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tv   Around the World  CNN  December 9, 2013 9:00am-10:01am PST

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are cracked, but there is light coming through the cracks and there are beautiful things happening. >> the world is indeed mourning and watching along with them. >> it's right to give them their space. >> thank you, poppy harlow. and thanks for watching. i'm out of time. but "around the world" starts next with suzanne malveaux and next with suzanne malveaux and michael holmes. -- captions by vitac -- leaders from around the world are arriving in south africa, including four u.s. presidents and more than 90 heads of state as the nation prepares to honor the life nelson mandela. >> oh, boy. falling ice in texas, of all places. crashing into parked cars. thankfully not people. severe weather continues right across the country. and soccer fans turning violent in brazil, causing police to use tear gas and rubber bullets to stop the
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fighting. welcome to around the world". i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm michael holmes. thanks for your company. we'd like to welcome viewers not just here in the united states but indeed, all around the world. day four of the mourning period for nelson mandela, and the world's focus on south africa unwavering. >> and that is how it is done. there is sadness mixed also with celebration. you see the dancers there as mourners flock to mandela's home in johannesburg. people of all different faiths, races, backgrounds together paying tribute to the icon who reshaped the country and really became a global symbol of peace. the diversity of the crowds a testament to what he accomplished in that once bitterly segregate the society. >> leaders from around the world as we said at the top of the program, also starting to
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converge on south africa. you see there president and mrs. obama boarding air force one. they took off from andrews air force base in maryland. several hours ago now. they're well on their way and former president george w. bush and his wife and former first lady laura bush are en route to johannesburg. >> tomorrow when the official memorial service is going to take place, it's the city's soccer stadium. we want to go live to robin ker now outside of the mandela home. set the scene for us, the mood. this is day four of a ten-day mourning period. >> and i spoke to somebody close to mandela. they said it wasn't enough to not only say good-bye to such a great man but it wasn't enough to organize all of this. just imagine trying to organize more than 90 heads of state, plus more than 80,000 to 90,000 people in that stadium just for
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tomorrow. in terms of the way south africa is saying good-bye, you can see it behind me. it's starting to rain. people are still outside his home and they've been here nonstop since that thursday announcement. what is key is that they don't really care about what's happen inside the home. everybody seems to have their own personal intimate connection with mandela and they're coming here, playing flowers. it's a very, very special kind of feeling. a lot of party atmosphere in many ways. people celebrating his life, i must say. i haven't seen these sorts of scenes in south africa since 1994 when he became the president. >> tomorrow's big service is going to be a nightmare logistically i imagine handling all the leaders. . i think it's 100 current and former world leadsers flying in there, including some that mandela was not always complimentary about because he was always a very brutally honest sort of fellow. what are you plans tomorrow?
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>> reporter: well, i think, i mean, you've got to feel sorry for the south africans. on one hand, everybody here is so proud of this man. on the other hand, the logistics, imagine trying to lee he's with more than 100 security detail for every head of state or former heads of state. that's not to mention if the 80 eminent people the ed of the eu or the u.n. logistically, very difficult. in terms of mandela, you know, what a man. i saw him many times. he had connections with gadhafi and castro. he really didn't care weather people were in favor in the western world or whether they were popular. he was very, very principled in the fact that if gadhafi, if the libyans or the cubans had given assistance to the anc in times of trouble, he felt loyal. he was very loyal to his friends. he would show the friendship
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back. what you are going to see is a mismatch of people. hemowho are celebrities, naomi campbell known for her temper and being a hot headed model sitting next to perhaps the head of iran. you know? there's a wonderful image when you can see about tomorrow. i think that is mandela as his p.a. said today, he's bringing people toothing in death as well as he did in life. >> we're looking at pictures of mandela dancing. he was somebody who celebrated life, as well, bringing so many people together. you just can't help but. >> i will and be inspired when you see these images. thank you. appreciate that. the image of bill clinton at robben island, what an amazing treat to see that up close. >> you've got world leaders going there, including he was very critical of george w. bush over the iraq war and bush is heading down there. he was critical of the united states way back in 2003.
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i think he said if there's a krntd has committed unspeakable an frosties, it is the united states. this is a man who spoke from the heart and people respected him for na. >> can too i along time for the u.s. to divest in investments in south africa. the funeral for nelson mandela will be one of the biggest funerals the world has ever seen. officials preparing to welcome more than 91 current, former heads of state for this memorial. and president obama en route along with former president george w. bush. rare they're on air force one together. decided to get a ride. >> hitched a ride. they're going to be joined, of course, by former presidents bill clinton who was also close to any son mandela, as you said, and jimmy carter, too. he's going for the memorial service. some other world leaders who plan to attend for mr. mandela are the u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon, david cameron, prince charles is going. the french president, francois
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hollande and even the cuban president, as we said he had ties with cuba in the past, raul castro, list goes on and on of dignitaries. >> of course, with president obama and three of his predecessors going to south africa, you can imagine what robin was talking about, and that is security and the kind of complex situation they're dealing with potentially a nightmare. secret service had very little time to prepare for the trip. athena jones is joining us at the white house. we're very much aware of what it takes. there's not a lot of advance work when you have the limited amount of time. air force one expected to touch down what, early tomorrow morning? >> early tomorrow morning. i think about 1:00 a.m., they'll be making a fuel stop on the way. bottom line, these are the kinds of trips that take weeks and months to prepare. this was compressed into a very short time line. the spokesman for the secret service say they've done things in less time and an they've
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known that any son mandela was ill for some time and they've been working with the state department and south african government. they have agents based in pretoria and rome able to work on logistics necessary 37 they're the same protocols are required anytime the president goes somewhere. they still have to get certain things done, everything from securing walk throughs, securing the motorcade route and hotel rooms. but the white house was asked about this on air force one gaggle and they said they haven't heard of any security concerns. and they note south africa was able to host the world cup. as you mentioned, we're you canning about nearly 100 world leaders and in some cases it's not just the current leader of a country but several past presidents and leaders, as well. here in washington -- vice president biden just stopped by the south african embassy and
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signed condolences book there, talking about the profound gratitude that america has for nelson mandela. he's expected to speak as a memorial service here on wednesday. >> all right. athena, you and i have been on many trips with the president. it is a lot of logistics behind the scenes. we understand the president is also going to be speaking at the memorial service. that is something worked out ahead of time. >> unfortunately because nelson mandela being sick for so long, i've got to imagine there was some preplanning done. >> absolutely. >> yes, get it all off the ground, big job. here's more of we are working on this hour for "around the world." be. >> cannot believe those pictures. >> that's sheets of ice flying off the roof tops. this is in texas. now the east coast getting hit with some bad weather. >> also, a soccer match turns bloody in brazil. fans rioting in the stands and, of course, we're talking about
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something like that, but in texas, this is scary. this is a suburb of plano. thankfully, this is sheets and sheets of ice falling down, didn't hit anybody. did severe damage to the car as you can see it there. this has beenable up for days. and the temperatures, it was just a few degrees and it just the ice just slid off the side of the building. >> unbelievable. also, hard to believe, but what you're about to see is an interstate. it is not a parking lot although indications would appear otherwise. a snowstorm that hit the northwest arizona over the weekend, triggered a chain reaction crash as these things sometimes do. shut down a an 30-mile stretch of i-15. there were nom reports of injuries, thank goodness but hundreds of people were stranded, some for up to 12 hours hoping they wouldn't run out of gas and therefore, the ability to stay warm. state troopers and other crews patrolled the road giving out blankets, water and gasoline.
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the interstate thankfully back open. >> flying not that much easier, as a matter of fact. you're talking about so far today at least 1500 flights have been cancelled. right now it's looking like the weather is going to get worse before it gets better. chad will talk about all of this because it is quite surprising. this is before you would expect really severe weather. >> all that ice in texas. >> i can't wait till january i'm going to be really busy in january, cancel all my vacation. you know, literally with the ice falling off the building, i've heard of golf ball sized hail but never pool table sized hail. >> imagine. >> how much do you think that weighed? >> 500 pounds easy. yeah. you know, you talk about 1 to 2 inches of ice coming down. that car down there is done. you're not going to rebuild that. that's a parts car when you take the tires and wheels off and put it on a different car. the problem again, airports. you mentioned that just for a second. over 5,000 planes with more than
9:16 am
100 each passengers on those planes were canceled this weekend. that's 500,000 people not going somewhere. someone didn't make it to where they're going or still trying. if you're on an airplane today, plan on every single seat being sold out. try to pack and put it under the plane if you can. there's not going to be any extra space on those planes. if you're last, they'll tell you to gate check it anyway. another round of snow coming for d.c., philadelphia into baltimore for tomorrow. about a four-inch snowfall. it's not ice. that's something better. but do we need more snow in d.c.? do we need snow day for the kids? philadelphia picked up another 8 inches of snow and another 4 coming tomorrow. >> i was watching the football. have you ever seen a game with that much snow? >> that was amazing. i'm always traveling. am i clear if i'm traveling in a
9:17 am
couple of days? >> on wednesday you're fine. tomorrow probably not. they're still going to have precanceled flights for tomorrow. >> wow. all right. having a huge impact here in the u.s. chad, thanks so much. chad meyers are there. >> always check with chad on my travel. >> you do. >> all right. >> the storm, of course, rough on dallas. we're talking about travelers stranded. this is for days at the airport. >> this is day four, dallas can fort worth airport. times are getting desperate. >> can you imagine that guy? that poor guy. >> day four. >> i would be getting frustrated. hundreds of more flights canceled today. could be another day of the so-called camp dfw for the stranded folks out there. going to take you live in a couple of minutes. >> also, some rioting in the stands at a soccer match in brazil where fans brutally attacked each other. we've got the details of that and what that means for people who might be headed for the world cup. ♪
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it's pretty crazy. this is out of brazil actually. pretty dispushing, as well. this is something that just happened. soccer fans essentially going wild in the stands. fighting breaking out all over. getting ugly pretty fast. shasta darington actually has the story behind this. >> a bloody riot between rival soccer fans broke out at a game here in brazil over the weekend. several people were critically injured. one man was airlifted out. the game between da gamma was halded for more than an hour
9:22 am
while players and coaches pleaded with fans to stop the violence and police shot rubber bullets into the crowds. unfortunately, soccer violence is a chronic problem for the host of the next world cup. >> really crazy. >> now in north korea, some political upheaval there. and that's putting it mildly. the leader there kim jong ub has kicked his own uncle out of power, a very powerful ung jong song tech is accused of corruption, drug use even, womenizing >> he and his allies are accused of trying to build their own power base and sell off the country's resources. they say kim's removal of his uncle saying he is consolidating his power getting rid of the old guard close to his father. >> chuck hagel in pakistan today talking with the prime minister there and other top officials. his first meeting was with pakistan's new army chief of staff. ing
9:23 am
>> u.s. officials say they are hoping to reach an agreement on reopening a keyboarder checkpoint that american troops use to bring military equipment out of neighboring afghanistan. haggle is the first defense secretary to visit islamabad in nearly four years. well, she was one of the people who knew him best. that lady there, nelson mandela's personal assistant talking about her last visit with the man so revered by his country. that's coming up next. peoi go to angie's listt for all kinds of reasons. to gauge whether or not the projects will be done in a timely fashion and within budget. angie's list members can tell you which provider is the best in town. you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare. now that we're expecting, i like the fact i can go onto angie's list and look for pediatricians. the service providers that i've found on angie's list actually have blown me away. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list -- reviews you can trust.
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where this holiday season, the hottest sleep innovations make the coolest gifts - including sleep number dual temp. discover dual temp at one of our 425 sleep number stores nationwide. sleep number. comfort individualized. world." i'm suzanne malveaux. >> i'm michael holmes. all around the world, people, of course, remembering nelson mandela and preparing for his funeral this weekend. >> it is a week full of events. tuesday is memorial service which president obama and other heads of state will attend. there are going to be public viewing areas throughout the country, as well. >> wednesday through friday, nelson mandela will lie in state at the seat of government, which is, of course, pretoria and on sunday the state funeral will be held at his ancestral home which is qunu in south africa's
9:28 am
eastern cape region. >> moments ago, we heard from desmond tutu speaking about nelson mandela, how he prevented an all-out racial war after leaving prison. >> everybody was saying we would have gone up in flames. and -- and he was like, here he was like a magician. he really was like a magician with a magic wand. turning us into this glorious multicolored rainbow people. >> speak of iconic figures, desmond tutu. >> he spoke at my college. and led the divestment movement. you have the shanty 2001s, the tents in the yard and everything
9:29 am
as people were basically protesting investment in south africa. he spoke to us. >> he's quite the character, that's for sure. one of the people closest to any son mandela is his personal assistant, zelda la grange. she spoke with robin ker now and tells us about her last visit with mandela. >> it's obviously sad. the sadness in the house but there is also i have to say an undertone of a celebration almost i want to say. people are celebrating madiba's life. they are grateful. people are coming together, people who haven't seen each other for years. that's the incredible thing about madiba, he's bringing people again together in his death. >> he was suffering quite a lot in those last few months. is there a sense of relief is perhaps the wrong word that he's at least free from that? >> yes, well, you know, the family made sure that wasn't in any pain through the doctors, of course, and he wasn't suffering,
9:30 am
but you know, madiba was such an independence person, such a proud person that it must have been difficult for him. so it is in a way -- it is letting go. it had to come at some point, yes. >> what was it like when you saw him for the last time? did you know you were saying good-bye? >> at the time i didn't. but i said the things that needed to be said. >> do you think he heard you? >> yes. >> what did he say? >> now i told him i love him. >> was it hard seeing him like that? >> yes. >> emotional stuff. robin joins us now from johannesburg. a moving interview, robin. she's an impressive lady. she was very close to him, wasn't she in. absolutely. he called her his rock. literally she spent the last 18,
9:31 am
19 years with him. you know what was incredible about her role in his life was also incredible about the way he was such a leader was that he picked her out of the typing pool when he arrived at the presidency. she's afterry cans, she's white. she represented the old order. he made a point of insuring that she was next to him because not only -- he wanted to show the world, south africans that he would work and rely on a white person. she tells a wonderful story how there was a picture of her once serving him tea. and it will caused an outcry because a white woman was serving a black man tea. look how much things have changed in 20 years. >> this is someone by his side for more than 18 years. i imagine she was very difficult to let go, to actually let go of him. how did she do that? how did she explain how she finally made peace with that, if she has? >> you know, i'm a south african and i don't think any of us, and i'm going to be very personal
9:32 am
here, i don't think any of us will ever let go. this was a man to changed not just the course of this country and history. that's something else in a way. every single one of us was affected by what mandela did for every one of us personally. that is what you're seeing behind me tonight is this intimate connection that he forged with south africans because he sacrificed so much, but at the same time, he also made a point of making you feel like you could follow him. and that didn't matter if you were white or whether you had thought bad racist thoughts 20, 50 years ago, it was okay. he was like the pied piper. he had this extraordinary ability to bring people along. this is what we have today. people in the rain standing in front of a wall of flowers saying thank you. >> making them feel like they were, indeed, close to him and important to him even if they had never met him. robin. >> and mattered. >> robyn curnow, extraordinary reporting throughout the last few days. great to have you here into it really is the definition of a
9:33 am
leader, people who inspire people to follow them. that's exactly what he did for so many. people of all races, faiths, really paying tribute to any son mandela in these days. >> the area outside of mr. mandela's home in johannesburg as we have seen in the last few days become a real gather is place for mourners. there have been cheers, there have been tears and celebrations of his life but also of course, sadness, too. all for the icon who reshaped that country in many ways affected the world. >> christiane amanpour joins us from south africa. give us a global sense. we've been talking about this in a personal way and people who are on the ground. but you have people from all over the world, more than 90 heads of state, ten former heads of state plantom travel to johannesburg for the services four u.s. presidents. give us a sense of the global
9:34 am
picture here. >> well, it is massive. it's all encompassing. they're coming from all over the world, nearly 100, more than 90 people from around the world, heads of government, heads of state coming for what's going to be the big set piece memorial in the famous soccer stadium here in joe han besburg, near to soweto where he lived before he was sentenced to jail. they'll be there and people such as president obama, the u.n. inject secretary-general ban ki-moon will be speaking, also the president of brazil will be speaking, as well. there will be family members speaking and the main appreciation and tribute will be read by current south african president jacob zuma all taking place tomorrow. this is a massive stadium. it holds, we're told, around 95,000 people. we're told that ordinary south africans, there's no tickets or anything to get in. first come, first served. that's going to be a very coveted line to be in tonight waiting till the early hours of
9:35 am
tomorrow morning. south african time. of course, there will be many screens around the country for people to be able to follow that memorial service. we don't know how long it's going to last. it's budgeted to last a few hours. it may go on for many, many hours longer than that. i think also so important, you mentioned robin was talking about zelda la grange and her own feelings as white south africans. it imd roos me of that incredible thing he told a journalist, while i was in prison my hatred for the white people decreased but my hatred for the system increases. so he was committed to toppling that system but then of course, why does everybody love him and respect him? because he was able to triumph over the hatred and forgiveness is the motif of his time on this earth. >> he achieved so much but one of his big -- poverty was a big deal for him. i think he said massive poverty
9:36 am
and obscene inequality are such terrible scourges of our time. he fought against it. now, south africa still battles that and many, many other things do you think he might be disappointed with what's not happened on that stage? >> probably. i mean, look, frankly and factually, a huge amount of good has happened to south africa whether it's a stable democracy, whether it's a free press, whether it's a much bigger or more inclusive middle class including blacks, whether it's better education, but you're absolutely right. the project is not finished. in fact, even particularly amongst the blacks, there is a massive income inequality, one of the biggest in the world. very, very poor people still living in shantytowns and the like while there is also at the same time a very rich and exploding black you know, economic super class. so that is an issue. the issue of corruption is still one that's alive and needs to be
9:37 am
tackled. and the issue of education still needs to be tackled. he was very keen on the idea of education. but look, many people will say some of the very important things were not done. and they still have to be finished, but after mandela was released and after those first elections in south africa, so much more of this continent has become democratic. it's not a coincidence. >> christiane, so many world leaders when you talk about the leader of cuba, the united states and europe and african countries, it could not be more diverse. do you think there is a lesson, a takeaway they can come away from mandela? because you have such an incredible diverse group of world leaders who govern differently. >> wouldn't it be great. wouldn't that just be wonderful. there are certainly many leaders out there, many conflicts that could be resolved if a little bit of mandela's forgiveness and
9:38 am
inclusion was employed. many long time dictator and authoritarians who make take a lesson out of mandela's playbook. he stepped down after one term. he promised to serve one term and kept that promise. sure, there are many, many leaders out there who could take some serious lessons to what mandela proved as a leader on the world stage. >> and particularly the areas of compromise and the like, too. >> and forgiveness. >> yeah, compromise forgiveness. >> reconciliation. many countries have not been able to pull that off. south africa was truly the model for that. >> interestingly, conflict areas like northern ireland, if you talk to jerry adams of the sinn fein, if you talk to people on the union side, the english side they say they learned a lot from the example of mandela. >> christiane, thanks so much. great to have you down there too for this historic event. we'll be talking, no doubt.
9:39 am
>> and another big story we're following. these folks thought they were stopping in dallas for a brief layover. well, to change planes. they didn't realize they would be calling dallas fort worth home. >> i don't like this place. >> you mean this isn't your home? >> it is right now. they say home is where you lay your head down. >> at least a little bit, temporarily home. can't get in or out of dallas right now. more flights to and from the city today. we're going to go live next.
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9:43 am
if you want to escape to warmer weather, try anchorage. i'm not kidding >> alaska. >> you crack me up. >> apparently it's true. might not be funny but it's true. it was warmer there will this morning than in st. louis or denver. >> that doesn't make any sense at all. the premature blast of winter affecting virtually the entire united states. and if you're not seeing snow, ice or blistering cold, you're probably getting really tired of the fog and the endless rain. that's what we've been getting >> we're watching this too because traveling by car has been pretty dangerous here on the road. pile-up, this is a pile-up in yonkers, new york, that left 40 people hurt. look at all those cars. incredible. if you're traveling by air, that too long difficult flying. about 1500 flights canceled today. >> yeah. and some travelers can't get out of dallas. here's cnn's ed lavandera. >> this is day four, dallas fort
9:44 am
worth airport. times are getting desperate. >> growing frustrations for thousands of passengers after being stranded at the dallas fort worth international airport since friday. james archibald of canada is one of them. >> i just don't understand why they can't get the ice off the runway. you know, i'm from canada. we've got four or five feet of snow on the runway, boom, clouds go by. i know it's for our own safety but it's getting silly. >> he is posting video updates on youtube chronicling his misadventure in north texas as he waits out the weather, he's amusing himself by interviewing other travelers stuck at the gates. >> i'm going home. i don't like this place. >> you mean, this isn't your home? >> it is right now. they say home is where you lay your head down. >> reporter: on friday, nearly 7 had unflights or about 90% of the total were cancelled. about 400 more on sunday. these newlyweds were on their honeymoon and trying to get to
9:45 am
cancun, mexico, when the storm grounded them. the couple fll tokyo a long way from that beachfront honeymoon slept in chairs. some were lucky enough to get cots. the cancellations continued through the weekend while airport workers pried some food and drinks to travelers. they also brought in jugglers, illustrators and balloon artists but little relief for some. >> have you showered in four days? >> no. >> the temperature was about freezing for about five hours on sunday helping crews clear ice from the runways. >> he ed joins us from dallas fort worth international. those jugglers can only last so long before people completely lose it, rightle? where are we at this point? >> yeah, no, this is quite a place to be. there's only so much to do in the airport terminal. you know? but they say things are improving. about 350 flights canceled so far today. quite improving when you consider it was almost will
9:46 am
nearly 800 flights were canceled on friday. a lot of the problem now is mow logistic logistical. you have airport pilots and crews scattered in places where they shouldn't be. airlines are trying to figure out how to reposition teams so they can get the schedule running normally again. >> it's the domino effect. one plane doesn't fly from somewhere. it was going somewhere and that affects everything down the line. what are the airlines doing for those who are stranded there? i mean obviously the cots. that will help a little bit. >> yeah, you've got to give it to them. they're trying their best to make people -- i think there was singing and coffee and hot chocolate and that sort of thing. once you're in i an terminal for three or four days at a time, how many cups of coffee do you really need? >> ed, thanks so much. ed lavandera there at dallas fort worth or dp fw. >> normally they compete against each other but this is a rare move here. we're talking about america's top tech firms joining forces.
9:47 am
wa want to see what they are asking the president to do that's going to impact your privacy. that's next on "around the world." [ paper rustles, outdoor sounds ] ♪ [ male announcer ] laura's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. if you've had a heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor it's been that way since the day you met. but your erectile dysfunction - it could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sexual activity. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess with cialis.
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inform ukraine, protests reaching fever pitch. they have been going on for days and they're getting bigger. today after weeks of mass protests over a u-turn away from the european you know, the ukrainian president is backing in talks that will involve the opposition trying to work out some sort of compromise. >> the main opposition party has told cnn police stormed the opposition's offices and took away some computers. now, police are denying any involvement, and one thing is certain, the discontent in the streets is very real and it is growing. >> and it's not pleasant to be out on those streets. you can see the weather in kiev there.
9:51 am
matthew chance has been covering it all for us. >> reporter: it was a symbolic act of defiance. pro european protesters toppling that statue of the russian revolutionary lenin in the center of kiev. hacking to to pieces with hammers. pro government demonstrators staged their own demonstrations nearby. ukraine is increasingly divided. hundreds of thousands have cath gathered in the capital of kiev calling for the government to step down. there's widespread anger after the president rejected closer ties in the european union in favor of a trade pact with moscow. >> some of america's top tech companies are now urging the u.s. government to curtail its spying program. this is a rare move that tech executives sent a letter to president obama and congress saying there's an urgent need to curtail the spying which the companies say is hurting their bottom line. >> a lot of people say those companies collect a lot of information on you but they say
9:52 am
the government is doing worse. the massive snooping program came to light when documents leaked by edward snowden revealed the interactions between tech companies and the nsa. evan perez joins us now from washington. yeah, it's interesting move by these tech companies. they've taken a hit in some overseas markets like china. how can companies that have staked their reputations on the ability to safeguard people's information start to assure customers overseas their information is secure if the nsa can poke in the backdoor? >> that's what's worrying executives of some of the biggest tech companies in if the united states. facebook, apple, twitter, google and move the are all asking the government to help pull back some of the nsa surveillance programs. the challenge for these companies, they are required by law to help the nsa do surveillance. what edward snowden exposed over the last few months is several
9:53 am
programs that allow the nsa to access vast amounts of private information. the nsa says it is to prevent terrorism. but often that data is being collected on people who don't have any connection to terrorism. and that's the reason why you see these companies asking the government to change the law so the companies can in fact protect their customers' privacy. here's what they had to say in their letter they sent out today. the balance in many countries has tipped too far in faf of the state. and away from the rights of the individual. rights that are enshrined in our constitution. this undermines the freedoms we all cherish. it's time for change. >> and evan, talk specifically about klein because we know a lot of drops in sales have happened in china even though the economy there grew 8% in the third quarter. how does this impact the u.s. economy, as well? >> that's right. these are some of the most important companies to the u.s. economy. and already some are reporting their competitors in europe are
9:54 am
stealing their business simply because these companies are able to say that they can offer better privacy protections and they don't have to help the sa snoop. microsoft's general counsel wrote in a blog post that customers won't use technology they don't trust. he says the government puts that trust at risk and the government has to help restore it, suzanne. >> evan, thank you so much. a lot of people are just thinking you can't -- there's no guarantee of privacy wherever you are. >> as i said, hardly the nsa but a lot of those companies have been accused of collecting plenty of data about us, as well. >> information. >> it's not the same thing about you. >> not altruistic. >> not at all. an american singer, check this out, not arab, nearly took the top prize in a tv show called "arabs got talent." >> was very good, too. ♪ [ lane ] do you ever feel like you're growing old
9:55 am
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9:58 am
all right. this is my favorite story, by the way. >> you love this. >> a young american woman makes it to the top three of "arabs got talent" contest. >> i still hate the grammar of that. it is called "arabs got talent." her name is jennifer grout.
9:59 am
she sang a series of classic arabic songs. won over a lot of skeptics with beautiful singing. >> she doesn't speak a word of arabic. mohammed jamjoon has more. >> jennifer grout went from very long shot to just falling short. the 23-year-old all-american girl with the very arab voice came very close to winning the most popular televise the talent show in the middle east. she placed in the top three during saturday's final ef-. after the show, she told me she was very proud 0 to have participated. she goes back to morocco where she will continue performing. >> nice. >> that's pretty cool. the dance troupe was a syrian dance troupe sima won. >> the interesting thing about the girl, she actually speaks, and people asked about this, she actually speaks english with a bit of an arab accent. and muhammad was telling me this morning that's because she immerses herself in the society and she picked up english with
10:00 am
an arab accent. but she's as american as you are. >> totally american. >> absolutely. >> that's extraordinary. >> good for her. thanks for watching around the world". "cnn newsroom" starts right now. >> right now, freezing weather is plaguing most of the united states. ice on highways and overpasses making driving dangerous and flying isn't much better. already 1500 flights have been canceled. also right now, president obama heading to south africa where crowds are mourning and celebrating nelson mandela. we'll have a live report on the president's expected role in tomorrow's public memorial service. and right now, 85-year-old merrill newman resting at his home in california after spending more than a month in captivity in north korea. he's also sharing new details about his ordeal, including the menu.


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