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tv   New Day Saturday  CNN  November 23, 2013 3:00am-6:31am PST

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♪ storm dprunlting. it's the busiest travel week of the year. along with typical delays and traffic. you know the deal, a massive weather system is threatening to make thanksgiving travel even worse, i'm sorry to say. this thing is expected to affect nearly the entire country. breaking overnight, secretary of state john kerry arrived in north korea to try to hammer out an agreement with the deal. and the moments here for you "the hunger games" fans.
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catching fire. the big opening weekend could be one for hollywood's history books. your "new day" starts now. good morning to you on a saturday morning. isn't it nice to get up and just take a breath and relax at home? we don't know. >> yes, that's early morning. yeah, our morning started last night, actually. >> yes, yes, but we're glad that you're with us. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. 6:00 on the east coast. this is "new day saturday." >> everybody get down! >> you can imagine, new this morning, two separate incidents created instant panic at los angeles international airport last night. an apparent prank caller alerted police to a gunman in terminal 4. now, they evacuated the terminal. several thousand travelers out, but there was no gunman. now about the same time, a woman lost control of her suv and crashed outside of terminal 5.
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>> after a short period of time, the officers were able to determine that there was not a shooting that occurred in terminal 5, but rather, the sounds from the traffic collision caused people to think there may have been shots fired. >> the incidents show l.a.x. is still on edge after the three weeks now, after the shooting that killed tsa officer geraldo hernandez. meanwhile, the temperature, if you have not opened your door to let your dog out yet, or checked outside, it's plunging. just as 43 million of you i know get ready for the busiest travel season of the year. it's already snowing out west. it's expected to be much of the same as we head into thanksgiving. several states are now into a winter storm warning. >> reporter: all right, the west has been hammered by severe weather from icy road conditions in oklahoma city. to flooding in arizona and
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california. and snow in nevada. now, the weather out west has been difficult and dangerous. in california alone, strong winds downed trees and power lines in the san francisco bay area. high winds are also being blamed for stoking the wildfire in napa county. and a man had to be pulled from the fast-moving water of the santa ana river after a massive downpour in the san bernardino valley. but the system is expected to move east, just in time for peak thanksgiving travel. >> all right. we need meteorologist karen maginnis in here this morning. >> yes, we need answers. hey, karen, is it all out west or is this going to head east and affect other people? >> we've got a couple of events taking place. the storm system that impacted the southwestern and the west coast of the u.s., well, that's a deep area of low pressure. that's been moving very slowly but gradually sinking to the
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south but not before producing an additional one to two inches of rainfall. here you can see, the view across texas, is this going to change dramatically over the next 24 to 48 hours. here's some of that moisture moving back up across arizona. you get into the higher peaks and it changes to snowfall. it's been heavy at times, also into the mountains of southern california. but look at what happens as we go into the next 24 hours. here's that localized flooding just to the north of phoenix. they've already seen one of the wettest novembers on record. but then as we go into sunday and monday. winter storm warnings out and storm watches for portions of texas. that does include the dallas-ft. worth, san antonio area, you could see snow. you could see ice. you could see a mixture of that. it is going to be quite the impact across the south central united states. here's what's happening. area of low pressure, that will move across the southwestern sections of the u.s. head to the south and just kind
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of fizzle out. but then we watch the development of another storm system. this in the gulf of mexico but, remember, there's lots of cold air is that is diving towards the south. so you get moisture in place. you get cold air in place. and we could see the setup for an ice storm that's still to be developed. they're still evolving and tweaking the forecast there. but here is the true measure of what's going to happen if you try to head out for your thanksgiving holiday. area of low pressure along the gulf coast. it could take several tracks. one of them swings it out further out across the atlantic, but still could produce pretty gusty winds. then we're looking across the midwestern u.s. if it takes another track closer to the coast, you're looking the a snowstorm. and in the meantime, chicago, temperatures only in the 20s. but this time of year, it should be in the 40s. christi, victor, back to you. >> karen maginnis, thanks so much. >> i heard snowstorm.
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>> i heard ice storm, because i could till something, we got one of those in the city of atlanta a couple years ago, and the city literally shut down. we don't have the capacity to deal with it. >> busiest airport in the country. hey, while were you sleeping, america's top diplomat flew to geneva and this could be a history making mission. secretary of state john kerry is trying to secure a landmark deal between iran and other world powers. now, the goal is to keep iran from developing a nuclear weapon. let's go to cnn's chief national security correspondent jim sciutto in geneva. jim, the gathering of additional world leaders is being called maybe hasty. what's the latest on the talks today? >> well, good morning, victor. a real sense of momentum here. you now have all the heavyweights in place. the top diplomats from the permanent security council, plus, secretary of state john kerry, as i was walking in a few
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minutes ago, i saw the british foreign secretary arrive. when he arrived he said we're not here necessarily because the deal is done. he said that sides are very close. here's how he described the state of play just a few moments ago. >> there's a huge amount of agreement. and it remains the case, a huge amount of progress has been made in recent weeks. and the state of this negotiation is entirely different from a few months ago with iran. that's positive. but some the difficult areas remain difficult. >> and one of those areas, apparently, is the amount of sanctions relief given to iran in exchange for the restriction that's would be placed on its nuclear program. so far, u.s. administration officials have been telling us it's in the area of single digits and billions of dollars, $6 billion, $7 billion, $8 billion. apparently the iranians asking for more, perhaps. and that's one of the things
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they'll be working out right now. we see a flurry of meeting. weapon get an update with secretary of state john kerry meeting with the british prime minister and that's getting updated. >> there's been a number of voices, that is the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who has said this is a bad deal, a really bad deal. is there anyone specifically who he has the ear of who is in these meetings today? >> well, he's, of course, always going to have the ear of the secretary of state john kerry. we're close allies. and netanyahu has taken the step this time of being very public with that voice speaking virtually every day against this deal. now when i speak to u.s. officials about this, they say, listen, we're good friends but we have a tactical difference here. u.s. officials believe they have a way forward they can make a deal with iran, verify it, and keep iran's program from moving
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forward. in fact, roll back some key areas of its program where the israeli position is the opposite of that. i think it's one of those situations, we're close allies, but the leaders of these two countries, israel and the u.s., have decided they can agree to disagree on whether a deal is possible and verifiable. >> stay close, cnn's chief national security correspondent jim sciutto will be checking in with you. >> you know the commercial says zoom, zoom, stocks will be starting monday in a record territory. >> my friend, the dow jones industrials closed friday at 16,064. for the year, dow stocks have gained an impressive 22%. now analysts say the federal reserve's ongoing stimulus program is behind this surge. speaking of surges, did you wait in line for the new "the hunger games."
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movie? >> hopefully, you had a coat, jacket. fans are flocking to the movies in droves, look. >> there she is! >> ahead, how catching fire may scorch box office records. and why jennifer lawrence says the worst experience of her life was when the first "the hunger games" movie came out. an heal at with a bundt cake. make a monday mornin' feel like a friday afternoon with some nestle toll house morsels. let's close our laptops and open our ovens. these things don't bake themselves. we have to bake them for one another. we can bake the world a better place one toll house cookie at a time. nestle. good food, good life. nestle. but i didn't want her towait see my psoriasis. no matter how many ways i try to cover up, my psoriasis keeps showing up.
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this is the 75th year of "the hunger games." the tributes are to be reaped on the existing pool of victors. >> i have to say good-bye. >> what are we doing? >> these games are going to be different. >> the 75th hunger games! >> ready to work? >> camera 17, victor -- >> it's here. the much anticipated "hunger games" sequel "catching fire" debuted thursday night.
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listen to this. on that night alone, it's a thursday. people have to go to work friday it raked $25.2 million. >> katniss saying this is going to be hugely popular. >> she's played by jennifer lawrence, of course. and the movies have become one of hollywood's top franchises. >> and the latest one looks as though it's going to torch the competition. maybe even set a november recordoverall. cnn correspondent michelle turner looks at how much "catching fire" might actually make. good morning, michelle. >> reporter: hey victor, hey christi, happy hunger games, right? the sequel to the blockbuster is in theaters now. the pundits predict a huge hit. not like a massive hit and going
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out on a limb or anything. here's numbers the movie opened in overseas markets on thursday. state side friday. the expectations of north of $150 million domestically. and also possible $300 million worldwide. those are crazy numbers. other pundits think the northern american numbers could be $60 million which would beat "twilight saga: new moon." it is clear that the film should outdoo its predecessors, $152 million opening back in march 2012. the first movie made $691 million and yes, indeed it made miss jennifer lawrence a superstar. she's only 23. not only does she already have a best actress oscar, but according to forbes, she's the second highest paid actress in hollywood, just behind angelina jolie.
3:16 am
also according to "forbes" she made $26 million last year. talk about a good investment for studios. the first "the hunger games" $500,000. the second one, $10 million. in order to get what she wanted to do she makes the prestige movies like the new film coming out "american hustle" she mixes those with the big money mackers like "x games" and "the hunger games." and then you can tell she want to be an actress and not necessarily a superstar. i sat down with her recently, and she's really open about she doesn't necessarily love the attention she gets as a celebrity, listen. >> the day the movie was released, i had no idea i was famous. i don't actually think i knew the movie came out. the whole thing was the worst experience of my life.
3:17 am
they called the police and i had to go down the cargo elevator. i was crying. >> geez. >> yes, i saw my ex-boyfriend there, he's like how's your life? i was like really bad. >> i wonder what that ex-boyfriend is saying right about now, huh? by the way, she's also the face of miss dior handbags and thought to be another big endorsement, about eight figures. the bottom line, of course, the bottom line. she's money. and in hollywood that is gold. victor and christi, back to you. nis krchl nischell turner, thank you very much. >> we know she won the oscar? >> that number is going up for her. still to come on "new day." first, the nfl scandal, we've been talking about this, right? >> one of the league's refs is
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for atrust bufferin, the only non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pain reliever formulated with special buffers so it's gentler to your stomach. stepping on to the scales, the future hall of famer, 54 victories, 38 wins by knockout from the philippines, the eight-time world champion fighter the decade, manny "pacman" pacquiao! >> well, manny pacman getting ready to take on brandon rios in china. this is a big deal. some question if the ageing pack yo is the same great fighter he once was after getting knocked
3:22 am
out cold in the last fight a year ago. it's as expected to be a big day day for both of them, pack quia is going to $18 million. >> and woe is he, he's only making $4 million. this nfl referee has been benched this weekend as a punishment for abusive language directed at a player. >> joe carter. >> yes. >> he's going to get us all that. >> i am not benched. this referee, roy ellison is going to be missing work this week, basically benched, as you said, suspended one game without pay for using what they say is profane and derogatory language, this is what the league is saying, towards a player. that's trent williams who san offensive tackle for the washington redskins. basically williams is claiming that ellison called him a,
3:23 am
quote, garbage expletive. with the collective bargaining agreement, a referee cannot use any language that is either directly or indirectly insulting to a player. the referee's job is to restore order and keep things calm at all times. no matter if the player is saying offensive things to the ref. the ref has to remain neutral. they believe it's an unfair penalty. they're appealing. it's on the grounds that this creates a double standard between on-field conduct between referee and player. trending on, chicago bulls star derrick rose hurt again last night. he hurt his knee again. this time, it's his right knee. you'll see in this video, it's a noncontact injury. he gets hurt after making a sharp cut on the court. rose went to the locker room and did not return to the game. this scene is all-too painfully familiar for bulls fans because last year, he sat out of all of last season because he tore his
3:24 am
acl. the team says he's going to have an mri on his injured knee today. and los angeles lakers big man pau gasol pledged to give money to the victims of the typhoon in the philippines. 24 points, ten rebounds, obviously, he's going to donate $24,000 towards the relief fund. pau gasol averages 13 points her game. he's a big guy. he almost played the entire game. as the lakers organization, the lakers have gotten out in front of this earlier in the week, they donated $150,000 as a team. a lot of good things coming out of l.a. for the typhoon. >> that definitely gets people behind him. >> yeah s. >> whether you like how he plays or who he place for, got to like that. >> still a lot of work to be done in the philippines. joe carter, thank you.
3:25 am
still to come on "new day," court documents reveal chilling new details about a 14-year-old boy charged with killing his teacher. plus, seven years ago, this woman set off a huge controversy, a nationwide conversation about rape and race. this time, she's the one being accused. ready to run your lines? okay, who helps you focus on your recovery? yo, yo, yo. aflac. wow. [ under his breath ] that was horrible. pays you cash when you're sick or hurt? [ japanese accent ] aflac. love it. [ under his breath ] hate it. helps you focus on getting back to normal? [ as a southern belle ] aflac. [ as a cowboy ] aflac. [ sassily ] aflac. uh huh. [ under his breath ] i am so fired. you're on in 5, duck. [ male announcer ] when you're sick or hurt, aflac pays you cash. find out more at
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♪ so is the coffee waking you up? bottom of the hour now, you've had 30 minutes. wake up! >> just 30 minutes, that's all we get? >> no, you had 30 minutes to wake up. that's what i'm talking about. >> oh, okay. >> well, they do. >> yes. i'm going to take another 45. >> i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. five things you need to know for your new day. up first, a tragic story and the details even more grisly. the murder of a teacher, colleen ritzer. 14-year-old philip chism, he left a note next to her body that read i hate you all. court documents also show police believe chism raped his teacher with an object and killed her in a high school bathroom. a grand jury has indicted chism.
3:30 am
an eighth student at princeton university is being treated for meningitis. health officials are going to conduct tests to determine if she has the same bacteria found in the school. princeton officials are planning to provide the vaccine approved in europe, just not approved in the u.s. three, the death toll from the philippines continues to rise 5,235. more than 2300 people injured. 1600 people still missing. number 4, a former massachusetts state chemist is going to prison. annie dugan pleaded guilty to falsifying drug tests. prosecutors said she wanted to look productive. the business handling of evidence by dugan has prompts hundreds. number 5, the government has extended the signup care for
3:31 am
obama care. americans have to the 23rd of december to enroll for coverage that will start january 1st. the original deadline was december 15th. the of course, people know why, the trouble with, the website. this morning, the international community may be a little closer ever really to a deal about nuclear energy. and nuclear power, with iran, and the possibility of that nuclear weapon. secretary of state john kerry has landed in geneva to join negotiations. experts say his arrival indicates world powers on the verge of an agreement. the goal is to prevent, iran, of course from developing that nuclear weapon. so will today be the day? let's bring in former under secretary of state nicholas burns, he joins us from new york. and boston international security analyst jim walsh. let's start with nick. thank you both for being here. nick, does kerry's arrival signal this is a done deal? or is this a group of world leaders trying to save a deal
3:32 am
that's so close but hinging upon one element? >> victor, it's not a done deal. these foreign ministers including secretary of state john kerry have arrived there to try to save a deal. these are very tough negotiations between iran and the west. and the united states is not interested in any deal. it has to have the right deal and that would be to freeze iran's enrichment program and also stop work on the iraq heavy reactor. that's the issue two weeks that was the final impediment that prevented a deal. france has taken a tough position. the u.s. is going to have to bend to the fact that they want a deal in geneva. >> jim, it seems like the deal is closer than ever. however, iran has said to its foreign minister that they want in this deal explicitly written that they have the right to enrich uranium. how flexible will the international community be with that element in this deal?
3:33 am
>> my guess, victor, that's something that can be worked out. and we had reports late last night that that had in fact been worked out. you know, the u.s. is not in the position of granting rights to other countries, so there's no need to say you do or do not have a right to enrich. and frankly, under this deal, what's going to happen is that iran's no longer going to present 20% enriched uranium. it's going to continue to enrich at a lower level, 3% to 5%. when there are words in the document that say you have a so-called right to enrich, or there aren't words in that document, the result is iran's enrichments at 3% is going to be. i think the issue that nick points to, the issue of the heavy water reactor is going to be more of a sticking point and if france insists that that be done in the first part of the deal, rather than the second part of the deal, then i think the p5 plus 1 nation nations
3:34 am
have to sweeten their side of it. this can't be one-sided. it has to be proportionate and reciprocal. if that happens, of course, we're going to get something. of course, we'll be watching all day pins and needles to see if this works out. >> we've got numbers what people feel about the potential deal. it shows 56% of americans are in favor of an international agreement that would impose restrictions on iran's nuclear ability but not end it completely. 38% opposed to that. nick, what are you learning from the numbers? are these surprising to you? >> in a way, they're not surprising because it's been 34 years that united states and iran have talked to each in a meaningful way. we haven't had diplomatic relations and we're also coming out of two wars in iraq and afghanistan. so it's sensible to think that the united states should be looking towards diplomacy first. if we have an opportunity to resolve this problem, that would
3:35 am
mean prevent iran from becoming a nuclear weapons power. we can do that through negotiations and we have enormous leverage over iran and we're using it, that's a good deal for the united states. i think that's where the majority of americans on your poll obviously are. the other side of the ledger, however, is that the iranian government say government that has lied to the united states and u.n. and other countries in the past. we really need to hold their feet to the fire. this has to be a good deal. a solid deal. we shouldn't be interested in any deal, just the right deal, as jim says would freeze their enrichment program. and that would be a great advantage for us going forward. >> nick, you bring up that issue of iran's credibility and this issue and other issues. i want to play you something that national security adviser susan rice said. we'll talk about that credibility on the other side. let's listen. >> this deal, if it were agreed would halt all the progress in iran's nuclear program. and roll it back in key respects. the international committee would have unprecedented access to iran's nuclear facilities and
3:36 am
full transparency into what they're doing. >> so, jim, the question goes to you. i mean, the idea that the u.s. will have full access and unprecedented access to what they're doing. i mean, is that credible? is that a little naive, considering that the world is applauds bashar al assad for allowing access to his stockpiles. and possibly some that he's keeping secret? are we sure we're going to have access that the adviser said? >> well, right now, look where we're as a resulting off eiea, the national energy international inspectors are on the ground, almost every week now. the facilities particularly the enrichment facilities which are the most sensitive are nearly under supervision by other agencies. there are other parts that we have not had as much access as we would have liked.
3:37 am
including the heavy water plant and associated facilities. i think this greet will see more transparency in an initial agreement. again, i want to remind you, victor, is this the first phase. there are two phases of this. there's an initial agreement where both sides do this. there's confidence and momentum. and then we're going to see, i think, in the second and final phase, even more transparency. iran is going to have to abide by what's called additional protocol and other sorts of obligations that will give us a really good look, a really good peek inside of iran's program. trust but verified, yes, negotiators are bargaining in good faith. at the end of the day we want the guarantee that all parties are following through on their commitments. >> jim, you say trust and verify. there's the loudest voice knocking in the room that says do not trust. that's israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who says this is a bad deal.
3:38 am
how will this, if this deal goes through, impact u.s. relations on other issues that the president, president obama, is trying to work out with prime minister netanyahu? >> well, if this deal goes through as the administration has indicated, it's a good deal for the united states. it's very painful to see an open disagreement between two good friends, israel and the united states. i would hope the israeli government would be objective and understand it's in america's best interests to go forward with the negotiations and stop iran. the prime minister is opposed but there are many others who are not so i would hope that the israeli government would stop its outright public criticism of president obama and the united states. and understand that the united states is doing the right thing here, and ultimately, the middle east is going to be a lot better off if this can be resolved peacefully, if that's possible, without the resort to force. >> nicholas burns, jim walsh,
3:39 am
appreciate both of you speaking to us this morning. >> thank you. >> thank you. hey, pinch yourself -- >> no. >> this is why she said this -- because the world's least eligible bachelor may be tying the knot. >> killer, young enough to be his granddaughter. yep, that's next on "new day saturday." [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+. you give them the giggles. tylenol cold® helps relieve your worst cold and flu symptoms. but for everything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol cold®.
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hundreds of people stormed police headquarters in durham, north carolina. they were protesting the death of 17-year-old luis puarta. friends and family just want to know more. a big story a few years ago, remember the case of the duke university lacrosse players accused of rape? >> yes, the case was national news back in 2006. now, the woman who made those allegations is behind bars herself. >> we the 12 members of the jury unanimously find the defendant guilty of second degree murder. >> and it's crystal mangum, she was found guilty in the stabbing death of her boyfriend. the 34-year-old claimed it was self-defense. she was sentenced to a minimum of 14 years in prison.
3:44 am
>> the duke case was barely mentioned at trial because they believe her notorious past played a role in the jury's verdict here. all right, people, probably the last thing you'd hear this morning, and i get to tell you, chairs manson may be getting married. >> and he has a swastika tattooed in the center of his forehead. who would marry a mass murderer? ted rowlands has the details. >> it sounds crazy, a 25-year-old meeting charles manson. her name is star. charles manson actually gave her her name star. she came out to the west coast after following charles manson from her home in the midwest when she was 19 years old. the obvious first question i asked her why would you want to be with charles manson? >> charlie is all about atwa
3:45 am
which is air, trees, water, animals. he's been talking about it for over 40 years. and none of the tv shows have ever picked that up, i don't know. >> star said she was attracted to manson because of his stance on the environment. and only after getting to know him and figuring out his past did she realize the extent of his past. but says it doesn't bother her. she says that he tells the truth, and she loves him. now, according to the state of california they can get married. they will facilitate a marriage ceremony inside prison. they'll have to pay for it. and it will consummated. there are no conjugal visits allowed for manson. >> there are reports out there, they say manson deny that's nuptials will happen. of course, we'll keep you updated on that. >> there's somebody for
3:46 am
everybody out there, apparently. >> that's a very politically correct way to say what a lot of people are thinking right now. >> yes. charles manson, the environmentalist, apparently. there are a lot of people really happy. happy about this next story. >> indeed they are, because the boys have announced a reunion. >> me, me, me! >> who are you? we have a knight who says -- >> me, me! >> who are they? >> we are the -- >> me! >> surviving members of monty python are getting back together. we're taking a look at why they split in the first place and what could be bringing them together again. [ paper rustles, outdoor sounds ]
3:47 am
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3:50 am
go and tell your master that we have been charged by god with a sacred quest. if he will give us food and shelter for the night, he can join us in our quest for the holy grail. >> well, i'll ask him, i don't think he'll be very keen. he's already gone one, you see? >> what? he's already got one. are you sure he's got one? >> oh, yeah, master. >> told him he already got one. >> a clip from monty python's "the holy grail." the british troupe announced they're reuniting for a one-night show in london. >> so why have the comedy legends decided to fly again for the first time in more than 30 years? and what can we expect from this
3:51 am
show? cnn's max foster is in london with more. hey, max. >> well, this is the moment the monty python fans around the world have been waiting for for 30 years. and finally, the five surviving members of the group have relented. they're getting back together for a show. we're getting more details on that today. we're also going to get a sense of whether that chemistry is still there. there have been rumors that the five of them fell out, but they've resolved their differences. but also why are they getting back together? is it for financial reasons? either way, the fans are happy. they're also asking will there be new scratches, new idea, or repurpose these classic like kill the rabbits in "the holy grail." it was only subsequently that we really understood the importance of monty python.
3:52 am
that scene is still funny to this generation. it's withstood the test of time. they credit monty python with laying the foundations of future generations of comedy. also, many people would say in a way they define britishness, almost up there with the queen, something that them think around the world when they think of britain. says that big moment for britain. a big moment for comedy. i think we'll have fun. max foster, cnn, london. >> thank you so much. tickets, by the way, go on sale monday in case you're interested. still to come, a group of kids in massachusetts offers us all a lesson in humanity. >> yeah, we're going to show you what they did and what they had to say about one of their buddies. that's next. but first here at cnn, we are preparing for a holiday tradition. cnn heroes, an all-star tribute. it's a celebration of the top
3:53 am
ten heroes of the year and the extraordinary work that they do to help others. >> the star-studded gala is necessary sunday, december 1st, 8:00 p.m. nischelle turner has the behind the scenes peek for preparations for the big event. >> hey there, everybody, i'm nischelle turner, i'm going to give you a backstage look what the it takes to put the whole cnn heroes awards show together. you ready for this? this is going to be cool. come with me. this year, we're back in new york, baby, at the american museum of natural history where the very first cnn heroes took place seven years ago. >> i can't believe it's been that long. it's iconic and beautiful. >> and the first step of the night for the everyday heroes and celebrities -- the red carpet. wow, look at it in here. look at all of these lights. you know, work like this takes hundreds of people to set up working around the clock. and then the centerpiece of the
3:54 am
evening. this year's cnn heroes will be honored right here in the whale room where one of the museum's biggest treasure will be watching over us all night. i'm talking about this lady right here. that's not all that has to be done for the special event. 51 tables to set. you nine cameras to put in place and one giant video monitor. >> you wouldn't believe just really what it takes to put something like this on. we had two days to bring it in and set it all up. >> transforming this beautiful room from this. to this. all to honor ten everyday people who are changing the world. >> it's just a nice thing to honor these people. these people, they don't get the lime light. they don't get honored. they don't have celebrities saying their names and praising their work. it's a nice thing for them. a nice pat on the back. >> a pat on the back from cnn becomes a very special night of inspiration. new brakes help you stop faster and safer.
3:55 am
3:56 am
that's why they deserve... a brake dance. get 50% off new brake pads and shoes.
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3:58 am
all right. this is nuts. people lining up outside of best buy in ft. myers, florida, for black friday deals. >> already. >> the first guy in line has been there since wednesday, victor. wednesday. nine days before the big sales begin. that better be a darn good sale. >> you see, he's got the tent set up here. he's got an air mattress inside. he's grilling, so that's good. shifts.has his buddies working so they can keep their spot in line, but also get a shower and go to work. they're going to work, too. wow. good heavens. they're going to go --
3:59 am
>> is it worth all of that, though? >> to them, it is. >> time for "good stuff." we'll tell you the stories making news. >> we want to go to bridgewater, massachusetts. take a look. the guy in the middle of that pile is danny keith. >> he was a first grader who suffered a brain hemorrhage which he was born. despite years of treatment, he suffers a speech impediment. >> he's the waterboy for the team. they all dressed up in danny's trademark tie to show solidarity. >> we heard that danny was being picked on. we thought we would all have a day to dress up like danny, we thought we would all come like
4:00 am
danny -- to show danny that we love him and that we love him very much. >> and did you see the little boy kind of pat him on the back when he started getting all emotional. i love those kids. >> thanks for starting your morning with us. storm front coming. it's the busiest travel week of the year. and along with typical delays and traffic, a massive weather system is about to make your thanksgiving travel worse. and just about the entire country is going to be affected. imagine a deadly rampage using a gun completely made of plastic. that's the fear of some lawmakers if a ban on undetectable weapons is not renewed. but is that van a violation of your rights?
4:01 am
we'll debate the issue with a former atf assistant director and a man selling blueprints for a gun using a 3d printer. >> you've given them an opportunity, they just have to be brave enough to take it. and the moment has come for all you "hunger games" fans "catching fire" is all right lighting up the box office. pulling in big numbers for the opening showing. and the opening weekend could be one for hollywood's history books. well, you're enjoying breakfast or maybe a good workout on the treadmill right now, we're just grateful to have you company. good morning, i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. 7:00 on the east coast. this is "new day saturday." maybe some people are packing because is this a big, big travel week. the busiest travel week of the year, in fact. but severe weather. yeah, it could cause major headaches if you're traveling for thanksgiving. >> this affects several states
4:02 am
under a winter storm woorniarni. in colorado, roads covered with snow and ice. flooding is a big concern in california and colorado. >> if you're heading there, prepare yourself for an arctic blast. two words some people don't want to hear. >> this affects millions of people. in the short term, it's going to be from arizona to the southeast. we go past sunday into the beginning of the big travel week ahead, and you're looking at bitterly cold air and what could be an ice event, a rain event, a snow event. either way, about 50 million people across that northeastern kr kr corridor, right now the temperatures at 39. those temperatures not rising a whole lot from that. as temperatures are going to be
4:03 am
15 to 25 degrees lower than they should be for this time of year. only in the 20s and 30s in the mideast. look at that, fargo, an additional inch of rain fall or two across the southern united states where you saw the pictures of flooding. this area of low pressure is going to track to the south. a secondary of low pressure will develop in the golf coast. for places like dallas, you could see some ice, you could see some snow in nashville. and then we'll watch out across the northeast, watch out for the potential for winter storms, back to you. >> karen, thank you so much. new this morning, secretary of state john kerry has arrived in geneva, as momentum builds for iran's controversial nuclear program. kerry and other diplomats are taking part in talks and a flurry of meetings. a key sticking point is iran's refusal to stop enriching
4:04 am
uranium. foreign ministers say that major differences still need to be worked out. >> alrighty, if you plan to see the latest "hunger games" movie this holiday weekend, get ready for some company. that's fine with hollywood, of course. >> yes, they want the big crowds. the movie could set a box office record for november with estimates that it could top $150 million. >> and for all you "hunger games" fans out there, you can't put a price on seeing your favorite characters back on screen, right? >> reporter: from screaming fans at the los angeles premiere to long lines at your local cinema -- >> this is the 75th year of "the hunger games." >> the second installment of "hunger games" trilogy "catching fire" is out. it's the hot ticket of the weekend. >> i am very cold and tired, but i'm excited for the movie. >> reporter: it's also a franchise that's now in line to
4:05 am
shatter records. the first film grossed nearly $700 million worldwide. >> i volunteer! i volunteer as tribute! >> reporter: more than $150 million in its opening weekend. the third highest gross of all time. >> you've worked very hard on the games, miss everdeen. >> reporter: the sci-fi adventure series centers around citizens who are forced to fight in annual televised battles for survival with jennifer lawrence returning as the heroine katniss everdeen. >> it's a wonderful story. the trilogy is full of that and the cruelty of the capital as well intensifies in the second one. >> reporter: in "catching fire" ckatniss has become a star. a lightning rod of superrebellion. but she's still the girl next
4:06 am
door. >> i wouldn't have expected anything in that whole movie. i mean, i've read the books, i've read all three of them, and that movie was amazing. >> every time we talk about this, someone on the floor who is outside the camera view says i can't wait to see this movie. i can't wait. well, hollywood hopes that everyone here will see it. and everyone feels the same way as that kid and will shell out the tickets for the next movie and the one after that. brenda jacobs is the senior editor for "us weekly" and is here with us. it's good to have you. those movies brought in $700 million. can the "hunger games" movies top that. >> was "harry potter" was a game-changer. it got people running to bookstores at 11:00 p.m. in ways
4:07 am
that when books came out that we have never seen before. harry potter, you'll remember, was eight books and eight movies. with "the hunger games" we only have three books that are booking three movies. it's not quite at that gargantuan level or a massive franchise. you'll continue to seat books and trilogies turn into movies. everyone knows if they've done it right, they can work and bring in the bucks. >> we know the studio was skwoo squeamish at first marketing the movies because it's about kids killing kids. it seems it's everywhere. what changed? >> last time, lions, they had a tricky thing -- they had to soft-peddle that violence. if you read the books you knew
4:08 am
it was about teenagers killing each other. they still had to get people into the theaters. now we've seen the movies. we're adjusted to the violence. honestly when i think about the first movie and i was getting ready to see the second movie a week ago. i was concerned with the emotional story we were going to see. i don't remember the violence so much from the first movie or the second movie. it's really much more about katniss' journey and this dystopian world that they create. that's why you'll see more young people run to get movies, picking up the third book "talking jay" if they haven't read it yesterday. >> we talking about harry potter, eight books, four movies. is there a possibility we'll get another book we're going to get another book to make two more movies? >> i don't know, that's up to suzanne collins. so far, she's been mum on that.
4:09 am
i think she would move on to something different. it seems a little cheap to just create another one. >> 'tis a business, though, 'tis a business. >> and if it's working -- >> bradley jacobs, senior editor for "us weekly" good to have you. >> thank you so much. >> you can read more about the movie, its stars and the box office results at hey, it really is not easy making jokes about a movie showing a post-apocalyptic world where you say children are killing children on television. >> david letterman. >> "hunger games" part two. you excited about the big -- of course. [ applause ] the full title of the movie is "hunger games" part 2, what's for dinner? it's about shopping for thanksgiving with chris christie. fantastic footage. [ laughter ]
4:10 am
>> oh, my goodness. hey, look at this scene in los angeles. not a movie scene. something quite serious. take a look at this. >> everybody get down! >> this is l.a.x., yeah, the same airport where that tragic shooting happened. we'll tell you about this incident from overnight. you want to be on a flight to albuquerque sitting next to a chatty kathy? >> no. >> now about you? >> i'm allegation saexandra fie on cell phones on airplanes. we'll talk about that coming up. designed for men's health concerns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health.
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4:14 am
this before, i mean, this is not video of what happened a few weeks ago. it just happened again. a couple of unrelated incidents set off chaos at los angeles international airport. for a moment, police feared another shooting was under way. >> that was not the case. cnn's paul mccannen is at l.a.x. good morning, paul. christi, victor, the false alarm can be tracked to a minivan. it was in a collision and someone heard those sounds and mistook those sounds for gunfire. police could be seen shortly thereafter telling people to get down. >> everyone on the ground! everybody get down! >> we also spoke with a woman from australia who came through here november 1st during the last incident. this time, she said she hid in a family restroom, that's where parents often change their baby's diapers.
4:15 am
>> they were on high alert. they were looking for someone. we had heard there was someone with a gun. so they were making sure we weren't the people with the gun. >> reporter: authorities say in all, 4,600 people were affected. some of them had gone to their gates and had to be pulled out and had to go through tsa twice, on what was a night of prayed nerve here's at l.a.x. christi, victor. >> paul vercammen, thank you. the s.e.c. is considering letting you make phone calls during flights. still up in the air whether it's a good idea. >> yeah, is it something we live to regret if the s.e.c. gives the okay. alexandra field joins us from new york. are we getting ourselves in trouble with this, do i want to listen to everybody? do they want to listen to me? >> right, you think we all want
4:16 am
the privilege until you sit next to someone talking the whole way from new york to l.a. the ftc is going to discuss this in november. and the airlines would have to have phones installed. passengers who want to use their cell phones, well, they could pay pretty dearly for that luxury. one consumer advocate suggests this cog big business for telecommunications companies. listen to this. >> this is potentially a multibillion dollar industry for cell phone companies and device manufacturers. once this ban is lifted, it's not going to be like your regular phone will just work perfectly. you're going to have to either sign up for extra service, or you're going to have to pay serious roaming charges. probably in excess of $2 per minute for every phone call you make. >> there are estimates that text messages could cost about kraft cents a text. so that's something too think
4:17 am
about before potentially pulling out your phone. it would be up to airlines in decides to allow passengers to tox and text. they say not everyone is on board. from delta air lines they say if the ftc changes its policy, will delta allow voice communications on flights? no. that's where they stand. also, they put out a statement saying they object to the plan. >> one word answer, no. we've got karen maginnis with us now, i could not be more against the idea of having cell phones on these planes. >> it still makes me nervous because they said at one point it would interfere, so how do they know that it won't in certain circumstances? more than anything, we want to be safe, right? >> i can see in an event where there is the phone cell usage in the back of the airplane. you can sit around, and everybody else is gabbing and talking on that red eye flight.
4:18 am
folks who don't speak on the cell phone in the front. people are traveling. they're short-tempered, anyway. they've dealt with the luggage and the person in front of them is using the seat rest. >> but it's like the technological thing about the smoke. even though you're four seats up, i still hear your conversation about dinner. and if you let people use the phone, imagine how loud it's going to be. >> and that's the thing. we all know that people when they get on the cell phone, they tend to up the volume -- >> well, on a plane because there's that extraneous noise. >> my mom is a loud cell phone talker. i'm like, please, i can hear you. tell us what you think. hit us up with your thoughts of the idea of having cell phone calls on flights. a taco restaurant hasn't even opened its doors yet, but it's already got off on the
4:19 am
wrong foot with some people. all because of its name. ♪ [ bells ] >> i get it now. i get it now. >> it took me a minute, but i didn't get it. >> that's christmas, people, ring up a little commercial controversy. we'll talk about this in a minute. life's an adventure when you're with her.
4:20 am
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4:23 am
it is "money time" on "new day." stocks are going to start monday north in record territory, folks. the dow jones industrials closed at 16,064. for a year, stocks have gained an impressive 22%. analysts say the federal reserve's ongoing system lus program is behind the surge there. >> parents you want to know this. a voluntary recall for 600,000 baby monitors. the risk is they could pose a strangulation risk. made by angelcare. >> two infants were strangled when the sensor pad was pulled into the crib. there is a mexican restaurant trying to open up in las vegas. listen to this. but there's a problem with the
4:24 am
name of the restaurant. >> that particular word is the "f" bomb. >> yeah. >> so a word in the name of this taco restaurant is apparently the same as the saying the "f" word in spanish. managers of the restaurant say, get this, the word means hired kitchen help. >> who does not know what it means in spanish? there's got to be enough people that know what it means. >> i don't know the word. i thought i knew all the dirty words. people in vegas are ticked off about this, they got the name taken off the front of the restaurant, just off the word, but it's on the inside of the restaurant. >> is it or is it not the bad word? it's very black and white, yes, it is, no, it's not? >> but there are words in english that could be one or something else. >> yeah, okay. >> i'm thinking of one or two. >> okay. i got you.
4:25 am
let's move on here about the marijuana being the business buzz in colorado. pun intended there. business by the name of annie's has received the first license to sell marijuana for recreational use. voters in colorado approved the limited sale and possession of pot back in 2012. annie's plans to open its doors on new year as day. and that's when the measure becomes law. however, federal agents are making raids on dispensaries. >> this is going to be a tax boon for the state of colorado. they're going to make some money off of that, of course. >> we'll see who is going to follow suit after that. okay, this is on my facebook page. please chime in and tell me what you think about it. the holiday ad is out. kmart causing a little bit of a stir. [ applause ] [ bells ringing ]
4:26 am
>> a stir or a bit of a swing? >> very nice. >> okay. >> okay, here's the funniest part about it. it's kmart's ad for joe boxer aptly named show your -- the boxers, people. people think it's offensive. one million moms have launched the campaign to have the ad yanked. 7 million hits on youtube. 30,000 thumbs up on twitter. other people like it. >> we should also say one million moms is a pretty conservative group. >> i don't get that. i'm a mom. i get it but it's really funny. >> so we've got the "f" bomb, weed and showing your joe in business. >> hot saturday, folks! >> we'll be back.
4:27 am
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(train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. nthat's why they deserve... aer anbrake dance. get 50% off new brake pads and shoes. bottom of the hour now. welcome back, everybody. good to have you this saturday. you've made it to the weekend. here's five things you need
4:31 am
to know. secretary of state john kerry trying to hash out a deal with the iran nuclear weapons program. iran wants to be allowed to keep enriching uranium and get sanctions on it. number 2, grisly details about the murder of a teacher in massachusetts colleen ritzer. according to an affidavit, 14-year-old philip chism left a note next to her body that read "i hate you all." court documents say police believe chism raped his teacher and killed her in a high school bathroom. a report on the massacre at sandy hook elementary school set to be released monday. officials in connecticut say it's going to detail findings from that nearly year-long investigation. family members have been informed about the report. the shooting last december left 20 children and 6 adults dead. up next, an eighth student at princeton is being treated
4:32 am
for meningitis. health officials will do testing to determine if she has the same strain found at other students in the school. princeton said they hope to provide students with a vaccine that's been approved in europe, but not yet approved in the u.s. and severe weather sweeping across the country, just in time for thanksgiving. you know it. several states are already under a winter storm warning. we're talking about snow and rain. and those things expected to delay flights and cause headaches for you planning to drive in the northeast. you better bundle up because bitter cold temperatures are sweeping in. karen maginnis in the cnn weather center right now. how bad does it look, really? >> well, christi and victor, it looks like those temperatures not warming up terribly much for the afternoon. you start the morning out with 30s and 40s, but that cold air has penetrated across the northern tier and into the great lakes. we'll see lake-effect snow.
4:33 am
temperatures in the 20s and 30s tomorrow. the desert southwest picks up additional rainfall. we'll watch a storm system brew across the southeast. track off the coast of the southeast, and christi and victor, it looks like as we head through the thanksgiving holiday, we'll watch the potential for a winter storm. >> it's good for people staying hole and preparing meals and not going out to the airports and train stations, this is rough. >> yeah. karen, thank you. the original design of the obama care website would have let you window shop for health insurance without plugging in your personal information first. >> well, that feature is dead. not happening not because it didn't work, critics contend it was all commit cal. cnn correspondent brianna keilar has the story. good morning, brianna. >> good morning, christi and victor, this speech was called
4:34 am
the anonymous shopper. like a shop for a plane ticket, anonymously. but sourcing tell cnn exclusively that days before the launch of the health care website, administration officials decided to scrap the feature even though if would have been ready to go on launch day. >> reporter: this is what the designers of the obama care website envisioned. a shopping destination that would function like some of the top e-commerce sites online. >> you can compare insurance plans side by side, the same way you'd shop for a plane ticket on kayak or a tv on amazon. >> reporter: the hallmark would provide personal detailed information. cnn has learned one of the best design firms in the world with a team that included one of the lead designers online shoe stores spent thousands of hours developing a health care prototype. it was a key part of the $3 million model. federal officials endorsed it,
4:35 am
but the shopping feature never made it on their site. >> in this case, it failed so miserably, that we could not consciously let people use it. >> reporter: henry chao a top i.t. official told congress that the reason the shopping feature was not added because it was flawed. >> if we allowed people to go through that they would have gotten air roanous information that would have been much worse than not having it all. >> reporter: almost two weeks before the launch date, an investigation shows that it was tested successfully and any remaining defects will not degrade consumer experience. a source close to the project tells cnn there were only minor problems with the shopping tool. all fixable by launch day. one day after the successful test, chao shelves the shopper. in this internal e-mail obtained exclusively by cnn chao wrote
4:36 am
that mary wallace the deputy director of communications wrote quote, asked me and i said really should be removed. >> this is where they're out of a point where they want to make a commitment to buy. >> reporter: republican critics are accusing the administration of nixing the window shopping tool because it would have showed americans the unfair price of plans causing sticker shock and kept those from signing up. >> it was a decision to make people see what they could get for free to what it was going to cost. >> reporter: chao then says it was a mistake and today, the white house is standing by choo's testimony. >> we do, yes. >> you believe that it failed miserably? >> again, it had multiple defects. brianna, we stand by his
4:37 am
testimony. >> after complaints that there wasn't a good way to shop before you sign up for an account, obama care officials launched a much more basic version on october 10th. but it doesn't tell you a lot of important things like anonymous shopper can. for instance, if a plan covers prescription medications or if your doctor is in network. christi and victor. >> cnn correspondent brianna keil keilar. print, aim, fire, anyone can make a 3d gun. >> a ban on undetectable guns is set to expire. that has lawmakers taking aim at the revolutionary technology. we'll talk about security concerns after the break. americans take care of business. they always have. they always will. that's why you take charge of your future. your retirement. ♪ ameriprise advisors can help you like they've helped millions of others. listening, planning, working one on one.
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4:41 am
♪ gun! >> yeah, that famous scene from the 1993 movie "in the line of fire" is what some people fear could happen if congress does not renew the ban on undetectable weapons. in the movie, john malkovicmalk
4:42 am
character uses a weapon. that includes 3d printed guns which contain virtually no metal. there is some is, virtually no metal, though. officials fear they could fall into the wrong hands and get past security and airports and schools if congress doesn't renew the band. let's talk about this. i want to impact this issue. let's bring in former atf assistant director mike bouchard and the first 3d inventor of the printer, the liberator. >> john, i want to start with you, what's the purpose of the liberator? >> i think the liberator was symbolic. we wanted to create a political message around. at the same time i don't want to
4:43 am
justify its existence or why we should have made it. or why people should have access to it. >> for the political message, what's the message? >> my message is simple, for everyone in the future through digital manufacture will be able to create a gun for themselves by downloading it from the internet. there's nothing that anyone can do 0 about that. a political up front, progressive moves. security technologies means people can make more what they want, especially potentially dangerous objects like a firearm. >> it's been downloaded many, many times. thousands of time. we're at the point of people being able to create these things. are you aware of the dangers? and what are your concerns about anyone being able to print these now? >> well, i don't think the conversation is qualitative with change. anyone can make a gun. it's legal for them to do so, most of the time, if they're not
4:44 am
a felon or otherwise. i think there's in the guns control act. outside of cat gorical bans or manufacture. my criticism of this current renewal proposal it's a way of gaining a foothold in suppressing an entire branch of technology, rather than making a firearm. >> mike, articulate, if you would, the concern about these types of weapons, and the concern if this ban is not renewed? >> well, it's important to have the law in the books and have guns detected because when most of us go in airports or government buildings or other settings when we go through a magnetometer, we have a feeling of safety that when we go through there someone with a gun or a knife isn't going to attack us. so this type of firearm will not
4:45 am
be detected anywhere. you could be sitting on an airplane next to someone carrying this thing. the biggest concern for this is criminals and terrorists are creative enough. i've spent over 30 years in my life working in public safety trying to arrest criminals and outthink them. law enforcement is looking for creative people to help us do those kinds of things not make it easier for criminals and terrorists? >> do you think you're making it easier for criminals and terrorists, cody. >> i think his comments are disingenuous. they can pick up these outside of magnetometers. i think we should look at what else is in this bill. it's not just making plastic guns illegal. it's making any plastic gunfire made by a 3d printer as well. it's a way of instituting gun control by other means. >> so, mike, even if this
4:46 am
bill -- if this act is renewed, the liberator would still be legal, correct? >> as long as there's a metal -- enough metal in the gun, that it can be detectable by the magnetometers. >> so then what the point of legislation, if we still have the liberator, and you think that this gun is dangerous, what is it really stopping? >> well, the legislation in my opinion doesn't go far enough. in my opinion, the legislation should say that there has to have enough metal in one of the working components of the gun to make it detectable. as the law stands now, if they just extend it, there's a metal piece that you can add to it, just take it toout and throw it away. and it's still undetectable and it meets the current law. >> cody, back to you, with the printing of these guns and people having the capability to do this at home, you eliminate, and i'd assume this is something you support, you eliminate the ability to keep this away from
4:47 am
people with mental disabilities for other legal reasons should should not have a weapon. your thoughts on that? >> yeah, basically that's true. the gun control lies on federal licenses and dealers being the channels who can have access to the commodity, right. but when we have increased production the entire model changes and the paradigm breaks down a little bit and you can't rely on law enforcement. even the technologies right now, the ones that have access to, rely on polymers and plastics, this is not a reason to prevent experimentation. we all know there's a race to the bottom with new materials and new techniques. i think there's a better social dimension to allowing people to legally experiment with these things in gun manufacture and other manufacturers. in the interest of a better future. >> cody wilson, mike bouchard,
4:48 am
thank you both. we'll continue this as congress continues to debate the undetectable firearms act. christi. new approval ratings for president obama, they have plunged to lowest point in his presidency. we're going to talk about that with a live report from washington straight ahead. stay close. waiting for your wrinkle cream to work? neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair has the fastest retinol formula. to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles in just one week. neutrogena®.
4:49 am
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4:50 am
public opinion is turning sharply against president obama thanks in large part to his botched rollout of obama care.
4:51 am
>> we have tory joining us from washington. tory, the president is not just taking a hit from comedian, but he is taking a hit in public opinion. >> reporter: victor and christi, this is a tough time for president obama. it is another day and another low poll number. this time we're talking about a cnn orc poll released last week. the president's approval rating at 41%. some polls have dipped lower. the approval rating is how the public views the president. the issue is what is to blame for the number? you may guess the botched rollout of numbers are showing us the damage may have started in june with reports about nsa spying and the treatment of conservative groups when it comes to the irs. in his weekly address, the president pointed to good news
4:52 am
about the economy. he plans to do that in speeches next week and victor and christi, perhaps this is one of the cases of he is changing the subject just a little bit. >> i know in the same cnn/orc poll, there is hope for republicans? >> reporter: christi, it sure seems that way. 50% in the survey believe the republicans will have more influence in shaping the president. the survey is showing only 42% say the president will. that's a huge change from just a year ago. victor and christi, remember the poll numbers. they like to change quite a bit. we will see. >> isn't that the truth. thank you so much. so still to come on "new day," have you seen this wild viral video of jean-claude van damme doing the splits on two trucks? >> we will show you that.
4:53 am
and there are amazing parodies online too. we will have more after this. fee for your personal economy, helping you readjust along the way, refocus as careers change and kids head off to college, and revisit your investments as retirement gets closer. wherever you are today, fidelity's guidance can help you fine-tune your personal economy. start today with a free one-on-one review of your retirement plan. this is the creamy chicken corn chowder. i mean, look at it. so indulgent. did i tell you i am on the... [ both ] chicken pot pie diet! me too! [ male announcer ] so indulgent, you'll never believe they're light. 100-calorie progresso light soups.
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4:56 am
♪ this is called atlanta soup. foggy out there and skyscrapers earning their name. there is the ferris wheel. >> the christmas lights are up at centennial olympic park. not that you can see them yet. they go with the cold temperatures we will get today. we are all with you, people. all of the crazy weather we will talk about will hit in atlanta, too. >> talk about crazy.
4:57 am
>> just like you. seriously? seriously. are you lined up outside of best buy right now like this guy in ft. myers, florida for black friday deals? the first guy in line has been there since wednesday. that's nine days before the sales even begin. >> he is putting up his tent. he has an air mattress and the football there. he grills every day. okay, he and his buddies are doing this in shifts so they can keep their spot in line, but go take a shower -- thank you. also go to work. >> good point. >> working between the shifts. action superstar jean-claude van damme, his name is popping up more often than now because he is riding a wave of popularity based on a video of a stunt he did for volvo. it went viral. >> there are parodies. including a spoof from actor channing tatum.
4:58 am
here is jeanne moos with more. >> reporter: jean-claude van damme is a leg man. >> a pair of legs engineered. >> reporter: when he did a trademark split from one volvo to the another as the trucks went in reverse. ♪ who can say where the road goes ♪ >> reporter: it got millions of views on youtube even if he was wearing an unseen safety harn s harness. he is getting more than views. parodies. there is toronto mayor rob ford cracking up. and all of the visual effects did was seamlessly swap heads. ♪ who can say where the roads go ♪ >> reporter: there are animated parodies and parodies celebrating stretchy pants you can hear them creak. the most so far is actor channing tatum.
4:59 am
he is between two food carts on the set of his latest movie. >> mother [ bleep ]. >> reporter: and i bet you did not know nutella can do splits. >> we can never been spread too thin. even between two semi trucks. >> reporter: a dad and his 10-year-old son dreamed up this one. okay. maybe not all of the parody splits are side splitting. ♪ who can say what the road goes ♪ >> reporter: and by enya, it can make anything seem funny. there are plenty of pratfalls. from skateboards and toy trucks and chairs. one split we haven't seen is split pants. the only way these splits can be seen is in a split screen.
5:00 am
jeanne moos, cnn, new york. snow in los angeles? and a possible nor'easter coming to the east coast. if you thought regular thanksgiving travel was bad, wait until you hear the forecast for the busyiest travel forecast of the year. i do it on every flight. i put the headphones on as soon as i sit in my seat. you may soon have to listen to everyone else's phone calls in the air. the fcc is looking into allowing cell phone use above 10,000 feet. there are cries of protest already starting up. if you are one of 36 million americans who suffer from migraines, a new treatment may
5:01 am
be here. dr. sanjay gupta explains. i hope saturday has been good to you so far. 8:00 here in the east. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. always a pleasure to be with you as well. this is "new day saturday." more than 43 million people are expected to travel this thanksgiving. i am one of them. it will be tough because severe winter weather will hamper the plans. >> as if we need anything to hamper. in colorado, people are waking up to snow and slick roads this morning. it is expected to be much of the same as we head into the holidays. several states are already in a winter warning. from icy road conditions in oklahoma city to flooding in arizona and california and snow in nevada. now the weather out west has been difficult and dangerous.
5:02 am
in california alone, strong winds downed trees and power lines in the san francisco bay area. high winds are also being blamed for stoking the wildfire in napa county. a man had to be pulled from the fast moving water of the santa ana river. and the system is expected to move east just in time for peak thanksgiving travel. >> let's look at chicago live. >> it looks cold. >> it looks cold. 24 degrees there. if you live in the northeast, an arctic blast headed your way. meteorologist karen maginnis is in the severe weather center. severe indeed. >> yes. for chicago, 24 degrees. that is not the end of it. the wind chill factor makes it feel like it's 14 degrees. for tomorrow night, those temperatures expected to be 15
5:03 am
for the temperature. the actual outside air temperature. wind chill factor could make it feel below zero. new york city, expecting 47 degrees this afternoon. so it's a little chilly. you wake up tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon, it will be 31. there will be some lake-effect snow expected across the great lakes region. as that cold air marches toward the east, yes, cold air in place, just in time for thanksgiving, it looks like. this area of low pressure that's across the southwest that did produce fairly significant snowfall. some rainfall to make it one of the rainiest novembers on record for phoenix. that moves to the south. the second area of low pressure system developing. across central texas could be icy in the panhandle of oklahoma and into texas over the next several days. we will watch that moisture into the southeast. cold air dives to the south. what happens? we will bring that area of low pressure off the coast of the
5:04 am
mid-atlantic. just how close it becomes to the close will determine whether we have a nor'easter or not. now i say that because the computer models are all over the place. rainfall in place at least across the coastal areas. windy weather conditions into interior northeast and snow expected there. we will see if the coastal areas pick up the snowfall as well. back to you. >> karen maginnis, thank you. >> we know when we see the colors we have never seen on the map before, that's bad. karen, thanks. with e have a live look at l.a.x. weather was not the problem, but scary moments because it looked like another shooting had erupted at los angeles international airport. >> everyone on the ground. everybody get down! >> here's the thing. police say someone called and claimed a gunman was on the loose in terminal 4 last night. more than 4,000 passengers were rushed outside. some were pulled off planes.
5:05 am
at about the same time, a woman had a medical emergency and lost control of her suv and ended up crashing outside terminal five. then police were able to put it together. >> after a short period of time, the officers were able to determine there was not a shooting in terminal five, but the sounds from the traffic collision caused people to think that there may have been shots fired. part of that, we believe, is hypersensitive ty on what occurred on november 1st, three weeks ago, here at the airport. >> as the officer stated, it was three weeks ago that a shooter opened fire and killed tsa officer gerardo hernandez. a copy of the autopsy states 12 bullets struck hernandez. one grazed his heart. another severed his spinal cord. hernandez died within two to
5:06 am
five minutes. 23-year-old cianca is charged with the murder. and top diplomats are trying to strike a deal with iran. >> the stakes could not be higher this time around. secretary of state john kerry and other foreign ministers are in geneva right now. so is cnn correspondent jim scuitto. >> reporter: it has been a morning of shuttle diplomacy between hotel rooms at the intercontinental hotel here. secretary of state, john kerry meeting with the french foreign minister and others meeting with the iranians as they work through the issues here. we have been told for the weeks leading up to this, the foreign ministers and secretary of the states and top diplomats would not come here unless they were close to a deal.
5:07 am
they are all in place now. they are cautioning that some issues still remain. here is how the british foreign secretary william haig stated a few minutes ago. >> a huge amount of agreement and progress made in recent weeks and the state of the negotiation is different from a few months ago with iran. that is positive. but some of the difficult areas remain very difficult. >> reporter: so we have a general sense of what those difficult areas are. one is the status of the so-called iraq heavy water facility. it is a plutonium facility in iran. this is something that the west wants to put severe restrictions on. iran is resisting the severity of the restrictions. the other is how much sanctions relief for iran. the figures we heard single
5:08 am
digits in the billions. we are not sure that is sufficient for the iranians to sign on the bottom line. we are waiting for resolution. >> jim, what is the u.s. get out of this deal? >> reporter: from the administration's perspective, they get better transparency on the iranian nuclear program than has ever been and limitations. limitations as well as steps to roll back portions of the program. that is the administration perspective here. these really are the most serious talks that have taken place and most serious restrictions that have been discussed regarding the iranian nuclear program. the u.s. is giving something up. they will give up none of the legislative sanctions. restrictions on iran's oil program. they are willing to unfreeze some frozen iranian assets overseas to the tune of billions of dollars. another give, frankly, there is
5:09 am
a risk. iran has made deals like this before and broken them. that is a risk going forward. >> does it change the fact that iran has a new president? >> reporter: it does. hasani has been elected three months ago. the iranian economy is suffering. the iranian people are suffering. they voted someone in who ran on a more consilliatory platform. will see how that comes through. >> chief national security correspondent jim scuitto. thank you. north korea confirmed it is holding 83-year-old merle newman. he was yanked off a plane on
5:10 am
september 26th before it was scheduled to leave the capital. he has a heart condition and may not have any medicine left. okay. you ready for "the hunger games?" >> oh, am i. the only thing scarier than the movie, for some, is standing in the lines to see it. especially in the temperatures and the weather we have been talking about. you know all those people add up to big bucks for the studio. >> some of that money will line the pockets of its star jennifer lawrence who is top of the "a"list right now. we will have more on the big release next. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough.
5:11 am
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5:13 am
all right. all you "hunger games" fans cannot wait to see the arena. you are waiting in line to see the movie. the hottest november opening ever. >> numbers like that have turned its star into an "a" list
5:14 am
celebrity. last time around, jennifer lawrence was a new comer. she may be the brightest star at 23 years old. >> she is defining the hollywood starlet. >> christine romans has more on his rise to the top. >> reporter: "hunger games" out this weekend. that means big money for the girl on fire. here is the business of being jennifer lawrence. one oscar. two hit franchises and the highest grossing heroine of all time. jennifer lawrence was born in louisville, kentucky. her true star turned at the age of 20 in "winter's bone." the role resulted in lawrence becoming one of the youngest women nominated for best actress. she won taking home the oscar
5:15 am
for "silver linings playbook." >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: lawrence is also up for "fun and games." she became mystique in the "x men franchise." then the lead in "the hunger games." >> i volunteer. >> reporter: hardly a volunteer, lawrence earned $500,000 and the first installment of "the hunger games" series made almost $700 million worldwide. time to ask the boss for a raise. lawrence will get $10 million to reprize her role of katniss. she will bring home $26 million in the last year according to "forbes." with all the cash, lawrence is careful with her spending. she may be the face of dior, but
5:16 am
she says she is a bargain shopper. >> it is so awkward. >> reporter: on top of that $10 million, she could get more in bonuses if "catching fire" is the blockbuster everyone expects. christi and victor. >> that's a huge increase. $500,000. >> for the first one. that is shocking. she is not the only breakout star. josh hutcherson plays her opposite. he will appear on "saturday night live" tonight. the fcc is considering letting you make calls during flights. tell us what you think. there is a catch. the costs could be phenomenal. first, though, with the
5:17 am
victory at the u.s. open and wimbledon, andy murray has made tennis more popular in his hometown. here is this week's "open court." >> the roar of the crowd is gone, but a lasting sense of pride on the streets of scotland. this is 2013 wimbledon champion andy murray's hometown. the courts where andy learned to play are filled with children competing in their first tournaments. the murray cup. >> i have always been about creating opportunities for kids and this little event that we have here is just a perfect starter tournament. you feel the parents getting involved. this is where it started at our local club. hopefully it will inspire more kids to try tennis and certainly
5:18 am
in the local area to get more people down to our local club. >> "open court" is sponsored by rado. so, with chevy's black friday sale, the price you see is the price you pay? yep, best prices of the year. i can't see. honey. [ laughs ] brad. yeah? what are you doing? uh... hi. hi.
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♪ check this out. a mysterious fire ball over the skies of oregon that no one seems to know what it is yet. some say it is a meteor. others say it is contrails from
5:22 am
a jet. still others say it is the rising sun reflecting off the clouds. i don't buy that one. just three weeks ago, another fire ball believed to be a meteor reported over the pacific northwest. others say it likely landed in the pacific ocean. the fcc is considering letting you use these on the flight. but not just to play a game or listen to music, a phone call for the entire -- when i get there, no. it is still up in the air whether it is a good idea. >> is it something we will regret once we're all there and talking about it? alexandra field joins us from laguardia in new york. i tell you, i'm reading my tweets. we have asked people to give us their take. one person wrote, sound retched. stuck in a grocery line is bad enough. i have no need to listen to a stranger's life.
5:23 am
>> reporter: we have been thin that situation in the grocery line or on the train where someone will not stop talking. this is a case of be careful what you ask for. this could come with a very high price. passengers have to decide if it is really worth it. a proposal to allow passengers to use cell phones in flight has travelers talking. >> you might want to talk the entire flight in a loud voice about your family. blah, blah, blah. >> you don't have to listen to everybody. >> reporter: it may not be long before we say so long to the idea of sitting back and relaxing. some international airlines already allow passengers to talk and text. now an fcc proposal to give american carriers the ability to do the same. >> i would allow the phone call as long as it is short and to the point.
5:24 am
otherwise, it is better they don't use their cell phone. >> reporter: the flight attendants union was against the idea when it was floated in 2004. they still are. >> you know, airplanes fly thousands of feet in a metal tube in the air. we don't want any situation that could increase any ability to have a volatile situation. >> reporter: if given the option, it is already cleared, some airlines are not on board. delta says if the fcc changes the policy, will they allow communications on flights? no. it is a big opportunity for telecommunications companies. service in the skies could have customers paying through the nose. of. >> this is potentially a multibillion dollar industry for cell phone companies and device manufacturers. once this ban is lifted, it is not like your regular phone will work perfectly. you will have to sign up for extra service or pay serious roaming charges, probably in
5:25 am
excess of $2 per minute. >> reporter: expensive because experts say installing the equipment on board could cost $3 million to $4 million per plane. while using your cell phone on board is expected to be expensive. some will pay more for a quiet zone. christi and victor. >> i have a guy who says i think it is a great idea. probably increase sales as well. >> i got that one, too. >> that one gentleman. all right. alexandra field, thank you. politicians like to talk, maybe on their cell phones. in the senate, they do the talk-a-thons called filibusters, but the rules are changing. is that a good thing? we will ask our political experts. the american dream is of a better future,
5:26 am
a confident retirement. those dreams, there's just no way we're going to let them die.
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5:29 am
get 50% off new brake pads and shoes. well, how's breakfast? bottom of the hour. welcome back. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. five things you need to know. >> number one, police thought another shooter was on the loose at los angeles international airport after someone reported gunfire. turns out a woman lost control of her suv and crashed outside terminal five. more than 4,000 people had to evacuate. you remember the tsa officer was shot dead three weeks ago. they are on high alert. the sequel to "hunger games" to be the biggest opening for november. it could haul in $150 million.
5:30 am
that could top "new moon." it is the second of four movies to be made from the series. number three, no deal on iran nuclear program, but the foreign minister says they are 90% of the way there. secretary of state john kerry and other leaders are in geneva today. iran wants to keep enriching uranium. up next, 27 corrections officers at the baltimore city jail are now facing conspiracy charges. that is about half the corrections staff there. authorities say they smuggled marijuana and cell phones and other contraband to inmates. number five, 719 pounds of marijuana. that was seized after a suspected drug smuggler's boat capsized off the coast of
5:31 am
florida leaving the bahamas. this bust is worth more than $1 million. you know, it is a landmark shift, no doubt. to hear republicans tell it, democrats blew up the senate by deploying this nuclear option. >> hyperbole for changing the rules on filibusters. it took 60 votes before to move it forward. now a simple majority of 51 will do except for supreme court nominees. republicans can no longer block choices. >> today's pattern of obstruction is just not normal. it is not what our founders envisioned. >> they will pay a very heavy price for it. it will change the way that this institution functions. >> let's bring in a pair of cnn
5:32 am
political commentators. maria cardona and will cain. >> good morning. >> let's start here. what is most interesting to me about the conversation is just a few years ago in 2005, both sides here on the opposite sides they are arguing now. mitch mcconnell and harry reid and then senator obama. i will start with you, maria, about the hypocrisy of what happened this week. >> i think the issue here, victor, is when president obama was senator obama, the partisan ship was not at the level that it was today. in fact, senator reid said this. no side has completely clean hands on this. both sides have used the filibuster as a tool. this is, i think, the feature
5:33 am
that got me. in the history of the united states, 168s tim times, the filibuster has been used. half of the time it has been used in president obama's tenure. it has gotten to the point where it is historic and absolutely nothing is getting done. the reasons why the republicans were blocking the nominees were not substantive at all. nothing with qualifications. it was pure politics. that is what senator reid wanted to get rid of. >> let's get will in here on this. senator mcconnell in 2005 was in favor of the nuclear option. >> victor, you said earlier the republicans are getting the democrats to take over the senate. let's use the words five years ago where president barack obama said this would increase gridlock in the senate. joe biden said i pray god we do
5:34 am
not make a naked power grab once we're in power. it is flipped. maria has the numbers right. what is flipped, the democrats are now in the majority. that is the huberous of the deal. mitch mcconnell wasn't so opposed when he was in the majority. this is a big deal, guys. this is a dramatic shift in the way we govern. >> think about this, if this is how it will be now, what happens when there is a shift in power again and now it would be on the republicans, right, maria? are they thinking this through? >> sure. there is no question we could come one day to regret this. i guarantee you that this will focus democrats a lot more on making sure we keep the senate in the coming years. to will's point, yes, several years ago, both sides were on
5:35 am
the opposite side. the stats were not to the extent that we see them today when democrats were in power -- i'm sorry, when republicans were in power and democrats were the minority. democrats did not use the filibuster to this end. when democrats filibusters republican nominees, it was on substance and qualifications. it wasn't just because they did not want to see the courts tilted more republican or more democrat. that is a ridiculous political argument that should not get in the way of doing the nation's business and not filling the courts. >> will, go ahead. >> i want to say our principles cannot be so convenient that where the rules only matter and the rules are when we are in charge. that means you have no principles. just to add to the statistics, i gave you earlier, marimaria, th8 filibusters have been a majority
5:36 am
of president obama's charge. 74% of his nominations, as compared to democrats approving 67% of bush's. judicial nominations have been passed through. >> let me bring you something on the playbook. strategy memo filled with talking points and social media and video and digital flyers. this fight over obama care has intensified because of the problems of this has been discussed and legislated and upheld by the supreme court. is this going to be the focus going into the 2014 for the gop? >> it better, victor. the program is falling apart. forget if you like the law or the law of the land. the question is if the law of the land is any good. this will play out perfectly in 2014. not just to hold the trumpet to highlight how bad it is. the problems will continue into
5:37 am
2014. guys, i promise you you will hear of bailouts in 2014. you will hear about people losing health insurance because of the mandate. i say this one extra thing, republicans, i believe, should be ready to provide a solution. that does not mean ignoring the obama care. trumpet those to the mountain tops. >> will and maria, this is too short. thank you. >> thank you, both. >> thanks, christi. all right. sufferers of migraines say they are unbearable. there is a new relief and that is sparking controversy. stay close. christine romans has a review of "your money." >> five years after the financial crisis, you still feel
5:38 am
like the banks got away scott free. the man who negotiated the deal from jpmorgan chase says not so fast. able to put together something that is extraordinary that i think can be a template as we go forward with other financial insurance sttitutions. >> that is coming up at 9:30 on a brand new "your money." so, this board gives me rates for progressive direct and other car insurance companies? yes. but you're progressive, and they're them. yes. but they're here. yes. are you...? there? yes. no. are you them? i'm me. but those rates are for... them. so them are here. yes! you want to run through it again? no, i'm good. you got it? yes. rates for us and them -- now that's progressive.
5:39 am
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all right. here's an eye opener. your morning cup of coffee may help your blood vessels work better. >> researchers worked the finger
5:42 am
tips after participants drank one cup of coffee. they found an increase in vascular function. >> the research was paid for in part by a japanese coffee trade association. you want to know if you have been exposed to the flu? there is an app for that. a post warns you when people are posting about being sick. someone at your child's school posted on social media, i have the flu. dropping kids off at that school would get a real-time alert of their proximity to the flu. >> what do i do? >> call in and say my app told me not to come in. authorities at princeton are trying to figure out if a dangerous strain of meningitis strain is hitting.
5:43 am
meningitis "b." the officials hope to give the vaccine to the students, which has been approved in europe, but not in the u.s. 36 million americans suffer from migraines. >> and a growing number are taking measures to relief one. if you have one, you know. our chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta has more. >> reporter: good morning. plastic surgeons at the cleveland clinic noticed something after browlifts. some patients said they came back and used to have frequent migraines and they said they went away. they tossed around the word cure or something close to it. >> i just want to have a life. i operate on half a life.
5:44 am
>> reporter: corenne says she has 15 good days a month. the other 15, she deals with crushing migraine pain. >> it feels like a boa restri restrictor around my head. i tried oxygen tanks. i tried acupuncture. every migraine medication. every seizure medication. anti-depressant. everything. >> reporter: well, almost everything. >> what are we doing for you today? >> surgery. >> what kind of surgery? >> migraine surgery. >> reporter: migraine surgery. controversy treatment for a brain-based problem. >> i'll make a couple of marks. >> reporter: her plastic surgeon says tight muscles and connective tissues are choking her nerves, especially in the neck. that may mark the point of migraines. he plans to make incisions and
5:45 am
plans to move muscle. frown lines around the eyes, basical basically, relief the pressure. >> we have patients three years out and still reporting no headaches. >> reporter: to be sure, migraine surgery has detractors. the american headache society says it is not appropriate for most sufferers. we caught up with corenne. she says her headaches are down to three a month. >> i had a tough recovery, but it is working for me. >> reporter: it is safe to say many neurologists say this is skeptical to relieve migraines, but this can be helpful to a certain group of patients. surgeons will test by injecting lidocaine or botox into the trigger points.
5:46 am
if that helps, they say the operation could be a more permanent fix. guys, back to you. >> sanjay, thank you. you can see more of him this weekend on "cnn sanjay gupta." you will have to buy presents soon. the console wars have begun. it's time to answer the million dollar question. should you buy the playstation four or the x box one? we will talk with a gaming expert next. [ female announcer ] ladies and gentlemen i'm here to say a few words about the power of baking stuff with nestle toll house morsels. you can heal a broken heart with a bundt cake. make a monday mornin' feel like a friday afternoon with some nestle toll house morsels. let's close our laptops and open our ovens. these things don't bake themselves. we have to bake them for one another.
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5:50 am
it is hard to see how many are having trouble with the touch i.d., but some are reporting serious problems. >> it has annoyed some people where they don't bother using the thing. apple has not said if they are working on an update to the touch software. if you don't see your kids or boyfriend all weekend, maybe they are playing the hottest new video game systems. playstation four or x box one. which could choose? >> da, da, da. the ps-4 dropping last week and x box this week. john davidson is a content user for the video game industry. let's talk about sony. they sold more than a million units, john. some turned out to be broken and full of glitches. this is the wrong time heading into the holiday season for
5:51 am
people to hear about all of these problems. >> yeah, i think we tend to hear about this stuff more now because of social media than we used to. sony is saying it is less than 1 1% of playstations. if someone has a problem, they will immediately broadcast it. we hear about it more. >> i want to hear the million dollar question. which is better in your opinion? >> in terms of what they can put on your television, they are both incredibly similar. the big difference is the playstation four is a pure video game system. it will play netflix and stuff, but its core design is to put video games in the living room. the x box is the center of the entertainment life. they are chasing the apple and google stuff so you can plug your cable or satellite box into
5:52 am
your x box. it becomes a hub. the connect camera, you can talk to it. you can tell it x box, i want to watch cnn and it will change the channel on your cable box and turn the tv on. there is a different approach. the ps-4 is $100 cheaper. that is a consideration. >> these companies are going after a huge market base. they have a broad spectrum of buyers. is there one that is better for the 15-year-old who plays video games four hours a day? is there one better for the 30-year-old who wants to incorporate it into his or her life beyond video games? >> i think, again, if you want one device to do everything for you, the x box is the one. this year, we are seeing the nintendo console which came out
5:53 am
last year, wii-u. the drought of software. we are seeing really good games for that coming as well. the same day the xbox one came out, super mario wii-u came out. for a younger gamer, that could be the one this year. >> john davison, thank you so much. >> thanks, john. we heard the cynical phrase, no good deed goes unpunished, sometimes good deeds get rewarded. a homeless man in atlanta did the right thing. he is enjoying the weekend in the lap of luxury.
5:54 am
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5:57 am
♪ good life ♪ ♪ this is going to be the good life ♪ let's get to good stuff. in today's world, 10-year-old jordan. >> resourceful fourth grader went snooping around the house and found her mom's big christmas surprise for her. >> i walked in the closet on an accident. >> i was pretty upset when she first ruined her big surprise. >> no accident. >> i like how she says that. no ordinary gift. this is a limited edition american girl doll. rare and expensive. we know the regular ones are pricy. jordan noticed something else. the bins at her school
5:58 am
collecting donations for troops were nearly empty. >> i thought why aren't people donating? it is a school project. when we have other school projects, we get stuff. they don't have chocolate or hamburgers. >> what did she do? she offered her precious christmas gift, that american girl doll, as a raffle prize. before it happened, it made $1,000. we hope it is something good. someone else who deserves something good. a homeless man is getting it. he is spending the weekend in one of atlanta's best hotels as a reward for a simple act of kindness. he was rooting around in the trash for food when he found a woman's wallet. >> you know what? instead of keeping it, he turned it in to the front desk. the hotel manager is letting him stay in a room through
5:59 am
thanksgiving with room service and $500. it could be a life-saving gift with temperatures nearing zero this weekend. it comes at a right time. thrill seekers, you may want to go to kansas. a new water slide is in the works. it is still under construction, obviously, but it will be a good one. the park won't give details until the park opens. it is being built as the tallest and fastest and steepest in the world. it is called the verucht mega blaster. it is the german word for "insane." >> i get that gut thing you get on roller coasters. >> that looks almost vertical. just straight up and down there. >> i would pass on that. for people who like that kind of thing, head to kansas. glad you are starting your day with us. >> don't go anywhere. we have more ahead in the next
6:00 am
hour of "new day saturday" which starts right now. all right. 9:00 in the east. we hope that saturday has been good to you so far. chang thanks for checking in with us. i'm christi paul. >> i'm victor blackwell. good to have you with us on new day. >> the dead of winter in colorado. that is what people are seeing as they wake up to snow this morning. >> let's look at arizona. the weather there, this is what people are driving through. you should never drive through standing water. if you are joining me out on a plane, train or automobile hitting the air, sky? air, sky, same thing. you might want to think twice.
6:01 am
a winter storm could affect your travel plans. we have cnn meteorologist karen maginnis with more. >> we are watching a couple of things. lots of cold air across the midwest. you feel the cold. minus 5 in fargo. temperatures are not that cold in the northeast. wait. new york city, we will make it into the 70s -- 70s. 47 degrees. coming up tomorrow, the temperatures in the 30s with gusty winds behind it. it will feel colder. chicago, only going to make it to 25 degrees. that cold air will be sliding toward the east. as it does, it will be moisture coming up from the south. i mentioned that because i want to show you dallas. dallas will not have temperatures rising much for the afternoon. you have a chance of freezing rain or sleet. sleet means it is coming down
6:02 am
frozen. freezing rain means it will come down as rain and then freezes on contact. if you head into the panhandle of oklahoma and texas, you will see what looks to be an ice storm and may be changing over to snow in the next 24 hours. area of low pressure across the southwestern united states. flagstaff with good snowfall right now. look at the pink shaded area in central texas. that looks to be an icy situation. just in time for thanksgiving. we will have more on that coming up. >> karen, thank you. we have one more live picture for you now. this is l.a.x. everything here is back to normal this morning. the problem was not weather re l rela relateed, but looked like another shooting at the airport. >> everybody on the ground! >> police say someone called and
6:03 am
claimed a gunman was on the loose in terminal four last night. more than 4,000 passengers were rushed outside. some were pulled off planes. here is the thing at about the same time, a woman had a medical emergency and lost control of her suv. she ended up crashing outside terminal five and then police started to put it all together. >> after a short period of time, the officers were able to determine that there was not a shooting in terminal five, but sounds from the traffic collision caused people to think there may have been shots fired. part of that, we believe, is some hypersensitivity to what occurred on november 1st, just three weeks ago here at the airport. >> as the l.a.x. police chief stated it was three weeks ago that a shooter opened fire in the airport and killed the man here on your screen. gerardo hernandez. a tsa officer. a copy of the autopsy from ktla
6:04 am
says 12 bullets struck hernandez. those bullets shattered into 40 fragments. one grazed his heart. the medical examiner says hernandez died within two minutes. 23-year-old paul ciancia is charged with the murder. let's talk about what else is going on. the world's top diplomats and secretary of state john kerry gather for what could be a history-making deal. >> they are trying to hash out the iran nuclear program and keep a nuclear weapon out of iran's hands. we have chief national security correspondent jim scuitto with more. tell us what is happening with
6:05 am
some agreement. >> reporter: we have an important meeting with secretary of state john kerry and the eu foreign minister in the room for a time atop eu diplomat telling us it was an hour-long meeting. they got some work done. very key to have the u.s. and iran at the same table at this stage of the negotiations. as we said when we spoke earlier, secretary kerry and other foreign ministers would not come to geneva unless they were close to a deal. that shuttle was between the ministers with the french foreign minister and british foreign minister. now this means we are down to brass tacks in the negotiation. we don't know if they will make a deal today after the diplomats involved in the talks today. they are emphasizing there are
6:06 am
gaps we have to bridge. >> jim, we heard from some leaders in congress this week about partisan group urging the administration not to agree to this deal and even if this deal is agreed to, senators like john mccain are skeptical. >> reporter: well, right. they are threatening to add new sanctions on top of the many sanctions that are already effecting iran. the administration feels they are able to push off the sanctions push for at least a couple of weeks. they say if you put in new sanctions now, we really can't take advantage of the historic opportunity or iranians appear willing to talk about new and unprecedented restrictions on the nuclear program. give us a time to explore that. the administration is aware they can only hold that off for so long. there is talk about new sanctions would not come until
6:07 am
the next legislative session in january. even harry reid says a vote could come after the thanksgiving break. the administration knows they have a short window and they want to take advantage of it. >> jim sciutto, thank you so much. still to come, president obama's approval rating is at an all-time low. here is the big question. who or what is to blame? we will look into that next. plus, we're talking to this man. clint hill. the brave secret service agent who jumped into the line of fire in hopes of saving president kennedy after he was shot 50 years ago. anyone have occasional constipation,
6:08 am
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6:09 am
is caused by people looking fore traffic parking.y that's remarkable that so much energy is, is wasted. streetline has looked at the problem of parking, which has not been looked at for the last 30, 40 years, we wanted to rethink that whole industry, so we go and put out these sensors in each parking spot and then there's a mesh network that takes this information sends it over the internet so you can go find exactly where those open parking spots are.
6:10 am
the collaboration with citi was important for providing us the necessary financing; allow this small start-up to go provide a service to municipalities. citi has been an incredible source of advice, how to engage with municipalities, how to structure deals, and as we think about internationally, citi is there every step of the way. so the end result is you reduce congestion, you reduce pollution and you provide a service to merchants, and that certainly is huge. ten minutes after the hour now. the obama care web site, everyone was told, was supposed to be up and running properly
6:11 am
one week from today. >> the administration is moving forward with the little fixes here and there. starting with officials who are beginning a new pilot program in florida, texas and ohio, specifically to make it easy for people to bypass to get insurance for people. now you will have until december 23rd to select an insurance plan. it will go into effect, hopefully, january 1st. the president was speaking to barbara walters last night and tory has more on that. he was not only talking about this, but talking about this weekend and the jfk 50th anniversary of his death. >> reporter: yeah, victor and christi, let's switch gears and talk about president obama and how he celebrated and marks this anniversary. he marks the 50th anniversary of
6:12 am
the assassination of jfk with a moment of silence at the white house. remember, kennedy started the organization in the '60s, but we are hearing from president obama about the impact of the kennedys. take a listen to what he said in an interview with abc's barbara walters. >> jfk, in particular, i think, captured the idealism, the ability to imagine and remake america to meet its ideals to me in a way we have not seen before or since. >> reporter: victor and christi, i was in dallas for the ceremony yesterday, it was surreal. the focus was not on the assassination itself, but you could not help but imagine the dangers of a president driving through dealey plaza in a convertible. he is thankful that safety doesn't weigh heavily on his
6:13 am
mind. that tragedy, although horrible, reshaped secret service. >> it did, indeed, reshape secret service. >> we will talk to somebody who knows about that as well. take a look at. this this. take a look at that man on top of the car. clint hill. he was the first secret service agent who tried to save president kennedy 50 years ago. he will join us next to give us a firsthand account of the infamous day. stay close. [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health
6:14 am
6:15 am
plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+. with 7 antioxidants to support cell health. there are signs both political bparties in washington get it: washington is lagging behind the country on this... ...this issue has been around far too long... and yet, we wait. reforming our immigration system would dramatically reduce our nation's debt... grow the economy by 5.4% ... and take bold steps to secure our borders.
6:16 am
on this, both parties say they agree: democrats... we are very very strongly in favor of moving immigration reform... and republicans... i wouldn't underestimate the house's ability to pass the immigration bill... and yet, we wait... americans are tired of empty rhetoric. it is time for every leader to come through on their promise... and fix our broken immigration system tell congress: the time is now. fix america's broken immigration system. marking an important weekend here. i'm wondering if you were old enough to remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when president kennedy was shot. one man has had to live with the haunting firsthand account of
6:17 am
the assassination every single day for the last 50 years. that man is clint hill. you might not know his name, but you have seen him before. here he is. kind of frozen in time like the memories. jackie kennedy's former secret service agent. he was the first person to jump on the back of the car in the attempt to rescue the president and first lady. he gives an account of the day in his new book. "five days in november." clint, we are glad you are with us. you are in dallas now going back for this. are there ghosts for you there still now 50 years later? >> well, i'll never forget exactly what happened here still coming back to dallas and dealey plaza is an emotional issue for
6:18 am
me. >> what was it like to be there? >> well, it was nice to be there to pay tribute and honor president kennedy, but at the same time, it was emotional to be there and to just be present in that space where all this occurred those 50 years ago. so, it was with mixed feelings. >> can you help us -- take us back to that moment and help us understand what it was like for you. when you jumped on the back of that car, did you immediately know the president was dead? >> well, i got up there and i put mrs. kennedy back in the backseat and the president's body fell into her lap with his head with the right side of his face up and i could see his eyes were fixed and his -- i could see through the skull where the brain matter was completely gone. at that point, i did assume that he was dead because it appeared to be a fatal wound to me. >> what did the first lady say
6:19 am
to you or to him in those moments? >> well, she really didn't speak to me directly. what she said was, at first, she said, i have his brains in my hand because she had come up on the trunk to try to retrieve some of the material that came out of the president's head when he was shot. she was there in the seat with the president's body in her lap. she said, oh, jack, oh, jack, what have they done. oh, jack, i love you. that was it as we drove all the way to parkland hospital. >> you were with her for hours after that. can you tell us about that? >> i was with her constantly from that point on. i had been for a matter of three years. from that point on, i was with her all the way back to washington and out to bethesda naval hospital where the autopsy was performed. i took her up to the 17th floor to make sure she was comfortable
6:20 am
and family members arrived. then we took the body of the president back to the white house. i was with her until she went up to the residence of the second floor of the white house. she was going to remain there for a while. at that point, about 6:00 in the morning, i did go home and shave, shower and change clothes and grabbed a bit to eat and went back to the white house. i was with her all the time. >> how did you see her evolve after that? i think i read that you said the sparkle in her eyes was gone when he was gone. >> that's true. from that point on, that sparkle was gone. that smile was gone. she didn't laugh like she used to. she was very sad and it was very, very discomforting to see the way she was because she had been so alive and so active and so full of life with everything before that. it was very difficult. >> you know, you struggled with
6:21 am
a lot of guilt that you think you could have done something else to save him. i want to play some sound here from the interview you gave "60 minutes" back in 1975. >> a great deal of guilt about that. and i turned in a different direction. part of me -- it was my fault. if i had reacted just a little bit quicker -- i could have, i guess. i'll live with that to my grave. >> did any of that guilt dissipate by now 50 years later? do you understand that you did everything you could have done? >> well, 15 years after that interview in 1990, i came back here to dallas and i walked the area of dealey plaza. i went up into the texas school book depository.
6:22 am
i looked out that window on the sixth floor. i examined everything possible. the angle, the weather, the conditions. i came away finally with the understanding that i had done everything i could have done that day. all of the advantages that had gone to the shooter and we didn't have any. so that did give me some consolation. i still felt that sense that we failed because our responsibility was to protect the president and we failed to do so on that day. >> former secret service agent clint hill with us. stay here, will you, mr. hill? we have more that we want to ask you, including what you think about some of the conspiracy theories that are still out there. did he act alone in killing jfk? we'll be back in just a moment. stay close. ♪
6:23 am
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we will dive right back in our conversation with clint hill, jackie kennedy's former secret service agent. you will see the man here in black on the back of the car. he jumped in to save the president 50 years ago in dallas. clint, we were just talking about the conspiracy theories. you hear that the mafia was involved or the cia was involved. was that the case or was this just lee harvey oswald? >> those conspiracy theories are just theories. there is not fact involved in any one of them. there are ones that come up every day. they are foolish. the facts point to one shooter
6:27 am
and three shots fired that day. they all came from the same location. fired through the same rifle by the same individual, lee harvey oswald. i don't think there is any question in that anymore. >> so many people are fascinated by the kennedys. you have this rare privilege of knowing them. what can you tell us about this family that maybe we don't know? what fascinates us so much about them? >> well, i think the reason the people have such a great interest in them is they could relate to them because of their age. they were very young. they replaced the eisenhower administration, where eisenhower was a grandfather figure. when kennedy was elected, he was 43. they had a young daughter. everybody could relate to that. also, they were very active and
6:28 am
very attractive as a couple. they lived a lifestyle that most people wished they could live. so i think that people really, really wanted to be part of that scene. also, the president was one of the individuals who when he talked to you, even if you were in a crowd and he was just shaking hands, when he got to you, you knew he was talking to you and you alone because of the way he did things. it was very appealing situation. >> you know, we know that jackie's pink suit is being preserved. i understand that you burned the suit you were wearing that day. why? >> that's correct. why? i didn't want that to linger on. it was saturated in blood. i thought it best that it be completely destroyed so nobody would have anything to hock or
6:29 am
doing anything with it. >> former secret service agent clint hill and author of "five days in november." thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us. we hope people get your book. we greatly appreciate you. thank you so much. >> thank you very much for having me. >> of course. take good care. >> i listened to conversations with mr. hill several times, especially over the last week and years. i learned so much in the conversation. especially with the suit he burned. i never known that. the moment back in '75 "60 minutes" interview where he says the three words, it's my fault. >> you feel for him because it wasn't. you saw him jump to action immediately. who could have known? it probably did change the way secret service did things. to carry that guilt for so long, it is good to hear he has let that good. >> it took 15 years. thank you so much for watching. we will see you back here at the top of the hour.
6:30 am
>> coming up on "your money" banks got bailed out, but you may feel sold out. christine romans sits down with a man who got a billion dollar payout. >> "your money" starts right now. gun reform. poverty level paychecks. same-sex marriage. some of the most divisive issues facing you. i'm christine romans. walmart. a walmart in ohio is collecting canned food to help its workers feed their families on thanksgiving. this picture posted on the walmart facebook page. if there is a recent political controversy, starbucks ceo called for lak


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