tell you whether it's within the next few months or the next few years we think it's
2:54 am
money to take money off and be more cautious. >> i love it when people can't just tell you. one is buying stocks and you should too. everyone says that this is a bubble or it's getting too lofty. they are kind of wrong. the s&p now two points away from 1800 and a total value of 16 trillion dollars. a question on monday morning. do you hate your job? >> no. >> love it. >> americans hate their yobs more than anyone else in the world according to a new survey. leading the list 15% of rs haut going to work. uk and germany and france follow up but the united states holds the record with the big share of people who hate to go to work. >> i would prefer to be independently wealthy and never work another day but i love my job. >> the 2:00 a.m. alarm goes off
2:55 am
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welcome back. do you want to know what it's like to be seconds away from plunging off a 40-foot cliff? >> no. >> look at this. last month in utah, angelica mccall took a spill on her atv and slid down a mountainside. look at that! to the edge of a sheer drop-off. her husband held on to her four-wheeler to keep her from tumbling on top of her while their friend john doe raced into action and once john saved anjelica, he began sliding toward the edge of the cliff himself. he said he dug his hills in. wow.
2:59 am
and somehow managed to climb to safety. they are all okay, despite these insane pictures we are showing you this morning. >> crazy. so happy they are okay. if not, we wouldn't be telling this story. that is it for >> this morning outbreak across the mid-west complete destruction. >> it's just completely gone. >> six people dead, entire communities destroyed as more than 80 tornadoes touched down. witnesses in the path of the storm praying for tear lives. >> our father, who art in heaven. >> at this hour, many still in the dark, some not knowing if their homes are still standing. >> i'm devastated. i'm just sick. >> we are lying oon the ground if one of the hardest hit areas. >> plus an exclusive. toronto's mayor rob ford giving his first interview face-to-face to bill weir. >> they can laugh at me all we
3:00 am
want. they don't foe rob ford. >> does he think he's an addict in the latest coming up. >> this is "new day." >> good morning welcome to "new day." it is monday, november 18th. we are in washington county, 6:00 in the east. 5:00 central time. much of the u.s. will wake up to a new reality after the late season tornadoes in 20 years hit late yesterday. >> it's amazing, that devastation is amazing. we will be talking this morning with our exclusive interview with rob ford and a look at wall street as well, the dow could hit a new milestone, we'll tell you about your investments. first, back to the big story you are following, chris. >> reporter: the headline is, kate, massive storms, big twisters leaving a trail of destruction across several states. we're coming to you as i said fr


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