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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 20, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PST

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at our house. >> what a rock star. >> boy, oh, boy. that is the good stuff, because it is a perfect example of what doing for others does for you. >> that is such good. >> we see that with savannah and cnn heroes. it's all good. >> good luck with the surgery, we hope everything turns out well. look forward to hearing that news. lot more news this morning, thanks for joining us. let's get you over to john and christine for "the newsroom." good morning. >> thanks so much, guys. >> "newsroom" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- good wednesday morning to you. i'm christine romans. >> and i'm john berman. carol costello is off today. authorities this morning desperately searching for two people missing after their medical plane crashed off the coast of ft. lauderdale, florida. >> the bodies of two other people on board have already been recovered and now the coast guard is frantically searching 20 square miles of ocean in hopes of finding the two other
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people alive. >> at this time the debris field is four by five, probably 20 square miles and drifting to the north. we continue to carefully model and track the debris and again, we are stressing this is still an ongoing search and rescue case. >> ongoing search and rescue. cnn's john zarrella live in ft. lauderdale. john, what's the latest? >> reporter: john, christine, the coast guard is telling us they're going to continue to call it a search and rescue operation throughout the morning and early afternoon and later in the afternoon they'll reevaluate the situation. so far, they say they've recovered about a thousand pounds of debris from that plane that went down last night. disaster moments after takeoff. terrifying scene. >> mayday, mayday, mayday. >> reporter: a frantic call for help. >> you going back to ft.
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lauderdale? >> we have an engine failure. >> reporter: seconds later the small aircraft plummeted into the sea. >> maintain 4,000 and turn left headed 330. >> it's not possible. we're going to do a 180. >> reporter: only to crash a mile off the coast. >> mayday. mayday. >> flying low over the water, i wasn't paying much attention, but it's strange flying so low. 30 minutes later there's coast guard. >> reporter: in the pitch black of night search and rescue crews struggled to find survivors. helicopters and about a dozen boats scoured the area. >> searchers and responders located debris and shortly thereafter located two bodies. >> reporter: the wreckage brought aboard a coast guard boat, the two bodies immediately brought to shore. >> it's still an ongoing and active scene. >> reporter: the lear jet 35 was a part of air vac international,
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a plane originating in mexico to transport patients. according to florida airport officials the patient was dropped off and the plane was returning to mexico with the pilot, copilot, doctor and nurse on board when the accident occurred. now throughout the morning, we have seen coast guard helicopters going overhead as well as state and local assets both in the air and on the water, some patrol boats going by. as they continue that search, all up and down the coast here, stretching from south of where we are where the airport is, ft. lauderdale international where the plane left from and past us, up north of ft. lauderdale to an area called hillsborough, so an expansive search still going on in hopes that if nothing else, they can at least find the bodies of those two missing people. john, christine? >> coast guard officials said the search conditions were optimal and maybe there will be some miracle. john zarrella for news ft. lauderdale, thanks so much, appreciate it. so this might come as some
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welcome news for toronto this morning when it comes to cocaine and politics, canada has no monopoly. about 30 minutes, a u.s. congressman is due in court to face a charge of cocaine possession. the accused is republican trey radel who represents parts of southwest florida, and some of his constituents say they're not happy. >> he needs >> he's destroying his own family, so what he's care about us, the people he's supposed to be representing. >> radel could face a fine and prison time. athena jones is in washington, she'll be headed into court shortly. i understand you have new details how this arrest was made. >> reporter: yes, good morning john. we're just learning through the help of our justice correspondent evan perez representative radel was arrested in a sting that was part of a broader investigation by the dea, and the fbi, of a drug trafficking ring here in washington, d.c.
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he was not -- buyers and users were not the targets. it was the dealers themselves. they learned through a dealer one of histocustomers was a congressman and arranged this sting. we expect to see a contrite congressman radel when we peers just a few minutes from now in court. he said he's profundly sorry, he's disappointed in himself and he's seeking treatment. representative trey radel says he came to washington because he wants to be able to help. >> our nation right now is facing an incredible crisis on so many different fronts. we have a debt that is crushing this country. >> reporter: but now the freshman congressman will be in a washington, d.c., superior court room today, facing charges of misdemeanor cocaine possession, after his arrest last month. the 37-year-old legislator released a statement saying he's profoundly sorry to let down his family and the people of southwest florida. radel says he struggles with the disease of alcoholism and this led to an extremely irresponsible choice. he says he knows that he has a problem, and will do whatever is
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necessary to overcome it. the former journalist and tv news anchor was elected last year. the tea party favorite represents florida's 19th district. >> i want to be a conservative voice that stands up for what's right and does the right thing, but i want to be able to have the ability to, in fact, reach across not just the aisle but to all americans and convey my message, our message. >> reporter: radel, who calls himself a hip-hop conservative, also tries to get his message to reach younger constituents. in a recent interview, he breaks down what he says is the conservative message behind public enemies fight the power. ♪ fight the power >> if you really get down to it, in many ways, reflects the conservative message of having a heavy-handed federal government. >> reporter: now house speaker john boehner said through a spokesman members of congress should be held to the highest standards.
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the alleged crime will be handled by the courts beyond that a matter of representative radel, his family and constituents. radel asked his supporters to keep his family in their prayers. john? >> athena, you said you expect a contrite trey radel in the courtroom today and his statement is already quite contrite. let's hope he gets the help he says he needs. athena jones thanks so much. just hours ago a white extremist serial killer was executed in missouri, it happened shortly after the supreme court rejected franklin's final appeal, blamed for 22 murders from 1977 to 1980. he also admitted to shooting "hustler" magazine publisher larry flint. that bullet left flint paralyzed from the waist down. check out this daring rescue a helicopter crew saved a couple that got lost on a tough trail in north vancouver. s they were not equipped to handle the steep terrain. >> looks like quite a ride. >> sure does.
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now to wall street there's also been quite a ride, the dow appears to be catching its breath after a record run. futures pointing to a lower open after hitting an all-time high two days ago. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange with more. hitting the pause on the market rally. >> reporter: not such a huge surprise. when you saw the dow 16,000 on monday and tuesday, that's where it was during the session, it's yet to close at this level and yes, now come the warning flags from big names that we know like carl icahn saying stocks could be ready for a big drop. cisco saying the global recovery is inconsistent and analysts saying stocks are going to go up and down. there you have the analysts covering all their bases. those are the opinions. here are some of the facts. you look at the dow, before this rally, stocks haven't had a milestone in six years, and the dow has had 39 record highs in just 11 months, that's stunning.
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one person is asking how rational is this to see these records, record after record after record, says not very rational. listen to what he had to say. >> it's a classic example of emotions overtaking rational decision-making and thinking about the numbers and the funnel fundamental s instead of think being a round number which shouldn't have relevance as far as how you make your decisions. >> reporter: many of your neighbors may be saying the economy doesn't seem strong enough to warrant record highs and many feel the economy isn't improving fast enough to warrant these record highs, and this enlies that disconnect. >> yet alison we haven't seen that correction. so many people have said there's going to be a correction in this bull market and we just haven't seen it yet. >> reporter: yes. some people say the older that this bull market gets, the greater the possibility that you
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will see stuff kind of make that correction. no one expects a crash. that's the good news. many say this rally still has legs because the fed's stimulus is still pouring into the market. $85 billion in money basically pouring into the financial system, pushing investors from bonds into stocks, that will keep the rally running, many say, plus they say hey, look, this is a healthy sign and then there's history. the s&p 500, you look at it, since 1991, whenever it rose 20% in one year, guess what? it rose again the following year. for those who have retirement funds, keeping their fingers crossed, we wouldn't mind seeing this a second year in a row. >> alison, thanks. >> keep it going, that's what i say. once the target of so many late night laughs, george w. bush finally had the chance to return a few barbs on "the tonight show with jay leno." >> the former president said he made a special exception for leno. >> i was actually pleasantly
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surprised you accepted our invitation. >> only because of you. >> that's very kind, thank you. that's very kind. that's very kind. >> i mean, you are bea to head out to pasture. >> yeah. >> i just want to see what you look like before you got to the gate. >> that's very kind. thank you for your time. now i know you've avoided talking policy for the last six or seven years. explain why. >> i don't think it's good for the country to have a former president criticize his successor. >> some people said he really did want to wish him good-bye before leno leaves the show coming up in the winter, good appearance there. laura bush joined her husband and the conversation turned to the former president's recent heart complications. >> when the president had that heart scare, how scary was that?
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>> it was scary. it was very scary. >> yes? >> but -- >> i wasn't that scared. >> you had obama care? >> you're going to see that a lot today is my prediction. the former president also had this gift for jay leno it's a painting, he did it, on the comedian. look, george bush is spending so much time painting now. again i've heard from people when i was reading about, apparently it's the only thing he wants to talk about at parties is baseball and painting, with the former president. they are now his obsessions, and that's pretty good. >> bow, unbelievable. still to come a prominent virginia lawmaker finds himself in the middle of a family tragedy this morning. >> after he is stabbed by his son. we'll have a live report on the incident and the police investigation, that's come up next.
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you give them the giggles. tylenol cold® helps relieve your worst cold and flu symptoms. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol cold®. shocking and heartbreaking, how virginia lawmakers are describing a tragic set of events involving one of their colleagues. >> state senator creigh deeds is recovering this morning from stab wounds that police say were inflicted by his grown son, austin. you can see austin there in the blue shirt. austin who had recently moved in with his father, was later found dead of a gunshot wound. chris lawrence is in
6:17 am
charlottesville, virginia, with the police trying to determine exactly what happened. good morning, chris. >> reporter: good morning, christine. we know it was an altercation. we know that creigh deeds is now in fair condition and out of surgery, but the mystery of what exactly happened rests entirely there with him. it was just he and his son alone there at the house, when all of this happened, and this was a man who just a few years ago was campaigning for governor, with his son by his side. his son, gus, passing out flyers on campus, and by all accounts, they had a very close relationship. police found a chilling scene inside the home of a prominent virginia state senator early tuesday morning. an apparent murder/suicide involving father and son. >> deeds was stabbed multiple times about the head and upper torso. >> we still have fight. we still have spirit -- >> reporter: police say popular democratic senator creigh deeds was stabbed by his 24-year-old son, gus. deeds managed to travel 75 yards
6:18 am
down his driveway on foot to the highway, where he ran into his cousin, who lives nearby. the senator was later air lifted to a charlottesville hospital, where police say he was able to speak with them. by the time police arrived in the senator's home, his son, gus, was still alive but suffering from what police describe was a self-inflicted gunshot wound. he died at the scene. this nightmare, a jarring tragedy, especially in the wake of the senator's recent campaigns, where his son was often seen by his side. virginia senator chad petersen, a long time friend, remembers campaigning alongside the father/son duo. >> gus was his driver. they traveled together. creigh tried to make time for them to travel together. i know as a father, he had had a lot of concerns about his son, just issues involving dropping out of school and things of that nature. >> reporter: gus was a music major at the college of william and mary, but officials say in the last month he left the
6:19 am
school. the "richmond times dispatch" is reporting that gus deeds was sent to bath county hospital for a mental health evaluation under an emergency custody order, but the paper cites a source saying he was released the day before the altercation because a bed was not available. creigh deeds is well-known in virginia politics. in his unsuccessful bid to be governor in 2009, he garnered a presidential endorsement. >> i know he is the right person for virginia, and you know it, too. >> reporter: if someone like gus deeds is brought in for an emergency health care evaluation, he could only be held for up to six hours. now a judge can issue a longer stay of up to three days, but there has to be a psych bed available, and here we are, six years after the massacre at virginia tech, where all of these reforms in mental health care were instituted across the state, and there is still a shortage of those beds and the supply is tight.
6:20 am
christine? >> it just, families really grapple with this. it's so sad and he's an adult. it makes it that much more difficult when you see someone you're trying to help get into the medical system for mental illness. >> chris makes a good point. this raises so many questions about the mental health system all around the country and in virginia to think if there had only been one single bed, this all might not have happened. chris lawrence for us in virginia, thanks so much. still to come for us, toronto mayor rob ford is defiant, even if he's not exactly consistent. >> i do not use crack cocaine nor am i an addict of crack cocaine. yes, i have smoked crack cocaine. but no -- do i, am i an addict? no. >> the city council may have stripped ford of his powers but the mayor says he's staying put no matter what it takes. live report from toronto next. ♪ i want to spread a little love this year ♪
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all right, toronto's crack smoking mayor is not backing down, believe it or not. i can't believe it. rob ford says the city council's move to strip his powers is illegal and it's an attempt at a coup. >> why? because of i guess some personal issues. has nothing to do with politics. it's all personal, and they turned it into a coup. basically wanted to take over the government and it's
6:25 am
absolutely wrong, it's illegal what they've done. >> so the bad news doesn't stop there, though, for the mayor. his much hyped television show "ford nation" has been canceled, after just one episode. this tv business, man, it's tough. >> the politics and tv together, right? what's next for mayor ford? cnn's nic robertson is in toronto for us this morning. good morning, nic. >> reporter: christine, john, good morning. the mayor is not down and out. he got top rating figures, it just took too long to make. the brothers will get guest appearances in that show over the coming weekends. but for right now the mayor says he may challenge the legal decisions by the council to strip him of powers, but the questions at the moment really focus on just when, when did he smoke that crack cocaine, and his statements that he's giving up on booze. >> yes, i have smoked crack cocaine, probably in one of my drunken stupers probably about approximately a year ago. >> reporter: well, not quite.
6:26 am
according to police documents obtained by canadian media, mayor ford smoked crack as recently as nine months ago. so is ford's account a fabrication or simply a memory lapse? and then there's this. >> i haven't touched a drop of alcohol in three weeks. >> reporter: cold turkey. >> you're done with alcohol? >> finished. >> you'll never drink again? >> finished. i've had a come to jesus moment if you want to call it that. >> reporter: mayor ford talking on tv, promising his booty days are done. >> you haven't been drinking at all? >> i haven't had a drop of alcohol in three weeks. drop. drop. >> not a drop. >> i'll take a urine test right now. >> reporter: don't expect details. mr. mayor, tell us about giving up the booze. the man given ford's mayoral powers not so sure. >> it's easy to go cold turkey. it's hard to stay that way. so that's the only comment i could make. >> reporter: if it works, maybe,
6:27 am
just maybe there will be less of this. and this. >> i didn't push her. >> reporter: that's you right in there. >> right in the belly. >> reporter: what are you thinking at the moment? >> don't fall on me. it was my first time, elbow to the rib by ford. >> i felt like i was being hit by a crazy train but certainly the impact made me go into slow motion. i couldn't think about what was happening. i was kind of looking at him, you can see me sort of going get off me, get off me. i was afraid he was going to fall on top of me. >> reporter: apparently no alcohol involved, even so, forgiveness for ford not happening for now. >> it will take more than that to have me sit down. you don't know me very well but i can tell you nobody knocks me down like that. >> reporter: it will take more than a few dry weeks to convince pam mcconnell and the council ford is winning his battle with
6:28 am
booze. trying to get to the truth on all of this, journalist also go to the courts here today to try and get a police document, 500 pages, handily redacted and get the key videos released to the public. christine, john? >> nic a lot of the people in the city of toronto probably think they've been hit by a crazy train. thank you so much. still to come a judge says if george zimmerman wants to stay out of jail, he can't possess any more guns. >> cnn's alina machado is live in sanford, florida. >> reporter: and that's not the only condition of his release. i'll have all the details after the break. ♪ [ acoustic guitar: upbeat ] [ dog ] we found it together.
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30 minutes past the hour. welcome back. i'm christine romans. >> and i'm john berman. we are both in for carol costello this morning. >> the dow jones industrial average expected to open lower this morning. investors hitting the pause button after leading the dow to a record high earlier in the week, 39 records so far this year. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. i stopped counting all of those records, not a real surprise investors will be pausing here a little bit. >> you know everybody needs a breather every now and then. it's interesting how the dow 16,000 happened.
6:33 am
monday and tuesday it hits the wonderful round number, a lot of excitement, everybody cheers and then crickets, quiet. but you no he what? the ebb and flow is normal, kind of healthy for the market. you don't want the market to get too hot too fast. unemployment is still so high but stocks have already had an amazing year. the dow, the nasdaq, the s&p 500, all up 20% to 30% just this year. there is one big jump we are watching today, though, shares of jcpenney, the struggling retailer, a head scratcher especially when you see the headlines coming out of its earnings report this morning. the retailer losing almost $500 million in the quarter, sales fell and sales are down now for almost two years in a row, the stock itself down more than 50% this year. ahh but you're seeing investors buy in with jcpenney shares up about 8% right now, there are high hopes about the holiday season. jcpenney is expecting its sales to get better and the fact that the stock is up today shows just how dire things are, that
6:34 am
investors are latching on to this little single sign of hope. christine? >> all right, alison kosik we'll check in with you again at the big board. >> crawling toward 16,000 again today. george zimmerman out on bond. again. this time as part of his bail is he not allowed to possess any guns and he has to wear an ankle bracelet so police can track him. >> overnight we learned florida authorities were at the home of zimmerman's new girlfriend, samantha shybee to get his belongings and hearing more about their relationship. shybee's mom told wkmg after zimmerman was acquitted of murdering trayvon martin he was alone, depressed, he was fascinated by guns. she said samantha shybee wanted zimmerman to get help, sought the attention of several tv networks but zimmerman refused any help and cleared all of her furniture out of her home. despite all that the couple stayed together. >> sounds complicated. cnn's alina machado is in sanford, florida w more.
6:35 am
what is the latest? >> reporter: well john in addition to the restrictions you mentioned, george zimmerman has been ordered to stay away from samantha shybee, the woman whose allegations are at the center of his latest run-in with the law. george zimmerman free on bond, not answering any questions from reporters. >> george you want to defend yourself? >> reporter: just hours after appearing before a judge in handcuffs, and learning his bond was set at $9,000. his demeanor in court, calm, as he answers questions from the judge. >> yes, her honor. >> reporter: this is zimmerman's fourth brush with the law since he was acquitted in the shooting death of 17-year-old trayvon martin, his girlfriend called 911 monday after a domestic dispute allegedly turned physical. >> what's going on? >> he's in my house breaking on my [ bleep ] and i asked him to leave. he has a freaking gun breaking all of my stuff right now. >> reporter: zimmerman made his
6:36 am
own call telling his story. >> she got mad at her telling her i would be willing to leave. i guess she thought i was going to argue with her but she's pregnant. i'm not going to put her through that kind of stress. >> reporter: in court, prosecutors say scheibe fears for her life claiming this wasn't the first time she was attacked by zimmerman. >> the victim declared there was a domestic violence incident that occurred a week and a half ago that involved a choking she did not report to the police. she is in fear for her safety, she indicated she had been discussing breaking up. >> reporter: prosecutors say zimmerman is suicidal, a claim his attorney says is false. >> i think any time somebody's arrested for charges it brings a certain level of anxiety and stress. my impression again of speaking to mr. zimmerman, he didn't appear to be a danger to himself or a danger to anybody else. >> reporter: ard doing to court documents, zimmerman says he is homeless and unemployed. he also says he's $2.5 million in debt and lists $144 cash in
6:37 am
assets. he has been appointed a public defender. >> i definitely would not characterize my client as a loose cannon. is he presumed innocent under tea these matters and we're confident he will be acquitted. >> reporter: zimmerman's wife, shelly, served him with divorce papers while he was sitting in a jail cell monday night. the department of justice has not made a decision on whether they'll be filing any civil rights charges against zimmerman in connection to trayvon martin's death. john? christine? >> wow. alina machado thank you so much for that. 37 minutes after the hour. in about two hours president obama is set to honor 16 americans with the presidential medal of free doll. this of course is the country's highest civilian honor. the recipients today include bill clinton, oprah winfrey, sally ride, chicago cubs legend ernie banks and loretta lynn. this will be an interesting ceremony and cnn will bring you it live, our special coverage anchored by jake tapper begins
6:38 am
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once again in washington, this time it's over president obama's nominees to the federal appeals court in d.c. >> some republicans are saying what the president is trying to do is pack that court and now top democrats are considering changing key senate rules to prevent this from happening, prevent the republicans from stopping these types of appointments. cnn chief congressional correspondent dana bash explains. >> reporter: democratic frustration is palpable and vocal. >> republican obstruction has become indemic in the senate. >> i courage my republican colleagues to stop the filibusters now. >> here we go again. >> reporter: republicans blocked three of the key judicial nominees in three weeks. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> reporter: but unlike other partisan brawls over the courts, this is not about qualifications or ideology of the nominees. it's about the makeup of the court itself. the d.c. circuit, the powerful federal appeals court, that hears most challenges to laws passed by congress, now evenly
6:43 am
split, four judges appointed by democrats and four by republicans, and the gop wants to keep it that way. >> the only way the president can successfully bypass congress is if he stacks the court with ideological allies who will rubber stamp those executive orders. >> reporter: but democrats say wait a minute, there are three vacancies on that court and it's the prerogative of this president or any president to appoint qualified judges. >> no president should have to put up with what president obama's had to put up with. >> reporter: republicans argue that d.c. circuit workload isn't heavy enough to need throw more judges. they say democrats are the ones playing politics. >> in order to concoct prices on the d.c. circuit so it can distract americans from the failings of obama care. >> reporter: but democrats are so frustrated with republicans blocking judges and other obama nominees, they're once again openly discussing the so-called nuclear option, changing
6:44 am
decades' old rules and taking the republicans' filibuster tool away. are you at the point where you're going to consider the nuclear option? >> i'm at the point where i need, with he need to do something. i think what we need and the american people want, to get things done around here. >> reporter: this is not the first time that democratic leader threatened to detonate the nuclear option but what's different now is he's getting some new key allies who are fed up. senator dianne feinstein, a democrat and veteran of the senate was reluctant to take the power away of filibuster but changed her mind because it's the best way she sees for washington to work better. dana bash, cnn, washington. >> let's bring in our political panel to discuss all this, maria cardona a cnn political comment nator and democratic strategist and ross a cnn commentator and opinion columnist for "the new york columnist" we have a smart
6:45 am
sandwich. russ, this is the third time in as many weeks republicans blocked a judicial nominee. robert wilkins was unanimously confirmed. do you think republicans smell blood, sense weakness in this administration or are trying to pounce? >> in part, i also think that a lot of republicans would actually be relatively happy if harry reid went ahead with the so-called nuclear option and did away with the filibuster for judicial nominees. what we're watching is the culmination of a process that's gone on, under republican presidents and democratic presidents alike going back to the 1980s where the filibuster has been used more and more, constantly to block george w. bush's nominees and you know, if you go back nine or ten years it was republicans threatening to use the nuclear option, so in a sense, precisely because the white house seems weakened, the democrats seem weakened, a lot of republicans say look, it's sort of a win/win.
6:46 am
either we block these nominees or harry reid uses the nuclear option, we take back the senate in the next two or four years and easier for our justices to get confirmed under the next republican present. >> that seems like a risk for democrats and one of the reasons senators feinstein and boxer are hesitant. they always wanted a right to filibuster judicial nominees. does this put democrats at risk if republicans take over the senate? >> there's no question it could be a problem for democrats down the line if this happens but what this demonstrates to me, john, is that they are so fed up with republicans playing politics and i agree with the description that ross just put forth but that also underscores that what republicans are thinking about is pure politics. they don't care about the gridlock that is going on in washington. they continue to just obstruct, obstruct, obstruct, and that's exactly what americans are fed up with. and i do think there's a big
6:47 am
risk here for republicans, because we're coming off of a government shutdown that really has hurt their image, they're blocking a vote on immigration, which is something that the majority of the country wants. they're already talking about another government shutdown come january on fiscal issues. they are cementing themselves as the party literally of obstruction on this. i think voters are absolutely fed up and from a messaging standpoint it's exactly the opposite of what the gop needs right now. >> on the subject of image problems, there's a new cbs poll which has the president's popularity at an all-time low, obama care's popularity at an all-time low. question quickly to both of you.. at this point, does the president need to fire somebody? does he need to have something he can point to and say i took this action, now we're moving on. ross? >> i think that he should. however, i think the calculation in the white house is that polling doesn't matter at all because the only thing that
6:48 am
matters is getting the website fixed and i think their assumption is that firing people right now makes it take longer to fix the website and that's the only thing they care about. i think the mistake in that calculation, though, is that then you have a lot of people working for you who know they're going to be fired as soon as they're done doing their work. so it's sort of a catch 22 for the white house. i can see what they're thinking but it would be a sort of weird position to be in if you were one of the people who expected to be fired in two months. >> maria, last word? >> i think the focus of this president and this white house needs to be 150% on making sure that this website works, and making sure that all of the people, the millions and millions of people who have shown interest in wanting to sign up and get health care on these health care exchanges are able to get it. once that gets done, then i think you have to look at who is accountable and i think that will happen but the focus needs to be to make sure that this works, and if that happens, all of this will be a faint memory. >> ross might be right, might be
6:49 am
hard to keep the going going on. >> maybe 175%. >> all right, ross douthat, maria cardona, great to have you. appreciate it. >> thank you. new in the next hour of "newsroom" u.s. poison control centers have a new warning for parents. keep detergent pods away from your kids. officials say they've already dealt with thousands of cases involving children. >> this is a big deal. >> it really is. look at the potential dangers and what you need to know about these, all new at 10:00. ♪
6:50 am
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6:52 am
to new jersey now. where real house wiechz stars are back in court today. >> the reality tv stars will be arraigned in a newark courtroom on two new charges. that brings the total to 41
6:53 am
counts of fraud and making false statements. if convicted, they could spend decades behind bars. >> nischelle turner joins us now. >> it puts the real in reality tv. they're back in court today. and they could be in a lot of trouble. in august they pled not guilty to 39 charges that included conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, bankruptcy fraud. now like john mentioned, they are facing 41 charges after the federal prosecutor added two counts to their new indictment. they they stem from a loan that they got in 2005. this is all before she became a real housewife of new jersey. according to this indictment, when she applied for this loan, she falsely stated that she was a realtor and that she made $15,000 a month. prosecutors say she wasn't even working outside of the home at a paying job at that time. now you add that to the overall
6:54 am
total that they're kufds of lying about, it's more than $5 million in loans. and in terms of consequences, like you mentioned, they could spend decades in prison if they are convicted. joe could be deported because he's an italian citizen. their attorney told me back in august that the couple would not be testifying against each other. and it's interesting, she's faced lauld of criticism. if you look at her twitter and facebook page, all you see is, hey, buy my cookbook, like she doesn't have a care in the world. i'm not sure if she can win either way. but she's putting on a front, hey, i'm fine. >> if you look back at 2005, there were a lot of folks lying on mortgage applications or you didn't even have to say how much money you had to make on these mortgage applications. >> a lot of it is mortgage
6:55 am
related. and bank type of things when they filed for bankruptcy. part of that. but yes, a big part of this is mortgage loans. and that's interesting, because you know, like you said, a lot of people were doing that. they are saying it's because we're famous now and that's why we have the spotlight on us. and they live a very lavish lifestyle on the show, so that put the spotlight on them. >> and that can all be evidence in a trial coming forward. >> and they'll look at the tapes from the show, believe that. >> and still to come, skier lindsay von's comeback now in doubt. >> and the olympic seer is injured during a practice run. stay with us. i couldn't wait to see her again.
6:56 am
but i didn't want her to see my psoriasis. no matter how many ways i try to cover up, my psoriasis keeps showing up. all her focus is on me. but with these dry, cracked, red, flaky patches, i'm not sure if i want it to be. this is more than uncomfortable, it's unacceptable. visit where you can get refusing to hide, a free guide filled with simple strategies for living well with psoriasis. learn more at and talk to your dermatologist.
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6:59 am
olympic skier lindsey vonn carted off the slopes after a crash in a practice run. and now trainers are trying to figure out how bad this injury is vonn has been working her way back from the horrific crash that she had back in february. but this could be a major setback. she was taken down the hill on a
7:00 am
sled. a buy stander was able to snap this picture of her. she went home vale to be evalua evaluated. the second winningest high school basketball coach resigned after allegations that he bit one of the players in the face after she made a bad play. she was taken to the emergency room where the police observed a bluesed -- he has not addressed the biting allegations. you have to check out the new footlocker commercial. he refusals in the feeling that everything is right in the world. >> i'm sorry if -- it's your ear. >> are you okay? >> it's great.
7:01 am
>> the man has goat to know when to walk away. >> mr. rodman, round trip to north korea? >> one way. >> thanks. >> that's great. vander saying, welcoming actually mike tyson getting his ear back. >> i'm looking at the box thinking, oh, it's really in there. >> he just grabs it. >> clever. >> the next hour of cnn "newsroom" begins right now. all right, everybody. 10:00 a.m. in the east. i'm christine romans. >> and i'm john berman. carol costello is off today. and this morning a u.s. congressman is in court facing charges of possessing cocaine. >> and we're learning new details about how police allegedly caught republican trey radel buying cocaine. they told federal agents
7:02 am
arrested a drug dealer who sold it to a congressman. so they set up a sting and he bought a small amount of cocaine from an undercover agent. but they didn't arrest him right away. >> athena jones is in washington where she was just in the court room. what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning. the whole session took about 25 minutes. he said, i plead guilty to one count of misdemeanor cocaine possession. he's been sfensed to one year probation. the judge described it as under minimal supervisor. this is because he plans to go into a in patient drug facility. he's already also gone into counseling, outpatient counseling here in washington, d.c. there was some debate about how well he could be surprised if he's going down to florida. so they agreed to have a monitoring that would involve getting information, updates
7:03 am
from that drug treatment center. but interestingly, you saw the statement that he put out on his facebook page and that he tweeted. very, very contrite. he was similar in court today just as we expected. i'll give you a little bit of what he had to say after pleading guilty. he said, i apologize for what i have done. i think in life i have hit a bottom where i realize i need help. i have aggressively pursued that help. this is with the help of a support system here. he said, i am so sorry to be here. i know that i let my constituents down, my country down, my wife down, and my 2-year-old son who doesn't know it yet. he said, i want to come out of this stronger. it's something that he says he'll work at for the rest of his life. and that he hopes to be a better man coming out of this and to continue serving his country. those are some of the details from the courtroom. one more thing that i should add that we learned about the bust, how he was arrested in this sting. you gave some of those details.
7:04 am
the targets of this wider dea investigation were not the users and the buyers, but the dealers. but through a dealer they learned that they had congressman radel as a customer. we learned that he went on the night of october 29th to a restaurant here and met up with an acquaintance who said who -- who he then invited back to his apartment. this is according to the statement by the government's attorney in court today. and he invited those two back to his apartment. they declined to go. but then the undercover police officer offered to sell him 3.5 grams of cocaine. that deal went down in the undercover police officers car. and moments later they and to arrest the congressman. they later went to his apartment where he according to the government presented another vial of cocaine that he already had. he said in court, he stipulated
7:05 am
that both of these -- he believed these substances were to be cocaine. only one of them was tested. but all in all, it was clear that the congressman and his lawyer wanted to wrap this up, and get the sentencing out of the way today. and that's what they did. john. >> wow. the details of the deal going down in the car. >> happening now, a desperate search at sea. authorities are looking for go people missing after their medical plane crashed off the coast of ford lauderdale, florida. now the coast guard is frantically searching 22 square miles of ocean in hopes of finding the other two people alive. >> reporter: certainly there is still hope. but it's fading probably very quickly. it is now more than 12 hours since that search and rescue operation got underway. as you can see behind me, the water conditions are near ideal
7:06 am
for such an operation. but still, no sign of those two other people. disaster. moments after takeoff. a terrifying scene. a frantic call for help. >> going back to ft. lauderdale. >> seconds before this small medical aircraft plummeted into the sea. >> maintain 4,000 and turn left heading 330. >> we're going to do a 180. >> reporter: the pilot made a last ditch effort to turn around only to crash a mile off the coast. >> mayday. >> it was flying really low over the water. it's strange for a plane to be flying so low. and maybe about 30 minutes later, the coast guard -- >> reporter: in the pitch black of night, certainly and rescue crews struggled to find the survivors. >> searchers archd responders loengted debris.
7:07 am
they located two poeds shortly thereafter. >> reporter: the two bodies immediately brought to shore. >> it's still an ongoing and very active scene. >> reporter: the learjet pictures here was part of air vac international. according to ft. lauderdale officials, the patient was cropped off and the plane was returning to mexico with a pilot, copilot, doctor and nurse on board when the accident occurred. now the coast guard is telling us that the debris field is moving to the north, as you would expect with the currents that run along florida and it is moving very, very slowly. but again, even with these optimal conditions, they're having no luck finding the two other people. >> john zarrella off of ft. lauderdale for us. thanks. >> moving on now to virginia where police are investigating with the son of a prominent
7:08 am
state senator creigh deeds' son stabbed him several times. >> one of the state senators friends tells cnn that the lawmaker had concerns about his son who had been living at home after recently with drawing from college. >> he was living with his son and the two of them were living together. and that was a conscious choice to try and help his son get back on his feet. i know that creigh had made a commitment to his son in that way. and i hadn't talked to him specifically about it in the last few months. but i know it weighed on his mind as a father. >> we have dr. salts. explain 'to me how this type of thing happens and what that
7:09 am
means exactly. >> there are different kinds of holds, if you will. and some are more limited than the others. so this, really, just allowed doctors to evaluate him for a maximum of four hours. you can potentially extend that by another few hours. in that time he should have been evaluated. if it he was deemed to be a true threat to himself or someone else, seriously or eminently, then they technically would be able to look for an involuntary commitment so that they would hold him until there was a bed available even though at that time there wasn't. people are often held in marches for long periods of time if there are not beds available. but if there wasn't em nancely a threat, even if he should have been hospitalized or could have benefitted from that, he would have to be let go after that time if he wanted to be. he's over 18.
7:10 am
and this is the balance, the very difficult balance between civil liberties and the feeling that we can't hold people without a certain criteria. and i think that we've erred potentially too far so that things can happen. >> what about the time when they're trying to get an adult child into a hospital situation and then can't keep them there? this must be so frustrating for families. >> it is. and there's a small zone of a real problem -- you know, the early 20s is a time when serious illnesses can appear. >> at a time when they're gaining their freedom and independen independence. >> exactly. and it may be indevelopment. and of course, there's the other
7:11 am
issue, which is no beds available. which is is a major problem in many areas. why? because we don't have enough mental health funding. at a time when we're increasingly wear that there is need for more treatment and more beds available, more research to be done to look at treatment options, $1.8 billion has been cut between 2008 and 2012. >> he could have been held for days more if there were beds available. >> if there were beds available, it sounds like he would have been admitted and gotten treatment. >> what's your advice to a family when considering going through with something like this? this is aggressive to go out and get an emergency custody order. >> correct. someone understood that nerp in a desperate situation. my advice to families is as early as possible when you see signs of mental illness, that is the time to get them into
7:12 am
treatment. whether we're talking about depression, seriously low mood, any discussion of any suicidal thoughts, strange or odd behavior. looking like they're responding to something else that's not there. very expansive moods. there's sort of a host of things. and certainly involvement with substance use and abuse. because the combination of mental illness and substance use and abuse often is really tragic, actually. >> so twaek. we have to deal with this. this is something as we and a society have to deal with it. >> we have to. we have to look at how we're getting more dollars to this area that gets to some degree the fewest dollars of all. >> just hours ago, white supremacist serial killer, the man who put larry flynt in a wheelcha wheelchair. our live report is next. ♪
7:13 am
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7:16 am
just hours ago, a white supremacist serial killer and larry flynt's would be aassassin was put to death. cnn spoke to him just two days ago as he was waiting for the court's decision. >> the same length of time sjess was on his mission. >> what was your mission? >> to try to get a race war started. >> do you think you're a hero to
7:17 am
those hate groups? >> that's what they tell me. >> bizarre and creepy cnn george howell live in chicago for us. >> reporter: so by count we understand that he killed 2 people. and his mission, and he stated quite flatly as you heard there, was to start a race war. from 1977 to 1980, that's when he basically committed a lot of murders during this time. we know that thinks targets were interracial couples, men, women, two boys. we know that he shot and seriously injured vernon jordan and he also shot and paralyzed larry flynt. it wasn't, though, until the murder of gerald gordon that he was convicted of murder and sentenced to death. in an unexpected turn, it was flynt who filed a legal motion to stop the constitution. the supreme court stepped in and
7:18 am
overturned the appeals and he was pronounced dead this morning at 6:17. >> such a bizarre story. and larry flynt trying to, until the very end, trying to stop that. that's an interesting twist on that. >> checking other top stories. toronto mayor rob ford, now known as toronto's crack-smoking mayor, has found out it's not easy to make it on a small screen. the much hyped "ford nation" has been canceled. >> do you think that the mayor of america's third largest city should be a role model? >> absolutely you should be a role mottleds. i'm only human. i am not perfect. i've yet to see someone who has never made a mistake in their life. >> the show was supposed to be a regular outlet for the fords to speak to the voters.
7:19 am
but they say it turned out to be too expensive to produce jo a pair of hikers ends up getting lost and end up swinging to safety. that's them in the yellow there hanging from a 150 foot line. look at that. they called for help after realizing they were lost and didn't have the right equipment. the only way to rescue them was by that helicopter. the man and woman say they have learned their lesson. they will be better prepared next time. >> always better to watch television. >> still to come, why george zimmerman will have keep his hands off of guns if he wants to stay out of jail. stay with us. (dad) just feather it out. that's right. (son) ok. feather it out. (dad) all right. that's ok. (dad) put it in second, put it in second. (dad) slow it down. put the clutch in, break it, break it. (dad) just like i showed you. dad, you didn't show me, you showed him. dad, he's gonna wreck the car!
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there are signs both political bparties in washington get it: washington is lagging behind the country on this... ...this issue has been around far too long... and yet, we wait. reforming our immigration system would dramatically reduce our nation's debt... grow the economy by 5.4% ... and take bold steps to secure our borders. on this, both parties say they agree: democrats... we are very very strongly in favor of moving immigration reform... and republicans... i wouldn't underestimate the house's ability to pass the immigration bill... and yet, we wait... americans are tired of empty rhetoric. it is time for every leader to come through on their promise... and fix our broken immigration system
7:23 am
tell congress: the time is now. fix america's broken immigration system. welcome back, everyone. george zimmerman is out of jail on bond. as part of the his bail, he's not allowed to possess any guns and has to wear an ankle bracelet. >> we learned overnight the authorities were at the home of his girlfriend to get her belonging. >> he's in my house breaking all my [ bleep ] because i asked him to leave. he has a freaking gun breaking all of my stuff right now.
7:24 am
>> okay. >> i'm doing this again? you just broke my glass table. you just broke my sunglasses and you put your gun in my freaking face and told me to get the [ bleep ] out. this is not your house. no, get out of here. >> alina machado is live for us in sanford, florida. and these restrictions from the judge, tell us about these. >> reporter: well, there are several. the ones that you mentioned about the fact that he cannot -- he needs to have an electronic monitoring device with him. he cannot have any access to firearms. he has to stay in the state of florida, according to the judge. and he has to avoid contact, no contact with samantha scheibe, the alleged victim in this case. the judge also said that he could not go to two addresses here in florida. one is a home in alta mont springs inge the other one is the home where this alleged incident happened. in court, he said he had several
7:25 am
personal items at that home and he wanted permission to go back to that home and pick those up. the judge said that was not going to happen. and that's why last night we saw law enforcement officers at the home retrieving some of george zimmerman's fums and handing them over to a third party just as the guj had ordered. >> and in his court proceeding, we hear more about another domestic violence allegation that had not been reported to police. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: that new allegation surfaces during yesterday's court hearing. and basically prosecutors said he had attacked scheibe about a week and a half earlier in a different dispute. they say that he choked her. no incident report was filed and no charges were filed. and attorneys representing zimmerman said that the first time they had heard of these allegations was in open court along with the rest of us. >> controversy seems to follow
7:26 am
wherever he goes. thank you so much. >> still to come, today bill clinton is back at the white house. but this time his visit has nothing to do with politics. the former president, along with oprah winfrey and others are set to receive the presidential medal of freedom. a live report from the white house is next. you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪
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7:30 am
which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. so the first lady opening up about life inside the white house. and in particular, some habits of the president. in particular, apparently singing. >> maybe you remember this. ♪ i'm so in love with you >> he manages to nail that. >> the first lady and on b.e.t. yesterday and she told them that the president had a habit of something that he likes to do
7:31 am
around the house. listen. >> that was pretty awesome. he's got a pretty good voice. i always say, my husband's got swag. >> yes michelle. >> he definitely does. >> it was really sweet. but he sings all the time. >> oh? >> oh, yeah. he's in the bathroom all the time. he's always willing to sing. you want me to sing something for you? that was very sweet. >> i'm sure the president will be thrilled, thrilled that the first lady was talking to people. he's in the bathroom all the time. 31 minutes after the hour. they are some of the biggest names in politics, sports, entertainment, really, anywhere. today, president obama will honor 16 people for, in his words, dedicating their lives for enriching our lives. >> it's an event that the president says he looks forward to every year. jim acosta joins us from the white house with a preview.
7:32 am
>> reporter: what makes this particular day for the presidential medal of freedom ceremony is that it's the 50th anniversary executive order signed by john f. kennedy signing -- you're going to see some of that starting to play out at the white house at around the top of the hour when the president honors a really very long list of very impressive individuals. you name it. we've talked about bill clinton who is obviously high on this list. oprah winfrey. i remember the days when she was a local anchor in baltimore, maryland. and then ben bradlee who helped put that story of watergat.
7:33 am
loretta lynn. an amazing list of people. but, of course, guys, one thing we're going to be watching is his body lange between president obama and bill clinton. they're going to be not only together today, but over at arlington national cemetery later on today laying a wreath at the eternal flame honoring president john f. kennedy and marking the 50th anniversary of his assassination. and later on they're going to be over at the history museum here in washington. he's going to be introduced by the sob of caroline kennedy. but, of course, there's a political subtext to all of this. and we're going to be watching how things are going between the president and former president bill clinton because of those comments that bill clinton made last week when he urged the president to keep his pledge, if
7:34 am
it you like your plan, you can keep it, speaking of obama care. gloria steinem is going to be here. this is one of the cool days at the white house that we're going to be witnessing today. >> you're still looking for politics. you're still looking for the political subtext. >> and he's saying he grew up watching oprah in mayor land on tv. >> he's not 25 years old anymore. >> it was president kennedy who first brought forth the medal of freedom. so much today. cnn first will bring you the ceremony when it begins in about half an hour. jake tapper will host a special coverage beginning at 11:05 a.m. and then after that, in honor of president kennedy, there will be a ceremony at arlington national cemetery and we will bring that
7:35 am
to you live as well. and this is all happening as the nation prepares to mark 50 years since president kennedy was shot, since he was killed. and now some of the nation's most prominent figures are recalling where they were when they heard the news that kennedy had been killed. >> today president obama is going to join president clintonty in that wreath laying on the grave of president kennedy. that will definitely be a moving experience, no question. >> i was in school and we got the announcement. and everyone began to cry in the room. i was 13 years of age. and it was a hardbreak. >> and i remember hearing about it on the radio. it was more than -- it was more than a hero thing. it was just -- you know, it was very shocking. very shocking. >> wow. wolf blitzer is going to have special coverage today.
7:36 am
it begins at noon with cnn's wolf blitzer. we'll be right back. farmer: hello, i'm an idaho potato farmer.
7:37 am
and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what? nthat's why they deserve... aer anbrake dance.
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7:39 am
welcome back. kevin ware has been a feel-good story this fall. remember that gruesome leg injury suffered last year? he's back on the court helping the cardinals defend their national championship. >> it has been an amazing story
7:40 am
until now. annoy there's an off the court issue that is causing ware some trouble. rachel nichols is here to talk about that. >> reporter: it started with a speeding ticket. he decided to go to court instead of paying the fine. except, also like a lot of 20 year olds in this country he then missed his court date. there started to be questions about the car that he was driving. as you gois know, there's a lot of ncaa rules about what student athletes can do in terms of getting gifts, but even just borrowing cars from boosters. people started to ask questions. they did a compliance investigation on this. and they've announce sd the result that in fact kevin was doing what a lot of 20-year-old's do, he was borrowing a buddies car. it was a friend of his who recently graduated. they said, no harm, no foul. he is clear of any ncaa
7:41 am
violations. but he still has to pay that speeding ticket. >> was it 95 in a 55? >> on a highway. but -- >> there was another big time athlete who has been fighting to come back from initial who was just dealt another setback. >> reporter: yeah. lindsey vonn. she's been working in rehab. she tore two knee ligaments and broke part of her leg. she's been working and working. and she recently sent out this photo of one of her training runs. it's a great picture from her helmet cam. you see her skis in the picture. shortly after she sent out this picture, she had another crash. and you can see in this next photo taken by actually a high school seer who was waiting at the bottom of the mountain to meet her, she saw her being helped off the mountain. we don't know how serious this crash was.
7:42 am
her jaebt has come out and said she was not taken to the hospital, she went to see her regular doctor. we're waiting to see. lip z lindsey was going to try to make her comeback. and the sochi olympics are in february. >> "ungarted" off this week. but when it returns, you have a sit-down interview with the best driver on planet earth. six-time nascar champ, jimmie johnson. >> thousands of worried moms and dads are call poison control hot lines when they're kids are eating these detergent pods. they look a lot like a big piece of candy. we'll have more on that in just a moment. ♪ [ female announcer ] just about anywhere you use sugar,
7:43 am
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7:46 am
the self-imposed end of november deadline to get back up and running is quickly approaching. for senator ted cruz, the website's shortcomings just go to prove what he says, he thinks the whole idea of the affordable care act is flawed. here is what he said this morning. >> the people who are vindicated are the millions who spoke up and said this law isn't working. we've seen in recent weeks that what all of those millions of americans were predicting, all of that and more is come to pass. and, you know, three and a half years ago, reasonable minds perhaps could have differed on whether obama care would work. today, that's not possible.
7:47 am
in my view, coming together to stop obama care is the essence of pragmatism to -- >> you don't think that you have a responsibility as a u.s. senator to do better than that in terms of offering a solution? >> i appreciate you're trying to lecture me in the morning. >> no, not at all. i'm worried. anybody who looks at the situation has worries. >> you're worried did you speak out for the 5 million. >> we've been covering it doggedly. and i'm sure you watch the show. the problem is i don't have the power to fix it, you do. that's what a u.s. senator does. you know this. it's not a lecture, it's a concern. i'm asking what are you going to do about it? >> and i share that concern and have every day been working to highlight the millions of people who have lost their job because of obama care, the millions of people forced into part-time work. single moms, young people,
7:48 am
hispanics, african-americans, people who are struggling now on part-time work. you can't feed your kids are 29 hours a week. there's over 5 million people who have lost their health insurance. and the way to fix that is to stop this broken law. >> it was interesting discussion on "new day" with chris cuomo and ted cruz. he was exploring affirmative ways to address the health issues going on in the country. >> there's a new warning for parents, keep the detergent pods away from the children. the small, brightly colored packets were to blame in thousands of cases where kids accidentally swallowed orbit on the packaging. alison kosik is at the new work stock exchange. we're talking about kids that have bit into them and by the time they do that, they've ingested a lot of chemical. >> reporter: exactly.
7:49 am
this is drawing attention because there are enough cases that are grabbing the attention of the poison control officials. interestingly enough, the detergent pods are pretty new. already in the last year there were 6300 reported cases of poisoning of children. this year, there have been 8500 cases and the year isn't even over yet. that's an increase of 35%. one child died in august after eating a sun products detergent capsule. the issue is that these pods are bright-colored and kind of look like candy. it's a small item and it's used to have, at least, clear packaging. which showed the detergent and the bright color and made it something that children wanted to go towards and get towards. and eating one can lead to a loss of consciousness, excessive vomiting, make it hard to breathe. much worse than ingesting regular powder or liquid
7:50 am
detergent. and it may be because these are highly concentrated. so, yes, this is getting headlines again because of the number of reported accidents. >> and it's interesting, the companies aren't going to stop selling them, but they're saying they're putting more warnings out there. and poison control officials trying to stress to parents, hey, these might be convenient, but be careful because they're tant liedsing to toddlers who want to put things in their mouth. >> tide is taking this really seriously. it put new warning labels on the pods and put a latch on the box. and it also made the package opaque instead of clear so they don't see the bright colors and drawn to those. you said it. it's a huge market. $300 million market. the tide pods happen to be the leader. we haven't mentioned the others.
7:51 am
they've all got some type of detergent capsule. you look at the market against the entire laundry industry, it's about $7 billion. so it's not huge, but big enough because it's an area of growth. what these companies are trying to do is safeguard in product without having to completely do away with it. >> i guess as a parent, all you can do is make sure it's out of reach. alison kosik, thank you so much. >> still to come. this question. what is it like to be hit by a crazy train? getting run over by a ford truck. a mayor, rob ford truck. hear from the woman who was on the wrong side of that collision.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
family matters. >> i love your mom. she's so outspoken. >> depends on what end you're on. >> they asked her about jeb running for president. were you surprised by what she said? >> i was surprised she answeringed the question. i called her and i told her i was going to run against governor richards. long pause. she said, you can't win. >> keeping from getting a big head. >> anyway, jeb should run if he wants to. >> let's show the clip. >> mrs. bush, would you like to see your son jeb run. >> he's by far the best qualified man. but no. i really don't. it's a great country. there are a lot of great families. it's not just four families or
7:57 am
whatever. there are just other people out there that are very qualified. and we've had enough bushes. [ applause ] >> i mean, there are several ways you can interpret that. if you're a little you been certain about your standing in the family. you can say the last bush we had might have been too much. >> i think he feels like everyone with a mother feels right now. the former president had a gift for jay leno. look at that. that is a painting. a george w. bush original you might say. it's one of his loves, painting. it's changed his life, he says. and he gave him a signed portrait. >> you could call it a ford fusion when the crack-smoking mayor of toronto clydes with someone. >> as the scandal around him grows, so it seems is the chance of becoming rob ford's road kill. >> here is a story from cnn
7:58 am
barbara starr. >> imagine what it's like to get hit by a ford. not this kind of ford. this kind. >> what is the matter with you, mr. mayor? >> reporter: if you want to know what it's like to get run over by mayor rob ford, ask the lady in green. >> it's sort of like a crazy train bowled me over. 's adrenalin had overcome his thought process. all i can remember is my eyes locking with his and realizing he really wasn't seeing me. >> reporter: pam mcconnell just happened to be in the mayor's way when he bolted to rescue his brother from what the mayor thought was a fight with hecklers in the public gallery. there had been a lot of taunting back and forth. when rob ford knocked her down, she got a bruise on the side of her face and a swollen lip.
7:59 am
>> it's like the running of the bulls or something. >> jimmy kimmel was exactly right. >> like a bull seeing red, he just charged. >> reporter: lately it seems mayor ford is always charging, practically running to avoid reporters while the press swarms a lethal combo. the mayor takes it in the face. photographers get shoul have had around. >> move off my property, please. >> i'm a customer, you don't tag me. >> get off my property. >> i'm leaving. >> reporter: at least councilor mcconnell was left with an apology. >> absolutely. it was a complete zechbt and i do sincerely apologize to you. >> reporter: first he ran her down. later he hugged her. she says he needs medical help. on buzz feed they looped his latest collision to miley cyrus's song, i came in like a
8:00 am
wrecking ball. instead of always breaking the speed limit, he might cry using the brakes. cnn, new york. >> oh, my. all right. we're going to leave you with live pictures this morning of the medal of freedom ceremony. people are gathering in washington. mr. hillary clinton. >> she is, of course, the proud wife of a medal recipient today. >> thanks for joining us today. our special coverage of the medical of freedom ceremony gets underway in just a few minutes. our special coverage with jake tapper begins right now. hello everyone. i'm jake tapper in for ashleigh banfield. right now you're