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tv   Piers Morgan Live  CNN  November 27, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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note. we found one president interested, a great president who didn't pretend he was a turkey savior. that brave president was gerald ford, he never let the american people forget what he really believed. this is "piers morgan live." welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. tonight, the undisputed champion, the last man you want to bet against in or out of the ring. that was then. mike tyson is getting ready for the next round of his life, telling the truth about everything. >> i used to despise myself as being so arrogant but it came out when i was performing. it was on the stage or in the ring. >> and the years behind bars. >> i struggle with just surviving out here. >> his family. >> my mother didn't like me that well. >> his battle with addictions. >> i've lost all my friends. all my friends i believed were my friends aren't my friends anymore.
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>> and evander holyfield's ear. >> oh, no, it tastes like hell. >> tonight, in the ring with mike tyson. and joining me is the one and only mike tyson and tells the truth. mike, great to have you back. >> thank you. >> how are you? >> awesome. i feel great. >> mike, this knockout game, people have been killed by it. >> have they been? >> yes, people have been losing their lives. >> i'm familiar with it. >> going up to random strangers and punching them -- >> they do it in great britain, too, wow. >> what do you make of it? >> i don't make anything of it. i doesn't make any sense. it's a game to some people. i don't think it's cool. they are not hitting me. i saw one guy hit a woman, hit a girl from behind and -- >> would you ever -- when you grew up on the streets of brooklyn, would you have ever done something like that. >> if i was on a robbing spree or robbing somebody i've done something like that but this is just for fun. these guys just -- it's just no purpose of doing it.
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i saw someone hit a woman. i would never hit a girl to the face. i just couldn't imagine. the only thing i could imagine is that being my daughter or my wife. >> why do people do it do you think? i have no idea. i don't have no idea. maybe they just evil. they are just some evil people. >> last time you came on the show, i talked to you about health care and we had this exchange. let's watch this. >> when you go back to your old streets and you meet your old guys and so on, what do you think the real cares and fears of the earge americ of the average american on the street are right now? >> health care. there's people that's haven't been to the doctor in 20 years, seen the doctor because they can't afford it and man, it's just some hunger, homelessness and we talking about the land of the plenty and so it's just
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difficult. so people -- we're in dire straits as far as hope and i believe obama and mr. biden, the vice president, gives the people in that desperation need that hope. >> now, since then, that was a year ago, of usually they tried to do this with obama care -- >> this really went horrible, didn't it? >> yeah. >> it's really bad. >> the idea behind it, you would be supportive of the idea of bringing millions of americans into health care who wouldn't otherwise be able to afford it? >> if they can get the health care, but as of now, it doesn't seem they can get it. i was for it 100% but we just have to come to the reality that it didn't work. >> when you saw barack obama, the first african american president in the country's history staring down at cameras repeatedly before all this happened saying if you want to keep your doctor or keep your plan, you can do that and now it
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turns out that's completely untrue, that he basically told a falsehood, does that diminish him to you? does it reduce his standing as a president? >> well, maybe as a president. i don't know what it takes to become a president. i don't know how many butts or how much you got to be a brown noser to be a president, you know, but from his -- just from his symbol of looking at him, a black man in america being the president, the most powerful man in the world, it's very positive for young black kids like my son. but the reality of this plan, it didn't work. so we have to find another plan. >> a lot of african americans have come on my show, notable ones, and said how disappointed they are that barack obama hasn't done enough for african-americans in this country in the time that he's been president. do you think that's a fair criticism from what you hear on
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the streets? >> listen, we got to stop being involved with the knockout game. we have to conduct ourselves as respectable african americans sometimes and i'm not blaming obama. it has nothing to do with obama. he's the president of the united states and supposed to help us. that's -- that's never happened in the history. no president has cared about the african-american community. and i don't think that's ever going to happen, and i'm just talking as a black man, a person that has lived on this planet for, what, 47 years and has watched the struggles through african-american communities. >> when you see so many young african-american teenage boys in particular in somewhere like chicago shooting each other up -- >> it doesn't have to be in chicago. it can be in new york or los angeles. >> the particular issue of gun violence amongst young black teenagers in america, how do you tackle that?
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>> it was meant that way. that's why the jails full of us. that's why all of us in jail, the gun charge or nonviolent charge. more of us in jail for none violent offenses. there is more people -- more african-american and minorities that are in prison for nonviolent crimes and doing more time than violent offenders are doing. double life sentence, trouble life sentence for king pen. that's another issue in itself and it's just in my own recollection, that's just the way it is. it's always been that way. >> well, what does america do about guns generally, do you think? >> listen, everybody is going to get guns. what do you think they are going to do with guns? everybody will have guns. >> can it go on and on and on like that, more and more guns? >> white people have guns, too. white people shoot people, too. everyone has guns, because that's what happened to trayvon martin, he got shot and kids before him got shot by people that own guns, legally own guns. i'm going to get killed like
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that i'm going to get -- suppose these people give guns away. now we don't have guns. now we sitting ducks for people that legally have guns to kill us. we can't defend ourself? we can't defend our family because we're felons? we can't defend ourselves? we have to ask somebody after the fact to defend our family to help our family? no, people are not going to do that. people are going to have guns and defend themselves. it's just really bad. we're living in a country that there's more guns than there are people and it's really bad and it's really scary. >> we had a big debate on the snow a week ago about the use of the "n" word in america now, whether it would help if the black community also stopped using that word, whether rappers stop using it and so on. you use it a lot on stage and in the book as well. what is your view about that debate? >> hey, people are going to do
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what they want to do in life. it doesn't have anything to do about what our community do. we have to think about how this word originated and where it came from, and just because we stopped saying it or stopped them from stop saying it, why they mad that we're saying it? because they can't say it? it's going to be a double standard if they say it or if we say it? i don't know, you tell me. i don't think i plan on stop saying it any time soon. >> when we come back, more undisputed truth with the great mike tyson. presents the cold t. [ sniffles, coughs ] shhhh! shhhh. [ coughs ] i have a cold with this annoying runny nose. [ sniffles ] i better take something. [ male announcer ] truth is, dayquil cold and flu doesn't treat all that. it doesn't? [ male announcer ] nope. [ sniffles ] alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast acting antihistamine to relieve your runny nose. oh, what a relief it is! [ man ] shhhh! for fast cold and flu relief, day or night,
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>> if you don't, they follow you into eternity and remember, fight your fight because the way you fight your fight is the way you live your life. >> dramatic moment from mike tyson, the man who was once the king of the ring is back with me now. what's it like being mike tyson? >> it's interesting. it's pretty interesting. >> where are you in your head? i've read -- i've followed you for 25 years, and last time i interviewed you, you seemed peaceful and calm and you said to me there is always a slight
9:13 pm
feeling in you that you may blow up again and there were reports you had a few wobbles, falling off the wagon, that kind of thing. where would you describe your peace of mind? >> i wouldn't say i'm a complete person, by any means. i'm just day by day. my day by day life hoping to survive every moment of the day, you know. i struggle with just surviving out here. you know, i'm doing well. i'm working, and i'm very grateful i'm getting along with my family and everything is well. i'm just happy to be here and be here with you. >> do you feel always, even now, that you're a slight ticking
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time bomb, because of the demons that were in you from an early age that you could lose control? how hard is it to keep that away? >> like i was explaining earlier, it's a struggle. i'm not the conventional type of person and i'm just living my life moment by moment, you know. it's a battle, you know what i mean? i have no exclusivity to the disease i possess. there are many people out there that live their life like me and happy to get through the day. >> it's thanksgiving on thursday. who do you feel like giving the most thanks to in your life? >> hey, listen, i'm just grateful that i'm alive and i was born, and i don't know. so many people that contribute to my life, you know. you know, i would have never been a fighter, i would have never been here talking to you, never have been through the trials and tribulations i experience to try to become the person that i want to be in life and i'm just very grateful to god that i had this journey in life. not finished, of course, but so far it's been pretty stimulating for me. >> it certainly has. it's an extraordinary book and over 500 pages.
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just a very stark cover and a picture of you in your absolute peak there. and when you read it, i mean, it's a remarkable kind of roller coaster ride, isn't it? you could almost not invent this kind of life story. when you finished it and read the final version, what did you think? >> i think this is a well-done book. this is the truth as i saw it. this is my truth. >> i saw the one man show in vegas. i took my three sons to see it and they found it absolutely gripping your life story and had no idea about most of it until you talked about it but you stood there on your own on stage for most of the time being remarkably honest about the failings in your life, the difficulties you had, challenges you faced. how hard has it been for you to be that open? >> well, it hasn't been difficult. maybe the first week i opened the show, it was kind of difficult. i didn't know how to take people laughing at things i took serious. so pretty much i'm like a month
9:16 pm
or two into the show, i started to really feel well since it's funny it's a good show and so i enjoyed the laughter at some of the grim things at my life. but doing the book is a totally different dynamic. it's confronting your demons, finding out things about yourself that you really don't think you like, you know, and then talking to my writer, mr. sloanman, larry sloanman and i'm just realizing that i was -- man, i was a born sucker. no doubt about that. i'm a sucker, and -- >> see, you say that and you're very self-deprecating but you're not a sucker. i tell people, he's very eloquent, but not well-educated but you're certainly very smart and street wise. >> just, since i got involved with people i should have never got involved with. it's just -- i don't know. it must have been i was looking for something that never existed in this particular world. it was just chasing pipe dreams.
9:17 pm
>> let's take a look at a clip from "undisputed truth." this is where you talk about your family. >> this guy right here, this is my father, curly lee curl patrick. if kirkpatrick is supposed to be my father, then who the [ bleep ] is this dude on my birth certificate? this is where it gets really tricky, right? so -- listen to this. my mom said curly is my dad but percel tyson is on the birth certificate. how did this happen? no wonder i'm so [ bleep ] up. this is proof. >> it's interesting. that's a classic example of the audience laughing and yet, really, for you, that's not a laughing matter, not knowing who your father really was, not having that kind of figure in
9:18 pm
your life. that's not a subject of humor, is it? >> no, it's not but the fact is who my father is, whose been in my life for that period of time i know was curly kirkpatrick and that's who i consider my father. we made amends in 1990 and became friends in '91 and started a relationship and i thought i was just happy to do that. you know, most people see their father and are successful and i don't want to talk to you no more. they allow finance and fame to come between them, something that's destined to be regardless in life. i wanted to know who he was. why did my family like a showman, no one is like that. nobody is very gregarious or charismatic. but my father, living the life that he did, and handle that many women in that fashion but
9:19 pm
he was in a gospel band and was a gospel singer and him and his sister when they had company moved to chairs and entertained their company. >> he was a showman. >> i realized this is where i get this stuff. even now i walk around and prance like a cocktail, like a peacock on stage or in the ring and i despise -- why am i doing this? i look at myself. why am i doing this? i realize after knowing about my father's side of the family it's hereditary. and i used to despise myself being so arrogant but it just came out when i was performing, either on the stage or in the ring. >> many people who have been professional boxers or great sports men in big arenas and stadiums, they desperately miss the buzz of that crowd when they have to retire. you've now had it back in certain degree with the tour you've been doing. how important has it been for you to have that audience reaction to have you walk out and hear people cheering for you? >> this is where it's very tricky in this situation.
9:20 pm
i only want it when i'm performing. i want to earn it. even though you may say you earned it over the years, i want it while i'm performing. it doesn't mean as much when i walk on the street and hey, you're the greatest and people will approach me or crowd me. i want to do something to earn that. at the moment. i want to feel it. i don't feel it like i feel when i'm performing. it's not the same feeling. >> there was a time you were the most infamous fighter on the planet, the most dangerous guy out there and played up to that, the baddest man on the planet and so on. now you're a very different character when you walk around. do you prefer the mike tyson now or was the mike tyson on the back of this book, was that somebody who had to be like that? >> i love being that guy because i was doing that job at the time. i'm not doing that job at the time. i don't have to be that gentleman no more. i'm the gentleman i am now because the job i'm doing now. people like to see me on stage
9:21 pm
and like to see me do movies and entertain them and that's what i do. i work as an entertainer now and i love doing this work because it gives me the same gratification that boxing once gave me at the level that i was when i was boxing. >> do you like fame? i mean, if i could say to you look, you can have money and success, but you won't be recognized, would you take that option or is there a part of it that you like? >> money doesn't mean anything to me. i don't know. that's just who i am. i'm an entertainer. i live for respect from my peers. that's the most important thing in the world to me. >> well you got respect from this piers. >> thank you. >> morgan piers. >> let's take a break and come back and talk about the addiction problems that you tackled very bravely and honestly in the book. i want to talk to you about that and how do you deal with all this today. 1ñp ♪
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i'm vicious alcoholic. i haven't drank or took drugs in six days. and for me, that's a miracle. i've been lying to everybody else thinking i'm sober but i'm not. this is my sixth day. i'm never going to use again. [ applause ] >> mike tyson at a press conference in august talking about struggles with drugs and alcohol. he's back with me now. everyone was quite shocked by that because they assumed that you were back on the straight and narrow. i wasn't massively shocked having interviewed you a few times and seen you perform because you talk so honestly about the battle you face all the time. how are you doing with that today? how -- >> i have 100 days.
9:26 pm
i have 100 days clean and i'm just -- in that moment i'm just at the point in my life i've lost all my friends. all my friends that i ever believed were my friends, are not my friends anymore and all i have now is my wife and myself and this is what we do. i have nobody to lie to. i have nothing to lie to. the only person i'm lying to is myself and this is just what it is. >> how many people do you trust completely? >> anything i trust completely is my wife. >> you've been married nearly five years. >> yes. >> are you proud of that? >> i'm extremely proud of that. i'm extremely proud. it wasn't easy but it was worth it. >> she's a great lady. i've had the pleasure of meeting her. she's a great lady. do you feel lucky she came into your life? >> hey, i'm more than lucky. i'm grateful, as well. it was just something i never dreamed i would be capable of doing and really you always have to show them that you love them,
9:27 pm
your wife. you always have ensure them because a couple of days go by without saying i love you, then they may start saying hey, acting funny, looking at you funny, i think you're doing something. i love her. and it's been -- it's been something that allows me to grow a great deal. >> are you difficult to live with? are you difficult to be around? >> hey, i can't live with myself so how do you think it's going to be easy for somebody else to live with me. i'm very difficult to live with myself. i know i must have put her through so much in life, so much horrendous stuff in life in which i'm grateful she's still with me. >> i want to play another clip from "undisputed truth." it's where you talk about your mother. >> this is where it really begun right here, elona may tyson. from the virginia area and tried to live out her dreams that never came to form.
9:28 pm
i was the youngest of three children. my brother and sister more like my mother and i feel like the odd guy, the black sheep. >> your mother was obviously a hugely important person in your life. do you think you would have made it out of your teenage years without your mother? >> i don't know. my mother was a complex woman that had very -- that had a lot of men issues, you know, she didn't have a good -- i don't know. she didn't have a good common decency with men. her and men didn't get along well. except her last boyfriend who stayed with her until she died. but she -- she was just one of those ladies that always had many admirers and being a woman, being the strongest woman figure in my life and when i see her be disrespected by these men and accept it, that allowed me to
9:29 pm
have not really functional relationships with women. >> you think it affected you -- >> 100%, yes. you see her and a guy fighting and a guy beating her and the next thing the guy buys her presents and they are friends again. that's been my life with the women i've been with. conflicts and fights and buy them a gift and friends again. now addressing the issue that caused me to buy this gift to make them happy again is very -- very few women in my life have not been driven by materialism. >> you did a special thing for your mother, you had her body exhumed and put her body in the most expensive coffin that you could buy. why did you do that? >> listen, that was probably for me. why would you? she was dead. how could that -- how could she enjoy that? maybe if that's my guilt as being a horrible son. i don't know why i did it, because i could.
9:30 pm
>> was it your way of thanking her, albeit belatedly? >> maybe not thanking her but maybe to show her that i love her, you know. that's how my life has always been, buy my love. maybe that wasn't a good idea, either. >> did you ever get the chance to tell her that you loved her? >> i don't know. we didn't have that relationship. always hugged and kissed her. my mother -- i think my mother was disappointed in me as a person. i did a lot of bad things. i robbed a lot of her friends' houses and stuff like that. so my mother -- she -- she didn't have hope for me. and i came from upstate new york. i'm going to be the world's greatest fighter and nobody could beat me, she thought i was insane. i'm 14 years old so she must have thought i was insane. >> you quote her, she never imagined her boy would make it out of brooklyn unless in handcuffs or a wooden box. >> i was arrested a lot and she had to come get me out of the
9:31 pm
precincts most of my life as a juvenile and she didn't see any good happening. people coming to my house looking for me, grown men so she probably thought somebody would kill me. >> she would have been, mike, very proud of what you've become. >> i don't know, when i first became champion and fighting in vegas and drive around the hotel at the las vegas hilton, you could see all the -- you could see the outside arena and packed to the hit, i wonder what she would have did if she saw the crowd to see me. i never would have found out. my mother didn't like me that well sometimes. i made her very angry. >> what would you -- if you had the chance to talk to her again, what would you say to her now at this stage of your life? >> i don't know. the only thing i'm capable of saying, it wouldn't be deep. just i did something with my
9:32 pm
life. that's what i would tell her. but she'd probably say something, you're not a good person. you can't buy people. that's all i did, probably try to buy her love, give her gifts, buy her houses, that's how always she received my love before, never from a personal perspective. >> at one stage i think you blew $400 million, i don't know the exact figure but varies depending on what time period you're talking about. what did you learn about money? >> not much. you give me money now, you know, my wife pretty much handles that stuff with accountants and stuff. i don't know. i'm just not a money guy and stuff. doesn't mean much to me. that's why i don't handle money really that much. >> let's take another break. let's lightening the mood a bit here, mike. let's have a bit of fun. let's talk about evander holyfield's ear. >> oh, no, it tastes like hell. [ laughter ]
9:33 pm
>> i'm sorry evander. it's your ear.
9:34 pm
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hi, everyone i'm chad myers with a quick look at the weather and delays. thousands of planes in the sky at this hour and most of the east coast planes are late because the plane you were supposed to take was two hours late. so there's no way that your flight could take off on time. that's what it looks like at this hour. here is what the flight boards look like. many planes en route and you'll see delay, delay, delayed and that's the story of the day. but, the story of the day is not cancelled. that's some good news. we didn't cancel a lot of planes today, probably less than 50. which means we didn't have to try to put people on other
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planes where seats were u sulgsz essentially sold out. here is the problem, really. this is the essentially the problem all day was the wind and then the low ceilings. we had a lot of cloud cover that was very close to the ground and that couldn't allow planes to land as quickly as many of them as they would like to get on the ground in an hour span or two hour span or three hour span. wednesday, 9:00 that's where we are now. the winds 36, 38 miles per hour by tonight down to 30. these are gusts. 22 in washington d.c. but with the gusts also come income snow flurries across the northeast. we'll have to watch those, too. many roadways across parts of new york state where wet for most of the day and then flurries came in late in the day and caused some slick spots and those are still around at this hour. there goes the storm. that's the big story. this storm is completely gone for tomorrow. now, the winds will still be
9:37 pm
gusty. there is a threshold for the balloons in the macy's day parade tomorrow. the balloons have to fly below 34-mile-per-hour wind gusts and they will make a game day decision because the forecast is for 34 miles per hour so they will have to decide early in the morning to see what the winds do in the overnight hours. mike tyson and piers morgan come back right after this.
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>> mike tyson? ♪ ♪ i can feel it coming in the air tonight ♪ ♪ one night in bangkok makes the heart more humble ♪ ♪ i can feel the devil walking next to me ♪ >> the unforgettable musical stylings of mike tyson on "the hangover" franchise. those movies grossed over $500 million. >> i'm very grateful to be a part of that. great fun, right? >> the guys were awesome.
9:40 pm
they were really awesome guys. >> when you go around the world is that what most people talk to you about "the hangover"? >> most of the younger kids do, the teenagers, college kids, high school kids, i love the hang over, you were funny and stuff and most of the guys around the world ask me what was tupac like. >> let me play you the commercial. we teased it earlier. let's play the commercial on you and evander holyfield's ear. >> i'm sorry evander. it's your ear. >> are you okay? >> it's great. the man has to know when to walk away. >> so a round trip to north korea? >> one way. >> he's never coming back! >> thanks. >> now, i actually sat down during the london olympics, actually, with evander and also lennox lewis and we talked about you. listen to what they said. >> that moment when you realized mike tyson has decided to eat your ear in the middle of a fight, what goes through your
9:41 pm
mind? >> shocking. i was shocked. out of the all the things could have happened, never would have thought that would happen. >> look, you were watching that, what did you think? >> i was horrified. i was -- i was like, you know, we're gladiators, man, we don't bite. we don't -- from armature days to pro, we don't even think about biting. we're guys that settle it all with our fists, but to be bitten, and you don't know this but mike tyson bit me on the leg, too. >> he did? >> so we're both sitting here, we've both been bitten. >> so i'm the only person in the room now that wasn't bitten by mike tyson? >> right. >> and i want it to stay that way. >> it's not over yet, this show. [ laughter ] >> did you bite lenox lewis' leg? >> yes. >> did you get a chunk to keep? >> no, kind of tough, you know. wasn't tender like evander's ear, you know. >> when you see the video of you biting holyfield's ear, what do
9:42 pm
you think? man, i'm sorry, really wish that i didn't do that. >> do you? even though it's become such a funny thing for everyone in the world to laugh at. >> yeah, i wish i didn't do that. they scored the one-round knockout. >> you've just heard the news? >> yeah. >> so you're pleased about that. >> big time. >> do you get a lot of pleasure now from the young boxers that you're helping to mentor? >> man, you can't imagine, you just can't imagine. this is just what i want to do in my life, work with young kids. when i see that stuff about people talking about me biting him. i know it's crazy stuff. but, you know, just it happens, what are you going to do? i don't allow my past to imprison me for my future. if i did, i would be soaking about that and being bitter. >> it's interesting in the book because it goes through all of the criminal stuff and the rough stuff and the bad stuff and the drug addictions and so on, but
9:43 pm
it's also -- it's very funny. and you are a very funny guy. >> i don't think i'm funny. you know, eddy griffin is very funny, national funny, hill lar gas, great comedian and he thought i was funny. and that meant a lot to me. you know, that really meant a lot to me. >> there is a dedication in the book and it says, "to all of the outcasts, everyone who has ever been mesmerized, marginalized, tranquilized, beaten down, and falsely accused and incapable of receiving love." how many of those apply to you? all of them? >> all of them. i would say that, yes. you should be a psychiatrist. do you ever thing about that? >> i consider that. >> do you ever get into fights anymore, proper fights? >> no, no. i don't get into arguments anymore.
9:44 pm
>> you don't? because people must still try it on with you, right? >> not recently. >> how would you react? >> i'm going to be in a situation i don't want to fight anybody, but my original stand, i don't want to do it. i don't want to do it. >> but if you had to, you would. >> i don't want to do it. i don't want to do it, no. >> do you still work out a lot? >> yeah. >> you look fit. >> i like working out, yes. >> what do you get out of it now now that you're not training for fighting? >> i'm still in front of the camera. i'm still doing shows. i'm still doing movies, and i have to look the part and stuff. the first "hangover kwtsz" i'm like 300 pounds. that wasn't cool. i didn't like that picture. i wanted to be in better shape for the second "hangover." >> how do you like to spend your time? i mean, i know you used to read a lot of books. what kinds of things do you like to read? >> i got a book, the history of
9:45 pm
warfare and the history of all of the generals and warfare. i think they are really awesome. i should have been -- i should have went to the army. everyone in my family -- the men in my family when i'm the only man in my family on my father's side that hasn't served in the military or anything. probably because i was involved and got felonies early and stuff but i'm the only man probably in all my family that never been in the service. >> who would be your sporting hero? >> mine? goalie gchl olly, ali, daughter ran. >> all boxers. >> yeah. >> any other sports men from other sports? >> man, it's a lot of great other sports, too, but a lot of great women athletes, too. mary decker, the runner, she was awesome.
9:46 pm
serena williams and the sisters are both sensational athletes as well outside of boxing. but the main source of my interest is fighters. i love fighters. >> is ali the guy that you would have loved to have fought? >> no, way. i look up and i was like groupies. those guys were like my gods. i worshipped them. >> let's take a quick break. a lot of people still ask, will you fight again? will you get back in the ring? >> no way, no way, no way. >> we'll discuss the temptation after the break. >> no way, jose. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn? yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome.
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only at one of our 425 sleep number stores nationwide. sleep number. comfort individualized. back with me now, the real lord of the rings. mike tyson. tell me, would you ever get back in the ring? >> no. >> you're done with that? >> yes, pretty much done. unless holyfield wants to fight. >> bite another ear? >> no. i won't do that. he'd probably have ear guards. >> you've got this mike tyson
9:51 pm
cares foundation. it is an auction to have lunch with you and sit ringside and it's currently going for $80,000. >> whoa. anyone watching who wants to join in with that. it's an amazing thing. >> it's for an amazing cause. it's going to help give inner city kids a better life. chicago, new york city, people knocking out and shooting people. the reason why they are doing that, they don't believe there's a better life. they don't got hope for a better life. if they had hope for a better life, do you think they would be doing that? do you think they would be shooting other people, risk going to jail for a small percentage of money the rest of their life? no, they wouldn't do that because they would have hope for a better life. >> you're a couple years shy of turning 50. does that bother you? >> well, i'm not as young as i used to be. so i don't think that's really making an issue.
9:52 pm
my issue now is just trying to be at the surface and help people less fortunate as myself, people that have been in the same situation as myself. you know, i'm not looking for any more clubs or fancy cars or fancy hangouts, driving, private planes anymore. i'm at service to make this a better place. >> if i could say to you, look, i can let you relive one moment in your life again not counting getting married or having children, what moment would you choose, everything that's happened to you that's in this extraordinary book? >> wow, i never thought about that. it's being free again. being a young kid, free in brooklyn. it was nothing like that. getting in trouble and stuff, that was going to happen. but just an amazing life for me as a young kid. >> why did you like it so much? >> i've never been that free before.
9:53 pm
didn't have restrictions, anything. when i became a fighter, i had restrictions and then i was hiding, being sneaky about the way i was living my life and when i was young didn't care what people said, i'm 10 or 9, 11 years old, 12 years old, i had no restrictions and it was just pretty awesome for me, you know. >> if you had a chance to talk to the 10-year-old mike tyson and warn him -- >> he wouldn't listen. i wouldn't listen. >> he wouldn't listen? >> i loved having my fancy clothes, a little kid with ground-men clothes on and all of that attention. i was just really misguided back then. but it was an amazing time of my life. i was learning so fast at that time in my life. >> would you change anything? when you read the book, would you go back and change things or do you think that everything happens for a reason and you are the man -- >> i would just hope my daughter didn't die. that's the only thing i would have changed, is she wouldn't have died. other than that, everything was the same. divorces, you know, losing my mother, if my daughter didn't
9:54 pm
die. >> it was an awful thing to happen. she was 4 years old? >> yes. >> got caught in a treadmill. i have a young daughter. i can't imagine anything worse for you. how did you deal with it? >> hey, i feel like when i was at the hospital, other people's children had died or was dying, as my daughter died. and i realized i don't have no exclusi exclusivity to pain and i have to handle it the way everyone else handled it and try to be a better father for the children that are living with me now and to the best of my ability and that's just what it and that's all i can do, unless i can kill myself and deal with the pain that way and i don't think that's the best way to do it. >> what advice do you give your other children now? what do you say to them as a father? >> hey, listen, whatever situation arises, i try to help them to the best of my ability. sometimes my older son might have problems with -- he's 16 so he's dealing with dating and
9:55 pm
young girls now and -- >> what do you say to him about that? >> well, be kind to them and treat them nice. it's just a difficult situation, you know what i mean, dealing with children with matters like that, matters of the heart. i try to give him the best advice that i possibly can with those situations and just hope that he listens to me because he's going to make his own decisions. at 16, they believe they know everything. they don't believe what they see on television is the right guide to life and i just hope -- i just wish him the best of luck. he's just a wonderful kid and has so many great opportunities that i never would have been able to possess if i would have never been able to be a fighter. he's 16 years old. when i was 16 years old, my goal was already being heavyweight champion of the world. i didn't go to school and play with my friends, no school dances. i had to train. i was living as a man. at his age, i wasn't having fun like him.
9:56 pm
everything was hard and, you know, had a lot of doubts. he may still have a better chance surviving a life than i did. i didn't have a chance. there was no mistakes allowed in my life. i can't make any mistakes. we'll be right back. begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ ♪ our plan is in place. ♪ we've rigged up a trap to catch sight of his face. ♪
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i want to thank mike tyson for joining me tonight. >> thank you very much. >> his book is available now and, of course, check out that's all for us tonight. i'm john berman and we begin with travel on the east coast. take a look. winds lashed parts of the east coast today as the massive winter storm trudged north. road and power crews in the boston area struggled to deal


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