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tv   Around the World  CNN  November 29, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PST

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thank you, everyone, for watching. it's great to have you with us on this holiday. we have a lot more to tell you throughout the day. "around the world" starts right "around the world" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- they lined up. they camped out. and they rushed into the stores across the country. all for a deal. oh, yeah, it's black friday, the biggest shopping day of the year. >> black eye friday in some places. it's not just happening in the u.s., by the way, deals being offered in other countries, too. take the united kingdom, for example. we also saw some pretty frenzied shopper dozen anything they could for a discount there, as well. >> this is an around the world black friday. i'm hala gorani. suzanne is off today. >> i'm michael holmes. thanks for being with us. we are now 12 hours into black friday, 1 hours into the official start of the holiday
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shopping season. well, at least it used to be the official start. >> the many stores, as we've been reporting actually opened on thanksgiving day. you would think that might have stolen some of black friday's thunder but apparently not. >> so far, the madness of this big shopping day seems to be intact, at least according to many so of the amateur video. that's the florida walmart in north carolina. >> shoppers behaving badly. we've seen at least one arrest, as well. looks like black friday might be alive and well after all in some guise or other. kyung, some drama there to tell us about? >> what the drama is is something that's a bit preplanned. what is happening at walmart
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stores, about 1500 locations are a number of activities being held by protesters. we're not going to all them protests. there are about eight of them across the united states that are going to be quite large. 100 to 500 people. we've seen them roll out throughout the morning in the east coast. we saw one a short distance from where i am, east of los angeles in ontario, california, there are about 100 people at this particular walmart. they were walking with signs. they were protesting because it is black friday. they wanted to talking about wages. as people are arriving to spend money, trying to get deals, they wanted to talk about how the wanings of the people who are helping them buy their cheap stuff, they're not being paid appropriately. the reason why these employees, some of them are employees, most of them nonemployees who are union members want to talk about this is because it's a large platform. walmart hires about 1% of all of
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the u.s. labor force. about 1.5 million people. they say it is appropriate to do this, to talk about it today. they also staged some peaceful civil disobedience, a small number of them, about ten of them were arrested trying to make that point. michael? >> amazing. >> the biggest employer there, and there you have it. protests outside the walmart stores in some cases. kyung lah is reporting from a walmart in los angeles. zain asher is at macy's in new york. so zain, macy's broke its old tradition and was open yesterday. so a, were the sales good yesterday, and b, did it put a damper on the mad dash today? >> hi, hala. you're always going to see the thickest crowds right when the stores open. the items with the best deals are usually in limited supply. of course, it's a competition. yesterday, when macy's opened, 8:00 thanksgiving evening, you
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did see 15,000 people gathered outside. they were rushing into the stores. a lot of mayhem. right now, it is a little bit calmer. i've been talking to shoppers and asking them, shoppers who have been shopping all night, what is your advice for black friday shopper who are just getting started. take a listen. >> know what you want. i was sure i wanted to come out and get. if you do that, you know where you're going and then you'll be fine. >> have a couple cups of coffee and enjoy yourself it's not anything you can rush around and get items purchased fast because there's long lines and takes lots of patience. >> you know, i've been shopping and i've been looking at dials myself. the best deal i actually saw was a cashmere sweater originally priced at $139.99 reduced to $39.99. so that is what you call a deal. but in terms of tips for shoppers, make sure you do your
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research before you leave your house. there's nothing worse than rushing out and getting a item, only to find the item becomes even more deeply discounted the closer you get to christmas. i've also been asking people is it really better to come to the store and engage in the rush and mayhem on black friday or better to stay at home and shop online. people say to me, listen, you can't try on the item obviously if you shop online which i agree with, of course, but they're also saying there is so much hype surrounding black friday, they just want to be part of it. hala and mikele? >> zain asher is at a macy's in new york, kyung lah in los angeles. thanks to both of you. zain was talking about this deeply discounted sweater. we've read reports how retailers from the very beginning never intended to sell the item at the full retail price and the discount was built into the say price they anticipate. >> we're going to talk about that later. christine romans has been talking about that showing how it's a little artificial.
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maybe they're not the deals they appear to be. now, black friday might be uniquely american phenomenon. that doesn't mean the rest of the world isn't getting in on the deal, as well. >> check out these pictures from bristol in england. apparently a man lost it when he was told he couldn't buy two big tvs at a popular discount chain store that walmart owned. security guards wretalled him to the ground. >> the chain is alled azda. also a department store called john lewis. pretty upscale place. overall, though, black friday isn't nearly the big deal it is in the united states. we asked people in london if they even know what it is. >> well, it's 72 with the actual sort of stores competing against each other in sort of like two days or something like that. >> yes, black friday is the sales. normally it's an american thing.
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they started doing it here quite a bit. i got myself some stuff. >> a lot of shops bring on discounts. >> i mean, yeah, mostly, apple's done it. like john lewis. and supermarkets, as well. it's a big thing online at the moment. >> it's a discount, isn't it, in america? >> i knew it came from america and it was the day after thanksgiving. but the sales beginning, and yeah, so i thought i'd come down today and grab something. >> you thought you saw judy dench there will. didn't you? >> black friday is an american phenomenon. 20 years ago, nobody cared about halloween, be valentine's day, typically american events. globalization has changed all that. have you valentines displays in stores in the middle east now. >> halloween is in australia these days which is just extraordinary. it wasn't when i was growing up unfortunately. i never got the candy.
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>> those practices and traditions that are american are spreading abroad. most newspaper ads today in britain seemed to be focused more on christmas shopping in general rather than black friday. >> quick, let's rush out and do christmas shopping. black friday madness isn't the only proof the holiday season here. >> first lady michelle obama welcomed the official white house christmas tree. the douglas fir came from pennsylvania. the family who grew it from a sap ling made the big presentation. the tree is leaded for the blue room at the white house. >> good for her. coming up, the bitter battle between celebrity chef nigel lal lawson and her ex-husband charles sarchy rumbles on. >> how he's dragging her name through the mud at the trial of two former employees accused of embezzlement. then justin bieber gets too artistic for one australian
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hotel's tastes. >> the pop star is always in the news, accused of vandalizing the hotel but bieber says the hotel said he could. >> hold the obituary. it looks like the thanksgiving comet. survived its sun bath. you're watching "around the world." we'll be right back. [ paper rustles, outdoor sounds ] ♪ [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you
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jim changed his routine. ask your doctor about xarelto®. once a day xarelto® means no regular blood monitoring -- no known dietary restrictions. for more information and savings options, call 1-888-xarelto or visit and now to the court case that is gripping great britain. >> there is for me just no bad way to eat bread. that's why, thank goodness, you can get this by the quarter loaf. the celebrity chef nigel lal lawson accused of being "so off her head on drugs she allowed
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staff to spend whatever they like." >> the allegations were revealed in a private e-mail sent to lawson by her now ex-husband sarls saatchi. it was read as part of legal arguments ahead of the trial of their assistants, two sisters accused of defrauding the couple. cnn's max foster following developments from london. all right, max, tell us the detail thfz e-mail. how they were raised in a court of law and why. i mean, everything seems to be focusing more on the marriage than the case at the moment. >> it is a fraud case, but these twos sisters deny the fraud because they say nigel lal lawson knew they were spending the money on these cards which added up to more than a million dollars. obviously, prosecution follows from that an extraordinary amount of money. they say it wasn't fraud, they don't deny they were putting money on the cards but say lawson was aware of it and also
9:14 am
they weren't spending it all on themselves to fund this lavish lifestyle alleged. but there's this fundamental piece of evidence which refers to drugs. it is an e-mail from charles saatchi september last month to nigella lawson. it was a personal e-mail. he says he was bereft that it became public but it came through her side. in this he writes to her, of course now the grillos will get off on the basis that you were so off your head on drugs, you allows the sisters to spend whatever they liked and yes, i believe every word that the grillos have said who after all only stole money and they're alleging that she had a drug habit, nigella lawson which went back for the whole ten years of the marriage and they hid it. she hid it from charles saatchi. >> all right. so max, you know, what about the trial itself? are we now likely to hear from
9:15 am
nigella? >> we are expecting to hear from her during this trial. probably next week. we can't confirm exact details on that because we'll wait to see what happens on that. certainly lots of people want to hear her point of view. not just the people involved in the court case but around the world because obviously her reputation is this wholesome figure, a home making figure is being questioned here and put into doubt. she's got a big career which rests on this and her brand. a lot of people want to hear from her. you'll remember there was a photograph in the summer that was published in british newspapers and went around the world. it showed charles saatchi holding his hand to her neck. it was a shocking picture. and he talked about that picture today. he said he wasn't -- this was around the time that he found out about allegations of drug abuse and he says he wasn't trying to strangle or throttle her. he was holding her neck trying to make her listen and focus on what he was saying. so he did address that. and he also said that while he
9:16 am
did believe that she took drugs and had an jn going drug habit, he never actually saw any evidence of her taking drugs. >> that's pretty key i think today. thanks very much, max foster. all these allegations were made. he admits himself he never saw her take any drugs. >> we haven't heard from her. >> right. we hope to be able to hear her side, as well. coming up, the unfriendly skies, how tension continues to rise between china and the u.s. and japan. their escalating dispute over air space. ♪ i want to spread a little love this year ♪ [ male announcer ] this december, experience the gift of unsurpassed craftsmanship at the lexus december to remember sales event. some of the best offers of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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of trouble. ♪ oh, oh, oh >> justin believener hot water again, this time in australia. that is bieber you see there, springing graffiti on the wall of a hotel. he insists he got permission from the hotel, but the mayor of the city wants him to return and get rid of the graffiti tweeting this, glad you had a great time in australia's gold coast. hope to see you soon to clean up your mess. make me a belieber. it looks like the so-called comet of the century survived its encounter with the sun. scientists thought the comet ice son disintegrated but they now believe a chunk of the nucleus
9:21 am
did survive. they say it's throwing off dust and probably gas but its future is still untern. we'll keep al eye on its condition. >> thank goodness it made it. let's talk now about the tensions in asia over air space. china and japan still squabbling about an area above the east china sea. south korea also upset. now we understand the u.s. has made another flight through that air space. let's bring in pentagon correspondent barbara starr as we've been saying, this is not a situation where you want a misunderstanding. yet, we've got south korea, japan, the u.s. testing the waters or the air space so to speak. >> indeed, michael. a bit of a kerfuffle if you will out in this region. a u.s. military official confirms the u.s. did conduct another military flight through this restriction zone. he won't give the details of how many aircraft, what kind of aircraft. also saying that japan flew a number of planes through the
9:22 am
zone. for their part, the chinese are saying they tracked two u.s. surveillance aircraft and nearly a dozen japanese planes. what u.s. officials are telling us is that they want everybody to take a deep breath. that this is routine surveillance, that the u.s. military conducts through this international air space all the time, if not every day, that there's nothing unusual here. it's status quo. it's normal. that they're not trying to poke the chinese in the eye, but the reality is that the chinese are very sensitive, of course, about all of this right now. issuing a number of statements that they are tracking these planes, coming through their declared space and that they might take some sort of action against them at some point. i think it's really what you're talking about, michael. no one's talking about a military confrontation, but with so much activity in the region, a lot of concern brn misunderstanding, miscalculation, and the possibility for some type of
9:23 am
accident that could lead to a confrontation. >> that would be a disaster. one chinese official today trying to walk it back and say we're not going to shoot anyone down. everyone calm down. the vice president biden is going to south korea, china, prearranged trip hoping to talk economics. that's probably not going to be top of the agenda now. >> i think realistically not. this is front and center right now. vice president biden expected to sit down with leaders in beijing and very bluntly say, what are your intentions? what are you up to? what are you planning to do here. that's the word we're getting. and just like the chinese, the u.s. is not looking very much not looking, we are told, for any confrontation with the chinese. the u.s. military is saying look, this is international air space. we're going to keep flying through it and not going to report our movements to beijing. it remains to be seen after the biden visit what happens next. michael? >> always good to have you on
9:24 am
the program. barbara starr at the pentagon. hala? >> as we mentioned, it's black friday. but with all the crowds, long lines and traffic, is shopping on the friday after thanksgiving really worth it? we'll take a look. you might be surprised by some of the results that we are going to bring you next. hey kevin...still eating chalk for heartburn? yeah... try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief! my boyfriend has a lot of can't-miss moments. i checked out the windows phones and saw the lumia 1020 has 41 megapixels. so i can zoom way in even after i take the picture. and i can adjust the shot before i take it so i get it exactly how i want. so, i went with a windows phone. maybe i just see things other people don't.
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well, that mad and sometimes we mean mad dash to bag the best holiday deals well under way nationwide. black friday, yep, this is it. we've seen it year after year, the shoppers walking into stores not always politely in search of the latest fashion household musts have. electronics, whatever, sometimes a lot of junk. >> you may be in a walmart or kmart watching us right now or wisely, you may be sitting on your couch digesting yesterday's meal. this year, many stores didn't wait for black friday before opening their doors and many shoppers say they were pleasantly surprised. listen. >> it's been a bit unexpected. i thought there were going to be a lot more people like i was expecting to see people getting trampled and rushing through, but i didn't see too many people. so i thought it was like a regular shopping day. >> let's go live to new york and our alison kosik. alison, the markets close in 30 minutes.
9:29 am
a shortened trading day on black friday. how is trading? we're seeing new records within our sights. once again. >> exactly. so the bull's holiday keep on running. we are seeing stocks push be higher into record territory. this is the last trading day of november. all the major indiceses are on track to end the month with gains of 3 to 4%. if the dow closes higher today, it would be it the 45th record high of the year. pretty darn stunning. hala? >> 45th record high. that is extraordinary. we're talking about black friday and hala and i have been talking about this. whether the deals are really deals. there's a lot of information out there. is it worth it? you'll never get me into a mall but is it worth it? >> you want the harsh truth? even people who hit the stores early may not have gotten the best deals even if you waited in line. a big enticement are the doorbusters, limited offers for the first shoppers to get into the store. those are usually for
9:30 am
electronics like tvs and laptops that usually go for a 50% discount or more. but there is such a limited supply with these items that few shoppers actually get those deals. more so, what's the rub here? some places are actually offering similar deals on line so it means you don't have to wait outside in the cold. an example, amazon is offering prices on big screen tvs similar to what you'd buy at walmart or best buy. a lot of these items are going to be on sale at the same discount later on and some may offer bigger deeper discounts as we get closer to christmas meaning deeper discounts on toys, on clothing, probably electronics. if you ask me, it's better to wait it out for the items still stores try to clear their shelves. you've got the deals with weekending with small business saturday and cyber monday next week. so unless a product is going to be sold out you think, i'd say play the eight waiting game and avoid the crowds.
9:31 am
>> it's all about the hype, isn't it? >> it is. it's about this being a gauge. it's the beginning of the shopping season and tells the market whether or not retailers are going to do okay this holiday season in terms of sales. this economy depends so much on consumer spending. >> it's true. >> but alison, a new cnn poll is out showing people are very much pessimistic out there. just to read it out quickly, four out of ten americans think the economy is getting worse. >> yeah, exactly. and that's what's a big worry here. you know, one of the things that sort of is going wrong in the economy is the jobs picture. you see home prices are higher these days. portfolios are doing so well. the problem is really jobs. you know, 11 million americans remain out of work and those who are getting, would, many are getting these jobs that don't pay a lot, these low wage jobs. that is hitting on confidence. and that's why you're seeing a lot of americans in this poll you know not feeling like this
9:32 am
is a true recovery, hala. >> going to be interesting to see those retail numbers when they start to cop out. and see how much is actually being spent. alison kosik, thanks so much. a friend of a friend spent 11 hours, bragged about this on facebook, 11 hours shopping yesterday. and showed off the suv full of stuff. i couldn't think of anything worse. >> all right. well, look, some people have fun doing it. >> i go es. >> now to something completely different. heavy security at a courthouse in london today. take a look. >> trial starting for two men an us cooed of you'll remember this horrific incident slamming their car into a british soldier, then hacking him to death. they pleaded not guilty to murder, conspiracy to murder a police officer and other charges. >> it was a horrible horrible story that many of you may remember. that gruesome attack on 25-year-old legal rigby, a soldier. this happening broad daylight.
9:33 am
london street. witnesses videotaped the defendants allegedly holding the knifes and meat cleaver that they used to stab and hack him. he was almost decapitated. absolutely horrific situation and that trial now under way. not guilty pleas are in. >> a new diplomatic fight between argentina and great britain. argentina says it will pursue legal action against oil companies drilling off the disputed falkland islands. britain says island residents have the right to develop resources for their economic gain. >> earlier this year, residents of the islands voted to remain a british overseas territory. britain and argentina went to war over the islands 30 years ago. argentina still claims them. >> there's a new u.s. ambassador in the dominican republic and he is openly gay and has a husband. that has some high profile catholic church leaders there outraged. they say president obama's
9:34 am
appointment of james "wally" brewster was disrespectful. the dominican republic government quickly accepted his selection but one evangelical church is asking people to protest his appointment with black ribbons on their cars. >> two explosions just outside a usair bass is happening in japan. a bomb squad finds remnants of improvise the explosive devices. this is not far from tokyo. >> plus, what investigators and locals are saying in a report from the scene. that and more coming up on around the world". don't go anywhere.
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an impasse between the u.s. and the president of afghanistan may have just reached the breaking point. president hamid karzai is lashing out after a drone strike hit afghan civilians killing a
9:38 am
small child and wounding two women. now, this could not have come at a worse time. the afghan president had already put the u.s. on notice that he would not sign a long-term security agreement if another innocent civilian was killed in a raid by nato fors. let's bring in chris lawrence at the pentagon. first of all, there were people killed here. before we talk about any strategic agreement, what more do we know about this raid and who dieded? >> basically, hala, officially nato officials are saying they were going after an insurgent who was writing a motor bike in helmand, province, but officials are also giving us more information behind the scenes saying that basically this it was a mid level commander who had targeted afghan forces commanding attacks on those forces and that there were actually two air strikes. officials say the first air strike hit the road and missed the target and that's the air strike that may have wounded the two women and killed that very
9:39 am
small child, possibly as young as 2 years old. the second air strike did get the target. we're also told that will general joseph dun fer, the u.s. military commander in afghanistan quickly called president karzai to express regret and committed nato to a full investigation to get the facts of what happened here. but what we don't know is whether that's going to really hold any weight with some of the things that president karzai has said over the past few days. >> let's talk about the strategic agreement. the incident coming at a time when the future of american troop presence in afghanistan is very much in question. so if this new security deal is not signed, the u.s. will pull all of its troops out of afghanistan. is that the expectation that that's going to happen, something as abrupt as that, or do people believe at the pentagon that at some point, a last-minute deal will be agreed upon? >> it's possible. but right now, you've got two
9:40 am
sides who are basically issuing ultimatums and every indication seems to be they're both sticking to this right now. the national security advisor susan rice met with president karzai and differed just that message earlier this week saying look, unless you sign this long-term security agreement which you know, tribal leaders and people across afghanistan have agreed to, this ten-year plan, we are going to start preparing to pull our troops out by the end of 2014. the u.s. needs some time to do that. that can't be a snap decision. so they want this agreement signed quickly. president karzai has indicated that he's not going to sign it. that he's sort of positioning himself as this nationalist leader protecting the sovereignty of afghanistan, but right now, it doesn't look like either side is going to budge and that presents some real problems for the u.s. and for afghanistan, as well because that aid package, that
9:41 am
commitment of ten years also comes with about $4 billion attached to it. >> chris lawrence, thanks very much. live in washington. yeah. u.s. and japanese authorities investigating two exexplosions that happened outside a usair base. this happened last base near tokyo. bomb squads and police found remnants of improvised explosive devices near the base. karl penhaul with the details. >> a bomb squad on the move. it's just after dawn and japanese authorities are on alert after explosions close to the air force base. police through up a cordon. nearby, residents say they heard two loud blasts just before midnight. >> translator: there was a sound of something exploding. it wasn't something blowing up but more like a sound of rockets
9:42 am
going off. >> factor worker deisy gonzaga thought it was part of thanksgiving celebrations on the base. >> like fireworks, bomb, like that. >> translator: around 11:30, there was a sound like this and then the whole apartment shook. >> reporter: police and bomb squad teams have been combing this area's fields and wooded land and now confirm that they found two steel tubes taped to wires, a battery and crew timing device. they believe that is part of a homemade mortar system. there was no sign any protect tiles flew into the base, home to some 3500 servicemen from the u.s., 374th air wing. a spokesman for the u.s. air force said there were no explosions inside the air base itself and no reports of damage or injuries. the incident came a week after u.s. ambassador caroline kennedy visit the yokata base. joe biden is scheduled to visit
9:43 am
japan next week. japanese and u.s. navies are currently conducting joint exercises. there have been similar incidents in the past, most recently notice september is, previously ultraleftist japanese guerrilla groups have claimed responsibility. such actions are more political protest against u.s.-japanese military cooperation than a serious strike to cause destruction or death. karl penhaul, japan. >> imagine millions of american children living in refugee camps without school and far away from family. that is a reality for an entire generation you have syrian children. that's next on "around the world." ♪ the more i remember this place, the more i want to go back. a city so diverse it makes you feel there's never enough time to enjoy it.
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all right. welcome back. president obama making an unannounced appearance. it wasn't on his schedule.
9:47 am
we have new video of that just in. he and the first lady taking part in fast for families on the national mall and offering their support for those who are fasting on behalf of immigration reform. >> it's a group of activists that has been fasting since november 12th in favor, as we said, to push for and press for immigration reform. the vice president biden visited past for families in recent weeks, as well. there's been some chaos in the waters off hong kong. more than 80 people injured after a high speed ferry hit what they're call agunidentiffdd object in the waters off hong kong. >> i an hong kong ferry company says 87 people were injured in a crash involving one of its ferrys early on friday. the ferry was traveling at high speed from hong kong to makkah when it hit an object in the water. it was carrying 105 passengers and ten crew members. everyone is accounted for.
9:48 am
passengers report hearing a loud bang and some were thrown out of seats but it's still unclear what the ferry may have hit. just over a year ago, a hong kong ferry collision killed 39 people. the city's worsts in 40 years. pauline chu, cnn, hong konging >> as far as mafia killings go, this one has to be one of the most gruesome. police in sovereigntily say a group of mafia assassins beat a man with a spade and then, i'm having a hard time reading it, and then fed him alive to pigs. >> goodness me. this is alleged over a gang turf war. investigators say this brutal killing to put it mildly, was overheard during a phone wiretap. good heavens. let's go to thailand now. hundreds of protesters storming the army headquarters in bangkok today although it must be said relatively peacefully demanding the thy army help them remove
9:49 am
the prime minister. >> after occupying the compound for a couple hours, they left quiet quietly. the latest protests come as the prime minister survived a no confidence vote in parliament yesterday. she says she is not going anywhere. she is refusing to step down. 11,000 children have been killed in syria's civil war. 11,000 children only. that's according to new figures from the united nations. more than 1 million other syrian children republican refugees worldwide. and for the first time, the u.n. system documenting the trauma they face. authorities say thousands of syrian children live alone in camps. far from their families. many others are forced to work adult jobs to help feed their families and most of them are emotionally scarred from the war. >> wafa has barely spoken since she lost her father and her home in january. her mother wada cradled her in her arms. their new home?
9:50 am
a refugee camp in lebanon. her story is part of a new u.n. report that says in lebanon and jordan alone, a quarter million children have received psychological counseling during the first nine months of this year. and here's why they need help. a 9-year-old boy drew this picture featured in the report. the bus he and his family took to flee their home was stopped and robbed by armed men. and there's this picture. i left all midols in syria when we fled to lebanon, says 7-year-old nura. so my daddy made this doll with a piece of wood. the u.n. document reveals that 29% of refugee children leave their home once a week or less. isolated and alone. 15-year-old mahmoud hasn't been to school in nearly three years. today, he, would at a fish factory making $660 a month to y
9:51 am
for the underground storage room his family now lives in. another number just released in the report, nearly half of the 3,500 refugee syrian children work adult jobs to help their families. then there's in this photo. one of baby ziad's first experiences of life was registering as a refugee. and a young mother crosses the border from syria carrying her 1-month-old son hamid. since he was born, there's been nonstop bombing every day, she says. every day, the u.n. says 125 syrian babies are born as refugees. 18% of syrian refugees are under the age of 5. families fractured. innocence lost. emotionally scarred kids. this is the reality for an entirely lost generation of syrian children. >> there you have it.
9:52 am
the u.n. hgr is doing all it can but it needs more support. one of many groups that you can contribute to if you are so inclined and if you're touched by the apply the of these kids. >> i think half the refugees, syrian refugees in lebanon are kids, aren't they? >> absolutely. they're out of school. they're working. you know, gooedness knows what the future holds for them. that's going to do it for me for now but michael stays on. >> you do your duty at cnn international. still to come on "around the world," people who say they will died, saw the light, experienced heaven, but were somehow returned back to this earth little world. we're going to have a look at one artist's impression of what they say they will saw. this as we prepare for our cnn special presentation "heaven and back" sunday at 7:00 p.m. eastern. we'll be right back. a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals.
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having a chance to return to this world or go onto the next. many people feel near death experiences can shed light on what heaven might be like. rosa flores joins us now from new york with the story of one artist's version. tell us about this. >> well, michael, according to this artist, heaven is an eccentric place and if you're in new york city, you can wait in line. i have to say probably for a few hours to experience heaven and believe it or not, it's also for sale. >> heaven inspires cuche yosity. for wyclef jean, heaven is in new york. for lady gaga, it's a disco heaven. ♪
9:57 am
>> nora vant gard japanese artist yaya gusama heaven is an art. her exhibit in new york is called i who have arrived in heaven. >> it's about gazing at one self into infinity and the paintings are her expression of that too about the infinity of the eternal, the otherworldly. >> people wait in line for hours to experience the infinity room for 45 seconds. >> it makes me feel like happy and also sad. >> i really felt the timeless dimension of it. >> for others tent tackles and mirrors are a clear reflection of the after life. >> that's almost like clouds moving you up and up and up. >> websters dictionary defiance heaven at abode of god, the spirits of the right just after death but most people go to a different scripture for the answer. perhaps the bible, the torah,
9:58 am
the quran, if you ask religion professor peter aunt at columbia university, the answer depend on your faith. >> christianity clearly argues for an after life, a heaven. for muslims on the other hand, they view paradise in much more concrete terms. for the jewish community, one achieves one's immortality in a sense through one's family. >> it's safe to say one thing holds true across time. the definition of heaven is intensely personal. and just in case you'd like to buy a little piece of heaven, one of those pieces, let me tell you, it will cost you between 450,000 and $650,000. so michael, it's pretty pricey and the curator probably said it best. it's not for every new york apartment because some of those exhibits are pretty big. >> heaven for sale, heaven for
9:59 am
bid. rosa flores there. if you want to hear more of these extraordinary stories sunday night 7:00 eastern right here on cnn. "heaven and back." well, a woman captures her incredibly close encounter with a hump back whale. have a look. that's close. she was sight seeing near san juan island in washington state monday. when this enormous whale appeared, hung around the back of the boat for about an hour, having a look. the woman nicknamed the whale wendy although i don't know how she could tell it was a girl. i'm going to call it brian. amazing. how would you like to have that happen underneath your boat in the frightening. prrt three, unpublished stories by j.d. salinger have been leaked online, extraordinary stuff. it's believed that the, would were anonymously uploaded and
10:00 am
then objectioned on ebay. somebody bought them for about $1 to apparently. which is extraordinary. the material was previously only available for academic study. j.d. salinger wanted it that way. the author didn't want them published till 50 years after his death. one of the stories, "the ocean full of bowling balls," is said to be a sort of prequel to "catcher in the rye." thanks for watching "around the world" today. we'll see you next week. cnn newsroom though starts right now. >> right now major markets are closing. the dow wrapping up a record-breaking month. in a minute we'll hear why main street isn't buying into wall street. right now, shoppers are checking their bargains while retailers check their bottom line. another wild black friday and it's not over yet. right now, tensions are high over the east china sea. u.s. and japanese planes flew into


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