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tv   Early Start  CNN  November 27, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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that number is exactly what the threshold is. >> chad, thanks. that does it for this edition 360. thanks for watching. "early start," the most important show on television begins right now. thanksgiving travel nightmare. a deadly storm plaguing the country, grounding planes, bringing traffic to a standstill. we are live with where the storm is headed next. and the chaos already created from the nation's biggest airport. challenging china, u.s. bombers flying over islands and space china says belongs to it. three arizona kids claiming they were held captive in their own home for years. malnourished and dirty. finally finding their way to freedom. the shocking accusations ahead. good morning, welcome to
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"early start." i'm zoraida sambolin. >> i'm christine romans. nice to see all of you, it's 5:00 a.m. in the east. >> unfortunately, we begin with an eye on the weather. this massive storm now a nor'easter. it's barreling up the east coast. it's bringing strong wind, heavy rain and snow and making travel a bit of awe nightmare for millions. >> let's start in cleveland. it was sloppy 3 to 5 inches around the region with even more today. some areas could see up to 10 inches by the time this is over today. it's so pretty, isn't it? >> it is but nothing pretty about trying to get to grandma's house. >> we originally planned to leave in the morning but news of the weather forecast, we decided to leave early to try to beat the weather down. >> i'm from north carolina, so i'm definitely not used to this type of weather. >> it's smart to leave early but drive slowly. new york's area, albany, also finding snow. just a dusting when this pictures were taken.
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but it promises to be messy there, rain, sleet in the forecast. >> it could be tough around pittsburgh today, with rain and snow, keeping the roads pretty slick there. there were accidents all over major highways as drivers tried to get home just as the storm hit. >> indra petersons is tracking this for us. but first, if you're planning to go anywhere east of the mississippi today. be prepared to wait. and wait and wait. so this storm is hitting some of the nation's biggest cities and biggest airline hubs. and that means big delays for millions of travelers. but we're hoping there are no cancellations. renee marsh is live at reagan international airport. what can you tell us, renee? >> reporter: let's call this the calm before the storm. you can see people are showing up to arrive only first flights here at reagan international. of course, at is this point, things are okay. of course as the day goes on,
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things will change. roughly 200 flights canceled nationwide. that is what the outlook looks like according to flight tracker websites this morning. and about 120 delays at this hour. here at reagan national airport, luke at the boards, everything looks pretty good. on time, on time, on time. but, of course, it is still early. as the volume picks up with the flights, we're going to see the boards start lighting up. i want to take a look at the thy map. you can seat most delays. you see the two airports on top with the most delays. jfk and newark airport. if you're in a situation where you're delayed, you just want this thing to be over and you want to get to your destination. let's take a listen with some people are going with just that. >> this is about weather coming in and get to the family. that's pretty much why i moved
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it up. >> i just wanted to get out. >> just looking at that weather, that big green/pink slop coming our direction, time to get out of the way. >> yeah. >> so get out now at all costs. >> got to be home for turkey day, righty. >> just want to get home on time for the holiday. don't want to rent a car and drive all the way to north carolina. >> we got a sweet turkey waiting for us. >> all right. so, again, last check on that misery map we saw, jfk and newark airport, they were on the top of the list in the last three hours with the most delays. but when you look at the numbers, they're relatively low right now, those numbers indeed, without a doubt, will climb as the volume of flights climb as well. so be prepared to not be able to get to your zestation at the time that you thought you were going to get there. back to you. >> as long as the flights an
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canceled, rene, i think people will have patience with that. keep on tweeting out if you see those become cancellations and not delays. thank you. indra petersons is tracking the storm. she is in the pittsburgh suburbs this morning and she's joining us on the phone. how is the situation there, indra? >> you know, it's really amazing, coming in yesterday, i was shocked to see that the planes landed. visibility was so poor. light rain yesterday afternoon. there's definitely some flurries coming down here. take a look at the radar right now, you can actually see where the system is right now. the travel nightmare is filled with so many people today. we're still talking about heavier rain pushing into the northeast. take a look at the northeast all the way down to the mid-atlantic. you're still talking about that heavy rain on the back side, just like in pennsylvania, still talking about the snow coming down. the bulk of it pushing east, that's the good news, kind of moving out of the ohio valley. unfortunately, conditions can worsen to places like upstate
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new york with heavier bands of snow making their way in. speaking of snow, we've seen good amounts in ohio, 6 to 8 inches of snow already. also just north of us here in pennsylvania, we have a good 10 inches of snow. we kind of had an idea of what we're expecting as we push through this later time this morning. that's what we're concerned with, really the heaviest amounts of rain and snow today, are going to be the morning hours trying to get out ahead of thanksgiving. we're still talking about anywhere from 2 to 4 inches of rain can be seen in the northeast. of course the higher up you are. the farther north, heavier amounts. the farther south, you'll see that rain taper off, we'll see probably 1 to 2 inches on the back side, we're still talking about anywhere of a foot of snow especially off the great lakes. tapering off to kentucky, tennessee will see some of these flurries. here's the thing that everyone seems to forget, even when you start to see the rain and snow taper off tonight which we will
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by midnight, things could be gone, but wind. that is one of the biggest reasons that we have the travel delays. the winds are out there and they continue to strengthen. as the system makes its way north, we'll talk about the winds first hanging around the mid-atlantic. 20 to 30 miles per hour. new york city, 45-mile-per-hour gusts never a good thing for delays. as we go into it, we see the wind shift farther to the east. boston on thanksgiving, we'll still be talking about winds even as we go through thursday evening. definitely a lot in the picture here. a lot of cancellations still likely when we get to the storm. >> that's unfortunate. i'm really worried about the roads. we were coming in this morning. there's a lost water accumulation. i'm concerned about accidents along the way because it was pretty dicey. pretty dicey. >> thanks, indra. we're going to try to get you off in the next half hour. and contentions between the u.s. and china.
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sending a pair of b-52 bombers over the china sea. iran calls it a routine mission. but china saying only they have the right to patrol skies there. david, does this have the makings of an international incident? >> reporter: well, christine, it could certainly have the makings of an incident or flare-up. this is an intense region. the chinese response to the b-52 bombers flying through there, saying we're watching you. they say they tracked those, through a disputed area of japan and china. china saying they reserve the right to act if they wish against any suspicious aircraft or military planes in that zone that they declared just days ago. certainly, says that worrying development in this carry because it has long been disputed, christine.
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>> have are the chinese saying about this? we know the chinese are flexing their own military might in the region. what are they saying? >> reporter: they're saying they have the right to protect their national security. they point to the fact that the u.s. has similar zones around its airspace as a way to protect the u.s. shores. they're saying they're just doing the same thing. well, the problem with that argument is that, analysts say well, this area, isn't decided between japan and china. by china saying they effectively own the policing of this area, they say they're just inflaming tensions further and making it less likely that any kind of diplomatic solution between japan and china could come through. it must be stated that no one really believes that china wants to have any kind of fight with the u.s. and japan on this issue. but perhaps there's an accidental chance that something could happen that could flare-up. >> david mckenzie, thank you,
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david. 9 minutes past. how do americans feel about the nuclear deal eye iran? >> this is according to a reute reute reuters/ipsis poll. >> interesting story in the years just after the september 11th attacks, the cia reportedly turned guantanamo bay prisoners into terrorist-fighting double agents, sending them back home to spy on al qaeda. in return, according to the associated press, the cia promised the prisoners freedom, safety for their families and millions of dollars from the agency's secret accounts. the ap says the system was carried out called penny lane. the program ended in 2006. obama care is headed back that the supreme court. the justices can agreed to hear
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two cases challenging the law's mandate providing that employers provide contraceptive coverage in their insurance plans. some are exempt. but some business owners say it forces them to violate their faith. the central issue is whether the constitution protecting the religious rights of for-profit companies. lower courts have the cases which could be argued next spring. and a thanksgiving tradition at the white house. president obama will pardon a turkey. a lucky turkey. this year, caramel and popcorn are the two turkeys that will have a chance to live out their lives in mt. vernon. they're adorable, aren't that? nice and lump. another market milestone, the nasdaq closed above 4,000 for the first time in 14 years. the last time that happened all the way back from the dotcom bubble in 2000. follows two other milestones last week. the s&p 500 hit 1800. the dow closed above 16,000.
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i want to say a drop in consumer confidence has been offset by strong housing news. a little early "money time" news. that's good news. coming up, shocking allegations out of arizona. did you hear about this? three girls breaking out of a home where they say they have been held captive for years. and terror at a texas hospital where a man takes out a 95 and begins to attack. no matter how busy your morning you can always do something better for yourself. and better is so easy with benefiber. fiber that's taste-free, grit-free and dissolves completely. so you can feel free to add it to anything. and feel better about doing it. better it with benefiber.
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welcome back to "early start." a shocking story this morning from arizona where three girls claim they were held in a home in tucson for two years. these three girls are siblings, ages, 12, 13 and 17. and their mother and stepfather have now been arrested. police say the three were malnourished. they were dirty. they told investigators they had not taken a bath up to six months. the youngest escaped when they say their stepfather broke down a door and threatened them. neighbors simply amazed.
2:16 am
some didn't even know there were children in that home. >> there there was kids they never came out and played. we have kids all over the neighborhood. they had to try extra hard to keep themselves sa concluded. >> the mother and stepfather facing kidnapping charges. the stepfather also accused of sexually abuse one of the girls. a texas nurse is dead and others injured after a stabbing ramp catch. police say kyron templeton was visiting his mother at the surgery center when he pulled out a knife and started slashing people. the nurse, gail sandidge was on the staff for 35 years. >> nurses are protectors by nature. and gail, she fit that profile. she was protecting her patients in an act of courage. in so doing, she lost her life. >> such a sad story.
2:17 am
i just wanted to mention that he also described her as a seamstress, a sunday school teacher of 2-year-olds, a huge baylor fan, a mother, a grandmother, a healer, a mentor. just an amazing woman. police are trying to figure out what was behind this attack. temperatureton is in jail charged with murder and aggravated assault. a connecticut judge has ordered that state officials release the 911 tapes from the sandy hook massacre. the judge rejecting the argument that relesioning it could be emotional. while the calls are harrowing, he ordered officials to put them out by december 4th. o.j. simpson has lost his bid for a new trial. a nevada judge rejecting simpleton's claims that he was not properly represented by his lawyers when he was convicted of robbing a sports minimum bealeia dealer in 2007. the judge wrote there was nothing to cause her to question the validity of the conviction.
2:18 am
simpson is likely to serve at least four more years in prison. an ohio school superintendent, two other employees are placed on leave. day after being indicted and accused of covering up the rape of a 16-year-old. the three all worked for the steubenville schools. a city underclothes scrutiny since two football players were convicted earlier this year. the two school employees and the volunteer coach are due in court on december 6th. shocking new allegations against a montana bride accused of pushing her husband off a cliff just eight gays after their june wedding. federal prosecutors said 22-year-old jordan graham spoke of murdering her own mother and stepfather in the weeks before the ceremony. they say the comments will help them prove contempt. graham was charged with first degree murder. the actor alec baldwin is out of a job and losing his television show after yelling a
2:19 am
gay slur. baldwin told he still disputes use the gay slur. a chicago couple has won the right to marry months before a state law would actually allow them to marry. 64-year-old vernita gray is dying of cancer and wanted to exchange vows with her partner patricia ebert. they went to a federal judge who ordered the cook county clerk to issue a marriage license. they got that license monday night. >> in sickness and health has real meaning to us. >> the judge was so brave to do what he did. i'm just amazed. >> i've worked my whole life. i have a pension, i have social security. these are the things we work for in life for our families. not to just disappear because i'm going to leave this earth. >> my goodness, what bravery, right, to talk about that? they could wed as soon as today.
2:20 am
the judge's decision only applies to this particular couple but their lawyer says they expect they may hear from others in a similar situation. all right, in today's "road warriors" we're talking about frequent flier miles, if you have a lot of them you may want to think about cashing them in soon. united and delta are both making changes that could make it harder to get a free trip. first, united, it is raising the amount of miles to get a business or first class seat. starting in february you need 20,000 more miles to get a first class trip. you need even more to fly the partner airlines. delta also increasing the number of miles for a free seat. say if you're thinking of a trip to hawaii, right now it takes 40,000 to get an economy class seat. starting in february, you'll need 45,000. both united and delta say they have to charge more miles to offset their blah, blah, blah. coming up, a major contender
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in the heisman race, putting on an incredible show last night. will jordan lynch get in an by -- who knows, andy scholes joins us with the record breaking speech. plus, it's time for your morning rhyme. tweet us with your own original verse. it can be anything. doesn't to be travel or turkey or snow. #morningrhyme. #earlystart. we'll read the best ones in the next half hour. (vo) you are a business pro. maestro of project management. baron of the build-out. you need a permit... to be this awesome. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price.
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all right. lebron james left the cavs four years ago with the infamous decision. left the fans outraged but now they started a movement to try
2:25 am
to bring him back to his hometown. >> i don't know. they were mean-spirited. andy scholes joins us with the "bleacher report." what is going on. >> after lebron was pretty much the most hated athlete in cleveland. fans were even burning his jerseys in the street. as we know, time heals all. a movement called "come home lebron" has been lurking to lure lebron back in the off-season. a fan started the movement. they have a website. they even put up billboards around the city. lebron and the miami heat play the cavs in cleveland tonight. this is interesting, instead of flying straight to toronto after the game. the team is going to hang out and celebrate thanksgiving at lebron's home in akron. you might recognize this guy, he made the trick shot video a few years ago. guess what, he's been signed to play quarterback for the cleveland browns. now browns troubles at
2:26 am
quarterback are well documented. they have had a league high, 20 different starting quarterbacks since 1990 nine. tani is expected to back up brandon weeden this weekend. and a report on the biggest issue ever. the fisherman with a hookskate caught it off the miami beach. he said it took four hours to haul that bad boy in, guys. >> and what is he going to do with it now? >> 00 knows. that thing belongs in a museum. >> that is not a fish. that is a beast. >> it some. >> thank you, andy. all the top headlines and everything you need to know for the day, right after the break. ♪
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a thanksgiving travel nightmare. dozens of planes grounded. even more delayed. and travelers take to get roads, not having a lot of luck there. a deadly storm coating streets with snow, ice and rain. we have live coverage of the travel trouble at the airport and who electrical impacted by the storm. >> welcome back to "early start." i'm christine romans. >> and did you see indra covering up? >> i know. i'm zoraida sambolin. it's 30 minutes past the hour. grab your umbrella, your coats, neighbor your rain boots. a massive nor'easter bringing strong winds, heavy rains to millions. messing up plans on one of the
2:31 am
busiest travel days of the year. the scene in ohio, let's start there, it is snowy with 3 to 5 inches of wet, sloppy precipitation on the ground. with even more headed their way today, it is making it tough to get around. it means for many heading out extra early. >> we originally planned to leave in the morning. but news in the weather forecast, we decided to leave early. >> i'm from north carolina, i'm definitely not used to this type of weather. >> in new york state, it was an ugly start to the storm. all of the rain and sleet making for an awfully ugly day to get around. to north carolina, the rain piling up quickly, 2 inches' worth. caring off the roads in some places. and overwhelmed storm drains leading to serious backups. i can tell you that is quite a mess there. indra petersons is in the middle of the storm this morning. she is live in the pittsburgh
2:32 am
suburbs. when we went to you a minute ago, you were covering up. how bad is it there? >> it's snowing. it's one thing that is going to be happening but it's beautiful. it's something want for the holidays you just want it when everyone's at their destination and say and sound. unfortunately, the biggest travel day of the year not good to see this. actually right now, i'm standing here in pittsburgh. you actually see the highways, some people trying to get out early. youngstown, ohio, going that way. going to pittsburgh, off in that direction. you can see definitely we're getting the flurries here, we have the icy conditions. let's take a look at the radar and see how many people are going to be affected by the storm and are currently affected by the storm in one way or the other. you guys described it perfectly. there is everything going on. we have rain stretching down to the carolinas. heavy rain even expected to get even heavier as the storm makes its way north today. on the back side, we have snow. right here in pittsburgh, pennsylvania.
2:33 am
snow is out here. we've seen a lot of it. take a look at the snow totals. in ohio, 6 to 8 inches of snow have already been seen. yes, just north of us, here in pennsylvania, we've seen 10 inches and more of it on its way. here's the low making its way up the coastline. remember, it's coming from the south. a lot of rain packing a good punch out there. as far as rain, anywhere 2 to 4 inches can still be seen, especially if you're farther north, tapering off as the low makes its way north. the snow totals most likely moving down into western portions of new york. also into pennsylvania, also back through west virginia. those are going to be those hot spots. remember, even with visibility, all the aircraft trying to get around. very difficult getting into pittsburgh, you almost didn't see anything until you just landed so that's going to be complication as well. then there are the winds. even though as we go through the day, we start to see the winds taper off. heaviest rain, heaviest snow,
2:34 am
but as we go through the evening hour, all of this does start to taper off, as far as the precipitation, but not the winds. right now, this morning, 45-mile-per-hour gusts seen in the new york area. we're talking about the mid-atlantic seeing the stronger gusts. then they shift. as we move into thursday, we're going to start to see even overnight into thursday morning, the winds shift farther out in the northeast and boston. of course, the rest of the northeast. so this travel nightmare is not going to be done for at least a good four hours, guys. >> that is not good. we're hoping that the winds could hold off until much later. all right. indra, you look bundled up nice and bull. thank you. coupled with bad weather with one of the busiest travel days of the year, it adds up to delays, delay, delays. rene marsh live at reagan national airport. rene, with all of that travel volume, that's going to be difficult and ripple up and down the east coast, isn't it?
2:35 am
>> reporter: absolutely. i mean, even if you're not going to new york, you talk about that ripple effect, other people will feel it in other cities, because that wind creates a situation where they really have to space out those planes. they can't land as many within an hour that they want to. so that's where you're going to start seeing the delays. here at reagan national, you see people there arriving for their flights. things looking smooth so far here. you look at the boards here at reagan national, and you see good news. on time. on time. on time. but here's the thing, it's still pretty early. of course, as the day goes on, as the volume picks up, we know that we'll start to see these boards lighting up. so i want to give a live look at this misery map. that's what we're calling it here. this is from flight aware. this is essentially showing us in a snapshot of three or four hours or so, what the situation is looking like in the airports seeing most delays. jfk, newark airport, they're seeing a lot of delays.
2:36 am
we know that boston, logan airport seeing delays as well as laguardia. a lot of these folks going through these delays, they just want to get to their destination. and get to their destination as soon as they possibly can. take a listen to what some had to say. >> just there's a lot of bad weather coming in, wanted to get home to the family. pretty much why i moved it up. >> i just wanted to get out. i didn't want to chance it. >> just looking at that bad weather, pink, green, slop coming our way, time to get out. >> get out now at all costs. >> nice to be home for turkey day, right? >> just want to take off and land in time. and get home in time for the holidays. >> yeah, don't want to rent a car and drive all the way to north carolina. >> we just want a smooth flight with no delays. >> we got a sweet turkey waiting for us. >> everyone is waiting for the turkey. no one wants to be late for the
2:37 am
turkey. at this point i can tell you this, according to the flight tracking websites, we have at this point, over 200 cancellations. and as the day goes on, we may see that number go up as well. also seeing delays as well. you just want to call ahead before you get to the airport. back to you. >> i thought it was great, that person said, smooth flight, no delays. a tall order, right. >> i want that every day of the year. pack your snacks and pack your patience today. 37 minutes past the hour. tensions between the u.s. and china picking up this morning after two american b-52 bombers flew over the east china sea this week. a direct challenge over china's control over the airspace. the flights went off without any incident. beijing said it identified and monitored the b-52s and will continue to exercise effective control of the territory. >> legal proceedings will
2:38 am
continue against a son-in-law of osama bin laden. he claims that his due process rights were violated and prosecutors brought the charges too late. he is accused of conspireing to kill americans. his lawyers claim he was coerced. no prosecution for wikileaks founder julian assange "the washington post" said the justice department has all but concluded it can go after assange because they would have to go every news organization that did the same thing. since assange himself did not leak the documents but merely reposted them it appears he cannot be charged with espionage or any other criminal violation. the supreme court is stepping back into the fight over obama care. the justices agreeing to hear two cases now challenging the state, the law's requirement that lawyers provide contraception coverage in their insurance plans. many are exempt. but some business owners say the
2:39 am
rules force them to violate their faith. lower courts have split the case which is will be combined and argued next spring. and at the white house today, a real thanksgiving tradition there. the annual presidential pardon for a turkey. two turkeys. this year, the president will welcome caramel and popcorn who get to live out the relevant of their delays at mt. vernon. the first family will also take part in a community service event. an unlikely trio taking the stage in london -- ♪ so we got to hold on to what we've got ♪ >> that's right, you're looking at taylor swift, jon bon jovi and prince william. prince william is apparently a big fan of jon bon jovi. he received a humanitarian award. swift described the prince as
2:40 am
really funny. >> i wonder if he can sing? >> i don't know. that's cool. that's cool. coming up, the pope calling for big changes. we're live in rome with the pope's latest message. and why it's shocking church members around the world. that's next. what you wear to bed is your business.
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welcome back to "early start." 43 minutes past the hour. pope francis making headlines again and outlining the changes that he would like to see the roman catholic church. in his first major written work as leader of the vatican, the pope is calling for more compassion for the church willing to get in the trenches. wedeman is live this morning. ben, we're wondering if this is controversial for some? or if everyone is embracing the changes he's talking about? he said he's going to dive in feet first. what is the reaction? >> certainly, the reaction among
2:44 am
many people is positive, but definitely, he is launching a broadside on many of the things that we take as commonplace in the world today. for one thing, he's very much looking at the church, its bureaucracy, its structure, its leadership. it's hierarchy and its mission. and he's asking fundamental questions about the purpose of some of the old tradition which really have no grounding in faith. he wants to change all that. he's looking at the way the economy of the modern world works, consumerism, the power of money. and he's asking whether this is serving anything. or he's suggesting it's really hurting society. now, it's important to keep in mind, zoraida, that what has come out in this 86-page document called "evangelic" which is latin, for off the cuff
2:45 am
remarks now under one cover, really, it's for all the things i've been saying since i became pope in march, i'm serious about. and now it appears he's really going to start pushing but of course, there will be pushback. >> yeah. >> let's keep in mind that the catholic church is the world's old equivalent bureaucracy. and there's likely to be a good deal of resistance from that bureaucracy. >> no kidding. and tradition as well. ben wedeman. thank you so much. now to arizona, starting allegations of abuse, three girls, 12, 13 and 17 say they were held in a home in tucson for two years. the two girls escaped after their stepfather kicked in a door. they told investigators they hadn't had a bath up to six months. their mother and stepfather have been arrested. neighbors were amazed. some didn't even know there were children in that home. >> if there was kids they never
2:46 am
came out and played. we have kids all over the neighborhood. they had to try extra hard to keep themselves secluded. >> the mother and stepfather are facing kidnapping charges and the stepfather is also accused with sexually abuse one of those girls. a stabbing rampage has left a nurse dead and others injured. police say kyron templeton was visiting his mother at the hospital's ambulatory center when he pulled out a knife and started slashing people including veteran nurse gayle sa sa sandidge. and we soon could be hearing the 911 tapes released. the judge said while the calls are harrowing and disturbing it
2:47 am
is in the public's best interest to release them. he ordered officials to put those out december 4th. i'm not sure i want to listen to those. >> no, i definitely will not want to. >> the public's best interest. let's take a look at what's coming up on "new day." chris cuomo, kate bolduan. >> good morning. >> almost thanksgiving. a complete monster the storm that may swallow up people's holiday. at least we had time to prepare. we will show you what is. happening where. and so you're getting a little bit of bad news everywhere. snow, sleet what they call winnerry mix which is really putting a nice mix on a horrible situation. we will show you the cities getting hit the hardest. the path of least resistance and the areas that will allow you to make decisions. we also have a brand-new cnn poll that shows how persons feel about football. and the safety of the game.
2:48 am
does the nfl need do something about injure business they start losing fans? very interesting poll numbers. of course, we're going to have dr. sanjay gupta to talk about it. he's done a lot of work. >> americans love their football. >> i know. >> they don't like their injuries. >> also true. >> thank you. >> thanks, guys. time for the morning rhyme. the tweets today are from robin. talking about thanksgiving and the weather, you which will somebody -- >> the woman with the nose for news. >> wind gust loft electric hope i can cook my turkey if not back tomorrow we'll have to eat beef jerky. if you can come up with your own, tweet us with t the #earlystart. #morningrhyme. stocks, it's very nice. is there a risk of a bubble, though?
2:49 am
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okay. so i just want to say i've been asking for christmas music now forever. and is this our producer matt knowles idea of what christmas music is. >> what do you think? >> zoraida has been fooling him what christmas music is.
2:53 am
>> business news. >> how about business news? we continue this with fat and we're going to go on and talk about the records in the markets. nasdaq passed 4,000 on tuesday and didn't look back. the first close above 4,000 in 13 years. but, remember, the nasdaq remains 4,000 above that record close when we were partying in the market bubble since 2007. the "b" word. i said it again. there are some good news why nasdaq may not be replaying the bubble of the 1990s. for instances are back then, technology stocks was two-thirds of this index. today, it's less than that. consumer stocks, only 5% of nasdaq's composite then. today, it's 17%. health care was only 6%. today, it's 10%. you see, it's changed a lot. much more balanced makes it less prone to bubbles.
2:54 am
whatever the case as we do the 401(k) reality check, the nasdaq up 33%. dow, 23%. the s&p is up 26%. that is so good. some stores going against the drain this thanksgiving. they're staying closed. nordstrom's neiman marcus, bj's wholesale club, costco, they will not be open. they're letting their lows enjoy the holiday. let's take a look at the shopping guide for a few quick tips by friday. automakers are getting into the act, saving some of their best deals to lure shoppers into showrooms. this is according to "usa today." next, don't feel you that have to get out on the mall thursday and friday. prices are almost always better in december. i'm going to say that again, the prices will be better in december. if you want to stay home, you're going to have company. forester research said online sales are set to rise a whopping 15% this year.
2:55 am
you want to know why? people don't like the crowds. and "consumer reports" yesterday, too, people don't believe the hype. a larger share of people are not believing the hype. they know the whole year the retailers manufacture this experience. and smart consumers alike, hmm, maybe i'll stay home. >> i like to say look what i got for nothing. held hostage for nearly seven years. the question this morning where is robert levinson? avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive" sales event is back.
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a sad milestone for a missing american, former fbi agent robert levinson has now
2:59 am
been held captive in iran for seven years making him the longest held american hostage in history. his family received e-mails from him in 2007. chris cuomo will speak with his wife and son in the 8:00 a.m. hour. >> on that end, we're going to wish you a happy there is no. just glare ice and you're a passenger in your own car. going nowhere fast. tens of millions may not get where they're going. a foot of snow, driving rain an went may cause more trouble than first thought. we'll tell you what is heading your way. >> we're covering it all this morning. planes, trains and automobile. live reports with everything you need to know to make to your
3:00 am
destination. the birth control debate, supreme court taking up another challenge to obama care. should employers be forced to provide birth control to employees? the debate is already raging. your "new day" starts right now. good morning. it is wednesday, november 27, 6:00 in the east. and we hope you have many reasons to be thankful this holiday season, but the weather ain't one of them. a massive nor'easter on about as heavy a travel day as we have the day before thanksgiving. just take a look at the size of the storm. it's stretching from georgia all the way up to maine and is expected to get worse before it gets better. >> we're talking several major airport hubs including new york city, the new york city area, all in the path of the storm. from the mid-atlantic all the way to new england, some of the nation's most heavily traveled


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