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tv   New Day  CNN  November 26, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PST

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this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. good morning, welcome to "new day," it's tuesday, november 26th, 6:00 in the east. got to prepare for a heaping side of rain, sleet and snow to go with that thanksgiving turkey, unfortunately. right now holiday travel plans for more than 40 million are totally up in the air. the air may be the worst place to be. a monster storm on a collision coast with the east coast, take a look at the snow falling in pittsburgh. this is wpxi. we're tapping the power and reach of cnn to bring you the most complete coverage you can, combi beginning with indra petersons. >> take a look at the snow we're currently seeing in the northeast. we have the heavy rain coming in from the southeast. already starting to see some of the icing. this is a precursor to what we are expecting as we go through
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the next 48 hours with rain, heavy winds and even more freezing rain and snow. a massive winter storm blamed for at least a dozen deaths and hundreds of accidents will bring heavy rain, snow, sleet and high winds to much of the east coast on the busiest travel week of the year. frustrated travelers beginning to feel the ripple effect of this storm system with delays and cancellations at some of the nation's busiest airports. it's not just plains. the larger than life balloons flying high above the macy's thanksgiving day parade could be grounded. if sustained winds pass 23 miles per hour, the giant inflatable balloons can't take flight because officials fear their handlers won't be able to control them. >> we have a sergeant assigned to each of the balloons. they can be lowered all the way to the ground or determination is made not to fly them. >> reporter: in 1997, ferocious winds blew the six-story tall
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cat in the hat balloon straight into a street lamp. debris fell down on the crowd below, critically injuring one spectator. it's brought localized flooding in arizona, heavy snow in colorado and in new mexico. wind gusts of more than 50 miles per hour produced blinding conditions. parts of oklahoma receiving about a foot of snow and in arkansas, heavy rain caused this pileup on a bridge. >> the roads are really slick and i've seen a lot of accidents already. >> freezing rain making driving treacherous as this unrelenting storm complicates thanksgiving plans for millions. >> here's what we're looking forward to moving forward. isolated tornadoes cannot be ruled out today. that heavy rain shifts into the carolinas. on the backside, notice the snow we're expecting, over a foot of snow possible around the great lakes and tapering off back in through kentucky and tennessee. the big story for that is, yes,
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this warm front will continue to make its way up. even though you're seeing snow in the northeast, it will shift over to rain as we get the winds out of the south. heavier rain will be falling as we go later throughout the day. on the backside, heavy snow starts to fall. this is also the time period where the strongest winds will be out there. notice the change, though, as you go from wednesday into late wednesday evening we start to see the system make its way offshore. don't let this fool you, the heavy winds will still be out there. we're expecting travel delays in the air through thursday as the system does make its way out of the region. with that we're still talking about concerns for first the rain and the heavy snow. behind that will be all the trouble with the wind, kate. >> a one, two, three punch of weather right noul. some of the nation's busiest airports, probably not surprisingly could soon become temporary home to thousands of
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frustrates holiday travelers. airline officials are preparing for the worst case scenario. delta and u.s. airways already waiving fees for changed flights. rene marsh is at dulles airport. >> reporter: the bottom line for air travel is even if snow is not headed your way, heavy rain and strong winds will definitely stir up trouble for travelers. we did a quick check this morning. there are no major, massive delays and cancellations at this hour but, of course, that could change. been there, done that. dulles airport revved up these snowplows during the last snowstorm in march. today, dulles and airports up and down the east coast are prepared to do the same. if it comes to it. >> so far, the forecast seems to be pointing towards a nuisance storm from our perspective, one that's not going to result in severe cancellations but more so
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delays. >> reporter: but still it could be a nightmare for some flyers. >> we see a lot of delays and we see a lot of cancellations with storms like this. >> reporter: daniel maker runs the flight tracking website he says making matters worse, planes are already full. >> the issue they run into, if you cancel one flight, there may not be capacity to accommodate all of the displaced passengers. >> reporter: 25 million people are traveling by air this thanksgiving holiday, up 1.5% from last year. >> we decided to leave early and keep our fingers crossed. hopefully we'll be there and be all right. >> reporter: busiest travel day, the sunday after thanksgiving. the second busiest, tomorrow, just in time for the storm. >> have a low expectation when traveling through bad weather on the airlines, particularly around the holidays and you won't be disappoint. >> reporter: don't expect a lot
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and, therefore, things won't be that bad. if you're heading to the airport, check your flight and status and get here early. chris? >> rene, you know when the cnn red coats come out it's not a good situation coming your way. forget about air, let's say you're driving. that's some 39 million people. you have to be careful there as well. we're seeing car accidents across the south and midwest, some of them fatal. alina machado is with us this morning. what's the deal. >> reporter: here in atlanta and throughout much of the south, we're seeing wet and slick roads. there have been periods of heavy rain. right now we're getting a bit of a break here in atlanta. that doesn't mean this is over. if you head north from here, you'll see icy roads and snow. that means this is going to be a dangerous situation, potentially on the roads for the millions of people who are heading out. according to aaa, more than 43 million people are expected to travel more than 50 miles from
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home this thanksgiving holiday, about 90% of those people will be hitting the roads. these are people who will be getting in their cars and driving to their destination. aaa is expecting to rescue 320,000 people because of car problems, but because of the storm, they say those numbers, chris, could be much higher. again, if you're going to be heading out for this thanksgiving holiday, just be aware and careful of the situation on the road. >> alina, thank you very much. let's bounce back to air travel for a second. if check out cnn's atl 24. this is from the air traffic control tower, a bomb sniffing dog. cnn is giving you a behind the scenes look at 24 hours in atlanta's hartsfield jackson international airport. go to and see what it's like inside the belly of the beast. >> if you're not living it right now. >> dealing with all of those
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vagaries of travel. see it from the airport's perspective, maybe understand how difficult it is. good morning to you at home. making news, the coast guard and emergency crews are working at this hour to contain an oil spill on the mississippi river near leclaire, iowa. officials say a tugboat struck an object and sank, spilling some of the nearly 100,000 gallons of oil products on board gnat river. all nine crew members got away safely. some eight miles of the mississippi have now been closed. president obama defending an interim deal to slow iran's nuclear program. he says the u.s. cannot close the door on diplomacy, calling the backlash the easy thing to do politically. the deal has been criticized by many in congress and israel saying it doesn't go nearly far enough. a team of israel officials is coming to washington to discuss the deal. four steubenville, ohio school employees have been indicted in connection with the
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rape of a 16-year-old girl last year. they're being investigated for their role in a possible cover-up. last march, two steubenville football players were convicted of the rape. both are serving time in juvenile detention. more details from ohio attorney general mike dewine, coming up in our next hour of "new day." a building contractor in philadelphia is facing murder charges for a botched demolition that killed six. griffin campbell is said to be responsible for the june collapse after ignoring a warning for potential disaster. the motive was greed. fire officials will be at tampa home this morning determining if a sink hole there is about to swallow that home up. monday night the family living there ran away with only the clothes on their backs when the living room floor starting to buckle. earlier this month, you'll
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recall we brought these images to you live, a 09-foot wide sink hole opened up in nearby deneden, florida. it seems like these are becoming weekly occurrences in florida. we're certainly watching them. >> scary. >> we'll keep our eye on top of that story, to see if progress is made, any more sinking of the sink hole happens. we'll take a quick break on "new day." within we come back, no deal. afghanistan's president threatening all u.s. troops may have to leave by this time next year. is that a bad thing? also ahead, a prosecutor's report revealing new information about sandy hook school shooter adam lanza. what the report tells us about his state of mind and the chilling details about what police found on his computer.
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welcome back to "new day." the white house may invoke what's called the zero option in afghanistan. a complete pullout of all troops if afghan president hamid karzai doesn't signed an already agreed upon security pact, a long-term security agreement they've been working quite a long time on. pentagon correspondent barbara starr is live with more details. what are you learning, kate? >> reporter: hamid karzai has a long history of drama with the u.s. it looks like he's going all in. telling susan rice in kabul that he will not sign this agreement to keep u.s. troops in afghanistan after 2014. he's setting two conditions, new conditions right now, one is the release of all afghan detainees
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from guantanamo bay. one of the other conditions he's setting is no more, no u.s. entry, no u.s. raids into afghan homes. this is something that, of course, is a contentious issue. the u.s. contends that most raids are now led by afghan forces. they will only do it when it's absolutely necessary. rice for her part telling karzai, sign the agreement or the u.s. will pack up all of those troops and not leave them there to help after 2014. kate? >> so barbara, was waiting on the council of elders in afghanistan to sign off on this, holding this up for a second. why now is karzai playing hardball after they've signed off on it? >> yes, you know, i think it's -- most pell will tell you it's politics afghan style. there is a presidential election coming in april. he cannot run again but he's still very influential and a lot of people feel he's trying to shore up his supporters with his anti-u.s. credentials if you will, prior to that april election.
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the issue of u.s. raids into afghan homes, though, make no mistake, this is something that is very contentious that many afghans very bitterly object to. so, you know, if this doesn't get resolved, the u.s. position is, fine, they won't leave u.s. troops there after 2014 to help and the next afghan president will be left on his own to deal with the security situation. kate, chris? >> barbara, thank you so much. our troop levels in afghanistan not something we play in politics, there or here. thank you very much. >> a disturbing look inside the mind of sandy hook shooter adam lanza. that's what many will be looking for in a report from connecticut officials released monday. here's one conclusion, the man who killed 21 children and 6 educators was obsessed with mass killings. susan candiotti joins us now. there will be frustration when people go to this document. >> absolutely but they sure
3:17 am
won't fine out why this happens this paints a more complicated picture of the reclusive 21-year-old lanza. even though he lived with his mother, he only communicated with her by e-mail. >> reporter: the bushmaster rifle used to fire 154 rounds, 3 more untouched fully loaded magazines found on his body, the glock handgun he used to kill himself after targeting 20 first graders and 6 adults in less than 11 minutes. also for the first time, an inside look at the handsome home he shared with his mother, who legally bought all those guns. >> she may have thought this is a way to control him or get through to him, because she seemed to have a fascination with guns and shooting herself. so a way for them to connect but
3:18 am
absolutely the wrong way to do it. >> reporter: and this, another rifle he used to shoot his own mother in her bed. the state's attorney report writes that lanza sought mental health professionals, adding they did not see anything that predicted his future behavior. the report says lanza had asperger's and was plagued with obsessions. his food had to be a certain way on his plate. he changed his clothes several times a day. there was evidence of odd behavior in more photos. his bedroom windows blocked out with garbage bags, no one allowed in, not even his mom. >> there's plenty of evidence inside there indicating he might have been thinking about doing a mass shooting and that's a problem. >> reporter: the report says he played lots of violent computer and video games, including left for dead, grand theft auto and call of duty. and this floor pad in his bedroom, along with a video, showing a surprising fixation
3:19 am
with dance dance revolution, a game he played up to ten hours a day. he apparently tried to destroy his computer hard drive but authorities did find a spreadsheet of mass murders. the one thing this report did not find, a motive. and this is not the last we are hearing about this investigation. in fact, coming up soon, chris and kate, we're expecting a full report from the connecticut state police. and it's said to be thousands of pages long, filled with all kinds of evidence collected at the scene and presumably also into the background of adam lanza and his mother and the family. because really the whole point of this is to try to figure out how can we prevent this kind of thing from happening again? were there warning signs along the way? why wasn't something done to prevent this? and i'm not sure that we have that picture yet. i don't think we do. >> sure doesn't seem like it. >> the suggestion is already very strong that everything you
3:20 am
just showed in the piece was proof that this kid was very troubled. needed monitoring, how much? we know there was some treatment. we know he wasn't on medication. was he supposed to be? it's easy to point fingers at the parenting. one of story lines that keeps coming up is how powerless families are to control someone who's out of control once they reach the age of majority. one of the things that will hurt most for people like you, susan and us, he collected the shootings that we've covered the before. i was at the amish shooting, i covered others, the fact that it keeps repeating with the same gaps in mental health. >> we have to get rid of the sense of shame that people have in trying to create a way to help people even if they don't necessarily want it. that's the way it used to be. there's got to be a better way than what we have now. >> sure does. susan, thank you so much. coming up next on "new day," one month of obama care heat
3:21 am
fueling what could be a big turnaround in the 2014 battle for congress. we'll bring you that new cnn poll showing democrats may have quite a bit to be worried about. >> the big story, is too big, unfortunately. a big winter storm threatening to mess up travel plans for millions of us. you need to have a backup plan. stay with us for new info. (vo) you are a business pro. maestro of project management. baron of the build-out. you need a permit... to be this awesome. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. (aaron) purrrfect. (vo) meee-ow, business pro. meee-ow.
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welcome back to "new day." time now for our political gut check of the morning. it seems the tables have turned once again in washington. take a look at this new cnn poll out this morning showing that,
3:25 am
as you can see, things have flipped. more americans, more voters now say they would choose republicans over democrats as a candidate for congress, a reversal from just a month ago when animosity was directed towards republicans over the government shutdown. talk about whiplash, john. >> in many ways this is getting back to normal. if you look at history, the six-year itch election, a president in the second term, the other party historically does very well. we were talking about this, right after the shutdown, democrats suddenly got optimistic, the public was blaming republicans in congress much more than democrats. can nancy pelosi be speaker? can we expand instead of losing seats in our senate majority? here's why it matters. number one, it could affect fund-raising and candidate recruitment. more importantly, that number
3:26 am
could intensify over the obama care rollout. that is the single biggest factor in this big turnaround in just one month. suddenly republicans have a slight edge, democrats are on a slide. kate, you know this from walking the halls of congress. the members up there studied the polls. they were already nervous. this is going to cause a lot of trouble for the democratic white house. >> you know this better than anybody. when you look at the breakdown of these shifts, am i wrong in saying it's not all bad news for democrats? because you're still seeing democrats having support among, i guess what we can call their more typical constituencies? >> yes, this is actually a reset to normal political circumstances. it's not like the democrats are losing their base. if you look at the poll, for example, democrats are doing just fine, they've strengthened their hand a little bit like lower income voters, nonwhite voters and the republicans have strengthened their hand among more affluent voters in the rural area. things are going back to what we would say is quote, unquote, normal.
3:27 am
here's the problem for democrats. if you have a normal election climate next year in 2014, a normal election climate in 2014 tells you republicans will gain. the idea that the democrats suddenly had optimism, the air is now out of that balloon. it affects them when they plan for 2014. could affect them for candidate recruitment. in the short term, remember the obama care website is, if not perfect, as close to they can get it. if it's not, the democrats will turn on this white house more violently than we've seen in recent days. >> when you tie yourself to polls, you make yourselves vulnerable to tests. obama care was a shut, democrats failed. shutdown was a test, republicans failed. now the next test, iran. i don't think it's as high on the radar for obvious reasons, however, what we're hearing is we may sanction iran in congress.
3:28 am
that's going to create an interesting political situation. if the president decides to follow his own deal, he may have to veto those sanctions what does that mean if the american president is vetoing sanctions against his own congress to help iran? >> a tough climate for the president here at home on this issue. in part because of the -- even what the president says is justified skepticism about iran and its intentions. you talk about lindsey graham, a republican, obviously the republican house will criticize the president. they don't it the necessarily matter because the senate has more sway when it comes to foreign policy matters. watch these two guys and democrats. robert menendez, he's the chairman of the foreign relations committee, chuck schumer, influential member of the democratic leadership. the president needs to first convince fellow democrats in both menendez and schumer say they see this deal as disproportionately favoring iran. but, again, heading into the election year, a lot of
3:29 am
fund-raising at play here. and legitimate skepticism about iran. the president has what he believes is a diplomatic coup with iran. now he has to work the diplomacy on capitol hill. >> he could use a diplomatic coup on capitol hill, i guess. with all of this going on, the president is also trying to refocus attention to immigration reform, something that's completely fallen off the radar because we know nothing will happen in this congress until the new year at least. though in san francisco, he didn't get that far in trying to do the refocusing. take a listen to this. >> strengthen our families and most importantly -- >> mr. obama, families are separated for thanksgiving. i need your help. there are thousands of undocumented immigrants who are torn apart every single day. >> that's why we're here. >> please use your executive order to halt the petitions for all. you have a power to stop deportations for all. >> actually i don't. that's why we're here. >> i need your help. >> okay.
3:30 am
>> stop deportation! >> i guess we have to say it's not entirely unusual for hecklers to be in the audience but it is unusual for the hecklers to be in the invited section standing behind the president. >> remember, this has been a deep undercurrent, even as the president has been pushing for comprehensive immigration reform, he's quote, unquote on the side of guys like that in the audience, this administration has had relatively high -- to see them that close like that, that is an interesting dynamic for the president to handle that moment well but it does remind you about tensions in the immigrant community. >> gives you nice perspective on heckling online. it was an interesting give and take there on one level, john. i'd like your take on this. use your executive order says
3:31 am
the man in the crowd. i can't says the president. okay. article 2, executive power is pretty light. presidents are allowed to use executive orders to motivate existing law, not to make law, obviously, that's congress. the president says i can't but he has at least twice in furtherance of immigration reforms that he liked in terms of the waiver process, whether or not you come in illegally and leave and young people who are in the country who have come in. he has used it before. what do you think of that answer. >> there are executive authorities and executive suggestions. the president doesn't want to say he has leeway because he wants the congress to act. if the people believe the president can do more and more and more, where's the impetus for people in congress to do more. so the president has powers of authority, he also has powers of
3:32 am
suggestion. he was indicating in that answer he's not inclined at the moment to use either of those but let's watch this debate go into 2014 again. if congress won't act there will be pressure on the president to do whatever he can. >> to do just that, take executive action. great to see you. thank you. all right, good morning, guys. the latest headlines, we're watching a killer storm that's expected to cause chaos for millions of thanksgiving travelers, rain, sleet, snow and freezing rain all in the mix for the mid-atlantic and the northeast. the worst of it could actually hit wednesday morning, potentially stranding millions of air travelers and making driving extremely dangerous. the mother of 12-year-old rebecca sedwick, the florida girl who committed suicide said she will sue those she believes are responsible for her death. tricia norman is promising to go on an anti-bullying crusade and push for a state law called rebecca's law that would criminalize bullying.
3:33 am
two girls were originally charged with cyberstalking but the charges were later dropped. coming up live, trisha norman will join us live to talk about her mission. a week after she was charged with alleged assault on his girlfriend, new court document reveals a slew of weapons were found in george zimmerman's home. he was acquitted in the murder of trayvon martin earlier this year. he was arrested last week on suspicion of having pointed a shotgun at his girlfriend. officials searched his home and found five weapons and more than 100 rounds of ammunition. he's currently free on bail. a new york judge returned the little boy to miller's exgirlfriend, sara mckenna. she relocated from california to new york when she was seven months pregnant. she says she moved to go to school but miller said she wanted more sympathetic courts. another hearing is set for next month. a pair of would-be robbers in west seattle got more than
3:34 am
they bargained for. they walked into a mini mart trying to rob the place. the clerk didn't believe they were serious. the gun didn't look real to them so he challenged them. when he reached for the particular, they took off running. police looked for the robbers but could not find anyone. he called their bluff. >> makes for good tv but man is that dangerous. >> it really is dangerous. it's a dangerous situation. those are your headlines. >> thank you. >> you're very welcome. a shocking warning about the morning after pill. it may not work for all women. what you need to know if you're one of the millions who use it. and a deadly storm could strand thousands of holiday travelers at airports this week. we'll let you know how to avoid becoming one of them. there is a shot. we'll tell you. >> slim. t card with amazing rewards. with the spark cash card from capital one, i get 2% cash back on every purchase, every day. i break my back around here.
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welcome back. let's go "around the world," starting in syria where peace talks to end that bloody civil war could begin by the end of january. more now from fred pletigen. >> it's not clear which opposition would show up. the main opposition that is supported by the u.s. and many other western countries seems to be losing a lot of traction on the ground here among fighting groups in syria. if you talk to many ordinary people here in damascus, a lot will tell you they're skeptical as to whether this conference will actually happen and if it does happen, if it can have success. most people you speak to will also say the one thing they want at this point after three years of civil strife is for the fighting to simply end. >> thank you. a big day at the vatican where pope francis hosted russian president vladimir putin. >> the vatican described the
3:39 am
talks as cordial and constructive. the president and pope talked about syria and both agreed on the need to find a peaceful, negotiated settlement to the conflict involving the country's ethnic and religious groups. president putin sought very different company. russian state media says he went to dinner with his good friend the former italian prime minister silvio berlusconi who is facing charges for tax fraud and having sex with an underage prostitute. foul weather, not just here but overseas is foiling prince harry's attempt to race to the south pole alongside a team of britain's wounded war veterans. cnn's max foster has more. >> reporter: this epic race has been delayed, because all the teams are being snowed in in antarctica. they do hope to get going by the weekend. prince harry has tried to do something like this before. he tried to go to the north pole but had to pull out early because of his brother's wedding. and william says he's jealous of harry's trip because it allows
3:40 am
him to get away from a screaming child. back to you, kate. >> antarctica or screaming child, how do you decide? >> the prince will have to learn, you have to love all of it with a newborn, otherwise it will make you crazy. >> there's no other option. >> love knows no bounds when it comes to your child. now, we're dealing with a situation back here about the storm that's coming. we're trying to keep you updated. indra petersons is going that for us. tell us what you're seeing as this moves across the country. >> it will make a lot of people go crazy with the travel plans, the conditions are only worsening. we're seeing snow into the northeast, down to the south. we're talking about the heavy rain starting to fill in. we have a pattern here, a moisture pulling in from the gulf and also that cold air diving down from canada. today is the day these two systems get close together when we start to get that big mess as far as your travel plans. notice in the southeast, anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of rain closer to the gulf. it's spreading into the carolinas and virginia, talking about a wintry mix and in
3:41 am
between. over a foot of snow expected. it's around the lakes and tapering off as you get back through kentucky and tennessee. why are people getting rain, why are people getting snow? go back to the basics. you're on the front side of the low, out of the south, cold winds from canada will bring the snow and wintry mix. let's take it day by day. this is so important to so many of you. look at the heavy rain starting to spill into the carolinas and virginia. still seeing snow into the northeast. that's going to transition back to rain. notice the heaviest rain and snow will really pick up throughout the day today. toughest time period, tonight through tomorrow morning. notice as we go through wednesday and thursday, the system kicks out of here but you're still going to be stuck with travel delays, thanks to just the wind. i don't want to be the only bearer of bad news, for the other half of this, i have christine romans. >> you have to have a strategy. millions of people trying to start their strategy. you need to know your rights
3:42 am
when you buy a tickets there all this fine print that will let you know what your airline will do if your flights cancel due to weather. sometimes they are not obligated to get you on another airline. right? that means you could be waiting for days to get another seat on the airline your ticket is in. check out that fine print. second, try calling the airline. you might be sitting in line but a call would move you ahead. really important there. cover both angles. also try social media. most airlines have their own twitter line set up dedicated to trouble shooting these issues. try social media also consider nearby destinations if you're flying to new york, for example, jfk, maybe sit here and talk to the airline, try to get to newark or philadelphia as an alternative. remember, you have 24 hours after a flight's booked to cancel it without penalty. so hurry. and you know what, you should know this. but you're much likelier to get somewhere at the airport gate if you're nice. please be nice. don't yell at anybody.
3:43 am
also, i want to tell you this. delta, u.s. airways, american airlines are waiving flight change fees now because of the storm. you can check online to see what your rights are and the flight change fees. southwest airlines never has flight change fees. some of the lower cost carriers do, some don't. please make sure to check. you don't want to get stuck footing the bill or waiting in the airport, guys. >> i wish you could keep the smiley face over our shoulder all day. >> be nice. i know this is unscientific but if you are nice to the people -- the people who are working at the airports are having a terrible day, too. be nice. you'll get farther that way. >> i like that advice. thanks, christine. if i could only follow it, that would be good. get behind the scenes look, it's very cool, at the world's busiest airport, atlanta hartsfield jackson international airport with cnn's digital project called atl 24. you can see it on >> i love that kind of thing,
3:44 am
seeing behind the scenes. >> yes. coming up on "new day," an emergency contraceptive pill may not work for all women, many of them in fact. a new warning and what it means for women who rely on plan b. 'tis the season for freaky, the scary snow man. it's hard to see opportunity in today's challenging environment. unless you have the right perspective. bny mellon wealth management has the vision and experience to look beyond the obvious. we'll uncover opportunities, find hidden risk, and make success a reality. bny mellon wealth management.
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welcome back to "new day." a startling warning about the morning after pill. it's an emergency contraceptive
3:48 am
manufactured in europe identical to some found here in the united states. they're found to be ineffective in women weighing more than 176 pounds. elizabeth cohen is live from the cnn center. explain this. first of all, it's very similar to the one we have right here in the united states. why would it work differently in these larger size women? >> you know, no one's quite sure why, michaela but the prevailing or one of the prevailing theorys is for the drug to work it has to reach a certain concentration in the bloodstream. for larger people it may require a higher dose, they're larger, they may need more of the medicine. this drug is given in one dosage. what they founded is it wasn't working in women who weighed more than 176 pounds. this is the over-the-counter version of the morning-after pill. in europe they're going to put that on the label. warnings to do if you weigh more than 176 pounds. they are looking into whether they should do the same thing in this country, too.
3:49 am
>> this isn't overweight women. you could be 176 pounds and 6'2" and it still wouldn't work, a healthy weight and it still would not work for you, correct. >> right. according to the european studies and labeling, that is correct. if you're 176 pounds and 5 feet tall, and overweight, it appears it won't work for you or if you're 176 pounds and 6 foot tall, a healthy weight, it's about the concentration in the bloodstream, not weight and height. >> what is the solution? >> the solution here is that women over 176 pounds, if you looking athe european labeling should not go and buy this over-the-counter morning after pill. they should call their doctor. there's a prescription morning-after pill that could work for them. they need to talk to their doctor about whether that would work or another treatment that would work. a lot of women were pleased when
3:50 am
the morning-after pill went over the counter but if you weigh over 176 pounds, it doesn't appear that will be a great idea for you. >> it's a festive effect, the shot behind you has given us. it looks holidayish with the rain on the lens. >> isn't it beautiful. >> let's move on to our must-see moment for the day, speaking of the holidays. nothing like a jolly snowman to get you going, right? not this one. this is a spooky, sneaky mean snowman that is sneaking up on people and scaring them out of their shoes. happening in boston to the unsuspecting victims. i'm sorry. >> i don't see enough of these guys protecting. >> he did a little bit. >> that was a good hop step. >> what's he trying to do? >> i think that's the point, kate. >> is this an advertisement? >> i'll scare you. >> you know what people do with their free time and a camera and
3:51 am
youtube. >> what's interesting -- >> a shot to the solar plexes. you can see law enforcement guys there, getting enjoyment out of it. >> holiday fun. >> a scary, pointy nose. >> that's a repeat. that last one was a repeat. >> we ran out of video. >> we did. >> happy holidays. >> no kids. it's cool to do it to us. >> do not scare the kidlets. >> if you have kids, you know this already, it never goes away with them. if they have one bad experience with that -- >> i have permanently damaged one of my nieces for something that i did. >> that is very true. >> you actually did it yourself? that's just sick. >> long story. unintentional. let's move on. why did i tell that story. >> my wife did an awesome job for halloween, doing the hallway in front of our apartment, in the city we wind up living in apartments. she got this great witch.
3:52 am
our 3-year-old sees this thing, the eyes are flashing, that was two days, she wouldn't go near the door. >> i know full-grown adults that can't be around a clown because of the same thing. >> clowns are scary. >> they should have never existed. >> especially the one in the uk, the one that was walking around at night. >> we never learned what happened. >> the one grandma, that's an acceptable clown. >> acceptable and unacceptable clowns, next on "new day." >> i tense up around clowns. snowmen, we have to be nice. frosty is one of the good things we have left. >> do not make the tooth fairy scary. coming up on "new day," here's something else that's scary and we can't do anything about, a storm, a storm that's beat up the u.s., it's making a bee line for the eastern third of the country. all those flying may be stuck. we hope not. that's the possibility. what do airports do in
3:53 am
situations like this? you may be surprised what goes on. and the two sides of obama care. we're taking a closer look at two people, one case where the law has. ed them, another where it has failed. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. ♪ (train horn)
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i don't know how to explain it, we just have to go back. mexico city, live it to believe it. how are you doing there? this is a dominating performance last night in football. i was trying to change this, if you have the 49ers returning to the super bowl, you are feeling good. if you have rg3 in your fantasy lineup, you're not. strong performance last night but said different things about different teams, didn't it, my brother? >> that's right, chris. a big road win for the 49ers.
3:57 am
coming into last night they lost back-to-back games, 6-4 on the season. colin kaepernick has gotten criticism this season but he showed up in a big way last night, throwing three touchdowns in the game. his counterpart, rg3 had a rough night. he was sacked four times by the niners defense. san francisco cruise to an easy 27-6 win. ten former pro hockey players filed a class-action lawsuit against the nhl claiming the league hasn't done enough to protect players from concussions this comes less than three months after the nfl settled their lawsuit with its former players. the lawsuit says they refuse to ban fighting and body checking. the lawsuit seeks damages and nhl-sponsored medical monitoring for the players. one of the top stories on "bleacher report" today, the
3:58 am
two-year $48 million deal the lakers gave kobe yesterday. later on, kobe tweeted out a pic of his new contract, with the hash tag laker for life. this deal is getting a lot of criticism. kobe will be the highest paid player this year and the next two seasons. he's 35 years old, coming off a season-ending injury and him making so much money will hurt the lakers in terms of trying to sign more players. >> we know one thing, it's going to be happy holidays in the kobe bryant household. >> that's right. >> we also know, andy, it's a business. they are making a determination of what gets heinies seats in their stadium. if he comes back and is able to play at or near the level he was may be the biggest comeback in basketball. an achilles tendon is supposed
3:59 am
to end it. you're not supposed to have the explosiveness you had before, especially at that age and stage. that will be huge. >> we're now at the top of the hour which means it's time for the top news. >> hopefully we'll be there and we'll be all right and still be able to visit family and enjoy our week. bracing for the worst. that massive storm system marching north and east. your travel plans could be at risk. new this hour, we take you inside one airport as it readies for the storm. also new this hour, the cover-up, four adults, including the superintendent of schools now implicated in the steubenville rape case. we talk live to the man bringing the charges. cnn exclusive, the self-help guru who oversaw that deadly sweat lodge session four years ago is out of prison and finally
4:00 am
telling his side of the story. your "new day" starts right now. >> announcer: what you need to know -- >> i've had patients come to me saying please do whatever you need to do, because i don't know if i'll be able to come back to see you after december. >> announcer: what you just have to see. >> you've given me a wonderful life. i love you all. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. >> good morning. welcome ba to "new day," tuesday, november 26th, 7:00 in the east. we're going to get to that major storm that's headed this way but first, here's what happened overnight. president obama strongly defended the temporary deal to freeze parts of iran's nuclear program. israel and some on capitol hill are criticizing the deal, saying
4:01 am
too much of the program remains intact while giving iron too much relief from sanctions. in response, president obama says the u.s. cannot close the door on diplomacy. >> the united states and afghanistan are at an impasse this morning. the white house delivering a final ultimatum to president hamid karzai. susan rice asking him to sign a security agreement or face a total pullout of u.s. troops next year. so far, karzai's refusing to agree to the deal, unless the u.s. assures him american military personnel will no longer conduct home searches. afghanistan's elders are urging karzai to sign the agreement right now. a potential environmental night they're happening in iowa. a tugboat carrying 100,000 gallons of petroleum products sinks in the mississippi river after striking an object in the water. the coast guard has closed off a section of the river near leclaire, iowa, to deal with the spill. nine crew members on the boat made it to safety and the accident is now under
4:02 am
investigation. all right. now to what hopefully won't become known as the storm that ate thanksgiving but it is headed this way. it's making a real mess of thanksgiving travel. we know that for sure. the midwest has already seen the worst of it. more traffic accidents than we can count, some of them deadly. take a look at this video, snow falling in pittsburgh, should be beautiful but not when it messes up travel. this is thanks to wpxi who was filming it this morning. now the east coast is bracing for heavy rain, winds, maybe some snow. we start with meteorologist indra petersons. what do we see as it moves across? is there any chance for hope. >> maybe if you're far out west. we're looking at by big change already as the system continues to make its way up the eastern seaboard and collide with that other system coming out of canada. take a look already. snow into the northeast, see something of the icing conditions moving into virginia and north carolina and of course the heavy rain down to the south, this is all only a
4:03 am
precursor of what we're expecting to see as conditions worsen as we go throughout the day. a massive winter storm blame for at least a dozen deaths and hundreds of accidents will bring heavy rain, snow, sleet and high winds to much of the east coast on the busiest travel week of the year. frustrated travelers already beginning to feel the ripple effect of this storm system with delays and cancellations at some 6 the nation's busiest airports. it's not just planes. the larger than life balloons flying high above the macy's day parade could be grounded. if sustained winds pass 23 miles per hour, the giant inflatable balloons can't take flight because officials fear their handlers won't be able to control them. >> we have a sergeant assigned to each of the balloons. they can be lowered all the way to the ground or determination is made not to fly them. >> reporter: in 1997, ferocious winds blew the six-story tall cat in the hat balloon straight into a street lamp.
4:04 am
debris fell down on the crowd below, critically injuring one spectator. the colossal storm system made its way across the country, bringing local liesed flooding in arizona, heavy snow in colorado and in new mexico. wind gusts of more than 50 miles per hour produced blinding conditions. parts of oklahoma receiving about a foot of snow and in arkansas, heavy rain caused this pileup on a bridge. >> the roads are really slick and i've seen a lot of accidents already. >> freezing rain making driving treacherous as this unrelenting storm complicates thanksgiving travel plans for millions. >> here's what we're expecting through the next 48 hours. the heavy rains come through the southeast. looking for 3 to 5 inches of the heavy rain. look at the heavy snow, even over a foot of snow expected especially off the lakes and tapering back down even through kentucky and tennessee. let's take it day by day.
4:05 am
so important for all the travel concerns we've been talking about out there. currently seeing snow in the northeast, that will transition as warm air continues to make its way out of the south. we see that turn into rain. on the backside of it, we'll see the heaviest snow. tonight in through tomorrow morning, wednesday morning, the heaviest rain and snow and the strongest winds. the toughest time to be traveling. as you go throughout wednesday, things start to taper off. you notice the system starts to make its way more into the northeast. on the backside it may look like things are calming down. unfortunately we'll be stalking about the strong winds, even in through thanksgiving. we'll still be talking about strong winds even though the system is moving out. the stronger winds are in the southeast where we're seeing the first low. we see the winds shift up into the northeast through the afternoon. we'll be talking about more travel delays in the northeast as well. >> you're absolutely right, indra. thank you so much. as indra is talking about potential travel delays, we have hundreds of flights that have already been canceled because of
4:06 am
the storm. we are joined by mark gale, ceo of philadelphia international airport to find out what the airports are doing to alleviate some of the stress and pain, i gos y guess you could say. thanks for coming in. >> thank you, kate, welcome from philadelphia. >> can you give our viewers any good news this morning as they're ready to head to the airport? >> well, this certainly is the super bowl if you will for airports and airlines as we prep for the heaviest travel time of the year. unfortunately mother nature is going to play into this. i can say that for philadelphia and many other airports we're watching this very closely. we began our coordination with all our stakeholders, the airlines, the transportation security administration, the faa, weeks ago in preparation for the travel time this week and on actually into early next week. the weather that's coming up the east coast for us, this norrester is in fact going to cause significant disruptions.
4:07 am
but we do think that we have a good shot at philadelphia anyway for getting most of our operations through today okay. tomorrow morning is going to be quite rough. but we hope to rebound as the day goes through tomorrow and into thanksgiving. >> so you're expecting the difficult weather as our meteorologist indra petersons is laying out, tomorrow is going to be a tough day. what are you expecting in terms of air travelers? what's philadelphia going to see? >> well, we typically see our heaviest loads three days today, tomorrow and sunday is actually our heaviest day of the year. we'll range anywhere from 15 to 25% above our mormal traffic loads. on sunday we're expecting more than 100,000 travelers to come through the facility. and, of course, as has been reported, the weather is going to cause delays and in some cases cancellations. i guess the good news is that some of the airlines, u.s. airways, american, delta that we're hearing are already starting to relax some of their
4:08 am
change policies in the hopes that some travelers, if they can, will take advantage of changing their travel arrangements to get out of town sooner and give them a better shot at getting to the destination to be able to spend it with their families. we'll be watching this closely and trying to communicate with our passengers through our website, through twitter and staying in close contact with our airlines to see what changes are occurring minute by minute as today, tomorrow and into the weekend occurs. >> twitter, this is one of the situation where twitter can be used for good to get the message out quickly to air travelers. we know in terms of the flights and trying to get out of the airport, ice and the big winds will be the challenge there. in terms of airport operations, what are the challenges you're up against? >> well, certainly, i'm very grateful, looking back in our history, my early career, we did have a big snowstorm on thanksgiving back in 1989 which really hampered things. i think with the rain we'll be
4:09 am
able to manage throughout the day. we're going to have extra staffing on at our checkpoints, all throughout the facility, maintenance personnel, additional security and operations and police personnel to make sure our travelers are being well taken care of and help them navigate and get through our facility. clearly the passengers can help us if they plan their trip in advance. it's a stressful time of year. anytime you're traveling during the holidays, you know, if they take a few minutes to plan a trip to the airport, know how they want to get to the airport, know where they want to park, have a backup in case that lot is full. know which terminal their airline is flying out of, come to the airport prepared, know what some of the procedures are in terms of bringing identification and your boarding passes, you'll be able to get through the security checkpoint. be familiar with some of the regulations to be able to get through the security checkpoint. you can go online to any airport's website, ours is
4:10 am go to the tsa's website at and check on the rules about what you need as you come through security checkpoints. lep yourself plenty of time, more time than you think is necessary to be able to arrive at the airport with the heavy crowds, to be able to get through security. the worst that could happen, you get on the other side of security and in philadelphia we have a plethora of food and shops that you can avail yourself to. we kind of look at this, if you want to get ready in testing for thanksgiving turkey, you can enjoy a great philadelphia cheese steak. that's about the worst that could happen there. we're hoping that everybody, not only gets through philadelphia but many of the other airports and we're able to minimize those that don't get there. >> as the ultimate airport insider, i think that's good advice that people can take with them as they're traveling today. mark gale, ceo of philadelphia international airport. thank you very much. good luck over the next few
4:11 am
days. great to see you. >> thanks, kate. happy thanksgiving, everybody. >> thank you. thank you very much. you can get a behind the scenes look at another very busy airport, atlanta's hartsfield jackson digital project, atl24. see it right now on atl24. next on "new day," what's the real story about obama care? is it about affordable care or is it a nightmare? we're taking an inside look at two test cases which you really should see in forming an opinion. james ray, once a famous motivational speaker, now that excon for that deadly sweat lodge ceremony. he's telling his side of that terrible night. what did he think will happen? is he truly sorry? an interview you'll only see on cnn. lindsided by limits" card. it's the no-game-playing, no-earning-limit-having,
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for a body in motion. welcome back to "new day." the affordable care rollout has been terrible but what is the reality of the law? are there successes with obama care or is it just about failure? we want to take a look at both sides. we'll start with cnn's miguel marquez in los angeles. >> reporter: today kate and justin leaper aren't insured, come january 1st that will change. >> i recently changed jobs, so i took a contract position where i don't have benefits. >> reporter: keeping up that previous insurance would have cost 1,500 bucks a month, too much. she tried private insurers but the application process onerous. >> you'd have to fill out paperwork? >> not just paperwork but trying to remember every doctor's visit
4:16 am
you've had for the last year and every procedure or major issue you've had for the last ten years. >> reporter: and another problem for the 35-year-old 35-year-old. uber healthy stuntman. >> no dairy, never had coffee, don't drink coffee, no drugs. work out four times a week. >> reporter: he's a bit of a medical mystery, suffering a condition doctors so far can't diagnose. >> that was usually enough for them to say, no, we can't cover you. >> reporter: they logged on to cover california. >> welcome to cover california. >> reporter: 10,000 californians now signing up daily. >> i didn't have to know a whole lot. i just put in some basic information, our social security numbers, birth dates. >> reporter: the website working as advertised presented them 30 insurance options. >> what's it going to cost you?
4:17 am
>> about $500 a month, less than that. >> reporter: for both of you. >> for both of us. >> reporter: the actual quote, $467. >> what does it feel like to know you are covered? >> it's a relief. >> reporter: now, waiting for their first bill they say the real test for obama care, the day they'll need to use it. >> okay. so now we want to look at the other side. we'll stay in california. why? they're a big state and they're having a lot of success with applications online. as you heard, 10,000 a day are signing up now. what is the experience of those who sign up? many patients and their doctors are unhappy with the changes. for that side of the story, cnn's casey wian reports. >> i thought it was a great idea. >> reporter: tom harris is a 62-year-old self-employed handy man who had high hopes for obama care. >> my expectations were that it would actually enhance my existing health care plan. >> reporter: how has it worked out for you so far. >> that wasn't the case. i was notified my plan will be
4:18 am
ended at the end of this year in december. i was very surprised. >> reporter: harris suffers from debilitating allergies. he's seeing a specialist, dr. robert iches at the prestigious seeders sinai medical siener in los angeles. >> i know if i go see him it's completely out of network and it does not apply against my deductible. it's really out of network. it's almost in another orbit. >> reporter: the new obama care complian plan will cost him $5 less but many doctors are in longer in that network. >> i've had many patients say do whatever you can do because i don't know if i'll be able to see you after december 31st. >> reporter: he says 10% of his patients must find new doctors or pay steep out-of-pocket costs. >> it's mind numbing.
4:19 am
>> reporter: he still doesn't know which if any insurance plans he'll accept. he has already stopped taking medicare. >> honestly what i may think about is not taking any insurance at all. i have a lot of patients who have been seeing me for over 20 years and we have a bond. it would be sad to lose those patients. >> reporter: for harris, obama care has meant fewer choices and headaches, untreatable by presidential apologies. >> it's so beyond that. i certainly wish him well but the situation i find myself in, the die naming i find myself in is a real struggle. >> and the problem, of course, is that we're going to hear stories like these on both sides as the law continues to take effect. and so we will continue to monitor the impact and tell you the problems and benefits as they come up. that's our job. michaela, over to you. i want to show you a cautionary sight in the sky that we could be in store for. comet ice hurdling towards the
4:20 am
sun. this is the path it could be taking. it could slingshot around the sun on thanksgiving. whether it survives its brush with the sun or not is in question. nasa says that actually the tail could get yanked off by solar particles or as we see in this animation, as we see in this animation -- as we see in this animation it could cook the frozen ice particles and destroy completely. why do we care? here's the question. it is coming from the very edge of space. that's a big deal. it's taking 5.5 million years to reach us. if it makes it around the sun it will be easy for us to spot with the naked eye. that's serious cool factor. >> a special treat for thanksgiving for everyone. thanks, michaela. >> you're welcome. coming up next on "new day," self-help guru james ray served his time after three people died on his watch. now he is speaking out, that exclusive interview, coming up. plus, for millions of you, the race is on to get out of
4:21 am
town before the weather keeps you grounded. airports on the east coast are trying to move passengers for thanksgiving. we'll tell you what you need to know, right ahead. ♪ our plan is in place. ♪ we've rigged up a trap to catch sight of his face. ♪ ♪ if only we could, just stay awake... ♪ ♪
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4:24 am
welcome back to "new day." let's give you a look at the stories making news. the east coast bracing for the wintry weather that's slammed the rest of the country, making a mess of thanksgiving travel. hundreds of traffic accidents have been reported. so far the storm is being blame for at least 12 deaths. hundreds of flights have been canceled and roads will be slick for many of the 39 million people that are expected to
4:25 am
drive. temperatures are also expected to stay chilly throughout the holiday. president obama is speaking out on the international nuclear deal with iran. during a speech on immigration in san francisco, the president defended the agreement and responded to critics who slammed the deal, calling it a mistake. president obama insists the nuclear deal is progress and added that bluster may be an easy political solution but does not help promote security. during that speech on immigration, the president was interrupted by protesters. >> most importantly we will live up -- >> our families are separated. >> most importantly, we will live up to our character. >> they were calling on the president to stop deportations that are tearing families apart. the president allowed them to stay in the hall, saying he respected their passion but added it's up to congress to pass a fair immigration bill. controversial diabetes drug avandia was thought to increase patients risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular
4:26 am
problems. federal regulators said monday the drug was no more dangerous than other medications. avandia users will be able to get the drug through regular pharmacies. the owner and his daughter closed up shop for the day when the deer broke in. they couldn't really believe what they were seeing. the deer apparently scampered around for a few minutes checking out the various toppings that were available before he fled empty-pawed. >> it's weird. i thought he was lost and couldn't -- >> no gps on those antlers. >> who knew he was checking toppings. >> we're working on it. all right. an update on a story we followed -- it happened years ago. self-help guru james ray says he's still in shock after the tragic events that unfolded at his northern arizona sweat lodge in 2009. three his loyal followers died during a cleansing ceremony and
4:27 am
witnesses say ray did little to save them. now he's breaking his silence after time behind bars. "early start" anchor zoraida sambolin is here with that story. >> james ray made a fortune selling the secret to life. he spent 20 months behind bars for three controversial deaths after being convicted of negligent homicide in the tragedy that occurred at his sweat lodge. we hear from him for the first time since his release from prison in this exclusive interview with cnn's piers morgan. >> i'd say i'm sorry. i'm extremely sorry. for what happened. >> reporter: the former self-help guru fought back tears, reliving the scene inside the sweat lodge four years ago, an event that killed three of his loyal followers and sent him to prison for 20 months. >> it was my event. it was my lodge. i'm responsible. i was the captain of the ship.
4:28 am
i have to take responsibility for that. >> reporter: he called it the spiritual warrior weekend, culminating in a ceremonial sauna that was supposed to signify cleansing and rebirth. the sweltering temperatures inside reaching up to 120 degrees resulted in tragedy. >> two people are breathing. there's no pulse. >> they're not breathing. >> yes. >> is this the result of a shooting or something. >> no, it's a sweat lodge. >> reporter: convicted of negligent homicide in 2011, james ray addressed allegations that he ignored participants collapsing, vomiting and screaming for help. >> i didn't see those things. those things were happening outside the lodge. i didn't know nor did anyone know that anyone was in a death -- a life or death situation. >> reporter: but the prosecution even argued that ray encouraged participants to come back inside the deadly sauna against their own instincts. >> every 15 minutes we open -- or thereabouts we open up the
4:29 am
flaps and people were free to leave, come and go. some people wanted to quickly exit and one of the things i told them in the setup was to go out clockwise carefully because obviously there's a pit of hot rocks in the center. >> reporter: the punishing heat generated by water poured over a pit of hot rocks sent 21 overcome people rushing for help. >> i had systems in place and the systems broke down. >> reporter: now a free man, he didn't rule out returning to the self-help industry but this time, more humbled than before. >> was i arrogant? yes. people fly in all over the world and asking me how to have a better life. and it tends to go to your head. you tend to think you've got all the answers. >> reporter: ray also says he lost everything because of the tragedy. if he does return to the self-help industry he insists he has no intention of ever participating in another sweat lodge ceremony again. i know he says he wants to return to the industry but the family of the victims here are
4:30 am
saying we're going to keep an eye on you. >> even if he wants to return to it, people used to fly in from all over the world seeking his help. but after such a public and tragic fall from grace, from that pedestal that he was on, because so many people loved him and sought him out, how he can. >> he was very remorseful during piers's interview. he had the stamp of approval of oprah winfrey, on the new york best sellers list. he wants to re-invent himself. >> thanks, zoraida. stunning new charges in the steubenville, ohio rape case. the case shocked a community, made national news, now the ohio attorney general mark dewine is making good on a prms for accountability. we'll tell you what he's doing. how long will the weather hold off? it's the question millions are asking as they rush to the airport as quickly as possible. zoraida is checking our
4:31 am
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you see the graphic. you know what that means. we are watching the preholiday storm closely for you. it has already proven deadly with a dozen deaths in the midwest. it is now rolling east, complicating travel for folks on the ground and in the air. indra petersons is hopefully finding good news. >> unless you are out west, we all know this big massive storm will be affecting millions of people today. we're talking about storms in the northeast, that heavy rain billowing in. it's two systems merging. that's the reason we're seeing heavy rain into the southeast. that's merging with the system that brought that snow already across the great lakes. those two merge together today. we talk about this big system that will be producing heavy
4:35 am
rain and snow over the holiday. take a look. anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of rain expected in the southeast. spreading today, really higher amounts into the carolinas and in through virginia. on the backside of the system we'll be talking about that cold air. a foot of snow possible, especially with lake-effect snow off the lakes and that will kind of taper off back down through kentucky and tennessee. a lot to be talking about. let's take it day by day. let's first remember we're talking about rain the closer you are to the coastline. the northeast you're seeing snow now but that will switch over to sleet and then to rain as we get the warm air filling in. on the backside, you see the snow and icy conditions thanks to the winds coming out of canada. that's the setup here. we talked about the heavy rain and snow. transitioning over to rain as this warm air makes its way up the coastline. keep in mind as we go throughout the day today, especially in through the overnight, we'll be talking about the heaviest amounts of rain and snow and the strongest winds, special in through tomorrow morning. early flights tomorrow morning definitely a problem.
4:36 am
as we get in through wednesday and thursday, the system starts to exit. you'll still be left with those strong winds, causing travel delays even after the rain and snow moves out. >> indra, because of exactly that, the weather is already causing hundreds of flight cancellations. based on that draft, we could see more of the same. rene marsh is at dulles international with more on how mother nature could bring one of the busiest travel days of the year. >> reporter: that's right, kate, at this hour it is raining here at dulles. even if the snow doesn't come your way, the rain and the wind could still cause some delays. now, granted we should say that the situation for travelers not going to be the same at every single airport up and down the east coast. but we can tell you this, for example, here in the d.c. area, officials don't believe this is going to be a situation where they're going to see a lot of severe cancellations just in this area.
4:37 am
they believe they'll see more delays. however, no one's ruling out cancellations. that could be a problem, a nightmare situation for travelers, because these flights are already packed. if their flight does get canceled it may be very difficult to find another flight to rebook them on. that's one thing to think about. we can tell you, we did a quick search this morning at this point, we're not seeing a significant amount of delays and cancellations but it is still early. of course that could still change really quickly as far as the airlines go, at this point, american airlines the only one to precancel hundreds of flights. other airlines, delta and u.s. airways are offering refunds to passengers if your flight is canceled or severely delayed, also waiving the fees for changing your flight. back to you, kate. >> as we well know that can change quickly, rene. thank you very much. outside dulles airport for us. chris? a grand jury indicted four steubenville ohio school employees after looking into how rape allegations were handled in
4:38 am
the highest profile incident. two teenage football stars were convicted of raping a 16-year-old. there were calls for more accountability and now the school superintendent and a principal and other adults involved are charged with obstructing the investigation, among other things. standing by is ohio attorney general mike dewine. first here's cnn's jean casarez. >> reporter: the superintendent of steubenville city schools, michael mcvey, is charged with three felonies. including tampering with evidence and obstructing justice. three others connected to the school district face misdemeanor charges, one of them for providing alcohol to minors. this is a case that shocked the nation. disturbing videos, tweets and photographs brought to light in august 2012 night of drinking and rape in this football loving town. >> i'm sorry to put you guys through this. i would just like to -- >> reporter: two star players were convicted and are
4:39 am
incarcerated. >> welcome to steubenville. >> reporter: but questions remain for some in this town, chief among them, were there any adults involved? >> how do you hold kids accountable if you don't hold the adults accountable. >> reporter: on monday, some answers. but details are few. the district's director of technology was indicted on perjury and obstruction. >> the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you god. >> i do. >> reporter: most of the attorneys for the accused declined encommittee or could not be reached, except for the attorney representing one of the accused, an elementary school principal. he says his client, a 30-year educator, is charged with failure to report a completely different alleged rape with a different alleged victim. the case was never prosecuted and the principal's attorney says his klein is the not
4:40 am
guilty. some in steubenville hoped more people would be charged but attorney general mike dewine says unless there is new information, the grand jury is done. >> it's time to let steubenville move on. >> reporter: something that could be hard to do with court dates coming up next month and more details yet to emerge. jean casarez, cnn, steubenville, ohio. joining us is ohio attorney general mr. mike dewine. attorney general, thank you for joining us this morning. >> good morning. thank you. >> let's start with the general and then move to the specific. there was a call for accountability. what do you believe was done as a pattern of conduct by those charged by the grand jury? >> well, you know this grand jury met for a long time, 18 days. these were citizens of jefferson county. steubenville. i think they did a very, very good job. they heard from 123 witnesses. the first go-around with the two individuals, the young men who were convicted of rape, we were
4:41 am
holding the young people accountab accountable. but we also have to hold adults accountable. as you can see from the charges, the grand jury is doing just that. >> for what? what did these adults do in general? within we say covering up, hindering prosecution, obstruction of justice, these mean things to us as attorneys but to the rest of the people, what kinds of conduct are we talking about? >> well, i'm going to talk in general terms because i want to protect the rights of the people who have been charged. >> please. >> but in essence, we have one individual who is charged with not doing frankly what he should have done with a party that was going on at his house. with a lot of people drinking. it's a basic responsibility that people have if they're an adult to deal with that. he did not do that. the other charges, as you can see, have to do with what i suppose the public would consider to be a cover-up. those are not the technical terms at all, of course, you saw what the charges were.
4:42 am
but it comes down to this. you know, adults have responsibilities. adults have a responsibility to cooperate in investigations. adults have a responsibility to report if there's been child abuse. we believe, the grand jury believes, based on these charges, that the adults in this particular case did not do that. we had adults who were, frankly, more worried about protecting an institution or worried about protecting some kids and they were not concerned about the victim. that's really what this is about, a failure to protect the victim. >> mr. attorney general, police correct this assertion if it's wrong but in doing the reporting here, is it true some of these charges do not relate to the rape case that we all understand, the 16-year-old, the two boys that were arrested, that some of the charges are related to an earlier rape of a 14-year-old student who came
4:43 am
forward after the publicity over the case that we're all aware of? is that true? do these charges stem from separate instances? >> you quoted the defense attorney for one of the defendants. in regard, basically, alluding to that. i will simply say there was a separate incident that was reported in the media. if you look at the dates of the indictment, you can put two and two together and figure out that some of these charges have to do -- came out of that particular incident. >> well, the reason that's instructive, ironic coming from defense council, that it seems that the grand jury was able to look back in time and actually punish a pattern of conduct which is really what a lot of people in the community were calling for, right? >> well, when we -- when i announced we were going to have a grand jury investigation to answer all the questions and to see if adults had not done what they should have done, i did say in answer to a question that we
4:44 am
would look at this previously reported incident which made the media and had been reported. i stated right at the beginning, this grand jury would also look at that and frankly, the grand jury would go wherever the facts took it. that's what the grand jury did. >> what is your take on that, that at least the superintendent, mr. mcvey, is facing charges in two separate incidents of rape by people in his charge? >> well, i really don't want to comment about it. i don't think it would be fair to him. he's presumed innocent, as you know, under our system. we'll have a trial. but i would just say this about this grand jury. this grand jury represented the community. these are the peers, this is a small community. you know, i work with a grand jury the last several days, my assistants handled it the previous days. i was very, very impressed by these people. they took their job very, very seriously. no one knows more about this
4:45 am
case than this grand jury does. i know you mentioned earlier some people have said, maybe more people should have been indicted. some say fewer people should have been indicted. this grand jury called it like they saw it and they did a conscientious job. >> you feel strong this is representative of the community and it should lay to rest any feelings about where the citizens in that area were coming from because these are the people that laid out these charges. >> i had one of the grand jurors tell me after it was over, out of the grand jury proceeding, that, you know, they felt that it was their job to deal with this. and they felt they are dealing with it. you know, they didn't go overboard. there's been criticism. some people said why wasn't the coach charged? someone else was indicted. just because people do things that -- i'm not talking specifically about the coach but people do things that maybe we
4:46 am
don't like or things that are insensitive does not necessarily mean they've violated the ohio revised code. so this grand jury took its job seriously. they did the best they could. i'm very proud of them. >> there were calls for accountability and you're seeing it with the indictments and certainly by referencing back to this earlier incident of a rape allegation, that's somewhat unusual. so people have plenty to think about when they look through these charges. attorney general, thank you for joining us. an early thanksgiving to you and your family. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> kate? >> thanks, chris. coming up next on "new day," if you're a "family guy" fan and you haven't seen the latest episode, plug your ears for one second. a beloved character killed off the show. who met their final end? what's going on?
4:47 am
4:48 am
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4:50 am
welcome back to "new day." you heard the music and you might have noticed the world is a little less snarky this morning. there is a reason and it's kind of sad. >> i think brian is trying to say something. >> you -- you've given me a wonderful life. i love you all. >> they killed brian. yeah, that's right. family guy killed off brian, the dog. nischelle turner is here. i have never been so upset about a comic book character, cartoon character dying. >> this was shocking. we didn't know it was coming. >> it is. >> the simpsons decided they were going to kill off a major character. they gave us forewarning. but nothing from seth mcfarlane,
4:51 am
nothing from the people from "family guy." this was kind of abrupt. people are going crazy over this. brian was in the street. you see him there. he gets hit by a car as they were preparing to play with stewie, and he couldn't recover from his injuries. it actually turned into a really sad and emotional episode of "family guy." >> why do this? >> good question. why do anything? seth mcfarlane decided maybe it was time. he voices brian, the dog. >> it's not like they had a dispute with a character. >> exactly. he voices brian the dog. i guess they felt like they wanted to shake things up a little bit, guys. one things they've already done, though, they went and found a new dog. >> short memories. >> fast forward to a month and they got a new dog. it's very funny, from "the sopranos." they don't know if he's a mobster or ex-mobster. will brian ever return? >> what do you think?
4:52 am
>> if you think of the mind of seth mcfarlane -- i wish i was in that mind. it's a brilliant one. i could see he and the italian dog having brain versus brute battle. >> when i was at fox many years ago, i did one of the first interviews with him when he was still living with his mom up where they were. he is a genius guy. >> yeah. >> he does things his own way. that's very refreshing. and i think maybe the most impressive thing about this isn't the plot shift, but that they kept it quiet. >> exactly. no one knew a thing. you know, this almost broke twitter. folks went crazy. >> literally take him out. >> people are not happy about this. they're really not. they start this had it had 14,000 signatures. 20 minutes ago it had 29,000 to
4:53 am
bring brian back. >> seth mcfarlane must answer his people. >> brian was the -- >> i wonder if it has anything to do with his personal load here. he does several voices on the show, the creative mastermind. i wonder if this changes the calculus in his participation, in terms of what he focuses on, bringing in other people. cnn national news, this is relevant. >> he loved "the sopranos" and loved pauly walnut, loved tony sirico's character. he wrote this just for him. >> killed brian off, will bring him back. >> wouldn't have been my choice. >> mine either. tony, by the way, has voiced about six episodes. >> longevity. >> vinnie the dog will be around. >> applies to the story, stay tuned. >> italian as a dog, i'm
4:54 am
offended. >> you should be proud. >> i'm over it. >> or not. >> i'm over it. >> offended and over it at the same time. new subject. are you offended? >> i'm over it. >> made me laugh today. i love it. time now for our impact your world. thanksgiving may be days away, but millions of americans don't have enough to eat. here is how actor jeff bridges is trying to make sure no kid goes hungry. >> hi. i'm jeff bridges and we can make an impact on ending childhood hunger here in america. according to the usda, we currently have over 60 million children who are struggling with hunger. one in five of our kids. any of you kids see "surf's up"? we think one of the most important things we can do to end childhood hunger is to have universal breakfast in schools.
4:55 am
another thing that is very important is there are summer meal programs available to kids. no kid hungry is about making people aware of the programs that are available. how i would feel if i wasn't able to provide for my kids. but also on a patriotic way, we can't compete with the rest of the world. >> join the movement. impact your world. go to >> that deserves repeating, especially ahead of thanksgiving. coming up on "new day," the storm is acomin', affecting thanksgiving plans for millions of americans. how bad will it be? when will it hit? what can you do to prepare? our team has answers. and a mother's crusade.
4:56 am
12-year-old rebecca sedwick took her life to avoid bullying. her mother is joining us to talk about that.
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
our first flight was canceled. we had to call and get back on. >> grounded. the storm is coming. travel predictions are not good by land or air. now those macy thanksgiving day
5:00 am
parade balloons may not take off either. we have the latest. the mind of a killer. new revelations from inside the home of the sandy hook shooter. his obsession with video games, guns and mass murderers. still, though, no answer why. do no harm. a shocking expose on how animals are treated when making movies. does that seal of approval no animals were harmed mean anything? new allegations this morning. "new day" continues right now. good morning and welcome back to "new day." it is 8:00 in the morning in the east. holiday travelers, a storm that is blamed already for a dozen deaths is now heading east. we have all storm movements
5:01 am
and contingencies covered from all angles. let's start with indra peterson. >> we're starting to see some snow into the northeast. down in the south a lot of heavy rain starting to fill in with stronger winds. flight delays likely as you go to the southeast and spreading into the northeast as you go later on throughout the day. let's talk about this. yes, definitely seeing severe condition with his rain, snow, freezing rain, sleet and strong winds all in the forecast. as massive winter storm blamed for at least a dozen deaths and hundreds of accidents will bring heavy rain, snow, sleet and high winds to much of the east coast on the busiest travel week of the year. frustrated travelers already beginning to feel the ripple effect of the storm system with delays and cancellations at some of the nation's busiest airports. and it's not just planes. the balloons flying high above the macy's thanksgiving day parade could be grounded.
5:02 am
if sustained winds surpass 23 miles per hour, giant inflatable balloons can't take flight because officials fear their handlers won't be able to control them. >> they can be lowered all the way to the ground or a determination is made not to fly. >> in 1997, the six-story tall cat in the hat balloon was blown straight into the street lamp. debris fell to the crowd below, critically injuring one spectator. the colossal system has brought heavy snow in colorado and in new mexico. wind gusts of more than 50 miles per hour produced blinding conditions. parts of oklahoma receiving about a foot of snow. and in arkansas, heavy rain caused this pile-up on a bridge. >> the roads are really slick and i've seen a lot of accidents already. >> freezing rain making driving treacherous as this unrelenting
5:03 am
storm complicates the thanksgiving travel plans for millions. >> here is what we're expecting when all is said and done, look at the heavy rain spreading into the carolinas, virginia. on the back side we're talking about a lot of snow out there, even a foot of snow possible tapering through kansas and tennessee. throughout the day today, things will only start worsening. we'll see heavier rain and snow. as we go through the overnight period tonight in through tomorrow morning. don't forget the winds. that will cause a lot of travel delays. as this starts to taper off wednesday night, we'll start to see this system back off. you won't see as much rain or snow out there as it makes its way off in through maine. on the back side of it, we'll be left with the heavy winds even in through thanksgiving day. with that, more delays are in the forecast. chris and kate? >> that's the real killer part. even as it starts to get better the residual wind also still keep planes grounded. you'll have that double burden of watching it get better and yet your fate is not.
5:04 am
that's why we're trying to give you the latest information, especially if you're flying. timing may be crucial. gusting winds, heavy rain is always a recipe for grounding planes and many a getaway. rene marsh is checking on delays for us, live in virginia. what do you know? >> reporter: here is the bottom line. if you are flying regardless, if snow is coming your way or not, you can expect some delays based on, as we just heard there, the rain and those strong winds. i can tell you, we are starting to see the rain here and we are also starting to see a handful of delays here at dulles. since i spoke to you about three hours ago, we know throughout the country, we have seen a slight increase in the number of delays and cancellations. the thing is, it is still early. so, we expect those numbers will likely inch higher later today. been there, done that.
5:05 am
dulles airport revved up the snow plows in the last storm in march. today, up and down the coast, they're prepared to do the same if it comes to it. >> so far, the forecast is pointing to a nuisance storm from our perspective, one that won't result in severe cancellations, but more so delays. >> reporter: still, it could be a nightmare for some flyers. >> we see a lot of delays and cancellations with storms like this. >> reporter: daniel baker runs the flight tracking website making matters worse, planes are already full. >> the issue you run into, if you cancel one flight, there may not be capacity on later flights to accommodate all the delayed passengers. >> reporter: holiday travel is up 1.5% from last year. >> we decided to leave early and hopefully we'll be there and be all right and visit family and enjoy our week. >> reporter: busiest travel day? the sunday after thanksgiving. the second busiest day?
5:06 am
tomorrow. just in time for the storm. >> what i always say is have a low expectation when traveling through bad weather on the airlines, particularly through the holidays, and you won't be disappointed. >> reporter: all right. again, don't assume anything as you're traveling. best advice? call ahead. make sure you know the status of your flight before you get to the airport. back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, rene. if you're one of the tens of millions getting behind the wheel to travel this holiday, the storm is also creating dangerous conditions for you. there have been several accidents in the south and midwest. some of them fatal. cnn's alina picks up that part of the story for us. >> reporter: the bottom line is if you're going to be heading
5:07 am
out, driving somewhere this holiday weekend, be prepared to deal with potentially treacherous conditions. according to aaa, more than 43 million people will be traveling more than 50 miles from home for the thanksgiving holiday. about 90% of those people will be getting in their cars and driving somewhere. aaa says typically they would expect to rescue more than 320,000 people because of car problems. if you factor in the storm, that number could rise dramatically. the bottom line is if you're going to be heading out for the holiday weekend make sure you give yourself plenty of time, check the forecast and maybe even consider rearranging your travel plans around the storm to avoid the wrs possible times to be traveling. kate? >> whatever you can do to get to that thanksgiving table. thank you so much, alina. you can get a behind-the-scenes look at one of the world's busiest airports, atlanta's hartsville jackson airport. atl 24.
5:08 am
you can see it right now on michaela? >> let's take a look at our headlines this morning. good morning, everyone. working to avert an environmental disaster in the mississippi river in iowa. tow boat carrying about 100,000 gallons of fuel apparently struck something in the water and now is sinking. just how much fuel is leaking is unknown. right now officials closed that section of the river so that crews can work to contain the leak. security agreement between the u.s. and afghanistan appears to be on life support. they could pull all the troops by the end of the year if president karzai does not sign the deal. he says not until certain conditions are met, such as releasing afghan prisoners at guantanamo bay. adding tough talk doesn't help
5:09 am
national security. many in congress slammed the deal, saying it doesn't go far enough. the israelis were also sharp with their criticism. a team of officials is coming to washington to discuss this deal. contractor who oversaw a botched building demolition in philadelphia has now been charged with murder. the building's wall collapsed on to an adjacent salvation army store back in june, killing six people and injuring more than a dozen others. 49-year-old griffin campbell faces charges of involuntary manslaughter and reckless endangerment. a twist in a story that recently went viral involving a gay waitress in new jersey. the family she served didn't tip her but instead left a message on the receipt saying they didn't agree with her lifestyle. now that family is crying foul, telling a new york tv station that they did, in fact, tip her and never left that message, even providing proof of the transaction. morales, for her part, is stick
5:10 am
ing to the story. the family, however, believes it's being used as a hoax. >> which side of the truth? >> we're not going to find the truth. >> as you learn in this business, every story has three sides. >> uh-huh. >> we can only lay out as much as we can. stunning details about a young man who killed 20 children inside sandy hook elementary. you remember this story. for all the questions, the mystery remains, why? we'll explore that with one of the top psychiatrists in the country. we can do better. he will lay out how. her daughter was so tormented by bullies, her daughter took her own life. now she is determined to find justice. she will join us live to tell us what she's doing now. ♪
5:11 am
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welcome back to "new day." it's been almost a year since the mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school and connecticut authorities have just released a report offering a glimpse, at least, of the man behind the massacre, 20-year-old adam lanza. isolated from the world, dominated by odd behaviors and obsessed with violent video games. but missing from the 40-plus page document, why he did all of this. we may never know. let's bring in one of the top forensic psychiatrists in the nation, dr. michael welner, to try to learn from this report. some of the details was had an he was becoming more and more reclusive, blacked out windows, trash bags over the windows, violent video games a near obsession and also kind of obsessed and preoccupied with
5:15 am
guns. in behihindsight -- >> i think the report could go a lot further than it does. when you have a clear narrative of someone's grievance -- we've seen that. he had his agenda and this person has -- when you have someone who lays out in such great detail how he organized his thinking around that history, the sense of history of mass killers -- there's no grievance that has emerged, then we have our answer for why he did it. and we've got to confront that because it's part of solving it. there are people who latch on to the notion of the icon of i can be somebody because people will talk about me if i kill as many people as possible. and they research and they study and organize it as if it's some
5:16 am
kind of olympian achievement. that's what he did. the reason adam lanza killed is because he wanted to kill as many people as he could, so that he could be part of someone else's spreadsheet. and if we don't confront that reality, that we are missing what we've done here in america, which is create the american ideal -- this is a distinctly male crime. it's a distinctly american crime and it attaches itself to celebrity, equates with achievement and achievement right now in america, until we reverse it, is equated with ruthless destructiveness on a large scale. >> you're at home, you're listening to this. you're saying this guy is the outlyer, he's the extreme, even the extreme for the mentally ill, if you quantify it for people who are sick. >> by the time all of this information is available to us, the house is on fire.
5:17 am
and it gets there. what are the ingredients? of course, an immersion in violence and identification with violent culture is part of it. but one of the lessons of lanza from this report that we can learn -- we've spoken about this before. people who identify with mass killers, if they decide this is their goal, they don't fall into the cracks, they crawl into the cracks. he set up a dynamic. if you read the report, he set up a dynamic with his mother so that she would be afraid to get into his business. so, he was able to construct a private world in which he knew he had clear boundaries, nobody would cross, and he could plot and he could think. and this is part of how the illness ran the situation. >> so take us back, if you were to look ten years ago at adam lanza, would you have seen the signs of this starting to manifest itself? >> let's take a look at it from a parent's standpoint.
5:18 am
i wouldn't let my child near a violent video game. i don't think any parent who watches this program can say that violent video games can provide any kind of social constructive purpose. put them in a big pile, take them outside, light them on fire, never pay for them again. it has two commercially available movies that are noted. why aren't those movies named? why don't the makers of these movies see that when you put these movies in the hands of people who draw inspiration from them that they're toxic? >> people will say the games don't make you violent. you make you violent. it's not the movie. it's the suggestion that you take. >> but they're used as a training substitute for human contact. they're used to replace human contact. they're used in -- brvik in norway -- the report told us that adam lanza killed 27 people in ten minutes. that's extraordinary focus.
5:19 am
and he trained to do it. that's how the video games are used. and they're also used to facilitate a detachment. i would challenge the president, you're raising money from hollywood? why don't you challenge the actors of hollywood to refuse to appear in indulgently destructive movies? if you don't create icons for losers like adam lanza to say, hey i want to be that guy. i can relate to him. he's strong. he's powerful. if we don't create those icons -- and these aren't created in other societies -- then people will never get there and think we have to start at an earlier point. >> doctor, what do you then say when you read this report and you see such a chilling portrait of someone who is deeply troubled and you see what people will -- obviously, hindsight offers clarity.
5:20 am
these are warning signs. what do you say to the people who make the leap, where were the parents? where was ms. lanza? she's dead now. where was the fault with her? >> this is a very important question you've raised. mass killers plot about doing it for a long time. what we try to understand from a forensic psychiatric standpoint is why did it happen that day? and you learn the most from the first victim taken. he had no agenda with the children. that was all about a body count. that's my professional opinion. nothing to do -- but there's something in his relationship with the mother. before we pathologyize it, what do we know? she was away for a few days before this happen buddy we also know there was some discussion about moving and deconstructing whatever it was that he built, in my professional experience, people who are very limited, some of whom have significant mental illness, when there's a sense of who is supporting that and whom they're dependent upon and when their environment gets
5:21 am
that's a catalyst for them to say i'm going to do this because this situation that i'm in, this support i'm in -- maybe my mom is going to move away. maybe she won't support me. maybe i'll be on my own. it doesn't have to be a threat. all it has to to be is a person's perception. i see the end. the end is coming and i'm going to act on my terms. the answers for why it happened that day will relate to a dynamic that every family with a chronic mentally ill or violent developmentally disabled child can relate tochlt that is, what are the boundaries, what are the responsibilities and who is going to help us? until you've been in that position, it is the loneliest place to be. from what i've read, i am a big supporter of mrs. lanza in the standpoint of i haven't walked in her shoes. we can see he took over the home. we don't know how it got there, but we know she was devoted and she was trying to love him as best she could. >> even in connecticut, which is a fairly progressive state with
5:22 am
mental health, she can't make him take his meds. >> right. >> she can't get him residential treatment anywhere in all likelihood. she can't control him, especially at the age over 18. people forget that when we look retrospectively and say you should have controlled the kid better. there's nothing you can do. >> we spoke about this last week. it reinforces the point. have you to empower the parents. when the mother looking in the mirror says i'm overwhelmed all she has to do is pick up the phone and say help me and that people are prepared to step in and penetrate the bubble that he created and he was able to maintain. not just because of mrs. lanza in the home but because of rights that protect the ability of the illness to run the situation. and that's why certain catastrophes, not just mass killings -- it may be mr. deed's situation in virginia. certain catastrophes happen when families, most of all, are the ones who absolutely saw this as coming. >> doctor, thank you very much for coming in. excellent perspective.
5:23 am
>> when it comes to these violent incidents we all care so much about, nothing matters more. we get distracted by the guns and that matters, too. but how we treat the mentally ill and how we glorify violence is always at the center of these discussions. >> thank you. when we come back, those two teenagers accused of bullying rebecca sedwick to death have been cleared. not by rebecca's mother. she's filed a wrongful death suit. she will tell you why and what you want to know about your kids. my asthma's under control. i get out a lot... except when it's too cold. like the last three weekends. asthma doesn't affect my job... you missed the meeting again last week! it doesn't affect my family. your coughing woke me up again. i wish you'd take me to the park. i don't use my rescue inhaler a lot...
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welcome back to "new day." time now for the five things you need to know for your new day.
5:27 am
winter storm targeting the east coast is expected to cause absolute chaos for the millions of americans planning to drive or fly this thanksgiving. the u.s. says it could pull out all troops from afghanistan by the end of the year if a security deal is not reached. president hamid car stie now saying he is not signed on until afghan prisoners are freed from guantanamo bay. president obama wrapping up a west coast swing today, including dream works in california, where he will give a speech focusing on the economy. sexual assaults on young girls expected in court today. he says his twin brother is really to blame. ryan lucas denies the claims. controversy surrounding the macy's thanksgiving day parade, animal rights peta is expected to protest sea world's float today over kugs that the park
5:28 am
does not properly treat whales. chris, over to you. >> update now to a case we've been following closely on "new day," the mother of rebecca sedwick, the mother of the 12-year-old girl who took her own life after being bullied. she plans to sue the people she says are responsible for her daughter's death. tricia norman. the charges were dropped against the two teen girls accused of bullying rebecca. >> two teen girls are cleared of aggravated stalking charges in the case of alleged cyber bullying that led to the death of 1-year-old rebecca sedwick. one of the accused spoke to "new day." >> what do you think you've learned here because of everything that happened ? >> well, maybe you should watch what you say and words hurt. you should use them carefully and try not to hurt people's
5:29 am
feelings. >> bullying is a national epidemic. >> the two alleged bullies, arresting the girls, showing their mug shots and naming them at a press conference and he stands by his actions. >> if the same set of circumstances occurred today, i would make the same arrest. >> reporter: but kaitlyn roman's attorney says his client has been cleared of any wrong doing. >> he's saying how glad he is that she's getting counseling and that was his goal all along. his job isn't to -- i'm outraged by his conduct. >> reporter: sedwick jumped to her death after messages like "drink bleach and die." what school districts or police can do to put an end to this behavior. what do you want to tell other kids? they're saying, i don't know
5:30 am
what happened here but i can say what i want and that's just how kids are. what do you say to that? >> i want to tell them that you can bully and maybe not know you're doing it. and you just need to look at yourself and say, wait. am i doing something wrong here? >> joining us now is rebecca sedwick's mother, tricia norman. thank you both for being here. i want to start with something that we haven't heard anything about. right now your daughter is just about how she died. who was she? we all know young people. she's like so many other kids. tell us about her. >> she was bright, beautiful, fun to be around. she loved different shows on tv, "vampire diaries," "the carrie diaries." she loved one direction. she loved her cheerleading. >> the easy answer in these situations is to say rebecca,
5:31 am
god love her, she was fragile. she was susceptible to this. she was different. is that fair? >> no, not at all. she was a normal kid. she was just like any other kid out there. >> she could take a little bit of ribbing? she wasn't particularly vulnerable? you know why i'm asking you this? >> yeah, she could take it. she dished it out. i mean, when somebody would attack her, there were times when she would defend herself and she didn't just lay down and say, okay, kick me. >> and yet this time, this pattern of behavior that you saw over weeks, months, a year, how was this different? >> because it just wouldn't stop. no matter what we did to try to eliminate it, it just kept coming back. >> we went to the parents? did you call the other kids' parents? >> i -- yes. >> didn't work. did you go to the school? >> yes. >> and say you have a responsibility? >> several times. >> and they wound up taking some action, right? did they move your daughter around, tried to do certain
5:32 am
things? >> they tried to do certain things. >> you didn't feel the response was there either? >> no. most of the time they would brush it under the rug. she needs to develop thicker skin. all kids are different. they're all the same as they have to grow and they have to learn, but everybody takes things different. >> was this about your kid not having thick skin? >> no. i think her skin was thick enough. i just think that it was so much and so often. if she tried to ignore it, they would still find a way to get to her. >> when you look at responsibility here now, this became big why? because of the sheriff. we hear about bullying cases. but this time it was going to stop. there were charges. that's unusual because we're dealing with young kids. that's why there's so many calls for charging the adults involved, the parents. he put their faces out, said their names. do you think that's right?
5:33 am
>> i don't know too much about the law to say whether he was right or not. i think people should know what was done to my daughter and who did it. how he handled it is how he -- i mean, i can't really speak for him. >> do you think the kids involved knew what they were doing, knew that they were pushing your daughter in a way that was dangerous? >> yes, i do. >> the older child involved and the younger one that we spoke to here on the show, do you think she knew what she was doing? >> yes. >> does it matter that her attorney and she and her parents say, there's no proof of bullying? yes, we got into a fight but i wasn't in some pattern of cyber bullying that they said i was. there's no proof of that. do you believe that? >> no. >> you believe it's there? >> yes. >> we're dealing with, what, denial by them? >> yeah. >> how do you explain that? >> i just think that they don't want to -- they're in denial.
5:34 am
i think deep down they know themselves what happened. i think they're trying to deny it for legal reasons. >> so when you think about this situation, you're not getting the relief from outside. you're going to turn inside. when you think about this, was there anything to do here to stop it? was it in your power to make your daughter safe, to make her okay? >> i thought about that a million times. and i'm going to grief counseling myself now and she assures me every time that you did everything you possibly could. i took her to counseling. i took her out of the school. i home schooled her. you know, i shut down her facebook. i did everything i possibly could. i gave her a cell phone with a texting app that didn't have cell phone service on it so she could communicate with her friends because she was -- it was unfair for her to be taken away from all of her friends and have no way to contact them.
5:35 am
so i let her have a texting app after she was home for a couple of months. >> and that's how they found her? >> and that's how they found her. then she was a 12-year-old and went behind mom's back and got on a website that i didn't know anything about. >> it's hard. it's hard to keep track now. what's the -- what do you want parents to know about what you lived through and what they may not know and what they haven't felt? >> i know when i looked at my child, i seen a normal, happy, healthy, productive child. apparently inside, behind the scenes there were other things going on with this bullying and everything else. so even though your child may seem normal to you, there may be something else going on. >> and rebecca was a child. was she under treatment? was she someone who had a diagnosis or something that you can point to? >> she was in counseling and the counselor and reb ecca both
5:36 am
agreed that she didn't need counseling and the bullying had stopped when i had taken her out. >> so the treatment was about the bullying? >> yes. >> now there's a lawsuit and there's a message. what do you want people to know about these efforts? >> that bullying is serious and we're going to do everything in our power to make it against the law to bully somebody. >> the law punishes whom? the child or -- how would the law work? >> both the parent and the child. under the florida statutes currently there's a statute which prohibits bullying. but at the end of the day there's no punishment for the bullying. it says it's wrong but it doesn't say what the punishment is. >> what should it be? >> first offense, some type of counseling. second offense counseling plus some type of community service. and third offense some type of juvenile detention. >> for the child? >> for the child. >> and what about the parent? >> civil responsibility is something we're going to be exploring. if parents know they could be held financially responsible for
5:37 am
the acts of their children, ultimately that might provide a deterring effect for them to monitor their child's behavior. >> what do you want those parents to know at home? you say you can't always see what's going on inside your child. what's the best advice if your child is caught up in the dangerous cycle of being bullied? >> to get them counseling. there's just so much. >> i know this isn't easy for you to talk about it. you know people need to hear it. so many parents struggle with this and there aren't enough answers. >> there definitely needs to be counseling. the other parents of the children that are doing the bullying, they need to get their kids into counseling, too. the schools need to take it more serious. if your child is being bullied, don't ever give up. don't think it went away. just follow up and make sure it shall i don't know how i could have followed up to make sure it
5:38 am
wasn't going on because -- >> you did what you could. that's not easy. we're all at a disadvantage against the the world especially where parenting is involved. we know this is important. we know you won't leave it alone. we'll follow the lawsuit. we'll follow the efforts for the law. this story matters and the problem certainly is everywhere. tricia, thank you for taking the time to be here. matt, thank you. kate, over to you. >> chris, thank you. the treatment of animals on set why a trademark movie disclaimer may not always be true. ♪ it's the night before christmas, ♪
5:39 am
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welcome back. allegations this morning about the treatment of animals on hollywood production sets. scathing article on the
5:42 am
reporter. nischelle turner is here with more on this story. what did they uncover? >> it's a very deep investigation that they did, kate. the hollywood reporter says that they have uncovered one of the industry's deep, dark secrets, revealing that the infamous movie disclaimer "no animals were harmed in filming" isn't necessarily true. you've seen this disclaimer hundreds of times before. now a shocking report by the hollywood reporter alleges that the american humane associations trademark accreditation isn't always credible. take "life of pi's" tiger king, for example. despite his prowess and digital twin, king nearly drowned shooting ocean scenes after becoming disoriented. quote, last week we almost [ bleep ]ing killed king in the water tank. >> this is, to me, one of the
5:43 am
dirty dark secrets of hollywood. by not reporting these incidents. by deciding on their own that they can deal with it internally and not bringing it to law enforcement, they're complicit in this. >> the e-mail of the employee in question led to an internal investigation and there was no evidence of any harm to the tiger as determined after multiple inquiries. she is no longer employed by the association. the movie studio disputed the claim that the tiger nearly drowned saying, quote, we take on-set safety very seriously. animal rights groups, however, say this is a problem that has plagued the movie industry for years. in 2012, while the stars of "the hobbit" walked the red carpet, spectators lined the streets. not to cheer, but to protest. >> peta is here because dozens of animals were killed and severely injured during the makimake ing of "the hobbit."
5:44 am
even when these films are being monitored, tragic deaths and injuries do still occur. >> reporter: peter jackson says their disclaimer holds true. >> half the animals are computer generated and there was no abuse or maltreatment of animals on this film. >> reporter: and on hbo's tv series "luck," charges of animal cruelty, even though the aha was present on set. the production was canceled in 2012 after three horses died. hbo, owned by cnn's parent company, time warner, released this statement saying, quote, while we maintain the highest safety standards possible, accidents, unfortunately, happen. it is impossible to guarantee they won't in the future. now the aha released a lengthy statement in response to the hollywood reporter saying in part, the article paints a picture that is completely unrecognizable to us or anyone who knows the american humane
5:45 am
association's work. far from allowing abuse or negative to occ neglect to occur we have a remarkably high safety record of 99.8% on set. they flatly deny that they side with the industry and look the other way in some cases. >> thank you, nischelle. author tim farris will talk about his new show, coming up. this guy can do anything. or can he? >> this is the closest you can come to combining those two things. [ female announcer ] it's time for the annual shareholders meeting. ♪ there'll be the usual presentations on research. and development. some new members of the team will be introduced. the chairman emeritus will distribute his usual wisdom. and you? well, you're the chief life officer. you just need the right professional to help you take charge.
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listening to this song. welcome back to "new day." imagine having one week, my
5:49 am
friends, to pick up a pair of drum sticks and learning how to play. tim ferriss, certifiable crazy man also host of the new show "the tim ferriss experiment" did that challenge and filmed it for his new show. he is with us this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> i was investigating you. >> dangerous. >> i know. talking about the show, it's to show people that you can do seemingly super human things if you have a better tool kit. you don't need better genetics. you don't need a bigger budget? >> that's right. >> so what is the show about? >> it's about making these seemingly possible possible. we all hear these myths, whether it takes a lifetime to learn a language, you're too old to have this, you have these injuries, you can't do that. each episode is intended to make me face some fear of mine, like doing hard core at age 36 or learning to work on my fear of
5:50 am
heights or overcome my fear of drowning. i couldn't swim until after age 30, despite the fact that i grew up on long island. to show people they can do the same thing if they have a good template. >> talk about this tool kit. do we all have it? do we have access to this tool kit you speak of? >> definitely. each episode i'll cover one or two of these tools. in the case of language, one is talking well enough to be interviewed on television. explain the lens that i use to do that. >> as tim ferriss -- you're very successful. is tim ferriss the everyday man? not everybody is built like tim ferriss. maybe you're musically inclined and maybe you're just one of those guys that have those set
5:51 am
of skills. >> that's a good question. i failed all of these challenges that's why i chose them. swimming was terrifying to me up until my 30s. i'm doing things that i'm not genetically well suited to do and showing how you can succeed despite what your weaknesses might be. >> are you afraid you're not going to survive the first season of the show? it's demanding. >> doing 13 weeks in a row is demanding. i don't win all the time. there are episodes where i fail. in every episode i have some type of meltdown. >> yes. >> get to see the emotional -- >> is it like a cliff notes? >> it's exactly cliff notes. >> there you go. >> so -- >> how do get by? >> "newsweek's" world's best beginy pig, because i make it my job to do things that people would not try. >> tim ferriss, good luck.
5:52 am
"the tim ferriss experiment" appears hln sunday, december 1st at 8:00 pm eastern. tim will be live tweeting the entire show. one thing that tim has to be is pretty -- >> ow. >> there goes the table. >> pretty fit to pull this off. you're pretty fit. does fit equal sexy? >> no, not necessarily. >> why does kate wonder? >> because then he would be saying -- >> why does kate wonder this? we're going to take a little bit of a different turn, a journey into a family dynamic. thanksgiving table in the cuomo house may be a little tense this year because a cuomo is in the "people's" sexiest man alive list. >> no! >> yes, i am adam levine. >> this is chris. however, it may not be our beloved chris cuomo. it might be another cuomo who
5:53 am
might just be joining us on the phone. governor, are you there? >> yes, i am. it's my pleasure to be with you. >> oh, my goodness. >> governor, why, oh, why, governor, are you on the list and your poor, younger brother, is not? >> well, i think it's obvious, frankly. any observer of the situation, i think, would come to the same conclusion. but i do feel bad that chris isn't on the list. >> do you? >> i do have good news, though. he almost made the list. and if there was a runner-up list, he would have been on that list. >> that deserves a -- >> i'm glad you have nothing better to do than to call me about this. i think there's an asterisk on your picture there. >> we are in so much trouble. >> hoping you're enjoying this. what is this now? >> actually, i am. i am enjoying this on behalf of the state of new york. >> are you really? maybe it's really being gifted to the state of new york as just a sexy place in general and you have, you know, this honor of
5:54 am
being the face of new york for now because to look at that face -- >> governor cuomo, i can't get over the fact that you guys sound alike. >> his voice is higher than mine, which apparently is very sexy. >> well, whatever it is, it is obviously sexy. and, yes, i will say on behalf of the state of new york, it's a sexy state. >> it is. >> yes, it is. i'm the governor of new york and i think that's why i was afforded the honor, but some people weren't. >> some. i hear the air quotes, governor. some people were not afforded the honor. >> i feel his head swelling up the inside of whatever vehicle he's in right now. >> no, but i do want to say, look, country has -- god gives everyone certain talents. chris has some great talents. he's a good listener, very good at badminton, christopher.
5:55 am
>> do you believe this? >> we love you for other reasons not because you're sexy. >> try to contain your enthusiasm. >> sorry. >> therapist at the family table at thanksgiving. >> congratulations. >> you guys have a very nice thanksgiving. >> you, too. can't hear you anymore. must have lost you. lower my taxes. >> don't raise mine. thank you, governor. see you soon. >> family moment on "new day." >> sorry. had to be done. >> we both have a lot of sisters that they could get on the phone. >> absolutely no chance that this ever comes back to haunt either of you. >> never. >> we both know it's not my way. >> revenge is not in his name. [ male announcer ] 1.21 gigawatts. today, that's easy. ge is revolutionizing power. supercharging turbines with advanced hardware and innovative software. using data predictively to help power entire cities. so the turbines of today... will power us all...
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sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart. all right. it's time for "the good stuff." joel has been homeless for more than a year and recently was dumpster diving when he found a wallet. not only did he not keep it, he went all over atlanta to find the owner. the people at the omni so impressed they use this had surveillance photo to track him down and a thanks. what a thank you they gave him. he trades up from his tarp for a luxury room, which he will keep through thanksgiving weekend. >> what? >> free clothes, $500 in cash and a makeover. what's more, people have gotten
6:00 am
the word, just like you are now, sending notes, cash, trying to give him the things he needs to help himself. he says he is going to use it all to try to turn his life around. take a listen. >> this is just too much, man. i've really got a lot to prove now. >> got a lot to prove. >> the more you're dealing with, the harder it is. but we wish him well and he did the right thing and certainly he was our dose of "the good stuff" today. >> all right. thank you. talking to the governor was a good stuff. >> my good, dear friends. time now for "newsroom" with carol costello. take it away. >> i will. have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. happening now in the "newsroom," travel crunch. >>


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