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tv   New Day  CNN  November 29, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PST

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>> that could make for a very interesting program today. it is black friday. the mad dash to find those holiday deals has begun. in fact, just look at the shoppers fighting their way it is a scene that is playing out across the country. crowds lining up. not always politely for things like clothes, electronics and more. with everyone looking to get a bang for their buck. assuming the stores have not sold out of the hottest items already. let's start our coverage with zain asher at macy's flagship store in new york city. how is it looking there so far? >> reporter: hi, micaela. 15,000 people lined up yesterday ruffle around 8:00. i am told there should be a mad rush roughly around 10:00 a.m. black friday officially kicking off today. take a listen.
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just hours into the holiday shopping season taking off, the hunt for bargains is becoming a contact sport. many taking advantage of some retailers opening their doors on thanksgiving night. some even foregoing the holiday dinner. tempers flaring at this walmart with shoppering clamoring for a bargain on tablets in virginia just hours after its signature parade. macy's broke out the barricades for hundreds of hungry shoppers starving for a deal at their flagship store in new york city. across the country, long lines, a welcome sight for retailers hoping to cash in on the holidays. hundreds more lining up outside of a toys are us so they wouldn't miss out on must-have items on their kids wish list. >> hopefully, they will get their sky lander and get all their dolls and toys. >> i want to make sure i am here in the front of the line instead
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of all the way in the back. >> shoppers camped outside of this best buy, all in hops of getting their hands on a 40-inch flat screen tv for only $200. it is big ticket items like these and rock bottom prices on electronics feeding a frenzy. police stepping in to end a tug of war over a television. amid all the chaos, police shot one shoplifter at this kohl's store in illinois, sending the thief and two officers to the hospital. cybermonday, retailers are set to offer steep discounts online so you can avoid the crushing crowds. >> so there is a little bit of chaos happening at retailers across the country. a few tips for you guys. make sure before you leave your house, do a little bit of research and price comparison online. keep your receipts just in case you change your mind.
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lastly, never, ever put getting a deal or getting a bargain ahead of your own safety. >> getting into a fight over a big-screen television. stay safe out there. >> shoppers empty their wallets, some employees are really venting their frustration this morning. protesters expected at walmart around the country. it is unclear how many walmart workers are actually taking part in how many union organizers might be on the picket lines instead. i want to head out to los angeles with cnn he's keong law. at 3:00 a.m., please tell me people aren't lined up already, are they? >> reporter: not shoppers and not these protesters we are hearing about. it is expected to be a different scene later on today at this particular walmart and about a half dozen other walmarts across the country. what organizers are saying is that these are going to be major protests, expected about 100-500 people. this has been an on going
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dispute between some community leaders, union groups and walmarts, saying that workers need higher pay, better benefits and they deserve more full-time work. pointing out that walmart makes an annual profit of $17 billion every single year. walmart says this doesn't represent what is happening inside the store with their employees. walmart says by the large majority, the people you see protesting outside the source are not workers. these are the equivalent of union parades. what walmart is saying, if you talk to the workers, many of them are quite happy to be getting the extra pay, working today, taking care of the customers that come in on black friday. walmart pointing out they have had a record-breaking year because of opening up early yesterday. dorngs don, we did speak with the l.a.p.d. and they are
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anticipating a lot of people. we are going to talk with bill simon and terry lundgren. good morning. we are following breaking news overnight in missouri. a pipeline explosion rocked the small town of ustonia. officials say there was a rupture at a compressor. an official says there were no fatalities or injuries. the cause is still under investigation. officials promising to investigate an air strike that hit thursday in afghanistan. local officials in helmand province claim a child was killed. this is coming at a sensitive time as washington and kabul tried to determine the future role of u.s. troops in afghanistan. president karzai saying the latest strike shows that the u.s. doesn't care about civilians and that if there are more attacks, he won't sign a
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security pact. now, to iran, the country is taking the first tangible step it's to abide by the nuclear agreement it reached with the west last weekend. they are inviting inspectors from the international atomic energy agency to visit a heavy water production plant on december 8th. a reactor under construction is on the same site. heavy water is used in some of those reactors to control nuclear activity. now, another possible case of the knockout game this week. the nypd saying a 23-year-old man was sucker punched in the head as he walked in the bronx. two more attackers punching him after he went down and then running away. not taking anything from him. the victim refused to go to the hospital. police think the attack could be linked to the cases around the country where teens pick random people and try to knock them out with one blow. now, of course, to the macy's thanksgiving day parade,
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the balloons is what we are talking about. yes, they soared. they were flying in new york. new york city officials gave the green light after deciding the winds would not interfere but, of course, as a precaution, ordered them to be flown lower than usual. that caused spider-man to be clipped on a tree in central park, deflating one of his arms. he is a super hero. i am pretty sure he handled it well. >> can we just give props to the folks that i don't know what their handlers are called. they hustled. right when they were coming around the corner, right near columb columbus circle, the wind took a turn. the whole team of them. it is really something. >> where i come from, they put flowers on our parade floors. they don't soar it in the air.
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>> one eye on the tv. >> i was gonna say, alcohol, alcohol, alcohol. i'm just a little curious. >> on friday, it is acceptable to kind of talk about that a little bit. >> one of the things that has been an issue that we talked about with your holiday travel and the macy's day parade was the wind and the weather. you were in the hot seat yesterday, jennifer grey. the weather has been all the talk over the past couple of days. good news. if you are heading back after the holidays, your travel forecast is going to be smooth sailing. we have nothing going on. we have a front well out to the east. that was the storm system that produced all the rain, the snow. high pressure in control out in the east, the south, the west. it is not every day you see the radar and there is barely any rain on it, snow, anything. we have a little bit of rain in the pacific northwest. that is it. so your travel plans, even your shopping plans over the next couple of days, looking good. we are just cold.
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most of the very chilly temperatures in the northeast. boston, high temperature, 32 degrees. that is 15 degrees below normal. philly, 40. that's 14 degrees below normal. pittsburgh, 34. most of the northeast, 10-15 degrees below normal for today and tomorrow. by sunday, the temperatures finally start to stabilize a little bit. guys, we get closer to normal. most of the country looking really, really good. it is just coldment bundle up when you are shopping. >> it is when that inclement weather affects our travel. >> as long as you are inside the store in the mall, you are good. >> thanks so much, jennifer. next up on "new day" more defiant maneuvers in the disputed territory in the east china sea. how dangerous is this rising tension the clock is ticking to the deadline to improve the obama care website. what will people see when they try to sign up on sunday? ♪
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wohl come back. more fighter jets in the east china sea. they were to focus on economic issues. it looks like he will try to urge calm among all the players. barbara starr is following the story from the pentagon. good morning, barb ra. good morning. china says it is on high alert to defend this disputed area. the u.s. and allies in the region are challenging that. fighter jets roar into the pacific skies. it is a scheduled exercise by
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u.s. and japanese forces testing the ability to respond to a crisis. but china's declaration of a new air identification zone requiring aircraft to obey chinese rules is causing these war games to take on a new significance. vice president joe biden will arrive in beijing next week. a senior administration official says the vice president will, quote, seek clarity regarding the chinese intentions" about an area the u.s. considers international air space. even caroline kennedy, the new u.s. ambassador to japan, is weighing in on the chinese restriction zone. part of a dispute with japan about who owns these remote islands in the east china sea. >> this only serves to increase tensions in the region. >> reporter: the u.s., japan and south korea have all flown aircraft into the restricted zone without notifying beijing authorities, a violation of china's new rules.
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the chinese military says it sent fighter jets on patrol into the zone to monitor planes flying there. >> when the japanese continue to fly into this area, the koreans continue to fly into their overlapped area with the chinese, sooner or later, the chinese are going to start scrambling jets to intercept these aircraft. that is where you have the potential for not a military conflict but some sort of accident, some sort of mistake that could then lead to a real crisis in the region. >> reporter: a chinese foreign ministry official made clear, beijing isn't budging. we also asked japan and the united states to reflect on themselves, he says, correct the error, stop making irresponsible accusations against china, stop creating frictions and put an end to statements and actions that may harm regional stability. >> so the question now is, will vice president biden be able to convince the chinese, perhaps,
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that they overplayed their hand, that they are facing opposition from countries throughout the region for taking this step. don? >> barbara, appreciate that. the moment of truth drawing near. tomorrow is the self-imposed deadline to fix the obama care website. president obama has pledged that will be working and millions of americans will be able to get through. good morning, jill. she looks very warm. >> good morning, don. this is not supposed to be like the final fix. what it is, is to get the website to the point where they can handle 50,000 people at one time. what they are concerned about is what if there are 200,000 at the same time as there have been before back in october. that is only one of their concerns. >> reporter: withering criticism of the initial rollout of
3:17 am has intensified the pressure on the administration to get this fix right for saturday. the white house hopes it can do that, at least for the vast majority of users. >> this website is going to get fixed. >> reporter: opened for business october 1st. it has been a disastrous two months. the site crashed unable to cope with people trying to sign up. small businesses still won't be able to use the site for another year. insurance industry insiders tell cnn, some customers personal data is getting mangled or even lost. the white house says the site will be able to handle 50,000 users at one time. but, they admit, there will be times after saturday when does not function properly and they are bracing for another possible huge surge in volume that could force some people into virtual waiting lines for callbacks. officials say, consumers who pick a plan by december 23rd and
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pay their premiums by december 31st, will have coverage effect the first of january. the white house does have a team. it is technical experts, tech experts. they are working on hardware and software and working toward the deadline. don, michaela? how do americans feel about the economy. we have the surprising answer from our new cnn poll. we'll have that ahead you may want to think twice before writing the bad review online. it could end up haunting you when the company tracks you down. we're going to explain that.
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welcome back to "new day." time for a gut check. the majority of americans have a pretty negative view of the way things are going in the country today. cnn political analyst, ron brown stein, is back to break it all dawn for us. how was your turkey day, by the way? >> excellent, outstanding. >> we have confidence in how turkey day went. black friday will be another discussion. i am interested in talking to you and getting your take on this poll. 59% of americans think things are going badly in the country. only 41 think things are going well. this is the lowest number since february. does it shock you numbers have declined so strongly? >> no. i think you have two things going on. the big one is we have watched almost unprecedented political
3:23 am
dysfunction over the last two months. first, with the shutdown and near default and the very rocky rollout of obama care. you see the two parties shoot themselves in the foot to an extent we have almost never seen so close together. each side doing this. secondly, this is a reminder that home prices are stabilizing. there are a lot of people in white collar, upper middle-class america that are feeling pretty good. this is a very polarized and fragile recovery. there are a lot of people out there particularly in the median income and below that are feeling as if we are in recession. >> people are still struggling. the contenders for the 2016 ticket are doing just that. it will be interesting to see how they pay attention to these numbers. let's talk about that horse race. chris christie pulled ahead in rolling for the republican pick in 2016. up seven points in september. ted cruz has gained a few points.
3:24 am
what are you making about this? is this a reflection of who has been more dominant in the news headlines or is there more to it. >> only 750 more shopping days until the iowa caucus. look, i think part of it is who is in the news and who is visible. what's really striking, if you look inside your poll, there is a very clear divide, which is very telling, which is that chris christie is much stronger among republican voters earning over $50,000 than those earning under $50,000 a year. if you look back, this really has become the divide in the republican party. it is a party that now has roughly equal share of its electorate being college graduates. a more blue collar, populous part of the party is really looking for someone to come to washington and throw rocks through the windows. if you look at the 2012 results, very clearly divided. mitt romney was a candidate of the managerial class in state after state. rick santorum became the
3:25 am
candidate of the more populous side of the party. i think we are going to see the same divide in 2016. christie clearly the front-runner for the managerial candidate. >> hillary, the runaway favorite. 63%. vice president joe biden only 12%. what is this large lead indicate to you even three years out? >> three years out, normally, you would say, wow. three years out, the numbers don't mean anything but for name identification. she is someone as well positioned as any potential nominee we've seen. i believe if there is a way to even cause her difficulty, much less that, it is not through the center of the party. she is going to have that locked down. you are going to have to find a lane that comes at her from an angle. one, you see elizabeth warren there. there is a populous strain emerging in the democratic party that might view her as too close
3:26 am
to big business and financial institutions. the other is a generational argument that gary mondale used in 1984, the solution of the problems today don't require a return to the 1990s. >> it is interesting to see who picks what role and what strategy. we have talked about the scenario if hillary does run. if she doesn't put her name in the hat, vice president joe biden takes a big lead. what will he need to do to begin closing that gap with her? >> look, i don't think it is at allgai all guaranteed. it is hard to see how someone with the profile of the vice president comes out of the core of the party can overtake her. if she dopt ruesn't run, you ha very wide-open race. andrew cuomo and martin o'malley and the vice president,
3:27 am
obviously and elizabeth warren would have an audience. we have only elected three sitting senators in our history. after all the administrative problems with obama care, i think there is going to be a lot of premium on executive experience. it is going to benefit chris christie and the republican party and if hillary clinton doesn't run, the governors in the democratic party. each president we elect has been there to rectify that. that is going to benefit executives in 2016. >> we have counted the shopping days since the iowa caucus, 750. will you cybershop monday or jump into the black friday parade? >> i am staying away from the mall. >> you made time for us, ron. we really appreciate it. thanks so much. >> he didn't definitively answer. almost like a politician. >> he took a very middle of the line road. >> a lot can happen in three years. >> a lot can happen. remember back in 2006, there was no barack obama, probably, at this time. he was a senator and given that
3:28 am
great speech. >> there are characters in the whole mix down the tlline that might know about. >> we know about this character. >> thank you so much. happy black friday. making news, ready, set, shop. stores are open for black friday. one of the biggest shopping days of the year. some stores open thursday to get a jump on the competition. as always, it was a mad dash once the doors opened with everyone looking for dream deals on this year's hottest items. >> the florida woman awaiting a new trial in a controversial stand your ground case is free on bond. marissa alexander was released from jail wednesday. she will remain under house arrest. in 2012, alexander was sentenced to a 20-year prison sentence for firing what she insisted was a warning shot during a fight with her husband. an appeals court ruled the judge in the case gave improper jury
3:29 am
instructions and ordered a new trial. >> an 18-year-old college student says he was traumatized after police threw him in jail for four days by mistake. his family reportedly is looking for lawyers. jamon johnson spells his name with an onchts"o" but there is wanted man that spells it with an "a." they thought they had the wanted man after they pulled him over for a u-turn. he was released after his fingerprints were run. you could call him the clumsy crook. in miami gardens on thanksgiving morning, an armed robber held up a gas station. it was caught all on surveillance video. police say, 22-year-old johnny love, love that last name, stole cash and beer. inside the store, he dropped the loot and his gun, folks. finally, after gathering everything, he ran outside where he fumbled again, smashing the
3:30 am
beer on the ground. all of this bumbling gave the cops enough time to get there and arrest him. i'm sure, don, you are probably sad about the beer. >> listen, we are having a lot of fun laughing about it but that's exactly the kind of person that doesn't need a gun. >> he needs a career change as well. >> oh, my gosh, crazy. >> thanks, rosa. >> happy everybody is okay. all right, up next, on "new day," we've all experienced bad customer service. what should you do about it? why one couple, they got fined after posting a negative review online. >> if you were thinking about cybershopping on monday, you might want to pay attention to that. justin bieber, he is getting a little heat for what he left behind at an australian hotel. why city officials want it removed immediately.
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welcome back. an investigation is underway after an explosion outside a u.s. world base in tokyo. >> reporter: japanese police and
3:34 am
bomb squad teams are combing this area a few hundred yards from the perimeter of the us air force base. residents say they heard two loud explosions during the night. police now say they found two steal tubes attached to wires, a battery and a crude timing device. it is apparently a homemade mortar system. the us air force says that there were no explosions on the base itself and no reports of damage or injuries. around 3500 u.s. servicemen are based there and there have been sporadic incidents like this in the past. back to you. to mexico city, a father undergoes a rare double arm transplant. nick parker has that. >> a dramatic recovery here in mexico. for gabrielle granadas. the first patient to receive a double arm transplant. the arms were previously amputated at the elbow after a
3:35 am
massive electric can sho. he spent 17 hours undergoing a rare transplant procedure. after a year and a half of rehabilitation, he is revealing the full extent of his ability to control his limbs. he has recovering around 70% of his movement and is independent again. he hopes his story will provide a boost to the campaign to donate organs in mexico. >> truly extraordinary. justin bieber, a little bit of hot water for street art that he left at a hotel. >> reporter: pop star, justin bieber, just can't seem to go anywhere without stirring up some sort of controversy. the latest is this instagram photo of some gravity he and his entourage spray painted on a wall in australia. he had permission to spray paint the wall and has proudly displayed the images on the facebook page. the local government wants it removed. the mayor says it undermines the
3:36 am
city's effort to fight gravity. he wants bieber to clean it himself. i am sure those are images a lot of people would pay to see. >> get over there and clean it up. >> what a mess. pay attention to this. if you've -- you've left reviews, right, we all have. a salt lake city couple threatening to sue a company they say has ruined their credit rating. john and jen paul posted a negative review after receiving what they considered was bad service by an online merchandise. they were shocked when they were given a hefty fine by that company. >> john palmer bought a few christmas gifts for his wife, jen, on the website, in 2008, never imagining he would still be paying the price five years later. the palmers say the items they ordered never arrived. the transaction was canceled. >> after 30 days or so, paypal said, hey, there is no activity
3:37 am
here. they turned around and gave the money back into my husband's account and effectively canceled the sale. >> reporter: after repeated calls to clear gear to find out what happened, jen palmer post posted this review on saying, there is no way to get in touch with a visible human being. no extensions work. fast forward, 3 1/2 years, the palmers received this e-mail stating this he would be fined $3500 if the negative review wasn't taken down in 72 hours. >> we were shocked that somebody would attempt to do this because its ridiculous that anybody would turn around and try to extort us like that. >> have you ever heard of anything like this? >> i have never heard of anything like this happening to the consumer, only because retailers mainly protect the consumer. the. >> reporter: the e-mail cited this clause saying, your acceptance of this sales contract prohibits you from taking any action that
3:38 am
negatively impacts more and more companies are adding this type of language in the fine print as protection. >> the first amendment does not protect certain kinds of free speech. you can sign a contract giving away your free speech rights if it is a fair contract. this contract, though, is not fair and, frankly, it would be thrown out by any court. >> reporter: we found other examples of nondisparagement kloss in customer agreements, including this one from a vacation rental company threatening to charge customers up to $10,000 in damages if a post containing unreasonable negative sentiment isn't removed. the company told cnn, it stands by its practice. the palmers couldn't take down the gear and refused to pay up. they reported to a collections company. >> it was bad enough when we went to get our second car, it took them a month to find a bank
3:39 am
that was willing to finance us, because of the huge ding this puts on our credit. >> they tried multiple phone numbers, all of them disconnected. did respond to our affiliate depending its actions. the palmers say they are taking their fight all the way to court. >> we don't want them to get away with. apparently, we are not the only people they have done this to. we are the only ones that are fighting back and we're not giving up. >> the better business bureau is now investigating and has put the company on alert. to protect yourself during this busy holiday shopping season, retail analysts suggest that you read all the fine print and make sure a company is legitimate. if you do write a negative review, make sure it is accurate. a company can sue you for libel even if it doesn't have that clause. back to you. i want to tell you that kleargear is responding defending their actions in a station. they are saying it's request for the palmers to take down the comment was not blackmail but,
3:40 am
quote, a diligent effort to help them avoid the fine. i would be furious. >> oh, my goodness. >> it makes the company look worse. >> they were talking about the lodging site that provides lodging. it says the review cannot have unreasonable sentiment. that is so relative. what you might think is reasonable, i might find completely unreasonable. that seems strange that would be the basis of it. >> you heard what our legal expert here said, this will not stand up. >> cybermonday is coming up. they will need good weather to help them. jennifer gray, how is it looking for the weekend? >> it is looking so much better. we had rain and snow all over the place now. we're dealing with just chilly temperatures. it is quiet. boston, chilly, 32 degrees. about 15 degrees below normal. we are going to be chilly across
3:41 am
most of the northeast. temperatures look a little bit better in the south. atlanta, you will be at 59 degrees today. a lot of you happy about that. returning to normal. you had the coldest thanksgiving yesterday in 100 years with a low of 22 degrees. you are starting to rebound nicely. it should be a nice day in the south. look at all the sunshine, though. sunny across the deep south and the west as well. even up to the north. it is just cold up there. a little bit of rain pulling into the pacific northwest over the next couple of days. as we get into the weekend, we are going to keep the sunshine around, a little bit of lake effect snow in for the north. we could see anywhere from an inch or two of that. that is really all that is happening across the country. no rain, no snow, just cold. >> we are all on lockdown mode. what's going to happen? we are on alert. it went away. >> it is gone. it is pushed off the east coast. this is our benefit.
3:42 am
>> up next on "new day," scientists watching for the comment that went around the sun but did ison flame out or did it survive? details straight ahead. talk about dreams. why this basketball shot has so much special meaning. it is our must-see moment on this friday. we'll show it to you when we return.
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welcome back to "new day" everyone. astronomers have their eyes on a comet. the comet is called ison. it mostly broke apart in its trip around the sun.
3:46 am
researchers now believe part of it may have survived, if i can get my lips to work. cnn pete meet, jennifer gray is here with more amazing pictures on this event. this thing is really cool. it has science geeks like me really jazzed up about it. it took a trip around the sun yesterday. we are crossing our fingers hoping it survived. we have been watching this for more than a year. it has been traveling for more than 4 million years. >> which is incredible. we are really hoping it survived. the nucleus of it is three to four miles across. the tail is bigger or wider than australia. so this thing is just gigantic. >> is that why it is so unique, because of the size of this monster. >> well, for many years it is unique. they are calling it the comet of the century. it is the brightest comet that we are supposed to see in the last 50 years. we can learn so much about this. it is unique, because it is called a sun grazer.
3:47 am
it passes very, very close to the sun. 7:30,0 730,000 miles away from the sun yesterday. we can learn so much about the sun from this comet. it is made of ice. they call it a dirty snowball. it kind of slingshots around. by passing so close to the sun, of course, it can melt it, break it apart. so now, we're just hoping that something emerges and some scientists say, we do see something. we don't know what. some people are calling it the headless comet. it may be debris of what's left from the slingshot journey around the sun. >> it came from the very edge of space. >> that is just cool in itself. >> the edge of space. >> i'm with you. >> the thought is because it came so close to the sun, we could really have -- quite, if some of it survives, with he could have a cool light show like the beginning of december. >> what's cool about this, a lot of times, we have the solar
3:48 am
eclipse and things like that. if you have clouds in the sky, forget about it. this is going to be around for most of the month of december. so, you know, you'll have a shot to see it. there is sort of a breakdown of where you are in the world and when you will be able to see it, around dawn and after sunrise for most of us here in the united states. see we're just really hoping it survives and we can see something. >> you are an astronomer or just a common geek, a space geek. >> when you are in meteorology, you just love everything. the sun drives everything. anything about space is just very cool. >> one of the things that fascinated me was all the videos online as to how to see this, just because there are so many people who are fascinated about it. they are posting a lot of science geeks. i really like science too. i raise my hand on that one. they are posting these videos saying, here is how you can watch it. >> the fact is, if you have the right camera, you could get a really good shot. photographers would really get excited about something like
3:49 am
this. >> ice that is so old. >> dirty snowball. i love this. >> a huge glimpse about what's out there in the solar system and the fact that it has been traveling for so long we will be able to see it in our lifetime is so cool. >> a dirty snowball in the urban dictionary. >> it is early. >> it is a.m., not p.m. >> we want to elevate our conversation here on "new day." >> thank you so much. >> i'm sorry. >> we will make you all feel better with our musty moment. i want to introduce you to colfax, wisconsin. this is where this is happening. an eighth grader, tyler blonlg, had his very first basket monday night, it wasn't the winning one or the timed is shot. it was special nonetheless. that's him sinking one in. tyler has learning abilities. he has a speech impediment and he has adhd. his teammates let tyler take as many tries as he needed to take
3:50 am
that shot and to make it. basketball actually helps tyler socialize, something that's somewhat of a challenge for him. his mind says this kind gesture of sportsmanship. this is getting to me, went a really long way. >> i love when kids can do this for one another. it is so special. >> that's really special. tyler. >> did you see how he stood taller? a little fist pump. >> tyler, you are the man. >> i love how the other teammates say, just take as many tries as you want. so there is your must-see moment. we thought you might need a little must-see inspiration. >> was that just to get everybody? >> just to bring it back up. >> that might be a new nickname, dirty snowball. >> i have so much to say but it is really early in the morning. i won't. up next on "new day," madness at the mall and on the
3:51 am
set of "newday." shoppers hunt for bargains and hope to end in the black. we are going to talk with the ceos of macy's and mall wart for their take on holiday shopping how are americans feeling about the economy. we have a new cnn poll just out. the results, frankly, they may surprise you. we'll be back. it's hard to see opportunity in today's challenging environment. unless you have the right perspective. bny mellon wealth management has the vision and experience to look beyond the obvious. we'll uncover opportunities, find hidden risk,
3:52 am
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[ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] get the all-new 2014 cla250 starting at just $29,900. three women have completing the marine course. they wanted to do something easier than signing up for obama care. it is amazing. busiest shopping day of the year. be careful. try not to injury your fellow shoppers. a lot of them no longer have health insurance. you don't want to knock them over. >> that was rough. thanksgiving yesterday, full of family, full of great food, of course, packed full of nfl
3:55 am
action. the biggest challenge was trying to stay away. andy shoals had a nap plan. >> he did? >> andy, can we say what we call you? >> i call you teeth shoals. you are all teeth. >> he has a beautiful smile. >> really great teeth. >> thank you. awkward moment. great football action. like you said, i had a plan. i was doing really good but after that first game, fell asleep. it took me a while to wake up. the night cap had the ravens hosting the steelers. there was a bit of controversy in in this game. steelers head coach, mike tomlin, gets in his way on the field. the refs could have given him a
3:56 am
touchdown. it could have been costly. the ravens ended up winning this game. the steelers last chance on a two-point conversion went incompetent. the lions record, nine-game thanksgiving losing streak is now over. detroit dominated the packers winning 40-10. packers offense was awful in this one. they gained 126 yards. the lions, ndamukong suh was on his best behavior. no stomping or kicking from him this year. he even gently sacked that guy for a safety in the third quarter. the dallas cowboys came from behind to beat the raiders. demarco murray had a career day scoring three touchdowns. this was the first time since 1999 that both the cowboys and lions won on thanksgiving day. here is some great news. less than two weeks after crashing during a training run, olympic skier, lindsey vonn, is already back on the slopes. they posted this selfy
3:57 am
yesterday. happy to be on the mountain doing what i love, skiing. she partially tore her acl in that crash a little over a week ago. it looks like recovery is going great. she is going to try and compete next week. >> these athletes are made of different stuff. i had acl reconstruction. i wasn't doing anything but sitting on the couch. >> can we go back to the packers and the lions? that game was amazing. you could fall asleep on that game and you didn't miss much, right? >> well, it was the lions got like 20 yards in every play. the packers barely got 20 yards all day. >> overall, a good day of sports. andy, you should take the weekend off, my friend. >> you know what, i might do that. >> good to talk to you. thanks for joining us on this friday. >> see you, sir. >> have a good one. >> we are at the top of the hour, which means it is time for top news.
3:58 am
what, eight hours of shopping? >> yeah, it was all night. >> eight hours or so. >> madness, stores open and chaos as black friday shoppers storm in. the battle for deals caught on tape. new this hour, the ceos of walmart and macy's join us live. what are they expecting this holiday season? taking the stands, a nasty court battle involving nigella law sop and her husband heats up. he accuses her of doing cocaine and he may be on the stand today brook lins net coach, jason kidd, caught on tape allegedly spilling soda to delay the game. the league is punishing him this morning but, is it fair? your "new day" starts right now. what you need to know. >> this website is going to get fixed. we are going to be signing people up. >> what you just have have to see. >> people fighting trying to get those deals.
3:59 am
some ladies just started going at it. this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. it is 7:00 in the east. chris and kate obviously are off. >> you have been suntanning. >> don lemon and rosa flores are here. >> don't forget about my jacket. >> the jacket is here. >> it looks like there is a #hah hash tag on twitter, designed to wake you and me up. >> i am feeling good. i think we all have full bellies. we might have full dishwashers and apparently the stores are full. >> did you see this black madness? chaos breaking out at one store. folks getting aggressive. police have to interject as they try to get the perfect deal. many stores didn't wait for black friday. they opened up last night.
4:00 am
macy's one of them, breaking a 155-year tradition of being open on thanksgiving. zain asher is at the retailer's famous flagship store in new york city. i have a sneaking suspicion, ja zain, you might have done some shopping. >> reporter: i actually did not. i have been standing here talking to shoppers. i asked a macy's executive about the decision. last year, we opened at midnight and we had 11,000 shoppers and they already had bags from other stores. for the retailers, about keeping up with the competition. for the shoppers, about getting those deals before they run out. just hours into the holiday shopping season taking off, the hunt for bargains is becoming a contact sport. many taking advantage of some retailers opening their doors on thanksgiving night. some even foregoing the holiday
4:01 am
dinner. tempers flaring at this walmart with shoppers clamoring for a bargain on tablets in virginia. just hours after its signature parade, macy's broke out the barricade for hundreds of hungry shoppers starving for a deal at their flagship store in new york city. across the country, long lines are welcome sights for retailers hoping to cash in on the holidays. hundreds more lining up outside of a toys are us starting at noon. so they wouldn't miss out on must-have items on the kids wish list. >> hopefully, they will get their sky lander and get all their dolls and toys over with. >> i want to make sure i am here in the front of the line. >> shoppers outside of this best buy in west palm beach florida in hopes of getting their hands on a 40-inch flat screen tv for only $200. >> it is big ticket items like these and rock bottom prices on electronics that are feeding the
4:02 am
frenzy. police stepping in to end a tug of war over a television. >> amidst all the chaos, police shot one shoplifter at this kohl's store in illinois sending the thief and two officers to the hospital. a convenient alternative to the mayhem, cybermonday, when retailers are set to offer steep discounts online so you can avoid the crushing crowds. >> reporter: obviously, a little bit of chaos at certain retailers. macy's has hired 3,000 seasonal workers for the holiday shopping season. i have been walking around talking to some of the associates. some are saying, listen, we enjoy working on thanksgiving. number one, we volunteered for it. number two, we got paid at time and a half. we are getting to leave extra early so we could enjoy black shopping for ourselves. >> we get to shop, work, earn some money and spend time with their families.
4:03 am
zain, thank you so much. you can go shopping right now. coming up later this hour, we are going to talk with macy's ceo, terry lundgren and walmart's ceo, bill simon. >> hold up, wait a minute. there seems to be a discount when it comes to what people may be spending versus what they feel about the economy in general. a new cnn poll that shows the majority of americans have a pretty negative view of the way things are going in the country in general. their opinions about the economy aren't much better. who better to ask about this, alison kosik. >> you are talking about a disconnect that's going on between what we are seeing in the markets and what we are seeing happening in the economy, specially when you look at this poll. really eye-opening. it showed that 59% of people say things are going badly in this country. here is the thing. that number has been steadily increasing since april. also, 41% believe things are
4:04 am
going well or fairly well. that's the lowest number since 2012. what you are seeing is kind of these mixed feelings that americans are feeling as we approach the holidays caught somewhere between pessimism and optimism. >> how is it that people are worried about the economy but then you see the stock market going up. you see the housing market getting better. so, what gives? >> because it has been one of these recoveries that we have been in that hasn't been kind of even. it has been a spotty recovery, not one that's operating on all cylinders. we see the markets at record highs, the dow, the s&p the nasdaq not at levels since 13 years ago. a lot of that is being fueled by the federal reserve. the federal reserve is buying up $85 billion in mortgage-backed securities and treasuries every month. with that, a big-time stimulus. all that money is pouring into the financial system, pushing investors away from bonds and into stocks. that's creating this wealth effect. come on, a huge reality check here. 11 million people in this
4:05 am
country are unemployed. that's the reality. that goes back to the uneven recovery. let me say this. there are three ways that people can feel like they are a little bit wealthy. if they have a job, if their house is holding its value and if the portfolio is looking good. the problem is jobs. jobs is the disconnect. that is the disconnect between the economy and stocks. >> that's the two different americas that we talk about. >> reality in your own little economy. >> if you are lucky enough to have a portfolio and a house and a job, then you're doing okay. if you are not, it's not good. >> exactly. >> the jobs have to be good. the trend we are seeing is that you are seeing these low-wage jobs come into the market. >> thank you. the obama care fix deadline arrives tomorrow. president obama has pledged that this saturday, health will be working. will millions of uninsuranced americans be able to get through and sign up?
4:06 am
that is the big question. jill dougherty is at the white house with the latest. they say the experience is going to be different. will it? >> they do. watch the fine print. what they are saying is for the vast majority of americans. because this is not the final fix. what they are trying to get is the ability to have 50,000 people at any one time get on that site and do what they have to do to sign up. but they are concerned that let's say next week as attention continues to build, you could have hundreds of thousands, maybe 200,000. the last time that happened in october, people were not able to get on. they had to get in kind of a virtual waiting line. that's just one of the issues that they are concerned about. >> withering criticism of the initial rollout of, has intensified the pressure on the administration to get this fix right for saturday.
4:07 am
the white house hopes it can do that at least for the vast majority of users. >> this website is going to get fixed. >>, open for business october 1st. it has been a disastrous two months. the site crashed unai believe to cope with people trying to sign up. small businesses still won't be able to use the site for another year. insurance industry insiders tell cnn some customers' personal data is getting mangled or even lost. the white house says the site will be able to handle 50,000 users at one time but they admit there will be times after saturday when, does not function properly. they are bracing for another possible huge surge in volume that could force some people into virtual waiting lines for callbacks. officials say consumers who pick a plan by december 23rd and pay their premiums by december 31st, will have coverage effective the first of january.
4:08 am
you can bet those teams, those tech teams, are working full time trying to get to that deadline. >> jill, thank you so very much. we have other stories we are watching. a lot of stories making headlines. rosa flores is doing the job for us. >> good morning. good morning to you at home. we are covering breaking news from overnight. a pipeline explosion sends shock waves to the small missouri town of hustonia. it is 75 miles west of kansas city. they say there was a rupture at a compressor. a spokeswoman says, no one was killed or injured and the cause is under investigation. nato officials promising to investigate an air strike that hit thursday in afghanistan. local officials claim a child was killed. this is coming as washington and kabul tried to determine the future role of u.s. troops in afghanistan. president hamid karzai saying that if there are more strikes,
4:09 am
he won't sign a security pact. rising tensions and an act of defines over disputed air space over the east china sea. beijing flew fighter jets in the area of japanese and south korean military conducted missions in the contested zone. both china and japan claim that territory belongs to them. vice president, joe biden, set to visit asia next week. it is expected he will try to urge calm amongst all of the players in the air space fight. three unpublished stories from j.d. salinger have been leaked online. they were anonymously uploaded and tracked back to an ebay auction where someone bought them for $110. the reclusive author did not want them published until 50 years after his death. one of the stories, "the ocean full of bowling balls" is said to be a short prequel to "the
4:10 am
catcher in the rye." >> the first lady is scheduled to accept the official white house christmas tree later this morning. the 18 1/2 foot douglas fir will be placed in the blue room from the lehigh valley crystal springs farm in pennsylvania. this is the third time they have provided a tree for the first family. >> it is a terrific hop nor whe your tree is chosen. >> that ginormous must tree. the first lady is going to decorate it. >> i think they take volunteers. i have a friend in louisiana who wanted to sign up. they pick volunteers and then they choose who can help the first lady. >> there is a vision. there is a plan. there is a whole thing. >> have you ever been to the white house christmas party? >> oh, my gosh. you should see it. it is amazing. i get invited through a second-hand source. they don't invite me personally. it is amazing to see all the different trees. it is the most wonderful thing.
4:11 am
i steal napkins and cotton candy and chocolate. i'm not alone. barbara walters does it too. >> now, he is throwing people under the bus. we are finally seeing some quiet weather across the country. it was a rough go for a couple of days. now, everything is starting to calm down. it is just cold. the northeast still staying cold with temperatures about 10-15 degrees below normal. boston, your chilly this morning, as well as syracuse. at about 27 degrees or 16 degrees below normal, we'll stay pretty chilly through the weekend. temperatures still in the 30s in the northeast. the w40s as you head down to d.. that's still more than 10 degrees below normal. by sunday, we finally get back in the 40s here in the city. only 5 degrees below normal for new york on sunday at 44. that storm system pushed off to the east. we are quiet now. that could be an understatement. look at the country. high pressure, in control, and
4:12 am
the east and the west, the south, the same. warmer air will start to return to the deep south as we get into the late weekend. a little bit of rain and snow in the pacific northwest. otherwise, staying very, very quiet. a breakdown of your weekend. today's forecast, if you are heading out and doing some shopping. we are going to see a lot of sunshine, chilly in the north. a little bit more mild in the south. as we get into the saturday, and even sunday, those temperatures will slowly start to increase. we'll get temperatures back to normal in the south. it may have been rough getting to grandma's but on the way home, it is going to be much, much better. >> given how many people that will be getting on the roads on sunday and getting on planes, it is noose ice to know the weathel cooperate. >> may, june, july. >> we are just getting started. >> thanks so much. next on "new day" black friday shopping is well underway. macy's ceo is going to join us to talk about today's spending
4:13 am
mania. >> this story has everybody talking. celebrity chef, nigella lawson's, husband will take the stand today. will he spill the beans and talk about her alleged drug habits? that's the question. you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪
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welcome back to "new day." look at this. black friday, several stores getting an early jump on all the shopping frenzy. the doors at macy's opened at 8:00 p.m. last night. bargain hunters raced to be the first to snag the best deals. macy's ceo, terry lundgren, joins us right now from inside the fray. what a pleasure to have you, mr. lundgren. thank you so much for joining us this morning on "new day." >> i wouldn't be anywhere else but right here. >> we appreciate it. we know you have been open since 8:00 p.m. last night. so far, how are things going? >> great. i was here at about 7:30 circling the building. we had about 15,000 people outside the building of macy's herald square before we opened at 8:00. we had a steady stream for 15 minutes before i walked around
4:17 am
the store at the front door. really popular that we made the decision to open at 8:00 p.m. >> it wasn't without controversy the fact you opened the store on thanksgiving. some people protesting the move. why did you decide to make this move and open? >> well, you know, what i always do. i always make sure we ask our associates. what do they want to do? we hired 83,000 people temporarily for november and december. we could have always filled those jobs with the hiring condition that they would work at 8:00 p.m. we offered to our full-time team and said, what would you like to do? would you like to work at that 8:00 p.m. opening hours? we filled 90% of those jobs with our regular staff. they wanted to work, number one. sometimes we preassume that we know all these answers but they wanted to work for a couple of big reasons. one is they said, hey, time and a half, that sounds good for me for my own holiday inn come. but, also, they were very
4:18 am
intrigued in many cases by the fact that people were going to be finished with their work at 4:00 in the morning. then, they could go shopping with their friends and family on black friday, something that macy's employees normally don't get to do. this is a really positive thing for everybody. >> plus, they got to have their thanksgiving meal during the day with their family before they headed into their shift. what would you say to the folks that say, this is just too early. we don't need to be p sshopping thanksgiving day. >> if you choose not to, don't. apparently, everybody else in the world seems to want to be here. we were very, very pleased with the response. in our case, we just want to do what our customers want and what our associates want. we are being responsive in that way. i think the fact that 15,000 people, versus 11,000 that were here last year at midnight, is an indication that people want to be here when we opened our doors. >> it is interesting to see the crowds, to see the crowds behind you, to hear about those numbers. despite that, the national
4:19 am
retail federation is actually expecting 7 million fewer shoppers this holiday season. are you at all concerned about that at your stores? >> i am definitely not. we had an outstanding third quarter. it got stronger toward the end of the quarter into october. so we feel very strong about the fact that we will have, once again, the fourth consecutive year of great same-store sales growth in the fourth quarter. >> we know and we have been talking about this all day on new day. the fact that folks are feeling the crunch still. that we did a cnnorc poll that shows some results that might be surprising to you. 39% of americans feel that the economic conditions are getting worse. in terms of that, you're on the front lines. you are there. you saw the people that have been around. you are looking forward to the holiday season. what do you make of that poll? >> well, i can't really tell you. i'm not familiar with that particular poll. what i can tell you is that that's one reason why it is very important for us to make sure
4:20 am
that we don't just offer these great high quality brands but also that we have obvious value for our customer. if you read through the circulars or the online information we have sent out about our promotions for black friday and into this weekend, you will see that we are so focused on making sure that the values that we are creating and offering for our customers are easy for everybody to understand and know that this is -- you are going to have a hard time finding a better value anywhere else. so that's key for us, to make sure we are providing those values for our customers. >> let's talk about something that we know is also the forefront of your mind yesterday, the parade. the parade balloons yesterday. a little touch and go. were you at all concerned that maybe those iconic balloons might not fly? >> i've got so many messages, e-mails, texts, calls, from people saying, oh, terry, i'm so concerned. i hope the balloons fly. i said, 100% of the time.
4:21 am
don't worry, the balloons are going to fly. it is just a matter of how high they are going to fly. they will, indeed, fly. so obviously, we were very pleased. the weather conditions actually worked outerific for us. >> a beautiful day. >> it was a bright, sunny day, extremely cold for us. we sell a lot of coats and scarfs, and gloves and sweaters. to me, it was a perfect thanksgiving day. it was awesome for me and my family. >> it truly was. for so many families, whether they were along the parade route or watching at home on the television. i have to ask you, your company has been the focus of a little bit of controversy facing a class action lawsuit accusing your store of racially profiling black shoppers. so far, you have met with the national action leaders. you joined a racial profiling task force meant to address concerns. what are you hoping is going to be the outcome of this? what are you willing to do to
4:22 am
reduce this happening in your stores? >> well, first and foremost, if you knew me and you know my company's policies, there is no question about it in my organization, that racial profiling would never, ever be tolerated in our company, period, end of conversation. if it was ever understood that anyone of our 176,000 full-time employees were, they wouldn't be here. they couldn't work here. it is simple and it is very, very clear in terms of my stance on diversity and inclusion. start with that point within my own organization. it is loud and clear and understood. having said that, we can always learn. so we are listening very closely. we intend to work with these organizations and i am counting on us doing whatever we are doing now, doing better in the future. that's the way our company works. we are an extremely inclusive
4:23 am
organization, whether it is with our customers or our own employees and promotion. this is something that's obviously on our mind. we will work very closely to make it better. >> a lot of folks are going to hold you to that. back to the shopping. it is a busy day there. you are going to have a busy day. you have your name tag on. i hope you aren't the one helping with my handbag purchase a little later mr. lundgren. >> i was here at 8:00 last night. i'm still here. mostly, i'm good at giving directions. >> we need to know where to find the things we want to buy. terry lundgren, the ceo of macy's. it was a delight to have you on this very busy day. >> happy holidays, everybody. >> to you as well. >> don? thank you. up next on "new day." we are talking to walmart ceo in just a few minutes. what is he expecting on this black friday. nigella lawson, the celebrity chef, versus her husband. he might be taking the stand in a nasty court battle. what he says could make things
4:24 am
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4:27 am
>> welcome back to "new day." lots of tryptophan kicking in. wake up. time for the top stories. grab that cup of coffee. we have all the news you need to know. we start off with black tried. you might have been sleeping off that big dinner. other people hit the stores looking for the hottest holiday deals. crowds lining up, not always politely, for clothes, electronics and more. many stores were open on
4:28 am
thanksgiving day. >> japanese officials were investigating two small explosions outside a u.s. air base in tokyo. it happened at 11:00 p.m. local time thursday as thanksgiving was wrapping up. authorities describe it as an improvised device. investigators found two metal tubes and a timing mechanism. no word yet on who is responsible. a fatal crash on thanksgiving in northwest ohio after a high-speed chase. authorities say the suspect was traveling at speeds of up to 150 miles per hour on the ohio turnpike before crashing into a mini-van. two people in the mini-van were killed. the driver suffered only minor injuries. a florida woman sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing a warning shot during a fight with her husband will get a new trial marisa alexander has been freed on bond. the stiff sentence was given unthe state's minimum sentencing guidelines.
4:29 am
they ruled the judge failed to properly instruct the jury. the self-defense case has drawn comparisons to the george zimmerman case. much more on this in the next hour. and, an american foxhound named jewel won the top dog honors at the national dog show in philadelphia. she beat out a bearded collie, a pea ka knees and several other pooches. she is the first to win best in show. she won the hound group category at westminster. >> i watched that and then i watched the packers game. that was so cool. the one -- there was one that looked like the inside of a car wash. >> i feel like there is a lot to care for when you are grooming them. that's a lot of work. >> that's a lot of grooming. >> the foxhound, you feed or scratch her belly and you are good. >> that's the kind of dog you like. >> should we talk dogs, don. >> no. we will not share.
4:30 am
we used to share. >> they told me never bring the dog back into the building after that. >> he ate my sandwich. >> it is a she but that's okay. we have our family secrets here which we just spilled on national television. other family secrets could be spilled today about celebrity chef, nigella lawson. her ex-husband, charles sachy, is expected to testify in the trial of the couple's former assistants. they are accused of defrauding their bosses. will he have to address alleged drug use by the celebrity chef. let's head to max foster live from london with are month. the intrigue, max? >> reporter: this isn't the most glamorous corner of london. when charles sachi, this multimillion-dollar art dealer turned up, a huge media scrum around him. this is fundamentally a fraud trial, not necessarily
4:31 am
interesting. what's really grabbing everyone here is all of the detail coming out about what went on in nigella lawson's household. that's why so many people have got interested in this. the bitter battle between celebrity chef, nigella lawson, and her multimillionaire ex-husband, charles sachi, rumbles on. sachi turned up in court yesterday but left because there wasn't enough time for him to testify. at the center of this criminal case, are two former personal assistants. sisters, francesca and e-lizza bet ta grill low. they are accused of defrauding them of over $1 million, splashing out on luxury groups for themselves using company credit cards. the sisters deny these charges. in a shocking e-mail, sachi accused his ex-wife of using cocaine and marijuana on a daily basis. this is what enabled the former assistants
4:32 am
assistants to spend whatever they look. the accountant took the stand and said, the sisters spent more than $100,000 a month on sachi's company credit card. he was suspicious but didn't alert sachi because of more pressing matters and he didn't want to bother him with what he thought were trivial matters. nigella lawson and charles sachi divorced earlier this year after photos of sachi grabbing her throat during an argument made front page headlines. a spokesperson for nigella lawson says she won't be making any comments while the case is ongoing. charles sachi expecting to appear in the next few hours. currently, his accountant is still answering questions. they are interested to find out why he didn't react after all of his money was ending up going through his credit card over a
4:33 am
period of years. the accountant said that, well, charles sachi and nigella lawson didn't do their own shopping. they had five personal assistants to do that. they weren't surprised by the massive bills coming in but when they dug into it, they did get suspicious. that's why they are here now. >> unbelievable. >> max foster, thank you so much for that. >> five assistants. that's amazing. i want to bring in hln legal analyst, joey jackson. joey, again, she is not on trial here. it is about her assistants. her husband also is alleging that she used cocaine. how damaging, if at all, is this going to be to her reputation and her brand? >> here is the problem. the problem is we have a tort, a fancy word for saying a civil wrong if something affects your reputation. reputations are so important to preserve, that you can sue someone over them. the issue is, will it be injurius. will it damage her reputation or
4:34 am
enhance her brand. you could argue any publicity is good publicity. there is a long list of celebrities that may increase their show ratings. anyone can make an allegations, marijuana, prescription drugs, cocaine. the issue is, whether it is true and whether it is self-serving. if i am caught with my hand in the cookie jar, she said, i could do it as long as i didn't tell. it is a self-serving allegation. who knows if it is true. >> this is happening in london. this isn't happening here. so we are looking at different laws that rule the different nations. if they find out there is some truth to these allegations or any truth to these allegations of drug abuse, she potentially could face charges herself, could she not? >> maybe, maybe not. at the end of the day, what's happening, if you are using drugs or in possession of the drugs, generally, they are taken from you, analyzed and determined to be that substance. without that, it is he said, she said. allegations and everything else.
4:35 am
in terms of her facing charges, i don't know that we will see that. the bigger issue is how it might affect her in the future, her reputation, her brand. >> the allegation is already out there. for some people, once you say, even if it is an allegation, they believe it. >> absolutely. remember the pictures at the restaurant with him with his hands around her neck. people will think, this is just him getting back at her because of all those things. >> it is a great point, don. whenever someone testifies in court, you look at their credibility and the motivations of why they would say things. is this someone because of the divorce now that is sour grapes. is it someone who is saying something because it is self-serving to them. at the end of the day, she is going into the second season of "the taste." the ratings of that show may very well increase. >> i remember when paula dean was going through her thing. it was really the ceos of
4:36 am
companies that decided that. it wasn't the marketplace. they were buying up her dvds. they were buying her products. the general public. >> it became a best seller. they look to her not because she is a role model but because the girl can cook. do they really care? >> it is a great point. we are not talking about someone who is a politician running for office saying, oh, my goodness. she is human. now, she is real and relatable. we always want to give someone a second chance. >> the thing to remember which makes this extra bizarre is that she is not even on trial. we go back to what we started this with. >> her brand is. >> her brand is certainly being tested. >> joey jackson, thanks for coming on the day after thanksgiving. >> thank you. the chief of american's biggest retailer joins us next. he is going to tell us about black friday and what they are talking about in terms of the monster sales. what are their expectations?
4:37 am
>> that's my mom's favorite store. she lives in that store. >> she is not in that melee? >> she might be. later, crying over a spilled soda. the nba punishing jason kidd over a delayed tactic. does the punishment fit the carbonated crime? >> i wrote that myself. not really. you want to see something cool? snapshot, from progressive. my insurance company told me not to talk to people like you. you always do what they tell you? no... try it, and see what your good driving can save you. you don't even have to switch. unless you're scared. i'm not scared, it's... you know we can still see you. no, you can't. pretty sure we can... try snapshot today -- no pressure. maestro of project management. baron of the build-out. you need a permit...
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welcome back to "new day." the holiday shopping season officially underway with many stores opening up on thanksgiving to get an early start on sales. take a look at this video from opening of walmart stores last night. as you can see, people showed up in droves ready to spend. i think my own mother was in one of those melees. bill simon is the president and ceo of walmart. i was telling you in the break, my mom says i have to be nice to you because she lives in walmart. it is her favorite store. what is the fascination with americans and walmart? >> it is just a great opportunity for people to get everything they might need at the best prices in the country. our logistics network and the way we operate, the lower margins we take, give people the opportunity to get everything they might need at prices that are fantastic. >> how you are doing it, mr. simon is a good gauge of the
4:41 am
economy and how well others may do, specially during this holiday shopping season. how have you done so far? what are you expecting, because america is going to be paying attention? >> well, last year, we reported that we had over 22 million customers in over the black friday evening thursday evening. we had substantially more than that last night. so we are very pleased with the turnout. customers came out in large numbers to our stores. the customers were shopping very broadly. we are encouraged by the start to the black friday shopping weekend. >> you think people are going to be spending in the weeks ahead? the national retail federation expecting 7 million fewer people to be shopping this black friday than last year. >> yeah. you know, it is interesting. as you know, it is a bit of a compressed season. there is a week less between thanksgiving and christmas. so retail this year is going to be very competitive. there are a lot of folks out
4:42 am
there, our xttocompetitors that sharpening their pencil. it is an opportunity for the customers to do very well. some of the deals ended and the retail was fantastic. people took advantage of them. let's talk about some of the video. there are protests scheduled today for a number of stores around the country, people saying, you know, walmart should not be open, specially on thanksgiving day. protests saying worker pay. what is your response to that? >> on the thanksgiving thing, we have been open on thanksgiving since the mid-80s. we are a service industry like hotels and airlines. when customers want to shop, we are open. that's what we do. we have been doing that for quite some time. black friday, we just talked about it. millions and millions of people out shopping is the big stage. walmart is a big player on the big stage. as there are those who want to try to change a service industry like retail, it is not
4:43 am
unexpected that they would be out on black friday at walmart with something to say about that. >> before we move on to talk about a little bit more about work or pay, there are many people. people have to get out of their beds on thanksgiving day or leave their families. many believe that people should be at home with their families. these workers have to go in and work. i know they are compensated but still. >> sure. they are compensated. they get holiday pay. we offer a very special and deep discount for those people that work that day. they came. our associates were able to take care of customers. most folks did like i did, had an early thanksgiving dinner with their family and then went to work. we were out, all of the walmart leadership team was out yesterday working in our stores with our associates side by side. we saw some fantastic people doing fantastic work at helping customers. it was really a good night for us. >> as i mentioned to you, my families a walmart family.
4:44 am
my mom and sisters love shopping there. it is like the people in the store are part of their families. with that said, you are facing a walkout from a group called all walmart. they say they aren't paying their workers enough and they aren't treating them well. do you plan to consider increases in pay and are you looking at this group's complaints? >> just to set the record straight, thank you for the opportunity to do that. we pay in the top half of retail. our industry offers the opportunity to enter at any life stage, from 16 to 76 if they would like to. they can work hard and build a career. entry-level jobs are in our store. we have lots of opportunity for people to grow into management. today, over half of our folks make well above the amount that is requested. over slightly half of our workforce being full time and the other half being part time. as people get a chance to join our company in an entry-level
4:45 am
job. i started as a dishwasher in a restaurant. i'm sure you had an entry level job at some point. we are proud of the opportunity that people have to progress in our company. >> i haven't worked at walmart. we had the ceo of macy's on earlier. i started here in new york as christmas relief during the thanksgiving holiday and moving into christmas and new year's exactly during this time of year. i don't want to keep harping oen this but i want to talk to you on the day after thanksgiving about more festive things. finishing up here, the national labor relations board ruled that walmart violated the national labor relations act by harassing and firing employees in 14 states. do you plan to address the managers there about their alleged mistreating of employees? >> well, that's a case that's still pending. it will be end up having our say and i will be able to defend those charges in court. we don't do that. that's just not accurate. >> let's move on and talk about
4:46 am
black friday and shopping. it is all cheers. you are very happy. you think it is going to be great. do you have any concerns or any worries about shopping, something that people may be looking for and may not be able to get at walmart? >> well, we try to take care of everybody. by and large, with well over 22 million customers last night, i think we did a pretty good job. the event is not over. more to come this morning. big events kicking off at 8:00 with manager specials and a deep, discounted price on things you might need to decorate your home, light, trees, stuff like that. great prices on food items. there is still a lot going on today. we are able to take care of as many customers as we possibly can. anybody that might be disappointed and contacts us, we will make sure we take care of them as well. >> it appears you may need bigger carts. people are trying to stuff in these big-screen televisions and other large items, electronics, into those carts. do you warn people when they go in not to get confrontational?
4:47 am
are you worried there is not enough to go around? >> actually, i went and helped a couple customers last night in san antonio i went and fetched a few more carts for them. they filled up their buggies and needed more room. i was happy to do that for them. by and large, our events have changed over the years. we implemented a couple of protocols and programs. we had a one-hour guarantee. we took the 20 hottest items and bought them in deep enough quantities so there wasn't that frenzy to try to get one. anybody who was in our building during that time frame was guaranteed to get one. if we ran out, we will fulfill them through systems are changing. the process is changing. by and large, there were a few small incidents. we were really, really pleased with the way the event went last
4:48 am
night. >> how is the crowd where you are? >> where i was last night was fantastic. we started the day here in arkansas, went to san antonio and toured some of our stores in san antonio and just saw a very, very, very deep crowds. we did tour some of our competitors and went to the malls. there was a lot of traffic out in all the stores. so we are encouraged. >> happy belated thanksgiving and merry christmas to you, happy new year. thank you, bill simon. appreciate it. >> thank you, don and thank your mother for shopping with us. >> i will. she is watching. i'm sure. a happy thanksgiving to mama lemon. next up, one cola could cost coach kidd $50,000. does that seem extreme? we are going to chat about that next. ♪
4:49 am
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4:52 am
♪ o when you come crash -- we'll talk about that crash in a second. welcome back to "new day." we were having a discussion about turkey and thanksgiving, michel does dressing, i'm a stuffing kind of gal. >> is it a canadian southern thing in. >> you know what mine is? >> all of the above. not coffee. >> speaking of, what are you having -- oh, my. >> where did you find him today? >> we'll talk about a beverage, this beverage causing some controversy and costing somebody some money. let's talk about coach kidd perpetrating it. >> we discussed it a little bit yesterday, we saw the video of the player, tayshawn taylor
4:53 am
bumping into him on the sideline, you look closely he hit, hit me. then he knocks it over. >> he is the worst actor ever. >> the question is, was it a good coaching move or was it cheating because what he was doing was trying to create an extra time-out his team down by three points and trying to get another play in. >> can it be both? they say in nas scar if you ain cheating you ain't trying. this cost him $50,000. >> they had to nip that in the bud. >> they had to bring the hammer down because it was so blatant. he was asked about it, sweaty palms, i was never good with the ball. you're a hall of fame point guard. >> the question is now, is this starting to permeate into other leagues? let's look at what happened last night between the pittsburgh steelers and the baltimore ravens in their game. i'll set this up, jacoby jones
4:54 am
streaking down the sideline, breaks free, almost free for 101-yard return, see that figure standing there, steelers coach mike tomlin in the way. >> i was like oh look at the grid, see? >> no flag, no penalty, nothing. >> if the refs determined, he didn't know, you told me he was looking at the jumbo tron so he could have seen jacoby jones running behind him and it just being in the way that much gave his defender time to catch up with jacoby jones and tackle him but you're right, don, they could have penalized him a 15-yard penalty. the refs could have awarded jacoby jones a touchdown, not even a flag in this case. >> the grin on his case. >> the dimples. >> the ravens won 22-20 but this could have been the game changer. >> look at that. >> also standing in the area where coaches are banned. >> but you cannot plead
4:55 am
ignorance of the law, right? >> mike tomlin is one of the smartest men in the nfl, let alone in life, he's a very smart man. he knew what he was doing. >> i say flag on the play. >> pocket square. >> pocket square on the play. >> i'm keeping this flag. >> oh! >> guys seriously, i don't want to be debbie downer. i kind of feel like it's teaching bad sportsmanship. am i the only one who feels like that? i know there's gamesmanship >> oh. >> don't you cross the line at a certain point? >> it is crossing the point. >> you ain't tryin' if you ain't cheat.. >> you don't get this back because i'm throwing it at you this morning. >> we still have an hour and five minutes of don lemon. it's too much. >> it's three against one on this set, including the whole team here. they co-opted.
4:56 am
thanks, nischelle. the steals and deals up ahead on "new day," but black friday bargains, are they really bargains or should you wait and see if prices drop closer to christmas? and a florid mom who used a controversial stand your ground defense was let out of jail while she awaits retrail. will she be convicted again? joey jackson is back again to discuss that case. i can feel them looking at my thick, flaky red skin. do i tell them it's psoriasis? do i speak up and say it's not contagious? or do i just say... have a nice day!" when your psoriasis has gone from uncomfortable to unacceptable, visit to connect with a psoriasis patient advocate from abbvie for free one-to one education and support. sign up at, and talk to your dermatologist. [ female announcer ] only aveeno daily moisturizing lotion has an active naturals oat formula
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4:59 am
-- captions by vitac -- mayhem at the mall, the running, the tussling, the buying, must be black friday. the chaos began early. what you can expect the rest of the day. the obama care website is supposed to be fixed. is it ready? we'll talk to a former white house technology leader. walking free she was sentenced to 20 years after firing a warning shot at her alleged lay busive husband, now out of prison but will she end up behind bars? >> your "new day" continues right now. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan
5:00 am
and michaela pereira. >> well, one of the three isn't bad. >> and don lemon and rosa parks. >> it is the 29th of november, and it's already 8:00 in the east, the day is ticking by. kate and chris have the day off. thanks for being here. >> so good to be here with you. this is a real trip. >> no shopping but online. 33 million americans are expected to get their shop on today, the black friday frenzy is in full swing. look at the video crush of people searching for supersized deals, some losing control. the police had to be called in, in some stores, one in california, all the way to connecticut, to break up fights that were happening there. the turkey was barely cold when the first wave of shoppers hit the stores last night, macy's breaking their 155-year tradition and opened their doors on thanksgiving. cnn's zain asher is at the
5:01 am
macy's flagship store. are they doing aggressive shopping today? >> reporter: -- just the quality of the discounts here and i'm also going around talking to shoppers, guys, was it really worth no sleep, could you just not have gone online? they say when you go online you can't try the item on, i agree but a lot of people are saying you have to be careful bus there are aggressive shoppers around retail stores across the country. take a listen. just hours into the holiday shopping season kicking off the hunt for bargains is a contact sport. >> hey, hey! >> reporter: many take advantage of some retailers opening doors on thanksgiving night, some foregoing the holiday dinner. >> settle down! >> reporter: tempers flaring at this walmart with shoppers
5:02 am
clamoring for a bargain on tablets in virginia. hours after a signature parade, macy's broke out for deals at their flagship store in new york city. across the country, long lines a welcome site for retailers hoping to cash in on the holidays. hundreds more lining up outside of a toys "r" us, starting at noon, so they wouldn't miss out on must have items on their kids' wish lists. >> hopefully they'll get their skylander and dolls and toys over with. >> i want to make sure i'm here in the front of the line instead of in the back. >> reporter: shoppers camped outside of this best buy all in hopes of getting their hands on a 40 inch flat screen tv for only $200. it's big ticket items like these and rock bottom prices on electronics that are feeding the frenzy, police stepping in to end a tug-of-war over a television. and amid all the chaos, police
5:03 am
shot one shoplifter at this kohl's store in illinois, sending the thief and two officers to the hospital. convenient alternative to the mayhem, cyber monday, when retailers are set to offer steep discounts online so you can avoid the crushing crowds. >> slow it down! only two people can help you! >> reporter: there are 15,000 people trying to get into macy's when it opened yesterday thanksgiving at 8:00. i'm told by executives they're expecting it to get a lot busier around 10:00 a.m. in a couple of hours. don, back to you. >> thank you very much, appreciate that, zain. despite the big shopping frenzy, what do americans think about the broader state of the economy? a new cnn/orc poll shows the majority has a dismal outlook, 39% think economic conditions are actually getting worse, so here to break it down for us is cnn's global economic analyst and "time" assistant managing editor, rona faruhar.
5:04 am
what does this new poll indicate the fact that people feel things are getting worse? >> we are still fragile, in the weakest post-war recovery. we have another two and a half years to go at the current job creation rates to get back to where we were before the financial crisis, so things are still really fragile. >> to some this will seem like a disconnect. we've seen record highs on the stock market. if that's the perception, is it just that it takes a while for it to trickle down to our own personal economy in. >> that's true. historically when you're in a recovery and the stock market goes up, so does confidence. the numbers usually tick up together. >> and housing as well. >> this time the stocks are going up but confidence is going down so that's a real market change and i think that's happening is that we're pumping up the stock market, the government is pumping up the stock market via the fed and the asset buying program that the
5:05 am
federal reserve has been doing, putting a lot of money into the economy that pumps up stocks but remember that stocks are held mainly by the richest quarter of americans, so the rich are feeling this and you can see that in the consumer sentiment polls. when they tick it up it tends to be amongst the affluent. >> we were talking earlier and saying it's the two different americas here. >> that's right. that's absolutely right. i think it's a great point. stocks are up, the wealthy are feeling good. housing are flattening out and dipping. >> that shutdown rattled so many people. >> that's when the confidence numbers went down, the shutdown and the problems with the rollout of obama care, that makes people feel worried how government is functioning and that hurt, too. >> can i ask a very simple question, i remember during one of the campaigns a simple question, are you better off than you were four years ago? are things better or are they getting worse? >> well, i think they're better that be they were four years ago because four years ago we were really in the midst of crisis
5:06 am
still. >> the economy actually improving or is it not? >> i think that it's flat, that's the phlegm. our trend growth in this country historically should be about 3% a year. we're still in a 2% economy. it doesn't feel good for a lot of people. nobody's gotten a raise in four years, wages have been flat so you can't have a robust recovery in an economy like ours that has made up 70% of consumer spending when no one has gotten a raise. >> today, black friday, how much more important is black friday, given the state of our economy and given the sentiment, et cetera, how are those things going to play out in how this turns out today? >> well, black friday is responsible for about 10% of retailers' yearly sales, huge to begin with, big number. i think you can see with folks starting the sales earlier, they are worried. thanksgiving fell late so you have fewer shopping days on the run-up to christmas. the fact that a lot started their sales on thanksgiving day is telling, best buy. walmart is announcing record
5:07 am
results already so they're trying to really push this sales season and get the results. i think we're going to have an average shopping season this year. >> you think so? >> i do. when all of the numbers and it's funny if you look back in the middle of the shopping season you tend to hear everybody say it's been a great weekend. when the results are tallied it's more negative than you think. >> i think from the new cnn/orc poll the take-away for me and many people is the two different americas. you have a good job, you're lucky enough to have a portfolio investment and a home, you're doing well. if you don't have those things, many people don't have the money to invest. you're looking at everyone else going what do you mean it's getting better? things are not better for me. >> until we get more job creation and wages start to come up that's the story. >> rana foroohar, how are you doing? >> wrapped dress today. >> dressed appropriately. >> that is rana's secret. thank you so much.
5:08 am
rosa flores here with other stories happening. >> good morning. we are following breaking news from overnight a huge time line explosion near houstonia, missouri, rocking the small town about 75 miles from kansas city, a 30 inch natural gas pipeline exploding at the panhandle eastern pipeline company. the fire is now out and a spokeswoman for that company says there were no injuries. the cause of that blast is still under investigation. iran is taking the first step to live up to the landmark nuclear agreement it reached with the west last weekend. iran's representative with the international atomic energy agency says it will implement the deal by the end of december or early january, and inspectors from the iaea have been invited to visit a heavywater production plant on december 8th, a reactor under construction is on the
5:09 am
same site. officials will investigate an air strike in afghanistan that killed a child and injured two women. the international security assistance forces said the strike did kill its target, an insurgent on a bike, and it regrets any civilian casualties. president hamid karzai condemns the strike and won't sign an already shaky security pact if there are more incidents. tensions growing this morning in asia, china has sent more fighter jets into a disputed area in the east china sea. officials call it a defensive measure. both china and japan claim that territory belongs to them, and south korea now says it has flown into that zone. vice president joe biden expected to try and ease those tensions when he visits all three countries next week. a quick thinking store clerk helped cops catch a crook. take a look at this, in miami gardens on thanksgiving morning,
5:10 am
an armed robber was caught on surveillance video. police say 22-year-old johnny love demanded the clerk hand over cash. he did, and suggested to love to grab some beer as well, that's when the clerk hit the silent button, what finally did love in was his clumsiness. first he dropped the loot and the gun, we might add, then outside he dropped the beer, gave cops enough time to get there and arrest him. poor thing. >> i won't talk about the dangers of having a gun, last time someone said hey, don, come on, have some fun with that. >> rosa said last hour he might want to consider a career change. >> not a good crook. >> music right behind him, right, wah, wah, wah. >> rosa, thank you. let's talk weather. i'm looking forward to the weekend. lot of people might be traveling. jennifer gray is in for indra. help us out.
5:11 am
>> we'll throw you a bone. we've been stuck inside, the weather miserable but we are making a turnaround. lot of rain and snow during the past week, slowed a lot of you down especially with travel, looks like things are going to really turn around as we head into the weekend. temperatures right now are chilly, we're seeing temperatures in the 20s and 30s across the northeast, around the great lakes temperatures in the teens so it is chilly, even in the 30s as far south as new orleans. as we look at the east coast we're seeing washington about 43 degrees this afternoon, this is your forecast for today, that's about 8 degrees below normal and most of the east will stay 10 to 15 degrees below normal for today. as we head into the next couple of days, though, things are going to start to warm up just a tad especially in the south. we have high pressure in control across the east, south, the west, it is looking good so a lot of sunshine for today, still cold in the northeast, could see a little bit of lake-effect snow in the north, but no more than
5:12 am
about an inch or two and as we head into tomorrow, we still stay sunny in the south, a few showers pulling into the pacific northwest, and maybe even south florida, but could see about an inch or two of lake-effect snow. the entire country that's the most exciting thing going on, no rain, no snow, quiet, which is nice considering what we dealt with a couple of days ago. >> it was a bear. >> fingers crossed. everything is horrible outside, we don't want to change anything. thanks, jennifer. we'll take a short break. the deadline to fix the obama care website tomorrow. here is the question, will the white house roll out a victory or have to concede defeat? we will ask a former white house tech leader? the florida woman who used a controversial stand your ground defense is out of jail this morning while she awaits retrial. will she be convicted again? [ laughter ] smoke? nah, i'm good.
5:13 am
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welcome back to "new day" everyone. tomorrow is the obama administration's self-imposed deadline for when should be working properly. clay johnson is a former presidential innovation fellow under president obama and has been critical of now he's the ceo of the department of technology and the author of "the information diet: a case for conscious consumption." he joins me now. the administration's deadline is tomorrow. are they going to make it? >> well, you know, i think if you ask a democrat they'll say they made it and if you ask a republican, they'll say they won't. the fact is that websites are
5:17 am
never bug free, you took a bunch of public skrut me and put it on facebook or you could say that parts of these websites were broke be and you'll be able to say the same thing for when the administration says it will work for the most people or four-50s of the people who try, i think that's what they're aiming for. i think there's been marked improvement since october the 1st for certain, but we'll see what happens on december the 1st. again i think it will be a subjective thing. >> the quote is the vast majority of people the administration is promising. what are some of the things they should be looking out for, not only the administration but also people looking to sign up for health care? >> well, you know, i think when we're talking about what's working, there's sort of two things that we need to think about, the first thing is whether or not the user interface is working, whether there's bugs or error messages flashing at the users and whether or not the information
5:18 am
is getting to the insurance companies in the right way, and that back half is actually a lot more complicated than the first half, and that's the harder problem i think so solve, whereas the front end stuff making the stuff look acceptable to the user and not scaring them off will work just fine for again the vast majority of people. the question is that back end if we really want this to be useful. >> my first question to you should have been what the heck happened, clay? you worked for the obama administration. what happened? >> it's a procurement problem. imagine you belong to a homeowners association that said the only people that you could hire to paint your house would be convicted arsonists. that's what's happened with how we hire i.t. contractors in the federal government, the only people that we can hire, the only contractors that we can hire to build the websites are people who have a track record in burning down houses so at some point i think we've really got to worry about not the bugs and the website, but the bugs in the system that cause us to keep
5:19 am
hiring arsonists to paint our houses. >> listen, that leads to the quote, you wrote an essay shortly after the launch of referring to the problem as not the result of any individual vendor but "deeply engrained and malignant cancer eating away at the government's ability to provide online effective services." have they gone about the fix the right way you believe? >> i think they've got to fix because it's one of the more important parts of at fordable care act of course. we need for congress and the president to step up. there's been a lot of talk about procurement reform. i want to see some motion here. we need some bills introduced that fix the way that government hires these contractors and allows for small and innovative companies to come in and actually start building and delivering some of these services, too. >> the day before thanksgiving the administration announced that small businesses, they won't be able to take part in this program for a year. what does that say to you if anything not only about obama care but also about the website
5:20 am
problems and the ific? >> well i'm not a policy expert. i can't really comment on the affordable care act but in terms of the website fix i think this is like some of the other stuff that they've announced where it was supposed to come out in spanish language and it was supposed to at least by bilingual, it's not. it's only in english. it launched only in english and they did that in part to control traffic and i think they're doing this small business stuff to control traffic. i think they're being prudent, another thing to note here is that they've spent $90 million on the website since the website launched. so how is it that this amount of money is being spent on something broken? the only way i can think of is if we've got a system that makes it so that we can only give our contracts away to people who aren't doing a very good job. >> the first big deadline is a month away, just about a month away, less than, really, december 23rd and that's the day that people should be signing up
5:21 am
for coverage is january 1st. do you think that this website will be able to handle the number of people that are trying to get on by then, and this is a lot of paperwork for them to have to deal with. >> i do. i think that we're going to see a lot of rapid progress. i think since october the 1st, the number of people, one thing that people don't realize is the number of people involved in the tech surge isn't that big. we're talking about dozens, not hundreds of people that were involved in this sort of tech surge to repair the website and the amount of progress that they've made since october 1st just from a technical, not political perspective, is amazing. those people have done a great job cleaning up this mess. by december 23rd i think we'll be in pretty good shape. >> not only do we have the people signing up but the backlog of people who had been trying to sign up and weren't able to. >> i think we'll be in pretty good shape by then.
5:22 am
i think the website will be scalable. again, you know, they had six users sign up on the first day, probably capable of handling about 50,000 now, that's a huge difference, so you know, let's give them some time and see what they can do by the 23rd, even if that backlog swell starts on december 1st i think we'll be good. >> clay johnson in hotlanta, a warm day finally for the folks in atlanta, we're gel us in the north. clay, happy belated thanksgiving. >> thank you, you, too, thanks for having me. up next a story we've been following for a while another chance for a florida woman who went to prison for firing a warning shot. she's now out of prison while she awaits a new trial. but could marissa alexander go back behind bars? should you run out for black friday or wait for another day? why being patient may get you better deals on holiday gifts. my asthma's under control.
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5:27 am
need to know, we can go to rosa for those. >> good morning, at number one, it's black friday, retailers nationwide offering discounts to get you in the door for the start of the holiday shopping season. the deadline to fix the obama care website is tomorrow. one government official has already tried to temper expectations saying november 30th isn't some magical date and that the site will still have issues. at number three, china making another move in contested air space, several fighter jets flying patrol over the east china sea. vice president biden will try to calm tensions when he visits china, japan and south korea next week. once billed as the comet of the century, comet ison was apparently no match for the sun. scientists say it most likely broke up when it grazed the sun though part of it may have survived. and the white house christmas tree arrived this morning, first lady michelle obama will welcome the 18 1/2
5:28 am
foot douglas fir from pennsylvania, it will become the official blue room tree. we are always updating the five things you need to know for your "new day." go to for the very latest. don? >> rosa, thank you very much. a florida mother sentenced to 20 years behind bars for firing a warning shot at her husband has been freed from prison on bail. marissa al sander is granted a new trial after an appeals court ruled the judge gave improper instructions to the jury. could she be convicted again and land up back in prison? hmm. hln legal analyst joey jackson back with us to discuss this case. could she, could that happen? >> it's a real concern, don, because at the end of the day, when the appellate court said you know what? you didn't instruct the jury properly because you shifted the burden. the defendant never has a burden at all. it's the prosecution's burden but what does that entitle you to? a new trial. so as a result of that, you get a new trial, same facts, same
5:29 am
circumstances, same witnesses, different jury instructions. so in the event that she moves forward and is convicted again, she could very well go back to prison. >> let's back up for a second. for the benefit of those that might be rusty on some of the details, she was sentenced to 20 years, a lot of emotion, a lot of public outrage about the length of the sentence. why was that? >> you know what happens, michaela, you have what are called mandatory minimum sentences and that is really a product of the legislature. the legislature in florida enacted these laws and the law is called a 10-20 life law. it means if you're engaged in the commission of a forcible felony and you brandish a weapon, the brandishing itself, ten years. you discharged the weapon as what happened here, it's a mandatory minimum of 20 years. if you fire that weapon and someone gets hit whether they die or not it can be life in jail. >> she tried to use the stand your ground. >> because she said she was afraid of her life, afraid of
5:30 am
her life because of her husband, there was a warning shot. the jury didn't see it that way. >> she's not entitled to use stand your ground, believe it or not. what happens is, is that because stand your ground in essence means you have no duty to retreat, if you're lawfully there and you believe yourself in reasonable fear, you can. she retreated, went to the garage, instead of leaving the home, got the gun from her car, the glove compartment and came back into the home. the court said you cannot use stand your ground. you can use classic self-defense. >> i think a lot of people she went back to get the gun because she wanted to make him understand she was no longer afraid of him and wanted to stand her ground in the future. do you know what i mean? >> sure. >> you can't come back and do this to me again in that warning shot. would there be any standing for her there? >> it's a problem. the best you can hope for in this case -- >> can i jump in? the stand your ground, the way it's interpreted differently by different jurors and it depends
5:31 am
on the jury instructions. it's so nebulous. >> it really is. as are many jury instructions. stand your ground gives you immunity from prosecution, immunity from prosecution, immunity from any civil liability, whereas classic self-defense allows you to use self-defense to justify what your action was. >> let's take it forward. how does she get out of jail? >> based upon the judge saying you get a new trial, the jury instructions were erroneous, she's entitled to release until march 31st of next year. what you would hope is that angela cory, the lead prosecutor here, will see there may be wisdom in just letting there be a plea deal here and it should be noted she was offered three years instead of say look, don't go to trial, we'll give you three years. she said no. as a result she has been in for about 1,000 days now, more than three years. >> why is this story one that is, there's such a public outcry
5:32 am
about this story. why do you think that is? >> you know what it is, michaela, i think a lot has to do with the zimmerman case and verdict. >> the fact they're even aware of stand your ground. >> sure and i think there's a feeling of an injustice here, you have one person who there is a person dead, he was acquitted, i understand how the system operates and works, he's acquitted, someone's dead, she fires a warning shot, she's in jail for 20 years. >> and nobody died. >> it's also a woman who claimed abuse and her husband you know what i'm saying so that's part of the thing and there's this political angle as well. >> the domestic abuse, it was real. during the course of the initial trial, it was an expert that testified about battered women's syndrome. the jury didn't buy it. she was convicted in 12 minutes. >> yeah, what's -- >> it's amazing. >> was her defense just that bad? i hate to say that or was her case not solid? >> different minds don can differ on what ultimately happened but if you look at it, 12 minutes it sounds like it could be pretty compelling
5:33 am
evidence, so you would only hope that wise minds prevail, maybe there is a plea deal and she lives a very fruitful life, she does have children, we certainly wish her well. >> new trial in march, cnn will be watching that, it will be very interesting to see how that plays out. >> 100%. >> joey jackson -- >> your vest looks a little tight today by the way. >> because of that turkey! >> wow. >> that's right. >> wow. >> savvy. >> judge don. >> good to see you, joey. that's hilarious. i think because of the twitter comments on your jacket, which i think is solid. >> why is yours unbuttoned, don? >> wait a minute, hold on. >> can you hold it in as we go to break? >> coming up on "new day" you might want to hold off on some holiday shopping, there could be better deals after this weekend. we will explore the best times to get your gifts. and a treat for us at "new
5:34 am
day," the one and only orlando bloom joining us to talk about the broadway debut his broadway debut. hear what he has to say about romeo and juliet after this. look at that vest. [ female announcer ] right when you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal a cold sore in as few as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. without it, the virus spreads from cell to cell. unlike other treatments, abreva penetrates deep to block the virus, to protect healthy cells so cold sores heal fast. as fast as 2 1/2 days when used at the first sign. ♪ learn more at don't tough it out. knock it out! fast. [ female announcer ] only with abreva.
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♪ getting friday started and a little dancing here with my guys on the set, not a bad friday. welcome back to "new day," 140 million of you are expected to drop some dough this black friday weekend according to the national retail federation. the big question is, and we want to talk to you rationally here. should you buy now somewhat rationally or wait to see if better discounts come along? so we put the question to brett larson, host of "tech bytes" to
5:38 am
show shopping expertise. i totally get buyer's remorse. quack us through and see. we'll start with you're going to be our game master. now or later. >> i got signs. >> mine says mon as in monday. >> we have to get don a special app for his phone to help him spell. see and spell. we've got the list. we'll start with clothes, everybody who likes clothes we saw the shoppers rushing the mall to get 25% off, doorbuster savings on packets of socks. do you buy those now or later? >> packets of socks i say -- >> now. >> you are correct, now is the answer. that stuff is not getting any cheaper. >> are you keeping score? oh my goodness. >> that use that to get you into the store. electronic device, home entertainment, new tvs, blu-ray players. >> the canadian host says you're
5:39 am
cheating. he's looking at mine. >> it is later. >> how much later? >> probably we could wait until next week with cyber monday, wait later where they'll be now it's free shipping or 25% off. >> right from the beginning, what does that say? it says mon, wait until monday. >> consumer electronics show is the beginning of january so the retailers as the year goes on they want that stuff out, so you can wait a little bit on that. let's talk about toys, the elmo doll, the leapfrog, the cabbage patch kids, i don't know, are those still a thing? >> we'll let him vote now. >> interesting. okay. we have a tie. you actually should get that stuff now. >> i said later. >> what happens is everybody's going to run out. >> you got one wrong before? you got all of them right? >> "a" student. >> because the parents are going to be, that stuff sells out your kid wants that. >> isn't it cheaper later?
5:40 am
>> no because they'll run out of it. toys "r" us has 100 dolls. >> there's a frenzy and you have to go to ebay. >> you'll be that parent on ebay at midnight clicking refresh. >> is cabbage patch still a thing? >> i don't know. >> '80s. a portable electronic device, cell phones, digital cameras, the walkman. >> handheld devices. >> iphones, cell phones. you say later? really? you're both wrong. get that stuff now. it's not getting any cheaper. >> it's not getting any cheaper? this is it? >> the refresh cycle on tablets and laptops and cell phones, it's done. they do it around august/september time so they can hit the back to school rush. >> clearly someone here needs more personal handheld gadgets. >> we can take that and get it fixed. you have band-aids. >> and a support for people who can't disconnect. >> call me on my cell phone. which one?
5:41 am
i don't know. >> you learned some things, shop with michaela, not don. always ask brett larson when to go and there are certain things or is there one more? >> there is gaming systems. >> are you a gamer? you are a gamer, aren't you? >> this is a good one because it's tricky. >> i was going to go with the same as what i did last time so i'm going to say -- >> later? this would actually, this is the big reveal. it doesn't matter. because they all just got updated. we got the playstation 4 and xbox1, the wii 3d, all new, not getting any cheaper. they've got the rush now. the only way you're going to get something like that cheaper is if it's one of those come in the store, everybody gets 10% off. >> we have to go but i think you can go on ebay afterwards and get them cheaper. >> what about plaid jacket? >> i like the plaid jacket. >> you want to see our good stuff today, stick around. one of our favorite moments in the show, noah fisher from south carolina, 4 years old, adorable, if i do say so myself.
5:42 am
look at the fella. he needs to wear glasses. his response, though, was devastating. >> i said put your glasses on and he just broke into tears. and yeah it was the saddest thing, it broke my heart and i finally got him to tell me why he was crying and he said because everyone was going to laugh at him. >> no way. >> mama said i need to do something to get my baby feeling better about life with glasses and turned to the interweb and started a facebook page called glances for noah, urging folks to show him just how cool glasses could be. the response has been overwhelming, more than 1,600 people liking the page, hundreds posting pictures of themselves wearing glasses along with words of encouragement. noah is getting used to the glasses and that the warm words from total strangers are pouring in and making him feel better. >> i don't know how many more likes or pictures we'll get, but
5:43 am
i'll keep showing them to him every night. >> thank you for all the pictures. >> oh, kiddo, you're doing great. i am so proud of you. i have glasses but i didn't wear them. >> go to his page now. >> and hit "like." noah, we support you and you look fantastic with your spectacles on, striking. that is your good stuff for today. were we going to show that picture? i can't believe we're going to do this. this was not cool, that was me when i was a girl scout, in canton we called them girl guides. you would have teased me in school. there you go. >> i would not have. >> i probably would have been your friend. >> i wore glasses and i wear act kas now. braces, too? >> yes, twice, and the head gear. >> ooh, move on. up next on "new day," orlando bloom tackles an iconic role, we'll talk to him about his broadway debut as the one and only romeo. >> if you survive the break.
5:44 am
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♪ every girl's crazy about a sharp dressed man ♪ welcome back to "new day." orlando bloom has starred in "the lord of the rings" "pirates of the caribbean" and the upcoming "hobbit" film but you can see him in his broadway debut starring as romeo in "romeo and juliet" and i'm the luckiest girl in the world because he is sitting across from me, i can reach out and touch his knee but i shant, i shant. how are you? >> good. >> broadway debut hardly to believe that is the case. >> yes, especially with romeo and juliet. it was hard for me to believe. it's been a remarkable,
5:48 am
remarkable experience. we've got a couple of weeks left and we've had like 12,000 students through the doors taking advantage of our $20 tickets which is great. they do a special release early on in the run and for students to be able to get tickets so it's been an amazing experience. i have to say. >> can we just geek out for a minute, how great was it seeing your name in lights on broadway? that's a pretty big moment. >> it's a huge moment. >> it's one of the touch me moments throughout your career. >> it's a really special one. to be here in new york and i'm in love with the city now and the community of broadway is a wonderful thing and i hadn't been prepared for it until i kind of became a part of it. it really, they really support one another. they feel like they're there for one another, different houses, different productions and see each other for drinks afterwards and hang out, it's not pretent,
5:49 am
or uptight in any way, it's an accessible world and real and you know, people know what they're doing. they're killing themselves in my case eight times a week literally killing myself as romeo or killing themselves on broadway in musicals. >> night after night you do a run, in film you often have to do several takes of one scene but redoing an entire production night after night it takes a certain something as an actor, doesn't it? >> i've learned a lot. this is my first time and a broadway audience is different to any other audience in the world. >> how so? the expectations higher? >> there's absolutely that, but they really are engaged. >> that's true. >> they're really there. they're really like the third wheel of production. if they're with us, we can have a performance that blows people away and if they're not, it's like -- >> crickets. >> yes. so they really are, and you
5:50 am
know, it's interesting how as a performer you have to be conscious of that work that you did in the rehearsal room and how yes, it develops but also you know, it's about keeping it for me playing the truth of the moment and of the word that goes on to that people can connect to and not playing the audience which is something that could happen. in a way there's a little bit of that that goes on too withcy important. i've been learning a lot about that, which has been rare. >> it has been an experience. >> and a learning curve. >> not just the same old beat. let's talk about the j-o-bs, you had tremendous good fortune getting to work with the greatest, johnny depp, "pirates of the caribbean" and "lord of the rings" peter jackson, and getting to reprise that role again. >> it's amazing. >> how fun is that for you or is it a challenge especially when
5:51 am
now this new "hobbit" film is a prequel, you have to go back in time, your character is 60 years younger. >> something like that which in elfin terms is nothing. >> it's nothing. >> it's amazing, i pinch myself daily at the good fortune of my life in many ways. peter jackson gave me my opportunity in life so when he called about the hobbit when we spoke about "the hobbit" he is a remarkable filmmaker and storyteller. he really understands these worlds better than anyone and i know that he said to me that and this film, this next film of all the films even of "the rings" trilogy i think he's most excited about. >> interesting. >> which is pretty big quite a tall order. i thought it's exciting.
5:52 am
>> more from you on the stage can we expect in. >> i would love to, actually. i'm really -- yeah i would love to, because i can see how as we were saying it really will inform the work i'll be able to do in film and you know, for me it's all about, you know, growing and getting better at what i do, and you know, and although i started with "lord of the rings" i was really 21, 2, and so in a way i have worked from these huge movies, you know, over the course of ten years, or more, you know, i still feel like very much like i'm kind of learning that craft in a way that i really love, you know. i still really enjoy going to work and i'm not jaded by it in a way. i love the experience of getting to make film and creating characters, so, and theater is just it's an amazing medium. i feel real confidence in working on the stage.
5:53 am
i did it when i was a child, so i suppose i feel like i've come home a bit, picked up a thread and returned to something i hadn't done for a while, so it's been amazing. >> that's what ordinaextraordin. >> see him for another two weeks, see his name on the marquee. thank you so much. >> and amazing cast. >> cannot wait to see her as well. back to you guys. >> thanks, michaela, orlando. coming up, cnn's big event a tribute to our heroes airs this weekend. look at the unforgettable moments and celebs who came out to show their support, that's next. her card balance. before receiving $25 toward her balance each quarter for making more than her minimum payment on time each month.
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could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. ♪ ♪ you can be heroes welcome back to "new day." cnn is just days away from our big holiday tradition, a star-studded cnn heroes, this is an all-star tribute it will air this sunday 8:00 p.m. eastern our way of honoring ten extraordinary people for whom serving others is a year-round gift. nischelle you have the behind the scenes view of the whole
5:58 am
thing. >> extraordinary people, great night, great cause, here say little behind the scenes look at what you can expect on sunday. take a look. it's that time of year again. when giving back to others is in the air. hosted bien kr by cnn's anderso this year's event is packed with emotion. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: and unforgettable moments. night when hollywood's brightest stars come together >> it makes your jaw drop. >> reporter: to shine the spotlight on ten remarkable people who are changing the world, like a great grandmother who used her life savings to turn a bus into a classroom. >> estella hyphraim. >> reporter: a woman who started a drill team to keep kids off the streets. turning the tables on a traditional awards show. >> i'm not the only hero in this room. >> reporter: cnn heroes puts these everyday people center stage. ♪ i want to see you be brave >> reporter: it's a star-studded
5:59 am
event with a few surprises. ♪ and a heroic ending that you don't want to miss. >> 2013 cnn hero of the year -- >> reporter: a night to gather together to celebrate the human spirit. can't tell you how much i love cnn heroes. tune in to see anderson cooper and a host of celebrity presenters and performers salute all of our top ten honorees, cnn heroes an all-star tribute. it is an evening that will inspire you. sunday at 8:00 p.m. eastern you do not want to miss it. >> appointment television. >> i didn't feel worthy enough sitting in the room with all those guys. >> you feel like you need to do more with your life. >> thank you for joining us on "new day." we had a lot of fun today, hopefully you got some news with the craziness that started with this blazer. nischelle, dawn, michaela, and rosa, it's a great week.
6:00 am
time for carol costello. >> carol! carral own aen the set together because they're afraid what have will come out of my mouth. am i lying? >> i understand your plight now, carol. >> it could be dangerous. have a great weekend. thank you so much. -- captions by vitac -- happening now in "the newsroom" -- >> hey! >> reporter: chaos. confusion. and clamoring. oh, yes, your fellow maesameric did not let you down on black friday. fights, a stabbing and a shooting. you've got to be kidding me. also, head of the pack. >> maybe the folks at washington, d.c., should tune in their tvs right now. >> reporter: breaking this morning, chris christie the gop front-runner. plus a new celebrity chef. >>


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