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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 29, 2013 6:00am-8:01am PST

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time for carol costello. >> carol! carral own aen the set together because they're afraid what have will come out of my mouth. am i lying? >> i understand your plight now, carol. >> it could be dangerous. have a great weekend. thank you so much. -- captions by vitac -- happening now in "the newsroom" -- >> hey! >> reporter: chaos. confusion. and clamoring. oh, yes, your fellow maesameric did not let you down on black friday. fights, a stabbing and a shooting. you've got to be kidding me. also, head of the pack. >> maybe the folks at washington, d.c., should tune in their tvs right now. >> reporter: breaking this morning, chris christie the gop front-runner. plus a new celebrity chef. >> there is no bad way to eat
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bread. >> reporter: a billionaire and allegations cocaine use and coverups, brand new details out of $100,000 lavish spending spree. and the lions roar, the cowboys conquer, and the ravens get revenge. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me on this black friday. chances are if you're watching cnn right now, then you missed out on scenes like this one. people literally pushing and shoving their way to those bargains at this walmart store in north carolina. at another location the chaos ended in an arrest for one woman and for those who could not wait until today the shopping began
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shortly after the turkey was finished. . this is how this played out in a brandsmart in west palm beach, florida, while people clamored in electronics deals. cnn is tracking all of the black friday chaos, zain asher is at the macy's flagship store in new york city, kyung lah is at a walmart in los angeles, good morning. >> reporter: hi. hi, carol. i spoke to a macy's executive earlier today about the decision to open on thanksgiving, he said listen, last year we were open at midnight and we had 11,000 people outside, they already had bags from other retailers, so it's all about the competition with shoppers, it's all about getting the deals. take a listen. just hours into the holiday shopping season kicking off the hunt for bargains is a contact
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sport. >> hey, hey! >> reporter: many take advantage of some retailers opening doors on thanksgiving night, some foregoing the holiday dinner. >> settle down! >> reporter: tempers flaring at this walmart with shoppers clamoring for a bargain on tablets in virginia. hours after a signature parade, macy's broke out the barricades or hundreds of hungry shoppers starving for a deal at their flagship store in new york city. across the country, long lines a welcome site for retailers hoping to cash in on the holidays. hundreds more lining up outside of a toys "r" us, starting at noon, so they wouldn't miss out on must have items on their kids' wish lists. >> hopefully they'll get their skylander and dolls and toys and over with. >> i want to make sure i'm here in the front of the line instead of all the way in the back. >> reporter: shoppers camped outside of this best buy in west palm beach, florida, all in hopes of getting their hands on a 40 inch flat screen tv for only $200. it's big ticket items like these and rock bottom prices on
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electronics that are feeding the frenzy, police stepping in to end a tug-of-war over a television. and amid all the chaos, police shot one shoplifter at this kohl's store in illinois, sending the thief and two officers to the hospital. convenient alternative to the mayhem, cyber monday, when retailers are set to offer steep discounts online so you can avoid the crushing crowds. >> there are two people that can help you. slow it down! >> reporter: i've been talking to sales associates asking them what was it like having to work with them on thanksgiving. some said we volunteered for it, also getting paid time and a half plus the biggest bonus is that we're getting to sleep early so we can do some shopping for ourselves. walmart seems pleased with the day it calls its super bowl in a statement the store announced record-breaking black
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friday sales adding that "our black friday events were bigger, better, faster, cheaper and safer than ever before." one thing walmart may not be happy about today is the 1,500 protests scheduled at its stores nationwide organized by a group called our walmart which is pushing for better working conditions. kyung lah is standing by in los angeles, one of the cities where protests are scheduled to take place. before you start here is what ceo bill simon told cnn earlier about the demonstrations. >> black friday we just talked about it, you know, millions and millions of people out shopping, is the big stage and walmart is a big player on the big stage. there are those who want to try to change an industry, a service industry like retail, it's not unexpected that they would be out on black friday at walmart can w something to say about that. >> it is interesting, kyung, that walmart seems to be targeted so often as opposed to
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target or kmart or other stores. it's always walmart that seems to be in the crosshairs. why is that? >> reporter: well, let's look at the employee numbers. very, very simply, target has approximately 300,000 employees in the united states, compare that toalmart wch hasapproximat. that, carol, is about 1% of the u.s. labor force, so when the ceo says a big stage, that's what he's talking about, but protesters who are going to be showing up here at this walmart says it is a fully appropriate stage to have this conversation. the conversation about low wages. yes, many of the employees did volunteer to work today to make time and a half because the base wage is so low. certainly so low that you can't support a family of four, especially in an expensive place like los angeles. protesters expecting about 100 to 500 people to show up just outside of this walmart and if you do look at the composition
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of the proterssters, carol, mos of them are not current walmart employees but say they represent the silent employees who are inside these stores. >> they claim the employees are too afraid to strike or to protest their wages. when you say base wage and i know it's difficult to get a figure out of walmart because they would say they pay at the higher end of what retailers pay their workers. what is that base wage at walmart? >> it really depends what your job is, whether you're a manager, if you're an entry level clerk, but if you do make a comparison to walmart, to target, the wages actually quite comparable. walmart because of the number of employees it has, yes, that is the big target for a lot of these worker rallies. >> and i ask you that because their base wage seems to be such a secret, they can't give us an average wage that employees are paid but the protests across the country certainly are leaving
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their mark because walmart has been on a pr tear. you watch television over the last few months you saw this commercial, take a look. >> i have a 401(k) retirement plan. >> i started part-time, now i'm a manager. >> my employer matches my charitable giving. >> really? >> i get bonuses even working part-time. >> where i work, over -- >> you watch this commercial, kyung, and this morning our producers were bombarded with press releases from walmart touting what a great day they had yesterday, record sales, everybody's happy, the stores were safe, so walmart is certainly on a pr tear and it's got to be due in part to these protests that have been popping up across the country. >> reporter: yes, there are a lot of protests. you mentioned 1,500, they're not exactly all large scale protests, like many of our viewers may think. many are small scale activities. there are about six to eight major protests and the one that's going to be here is going to be quite large, going to impact anyone who wants to come
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inside walmart, anyone who wants to come to this mall, it is going to be visible. there are going to be a lot of local news cameras. it's a lot of bad free press for walmart so yeah they're having a frontal attack as far as a good pr, trying to sort of counter that. >> all right, kyung lah reporting live from los angeles this morning. in the next hour of cnn, executive vice president of walmart chief merchandising and marketing officer for walmart in the united states i should say, dun tan mcnaughton will be with us the next hour. despite the holiday madness and record breaking sales four out of ten americans say the economy is getting worse. look at this new cnn/orc poll, only a quarter of americans say the economy is starting to recover. americans seem to be overly overall pessimistic, nearly six out of ten say things are going badly in the country today. so let's talk more about that with our cnn political director mark preston. as you look at the numbers, what
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is the takeaway? >> it is that last number that you showed, 59% of americans saying things are going badly in the country, that's a 9% increase from the same question that we asked back in april, so it goes to show you at this point, even though there's talk about the economy improving, if it's improving at all, americans out there don't think it's improving and what's really interesting is that when we asked this question, we asked it of course all across the country, and that is the sentiment all across the country, whether you live in the northeast, the midwest, down south, whether you're a woman, whether you're a man, whether you're black, whether you're white, it doesn't matter, doesn't matter what your income level is. you think things are going bad in the country. in addition to that, politically, though, if you're a democrat, you actually think things are getting better and if you go across the political spectrum if you're a republican, you really have a bad outlook on the economy, carol. >> that's really interesting. if you look at the hard core numbers the economy is getting better, although very, very slowly, right? certainly better than it was in 2008.
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there's no question about that. so it's interesting that democrats sort of see the economy is getting better as you said but republicans don't, so why not look at the hard core numbers and take away from them? what's causing that difference of opinion between parties? >> well, certainly for two reasons. one you could argue that the economy is not moving quick enough, that there's still a lot of people out of jobs, the housing market is still very much in trouble and add in this whole case of the health care of implementing this new health care law that is affecting people's bottom line and confidence in government certainly is at an all-time low. but in addition to that, if you're a democrat, your guys in the white house, president barack obama is a democrat, they have hope in him turning the economy around and that's why you see the numbers seem a little bit better if you're a democrat than if you're a republican. >> i would argue he's not so well liked among democrats so much either. we got problems with this country, right? mark preston, thanks so much. still to come in "the
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pittsburgh steelers head coach mike tomlin on the field and maybe he was in the way. it's the thanksgiving night football play everybody is talking about, jacoby jones looks like he's headed for a touchdown but then, oh, there's mike tomlin, he stepped on the field and supposedly the ravens player had to move around him. tomlin says he was just watching the play on the jumbo tron but ravens quarterback joe flacco
6:16 am
says the coach deliberately tried to impede jones. let's ask our expert andy scholes. >> it looked like we the mirror effect looking in the mirror and something's on the right side of your face but you touch the left side of your face. he moved to the wrong side and it looked like it slowed down jacoby jones, he got tackled from behind. he didn't get penalized for it but he might get fined. after the play he had a big old grin on his face like i got away with one. the ravens they weren't too mad about it because they won the game. jacoby jones this is what he had to say about the play afterwards. >> i'm looking at him the whole time i'm like does he know you're on the field, i'm looking like is he going to move? if i was him i'd do the same thing back there. >> so as you see the ravens not too mad, they won the game 22-20. >> if they lost the game it would be a really -- >> huge deal. who else is in the good mood
6:17 am
your detroit lions for the first too imin a decade they won thanksgiving day. it wasn't even a game. >> i've never seen a lions blowout on thanksgiving, usually they lose for the past nine times they've lost but it was like a literal blowout. >> matt flynn had a miserable day. the packers offense only had 126 yards for the whole game. the lions on the other hand had over 500, this game wasn't ever close after the half. >> i have to thank josh sitton, he verbally trashed the lions calling them scumbags and dirtbags. he didn't take his comments back, but threw a compliment the lions' way, let's listen. >> i said what i said. i'm into the taking it back but i mean, i moved on from then and i don't want to sit here and talk about it all day. no one ever said they're not a good front. we know that. they're probably the best inside front probably in the league but you know, like i said, i don't take anything i said back.
6:18 am
>> what's great about this, suh was a model citizen yesterday, didn't kick anybody, didn't stomp on anybody and the safety he got on matt flynn he gently laid him down in the end zone, i thought that was funny. >> and flynn just went down, it's okay. it was a great game. dallas won, too, we should mention that. you'll have more in sports. >> sure will. >> thank you, andy. still to come in "the newsroom," julia roberts has advice for jennifer lawrence, what america's sweetheart is saying about hollywood's new "it" girl. ♪
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three unpublished works from "catcher in the rai" author j.d. s salinger have shown up on the internet, "three stories" appeared on several download sites but nobody seems to know where they came from, they were previously only available for academic study and could only be read under supervision at the princeton university library. salinger was known for keeping his works tightly held and allowed a small number to be published before his death in 2010. in this case, this new work was not supposed to be seen until 50 years after his death. so the mystery endures. julia roberts has a few words of advice for one of hollywood's newest stars. >> well done! >> well done! woo, woo, woo! >> yes, the "pretty woman" actress has words for "hunger games" star jennifer lawrence. >> would you like to be in a real war?
6:23 am
>> roberts admits the flaming arrow shooting starlet is pretty darned cool she might not have what it takes to be america's sweetheart and enter into that exclusive club just yet. nischelle turner is live in new york, i like jennifer lawrence's image, she's tough. >> i don't think she is saying she doesn't have what it thakz takes. maybe she has too much. julia roberts has held the america's sweetheart title for some time. jennifer lawrence already has an oscar under her belt, has enough charm, julia says that doesn't automatically make her eligible for the "america's sweetheart" club. apparently there is this club includes marilyn monroe, reese witherspoon, sandra bullock and meg ryan. promoting her latest movie, julia mulled over the idea of admitting jennifer to the club
6:24 am
and came to the conclusion the "hunger games" star is probably too cool. she said "i think she's fabulous but she seems cooler than me. she shoots flaming arrows. is that a new cupid tactic?" unlike roberts who launched her career with "pretty woman" before moving on to heavy hitting drama, jennifer lawrence focussed on grittier roles in movies like "winter's bone" and "american hustle" coming up later on in december but julia was 22 when "pretty woman" came out, got an academy award nomination the same age jennifer lauren was when she won the best actress honor for "silver linings playbook." we asked julia what advice she's give jennifer as someone who has been in her shoes. here's what she said? >> we see jennifer lawrence so young, just won an oscar, your niece is in the business, what advice do you give to actresses
6:25 am
who are just starting out? >> don't take advice from aging actresses. that would be my advice. >> i love it. i love it. don't listen to me. julia did joke that her card to the america's sweetheart club probably expired but i say no way, that smile, that body of work of hers, she's a lifelong member and i think that jennifer lawrence could add a little flavor to the america's sweetheart club, what do you think? >> what i like about jennifer lawrence she's already handling meaty roles. "pretty woman" i never liked that movie honestly, because of the subject matter, you know. julia roberts as a hooker, come on and meet richard gere to rescue her from the street? >> carol i'm about to pass out, your girlfriend card. you and i are here, carol, "pretty woman"? >> i hate that movie. >> you're right about jennifer lawrence and meaty roles. >> julia roberts featured
6:26 am
gritty, strong women and i think that's better for young women to watch on the big screen. jennifer lawrence is doing that even at 23. >> she is and you're right about that and she does that by design, carol. when i spoke with jennifer a few weeks ago, and we talked about this, she said listen, i live to act. it's what she loves to do. she loves to create and she does it even though she has the lime light she doesn't necessarily seek it. her work speaks for itself and she's young, beautiful, fun, so people want to know about her. but you're right, she very much is an actress in the best way possible. >> at least we agree on something. nischelle turner -- >> i'm going to hunt you down and tie you down and make you watch "pretty woman" with me again. >> torture. nischelle turner, thank you so much. >> all right. still to come in "the newsroom," the deadline for fixes to the obama care site is approaching in a matter of hours. but even after tomorrow, will work?
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks for joining me. it was a wild scene for thanksgiving shoppers at one north carolina walmart. shoppers pushing and shoving each other aside in search of doorbuster deals and the scene outside walmart stores today may not be any calmer, although we hope it is. it's bound to be. thousands are expected to protest, the store is calling for higher wages and better working conditions. the company's new ceo says that's something he's been expecting. >> black friday we just talked about it, you know, millions and millions of people out shopping
6:31 am
is the big stage and walmart is a big player on the big stage and there are those who want to try to change a service industry like retail it's not unexpected that they would be out on black friday at walmart with something to say about that. >> okay, so the protesters set to take place later today, up sponsored by the unions across the country. this video was separate from that of course at a store in north carolina and you saw the man, he's pushing people aside in order to get a hold of a television set, and apparently it was a really good deal. the man who shot this video out of elkin, north carolina, is on the phone, brian good. good morning, brian. >> hi, how are you? >> i'm good. when exactly did this happen? >> this is last night about 8:05 p.m. >> last night? >> yes, it was actually on thanksgiving night. >> oh, my goodness. so you were in the store just shopping yourself? >> actually, no. i'm against shopping on
6:32 am
thanksgiving. i like to make funny videos so i was going to go in and actually do more of a serious thing about why people were there and how they thought about people having to work on thanksgiving, but that's when this happened, and i was like oh this is much better than what i was going to do. >> so describe how this unfolded as you were beginning to shoot this. how did you know that guy was going to do g do that? >> i had no clue. i had the camera up because before, i don't know how they were wrapped or whatever it was a big group of people sitting around so i was holding the camera up going this is kind of crazy and i kind of started to take the camera down when i heard everything going crazy so i turned it back and just happened to catch this. >> the thing that amazed me in watching this, he finally gets a hold of his tv that guy and goes to a checkout line and nobody says anything to him. >> yes, what made me, the whole reason that i decided to put the video up originally was just to show walmart because i was upset, i was filming this
6:33 am
because it was crazy, and the guy from walmart said i couldn't film in the store. i said i understand that and that's the end of the video, okay and i turned the camera off and telling him i'm filming this guy attacking people which after you watch the video more he might be trying to save someone else because he already had another tv i don't know. let me show you this, the guy goes i don't care, you can't film in the store you have to leave. he's like if you don't leave i'll have you arrested fortress passing, that's fine i'll send this to your little walmart people. i didn't want to send an e-mail because you get a form letter and i'll social media it and next thing it took off. >> gotcha. i'm just amazed by your video and i hear your story about how the walmart security didn't want you shooting inside their stores but again the thing that really amazes me is this guy, i mean you're inis imdating when you see something like that as a
6:34 am
customer, this violent guy push people aside and don't quite know what to do and then he just sort of saunters way. >> you feel helpless and you look and you see like there's two officers off to the side, that are just kind of like standing there, watching all this happen and there's nothing going on i'm like, i thought they would be there to help, to make sure this stuff didn't happen. but they just kind of watch it happen and that is the thing that was frustrating and again, shopping on thanksgiving or black friday i don't shop because i've worked for retail and see these things every year it's something but it was like i'm going to go in and do a video and find out why people are here and then this happened. >> all right, brian spain, i got your name wrong at first, sorry, brian spain thank you for sharing this with us this morning, we appreciate it. >> no problem, thank you so much for having me. >> thanks, brian. we don't have walmart's side of the story, we don't know what went down from walmart's perspective, we're efforting that right now. short workday on wall street, but it looks like it
6:35 am
will be a good one. alison kosik is in new york to tell us about it. good morning. >> yes, yesterday the markets took a break and the bulls are running again, the dow is up about 30 points. the dow started at a record 16,097, the nasdaq was sitting at a 13-year high at 4044 and the s&p 500 that started at a record 1807, and if you look at history, if that's any indication, this rally say many could continue through the end of the year, and you look historically, this period happening between thanksgiving and new year's has shown an average 1.8% gain but whatever the case at this point, investors, huh, they've had quite a year so far, since the beginning of the year look at the dow, up 23%. the nasdaq up 34%. the s&p 500 up 27%. wow. that is some bull run that it's been. trading wraps up at 1:00 p.m. today. >> alison kosik reporting live
6:36 am
from new york, thanks so much. still to come in "the newsroom" she wrote a bad review about a company's bad service now the company is charging her $3,500. is that even possible? well, it happened. but this woman's fighting back.
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i started part-time, now i'm a manager.n. my employer matches my charitable giving. really. i get bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month. i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart.
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have you ever been so outraged by bad customer service that you wrote a nasty review
6:40 am
about it online? well one couple did just that, after shopping online in 2008. years later, they were actually charged $3,500 by the company as a fine for that negative review. the couple refused to pay and now it's hurting their credit score, and they're going to take the company to court. cnn's pamela brown has more. >> reporter: john palmer bought a few christmas gifts for his wife, jen, on the website in 2008. never imagining he'd still be paying the price five years later. the palmers say the items they ordered never arrived, the transaction was canceled. >> after 30 days or so, paypal said hey there's no activity here. they turned around and gave the money back into my husband's account and effectively canceled the sale. >> reporter: after repeated calls to clear gear to find out what happened she posted a
6:41 am
report on saying there is no way to get in touch with a physical human being, no extensions work. fast forward three years the palmers received this e-mail stating they'd be fined $3,500 if the negative review wasn't taken down in 72 hours. >> we were shocked that somebody would actually attempt to do this because that's, it's ridiculous that anybody would tush around and try to extort us like this. >> reporter: have you ever heard of anything like that? >> never like that happening to the consumers because retailers protect the consumer. >> reporter: the e-mail cited this obscure nondisparagement klaus that says your acceptance of this sales contract prohibits you from taking action that negative imparts legal experts warn more and more companies are adding this language in the fine print as protection. >> first amendment does not protect certain kinds of free speech and you can sign a contract giving away your free
6:42 am
speech rights if it's a fair contract. this contract though is not fair and frankly, it would be thrown out by any court. >> reporter: we found other examples of non-disparagement clauses in customer agreements including this one threatening to charge customers up to $10,000 in damages if a post containing unreasonable negative sentiment isn't removed. the company told cnn it stands by its practice. the palmers couldn't take down the review and refused to pay up, klear gear reported the bills as unpaid to a collections company. >> it was bad enough that when we went to get a second cars, it took them a month to find a bank that was willing to finance us because of the huge ding that this puts on our credit. >> reporter: cnn tried multiple phone numbers listed on kleargear's website, all disconnected. responded to kutv defending its actions. the palmers say they're taking
6:43 am
their fight all the way to court. >> we don't want them to get away with this. apparently we're not the only people they have done this to. we're just the only ones fighting back and we're not giving up. >> reporter: the better business bureau is investigating and has put the company on alert. to protect yourself during this shopping season retailers suggest you read the fine print and make sure a company is legitimate. if you write a negative review make sure it's accurate. company can see you for libel even if it doesn't have that clause. back to you. >> that is crazy! okay, so klear gear defended its actions in a statement, this is what it says, it was saying its request for the palmers to take down that cruel comment about their company was not blackmail but "a diligent effort to hem them avoid the fine." i'm sorry, let's bring in constitutional attorney and criminal defense attorney page
6:44 am
pate. >> i understand the company wanting to crack down on people saying bad things about it but they can't go this far. they can protect themselves against libelous statements but they can't stop somebody from posting a negative comment if it's mostly truthful. >> seems like it was, they never received their goods from the company. >> even though they want to put it in the terms of service in that agreement, that's okay. you can absolutely still state your mind and voice your opinion about a company because a judge a court would never enforce that type of clause. >> but the company turned them over to a collection agency. so it doesn't matter what you think as a consumer, you're already hurt by that, you're at the mercy of this company now. >> that's how the company strongarms folks because they know it is so difficult to then try to undo a bad credit rating, and so they know you don't pay our fine, you don't agree to what we want you to do we're going to report you and you have to try to undo it and that makes it very difficult.
6:45 am
>> this couple is going to take it to court. >> good. >> what might happen? >> i think they have a strong case because in this situation, the company had decided that this statement was libelous, on their own, not before a court or a judge and they fined them. i think they have number one a right to get their money back and two, perhaps punitive damages >> credit reports it's hard to, even if you're in the right, those things linger. >> there is but there's a federal law fair credit reporting act if the credit ding was put there improperly they've got to remove it and if they don't they can pay damages as well, even the credit bureaus can pay damages. >> so just a final thought on this, to protect yourself, do you never write a bad review online? do you read your contract and all the fine print? nobody does that, frankly. >> nobody does that especially online, as long as the terms are fair. then they're going to be enforced but if you try to prevent someone from exercising their first amendment rights, that's never going to be enforced by a court so voice your opinion as long as it's not clearly untruthful, you got a
6:46 am
right to do that. >> page pate, thank you so much. >> thank you. still to come in "the newsroom," celebrity chef nigella lawson accused of using cocaine and marijuana on a daily basis. today her ex-husband testified against the people who are making those claims.
6:47 am
6:48 am
6:49 am
checking our top stories at 49 minutes past the hour. she's one of those famous chefs in the world. known for her love of chocolate, butter and all things delicious. >> there is for me no better way to eat, thank goodness you can get this by the quarter loaf. >> but now, two former assist yanlts are accusing tv chef nigella lawson of abusing cocaine and marijuana. saatchi is testifying in london
6:50 am
right now. we'll keep you posts. a woman sentenced for 20 years to prison has been released on bond while she awaits a new trial. she was released wins night. she'll be monitored electronically while on home detention. she signed a light on the stand your ground laws. she says she fired a warning shot to scare away her bu sift husband. the self-imposed deadline to fix the obama website is tomorrow. and sources in the insurance industry are telling cnn there's no way the site can be completely fixed by tomorrow. one government official has already tried to temper expectations saying november 30th isn't some magical date and that the site will still have some issues. thanksgiving day for the thanksgiving day comet lives on. nasa scientists believe part of
6:51 am
the comet may have survived its trip past the sun. but it will take a few more days to figure out what's left of it. keep your eyes on the sky. cnn honors all the -- dale baity is helping his fellow soldiers get the welcome home they deserve. >> all veterans have been taught to be responsible for the guy to your left and the guy to your right. and no matter what, you're going to bat for them if they need you. >> go ahead. last man, go. >> we wouldn't leave one of our soldiers behind on the battlefield, but we do it so often here at home. >> i did three tours in vietnam. my injuries include my right leg, left elbow, and lower back.
6:52 am
for 35 years no one cared. >> every war is forgotten when the next war starts. people welcome me moment home and say they love us and that i'm their hero. i knew after meeting other veterans that wasn't the case for all of us. these other guys who struggle, they need a hand up. it's my mission to help other veterans get the support and homes that they need from their communities. this is the young man why we're all here today. just getting the community engaged around a couple of simple changes to someone's house or an entire house built from the ground up. we want to make their life easier, safer, just better. >> i could not get my wheelchair in and out my front door because i had steps with no handrail.
6:53 am
and it made me less of a social person. >> we're able to build a deck and a ramp. there used to be a concrete sidewalk here. we busted it up and got it out of here. it doesn't sound like a lot, but the impact that it made was tremendous. and they're emotions are being rehabbed as well. >> they made me realize the challenges that i've had to endure meant something. it jump started me back into life. purple heart homes said "welcome home." it's great to be home after 40 years. >> are regardless of when you serve, where you serve, we're all the same. we're all veterans. they just need to know that somebody does care about them. >> lots of people do. cnn heros, an all-star tribute
6:54 am
airs sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on cnn. i started part-time, now i'm a manager.n. my employer matches my charitable giving. really. i get bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month. i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart.
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6:57 am
it is the play everybody is talking about this morning. steeler's head coach mike tomlin on the field and in the way of a ravens touchdown? andy scholes, is it true? >> he says this is what he does on every kickoff. this time he got lost of where he was on the field. here is a look of what happened it was in the third quarter. jacoby jones breaks free. looks like he's going all the way. then there's tomlin. caused jones to skip a stride just a bit. the reves didn't even throw a flag on the play. check it out.
6:58 am
tomlin with a smile. look guilty? and the ravens win the game, 22-20. >> and i took flak i think for kind of joking around at the super bowl and saying that maybe you should get on -- he was looking at the big screen the whole entire time. he knew where he was and i knew where jacoby was. he pulled my move. >> pulled his move. >> that's pretty good. >> well, your lions, they finally broke the record nine-became thanksgiving losing streak. ndamukong suh, model citizen, on the safety gently lays matt flynn down in the end zone. no stomping or kicking this year. >> he put the covers over him and gave him a kiss good night. >> and in the afternoon matchup, cowboys came from behind to beat the raiders.
6:59 am
this was the first time since 1999 that both the cowboys and lions won on thanksgiving day. today you can see texas tech's perfectly executed fake punt. they're going to tuck it and go. look at the punter. goes 65 yards for the touchdown. this is the red raiders longest running play of the season. >> i've never seen a punter run that fast. >> and again, this is the only bright spot on the night for texas tech. longhorns won this game easily. the nba has find jason kidd $50,000 for appearing to -- if you look close, he says pick me and then spills his drink. that let them draw up one last play. pretty clever move, but now he's paying for it. the laker were still not able to
7:00 am
win the game. i'm a former ball boy for the houston rockets. because if anyone spilled their drink on the court, i would have to run out there with my towel and clean it up. >> and it could cause physical injury. >> the worst part of the girl. >> i wanteds to be a ball girl. but back when i was young, they diplomat do that with girls. next hour of "newsroom", after a break. okay. we're not having a break. happening now in the "newsroom", it's time to stop until you drop. shoppers have money in hand and patience in short supply. greeting shoppers today at walmarts across the country, protesters. we'll talk to their head of merchandising and market. plus, if crowded malls and packed stores are not your thing, don't expect online to be
7:01 am
any easier. more and more are hitting the web before the stores even open. and it's the secret works from the man behind "the catcher in the rye." books not supposed to be out for decades are out right now. it's a big mystery. second hour of "newsroom" starts right now. good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much nor joining me. some call it the super bowl of rail. black friday in full swing and shoppers are showing off moves you might find on the football field. peeking breaking tackles, making interceptions all in the hopes of scoring great holiday bargains. this was the scene at a walmart in north carolina which opened up at thanksgiving night. and at some walmarts shoppers
7:02 am
might have to push through protesters picturing what it says are poor working conditions at the retail giant. let's go to alison kosik first i wanted to check in with you. because it seems like sales are hot this year. maybe on the rise? >> online, yes. apparently what's happening yesterday while everybody was sitting at the table eating dinner, there were two-fisting it. they got the turkey leg in one hand and the smartphone in the other. they were squeezing in quality time with smartphones over at aunt sally's eating their dinner. they were woring their smartphones. ibm says that they were shopping. they say that smartphones accounted for 23.5% of all online trafficking yesterday. and they were buying on their tablets. if you look at the total online saelds yesterday, they were up 10% from last thanksgiving.
7:03 am
how much were people spending? the average order on a tablet was more than $127. here's an interesting note on this. ios, that's the apple operating system, it drove about four times the sales online compared to the android operating system. this is interesting because it's actually the android operating system that gets a bigger market share compared to the iphone. but not around the holiday time at least, carol. >> now we're going to talk to that executive from walmart. this is the executive vice presidents and chief marketing and merchandising officer for walmart u.s. good morning, duncan. >> good morning. great to be with you today. >> great that you're here. you must be having an incredibly busy morning. >> boy, it's been an exciting couple of days. this in fact is the super bowl of retail. and we had over 22 million customers in our stores last night. we did over 10 million transactions in the first four
7:04 am
hours. we had 5 million people use our one-hour guarantee. and it was fun to be out there with them. and associates were excited. customers were excited. it was a really fess sift environment last night. >> i know your pr department has been sending out press releases all morning long. one we got this morning, both record breaking black friday results. i heard all your facts and figures. but will you top that figure from last year this year? >> we're actually -- all the caters are we served more customers, had more transactions and selling more product. we're very excited about where we are. and we have more events going out today throughout the weekend. we expect the whole weekend to be a great festive environment for our customers. >> i know retailers like you have tried to stem the bizarre incidents of violence that seem to happen every year at black friday. not just at walmart.
7:05 am
the video we showed earlier was taken at a walmart in north carolina shows a guy apparently fighting over a television. what is it about black friday deals that brings out the crazy, duncan? >> we served, as i said, over 22 million customers yesterday. and unfortunately this one incident is being talked about across the country. and it's unfortunate for the customers and folks around that incident last night. >> you know what the charge is from this incident. it's all over. online, youtube. two security guards were standing nearby this incident and it and that they didn't try to intervene at all. do you know anything about it? >> yeah. we hire both our own protection people as well as local law enforcement. and across the country, we did that last night. and this particular incident, i
7:06 am
have not seen that video in detail. but that's why we did our one hour guarantee from three items to 21 items. people could come in and get a wrist band and shop with confidence around the store. over 5 million people used that last night. unfortunately in this particular incident, that didn't come through. >> protesters at the union's urging will picket walmart stores across the country for what they call low wages. i know you're going to say they pay at the top of the retail wage score. but can you give me a figure. >> we do have more full-time associates than part-time which is unusual in retail. and we do have competitive wages, benefits. and we are actually on the top side of that. i appreciate you answering that question for me. >> what exactly does the average worker make at walmart? what is the high end of the wage scale of retail? >> the great part about walmart
7:07 am
is we're a reflection of the american economy. and we offer entry points of work for people that want part-time work and also opportunity. if you want to work hard and want more responsibility, we promote over 160,000 people a year. and that's what key about walmart. whether you want to be in logistics or isd, marketing and merchandising. you want to work on the floor or fresh moods. we always see this -- >> is it safe to say that most workers at walmart, and i'm talking about part-timers and full-timers all part together, is it safe to say that they make under $10 an hour? >> no, that's not accurate, carol. >> what is accurate? >> i can't quote the exact number for you. but we are on the top end of the retail wage. >> well, i ask you this because there's a california
7:08 am
millionaire, libertarian, he submitted paperwork in california to raise the minimum wage in california to 12 dollars an hour. and here is why he says he wants to do that. he says, quote, one of the strange things in our society right now is that wref all of these low wage workers who are getting $7.50 and because they earn such small wages, the government subsidizes them with tens of billions of dollars of social welfare spending that comes from the taxpayers. is that fair to the taxpayers? >> i think this is a very important discussion that we need to have as a country. it's been rebuilding middle class jobs. in an open economy like we have, it's about supply and demand. we're interested in participating in those conversations to say what is the
7:09 am
right price for workers across the country? and our average hourly number is $12.81 per hour. so we're above the number you're talking about right now. we're confident that we can make a difference for our associates. >> well, $12 an hour is about $25,000 a year. if you have a family, that's still like pretty hard to live on, right? i mean, you would understand why some would complain -- >> $12.81? i think the opportunity is that's or average rate. people have opportunity to make more per hour. they can get management jobs. that's the key to walmart. we want to be a part of that discussion with the local and national officials and other retailers. >> you would be available -- because he went on to say he wants to approach walmart and have discussions with you. president obama said he wants the minimum wage across the country to be raised to $10 an hour for everyone.
7:10 am
would walmart accept the government setting a minimum wage for its stores? >> you know, i think what we do is like yesterday, we had over 900,000 associates working on thanksgiving day to service our customers. that's what great is about walmart. our folks came to work excited to serve our customers. the customers are coming back in this morning. we feel good about the relationships that we have with our associates. i engage with many across south texas last night. people were having a great time interacting with our customers, selling them prokt products, helping them get out to their cars. it was a great night. our associates are our key asset and we're proud to be their partner. >> i do hear from walmart workers that they enjoy the work and the store, some of them want to make a little more money. would walmart be interested in talking to maybe someone from
7:11 am
the federal government about raising the minimum wage across the country for all workers? >> you know, carol, i always engage with both our local government officials as well as our national officials because walmartst largest retailer in the united states, we have a platform for these discussions and we would be happy to weigh in to find the right resolution here. >> thank you so much for taking time out to talk with us this morning. we appreciate it. >> thank you, carol, appreciate it. >> earlier this morning, i talked with the man who took that video we were talking about at the north carolina walmart. his name is brian spain. and he said he purposefully went to walmart to document the black friday frenzy. >> you feel kind of helpless. and then when you look and see there's two officers off to the side that are just kind of like standing there watching all this happen and there's nothing going on, i thought they would be there to help. to make sure this kind of stuff
7:12 am
didn't happen. but they just kind of watch it happen. that was the thing that was really frustrating. >> as you heard duncan say, walmart is now investigating this incident. if you think it was limited to walmart, think again. this is the scene at another store in west palm beach. they were clamoring through the doors hoping to score deals on electronics. three suspected shop lifters are now under arrest after a wild chase outside of chicago. this happened on thanksgiving night. police officers chased the suspects into the parking lot where one officer got caught in a get away car after a struggle. they then took off and dragging the cop across the parking lot. the second officer fired into the car. a third suspect was found inside the store. the officer and suspect were treated at a local hospital. still to come in the "newsroom", the gop finds a clear front runner are for the 2016 president alex.
7:13 am
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checking our top stories at 15 minutes past the hour. an overnight explosion rocked a pipeline company in missouri. no injuries reported. some families in the area were evacuate the just as a precaution. two loud explosions go off just outside a u.s. air base near tokyo. the air force says there was no damage or initials. the u.s. base has been targeted before. those usually blamed on leftist gore li'l la groups. lindsey jon hit the slopes for the first time since a crash nine days ago. she will have to miss three
7:17 am
world cup races this weekend. but says her first day back on the slopes was awesome. despite all the stores reporting record breaking sales, more than 4 out of 10 committeeists say the economy is getting worse. only a quarter of americans are saying that it's starting to recover. and nearly six out of ten say things are gogs badly in the country today. joining us is cnn political director mark preston. good morning. >> good morning, carol. tell you, terrible news for the obama administration with the new cnn/orc poll numbers. certainly flak friday a lot of people shopping, but they have a terrible outlook on the economy. what's troubling about the new number abouts is that we've seen an increase over the past six months, we've seen it go from 50% back in the string up to 59% of our americans who think things are going poorly.
7:18 am
look at those numbers. when you only have a quarter of americans saying that things are going well, i've got to tell you, not good he news for the obama administration. >> let's talk about another poll that cnn just did. for the first time we're seeing a front-runner in the republican party for the 2016 president alal election. and if you take hillary clinton out of the running, more and more democrats seem to favor vice president joe biden. and i must say, this surprised me. >> a lot of people think that joe biden is not the heir apparent to barack obama obama. but if she doesn't run, democrats at least at this point want to see joe biden run. and his closest come pet ter is
7:19 am
elizabeth warren, somebody that liberals would love to see run in 2016. but joe biden does very well with moderate voters. he also does a little better than elizabeth warren when it comes to women voters. these polls give us a little indication about where we are right now. >> on the republican side, what's the take away? i mean chris christie is a rock star. you kind of expect him to come in at number one, right? >> yes. and the interesting thing about chris christie is that not only did he win by a huge margin his re-election just last month, he won convincingly. he beat a woman and he won the women vote and the majority of the hispanics. what's interesting about the number is that you would think chris christie would do well with blue collar republicans. and in fact, this poll shows that senator rand paul does
7:20 am
better with people who make under $50,000. chris christie does better with republicans who make over $50,000. so he kind of has that knock them, sock them blue collar swagger, but he's not doing as well as others such as rand paul. >> maybe the problem is chris christie is in new jersey which is kind of hard for the middle part of the country to relate to? right? >> a little work to do. but a lot of road ahead for chris christie. >> mark preston, thanks so much. still to come in the "newsroom", a celebrity chef's ex-husband now on the stand. two of her former aids are accused of fraud. (vo) you are a business pro. maestro of project management. baron of the build-out. you need a permit... to be this awesome. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the
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7:24 am
happening right now, the millionaire ex-husband of celebrity chef on the stand. i'm talking about nigella lawson. >> there is for me no better way to eat bread. that's why thank goodness you can get this by the quarter loaf. >> you know her. her ex-husband is now testifying in the trial of two former personal assistants. they're accused of defraunding lawson and saatchi for hundreds of thousands of dollars. we're outside the courthouse. and some interesting testimony so far, right? >> well, yes. these two sisters after they were accused of fraud started making allegations about nigella lawson's drug use claiming she had a severe drug problem.
7:25 am
and it was around the time of that photo coming out where you saw charles saatchi holding his hands to nigella lawson's neck, around this time he started hearing about the allegations. in october he wrote an e-mail to her and that was read out in court in the last hour or so. it's pretty dramatic. it was meant to be a private e-mail to her. he's bereft that it got leaked. this is what it said. nigella, i was sent these by a newspaper and i can only laugh at your sorry deprefty. these are the allegations from the sisters. of course, now the sisters will get off on the basis that you were so off your head on drugs that you loud the sisters to spend whatever they liked. and yes, i believe every word they said who, after all, only stole money. but i'm sure it was all great fun and everything was perfect. bra voe, you've become a
7:26 am
celebrity hostess on a global tv show. free to hardly enjoy all the drugs you want forever. classy. he does say it was only meant for nigella to read and he does point out that he never saw her taking drugs. there's no hard evidence that she was taking drugs but he does believe the sisters story. >> so who's side is he on? he does think the sisters are guilty of fraud. and he says, they essentially blackmailed her in order to steal all of this money. >> well, what is fraud? fraud is taking money without permission. i mean there's been all of this talk of them spending more than $100,000 a month of his money or his company's money. and using it for luxury life tile. they're not necessarily contesting that apart from a lot of the money wasn't used for
7:27 am
them because they did all of the spending for the household. but they do contest whether or not nigella knew and they said she did know and she was hiding her drug habits from charles saatchi. some people arguing in the defense, charles is using this as an opportunity to get back at nigella. he's also very upset about all of this money being taken away from him. we're just reporting what's in court. but certainly the defense think this is inappropriate that he's using it to criticize nigella lawson. i have to point out, the sisters deny all the charges. >> max foster, interesting story. still to come in the "newsroom", black friday madness in full swing at macy's had harmd square in new york city. and in the middle of it all, zain asher. >> reporter: thousands braving the call to shop on black friday. after the break.
7:28 am
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7:31 am
good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me. it's practically the epi center of holiday shopping. macy's in new york's herld square, thousands of people brave the bitter manhattan cold. zain asher is live inside macy's
7:32 am
flagship store. good morning. >> reporter: we've been here since 4:00 in the morning. things are slowly starting to pick up. the issue with getting here at 10:00 a.m., a lot of the door buster deals might have already run out. i bumped into a british couple who landed in new york yesterday and they are here for no other reason other than flak friday. the best deal that i've seen that made me do a double take, it was a cashmere sweater originally price add the $139.99 reduced to $39.99. that's what you call a deal. i've been speaking to shoppers who have been shopping throughout the night. and i asked them what is your advice for those just waking up and getting started. >> have an idea what you want. today i was sure i wanted to come out and get. then if you do that, you know where you're going. >> have a couple of cupped of coffee and be relaxed. enjoy yourself. it's not anything that you can
7:33 am
rush around and get items purchased fast. there's long lines and it takes lots of patience. >> i thought you were going to add something after that. i was going to ask you, compared to last year, does there appear to be more people? i don't think she's hearing me. >> reporter: i'm so sorry. i'm having trouble hearing you. >> i thought, what is going on. >> reporter: yeah. so interesting enough, i've been speaking to macy's executives, and they said that this year they had 15,000 people outside, a lot higher than last year. last year only 11,000 people waiting outside. that's why this year they did start opening earlier. they opened thanksgiving day, 8:00. but in terms of tips and advice, they say that the most important thing is that you do your research online at home before you head out. keep your receipts too. it's very important.
7:34 am
we all know that sinking feeling when you know yufr overspent. and lastly, don't ever put getting a deal or getting a bargain ahead of your own safety. carol. >> good advice. thanks so much. zain asher reporting living from macy's in new york city. the world's biggest retailer, walmart, sales aren't the only thing in focus on in black friday. protesters are being organized by a union back group called "our walmart" which claims employees will be taking part in some 1500 demonstrations across the country. >> reporter: those protests have already gun primarily on the east coast. the location that i'm at is expected to pick up toward the noon hour here in los angeles. there was a protest east of los
7:35 am
angeles where there were peaceful civil disobedience arrests. about ten people arrested. they were trying to make a point. what they are trying to say, these prostefters, is that what walmart is paying its employees, a company that pulls in $17 billion a year, is that they simply do not pay enough money to their employees. the hourly wage simply not being a livable wage. that's really the focus here. as people are coming out to spend money on black friday, these protesters want people to also talk about the wages of the people who are working inside the store. what walmart is saying is, though, if you go into the protest and you talk to the people who are outside these stores today, those protesters predominantly are not walmart employees. carol. >> right. they're union workers, right, who say they are representing people who actually work at walmart, correct? >> reporter: absolutely. and they say that it is an
7:36 am
appropriate place, though, to have this discussion about wages. because the people inside walmart, they're inside trying to make time and a half. they need to make money today on a day that they can make extra so that they can have a christmas and feed their families. what the protesters outside are saying is that they represent those people and trying to give them a voice. >> walmart's ceo talked about the protest this morning on "new day." i want you to listen to what he had to say. >> black friday, we just talked about it, you know, millions and millions of people out shopping is the big stage. and walmart is a big player on the big stage. and there are those who want to try to change a service industry like retail, it's not unexpected that they would be out on black friday at walmart with something to say about that. >> because these same union workers, why aren't they protesting at target and k-mart. why walmart?
7:37 am
>> reporter: in part because of the number of employees walmart has. walmart kboiz about 1% of the working u.s. labor force, 1.5 million people. if you compare that to target, it employs only about 300,000 employees. that's why protesters are trying to target a number of large markets. take a look at this map. you'll see that almost every single major city is going to have a large scale protest. large scale meaning 100 people plus. los angeles, seattle, chicago, miami, d.c., minneapolis. protesters telling us that these are the places outside of walmart where they will be talking about wages. >> we'll check back with you. reporting live from los angeles this morning. checking other top stories this morning at 37 minutes past the hour. a woman sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing off a warning shot has now been released on
7:38 am
bond while she awaits a new trial. she was released wednesday night and monitored electronically while she's on home detention. she shined a light on florida's controversial stand your ground laws. she says she fired a warning shot and she was later convicted of attempts murder. a u.s. drone strike in pakistan has killed three suspected militants and initialled several others. officials not confirming the identities of those killed. hope for the thanksgiving comet lives on. part of the comet may have survived its trip past the sun. nasa says it's throwing off bits of gas and dust. but it will take a few more days to figure out what's left. i would keep my eyes on the sky. still to come in the "newsroom", the works of reclusive writer j.d. salinger
7:39 am
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7:42 am
three unpublished works from j.d. sal injer have mysterious shown up on the internet this week. a 41 page album and on three download sites but known seems to know where they came from. nischelle turner live in new york on this story. j.d. salinger didn't want them to be seen for 50 years, right? >> reporter: exactly. literary circles are buzzing. after these stories showed up on the internet this week. before this, the three stories allegedly written by "catcher in the rye" author had only been --
7:43 am
some cases scholars even had to read the works under supervision. that's because he fiercely guarded his writings and he only allowed a small amount of his work to be published before his death in 2010. now now this is appearing numerous places online. and it features three short works. and the book critics and salinger scholars are backing this all up. they're saying that these are legitimate and that they match the original transcripts. princeton has a few theories about how they got out. first someone transcribed nem in the reading roochl or another is photocopies were maid in the 1980s and they got out. there are several reports now that point to an ebay auction. this september, a copy of three
7:44 am
stories sold for $110 which could easily be scanned and uploaded. a photo included with the lifting says the first copy was printed in 1999, it identifies the document as the sixth out of a total of 25 copies. maybe they're getting closer to figuring out how it happened. but you're right, j.d. salinger didn't want these out until 2060. >> i'm dying to read them, but i'll feel guilty if i read them. >> i was thinking the same thing. how do i do this? it's research. it's work. >> good idea. i like your style. coming up in the "newsroom", the deadline for fixes to the obama care website approaching in a matter of hours. but even after tomorrow, will actually work? what you wear to bed is your business. so, if you're sleeping in your contact lenses,
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checking our top stories at 48 minutes past the hour. a fighter remains on life support despite social media reports that he had died. they tell us that he has no brain function. the family has been hoping for a miracle. they're supposed to make a final decision whether to take him off life support. he sufded a heart attack on tuesday. the convenience store clerk kept his cool when the gunman demanded money stalling him until the police showed up. first the clerk double bagged the cash and then suggested the
7:49 am
robber grab some beer from the coolers before he left the store. the crook fumbled his goods and got inside the store. and then his beer bag ripped. instead of taking off with the cash, and by that time the police had arrived. >> oh, man. china's declaration of a new air identification zone is adding -- now, the united states is stepping in. saying the declaration may interfere request the u.s. navy's ability to respond to a crisis in the area. cnn's barbara starr has more for you. >> reporter: navy fighter jets roar into the pacific skies. it's a scheduled exercise by u.s. and japanese forces testing the ability to respond to a crisis.
7:50 am
but china's new zone requiring them to obey china's rules is causing these to take on a new significance. a senior administration official says the vice president will, quote, seek clarity regarding the chinese' intentions about an area the u.s. considers international air space. even caroline kennedy, the new u.s. ambassador to japan is weighing in on this. part of a dispute with japan about who owns these remote islands in the east china sea. >> this only serves to increase tension in it the region. >> reporter: the u.s. and japan -- a violation of china's new rules. the chinese military says it sent fighter jets on practice troll into the zone to monitor planes flying there. >> when the japanese continue to
7:51 am
fly into this area and the korean s continued to fly into hair overlapped areas, sooner or later the chinese are going to -- and that is where you have the polish for not a military conflict but some sort of accident, mistake that could then lead to a cell crisis in the regions. >> reporter: they made clear, beijing isn't budging. we asked japan and the united states to reflect on themselves. stop creating frictions and put an end to statements and actions that may harm regional stability. >> barbara starr reporting. south korea says it will continue to fly its regular patrols in the disputed area despite china's latest
7:52 am
declaration. the clock is clicking for the white house. even after tomorrow, the administration says don't expect the website to always work properly. jill dougherty is at the white house this morning. >> reporter: they say they're making steady progress. as you noted, they do say that there will be problems continuing. but what they've done is they've upped the speed. pages are loading or will load, they say, after a second as opposed to six seconds before. and the error rate is 1% as opposed to 6% before. but will that be enough? withering criticism of the initial rollout of has intense fied the pressure on the administration to get the fix right for saturday. the white house hopes it can do that, at least for the vast majority of users. >> and this website is going to get fixed.
7:53 am
>> reporter: opened for business october 1st and it's been a disastrous two months. the sight crashed. small businesses still won't be able to use the site for another year. insurance industry insiders tell cnn some customers' personal data is getting makeled or even lost. the white house says the site will be able to handle 50,000 users at one time. but they admit there will be times after saturday when does not function properly. and they're bracing for another possible huge surge in volume that could force some people into virtual waiting lines for call backs. officials say consumers who pick a plan by december 23rd and pay their premiums by december 31st will have coverage effective the first of january. and i think you can predict that the tech teams working on the software and hardware will
7:54 am
probably be right up to the deadline. >> i think you're right about that. keep on checking it. still to come in the "newsroom", what does heaven look like? well, people are waiting in line for hours and hours to take a look at one artist's depiction. it's amazing. we'll be right back. so, with chevy's black friday sale, the price you see is the price you pay? yep, best prices of the year. i can't see. honey. [ laughs ] brad. yeah? what are you doing? uh... hi. hi. [ male announcer ] it's the chevy black friday sale. during the chevy black friday sale, get this malibu ls for under $20,000 or this cruze ls for around $17,000. hurry. the best prices of the year end monday, december 2nd. you're talking to the guy who hasn't approved a new stapler purchase in three years. but then i saw the new windows tablet,
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imagine being between life and death and having a chance to return to this world, as in you choose life over death. an anderson cooper special report profiles three people who say that very thing happened to them. you can watch it at 7:00 p.m. right here on cnn on sunday night. and you wonder what heaven is like.
7:58 am
right? i always wonder that. cnn's rosa flores is here with a story of one artist's vision that's attracting a whole lot of people. >> reporter: it's a very thought-provoking question. what is heaven? we explored the vision of one japanese artist. and she sees heaven in canvass, and even in infinity rooms. take a look. heaven inspires curiosity. for this woman, heaven is in new york. for lady gaga, it's a disco heaven. for this japanese artist, heaven is in art. her exhibit at the david's warner gallery in new york is called "i who have arrived in hetch". >> it's about gazing at one's
7:59 am
self-into infinity. and the paintings are an sprex about that too. >> reporter: people are waiting in line for hours to experience the infinity room for 45 seconds. >> it makes me feel happy and also sad. >> i really felt the timeless dimension of it. >> reporter: for others, twenty cals and mirrors are a clear reflection of the afterlife. webster's dictionary defines heaven as the bode of god. but most people go to a different script tur for the answer. if you ask religion professor, the answer depends on your faith. >> christianity clearly argues for an afterlife, a heaven. for muslims on the other hand,
8:00 am
they view paradise in may more concrete terms. for the jewish community, one achieves one inmortality in a sense through one's family. >> reporter: it's safe to say, one thing holds true across time. the definition of heaven is intensely personal. to hetch and back airs sunday december 1st and 7:00 p.m. eastern. >> thank you. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "legal view" with ashleigh banfield starts now. >> hello everyone. i'm ashleigh banfield. it is november 29th. welcome to "legal view." and it a very happy black friday to you.