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tv   Early Start  CNN  November 19, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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but its lesson should not be forgotten. i'm soledad o'brien reporting from what was once jonestown in guyana, south americ picking up the pieces. the survivors are sifting through the rubble to salvage anything on the ground. we are live on the ground. you just broke my glass table and put your gun in my freaking face. >> george zimmerman arrested again. the man accused of killing
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trayvon martin is behind bars accused of trying to kill his girlfriend. a massive explosion outside of beirut. this is a combustible situation in every way. we are live. good morning to you. welcome to "early start." glad you're with us. i'm zoraida sambolin. >> i'm john berman. tuesday, november 19th, 5:00 a.m. in the east. the latest on the deadly tornadoes that ripped through the midwest. this morning, those who had their lives simply shattered are trying to pick up the pieces as the death toll rises. the stories of survival, i have to tell you, are stunning. indra petersons is in washington, illinois, this morning. what is the situation there, this morning, indra? >> reporter: it really is amazing. after we took a look around yesterday, i mean, this is the staging area we showed you yesterday. we have a lot of wood frame houses in this residential community you can't recognize. yesterday i was able to drive around in the region in the
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communities nearby. we were talking about two-story homes and some made of brick and leveled down to the ground. very easy tond how powerful the storm was. we know now it was an ef-4 tornado and winds packing 100 to 90 miles per hour. hundreds of thousands are still without power this morning after sunday's deadly tornado outbreak. illinois's governor declaring seven counties disaster areas in the wake of more than 70 reported twisters that tore across the midwest from missouri to wisconsin, killing at least eight people. >> we were hard-hit. we never, ever, in the history of illinois had so many tornadoes in the month of november. >> reporter: from above, you can see where this tornado touched down in an open field and then pummeled this community in washington, illinois. at least half of the town of brookport was destroyed and three people died when a tornado ripped apart two mobile home parks. >> you just don't think that things like this will happen.
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you just don't think, you snow. >> reporter: there are incredible stories of survival. chris lancaster kept filming while this tornado destroyed his house. packing winds as high as 190 miles an hour. >> i got hit by some debris or something and cut my eye in three places. >> reporter: this 78-year-old woman escaped the same tornado with a broken nose. >> sgri started flying. >> reporter: her home reduced to rubble. >> hot water heater. the copper pipes, they were all on me. >> reporter: yesterday we brought you the story of steve busher. he and his wife survived in their basement hallway. >> i was down and she was lord like here. >> reporter: when they surfaced their brick home was destroyed and his cars were thrown across the street. >> the only important thing i had in this house walked out of it with me. >> reporter: and what was that? >> my wife. >> reporter: thousands left combing through the piles of debris searching for whatever they can salvage.
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>> the video of my wedding. >> reporter: there really is nothing as impactful when you take a look at the map of all the storm reports out there. we have seen those firlltered t 70 tornadoes. one statistic of all the tornado warnings in the state of illinois more than half of those reports all came in just on sunday. that gives you an idea of how impressive this system was, especially late in the season. we typically, of course, talk about tornadoes in the springtime and unfortunately it looked like this outbreak came late in november taking a lot of people by surprise. we will talk about what is going on today. we know that system that did produce all of the severe weather is offshore and exited out of the region so we are left with high pressure in the east coast today. with the mild conditions not as cool as we honch thought the high pressure in place and temperatures five degrees below and staying that way. the next story, again, will continue to be the system dumping heavy amounts of snow
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and cascades in montana and washington and idaho and make its way across the country. we will you talking about heavy rain in the midwest and more rain by tomorrow, we will start seeing light rain and really lasting all the way through the weekend. heavier amounts of rain and even snow as we go through this weekend, so today really is that last day that they have to recover try and get what they can and salvage before the storm heads on in. >> we wish them a lot of luck with that. all of their belongings gone. indra petersons, nice to have you out there. thank you. new, folks, legal drama involving george zimmerman. the onetime neighborhood watch volunteer acquitted on charges of the death of trayvon martin has been arrested again this time for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. he is in jail awaiting an appearance before a judge. this is not the first time he is accused of a crime in the months
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a jury set him mere. here is more. >> what is going on? he's in my house breaking my [ bleep ] and i asked him to leave. he has his freaking gun and breaking all of my stuff right now. >> reporter: that is the 911 call authorities say george zimmerman's girlfriend made during a domestic dispute that allegedly turned violent inside the home they share. >> you just broke my glass table! you just bloke my glasses and put your gun in my friggin' face and told me to get the [ bleep ] out. now get out of here. >> reporter: she said she was pushed out of her house by zimmerman and he had guns inside. she said the fight started after she had asked the 30-year-old to leave but zimmerman tells a different story in his own 911 call. >> better word gone crazy? >> reporter: police were already at the house when zimmerman made the call. he told the operator he wanted
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everyone to know the truth about what happened. >> just started smashing stuff and taking stuff that belonged to me and throwing it outside, throwing it out of her room and throwing it all over the house. she broke a glass table because she threw something on it. >> reporter: zimmerman went on to explain how the fight started saying the woman told him she was pregnant and wanted to raise their child without him. >> she got mad that i guess i told her that i would be willing to leave. >> okay. >> i guess she thought i was going to argue with her but she's pregnant. i'm not going to put her through that kind of stress. >> reporter: zimmerman denied using a weapon to threaten the woman and responding officers say they used the alleged victim's key to get in and pushed their way through furniture zimmerman had placed behind the door. they found zimmerman inside unarmed. his demeanor described as passive. >> clearly, he's had the opportunity to encounter situations similar to this in the past. offered no resistance and cooperated the entire time.
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>> reporter: it's not the first final zimmerman has had a brush with the law since he was acquitted of murder in the shooting death of 17-year-old trayvon martin. in september, his estranged wife accused him of assault. police investigated and no charges were filed. >> florida suv. >> reporter: he has also been stopped twice for speeding. once in texas where he got a warning. a second time in florida where he was ticketed and fined $256. alina machado, cnn, atlanta. the justice department is reportedly close to a massive settlement with jpmorgan chase over its roll in the 2008 mortgage meltdown. that deal could be announced as soon as today and end the federal investigation into the selling of faulty mortgage bonds by the banks and its subsidiaries. the cost? $13 billion making it the largest settlement with the government ever. much more on that deal coming up in "money time" with christine romans. >> it is interesting the details. supreme court saying no, for
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now to a request to stop the nsa's electronic eavesdropping. the justices reject appear appeal from the electronic privacy information center which urged the high court to throw out a secret court's approval of the practice. this is the first challenge to the nsa's surveillance programs to reach supreme court but other are working their way through lower courts. president obama will meet with senate leaders from both parties today. he is trying to convince them not to ratchet up sanctions against iran. nuclear talks with the iranians resume tomorrow in geneva and lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have made it clear they are skeptical at best about where those talks are heading. the president argues if the u.s. is serious about diplomacy then adding sanctions to the ones already working against iran would be counterproductive. big developments unfolding in the brutal rollout of obama care's top technology manager henry chow will testify at one of the hearings.
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just relieved documents reveal he had deep concerns in july that the site would malfunction. we are learning that a consulting firm warned the white house back in march that launching the site on october 1st would be risky. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius attended a briefing session about that report back on april 4th. that is a long time ago, folks. also developing. the white house is considering a website work-around. this proposal would allow americans to bypass the website and set up direct enrollment through insurance companies. dick cheney and his wife are weighing in on the anger between their daughters. mary and her same sex spouse went public with their dislike of liz cheney's position opposing gay marriage. their parents say the wish the debate had remained within the family and liz cheney's position should not be distorted.
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this is what they are writing. mary cheney is writing on her facebook page that her sister's position treats her family as second-class citizens and she cannot be lovingly tolerant towards them. >> she posted that overnight. >> that was in response to someone on facebook asking her questions about this. >> it was but also in response to her parents's statement in support of liz and not so indirectly there. caroline kennedy on the job as ambassador of japan. she rode a horse-drawn carriage to the imperial palace to meet the emperor. there it is. nice way to ride. this tradition dates back to 1854 when the u.s. and japan
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started their relationship. >> it could be actually a really implicated ride. it doesn't have shock absorbers. a little uncomfortable. caroline is the daughter of john f. kennedy. as we approach the 50th anniversary of hearse father's assassinati assassination. the city officials telling cnn they are leveling streets in anticipation of thousands of visitors. the x's are not official markers. organizers at friday's commemoration say they want to focus on kennedy's life rather than on how he died. >> big discussion all week in so many places. you can see the special. interesting. >> a lot of people still interested, right? 12 minutes past the hour here. breaking news from lebanon. we are live in beirayeirut with latest. was this actress murdered?
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spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what? breaking news. 20 people killed. nick paton walsh is live. there may be reports there may be several explosions and more injured. what do you know? >> we are hearing multiple reports suggesting there were two suicide bombers involved in this. we haven't seen that tactic inside of lebanon which is
2:17 am
inflected over the spillover the syria's civil war. it's not clear how they were deployed. they seem to have approached the front gate and perhaps a car was being used. you need a vehicle to get that much explosive near the embassey. some media reports the iranian ambassador killed in the blast and two civilians living nearby were also killed. the real fear when we see an circulati escalation of these tactics and the finger points to rebels in syria fighting next door. we see this escalating tactic does it bring lebanon from inside syria, does escalation
2:18 am
like this brings lebanon closer to more broader conflict in return. >> thank you, nick. we will continue to follow this story and check back in with you. thank you. >> a very dangerous situation there to say the least. another psychiatric evaluation is being sought for james holmes who is accused of killing people in an aurora, colorado, movie theater. his trial is set to begin in february. a special invitation to take part in the boston marathon. organizers are inviting anyone personally impacted by the bombings to submit an essay making an argument why they should get a chance to run this coming april. only a few hundred slots available. the field was expanded by 9,000 for the upcoming race to make
2:19 am
room for those who could not finish after the bombings. >> i thought about trying to get in to run that. >> that would be great. >> i would like to do it. >> that would be great. your essay would be good for you to write. you are a boston strong. they are trying to figure out what caused a series of scary explosions. a manhole cover exploding one of eight blasts that happened in the city on monday. in providence, rhode island. amazingly, only two people were hurt. that is lucky. their injuries are said to be minor. there are new questions surrounding the death of actress brittany murphy. reports suggest when she died in 2009 at the age of 32 may have been poisoned. her official cause of death was pneumonia and anemia but a report ordered by murphy's
2:20 am
family found toxins found in rat poison and insectsides. >> her husband died five months after brittany murphy also of pneumonia. these are two relatively young people dying of pneumonia in a short period of time so there is a mystery that continues. 20 minutes after the hour. coming up, this was a penalty. the panthers topping the patriots last night but not without controversy and a serious miscall. andy scholes tries to explain the call to us next in "the bleacher report." yup, you get it free each month to help you avoid surprises with your credit. good. i hate surprises. surprise! at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card and see your fico® credit score.
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tylenol cold® helps relieve your worst cold and flu symptoms. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol cold®. 24 minutes past the hour. >> breaking news, folks. now 24 minutes after the hour. a controversial call dooms the new england patriots on "monday night football" as they lose to the panthers on the final play of the game. andy scholes, what happened? >> i'm sure berman can tell us what happened. a terrible call by the officials. tom brady was fuming after this one because he should have had one more chance to win this game. now, here is a controversial final play. there was three seconds left. patriots down by four. patriots going for rob gronkowski in the end zone. gronk is clearly interfered with in the back of the end zone but then the referees get together and they pick up the flag
2:25 am
because they say gronk couldn't catch the ball and brady not happy with that call. he has words with the officials as they walk off the field. the panthers they get the win 24-20. the fan who fell from the upper deck after trying to slide down the railing at ralph wilson stadium on sunday has been banned for life from attending future bills games. amazingly both he and the fan he fell on are okay after being treated at a local hospital. it looks like one head-butt equals a one-game suspension. yesterday the nfl announced the colts eric walden has been suspended for one game for this helmet-to-face head-butt he delivered to the titans delanie walker. what is worse than that? how about getting kicked in the face? in the lineup section of chris paul was kicked in the face by allen. allen received a flagrant two and rejected from the game. he tweeted after the game
2:26 am
apologies to cp 3 for the accidental kick. check down the thunder fan knocking down the half-court shot to win $20,000! if this looks familiar because it is. cameron rodriguez is the third oklahoma city fan to win big money this year with a shot from midcourt. two fans did it at the end of last season and cameron brought home the big money last night. look! you never get tired of these celebration. i love it! >> is it easy at half-court in oklahoma city? >> maybe it's something in the air there in oklahoma city. >> maybe they are just good, right? >> it has to be something else. >> andy, thank you so much. coming up, new video inside the storm as dozens ripped apart homes and communities and lives. indra petersons is live as victims continue to pick up the piece. [ male announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance in sync? try align. it's the number one ge recommended probiotic
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i don't know where to go. i don't know what to do. all's i can do is sit here and look at this. >> all of the victims of the midwest tornadoes are combing through all of the rubble. they are searching for any semblance of home. we are live with that. mark my words, friends, this is going to be outright war. >> outright war! that, of course, folks outraged toronto mayor rob ford promising more as his powers are stripped away and that, folks, only the beginning of his explosive remarks. >> oh, boy. oh, boy. >> i never saw myself living in
2:31 am
a car. >> stick around for this story. homeless and in high school. a teenager boosted from the foster system, finally finding a family. >> a wonderful ending. >> it is just fantastic. welcome back to "early start." i'm john berman. >> i'm zoraida sambolin. 31 minutes past the hour. this morning a better sense of the devastation across the midwest after dos of tornadoes ripped through a wide swath of the nation. a live look at washington, illinois. much that city now in ruins. near st. louis, a grandmother and her brother died when a tornado ripped their home apart. the home was gone and the 78-year-old grandmother was buried under a pile of rubble. >> just kept saying, get me out, get me out. and then i just was holding her and i told her how much i loved her. >> we were planning on a
2:32 am
thanksgiving down here. we were going to fry a turkey down here so we were all looking forward to that. but we don't know what we're going to do now. >> we are so sorry for their loss and all of the loss there. the death toll from these storms has now reached eight and we are now seeing just what it was like when the twittesters actually h. here is gary tuchman. >> heading toward us! >> reporter: this is the tornado heading toward washington, illinois. what is unique about this video. >> oh, my god! holy [ bleep ]! >> reporter: is that the man shooting it kept shooting as it started to destroy his house. it could have been the last thing chris lancaster ever did. but he survived. >> i got hit by some debris or something and cut my eye in three places. >> reporter: his wife and children survived too. but this is what happened to their house.
2:33 am
gone. even they can barely recognize it. >> this is my bedroom right here. i was sleeping on that side of the bed and when the sirens went off and the wife yelled at me, i jumped up, threw some clothing and put my running pants on and i went through the house. i actually went and checked here and the kids were over here so i went through this way was my kitchen. >> reporter: incredibly the plates in the kitchen cupboard remain completely intact. the rest of the kitchen destroyed. the home was lancaster's dream house. after you came out of the basement and saw what this tornado did to your house i were you incredulous that you survived? >> yes. i don't know how anybody made it through this. >> reporter: mandy dant want her husband to shoot the video but he was transfixed. >> that water tower just to the left of it is where i started seeing it coming across, coming across, coming across. >> reporter: it wasn't until
2:34 am
after the tornado hit that chris joined his family in the basement. the day after, they look for keepsakes. >> ha ha ha! the video of my wedding. >> reporter: they try to figure out what happens next. >> i don't know where to go. i don't know what to do. all i can do is just stand here and look at it. >> reporter: like so many families here, chris, mandy, their children, have lost almost everything. but right now, this family focus on something they haven't lost, each other. >> the good lord above was with me. all i can say is i got three angels up there. i got my father, my grandparents, my grandma and grandpa are looking down on me and my guardian angels for me today. they say you got to stay here and take care of your family. >> reporter: gary tuchman, cnn, washington, illinois. >> you can see them picking through the pieces of rubble and happening from missouri to wisconsin for people looking for anything they can find. the first step to putting lives back together again. indra petersons is in
2:35 am
washington, illinois, this morning. what is the latest there? >> reporter: i'm not sure what you guys asked here as i lost my ear piece. ef-4 tornado with winds as high as 190 miles per hour. we know it was 34 1/2 miles long and a half mile wide. so take a look at the kind of images we have now been seeing. very hard to each identify what is here and next to me. maybe a radiator, maybe a cooler and behind me we see downed power lines. this was a city had two-story houses or this residential neighborhood had two-story houses. we took a cruise around the neighborhood yesterday and it was devastating to see homes made of brick and completely leveled down to the ground and look next door and everything was intact. that is just the way the nature of these storms. i want to give you a quick update about the weather across the country what we are looking
2:36 am
is this dome of high pressure in place in the northeast. the system that produced all of the severe weather is now offshore and what we are looking at here now is just some cooler temperatures. only about 5 to 10 degrees below normal. not a big deal. it is what is out in the pacific northwest that is dumping snow. we are talking montana, wyoming, even idaho. that storm system will make its way across the country and talking about heavy amounts of snow in that region and upwards of about a foot and as it makes its way across the country we are talking about rain into the ohio valley by the end of the week and looking like in the midwest by the middle of the week. i point that out because that means right here we are going to be talking about rain as early as tomorrow. by thursday, heavy rain blasting even in through saturday and that rain, unfortunately, will flip over to snow and so it looks like today will be the last day the residents have to really take the time to clean pup. >> they don't need that rain and snow coming. indra petersons for us live in washington, illinois, thanks. toronto's mayor is promising
2:37 am
a war and calls it a coup. rob ford upset and angry and vowing revenge after the city council stripped him of most of his powers. this, of course, in light of the revelations that he smoked crack and bought illegal drugs while in office. the vote was overwhelming. it was 36-5. the council has no way to actually impeach ford so it can only take the step that it did, but ford compared what the council did to an act of international aggression. >> this, forklks, reminds me -- was watching with my brother -- when saddam attacked kuwait and president bush said, i warn you, i warn you, do not. well, folks, if you think americans politics is nasty, you guys have just attacked kuwait.
2:38 am
>> yeah, he said that. debate was ongoing. you see that there. ford ran into a fellow councilmember and knocking nearly to the ground but he caught her and apologized and in in an exclusive interview with cnn ford decided why he decided to come clean about his drug use. >> i just had enough. i was sick and tired of all of these allegations and all of this [ bleep ] excuse my words and all it is. sorry, kids, i shouldn't swear in front of the kids but after awhile i know what i'm doing is right. i'm saving the taxpayers money. i make mistakes. i smoke some crack and drink too much at time but what can i say? i'm human. >> then he lied about it, of course. his new tv show, that's right', his new tv show "ford nation" launched last night and spent the broadcast defending himself himself and he insists he will be re-elected in 2014. that will be some campaign.
2:39 am
>> the story continues. former vice presidential candidate john edwards is getting back to his professional roots is set to open a new law practice with his former law partner and the firm will represent what edwards called disenfranchised little people and he wants to give the little guy a pair chance. he made millions before had he began his political career that ended after alleges of an affair and charges of corruption. voters in albuquerque will decide to -- home to one of the few late-term abortion clinics in the country and those behind the referendum say the clinic should be shut down. the state attorney general says the law, if approved, would be unconstitutional. a methodist pastor is accused of breaking church rules of a wedding of his son. the reverend said he did it because he loved his son and his
2:40 am
duty to minister to everyone and he decided to go ahead with the trial because he would not accept a ban on ever officiating a sake sex marriage again. his trial resumes today on the jury decides whether to defrock him. >> this is a church trial. >> it is. he will also face suspension. i talked to him last weekend. he is conflicted. this is a church he has loved from the time he was a young boy. >> as a child that he loves even more. >> exactly what he said. he has three gay children and he said how do you make decisions like this? and his church is divided as well so it's really an interesting story. 40 minutes after the hour right now. google is paying up for monitoring millions of internet users. they have settled claims from 37 states from the district of columbia that its advertising network shadowed those who used the safari web browser. they say of it inadvertent and not admitting any wrongdoing.
2:41 am
the cost to google, nearly $17 million. do you know what this is? >> it's a selfie. that is the word of the year! editors define the term as a photographer taken of one self and uploaded to a special media website and dates the first usage to 2002. a few other big words on the list is twerk. >> how do you get yourself to see that? >> show rooming is when you price an item in the store and find it cheaper online. i didn't know that one. the pope took a selfie. >> he was not twerking. >> he was not! coming up, he was all but abandoned living in his car until he found his family. >> it was just god's time to
2:42 am
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welcome back to "early start. we have a remarkable story for you this morning. it is from texas about a teenager who never thought he would have a real family. seth miller spent most of his life in foster housing but when he turned 18 he was forced out too old to be placed with a foster family any more. the high school senior was living in his car. but once a dallas area tv station profiled him, he got an amazing call. it turns out his biological sister had been adopted years earlier and her parents knew she had a brother and they now knew who he was and wanted him to become part of their family. >> it's almost like a kid's
2:46 am
first christmas or a kid's first birthday. you know? they don't know what to really do. i don't really have the words to describe how happy and how joyful you are and how grateful you are for everything. >> this is the family that the day he was born, got wrote on his head, hunt. i believe that in everything that i have in me. >> so seth is now living with the hunt family. he will soon be changing his name despite being 19 the hunt's are adopting him so he will officially become one of them for the rest of his life. >> that is so wonderful that family is altogether and they have each other. >> just incredible. just to have such big hearts and to do something like this. like she said, you know what he was a part of us when he was born and we didn't know it yet. >> beautiful story! 46 minutes after the hour. take a look what is coming up on "new day."
2:47 am
chris and kate are with us. >> hi, guys. >> a new piece on obama care. we are learning a private firm warned them in the spring the website rollout would have glitches. what did they do about it? we will tell you. a cnn exclusive a woman president obama touted as a health care success story. now she is uninsured after buying insurance on that washington state exchange. a little bit of a nuance there but we will tell you why she says the program is all wrong. another aarrest for george zimmerman to talk about this morning. he is behind bars after his girlfriend accused him of pointing a gun at her and locking her out of her home. we have the 911 calls. pretty dramatic. we will look at whether these charges can stick. what this means. thanks, guys. look forward to seeing that. george zimmerman is the subject of our morning rhyme today. >> believe it or not. >> these are the best of the day. someone with an imaginative clever sense of rhyme sent us this. he said, zimmerman, zimman, zimmerman, oh, what a clown. when you're in a prison, you
2:48 am
won't stand your ground. we are not endorsing these tweets, folks. we are telling you they rhyme very well and impressive use of language. i want to read the name of the man who tweeted them again. s2 djvox music. send your tweets our way. coming up, it would be the biggest government settlement in the u.s. history. jpmorgan and the justice department set to end their fight over that crazy mortgage meltdown. that is ahead in "money time." [ male announcer ] there will be more powerful storms.
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welcome back to "early start." everyone, it is "money time" which means christine romans is here. >> i know 16 k on the dow and 1800 on the s&p and hit it and couldn't hold it. dow managed another record close. the nasdaq and s&p lower on the day. it was a little bit of a caution
2:52 am
sign. i want to show you the numbers. as high as 16,030 and s&p reached 18,002 and could not hold that level there. what does dow 16,000 mean for you? here is one expert on that. >> it's a classic example of emotions overtaking rational decision making and thinking about the numbers and fundamentals as opposed to some number which is a great number and cool and interesting and round but has no relevance or shouldn't have relevance as far as how you make your decisions. >>ier your life doesn't change at 16,000 and your investment strategy shouldn't either and what the trading psychology experts like that guy say. here is why it does matter. it matters because this year, an amazing run to 16,000. the dow is up 22%. the nasdaq up 31%. the s&p 500 up 26%. check your allocations that you have your stock and in age and goals.
2:53 am
>> what do you know? >> john berman, you know, these big round numbers an important time to take a look at your strategy. the biggest fine for a company to ever play is likely announced today. jpmorgan chase and the justice department landing on a $17 billion settlement. this agreement helps the ceo damy dimon. 4 billion that is supposed to go directly to struggling homeowners. of that amount 1.5 billion will go to reduce loan payments for homeowners with mortgages under water, meaning they have got -- what they owe on the house is more than the house is worth. up to $5 hundred million will pay for a partial loan forgiveness and $2 billion in part to phone for new loans. we will be watching closely to
2:54 am
make sure the money is getting to homeowners. one of the complaints of some of the settlements before they got hurt along the way and out of the game. fresh or frozen turkey? >> i'm doing fresh but i've done fresh. >> i'm doing fresh too. you might have a tough time finding one. >> i ordered mine a couple of weeks ago. >> butterball will ship half as many of the large fresh turkeys to the supermarkets this year. seems they the turkeys couldn't get fat enough this summer so they didn't have enough fat fresh turkeys. >> the moral is you buy early so you can -- >> i'm going to do a farmer's market and get a jersey bird, i think. >> cool. >> well done. keep it local. coming up, a teenager and a principal. they risk their own lives to save a friend when the unthinkable happens. you're going to meet a couple of
2:55 am
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welcome back, everyone. a 13-year-old teen and a school principal for saving a friend's wife. he grabbed a downed power line. an awful idea, folks. he was trying to push it out of the way but it was live and he was shocked severely. so badly his hand would not let go of the wire! his friend grabbed a stick and pushed the wire away. wick thinking. the principal grabbed the teen despite warnings that he too could be shocked. the teen is now being treated at
2:59 am
a hospital. the power company is investigating how this all happened but there is one lucky kid right there. do not ever grab a downed power line. >> hip hip hooray for those heroes. i love ending on a positive note. that is it for "early start." "new day" starts right now. i've never been in a tornado before. i never want to go through one again. >> path of destruction. new video showing how a twister destroyed a town. the struggle for hundreds of thousands still without power and amazing stories of survival. arrested again. george zimmerman behind bars this morning for allegedly pulling a gun on his girlfriend. could he do real-time for this? we have the dramatic 911 calls. tom brady lets loose on the refs after the team loses on the final play. the refs threw a penalty flag but the refs picked it up.
3:00 am
did the refs blow it? >> your "new day" starts right now. this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. we start with the destruction in the midwest. we now know it was a real monster that attacked washington, illinois. a ferocious ef-4 tornado, 166 miles an hour winds, hundreds of thousands are still without power in this mad scramble to deal with tremendous loss from missouri to wisconsin. the death toll rising to 8 indra petersons is live in washington. good morning. >> good morning, chris. we all saw that damage yesterday. today we now know from the national weather service, yes, this was an e i


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