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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 23, 2013 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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hour of "news room" begins now. you are in the cnn news room. good evening, i'm martin savidge, good to be with you. topping the news, an international deal that is so close, but not quite in reach. i'm talking iran and the work being done now to head off the nuclear arms race in the middle east. secretary of state, john kerry is in switzerland right now along with negotiators in china, europe russia and iran. they have been meeting for days and tell us an agreement is very close, the closest it's ever been. on one point, iran will not budge. stay there, we are going live to geneva in a couple minutes. just in time for the busiest travel week of the year, a powerful weather system sweeping across the country. rain, snow and powerful winds
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creating problems in a number of states. icy roads are causing major travel issues. we have what to expect as the storm moves east. >> dangerous driving conditions along interstate 10 and in texas and up to new mexico. because of ice and we are looking at snowy conditions. they are saying watch out, especially in west texas and then we start to see the dallas metroplex area as well. potential travel and air delays expected there. right along the border between new mexico and arizona, snowy, especially across the higher elevations including the san juan mountains and into the panhandle of texas and oklahoma. area of low pressure spinning out the moisture across arizona, new mexico. high wind watch in utah. here we go for dallas, you will be on the edge of that icy
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precipitation with rainfall expected along the gulf coast. monday and tuesday, critical time period as to what the track of that storm is going to be. might it be a nor'easter in places like new york city and boston expecting snowfall and gusty winds? right now, interior sections of the northeast will be affected with snow and wind. looks like a rain event along the coast. that could change. that is the dynamics of the system we are expecting. new york, 32 for sunday is the high. the temperatures are 10 to 20 degrees below where they should be for this time of year. we'll keep you updated. back to you. >> thank you very much. if you are traveling, be careful. two separate incidents at los angeles international airport put a lot of people on edge in the last 24 hours. >> on the ground! everybody get down! >> this was not a drill. police officers swarm one
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terminal full of travelers late last night. they were responding to a man with a gun. it appears to have been a prank phone call. there was no gun. at the same time, a woman crashed her car at another terminal and that caused a brief panic and some confusion. it's understandable if nerves are raw at l.a.x. because a man with a rifle, if you remember, killed a tsa officer there three weeks ago. an autopsy report released yesterday said hernandez was shot 12 times. two new articles are out today, "the washington post" and new york times. they are pulling back the curtain of what happened in the days before the rollout of we have more. >> reporter: as you know, november 30th is a self-imposed deadline for the administration to have available for most users. the blame game continues.
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new details in the new york times and washington post. stay with me. this is complicated. the times describes tensions between the obama administration and the lead contractor, cgi months before the failed launch. sources saying cgi told the administration it was making impossible demands and administration officials insisting the october 1st launch was nongauchable accusing them of missing deadlines and making excuses. here is the kicker. according to the report, the government agencies chief operating officer, michelle snyder was telling her colleagues, quote, if we could fire them, we would. "the washington post" article goes into depth about what people thought would and wouldn't workdays before the launch. in the preflight checklist, 41 of the 91 functions they were responsible for were still not working. martin, it seems like the finger pointing continues.
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we have heard from both sides, cms the agency overseeing says it was a complex project with a short time line. they would roll out the other items later, over time. cgi responded saying what we understand are silence leaves us exposed to other's conclusions out of respect for cms and other clients, we believe in honoring or commitments. there you have it. martin? >> thank you very much for the explanation. the fixing is still ongoing. the obama administration gave people an extra eight days to sign up if they want to be covered. the deadline now, december 23rd. >> the intense effort to make a deal with iran. it is this. they put a stop to their nuclear program in exchange for global sanctions against iran will ease to some degree.
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there's plenty of details to work out. none of them are minor. john kerry is in the middle of the negotiations. he's in switzerland. twice today, he met with officials. still, the outlook for an agreement is not clear. it's after midnight in geneva. matthew chance is also staying up late. matthew, john kerry plans to leave switzerland tomorrow, which is hours away. does that necessarily mean no deal? >> reporter: i think it means, martin, this negotiation reached a critical stage. the announcement by the state announcement that john kerry is leaving for london. he's meeting there with his british counter part to discuss iran and syria. he's also going to meet with the prime minister in london as well. it sets the deadline for the negotiations. they can't go on indefinitely. it serves the purpose to add
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pressure to the negotiations taking place all throughout the day, the past four days, in fact and continuing into the night. we know that right now, john kerry is at a meeting with his colleagues from the p-5 and the other five security council plus germany discussing the differences they have at this late stage with a iranians over the controversial deal. we are told the differences are narrow but there are still gaps between them. that's why even at this late hour of midnight in geneva, they have not said look, we have a deal, there is something we can sign. there's still a degree of hope something can be done, but, there's also an understanding that at the last moment like this, they may not reach a deal. >> the fact that they are still meeting tonight gives us some hope. when we spoke last, you were saying one of the issues
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sticking was the iranians want the right to enrich. is that something they are holding out for? >> it seems to be, yes. we are not party to the actual detail of the negotiations that are taking place, but yes, this has been the iranian line all along, they are insisting for a formal recognition of their right to enrich uranium. it's something that for a long time the western powers, along with china and russia have balked at. they don't think any country has that right. iran says it's a right in the treaty. the west disputes that saying no such specific right is granted in the mpt. it's something they are discussing. the wording is something they have been looking at closely. u.s. diplomats said they believe they could navigate this issue in a final agreement, but, at the moment, they haven't been able to navigate it. the other issue is the heavy
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water reactor, which they haven't managed to navigate so far. didn't mean they are not going to, but things are reaching ahead here in geneva. >> matthew chance joining us from geneva switzerland where they are pulling an all nighter. thank you. the case of three women in london allegedly held captive for more than 30 years reunited a global conversation. i'm going to talk to a woman leading a grass roots movement to stop human trafficking attempts in the air.
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so we do everything we can to be there for them when they need us. plus, you could save hundreds when you switch -- up to $423. call... today. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? details around the case of three women held captive for more than 30 years in london. it was baited on brainwashing and emotional abuse. their case is far from the only one in england. authorities arrested 1200 men and women in england and wales
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in the last two years. the mission to stop human trafficking is the same. we have the initiative to spot trafficking in flights. >> reporter: she was from the czech rebub lick. >> i was took, beaten and raped by more men than i could count. >> reporter: she was 16 when she was trafficked into the sex trade. 800,000 victims are trafficked across international borders each year. many brought from far away countries flying under the radar into the united states. >> i was boarding a flight in london and these two young kids come over to me and say can you help us get this girl to dulles airport? they said someone handed her off to us and she's traveling from
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mongolia and speaks no english. >> reporter: she's been a flight attendant for 40 years. nancy has 35 years of experience. >> on a flight to costa rica from miami and a man got on a flight with a little girl, 9 years old. again, he was in control of her. she seemed scared. >> reporter: over the years they have seen things on flights that didn't seem right. back then, they say, few people new much about human trafficking. >> this young boy gets on with a day old baby. the umbilical cord, no wife. two diapers in his pocket and one bottle. i ran off the plane and called the police. i said please come here. i'm sure this baby has been either kidnapped or stolen. their response to me was we are not getting involved. >> reporter: she says she and her colleagues in the airline industry are the first people to come into contact with victims
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of trafficking flying into the country. she says they should be the first line of defense. >> the only way that i can help is by alerting the flight attendants, training the flight attendants, telling them what's going on. >> that's what she did. she partnered with a non-profit organization, innocence at risk. they created comprehensive training for flight attendants. this week, airline workers are learning how to spot potential victims or trarvegers, what behaviors to look for and what to do about it. wendy has been a flight attendant for 36 years. she attended nancy's training and learned how to deal with suspicious passengers. >> to go up and start having small talk. is this your son? where you going? business or pleasure? just feel it, which is what flight attendants do.
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>> reporter: why sandra was determined to lead the charge. >> you know what is going to happen to them and walk away, you are as guilty as the guy that's selling them. i -- i don't look away. >> reporter: cnn, san francisco. >> i want to bring in nancy. you saw her there in that piece there. she is the founder of airline ambassadors international, an organization that raises awareness about human trafficking within the airline industry. congratulations. it's an excellent program. thanks for joining us. many times, when i talk to people, i have covered human trafficking in this country and elsewhere for awhile. in this country, it's one of those things people don't think of as happening here. how do you raise awareness to the public? >> yes, first of all, i want to applaud the london police who are able to rescue the three women who had been held, they think for 30 years.
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what most people don't realize is human slavery is more prevalent than it has ever been in history. last year, less than 1% of the victims were rescued and public education is critical. we stumbled upon the issue when we saved a girl in 2009 in cambodia on one of our humanitarian missions. we partnered with innocence at risk and went to dominican republic, talked about the issue and amazingly, correctly identified trafficking on every airline. in one case, it led to the bust of a child trafficking ring. since that time, we have been working consistently with homeland security, with customs border protection to develop a training program for flight crew and the whole transportation industry on how to recognize and report human trafficking. >> it was brought out in that
3:18 pm
piece. you are people who get the first eyes on this. i'm wondering in the case of london, which we are talking about initially here, it centers, according to authorities on mental and emotional abuse. is that common or something you see commonly in trafficking? >> absolutely. i just left the philippines, 4,000 people are leaving per day thinking they are getting good jobs. some of them may be in cutter where they are building a new stadium and being exploited. many are going for domestic servitude or jobs as au pairs and many are sexily exploited. in the united states alone, they say 200,000 children are forced into sexual slavery every year. >> let me ask you quick, before we run out of time, i saw the stories of what the individual airlines did. what can they do, do you think?
3:19 pm
>> they can do a lot. in fact, there's a congressional hearing coming up to have the airlines report on what they implemented about human trafficking awareness among their staff. flight attendants are the front line of defense. we created a wallet card. all flight attendants have to carry a flashlight. this is a flashlight that can shine a light on human trafficking with a tip line number on the back. tips on what some of the indicators are. we definitely need corporate and individual support to continue with our training at airports around the country. we just planned one in san jose for january. there's going to be a congressional summit here in washington in february. >> nancy, i'm sorry to cut you off. it is an excellent program. we wish you well in that regard. certainly, enlisting more
3:20 pm
airline attendants to take part. thank you. >> thank you. it's called a game. what you will see and police say definitely it is a crime. it is called the knockout game. unsuspecting people sucker punched as they walk down the street. it's had deadly consequences. the details are coming up next.
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we want to follow up on a story we told you about earlier. let me tell you about this one. imagine walking down the sidewalk and get sucker punched by a stranger for no reason. itis what police agencies are tracking. they are finding a pattern. cnns rosa flores joins us. it's astounding how callous they are. one happened right there in brooklyn. >> that's right. let's say, this is a sick game where teens just randomly sucker punch strangers with the goal of knocking them unconscious with a single blow. it's usually a dare. it's turned deadly. it's being shared on social media and caught the attention of law enforcement agencies from around the country. let me show you exactly what we are talking about. folks, you are going to want to get close to your television
3:25 pm
screen to see this. you'll see black and white surveillance video. if you look closely, time and time again, you see strangers punching another stranger on the street. similar reports filed in new york, illinois, missouri and washington. one of the latest attacks happened on friday in brooklyn. four people were questioned, 28-year-old amrid was charged with aggravated assault with a hate crime. why a hate crime you ask? some of the cases are allegedly specifically directed at jewish people. people in brooklyn find it appalling. >> this is one city. no one should set upon anybody based on any complex of their skin color or nationality. we denounce that. >> if we allow this to continue, we are going to have chaos. the idea you attack someone for no reason is outrageous.
3:26 pm
>> as you might imagine, there's a lot of buzz about this on social media and youtube. law enforcement is tracking all the national trends. here in new york city, police commissioner ray kelly beefed up patrols in an area of brooklyn where seven knockout assaults occurred. he's worried about copy cats. i did a quick search on youtube and also on twitter and the results are astounding and you can watch the videos. they are very, very dangerous. >> hopefully the people who are watching are the authorities and they can get the people responsible. >> exactly. >> rosa, thank you very much. shocking details now are surfacing in the killing of a popular massachusetts math teacher. colleen was found dead outside her school in october. alexander field has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: the details are
3:27 pm
disturbing according to a search warrant affidavit. it shows her 14-year-old student following her into the bathroom, donning gloves and a sweatshirt with a hood up. he's seen walking in and out of the bathroom several times. 30 minutes later, he wore a black face mask. her body was found in the woods next to a handwritten note saying i hate you all. ritzer had been raped with an object. according to the affidavit, when he was picked up, he was found with a bloodstained box cutter, a pair of her underwear and credit cards. he was visibly upset the day before during a conversation where she started talking about tennessee, a place he used to live with his parents before they split. it was a stressf fuful divorce.
3:28 pm
no motive was mentioned. >> we are devastated and heart broken by the details of the circumstancings surrounding the death of our beautiful daughter and sister. he's charged with murder and will be tried as an adult. his attorney could not be reached for comment. he faces additional charges for rape and armed robbery. the next court appearance is december 4th for an arraignment. alexander fields, cnn new york. >> thanks. cnn has been looking into a mysterious death. we are conducting our own forensic analysis after the family said they are not getting the answers they need from investigators. ..congested. beat down. crushed. but sudafed gives you maximum strength sinus pressure and pain relief. so you feel free. powerful sinus relief. sudafed. open up.
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3:32 pm
rolled up mat. his family believes he was murdered. hundreds of thousands of hours of video was taken. someone tampered with the images. we looked at the video to get answers. victor investigates. >> that's my child. we are going fight until it's all over. that's all we ever asked for was the truth of what happened. >> reporter: they hope to find that truth in the hundreds of hours of surveillance video recorded the day sheriff's investigators say the 17-year-old died. look carefully. there he is in the white t-shirt and jeans carrying a yellow folder. the johnson's have this video as a result of the lawsuit. investigators in georgia told the johnson's and their attorneys he climbed into a gym
3:33 pm
mat reaching for this shoe and the death was an accident. >> they know their child did not climb into a wrestling mat, get stuck and die. where is that video? >> reporter: the sheriff's office said that moment was not recorded. the johnson's questioned moments in the surveilness vid owe like this. he's seen running inside the gym, then another video of other students. they can't tell from the surveilness video what happened to kendrick and when the other kids entered. >> we don't have a time code to synchronize the events that are shown in the video. >> either the camera did this on their own or a human being interacted to make this camera do these things. >> reporter: an attorney tells cnn what we produced is a raw feed with no edits. the attorney for the sheriff's
3:34 pm
office says my client confirmed the video is not altered or edits. >> it does not make sense to us. >> reporter: so, who is right? to find out, we took our copy of the video provided to cnn by the attorney to an expert. we brought the hard drive more than 2300 miles to spokane, washington to deliver it to the leading expert in video analysis. he's a former police officer, a consultant for the u.s. department of justice and contract instructor after the fbi academy in quantico. we are here to get an answer. has the footage been altered? >> they are original files. they should not be relied on for the truth of the video. >> reporter: cnn hired forensic video solutions to analyze the video.
3:35 pm
>> the first thing the attorneys and the family were concerned about, they didn't see a time stamp, but you found one. >> yes. >> how? >> the time stamp is in another stream of video. you have to be able to access it. you have to know where to find it. it's there. once the time stamp is located, you can then begin to make sense of it and begin to track people. >> reporter: by piecing together the time codes, they found more than 18 minutes of surveillance showing him january 10th at 7:31 a.m. as he entered school, ending the last time he was seen alive, at 1:09 p.m. in the gym. >> the motion video we are looking at here and the fact that we get time periods when there's no motion is very common. i'm not concerned about that part of it. >> reporter: what about the blurred image, the only angle that shows the corner where he was found dead? >> the johnson's and their attorneys believe this was
3:36 pm
intentionally blurred to hide something. what does your expertise tell you? >> this has not been intentionally blurred. this is likely the camera itself has probably been hit and the lens has been pushed out of focus for some reason. if you look closely, you can see the defined lines inherent in digital video. the lines are still intact. they have not been blurred. it's the lens that is blurred. the blurriness has defined lines. this is clearly just a blurred lens. >> reporter: clarity. fredericks has a bigger concern. >> this video is not the best evidence. it's been changed and altered so we are missing information and what we have been provided is not the best quality. >> reporter: altered by copying, but also raising questions about whether everything was copied.
3:37 pm
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cnns investigation into the death of kendrick johnson. cnn obtained surveillance video. we had an expert scour it. it's not what's in the video that concerns him, it's what's not there that's worrisome. >> cnn has hired grant fredericks and his team at forensic video solutions to analyze the hundreds of hours of video from the high school. he does not believe the jumpy video is the result of editing, he says there are other major problems. >> the files are not original files. they are not something investigators should rely on for the truth of the video. they have been altered in a
3:41 pm
number of ways primarily in quality and likely in dropped information. information loss. there are a number of files that are corrupted because they have not been processed correctly and they are not playable. so, i can't say why they were done that way, but they were not done correctly and they were not done thoroughly. we are missing information. >> frederick says it's likely due to how they acquired the surveillance video. they have left it up to the school district to define what it is they want to provide the police. i think that probably is a mistake. >> reporter: according to the sheriff's office, a detective watched a portion of the surveillance video the day he was found. then he asked the school board's information technology worker for a copy of the video for the entire wing of the school for the last 48 hours. five days later, that i.t. worker provided a hard drive. according to the incident
3:42 pm
report, verified it contained the video. >> the investigators responsibility is to acquire the entire video recording system and have their staff define what they want to obtain. you don't want somebody who might be party to the responsibility to make the decision to what they provide the police. >> reporter: after hours of analysis, frederick's questions whether the schools provided all the surveillance video from the old gym to investigators. >> there is a hole of time where none of the cameras provide any record that i have been provided. >> reporter: he has all the camera angles and all the video released by the sheriff's office. >> there are four cameras in the gym that record motion from when the lights turn on in the morning to when they are turned off at night except for the area of interest. >> reporter: the moments before he entered the gym. look what happens to the recorders from the four cameras
3:43 pm
in the gym. the time is recorded with the video. the first camera captured images from the start of the day until 12:04 p.m., then nothing. it picks up again at 1:09 p.m. there's consistent surveillance until 11:05 a.m., then stops and picks up more than two hours later at 1:15 p.m. the third camera drops at 11:05 and picks up at 1:16 p.m. from the final camera, there's surveillance until 12:04 p.m. no recording for more than an hour. then it picks up again at 1:09 p.m. >> i would absolutely expect there to be some record of that activity and we don't have any here. >> here is why he would have expected the motion activated system to record during that time. during that hour and five minutes, several students are seen walking into and out of the gym from the surveillance camera outside the gym door.
3:44 pm
we count seven male students. three of them walk in within three minutes prior to kendrick johnson walking in. >> i can't tell you whether there was no information recorded on the system or whether somebody made an error and didn't capture it or whether somebody just didn't provide it. >> reporter: when surveillance resumes at 1:09, we see these few frames of kendrick johnson running in the gym. there's a record from only two cameras and the camera just outside the door. notice the hall camera time stamp is ten minutes behind and no confirmation it matches the exact time of day. it is the last time his image is captured on video. for the next hour, there are multiple gaps in the video surveillance in the gym. >> that is crucial. it's an important time. >> it is the only option to answer the question of what happened. >> reporter: there's no video showing the initial discovery of
3:45 pm
a body in the gym. the next time we see kendrick johnson is the following day, being wheeled out of the gym in a body bag. >> do you believe it's a coincidence, that time period in the gym is missing? >> oh, boy. investigators are always suspicious and should be suspicious. it's suspicious that that time period is not there. so, yes, i would be suspicious. until i have the digital video system in my hand and i can say and is investigator can say everything is intact, this is what's recorded, i would be highly suspicious of this. >> reporter: after fighting for months on the city street corner to get the surveillance video, his parents still do not know who was in the gym before kendrick ran in nor who, if anyone, was there or what happened in those moments after. >> we continue to work this story.
3:46 pm
cnn sent lists of questions for the attorney for the sheriff's office and the attorneys for the schools. the attorney for the sheriff's office has not answered the questions. we have received a response from the attorney from the school district, it's essentially no comment. the attorney offered to make the original hard drive available to the court. the johnson's want an expert to make sure everything was given to the sheriff's office and everything was given to them. he's a heisman trophy hopeful with a rape allegation hanging over his head. jamison winston hit the field as his accuser released a new statement. no matter how busy your morning you can always do something better for yourself.
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i don't know if you follow college football, but in case you don't, florida state university is having a stellar season on the football field. that winning streak could be in jeopardy with the star quarterback facing accusations of rape. what's more, the victim is accusing police of trying to quash the case. nick has the details. >> reporter: jamison winston, the most talked about quarterback in the nation. some of it for all the wrong reasons. the 19-year-old has been linked to an allegation of sexual assault that occurred nearly a year ago. the allegation damaged the
3:51 pm
heisman hopeful's reputation. her attorney told cnn she was in classes at fsu, exams were coming up. she had to leave school and come home because of this. winston's lawyer says his client did not sexually assault her. the lawyer confirms winston's dna was found on her clothing. >> uh-oh, you have dna, he must have done something wrong. the defense is shifting. from day one, december, 2012, our defense has not changed what so ever. this dna result had no effect on it or on the testimony of the eyewitnesses there. >> reporter: the victim's attorney denies the quarterback's claims. in a statement, she wrote, quote, to be clear, the victim did not consent. this was a rape. the case began in december, 2012, when the woman reported she had been sexually assaulted. a month later, she accused
3:52 pm
winston of the rape. two months later, she changed her mind. >> in february, 2013, the case was open, but inactive when the victim in the case broke off contact with tpd and her attorney indicated she did not want to move forward. the case was never closed. >> reporter: in a statement from the family of the alleged victim, an attorney met with police. the family say, quote, the detective told the attorney tallahassee was a big football town and the victim needs to think long and hard before proceeding against him. she will be raked over the coals and her life made misrabble. the detective has not returned cnn for comment. the investigation grew more curious this week. tallahassee's police chief at the time of the incident tells cnn he was never told by his detectives there was a sexual assault investigation against winston while he was chief. he told cnn, quote, i would like
3:53 pm
to know why it didn't make it to me. jones says athletes are never given preferential treat my by police. nick valencia, cnn, tallahassee, florida. >> here is the follow up story i alluded to earlier. there's new information on four bodies found buried in a california desert earlier this month. investigators identified the two children as joseph and jia that mcstay. the adults were confirmed through dental records as their parents. the family went missing and the coroners declared all four deaths to be homicides. it's not all gloom and doom. how about this? if you find a stranger's wallet, take it from this man, turn it in. this man is homeless. he was hungry and looking for food in a dumpster when he came
3:54 pm
across a tourists wallet. he walked to four different hotels before discovering the owner was staying at the omni hotel at cnn here. for his good deed, he put him up at the hotel through thanksgiving and the holiday. he will treat him to room service and $500. a good deed. it's been a great year for pope francis. he gets rock star treatment just about everywhere he goes. what made him so popular and how it extends beyond the catholic church. ♪
3:55 pm
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another first, thanks to pope francis. he will put on display the bones believed to be if remains of st. peter. they will be revealed tomorrow in a mass. the remains were found in the
3:58 pm
1940s. they are normally kept in an urn housed in the pope's own vatican apartment. as pope francis gets ready to celebrate the holiday season, millions of people will listen to what he has to say. that includes more than just the devout. chris tells us, only eight months in, he is wildly popular and a little controversial. >> reporter: the cheers are so loud, you would think it's a rock star. for many, he is. pope francis, the first pontiff from south america, already beloved by the faithful for his humility and hands on approach. ten days on the job, he washed the feet of juvenile delinquents, one a muslim. this month, he made headlines for an embrace of disabled men. he didn't mind when this little boy staged him smiling, patting
3:59 pm
the boys head, and accepting a kiss on the cross hanging around his neck. he's making waves with hot button social issues, chastising the church with being consumed with gay marriage, contraception and abortion causing concern. when asked his thoughts on homosexuality, he said who am i to judge. he's asking catholics to share their thoughts on the new modern family. he shunned the papal apartments and gets around in a 1984 car. all to have more daily contact with ordinary people. he's a pope the people can relate to, not just from the pews but on social media as well. a vatican man with more than 10 million followers on twitter and appeared in a selfie. >> chris cuomo, thanks very
4:00 pm
much. it marks the end of the catholic churches year of faith. the next hour of "news room" begins right now. hello, everyone. you are in the cnn news room. i'm martin savidge. nice to be with you. no weekend down time in geneva. not this weekend, not when a historic deal is within reach. twice today, secretary of state john kerry met with counter parts from europe and iran. they are hammering out the final details to an agreement for lighter sanctions on iran for a significant restriction on the nuclear program. the few final details, well, they are always the problem. and the difference right now between success and a breakdown. let's get to geneva and talk to jim. jim, it's after 1:00 in the morning. we spoke with y


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