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tv   New Day  CNN  November 25, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PST

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day." it's monday, november 25th. a deadly storm is stretching from california to texas. it's already creating problems now heading east at the worst possible time, packing fierce winds, frigid temperatures. you know what that means, airport delays and highway horrors. we will be covering this storm with the full power of cnn. let's start with meteorologist indra petersens. what do we see? >> take a look at the storm reports we have seen between heavy snow and freezing rain. we are looking at delays anywhere from arkansas back through texas. this guy protecting all the major hubs into the northeast. the brunt of a massive winter storm crossed through texas overnight as temperatures plummeted. >> this is alaska. >> watch as this suv in oklahoma city tumbles off the highway due to treacherous roads t. ice, snow and sleet have already caused several deaths. >> if it's really bad, we will
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encourage folks to stu just home. >> reporter: in east texas allowed willie nelson's tour bus to head into other members. holiday travelers prepare to hit the roads and airports. many cities will continue to see to stay below average. >> it stings your wind outside. >> reporter: it started out west, wind downed trees and power lines. >> i heard a big crack the house started falling. >> reporter: almost two inches of rain flooded roads in phoenix, arizona. >> it's crazy. it's super super crazy. i hope it is gone soon. >> reporter: wind combined with wind gusts killed a 4-year-old girl in new mexico after her family's carrolled over in the highway. >> this wind has been tremendous. it's here now. >> reporter: as the week progresses, increasing travel delays may be unavoidable.
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torrential rain and snow is expected to hit the major travel hub during this hectic holiday week. we are watching this low pulling up moisture in the gulf. it will combine with systems bringing in that cold air from canada. when you combine these two, you are combining moisture and cold air. we are so concerned especially for the biggest travel day of the year. take a look, heavy rain into the southeast. if you are traveling in this region the next several days, by a ware of that. then take a look. we are talking rain spreading up into the northeast as we go through monday. also the mid-atlantic tuesday starting to get some of that heavy snow. it's tuesday night in through wednesday. there is a concern. we are talking about strong winds. as you get in through wednesday, we are still hopefully just talking about rain in the major hubs. the snow continues to dissipate as we talk about the ohio valley
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and in through thursday. hopefully everyone has made their flights. we'll still be left with that snow into the northeast. kate. >> so many people will be looking to you for help this week. >> that deadly storm indra is talking about heading east right now is causing massive problems for people in texas and across the country. people at dallas, ft. worth cancelled hundreds of storms. they called it a preemptive move. if ripple effect of the cancellations are being felt nationwide. nick valencia is live in dallas this morning. what are you seeing right now, next? >> reporter: good morning, kate. the value is those 300 flights, a little, the amount of passengers stranded at the airport. you can see behind me, it's sparce crowds. an additional 86 flights have been cancelled. when you look at the departmenttures here, you see a
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lot of those can sell signs. if you are flying, best to check with your carriers. a busy week of holiday travel, 40 million marines expected to travel five miles or more. it will be a headache as this wet weather continues throughout the east coast and moves up toward guys there in new york. we will throw it back to you in the studio. >> very much appreciate it. so new topic. a new dome. is the beginning of the end of nuclear's threat. it will ease anxiouses against iran as it slows its nuclear program. reaction is decidedly membersed with many members of congress joining israel saying iran got too much. jim scuitto is live from geneva with more. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, chris. well, i'll tell you. a historic agreement, a difficult agreement. it will have to be implemented in the face of tough opposition,
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israel and saudi arabia, as you say on the hill some democrats saying they will be pursuing new sanctions against iran in the midst of all this. being there in the early morning hours of sunday when they made the deal the sense among the diplomats their, that they achieved something very special. a historic agreement sealed with a hug. >> this agreement could not be reached without the decision of the iranian government to come to the table and negotiate. >> reporter: after three weeks of talks, it puts unprecedented moments. iran dilutes its existing stockpile of highly enriched uranium and allows intrusive daily monitoring of all of its nuclear sites. in exchange, economic sanctions on iran will be eased, in all about $7 billion in relief.
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but in a case of diplomatic ambiguity, it allows for very different interpretations of eastern's rights. >> it is not in this document. there is no right to enrich. >> reporter: in answer to a question from cnn, however, iran's foreign minister say they gave iran what it long sought, formal recognition for freedom including a program enrich in uranium. the white house stlez is no formal right to enrich. how did you square that circle? >> we agree the current agreement, current plan of action as we call it in two distinct fades, had a very clear reference with the fact that iranian enrichment program will continue and will be a part of any agreement now and in the future. >> reporter: the deal will only last six months. it presses the pause button on eastern's nuclear program but it doesn't press dleechlt it will
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all happen in the face of bitter differences between the u.s. and america's closest allie in the region. israel is intact closer than yesterday. >> what was concluded in geneva last night is not a his tore ec agreement. it's a historic mistake. it's not made the world a safer place. like the agreement with north america in 2005, this agreement has made the world a much more dangerous place. >> reporter:. so the six months of this deal is to allow a final term status for eastern's nuke clear program. under this agreement, eastern essentially agreeing not to add anything more to its program. they will have to start about talking about dismantling. closing down facilities. if this round was tough, the next round been even tougher. >> jim, thank you very much. a four-page deal. there is a lot in there that
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deserves this discussion. this melting policy. we will talk more about the deal with white house deputy national security adviser. senator lindsey graham and chief correspondent coming up on "new day." just released polls show president obama taking a big hit especially when it comes to his honesty and his ability to manage the government. take a look at the poll a. clear majority of americans answering no to the question is president obama honest and trustworthy and only 40% of the americans think he managed the federal government effectively. >> that is down 12% since may. on a somewhat more positive note, 71% polls say he is likable. though that number is dun as well. a train derail him overnight in spartanburg, north carolina, all of the seven cars involved remain upright and there were no reports of serious injuries. 207 passengers an 11 krou members are being taken to their
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destinations by charter bus. no word yet on exactly what caused that derail. . officials are investigating the shooting death of a postal worker in maryland. 26-year-old tyson jerome burnett was gunned down in the landover area. officials aren't saying whether they believe this crime was random or targeted. a $125,000 reward is being offered for information about his death. a woman in california alive this morning thanks to the quick thinking and quick action of a fellow football fan and marine. the unidentified woman jumped from a third floor seating area after sunday's raider's game a. man below tried to talk her out of jumping, but she flumted 50 feet. he shielded her fall with his body. both had been hospitalized with serious injuries. tommed by a brady -- tom
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brady in frigid foxboro last night, his path trailed 24-0 at halftime n. 14 career head-to-head meetings, brady has now beaten manning ten times. more in our bleacher report and from miss rachel nichols coming up later in our show. a chilly football day. >> it was cold. >> all of a sudden a lot of leadup. but it often doesn't produce results when you have that much at a game. >> sure did. a great game last night. >> yay. coming up on "new day," a report said to be released in the next few hours. why is controversy expected and what did we learn about what drove this troubled young man to kill? but president vladmir putin set to meet face-to-face with the hope. they will at this time down at the vatican today. can they reverse tensions that
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the long awaited report about the sandy hook shooting will be released today. it comes almost after a year of the new town, massachusetts shooting that killed 20. we have been waiting for it. the question is what's in it? >> that's what we all want to know, chris. this afternoon, we will finally read the readings of the danintdanbury
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shootings. will he tell us the motive, why did this unthinkable massacre happen? it's been nearly one year since the shooting at sandy hook elementary school that claimed the lives of 20 children and six adults, not including the killer who took his own life a. chilling memory for this fragile community as they brace themselves for new information. later today the state attorney's office will release a summary report shedding more light on the 11-month investigation. it's expected to include a time line of adam landis' movements, beginning in the morning when he killed his mom at his home and before driving to the elementary school when he blasted his way in through a class if window and fired 150 shots from an assault livle in five minutes. a much more detailed account with photos and witness statement, reportedly thousands of pages long won't be released in its entirety until sometime next year. officials plan to edit out
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sensitive information before that full police report is finally issued. also today, a court is expected to decide on the release of the 911 calls. the connecticut state freedom of information dmigs ordered the release of the tapes back in september overruling objections by new town officials. local residents are at odds over when the calls should be made public. >> i initially didn't think it was public information, but i would agree for the get it over with, get it done. >> i don't. i think the families should really be left alone. >> many fear the release of new details will open fresh wounds for a community still trying to heal. this is what remains of sandy hook elementary school. bulldozers began a demolition in september, they hope it will replace painful nem memories to rebuild for the future.
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the family of the mrs. de soto, the statement reads in part, we have read the report, no, we cannot make sense of why it happened, we don't know if anyone ever will. we don't know if we will ever be whole again. certainly understandable and you know, chris, kate, we know from the autopsy report that if shooter here had no drugs in his system, but was he under psychiatric care? we may never find out. the family put a hold on that information. was it important, we want to find out. was he seeing someone, was he supposed to be taking medication, if not, why not? >> i think not having meds in his system is more telling, clearly, he needed some type of supervisors, some type of treatment. it goes to the larger question, how do we make sure someone who has become so dislocated from reason can be controlled?
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>> exactly. of course, we cannot ask his mother. so far his family has not said anything else about it. >> his father is still here. he will make those decisions him. he was in the age of majority. usually post mussily after death you get these records. >> usually that is the case. remember, the father was not living with the mother. >> susan, thanks so much. >> you are welcome. coming up next on "new day," president obama's poll numbers plunging. more and more americans are questioning hess honesty. how can he turn it around? vladmir puting preparing to meet with the pope today t. question is why? we have answers coming up. ♪ our plan is in place. ♪ we've rigged up a trap to catch sight of his face. ♪ .
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>> welcome back to "new day." a new cnn poll received this hour shows to the public view of president obama is down over the last six months, when it comes to personal trade, strength of leadership and government management. how bad is it? senior political editor of the daily beast done avalon is joining us to talk more about this. really when you look at the public perception, honesty and truthworthy taking a a hit. can we do anything to change that? >> look, first of all, these are brutal polls, this is the cost of the scandal, going at the president's personal core tributes. he has been seen as someone who likes politics or not, all of a sudden when that constant
3:23 am
campaign promise. if you locate your play, you can keep it. when all of a sudden that hard not health care plan isn't working as advertised. walk is as dysfunctioned as ever, those tributes are going down, is it impossible? no, absolutely not. he's still the president. people trying to say this is over for their own political purposes. this is a real sign. >> of course, you can do something to fix it. this is politics. how do you combine 50-plus percent say not trustworthy, they don't admire them. 50-plus percent. 70% say he's likable. >> that only exists with politics and family. >> to some extent the president is in your living. >> reporter: i do think that's a credit to this president. that's been a source of his teflon nature. you can like someone but still if they can't get the job done not necessarily respect their abilities. so this is a real issue for president as management, as leader. he has to correct it.
3:24 am
he's got to admit these problems, more importantly, they've got to solve these problems and make the whom thing look like a blip. it gets baked in the cake, there is a real problem the next two years. >> it can help the president the fact that right now americans tends to move away into holiday mode. so they're trying, washington is out of, congress is away from walk. people are more focused on their families and how they will get their to do list on before christmas. how does the eastern interim deal plan into all of this? do you think this could help him? >> this is a sign of success on an issue on the ra tar for ten years. ultimately, there is a diplomatic solution or a military solution. i think we can all agree, not just this holiday season, a diplomatic solution is preferable. as long as it starts the enrichment. this will be hotly debated. right now, the obama administration say we chose diplomacy and it's bearing real
3:25 am
fruit. if they're shown to be naive because this gets weasled out over the next six months, that's a serious strike against them. but it does show the obama's general approach may be working. >> that is an alternative narrative to >> i think there is bad news, good news. as we all know, this deal isn't moving the node him for the obama administration. it's interim. it doesn't say anything. it's complicated. the enrichment is gone, nearly three months before they tell us anything. i don't think it will move the needle with insiders. however, people are talking about obama care. but they're also talking about, hey, whatever happened with that debt ceiling situation with our spending problems? what about that big commission? i was hearing it all weekend long from people. dwre, obama care is opened. they have to fix it. down that's the opportunity? >> there is an opportunity there. this debt commission can do something real. it's important because if it fails, we're back where we started.
3:26 am
but many cases the obama administration has been able to forge out, boy a little more time and buy a ray of sunlight here. if things fall apart because the nuclear option is poisoning the wealth in washington. a lot of these issues that have bothered people for a long time like the persistence of major deficits. this president and the congress needs a win. they node to show they can govern in the national interest. >> that has been dopely missing over the last couple years. >> happy monday. all right, let's take a look at our headlines a. deadly winter storm threatening to disrupt your holiday travel plans. millions of americans are affected. it's been blamed for six deaths in the southwest. officials at the dallas, ft. worth can selling flights sunday. the trial of amanda knox continuing today in italy. it is the third trial over the 2007 murder of british student
3:27 am
meredith kirchar. lawyers have been reexamining evidence if she and her boyfriend helped kill her in the apartment they shared. knox has not returned to italy for the trial. the law does not require her to do so. charges could be made today. a massachusetts prosecutor is joining michigan's attorney general later today to announce a new development in the investigation into the new england compounding center. contaminated steroids caused 750 infection, 64 people died. michigan was one of the hardest hit states. this morning officials are inspecting an airplane at jfk airport after it struck a bird during landing. the pilot for virgin american flight 220 reported smelling smoke in the cockpit after the birds hit engine no. 2 as the plane was on final approach for landing. rescue units responded. the plane landed safely.
3:28 am
no reports of injuries on board. how about this for a birthday surprise. a black bear crashed a back yard party for a birthday boy. they were right about to eat cake when the uninvaded guest showed up. wild life officers had been tracking him. when he got too close to the children, officers shot it with a tranquilizer dart and relocated him at a national forest. he didn't get a party hat. he got a dart, though. >> for his troubles, exactly right. >> not what he was looking for. this guy will remember his birthday. mom, can we go there next year? no, that one didn't end so well. >> he may get a dart as well. coming up on "new day," caroline kennedy making comments over her father's assassination. what she said about his legacy coming up. a very different story, justin timberlake taking home the heart
3:29 am
of the music awards. still, miley cyrus steals the show again with her diamond crying cat. ♪ i came in like a wrecking ball [ music playing ] give
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>> welcome back to "new day." starting in japan, the new ambassador caroline kennedy says her father's spirit lives on even though his life was cut short. cnn has more. >> reporter: caroline kennedy is wasting little time on diplomatic formality. instead, the u.n. ambassador has come to the heart of the area hit by the tsunami. there is a small buddhaish shrine, kennedy described the
3:33 am
events as a devastating tragedy but prayed for resilience of the japanese people. she has been meeting military relief workers and hearing personal stories from survivors. i think that that is a clear signal that the daughter of jfk is putting the japanese people front and center of her diplomatic priorities. back to you, kate. >> carl, thank you so much. intentions are heightened in the far east after they sent stuff into the airspace. >> reporter: china has hit back at the u.s. saying it should not pick sides in its dispute with japan over a series of islands east of the country. china has set up an air defense identification zone which the u.s. says is unhelpful and could lead to more tension in the region. on saturday the chinese sent a set of planes, in response, japan scrambled f-16 jets. analysts believe the new zone
3:34 am
could lead to some mishap which could further inflame the region. kate, back to you. >> thanks so much, david. in londell, thousands of avid "star wars" fans lined up for an opportunity of a lifetime. cnn's rosie thompkins has more. >> reporter: young, athletic. these were the cri thoria for the next two stars in the "star wars saga. here in the u.k., open auditions were held all weekend for the iconic movie franchise. thousands lined up, hoping for their chance at what has been described as a lead role. here in the u.k. next 84 with the movie due to be released in 2015. back to you, kate. >> must love "star wars" fans. so the russian president goes to see the pope. it is all too real and happening today, vladmir putin is going to the vatican. the reason why, help on syria to stop the war and maybe the
3:35 am
political war between russia and the u.s. on the issue. we have people in both key cities. ben weiderman in rome, phil glassco in rome. phil, talk to us about how unusual this is and what we believe the motivations are. >> reporter: very unusual. chris, certainly a meeting of two different personallies the self style russian strong man and famously humble catholic pope. at the moment they have a lot more in common, especially on syria, where the vatican has publicly backed russia's position in that conflict, even in response to the use of chemical weapons by the syrian government. russia likes that, because it gives their position much more moral authority. both parties are also concerned about the site of christian minorities in syria across the most and navg as well. more broadly, russia and the vatican have never been that close, russia is close to the orthodox church. they and the vatican have long
3:36 am
historic disagreements. at the moment, they've got a bit more in common as well. both churches see themselves as fighting what they describe as aggressive secularism across western society, which they say is replacing traditional values. chris. >> thank you very much for that point. this is so complex. this is almost a perfect situation for the roman catholic church given its complexity and the need for nuance. how much of this is about these longer living story lines between the russian orthodox and conventional roman catholic church. how much is about political practicality, a play by putin to use leverage with the u.s. and his pope and growing popularity? >> reporter: well, certainly, i think the immediate concerns are related to the middle east, related to the polite of christians in the middle east as phil mentioned. there are much more doper issues at play. for instance, this really goes back to 10:54 to what is called
3:37 am
the great skrchism. there are illustrations of secularation of property by joseph stalin during the soviet era within they took property from the catholic church in russia and, of course, as a result of that, there have not been any meetings between the catholic pope and the eastern patriarch, really the focus we understand today from the vatican is on the middle east on the plight of christians in the middle east, given the turmoil in places like syria and egypt. that's the focus, not the great historical issues, which obviously will take a lot more time to resolve. chris. >> persecution of christian across that region, certainly something getting more momentum. it will be very interesting to see who says what after this particular meeting.
3:38 am
thank you very much. all right, that's that discussion. let's go over to indra now. this storm across the country is no joke, only true. >> we are looking through arc cao back through texas, we are looking for icing and sleet concern. conditions in the east have improved farther to the west. however, it only means conditions will deteriorate. we want to give you an idea how bad it has been. look at the reports of snow and even freezing rain. half an inch of freezing rain. >> that weighs 500 pounds on a power line. right now the reports are less than that. there will be concern throughout the day today for flight and flight delays. the next story that, low interacts with all this moisture in the gulf. it interacts with that cold air. you put those two together. this is a story you have been hearing ability. the treacherous concerns for travel this week. talk about the heavy rain. so if you are trying to travel in the southeast over the next 48 hours, look at all the heavy
3:39 am
rain. two to four inch, we talked about the gulf threatening the carolinas in through tomorrow. now, let's talk about a day-by-day. first, we're talking about the rain. we showed you that. by tomorrow, the mid-atlantic, we talk about freezing concerns, so ice and sleet and snow starts to fall. the biggest concern for now looks like it will be tomorrow night in through wednesday. right now, we are talking about rain at major hubs. maybe less ice and more snow. four to eight inches possible in the ohio valley. we are talking about strong winds, we are still going to be concerned travel will be delayed thanks to those strong winds. we head into wednesday. we are talking about snow. as you go throughout the day, things should taper off. thanksgiving we are left with snow. the moral of the story, the later you have your flight, chances are conditions will be improving for you. so many variables we are continuing to talk about here. rain, sleet, freezing rain,
3:40 am
anything can change day-by-day. >> especially in combination. we are talking flights. so many people are on the road. >> exactly. icy conditions on the road, that's one factor here. >> i appreciate it. coming up on "new day." more icing problems, says the plane can fly in certain circumstances. we will tell you how big a deal this is and if it can affect your upcoming travel. the american music awards dipping in the well of controversy, was this dance members/sketch with the marlin monroe lady gaga in poor taste? we'll discuss [ music playing ] . stick with innovation. . ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals.
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the company has engine icing problems affecting dreamliner planes when gins made by general electric. the warning urges airlines to avoid flying planes near thunderstorms that may contain ice crystals. this is correspondent christine romans joins us with more. what prompted this warning? obviously, there was a problem. >> there were six problems between april and november of this year, where you had these planes that were flying near thunderstorms that developed ice crystals behind a fan in a ge
3:45 am
engine and they had a temporary loss of thrust. all these planes landed safely. no problem there. it caused them to look into what happened in these g.e. engines at high altitude flying near thunderstorms and why did this icing occur? so you got boeing actually warning about this, saying they will work with g.e. to fix the software fix later this year and japan pulled a couple of them from international routes where they were high altitude close proximity to potential thunderstorms, pulled those planes. >> if japan is pulling a couple of those planes, why not be nervous about the fact that most of these models of airplanes are in the air flying? >> still a production of aircraft. big airlines want this plane. >> should you folks be nervous? >> they say there is not a safety issue. they've regained the thrust.
3:46 am
they will avoid those situations, boeing actually issuing this warning saying they are going to make sure that they stay 50 nautical miles away from a potential thunderstorm to reduce chances of ice crystal conditions. >> that's no good. that's the part that got my attention. when they have to tell you the plane is not so great near storms, it seems like they happen all the time when they are near. this other number you snuck into the research, first an entire airline model to be grounded by the faa in 30 years. >> that was earlier this year. that's when they thought there were lithium battery fires. remember, an incredibly complicated diverse aircraft, assembled and manufactured around the world, put together in the united states. they were finding these little wiring issues. they grounded the whole fleechlt they've resolved those issues, they say this is a g.e. engine issue. people who follow outsourceing
3:47 am
have pointed out this is an aircraft that is manufactured and designed by so many different companies and so many different places and so complicated that it just begs to have little glitches here and there. >> is that the source of the fact that it's begging to have more glitches or is it because it's the new wave of aircraft, it's different than everything in the past? >> it'slighter. the composite material very high-tech. people love this plane. >> orders are up. >> people who fly the plane absolutely love it. don't fly within 50 nautical miles of thunderstorms. >> it reminds me of that other machine made by all those different countries. it was amazing. no. there wasn't one. that's the concern. that's the concern. >> g.e. and boeing say they will work out this little engine bug. >> that's great. >> great story this week. time now for our must-see moment. we are modifying our must-see moments. it was a night of musical superstars. the biggest and brightest.
3:48 am
the american music awards, the show certainly did not disappoint. certainly had everybody buzzing. kittens, unikorns, diamonds here. the american music awards delivered some truly outrageous and memorable moments last notice t. biggest award winners, taylor swift and justin timberlake. swift winning four awards, including artist of the 84. >> my lucky number is 13, so far, you guys have made 2013 the most magical year. >> these are voted on by the fans, so the fans. >> jay zee poked fun on his surprise awards [ music playing ] >> reporter: raps the most talked about performance of the night the one to miley cyrus, which raised eyebrows over the
3:49 am
summer for her vma performance. last night she blue away with the help of a virtual kitten and diamonds. crying cat and really miley became the top topics on twitter. one tweeted somewhere in america cats are still twerking. it's lady gaga and r. kelly that stirred up the most controversy, the on stage theme was white house scandal. playing the president and gaga as the monroe-style mistress [ music playing ] >> reporter: some say the timing of this performance is distasteful in light of the anniversary of jfk's assassination. others called it campy and fun. campy and fun or distasteful? >> where are we? >> distasteful. >> the perfect dpl the race to the bottom. gaga was outrageous, miley is
3:50 am
topping her. we're going to top outrageousize. >> nobody distracts from the singing like miley cyrus. >> under all that is a good singer, can you believe it? >> no, that's a crying kitten. >> r. kelly, why not? it happened. it doesn't blink. blink your eyes. >> that's the one problem with the kitten? i think the gaga or kelly situation was lost on the audience that is tarpged for the vmas. >> crazy unblinking kitten. >> i don't want to talk about. later. >> i say to you. >> a knight in shining armour. >> that cat didn't weigh 500 pounds. all right, coming up on "new day," it doesn't work when there is no kittens. wicked weather happening in the
3:51 am
east. this is serious. we will tell you what you need to know. also very serious, obviously, iran agrees to slow the nuclear program to get sanctions eased. did will power give too much? how can we insure that? we will talk the deputy national security adviser at the top of the hour. ♪ it's the night before christmas, ♪ ♪ our plan is in place. ♪ we've rigged up a trap to catch sight of his face. ♪ ♪ if only we could, just stay awake... ♪ ♪
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. >> we have a volunteer.
3:55 am
>> secily, why are you carrying bow and arrow? >> it's new york city, baby. there is a frigging judge out there. >> some great costumes there. >> what was the number? >> $161 million "hunger games" made this weekend. >> will you see it? >> my daughter saw it, said it was better than the first one. >> she is a tough crowd. >> very tough. last night the patriots down 24 hour-zip, things only got worse. it's a good thing you turned off the game. epic comeback in the brady manning battle. we are joining with the bleacher report. what a comeback. tell us about it. >> a great game. they've had epic battles over the years. last night looked like it was going to be one side the broncos dominated early. you can't ever count out tom brady. the patriots came storming back. in the 4th quarter, they took
3:56 am
this lead from brady to julius edelman, manning would find marion thomas for this touchdown late in the 4th. ties the game. we go to overtime. this is the play that won the game for the patriots. broncos receiving a punt. the patriots would recover. they kicked a field goal to win the game t. largest comeback of tom brady's career. cnn is in foxboro. much more in the next hour. in the bleacher, there is further proof how hard core green bay packers fans are. check out these girls rocking the bikini tops. it was 20 degrees with a wind chill of 9 at lambeau field yesterday. definitely brave. guys, they didn't get to see anybody win or lose the game. the packers and vikings ended up tying 26-26 after overtime. >> that makes me feel cold even watching those poor things.
3:57 am
>> respect. respect. >> that is respect. >> that's called liquid courage. >> probably some of that involved. >> thank you, andy. >> i also respect liquid courage. >> i respect it as well. not knocking it. we're now at the top of the hour, which means it's time for the top news. [ music playing [ music playing ] >> and the house started banging. things started falling. i thought it was a huge earthquake. >> a massive storm system, snow and rain set turkey day. new this hour, we take you inside the flight command center, they're bracing for the worst. >> president obama strikes a short term deal with eastern. now republicans and democrats are pushing back against it. is it a bad deal? we get answers from the white house. dangerous game, an arrest made over the weekend. is this the latest assailant in the so-called knockout game. the questions about how
3:58 am
widespread this deadly game may be. >> your "new day" starts right now. . >> you need to know if this first step loads to a comprehensive agreement that will make the world safer. >> what you just have to see. >> the new england patriots with a most improbable win. >> this is "new day." with chris cuomo, kate baldwin and mikaela per era. >> welcome back to "new day." 7:00 in the east. here is what happened overnight. the president's poll numbers are low in areas that really matter. a clear majority of americans say president obama is not honest and trustworthy, 40% believe they can manage the
3:59 am
government effectively. that's down 12% since may t. good news for the president. 71% still consider him likable, even though that number is down 8 points over the past six months. >> the future of u.s. and allied troops in afghanistan is up in the air this morning. president hamid karzai is refusing to sign an agreement to keep support troops there, even though the elders endorsed the deal and recommend karzai sign it quickly. he is deferring agreements until elections in april. even though the u.s. asked for a deal to be signed by the end of this year. overnight, several cars trapped from new orleans to new york derailed in south carolina, more than 200 passengers and 11 crew members were on board, no one was seriously injured. charter bus was brought in. so far no word on what caused that derail. if you plan to travel this holiday week, listen up, your thanksgiving plans could be in jeopardy. a deadly storm is moving east as you see it.
4:00 am
it is expected to start impacting the new york cityiar by tuesday afternoon. the system has already cancelled hundreds of flights in the south. the only question this morning is how bad will it be. we are covering every angle of this story. let's start with renee marsh with a look at how airlines are preparing. renee. >> reporter: well, chris, you know, timing is everything and boy this is bad timing. >> that winter weather threatening millions of holiday plans and airlines there are proactively can selling hundreds of flights so that travelers aren't stranded at the airports this thanksgiving. >> two things that should never go together, peak holiday travel and treacherous winter weather. a traveler's nightmare, cancellations, delays and frustration all around. in dallas, where ice koetd airplanes, they were forced to
4:01 am
can sell hundreds of flights. airlines are experienced with wild weather and they're ready for this round. >> you can call this the nerve center airline. >> reporter: united watches the weather and directs every flight from around the world from their headquarters in chicago. the decision to can sell flights happens here. >> these individuals are actually measuring the impact of weather, of the air traffic control system and coordinating not only internally with united airlines but with the faa. >> they're talking to this faa command center near washington. >> let's go to jacksonville and get their concerns first. >> reporter: conference calls keep airlines and faa controllers up to date with changing conditions and a warning for travelers think before you book. >> probably the worst mistake is to take things like if you do connect to connect through a known bad weather airport like chicago or denver or detroit or
4:02 am
minneapolis, airports prone to snowstorms. >> reporter: but a storm as big as this one will be hard to avoid. it certainly will be. you know, areas like dallas and oklahoma where they're already getting whipped by this winter weather, they're seeing some cancellations. nationwide, we just took a look. no major delays as i speak to you right now. >> that will likely change as this massive storm continues to move. so the best advice for people traveling. mentally prepare plan a may not go as planned. back to you, kate. >> a good point, renee, thank you very much. so what exactly is in store with the weather. we told you about planes being deiced in the hopes they can take off eventually? but will they have anywhere to land? indra petersens is in the weather center. how bad is it going to get and when? >> it's better of where the concern will shift. today we are talking about concerns from arkansas back through texas as we deal with
4:03 am
plenty of conditions of icing and sleet. let's take a look at what we have seen. look at these snow reports from new mexico into oklahoma. we seen a foot of snow. this in particular, this is a freezing rain report. >> that is a concern for plane and power lines. once you get a half an inch of rain, you talk about it weighing 500 pounds, here's a situation moving forward, we are talking about that low. >> that is moving a lot of moisture. it combines thousand with a system that's coming down from canada and shooting across the lake. we have a lot of moisture and cold air coming together. it's all about the speed of these things, how much moisture they pull in and the timing of them that affects our travel moving forward. things can constantly change. the next two days, heavy rain spreading around the carolinas, eventually tomorrow some snowp behind it. right now it looks like a majority will see rain. the mid-atlantic tomorrow will see icing and snow. tuesday night into wednesday, this is a really big concern,
4:04 am
winds start to pick up. we see the heaviest rain and snow the later you go wednesday notice into thursday, conditions will improve. we will still be talking about rain into the northeast and snow down into the ohio valley where thanksgiving actually looks like snow left into the northeast. chris. >> indra, thank you very much. after days of intense negotiations, six world powers and eastern have reached a temporary agreement. if eastern limits nuke clear activities, the deal offers lighter sanctions in exchange. the obama administration ca calling. happy thanksgiving to you and your family. i will take it that this deal is one of the things you are thankful for. but the question is, is it a deal or is it a deal to make a deal in the future. >> first of all, chris, what this does is for the first time in a decade, it halts eastern's nuclear program, indeed, it rolls it back in key respects.
4:05 am
it gives the international inspectors access and monitoring ability they've never had before. in that sense, it's a very good deal. it also gives us an opportunity over the next six months to see if we can negotiate a comprehensive resolution to 18's nuclear program. >> now, you are getting push back, some politics. for example, 2003, 2005, you froze the entire nuke clear program there. why not go that way again? why be more gentle with eastern than you have been in the past. >> if we could have gotten an entire freeze of their program right away, of course, we would have done it. but the iranians were not prepared to go there. it would take a long time to negotiate that. indeed, that's what we're trying to get to. in the interim, what we didn't want to happen is for the iranians and using the cover of talks to keep advancing their program. this shuts down the program for making progress. it rolls it back. it gives us inspections in monitoring that will give us an
4:06 am
opportunity if they try to cheat or brake out to detect it almost instantaneously. >> israel doesn't like it. no surprise there the white house is calling it an historic break through. they're calling it a historic mistake. one of the provisions, three months they have to give you information about where things are or what you want to search. is that giving them time to hide and use this as leverage to do what they want. >> you know, chris, we already have significant inspections. the inspectors are on the ground. the deal gives them daily access which they haven't had before, so i don't think they'll be able to do any of that. look, in terms of israel, we understand, israel is right to be skeptical. an iranian bomb would present an existential threat to israel. we have the same goal. there may be tactical differences in how we get there. i think israel would have preferred not to do this first step. if we could have done that, we would have done that. we wanted to make sure iran
4:07 am
couldn't use that time to advance its program. this stops the program in its tracks. gives us time to negotiate a comprehensive deal. >> that's if they do it. then what happens if they don't do it, another criticism towards the deal is that, well, if it doesn't work, if it breaks, it's going to take time to re-do the pain of the sanctions, but, you know, they could just re-establish their economics very quickly. they can do things very quickly. it will take the other side time to re-establish any type of sanctions. what do you make of that? >> you know, what's interesting is, what people need to focus on is the fact that the sanctions continue during these six months. indeed the pressure will continue to grow t. sanctions will not build. we are not taking the sanctions away. the existing sanctions will continue to be implemented. indeed, the amount of relief iran gets will be dwarfed by the sanctions that accumulate. the sanctions are not going away, to the contrary, it's going to grow.
4:08 am
>> you are saying there isn't an extraordinary amount of trust placed. to what do you attribute the pushback? >> a lot of people are criticizing it saying it's not a real deal. what down it is? politics? >> i think there are a couple things going on. some of our arab friends are concerned if we get a deal with iran on its nuke clear program, a comprehensive deal, whole be satisfied and forget about all the other things iran does they don't like and we don't like. we will continue to confront what iran is doing around the world that is a problem for us and a problem for some of our partners. that's our concern. the president and prime minister had a good phone conversation yesterday. we will work closely together with the israelis over the next six months to make sure we agree on the terms of what a final comprehensive deal would look like? >> how comfortable are you to know what's going on inside eastern? we have been mistaken many times in the past. >> one of the best features of this deal, it gives inspectors
4:09 am
the daily access to the most important facilities, information that we haven't had, access to the places where they make and assemble centrifuges, where they mine the uranium. one of the biggest benefits of doing this interim deal is to have the information we haven't had, which will make it easier to detect whether they're cheating or breaking out or have a covert program. >> something that might be helpful is for you to explain why does iran need nuclear capabilities. people say they have oil, can't they power their homes that way. why do they need nuclear power? >> first, i think it's a matter of national pride. an overwhelming majority of iranians, including many who do not like the government believe iran should have a nuclear power program and, indeed, every nation is entitled to a peaceful program. second, over time, they believe or at least they tell us they believe they will need to develop and want to develop nuclear power as an alternative
4:10 am
to other forms of energy. that's over the next 10, 15, 20 years. so that's what they tell us. we are very skeptical. that's exactly why any program they would have at the end of this process would have to be extremely limited, extremely carefully monitored and inspected. we will see if we can get there. it will be difficult. >> thank you very much for the perspective. appreciate it. >> coming up in the show, we will talk more about this with republican senator lindsey graham as well as cnn's chief correspondent. we will give you all sides of the discussion. kate. coming up next on "new day," the long awaited report on last year's connecticut school shooting is due out today. what will we learn about that fateful day at sandy hook elementary school. more on that coming up. also, that so-called knockout incident, we will talk with a former new york city detective. is this a growing trend or an urban myth?
4:11 am
4:12 am
4:13 am
>> welcome back to "new day."
4:14 am
last december 20 children and six results were left dead. the state attorney is expected to rehis long awaited return. we were together in new town for what seemed like a very long time. what are we expecting to learn from this report? >> we are not clear. roble no appreciative new information. no news conference is planned around the release of this long-awaited report by a connecticut states attorney. he made sure families knew ahead
4:15 am
of time what's in it. it is uncertain whether it will answer the question we all keep asking, why? it's been nearly one year since the shooting at sandy hook elementary school that claimed the lives of 20 children and six adults, not including the killer who took his own life. a chilling memory for this fragile community as they brace themselves for new information. later today the state attorneys office will release summary report shedding more light on the 11-month investigation. it's expected to include a time line of adam landis' movements, beginning in the morning when he killed her at her home before driving to sandy hook elementary school when he blasted hess way in through a glass window and fired over 150 shots from an assault rifle in about five minutes. a much more detailed account of the massacre with photos and witness statements reportedly thousands of pages long won't be released in its entirety until
4:16 am
sometime next year. officials plan to edit out sensitive information before that full police report is finally issued. also today, a court is expected to decide on the release of the 911 calls. the connecticut state freedom of information commission oldered the release of the tapes back in september, overruling objections by new town officials. local residents are at odds over whether the calls should be made public. >> i initially didn't think it was public information, but i would agree that get it over with, get it done. >> i don't. i think the families should really be left alone. >> reporter: many fear the release of new details will open fresh wounds for a community still trying to heal. this is what remains of sandy hook elementary school. bulldozers began demolition in late october. and they hope it will help painful memories and rebuild for
4:17 am
the future. having seen the report, the family of victoria soto issued a statement, she's one of the brave teachers who was killed trying to protect her students t. statement reads inpart, we have read the report. we can't make sooens sense of what will happen. we don't know if anyone will or if we will ever be whole again. the toxicology report on shooter adam lanza shows he had no drugs in his system. was he under psychiatric care? if so, what was the diagnosis? that information has not yet been made public. we done know whether it ever will be. >> those kids were just 6 and 7-years-old. >> thank you very much, susan. >> it makes you wonder if the victims deserve answers? the whole goal is to try to make it stop. you will see pressure and pushback. >> i think you are absolutely right. because everyone deserves answers. as you said, it's all about preventing something like this or trying to from happening again.
4:18 am
>> thanks, susan. i want to turn to something that's raising a lot of questions is seeing believeing? this sunday pope francis unveiled what he publicly declared, are saint peter's bones for the first time in public sparking critics to question the authenticity of the remains. the relic put on display are a special celebration to end the vatican's year of faith. [ music playing ] >> it's a rare sight, one that's almost hard to believe for the first time ever on sunday pope frances unveiled a relic. saint peter's bones praying before the remains and blessing the kass set with insense, france has become the first pontiff to definitively declare they belong to peter, the first pope of the catholic church. >> you want to rub up against who is holy. we believe we become better when we picks with that which is
4:19 am
holy. >> reporter: saint peter's bones, the shroud of torin. the belt of mary. these are what movies are made of. >> they are made of rocks. >> the bones were first unearthed during an archeological dig more than seven decades ago, sparking the church to try to break the code behind their monumental find. the church cites circumstantial evidence, for example, they were discovered in an underground crypt that read peter is within. inside the bones were wrapped in purple cloth belonging to a 5' 7" man, 60 to 70-years-old. a theory that has drawn many skeptics. >> it doesn't make or break christian catholocism, it's what they signify to the faithful. they say that flawed fishermen, that disciple of jesus, who
4:20 am
winds up betraying him becomes the first pope. it gives hope that anybody can be holy. >> reporter: the church says it's not about seeing but believing. >> we don't know if it's true if they're the bones of st. peter. it can't be proven. it is about belief. >> and that's exactly the question. it comes down to faith. pope frances is the first pontiff to declare these landful of bones belong to peter. pope paul vi identified the bones were identified in a manner which they believe convincing. there is no dna proof. so it does come down to a question of faith. which makes a nice button for this finishing of the year of faith in the catholic church this year. >> interesting. augustine said belief without faith is mere superstition. something like this doesn't go to whether or not it's the
4:21 am
bones, which is why he is one of the best thinkers on these things. you need a reason to think there is something for you. there is something there for you. peter being so flawed is something very ignored in the catholic church. he's often revered as the rock. but the idea that he was kind of picked because of the flaws in his character. how human he was. this is just a reminder of that, bones aside. >> bones aside? >> coming up on "new day," the knockout game. it's no game. a potentially deadly assault by a bunch of punks. why does it seem like it's happening more? are cops figuring out what to do with it? we have answers. >> dna and identical when thes. one is charged with sex crimes. he blames his brother. what is going to happen next? hundreds of dollars of savings on the table by not choosing the right medicare d plan. .
4:22 am
>> welcome back to "new day."
4:23 am
4:24 am
4:25 am
coming up in the show, a story we have been following closely, what appears to be a deadly game is sparking outrage. it's called the knockout game. it's led to a number of deaths and arrests nationwide. you can see why people are on guard. we will talk about it. >> something that is a game between tom brady and peyton manning. it was one for the books. how did the pats come from 24 down. how did it go to ot? the answers coming up fumble. >> some of the stories making news, a deadly blast of wintry weather wreaking havoc across
4:26 am
the nation. it has worked from california to the dope south. you can see the mess it made in oklahoma, sending an suv off the road. so far, ten people have been killed in traffic accidents t. weather system is expected to head to the northeast. hundreds of flights have already been cancelled. it will make for a rough thanksgiving for millions of americans. the international atomic agency is meeting today to discuss the historic agreement on iran's nuclear program. the director of the aiea calling it an important step forward. the u.s. and world powers announced the landmark deal sunday morning. it temporarily freezes eastern's nuclear plan for six months and lays the ground for sweeping agreements. president obama has taken a big hit. the biggest areas of concern, his honesty and ability to manage the government. a majority of americans answering, no, is president obama honest and trustworthy. 40% believe he can manage it
4:27 am
effectively. that's down 12% since may. caroline kennedy, the new u.s. ambassador to japan taking a two-day tour in the 2011 tsunami. she spoke to her father telling the jap needs people his spirit lives on, the legacy for international development are still active today providing relief for the needy. more than 50 balloons and nearly 40 floats will captivate kids of all ages of the macy's thanksgiving day parade. sponge bob, toothless from how to train your dragon, despicable me and cirque du soleil have new floats as does seaworld. they have animal rights activists threatening protests. since it's our first time for kate and i in new york, i was hoping we could see the thing beforehand. >> it's so much fun to watch them filling those things up.
4:28 am
one of the 60 new york city events lots of nice places to stop for an adult beverage. >> i like that as well. >> something that needs discussion. we seem to be hearing about new casings all too often t. so-called knockout game. a victim caught off guard by a coward. a single punch. the attack often videotaped by some other criminal for the entertainment of the coward. it's already led to a number of arrests and deaths across our country. cnn's pamela brown is here with more. >> a 12-year-old boy, a grandmother, a jewish man, a few of the victims punched in the face for no apparent reason. are they isolated or a part of the larger phenomenon known as the so-called knockout game? new york city police arrested this 28-year-old man friday and charged him with assault after he randomly punched a 24-year-old jewish man according to authorities. an nypd spokesperson says the
4:29 am
hate crimes task force is investigating that case and looking into recent similar attacks against jews in brooklyn, new york. commissioner ray kelly stopped short of saying they're a part of a knockout game. >> when you highlight an incident or a type of criminal activity, some people will simply run a copy. it's a phenomenon that we have seen before. >> is that a game? >> wait, that was like real people. it wasn't cgi? >> no. >> the people we showed video could hardly believe this is happening. these videos captured by under surveillance cameras could just be random attacks or the knockout game or one-hitter quitter, youths punch strangers with the goal of knocking them unconscious with a single blow. >> it's not a game. the person probably was really injured. >> the idea they attacked
4:30 am
someone for no reason on the streets of new york city is something that's outrageous. >> one of the latest victims, a 78-year-old grandmother. her daughter says she was walking home when a young man ran up and punched her. >> she is terrified. she will not now leave the front of her building. >> reporter: they have been reported in six states and washington, d.c. at least four victims have died, including this viet namese man in st. louis and a homeless man in hoboken, new jersey. >> they are doing this to get a thrill to prove their manhood or womanhood, a part of peer pressure. certainly, they are followers, not leaders. >> and it's difficult for police to know exactly how widespread these cases are, because up until now, they'd all fall under assault. some plarsd i spoke with are reluctant to tie these knockouts to the game. they are random attacks on strangers are unclear unless a
4:31 am
suspect confesses to it. one thing is clear here, these suspects in these cases face very severe consequences, in fact, in the case with the st. louis man who was killed, as was mentioned in my piece the suspect was sentenced to life in prison, so these kids need to know this is anything but a game. >> and they should be facing very serious consequences when something like this happens. >> let's talk about this with former new york detective to help us understand that. what is your take on this? is this a growing trend? is this an urban myth or maybe better stated as growing trend or group of isolated incidents? >> because we all know about it, what's going on, the whole country knows about the knockout game so this is definitely a trend. this is no you are boone myth. urban myths don't exist. these attacks exist in everyone's minds, especially in those victims. >> is there a concern that by us focusing on it, it will give it more life and more legs. i think the goal is from law
4:32 am
enforcement to the public to shut this thing down immediately. >> no, i think we have to let the public know what's going on to protect ourselves. that's our job. that's the police department's job to protect the pub leg. no matter how politically incorrect it might be. it's to know what is going on and how to protect themselves. >> i get why the cops don't want to attach it to this title. they don't want to glorify the activity. what are you talking about pc is an important part to make. what are we not hearing here stopping these incidents? >> there is no way we can find out an incident is going to occur today or tomorrow. these are dan random attacks. i ask people who i run into every day what are you doing? they say if they see a group of black youths, they cross the street. >> see now, okay. so that's going to be a problem right there.
4:33 am
you know that's going to be a problem. because you know niece, niave fews, kids don't need to be feel, made to feel they're a threat simply because they are hanging out with friends. there is a concern. you can see how it will grow. >> not every black kid is doing this. it's very few, but if you are the victim, if you are a potential victim and you are afraid walking down the street, you see a group of black yoourkts everybody i am talking to says they are crossing the street, getting away from them. that's what's happening. the concern is, i bet it's a concern here because the good black kids will be saying when are you crossing the street when i walk by? >> most of the majority of people are doing this. >> black kids are getting clocked, too. >> sure, that is happening also. >> it remind me, it's not new. there was an incident that happened in new york city where they actually targeted a kid that was mentally challenged. he was standing there. this guy stood up.
4:34 am
hess renowned prowess for fighting. he knocked the kid out in one punch. it sparked such outrage which goes to harry's point about notifying the public. they found the guy, punished him. they wanted him arrested. >> they continue to happen, the people behind it, there are definitely some folks have been charged. >> right. >> where is the threshold? what do police need to do to stem this tide? >> well, hopefully, this trend will wear out like everything else does and they'll stop doing it. there is extra police patrols on the street, keeping an eye on water going on, on the street. what we have to do also is we have to charge the other youths. they've got to be charged acting in concert. this isn't just one kid. what happens is you got a group of four or five kid. they will all talk about who they will attack. they have this guy, that guy. one says i will take the picture. they know they will attack that person, nobody is going to stop
4:35 am
the attack. they were all aware of it. like this one kid arrested the other day with several guys here in new york, they release the rest of them, they shouldn't do that. they should all be charged acting in concert. this should be as far as i'm concerned a hate crime, it does follow the law. >> they have to urge calm. we have to be aware of ourselves. we also don't want to look at scams at every group of kids that walk by. >> especially the ones that got hit for attacking the jewish guy. he's not a black guy. so it's going to spread in terms of which kids do it. nobody is immune to stupid. i think why you don't want to be nervous, you want to increase to see something, say something on this. the way you will anticipate is as it's forming and happening, everybody's got one of these now. right? they want to take video of what they're doing. if you are at a safe distance, you see it. videotape it. you don't want to get involved, because you are dealing with a busy group. people will stop it. >> this is creating terror on
4:36 am
the streets, i know, people are, as soon as they see black youths. like i say, everybody i have talked to. i know you don't like that. you can understand why they think that way. >> you also can understand. >> it concerns me also. it really does. it concerns me also. because, you know, you are pointing the finger at kids who would never think of this. you the person walking down the street, you say i don't want to be the next guy who got clocked in the face. you got people who are dead or seriously injured. >> this isn't like an organized crime. any kid can jump in and do this. i don't think there is any bounds as far as that goes. but also, we have talked about how these random attacks on strangers, that has been happening for years. is it now that it has a label the knockout game. >> it's becoming popular. >> the internet makes these things more interesting. getting isps take the videos
4:37 am
down, source the videos right away. >> that part is not being done yet. police are starting to do that. it will help. >> harry, appreciate that very much. lots of concerns on this, you don't have to be black to be worried about the perception of blacks, but we have to do everything to stop it. coming up on "new day," wait until you hear about this whodunnit mystery with identical twins, one is charged with sex attacks, his brother did it. dna will clear this up. maybe not? we'll tell you why. >> bringing ice, snow, bone chilling temperatures to millions. the winter storms are bringing the travel delays just in time for the holiday, holiday, unfortunately. we will let you know where it is hitting coming up.
4:38 am
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4:41 am
. >> welcome back to "new day." look at this, it is still three days to the holidays. there are 4,700 flights in the air currently. wait, let's move to wednesday. bam, 2.42 million travelers will hit the skies, surprisingly the busiest day to fly. it's sunday when an estimated 6.25 million will be flying home. then you are saying, i'm not going to fly, i will drive. good news, bad news situation. you won't by a loan 38.9 million people will be driving. that's actually down 1.5% this year compared to last. it will be very busy on the roads or in the skies, especially the roads, it's a real concern. let's talk to indra. we know there is serious weather coming our way. >> we are already talking about the cancelled flights in through texas. >> that concern will continue to be out there. let's take a look from arkansas through texas here, we are still talking about icy conditions,
4:42 am
freezing rain and sleet, conditions will prove the farther west you are as we go throughout the afternoon. they will deteriorate the farther east you are. let's talk about what you have seen. look at these snow reports from new mexico into oklahoma, look at the freezing rain we have seen. this is especially dangerous for flying and power lines. you got a half an inch of freezing rain, it weighs about 500 pounds. take a look at what we are expecting, heavy rain. we are talking about this low moving over the gulf. getting a lot of moisture there. it's intersecting with a second system. it's a question of how are these two going to interact? this continues to change every day the forecast is evolving. for now, here's what we are locking at two to four inches in the gulf, three to five tomorrow into the clones, snow on the being side of that, now, let's take you through tomorrow him we talked about the rain, most likely a rain event in the major hubs. into the mid-atlantic, we start getting icing concerns, talk
4:43 am
about the rain and sleet and snow. in through tomorrow night, tuesday evening, this looks to be the heaviest period for rain and snow. even if we are talking about rain, i may be okay. not necessarily, winds, it came in that overnight period. in through wednesday, people are still getting out of there. heavy rains into the northeast, however, we start to taper off and see more snow. the only good news, things get better the later you are in wednesday. because by thursday, conditions are improving. you are left with that snow into the northeast. again, this is an evolving forecast. two things moving together, how much moisture they have and the timing of how they come together completely changes everything. this is the best we have for now. >> a lot of factors to change that track and timing. >> huge changes. now more than ever, i think people have to be in front of their reservations, whether a flight or travel plans so you won't get caught. >> there is a point of almost nothing you can do. things will only get worse. >> thank you, indra.
4:44 am
>> all right, a u.s. soldier suspected of sexual assault in three states. he says it's his twin who is to blame. colorado investigators say dna everyday links erin lucas to several sexual assaults in adolescent girls. the defense says the dna is not his, it is his brothers. here's cnn with more. >> reporter: as to the charge of entice. of a child. >> aaron lucas, a decorated army officer charged with lureing 11 adolescent girls into his vehicle, sexually assaulting three of them, all this on active duty in fort carson. >> dna linking him to sex crimes in two other states, aaron lucas says his identical twin brother were blamed for all the crimes. >> no two of us have the same set of dna with one exception
4:45 am
and that is identical when thes. >> it is not the first time the virtually identical dna of identical twins has presented a quandary for jurors. in houston, a man was charged with rain. during his twooil trial in 2005 the defence blamed his identical brother but aldo confessed to the crime t. jiri took 30 minutes to find him guilty. then there was the case of a brutal investigation in new brunswick last year. their appearance and dna indistinguishable. how was the jiri to decide? in the end, eyewitnesses placed both brothers at the scene, both guilty. in the case of aaron lucas, his twin brother brian says he has never been to colorado springs and law enforcement agencies say aaron lucas remains the focus of their investigation. >> each twin essentially has to come up with an alibi. it comes up to whose alibi is a
4:46 am
little better. >> aaron lucas' defense says his case goes beyond dna. one described him as driving a black acura sedan, a car similar to that owned by his twin brian t. defense also says a different man altogether has been identified as an assailant in some of the cases. it is still unclear whether brian lucas will have to defend himself in court against allegations made against aaron. the trial pitting when the against twin is expected to start in january. miguel marquez, cnn, los angeles. >> how do you make heads or tails of that case. >> police work. it's unusual, right? because to have two people who get caught up in the same situation. here's one, this is the rule that will blow your mind a little bit. evidence of absence and absence of evidence have not the same thing when it comes to dna. it doesn't mean they won't make
4:47 am
the case. so they will have to go to old school police work. the problem is the whole job of the defense is to spread out. it meets the burden of the prosecutor, which is beyond reasonable doubt. >> brother versus brother. i can't imagine. >> we'll follow the case. we'll let you know what happens. coming up on "new day," football does not get better than this, unless are you a jets fan. a matchup. rachel nichols host of "unguarded" was in foxboro for all of what took place last night this great overtime game. amazing video, erupting volcano in indonesia, thousands playing to safety. we'll be right back with the latest. [ music playing ] .
4:48 am
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4:50 am
. .
4:51 am
welcome back to "new day." take a look at these images from indonesia where a powerful volcano is erupting. not just erupting, the thick plume of ash reaching as high as 10,000 feet into taxpayer. officials raised the alert status to its highest level. 20,000 people fled their homes trying to get out of its way. the bulk of them living in government housing and government camps far away from the fiery crater, approximately nonetheless, something you want to see from a very far, far distance away. >> hopefully there's no negative
4:52 am
consequence there. >> we'll switch to another situation that was on fire. dream match-up analyst light, dream ending. two best quarterbacks on the planet, tom brady, peyton manning squaring off in frigid foxborough and ended in a come back for the ages. ray k rachel nichols got to watch it. here's how it went down in foxborough. sunday night's game between the new england patriots and denver broncos was an instant classic. the two best teams in the afc felt off in what felt like the most exciting ping pong match of all time. the patriots looking hopeful, down 24-0 after several fumbles and a brutal sack on tom brady. a crazy turn in the second half, the pats scoring 31 points in just 22 minutes. building up to the drama on the field, an epic rivalry between
4:53 am
the teams' two quarterbacks. the broncos peyton manning and the patriots tom brady arguably the best quarterbacks in the nfl, perhaps in football history. the two titans had battled 13 times before with brady winning nine of those matchups. sunday night was billed as the showdown of the 21st century and the broncos were walking on the field with a better record. one loss this season. manning showed last night why he lives up to the hype throwing a stunning touch pass to for the game into a dramatic overtime. the pats matched the win. final score, 34-31. manning looked stunned. his fifth loss to brady now cemented in history. for brady one more spectacular victory, for one of the greatest quarterbacks in the game. the irony that special teams play wind up deciding a game
4:54 am
between to epic teams. lucky you nope you got to see this great game. what was it like? >> reporter: yeah. absolutely. the irony of that last play continues because the person who took responsibility for messing up that special teams' play was wes welker who was tom brady's greatest weapon in terms of his wide receiver core in the past five, six years switched over to the opponent, to the enemy camp to the broncos as peyton manning's wide receiver, his slot receiver extraordinary, he was the difference maker in this came. he turned out to be just the wrong way. sneezy, though, to take the hit when you end up winning the game. give us your insight. what did you see in this battle between the two quarterbacks. did you get to see things that defined them and give them all the hype they get? >> reporter: yeah. i mean what was so interesting about this was really the weather. you see me in this snappy hat because the wind chill
4:55 am
temperatures are in single digits right now and last night it was the same deal but with 40 mile-per-hour gusts. here's the key. remember the super bowl this year, as you know, is in new york. it's a cold weather super bowl. so it is a huge question how teams fare in this kind of weather and peyton manning in the en when it counted, could not lead a touchdown drive into the wind. bill belichick's team won the coin toss, the patriot as won the coin toss going into overtime and he picked to hand the ball to peyton manning to start sudden death overtime because he wanted his team to go with the wind and he didn't think he was taking the gamble that peyton manning who is considered technically the greatest quarterback in the history of the nfl couldn't lead his team on a touchdown drive. now, chris, you know that's heresy. 2009, bill belichick did a similar thing. peyton manning showed what was up, drove it down the field and
4:56 am
won the game. bill belichick has been criticized for that since that moment. what we learned last night if the weather is a factor perhaps peyton manning is no longer the quarterback he used to be and that's huge both when you watch a guy who saleh gend in this game and somebody who is trying to win a super bowl in cold weather. peyton manning is now 3-8 lifetime when the temperature is below 32 degrees. that's a huge statistic now. >> it loomis large. you're making a strong case, a strong case. when i was watching something else. 24 zip how do they come back. brady did a much better job. the team dynamic whether it's belichick's decision to give the ball to manning or defense ability to step up, it seemed to me that made a huge difference to me last night. what did you see on that? >> reporter: sports momentum things can turn on a dime.
4:57 am
broncos had a key injury. it gave the patriots a little bit of room, little bit of breathing room for tom brady. easier target on the concern. he was able to get momentum in the second half. all of the things that went wrong for the patriots they fumbled the ball several times in the first half. started going wrong for the brown detroit lions first half. a 24-point lead is something peyton manning should win the game with. on the flip side, tom brady can overcome those deficits. 21, 23 points, a fun game all the way around. >> one of the reasons you do the job is to see a game like that last night and to wear that hat. rachel nichols, thank you so much. appreciate the insight. >> i would wear a hat a lot less attractive than that. >> that was something last night. i haven't seen a game like that in a long time. >> she makes a great point about
4:58 am
the weather. peyton is awesome. >> they are both awesome. >> coming up next on "new day" a diplomatic break through with iran. a deal is made. christiane amanpour is joining us live to break down the details. >> so many of us will be on the road or air or both this thanksgiving. we'll show you some very nasty weather spreading across the nation. what it could mean for you and your travel plans straight ahead. hey wayne, quick question... did you try restarting it? no, not that. i was thinking about getting a tablet as a gift... verizon has tablets. they got a lot of them? accessing brain information... yes, they have a lot to choose from. did you really just... and now you can get $100 off any tablet. thanks, wayne. save like never before on any tablet at verizon now. get $100 off any tablet. plus trade in your old tablet for up to $150 or more. that's powerful. verizon.
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for the first time in nearly a decade we halted the progress of the iranian nuclear program. >> deal ordeal to make a deal? president obama strikes a short term agreement with iran to limit its nuclear program. but the plan success criticized from left and right. we will show you what we get and what we give. weather woes. brutal storm system that's crippled the southwest is now moving east. the timeline, not looking good for holiday travel. we're tracking it all this morning. showdown. it is the amazing impromptu dance that's gone viral. kid versus the legend. the winner yet to be determined so they join us live this morning in studio for a dance off. you're "new day" continues right now. >> this agreement could not -- good morning and welcome back to "new day," it's monday, november 24th, 8:00 in the east.
5:03 am
after decades of diplomatic gridlock a historic agreement has been reached between iran and the west. iran agreed to a six month plan to scale back its nuclear programs for the lifting of some sanctions. leaving some members of congress and israel up in arms. we go to geneva. jim, a long weekend for you. what do we know? >> reporter: it s-kate. no time to celebrate the deal. the ink was barely dry on the agreement before we heard stiff opposition to it from israel, saudi arabia and as you say on capitol hill some democratic lawmakers will be pushing for new sanctions as this deal gets under way. a historic agreement in geneva early sunday sealed with a hug.
5:04 am
>> this agreement could not have been reached without the decision of the iranian government to come to the table and negotiate. >> reporter: back home in the u.s. some politicians on both sides of the aisle sharply criticized the deal. >> we have just rewarded very bad and dangerous behavior. so think about what this agreement does. it says you can continue to enrich, that's what the iranians believe, and they have made no changes, no changes in the development of their nuclear weapon program. >> it's disappointing to me that iran is still going to be allowed to enrich while they are talking. i would have thought that would be a prerequisite to any kind of talks. >> reporter: after three weeks of intensive talks it puts unprecedented limits on iran's program. iran deluds its existing stockpile of highly enriched uranium and allows in trussive daily monitoring of all of its
5:05 am
nuclear sites. in exchange the west economic sanctions on iran will be eased, $7 billion in relief. but in a case of diplomat jack ambiguity it allows for a very different interpretation of iran's rights. >> it is not in this document, there is no right to enrich. >> reporter: iran's foreign minister said the deal gave iran what it has long sought formal recognition of its freedom to develop a peaceful nuclear program including enriching uranium. the deal will only last for six months. it pauses a button on iran's nuclear program but not a delete. >> what was concluded in geneva last night is not historic agreement. it's a historic mistake. it's not made the world a safer place. like the agreement with north
5:06 am
korea in 2005, this agreement has made the world a much more dangerous place. >> reporter: this agreement lasts for six months, as we said and that will give time to negotiate a longer term status for iran's nuclear program. one thing the white house telling us this this morning is that they are going start immediately consulting with israel about the outlines of that longer term agreement to try to get them on board. in like of israel's very public, very stiff opposition to this agreement it's hard to see how they do succeed in getting israel on board. >> very clear issues on both sides. jim, thank you very much. let's bring in cnn's chef international correspondent christiane amanpour to figure out why both sides feel the way they do. it couldn't be more stark. you have a historic break through or a historic mistake. it can't be both. give us the break down of why the two sides are where they are here. >> chris, having covered this for many years and having cell
5:07 am
phone all the key players in this negotiation, i think what's boiling down is this. first of all the word historic is misplaced. if you remember in the early 2000s iran froze its entire program and then wanted to do a deal with the united states and president bush's administration said no. now we've had all this progress in the last ten years or so and this people here in europe, intelligence chiefs and others are saying is the best deal at this precise moment to suspend, freeze, roll back parts of iran's nuclear program for a period of six months or more, depending on how long the comprehensive talks take. in return for actually very modest shoongs. everybody is bandying about $7 billion. that's a fraction of the very heavy sanctions that are imposed on iran. they are also reversible. also this deal, this interim deal has a trust but verify component. the iaea, the u.n. inspectors
5:08 am
will monitor it closely. the director general of the iaea told me in the last three or four months said iran has not expanded its nuclear program and they believe there's a significant political shift in iran trying to move forward on this whole issue. >> a lot of this rests on the shoulders of horani. speak to this. this deal should only start with iran stopping first before anything else happens. is that too simple a notion? >> no. i mean this deal is clear. it's pointed out. there is a clear road map for this interim deal of six months. this thing that has changed is
5:09 am
rohani. this is actually quite important. in iran there was a great deal of cheering. opponents will say yes because iran got what it wanted and it stiffed israel, it stiffed the united states it's a walk in sheep's clothing as president netanyahu says. here's what u.s. analysts and former officials are saying. what's the alternative? sanctions have not brought iran to capitulation. that's what israel want. and many in the senate in the united states. shoongs have desperately hurt iran, desperately hurt its economy, that's true. but have not forced often years of the most sophisticated sanctions regime, have not forced iran to capitulate over its nuclear program. and there seems to be no appetite in the united states for that. >> so we have a very toxic political environment in the united states right now of which you're well aware.
5:10 am
looking at minds outside of the united states, is there consensus as to whether or not this was the right way to go about finding progress in the situation? >> it really depends who you speak to. obviously, benjamin netanyahu's government doesn't believe so. let me tell you, i've spoken to former top israeli officials who said we got to try negotiating and who say that israel is secure, it's confident, it's powerful, it shouldn't always be looking at world issues through a lens that israel can defend itself, it's a strong country and somehow there needs be an end to this program by negotiations. many israelis believe this. the saudis are angry. the obama administration will have a huge selling job not just to netanyahu but to the saudis and gulf arabs who don't trust the iranian, who worry about a
5:11 am
rise to the iranian power compared to their power. they have been the dominant player in the middle east. also do not trust the obama administration. many other issues whether it's egypt, whether it's syria, whatever it may be are pretty angry with the obama administration at the moment. but, what others are saying is that both president rohani and president obama should be comed for getting to this point despite all the noise coming from every flank, every which way. >> that's somewhat of a hidden point. what we've seen with the arab spring everything has been taken through force. right now this is still diplomacy and you have to take progress where you find it. christiane amanpour thank you very much for the perspective as always. now obviously we'll talk about this more because the domestic politics will dominate
5:12 am
the deal. president obama's poll numbers taking a massive hit. the latest poll shows 46% of americans believe he's trustworthy. that's down 58% in may. even worse only 40% believe he can manage the government well down from 52%. despite his troubles the president remains like scrabble for about seven in ten people. that survey was taken after obama back tracked on his promise that people could keep their health ambulance under obama care. national security advisor susan rice is in afghanistan this morning set to meet with government officials. this comes after afghan president car say's decision to delay a signing a security policy. karzai is deferring any agreement until after elections in april. a connecticut prosecutor plans to release a new report on the sandy hook elementary school
5:13 am
massacre. it will not include the full state police report which is said to contain gruesome photographs and witness statements. it is expected to shed new light on gunman adam lanza, his possible motive and police response to that shooting. a frightening fall when a woman lept from a deck. a man below plead with her not to jump. she plunged 60 feet. that man tried to catch her. he's now being credited with saving her life. both have been taken to hospital. he with minor injuries. however, she is listed in critical condition. music heavy weights, music industry heavy weights took center stage at the american music awards sunday night. j. t. and rihanna taking home top honors. miley cyrus was a bit more demur during her song of "wrecking
5:14 am
ball." the lip-syncing kitten -- >> i don't like that it doesn't blink. >> unblinking -- >> just saw it blink. one blink. >> it's albert now. >> i'm shocked. now it's all okay. i'm surprised she wore so much clothes. miley was like overdressed. too much on. getting a little demur in her old age. >> let's talk about the kitten. >> at least it blinked. now i know it's real. coming up next on new day, a severe storm is packing a punch for a huge part of the country, bringing heavy rain, winds, snow and ice. it's set to be quite a snag in the holiday travel plans for many. we'll be tracking the latest developments for you. >> unfortunately custody battles can get ugly. an olympic superstar caught in a nasty court fight over their
5:15 am
child. a california court gave custody to him of his son. a new york court took it away. we'll tell you what's going open. that's mine. ♪ that's mine. ♪ come on, kyle. ♪ [ horn honks ] that's mine...kyle. [ male announcer ] revenge is best served with 272 horses. now get the best offers of the season. current lessees with an expiring lease get this 2014 ats for around $299 a month. ♪ no, i'm good. ♪ [ male announcer ] every time you say no to a cigarette, you celebrate a little win. nicorette mini delivers fast craving relief in just 3 minutes. double your chances of quitting with nicorette mini.
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. welcome back to "new day accounts. there are ten deaths resulting from that brutal storm that began in california, pummelling texas and moving towards the east coast bringing snow, freezing rain, fierce winds and frigid temperatures. the timing, of course, could not be worse for holiday travel. flights have already been cancelled and many more travel delays are expected to be right along the way. ingrid peterson is tracking it for us. what do we know? >> so many variables. right now we're seeing freezing rain moving in through little rock, arkansas and it's not the only story.
5:19 am
all the reports of snow and also freezing rain and notice that system is now pushing in through arkansas which is only a sign of the travel woes still to come. the brunt of a massive winter storm crossed through texas overnight as temperatures plummeted. >> this is not texas winter. this is alaska. >> watch as this suv in oklahoma city tumbles off the highway due to treacherous ice covered roads. the ice, snow and sleet have already caused several deaths. >> if it gets really bad we'll encourage folks to stay home. >> in east texas icy roads caused willie nelson's bus to hit a bridge. the arctic blast is heading for the east coast as holiday travellers prepare to think it roads and airports. many cities will see temperatures up to 20 degrees below average. >> just stings your skin to be outside. >> it all started out west where strong winds in the san francisco bay area downed trees and power lines. >> heard a big crack and the
5:20 am
house started banging and things started falling. >> almost two inches of rain flooded roads in phoenix, arizona. >> crazy. super crazy. i hope it will be calm soon. >> sleet combined with wind gusts reaching up to 50 miles per hour in new mexico killed a 4-year-old girl after her family's car rolled over along the highway. >> this wind has been tremendous. it's here now. >> as the week progresses, increasing travel delays may be unavoidable. torrential rain and snow is expected to hit major travel hubs during this hectic holiday week. let's take a look at the system. you can site will continue to pull up even more moisture out of the gulf and make its way across the carolinas and combine as it makes its way up the eastern seaboard with another system diving down across the lakes. with that a lot of moisture and cold air combining. never a good situation with the timing of it all. things can constantly change. here's the best scenario we
5:21 am
have. two to four inches from texas in through mississippi in through tomorrow. that heavy rain spread into the carolinas and up the eastern seaboard. but light rain through tomorrow. keep in mind in the mid-atlantic we're starting to talk about freezing rain and sleet and even some snow falling in the ohio valley and new york state and pittsburgh. tuesday night in through wednesday this is the strongest period of concern right now. not only heavy rain closer you are to the coast more rain you're expected to see. behind it more likely snow. we're talking about strong winds out there. even if we're talking heavy rain you have the concern of delays just from the within alone. snow amounts up to a foot could be out there. as we get in through wednesday the farther you go throughout the day the system will dissipate. better chance later on wednesday. thursday we'll be left with as the system clears out for thanksgiving is just those leftover flurries. we keep talking about this all about the timing as they come together. any one of these elements, a lot of moisture, everything changes. >> all right, thank you.
5:22 am
>> yet the airlines are already making their decisions. no matter what happens with the systems. in dallas airport officials are already pre-cancelling hundreds of flights ahead of the storm creating headaches across the nation. let's get down there to the dallas-ft. worth airport. what's the situation on the ground? >> reporter: travel problems here aren't just here in dallas but what's happening here is a microcosm of what's happening across the united states. it's creating major headaches all throughout the united states. take a look up here at the departu departure. a lot of cancelled flights. 86 flights cancelled this morning. in addition to 300 flights cancelled yesterday and that cause ad ripple effect all across the united states. you guys know this week it's a busy holiday travel week. 40 million americans expected to go about 50 miles or more a way from home. for those of you that are
5:23 am
traveling, please pay attention to those travel advisories and check with the airlines to make sure that you flight hasn't been delayed or cancelled. we've talked to so many passengers here that say their flights are delayed this morning. some more angry than others. back to you. all right, nick thanks so much. coming up next on "new day" not everybody supports a history making deal between iran and the west. we'll talk with senator lindsay fwram and get his take and why he's calling iran the new north korea. >> a california court gave him a son. a new york court overturned the decision. we'll explain this case that pulls at the heart strings. get paid to do somethingif d you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be,
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i don't know how to explain it, we just have to go back. mexico city, live it to believe it.
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the dance is heating up. welcome back to "new day." it's monday, november 25th. we have this epic dance off in detroit. >> he soldier some of your moves. >> the video has gone silver and now they are battling it live in the studio. it's beat street all over again. don't smile at him. he's your competition. >> we'll decide who wins finally. >> this is good. good stuff. >> identify been working on antuan's game face. >> five things to know for you. >> a amtrak train heading from
5:28 am
new orleans to new york, all seven cars remained upright. no reports of serious injuries. just released polls shows president obama is taking a big hit. clear majority of americans answering know the question is president obama honest and trustworthy. more details are expected to be revealed today about the sandy hook school massacre in connecticut. a summary report will be released on the shooting that left 20 children and six adults and gunman adam land is a dead. crucial meeting happening between russian president vladimir putin and pope francis. it's the first meeting between two. they are set to discuss a number of topics including developments in syria. big day today. america's christmas tree arrives in the capital. a spruce all the way from washington state. the tree has been on a cross country tour making nearly two dozen stops. i can't wait to site. it will be beautiful. those are the five things to know.
5:29 am
more now on the deals that limits iran's nuclear abilities. several members of congress from both sides of the aisle say the deal is not tough enough. senator lindsey graham a republican from south carolina and a key member of the senate armed services committee. good morning, senator. >> good morning. >> so, you have long been skeptical of the negotiations but you now know the interim deal. good deal, bad deal? >> well, identify seen a movie like this before called north korea did not end well. i don't think this -- what will this deal accomplish in terms of the end game? the end game is to dismantle the plutonium reactor. the end game to stop enrichment. this allows 18,000 centrifuges to stay in place and it basically suspends construction of the plutonium reactor. we're so far away what the end game should look like.
5:30 am
i'm very worried. >> what's the alternative? >> well, we had a chance to deliver a body blow, the sanctions worked. this interim deal gives the iranian $7 billion in cash and leaves in place one of the most sophisticated enrichment programs around. there are now 18,000 sceentrce e centrifuges. we did this with north korea. when you relieve sanctions in north korea the north koreans took the money and broke out. this creates a capability to go nuclear. so, this deal is so far away from the end game. can i tell you what congress will be doing?
5:31 am
>> please tell me. >> we'll come up with a new round of sanctions that defines the end game. there's bipartisan support to dismantle the plutonium reactor and to stop enriching in iran completely. after 30 years of chaos, mayhem and murder by the iranian regime should they be allowed to enrich uranium? the 20% uranium that has been diluted that's a good start. if they want a commercial nuclear program let the international community let them provide the fuel rods like canada and mexico. we're so far away from what we think is an acceptable end game is you'll see congress weigh in more aggressively and not less. . it get into the questions of sanctions. what you're pointing out is the tough stuff. we had samantha power on and she said the beauty of what was being worked on is the fact that you're going to test trust, trust but verify to make sure
5:32 am
that they are doing their job. isn't it unrealistic after so many decades of mistrust to go from zero to 60 in one deal? >> you went to zero to one and you need to get to 60. at the end of the day this was an opportunity lost. the sanctions did work to obama administration's credit. they put together an international sanctions regime that really did hit a body blow, land a body blow to the iranian economy. we had these guys on the rope. what i was looking for is an interim deal that went a long way towards the final deal. this actually leaves in place everything that would allow them to make a weapon. it doesn't dismantle anything. it doesn't roll back their capability. and if you're israel, you got to wake up and look at this deal as a nightmare because the capability to go nuclear is very much in place. hasn't been reduced much at all and remember north korea there
5:33 am
were inspectors every where all the time and sanctions were in place and the u.n. is not going to be a pickett fence to keep the iranians from going nuclear in the eyes of the israeli. no israel government will allow the u.n. to stop the advancement of the nuclear program. they want it dismantle. i want to dismantle it. >> sanctions brought iran to the table. christiane amanpour argued sanctions didn't get iran over the last decade to surrender and capitulate. is the alternative a military strike? is there nothing in between? >> no, there's something in between. sanctions that get them to the table and once they get to the table to let them know, here's your alternatives. if you want a commercial peaceful nuclear weapon program lindsey graham agrees that's an acceptable outcome. have a commercial nuclear program let the international
5:34 am
community control the fuel cycle. you're insisting the right to enrich. given your behavior you've abandoned that right. once you get them to the table you let them know what the final deal will look like and say take this or else. we're dealing with people who are not only untrustworthy this is a murderous regime that murders their own people, creates chaos and mayhem throughout the whole world, the largest sponsor of terrorism and we're treating them out of sync with who they are. this deal doesn't represent the fact we're dealing with the most thuggish people in the whole world. >> you support more sanctions. do you think that will happen within this six month period? will you support sanctions right now? >> yes. i think you'll have sanctions coming out in the next couple of weeks that will be bipartisan and tie the sanctions to the end game. my goal is to get new sanctions in place and the only way they
5:35 am
can be relieved is if you dismantle the reactor not suspend construction. if you stop e the interim deal leaves their capability totally intact. the new round of sanctions will be focused on the end game and it's coming soon. >> senator lindsey graham great to see you. thanks for coming in. chris? >> coming up on "new day" olympic skier bode miller heading to court to hold on to his son. we're talking about the custody battle stretching across the country. and an epic dance battle in detroit. who has the better moves? we'll take a look. we'll put it to the test. shannon is take individual yoift. he's trying friends. when he's not your friend -- lock it.
5:36 am
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>> welcome back. olympic skier bode miller fighting to keep custody of his 9-month-old son. california granted him custody but a new york court placed the son back with his mother. complicated situation? this one especially so. >> it is. this is turning out to be a contentious battle. when she moved across the country while pregnant the judge ruled irresponsible act and gave custody to miller. now it raises questions about the rights of mothers. conceived in california and born in new york city, this baby boy now 9-month-old seen in this
5:40 am
facebook to is at the height of a high-profile custody battle. his father, bode miller, briefly dated this woman in california. mckenna became pregnant and decided to keep the baby despite her relationship with miller turning sour. after extending miller an invitation to actual tradition sound which mckenna later shared on facebook he sent her this text. you made this choice against my wish and gave my no say. you are going to do this on your own. at seven months pregnant the former marine and firefighter notified new york city to study at columbia university. she spoke to cnn ashley banfield in june. >> he never wanted very much to do with my son and he initially asked if he could sign over his rights and he would pay off his child support in a lump sum. >> reporter: instead miller filed for custody, concerned that mckenna was fleeing california for a more
5:41 am
sympathetic venue. in may a new york judge agreed, saying while mckenna did not abduct the child her appropriation of the child uter. custody was given to miller. >> whether or not the proceeding was started in california or not it makes no difference. new york is carrily the home state and this state is where the case should be heard. >> this month a new york appeals panel reversed the controversial ruling. family court will resume today to re-examine parental custody of this baby boy. >> the couple hasn't even audiotape greed on a name for this little boy. mckenna agreed the little boy samuel while miller reforces him as nathaniel. >> far from over. let's bring in joey jackson for some perspective. so, let's just lay out the generals here.
5:42 am
when the couple wants to split and there's a child involved what are the basic rules? >> a lot makes this special but even before that it comes down to who has the jurisdiction. okay. so you have two courts, chris, that are battling. you have california wait a second the couple met here and the last petition filed while she was pregnant that's pending here. you know what she was pregnant and living here. so we can decide this issue. but you have new york saying wait we're the home state. why? she gave birth in new york. new york courts have jurisdiction. you have that whole jurisdictional argument which is complicated by something else, what is that something else? the rights of a punitive father, a father to be versus a mom who is pregnant who says it's my body, i have the liberty interest to travel freely whenever i want, i'm going to new york to columbia, i'll see you later. >> there's a rule in general what you can do with a child whether they are born or unborn. >> here's the issue. the issue is that because the child is unborn and it's in the
5:43 am
mom it raises a very interesting constitutional question. that question being i have a liberty interest, i have the right to travel, i can do what i please and what makes it interesting if the child were born the mom would be restricted from travel but as a result of the child being in utero there's no such restriction. >> that's how it led to her relocation. she moved to go school, number one. her relocation was considered unjustifiable conduct. >> interestingly enough here's what happened. the family court judge who assessed the case back in may said you know what, because remember what she did two days later she went to new york court i'm filing a petition for custody. the family court judge said this is reprehensible. you can't forum shop. you can't take it upon yourself when there's a father. that father has rights as well. as a result of that there's a petition pending in california. you're going back to california. let them resolve it.
5:44 am
>> i'm more confused. could this -- my head is splitting. could this go the federal court? >> i believe it could because there's some issues here and tissue really is a battle of the sexes. a woman has a right to choose. a woman has a right to do what they want with their body. a woman has a right to travel freely. however what rights of the father are implicate when you're a father to be and as a result of that you want to exercise your rights. >> he said he didn't want her to keep the baby. would that play into -- >> those are details, of course, could make for good conversation as to whether he was involved, what so like as an individual. at the end of the day when he wants to exercise responsibility and he wants to be a dad, could his father parental rights be impeded because she decides to move or does she have rights that's paramount to his rights. >> women rights activists are up in arms and watching this very
5:45 am
closely. >> i do believe, it could end up in that very high court. >> it could. you need to get the money amount down for diversity jurisdiction, right? the federal courts can take questions where it involves people from different states. >> i think because this raises the whole constitutional question it will be decided on that federal issue irrespective of the monetary amount. i look for it to go that far. today it's the simple question of what's in the best interest of the child. >> you have to remember, you know you get caught up in the legalities and they have issues between them. what's going on with that kid. they have their name mixed up. >> only 9-month-old. >> thanks, joey. >> you want to stake round because we have something going down today. an internet sensation people going wild over this spontaneous dance off at a pro basketball game. guess what those duelling dancers are here live in our studio. >> get in on it.
5:46 am
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5:50 am
>> that's mine. >> we are so thrilled, an epic dance off has gone viral. 3 million views online. check this out. the detroit pistons face the new york nixon the court. off the court a battle of a different kind was waged. 11-year-old antawn alexander on the right. nab usher working it out on the left-hand side during the pistons game. wowing the 20,000 fans in the arena. guess what? they are both here today. they are in our studio.
5:51 am
did you two realize all of this was going on the jumbo screen first of all? >> they usually do the dance cam and usually show the audience, so i wasn't expecting home to put it on me. but i saw him. i was looking up -- hey, what is he doing? >> what were you doing? >> i was just -- i didn't know i was going to be on the dance cam. i was waiting all night. so my first reaction was to dance. just to dance was my first reaction. >> i'm just curious, where do you get your dance moves from? >> you i was born with moves. >> you were born with some of those moves. who else was at the game with you? >> my dad. his friend and his other friend. because there's two other dudes from my church. so they were with us and they kept telling me you're on the
5:52 am
jumbotron. i didn't see myself. >> you started calling out the crowd, bringing them in on it. on the defensive i liked that. >> are you a bit of a legend. you looked like you're ready for this. >> i'm a natural. i was born with smooth moves too. >> twouchbds you have partnered together now and you're working together instead of working against each other. you're joining forces. i appreciate that. you guys have worked out a routine. >> sometimes we go against each other, sometimes we do stuff together. it all depends. >> do you have a routine you can show us now. we'll finally decide the winner of this dance off depending on what happens. >> jump up here, antawn. >> shannon. then we'll take some -- >> you're good at that. you know the camera is on you. turn around.
5:53 am
here we go. don't be shy. start slow. >> there it is. all in the hips. i like the slide step. >> don't like it. >> up don't like it. >> that's nothing. that's garbage. >> antawn, he's calling it garbage. >> keep the smile going. >> you better get in here, shannon. >> here we go. there we go. ♪ >> crazy legs. >> that's it. >> here they go. >> oh, oh. >> that's it. >> watch this. >> that's pumping. that's crazy feet.
5:54 am
>> all right. antawn and shannon thank you very much coming from detroit to let us know how they get down. does it matter who won? >> detroit. >> detroit. >> detroit won. >> that was the biggest surprise of the whole night. >> of it fun? >> it was fun. >> all right. >> i have to say, you know, in front of those kids you meet great parents. the parents did a great job. >> you guys are great. thanks for coming to new york and playing around with us. you have to teach me some moves because clearly i might surprise you, i don't have any. >> we hope to see you both more on the jumbo screen. >> i hope so. >> good stuff. we'll take a break. when we come back we got more good stuff. a 6-year-old water boy gets bullied. that's bad. wait until you see what his pee-wee football team did about
5:55 am
that. even better stuff for you this morning. [ imitating engine revving ] that's mine. ♪ that's mine. ♪ that's mine. ♪ come on, kyle. ♪ [ horn honks ] that's mine...kyle. [ male announcer ] revenge is best served with 272 horses. now get the best offers of the season. current lessees with an expiring lease get this 2014 ats for around $299 a month. ♪ no, i'm good. ♪ [ male announcer ] every time you say no to a cigarette, you celebrate a little win. nicorette mini delivers fast craving relief in just 3 minutes. double your chances of quitting with nicorette mini.
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in just 3 minutes. ♪ ♪ nothing says, "you're my #1 copilot,"
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like a milk-bone biscuit. ♪ say it with milk-bone. ♪ you got a friend in me time for the good stuff. 6-year-old danny. danny had an illness as a baby that left him different from the other kids. but now he's thriving. even the water boy for his school's fifth grade football team. it means a lot to him. he takes his job so seriously he insists on wearing a suit, tie and fedora every day. turns out some of the other kids, of course, started making fun of him for that. guess what? his team wasn't is going let
5:59 am
that stand. take a look. >> we heard that danny was getting picked on. so we thought that we would all have a day to dress up like danny. and we thought we would all come to school like danny. to show danny that we love him. >> it kills you. it kills you in a good way. the team declared danny appreciation day and they came to school wearing dan chip's trademark suit and tie. look at the kids standing up for one of their own. >> we don't want him to keep getting picked on. if we wore our suits they would stop getting picked on. >> before he went to bed he was crying and i said what's the matter and he said i feel very loved. >> i love the age of the kids involved. look at the smile. and how they chose to come back to bully, they did it, but
6:00 am
didn't do it by starting a fight, which is getting involved. but did it by showing the right way to behave. >> you warned us this would make us cry. >> thank you. something to be thankful for early in thanksgiving week. all right. that's it for us. let's sends you over to the newsroom with kyra phillips. >> what's up, girlfriend. >> how about those parents? let's lift up those parents of all those kids. >> absolutely. >> amen. >> newsroom starts right now. happening now in the newsroom, breaking overnight -- >> just stings your skin to be outside. >> winter blasts. >> if it gets really bad we'll encourage folks to stay home. >> a massive storm, ice, freezing rain marching east right w,


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