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tv   Early Start  CNN  December 11, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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what a smile, what a life. that's it for this edition of "360." thank you so much for watching. an amazing story of survival, a family stranded for 48 hours. all the right decisions they made that kept them alive. theast coast smacked again by a powerful winter storm. the damage done and what's in store for people today. and the tribute continuing in south africa for nelson mandela this rning. the public given a chance to honor a legend. we are live there. >> good morning, everyone. welcome "early start." i'm john berman. >> john berman who never sleeps. i saw a bed in your office this
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morning. >> a none concussed zoraida. >> yeah, much better. >> we're going to begin with a remarkable story from the mountains of nevada. this is amazing. a family has been found alive and well after spend two days stranded in subzero temperatures. 21 degrees below zero. those searching for the two adults and for children expected the worse. ipoke with rescuers who thought they weren't going to find anybody alive. smart thinking saved lives. stephanie elam has the story. >> john and zoraida, it's the outcome everyone was hoping for and wasn't so sure it would be that way. now, they're calling it a christmas merely kel that all the family members were found alive. no frostbite. they're all doing well, in stable condition, and checked in at the hospital and gathered with family and friends. all of this after many searchers spent manile hours after the family went missing sunday
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afternoon. they took off to play in the snow. while out there their car tipped over ever so quickly in the snow. over so the car was upside down. but the father, with ingenuity, took charge and tookocks and heated them. and a candy bar with the family throughout the time. they also knew someone was looking for them. they co-hear the helicopters. them just stayed together. rescuers said was really key, even though they couldn't turn on the engine and stay warm because it was upside down. was the key to being john and zoraida. >> one right decision after another. >> isn'that remarkable. on, it tells you what right in in order to survive this. >> number one, stay with the
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vehicle. that is so important. and the ingenuity there. and those kids. two minutes after the hour. here on the east coast, tuesday was a snowy day. as much as 5 inches of snow falling in some areas leading to a very bad time if you were driving around. >> indeed in michigan, snow led to this massive 30-car pileup. luckily there were no injuries there. those dring said the roads got slirpr slippery very 50. >> weather condition, you know i was driving about 35, i was driving don the road and i see a bunch of brake lights. i ended up trying to veer off the road. next thing i know, i hit the car in front of me. and the semi truck hit me. >> the roads in dayton, ohio, were apparently too slick even for a snowplow. this overturned wt of the city. this is not supposed to happen.
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luckily, the driver got out okay. >> and this is indiana, this is what it looked like in indianapolis. just an inch or two fell in that area. >> and a building collapse in arkansas blamed on last week's temperatures. and the subpoena melted three inches of ice and refreezing and not used to handling that. >> in some of the washiton, d.c. area, they're waking up without power amid frigid temperatures as well. trees that have come down over the weekend still have not been cleaned up and power lines down for a few hundreds customers in maryland and virginia. >> obviously, a giants mess f a lot of peop. jennifer grey tracking the forecast for us. >> luckily, that system has pushed out of the east. the lake-effect snow that will continue for yet another day.
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if weook at the snow totals for yesterday. we had a couple of record-breaking days. is this for the daily snowfall amount. in wilmington, delaware, almost 3 inches of snow. as you head into portions of new jersey, new york, about 2 inches. central park about 1 1/2 inches of snow yesterday. we're dealing with that lake-effect snow across portions of michigan as the system pushes east over the next 24 hours or so. that will continue. we're talking very cold temperatures across much of the north. snowfall amounts 3 to 5 incs around grand rapids. chicago could even pick up an inch or two, and then possibly a foot or more of snow in places like buffalo, new york. another snowy day for the north. of course that air fromanada is coming in, and it is leaving very, very cold temperatures. we have windchill advisories and warnings in effect all across the north with windchill values about 20, 30, even 40 degrees
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below zero, guys. >> do that thing again -- >> brrr! do not dress like me. you need long sleeves on. >> you look like a character from the christmas special, shocking news from washington. democrats and republicans have actually agreed on something that could keep the government running through 2015. half of the spending cuts known as the sequester will be canceled. there will actually be spending cuts. no one got everything they wanted but that's why it's called a compromise. >> i am veryroud to stand here today, with chairman ryan, to announce we have broken through the partisanship and the gridlock and reached a bipartisan budget compromise
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that will prevent a budget shut down in january. >> i see this as an agreement as a step in the right direction paper divided government, you don't always get what you want. that said, we still can make progress towards our goals. i see this agreement as that kind of progress. it's a step in the right direction. >> so the house could vote on this plan by the end of this week. the senate is likely to take it up next week in time for the christmas holiday. there are votes here, no one is counting chickens, bipartisan or otherwise. president obama is seeing a slight rebound in the public opinion of the job he's doing. but most americans still are not happy with him. a cbs news/"the new york times" poll shows 42% of americans now approve of the president's performance. it was only at 37% last month, after the problem-plagued rollout of the obama care website. but half of americans still say they disapprove of the job he's doing. >> 42% approval is good news. the nsa may be tracking what you do on the enter set.
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documents from former nsa contractor edward snowden say the nsa is using internet cookies to track files as advertising networks to find out what sites you visit what articles you click on. the nsa is declining to comment on this report. former ciairector leon panetta spilled secret information. in a speech panetta revealed the u.s. special forces ground commander who led the raid. zero dark thirty mark boal was at that speech. panetta said he had no idea that bol was there. now to south africa where the public remembrances continue today. thousands are expected to file past his casket now lying in
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state in pretoria. isha sesay was there. isha, it's such an emotional day yesterday. what's the mood like today? >> reporter: john, it was emotional yesterday, but it was also joyous at the memorial service we saw at fnb stadium in soweto. we saw scenes of people singing and dancing, united as one, celebrating the life of nelson mandela. today here at the union buildingin pretoria which is the center of south africa, it's very different. much more somber, much more reflective. and a sense of sadness hanging in their here. now, the early hours of the morning have been reserved for vips and dignitaries to come here and pay their respects. we have seen the likes of bono, and naomi campbell. and robert move backby and those
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filing past mandela. we have seen tears, john, outward signs of the grief that people feel. i think it was a sign that this was a man loved byall. all walks of life. heads of government, heads of state. leaders of pop culture and snow biz all here to pay their respects. john, i really wanto mark one moment that really stood out to me. and that was seeing nelson mandela's widow grash sha mi michelle. and she was just sobbing. you could see she lost her partner. he was ill. he was old. people had been preparing themselves for this. but the reality of seeing his remains really brings it home to them. they're the father of this democracy and the pillar of the mandela family has gone.
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john. >> it's such a public event this week, it's nice that people are having private moments to say good-bye. isha sesay in pretoria, thanks. appreciate that. ten minutes after the hour. coming up, al qaeda moves into syria. the terror group making a claim in the country's civil war as journalists and human rights activists are missing. we'r live with the latest developments. and an an amazing catch in san diego. a marine reeling in a great white shark. guess where he is? he's on the beach. > tweet us about a morning verse. #morning start and #"early start." hmm. mm-hmm.
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dramatic developments in ukraine now stormed a protest camp in kiev independent square. clashing with thousands of demonstrators. take a look at that. they have been there formonths. they're angri protesting against the government. those in the square are pledging they're not going anywhere. in syria, a new round of kidnappings and in-fighting between rebel groups. human rights activist and her husband and two colleagues were taken near an office in damascus. the captain toors are believed from an lake-effect-linked group battling the assad government. nick peyton following this. nick, this is always so trouble when you go start seeing kidnappings. >> certainly, show the al
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qaeda-led group islamic states in iraq andsyria. we don't know who abducted them. yesterday, we heard an etional plea from relatives of javier espino espinoza. and ricardo villanova. they weroth abducted 11 weeks ago. the wife gave an emotional plea saying, look, we've reached an impasse with the captors. she basically appealed to them to release h husband. >> javier have traveled a ndred times and the brother with the syrians and they feel the misery of the crisis. we believe the city and people need our work and that we must
2:17 am
live up to o responsibility. but you, as syrians, also have a responsibility to help all those who have defended you. javier and ricardo are not your enemy. press set them free. >> the key point they made there, two men who put themselves at great risk, devoted much of their life to bring to get outside rld the radical group -- >> all right. our thanks to nick paton walsh there, a troubling situation tistei caught inhe wa > two british nationals have now pleaded guilty to terrorist charges in connecticut. the men are accused of running a website to raise money and solicit donations for al qaeda and the taliban. the funds were used to support
2:18 am
militants fighting in afghanistan and chechnya. sentencing is scheduled for march 4th. both time have devoted their time to the uk. actress shannon richardson pleaded guilty for tending tainted letters. she admitted it was her. with her plea deal in texas federal court, the actress avoids a possible life sentence. prosecutors say she'll now get at host 18 years in prison. suspicious or justifiable? the texas rangers have been k d called in to investigate the shooting death of a college police officer. this is in san antonio. police say 23-year-old cameron ritas was driving radically last friday. when he was pulled over, resisting arrest, grabbed the officer's baton and that's when the officer shot him five times.
2:19 am
ntsb hearings are set for the crash of an asiana airliner at los angeles international airport last july. they were supposed to start tuesday but were postponed by the snowstorms tha hit the east cart. investigators say this is part of the fact-finding process that killed three and injured more than 180. the key question i the pilots relied who heavily on automated systems. how's this for an unlikely catch on a california beach i might add. it's a great white shark. the mare hooked the shark at camp pendlon while visiting the beach with his wife and young daughter. he had just moved to the west coast where he said he had hooked many sharks before. but catching a great white on a california beach. i don't think anybody expected that. just listen to his wife's reaction. >> got it? >> yeah.
2:20 am
look at it. oh - oh, my god. oh, my god. >> i would not have been doi any of that. it is illegal to catch a great white. he quickly set the shark free. he said it took 25 minutes to reel it in. >> i like his name is fangman. fangman versus the shark. i'll go with the fangman on that one. today in "road warriors" we're in the middle of one of the busiest seasons. when it comes to recent weather, the bad weather not helping at all. what do the airlines actually owe you if your flight is grounded? policies differ for each airline, but most of them try to put you on the next flight if there's an available seat. depending on the situation that could mean a wait of a few hours even a few days. if your flight is canceled you may be able to get a refund if
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in the middle of the rumor mill again. the biggest name in college football may soon be changing his address. the nick saban to texas rumors are heating up. this was the rage on social media yesterday. andy scholes with "bleacher report." for real, andy? >> i think it's f real. the alabama fan base, whoo, they're in crisis lockdown mode right now. reports are that mack brn is going to step down as the head coach of the longhorns friday. and texas is going to do whatever it takes to get nick saban. twitter has been going nuts over this. there are reports that texas who has the highest reports of any football program, as much as $10 million. everyone in austin is on the
2:26 am
lookout for nick saban. someone at the austin airport got on the p.a. and said, nick saban, your car is waiting for you. of course, everyone ran around like crazy looking for him. and imagine this, american football in the olympics. talk about a sport where you could just hand the united states the gold medal. this is a possibility because the international olympic committee has recognized football as an international sport. it's still pretty far off from happening, if it is added it would likely be seven on seven format where it's quarterbacks and receivers. mike thissen is current lly tourin the world promoting his autobiography "the undisputed truth." tyson served three years of a six-year sentence for rape in the '90s. in immigration anyone serving a
2:27 am
sentence is barred from entering the country. andre johnson spent $17,000 on toys for a dozen underprivileged kids and their siblings. the kids were allowed to grab as many toys as they could in 80 seconds at a houston-area toys "r" us. >> or, whatever they have their christmas list, they can pick up. that's the reason why i do it. >> i think he's awesome for doing this. yeah. and i like toys and shopping. >> this is the seventh year that johnson has given toys to kids. they're pictured by child protective services. this is so cool. it's every kids' dream to go in a toy store and grab whatever you can. >> i like toys. that's a great story, thank you, andy. >> appreciate it. >> all right. the top headlines and what's to come on the day ahead. we'll tell you all about it right after the break.
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an amazing story of survival. a family stranded in the wilderness survives for days in arctic temperatures. how they managed to stay alive. and parts of the country digging out this morning from a powerful winter storm. a look at the areas hardest hit and wt is still in store for day. so compromise in washington? this is not a joke, folks. house and senate agreeing on a
2:32 am
plan to fund the government. >> i thought my eyes were deceiving me when i read that story. welcome back to "early start." i'm zoraida sambolin. >> and i'm john berman. 30 minutes after the hour now. >> we're happy to report on a search for a family missing in the nevada mountains. james glanton, cristina mcintee and four young children were stuck after their jeep crashed over the weekend. hundreds were looking for them with very little luck when authorities picked up a faint cell phone signal and were able to find their location. amazingly, all six of them were okay. they did the right thing. staying with the jeep, staying warm and waiting to be found. >> it was a huge relief. i was expecting the worst. they had a fire going and jay was heating up rocks in fighter. and at night he was putting them in the jeep with them keeping them warm. with the temperatures we've been
2:33 am
seeing the last couple nights i was very, very concerned. >> heating the rocks, right? they apparently ran out of food on monday. but the children treated it like they were camping. and the first thing they asked those who found them is whether they could have isn't snacks. i think they had a candy bar. >> i spoke to one of the first guys on the scene. he said one of the kids talked to him about watching cartoons. >> what was it, a 10-year-old, a 4-year-old and a 3-year-old and a 3-year-old. >> unbelievable. snowy ice, pretty messy. that made the roads dangerous. >> a 30-car pileup not far from grand rapids. no major injuries were reported. unbelievable. the drivers say it was really scary and it happened really
2:34 am
fast. >> terrible conditions, i was driving doing about 45. >> all of a suen, i'm drive down the road. i see a bunch of brake lights. i ended up trying to veer off the road. and then the next thing i know, i hit the car in front of me. and then the semi truck almost hit me. >> take a look at this. even a snowplow couldn't handle the slick roads. this is near dayton, ohio,his one overturned west of the city. the driver luckily was not hurt there. overall, much of ohio saw 1 to 3 inches of snow. snow led to driving problems in indianapolis. this is is what it looked like. >> ice left over from a weekend storm that slammed the south is still causing problems like this building collapse in arkansas. the sun has been melting and nearly two inches of ice that built up leading to refreezing and heavy weight on roofs that are not used to handling all that weight. and some serious weather
2:35 am
problems in the washington, d.c. area. power outages remain there. trees came down over the weekend still not cleaned up yet. power lines remain down for a few hundred customers in maryland and virginia. >> what a mess, jennifer gray is tracking t weather for us in the arctic blast freezes much of the country. >> good morning. you are right, luckily, boston, d.c., new york that system has pushed out. but we have very cold temperatures in much of the north. 's also going to result in lake-effect snow. we saw quite a bit yesterday. you can see still continuing for today. right around chicago, you could pick up 1 to 2 inches of snow. we could see 3 to 5 inches around grand rapids. look at these sno totals around buffalo. a foot to a foot and a half possible in the next 24 to 48 hours. we have windchill in effect across the north. when you factor in the
2:36 am
temperature plus the wind, you get the windchill. look at this, 47 degrees below normal at international falls. 25 degrees below normal in minneapolis. and it doesn't warm up at all. we are going to stick with that very, very cold arctic air across much of the north. and look at this, by the weekend, we will have our next system possibly impactinghe northeast. could see an icy mix, yes, even new rk city and boston. already, guys by this weekend. not much of a breather, yuck pipe don't know what to say, but thank you for the warning. >> all right. >> 36 minutes past the hour. a surprising act of bipartisanship in washington. berman cannot believe it. >> shocking. >> where house and senate negotiators have actually found an agreement on a budget deal. the plan could keep the government running through fall of 2015. and restore funding cut by the sequester. both sides admit they didn't get everything the wanted but both
2:37 am
say this is the right thing for the country. >> i am very proud to stand here today with chairmanyan to announce we have broken through the partisanship and the gridlock and reached a bipartisan budget compromise that will prevent a government shutdown in january. >> i see this as an agreement as a step in the right direction. a divided governme, you don't always get what you want. that said, we still can make progress towards our goals. i see this agreement as that kind of progress. it's a step in the right direction. >> you're hearing it right here. the house could vote on the plan by the end of this week, and the senate is likely to take it up next week before leaving town for the christmas holiday. >> meanwhile, most americans say they approve of the job the government is doing. a cbs news/"the new york times" polls show 42% of americansow approve of the president's performance. it was only 37 last month, after the problem-plagued rollout of the obama care website.
2:38 am
still, about hf of americans say they're not happy with how the president is doing this job for the amecan people. and now to south africa where the public remembrances for nelson mandela continue this morning. president obama returned moments ago to the united states. this, a day after he and other world leaders pd tribute to the late south african president. thousands are expected to file past his casket now lying in stat in pretoria. isha sesay is there. you can set the scene for us this morning? >> reporter: hi there, zoraida. th scene here in pretoria at the south african capital is different from what we saw yesterday in johannesburg. we saw the pictures of president obama addressing the crowds there at thefnb stadium in the public memorial for nelson mandela. and that was very much a joyful scene. we saw singing and dancing,
2:39 am
celebrating the life of nelson mandela. very upbeat atmosphere. people giving praise for all he's achieved in this country. fast forward to today and it's much more subdued here at the union buildings which are the seat of government for authorities here in south africa. the body ofman nelson mandela lies in a covered viewing area just behind me. we have seen countless vips and dignitaries make their way past the casket which has a glass top so they can see the face of him. the ability to see his remain has brought home for the people that have made this journey -- brought home the fact that he is no longer with us. we saw bono, supermodel naomi campbell, as well as world leaders make their way here. and bonoooked visual lly shaken as he made his way out of that viewing area.
2:40 am
and we've seen large numbers of the mandela family coming here to the viewing area. they shared this man with the couny for slong they shared him with life and must share him again in death. it's a public warning that they must do. we saw graca machel openly cry as she made her way to see the remains of her husband. it was a very painful day, a one of sadness here in pretoria. >> isha, inow they need their privacy but for us, it was great to follow it all. 40 minutes past the hour. police in ukraine moving to push protesters out of kiev's main square. barricade set up in independence square and essentially dividing up the protest camp. but the demonstrators are fighting back, they have spent more than two weeks calling on the president to resign. a mixed reception for secretary of state john kerry after pressing house and senate
2:41 am
committees to not impose new sanctions on an. the senate banking committee voted to hold off new sanctions for now. the chairman exercised that. the lawmakers for the house and foreign affairs committee told him no. they say they will act with their committee to create sanctions with a built-in six-month delay if a comprehensive deal is not reached. attacked by a shark at a florida beach. one surfer explained how he managed to fight off the beast. that's when we come back. just by talking to a helmet. it grabbed the patient's record before we even picked him up. it found out the doctor we needed was at st. anne's. wiggle your toes. [ driver ] and it got his okay on treatment from miles away. it even pulled strings with the stoplights. my ambulance talks with smoke alarms and pilots and stadiums. but, of course, it's a good listener too. [ female announcer ] today cisco is connecting the intern of everything.
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you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare. now that we' expecti, i like the fact i can go onto angie's list and look for pediatricians. the service providers that i've found on angie's list actually have blown me away. find out why more than two million members count on angie's list. angie's list - reviews you can trust. welcome back to "early
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start," everyone. guilty pleas in connecticut for two british nationals aused of terrorism. the men admitted to running a website that submitted donatns for al qaeda. for militants fightg in afghanistan and chechnya. both men have been asked to be
2:45 am
sent bac to the uk to do their time. an actress accused of sending risen-laced letters to president obama and michael bloomberg admitted she's behd the mailings. actress shannon richardson has pleaded guilty in federal court avoiding possible life sentences. richardson had tried to blame her husband for sending the tainted letters. she'll receive at most 18 years in prison. a florida surfer is is counting his blessings from his hospital bed after a shark took a bite out of his foot. this happened tuesday near cocoa bobby bowden was riding the waves when he felt something clamp down on his right foot. instincts said go limp. then something started to shake him. >> i know they say hit him in the gills or punch him in the
2:46 am
nose. i wasn't thinking. i was scared. irabbed him upround the snout and squeezed as hard as i could. basically bite him back with my hands. and i squeezed and squeezed as hard as i could. it was only like for a second. but once i got to the point where i felt like i was going to pop through skin and break him, he shook and let go and took off. >> a fighting contest with the shark, amazing. bowm is seto hav sge toy to repair the dage left by the shark. and actually left a tooth lodge in the top of his foot. >> and he didn't take any toes. i wonder if he's going to go back again. >> i'd move to kansas tomorrow. let's take a look at what's coming up on "new day." kate bolduan, i know you have someone else specially charming. >> i wonder who that would be. my instincts say that's zoraida.
2:47 am
>> just kidding, john. >> john will be joining us in just a second. we're covering the latest on the incredible rescue of the family trapped in the nevada mountains in subzero temperatures. how did they survive? it's really a truly amazing story. we're going to talk with the rescuer who led the search to find them. get ts story. how did they do it. how did they pinpoint the family. we're also continuing to follow that disturbing story out of texas where a campus police officer shot a student. that student died. police say the student was vient and resisted arrest. his friends, they don't think that's possible. what is the real story. we're going to hear from the young man's parents thi morning. >> we'll see you in just a few minutes. time for the morning rhymes. the best tweets of the day. today, it's about sharks. we showed youhe guy earlier who caught one on the beach. so this tweet is from lady aey cat. it says too many crazies go to the park, i know kids, let's go
2:48 am
to the beach and catch a shark. it is a shark-themed day. >> not a good idea, kiddies. not a good idea. >> a good news/bad news day with sharks. send to twitter #morningrhyme and #earlystart. >> we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] we eased your back pain... ♪ ready or not. [ female announcer ] you can be up there. here i come! [ female announcer ] ...down there, around there... and under there for him. tylenol® provides strong pain relief and won't irritate your stomach the way aleve® or even advil® can. but for evything we do, we know you do so much more. tylenol®. avo: thesales event "sis back. drive" but for evything we do, we know you do so much more. which means it's never been easier to get a new 2014 jetta. it gets an impressive 34 highway mpg and comes with no charge scheduled maintenance.
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welcome back to "early start." caught me off guard there.
2:52 am
we're just chatting. it's "money time." alison kosik is here. weakened stocks after the dow jones industrials fell yesterday. making commitments ahead of the federal reserve's meeting cha happens next week, that's when the fed is expected to announce whether it's to begin pulling back on the $85 billion a month stimulus program which has kept interest rates low for a long time. the dow slid 52 points the nasdaq s&p also fell as well. before you sweat it out, look how far we've come. the dow is up 22%. >> amazing. >> the nasdaq, 34%. the s&p 50026%. being ordered to pay back $34 million to more than 1 million customers, the reason, deceptive enrollment practices. the company's care credit unit was the main focus of the action brought by the financial
2:53 am
protection bureau after regulators got hundreds of complaints. the agency said care credit misled customers into think they go were signing up for an interest-free line of credit in reality, it was a deferred interest program. and card holders were hit with big interest charges if they didn't pay off their balance soon enough. regulators said people didn't understand the details and care credit failed to complain it to them properly. >> so to sales, they're losing their fizz. health conscious consumers are buying less sodas. especially diet sodas, flavored with artificial sweeteners. the year spending 72% on cola and about 8% on lemon-lime drinks. the big beneficiary of all of this, bottled waters. companies like pepsi and coca-cola, they bought water in recent years. people trying get away from the artificial sweeteners on the
2:54 am
sodas, the waters are flavored look at the ingredients if you're trying to get away from it, be wear. >> i kind of like it, the beneficiary is the person, right? >> yes. >> thank you, we appreciate it. 53 minutes past the hour. coming up, suspended for kissing. the family of a colorado 6-year-old said their school district went a little too far. that story coming up next. my customers can shop around-- see who does good work and compare costs. it doesn't usually work that way with health care. but with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rad doctors, treatment options and estimates for how much i'll pay. that helps me, and my guys, make better decisions. i don't like guesses with my business, and definitely not with our health. innovations that work for you. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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2:57 am
welcome back to "early start." i have a question for you this morning, when does a display of affection go too far among
2:58 am
children? 6-year-old hunter elton from colorado has been suspended from school. what's the problem? kissed a female classmate on the hand. the district says that violated their policy against unwanted tohing. but his mother said the girl had no problem with it. and the real issue, with the district, they're calling it sexual harassment. >> we were doing reading group. and i ld ove and kissed her on the hand. and that's what happened. >> this is takes it to an extreme that doesn't need to be addressedith a 6-ar-old. now my son is asking questions, what is sex, home, it should never be said in a sentence with a 6-year-old. >> there's much more coming up on "new day." kelly wallace will join kate and john in the controversy in the 8:00 a.m. eastern time hour. "new day" starts right now.
2:59 am
it's one heluva guy, that's for damn sure. he kept them alive. he kept them warm. my hat's off to him. miracle in the mountains. an amazing survival story. a family of six makes it through days in the wilderness in subzero temperatures. their family rejoicing. how did they survive? we're live with the details. we have a deal. call it a miracle. republicans and democrats strike a budget compromise avoiding tough spending cuts in averting another crisis. so who got what? the truth will come out. the parents of that texas college student shot and killed by campus police speak outo cnn. do they think their son provoked the officer? your "new day" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "new day" with chris cuomo, kate bolduan and michaela pereira.
3:00 am
>> good morning and welcome to "new day," everyone. it's wednesday, december 11th, 6:00 in the east. chris and michaela are off today. i'm lucky enough to be joined by john berman and pamela brown. >> all lucky if you like. >> or i drew the short straw, one of the two. a miracle in the mountains. a family of six surviving two days of subzero temperatures in a rugged nevada range after their jeep overturned. stephanie elam is live in lovelock, nevada this morning. you were there last night during the press conference, laying out how they're doing. what are we learning this morning? >> reporter: i have to tell you, they are calling this a christmas miracle, that this family was found a everyone survived. coming in here today, it's about 8 degrees but that's warm


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