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tv   New Day  CNN  November 19, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PST

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did the refs blow it? >> your "new day" starts right now. this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. we start with the destruction in the midwest. we now know it was a real monster that attacked washington, illinois. a ferocious ef-4 tornado, 166 miles an hour winds, hundreds of thousands are still without power in this mad scramble to deal with tremendous loss from missouri to wisconsin. the death toll rising to 8 indra petersons is live in washington. good morning. >> good morning, chris. we all saw that damage yesterday. today we now know from the national weather service, yes, this was an e f-4 tornado.
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picture winds of 190 miles an hour, stretching for over 34 1/2 miles. the width of this tornado was a half mile wide. hundreds of thousands are still without power after sunday's deadly tornado outbreak. illinois's governor declaring seven counties disaster areas in the wake of more than 07 reported twisters that tore across the midwest from missouri to wisconsin, killing at least eight people. >> we were hard hit. we've never, ever in the history of illinois had so many tornados in the month of november. >> reporter: from above, y can see where this tornado touched down in an open field and then pummeled this community in washington, illinois. at least half of the town of brickport was destroyed. and three people died when a tornado ripped apart two mobile home parks. >> you just don't think things like this will happen. you just don't think -- >> reporter: there are incredible stories of survival. >> oh, my god! >> chris lancaster kept filming
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while this tornado destroyed his house. packing winds as high as 190 miles an hour. >> i got hit by debris or something, cut my eye in three places. >> reporter: this 78-year-old woman escaped the same tornado with a broken nose. >> debris started flying. >> reporter: her home reduced to rubble. >> hot water heater, the copper pipes, those parts were all on me. >> reporter: yesterday we brought you the story of steve. he and his wife miraculously survived in their basement hallway. >> i was down an she was lower like here. >> reporter: when they surfaced their brick home was destroyed and cars thrown across the street. >> the only important thing i had in this house walked out of it with me. >> reporter: what was that? >> my wife. >> reporter: thousands left combing through the piles of debris searching for whatever they could salvage. >> the video of my wedding. >> reporter: i want to give perspective as to how rare this event is, since 1985, they've
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only had 200 or so tornado warnings in the state of illinois. more than half those came just this last sunday. chris? >> indra, we know that as quick as it was it is beginning to take a long time to get things up and running. did they get the water turned off at that building next to you? >> they did turn that off. they're making progress. >> it's good to see progress there. thank you for the reporting, indra. we'll be back to you. a lot of you have said what can we do?, lots of choices there to help the people, the need is great and it's going to exist for a long time. >> let's turn now to a disease that could prove deadly, spreading across a college school campus. and now princeton university is making an aggressive move to stop the meningitis outbreak. they said they will provide vaccinations that aren't yet proven safe in the u.s., yet in order to help students fighting the disease.
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the school is hoping to make the first of two doses available earlier next month. for more on this, let's turn to cnn's alexander field. >> reporter: princeton university leaders say they're ready to offer thousands of students a vaccine that is not approved for use in the united states, an effort to stop an outbreak of a dangerous and contagious disease that's showing up on campus. >> pending final cdc approval, the university is prepared to accept these recommendations and make arrangements to provide access to this vaccine as soon as possible. >> reporter: since march, seven cases of meningitis b, a rare and possibly deadly disease have been linked to the ivy league university. now the centers for disease control is preparing to recommend doses of the vaccine bexsero for all 5,000 undergraduates as well as graduate students who live in dormitories and members of the university community with certain medical conditions. vaccinations will be free and
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volunta voluntary. >> if the cdc approves it and the school says it's okay, i'd say it. >> reporter: bexsero is the only vaccine available to protect against meningitis b, approved this year for use in europe and australia. but not yet approved in the u.s. it's been administered to 8,000 people and the cdc says it's considered safe. some doctors say it's key to stopping the outbreak that started when a student returned to school sick following spring break. >> there are a number of people, we don't know what proportion, in that student population that are carriers of this bug, back in their throats. they're feeling fine. nobody knows that they have it. but they can spread it and give it to others. >> reporter: the cdc has fda approval to import bexsero as part of an investigational drug program. it will only be available at an option at princeton university but there's no estimate on how many students will take it. >> i want to do more research and find out exactly what the
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vaccine entails. >> reporter: alexandra fields, cnn, princeton, new jersey. >> thanks, alexandra field for that reporting. the headlines, beginning with breaking news. suicide bombers are being blamed for deadly explosions in the front of the iranian embassy in southern beirut. 23 people have been killed. let's go to senior international correspondent nick paton walsh, live in lebanon with the latest. nick? >> reporter: 146 people wounded, it appears talking to staid media there were two suicide bombers, one in a motorcycle, one on a car, that proched this iranian embassy and detonated their devices some short time apart. the iranian ambassador saying the embassy was the target and that his -- has been killed in the blast. a troubling escalation, not only because this is the first time we've seen suicide bombers used for a very long time but iran is
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the key backer of bashar al assad, the president of syria, involved a terrible civil war across the border. many worry that the spillover of violence will push lebanon back to a civil strive. back to you. he has said he believes new sanctions would hurt upcoming talks on iran's nuclear program. some lawmakers on both sides of the aisle along with israel and france have grown increasingly skeptical over the obama administration's iran negotiations. two obama care house hearings getting under way today. top technology manager henry chao will testify. newly released documents reveal he had serious concerns in july that the website would crash. cnn learning a private consulting firm shared similar concerns with the white house back in march. the administration is considering letting people bypass and sign up direct with insurance
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companies. the nsa can continue domest domestic phone surveillance, at least right now. despite claims the program's authorization was improper. the nsa promised extra measures to make sure surveillance rules weren't violated but some material was still collected improperly. more relief on the way to victims of typhoon haiyan in the philippines. two navy ships are expected to arrive by tomorrow carrying nearly 1,000 marines. military officials say the two ships will be able to get closer to storm ravaged areas of the philippines. hundreds of thousands of survivors are said to still be without food or water. an investigation is under way this morning for the cause of an underground explosion that fired eight manholes into the air. rhode island firefighters responding to a call monday after a strange odor detected in providence's jewelry district. officials say a buildup of carbon monoxide from an
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underground electrical fire could have caused that explosion. terrifying moments right there. >> yes. >> those are your headlines, guys. >> thanks, so much, michaela. i was going to call you indra. >> we look a lot alike. >> what do we know, indra? >> actually, here in the dark i thought that water was turned off. i took walk over there just a few minutes ago. that water is still gushing out of that building. definitely a picture of how slow it will be of progress to recovery. i do want to talk about the rest of the nation, the severe weather system has completely moved offshore. that is no longer the story for now. what we'll be talking about is cool, mild air into the northeast. temperatures 5 or so degrees below normal. it looks like generally speaking very mild. the new story will that be storm system in the pacific northwest. we're talking about heavy
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amounts of snow tonight again in the cascades in washington, montana and idaho. let's watch what happens to the system as we make -- watch it make its way across the country towards the middle of the week. want to point out by wednesday we're looking right here into the midwest. heavy rain making its way through and eventually the same system pushes off into the northeast for the weekend. bringing attention, the midwest, looking for rain by tomorrow. right here where everyone is trying to recover they'll be talking about rain as early as overnight tonight. heavy rain in through thursday and friday. even as we go through the weekend we'll be talking about snow in this region. today is the last day they can collect valuables and try and salvage what they can before the storm moves in, chris and kate. >> thank you, indra. coming up next on "new day," george zimmerman behind bars again today. the new 911 calls from zimmerman claim that may not be the case. and are you watching the cheney family? they've crossed the line from politics to personal.
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welcome back to "new day." george zimmerman arrested again and denying the charges. he was arrested for allegedly pointing a gun at his girlfriend, two conflicted phone calls, though. cnn's david mattingly is covering the story for us in sanford, florida, with much
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more. good morning, david. >> good morning, kate. two 911 calls, two very different stories here between george zimmerman and his girlfriend, the first call actually comes in while the couple is still arguing. >> i'm doing this again? you just broke my glass table. you just broke my sunglasses and you put your gun in my freaking face and told me to get the [ bleep ] out, this is not your house. no, get out of here. >> that was george zimmerman's girlfriend yelling at him, just before she tells 911 he pushed her out of her home and barricaded himself inside. a few minutes later, zimmerman makes his own call. >> um, my girlfriend has uh, for lack of a better word, gone crazy on me. >> reporter: with police banging on the door, zimmerman says his girlfriend is pregnant and blames everything on her. >> she just started smashing stuff, taking stuff that belonged to me, throwing it outside, throwing it out of her
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room, throwing it all over the house. she broke a glass table because she threw something on it. she got mad that i guess i told her that i would be willing to leave. >> okay. >> i guess she thought i was going to argue with her but she's pregnant. i'm not going to put her through that kind of stress. >> reporter: it's zimmerman's latest run-in with the law since his july acquittal in the trayvon martin murder case. he's been pulled over twice for speeding. and in september, he was detained by police after his soon to be ex-wife claimed he smashed her ipad in an argument. no charges were filed then but this time, with his new girlfriend, it's different. >> she alleged that he had broken a table and at one point, pointed a long barreled shotgun at her. >> reporter: deputies pushed their way inside to find george zimmerman unarmed and cooperative. but he's now back in the seminole county jail charged with aggravated assault. deputies searched the home until late monday night.
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what they find in this house could help investigators determine who's telling the truth here. again, within they went in the house, they did not find george zimmerman armed. so they will be looking for firearms in that house. also, george zimmerman says his girlfriend is pregnant. she told investigators she is not. kate, chris? >> david, thank you for the reporting what are the charges? will they stick? to discuss hln legal analyst joey jackson. thank you for joining us. >> pleasure. >> take it from the prosecution side -- the police side for right now. >> here's what happens. you have conflicting 911 calls, right? what a surprise. in any case you'll have conflict. what they'll evaluate, chris is, is who was first in time. she called. she's saying at the time of the events, right, it's going on at the time she calls. he, of course, after that when the police are at the door, at that point he calls 911 to help his story. in fact they ask, listen, the
3:18 am
police are outside of your home, why didn't you tell them? i want the world to know my story. they'll evaluate all that. the biggest problem, though, is the aggravated asalt case which involves the pointing of the gun. was she in imminent fear of injury as a result of that? >> if she is -- >> it can just be pointing of the gun. >> there has to be an overt act and you have to feel that there's an imminent threat to you. the problem with that, there's a mandatory minimum of three years if that sticks. that i am evaluate all of that. they'll go, pull the other weapons to corroborate what she said, there were other weapons involved. when the police show up, there's dispute and issue as to whether he broke a glass table, as to whether he broke her sunglasses and as to whether he pushed her out the door and barricaded it with furniture. >> the elephant in the room is how does his past play into what they're dealing with now? does the judge take all of this
3:19 am
into account? >> absolutely, kate. here's the issue, most immediate issue. when it comes to bail, you can consider everything. the first thing is he's going to be arraigned. when he goes before the court, the judge will consider the instant case, the severity of it, whether it can be proven and then the past background of george zimmerman and what he's like and what's he about. that goes to the issue of whether he'll be released. and if so with be what the bail conditions will be. will there be high bail or electronic monitoring? will the judge order him to stay away? will he not get any -- you can't have alcohol. those will be the conditions. >> interesting. you can look at this like this guy can't get away from trouble. he seems to have trouble follow him. you also wonder, is he an easy target? if people wanted to make trouble for him, it would be easy to do that. >> great point to make. the problem is -- it always comes down to credibility, who's telling the truth, who's lying, who's fabricating. there could be something here. innocent until proven guilty.
3:20 am
on the call, it seems to be going on when the girlfriend calls at the time she does. when the police come there's actual furniture barricading him into the home. that would lend corroboratation. >> the big ticket here is the assault. >> the felony. >> i understand why people have feelings about george zimmerman. when you hear her on that call, do you think the charge can stick? >> the problem with what they're going to argue, the defense, of course, there's no imminence here. she's saying he put the gun in my face and everything else. the prosecution will say at the time he pointed the gun she had every reason to believe that he would exercise the threat. that's why she called 911 and of course him pushing her outside of the home was problematic, too. will it stick? it will be up to a jury ultimately to determine but they do have somewhat of a case here. >> what a mess. >> what a surprise. >> what a surprise. >> will florida take his gun license over this?
3:21 am
>> that's -- >> the police, originally what they're doing, if you release him, right, no guns or anything else, we want those guns removed. >> that would be temporary. interesting, though. >> long time, i think, certainly that's something that they're going to be looking at very closely. no guns for george zimmerman. >> thanks, joey. >> thank you. >> this is always open to discussion tweet us #newday. dick cheney's daughters feuding publicly over same-sex marriage. now their dead, the former vice president, is stepping in. which daughter is he siding with. toronto's mayor ford declares war. stripped of almost all his power. he says he's no stepping down.
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welcome back to "new day," everyone, tuesday, november 19th. time for our political gut check the morning. dick cheney and his wife, lynn, entering the battle of same-sex marriage. he's saying this shouldn't be used to distort her position. what happens when parenting and politics mix? john king is here for more on this. good morning, john. >> it's unseemly at the least,
3:26 am
right? >> a little bit. i feel a little bit bad that what should be a private family matter if there's a dispute within the family has become so public. dick cheney came out in support of liz in a public way. what do you think is going on here. >> he was angry at his other daughter for mary for posting her views on her sister, liz. george w. bush and his vice presidential candidate and vice president dick cheney disagreed on this issue. then governor and later president obama wanted a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. dick cheney's decision has been leave it up to the state. that's his daughter's position. she's running for senate. a conservative pack has come in to criticize her. she's trying to run to the right of the incumbent senator mike enzi. it provokes a family feud with
3:27 am
the cheney sisters. a lot of people are saying this is not the issue that will decide this primary. every day, the cheney sisters are fighting. >> it also plays on a political myth. you can't control your own family, how are you going to control public life? i found that hypocritical. family politics are much more vicious and difficult than any politics that play outside. what do you think that ultimately means, she has drama with her own family? how difficult is that for her to overcome. >> that's the sense, mike enzi is known in wyoming as a nice guy. people think do we want this drama, do we get the whole dick cheney drama again nationally if we elect his daughter? is that what we want in a united states senator. if you're trying to run to the right of mike enzi, i sag he's too willing to cooperate with president obama, he's too willing to do this, every day you spend on this is time you're not spending on the fundamental
3:28 am
issues. the republican party, they are going to go through the debates. like high-profile races like this one in wyoming and other states across the country next year. this will add capital d to the drama because it's the cheney family. >> along that exact note, chris christie was speaking yesterday to the "wall street journal" of ceo council event. he talked as he often does about the fact that republicans need to do more to attract women and minority voters. he's really talking about the gop identity crisis going on right now. he talks about the need to draw in more support from women and minority voters but is the republican party doing anything about it? do you get a sense that the republican party nationally is making moves to do that? >> nationally you hear conversations from leaders on capitol hill, from the republican national committee, from time to time we're going to start this new minority outreach, women outreach, but kate, that's not how it works.
3:29 am
bill clinton lost off walter mondale lost. the republicans are going through the same soul searching now. who do we want to do? chris christie won and won big. he can point to exit polls and say i did much better among women, african-americans, and latinos. we'll have a great laboratory next year. look at the governor races in pennsylvania, florida, ohio, a lot of states around the country. the national republican party and some of the state politicians sometimes not always on the same planet. >> if you look at the political realities of it, he didn't have a race in jersey. it's easy for him to be the benevolent dictator because he squashed the competition. you have christie, santorum, ryan, all saying we all can't be the opposition. what do you mean we can't be the
3:30 am
opposition party? of course you can. it's probably the most effective poison in politics, attack your opponent, be effect knife doing it and, therefore, come to power. >> what date are you looking at? you can see, president obama is at an all-time low. our opposition has driven this guy to an all-time low. however, lift your head a little bit. his term is up in a couple of years. if you're the republicans you've had your butts kicked within the last two. because your party has not been able to do it. governor christie is right about the question. attract nonwhite voters. attract college educated women. do you want to be a presidential party? that's the tension within the republican party which is why some tactics that work to stymie president obama's agenda, fight the democrats here in washington, don't sell out in the country if you're saying now make me president. >> very conflicting priorities that we're seeing playing out
3:31 am
right now. john, great to see you. thank you. >> it's what makes it fun. >> i guess so. that's one way to describe it. thanks, john. back over to michaela for more of the top stories. good morning to you once again. we want to bring you up to date on the latest news. the death toll rising to eight from sunday's onslaught of tornados in the midwest. hundreds of thousands of people are without power from wisconsin to missouri. in hard-hit illinois, state of emergency has been declared in seven counties. with seven confirmed cases of meningitis "b" on campus, princeton university will make a vaccine available to students and staff that is not yet approved in the u.s. it's the only vaccine for the potentially deadly strain of the disease. it's approved for use in europe and australia. so far, the fda has improved importing the meningitis b v vaccine. the spying can go on for now. an appeal was rejected from a
3:32 am
privacy rights program to stop the nsa surveillance program. two-time zmic presidential candidate john edwards going back to his roots practicing law once again with his former partner. they'll be joined by edwards daughter, kate, in a statement, edwards said he wants to take cases that change social inequities in favor of the greater good. it's his first time in the spotlight since his acquittal on campaign finance fraud charges. the university of texas condemning a conservative student group's plan to hold a catch an illegal immigrant contest tomorrow, saying it contributes to the degradation of campus culture.the game's prem to catch up to five student volunteers wearing illegal immigrant name tags, yelling border patrol. the reward, a $25 gift card.
3:33 am
they wanted to generate discussion about the issue of illegal immigration. >> that it did. >> they said if they held a forum or some sort of public debate, no one would come. they said we're not afraid of controversy. we'll do this. one might argue there was better ways to do this. >> mission accomplished. >> never heard of them before. got attention now. >> my goodness. >> at the cost of demening other students. that's the concern the university has. >> immigration, people care, they don't. pc, they care. >> they care. coming up on "new day," history unfolding in tokyo. decades after her father fought the japanese war in world war ii, caroline kennedy becomes america's new ambassador to japan. hout the japanese people are responding to her first official visit. from dancing and knocking into people, toronto mayor rob ford's behavior gets more out of
3:34 am
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♪ looking for adventure ♪ and whatever comes our way >> it's almost a laugh or cry moment. the guy is in such distress. who are we talking about? big shocker. toronto mayor, mr. ford. now mayer in name only, however, the toronto city council voted to strip him of any meaningful powers in a wild city hall meeting. ford accused council members of
3:38 am
a coup d'etat. he's mocking a counselor there. during this heated session he had to make another apology for knocking an elderly council woman to the ground. he did help her up. that's nice. meanwhile, in a one-on-one interview, he talked about the controversy surrounding him. >> from the outside, it seems like you are a man under tremendous burdens this week. how has this week been for you? >> it's all self-inflicted. it's my fault. i made mistakes. you own up to it and move on. >> reporter: and so in his very next breath, rob ford moves on. >> i went down to city hall. i've cleaned it out. these people just aren't happy. these counselors want me out, the media wants me out. i told the chief of police i want efficiencies. you know, he wants me out. i'm not going anywhere. >> reporter: the setting for this interview is more than a little surreal.
3:39 am
this is the rec room of a suburban toronto housing project and it is filled with loyal and vocal members of ford nation. things start relatively sedate. when i ask why he decided to admit his crack use after months of denial, he gets so angry he forgets who's in the room. >> i had enough. i was sick and tired of the allegations and all this [ bleep ], excuse my words, sorry, kids, i shouldn't have swore in front of the kids. i know what i'm doing is right. i'm serving the people and saving taxpayers mistakes. i make mistakes. i drank too much. i smoked some crack. >> reporter: interesting story, actually started on "ac 360" friday night after give and take with the mayor's counselor brother doug, we were about to say good-bye. >> we look forward to having you by toronto one day. >> i'll take you up on that. >> 18 hours later i found myself
3:40 am
unloading toys from doug ford's suv outside the queens plate housing project. while we wait for the mayor, a long-time resident named ken comes over to complain. as the counselor politely tries to nudge him to the door, he says that. >> i know friends who have got hash from you, actually. >> that's good, that's good. >> awkward because he's been fighting those allegations since may. they reported doug spent much of the '80s as a midlevel hashish dealer. >> that's not the first time i've heard those allegations. >> i wasn't slinging hash. i smoked marijuana 30 years ago, 31 years ago. i didn't deal marijuana. >> reporter: in downtown toronto, mayor rob ford is the target of almost daily protests. >> ford has to go!
3:41 am
>> reporter: on the council floor of city hall he's a political pariah. >> have you purchased illegal drugs in the last two years? >> be careful. >> yes, i have. >> i stick up for the poor people. >> that's the bottom line. >> reporter: his brother invited us here to witness this love, a counterweight to the gauntlet of political foes downtown doing all they can to strip away his power lead. >> i'm interested in what happened this week about the vote, 41-2 to strip you from your emergency powers. it seems like you are political outcasts. >> sure. you know how you want to make friends at city hall, spend taxpayers money, let them have their free food, go on trips, do what you want with the your money, not with taxpayers money and turn around and cry poor. >> do you have any political allies left? >> well -- >> did you ever have any. >> we never had any in the beginning. >> i'll workday in and day out to knock these counselors off. i'll target these areas and
3:42 am
workday in and day out to knock them off. >> really? >> i'm going to bring ford nation live all across the city. >> reporter: you have other candidates that you are going to foster in these wards to repeat what you have done? >> 100%. >> reporter: really? >> we're going to hit them hard, everything we got. we make chicago politics look like a tea party. we do. it's vicious. >> bill, you show me one other major city that has saved $1 billion that has turned it around. the roads are getting done, it's clean, it's safe, we have more jobs, creating over 50,000 jobs in one year last year. >> take all of that, given all of that, couldn't you be more effective if you were healthier? your lifestyle. >> i'm trying to lose weight. i'm working out. i'm not perfect. >> why not see some addiction specialist? >> i'm not an addict. >> reporter: bill weir, cnn, toronto. >> i mean, it is a bit of a laugh or cry moment, i think you
3:43 am
have to say. you don't know what to make of it. the only good thing for the city is that his term ends next year and they've stripped him of all of his power. >> it will be a long year. what changes will be made, if they can or will implement the structure of city council. >> going forward. >> the problem is the guy is in public office. to me, it's never been a story about politics, it's so obvious that this guy is in distress and the problem is he in all likelihood can't keep going the way he's going. no surprise he pops off when you ask him about his addiction. he's in denial. no wonderment to that. he doesn't care if the kids are around. he's bursting out. that's what he'll do in a manic phase of behavior. it's unfortunate that it has to play out in a public forum. >> i think of myself as a normal
3:44 am
person, he said, not a politician or a mayor. that's wrong. you are a politician, you are the mayor, you are in public life. >> these issues affect every family, either directly or by extension. >> yes. >> and that's why it's so compelling on so many different levels. i just hope that it doesn't end in a very horrible way. >> ditto. >> worse than it already has. >> let's get back to indra with a look at the national forecast. she was in washington, illinois for us. still looking at the devastation behind you, indra. how is the weather looking today? >> what a different picture for the eastern half of the country now in comparison to all that severe weather we did see on the weekend, a dome of high pressure is in place, we're talking about temperatures. very mild and generally just about 5 or 8 degrees or so below normal. that will be the trend for the next several days staying dry. and a little bit on the cool side. we turn to the next system affecting all of us as it makes its way across the country. the pacific northwest still dumping large amounts of snow. we're talking about pretty much
3:45 am
today the cascades in washington, montana and idaho, but by tomorrow, we'll start to see that really push into wyoming where we could see over a foot of snow, even portions of colorado will start to see that snow. remember, this is a cold system eventually making its way across the country. by wednesday, through tomorrow, we'll be talking especially into thursday, the midwest starting to see some of that rainfall. the reason i before i that up again, where we are standing right now today, it is chilly, cold, temperatures really just feeling like they're in the 30s. but conditions will only worsen when you add in the factor of rain by tomorrow. by tomorrow, looking at rain and extending into heavy rain as we go through thursday and friday and then by saturday, right here, we'll be talking about some snow. again, very, very tough situation for residents here, still trying to pick up the pieces. >> absolutely. thank you so much, indra. we'll get back to you shortly. coming up on "new day," why is caroline kennedy in a horse drawn carriage? this is her entrance as u.s. ambassador to japan.
3:46 am
we'll go there live and give you a report on it. and there is more than one way to get past the defense? i guarantee you never thought of this one. or maybe you have. it's our must-see moment today. my employer matches my charitable giving. really. i get bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month. i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels.
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3:50 am
before you say they got off easy. wait until you hear the terms. christine romans is here. >> it is big, $13 billion. jamie diamond, this is his biggest deal ever. $13 billion settlement over mortgage practices going into the financial crisis. the piece they're finishing up, a big chunk directly to home owners, 4 billion. this is an important part of it. 1.5 billion will go to reduced loan payments for underwater home owners. 500 million will go to par for partial loan forgiveness. this is -- >> that's a lot of money there. >> this is bigger than the deepwater horizon settlement. 13 billion is a lot of money. >> and it ain't the end, is it? >> no. >> there this is one set of penalties but there's a chance of prosecution. >> there's a criminal investigation ongoing in california. that continues. he couldn't get that wiped out
3:51 am
under here. watch this. this putto rest a slew of state and federal, civil investigations. it is a lot of money. what i'm going to be watching is how much of that consumer portion really gets deployed to help people. there's an independent foreseer over that. >> a lot of need but people still say for the trouble and shenanigans, nobody has gone to jail for what happened. >> nope. >> thanks, christine. >> you're welcome. almost 50 years to the day of jfk's assassination, his daughter, caroline kennedy takes center stage in tokyo. look at that. following a traditional horse drawn carriage ride she presented her credentials to the japanese emperor as new ambassador. kyung lah is there for the f fanfare. >> reporter: a lot of it. it was a ceremony with japanese
3:52 am
formality and all of it witnessed by an unprecedented crowd. clutching cameras. and waving, thousands of japanese lined the streets. to watch a daughter fulfill. >> this is significant here. jfk was to be the first u.s. president to visit japan but he was assassinated. 50 years later, nearly to the day of his death, his only surviving child made her way through the streets of tokyo by horse drawn carriage to the emperor. she passed by many in this crowd who witnessed the first ever live tfts images broadcast out of the u.s. to japan 50 years ago, news coverage of the assassination. images of the two young kennedy children seared into the collective japanese memory. >> caroline. >> caroline is like my friend, she says, of course we are in totally different worlds but to me she is special. >> this is the sort of
3:53 am
enthusiasm usually reserved for pop stars or the japanese royal family. >> do you remember anyone ever getting this excited about a u.s. ambassador here in japan? "heck no" say the watanabes. caroline kennedy doesn't have diplomatic experience. >> that doesn't matter, emphatically, she can do the job. this is a country after all where blood lines trump all, why american nancy nichols who lives in japan says -- >> i think it's great. it's comes full circle. >> reporter: ambassador kennedy returned to her carriage to begin her path in u.s.-japan history. >> now, the ambassador did say she is looking forward to getting to work, as far as marking the significance of this
3:54 am
week, she plans to do that privately and she will not be making any public statements, any paper statements no matter how many times we ask her to. back to you guys in new york. >> kyung, thanks so much for that. we head to our must-see moment. we have a football game. a football player, a senior who shows us if you can't get around a hurdle, go over it. division 2, tanner doing a run flip over a southwestern baptist player. he runs several years before being tackled. he donned the move during practice but this is the first time he executed this during a game. >> did you see the air he got? >> holy cow. i think i saw a commercial like this once. i don't know if it was for gatorade or something. >> i think i know what you're talking about. >> he becomes a youtube sensation. >> it goes viral. >> yes. >> athleticism. >> sticks the landing.
3:55 am
>> presence of mind, genius. >> and a little segue to not so much genius on the football field, coming up on "new day." what, i didn't win the game? tom brady, was he robbed? that's what he says to the officials. right now he's saying i was robbed. i was robbed. >> you can read lips. >> yes, i can. not on tv, though. yeah, we found that wonderful thing. and you smiled. and threw it. and i decided i would never, ever leave it anywhere. because that wonderful, bouncy, roll-around thing... had made you play. and that... had made you smile. [ announcer ] beneful. play. it's good for you. and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it.
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3:59 am
couldn't get it done. more for the reaction than the play itself. andy scholes joins us with this morning's "bleacher report." also known as watch cuomo gloat. >> i thought tom brady was right to be mad. he should have got one more shot to win this game. this is what happened on the controversial final play. three seconds left, brady goes for gronkowski. a flag it thrown because gronk was clearly interfered with. take a look. but after the officials get together, they pick up the flag because they say the pass was uncatchable. now, brady was clearly not happy with the call. watch him chase after the officials as they head to the tunnel. the panthers won it 24-20. but if you look at the play, there's differing views. is this interference or not? the ball was underthrown. gronkowski didn't have the chance to get it. >> the pass was uncatchable, i feel like this is not an area
4:00 am
the refs should wear into it. >> that is a real call, whether it's catchable or not w. yes, thank you. >> the interference happens four yards into the end zone and the ball was intercepted four yards into the end zone. to me it should have been a penalty. >> he doesn't try to fight through the guy who's holding him. this is football. >> gronkowski did not sell it well. >> is it because it's the patriots? they're not allowed to lose. they have to win in the final seconds of the game. >> i don't think the refs were thinking of that. >> happens every week. just because it's the patriots, tom brady. scholes looks like him. he's biased. >> i'm a fan. >> andy, run. we'll talk to you later. thanks so much. we're now at the top of the hour which means it's time for your top news. it was a huge disappointment and especially since i had my
4:01 am
story had been shared by the president. >> new this hour, a cnn exclusive, a woman used by the president as an obama care success story turns on the program. we'll tell you why. and we have new details about warnings, months before the launch. also new this hour, terrifying video of a 737 jet crashing in russia, more than 50 people killed but why does it appear to plummet to the ground? is it still wonderful, hollywood returning to bedford falls to a sequel to "it's a wonderful life"? can they go back for more success or will they ruin it? your "new day" starts right now. >> announcer: what you need to know -- >> you just broke my glass table, you broke my sunglasses and you put your gun in my freaking face. >> announcer: what you just have to see. this is "new day" with chris
4:02 am
cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. >> good morning. welcome back to "new day," tuesday, november 19th, 7:00 in the east. we'll catch you up on the news overnight. we're going to do it right now. the power is still out for hundreds of thousands in parts of several states, including michigan, illinois and indiana. the death toll from the storm has risen to eight after two men were confirmed killed in michigan. 76 tornadoes touched down in parts of seven states. the cleanup just beginning from that series of tornadoes. in the devastated parts of the midwest. take a look at this path of destruction caused by the tornado that hit washington, illinois. >> also new this morning, deadly explosions in front of the iranian embassy in southern beirut. reportedly the work of suicide bombers. at least 23 people were killed, close to 150 others injured. fires and dark smoke billowing from buildings and vehicles at the scene. as of now, there's no claim of responsibility for the attack.
4:03 am
the justice department reportedly close to a massive settlement with jp morgan chase over its role in the 2008 mortgage melt john. it could end up being the largest settlement between a corporation and government ever. this deal could be announced as soon as today and it would end the federal investigation into the selling of faulty mortgage bonds. >> the white house facing two more embarrassing revelations in the never-ending obama care fiasco. newly released documents revealing a private consulting firm warned the administration that, the website, could be a disaster in the making. way back in the spring they got these warnings. and second problem, a cnn exclusive. a washington state mom hailed as an obama care success story by the president in a speech just last month. now she says she can't afford the insurance and blames the state health care exchanges. let's bring in senior white house correspondent jim acosta who has all of the late details this morning. good morning, jim.
4:04 am
>> good morning, jessica sanford was cited by the president as an obama care success story at a health care event he had here at the white house in the rose garden on october 21st. that of course being just last month. the 48-year-old single mom from washington state purchased what she considered to be affordable health care, life-changing event she said on the washington state health exchange. she decided she was so excited about this news, she wanted to write an e-mail to the president to say this had really changed her life and she was thankful for the affordable care act. the president included her e-mail in his remarks. here's what the president had to say. >> i recently received a letter from a woman named jessica sanford in washington state. here's what she wrote. i am a single mom, no child support, self-employed. and i haven't had insurance for 15 years because it's too expensive. i was crying the other day when
4:05 am
i signed up, so much stress lifted. >> reporter: but days, just really three days after she was mentioned by the president, jessica sanford started having problems, receiving letters from the washington state health exchange, the first letter telling her tax credit was reduced, therefore, increasing the cost of her health care plan and then take a look at this. then she received a letter just last week telling her that her tax credit had been taken away all together. show you another document here, showing what the tax credit worked out to be. zero dollars according to this document that was provided to us by jessica sanford. she describes all of this as a roller coaster ride. now she says she can't afford insurance in washington state because of the new developments. here's what she told us in an exclusive tv interview t. was like riding a big roller coaster. they have my credit card. they have the payment date and then, you know, once again, i'm
4:06 am
knocked down. this time it's to zero. and at my rate of pay with my family size, i just don't understand why i wouldn't get at least a little help with a tax credit. it was a huge disappointment, especially since i had, you know, my story had been shared by the president. i felt like, you know, i just felt embarrassed that, you know, he quoted my story and then come to find that the washington health plan finder, the website here in our state, had grossly miscalculated or they're having a problem figuring their tax credits. and so at least for right now, i don't -- i'm not going to be getting insurance. >> now, jessica sanford is not alone. according to this letter she got from the washington state health exchange also known as washington health plan finder, it says that other washington state residents, applicants to
4:07 am
the state health exchange are also receiving these letters informing them that their tax credits had been miscalculated. when we went back to the washington state health exchange, officials said they were looking into it and would get back to us. but guys, jessica sanford tells us what's so frustrating, she's a president obama supporter. after being held up as an example of what wassing working right she sort of feels like an example of what's not working at least in her home state of washington state and one other thing we should point out, you mention the documents that were released by a house republican committee chairman last night, those documents indicate that as of last march, senior white house -- or senior administration officials including kathleen sebelius, the health and human services secretary was aware of some of the problems with the website earlier this year, back in march. those concerns, according to republican members of this one committee, the energy and
4:08 am
commerce committee, they feel like they were not told the full story by kathleen sebelius based on the documents provided by a consultant, a firm that was advising the administration on the health care plan. guys, back to you. >> jim, appreciate the reporting. we want to tell you about a deadly plane crash in russia. it was caught on video which is helping to understand what happens but it's hard to watch. that spec of light is a boeing 737 passenger jet. sunday all 50 people aboard it died in the crash you just saw in kazan. american flight investigators say the recovery of the black boxes will help in the investigation. we're bringing in our specialist, richard quest, the host of "quest means business." knows a lot about the aviation business, how these investigations happen. how do we make sense of this?
4:09 am
>> this is a difficult one not only because of the awful pictures we see and the nature, we know quite a lot about the last moments. we know the weather. it was blustery, the windy conditions, not terrible but normal in kazan this time of the year. we know the plane had made one approach, was on the second approach when the incident happened. now because of the video we're seeing we know the trajectory at which the plane came out of the sky. nose down, straight into the ground. they helped the investigation quite considerably in understanding the sort of reasons that might have contributed to this disaster. >> when you see that trajectory, it was basically vertical, what does that suggest? >> what it suggests is a complete lack of control and power. there's no forward momentum. so planes tend to -- if a plane falls out of the sky it tends to go like that. not in this case. you're starting to narrow down, we don't want to go into the areas of ramp and speculation
4:10 am
but the investigators said it's one of several reasons, obviously pilot error, poor maintenance, did the thing fall apart or did a crucial part of the aircraft fail at a crucial moment? you're talking about bad weather. i think we can sort of say maybe not so. bad fuel, did the fuel starve the engines at the large moment. >> does it matter that it's a 737? >> not in the slightest. this plane was 23 years old. all right? it had been through eight previous owners in a variety of different airlines. that is a complete red herring provided the aircraft's maintained. if you take the top three legacy carriers in the united states, the average fleet over is just over 14 to 15 years. age per se is not a reason if it's maintained. my gut feeling, it will be a combination of events, it will be bad weather, which will have led to a circumstance which will
4:11 am
have led to the pilots reacting in a particular way and finally will have led to a stall of the aircraft. >> there has been some concerns over safety, the cost-cutting measures that are going on with a lot of airlines, could have that played a part in it, like you said, the plane simply fell apart, the mechanical workings weren't up to snuff? >> the plane is built to tremendous -- one of the things i've been impressed when i visit airbus or boeing or others is the strength to which these planes are built. they've had a dramatically improving record on safety. >> they have? >> absolutely. 2012 was an extremely improved performance over previous years. that said, the safety record, we're talking the margins, the safety record is not as
4:12 am
impressive as you might say as it would be in the united states or the european union. that is a concern. this is going to turn on the individual circumstances of this flight at that moment in those conditions. >> you talk about the age of the aircraft. i hear you on that. that it's a 737 i ask. isn't there something particular about this craft that makes it vulnerable to wing stall? >> well, yes and no. you have to put it into context, chris. there's 11,500 ordered. 7,500 have been delivered. what it does have, is it doesn't have anti-stall protection in the same sense that the airbus a-320 series would have. the boeing jets do not as a rule have automatic anti-stall protection. >> but you can make the jump foreign policy that to this? >> there will be some out there that would say -- there will be some who will go down the line, the airbus you can't stall. let me tell me, there'ses amany
4:13 am
people, i can hear pilot viewers and aviation viewers saying, if it ain't a boeing, i ain't going. boeing allows the airmen to fly the plane more individually. airbuses put protections into the aircraft which mean that in certain circumstances you can't do certain things. it will be an interesting point. in this case, would stall protections, for example, have altered -- we don't know if it was a stall. when you look the at pictures how the plane came out of the sky, very rare to go nose down like that, very rare. theres would no forward momentum for the aircraft for it to fall out of the sky like that. >> you're not kidding those pictures are startling. we'll find out what happened right before then. >> thank you for helping us understand what that video means. appreciate it. >> let's get back to indra petersons, out in washington, illinois, monitoring the situation there and the national forecast. hey, indra, what do you have?
4:14 am
>> reporter: good morning. it looks like a big chunk of the country is continuing to get a break today. taking a close look here. dome of high pressure is in place, mild conditions, temperatures on the cooler side. 5 to 8 degrees below normal. it looks like it will stay that way until about the middle of the week. the next system will affect all of us. starting today in the pacific northwest, they are talking about snow. same places, cascades in washington, idaho, montana, but by tomorrow we'll see this slide farther to the east. wyoming and even colorado looking for some snow. heavy amounts, too, especially when you get against those rockies and the mountains there. you get as much as a foot of snow possible in the higher elevations of wyoming. a big system and cold system. by thursday, this guy slides across. the midwest seeing heavy rain and cold showers and snow showers behind it. this is the thing i keep focusing on, guys. that means right here in illinois they'll be talking
4:15 am
about heavy rain as early as tomorrow. even heavier as we get into thursday and friday. as we turn through saturday weep be talking about the threat of snow showers in this region. cold today, everyone is trying to clean up. conditions unfortunately look like they'll be worsening here. >> indra, thank you so much for that. coming up next on "new day," a scary case of he said, she said. george zimmerman back in jail, arrested on felony aggravated assault. we have the dramatic 911 calls from both his girlfriend and zimmerman himself. plus, something you don't see every day, at least not in public. why are the cheney sisters fighting out their views on same-sex marriage before the eyes of all to see? now their dad is weighing in. we'll take you through it. (vo) you are a business pro.
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welcome back to "new day." george zimmerman is back in jail this morning. zimmerman, of course, you remember, acquitted of killing trayvon martin, now awaiting a bail hearing after being charged with felony aggravated asalt. in connection with an incident involving his girlfriend, both zimmerman and the girlfriend called 911. listen to her version of events first. >> i'm doing this again? you just broke my glass table. you broke my sunglasses and put your gun in my freaking face. >> important for timing, substance and tone. remember that. now listen to zimmerman's call. >> she has weapons in the house? >> yes, it's her house. she's got a 9 millimeter. i mean, i have my firearm.
4:20 am
she was throwing high stuff out and one of the bags was one of my firearms. i never pulled a firearm. i never displayed it. when i was packing it i'm sure she saw it. we keep it next to the bed. >> maybe most important this statement because of timing. let's bring in cnn's senior legal analyst mr. jeffrey toobin. ho do you see this situation sizing up? >> let's see what happens. i mean, i think -- >> well said. >> i think that is important. this is just the first day since he's been arrested. you have two 911 calls. there's so much we don't know. what did the police see when they walked in the house? just for example, she says he displayed the shotgun, he pointed the shotgun. is it in the case or out of the case? if it's out of the case maybe she's telling the truth. if it's in the case, it certainly helps her side of the story. >> this is a serious charge, though. >> felony. absolutely. it is far from clear to me that he's going to get out on bail
4:21 am
today. in bail you have two questions. is the person a risk of flight? i think the answer is probably not. is he a danger to the community? he killed trayvon martin. we know that. she claims he waved a gun at her. you could see a prosecute irmaking the case that the guy is a danger. that's not a simple bail calculation. >> chris brought up an interesting point about fact if there was a -- there's a lot of ifs here. if there was a shotgun involved, out of the case, is this going to be the case of florida saying this man cannot have guns anymore? >> this is the paradox. he has no criminal record. he was acquitted that means, under florida law, as i understand it, he is entitled to have a gun. i think all of us when we heard that he had a gun, we thought this is probably not a guy who should have one. he's also said he's gotten a lot of threats. he feels in jeopardy for his personal safety. so that's why he says he needs a
4:22 am
gun. it certainly wouldn't make me feel comfortable if he was my neighbor and had a gun. >> the big question is because of who he is, what happened in the past, are they going after him? is this about whether or not he's doing what's alleged in the charge or whether or not there's a hair trigger where he's involved that if someone complains about him, police feel this he have to act. >> it's the o.j. simpson case. o.j. was acquitted in the murder case, then he gets prosecuted on what certainly seemed to me a flimsy case in las vegas. a lot of people thought, i certainly thought, it was pay back for the acquittal. certainly this domestic violence case will get a lot of attention and a lot of that attention, whether people admit it or not, will be because of what happened with trayvon martin. >> is this aggravated assault, it can't just be pointing a gun at somebody. tone matters.
4:23 am
what she's perceiving matters as does the timing of the call. >> if it's a felony, this guy will go away to prison. >> what do they have to show. >> as i understand it, they have to show a genuine threat to her, that it was a threat of being used, not just displaying the weapon at your side. and that's a big difference, bought they do bring these cases and if you listen to what -- if you believe her version on the 911 tapes, that sounds like it fits the bill. >> what do you make of part of what he said in his 911 call when asked why he was calling? he says i just want everyone to know the truth. it starts to sound a little bit like this is a person who just calls the cops about everything at this point. >> well, you know, i don't know. i don't know how i would interpret that exactly. there's a guy who has had a lot of involvement with the criminal justice system. >> right. >> remember, in september, he was -- the police were called to a domestic disturbance with his
4:24 am
now or soon to be ex-wife, no charges were filed. he's had three traffic stops since the trayvon martin acquittal. this is a guy who has engaged with the criminal justice system and you could also argue that he's trying to make a record that makes himself look good. again, i don't know how to interpret it. >> he called 911 when he knew the police were outside raising the obvious speculation. why didn't you talk to the cops? his call was made before his. her tone in the call does not sound like someone who's afraid she's about to be shot. >> is that true? is that how you interpret it? >> she seems upset, angry and maybe justifiably so. >> she seems angry, not scared. >> yes. >> you have to show that, i thought not only did he point gun at me but i believe she had the ability to use it, i'm afraid. >> it may have had to do with timing.
4:25 am
>> it does seem as they there is a presumption by the police down there now to look at things against him. >> if someone calls 911 and says someone's pointing a gun at you. >> they have to react. >> you have to take it seriously. >> absolutely. >> and figure out whether there's an actual prosecutable case down the road. the first thing to do is make sure nobody gets hurt. >> continue to talk about this online, tweet us #newday. there's a frustration. boy, look how quick they are now. why not the last time? why not the last time? a lot of people were saying that. ironic, being in florida during the trayvon martin case probably helped him. being in florida will probably hurt him in this case because of the mandatory minimum. >> thank you, jeffrey. >> thank you. >> the professor. coming up next on "new day," it's getting personal and very public. dick cheney's daughters in a dispute over same-sex marriage. now one daughter's sexual
4:26 am
orientation could affect the other's bid for senate. did he or did he not, baldwin, did he use a racial slur? we'll tell you who's coming to his defense. we went out and asked people a simple question: how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed much is the official retirement age.
4:27 am
♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪
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4:29 am
welcome back to "new day," everyone. it is tuesday, november 19th. coming up in the show, a family feud playing out on facebook. dick cheney's daughters feuding over same-sex marriage. we'll tell you who the former vice president is defending. plus, how do you feel about this? a sequel in the works to jimmy
4:30 am
stewart's 1946 film "it's a wonderful life." should hollywood leave the timeless class ache lone? that's the question. first, let's bring you up to date on the stories making headlines. the death toll climbed to eight from the tornados that swept through the midwest sunday. residents are starting to begin the cleanup effort from the devastation, looking for any personal items left behind in miles of debris. the power is still out for hundreds of thousands of people in michigan, illinois and indiana. new round of chaos in toronto city hall. the city council voting to strip rob ford of the last of his meaningful powers as mayor. the contentious meeting had ford arguing with council members and the public. at one point he nearly knocked an elderly koun member to the ground. ford who has admitted smoking crack and drunking too much compared it to a coup d'etat. he vowed outright war in next year's mayoral election.
4:31 am
as we approach the 50th anniversary of jfk's assassination, the white xs are being removed. they are resurfacing the street to avoid trip hazards. and add the xs are not official city markers. organizers of friday's commemoration events say they want be 9 focus to be kennedy's life and not how he died. today marks the 150th anniversary of president lincoln's gettysburg address. a re-enactment is scheduled for today. one notable absence, president obama. instead, interior secretary sally jewel will be on hand for the event. we've all probably done it at some point. cell phone in hand, good hair day, the oh, so important sel e selfie. it's been declared word of the year by the oxford dictionary.
4:32 am
such a sign of the times, don't you think? editors define the term as a photograph taken of one self and uploaded to social media. you do them at home. i'm talking to you. you're doing it right now, aren't you? somebody did, right in front of the tv. you know they did. >> might as well. >> now you'll get it tweeted to you. >> post it. two big political stories we're following, the cheney sisters public dispute over same-sex marriage is heating up. their parents have weighed in, coming to the defense of liz. jeb bush sounding a lot like a presidential candidate in his remarks here in new york city at the 92nd street y. let's talk about it all. joining us, anna navarro as well as politic editor of business insider, josh barrow. good morning. >> selfie. >> if the pope can do it, anybody can do it. >> right. >> pope approved.
4:33 am
let's talk about the cheneys. very unpope-like. it should be, i would argue, a private family matter that has become very public. all of their own doing. what do you make of it? >> i think they would argue the same thing. i think it's painful. we all have either been part of or know of family feuds, they're painful enough in private. i think it's that much more painful when it's in public. it's rather sad. this is an internal battle playing out all over america where there are gay relatives, gay friends. people who want to say i love them but having a hard time accepting their lifestyle. it's hard to reconcile. i love your family and your kids but i don't accept the structure of marriage that you are engaged in. >> what do you think about this? it has to be a calculation of vice president cheney coming out defending liz cheney on this. >> i think the former vice president's statement was
4:34 am
carefully worded. it was saying this has always been liz's position on same-sex marriage. dick cheney is in favor of same-sex marriage. i don't think this is a repeat of the story we're typically seeing in families across the country. it seems like liz has been supportive of her sister and family and was saying in 2009 we think freedom means freedom for everybody. when dick cheney says that, he means he's for gay marriage. liz is know running in the senate in wyoming. i suspect deep down she doesn't have a personal problem. >> which makes it weirder. you get it. there's politics beginning on here. listen, growing up in a political family you don't do this. the family never gets out in public and talks about what's going on. >> i think it's so counterproductive. look, whomever may oppose gay marriage probably opposes family drama. i have seen no instances in
4:35 am
politics where family drama leads to go things. >> you can't squash it. family is family. doesn't matter how much power you may have. >> can i throw a dissenting thought on this? >> mary's anger makes liz's opposition less sincere, personally costly. just saying. >> did you read what mary's wife said? >> yes. >> honey, that's -- that's no facade. that's not a pretend. that's for real. >> that's real. >> it cut deep. they've got children. i can see where it would be, look, don't tread on me, don't use me as a subject. as a candidate she needs to cut off any conversation about her sister, when they bring up her sister, look, my sister's life is private. >> liz didn't make this part of the campaign. she was asked about it on fox news. this was brought to her. >> she made it part of the
4:36 am
campaign by publicly taking a position that was hurtful to her sister. dick cheney was able in 2004 to avoid taking a position against same-sex marriage at significant political cost within the republican party. her sister in 2013 wasn't able to do that. i think she was offended by that. i don't buy the dan savidge thing. if this is a scheme, it's a dumb scheme that will not work. >> it may backfire. >> she's down 40 points in the polls in this race. >> that's the sad thing. these two sisters are going through this very public fight -- >> for nothing. >> in all likelihood, mike enzi will continue being the senator from wyoming. >> right. good point. let's talk about jeb. >> let's. >> is he sounding presidentialesque? >> what's your take. >> i think he's thinking about this more than meets the naked
4:37 am
eye. i heard him lately talk about the factors that go into his thinking. >> what are those factors. >> i'll tell you what they're not. >> can i win? can i win? can i win? >> we're not talking about andrew cuomo's perspective. >> he's been married for 39 years and 10 months. can this be a full partnership in and joyfulness of doing it. does he have the fire in the belly, does he want to do it? what wouldn't be factors is who is running. >> come on. >> you know something, i almost get the feeling that, you know, and i promote this. >> okay. >> it's important to have a voice like jeb's in a republican
4:38 am
primary, because he brings a temperate, pragmatic conservatism to the table. that's with one of the interesting things last night, the moderator called him a moderate. he pushed back hard. when you take a look at jeb bush's -- he said, why are you calling me a moderate? i'm a conservative, a practicing conservative, not a talking one. i will put my record up against anyone in congress. >> yes. i think the key thing is you said there is that it's important to have his voice there. i think jeb is a policy guy. i think he wants to influence the discussion on immigration and education issues. it's helpful for people to think you might run for president if you want them to listen to you and read your book and think about what you have to say on this stuff. i don't think he's going to end up running. i don't think he can win. i think he knows he can't win. >> are jeb bush and chris christie too much alike? >> there's only room for the one establishment candidate in the
4:39 am
romney slot. i think chris christie is working very hard to woccupy that. >> i think jeb bush has deeper roots to money and support than you're assuming right now. i think the basic analysis is right. at the end of the day he has to think about whether or not he can win, because of the marriage, how important his family is. because of the direction he's taken his life. >> the family issue is huge. i will tell you, around this table, i think i may be the only republican bundler. there's a lot of donors who like chris christie but see jeb bush as a more complete package. for myself -- >> that doesn't shock me. >> i am going like a plus men's store this cycle, i'm either going big or tall. >> she did not make that comparison. >> was it the day after the election we were sitting around a table all talking about what's next, where do we go? you said i'm starting my campaign to get jeb bush to run
4:40 am
right then. i remember us having that conversation. >> that was early. i don't want to remember that. can we skip over that one? >> we can skip that. i recall some things from our conversation. great to see you guys. >> coming up on "new day," alec baldwin, not running for the president, not yet. he's on the defensive over accusations he used an anti-gay slur. will he really retire to stay out of the public eye? the reaction and what he's saying. i get bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month. i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart.
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4:44 am
welcome back to "new day." you've seen the pictures of the devastation in the midwest. we want to make sure you hear the voices of the people affected as well. yesterday we introduced you to steve bucher. let's get back to indra petersons. she's in washington, illinois. indra, you went back and found steve bucher and he let you see what he was dealing with, right? >> yes, exactly, chris. it took a few minutes of speaking to steve to see how inspiring his story was. he literally had so many inspirational words of encouragement considering he just lost everything. we are talking about a two-story house, completely leveled down to the ground. i want to set this picture here for you, steve told me he had just come home from his wife from a trip to indianapolis. he went ahead, made spaghetti,
4:45 am
they heard the sirens and literally had seconds to escape from this ef-4 tornado. >> is that your car? >> those are my cars. >> wow. >> this was entrance from the garage into the house. this was our dining room. obviously they put this floor down extremely well. it's all still here. this was the entrance to the house right here. >> unbelievable. you know, i wasn't so much thinking about the sounds and all of that as much as thinking, you know, this very well could be the end of things. we're right in the middle of an absolute calamity here. my wife said she would just -- that's all she could hear, this deafening roar. i guess more when it started creeking and then cracking with boards obviously breaking and the house being completely ripped apart.
4:46 am
you live long enough and you gain perspective, i guess. >> i have to say, perspective. you have amazing outlook on this entire situation. >> we'll get through this. we've lost a daughter to cancer. that was way tougher than this. way tougher than this. this is stuff. that was a real important part of our hearts and lives. the only important thing i had in this house walked out of it with me. >> what was that? >> my wife. >> you know, it's so hard to even tell, where we were standing and you saw the floor boards that was the bottom level of this two-story house that was made of brick and concrete and literally nothing was left. you hear all of his encouragement really to not only himself and his neighbors, everyone is coming together. i wanted to let you know, he had the most inspiring story. he said all of his 11 grand children were expected to come in town for the holidays in
4:47 am
about two weeks, they were going to celebrate early on thanks gifg thanksgiving. he said i'm going to run a generator and bring a christmas tree right there. they're still going to come. >> he does deliver a message everybody needs to hear. appreciate it. >> midwest spirit. >> nobody knows how cold it is better than you. thank you for being out there for us. >> there's a lot going on in the world, covering lots of different things. to come out of disaster with a sense of what really matters in the world, he's a special guy. >> it's not what happens to you, it's how you handle it that's a true test of character. speaking of character, let's turn to this. controversy just seems to follow actor alec baldwin. his latest issue involves an alleged gay slur that put his talk show in jeopardy and his his daughter coming to his defense. nischelle turner has been following the latest baldwin
4:48 am
drama. bring us up to date. >> never a dull moment when you're talking about alec. he says because of this latest mess he's rethinking his professional future. >> alec wald bin now threatening to leave show business for good, amid growing outrage at his alleged use of a gay slur against a photographer. >> you're in my way. >> any reaction? >> you're in my way. >> his talk show on msnbc has been suspended for two weeks but many say that's not good enough, calling for it to be canceled. >> i think for a long time, alec has ridden on this wave of his anger management issues being part of his schtick, he's incourted into his character. >> reporter: baldwin responding to backlash on twitter and in a blog on huffington post. he apologized for the angry outburst but continues to deny writing a gay slur.
4:49 am
acoustic analysis proves the word is fat head. fat head. he's threatening to leave the entertainment business once and for all saying if quitting the television business, the movie business, the theater, any component of entertainment is necessary in order to bring safety and peace to my family, then that is an easy decision. and his family's backing him, his daughter ireland supporting him on twitter saying for someone who's battled with anger management issues my dad has grown tremendously. the same daughter who baldwin left his now infamous voicemail for back in 2007. >> you have high miumiliated me the last time. you have a rude, thoughtless little pig, okay? >> the show has been suspended for this week and next week but he is of all things, guys, we say a lot of things about alec baldwin. he has a clear voice and clear
4:50 am
view. he's a charismatic person. >> under a tremendous amount of scrutiny as well. >> yes. >> the man does nothing we don't hear about. >> this is true. should the classic be left alone? we'll discuss. >> get me back!
4:51 am
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look, daddy. teacher says every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings. >> that's right. that's right. that a boy, clarence.
4:54 am
>> i just love that film. it is a clip from the holiday classic "it's a wonderful life." but now jimmy stewart's 1946 oscar-nominated film getting a sequel? it's called "it's a wonderful life: the rest of the story." nischelle turner is back with more. i'm afraid. you know that, right? >> i keep thinking of paul harvey's "the rest of the story." would you touch an untouchable and try to make it better? that's the question here. basically what's going to happen with this sequel of "it's a wonderful life" is it's going to pick up with jimmy stewart, his grandson, who is also named george bailey, and it's going to take him through his life and actually show how much better off the world would be if he hasn't in it, which is the reverse of what the original "it's a wonderful life" is. a lot of people are saying, i don't know if you should touch this. >> are they trying to do a
4:55 am
"wicked"? >> yeah. >> good point. >> "wizard of oz" has its own story and "wicked" is where the wicked witch actually gets framed. not to give it away. >> isn't it a situation where you think some things are untouchable? >> can we talk about hollywood's track records with sequels? >> right. >> can i mention "basic instinct 2," "blues brothers 2000," "blair witch 2." >> "blair witch" does not go into the category -- >> they garnered pretty decent box offices and, you know -- >> this did not. >> i know. >> at the time, that's true. >> right, it didn't. what's going on here, too, this film is slated, number one, to be released next holiday season. >> we don't have to worry about this year? >> 2014. >> i'm excited about it. >> some people are like you, kate. some people are saying, why not?
4:56 am
let's do the rest of the story. one of the people, carolyn grimes, who played zuzu bailey, every time a bell rings -- she will be in the sequel and come back as an angel and show george bailey kind of life without him. she's very excited about this. she came out yesterday and said i think there should be a sequel. i want to know the rest of the story. i want to tell the rest of the story. >> who directs it, right? >> right. >> that will tell what kind of deft hand is at the helm. >> reached out to the older cast members, the ones that are still living, reached out to them to kind of reprise the roles in the film. and the budget for this film, not a lot of money. technically will be considered an indy film. what will they get from it? what will it look like? >> i implore you, do right by it. >> i like kate's outlook. very optimistic. >> i'm a classic film buff,
4:57 am
though. i'm nervous. >> we're optimistic. we're nervous. >> we're in the news, obviously. >> coming up next on "new day," from dancing on a corner to knocking over a council woman, we'll bring you the latest on toronto mayor rob ford's latest and what it means for his future, next. yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'.
4:58 am
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5:00 am
twin bombings. nearly two dozen people killed outside the embassy in beirut. who is behind it? mayor rob ford stripped of
5:01 am
his power and vowing revenge, from dancing to plowing into people. we'll bring you the latest. teens randomly knocking out strangers for fun happening across the country and proving to be deadly. why your "new day" continues right now. welcome back to "new day," everyone. 8:00 in the east. we begin with news breaking this morning. deadly explosions rocking southern beirut and we now know who is behind the suicide attacks. cnn correspondent nick payton walsh has the details. >> reporter: the lebanese army saying there were two suicide bombers, one on a motorcycle and one in a jeep. their devices detonating moments apart. we understand, too, close
5:02 am
circuit tv footage being monitored to find out what happened. the iranian ambassador telling america he believes the embassy was the target. first the use of suicide bombers not seen to this extent for decades inside lebanon and the claim of responsibility from a group called the abdullah al asam brigade. they're linked perhaps to al qaeda but also to rebels fighting against the regime there in that lengthy brutal civil war. this is another sign of that violence inside syria spilling over into lebanon, already in a very fragile state. back to you, chris. >> very key point you make th e there, nick. lebanon is in a fragile state. appreciate the reporting this morning. back here at home, the search continues for people who may still be trapped under debris from a tornado that tore apart the town of washington, illinois. in all, 76 tornadoes were reported across the midwest. at least eight people have died.
5:03 am
hundreds of homes destroyed. storms have caused significant damage in over a dozen states. indra petersons is arrive in washington, illinois. we're watching the situation there. how are the people holding up? what factor is that cold playing? >> reporter: that's really the toughest thing in these morning hours. it is so cold and people are left without shelter. of course, the community is coming together. it has been classified as an ef-4 tornado, 190-mile-per-hour winds that went over 40 miles. that tornado was hf a mile wide, chris. just imagine that. so much devastation they're dealing with here this morning. hundreds of thousands are still without power this morning after sunday's deadly tornado outbreak. illinois's governor declaring seven counties disaster areas in the wake of more than 70 reported twisters that tore across the midwest from missouri to wisconsin, killing at least
5:04 am
eight people. >> we were hard hit. we never, ever in the history of illinois had so many tornadoes in the month of november. >> reporter: from above, you can see where this tornado touched down in an open field and then pummeled this community in washington, illinois. at least half the town of brookport was destroyed and three people died when a tornado ripped apart two mobile home parks. >> you just don't think that things like this will happen. you just don't think, you know. >> reporter: also incredible stories of survival. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: chris lancaster kept filming while this tornado destroyed his house. packing winds as high as 190 miles an hour. >> i got hit by some debris or something, cut my eye in three places. >> reporter: this 78-year-old woman escaped a same tornado with a broken nose. >> debris started flying. >> reporter: her home reduced to rubble. >> hot water heater, copper pipes, those parts were all on me. >> reporter: yesterday we brought you the story of steve
5:05 am
boucher. he and his wife miraculously survived in our basement hallway. >> i was down and she was lowered like here. >> reporter: their brick home was destroyed and cars thrown across the street. >> the only important thing i had in this house walked out of it with me. >> reporter: and what was that? >> my wife. >> reporter: thousands left combing through the piles of debris, searching for whatever they can salvage. >> the video of my wedding. >> reporter: i just want to put into perspective how rare it is for a tornado in november. they've had just under 200 tornado warnings. this last sunday they had a majority of those. truly incredible what happened, kate? >> truly incredible. i love you highlighting that mid western spirit, mid western resolve of all those people there who say they will rebuild and will be okay. indra, thank you.
5:06 am
more legal drama involving george zimmerman, arrested after his girlfriend accused him of pointing a gun at her. it's just his latest run-in with the law since the jury acquitted him of the shooting death of trayvon martin. live in sanford, florida, with the very latest, david mattingly. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, kate. two 911 calls, two very different stories. and at this time, we're trying to figure out which story is true. listen. >> i'm doing this again? you just broke my glass table. you just broke my sunglasses and you put your gun in my freaking face and told me to get the [ bleep ] out. this is not your house. no, get out of here! >> reporter: that was george zimmerman's girlfriend, yelling at him just before she tells 911 he pushed her out of her home and barricaded himself inside. a few minutes later, zimmerman makes his own call. >> my girlfriend, for lack of a
5:07 am
better word, going crazy on me. >> reporter: with police banging on the door, zimmerman says his girlfriend is pregnant and blame everything on her. >> she just started smashing stuff, kicking stuff that belonged to me, throwing it outside, throwing it out of her room, throwing it all over the house. she broke a glass table because she threw something on it. she got mad that i guess i told her that i would be willing to leave. >> okay. >> i guess she thought that i was going to argue with her, but she's pregnant. i'm not going to put her through that kind of stress. >> reporter: it's zimmerman's latest run-in with the law. since his acquittal of the trayvon martin case, pulled over twice for speeding. in september, he was detained by police after his soon-to-be ex-wife claimed he smashed her ipad in an argument. no charges were filed then. this time it's different. >> she alleged he had broken a table and at one point pointed a
5:08 am
long-barreled shotgun at her. >> reporter: deputies pushed their way inside to find zimmerman unarmed and cooperative. he is now back in the seminole county jail, charged with aggravated assault. deputies searched the home until late monday night. and what they found in that house could go a long way in determining which story here is actually true. remember, when george zimmerman was first seen by deputies when they went in that house, he was unarmed. you heard him say that his girlfriend was pregnant. she told investigators that she's not. kate? >> all right. appreciate the reporting. we'll keep following that one. that's for sure. we want to tell you about accusations of a coup and threats of an outright war. not in the middle east. in toronto, coming from troubled man and mayor rob ford, stripped of just about all his powers in a contentious confrontation with members of the city council. he is not backing down, warning everyone who is against him what goes round comes round.
5:09 am
nic robertson is joining us live from toronto this morning. nick, what's the latest? >> reporter: well, chris, chaos and confusion inside that council chamber, even the legal counsel that have been brought in to advise the council saying that they had only just been notified of what they were doing. they were in unchartered legal territory. when that final vote came down, the mayor declared war. >> the item is amended. >> reporter: mayor ford went down 36 votes to 5. his answer? >> this, folks, reminds me of when i was watching with my brother when saddam attacked kuwait. you guys have just attacked kuwait. [ laughter ] >> and you will never see something that -- mark my words, friends.
5:10 am
this is going to be outright war in the next election. >> reporter: the battle began even before the vote. another mayor ford moment might like to forget. in council chambers, shouting members of the public and then this. accidentally knocking an elderly councillor to the floor. >> mayor ford, your time's up. mayor ford? >> in the battle to strip his powers, few in the council, except his brother doug, on his side. >> what is happening today is an overthrow of a democratically elected mayor, illegally. this is what you see in third world nations. >> ford nation comes to sun news. the mayor of mayhem, like you've never seen him before. the booze, the dope. >> you've heard the criticism and the councillors.
5:11 am
doesn't i want you to listen to me. >> creating his own world, "ford nation." >> i want to thank my supporters for sticking with me. i guarantee you'll so a change in the next few months. >> his words, his message for an hour under control until he stepped out of the studio, falling over a photographer. >> i didn't push her. >> reporter: that's all he said. >> he didn't touch her. >> reporter: that elderly councillor he knocked over in the city chambers, he did go back and apologize and give her a bigg hug to try to make up. it's the lies, it's the abuse. it's the drink. it's the drugs. perhaps the biggest thing, again, the lies that's turned everyone against him. he can't go back and make up with everyone. and it's all over for him now. his powers mostly stripped away. back to you, guys. >> his powers mostly stripped away, but he is not walking way from the spotlight.
5:12 am
at least not just yet. >> apologizing is a few steps down the ladder for him. he needs to start recognizing that he has a problem. best thing i heard him say on "ford nation" is you'll see a change in the next few weeks. >> we hope to see that change. it's hard to watch. briefing senators on nuclear talks with iran. the president is expected to emphasize his opposition to any new sanctions as the u.s. and other world powers prepare for a new round of negotiations in geneva this week. the administration insists any easing of sanctions in return for iran scaling back its nuclear program would be slight and reversible. two obama care house hearings getting under way today. top manager will testify, and will reveal that he had serious concerns that the website would crash. similar concerns were shared with the white house back in
5:13 am
march. now considering letting people bypass $13 billion, that's what jp morgan chase will pay to settle up with the justice department to unload securities on investors just west of that financial crisis of 2008. it is the largest fine ever for a single company. settlement is expected to be announced today. this is unbelievable. look at this video. incredible viral video of an extreme skier trying to outrace an avalanche in the swiss alps. it looks like he might actually beat the avalanche until he takes a nasty spill. by the time he gets up, it is too late. he is belted by a wall of snow and buried. five frantic minutes, terrifying minutes later, his friends are actually able to pull him out alive. we have the view from lopez's go pro helmet cam. the extreme skier was flown to a hospital and suffered minor
5:14 am
injuries. we might have that view where you can see the faces of concerned friends who can't believe they found him. tom brady, dropped the f bomb on national tv. furious after last night's controversial final play in the 24-20 loss to the panthers. espn's camera picked up brady using the f bomb as he was getting in the face of the referee clete blakeman. throwing a penalty flag against carolina and deciding then to pick it up. the refs ruling the final pass of the game was uncatchable. therefore, nullifying the penalty and sending the patriots to defeat. speak. i know you need to. >> i'm going to amend my previous statement. >> oh, amending. amending. >> uncatchable, that call should not be allowed to decide a game. >> thoughts? >> and i've won, yes! thank you. or not. >> mark this one down for kate.
5:15 am
>> watching that call again and again, i wasn't able to watch the game last night for obvious reasons, but didn't look uncatchable to me. the height at which the guy caught the ball, gronkowski could have come back and caught the ball but i'm a jets fan so i don't. >> we have a ball. we could re-enact it. >> jets can't catch any ball. that's all they call all day long in the jets game. >> it's uncatchable. uncatchable. >> let's get back out to indra peterson, in washington, illinois, monitoring the the situation for us there. what do you know about the forecast? >> reporter: perfect example, temperatures are below freezing this morning. not sure if you can see this. we can actually see frost building you on the debris here. unfortunately, this will be the best weather day they have for some time. now that that severe weather system has completely moved offshore, that is gone. we're dealing with mild conditions. high pressure in place,
5:16 am
temperatures 5 to 8 degrees below normal. here comes the next system. over in the pacific northwest, we're seeing that system producing snow. heavy amounts of snow by the time they get through tuesday, especially in the higher elevations of wyoming and even back through colorado. that system makes its way across. by thursday into the midwest, we'll be talking about heavy rain throughout the region. wednesday and thursday, heavy rain. and then even as we go through the weekend, it looks like that rain will switch over to snow behind the cold front. right here where i'm standing, yes, it is cold. yes, we have frost on literally all this debris around me. this is the last good day. we have clear skies and it is dry. by tonight they'll be talking about rain moving in only getting heavier thursday and friday and switching over to snow on saturday. definitely the last day they'll really have to pick up the final pieces they can of what's left. >> thank you, indra. they are still searching for people there. i can't believe they searched everything already. it happened so quickly. still ongoing and we'll monitor
5:17 am
it. coming up next on "new day" princeton university taking action to contain a rare meningitis outbreak. are the vaccinations they're offering students considered safe? will new heart guidelines lead to overprescribed medications? growing debate over who should take cholesterol-lowering statin drugs. we'll talk about it when we come back. smoke? no, i'm good. ♪ [ male announcer ] every time you say no to a cigarette, you celebrate a little win.
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5:20 am
welcome back. have you heard a dangerous,
5:21 am
potentially deadly disease is spreading at princeton university? now joining us from princeton, new jersey, to try to explain the situation. what do we know? >> reporter: after days of discussions, cdc, princeton university leaders and new jersey state health officials have agreed to move forward with a plan to import a vaccine that's never been tested in this country. even so, we now know they pln to recommend that most students at princeton university take it. princeton university leaders say they're ready to offer thousands of students a vaccine that is not approved for use in the united states. it's an effort to stop an outbreak of a dangerous and contagious disease that's showing up on campus. >> pending final cdc approval, the university is prepared to accept these recommendations and make arrangements to provide access to this vaccine as soon as possible.
5:22 am
>> reporter: since march, seven cases of meningitis b, a rare and potentially deadly disease, have been linked to the ivy league university. now the centers for disease control is preparing to recommend doses of the vaccine bexsera for all who live in dormitories and members of the university community with certain medical conditions. vaccinations will be free and voluntary. >> if the cdc approves it or the university says it's okay, i would take it. >> reporter: bexsero was approve this had year for use in australia and europe but not yet in the u.s. it's been administered to 8,000 people and the cdc says it's considered safe. some doctors say it's key to stopping the outbreak that started when a student returned to school sick following spring break. >> there are a number of people. we don't know what proportion in that student population that are carriers of this bug back in
5:23 am
their throats. they're feeling fine. nobody knows that they have it. but they can spread it and give it to others. >> reporter: the cdc has fda approval to import bexsero as part of an investigational drug program. it will only be available as an option at princeton university. there's no estimate on how many students will take it. >> i want to do a little more research and find out exactly what the vaccine entails. >> reporter: and princeton university students will have some time to do their homework on the vaccine. cdc review board still has to sign off until the cdc can give recommendation to launch the program. still, they hope to have the first doses of the vaccine on campus some time in december. chris, kate? >> alexandra, thank you so much for that. for more, turn to senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen. princeton students will have a choice whether to get the vaccination or not.
5:24 am
>> i can't remember another time when people have been offered a vaccine that hasn't been proved in the united states, sort of in a big group like this. princeton students will have to decide, do i want to take a vaccine that's not been approved in this country? and the doctors that i talk to, and the cdc, are really encouraging them to do it. this meningitis is really big and bad. one out of ten people die, who get it. and of the survivors, one out of five ends up with brain damage. >> the kids over 18, hippa laws kick n parents aren't necessarily told what's happening. >> hopefully, parents are watching our show, so they know their child was given this choice. even though technically, i was an adult i remember at that age, i asked mom and dad. >> the question is risk. it's not approved here. it's approved overseas. is there no risk or is there a
5:25 am
risk of contracting meningitis outweigh the risk of the vaccine? >> that's what the cdc and experts believe, that the risk of the disease far outweighs the risk of the vaccine. no medicine is completely safe. it's been approved in europe and australia. their standards are rigorous, very similar to what we have here. >> is it pending approval here? is that imminent? >> it's probably not imminent. it's a relatively new vaccine and novartis hasn't gotten around to coming to this part of the world just yet. the side skts to this vaccine are very similar to the side effects of the vaccine that our children get, relatively minor, fever, sore arm. most people don't have anything bad happen. >> let's get your take on the story we talked about last week, cholesterol-lowering statins, new guidelines that meant many more americans were going to be suggested that they take statins. now there's some suggestion they had done their math wrong? >> right. >> what are you hearing about this? >> two doctors at harvard used
5:26 am
the calculator and says, wait a minute, this says a lot of people should be taking statins that shouldn't be. the american heart association stands by its calculator. they say you never just use the calculator but also in conjunction with your doctor. >> aren't we supposed to make it clarified, understand it a little easier is this. >> i'm going to give you the bottom line. go to your doctor. you get your cholesterol numbers and have a discussion about three things, your cholesterol numbers, your own personal health profile. do i have diabetes, high blood pressure, et cetera? and you talk about your family. what did your parents die of? did they have heart disease, et cetera? take those three things, your parents, you, your numbers and smush them together. that's a medical term. you smush them together and you and your doctor decide whether or not you should go on a statin. you should never rely on a calculator, even if it's a great calculator.
5:27 am
you should always have that discussion and decide what to do. >> it points to that thing when it comes to medical -- we have to be our own patient advocate and know the information out there. >> that is something you champion. >> absolutely. you have to be an empowered patient. you can't just show up and say, dr. baldwin, tell me what to do. >> especially that dr. bolduan right there. >> suck it up. >> eat more broccoli. >> two more push-ups. stand on your head, it will all get approximate better. elizabeth, thank you. great to see you. punched out from nowhere, for no reason. police are warning people of attacks known as the knockout game. i wish this weren't so, but it is. we'll tell you what you need to know when we come back. yeah, i'm married. does it matter?
5:28 am
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i love rush, but i'm not sure about "today's tom sawyer" with what we'll be teasing. decades after the japanese fought world war ii, caroline kennedy becomes the new ambassador to japan. he is in high school. there live, we'll talk to him and his coach coming up. look at that kiddo. can't wait to talk to him. right now, first, the five things you need to know for your "new day," the death toll from sunday's tornadoes in the
5:32 am
midwest now stands at 8:00 after two people were reportedly killed in michigan. hundreds of thousands remain without power. george zimmerman is back behind bars after allegedly threatening his girlfriend. acquitted of killing trayvon martin, is currently awaiting a bail hearing on new charges. white house meeting today, a new round of negotiations set to begin hart this week in geneva. jp morgan chase close to finalizing a record $13 billion settlement with the government. the nation's largest bank agreed to take responsibility for its role in the 2008 mortgage-backed security scandal. and quite a day for san diego voters. they're heading to the polls today to elect a new mayor. he will be turning the page on scandal. in the process, you'll recall former mayor bob filner resigned amid a scandal. thanks, michaela.
5:33 am
it's frightening, deadly and gaining in popularity, if you can even believe it. the knockout game has police in several states on their heels. people going up to strangers, punching them and running off. why is it happening and how widespread is it? pamela brown has been looking into this. what have we been learning about this? let's be honest, this stupid game. >> it's stupid. it's very disturbing, kate. it's frankly dangerous. incidents believed to be linked to the knockout game have been reported in at least six states. it could happen to you, anyone walking down the street. one minute you're minding your own business, the next a complete stranger deliberately knocks you to the ground. across the country, police are struggling to tally the full impact of this deadly game. we want to warn you, this video you're about to watch may be tough to watch. it's a painful scene to watch. >> the video speaks for itself, but i don't remember it happening when it happened. >> unsuspecting 50-year-old teacher james adelferger walks
5:34 am
toward a group of boys. seemingly out of nowhere, one of them violently knocks him to the ground, his limp body lying on the concrete as the group walks away. >> i was shocked at -- i was shocked at the whole narrative of it. boom came the punch and down i went, you know, straight down with my face falling and hitting the cold concrete. >> reporter: this attack happened in 2012 in pittsburgh. but the so-called knockout or one-hit quitter game apparently has spread elsewhere. videos of attacks posted online. >> oh! [ bleep ] >> reporter: missouri, illinois, pennsylvania, new york, new jersey and washington, d.c. just some of the places victims have reported being punched on the streets for no reason. and a few of the cases, the victims died. flowers mark the spot the where a homeless man in new jersey was beaten to death in september, allegedly by these teenagers. in brooklyn, new york, police are investigating this attack.
5:35 am
the victim is sucker punched as he walks down the street. >> i travel alone a lot, to go to school, rehearsals and come home and that's scary. >> reporter: just last week in d.c., one of two victims punched in the face by kids on bikes. she says for no reason. >> he just like threw a hook with his left hand and just got me like right in the face and he said, wa-pow. >> reporter: the juvenile who attacked james addlesburger was arrested but he says there are no winners in the knockout game. >> reporter: >> in most of these cases the victim is not robbed, interesting to note there. the best way to prevent this from happening to you is to stay aware of your surroundings. we reached out to several police departments across the country and many say they are aware of this game but don't have any stats because normally these incidents are logged as assaults. >> and, of course, difficult for police to try to track this down. it's one person out of nowhere
5:36 am
that they get knocked out. it's not like there's a reason that one person was picked. >> usually it's unprovoked. even in these two recent incidents in d.c., they haven't made any arrests there. this presents a challenge to these officers and as one police officer told me yesterday, he said we are very aware of this popular game and we're trying to do everything to prevent it from happening in our city. >> we've done some foolish things when we were growing up, but nothing that crazy. >> it's not a game. two things they need to know. first thing is they're going to catch you. they're going to punish you and it's going to burn and you're going to beg for mercy and say i'm just a kid. it's just a game. you're going to lose. the kids celebrated, you see in the video. anybody doing it is a punk. even in the violence, the stupidest male, man law rule you can find, cold cocking people who don't see you coming, hitting women, these guys are punks. there's no honor or dignity. they're going to catch you and punish you. i can't wait to cover that part
5:37 am
of the story. >> not a laughing matter, to say the least. >> let us know what you think about this. use #newday. caroline kennedy is the new ambassador to japan, a job that sounds even cooler when you learn this is your car. there's the company car right there. riding around in a carriage. we'll tell you what's going on. >> heck of a commute. >> that's a little longer. look at this. no, that is not a professional football player. and certainly not built like the average high schooler. but he is the latest viral superstar that has college recruiters taking notice, as they should. >> no knockout game on him.
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
welcome back to "new day," caroline kennedy, the first female u.s. ambassador to japan, making quite the entrance to mark the start of her official duties, arrived in a horse-drawn carriage for the traditional
5:41 am
meeting with the japanese emperor. her new role beginning as the 50th anniversary of her father's assassination approaches. kyung lah is live there, covering all the fanfare. >> reporter: it was quite the fanfare, thank you, kate. good morning. with all the trappings of japanese formality. clutching cameras and waving, thousands of japanese lined the streets to watch a daughter fulfill her father's sojourn. she's completing the mission he couldn't fulfill says this woman. this is significant here. jfk was to be the first u.s. president to visit japan, but he was assassinated. 50 years later, nearly to the day of his death, his only surviving child made her way through the streets of tokyo by horse-drawn carriage. she passed by many in this crowd
5:42 am
who witnessed the first-ever live tv images broadcast out of the u.s. to japan 50 years ago, images of the two young kennedy children seared into the japanese memory. caroline is like my friend, she says. of course, we are in totally different worlds. but to me, she is special. this is the sort of enthusiasm usually reserved for pop stars or the japanese royal family. do you remember anyone ever getting this excited about a u.s. ambassador here in japan? heck no, say the watanabes who traveled miles to be here. caroline kennedy doesn't have a lot of diplomatic experience. that doesn't matter, she says, emphatic emphatically. she can do the job. this is a culture where blood lines trump all, this child of camelot is royalty here. >> making a full circle and
5:43 am
closening the bond that is we have. i think it's great. >> reporter: after a brief ceremony with emperor, ambassador kennedy returned to her carriage to begin her path in u.s./japan history. now the ambassador says she is looking forward to getting right to work. as far as the historical significance of this week, she is going to be marking it privately. chris, kate? >> all right. kyung, thank you so much for that. let's get back to indra petersons, in illinois, watching the search for survivors and, of course, the weather. it's getting cold. behind you looks like frost, indra. what's the latest? >> reporter: a chilly morning this morning with temperatures below freezing. finally the sun is now out and things are starting to improve. that should be the situation for the rest of the day, at least here. really the eastern half of the country today enjoying some mild weather hiechlt pressure is in place, sunny skies, dry
5:44 am
conditions. temperatures on the cool side in the northeast today, 5 to 8 degrees below normal. but a change is on the way. and that comes from the pacific northwest. it's that system that's dumping snow today in the high elevations of the cascades. it looks like idaho, even montana. that will progress to the east by tomorrow. we'll be talking about even over a foot of snow is possible tomorrow into wyoming. that same system, though, will bring some rain right here into the midwest by the middle of the week. so, really, wednesday into thursday, getting even heavier as we go through friday. and then keep in mind behind us, a cold system producing snow currently, we'll be talking about snow right here even on the weekend. so, yes, it looks like things will be rapidly changing. we'll enjoy the little bit of sunshine we have left here today. hopefully, it does help everyone here and the victims really kind of gather all the pieces together as soon as they can before the storm moves in. >> indra, thank you for the reporting. we've been there. it looks as bad as what you see. the need is great. the holidays are coming.
5:45 am
this won't be over soon just because the coverage stops doesn't mean the pain does. go to there are plenty of ideas to help there. coming up next on "new day," his highlight reel has gone viral and he has been dubbed the next big thing. coming up live, we'll talk to the high school football player that should be on every recruiter's radar. [ male announcer ] this is jim,
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5:49 am
take a look at these photos that have gone viral. that's not an nfl player. not yet anyway. that's a high school player, 6'4", 400 pounds. >> how much? >> 400 pounds. this is a highlight reel that shows barreling over three and four defenders at a time. look at this. rumbling, fumbling. you can't tackle me. i will crush you. >> i will crush you. >> it is this man child himself, doing well. enjoying the game he plays, tony picard and his coach, andrew busch. hello, fellows. thanks for getting up so early. >> you're welcome. good morning. >> i look looking at that football in your hands, tony.
5:50 am
looks like a devil dog, holding it in there. coach, tell us about this kid. he's big. you say his head and his heart are even bigger. tell us about him. >> yeah. he's just a crowd favorite in our crowd every time he gets the ba ball, they go crazy. in fact, when we went to opposing teams, the announcers would even get into it for the other schools, that was 6'4", 400-pound tony picard carrying the ball and their crowd was even cheering for them. it was pretty cool. >> your highlight reel, if this note is correct, is almost 2 million hits on youtube. what do you make of that? >> i mean, it's crazy. it's shocking, you know. it's the last thing i would have thought of. like i didn't even make the video. some guy that first brought the article up, you know, that's how it all started. a guy named dirk out of portland made it. i saw it on facebook and was like, whoa, where did this come
5:51 am
from? >> a lot of people want to know that. we want to talk to your mom and dad. what are they feeding you, son? you're a big fellow. 6'4", correct? >> yeah. >> have you always been the tallest or around tallest in your family, tallest in class? >> yes, i have. >> so, you know, we're trying to figure out -- it goes viral. seems like a no brainer. you're so huge, moving well, especially for a guy that size. coach, you say that he hasn't been on a lot of radar screens for -- >> that's surprising. >> -- scouts a running back. of course he is a nose tackle. lot of high schools play both ways. why do you think he hasn't gotten his due yet? >> it's nontraditional. nobody really does what we did here. he kind of looked athletic. i said how can we use this a little bit better? he is a traditional type lineman type body. i decided at football camp at
5:52 am
central washington university one year, give him a try. would you mind trying running back? and he kind of said really? i walked him up to where the coach was, central coach. he said, hey, big dog, the lineman drills are down there. and he goes, i'm a running back. and the coach just kind of stared at him. what? he said get in there. he said yes, sir. he starts doing the foot drills, agility. he looked athletic and all of a sudden, he was a running back. >> do you like that you surprise people, tony? that they don't expect you to be what you are? >> honestly, yeah. i mean, it's crazy just to see the looks on people's faces l e like, what is he doing? >> what does this guy think he's doing? tony, you're a senior in high school now, about to turn 18. if you could play for any school, any college, any university, what school would you pick? >> i would choose washington state university. >> all right. >> all right. >> i think coach supports that.
5:53 am
>> are you getting any buzz out of it? obviously, you're getting a lot of acclaim online. is it turning into any attention? are you starting to get any phone calls, coach? >> again, this kind of happened so quickly, we never expected it. and as a coach, it's one of my jobs, to try to promote my athletes. so, obviously, this makes it real easy with this explosion. but there's a lot of things starting to come in all of a sudden. >> good for him. good for him. >> dream big for a second, tony. what would you like your future to look like? >> you know, graduate from high school, you know. go play at wsu, you know, wherever they want me to play, you know. and just, if possible, even go pro. but, you know, i know it's going to take a lot of work to get to that next level and the next level after that. so, i mean, i know what i've got to do to get to that next level and i'm going to do what i've got to do to get there. >> but he is open to other
5:54 am
colleges. >> well done, coach. >> well said, coach. here on "new day" we are on team tony. you go get him. >> and coach is 6'2". you're 6'2" and he's -- >> yes. >> my goodness. coach you're not short either. >> coach is a big man. coach is a big man. that man is just much bigger. >> he is. >> i would say so. >> thanks for getting up so early for us. >> million hits. can't wait to see the next chapter. >> it will be exciting to watch. >> i would love to see those practice scrimmages. >> would like to see the look on those defenders. >> i would be like, you get it. unexpecting hero comes to the aid of neighbors. hear about his courageous act, next. ya know, with new fedex one rate
5:55 am
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you give them the giggles. tylenol cold® helps relieve your worst cold and flu symptoms.
5:58 am
but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol cold®. now this song works. it's time for "the good stuff." freak accident leaves him with one arm and one leg. that's not stopped him from anything, including becoming a hero. fidel was the first to notice his bronx apartment building was on fire. if n several people would be hurt in the fire but not the two kids, who dropped them into the arms of the neighbor below. >> oh, my goodness. >> times of emergency, you
5:59 am
cannot think. you either react or you don't. >> remember, he had to find a way to get over there, get those two kids under control and safely try to get them and direct them toward the guy, two stories. he then jumps to safety himself out the window, lands, hurts his knee and as a funny guy can only say, he said he only hurt his good knee, because he's missing his other leg. he gives all the credit to the man who caught his kids, not for what he did to get them out the window in the first place. take a listen. >> the hero who caught my baby and the other baby, he was helping me out while his family was inside. >> yes. >> oh, my goodness. that is amazing. >> oh, my goodness. >> we love to highlight people. this is like a two-fer. not only dos dough somethi s h but does not see it as something that's above his limitations.
6:00 am
>> that's the good stuff. it's a reason it's called "the good stuff," people. >> now time for some good stuff. >> times two. >> good stuff equals better stuff. >> just math. >> good morning, guys. >> we've got the great stuff for you as far as you know. >> "newsroom" starts right now. good morning, everyone. i'm john berman. >> and i'm christine romans. carol costello is off today. you're looking at a live picture from gettysburg, pennsylvania, where sceremonies are under way to mark the anniversary of president lincoln's speech there. >> scheduled to speak, as well as pennsylvania governor tom corbett. absent this morning, however, is president obama. this is a man who swore in on the oath of office twice on the


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