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tv   New Day  CNN  December 9, 2013 3:00am-6:01am PST

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never been played on before. the kiled day in the nfl. in one game, five touchdowns in less than two minutes and in this the longest field goal ever. >> your "new day" starts right now. . >> good morning, welcome to "new day," everyone, it's monday, december 9th, 6:00 in the east. i'm kate baldwin in new york. >> reporter: i'm in johannesburg, boy the rainbow nation is in full effect as they get ready for what promises to be a truly epic memorial for nelson mandela. we will be live which details. first, let's go to kate which this top story. >> we will be checking in which you. let's gen here back at home
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which a massive winter storm, icing the east coast, air travel is an absolute nightmare. more than 1,100 flights already scrubbed today following 2,100 flights cancelled on sunday. if that's not good, people have been forced to sleep on cots at the airport a. highway nightmare from wisconsin to maryland. hundreds of wrecks. dozens deadly. we have this storm covered beginning which meteorologist indra petersen. how is it looking now? >> no stranger to travel delays. ten hours i was stuck last week on the tarmac. i know i was not alone. this storm wreaked havoc which freezing rain, rain itself and snow and ice across a huge chunk of the country. snow, freezing rain and dangerous ice. >> oh! oh my god.
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>> reporter: in plano, texas, people caught cascades of ice shooting down from rooftops. >> oh my god. >> reporter: another storm is wreaking havoc across much of the nation t. frej id storm put dallas in a deep freeze over the weekend and made a mess from the ohio valley to the northeast. road crews were out in full force plowing and salting streets. >> we're not going to stop working until the roads are clear. >> it made for treacherous conditions on roadways. >> it's been rough. i think every year people noerth e forget how to drive in the snow. >> it caused this 50 car pileup on the pennsylvania turnpike killing at least one person. roads in the milwaukee area also had their share of problems. three separate wrecks involving over 100 cars, semi trailers snack 95ed causing a number of injuries. >> it was bad. you could barely see up the
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road, dodging cars, we ended up in the ditch. >> reporter: but it's not just the drivers feeling the impact. over 2,800 flights were cancelled nationwide on sunday. the number continue to grow. this morning trouble along the busy i-95 core dir. heavy snow was the headline in four games on sunday. proceeding snow made it nearly impossible for fans to tell exactly where the ball was. the football field looked more like an ice rink which people slipping and sliding. in philadelphia, snow measured as high as six inches in the middle of the field t. lion ones fumbled six times before halftime and during a pregame warm-up, reggie bush injured himself on the slippery field. we still have travel delays and concerns. seeing that freezing rain stretching anywhere from new york to virginia, freezing fog out through dallas. we will have the full forecast in a bit.
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mikaela. >> quite a way to start off the week. thanks, so much. let's talk about the deep freeze in dallas t. lone star state has been reeling since friday. snow and ice everywhere. roads and runways too slick to navigate. our storm team coverage continues. how is it looking, ed? >> well, good morning, kate, here at dallas, ft. worth, it's been the story. 4,000 people had to spend the night in the terminals friday night. >> that number was down to about 650 last night. anyway you counted is enough people inside these terminals to populate a small texas town. >> this is day four, dallas-ft. worth, travelers are getting desperate. >> reporter: growing frustrations for dozens of passengers after being stranded at the airport since friday. he is one of them. >> i just don't understand why they can't get the ice off the runway. you know, from canada, we've
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gotten 4 or 5 feetby. i know it's for our own safety, it's a bit silly. >> reporter: he is putting updates on youtube, chronicleing his trip. he is apusing himself by interviewing other travelers at the gates. >> i'm going home. i don't like this place. >> you mean this isn't your home? >> it is right now. >> reporter: on friday, nearly 700 flights or about 90% of the total were cancelled. about 400 more on sunday. these newlyweds were on their honeymoon and trying to get to cancun, mexico, when the ice storm grounded them t. couple from tokyo leapt in chairs like others him some were lucky enough to get cots. the cancellations continued through the weekend while airport workers provided food and they brought in jugglers,
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balloon artists. that was little relief for some. >> have you showered in four days? >> no. >> reporter: the temperature was above zero for hours on sunday. >> that helped crews clearese from the runways. and the backlog here will be the big issue. the good news is airport officials here this morning tell us four oust seven runways at dfw airport. the problem is a lot of these flights are headed to the northeast where a lot of those flights will be canceled or delayed. all these airports urge people to continue checking with the airlines to check on their flights, so you can avoid living in the terminal like many did in dallas, ft. worth this weekend. >> talk about painful. ed, thank you so much. we will talk to you in a bit. we will be keeping an eye on the weather, of course, let's check back in which chris live in south africa this morning. hey, chris. >> reporter: hey, kate.
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just take this in, everybody. [ music playing ] >> reporter: this has been happening since word of nelson mandela's death reached the people of south africa. they are singing thank you nelson mandela, power to the people. peace must prevail. it's been happening here. people have been streaming in and one of the beautiful things is that nelson mandela's wish for south africa was the rain bow nation. so many different faces and faiths all coming together to honor not just the same man, but the same message. that's twa we have been seeing here to give uconn text. this energy from around the world. 90 different world leaders wanted to come. four u.s. presidents. all the celebrities and dignitaries are coming. not since the death of john pope ii, remember the death of a pope, 1 billion catholics, now compareing that to a man essentially a politician. it gives you a sense why nelson mandela was more than a man to so many people here in south africa but around the globe. what we are seeing is a beautiful members of loss,
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reference and responsibility. tuesday will see the largest gathering of world leaders in world history t. massive soccer stadium was big enough for the world cup. but the 90,000 seats will hold a fraction of the mourners coming to celebrate the man who represented the promise of south africa. leaders from at least a dozen countries will be here. united states president obama as well as two former presidents, clinton and bush, as well as their wives will be in attendance. they will be joined with the leaders of at least a dozen other countries and more are continuing to join. >> but here, this guy was the greatest. >> reporter: on sunday, thousands packed places of worship in pretoria and soweto. different creeds and colors honoring the same man as father.
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>> this is a special mass for mr. mandela. >> reporter: tears and keers capturing the love for father as south africans called mandela. the greatest memorial may be the faces, black and white together, parents bring children who will live a life madiba made possible. >> they were born free in south africa. they experience all the fruit. >> reporter: which pride and legacy, there is also lochlts one man has mandela's image on his car and says he hasn't been able to sleep or eat sense he heard the news. >> how can i live without madiba? i'm so sad. >> reporter: the long good bye will continue all week, adding to the legend and legacy of
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nelson mandela. you know on friday they had a ceremony for nelson mandela, a traditional african one where they closed his eyes. wherever he is, i hope his ears are opened, to hear this, this is what they say would be the greatest memorial for fell nnel mandela, living apart. that's what's going on right now as a buildup to tomorrow t. kind of sendoff and a memorial we haven't seen. 90,000 seats as i said in the peace, it's not going to be enough to hold the people there. it will be something to behold when all these people come together in celebration of the same man. back to you in new york. >> reporter: all right. thank you so much for that beautiful view. hopefully, his family can get a sense of na. they have lost a loved one and family member. let's give you the latest on the news, u.s. senator chug hagel is there. he is expected to talk about
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drone strikes and security threats. over the weekend, hagel was in afghanistan. after fan president hamid karzai said he won't sign it until after the country's elections from april. the police department picking up pointers from usa today. according to usa today one in four are using a tactic known as tower dunk. >> that means they are tracking the ident and activity of thousands of cell phones, and at least two dozen are using a stingray, a mobile suitcase device used as a fake cell phone device to intercept calls. safety improvements are coming to the railroad in the weak of last week's derail. . the new system will warn engineers of approaching speed reductions and will automatically apply an emergency brake in the speed is not lowered. autopsy results are due in
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the death of a 16-year-old boy. officials now say first responders used every means possible to try and revive that boy. he went into cardiac arrest. the boy reportedly had an underlying medical condition. his family says he was clear to fly. billy joel and shirley mcclain among those celebrated at kennedy honors. santana and opera serng marty no royo rounded out this lest of honorees. president obama said they are the not only the best of the best but they have remained true to themselves and inspired the rest of us to do the same. can you imagine being in that room? >> it would be fabulous to be in that room. we had shirley mcclain in the room. >> we just had one. the big headline, of course, over the weekend was that weather. indra is watching it all.
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it made it exciting to watch from home. not at the stadiums which football sunday. >> it was so cold from the stadiums, they were actually empty. people were afraid to go out. >> that same system in the northeast. we are concerned a lot of the major travel hubs as we have ice and rain. of course, it's that freezering rain we are looking at from new england, stretching back. >> that will be farther south. around roanoke, virginia, they could get a quarter of an inch. either way, you get any freezing rain that can ground those planes. we will definitely call ahead. in dallas, the threat of freezing fog. the bulk, we saw a little dusting in manhattan. that snow is exiting a off to the northeast t. london attacks could to see a little more as well. the concern as well systems are not over, another system making its way overnight tonight into tomorrow. look for a membersing in the middle. the beg story will be more snow, one to three inches into the
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northeast and rain down to the south. so visibility concerns is also going to be a big thing. so continue to try to fly. if you get delayed, you could get delayed. >> more of the delay the backup. >> never ends, that i know. >> and it's monday. everyone get ready. coming up next on "new day," investigators believe they have now uncovered the cause of that deadly asian na crash in san francisco. the question is, is is too much technology to blame? >> her we go again, four days until the dead loan to get a budget deal down. are we facing another government shutdown? (vo) you are a business pro. maestro of project management. baron of the build-out. you need a permit... to be this awesome. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. (aaron) purrrfect. (vo) meee-ow, business pro. meee-ow.
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budget deal down. >> welcome back to "new day,"
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everyone. pilot error may be the result of a report, they are relying on cockpit computers by the pilots. we are taking a look at this. allison, what more are you hearing from this report? >> the ntsb is having a report coming out on tuesday. it will be a cause of oceanic plane on july 6th, what they are expected to show is these pilots relied too much on these cockpit computers and were confused about the automatic thrust settings, which ultimately led to the crash. the ntsb is expected to reveal the pilots didn't understand how this boeing 737, automative features were designed to function. bus of that confusion, ntsb experts believe that is what led to the crash. >> it will leave people wondering is this one case of of
3:19 am
team of pilots, one crew that had an overreliance on computers? >> you say it's interesting, some experts have even called this something called automation addiction, which many safety experts believe is what be pilots really rely on. meaning they rely too much on those automated features in the cockpit. they don't necessarily rely on their flying skills, because when something mag functions or switches off the worry is that the done fused dr confused crui won't know what to do. that's what happened with the landing in san francisco. they say the air speed dropped quickly t. crew failed to react until it was too late. there was a lot of confusion. there is a lesson in this, say experts, they have to go back and make sure these pilots feel confident to step in within they know when something is malfunctioning. >> the only silver lining that
3:20 am
families involved can have if they can learn from this experience, if it means more training or regulations. >> recognizing there is too much reliance on these automated systems, that these pilots need to have their skills brushed up on. experts find out skills erode. >> let's talk about a different airline. a much bigger airline, allison, you are following all our business headlines and money time now. >> that's the merger of americn airlines and usairways is expected to become official today t. new fayne company will be called american airlines. it cleared hurdles, including the new airline to give up access at two major airports. the futures are higher this morning after the dow on friday had its best day in two months. it rocketed 98 points. gosh, this year, what a year it's been t. dow is up 22% t. nasdaq up 35% t. s&p up 27% a.
3:21 am
little perspective, the average return on the s&p 500 only about 8%. let all two to the lobby, shall we, and get ourselves some stock? anc theater gearing up to go public. most loyal customers buying shares. members of anc sub rewards program, they offered the same price as bank and wall street zugs institutions according to jerry lopez, so everybody getting in on the action. >> the only thing i care about is what this means for ticket prices. i am saying it is expensive to go to the movies. >> i don't think you will see prices go up. i think they are sharing the love. >> sharing the love, is that what they're doing? >> exactly. thanks, allison. coming up next on "new day," budget de ja vu. four days and counting until congress can get its act together this time around. accidence of u.s. leaders
3:22 am
convergeing on south africa, paying tribute to nelson mandela. chris cuomo is there live. he is speaking which someone who knew mandela well.
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ford credit holiday bonus cash during the ford dream big sales event. >> welcome back to "new day." there are only four days to go until congress's dead lean to reach a budget deal. so can they reach an agreement before they face constituents back home? here to break it down for us is the political chief john harris. john, i have been telling folks they should not feel bad if this dead lean came up and surprised them. no one has been talking about the budget negotiations. >> reporter: good morning on a snowy day here in walk. don't feel bad. i run a website and a newspaper
3:26 am
devoted to politics and capitol hill. i was caught flat footed on this, my best resources, capitol hill reporters back when the budget framework got set, this thing is make believe. we will repeat the whole show down in january. lo and behold, it is not make beleave. we don't have a deal yet t. two sides are close not to the big megadell we have been talking about for a couple of years, a kind of a microdeal that will, in fact, alleviate the sequester and avoid the show down and the possibility of another government shutdown in january. >> i guess you can count it as a success they won't partially shut down the government again. >> reporter: sure. >> the same players are if play. so they won't come to a grand bargain this time around. can they count a cease-fire now being described as a success? >> reporter: well, i think, remember back in high school grading on a curve, right?
3:27 am
so the person that got 80% might get an a. nobody expected a grand bargain, still a lot of us don't expect a grand bargain a. lot of us doesn't expect to get a mini bargain. that seems to be what we'll call progress. there is a bipartisan consensus, people don't like the sequester. in effect, spending priorities of both parties. that's one. the other is kind of to our surprise, there seems to be a rapport between the two budget chairman, patty murray from washington on the senate side and paul ryan and the vice presidential nominee t. two seem to be inzisnnc. they have serious policy issues. >> let's count it as baby steps. >> a great way to put it. >> so let's talk about presidential politics. i think it's never too early to
3:28 am
talk about the next race. >> reporter: not which somebody from politico. >> rand paul, you said he was on the sunday shows yesterday. he said he is seriously considering a run for president. does that surprise you at all? >> reporter: it doesn't really surprise me, because we've seen really since the 2012 presidential elections ended and rand paul, of course, being in the senate, that he has very serious ambitions to take over the when, the libertarian wing of the republican party his father represented. his father in two presidential campaigns did this in a novelty candidate, somebody who was entertaining because of his ec sen trek kind of here's the way i see it position, but not somebody who was a real force in the party or had an effect on the nominating process. rand paul would get his father's movement. i think he would be taken serious to affect the process. >> how is rand different from
3:29 am
his father? how is his approach different from his father's, i guess? >> i think he's more of an authentic politician who has the ability to sort of make realistic choices based on his own self interests, where his father really i think at least in, you know, as he got up to the kind of senior citizen level, he's like, i don't need any of that, i will say what i think and let the chips fall where they may. >> that can be very refreshing. not typically the best path towards achieving a nomination or being a power broker in the party. >> that's how it stacks up against his father if you will, let's talk about the other nominees in the latest cnn-orc poll if you look from september until now, we put it up on the skren, he is right in the mix of it which all the other big names we talked about. how do you think he stacks up? >> i think he stacks up pretty
3:30 am
seriously. of course, it's catnip for all of us political junkie, basically meaningless, what you are largely doing is measuring name recogniti and so forth. rand paul has a base of supporters that are animated. not just by his personality but his idea. at the end of the day ideas do matter in politics. >> he does come which a specific view point. you know from he is coming from. john, it's great to see you, thank you so mump. thanks, for battling the traffic and the snow to get in. >> it's good to be which you. >> i'll see you soon, see you later. >> bye-bye. >> all right. let's take a look at the headlines at 30 minutes after the hour, ice and snow slamming the east coast, grabbing at least a thousand flights already today over 2,600 flights on sunday. hundreds of passengers are still stranded at dallas-ft. worth airport.
3:31 am
driving, meanwhile is disastrous in some states. slick roads leading to hundreds of wrecks from missouri to the mid-atlantic. mourners by the hundreds are paying their respects to nelson mandela outside his home, not surprisingly, the crowd honoring the late anti-apartheid leader, people of all different races and faiths converging to pay tribute. sunday, services at churches, synagogues and mosques throughout south africa honored him. divide both chosen and japan, south korea is expanding its air defense zone to include airspace over the east china sea. beijing and tokyo have already claimed that space as its own. it comes two weeks after it controlled the airspace over a string of islands that both japan and china claim as its own territory. a multi-engine salute for actor paul walker. thousands of fans turned up at the california crash site where the "fast & furious" star lost
3:32 am
his life. fans and friends alike showing up, driving high end performance vehicles in honor of the two men who were both car enthusiasts. a bit of a k-9 crime streevenlth cato from south carolina got off his leash and headed straight to the dollar store. he got in not once, twice, soon after items were missing, conveniently pig ears, beef bones, dog treats. he took his lifted items and buried them monita. he greeted the officers which kess. >> is he going to serve jail time? >> i think he got a little private time to think about his crime in the dog house. >> right. oh, will is chris dancing away. how beautiful. look at that tribute. >> reporter: hey, ghoi guys. i don't know if you can hear,
3:33 am
the situation speaks for itself. the marching band showed up out of nowhere. one of the beautiful examples what's happening here the rain bow nation, a fulfillment of what was a dream of nelson mandela. after the break, we will tell you how they are getting ready for what promises to be an epic memorial tomorrow the likes of what we haven't seen much in recent history. we will talk which someone who met nelson mandela in prison, what he learned from him as a mentor there an in the years after. stay which us. . we're going to get right back to you, chris. we will also be talking about a wild weekend of nfl football capped off by that kick a. kick for the ages, how they rewrote the record books. ♪
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. >> welcome back. let's go around the world now, starting in ukraine, hundreds of thousands oprotesters toppled a statue of lenen. >> reporter: it was a symbolic act of defiance, a pro european protesters toppleing that statue in the center of kyiv, pro government supporters face their own demonstration monita amid concerns ukraine a country of 45 million people is increasingly divided. hundreds of thousands have fatsed in kiev, there is
3:38 am
widespread anger after the ukrainian president rejected closer ties with the european union in favor of a trade pact which moscow. back to you, kate. >> thank you so much. now to brazil where rival fights broke out. a helicopter landed on the field and had to air lift a man to the hospita hospital. >> kate, a bloody rival fight broke out over the weekend. one man was airlifted out t. game between the teams was halted for more than an hour while players and coaches pleaded with the fans to stop the violence and police shot rubber bullets into the crowd. unfortunately, soccer violence is a chronic problem for the host of the next world cup. back to you, kate. >> thank you. and an american singer which no heritage nearly took the top
3:39 am
prize in a tv show called "arabs got talent." >> reporter: jennifer went from long shot to falling short t. 23-year-old all american girl with the arab voice came very close to winning the most popular talent show in the middle east, "arabs got talent." she placed in the top three. after the show, jennifer told me she was very proud to have participated. next up for her, she goes back to morocco where she will continue performing, kate. >> let's turn to the big story here and around the world the honoring and funeral services of nelson mandela. >> reporter: the music continues here, asking if nelson mandela will rest in peace. eknow that, a man just told me that. he met nelson mandela in prison. they became long time friends. he was a mentor.
3:40 am
thank you very much, i'm sorry for your loss. thank you for joining us. right after if riots in 19ex, you were put in prison. so you were a part of the new guard fighting apartheid, that's when you met nelson mandela, certainly the face of the old guard. what was his face to you? >> obviously, it was people socialized into prison life, fighting, virtually all the time. and the folks who were there were trying to say to us, pace yourself, you will be here for a long tie and for to you say here and be comfortable, you need to pace yourself properly. >> reporter: one of the things that separates nelson mandela is not that he didn't feel hate, he didn't feel anger, he didn't know the pain of agreg but what he decided to do which that? how did he get an angry young
3:41 am
man like yourself which angry and hatred that surely you deserve to feel? >> i think that he managed all of his personas have carefully the persona of the leader, if persona of the mandela leak every one of us who could sit down, argue which us, disagree which us, debate which us. i'm sure he would have identified whiidentify which people. owe 'people. this was his religion. >> we, you are absolutely right. even though he went through chechen prison, whenever people from different denominations came in, they obviously wanted to see him, so he would go and sit and listen very attentively.
3:42 am
that was yet another of mandela's personas. >> as a politician, let's end with this. one of the most remarkable things was when there was a changeover in power, ordinarily, you wipe out who was there. especially under conditions like apartheid. how did he sell the idea of keeping africanos in government, how did he make that okay with the african people? >> i think personally at a fundamental level, he recognized that africanos were south africans just like everyone of us. that's a lessen he learned in prison and emphasized in prison. he had a cordial relationship and we learned from him. the most important message who to trust, please dobi don't be consumed by hatred. it no cusses on the wrong things. that's a message he carried outside of prison.
3:43 am
amazing, he was able to carry huge numbers of people around with him. >> easy to say, so difficult to do. the success is what makes him the man so revered here and around the world. tomorrow is shaping up to be an epic memorial. i know you will be there. it is something i look forward to you being there. thank you so much for sharing these memories. mikaela, back to you in new york thanks, so much, chris. >> it's a new beginning. the celebration of his life hasn't stopped since. we will have more from chris in south africa. >> let's talk about the weather. many of you traveling, smond a big travel day in the winter close to the holidays, dallas in particular. they have been having it rough at dfw. >> first you had freezing rain, now we are left with clear air, moisture, look at the temperatures right at the freezing mark if not below. everything is freezing on the surface, flight delays, about
3:44 am
800oday from the dallas area. >> that is the concern. they are not the only ones in the northeast. we are dealing with freezing rain today. anywhere from new york to virginia, roanoke looking still a quarter of an inch out of the system. also to the north, a little snow we saw yesterday, still continuing to exit off to the northeast. lots going on, another system, right at the tail overnight especially in through tomorrow morning and later in the day, still talking about more snow and more than we saw yesterday, 1 to 3 inches possible with rain farther down to the south. not a lot of rain, either way, it is out there. yet, that is still not the only story. we are talking dangerous stories. temperatures below negative 30 degrees. very dangerous out there. great falls negative 15, bismark negative 30. denver feels like negative 30 degrees. look at the architect air.
3:45 am
dallas looking for temperatures only in the 30 today as your high, 20 degrees below normal. spreading to the most. we are continuing with this trend. we will show you tomorrow. we cool off even more in the northeast as that second system makes its way. it's not delays, these chilly temperatures and everything left on the ground. no system in place. you still got ice on the roads. >> 30s and 40s doesn't look so bad when you look at bismark. the temperatures are dangerous enough. >> yeah, exactly. >> all right, indra, thanks,. coming up next on "new day," a crazy day on the gridiron. in one game, there were five touchdowns in less than two minutes. then one for the record books. folks, you saw the longest field goal ever. >> it was exciting on your sofa yesterday. you were having a good time. then we will show you the military flash mob with a holiday twist you will not want to miss, our must see moment today.
3:46 am
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3:48 am
3:49 am
. >> it changes your whole demeanor. >> we should play that always for you. >> you should play that all the time. >> sunday in the nfl. tons of snow, record setting scoring, a whole fun bunch of sensational finishes. >> it's wumpb of the craziest, coolest nfl days ever. >> a perfect example by the nf lrks that snowstorm made its way across the northeast. it made for fun atmosphere.
3:50 am
check it out. snow covered the fields in pittsburgh, baltimore and philadelphia. check out the snow blowers. excuse me, coming through we saw conditions like this all around the league. look at the dolphins. look at calvin johnson, a face full of snow in his helmet. >> that is awesome. that looks like a lot of fun. ground crews did their best to keep the fields playable. but it was tough. there was lots of fumbling. the lion ones, they fumbled seven times in their game. the eagles-lion ones. look at this they wouldn't dare attempt a field goal. >> no way. >> there is no chance to kick it. it looks like a lot of fun for us to watch. i don't know about playing in it. >> exactly. i think those goes were out there going honestly, this is a joke. they can't even see each other. it's hilarious. to make matters worse, andy,
3:51 am
this is what we could be looking at for the super bowl. >> the super bowl will be february 3rd. you know the good old farmer's almanac is calling for a big winter storm just like we saw yesterday for the week of the super bowl. now, the almanac claims to be right about 80% of the time. they called for a barely cold winter this year, i don't know, guys. i say they have been right so far. >> we will check in with indra, that will make for an exciting thing to watch at home. now, despite these conditions, it was kind of a record day, there was a boat load of touchdowns. >> there were a record 90 touchdowns scored. check this out, in a span of 20 minutes, three games ended in wild fashion. a great finish. check it out. the vikings-ravens. we, of course, sped this up a little bit.
3:52 am
>> no? >> these two teams, they combined to score if you have touchdowns in the final two minutes of the game. they scored 32 minutes temperature ravens ended up winning. a couple minutes later in bucs, this wild play happened. antonio brown looks like he has run for a touchdown. his footsteped out of bounds. the steelers lost. just a few minute later in foxboro, the patriots scored the touchdown, bought the the onside kick and stored another touchdown in the span of 30 seconds. they went on to beat the browns by a point. amazing finishes. if that wasn't enough, in denver, checker matt prater set an nfl record with a 64 yard field goal. check it out. barely gets over the crossbar, but it's in. he had that thin air in denver working for him there. but, man, what an impressive kick. >> i mean, when you take all of
3:53 am
these highlights together, there is no way monday night football is going to do anything for anybody tonight. >> i love that. >> you can have a fall hangover on a monday night. >> andy, that was the best. i will never forget that. a face plant of snow. le move to our must-see moment, pales in comparison, no, this one is phenomenal. at the smith son yan air and space municipal, a single cello player checking off one epic flash mob. take a listen. [ music playing ] i get goose bumps watching it. the united states air force band pulling out all the stops for the start of their holiday performance season, in all about 120 musicians and singers took part in creating this wonderful moment.
3:54 am
evidence on the faces of the museum guests a truly, truly memorable experience. many showing up in jackets and coats, so you didn't know they had their uniforms underneath, handing their jackets, switching out an instrument with somebody waiting in the wednesday, bomb, how about that? >> the air and space museum is neat enough. if you go to washington, d.c., you have to go there. you have to take your kids there, the u.s. so special. then to have that happen, talk about a memorable museum experience. that was neat. coming up next on "new day," more about the weather, the massive it has turned deadly right now, snow, rain, ice, you name it, they've got it. your commute may be a nasty one today. at the airport, hundreds of flights are being canceled. probably not surprisingly. we will be live with what you need the know when we head out the door. also, google, microsoft and tech giants are joining forces to protect your privacy. we will tell you what they are planning to do.
3:55 am
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>> nasty commute. for millions up and down the east coast today, ice, rain and snow, but flyers may get the woshst of itch hundreds strand, some for days. we are live with the latest. live from south africa, a massive historic memorial for a true giant. leaders from across the globe, including four u.s. presidents arrive in here to help remember nelson mandela. why was he shot? anger and sadness at a texas college. why did a campus police officer open fire and kill this student? was there overreaction or more to this story? >> reporter: your "new day" starts right now. >> what you need to know. >> the story doesn't really make sense to any of us. i think we're mostly just angry and want answers. >> what you just have to see. >> these two juveniles knew she was intoxicated, knew she
4:00 am
shouldn't have been driving and allowed her to drive. >> this is "new day," with chris cuomo, kate baldwin and mikaela mer era. >> good morning, welcome to "new day." thanks, for joining us. i'm kate baldwin here in new york. >> reporter: and i'm chris cuomo coming to you live from south africa where we are witnessing waves of emotion coming past us in front of the home of nelson mandela. the memorial tomorrow shaping up tomorrow to be simply epic. four u.s. presidents will be here. over 95,000 seats will be filled with no problem with tons of spillover. we will tell you who is coming and what it's all about. first, let's go back to new york with indicate with the top story. >> we will go back to you real soon. let's talk about the big story here in the u.s. a massive storm slamming the
4:01 am
east coast. right now, we are talking snow, rain, ice, it's wreaked havoc. the deep freeze can selling thousands of flights, pileup on icy roads have made driving very dangerous. we are covering every angle of the story with you. indra. >> like it's not bad enough. we are still talking about delays, freezing rain expected in the northeast continuing to fall. in dallas this morning after tons of delays over the weekend, they are dealing with freezing fog after a weekend filled with freezing rain, snow and ice. >> reporter: snow, freezing rain and dangerous ice. >> oh! oh my god. >> reporter: in plain plano, texas, they showed sheets of ice cascadeing down from the rooftops. another winter storm is wreaking havoc across much of the nation. the frigid storm put dallas in a
4:02 am
deep freeze over the weekend and made a mess from the ohio valley to the northeast. road crews were out in full force plowing and salting streets. >> we're not going to stop working until the roads are clear. >> reporter: it created french russ conditions on major roadways. >> it's been really rough. i think every year people forget how to drive in the snow. >> reporter: this snow and ice caused this 50-car pileup on the pennsylvania turnpike killing at least one person. roads in the milwaukee area had their share of problems, semi trailers jacknifed causing a number of injuries. >> it was bad. you can see swerveing through cars, dodging cars. we ended up in the ditch. >> reporter: heavy snow was the head leans in four nfl games on sunday. blowing snow made it nearly impossible for fans to tell where the ball was. it looked like ice rinks with
4:03 am
players slipping and sliding. in philadelphia, snow measured as high as six inches in the middle of the field. the lion ones fumbled six times before halftime. >> we had those two powerful systems over the weekend t. northeast is delling with that second system. on the tail end of this system comes another system expected to affect us all tomorrow. with le have those details in a few minutes. >> indra, thank you so much. when you talk about that, you are talking flight cancellations, more than 1,000 flights have been cancelled today. dallas-fort worest one of the major hubs crippled by the weather and the extensive ice. some travelers have been stuck there for days waiting for flights to be scheduled. cnn, ed, any good news for these travelers, ed? >> boy, there seemed to be good news today, however, some 4,000 people had to sleep at the
4:04 am
airport here in dallas-ft. worth, friday night. >> that number was down to 650 last notice. anyway you count it, there have been enough people in these terminals this weekend to populate a small texas town. >> this is day four, dallas ft. worth international airport. >> reporter: growing frustrations for dozens of passengers after being stranded at the dallas international airport since friday. james archibald of canada is one of them. >> i don't understand why they can't get the ice off the runway. from canada, we got 4, 5 feet on the runway, boom. plows go by. i know it's for our own safety, but it's getting a bit silly. >> reporter: he is posting updates on youtube, chronicleing his trip in texas. he is amuseing himself by interviewing other travelers stuck at the gates. >> i'm going home, i don't like this place. >> oh, you mean, this isn't your
4:05 am
home? >> they say home is where you hang your hat. >> reporter: on friday, nearly 700 flights or 97% of the total were cancelled, 400 more on sunday. these newlyweds were on their honeymoon and trying to get to cancun, mexico, when the ice storm grounded them. the couple from toke dwro slept in chairs leak so many others. some were lucky enough to get cots. the cancellations continued through the weekend while airport workers provided food and drinks to travelers. they brought in juggleers, balloon artists, but that was little relief for some. >> have you showered in four days? >> no. >> reporter: the temperature was above freezing at the airport for five hours on sunday. that helps crews clear ice from the runways. and the good news is that dfw airport officials tell us four out of the seven runways are now fully functional. >> that is enough to run a full schedule. however, a lot of these flights will be headed to the northeast.
4:06 am
there will be cancellations to deal with. we took a look at the board here second ago, kate, it is starting to look better than it did. >> good news to start the day off. thank you so much. in the next hour, we will have a live, exclusive interview with a different plane nightmare a. passenger who slept through the deboarding process and woke up trapped inside the plane you can believe it. we will talk to him how it happened and what he makes of all this coming up in our next hour. first to south africa where chris is in johannesburg, i see he has been covering there from the very beginning. it seems the memorial and celebrations of nelson mandela's life haven't ended since his death has been announced. >> reporter: oh, so true, waves of emotion. the celebration is taking on the character of the man, himself. there is a lot of fun, what robin was saying that he had the singing, the dancing.
4:07 am
of course, this complexity hike many thins in south africa. the mood outside versus the mood outside, what are we seeing? >> reporter: for the past few day, we haven't had any understanding of what is going on in there, a lot of secrecy or privacy of what is taking place at his home. we do understand his widow is going through traditional preparations for a funeral as the widow. she is sitting on a mattress, receiving visitors and people are going through that front entrance, stars, politician the who's who of south africa and paying their respects to her. >> reporter: are you in anyway surprised of what we are feeling as energy around the globe of people responding and coming here and making a moept of this? >> reporter: not at all. the thing about mandela, he made a point of looking you in the eye. you always felt like you were quite special around him. even few hasn't, can you see this people thought they had an intimacy with him.
4:08 am
like they shared a moment. he had this incredible knack of doing that. what was key is he did it with ordinary people and celebrities. he was very goods a understanding human nature. there was a feelings, you were saying the flowers here. they didn't boy them in the store, you have martin luther king, ghandi, john f. kennedy, mandela and abraham lincoln, winston churchill and barak obama in the middle. >> reporter: south africans feel the deep sense of pride about him. i think mandela was like a mirror reflected back to south africans. south africans want to see themselves in his image. i think that is very powerful now, 20 years after the beginning of democracy. it is key politically. is this the key of mandela's investigations, his dreams?
4:09 am
south africans are using this time not to say good-bye to the man. it's a rain check of what this country is, are we doing enough in south africa? there is a real intimacy and a sense of we don't want to betray his vision. things are going a little bit off, maybe this is the time to not forget he sacrificed so much. >> it seems like there is a balance of loss, reference and as you say responsibility. >> reporter: absolutely. >> reporter: robin kurnow, thank you so much. she spokes with mandela, understands the politics here so much. we will deep painting the picture of what is happening now. teeing up an epic memorial tomorrow. the world hasn't seen anything like it in quite some time. back to you in new york. >> so much to see, so much to celebrate. with ewill be watching it right alongside with you, thanks, guys. the nation's leading technology giants, they are taking aim want, microsoft, google, they are putting a stop to the snooping to better
4:10 am
protect your privacy, allison dock sick joins us with the story. >> reporter: it reets like the big companies on wall street, yahoo, google, they got together, wrote this letter, sent it to president obama and to congress. what they officially want the government to do is limit the way it snoops on us online. they also want the nsa to be more accountable and want oversight, they're worried na if people don't trust these sites that they're going to, they're not going to want to visit google or facebook. this all, of course, came out of nsa contractor edward snowden, him leaking nsa documents, of course, these companies are taking the opportunity saying when the government came to us, we did push back little bit. all of this not sitting well with these companies. >> the fact is they've worked
4:11 am
with the nsa. they've had their own controversies regarding privacy. >> you said it. think about google andrea hoo, they're the runs that collect your information. they want to get it for ad dollars. then you got the proof that these companies do, google agreeing last month, settling a $17 million lawsuit. it placed cookies on computers using apple's safari web browser, this happened over a two-year period. google was able to circumvent privacy settings without users knowing or consenting. facebook is a huge offender that every time, did you know every time you vis eight sight that is liked on face boorks you don't have to click like, you don't have to be a facebook user, facebook prints out a report or has a report on you if you visit this site. i think those in glass houses
4:12 am
shouldn't throw stones. >> it strikes me a little hypocriting a. thanks, so much. let's take a look at your headlines at this hour, for the very first time in nearly four years, a u.s. defense secretary is visiting pakistan. they are expected to discuss complex security issues unfolding on the afghan border. well, it's not just the nsa collecting data, local police departments are as well. usa today reporting one in four departments use what's called a power dump that gives police data about the identity, activity and location of phones that connects to a cell tower. at least 25 departments own a device that acts as a fake cell tower tricking monita phones into connecting to it.
4:13 am
in florida, officials say 11 more whales have been found dead. they are believed to be a part of a pod of 51 pilot whales stranded last week. rescuers had haepd hoped to herd themp to deeper waters. now they say the outlook looks bleak this brings the total to 22 dead pilot whales. scientists arriving monday will determine cause of death and whether disease played a factor. after a rare meningitis outbreak, since march, eight people contracted the disease, which can be deadly t. vaccine was cleared for limited use on campus. undergraduates and graduate students who live in dorms are urged to get treated. it took only, there it goes, a matter of seconds to be demolished. three exterior ramps were imploded sunday evening all a part of a $8 million plan to
4:14 am
turn it into an event and exhibition center t. 10,000 tons of concrete, they will be recycled. always a sight to see that. >> it looks like it's happening at night. >> what was that? no earthquake, but we are talking serious weather. yesterday, today. is it going to subside as the week progresses, the storm? >> i wish it was. especially dallas. people have been stuck there for days. today more travel woes again especiallyf time we talk about that wintry mix, including the freezing rain. that's exactly what we are dealing with this morning. let's talk about where the ice is. >> that itself the biggest concern, roanoke, virginia, we could still be seeing a quarter of an inch of ice out from. notice all the way in through new england, we have lesser amounts, only about a tenth of
4:15 am
an inch. it doesn't take much at all to ground those planes. it is tapering off, heading offshore, we are seeing three to five inches of maybe lake effect snow out there. there's the tame of the next system expected to make it in through tomorrow. more travel woes, more freezing wintry mix. regardless, when you add in the visibility there, we are talking potential delays as we go into the next 48 hours. until a couple more systems make their way through. >> we'll take eight day at a time. >> the snow is so pretty. except when you are commuting in. >> i was so excited. now the rain is washing away. >> i felt something on top of the cars. >> it was gorgeous yesterday. >> looking out my window, nothing like it. >> thanks, indra. we will take a break. coming up next on "new day," questions at a texas college
4:16 am
after an honor student is shot dead by a campus police officer. why did this happen? we will have a leave report coming up. a murder trial for being accused of pushing him off a cliff. we will break it down with our team of legal experts. .
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>> a traffic stop, a 23-year-old pulled over by a campus police officer, within minutes, the student was dead, how and why did it happen? cnn is live with the latest. good morning, george, what are you learning? >> reporter: kate, good morning. you have to keep in mind this officer fired his weapon not just once but several times. it comes down to this key question, what was it about that traffic stop that prompted the officer to use such deadly form. for people that knew cameron, it's all hard to make sense of. friend came together to say good-bye to robert cameron redis.
4:21 am
a star student in san antonio, he made the dean's list, he even performed in front of and behind the camera for the school student run station. that's why those are in disbelief that a campus police officer found reason to shoot him. >> this story doesn't make sense to any of us and i think we're mostly just angry and want answers, he's not aggressive. he's not any of those things that would constitute him getting shot at. >> reporter: the shooting happened just a few blocks off campus. early friday morning, investigators claim he was allegedly speeding and driving erratically when a campus police officer pulled him over around 2:00 a.m. police say redus got out of his pickup and approached the officer. then think say a struggle ensued and the officer fired multiple shot
4:22 am
shots. as police now investigate the shooting, questions remain about the critical last few months of his lie. his family released this statement. they are devastated by the death of our dear son cameron, we deal with an outpouring of emotion and grief. >> there is a lot of people turning out for cameron. it turns out better. >> it's hard to think he was gone. he was here three days ago. we just saw him, closure is one of those things that will take time. >> reporter: so this morning, there are a lot of unanswered questions. we know that that officer is on administrative leave and the alamo heights police department have called on the rangers. i can say as a cop reporter in
4:23 am
texas that's standard when it comes to a police involved shooting. people have a lot of questions. >> it doesn't seem to make sense, george, thank you so much for that. thank you. we will take a short break here on "new day." up next, a newlywed accused of pushing her brand-new husband off a cliff. how prosecutors are building the case. our team of legal experts weighing in. could you be held accountable for letting someone else drive drunk, two teens have been arrested for doing just that. we will tell you what they are facing. .
4:24 am
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4:27 am
>> you are watching "new day." . >> good morning, welcome back once again to "but the day." it's monday, december 9th. still in the show, it drew national attention, a newlywed accused of pushing her husband off a cliff eight days after they married. now the trial is finally starting today. our team of legal experts are here to talk about the case ahead. >> also the follow up continuing for seaworld, music groups, is this a part of the black fetch effect? we'll explain. >> those stories on "new day" a severe winter storm, snow and ice affecting travel. thousands of fleets have been cancelled. roads not much better.
4:28 am
officials say there were 60 crashes. at least one person was killed. president obama just minutes away from leaving the white house for a trip from south africa. he is one of four presidents expected to attend the memorial for nelson mandela. nearly 90 world leaders are scheduled to attend. hundreds left flowers and letters at the home where mandela has died. a south clone sheriff is refusing to do so. peckens county sheriff says flags should be lowered only for americans who sacrificed for their country. stunning images out of brrksz soccer fans rioted in the stands on sunday. it shut down play for more than an hour after a key contest for two reserval brazilian teams. this is raising further questions ahead of the world cup
4:29 am
there were concerns of fan violence, amazingly when four people were injured in all that of that chaos. >> you will probably recall the adventure 127 hours. he is expected in court this afternoon on domestic violence charges. he faces one count of assault and one count of wrongs to meerns. he was arrested in a woman's home. she has been arrested on the same charges. denver police have not released the exact sessions of the alleged abuse. frightening moments in virginia beach when a float in a holiday parade burst into flames, apparently a generator pulling it started the fire. they used a fire exting wisher from a monita pizza place. those are your headlines, kate,
4:30 am
over to you. >> injury selection begins today in montana. a 22-year-old woman is accused of killing her husband eight days after their wedding. jordan brown faces first degree murder charges for allegedly pushing 84 husband off a cliff. >> reporter: who started as a wedding is ending in a courtroom trial. this morning, jordan lynn graham accused of killing her new husband will go on trial for furdz. federal prosecutors say 22-year-old graham deliberately shoved her husband cody johnson to his death in montana's glacier national park july 7th, just eight days after their wedding. friends of cody johnson say they noticed problems from the start. >> when they were exchanging vows, jordan was looking down, wasn't looking at cody. >> reporter: graham's attorneys are claim thing it was an
4:31 am
accident, saying the couple started arguing, when she tried to remove her husband's hand from her arm, he lost his balance. she initially didn't report the incident and later told them he had driven away with friend. she later admitted she was having second thoughts of the maernl and is pleading not guilty to murder and making explosive statements. prosecutors are saying they have evidence jordan may have blindfolded her husband before pushing him, graham's attorneys are claiming prosecutorial misconduct, claiming inappropriate touching during graham's polygraph testing. the fbi agent denies the claim. whatever the outcome of the trial, cody's friend have already made up their mind. >> he didn't deserve whatever ends she gave him. >> reporter: if convicted, graham faces life in prison. cnn, los angeles. >> thanks, so much. let's talk more about this. let's bring in legal analysts.
4:32 am
a lot to talk about with this case. >> jury selection begins today. what do you make of the very beginning of this trial? >> you know what, the prosecution will no doubt remind us momentarily to establish their case. remember, there were two people on top of that cliff, right? one is dead the people speaking for the decedant, right, they're going to make the argument this was deliberate, premeditated, a planned act. >> she pushed him off the cliff. >> that will be the argument. however, that i will argue that is pure speculation. the reality is she is going to say it was purely an accident and as a result of him grabbing at home and saying, oh, and pushing, he fell, it was an accident, therefore, kate, not murder. >> you think he jumped off the cliff? is that possible? >> certainly not possible. >> spoken like a true defense attorney. >> so her toernts say, yes, she
4:33 am
did make, she did change her story, which is not good for her as this whole thing began, but that it was an accident. she had no intngs of this happening. >> that's ridiculous. this is a case a prosecutor does, who does that? who behaves like that kind of case? they will show her behavior before in and afterwards, afterwards, we know he fell off the cliff perhaps but she didn't say it to anyone. she didn't tell anyone anything. she told the police, oh, he got into a car with some friends, i didn't see him again, then she leads a group of people to where she thinks he may be, his body happens to be at the bottom of the cliff. if i'm the prosecutor, i want a jury that has real life experience, perhaps are married, are divorced. i want to argue with them, who does this? who behafs like this. >> eight days after their
4:34 am
wedding. >> exactly. i think the defense will argue, listen, after she did that, she was under the belief no one would believe it was an accident, as a result of that, she panicked and out of anxiety an stress only to later say, let me come clean and call off this search and explain exactly what happened, which defense will say she did. >> the judge isn't helping out the prosecution. the judge decided the prosecution can't bring in previous statements, previous behavior she has had, they would like to bring up, basically statements she made, lying about abuse in previous relationships, and kind of how she's acted. how much of a problem is that for the prosecution? >> i don't think it's a problem. i will never say this case is a slam dunk. you don't need that if you are the prosecutor. the bottom line is eight days after your marriage, you have under surveillance photos of both of them walking into the park. he ends up dead at the bottom of a cliff. she tells no one. that's all i need.
4:35 am
i know there has been a lot to do with this blindfold evidence. >> yes. >> the federal judge might not let it in. >> they don't need it. they have to prove premeditation and intent. you don't need a blindfold. all you need is her behavior. >> what about this element. they will dissect how he fell, the question of did he fall face first? backwards? they say he fell face first, how can that be happening in the middle of an argument? >> the defense will say, she admitted she pushed and he was face first. however, it's certainly plausible so says the defense in an argument when you are grabbing. she pushes, he is moving. >> that could have represented the face falling. going back briefly to the evidence. >> she admitted. the thing is it was an argument. as a result of that, it was
4:36 am
accidental, that she didn't possess the requisite malice, ill will and spite to push him. >> what is this case going to turn on in. >> i really think adepend who does that, i think it will turn on a jury really bringing themselves to that place, bringing them to that common sense place, a new bride, within are you supposed to be in the honemoon place, i have been married two years, eight days into my marriage, i was thrilled. i think that jury will say, who does that in people don't behave this way. it will turn on her behavior, all of the lice, her behavior, not so much before. which i don't think it's important she lied before about previous relationships. it's her behavior after. you know. >> enan enstant. >> they can be in an argue and she can say, i don't leak you, why did i marry you? push. >> it's about plus aibility.
4:37 am
is it likely she was so, people arc you, people get into issues newlyweds or not, it doesn't make you a murderer. the defense will say, pure and simple, anything else, speculation. >> first and foremost, the jerry selection. >> to be determined. >> thank you. great to see you. mikaela. >> all right, kate, thanks, so much. next up on "new day," seaworld snubbed again, the bare naked ladies, now another band is saying no to performing at the theme park. more on the black fish ripple effect. chris, over to you. >> reporter: all right. thank you very much. it is shaping up that south america is going to be the focus of the world's attention, at least for tomorrow. you see what's happening behind us, we are waiting on word the president is bringing two former
4:38 am
presidents can him, former carter as well. .
4:39 am
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4:41 am
>> welcome back a. potential water shed out of connecticut. two boys are arrested for aallegedly allowing a girl to
4:42 am
drive drunk. tell us what happened here? there are so many questions. >> there really are. mikaela, this story draws into focus the issue if you can be held responsible for allowing someone else to get behind the wheel drunk. two teens knew their friend was drunk and let her drive. they say their inaction cost their friend her life. they have been charged with a misdemeanor. she was driving alone in july when she crashed the suv she was driving into a tree and was killed. her blood alcohol according to police was .27, three times the legal adult limit. now three of the teenagers driving with her are being held accountable for allowing her to drive drunk. >> these two juveniles knew she was intoxicated, knew she shouldn't have been driving and allowed her to drive.
4:43 am
>> reporter: police say the two teens were the last to get out of the car, leaving her to get behind the wheel and drive herself off. she drove only half a mile before crashing. after a thorough investigation, police arrested the teens this month and charged them with reckless endanger. . there are so many things that can be done, worried about getting in trouble for sneaking out. is that really that important? >> reporter: the arrest september shock waves through the community still shaken up by the tragedy. on a facebook page, one friend recently wrote, today brought me and many others i'm sure right back to the week you left us, the case is once again raising questions about moral obligation versus legal responsibility. >> we expect adults to act with a certain degree of judgment and reasonableness, when somebody is 16-years-old, it's sort of hard to place the kind of criminal responsibility on them that we
4:44 am
would place on an adult who handed keys to a drunken driver. >> and legal experts say in the past, there have been cases where adults and bar tenders have been prosecuted for letting people drive drunk. it is extremely rare, after all, they are only 16 an 17-years-old, a part of this is likely to send a small miami about under age drinking. >> that's why they are doing it. it's bringing that moral obligation versus legal responsibility really into play here. >> when you talk about criminal responsibility, the age has to come into account. >> right. you have to think that as paul cowan said, they don't have the same judgment as an adult. they have been drinking. >> that impaired their ability to drive drunk is there it takes you with a teen and your parents say if you are with someone who is drinking, call us, you don't want to be responsible for it. you don't want to get in trouble for it or anybody to lose their
4:45 am
leaves. >> what a tragedy. all right, let's go over to indra now, checking in on the weather, dallas, what a rough weekend. >> i feel nervous saying that, these four people in dallas still dealing with delays, thanks to, yes, freezing fog now, look at the temperatures right there at that freezing mark. >> that is the concern, still through 10:00 central time, they will be having freezing fog. here in the northeast, we are finally joining the party here. we saw snow yesterday. we are getting wentry mix as well the threat of icing through virginia. we still have that concern for the ice out there, that wintry mix. it doesn't stop there. we have another one overnight in through tomorrow. tomorrow looks mainly like a snow system. we will be talking about new england seeing the snow, to the south, rain, again today we should see a quarter of an inch. about a tenth of an inch or so, keep in mind, you could have ice
4:46 am
on the ground with snow over it. definitely makes for dangerous driving conditions out there. speaking of dangerous. temperatures this morning, once you factor in the wind chill, we are talking places feeling like negative 30, through dakota. all of this struggling out there, when you add in the wind chill, it feels like negative 16 in denver. today's highs, very cool, spreading to the northeast. new york city will feel like just 45 degrees. within are you this cold, it takes about a week or so until temperatures climb slowly back up. >> it does not take long for them to drop so fast. >> probably because on the weekend, you can hunker down. everyone has to go back to school, back to regular lives. >> they can walk in it. >> coming up next on "new day," big game performers are bough out of their gigs at seaworld. we will tell you about the black fish backlash. say that twice. [ male announcer ] this is karen and jeremiah.
4:47 am
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welcome back to "new day." sea world is facing more backlash. the latest act to bow out of an upcoming performance there, martin savidge joins us. >> there's been a growing defection in the music world. ten days ago a canadian rock group bowed out, willie nelson, and now comes heart. the cnn film "black fish" has a lot to do with it. millions tuned in to see the critically acclaimed documentary "blackfish" when it aired on cnn
4:51 am
in october. the film has fueled the controversial debate over keeping killer whales in captivity and the dangers they pose to trainers. >> i think they're meant to be in the wild and that's pretty much where they should be. >> i'd rather see them out in like in their natural habitat. >> reporter: petitions on amassed thousands of signatures, calling on sea world to free its killer whales. and pressured several musical groups to pull out of scheduled performances at its orlando theme park, taking notice of the public outcry. heart has chosen to decline their forth come performance at sea world on february 9th, 2014, due to the controversial documentary film "black fish." they're not alone, country singer willie nelson and canadian rock group bare naked ladies bowing out of performances because of issues of the film. bare naked ladies "they don't
4:52 am
feel comfortable proceeding with the gig at this time." sea world released a statement regarding the cancellations which says in part, "while we're disappointed a small group of misinformed individuals was able to deny fans what would have been great concerts at seaworld, we respect the bands' decisions." seaworld's signature killer whale performances came to a halt in 2010 after veteran trainer dawn branceau was killed. seaworld says the documentary ignores the park's conservation efforts and research. there are still a number of other musical groups that are planning to perform at seaworld. you can bet opponents are going to be watching them very, very carefully. ladies? >> all right, martin, thank you so much. we'll take a short break here on "new day." up next for millions up and down the east coast today, ice, rain
4:53 am
and snow. while it's bad on the roads, flyers are really getting the worst of it, many have been stranded for days. we're live with the latest. and talk about being stranded, imagine waking up in a cold, dark plane all alone, and you can't get out. it happened to one man. he's going to be joining us live exclusive to share his incredible ordeal. but first let's get back to chris in south africa. >> all right, kate, mickey. we are here in johannesburg at the home of nelson mandela. waves of people keep coming, emotions of song and dance keep breaking out building up to tomorrow as the world is taking its echo of the message of nelson mandela of peace and reconciliation and yet that's not everybody's feelings. we're going to bring in newt gingrich. he wrote a thoughtful essay honoring the memory of nelson mandela and he got a lot of criticism especially from conservatives. why is this going on? we're going to talk to him about
4:54 am
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--mcaptions by vitace--e the 20 4www.vitac.com9 a month >> you could barely see up the road. next thing i knew, we ended up in a ditch. >> the polar express hitting the east coast this morning. temperatures plunged, mixed with ice and snow. your commute may be a nasty one and at the airports, sleepovers as hundreds of flights are canceled. paying tribute, the world is descending on south africa this week, one of the biggest memorials ever, leaders from the u.s. and around the world en
4:58 am
route, but why are some under fire for praising mandela? a "new day" live exclusive, the man everyone is talking about, how did he sleep through his plane landing and all the passengers departing only to awake stranded on the tarmac and why did no one wake him? he joins us live. >> your "new day" continues right now. >> announcer: what you need to know -- >> how can we live without mandela? i'm so sad. >> announcer: what you just have to see. >> i woke up, the lights were out, i was like what's going on? everybody falls asleep on a plane. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira. >> good morning and welcome to "new day." it's monday, december 9th, 8:00 in the east. i'm kate bolduan here in new york. >> and i'm chris cuomo in johannesburg, south africa.
4:59 am
you're looking at a live picture at andrews air force base in maryland, that's where the president's plane is. president obama is expected to lift off any moment now to come here to johannesburg for what could be an epic memorial for nelson mandela, bringing two former presidents with him, presidents clinton and bush and we hear that president carter is coming as well and these are just some of about 100 world leaders that will be here as literally south africa becomes the focus of the universe. we'll tell you what's going on right here, what's leading up 'til tomorrow but first let's get back to kate for the big news this morning. kate? >> thanks, chris, much more ahead. back here at home the east coast getting hammered with snow, rain and ice, the deep freeze causing major headaches for travelers, thousands of flights have been canceled, snow also making a mess of roads in southeast wisconsin, at least 60 crashes reported in a single stretch of the interstate there, we're covering every angle of the story this morning. ed lavandera is in hard hit
5:00 am
dallas but first indra petersons is tracking the storm. >> hard to believe we're still talking about the threat of wintry mix, freezing reign and fog through dallas but over the weekend the entire country was affected by two storm systems. snow, freezing rain and dangerous ice. >> oh! >> reporter: in texas, residents captured video of ice cascading from rooftops. another winter storm is wreaking havoc across much of the nation. the frigid storm put dallas in a deep freeze over the weekend and made a mess from the ohio valley to the northeast. road crews were out in full force plowing and salting streets. >> we're not going to stop until the roads are clear.
5:01 am
>> reporter: it's been treacherous conditions on the roadways. >> it's been rough. every year people forget how to drive in the snow. >> reporter: the dangerous mix of snow and ice caused this 50-car pile-up on the pennsylvania turnpike, killing at least one person. roads and highways in the milwaukee area also had their share of problems, three separate wrecks involving over 100 cars, buses in ditches, semitrailers jack-knifed, causing a number of injuries. >> it was bad. could you barely see up the road, just swerving through cars, dodging cars and we ended up in a ditch. >> reporter: heavy snow was the headline in at least four nfl games sunday, blowing snow made it nearly impossible for fans to tell exactly where the ball was. the football field looked more like ice rinks with players slipping and sliding. at the eagles/lions game snow measured as high as six inches in the middle of the field. the lions fumbled six times before halftime. >> we're still dealing with that second system here in the northeast today and behind it on the tail end of the system comes
5:02 am
another wave that could bring more rain and snow in through tomorrow. we'll give you the full forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks so much for that. dallas is in much of a standstill. much of north texas reeling since thursday's ice storm. some have been stranded at the airport for days. ed lavandera is live from dwf. ed? >> reporter: good morning, kate. for most of the weekend, five out of the seven runways here at dfw airport had been iced over. things are starting to look better but it has been a long weekend for thousands of people trapped here at the airport. >> this is day four, dallas-ft. worth international airport. times are getting desperate. >> reporter: growing frustrations for thousands of passengers after being stranded at the dallas-ft. worth international airport since friday. james archibald of canada is one of them. >> i just don't understand why
5:03 am
they can't get the ice off the runway. i'm from canada. we've got four, five feet of snow on the runway, boom, plows go by. i know it's for our own safety but it's getting a bit silly. >> reporter: mr. archibald is posting video updates on youtube chronicling his adventure. he's amusing himself interviewing other travelers at the gates. >> i'm going home. i don't like this place. >> reporter: this isn't your home? >> it is right now. they say home is where you lay your head down. >> reporter: on friday, nearly 700 flights or about 90% of the total were canceled, about 400 more on sunday. these newly w llnewlyweds were honeymoon and trying to get to cancun, mexico when the storm grounded them. the couple from tokyo slept in chairs like so many others. some were lucky enough to get cots. the consolations continued through the weekend while airport workers provided some food and drinks to travelers.
5:04 am
they also brought in jugglers, illustrators and balloon artists but that was little relief for some. >> have you showered in four days? >> no. >> reporter: the temperature was above freezing at the airport for about five hours on sunday, that helped crews clear ice from the runways. and dfw airport officials say about 350 flights have been canceled for today, monday, that's an improvement from friday, when 750 flights were canceled, but the other good news is, kate, they have four runways now fully functional here at the airport at dfw, the airport says they can run a full schedule off of that. the problem is a lot of the flights are headed to the east coast where there are other delays. check in with your airline as you travel today. >> four days in the airport, those poor folks. hopefully they'll get out today. thank you so much. we'll keep an eye on the winter storm across the country. now right back to chris in south africa. chris? all right, kate, the situation here is speaking for
5:05 am
itself, chanting and song and dance breaks out, waves of emotion and new people come here in front of the home of nelson mandela in johannesburg, south africa, to celebrate the leader, who is, of course, now gone. is a combination of loss, reverence, and responsibility and people have been talking, what would be the right memorial for nelson mandela. the rainbow nation is in effect, all different colors and creeds and celebration together and for nelson mandela, that's what it would be all about. tuesday we'll see the largest gathering of world leaders in africa's history, the massive soccer stadium here was big enough for the world cup, but the 90,000 seats will hold just a fraction of the mourners, coming to celebrate the man who represented the promise of south africa. leaders from at least a dozen countries will be here, united states president obama, as well
5:06 am
as two former presidents, presidents clinton and bush as well as their wives will be in attendance with many other american dignitaries. they will be joined by the leaders of at least a dozen other countries, and more are continuing to join. >> madiba, this guy was the greatest, we'll never see someone like him again. >> reporter: on sunday, thousands packed places of worship in pretoria and soweto, different creeds and colors honoring a special man. >> today was a special mass for madiba. he said peace and we must hold that peace so that where is he, he'll be very pleased. >> reporter: tears and cheers capturing the loss and love for tata or father, as south africans called mandela. the makeshift memorials outside mandela's johannesburg home continue to grow but the greatest memorial may be the faces, black and white together.
5:07 am
parents bring children who will live a life madiba helped make possible. >> they were born free, they were born in the free south africa so they'll experience all the fruits of what he worked so hard for. >> reporter: in there is also loss. one man has mandela's image on his car and says he hasn't been able to sleep or eat since he heard the news. >> how can i live without madiba? i'm so sad. >> reporter: the long good-bye will continue all week, adding to the legend and the legacy of nelson mandela. the celebration here is a reflection of the complexity of what happens in south africa. you have members of different tribes, there are 11 different state languages recognized here. you are seeing waves of different parts of the community coming and it's spread into a spirit of inclusion as word of the loss of nelson mandela has gotten out. you have across the globe more and more leaders wanting to come, equal to or surpassing
5:08 am
what happened when john paul ii the pope died and they had that memorial, our own in the united states, president obama is bringing with him two former presidents clinton and fwusbush. we also heart former president jimmy carpeter will come. there's also a pushback, an undercurrent. newt gingrich wrote something that was thoughtful in praise of nelson mandela and got a lot of heat from the conservative right. why? we'll discuss it with him. back to you in new york. michaela? >> even great people are criticized by others. chris, looking forward to that conversation very much coming up on "new day." right now we want to give you a look at the headlines at this hour. u.s. defense secretary chuck haguele is in pakistan to discuss drone strikes and security threats. over the weekend hagel was in afghanistan where he focused on a security agreement that would keep some u.s. and coalition troops in the country after next year. afghan president hamid karzai said he won't sign it until after that nation's elections in april. protesters in the ukraine angry that their president is
5:09 am
forging closer ties to russia and not with european union, toppled a statue of lenin sunday and took turns pounding it with hammers. the biggest march in kiev since the president turned down the trade deal with the eu. protesters say they're giving him 48 hours to disband his government. this morning, eight major tech companies are urging the obama administration to set limits on government surveillance. in a letter signed by apple, google, microsoft and others, the companies say the government needs to better balance security deeds and privacy concerns. they want the u.s. to adopt reforms including clear limits on spying. calls for cameras on trains nationwide to be pointed at engineers and the tracks, a week after the metro north train derailment that killed four people in new york. crews installed new protections at the curve where the train left the tracks. the new system will warn engineers of approaching speed reductions and will automatically apply the
5:10 am
emergency brake if the speed is not lowered. carrie underwood sounding off on critics. the country star took to twitter calling out people who slammed her live television performance of "the sound of music." the actress received some backlash online for her portr portrayal of maria von trapp of what they cited her acting experience. she tweeted "plain and simple: mean people need jesus. they will be in my players tonight" and a scripture, too. >> great reaction. have you ever tried to sing "the sound of music"? >> i try to do it all the time and alone, the only sound is in my apartment. >> i only sing in the shower when no one's around. >> don't we sound so much better? >> that's why. i think i'm whitney houston when i'm in the shower. if you're trying to travel, i'm betting a lot of folks are upset they were stuck in airports when the big football sunday was happening, missing
5:11 am
out on the action. >> hopefully they had tvs. they gave out free tickets in dallas and only 1,000 people showed up at the game, it was so cold, no one wanted to be there. that's how you know it's freezing there. the second system into the northeast and take a look we have the wintry mix out there, more moving in towards new england. we had a bigger threat out towards virginia. that is switching over to rain as a little bit of that warmer air moves through but regardless, this was the threat today, about a quarter inch toward roanoke. we have to see what the information is that gets put out there. about 0.1 inch in new england. once you get some snow out of this, we have some snow into the northeast, you still have the concern there, you could have ice on the roads, you could have snow covering that and you may not see it. you want to take that additional time. here comes the second system, the tail end of the first system, another low spins off of that and moves up the cold front. as we go through tomorrow in the northeast, maybe in the overnight hours throughout the day and towards late afternoon we'll still be talking about snow and even more than we saw
5:12 am
yesterday about a good one to three inches of snow will be out there, farther down to the south we're still diagnose going to be talking about rain. does this mean delays? it does. because we could see low visibility. nothing as bad as what we have been seeing. we still have that backup out there so you add visibility on top of it, concerns neverending. >> people need you today and know what to do to avoid the mess. the answer is not much. >> nice to be needed but -- coming up next on "new day," not everyone is praising nelson mandela in the wake of his death. coming up, cnn "crossfire's" "' newt gingrich will be responding to critics for his admiration for mandela. talk about a rude awakening, you get on a flight, have a nap, you get up and you're alone inside a dark plane. the man that happened to, we'll talk to him exclusively coming up on "new day." [ male announcer ] it's simple physics...
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5:16 am
welcome back to "new day." you're looking at footage of president obama and first lady michelle obama just having gotten on board air force one. they're going to take off and fly here to south africa, johannesburg for what is promising to be an epic memorial
5:17 am
tomorrow, it will be held at the 90,000 people. the world is complexity, you talk about south africa, everything is complex, the nature of the burgeoning mixing of white and black and all the different regional languages that have to be here and the celebration is complicated. there's a sense of loss but also this joy of what mandela meant. you hear the music. you see the procession, different tribes, different religions all coming here and of course black and white together. the u.s. has president obama and also three former presidents coming as this echo around the world of the word of mandela's passing is generating this energy of inclusion, yet again complexity and that brings us to newt gingrich. he's joining us this morning and we're happy to have him. newt wrote a thoughtful piece about the passing of nelson mandela. newt had been one of the people early on pushing to end apartheid and help mandela's
5:18 am
cause. he got pushback, criticism for that piece, now amid all of this going on. newt i hope you can hear me pipe' in the middle of a celebration but please, tell us the context, what did you make of the pushback and criticism you got for what seemed like a very thoughtful piece about nelson mandela? >> well, i think, having analyzed it over the weekend, there were two waves of rejection of the idea of honoring mandela. one wave was people who confused mandela's role with the african national congress during the period when he was in jail. he spent 27 years in jail which was the peak of the african national congress's violence, much of which was violence against other blacks, not just violence against -- mostly not violence against the government. the other was i think that some elements of the left, particularly on one news channel went overboard in trying to use this in a chance to attack ronald reagan.
5:19 am
people who were reagan loyalists know reagan called for mandela to be released. reagan appointed the first black ambassador to south africa whose job was to pressure the afrikaans government. reagan -- this was another excuse from the left to smear reagan. lot of anger on the right this opportunity used inappropriately. mandela is a very complex person with a very long life, and i think he's the most important figure in sub-saharan africa in the last 100 years. he offers a hope for reconciliation and a hope for moving forward with free enterprise and private property, and an opportunity to create jobs and to live together that is greater than any other african leader of the last 100 years and i think that part of his memory has to be preserved and built upon. >> so newt, if you can, inform the speculation on both of these fronts and tell people what you
5:20 am
think the proper perception be, first nelson mandela someone advocating forceful overthrow early on, a big part of what got him in prison and on the ordinary side the idea that when he was in prison that the united states wasn't actively supporting his release to some satisfaction, and that during the iraq war, he was an outspoken critic of using force. we hear he was just go b to get on a plane to discuss with saddam hussein before the bombing started. what do you see as the right way to view these two different perspectives? >> first of all if you look at his entire life for the overwhelming early part of his life he was opposed to violence, all of his life he was opposed to racism. he consistently favored bringing south africans of all backgrounds together and deeply opposed the more racial wing of the independence movement. the other thing you have to remember about him is he was deeply committed to a
5:21 am
non-violent approach until you had the dictatorship under the afrikaans party to make it impossible to have something purely nonviolent. you look at the sharpeville massacre, 60 people killed by the police you see the context in which he was moving with s sadness but determination towards a sabotage campaign. even when when he was out of jail his focus was on sabotage acts that minute milesed loss of life. he was a man who really didn't want to go down that road but who found himself in a position where he had no choice. the american government's position, frankly, was consistently anti-apartheid but also in a context so it's easy for us to forget, you had zimbabwe collapsing under a terrible dictatorship, you had mozambique and angola in an communist effort to take them over, we were in the middle of the cold war and frankly the priorities of the united states government were to defeat the soviet union and were cautious about doing things that
5:22 am
distracted them from that. 1985, weber, bob walker, myself among them led an effort that convinced reagan to become more proactive. if you look at what he said and did during that period, think about the idea of appointing a black ambassador to a country that is racially legally totally segregated and the signal that sent to every young black in south africa that the united states was doing what it could to be on their side. i think it was a significant step. >> newt, what do you think about the recent understanding that it wasn't until 2008 that nelson mandela was on the list of known terrorists for the united states? >> look, i have been a consistent critic of the state department as an incompetent bureaucracy and the notion that they hadn't noticed sometime between 1990 and 2008 that nelson mandela had been released from prison was considered an international hero, had become president of his country and
5:23 am
frankly when i was speaker, he visited the united states to receive the gold medal, the notion they hadn't noticed this tells you about your state department and why it needs a very deep overhaul. >> i'll tell you one thing, newt, that's pretty clear being here, as you learn the history of what nelson mandela was able to achieve when he got out of prison, in just a few short years that he got the people here to accept, that he got the africans here to accept the apartheid members of government and the new government, that that spirit of reconciliation was possible here. it certainly informs of what we should be capable of back inspect u.s., don't you think? >> it does. when caliste and i visited capetown a few years ago we were privileged to go to mass in a catholic church, they had about 800 people there with a priest from notre dame who had been serving that church the last 20 years and you saw a sense of being able to be together, of
5:24 am
being south african, that everybody there was south african, whether they came from the black tribes -- they're all africans. the dutch who were there very early, some over 400 years ago, so all of them are african, whether of asian descent, european descent or blacks in the north and the fact is that mandela's spirit, think about this, after 27 years in jail, 19 of them in a cell that was 8'x 7', a guy invites his guard to come and sit in the front row of the inauguration and says to the entire country, if i can forgive the guard who kept me in jail for 27 years, you can forgive people. we have to move forward and work together and i think the south african economy and the opportunity south africa has to be the leading country in africa grows out of the spirit of reconciliation. i think there's a lot americans could learn about moving ahead together, getting over the fights of the past, and finding a way to reconcile with each other and frankly, without being
5:25 am
partisan, i hope that the president brings some of that spirit back with him. maybe he and the congress can sit down more in the spirit of mandela and actually listen to each other for a while and that would be healthier for the entire country. >> to be sure, no one party has the market cornered when it comes to not doing what it needs to do to work with the other side. newt, thank you for your perspective, appreciate it. tomorrow promises to be an epic memorial here. it will be a real privilege to bear witness. kate, back to you in the city. >> all right, chris. we'll get back to south africa in a minute. first we'll take a break. coming up next, michael morton, a man who spent two decades behind bars for a crime he did not commit but is he not the only one. it also happened to derek deacon. why is he having such a hard time celebrating his newfound freedom? and locked inside a plane. you'll meet a passenger who dozed off during a flight, woke
5:26 am
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welcome back to "new day." time for the five things you need to know. the east coast getting pelted with snow, rain and ice, the worst may be yet to come. the deep freeze causing all sorts of headaches at the airport and on the roads. preparations under way for a memorial service for nelson mande mandela. it will bring dozens of world leaders including president obama to south africa.
5:30 am
in montana, jury selections starting today in the case of a new bride charged with murdering her husband just eight days after their wedding. the 22-year-old has pleaded not guilty. it is sentencing day for former san diego mayor bob filner. filner resigned in august accused of sexual misconduct by nearly 20 women, expected to take a deal involving no jail time and a ban on seeking public office. number five, princeton students will line up today for the first doses of meningitis b vaccine, the vaccine is not yet approved in the u.s. but the fda cleared it for use following an outbreak of the rare strain on campus. we always update those five things to know, be sure to go to for the latest. for what you need to know about the weather, indra is taking a look at that. it is causing havoc if you're traveling. >> in the bronx a 20-car pile-up when you see the dangerous sleet, snow and ice moving into the area. it's not the ohm thing out there. look at the freezing fog
5:31 am
advisory in through dallas. it wasn't bad enough they had two storms making their way through, flights delayed or canceled. 700 flights canceled out of dallas-ft. worth thanks to that. here in the northeast we're dealing with the second system as it makes its way out. icing around virginia and still looking at the wintry mix through new england, farther south we're starting to see that sleet starting to switch over to of course some rain, we'll get warmer air into the region. there's the second low and the tail end of the cold front making its way up so overnight tonight in through tomorrow especially in through tomorrow afternoon we're going to start seeing more snow, more than we saw from the first system especially into the northeast, about one to three inches of snow still possible and also some rain on the tail end. not a big rain maker but either way low clouds, poor visibility and here we go with the dangerous temperatures we talked about this arctic air one of the other problems throughout the weekend, feels like negative 30 degrees, that's the windchill advisory out there, dakotas, through minnesota and look at the current temperatures,
5:32 am
negative 4 in denver, negative 30 in through bismarck. back to you guys. >> bismarck is not the place to be right now. we're sending you warm thoughts, bismarck. imagine this, waking up after a quick flight, the only person left on a dark, cold plane, you can't get out. it actually happened to tom wagner. he was flying from louisiana to california with a layover in houston. napped on the first leg and when he woke up, he was in a dark plane in houston and it took him over a half hour to get off that plane, to get out. tom wagner is joining us now to tell us more about his incredible story. mr. wagner you're kind of a sight for sore eyes my friend. >> why is that? >> well, i'm just imagining the whole ordeal that you went through, a half an hour locked in this cold, dark plane. when i first wake up it takes me a minute to figure out where i am. did it occur to you that something was terribly wrong? >> yes. well, i woke up and i happened to look up and the lights were
5:33 am
out. i was like, well, what's going on here? and then i was like, i looked down the isles and nobody was there. i got up, i walk around, i had to go to the bathroom, so i worked my way to the back and found it and i call my girlfriend, debbie, i said, "listen you got to call the airlines, i'm locked in the plane." >> she didn't believe you at first, did she? >> no, she's telling me stop, because i play games with her once in a while joking around. she said, "tommy --" i said "debbie i'm locked in the plane you got to call the airline." she started laughing. i said "i'm serious" and she's still laughing and she finally hung up and i guess she called the airlines and then i called my sister, because i figured i ain't going to make my next flight. >> you definitely didn't make that next flight. >> no. >> tom, you go to the explain this to me, are you the deepest sleeper that ever lived? >> no, i'm roll not, yeally not.
5:34 am
i get a loss of questions, didn't you feel when you landed? i was like well i work, i'm a captain on a shell oil, i work for the oil field industry and sleeping like bouncing around is kind of the norm. >> i guess so. par for the course for you. so it takes a half an hour for you to finally get out. >> well, yes. >> and what do you say to the gate agents? >> well, they were like what are you doing on this plane? i said, i was a passenger. i woke up and i was locked in a plane. the workers came out first, who found me. i was standing, going to open the door. i walked up to the cockpit and patted my hand on the handle and i said no i better not do that. couple minutes later the other side door started, you know, opened up, and the workers, the one worker come in, he said who are you? what are you doing on this
5:35 am
plane? i said dude i was a passenger on the plane, i fell asleep, i woke up, and then he said, where's your badge? i said i don't work here. i says i was a passenger on this airplane, and he started like, no, no, no. >> then what i think i understand, too, is that they did the sweep, the airline says they walked through to make sure nobody was left on the plane, they somehow missed you and f l fella, you look like you're a fairly substantial man. i don't know how they would have missed you. >> yes, i don't either. it's funny, the best i can put it. you know, like i talk to people, they're like i'd have freaked out. >> you stayed calm, though, didn't you? >> yes, well, i was like kind of tried to do the best to go with what i got. nobody would believe me that i was talking to. >> so tom, express jet gave us a statement, express jet is investigating to determine how this occurred. we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this caused for the passenger.
5:36 am
they paid for a hotel room, they gave you a travel voucher. is that enough? will you be traveling with them ever again? >> i'm traveling back on my return flight to louisiana. i didn't cancel my flight. >> and now you're at your destination, and did your sister forgive you for being late? >> yes. yes, she did. >> that's all that matters. >> yes, it was all worked out. >> it all worked out, you have a good attitude about it. hopefully that's not going to happen any time soon to anyone else. >> you're going to stay awake on your next flight, i tell you that much. >> i will do that. >> tom wagner from irvine, california, talking to us this morning and hopefully he'll have a safe and easy flight home to louisiana, thanks for your time today. >> thank you. >> you never want stories, it's better when you have a no story travel experience and he's got one to tell. >> that's a doozy. coming up next on "new day," we followed the story of michael morton. you remember this, a man who spent time behind bars for a crime that he did not commit.
5:37 am
well it also happened to this man. so why are prosecutors standing by their original conviction? we old told but prince harry's race in the south pole. it's suddenly on hold, but is the expedition really over? we'll talk about that, coming up. every day we're working to be an even better company - and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger. before using her new bank of america credit card, which rewards her for responsibly managing her card balance. before receiving $25 toward her balance each quarter for making more than her minimum payment
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welcome back to "new day." last night cnn films aired "an unreal dream: the story of michael morton." after spending more than 20 years behind bars for a crime he did not commit. he was exonerated through dna
5:41 am
evidence. now another story of a man based on wrong witness testimony. pamela brown, another incredible tale. >> he's one of 2,000 people exonerated since 1989, his name is derrick deacon. he spent nearly 25 years behind bars. last month it took a jury less than ten minutes to overturn that. today he's free but in a strange twist, prosecutors are standing by the case even as their tactics are coming under fire. derrick deacon still has a hard time enjoying his newfound freedom, after spending nearly 25 years behind bars for a crime he didn't commit. did you know the person that was killed? >> no, no. >> reporter: were you there when the crime happened? >> no. no time. >> reporter: did you have any involvement whatsoever? >> no. >> reporter: in 19 the, deacon was convicted for shooting 60-year-old anthony twoin death at this apartment building during an alleged robbery. prosecutors insist a handyman
5:42 am
witnessed the men arguing and saw deacon with a gun but no forensic evidence, no eyewitness to the shooting. >> being the prosecutor in a way blame of weakness my first weakness, witness, a girl. >> reporter: colleen campbell who spoke to cnn only if we concealed her identity. she faced off with the killer on this landing. during the investigation police asked her if the man she encountered was deacon, known by his nickname, fire. >> they bring the picture of fire and them have me say if it is this man, i say, i tell them no. it was a young boy and he's 19, 20. >> reporter: her description in this 1989 police report of the man she came face to face with didn't match deacon at all. he was older and taller with a full head of hair and a beard. the defense counted on her testimony. >> the defense attorney at the original trial opened with the fact that miss campbell was
5:43 am
going to be testifying and an exonerating witness. week prior the prosecution had got on it her. >> reporter: campbell passed this lie detector test about her account but she says prosecutors pushed her to change her story and give vague testimony. she says they threatened to have her children taken away if she didn't cooperate, claims prosecutors deny. >> when i go to court, must give them doubt. him say give them doubt. >> reporter: deacon was found guilty and sentenced 25 years to life. >> with the suffering, nothing something anyone should do. >> reporter: in 2001 an fbi informant involved said fire had gotten arrested for a murder he didn't commit, he blamed someone named pablo for wynn's murder. this led to a retrial in 2009. colleen campbell testified again, this time telling jurors the man she saw definitively was not deacon, leaving only the handyman's testimony on its own.
5:44 am
prosecution was basically relying on one chief witness. >> yes. >> reporter: how credible was his testimony? >> still somewhat unclear if he actually saw, if he was saying that he saw this or if he was saying that he heard it, if he was passing by or had just seen it, so you know, it was a little bit spotty i would say. >> reporter: just last month it took the new jury less than ten minutes to aquite deacon of the murder, finally giving him his freedom. and the original prosecutor, thomas merrill, is now counsel to the nyc health department. he told us by e-mail he respects the jury's acquittal but still believes a handyman saw enough to prove deacon's guilt. he acknowledges campbell described a younger man but said her accounts were inconsistent. the brooklyn d.a. who prosecuted the second trial refused to say anything about the case including whether they would pursue pablo the man identified as the real killer >> that is still lingering out
5:45 am
there. >> sure is, yes. >> life ruined, a young boy dead and a man with no closure. no one wins in that one at all. thank you for bringing that story. coming up next on "new day," prince harry's charity race to the south pole scrubbed. that doesn't mean he's stopping. we'll explain. first let's get back to chris in south africa. ♪ all right, a woman came to me and said the heavens are getting ready to cry for the death of nelson mandela. the rains may come but they will not dampen the spirit you see here. when we come back we have a special edition of "the good stuff" for you. stick with innovation.
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welcome back to "new day." let's get a quick look at your top stories. the east coast getting slammed by ice, sleet and snow. the storm already grounding more than 1,000 flights today. driving not much better. it's pretty dangerous, slick roads leading to hundreds of wrecks from missouri to the mid-atlantic. some 90 world leaders past and present begin heading to south africa today to say good-bye to anti-apartheid icon nelson mandela. national day of remembrance was held in south africa sunday. "127 hours" aron ralston will be in court this morning
5:50 am
facing domestic violence charges. let's talk about prince harry and his south pole expedition. feel like we've been tracking this for a little while. it's the most fun getting healthy. >> imagine that, guys. >> see upwave dote com, others found inspiring lives. encouraged by air optics. >> if you're sleeping in your contact lenses ask about the air optix contact lenses they're approved for 30 nights of continuous wear. ask your doctor and visit safety information and a free one-month trial. >> we were hoping our expedition to the couch is not as harrowing as prince harry's. the race has been called off. the gruelling expedition was meant to raise money for wounded service men and women, some of whom are participating in it. even though the race is off the mission has just begun. cnn's erin mclaughlin has more
5:51 am
in london. what do you know, erin? >> reporter: this really was a safety decision, many of the participants were amputees from conflict zones, they're facing extreme conditions. harry is an active service member, he's also a patron of the sponsoring charity, walking with the wounded and while the racing portion has been called off, prince harry and other participants are determined to see this through. prince harry's race to the south pole was never going to be easy. the print of the trek is to show the world what injured veterans can achieve, crossing 208 miles of dangerous terrain at temperatures of minus 31 degrees fahrenheit, all the while pulling sleds weighing more than 165 pounds, is a dangerous proposition. add to that the stress of a three-way international race. the gruelling trek has already seen delays due to severe weather and now for safety reasons, organizers have called
5:52 am
off the racing element of the expedition. >> people are going to get very, very tired and with our doctor here who i am in constant contact with, we just feel we're beginning to push people a little too hard so i've suspended the race. everything still keeps trekking on. we're going to seize the pole. >> reporter: the trek includes three teams of four wounded veterans from the uk, the u.s., canada and australia. many of the participants lost limbs in iraq and afghanistan. >> i'm given the opportunity i can help these guys out, whether it's creating more awareness for them or whatever, then you know, so what minus 50, so what, 90-mile-an-hour winds. occasionally you got to put yourself through that for a good cause. >> reporter: in 2011 harry's attempt to the north pole was called off because of the royal wedding. he broke a toe for this trip but never considered pulling out proof of how important completing this expedition of
5:53 am
the fourth in line to the throne. >> he'd be disappointed if they have to stop the expedition completely in the next couple weeks. >> reporter: prince harry suggested his brother wished he was along for the adventure. >> i think he's jealous i managed to get away from the screaming child. >> reporter: i spoke to the spokesperson for walking with the wounded this morning and she told me they have about another 50 miles to go, they're expected to reach the south pole on friday so if all goes according to plan, prince harry should be home in time for the holidays. michaela and kate? >> chris is with us as well. thanks so much, erin. amazing to think about what they're doing. >> i imagine after completing that they'll feel there's nothing you can't achieve. >> we argue there's nothing you can't achieve already with what you've done for your country. we'll take a break and after that we'll head back to south africa. ♪ through 12 ice storms brewing ♪ ♪ 10 straight days raining
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. welcome back to "new day," everyone. let's get back to south africa for a very nesspecial edition o "the good stuff." chris? >> seems appropriate. >> hey, kate, we're surrounded by these demonstrations of unusual humanity that we like to capture in "the good stuff" and when you're talking about south africa you talk about complexity. nelson mandela was a complex figure politically and personally. the situation down here is very complex and still continuing to develop, the reaction to nelson mandela's passing is complex. while there's an echo the world over of respecting the message of reconciliation and strength in the face of adversity, there's also pushback as we see
5:58 am
and yet and yet and yet when you think about nelson mandela and his passing most commonly you think about the memorial, tomorrow's setting up to be an epic display of world power and people coming together. he didn't want statues, he didn't want his words on a wall. he said that his memorial would be the people, and what we saw today, i want to show you one photo that grabbed it, for all the tribal ware and the different people and tribal sects coming together look at the picture of these children on the shoulders of their parents, okay? as simple a photo as a white kid on a white man's shoulders and a black kid on a black parent's shoulders, side by side, it may seem so casual and ordinary, and that's the beauty of it when you set it against the backdrop of what the apartheid culture was. that's why i wanted to single it out as the good stuff and the realization of the dream of nelson mandela on this day and hopefully many going forward. it seems like a simple image, kate, michaela, with what has
5:59 am
been lift through down here the idea they are mourning together, that the sense of loss and the sense of responsibility is black and white as one is really something that's remarkable and certainly the good stuff. >> we've been commenting throughout the show, chris, you've been bringing the sights and the sounds and the celebration going on behind you, on the ground, the big celebration, the big event, the big memorial is tomorrow. what has it been like so far being able to witness this incredible moment in history? >> you know it's unusual. one of the privileges of this job that we do is being able to bear witness to history, and it's nice when history is not in its darkest moments, and to realize how profound apartheid was, just how bad it was, for them to come to this point where they celebrate this man together is a beautiful thing and it's great to be here and i look forward to tomorrow, 100 world leaders represented there, it's going to be amazing. >> you'll be our eyes and ears on the ground.
6:00 am
we can't wait to share that with you tomorrow, chris cuomo. soak it all in for us, brother, soak it all in. >> see you soon, chris. >> will do. >> we'll talk to you tomorrow. that's it for us. now to john berman for carol costello in "the newsroom." >> happy monday, everyone. frustrating monday morning up and down the east coast. "newsroom" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- good morning everyone. it's john berman. carol costello is off today. the calendar says we're 12 days away from the official start of winter. try telling that to folks in the northeast and across much of the country. look at this picture from st. louis, a storm system that has dumped plenty of ice and snow from texas to pennsylvania, has killed at least seven people, it's expected to keep causing problems today. this is already


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