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tv   Crossfire  CNN  December 3, 2013 3:30pm-4:01pm PST

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but one of you is dealing with problems in your own party, and that's the republican civil war. they have a choice between listening to those who want to kofrn and those who want to say no. is there a tent big enough for them all, or is one of these x factions going to break off? >> i'm thrilled that you are concerned about the republican party at a time when the president has a 31% approval for economic policy, under 40% on nine out of ten farm policy issues. but i appreciate you taking -- >> you know who is least popular than obama care? the republican party. >> in the crossfire tonight, republican party chairman reince priebus along with debbie wasserman schultz. the congressman has just published a new book, for the sdprexe next generation. we're delighted to have you here. >> thank you very much. >> i'm going to jump in and take
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the first question. mr. chairman in the three years that you have been the chairman of the rnc, that civil war has really it flourished. divisions are greater than ever before. you have the ted cruz wing versus the chris christie wing. what request ycan you do about ? >> first of all, i don't think it's the hype that the media makes it up to be. our party is very focused on obama care, something that really unifies the party. we've got one party in the midterm election that quite frankly wince everything imaginable, governor races, we have a huge opportunity in the senate. i think we've been wildly successful in midterms and we've had a hard time in presidential elections. >> what about you've got five senators who are being primaried
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by the tea party, including the minority leader, mitch mcconnell. that's sort of a problem when you have one faction of the party who is feeding that, ted cruz is feeding that. are you going to support mitch mcconnell? >> of course i support the leader. scott walker was primaried by a congressman named mark newman. ron johnson was primaried by about three republicans who were running, but the cream rose to the top. it works. and i think we're a big enough party to have all these opinions in the same room, debating it out. and i think that we're going to do really well. >> one last question, i'm sorry newt. i know i'm hogging the time. what about chris christie? he was just reelected less than a month ago. part of the glory of his reelection was the wing of the majority of the hispanic vote,
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yet he just flip-flopped on his dream act position just weeks after winning his reelection. are you going to back off? are you going to walk away from these positions? >> i don't think so. he won a majority in the hispanic community. one of the reasons he did so well is he was there long term. he showed up. one of the things we did through the growth and opportunity project is we helped finance the entire ground operation in new jersey on a long-term basis, and it worked. when you have a likeable candidate on the ballot. that's important. likeable, relatable candidate on the ballot i think we can do much better. i think chris christie showed that. i'm hopeful for where we're going. not just in the midterms but in 2016. >> you had a likeable candidate on the ballot in 2008 and 2012. and he proved it.
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at the same time, he got the party to agree to pass this enormously complex health plan. the latest poll came out, said that by 58 to 40 the country disapproves of the plan. the website is supposedly fixed, except the irs today indicated they couldn't guarantee against fraud. the security experts say you can't guarantee against hacking. the insurance companies say they're not sure who's going to actually -- so when you're out of the red states. if you're in alaska, arkansas, louisiana, are you encouraging your members to wrap themselves in obama care for reelection? >> well, let's take a look at where we've been since october 1. and if you take a look at the progress that has been made with the website, which the overwhelming majority of users, you had 850,000, excuse me, a million users able to access yesterday and go all the way through the process. we've had half a million people
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between folks who signed up for medicaid and folks who signed up for private health care insurance through the exchanges be able to get all the way through the process in just the first month. you, if you're asking me, are we going to have our candidates run on whether or not insurance companies should be able to drop people or deny them coverage for pre-existing conditions or that seniors should be able to get access to a wellness visit for free without a co-pay or deductible or whether lifetime caps should be applied to policies like republicans would do or like breast cancer survivors like me should be able to get access to mammograms or clon skopys -- if you are asking whether -- >> which candidate? >> i let you finish.
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as opposed to the republicans who almost 50 times have tried to fully repeal or modify, almost completely, the affordable care act and deny people all of those things. >> tell me which -- >> and shut the government down. >> which candidate that's running for the united states senate, tell me, which one of these candidates that's running in one of these big senate races is going to run on obama care? >> any of our candidates will run on the fact that -- >> on obama care? >> a young adult can stay on their parents ayin shurns until they're 26. >> insurance companies -- >> i've had moms come up to me in the supermarket and say debbie, thank you for supporting the affordable care act because now i can put my two young adult daughters back on my insurance. >> the insurance companies have already said they're going to provide it. but you didn't answer the question, who's going to run on obama care. >> if left up to you and your party we would shut the
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government down all in the name of denying people health care. you have no proposal to replace it. >> first of all that's not true. >> oh, yes it is. >> the question that's on the table right now is which person that's running as a democrat in these -- >> all of our candidates, all of our candidates are able to run on the provisions of obama care. >> but you won't say it. >> i just said it. >> so they're going to run on obama care. >> they can use obama care as an advantage. >> excellent. >> when a woman comes up to me who's dealing with breast cancer and she's told me under the old system she had to choose between the radiation or the chemo because she couldn't afford the co-pay or deductible on both, you're darn right that our party brought that peace of mind. >> in south dakota, in arkansas on obama care? i mean, it's unbelievable. >> have you seen the polling -- >> and that's fine. i'm happy you're going to run on
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obama care. >> have you seen the support on all of the provisions? you said that you have a plan. i'd like to hear exactly what your plan is that republicans are running on other than repeal. >> let's hit on these points. you're trying to make this argument into it's obama care or nothing. first of all, insurance companies have already stated that 26 year olds can stay on their parents' insurance. republicans have already been in favor of pre-existing conditions. >> let's stop there. let's talk about that for a second. >> wait an inch in utd. i'm going to answer your question. >> you need to tell the american people exactly right now how you're going to cover people with pre-existing conditions because there is no -- >> mitt romney ran on -- >> exactly. >> mitt romney ran on it. republicans have run on it. >> there's a huge loop hold in there. [ talking simultaneously ] >> republicans don't care of that. >> when the affordable care act
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was passed, not a single republican was asked to be at the table. >> that is simply not true. >> i knew you were going to say that. >> we tried repeatedly over and over to get republicans to come to the table. >> not a single republican voted for the obama care. >> one thing that republicans approved -- >> we had a big fight over a government shutdown because republicans wanted to defund obama care. you supported that. we are about to head into that same territory in january and february when we're talking about a budget deal. are you going to support a shutdown again over obama care? >> i doubt it, but i doubt that the leadership will propose it. >> what changed? >> i don't think the leadership is willing to go there on the shutdown. but the fact of the matter is -- >> on the saturday before we were about to default. on the saturday before we were about to default, you encouraged house republicans to stay the course. >> right. >> and not reopen the government
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and brought us to the brink of default. you reed a party -- >> are you kidding me? on the brink of default? and you're the congresswoman that has raised one debt ceiling after another and has not addressed spending one bit. [ talking simultaneously ] >> we don't know who's running on obama care. >> i did answer. >> every candidate. >> let me get back to this. but let me just say democrats like to talk about a war on women. today vice president joe biden showed us how to take that war to asia. next, i next i'll play you his latest gaff and ask how debbie can explain it.
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welcome back. in the crossfire tonight, an exclusive. debbie wasserman schultz and rience priebus. dms like to complain about a war on women. that was before vice president joe biden started his tour of japan. while touring a japanese game company he asked up to a group of women and asked them, do your husbands like you working full time? he also asked them whether they were married and whether they could work from home. they seemed slightly confused. how do you explain biden's inability to stay in touch with reality? >> i really think this is amazing that you're bringing up the republican war on women in
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comparison to vice president joe biden, the author of the violence against women act when your party spent two years holding back on bringing the reauthorization of the violence against women act to the floor. when your party has nominated consistently the likes of corbett in pennsylvania who famously said, well, if women don't like the fact that we're going to force them to have an ultrasound when they have an abortion, they can close their eyes. or the party of mark obenshain who sponsored legislation that required a woman after having a miscarriage to report it to police. so if you want to talk about the war on women, republicans -- and that's just a couple of examples, there's walker in wisconsin. i understand your version of reality. >> that's not her version of reality, newt. those are facts. >> let me just point out one
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example that you had alluded to earlier about treating cancer. in your home state, the most important cancer treatment center, the moffitt treatment center has now been dropped because of cuts that the obama care plan made. so everybody who wanted to go there under those plans is now being excluded. you go around the country and talk about people who can't get cancer treatments, i would suggest to you that in many ways obama care is a war on people with critical disease. >> just wait until the employers have the option of drop the insurance coverage. if you think things are bad now on the individual mandate, wait until the employers and businesses drop the plans. >> your solution -- >> the president made a specific promise. let me just finish. not just that people could keep their insurance, but he made a specific promise that if people
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wanted to keep their high ded t deductible insurance, that they could keep their insurance. now that promise hasn't been kept. millions of people -- >> i have a question. i have a question for you. because your solution seems to be, is your solution because you referred to that insurance companies are supposedly -- >> i know what you're going to ask. >> insurance companies are going to let people stay on their parents' insurance until they're 26. is your solution to go back to trusting the insurance companies? >> i think my solution is -- >> what is the republican solution -- quit lying to the american people. >> i have yet to hear, nor has anyone in the republican party said -- >> is it true or not? >> that everyone has access to affordable health care, because all you've referred to is repeal and replace. >> this congress has never,
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never proposed open prices. never proposed the idea that hospitals and doctors put out the prices of the services in, and the activities that they do in the hospitals and to their patients so people can see what the prices are. we have never tried -- >> so you're proposing throwing it all -- >> hang on. you asked my a question. i am he going to answer it. >> we've never tried small businesses and individuals being able to pool resources together. >> yes, we have. we have small group health insurance. >> you insist on -- >> that have small group health insurance. [ talking simultaneously ] >> are you saying that -- >> maybe we should consider that. >> i want to jump in here. where's the legislation that something we should consider, however, it doesn't actually solve the problem of people
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being locked out of coverage. >> you want to leap frog from -- >> it does not deny people coverage -- >> you want to leap frog from european obama care. >> oh, come on. >> that people don't like. and people are getting dropped. >> you're the one who said stop lying. >> it's a lie? you keep your boatalco. >> is that a lie? >> private market health insurance. >> so people are not going to the doctor. >> no. when they get their insurance, they won't lou their doctor? >> not any more than the current system in which year to year -- >> millions of people were not losing their insurance under the current system. by the hundreds of thousands. >> they were. every single year. >> we can do a whole tutorial about the system to go back to. nobody was happy with it. >> you obviously don't understand how the health insurance works. >> you're the one that promised that people would keep their
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health insurance and you promised that people would keep their doctor. >> so often employers have to change out their entire insurance policy. 37 million people who didn't have access before now do. millions like me on january 1st who had to worry that the other shoe dropping if we had the recurrence of a preexisting condition. >> you're taking one issue which is preexisting conditions. and you're applying it to the entire concept of obama care. >> that's what it is. and you have no solution. >> so i want to continue this conversation. it is obviously very heated. we haven't been able to get in our question but that's good.
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we're back with debby wasserman schultz and reince priebus. >> i want to set the stage. in a recent poll, 80% of the country distrusts washington and does not think washington makes the right decision on a regular basis. the country is clearly going to want to change. you are likely to nominate somebody who first became active in 1972 as a mcgovern field person who then became a national figure in 1992, which means that if you are under 42 years of age, you couldn't vote when her husband first ran. do you really think hillary clinton is the face of change the country will want to vote for in 2016? >> there's a reason that my counter part a few minutes ago said their party as a problem winning presidential elections. they are dramatically out of touch with most americans in the country. it is because even though he had a rebrand, it hasn't worked out
3:58 pm
so well. because just yesterday you could look at the things that the organizations did to alienate us african-americans, hispanics, i mean, jews and nonchristians. it is one thing after another. so we are the party that is focused on expanding, we're a national party. we've turned red states to purple to blue. there isn't a single state in this country that is blue today that is anywhere near turning purple and on its way to being red. the republican party has become an insular regional party in the midst of a civil war and it is why whoever our nominee will ultimately be elected president of the united states. >> i'm guessing you have a response to that. >> do you want another ten minutes? >> i don't know. look at ohio, michigan, pennsylvania, florida, you go down the list. republicans control 29 governorships know 24 state legislatures. come on. the fact of the matter is other
3:59 pm
than presidential collections which i concede are very important. i would think 29 governors is a pretty big one. >> just stay tuned. the buyers remorse of 2010. >> while you run on obama care. keep it up running on obama care, we're going to do just fine. ? i can't wait until we compare government shutdown to giving people the peace of mine of being able to know they have access to quality affordable care act. >> saying we did everything we could do to have this monstrosity. it is a disaster. >> ay, guys. >> you will both -- i used to be speaker of the house. you'll both be invited back. this is terrific. i want to thank debby wasserman schultz and reince priebus. go to twitter. who do you think is more in touch with the voters?
4:00 pm
62% of you say democrats. 38% say republicans. we noticed an awful lot of people voted for neither which was not even an option. >> do we have time to discuss th results? the debate continues. join us tomorrow for another edition of "crossfire." erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront," speed, sleep and the search for why. >> every indication that he would have had time to get full restorative sleep. >> plus, bob dylan wrote songs of peace. ♪ why is he beast accused of inci


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