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tv   Early Start  CNN  November 25, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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. a deadly storm across the country with wind, snow, ice. how will this affect your holiday plans? a deal made with iran but not without a tough road ahead. we are live with the latest goms. >> developments. >> a stunning performance for the patriots! where is john berman when you need him? the game was in a nail biting overtime and we are breaking it all down! >> maybe we should chime in this morning. >> great idea.
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welcome to eye early start" i'm zoraida sambolin. >> i'm christine romans in for john berman. >> ice, snow, and travel delays and leave cold to millions of people. the storm responsible for at least six deaths. >> in oklahoma icy roads led to a numerous car accident. an suv rolling over into a ditch. no word on what happened to the driver there. here is what it looked like in southwest part of oklahoma. that area nine inches of snow and ice was hanging from car grills in oklahoma city. more snow and sleet expected there today. >> slick roads also blamed for many accidents in texas. this is what it looked like in abile abilene. three people died in a multivehicle crash in i-40 in northwest texas. a bus carrying members of willie nelson's band slammed into a bridge pillar on interstate 30. three people were hurt and nelson was not on that bus at the time. >> if you are plan to go fly, good luck getting out.
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hundreds of flights already cancel and more expected as the storm moves east. this is, of course, one of the busiest travel weeks of the year and could be difficult getting where you're going so take a moment and check. 300 flights at dallas. >> the weather is insane in texas. i didn't think texas would have a snowstorm. >> i'm a truckdriver. we drive through snow, sleet, everything every day. for me, just don't see where it's so impacted here. >> the issue in arizona is flooding. it's been so wet this fall that the rain simply has no place to go. more than 2 inches fell on phoenix friday and saturday making it one of the wettest periods in the city's history. >> indra petersons sees pictures like that says it only takes a few inches of water to be a
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problem for your car. >> so much to talk about and get to it. we know it's cold. temperatures 15 to 20 degrees below normal especially when you fact in the windchill. let's talk about texas and delays. look at these warnings. arkansas stretching back through texas and concern for sleet and freezing rain. look at this. anywhere from several inches to a foot of snow seen allow new mexico and oklahoma. the concern through texas. freezing rain. majority of these reports have been less than a quarter of an inch but when you get to that you're talking about the power lines weighing 500 pounds and never a good thing and also not for air travel. two systems colliding. one bringing the moisture in from the gulf and combining with system coming out of canada. those two combine. you're talking about moisture combining with cold air and this is a concern as we go through the holidays. first into the southeast they were talking about heavy rain. 2 to 4 inches around the gulf and tomorrow starting to see this spread up into the carolinas as much as 3 to 5 inches can be seen.
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the next story will be as it makes its way to the eastern seaboard affecting the travel and through the major hubs. snow into the ohio valley. how the two systems go together is a big story the next several days. >> you have your work cut out for you. >> out of breath already. >> breaking news this morning from south carolina. amtrak train derailed near spartanburg after midnight. 207 passengers and 11 crew on board. going from new orleans to new york. amtrak says 7 of the 9 cars on the train left contact with the track and they all state upright. injuries are said to be minor. they are taking buses on now passengers to their final destinations. the deal to limit the west for nuclear program. international action is swift and angry with israeli blasting the plan and in some congress blasting the deal and the deal
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lasts only three months and asking if this agreement is delaying or ending iran's nuclear ambitions. jim sciutto is in geneva and covering the talks for us. this was 60 days of marathon bargaining. you called it a bit after wild ride when we were talking earlier. tell us about it. >> reporter: right up until the deal was signed after 3:00 in the morning on sunday, there were doubts that this deal was going to be made. the iran deputy foreign minister at the time said we are 98% of the way there. but that last 2%, those last stickler issues were really the difficult ones to get over but they did. the announcement came through as news breaks these days in a tweet, four simple words, we have an agreement. secretary of state john kerry came out and said it makes the world safer. as you said the agreement is only for six months and allow time to negotiate a longer term status for iran's nuclear program and really during these six months unprecedented limits on iran's program. it limits the degree to which
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you can enrich uranium to well below the level needed to make a bomb and allows intrusive inspections on all nuclear sites on a daily basis so a real achievement for diplomacy but just a start because they have to start talking now about the final status for iran's nuclear program. >> let's talk a little bit about the nay sayers. israeli prime minister netanyahu called the deal a historic mistake. i understand the president and he have spoken since. what happens next? is israeli going to be involved in the next stage here? >> reporter: they are not going to be. i supposed the way they are going to be involved is in publicly lobbying against this deal as prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been doing before the deal and since then. u.s. official have said throughout they only have tactical disagreements with israeli over this but it's a pretty big tactical disagreement because the administration has made a decision they can bargain
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with iran and trust that iran will follow through with this deal and israeli, america's closest ally in the region has made the conclusion it cannot. it seems the u.s. administration is willing to live with that difference but it's going to have to be fighting. fighting, knowing, pushing through with these negotiations each while israeli is pushing against them and, of course, there is also opposition on capitol hill as well. >> jim sciutto live for us in geneva, thank you for that. afghan president hamid karzai is holding up a security green light with the united states. afghanistan's elders met with karzai four daze and elders are endorsing a deal to keep some u.s. support troops in the country beyond 2014 but karzai is refusing to sign on. he wants to wait until after presidential elections in april. even though the u.s. has set a firm year-end deadline for him to decide. president obama is visiting san francisco today and los angeles where speeches on immigration and the economy. attending fund-raisers for
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congressional races. the president spent sunday in seattle area for fund-raisers. one of the home of a microsoft executive john shirley. "gq" magazine out with this list of least influential people and people according to "gq" who haven't used their fame for enough good. president obama is number 17 on the list. the magazine says he's good at making speeches but "gq" said he is not good at getting things done. number one is ex-nba star dennis rodman who met with pyongyang. a man below risking it all to save this lady during a 40-foot fall. patriots come back. how they managed to beat the broncos after down 24-0 at halftime. >> unbelievable. time for your morning rhyme.
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welcome back. 11 minutes past of the hour. we expect to find out more today about the deadly shooting at a connecticut elementary school. a state prosecutor plans to release some details on the investigation into adam lanza steak but not the full state police report which is said to include photographs and witness statements. also set to decide whether to release 911 calls that day. lanza killed 26 people and his mother before turning a gun on himself. the reward is $125,000 for information leading to the killer of a young postal worker in the washington, d.c. suburbs. 26-year-old tyson barnett was gunned down saturday evening in landover, maryland while he was out delivering mail. his coworkers remembering him
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and saying the post office is not doing enough to keep them safe. >> people should remember tyson as a very hard working, very respectful young man. >> i'm sorry. i deliver mail. anybody can walk up on me. it's terrible. they are doing it too much. now he's gone! >> postal service says the murder of a postal worker is quite rare but it has happened before. neighbors say the area where it happened is not known for violent crime. a scary jump outside sunday's oakland raiders game in california. authorities say a female fan left from the third deck at the open coliseum that is some 60 feet up and another fan, a 61-year-old marine corps veteran tried to catch her. he is credited with saving her life. both went to the hospital. he with minor injuries and she is said to be in the icu and listed in critical condition. black friday is four days away. retailers trying to draw you into their stores for big discounts knowing many consumers
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are shopping on price. walmart among those now offering big deals and offering to match or beat competitors black friday deals on electronics and toys. the bargain is with a catch. many are loring their profit outlook knowing they won't make as much this season. watch out for the price wars. crazy game in foxborough last night. a comeback for the ages! >> andy scholes, has the details in the bleacher report. >> good morning. tom brady and peyton manning have had some epic battles over the years but last night it looked like a one-sided game. the broncos dominated early taking a 24-0 lead into of the half but you can't count out tom brady. in the fourth quarter they took the lead on this touchdown from brady to julius edelman. manning finds demaryius thomas for the touchdown to die the game. in overtime this is the play that won the game for new england. they were punting to the broncos and one of the broncos player
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touches the ball! the patriots recover. they kick the field goal. they get the win. 34-31. 24-point comeback is the largest comeback of tom brady's career! another thrilling finish yesterday between the chiefs and the chargers. san diego down by four with under a minute to go when philip rivers led san diego down the field and he found ajirotutu for the touchdown! after kansas city winning first nine games they have lost two in a row now. check out how hard-core the green bay packers fans are! they are working bikini tops! it was 20 degrees with a windchill of 9 yesterday the at lambeau field. the girls didn't get to see anybody win or los lose. the packers and vikings tie the game 26-26 after an overtime
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period. >> and they all have the flu next week. >> and frostbite! >> they are tough in the midwest! >> i don't know. the american music awards were a big hit for taylor swift. she was the top winner earning artist of the year and three other trophies at the awards in los angeles and she also looked amazing. she didn't perform but those who did made interesting choices. katy perry dressed as a japanese princess and danced with dozen of dancers and miley cyrus opted to be backed up by a giant lip-syncing kitty! there you go! your top headlines of the morning when we come back. a." and you work hard to get to the next level. it feels good when you reach point b, but you're not done. for you, "b" is not the end. capella university will take you further,
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the country from west to east. the deadly toll it's already taken and what is still to come. a historic meeting between two of the world with's no powerful people and why russia's president now wants to meet with the pope. days away from the macy's thanksgiving day parade and while protesters are already making plans. >> good morning. welcome back. i'm christine romans in for john today. >> i'm zoraida sambolin. nice to have you. 20 minutes past the hour. a massive storm bringing cold and ice and snow for a big part of the country on a big travel week. it's now blamed for at least six deaths and it's causing big problems for millions of
2:21 am
americans this morning. >> in oklahoma, one of the many states why icy roads led to major accidents. this happened in oklahoma city. a truck rolling right off the road and in lawton, southwest of oklahoma city, snow fell fast over the weekend and many schools are closed this morning. >> texas reeling from the brunt of the storm. snow fell on lubbock, sunday. three people were killed in accidents in north texas why ice and sleet traveled the roads. >> air travel may be a nightmare today. hundreds of flights were canceled in dallas/ft. worth international which a major hub and more likely to be canceled today as the storm moves east into the carolinas. >> let's show you the snow on the megasign in las vegas. this is what it looked like -- >> how often does that happen? >> yeah. >> i said indra petersons has her work cut out for her today. unbelievable. >> the timing of it could not be
2:22 am
worse for holiday travel. take a look at arkansas back through texas today. a big concern for travel currently as we are talking about even the threat for sleet and freezing rain. never a good thing. what is going on? this system in the south is bringing in the moisture in the gulf and atlantic and spped to combine with the cold air system from canada. put the two together and you have a big travel mess the next several days. the south first isolating that low that is currently producing freezing rain through texas and heavy rain from 2 to 4 inches and through tomorrow the two-day total up to 3 to 5 inches into the carolinas. notice even by tomorrow the hubs will see some rain into the northeast. not really the story just yet. here is tuesday rain in the northeast and farther back in the northern atlantic see the icy concerns. the snow staying in the ohio valley out of the major hubs on the east coast. tuesday night through wednesday this is going to be the biggest concern. here is where we start talking about the strongest winds and
2:23 am
heaviest rain and more update and farther west in new york. so many travel hubs are affected' you can see the ripple effect happening across the country. a deal between the west and iran limiting that country's nuclear program for six months. in exchange the u.s. and five other world powers agree to reduce some sanctions. the obama administration calls it a path toward a more secure world with some allies including israeli and some in congress say not so fast. >> we have just rewarded very bad and dangerous behavior. they have made no changes, no changes in the development of their nuclear weapon program and i can tell you that with a high degree of certainty. >> we will verify and verify and verify. we have to know to a certainty so that israeli, gulf states, ourselves, nobody can be perceived by what is taking place. >> reporter: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu
2:24 am
called the deal a historic mistake. the government there worries it will only help iran buy time to further develop nuclear weapons. the secretary of state kerry insisted the agreement will make israeli and the arab world safer. a meeting of the minds today at the vatican where pope francis is scheduled to host russian leader vladimir putin. they agree about not using international military force to end the civil war in syria but what what else might they talk about? our ben wedeman is live in rome this morning. give us more details, ben. >> reporter: probably at the top of the agenda is the middle in these discussions later today between pope francis and vladimir putin. both of them have expressed strong concerns about the plight of christians in the middle east, christians who have been caught in the cross-fire in places like egypt and places like syria where many have been killed, in fact, and many more
2:25 am
decided to leave the area because of the violence and danger the situation poses. that will probably be at the top of the agenda. however, many other things they are going to be talking about. among other things is some sort of -- between the catholic church and the orthodox church which split back in 1054 in what is called the great schism. there are disputes over, for instance, property that was confiscated by joseph stalin back in the soviet area. lots to talk about. it's questionable whether anything concrete will come out of it, but certainly some importance in terms of symbolism. >> a historic meeting there. ben wedeman live for us in rome, thank you. afghanistan's president refusing to sign a security green light that would keep u.s. support troops in afghanistan beyond next yef. afghanistan's elder just met
2:26 am
with president karzai four days. the elders are endorsing a deal on the table and urging karzai to sign it but he is refusing and wants to wait until after presidential elections in april even though the u.s. has set a firm year-end deadline for him to sign. al qaeda northern border of turkey a town falling over the weekend to al qaeda fighters and that could make it a real challenge for rebel forces to bring in supplies from turkey. a chilling report from a london think tank says more than 11,000 children under the age of 17 have been killed in syria's civil war. more than two-thirds of that by execution. protests becoming more difficult in egypt. the interim president has signed a new law requiring protesters to notify the police three days before any demonstration takes place and they have to turn over their names and addresses and their demands before they can get permission to march. human rights groups say this will make it much harder for
2:27 am
egyptians to challenge their government. president obama is delivering speeches on the immigration and economy in california. the president spent sunday in seattle area also for fund-raisers. one of the home of former microsoft executive john shirley. a busy day in chicago for vice president joe biden. he joins mayor rahm emanuel for a center for domestic violence victims and after that a fund-raiser for dick durbin up for re-election next year and this afternoon talk to students at the university of chicago. there will be more giant balloons and colorful floats at this year's thanksgiving day parade. animal rights protesters plan to line the route to protest "black fish." the theme park they say treat whales badly. they look at tilikum.
2:28 am
they want the float to be removed but macy's says it's staying. a reward rising in the desperate manhunt to find a gunman who killed a postal worker who was delivering the mail. states with legalized marijuana now facing a new danger. that's coming up next. is not in the driveway. yeah. it's in the shop. it's going to cost me an arm and a leg. you shoulda taken it to midas. they tell you what stuff needs fixing, and what stuff can wait. high-five! arg! brakes, tires, oil, everything. (whistling) and our giant idaho potato truck is still missing. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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welcome back. 31 minutes past of the hour. one woman's story of survival will soon be coming to the printed page. michelle knight one of the three women held captive for three years in cleveland now has a deal to write her memoirs. in a statement her goal is to
2:32 am
give victims of violence a new outlook on life and she promises to tell the full story of what happened. she will cowrite the book and it's scheduled to be relieved in the spring. authorities are trying to find the killer of a postal worker gunned down in the suburbs of washington, d.c. tyson was shot to death in landover, maryland, while he was out delivering the mail. those who live in the neighborhood say violent crime is not common there. his coworkers say the post office is not doing enough to keep them safe. the award now for information leading to an arrest is $125,000. a big spike of people driving high on marijuana in washington state. recreational use became legal in january. in the first six months 740 drivers stopped by police tested positive and more than half were over the state's legal limit. to put that in perspective only about a thousand people were caught driving with marijuana in their systems the entire previous two years.
2:33 am
the former communications director for disgraced san diego mayor bob filner wants him to pay up for the scandal that drove him out of office. one is suing for over a million citing filner. he wanted more than a dozen women and allege that filner harassed them. he resigned at the end of august. new york senator chuck schumer is proposing a bill that would up the fine for calling someone whose name is on the list to $20,000. that is going to happen per call and it would make violating the call a felony. 33 minutes past the hour. it is "money time" folks. world markets reacting to this news that iran has agreed for curb its nuclear program for six months -- oil prices down sharply as traders look down the road when iran will likely increase oil sales capped i
2:34 am
aboutby though sanctions. west texas intermediate is what is trading here in the u.s., $93 a barrel. meanwhile, gold, a commodity that is held as a hedge against risk is also falling this morning. it's down. almost 14 bucks to 1,200 an ounce. stocks, european markets are gaining ground. all of the major stock averages in europe are higher and stock futures here in the united states are climbing. dow and s&p starting the week likely at records and nasdaq close to 4,000. what does this mean for on your 401(k)? >> hip, hip, hooray! >> so far the dow is up 23% and s&p 500 is up 27% and the nasdaq is also up. boeing's streamliner for an ice risk in its engines. boeing saying the plane should
2:35 am
avoid flying near thunderstorms to decrease the chance of ice crystals forming to reduce engine thursday. japan airlines took some of the planes out of service for now. boeing says it's working with ge, the engine's maker, to address the problem earlier this year. lithium batteries on the dream liners were melting and those planes were grounded temporarily. we are four days from black friday. it kicks off the traditional holiday shopping season and many stores this year are open on thanksgiving day. zoraida was so interested in this. we thought we would take a look at sales. even through the worst of the great recession, sales climbed. there you go. black friday sales then dropped off only slightly last year. >> i do all of my shopping online. a lot easier. >> i guess some people can't stand to be with their families because they want to go out shopping on thanksgiving. peyton manning and tom brady showdown was certainly not short
2:36 am
of drama. after what seemed like a blowout in favor of the broncos tom brady and the new england patriots went to work in the second half scoring on first five possessions and eventually evening the score and sending the game into overtime. a broncos blunder in the extra period led to a stephen gostkowski's field goal. the patriots amazingly won! 34-31! >> john berman is so happy. we know this for a fact. >> he is indeed. "hunger games" was on fire this weekend trouncing the competition and earning a staggering $161 million at the box office. this makes it the highest november opening of all time. "thor" brought in over $13 million in its third week. the best man holiday and delivery man and free bird round out the top five but everybody is talking about jennifer lawrence. >> all your top headlines and what you need to know for your day after the break. [ woman 1 ] why do i cook? to share with family. [ woman 2 ] to carry on traditions.
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a deadly severe storm wreaking havoc across the country. the punch is already packed and what still is on the way. indra petersons is tracking the system and how it can affect your holiday travel. a major diplomatic breakthrough with iran. historic nuclear deal reached but some are calling this a historic mistake. we are live in jerusalem with the controversy. taylor swift cleaning up at the music awards but lady gaga and miley cyrus grabbing the headlines this morning. >> with him to "early start." >> that cat is so freaky! >> singing cats! >> it's 40 minutes past the hour. top story is this wicked weather making life difficult for millions across the south and impacteding many more trying to get around in the air as well. it is moving east today after icing up roads and leading to at least six deaths. >> there were car accidents across oklahoma like this suv rolling over into a ditch in oklahoma city. the roads there icy.
2:41 am
covered with snow and sleet. more than 9 inches of snow fell on granite, oklahoma in the southwest part of the state and even more expected to fall today. three people are dead in car accidents in texas. that is what it looked like in abilene west of dallas. many accidents reported in lubbock as well and a bus carrying members of willie nelson's band slammed into a bridge pillar northeast of dallas and three were hurt and nelson was not on that bus. if you got a flight scheduled today be sure to call your airline. hundreds of flights were canceled at dallas/ft. worth this weekend and more cancellations expected as the storm moves east. this is one of the busiest travel weeks of the year and could be hard to get where you're going. arizona is trying to dry out from the heaviest rain in its history. 2 inches fell on phoenix friday and saturday. an inch and a half on friday alone. officials say it's so wet this fall that the water simply has no place to go. this is the aftermath of the storm in the san francisco area.
2:42 am
tearing down trees, power lines. the height of the storm knocking out electricity for tens of thousands of customers. >> did you see that tree? my goodness. indra petersons is tracking the storm for us. it's like it's everywhere. >> it literally is tracking from the west to the east and worst week of all. talk about what is going on. especially through texas expecting delays and especially in the morning hours as freezing rain and sleet is out there. it is moving to the east so later in the afternoon, it should look better through texas but arkansas through texas against freezing rain some places seeing a half an inch and most of them a quarter of an inch. it's bringing down the power lines either way. the setup. low continuing to track to the east and moisture picked up with that and intersecting with a second system and combining the two and the reason we are so concerned for the travel into the northeast. as we go through the holidays here, what are we looking at? 2 to 4 inches the next 24-hour period and 3 to 5 inches into the carolinas as the system first is kind of a moisture driven storm out of the good
2:43 am
enough. then the system tomorrow brings rain up the eastern seaboard and back into the mid-atlantic and we get icy conditions so here is the concern if you're trying to leave early on tuesday. especially tuesday night and through wednesday. we are going to see these winds start to gust up ahead of the cold air and starting to move in and looking at heavier snow from 4 to 8 inches of snow and as we get through wednesday we are talking about more snow really starting to fall but wednesday night in through thursday things start to clear and by thanksgiving things dry up. hopefully, people can get out. it's going to be a mixed bag of just luck of the draw and timing between the wind, rain, snow, sleet and everything that is going on. >> wow. be patient, right? >> i'm going to try as well. i have a flight too. >> thanks, indra. breaking news from south carolina. an amtrak train derailed near spartanburg and happened after midnight. amtrak says seven of the nine cars on the amtrak crescent lost contact with the track but all did remain upright. injuries to the 207 passengers and 11 crew members on board are said to be minor. the train was traveling from new
2:44 am
orleans to new york. amtrak plans to send buses to take the passengers on to their destinations. the world is continuing to react to the nuclear agreement with iran. under the terms of the deal rouhani government would limit parts of its nuclear activities for the exchange of some easing of international sanctions. the agreement is only six months and iran would be free to continue enriching uranium and has some in congress and allies in israeli furious. israeli has had a little over 24 hours to digest this news. how are things today? >> reporter: i think really the best way to describe it is frustrated. the government here is frustrated that they weren't able to avert this deal before it happened in the weeks leading up to it. they anticipated a deal could go through so they tried hard to torpedo this deal.
2:45 am
they are not against it but either or all or nothing deal. sanctions are lifted or iran doesn't and sanctions are kept in place. prime minister benjamin netanyahu called it historic mistake, but he also was very much adamant that israeli will protect itself. take a listen to this. >> we cannot and will not allow a regime to allow the means to obtain this goal. we will not allow iran to have a nuclear weapons capable. >> reporter: there hasn't been any word of a military trike. they have been downplaying that but they said all options remain on the table. but really it seems like right now, the only thing israel can do is work with the governments involved in this deal to make sure that iran lives up to their obligations. >> how badly have these negotiations, strained relations between the u.s. and israeli at
2:46 am
this point? >> reporter: well, if you just look at it, it looks like relations between the two countries are strained, albeit secretary kerry came out and said there is no daylight in the relationship, that it is a strong bond. we have also had members in the israeli government say it is a strong bond, but despite that, you've had the sparring back and forth, back and forth over the course of a week and it does seem like it has been frayed albeit temporarily, but there is some mistrust as some analysts have called it. >> thank you so much for that report. we will continue to follow the reaction. 46 minutes past the hour. the iran deal impacting the price of oil crude fell on the international markets with traders hopeful the agreement could mean sanctions blocking iranian oil experts could someday be lifted. we should note the deal leaves those sanctions in place for now. sales to the west will continue to be blocked but deeper cuts to oil production are now off the table. >> world markets reacting from
2:47 am
oil to gold to stocks. a proposed security green light between the u.s. and afghanistan is looking shaky this morning. afghanistan's elders just met with president karzai for four days and they are urging him to sign a deal to keep some u.s. support troops in his country beyond 2014 but karzai is refusing to do it. he wants to wait until after the elections in april. he has a firm december 31st deadline to decide. good morning, kate and chris. >> is the iran nuclear threat taken away. it's only four or five pages long but it is sure getting a lot more talk than that. we are going to show you what we give and what we get and why the critics are responding the way they are about the deal. there's a lot of animosity towards this deal. we also will bring in a white house chief adviser and figure out why this is seen as progress and bring you christiane
2:48 am
amanpour and give you the international flavor of this. update on a story we have been following to you. an arrest in the scary knockout game. many wondering is this a dangerous new trend or is this just random isolated incidents? assault is assault but is it an urban myth or more than that? we will talk about it. disturbing new details of the sandy hook elementary school massacre being revealed today. why the records relieved is causing so much controversy. that is coming up. he v"sign then drive" sales event is back. which means it's never been easier to get a new 2014 jetta. it gets an impressive 34 highway mpg and comes with no charge scheduled maintenance. and right now you can drive one home for practically just your signature. sign. then drive. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends december 2nd. for details, visit today
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welcome back to "early start." it's nearly a year since a gunman named adam lanza opened fire at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut killing 26 people and his mother before turning the gun on himself. today, a prosecutor will release a summary report and shedding
2:52 am
light on the investigation into what happens there. that report is expected to include a time line of lanza's movements but not include the full details of the massacre. some local lawmakers want the 911 calls from that day made public. residents are really split on this. >> i initially didn't think that it was really public information, but i would agree that, you know, get it over with. >> i think the families should really be left alone. >> a court today is expected to decide whether to release the calls. the school itself is being demolished. a process that is all but completed now. the debris from the school building, absolutely nothing will remain. a student is in serious condition after he was stabbed repeatedly allegedly by his roommate. wilder is facing assault charges. police say the two had some sort of argument early saturday morning inside their dorm. wilder is a criminal justice
2:53 am
major at the school. a hate crime state at san jose university. a fourth student suspended joining three other students all accused of abusing a black roommate. prosecutors say they referred to him in racist terms and displayed nazi symbols and confederate flag and put a bicycle lock around his neck and told him they couldn't find the key. they want the charges from misseds to felonies. taylor swift big winner of the american music awards and earning artist of the year and three other trophies. she didn't perform any of her songs. as for those who did, katy perry opened the show dressed like this and lady gaga dressed like marilyn monroe and having an affair with the president r. kelly and then miley cyrus with a lip-sync kitty. no explanation for that.
2:54 am
>> is there ever? our tweets for the day today. a guy who should be sleeping right now, john berman. he was up late watching his patriots of course, with that amazing comeback when things seemed bleak and skies are shady. never fear because there is tom brady! good for him. a come from behind early start morning rhyme. i cannot believe he is up. >> i can because he is so happy. he doesn't want to sleep but rejoice in the 24-point deficit that this guy tom brady managed to close. is that the most scoring from behind tom brady has ever done. he was hiking from a mountain when the unthinkable happened and it took everything he had to get help. that story when we come back. ♪ it's the night before christmas, ♪ ♪ our plan is in place. ♪ we've rigged up a trap to catch sight of his face. ♪ ♪ if only we could, just stay awake... ♪
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we have for you an amazing story of survival for you from new zealand. a 19-year-old is lucky to be aalive. he was hiking on sunday in shorts and sand shoes. he slips, slid down a mountain and broke his leg and missing his cell phone, he couldn't find it anywhere and no one around to help. >> s.o.s. loudly. and yeah, after half an hour, no one comes. you have to do anything. >> so he took off his shoelaces and his shirt wrapped them around his broken leg and he slid down the mountain before a group of hikers found him. authorities say it's a cautio r cautionary tale. don't hike alone and keep your cell phone hope if something bad
2:59 am
happens. >> that is for "early . >> the thing to be outside. >> holiday havoc. a massive storm dumping snow and ice, now, marching east for the holiday. better to plan. we'll hip do just that. risky deal for the president's deal for iran, did the president give too much? the fallout this morning. wild night at the american music awards. taylor swift and justin timberlike win big. miley performing under a giant cat might have stolen the show. what is gaga doing marlin monroe? >> your "new day" starts right now. this is "new day." . >> good morning, welcome to "new
3:00 am
day." it's monday, november 25th. a deadly storm is stretching from california to texas. it's already creating problems now heading east at the worst possible time, packing fierce winds, frigid temperatures. you know what that means, airport delays and highway horrors. we will be covering this storm with the full power of cnn. let's start with meteorologist indra petersens. what do we see? >> take a look at the storm reports we have seen between heavy snow and freezing rain. we are looking at delays anywhere from arkansas back through texas. this guy protecting all the major hubs into the northeast. the brunt of a massive winter storm crossed through texas overnight as temperatures plummeted. >> this is alaska. >> watch as this suv in oklahoma city tumbles off the highway due to treacherous roads t. ice, snow and sleet have already caused several


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