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tv   Around the World  CNN  December 2, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PST

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jeff bezos, thingsing is possible. he announce the in the next four to five years, they plan to offer a service called prime air. you already have amazon prime. they're going to use drones to make deliveries in 30 minutes. that he would have to weigh up to five pounds though. don't try and order a big tire or something heavy. that's it for "legal view." thank you so much for watching. i'm michaela pereira. i'm michaela pereira. around the world" starts now. -- captions by vitac -- >> a commuter train jumps the tracks. was it going too fast or was there something wrong with the brakes? the investigation. jurors in a murder trial see this chilling cell phone confession. >> we have killed this man today is because muslims are dying daily bill soldiers. this british soldier is one. an eye for a eye and a tooth for a tooth. >> two men accused of brutally
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murdering this british soldier. police say they hit him with a car and attacked him with a meat cleaver and knives. >> the obama care website gets an upgrade. you're watching "around the world." i'm frederick cag whitfield. >> i'm michael holmes. let's start with the fatal commuter train crash in the bronx, ntsb investigators is say they have now downloaded information from what's called an event recorder on board that could tell them what made the train jump the tracks on sunday. >> authorities are also looking for any video out there that could help explain exactly what went wrong. four people were killed and dozens more hurt in the crash. at least one doctor says survivors might need mental health care. >> not surprising, too. have a listen to what some passengers said about the experience. >> i thought i'm going to die, to be honest. i thought i'm going to die. >> i broke my arm. it's really painful.
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>> i heard a lot of crunching and grinding and started seeing stars in front of my eyes and thought, my goodness, is this the end. >> i heard a screeching noise. i happened to be by the window. i still heard a screeching noise and then within seconds, the ambulance and the fire trucks started coming past my window. i knew something big happened. >> i was sitting on the train. i wasn't paying attention to anything in particular. all of a sudden, the train felt like a little more sideways than it should be. by the time i looked up, it was completely going off its track. there was the rubble from under the tracks like flyinging >> cnn's alexandra field joining us from the bronx. you're getting new information from rail officials? >> right, fredricka. everyone wants to know what caused this crash. metro north is saying they inspect their tracks twice a week. when this track was last inspected, it was demand okay for normal use. they're telling us the the crew
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on board the train has been drug and alcohol tested. that's routine taken procedure in a case like this. those results are not routinely released. a spokesman wasn't able to tell us if a camera would have been trained on the train's operator. that's something investigators want to find out. they're looking for nel video or still images that could have been recorded before, after or around the time of the crash. these are things that could give insight into what caused the deadly accident. >> alexandra -- what about the train operator? is he in any condition to give a statement yet? >> so initially, the train operator told law enforcement officials he applied pressure to the brake but the train did not stop. there was an engineer on board and there were three conductors. investigators hope to be able to speak with the crew in the coming days. they'll want to sit is the down and interview them when they're ready to do that. for now, we have not heard whether or not the interviews have been conducted. we know investigators have found
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two event recorders, one in the back of the train, the other in the front of the train. the data from those recorders is being downloaded. it should give investigators a very clear picture of what the train's speed, what its velocity was and how the brake system might have been functioning. >> alexandra field, thanks so much, reporting from the bronx. all right. let's take you to london now as the trial resumed today for two men an us coos of first of all slamming their car into a british soldier and then getting out and hacking him to death. >> jurors today saw this video of one of the defendants. we're blurring the bloody knives and the meat cleaver he is wielding there allegedly used to stab lee rigby on a london sidewalk in broad daylight. >> unbelievable. atika schubert outside the courthouse war the trial is being held. events over for the day. the defendants pleaded not guilty. walk us through the evidence today. >> well, basically, the prosecution is still outlining
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its case. we got to see more of that pretty shocking video you saw there particularly the point of impact when the defendants apparently used their car to hit lee rigby. there was also video today in which you could see them dragging lee from the pavement to the middle of the road. it was the first time we heard from eyewitnesses describing how the defendants exited the car with knives and a meat cleaver in hand. and then began hacking at lee rigby. and it's pretty vivid detail that they described. and many of the eyewitnesses are themselves traumatized by what they saw. one of them named james seemed particularly traumatized by this because he said he tried to stop it. one of them pointed a gun at him. so it really has been horrifying details relived in court today. it's been very difficult for friends and family of lee rigby. >> there was huge public
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reaction immediately following worldwide. how closely are people following this trial? >> it's being followed very closely. again, because that video is being shown again in court and people can see it in the news, it is a little bit like reliving the horrific incident but it's particularly hard on the family of lee, had i fiance was in court today as was his mother and sister. as soon as they said they were going to show that cctv video, the family left the courtroom because it was too much to take. >> just horrible, horrible case. and at some point, we will hear from the defendants, as well. atika schubert reporting from london. as i say, it's finished for the day. they'll resume tomorrow. >> terrible details. all right. in the u.s., fans, family and friends mourning the death of actor paul walker. we're learning more about the fiery crash that killed the star of the international blockbuster "fast and furious" movies. >> the sheriff's office says
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speed was indeed deed a factor. says that drag racing may have been involved. deputies say another car, it's possibly veered in front of walker's car in this saturday crash north of hollywood. >> scene here, he was the passenger in this twivl pore shall ca repair ral gt driven by his business and racing partner. this photo was taken just 30 minutes before he was killed. >> a video posted to youtube shows the fire moments after the car slammed into a pole. you see it there. it's unclear though how fast the car was going but photographs shot by cnn show some figure 28 skid marks near. the crash scene, circular doughnuts. we're going to have more on this later this hour. >> all righty. also coming up, the anger has been growing for days now. now protests in ukraine are being called a revolution. >> journalists having trouble reporting getting caught up in the demonstrations. at least 4089 journalists many
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of them from outside ukraine have been injured. one was beaten by police. >> then the pope. and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu talking peace. how the church could impact israeli-palestinian relations. you're watching "around the world." a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru
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cortizone-10 has the strongest nonprescription itch medicine plus moisturizers to help heal skin fast. cortizone-10. feel the heal. israel's prime minister visits the pope. it's the first time benjamin netanyahu and pope francis have met face to face. they did discuss the very thorny issue of israeli-palestinian peace talks. >> it must have been quite a chat list. let's get more on the meeting between these two. ben wedeman joins us live from
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rome. the vatican has been hoping israelis and palestinians can kick start talks again. that won't have been all on the schedule as we spoke this morning. i said i would have liked to be a fly on the wall in that conversation. >> yes, but that conversation only went on for 25 minutes. and from the list of topics they reportedly discussed, they could couldn't have the spent too time on any one in particular. in addition to the israeli-palestinian issue which seems sometimes beyond resolution, they also spoke about the recent agreement with iran on its nuclear program and, of course, we heard yesterday prime minister netanyahu when he made an address in rome's main be synagogue blasting that agreement yet again. not missing any opportunity to criticize it. they also though spoke about the upcoming visit by hope francis to the middle east. now, we understand it's going to
9:13 am
be before july when israeli president shimon peres is scheduled to step down, but we're hearing from the middle east from sources in jordan and the palestinian territories that this visit may well take place at the end of may. and i've covered previous papal visits to the middle east by both john paul ii as well as benedict xvith. even though pope francis certainly is a mold breaker, he may have to tread carefully in the middle east because that's one area where everybody who's watching, everybody is analyzing your every move. so here at the vatican, certainly he is shaking things up. hard to say if he's got the appetite to shake up things in the middle east. >> ben, were there any discussions, any further discussions about iran and the most recent deals made with iran? >> if there were, we don't know the details. this was a closed meeting.
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they spoke through a translator. so we don't particularly know. we do know that this pope certainly is more actively engaged in the affairs of the vatican from the most minor to sort of the grand affairs of state. now, is he willing to get involved in the nuclear issue regarding iran and certainly israel's objections to that program? i don't know. and i suspect the pope realizes even he has limitations on what he can. >> ben, before i let you go. you're out and about on the streets of rome every night. what are the reports of the pope sneak out of the vatican and doing charity work? do you know anything about that? is that getting publicity there? >> it's getting a lot of publicity here. he apparently met with a group of journalists. this was an official archbishop conrad kryevski, the man who
9:15 am
gives the alms of the pope. he spoke to journalists and one of them asked him, does the pope go out at night to the give alms as he did when he was in buenos eriss in argentina. rather than answer the question, archbishop said next question. so we understand that cryevski does go out in a fee at to the hand out money, food, leftovers from the vatican cafeteria, but we don't know if the pope francis occasionally joins him. >> an extraordinary chap. isn't he? >> ben wedeman, thanks so much for that. when ben's out and about at night, it's not always doing charity work. >> sometimes silence speaks volumes, doesn't it? >> did you see that. >> the question and even the nonanswers. they want jobs and modernization, but talks between ukraine and the european union
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fell flat. now outrage over the failed deal as protests are take to the streets. >> a live report coming up from ukraine. things looking very unsettled there at the moment. [ paper rustles, outdoor sounds ]
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>> welcome back. could a revolution be brew ing inukraine. >> hundreds of thousands of people protesting the government at the moment. it's been going on for days and the demonstrations are getting more and more heated. >> oh.
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>> that was a rather nasty encounter as you can tell between a cameraman and a police officer. protesters meanwhile blocking government offices, also calling now for a nationwide strike. this is getting out of hand. they're upset with their president's decision to basicallyion the european union and move back towards russia. now they're calling for him to get pushed out. cnn's phil black is in kiev monitoring things. phil, this started as we said, with a disagreement among the populace how close to get to europe and the like. but this is developing into something quite different. one protest leader saying this is not a protest. this is a revolution. >> michael, that's exactly what this crowd behind me was cheering, screaming out together as one just a few seconds before you came to me. revolution. they're not just trying to get the government to change its approach to integrating with europe now.
9:21 am
they're trying to throw out this government. that is what they really want. the reason why this has escalated in this way, you the vi leapt scenes that can too place over the weekend. that triggered a very angry reaction and escalate this had to a much more serious political crisis for the ukrainian government, michael. >> of course, one of the complaints among those on the streets, and it must be said too that the original group of protesters has been joined by more extreme elements too, adding to the fire. but what are the russians saying about this? it's not just the russians but also the european union. >> well, the russian government in particular president putin today has spoken about this protest action in a dismiss i can way. he sees it as an attempt to undermine it the legitimate authority, it the legitimate government of this country. that's kind of unusual for him to comment on because he tends not to comment on the domestic politics of other countries.
9:22 am
as far as europe goes, well, it believes and it has stated that it holds something of a solidarity for the people who are taking to the streets here. in what it describes as their european aspirations. makes the point that this offer to ukraine is still very much on the table. these integration agreements in terms of association and free trade that would lock ukraine into a much closer relationship with the european union. but the eu is also stressing whatever the domestic political disagreements going on at the moment, they should be settled peacefully, not quiet as we've seen them being settled over the last couple case. >> what's the big fear? closer to europe was one idea. the people on the streets wanted more to get out of it. what did they want to get out of the proximity to europe and what is the fear in terms of where this could be heading? >> they want, or at least a good part of the country's population wants this is the country to modernize, to grow economically,
9:23 am
socially, politically in ways it believes it hasn't done over the last 20 years since the soviet union fell apart. a great many of the people feel they've fallen a long way behind many of the other eastern european countries that have since joined the eu, modernized brought up their political system so they're free of corruption. they have growing law, that's what the pro european people in this country want. that is largely geographic, basically the western half of ukraine. the eastern half of ukraine have always been closer to russia, ethnically, culturally, they have seen russia as being their natural ally and to a significant extent they still do. by no means has the president lost the country. he still has a significant political base in the pro-russian east but under a lot more pressure than he was a few days ago. >> paint a picture for us behind
9:24 am
you. it is getting late there now. these protests go on through the night. do they carry on all night and with the government promising to crack down harshly if this gets violent, what is the fear? >>. >> reporter: well, there is a real risking this could escalate because this crowd not as big as we saw yesterday. yesterday was about 100,000, possibly more some people estimate. significantly smaller than that, but it is cold, it is dark. and they are determined, a lot of them spent the whole night here last night and digging in. they've got barricades set up around this square to keep the police away adding to the revolutionary fear. there has to be something of a showdown between these guys and the authorities at some point. >> phil black on the spot in key eb, thanks. fred? >> clearly very volatile situation and many people not at all fearful of what could happen. you saw, michael, many had like sticks or poles packed away in
9:25 am
their backpack as if they want some conflict with authorities there. a court in thailand just issue issued an arrest warrant for a powerful anti-protest leader. this comes on day eight of demonstrations that rocked the capital. the prime minister offered to hold talks to resolve the crisis after talks, turned violent over the weekend. paula hancocks reports from the scene of the demonstrations. >> the situation remains fluid here in bangkok. a small but hard-core group of protesters is still fighting against riot police trying to get inside government house, the main seat of power here in thailand. the protest leader has given the prime minister shinawatra an ultimate pay the tum and said i give you two days to give power back to the people, sometime he says is not possible.
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welcome back, everyone. we've got an update now on sunday's fatal commuter train crash in the bronx. investigators say the second of two data recorders has now arrived in washington. >> the ntsb is hoping it will explain why the cars left the tracks, killing four people. a spokeswoman for the rail line says the train didn't have video cameras on board and the crews are not allowed to use cell phones. she also says the track pass the a recent inspection. >> the united states no safer from terror today than it was two years ago. that's what the leaders of the house and senate intelligence committees told cnn's state of the union on sunday. >> they say although america has stepped up efforts to fight the likes of al qaeda, including killing osama bin laden and drone strikes aimed at decimating the group's leadership, the administration has lost ground it says in the
9:31 am
on going bat with global terrorism. here's senator dianne feinstein and mike rogers with candy crowley. >> are we safer now than we were a year ago, two years ago? in general? >> i don't think so. i think terror is up worldwide. the statistics indicate that. the fatalities are way up. the numbers are way up. there are new bombs, very big bombs, trucks being reinforced for those bombs. >> i absolutely agree that we're not safer today for the same very reason. so the pressure on our intelligence services to get it right to prevent an attack are enormous. it's getting more difficult because we see the al qaeda as we knew it before is metasizing to something different. >> and you can watch the full interview on >> let's turn our attention to syria now. the civil war there taking another deadly turn.
9:32 am
heavy caliber weaponry there. an opposition group says at least 72 people were killed in weekend fighting, including 21 found dead in what they are calling a horrible massacre. >> these deaths add on to an already staggering death toll. the syrian observatory for human rights says nearly 126,000 people have been killed in war which started nearly three years ago. >> that figure, the group says, 50,000 were syrian troops. close to 28,000 were rebel fighters and let's not forget many, many thousands of civilians. >> let's bring in frederik pleitgen for an update on this. we know you've been on the front lines for a while now. what have you seen? >> well, he mean one of the interesting things that you mentioned is that staggering death toll of more than 15,000.
9:33 am
what makes that even worse, it's in a conflict that is essentially stalemated. i was in the southern outskirts of damascus today. it is on the frontline. a lot of areas are held by the rebels but the government is trying to get them back and has been trying to do so for a very long time. some of them are under siege and others there are very hot battles going on. the interesting thing about those areas the frontline will move ahead by block or two every once in awhile, then move back. you have absolute destruction, many, many dead people but no shift whatsoever in the momentum. that really is the tone right now is that you have a lot of fighting going on. a lot of people dying. but the real momentum on the battlefield doesn't seem to be going anywhere. >> i know the violence is so widespread and it's been going on day in, day out. there's one town you've been looking at, malula, which is an ancient christian town. tell us about that place and the battle for it.
9:34 am
>> very, very significant. it's an ancient christian town as you mentioned. the christians in this corrupt feel under threat. syria, of course, has a history of christianity about 2,000 years old, old as christianity itself. it's one of the last places in world where the people speak aramaic, the language of jesus crist. there are very important bats going on near ma lula that the government needs the highway with places to resupply for food and fuel, as well. the rebels have been squeezed out and gone into ma lula and taken that place. >> it's unclear whether the government is going to try and take it back. most of the civilians from fled from the area, however, there are still nuns and monks in that area. it's a really, really ancient town. if that gets loss, it would be a true loss for humanity. >> absolutely it would. it looks like it was a beautiful
9:35 am
place at some point anyway. thanks so much, fred pleitgen in damascus. you can have problems with the communications and stuff so that shot wasn't perfect, but it was great to have him there. >> now for some other news making headlines. today marks the second day since the website overhaul was completed. an obama administration officials say it's working, quote unquote, smoothly for the vast majority of users. >> some good news. they're calling it night and day compared to two months ago when it rolled out and was plagued with those massive technical problems. now they say the response time has been lowered to one second. >> they've lowered the error rate to below 1% and 50,000 users can be online at the same time now. >> hmm. all right. if black friday wasn't good enough for you, cyber monday is in full swing. >> another shot. get your shopping done. >> beats a mall every time. >> it does indeed. cyber monday is here. and that's why millions of
9:36 am
people are going online today to catch internet only deals that they couldn't get in stores during black friday. >> some retailers so eger to boost sales they're extending discounts through to friday, calling it cyber week. any opportunity. >> we just want your money. >> how far you want to give it. we'll extend it through till march. shoppers can get at the moment about 50% off electronics and other items. yeah, there's been a lot written about, though, is 50% a discount? >> marked up and 50% relative to what. bottom line, retailers want you to shop and making it easy for you whether it's to come in the stores or via internet. >> cyber monday was coined back in 2005. since 2010, cyber monday has actually been the biggest online shopping day of the year. perhaps not surprisingly. >> not at all. it's so convenient. >> we're talking about it. what you won't get me near a mall. >> still to many could, imagine
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some airline passengers who flew us airways express from austin, texas, to phoenix, arizona, on saturday say they're being urged to get tested for tb. a man hon was thought to have
9:41 am
active tuberculosis was reportedly taken off the flight before it reached the gate. this was at sky harbor airport. now, the cdc says "no infectious disease has been confirmed." we're going to having a conversation how much of a risk was it is next on "cnn newsroom." to glasgow, scotland. air accident investigators say the police helicopter that crashed into a busy pub over the weekend did not issue a distress call before it came down. you see there a crane lifting the chopper off the pub this morning. they had to strap it together before they did so because it really was in pieces. search and rescue still going through the wreckage looking perhaps for more remains. we know that 100 people were packed in there for a concert on friday when the helicopter came through the roof, turned into a fireball. there are several people still in hospital. as yet, we don't photo what caused this crash. >> and haven't joe biden is in
9:42 am
japan. he arrived in tokyo earlier today. his visit comes amid a growing dispute between japan and china over china's recent claim of a large swathe of air space in the region. anna coren has details on the dispute and the vice president's mission to asia. >> u.s. vice president joe biden arrives in japan as part of a week-long trip to asia, amid new tensions here in the asia-pacific region. as far as china's announcement of an air defense identification zone over disputed territory between china and japan. well, last week, the united states got involved flying unarmed b-52 bombers over the area along with several japanese surveillance planes. the chinese responded by scrambling fighter jets. vice president biden hopes to not only defuse tensions but also reaffirm america's commitment to the region. anna coren, cnn, tokyo.
9:43 am
>> here's a look how biden's week is set to play out. tomorrow in japan, he'll meet with the prime minister there. then on wednesday the vice president heads to china where he is expected to discuss the air space dispute and then on thursday, biden travels to south korea where he will be briefed on the nuclear situation with north korea. then the haven't heads home. so yes, a pretty busy week. >> a lot to talk about, too. boy, well a ray of hope for a pair of americans being held captive in north korea. a look at a new call free the men, plus we're going to hear from the sister of one of those being held who was sentenced for 15 years hard labor. we'll be right back. once upon a time, an insurance clerk stumbled upon a cottage. [knock] no one was at home, but on the kitchen table sat three insurance policies. the first had lots of coverage. the second, only a little. but the third was... just right! bear: hi! yeah, we love visitors.
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maybe i just see things other people don't. ♪ honestly ♪ i wanna see you be brave ♪ a new call for the release of americans being held captive in north korea. the u.s. government has pleaded
9:47 am
for pyongyang to set free merrill newman pictured on the right and kenneth bay. new man was snatched from a plane just minutes before he was to leave in october. for bae, he was arrested a year ago in november. the sister spoke to cnn's new day earlier delling us her family is now worried about his health. >> he's been in the hospital since august 5th. he's had some medical conditions pre-existent prior to north korea. he had diabetes. he had enlarged heart. hypertension and my understanding is while he was in labor camp, some of his injuries from before he had some back injuries and a radiating leg pain that had recurred during his hard labor because he was working in the field eight hours a day for six days. and i think his body -- and i think he has has some
9:48 am
malnutrition, as well. had he lost 50 pounds during his 80 days of hard labor. >> his sister believes her brother's religious beliefs got him in trouble. kenneth was found guilty of crimes against north korea and sentenced to 15 years hard labor. and this as merrill newman has release aid video that north korea is calling a quote apology. here's pentagon correspondent barbara starr. >> i can understand that in u.s. and western countries, are there is misleading information and propaganda about tprk. >> north korean state media released this video over the weekend of detained american tourist, 85-year-old merrill newman reading a handwritten apology. pyongyang saying new man admits he's guilty of big crimes when he fought for the u.s. in the korean war killing civilians, working with anti-communist guerrillas and planning now 60 years later to try to meet up
9:49 am
with them. the video shows him signing is the four-page statement he read on camera dated november 9th and sealing it with his thumb print in red ink. what happened to him had next isn't clear after being held since late october, taken off his plane just as his tour group was leaving. the white house is now weighing in a spokeswoman saying the u.s. is deeply concerned, calling on innic to release newman and fellow american kenneth bae now held for more than a year. but one expert says that could complicate an already sensitive situation. >> north korea doesn't want to give impression to the world that north korea is giving in to the demand of or pressures coming from washington. >> reporter: former u.n. ambassador bill richardson who says his north korean contacts aren't responding told cnn on sunday that kim jong-un isn't
9:50 am
following north korea's usual pattern of releasing americans after getting a purported confession. >> so this is baffling. but this is a new regime of the new leader. and i suspect he's sending different signals but nobody knows what those signals are. >> richardson has some of the best contacts in this country with north korean leaders. so the fact that they're not responding is of some concern. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. >> still to come here on "around the world," a group of wounded veterans trekking across antarctica and they've got a british royal in tow. we'll check in on them and also, it could be life imitating art. police told cnn that the "fast and furious" actor paul walker may have been drag racing when he died in that car crash. we'll have details for you coming up next. so, with chevy's black friday sale, the price you see is the price you pay? yep, best prices of the year.
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9:54 am
the los angeles county sheriff's department tells cnn that drag racing may have been involved in that will fieriy crash that killed "fast and furious" movie actor paul walker. >> right behind you.
9:55 am
>> some are wondering if perhaps it's a case of life imitating art. walker, of course, starred for years with vin diesel in the drag racing speed chasing blockbuster series. now, an investigator says the porsha he was riding in on saturday night crashed into a light pole and burst into the flames. >> it killed walker and his racing team partner. about 30 miles north of hollywood. a video posted on youtube shows the fire just moments after that horrific crash. >> cnn's alan duke was at the scene of the crash saturday night. joins us now. alan, new details seem to be coming out hourly almost on this death. any word on this drag racing theory, how fast they were going in. >> well, they were speeding. that is known. the sheriff's investigator told me that that is a fact, they were going faster than the 45-mile-per-hour posted speed limit which ironically was posted on the lig light pole
9:56 am
their porsche knock odd down. how was they were going and was there drag racing? >> the sheriff's investigator says they got a phone tip saying there was another car involved possibly drag racing. i've learned this morning that a sheriff's investigator asked some people if they saw any signs of drag racing. right now, there's been nothing identified. part of a theory that the sheriff's department is investigating. but i can tell you, that car is a very powerful -- it's an overpowered porsche. only a few hundred of them made in the world. that is a racing car, not really for the street. very hard to handle. >> some eyewitnesses say they thought maybe he was looking at the vehicle almost like a test drive. police authorities saying possibly drag racing. what about that area? this is north of hollywood in the valencia area in santa clarita. is drag racing something people would generally see there? >> if you look at the street, you'll see skid marks, doughnuts, the telltale signs of people showing off their
9:57 am
vehicles there. it's about a 60 foot or more wide street. five lanes on a very quiet business park area. it's a loop. it's a circle, almost like a racetrack. a sheriff's investigator told me they've had complaints of racing there. a couple of years ago, they did a crackdown there in order to enforce it. however, it was a quiet holiday weekend. and plenty of room for you to show off your high powered car. we don't know what's what happened. they're investigating. >> all right. alan duke, thanks so much in los angeles. keep us posted. >> a lot of people around the world honoring him. very, very popular movie, particularly in asia throughout southeast asia. this was a massively popular series. another one coming out. prince harry, we've been talking about this for a while. other competitors were heading to the south pole. they've now reached the starting line of what's a wonderful little adventure. >> my goodness. what may be typical for that part of the world, bad weather.
9:58 am
it struck again. and the race is on hold for yet another 24 hours. perhaps even more. >> you never know with the weather there. no one said getting to the bottom of the world is easy. so why is he headed to one of the planet's most hostile environments? as i said, it is a good cause. here's max foster. >> harry is part of the british team racing against a team from the u.s. and a team of canadians and australians. the 40s in line to the british throne an afghanistan veteran is the patron of walking with the wounded, an organization fouped to help retrain injured troops. he's undertaking this grueling trekking with 12 other soldiers to highlight the challenges faced by wounded servicemen and women. >> if i'm given the opportunity and i can help these guys out by creating more awareness for them or whatever, then you know, so what it's minus 50. so what, 90-mile-an-hour winds. occasionally you have to put yourself through that for a good
9:59 am
cause. >> he definitely understands the mission not only of the deployed mission buzz also of bringing soldiers home and making sure they return to their family and that they're who they are once again and can continue 0 contribute to society. it's great to have him. >> the race to the pole will see harry and the teams braving temperatures of minus 49 degrees fahrenheit, crossing 20 miles of dangerous terrain, navigating around crevasses and all the while pulling sleds weighing more than 165 pounds. harry seems up for the challenge, even joking about the obstacles he faced before setting off like a broken toe. >> my toe's probably 95% now. so i'm fine. whatever setbacks i've had, it's irrelevant among these guys. there was no question of pulling out. >> he even hipped prince william wished he was on the expedition. >> my brother is quite jealous i managed to get away from a screaming child.
10:00 am
>> but for the next few weeks, this prince leaves palace confidents far behind on a symbolic mission to help fellow soldiers rebuild their lives. max foster, cnn, london. wow. that's an adventure. >> that's a wonderful cause, too. >> it is. thanks for watching around the world". good to have you here. you'll be back tomorrow. >> with you. >> cnn newsroom starts right >> cnn newsroom starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- right now, investigators have the data recorders in hand and getting a better sense what may have caused a commuter trail to derail in new york city. four people were killed. right now, the white house is giving the new and improved obama care website some positive reviews. the obama administration says the site is running smoothly for the vast majority of users. and right now, president obama is getting ready for a speech marking world aids day. activists are calling for more money to combat hiv


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