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tv   ICYMI In Case You Missed It  CNN  December 2, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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awful and senseless death of a popular actor. saturday night, cnn first sent out a moral alert that the star of the "fast & furious" star
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paul walker today we got this one picture that truly tells the story. i mean, just stop and take a look with me at this just for a moment here tonight. it is almost impossible to believe that this twisted hunk of metal was one of the world's most coveted cars. a 2005 porche carrera gt and two men were inside of that. paul walker and his racing partner until the moment they slammed into a light pole and the car burst into flames. allen duke was on the scene early for us and snapped these photos of the tire marks. you see these marks? police have been investigating whether drag racing was a cause. and allen duke has an update on that. but walker was known as brian
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o'connor, a cop turned street racer in the "fast & furious" movies which have spawned six sequels since the original film in 2001. and these movies were noun for their intense street racing action scenes. allen duke has been out ahead of this story from the beginning. he joins me from los angeles. you were one of the first people on the scene. i know this actor has been on your beat. no surprise. you have been getting all this latest information. you have breaking news about this investigation. what can you tell us? >> it all goes back to the phone call that the los angeles county sheriff's department received saturday night after the fiery crash. they got a call, a tipster saying that there had been drag racing, a second car involved. when i started my morning today i was told by the sheriff's department they were investigating the possibility of drag racing.
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be but this afternoon i had another conversation they could not find any supporting evidence another car was there. they were focusing on speed. they are trying to figure out why the speed caused it to lose control. >> i was talking to experts who were exploring the possibility it could have been drag racing. but it has been ruled out. since investigators are focusing on speed, you took those first pictures of the tire marks. tell us about this car itself, the 2005 porche carrera gf, professionals say it is difficult to maneuver. >> those tire marks when i saw them, i was seeing if i could connect them to the crash. they were close to the crash. the street was just lined for the tire marks. but what it told me was that this street is a place where racing and burnouts happen. the kind of thing you would see
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in the movie "fast & furious." this car is a dangerous car. notoriously difficult to drive. "auto week" quoted a top driver saying it is scary. this is not a streetcar. it is a toy. this is almost a half million dollar car you don't want to drive unless you are a professional. a semiprofessional was driving it. someone who had won trophies driving porches in fact. but it was too much for him to handle. and now to the commuter train crash in new york city. the train was traveling 82 miles an hour into a curve when it should have been going 30, causing it to skid off the tracks, plunge down a cliff. this was early sunday morning. four people were killed and at least 67 were injured and cnn has been on the inside of the story since sunday morning on
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"new day" today we heard a powerful survivor story from a young woman named amanda swanson. she took a photography inside the devastating wreckage and gave it to just cnn. when she was talking with kate baldwin this morning that was the first time she had seen video from the crash scene. >> i stayed in the city with my cousin. and we didn't have access to the television. the only news i have had is from the internet. seeing the footage is horrific. >> does it seem even real? >> for me, no. i mean, clearly, i barely have scrapes and bruises. i'm sore. but i mean, i came out of this more unscathed than some car accidents i been in. and hearing about the other injuries i have no idea why or
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how i am sitting here talking to you. >> and just tonight on "ac360," anderson cooper had a gut wrenching conversation with the wife and children of jim lovell, the technician on the "today" show, he was on his way to rockefeller plaza to set up for the christmas tree lighting. >> he was pure goodness and he lived that and showed that and gave that to his boys every single day. he gave that to his guys he worked with and his family and brothers and nieces and nephews. he gave that to his beautiful daughter. >> i saw some of the tweets you were sending out. tell us about your dad. >> first off, i just want to say that my dad is not a victim. i don't want him to be known as
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a victim. jim lovell was so much more than just a victim. he was a loving father, great dad, best friend, uncle, great co-worker. just always had a smile on his face. never had anything bad to say about anyone one of the best people you could have ever met. i'm so broward proproud and blee been able to call him miy fathe. >> investigators are not certain whether the cause of the crash was mechanical or human error. >> "new day" interviewed andrew cuomo. >> you got to the scene quickly yesterday. what was it like? >> what you missed from the pictures, chris, is as the cars
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skidded along the dirt, the windows broke out, the doors opened. and they were picking up stones, rocks, dirt, tree limbs were flying through the cars. so the actually cars were filled with debris, filled with dirt. >> and chris cuomo is joining me now. you talked to your brother, the governor of new york. but first in terms of new information tonight, what do you know about this derailment? >> the brakes, the biggest question. they now know that the brakes were only applied seconds before the derailment. why so late? two possibilities before you jump to the conclusion of must not have been done in time. we don't know if the operator tried to use them and they didn't function, which is what he said. >> he said he tried the brakes
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and they didn't work. >> they do know the brakes were not applied until very late and that is a huge question mark. because you have families who lost loved ones. you have the commuters who need to know what happened and the duty of the rest of us to make sure that people have confidence in the system and that the investigation is carried out the right way. >> you handled the interview with your brother. you mentioned it is in the hands of the ntsb but you have a unique relationship with andrew cuomo which helped us have this information. we are grateful for that relationship. you look at twitter and say why are they interviewing each other? and no other journalist available? how do you respond? >> there's a lot here. reporting is all connections.
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one of my regrets would be that my brother didn't give me exclusive information he didn't give other people. then all the criticism would be worth while. but, brooke, this is someone i have considered more 2457b most, the sensitivity of how to separate family from journalism given my family who i'm proud to be with. but i knew there was no conflict here. he's got a job to do. so do i. this was all fact based and it didn't involve him in terms of the accountability. that changes everything. if there is something that has been done wrong at the state level that he deserves to get hammered and has to answer for it i wouldn't put myself in that position. if it were politics i wouldn't do it. >> at what point do you say know? >> if it's about his political
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career and actions or things he must answer for, that's for someone else to do. i have someone sitting to my right who is capable of doing that interview. i knew there were no conflicts. >> there was a moment today, thank you for taking it head on. chris cuomo. >> good luck on the new show. >> thank you. >> before we go to a break i want to show you, this is our video wall. we counted and cnn took in about 200 videos of stories from all over the world. we went through just about every one of them for you to find out which were the most powerful and interesting or just told a story well. and when we come back, i want to show you a couple of these in case you missed it. back in a moment. est tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain
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welcome back to "in case you missed it," i'm brooke baldwin. this is our cnn best in the world. there were so many good ones and i found my two favorite pieces of video today in case you missed these. first the runner up, the teddy bear toss. the calgary hitmen. this is a hockey team. these guys have an annual tradition for the holiday season and when the first goal is scored, everyone throws a teddy bear to the ice and eventually we learn all these bears do go to children who will love them because nothing says ice hockey like teddy bears. now two serious pieces. an amazing skydiving footage. this is in eloy, arizona. 63 women jump out of an airplane
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trying to break a record for an all female mass formation jump. they did break the record. the reason we are able to look at these moments from today, the photographer jumped out of the plane after these ladies to just get the pictures. insane and beautiful all at once. from that to the ukraine and strong video. these riots. breaking out in the midst of these massive demonstrations going on. this is the capital city, kiev. and hundreds of thousands of people have turned out over the weekend to call for the removal of the president. he is seen by many of the people as a puppet of vladimir putin. so we wanted to lift the veil and introduce you to people who
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do this for a living and say that the ukraine footage was the best of the day. so, julian, first to you. you have been in a riot situation. it's always tough. you never know what you're getting into. >> we have covered plenty of riots stateside that feel intense but i can't imagine what that is like. >> look at the helmets. >> i know photojournalists in these situations and having to remain calm and calculated and looking out for their own safety. >> jay? >> it's a scary situation. i have been in riot situations but not to this extent when you see weapons and stuff coming out. it's scary trying to gather your loved ones. >> and trying to capture it for the world to see. >> thank you very much. and in just a moment we will go into these stories speaking of what is going on in the ukraine.
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welcome back to icymi. all around the world, cnn reporters and photographers are on the front lines in war zones. on the ground coverage is what this network is built on and these people are risking their lives this moment. first we go to syria where the worst fighting in that country's civil war rages on tonight. >> reporter: it's a war of snipers in this damascus suburb. we're on the front line with government forces in the south of syria's capital. soldiers say their mission is to stop rebels from advancing into the city center. opposition fighters occupy buildings a few yards away.
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this is what it looks like when the army notices movement on the other side. this video is them attacking rebels as they try to fortify their positions. as the government wins baxter tour around here, the rebel fighters are fleeing to the front line in this area and there have been increased battles recently. we turn to the ukraine in kiev. protesters braved freezing temperatures to block the government's main headquarters and close off the streets. phil black has been in the thick of things. >> they have built barricades across all the roads heading into independence square. if the police come, they will not be in easily. the position, the feeling of this crowd has hardened and has hardened because of the force and violence. security forces and police over the weekend against protesters and journalists.
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welcome back to "in case you missed it" and a favorite moment of ours from this afternoon with our wolf blitzer when he reminded us that wolf's got soul. >> if you watched the b.e.t. soul train awards last night you might have seen us make a presentation. >> a 30 something year old black woman born and raised on soul music. >> and me an older white guy who likes to sing stevie wonder songs in the shower. not that i sound good singing them. but i do it anyway. and i like to do the beat box and the dougie. >> wolf, teach me how to dougie. >> can you teach me? >> okay.
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>> you know what? i like to get -- >> my take away there? wolf blitzer sings in the shower? we know he loves to do the dougie. one of his most memorable appearances in 2010 is when he showed us his moves, his skills. ♪ ♪ >> i mean, how do we top that? speaking of wolf and his moves, who could forget this moment on the ellen degeneris show from a couple years ago. ♪
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♪ >> and if that hasn't changed how you will now forever see wolf blitzer imagine a younger wolf, rumor has it back in the day he rocked some long hair, played in a band, something he hopes you missed. but here is one photo we can show. i was lucky enough to be on wolf's arm along with these ladies from cnn at the soul train awards. thank you, mrs. blitzer for allowing us to


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