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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 25, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PST

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didn't do it by starting a fight, which is getting involved. but did it by showing the right way to behave. >> you warned us this would make us cry. >> thank you. something to be thankful for early in thanksgiving week. all right. that's it for us. let's sends you over to the newsroom with kyra phillips. >> what's up, girlfriend. >> how about those parents? let's lift up those parents of all those kids. >> absolutely. >> amen. >> newsroom starts right now. happening now in the newsroom, breaking overnight -- >> just stings your skin to be outside. >> winter blasts. >> if it gets really bad we'll encourage folks to stay home. >> a massive storm, ice, freezing rain marching east right now, threatening
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thanksgiving travel for millions of people. also, new deal. >> these are substantial limitations which will help prevent iran from building a nuclear weapon. >> ground breaking and controversial. >> is not historic agreement. it's a historic mistake. >> plus, knock out. >> is that a game? >> a scary growing trend spreading across america. >> it's not a game because the person probably was really injured. >> that was a hard hit. >> people have been killed. >> the one hit quitter, kids randomly punching strangers. police on alert and on the look out. >> they are doing this to get a thrill. >> and, hungry for the games. >> the girl on fire. >> then there's this.
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♪ >> miley let's the cat out of the bag. you're live in the cnn newsroom. good morning everyone. i'm kyra phillips. carol costello is off today. with three days to go before thanksgiving a deadly wintry blast is making its way east and code is interrupt travel plans for millions of all of you. driving in some places down right dangerous. in oklahoma this suv spins out, flips over and tumbles off the road. ice, sleet, snow blamed for ten traffic related deaths. in dallas planes are being deiced. hundreds of flight pre-cancelled and not just the bad timing but many travellers didn't expect to see conditions like this in texas. >> kind of a bummer. all state texas the weather is
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just insane. >> this is not texas weather. this is alaska or idaho. >> not texas weather that's for sure. nick valencia joining us live from dallas-ft. worth airport. not a great way to start off the week, nick. >> reporter: no, not at all. what's happening here in dallas, kyra saks mic -- is a microcosm what's happening across the nation. 30% of the flights that come out of this airport are cancelled. it's more of the same this morning. another 86 flights cancelled this morning. american airlines is the big airline that operates out of dallas-ft. worth airport and they are just preparing for the worst right now. there's some passengers that we spoke, to some of them are a little bit more angry than others about the delays. take a listen. >> i don't know why american cancelled all those flights yesterday. they cancelled them at 9:00 in the morning and there wasn't a flake of snow or sleet anywhere to be seen.
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we're pretty upset with american. >> we're delayed again and we have work to be at and we're out $400 that we didn't expect and american is not helping. it's very disappointing. >> my flight is a little delayed but not too bad. >> reporter: back here live pictures at the dallas-ft. worth airport. we want to mention, those this travel here, yes it's bad in dallas but places like central pennsylvania are being impacted. upstate new york. i don't have to tell the people watching us in oklahoma or arkansas just how bad it is there. that low pressure system moving through creating temperatures that are about 10 or 20 degrees below average. usually we see this kind of weather around january not around november and that's causing a lot of mess for this week because that's you know, kyra, this is a busy holiday week, travel week. 40 million americans expected to travel 50 miles or more. so if you are traveling or getting on the road, stay safe and be sure to check those travel advisories. kyra? >> we'll be checking with you. nick valencia for us in dallas
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this morning. just how long is this storm going stick around and where it is headed next? >> unfortunately things are going going to get worse. take a look at this video. this is an example of what we're expecting. this is oklahoma city where they saw icy roads. they are not standalone incidents. heavy snow from new mexico in through oklahoma. pay attention in through texas where we tons of reports of freezing rain. yes travel woes but also half an inch of freezing rain that makes a power line weigh 500 pounds. we're talking about power outages as well and that freezing rain right now moving in through arkansas. so let's talk about this set up. today we have these icing concerns. arkansas back through texas. here's the set up moving forward. this low is picking up moisture out of the gulf and combine with a second system make being its way across atlantic. a lot of moisture anticipate cold air mixing in with it.
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this is the concern through the holidays especially tuesday and wednesday. for today heavy rain pushing farther to the east, two to four inches along the gulf. tomorrow it will push up to the carolinas as the first low makes its way up the eastern seaboard. snow behind that. tuesday, light rain starting to fill in the northeast but for now no snow. mid-atlantic we'll start to see wintry mix behind at any time snow. tuesday night through wednesday, this is the trickiest, start seeing heavier on interstate heavy rain, strong winds which will bring travel delays and continue to see that wintry mix. this is the toughest time period if you're traveling tuesday night into wednesday morning. wednesday we're talking about rain along the eastern seaboard closer to the coast more rain farther inland snow. by thanksgiving conditions start to improve hopefully everyone wants to get there prior to thanksgiving. that's what we're hoping for to get there safely. >> on this program every 15 minutes we'll have your forecast
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for you throughout the morning. also this morning a new cnn poll shows a majority of americans, are losing confidence in our president. 60% says president obama cannot manage the u.s. government effectively. this comes after the disastrous launch of the website. can this administration oversee major policy roll outs as faith in obama's ability has been declining since the spring. we're talk being 52% in may falling to 47% in june. cnn foreign affairs correspondent at the white house. good morning, jill. >> reporter: you look at this poll and it's not only the ability to manage that's one of the things that americans are having problems with president obama b-it's also personal qualiti
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qualities. is president obama honest and trustworthy. 53% answer says no. then you look at another kind of odd thing, i would point out is ironically people still think that want he's likeable. although there's been some slippage in that. look at this. likeable back in may, 79%. now it's 71%. which is really quite high. when you get into the honesty, again slipping from may 58% back down to 46% now. and a strong leader back in may, americans were saying 58% in this poll that he was and now they are saying 46% believe that he's a strong leader. as you look at this, when you get into those numbers even more directly, is he a strong and decisive leader you have 46% saying yes but 53% saying no. finally inspiring confidence. much the same reaction. so these are significant
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problems for the president. they go beyond immediate issues but into what is he and who is he as a leader. >> thanks so much. we're talk about the issues and policies. foreign policy, u.s. allies and members of congress slamming a historic deal on iran's nuclear program but they are not alone. isrealis prime minister benjamin netanyahu said it's a historic mistake. >> we cannot and will not allow a regime that calls for the destruction of israel to obtain the means to achieve this goal. we will not allow iran to have a nuclear weapons capability. >> israel is refusing to recognize the deal reached over the weekend, even though the six month agreement slows iran's nuclear program in exchange for lifting some of the sanctions. returning negotiators received a hero's welcome in tehran in the midst of all this. jim sciutto has been covering the negotiations. historic agreement or a blow to
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our allies? >> reporter: well, that's a question, if you listen to israel and saudi arabia it's a blow to the allies. if you listen to secretary of state john kerry it makes them and us safer. before the ink was even dry on this agreement you heard that opposition and not just from office, on capitol hill as well. and from republican and democratic lawmakers who say they will pursue new sanctions even as this deal gets under way. being there in that room as they were making this agreement in the early hours of sunday morning you really had a chance, an idea this was a history making moment. a historic agreement sealed with a hug. >> this agreement could not have been reached without the decision of the iran jan government to come to the table and negotiate. >> reporter: it puts limits on iran's nuclear program. it limits enrichment of uranium
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well below the level to make a nuclear obama. it allows intrusive daily monitoring of its nuclear sites. in exchange the west economic sanctions on iran is eased, in all about $7 billion in relief. but in a case of diplomatic ambiguity allows for different interpretation of iran's rights. >> there is no right to enrich. >> reporter: the answer to a question from cnn, iron said it gave iran what it long sought, recognition to develop a peaceful nuclear program including enriching uranium. >> the white house says there's no formal recognition right to enrich. how did you square that circle. >> we believe the current agreement, the current plan of action as we call it, in two distinct phases, has a very
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clear rerns to the fact that iranian enrichment program will continue and will be a part of any agreement. now and in the future. >> reporter: the deal will only last for six months. it pushes the pause button but not delete. >> israel is in fact safer than it was yesterday. >> what was concluded in geneva last night is not historic agreement. it's a historic mistake. it's not made the world a safer place. like the agreement with north korea in 2005, this agreement has made the world a much more dangerous place. >> administration officials tell cnn that the white house will begin consultations with israel right away on a longer term agreement with iran.
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we just learned israel's national security adviser will be traveling to washington this week to discuss it. in light of how stiff their opposition is to this agreement it's hard to see how the white house can convince them to come on board going forward. >> we'll talk a lot about it next hour. jim sciutto, thanks so much. still to come soaring fares and slicing service. who is the winner in the merge center you. >> i'll take a look at what these big mega mergers in airlines means four and the price of your ticket when you travel right after this break.
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out there and it code is interrupt your holiday travel. we're talking about millions of you affect this week, every 15 minutes we'll be giving you your forecast. we're talking snow, ice, sleet, all moving across the southeast today. and it's heading towards the east coast just in time for thanksgiving and that's where a lot of people are getting worried. freezing rain hitting parts of texas and arkansas and by tomorrow snow will be starting to fall in kentucky, ohio and western pennsylvania. cnn is covering this storm like no other and we'll have your forecast like i said every 15 minutes. now millions of us are flying home for thanksgiving. and if you think the airport will be crowded this week just wait. get ready for fewer flights as well and higher fares. take the cincinnati international airport. when the number of seats drop by 80% between 2005 and 2013 fares jumped 26%. the average ticket $519.
6:18 am
cnn chief business correspondent christine romans here to explain it all. this is why you and i stay home with all the kids because that racks up. >> reporter: it does. sometimes the pain of traveling has nothing to do with the ticket price in our case. >> that's true. >> reporter: the traveling companion. this is a fascinating analysis by "usa today" on front page. it looked at 100 of the big markets over the past eight years in this big period of consolidation in the airline industry. they took a real close look what happened with fares. they found wide variations, quite frankly and in some of these places that used to be big hubs for these airlines, after a merger maybe they are not a hub any more and there's less available seats and higher ticket price. when you look at the numbers crunched here, for example some big, big ticket increases, you mentioned cincinnati, there's some others they pointled out in washington, d.c., savannah,
6:19 am
dallas, et cetera, some big fare hikes over the past few years. what's interesting here is you've had -- remember delta and northwest went together. united and continental merged together. smaller carriers that disappeared off the face of the earth. american and usa merger. consumer advocates are taking a close look whether this will mean higher fares four. the government was in on this. so both the government and american now say no, don't worry we'll still have good service. they made some concessions. over the past ten years in some of these places you've seen fares increased. the good us? when you go back to the 1990s fares today are lower than they were in the 1990s. >> okay. there's one little piece of good news there. we still should have the families come to our house. it makes it a lot easier. still to come the one hit
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quitter. kids randomly punching strangers and police are on alert, on the look out and making arrests. a live report from new york next. 1ñp
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it's called the knock out game. kids, adults looking around for a stranger to cold cock. there's been several videos that have surfaced popping up online showing the random attacks. now in new york city, a 28-year-old man has been arrested and charged in one attack against a jewish man.
6:24 am
pam brown is following that story for us out of new york. pam, it's hard to understand why people would want to do this? >> reporter: it's truly just mind-boggling. it doesn't make sense. a 12-year-old boy, a 78-year-old grandmother, a 24-year-old jewish man. just a couple, few of the victims recent live punched in the face for no apparent reason. are these violent stunts just isolated or part of a larger phenomenon known as the so-called knock out game? new york city police arrested this 28-year-old man and charged him with assault after he randomly punch ad 24-year-old jewish maniac cording to authorities. nypd spokesperson said a task force is investigating that case and looking into recent similar attacks against jews in brooklyn new york. new york city police commissioner ray kelly stopped short of saying they are part of the knock out game. >> when you highlight an incident or a type of criminal activity some people will simply
6:25 am
try to copy it which is a phenomenon we've seen before. >> oh, my god. >> is that a game? [ bleep ] >> that was like real people that wasn't like -- >> no. >> reporter: the people we showed video to could hardly believe this is happening. these videos captured by surveillance cameras could just be random attacks or what is considered the knock out game or the one hitter quitter where youths randomly punch strangers with the goal of knocking them unconscious with a single blow. >> it's not a game because the person was probably injured. >> the idea to attack someone for no reason on the streets of new york city is outrageous. >> reporter: a 78-year-old grandmother. she was walking home when a young man ran up and punched her. >> she's terrified. she will not leave the front of her building. >> reporter: the violent stunts have been reported in six states and washington, d.c.
6:26 am
at least four victims have died including this vietnamese man in st. louis and a homeless man in hoboken, new jersey. >> they are doing this to get a thrill to prove their manhood or womanhood and peer pressure. certainly they are followers and not leaders. >> reporter: and it's difficult for police to know exactly how widespread these cases are. until now they all fall under assault. some police department its spoke with are reluctant to tie any of the recent random assault cases to the knock out games because random attacks on strangers is nothing new. one thing is for sure here the suspects of these crimes can face very serious consequences and in fact the case for the st. louis man was killed the suspect was sentenced to life in prison. it's anything but a game. there has been this debate in the wake of this, you know, how this should be labelled. it is part of the knock out game
6:27 am
or not but the point is these random attacks are happening. the video is proof and people need to be aware of it. >> arrests need to be made on a regular basis. pam, thanks. still to come in the newsroom, bad weather, bad timing and millions ever us getting ready to travel for thanksgiving. ingrid peterson will lay it out for us next. smoke? no, i'm good. ♪ [ male announcer ] every time you say no to a cigarette,
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. happening right now in the newsroom, frozen solid, millions of people under the gun and over a barrel as a massive winter storm is snarling thanksgiving travel plans for much of the country. plus this -- >> our arab partners don't like the deal. israel doesn't like the deal. we may, we may have just encouraged more violence in the future than we have stopped. a historic agreement with iran over its nuclear program and why some say it's just rewarding dangerous behavior.
6:31 am
and this -- ♪ oh, yeah, high hopes for the boss. newsroom continues right now. there you go. boss to get you going. welcome back. almost all of us is watching this massive winter storm that could paralyze our plans. this is what the storm looks like in oklahoma right now. ten people have been killed. cnn is covering the story like no other. we'll have your forecast and tell you what to expect if you're flying or driving for thanksgiving. we'll start with ingrid peterson. >> the brunt of a massive winter storm crossed through texas overnight as temperatures
6:32 am
plummeted. >> this is not texas weather. this is alaska. >> watch this suv tumbles off a highway in oklahoma due to treacherous ice covered roads. ice, sleet and notice has caused several deaths. in east texas caused willie nelson's tour plus to plunge into a bridge. the deadly arctic blast headed for the east coast as holiday travellers prepare to the hits a airports. >> just stings your skin to be outside. >> it all started out west where strong winds in the san francisco bay area downed trees and power lines. >> heard a big crack and the house started banging and things started falling. >> almost two inches of rain flood roads in phoenix, arizona. >> it's crazy. it's super crazy. i hope it's going to be calm soon. >> sleet combined with wind
6:33 am
gusts reaching up to 50 miles per hour in new mexico killed a 4-year-old girl after her family's car rolled over along the highway. >> the wind has been tremendous. it's here now. >> as the week progresses, increasing travel delays may be unavoidable. torrential rain and snow is expected to hit major travel hubs during this hectic holiday week. taking a look right now you can see the storm damage. look at all these reports of snow even freezing rain and as the system currently is producing freezing rain in through arkansas things will tapper off to the west but increase in severity. here's the big story. we're looking at a moist low. it's making its way up the eastern seaboard combined with cold air. two of these things will collide together and produce very severe weather delays. you talk about travel on tuesday night in through wednesday some of the biggest travel days of the year. >> we're on it.
6:34 am
that's for sure. every 15 minutes you'll get your forecast. you're planning to fly for thanksgiving? it's possible that your flight could be cancelled or delayed. in dallas, airport officials cancelled hundreds of flights as the massive storm moved in. other airports bracing for the same. we go reagan national airport in washington as we wait for the christmas tree to arrive at the capital as well. >> reporter: hi there, kyra. two words. bad timing. we're talking about millions of holiday travel plans, which are seriously at risk here because of this storm. and the airlines are tracking this storm, protectively cancelling hundreds of flights before it arrives just so that flyers aren't stuck in the airport on thanksgiving day. two things that should never go together -- peak holiday travel and treacherous winter weather. a traveller's nightmare, cancelations, delays and frustration all around.
6:35 am
in dallas, where ice coated airplanes, airlines were forced to pre-cancel hundreds of flights to avoid the inevitable. airlines and airports are experienced with wild weather and they are ready for this. >> you can call this the nerve center of the airline. >> reporter: united watches the weather and directs every flight around the world from their headquarters in chicago. the decision to cancel flights happens here. >> these individuals are actually measuring the impact of weather, of the air traffic control system, in coordinating not only internally with united airlines but with faa. >> reporter: they are talking to this faa command center near washington. conference calls keep airlines and faa controllers up to date with changing conditions. and a warning for travellers. think before you book. >> probably the worst mistake is
6:36 am
take a connecting flight or connect through a known bad weather airport like chicago or minneapolis or detroit. airports that are prone to snowstorms. >> reporter: a storm as big as this one will be hard to avoid. all right. so, again, to recap right now what we're seeing, problems at airports places like dallas, places like oklahoma and arkansas where they are already getting hit by that weather. of course as the system don't move even more airports will be added to the list of having delays or cancelations. but just to give some perspective right now we're talk about hundreds of cancelations as a result of this storm but when we're talk about a really major storm, we're talking about cancelations in the thousands. no comfort for the people, though, who are trying to get somewhere and they cannot. but just giving a little perspective there. back to you. >> all right.
6:37 am
nasdaq, alison kosik it's a record. >> the nasdaq hitting a record it hit way back 13 years ago, back at a level that we haven't seen since 13 years ago at 14,002. the dow has been on a record setting run hitting 41 records so far this year. the s&p 500 hitting many, many records itself. certainly keeping an eye on stocks. helping to boost stocks higher is this deal with iran that happened over the weekend, relaxing economic sanctions, in exchange for iran scaling back on its nuclear weapon because we'll be watching oil prices. iran is an oil producing country and what this deal could wind up doing is causing more oil to come in to the global market. that could push oil prices lower. production is at its lowest level in 20 years. but we're seeing oil prices lower today by 1%. what this deal essentially does
6:38 am
it signals on paper that political tensions are easing up. so you are seeing oil prices a little lower today at $93 a barrel. oil prices have come down since the beginning of the year. we saw oil prices as high as $110 a barrel. now at $93. you're seeing it reflected in gas prices which are relatively lower than usual. >> we're monitoring that nasdaq record. iran, oil and i'm sure you have tuned into miley cyrus and a cat. >> and the cat. >> allison, this, my friend is no joke, i'm afraid. ♪ >> all of us this morning saying oh, my gosh did this really happen? american music award highlights or maybe low lights for you. a quick wrecking ball break. (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade
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it's official, almost two years after his last album the boss will release album number 18 early this year. ♪
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next year, 2014. bruce took to twitter to announce "high hopes" and it's release. that title track being released today and of note the boss's last album was called, you ready? "wrecking ball." that's news worthy why? this next story. last night american music awards miley cyrus showing up with a giant massive furry lip syncing cat. ♪ >> okay. i understood the wrecking ball and flying through the air, but the cat? help me out. i'm still trying to understand. all right. at the box office this weekend the "hunger games" reigned
6:44 am
supreme. >> people are looking at you. you've given them an opportunity. you just have to be brave enough to take it. >> a.j. hammer live in new york tonight. >> this movie did huge numbers. "hunger games" catching fire brought in an estimated $161.1 over the three day weekend. that's nearly $9 million than the first film that opened back in march of 2012 did on its opening weekend. this franchise definitely has a growing fan base. those big numbers also set a new record for november debut. easily beat out our other favorite twi late sight saga mo. that gave "catching fire" a world wire total of $307.7
6:45 am
million. not a lot of competition. "delivery man" made south of $10 million. "thor" had some traction. jennifer lawrence said the day the first "hunger games" opened she had no idea if she was famous or not. she drove to a whole foods that weekend and police had to be called in because of all the attention she got. i'm betting she stayed very far away from any supermarkets this past weekend. >> a.j., thanks. here's what is all new in the next hour of newsroom. snow and ice. not making it very easy for millions of you trying to get to and from this thanksgiving week. now there's new concerns over engines that could have more than a dozen airlines altering their flight plans. and rocker in jon bon jovi may be planning a career move as a
6:46 am
football league owner look forward nfl. that's ahead in the next hour in the cnn newsroom. no two people have the same financial goals. pnc works with you to understand yours and help plan for your retirement. visit a branch or call now for your personal retirement review.
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we're checking top stories for you now. nasty winter storm disrupting holiday travel plans for millions of you this week. snow, ice and sleet moving across the southeast today and heading towards the east coast just in time for thanksgiving. freezing rain is already hitting parts of texas and arkansas and by tomorrow snow will be in kentucky, ohio, western pennsylvania, cnn is covering this storm like no other. we'll have your forecast every 15 minutes. up to a quarter million dollars now being offered for helping track down those responsible for the shooting death of a postman who was doing his rounds this weekend. also because tyson barnett is a federal employee this has the potential to be federal death penalty case. and today we're expecting a long awaited report on the emergency
6:50 am
response to the sandy hook school shooting. it could provide key answers on the gunman and how the police responded. 20 children and six adults were killed in that massacre. michele knight, one of the three women held captive in a cleveland home for she plans to release the untitled member yoir by next spring and promises to tell the entire story of what happened inside that home. knight also hopes to give victims of violence a now outlook on life. and after centuries buried beneath the vatican, the pope will now bdisplay the bones of man believed to be st. peter. the remains have never been seen by the public. and another first, russian president slat mir putin will meet with pope francis at the vatican today.
6:51 am
they're going to discuss a number of talks including syria. >> we have just rewarded very bad and dangerous behavior. they have made no changes, no changes in the development of their nuclear weapon program. >> but the deal is sparking a huge celebration in tehran where people are treating iranian negotiators as heroes. one headline reading, this is iran where everyone is happy. cnn is in teheran. is that true? is everyone happy? >> reporter: well, when you walk around tehran today, you get the sense that iranians have a spring in their step because indeed they are happy, with the exception of the toughest, hardest hardliners here in iran who are in the minority at this point. most are thrilled that this agreement has been signed.
6:52 am
of course, for the past 34 years, iranians haven't had much good news, especially on the world stage. they've been often portrayed in a negative i light in the media and in hollywood. they believe that this deal takes the first step in opening up relations with the west and lifting some of the sanctions that still is a ways off. they understand that this is an interim deal that doesn't address some of the toughest sanctions, some of the sanctions on the banking restrictions and on the oil experts. but they believe this is a positive first step. and here is what else they're happy about. they're happy that their leadership instituted firm and demanded a right to a peaceful newark leer program. they believe just like anyone else, they have a right to enrich uranium and they're happy that they're able to do that at 5%. and for all of those people in the u.s. congress and israel who are concerned, they make this
6:53 am
point. that they're only able to produce uranium at 5%, not 20%. and that would seemingly make it impossible for them to produce the fuel necessary for a bomb. so they say all the alarm is baseless. and again, most iranians very happy with this agreement. >> still to come, bleacher report. right up after the break, tom brady and peyton manning may get all the headlines. but the key play came when neither was on the field. [ male announcer ] this store knows how to handle a saturday crowd. ♪ [ male announcer ] the parking lot helps by letting us know who's coming. the carts keep everyone on the right track. the power tools introduce themselves. all the bits and bulbs keep themselves stocked. and the doors even handle the checkout so we can work on that thing that's stuck in the thing. [ female announcer ] today, cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everyone goes home happy.
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well, if you call it quits at halftime of the problem cos pat trots game last night, boy did you miss something. tom brady led a comeback in for the ages. but really, we were talking about green bay.
6:57 am
i don't know, i think green bay, wisconsin, is still the coldest place on earth for football. >> but it was pretty cold last night. it was supposed to be an epic battle. last night, it looked like it was going to be one-sided. the broncos were up 24-0 at halftime. but you can't count out tom braedy. brady with a bullet and that was a part of a 31-0 run by the patriots. the broncos they wouldn't go away. he hits for the touchdown there. and that tied the game. and this is the play that would decide it. the broncos were punching. but the bash bash the patriots were punting and they recover the fumble and kick an easy field goal to win a game about 4- 434-31. >> i was pretty pumped up. i'm pretty pumped up after he
6:58 am
score like that. it's nice to celebrate. usually i'm pretty grumpy to be around. >> we had another thrilling finish between the chiefs and chargers. san diego was down by four with under a minute to go. that's when they found tutu for this touchdown. and it was only his third catch of the year. what a great name. chargers stunned the chiefs, 41-38. kansas city has now lost two in a row. and the best moment from the weekend came from the lions game. they thought they were watching a video of him from afghanistan, as they watched, josh snuck up from behind and surprised them. cue the tears. it was definitely an awesome moment. he lost a spleen and kidney while serving and he wasn't supposed to return until february but now will spend thanksgiving at home. and there's further proof
6:59 am
how hard core green bay packers are. check out the girls rocking the bikini tops. it was 29 degrees with a wind chill of 9. they didn't even get to see anybody win this game. it ended in a tie in overtime. but -- >> of course nobody was watching the game. hello. no, i told you i covered the factors, i lived in green bay. when brett favre was the quarterback, the ladies were tossing everything onto the field. it gets a little nippy as we say. >> you said it. >> i'm a woman. i can say that. next hour of "newsroom" starts right now. happening right now in the "newsroom." holiday plans up in the air. a blast of snow and cold causing major headaches for all of you as we get set for one of the busiest travel times of the
7:00 am
year. and not everyone is backing the historic deal with iran. listen to this. >> what was conclude in geneva last night is not a historic agreement. it's an historic mistake. >> and was there a rapid response to the shooting at sandy hook or did that contribute to the deaths of 26 people at newtown? a new report could shed new light on that investigation. plus -- ♪ how is that for a monday wakeup call. jon bon jovi. is he ready for the big leagues? he looks to move into the nfl. second hour of "newsroom" starts right now. and good morning. i'm kyra phillips.
7:01 am
carol costello is off today. 43 million americans are getting ready to travel for thanksgiving. but a deadly storm system that's marching east and bringing ice, sleet and know could disrupt your plans. in oklahoma, this suv spins out, flips over, tumbles off the road. treacherous conditions blamed for ten traffic related deaths so far. in dallas, planes are being de-iced and hundreds of flights canceled. but many travelers didn't even expect to see conditions like this in texas. >> it's kind of a bummer. of all states texas, the weather is insane. >> this is not texas weather, this is alaska or idaho. >> and we're live at dallas-ft. worth international airport. >> it could have been a lot
7:02 am
worse. the bad news, in anticipation for that severe weather, lots of flights were canceled. about 300 flights canceled yet here at dallas-ft. worth international airport. and that impacts places like center pennsylvania. upstates new york. you saw the mess it created. all throughout texas and oklahoma. and today, another 180 flights departing this airport can semied again. largely having to do with those planes being canceled yesterday not being in place today. earlier i spoke with passengers who were affected by the delays and they told me how they were impacted. did you guys prepare differently because of the weather out here? is it making you take different precautions? >> well, our original flight as canceled so we're up here a little earlier. traveling light. >> reporter: about 300 flights canceled yesterday and another 86 canceled today. >> we were. we were affected. our first flight as canceled.
7:03 am
and we had to call and get back on. >> reporter: are you happy between the communication between the airlines? >> yeah. we had at least 24 hours. it was good. plenty of time to reschedule. >> reporter: some passengers are a little bit more upset about their delays than others. we are spoke to a couple earlier that said they didn't get enough head's up from the airlines and they were out $400. and if you look behind my, the lines pretty empty here. a lot of that has to do with the precancellations. they wachkted to limit the amount of passengers stranded in the airport on monday. but this is a very, very busy travel week with about 40 million americans expected to travel 50 miles or more. it's a busy holiday week. so it's the last thing that people need to be dealing with is more severe weather. >> and thanks so much. cnn will keep you updated on this massive storm every 15
7:04 am
minutes. indra petersen is joining me now from new york with more on where it's headed next. >> this thing is heading to the east. take a look at arkansas and you can see all of the freezing rain. look at all of the reports of heavy snow in through new mexico and oklahoma. look at all the freezing rain they saw back in texas. and now here comes that system pushi pushing farther to the east but clearing out to the west. today if you're from arkansas in through texas, there's are the winter advisories out there. and then a big rain maker. all of the moisture is going to be pulled out of the gulf. and then it's going to intersect with all the cold air moving over the lake. these two systems will combine and that's the reason we're so concerned about the travel especially tuesday in through wednesday. heavy rain in through the gulf by tomorrow spreading into the carolinas. and then that same system makes its way up the eastern seaboard. and if you are traveling
7:05 am
tomorrow, look in the mid atlantic. we're talking about sleet and ice and even know snow behind that. and closer to the east coast, talking about mostly rain. but even heavy winds can cause the delays. tuesday night in through wednesday, heaviest rain bands will be falling closer to the coastline. behind it heavy snow, maybe 4 to 8 inches. and of course the wintry mix. how much we see in each of these areas, that will depend on how these systems all come together. as you move through again, wednesday things will look better later in the day. still a lot of heavy rain and snow behind it in the morning, but it looks like the big hubs in the east coast will be talking about rain and wind. then you make your way to thanksgiving, things start to look better. by thursday we're left with most likely with light snow and backing up all the way in through maine. and the big thing to take away
7:06 am
from this, these models are continually changing. all of these things factor into how much snow, sleet, rain, ice all of these things that can be affecting us can change. >> and cnn is all over this story. your next detailed forecast just 15 minutes away. but on the bottom of the screen, we'll have temperatures across the country. also flight delays right there on that bottom part of the screen. president obama is praising a deal between six world power leaders and iran to slow that nation's nuclear program in exchange for lifting some sanctions. but a key u.s. ally is slamming the agreement. benjamin netanyahu says it's a his coric mistake. >> we cannot and will not allow a regime that calls for the destruction of israel to obtain
7:07 am
this goal. >> cnn's jim shoe stow tow has the story now from geneva. >> no time to celebrate. the ink was barely dry on the agreement before we started hearing stiff opposition to it. they're going to pursue new sanctions against iran even as this deal gets underway. being the deal was signed in the early hours sunday morning, you had a sense that history was being made. a historic agreement in geneva early sunday sealed with a hug. >> this agreement could have been reached without the decision of the iranian government to come to the table and negotiate. >> reporter: but by later sunday morning back home in the u.s., some politicians on both sides of the aisle sharply criticized the deal. >> we have just rewarded very bad and dangerous behavior. think about what this agreement does.
7:08 am
it says that you can continue to enrich. and they have made no changes, no changes in the development of their nuclear weapon program. >> it's disappointing to me that iran is still going to be allowed to enrich while they're talking. i would have thought that that should be a prerequisite to any kind of talks. >> reporter: after three weeks of talks, the deal puts unprecedented limits on iran's nuclear program. iran dilutes its existing stockpile of highly enriched uranium. and it allowed intrusive daily monitoring of all of its nuclear sites. in exchange, the sanctions will be eased, in all about $7 billion in relief. but in a case of diplomat ambiguity, it allows for very different interpretations of iran's rights. >> it is not in this document. there is no right to enrich. >> reporter: iran's foreign
7:09 am
minister said the deal gave iran what it has long sought, formal recognition of its freedom to develop a peaceful unique clur program. the deal will only last for six months. it presses the pause button, but doesn't press delete. and it all happens in the faces of bitter differences. >> what was concluded in geneva last night is not a historic agreement, it's a historic mistake. it's not made the world a safer place. like the agreement with north korea in 2005, this agreement has made the world a much more dangerous place. >> reporter: during the six months of this interim agreement, iran and the west will begin to negotiate a longer term agreement. and the white house tells cnn that has that's happening and starting, it's going to be consulting with israel very closely on the outlines on the
7:10 am
longer term deal to try to get israel onboard. >> and till to come, boeing issues a warning about some of its planes and their engines. a live report from the new york stock exchange is next. [ male announcer ] this is george. the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪
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7:13 am
so we got a pretty disturbing warning from boeing this morning. the aircraft maker saying that some of its plain plaens could have engine icing problems. now boeing is recommending that those planes stay away from certain storms. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. >> this isn't good news for boeing. as you said, they're warning several carriers that fly these dreamliner planes. here is what the issue is. ice crystals can build up in the plane's mechanisms if they fly near thunderstorms. and what happens is that impacts the engine's performance. what boeing is doing is telling these air lines not to apply the 747 or 787 within 50 nautical
7:14 am
miles of a thunderstorm. boeing also stressing that there's only been a handful of insurance departments with this and that those planes lapded safely. but these airlines aren't taking any chances. japan air is telling us it's pulling them from some of its routes. tokyo to new deli and singapore is one of them. and that at this point is a short-term plan. delta is telling us it got a warning from boeing. we're waiting to hear back from other airlines. but there are reports that united add others have been warned about this problem from boeing as well. >> and it's just the 747 and 787. what about a fix? >> that's the question. what's happening is general electric which makes the engines of these planes, they're working to address this problem. but here's the thing. there are reports that a fix may not happen until march. now the dreamliner hasn't been
7:15 am
shy about these problems. lots of problems in the past. the entire fleet was temporarily grounded earlier this year because of battery problems. this problem isn't as large scale as that. but you've got to understand that confidence is key. you can't feel real confident get on one of these planes. and you can see that playing out with its stock. boeing shares are down almost 3% today so investors are reacting. >> i think storm or not people would be freaked out to fly these. alison kosik from the new york stock exchange. thanks so much. just three days ago until thanksgiving and a blast of snow, ice, sleet moving toward the east coast and threatening to discorrupt travel plans for millions. freezing rain hitting parts of texas and arkansas. and tomorrow, snow will begin to fall in kentucky, pennsylvania,
7:16 am
and ohio. and we'll have your detailed forecast every 15 minutes. at the bottom of your screen, we've got temperatures and flight delays. we're awaiting, quote, new developments in the special grand jury investigation into the steubenville rape case. it's the 2012 rape of a 16-year-old girl that made headlines. in march, two men were convicted much that rape. and seven cars of an amtrak passenger plane derailed 6789 all the cars stayed upright and no reports of serious injuries. that train was headed from new orleans to new york. buses are taking passengers to their destinations now. and nischelle knight one of the three women held captive for
7:17 am
more than a decade has signed a book deal. she promises to tell the full story of what we want on inside that home. night says that she hopes to give victims of violence a new outlook on life. still to come, an olympic superstar caught in a nasty court battle. getting stoegsd of his son and then a new york court overturned it. we're going to tell you why right after this.
7:18 am
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7:21 am
well, olympic skier is fighting to keep custody of his nine month old son. first a kwl court granted him temporary custody. but last week a new york city court placed the boy back with his mother. >> reporter: conceived in california and born in new york city, this baby boy, now 9 months old, seen in this photo, is at a heart of a high profile bicoastal custody battle. mccann in a became pregnant and decided to keep the baby despite her relationship with miller turning sour. after extending miller an invitation to the ultrasound, he september her this text. you made this against my wish and gave my no say. you are going to do this on your own. at 7 months pregnant, the former
7:22 am
marine and firefighter moved to new york city. she spoke to cnn's ashleigh banfield in june. >> he never actually wanted very much to do with my son. and he initially asked if he could sign over his rights and he would pay off his child support in a lump sum. >> reporter: instead, miller filed for custody. concerned that mccann in a was fleeing california for a more simple thetic venue to gain custody herself, he requested that she return to kwl. in may, a new york judge agreed. saying while mccann in a did not abduct the child, her aappropriation of the child in utero was irresponsible and rep he hence i believe. and the custody was granted to miller. >> whether or not this proceeding was started in california or not, it makes no difference. new york is clearly the home state. and this state is where the case should be heard. >> reporter: this month a new york appeals panel reversed the
7:23 am
ruling. family court will resume today to re-examine parental custody of this baby boy. >> the couple hasn't even agreed on a name. ma ken in a calls him samuel and millers him nathaniel. after a year of the shooting tragedy at sandy hook, a new report is being released. what we expect to learn about the shooter and the emergency response. straight ahead. [ male announce] if you can clear a crowd but not your nasal congestion, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec-d®. powerful relief of nasal congestion and other allergy symptoms -- all in one pill. zyrtec-d®. at the pharmacy counter.
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( wind blowing )
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7:27 am
happening right now in the "newsroom." it's been almost a year since the horrific shooting at sandy hook elementary school. and now, later, we're getting new insight into the investigation and learning what families are saying about this new report. and falling numbers, more americans losing confidence in their president. so how worried should president obama be? plus -- ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ -- miley cyrus and a lip syncing cat. one of the more bizarre moments at the american music awards. what were they thinking? we're not quite sure. and welcome back. i'm kyra phillips in for carol costello this morning. 43 million of you are planning
7:28 am
to travel this thanksgiving for the weekend. almost all of us watching a massive winter storm that could paralyze our plans. this is what it looks like in oklahoma. tep people already been killed. cnn is keeping up updated on the storm. but let's get right to indra petersen for where we stand now. >> take a look at what we've seen from the storm system. this is oklahoma. dangerous conditions on the road. but also in the air. lots of delays will be expected. let's walk you over to the map. you can see all of the storm reports we've seen. this is heavy snow we've seen in new mexico and also through oklahoma. then we have a lot of freezing rain that we have seen. that's caused all of the delays in texas. and currently we're seeing that freezing rain pushing in through arkansas. let's talk about what's going on as the system makes its way east, we're going to continue to see conditions worsening. through arkansas as we're seeing and starting to improve back to the west. here is what is going on.
7:29 am
we're looking at the low making its way across the gulf and picking up that moisture from the gulf. then it's expected to intersect with a cold system making its way across the lakers. then you have the abundant moisture and mix it in with cold air. never a good thing. i'm going to walk you through this and give you a better idea of what you're expecting. take a look down into the southeast. now, today we're talking about 2 to 4 inches around the gulf. by tomorrow, heavier rain spreads into the carolinas. then it makes its way up to the eastern seaboard. notice in the mid atlantic, we're talking about icy conditions, freezing rain. never good for air travel. and of course, sleet behind that some snow, especially into the ohio valley. conditions worsen through tuesday night and in through wednesday. this is when the heaviest amount of rain. strongest winds will be out there. with that, traffic and air traffic delays will be expected. still icing delays and heavy
7:30 am
snow, think about pittsburgh and the ohio valley. going into wednesday, the sim is still here by tapering off as you go throughout the day. conditions will slowly start to improve. we're still talking about rain close to the coastline and snow will start to wind down back there in the ohio valley. but again, thursday, conditions will be better. and once we go in towards thanksgiving day, things will taper off. we keep talking about these two systems merging a awful these things can impact what is going to happen. all of that is up for change. and it continues to change as we get closer in time. we will keep you updated here. >> around the clock talks in geneva ending with what is being called a historic deal.
7:31 am
iran is going to -- the six-month deal, seen as a critical first step toward a permanent guarantee that iran will not develop nukes. here is secretary of state john kerry. >> let me be clear, we do that with eyes absolutely wide open. we have no illusions. you don't do this on the basis of somebody's statements to you. you do it on the basis of actions that can be verified. we are convinced that over the next few months we will really be able to put to the test what iran's intentions are. >> we've got our eyes wide open. joining me now are donna brazil and on the right alex cass tee yawn knows. how do we know that this isn't just an iranian ploy to lift sanctions while they maintain tan the capability of enriching uranium? >> that's the question of the
7:32 am
day. in the past that's what they've demonstrated. they've admitted that been they're negotiating strategy. maybe secretary kerry was actually telling the truth there when he said, look, it is now incumbent upon iran to proof it's not proceeding with the development of nuclear weapons. that's a tough call. because i can prove to you that i'm not robbing banks. how do i do that? there's a bank i haven't robbed and there's one. but i don't show you the ones i have. well, iran for the past 15 years has always had something in secret that we have later found out about. those things right now, we just have to assume they're still proceeding with them. that's the scary part about this alleged deal. >> so donna, wouldn't it have been truly historic to just have written in that deal, dismantle the centrifuges?
7:33 am
>> there's no question after 34 years we haven't had much of a relationship with iran. the approach is a cautious approach. six months to come up with a final agreement that will, i'm sure, have some strong language in there for iran to halt it's entire program. but for now, this is an opportunity for iran to show and demonstrate to the world that they will not, you know, put together the -- all what i call the necessary material to build a nuclear bomb. they will be daily, not weekly, but daily inspections to make sure that this doesn't happen. this has to be verified. if it doesn't work, you know what? the united states still has all of its options on the table. and the most -- >> what would those options be? military option or hand ringing at the u.n. >> we have tough sanctions because this president is
7:34 am
committed to that. and we've been able to get china and russia on board. we've got to keep the coalition together. and if iran goes back to the same old strategy, then those options are still on the table. the president has not ruled out any option. but what he's doing, i think, is give diplomacy a chance. but guess what? we have eyes that will be there every day in iran and ensure that they comply with this agreement. >> i see alex smiling. did he get hood winked? >> well, we're going to find out. but donna just said something terribly important. that is in six months she expects to -- a deal that's going to dismantle things. right now, there are democrats, not just republicans in congress who are going to push through tougher sapgss. if the administration wants to avoid that, they need to listen to donna. they need to put out now, what do we expect in six months?
7:35 am
what does this administration want that deal in six months to look like? is it going to have a rom back of the centrifuges? are he going to have to give up more of the uranium that they've enriched? are they going to stop building the heavy water nuclear reactor which can produce plutonium. and i think donna is exactly right. what does this administration want? that's what the news media wants to be pushing the -- >> wow, this is on record. donna and alex coming together. >> bipartisan here. >> i do believe this is a smart way of approaching it. because the alternative right now is something that no american wants. we don't want a war. but the president said all options remain on the table. >> let me get you to the president. obama's approval ratings brutal. worst yet for managing our country to not being decisive.
7:36 am
more americans, apparently losing faith. what's going on? i mean, rob ford has a higher approval rating right now, the crack-smoking mayor of toronto versus our president of the united states? alex. >> apparently you can -- apparently -- >> i don't compare him to ford. that is insulting. >> go ahead, alex. >> that is so insulting to compare him. he has taken a dip. october was horrible. it's been a tough year. but to compare him to some crack pot, come on. >> alex. >> let me take a crack at that one. >> oh. >> wow. >> that was cheeky. >> this president personally has always been highly regards as a person but his policies have not had that popularity. and, you know, he spends too much. he taxes too much. he's grown government. you know, clinton said the era
7:37 am
of big government is over. but this president brought it back. he's -- people thought he was going to be trust worthy. they saw a good family man and go home and do homework with his kids. a guy with a good smile and good singing voice. but eventually in politics you become what you do. especially if you try to do big things. frank sinatra saying do be, do be, do. that's true in politics. he has now become obama care. the defining achievement, if that's what you think it is. he has inherited his policy's ratings. >> he ended the recession, brought our troops home iraq. about to end the war in afghanistan. he stopped the bleeding from the recession. this has been a great president. the last couple of months this year has been a very challenging year. but the president will come back. his numbers will rise again. and people still have a lot of hope in this president. >> donna, alex, thanks guys.
7:38 am
>> like lazarus. >> rising from the dead. [ male announcer ] if you stash tissues like a squirrel stashes nuts, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® liquid gels. nothing starts working faster than zyrtec® at relieving your allergy symptoms for 24 hours. zyrtec®. love the air.
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we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. well, the legendary jon bon jovi just might be putting a bid in to buy the buffalo bills. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> well, according to cbs sports, bon jovi has been positioning himself with a number of power brokers around town to become the team's principal owner. he's been part owner of the atlanta falcons as well. there's two ways that we can approach this story. we can tell you who won or what
7:42 am
they wore or we could do what we really wanted to do and talk about all the crazy stuff we saw. the american music awards. exhibit a, lady gaga. up to her usual antics. a huge white mechanical horse. exhibit b. tailor swift. who always seems so surprised, yet again, that she won an award. and finally, exhibit c. miley cyrus. and a lip syncing furry cat. roll the tape, scotty. ♪ ♪ ♪ your eyes do not deceive you. she is performing with a cat singing backup. a.j. hammer live in new york. did we have a field day today looking at clips? >> yeah.
7:43 am
mark my words, a lip syncing quiten that cries diamonds, it's going to be the must have item ever's wish list for christmas. she left the joint and twerking and phone finger at home and brought out the kitty. as you see, she performed wrecking ball wearing a two-piece out fit decked with kittens. so it all came together. i thought that the big kitten was rather hypnotic. but what does it all mean? i think maybe she's getting ready to launch into another one of her lives. how do you like that theory? >> how many lives has they had now? >> let me hof on to katy perry now. it seemed harmless enough when we this but it was the japanese influenced back drop that brought mixed reviews. she came on stage wearing a kimono. and this apparently did not fare
7:44 am
well with some viewers. a lot of people wondering was this all necessary. but of course, lady gaga, big headline today. she gave such an electric performance. art kelly as the president. lady gaga channeling a marilyn monroe love interest. she gets tossed aside by the president. and headlines reading, lady gaga is fat, lady gaga is over. and that, of course, kwoint be further from the truth in both cases. >> what happened to a simple guitar and a cowboy hat and just, you know, working the stage? >> well, that's more what dick clark had in mind when he started the american music awards. because it's always been the more family friendly less controversial show. that sort of took a turn last night. >> i guess lawrence welk and the bubbles are all gone. >> gone. >> a.j., thanks.
7:45 am
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7:48 am
checking top stories. nasty winter storm disrupting holiday travel for millions of you this week. snow, ice, sleet moving across the southeast and heading towards the ieft coast just in time for thanksgiving. freezing rain in parts of texas and arkansas. and by tomorrow, snow will start up in kentucky, ohio, and western pennsylvania. a quarter million dollar award is being offered for helping those responsible for the murder of a postman who was shot and killed while makes his rounds in maryland this weekend. because he was a federal employee, the person or persons convicted in this case could face the death penalty. and mark zuckerberg taking on politics andism rights.
7:49 am
speaking to abc news, he spoke out against those who say undocumented immigrants are here ill let mely and don't have a right to citizenship. >> when you meet these children who are really talented and, you know, they've grown up in america and don't know any other country besides that, but they don't have the opportunities that, you know, that we all enjoy, it's really heartbreaking. it seems like it's one of the biggest civil rights issues of our time. >> well, later today in san francisco, barack obama is putting it back into the spotlight. >> this is probably the best piece of video we saw all morning. more than half a million christmas lights on one house. and it was good enough to land homeowner david richard into the gis nis book of world records for a second time. but he says, it isn't just about the show and all the magic. he's using the display to raise
7:50 am
$100,000 for charity. and just minutes ago, live pictures here actually, not just minutes ago. it's happening right now. the capitol christmas tree arrived in washington. 88 feet. it's a engelman spruce. it took a 5,000 mile journey and it's going to have 10,000 lights. that tradition been going on since 1964. as we mark the 50th anniversary of the death of jfk, the focus was on the explain president. but there was another killing in dallas on that day. a 39-year-old dallas police officer named j.d. tippit kield by the man who shot john f. kennedy. anderson cooper remembers him in our american journey.
7:51 am
>> as the bells rang out, a great grandmother watched and listens. the nation had lost a president. she had lost a husband. >> a dallas policeman just a short while ago was shot and killed while chasing a suspect. >> marie tippit was at home that day. she remembers her husband coming home for a quick lunch before heading back to his patrol car. she told nbc news it was suddenly a very hectic day. >> they had called him and told him a description of the person that they was looking for. >> that person was lee harvey oswald. j.d. tippit drove to the neighborhood in dallas. he pulled over at the intersection of 10th and stopped a man walking along the street. but as tippit got out of his patrol car, lee harvey oswald fire three times. he shot him a fourth time as the officer lay on the ground.
7:52 am
he died instantly. >> i couldn't believe it. it was just unreal. >> sthefs in agony as they buried her husband. she had three children and a pension of $232 a month from the dallas police. donations from a gafl public ultimately added up to almost $650,000. today there's a plaque at the corner of the intersection in honor of him. it was dedicated only last year. she told the dallas morning news, i'm proud we have it. it will be a good thing for history what happened here. anderson cooper, cnn. i'm beth... and i'm michelle. and we own the paper cottage. it's a stationery and gifts store. anything we purchase for the paper cottage goes on our ink card. so you can manage your business expenses and access them online instantly with the game changing app from ink.
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well, police say a marine vet's quick thinking may have saved a woman's life. she jumped off the third level
7:56 am
of the oakland coliseum. and the vet was on the second deck. she first started pleading with the woman not to jump, but when she did he shielded her fall with his body. and in a separate incident during the baltimore ravens new york jets game, a man suffered severe head injuries while falling down the steps. tom brady led the new england patriots to the biggest comeback ever. they went ton to win in the overtime. rachel nichols watt at the game. it kind of looks like it hasn't warmed up much since last night. >> reporter: absolutely. temperatures last night in the single digits. winds gusting you up to 40 miles an hour. and players, the ball got so
7:57 am
cold and slippery, player has a hard time hanging on to it. but the most compelling moment came at the beginning of overtime. the patriots won the coin toss be they elected to give peyton manning the ball. all he had to do is march down and score a touchdown. the broncos would have won without the patriots getting a hand on the ball. there was a time in his career that doing this would have been a fool's move. but bill belichick gam bemed last night that peyton manning would not be able to lead that touchdown drive into the teeth of the wind. and in this case, he turned out to be right. now the game was eventually decided on a special teams play. but this conversation about how good is peyton manning in the cold, can he play in the cold? that's been going on for a long time. he's 3-8 when the temperature
7:58 am
drops below 32 degrees. and remember, there are times the broncos and manning have looked unstoppable this season. but the super bowl is in february, in new york, outdoors. and i've heard it gets cold around there that time. >> plet's doc about green bay. haven't these boys played lamb bow field when it's like 152 below? >> reporter: i know you got a history there. i do want to point out that for last night's game, i was wearing ice fishing overalls that i purchased at the fleet farm in green bay, wisconsin, for the 2000 nfc championship game when the wind chill was minus 40 degrees between the giants and packers. i and i will say in defense of your green bay time, that there is no question it was not that cold last night. so the ice fishing overalls served me well. and i can give you an on the scene report.
7:59 am
green bay in 2007 colder than foxborough last night. >> there it is. i knew it. and just on the record, i got a chance to cover the second coldest game in green bay history, next to the ice bowl. you know that was darn cold. >> reporter: there you go. >> thank you so much. and thanks to all of you for joining us today. "legal view" with ashleigh banfield started right now. >> ohio's attorney general making a big announcement any moment now in the steubenville rape case. this, after disturbing video and conviction of two football players. but just how much worse can this get? you might be surprised. also this sad and shocking details of the sandy hook
8:00 am
elementary shooting revealed today. the report that took nearly a year to put together. and skier bode miller's coast-to-coast child custody fight playing out right now in realtime in a new york courtroom. and butting all single mothers and their rights on a slippery slope. hello, everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. it's monday, november 25th. and first up, what's on everyone's mind. that. rain, sleet, snow already ruining a lot of travel plans. sorry to bring you the bad news. but if you're hitting the highway, you could be heading right into the thick of it. watch what happens when you get real unlikely. this is oklahoma city. similar scene in lubbock, texas. of all places,en icy road caused another suv to flip on its side as .